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Title: View of the proceedings of the Assemblies of Jamaica for some years past
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Title: View of the proceedings of the Assemblies of Jamaica for some years past
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Affemblies of Jamaica,

For fome Years paft.
With fome Confiderations on the
Prefent STATE Of that ISLAND ;
In Several

Earueftly RecommexJed to the Planters, Tra-
ders, and Freeholders of Jamaica.
Printed in the Year M. DCC. XVL


H AVING Refided in Jamaica fome Tears at dif-
ferent Timel, and been Converfmnr in the BLfinefs
of that ffland ; both there, and in Grea Britain,
kre hbad te Opportuniry to be acquainte4 with the ltIe-
rfI rhere'f, and from time to time made fite Obfervations
how it was to be purfued, or difcouraged;i and on-fcSiral
Occafions to particular Gentlemen, exprit nty felf fully
i'srcon, sU well in Writing, a Difcourfe.
AMnc having lately fees how induffriowa fome AMen are to
mijreprejent the Afairs of that Ifland, am induCd from a
true Cncttrn for the Good of Jamaica, to Publi tbhe fol-
lowins P spers ; which rere writ atr riT 77rmes mentioned,
aind in the Order they are placed ; tjtaler at the parti-
cular defire of fame Gtnilemn, or for the Insformaion of
,And if in the Perufal of them, it fiall appear that any
Lr-d H.unilton's Cndunc is to be Juflijied in Proroguing
and .trerwards Dilfolving the AfTmlhy, which met the
ztarh Novemb. 1713. and the 1d of Decemb. 1714. (as it
appears ra hlne been by the Lordi of Trade, in their Let-
ter of the i5th April, 1715. ad ly the Council of Jf -
mvca, C ly their Report of the 12 November tlal) then
I that ha bren Objelled agzit.jn my Lord Hamilton,
&r ,i. Ad.lV;,ifers, vmnril fts upon the Lcr.adrs in t.o/fe A4J-
A i femblies,

iv The PRE FACE.
ftmlic:, w i.rs ;-xe: .E a -yrretd ad Vnwtar-
raeiet a n.mmr.
A is sw of ,he 1r4 .3'' r *ins Mai Jaticin
rfta 4i A CCepued 1} :li 1: -aftl-,i GCwwenw (t o'
mn the lt fefr-fitepr i S 22 4 ) laf Antr-
rffrom the Cunrtry ; ,: =.g t f* f sh. &e
c$#Aantly Oppofers .J o& raecn, "ris M 4 miedS. Th4fe
4iwj mca only prfeed fron. : r tee w mdrry0p
p1mer of thinkg, ;W61 cl:b the of & nf
rwatd cauf the Publick Btfinfs is i a wirA,' c aAId
difjfuty. And it is obavmln en toif.,r, kbxt ity amnt.
tot oly weaken tie ftr thb of the faTd, bir lay thr
SFy4aptiaon of wirfer Evits.
_nerefore the Leaters in #ifafe 9Alm iWi xiwn ift
there has been more A&ney thab. fujsfcientr M t*I Maws Of
the Coemmiffioncr for. receiing the Additional Di k uSy
Good mywrted and Exported) have been igaiiff ygSp
any part fthfc Munejy me the Treafury, Jor Doifrwgsg
trb Palick Dtets, ,md Supporting the Honour of tW' Gu-
wruims, aMft raawedrd by the Governor; hd'r
kthe .dis6c 4ke mcur #d Paynent of at P4b-
k iwdthur4ffq wh Braichi cf ete fetlid
Riew AiEinait f werwdts..ary Crargesi ercur'

th ft. )s, r-r 6,d ( by fthe

An,' but A trrah the flatn it J*rf. T dfs thf- he'
kmf~emblites, a' bn .tr s t apr, ae
wri hnt M ttO rJ p.e Szeapr M are fwauw
i/lit hdppy Cafti-

It it infiiUated by foms particular Gentlemen herr, tkhe
my L-ora Hmilron h4S not been tcreradki whbh ajew
d wMc t ut rith rt Il.and it fetf. But tnfrad rho fc
bern tited apnd masde tLy7e riy ;n rke Three tIV
Affeirn its, hjc bner PcIths bh a;'I! ait approve, as

tsu C-rr.rl l:ij ar, :Leu ;,i-, fi; r:t nf:rn fSr-
ticular bneanas Batia aJ Led re .i'- .r difzgrqtd
with tkem sw arj ru4w. Mas = O: k Go id-
of eJannir; er prefi4 ad ret Ls-t.2.: 2J 0 t. that

ca. fr ~ 4 -Al r- : ntrrjfsry; otherwift their Ctarge
"-i ,q L-4, a-:9 c t wy Groundleft, and turn
trw :;:..-, af cr bu only difagreed with trh_ be-
Sr -t ks 3td aainft and neglt ed the Jfnt&rf
Fr88 C'. -.. And I jbaffl nly further fiy, that 4-
m a* r m ry A Misfrtrune have befaiten Janmaic I
mar Laerrd it as a very great one, that rhe Free-
tfdr; i t' t tr{i'f- in rte Fn#f'dftMt part nof the f'?aud
,00 thA Se ef Ge trnment and, fief Towns of Trade)
rT k6te w4r~ted upon to fuab a degree its to Efta
'i*'x': >-be hivt by their Condui expefed theb..,hkabi.
,-i a=ad te' Ifand it feif to thegreiartfft Dg_ gt. Bak
S* .4w in Jamaica can rott for an Aneimbly4Man,
S a Land:d Man, Ownebof any Honue or Piece of
-i of the Vaue of Fortf%'hifings a Year. We al
.-r Lc e.jie the Populace are to be managed; anid
- '-:i/we fcdced, without all reafer,, to' fS1; theft
,a J:t up to lead -brTm; and when things coint to be
rpcrft-ed, not ax thiy truly are, but as it fenes the
'r,,ft. of Defigning Afen ; whar can be expeflcd, but that
e -Cady opfthe People jbovud be mj/lead, ad. become
ca.Jou iand even furious, they khn not why af4lt rea-
v e c rfict they Sicry and preferivaion tv their
rn tnreafreable feart md ARtmneient.
My Lord Clarendon has a Paffag wbchb think ap-
ta!bl rto Jamaica, and it may not be amifs to give it
re : I5t true (faysbhe) Men of Aaivity and Fa-
Ud'a, in my Defji, bavae may Advnftiages that a
Cnrft,4 wad Sttt-led Ca2ncil tao' induhious enough,
asf tt Asw nor, aid frame that Gallant Men cannot
gpte rt t f e le.ts to etr:errain, ce-n for the pre-
tr nrion af the Mtifirefs rhat hers intend mand
whiofeera r ffirrms the ii Urd iy which thefe Alen
:utd to prevail apw she Perpte in general their .ab-
fard ridiruluas Lyiog to wati thet AffrIionts '4d
rcrrapt ithe V dcrfrandiing of the I4ak*, and the
iod Scand.ds to confirm the wilful; the boundhft
P04mifjs they prtfrnted to rthe Ambitious, ad rbtir
+ff tbij d Flatteries mind Applications to the v'ulgar
Sp rittJ, would hardly give himfelf leave to uj-c
twfl. Wcapwsu far tbr prefer-vation of the three KAg&-


What I have faid in thefe Papers, or upon any other
Occafi ,! bhs been with a sincere and hearty Defign to
pr.:r;s the PuMlick Good of Jamaica, abtrailed from
any private prejudices to particular Perfons, or other
Views, tha endeavouring, as far as. I have been able,
to fet $hfe Affairs and the true Inurerf of Jamnica in
a jaft Light and hops I may be excufed if I have
with fame warmth defended several Gentlemten, whofe
ASiars have always tended to the Peace and Profpt-
rity of Jamaica, ;ho' mifreprefenied by the Malice and
Calumnies of their Adverjiaries.
If I have not m;ifake any Fal of which I am not
Confcius, hope this will ke fme alarm to thofc Perfons
who have been deceived, and they wilR lofe no time in
retrieving Jamaica ; but endeavour by th moe proper
r Metbods to advance it to a Safe hind Flourif;ing Con-
dition ; which being the only end of the fubfequent Pa-
ges, jhal fay no more, than that I defire they may be
ferioufly Confider'd without prepjdice, and the PAulick
Good be inmediarcly purfued "by all ix their several Sta-
tios ; winch is the olay MAlcns to recover Jimaica
from its prefemi decliszig ad ltk Conditin, ard ren-
der it a Rich, PsEpIes .JAU;. Fgurif0ing Ij2.d.

A View


A '




Affemblies of amaica, &c.

Denjftn 1HYi, Jane Soth, 1714.
T H E laft Accounts from 3m :ca, I agree with
you, give us but ,1 very hbd profpeitof what
that 4fland may futffer by their Diviions among
themselves, and Negle& of whiutis necefhary
to bedone for its Security and Prefervation.
As you expref; your felf by ygar Letter, very much
concerned at its present Condition, and defirous to be In-
form'd fully therein, to know from whom or what Can-
{es chefe violent lProceedings and Negle&t of the Publick
Safety in the Lal Affiembly prorceds I have for vnnr Si-
B lisfiffion,

tisfaflion, during fome leifure Hours here, recollefled
and fet before you in one View, the beft Account I can.
For which purpose, twill be necelffry to consider the
Proceedings of fome former Affemblies; tiho' I Thall not
look fatherback than the laft, in Major Generaulanda-
There were then many Debts due from the Govera-
ment to several Perfons, and Fifteen Months Salary to
thGovernor, (who was every diy expected to be fue-
cceded by the Lord Archibald Hamilton) audaccordingr
ly the supplying thofe Exigencies of the Government,
were earnefUly recommended to that Affcmbly but
the Majority therein,being then of much the fame Kidney
as the lafl, did refuse to enable the Treafury to answer
the fame effeEtually, or indeed in any manner, having
tack't to the Money-Bil (which of it felf was very much
fhort of what was neceffary) another Bill for provent-
ing any one PerfJn frm bhlding the Ofice of Provolt
Afarfjal and Secrerary; made without proof of any In-
conveniencies arifing from the fime or Complaints in
the manner of Executing them ; which Bill they knew
the Governor and Council would not pait in that
manner. 0
This obliged the Governor to Prorogue them for fome
days, from which, and partly apprehending a Diffolu-
ton, they came to a better Temper, defifted from their
former Tack, and gave into the Treafury One Third
more than they had before granted,
But nevertheless they fterwards rcfted or declined
entering upon or effe&ing fitch other public Bufinef s, as
was absolutely necefi ry and for which they had been
called together (vir.) Subabfting the Soldiers, effetually
supplying the Exigencies of the Government, making
fuch neceffary Laws as were wanting for the Welfare of
the [Ifand, whereby Major General Handajydc found
himfcif obliged to diflolve them, and call a New one.
Some Days before the Time prefixt for the Af Smbly's
Afeeting, the Lord Archibald Hamilton arrived as 'o-
vernor; who finding the Affairs of the bland, and Ne-
cefliries of the Government required their iimmediate
Sitting, Mett them at the Day appointed, and after ha-
ving approved the Choice of lMlia m Brodrick Eflit Attor-
ney General for their Speaker, made a Speech fuitable to


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