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Established October 1895 Friday March 27, 2015 $2VAT Inclusive BARBADIANS’response behavioursandattitudes towardsPeopleLivingwithHIV (PLHIV)arechangingforthe better. Basedonthekeyfindingsofthe NationalHIV/AIDSCommission’s StigmaandDiscriminationSurvey 2014,comparedtoasimilarsurvey conductedin2011,therehasbeena noticeablechangeintheresponse behavioursofthepopulation.These keyfindingswererevealedrecently duringaDisseminationMeetingon ‘DemystifyingStigma& Discrimination:AStakeholder’s Perspective’attheWarrensOffice Complexrecently. AccordingtoResearchConsultant withProteqtInc,UnriBabb,there weremarkedincreasesinthenumber ofpeoplecomfortableeatingfromthe plateofapersonwhoisHIVpositive; thewillingnesstocareforafamily memberwithHIVandsharinga toiletseatwithPLHIV.Babb said that asitrelatestothefirstcategory,the figurestoodat36.3percentin2011, butimprovedto44.7percentin2014; andasitrelatestothewillingnessto careforafamilymemberwithHIV,it movedfrom85.6percentthreeyears PROGRESSonPage3 EMPLOYINGsimple common sense and an extra dose of vigilance are key in helping to ensure that one does not become a victim of cyber crime. Thiswas the view expressed by Security Analyst,Information SecurityforRoyalBankofCanada, David Gittens,as he spoke at the Grande Salle yesterdayduringa paneldiscussionentitled‘Internet, theLawandthePublic.HowCyber SecuredAreWe?’ Hestressedthatthebestwayto ensure that persons are protected from these technologicalcrimesis to use “your brain and be suspicious”. “Usuallyifitlookstoogoodtobe true,it is.So basically being cautious,when you see that email saying ‘click here to get a million dollars’ or ‘you’ve won the lottery’ whenyouknowyoudidn’tenterone –commonsenseisslowingdown andnotbeinggreedy.Orwhenyou CAUTION on Page 5 Security Analyst with Royal Bank of Canada David Gittens urged Barbadians to be smart in their online transactions. Cyber Security requires vigilance PROGRESS REPORTED Research Consultant, Unri Babb making a point as he spoke of the findings of the Stigma and Discrimination Survey 2014. A section of the audience on hand for the discussion. Voting machines for NUPW election next week – Page 7


2Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


Friday March 27, 2015 3 The Barbados Advocate IN2015,thereisno reason why some nonprofitorganisationsin Barbadosareabsent from the internet. Withlittletonocostassociatedwithestablishing a social media presence,theexcusecannot be expenses. Asserting such was the ChiefExecutiveOfficer, Axcel Finance,Samuel Rosenberg,recently while on the side-lines of his company’s Fund-raising Management Workshop for non-profit organisations. Speaking at Radisson Aquatica (Barbados),he said,“Social media is a criticalcomponent;the samewayit is [critical] for the private sector,it is also for non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). “The reality is many organisations fall short in thatregardandthatis whyAxcelFinance,today inthisWorkshop,has providedanentiresession on social media because social media is absolutely critical. “And to manage a Facebook page,an Instagram and a Twitter account is not very complicated.In addition,setting up a website used to be very costly and required professional Web Designers,but today a non-profit organisation could actually buy a template of a website and completely much do it themselves. “So obviously,they have significant financial constraints and we understand that,which is why they have to find innovative ways to get the message across without incurring the significant costs that a large company maybe able to do.” Youth, Social Media and Non-Profits Subsequently,the GeneralManagerof AxcelFinance,Ricky Went,called on a greater inclusionofyouthinto non-profitstofacilitate the move to online. Hesaid,“Goingforward,we have to get the youthinvolved,because moreandmoreitisgoing tobeskilfulwaystobe able to secure financing and we feel confident that working in workshops like these we can develop practical ideas “More and more you are finding that the efficient wayofcommunicating is online.For example,all of our applications for any jobs or openings that we have,you haveto apply online. “So generally speaking you are going to have use social media because it is amore efficient way of being able to get your message through.” Additionally,Director of Youth,Ministry of Culture,Sports and Youth,Cleviston Hunte agreed that working with the technology and social media can open doors for the youth to become engaged with the non-profit organisations,volunteeri ng their skills in this field. Seeking to incorporate an aspect of volunteerism into all programmes orchestrated by the Ministry,Hunte supported and endorsed Axcel Finance in hosting the Workshop,in addition to its Mentorship Programme. Excited to see the number of participants who responded and how many were youth,Hunte reminded,“I think in the National Youth Policy we have articulated a policy where we want to move young people backto the whole question of giving back to the society and we have embarked on that strategy right now, actually trying to get young people involved in giving back. “Last week,for example,last Saturday,in our Endless Possibilities Programme,a clean-up campaign on the beach [took place]...we want young people to understand that part of their responsibility,having received the education and so on within the country, is to give backto the country,to actually contribute to their own development and the development of the young people who will come after them.” (KG) Non-Profits must have an online presence PROGRESSfrom FrontPage agoto93.7percentin thelatestsurvey. “Almostevery Barbadianissayingifmy family member were to be infected I would take care of them regardless,and that is important.We are seeing definitive growth from that first period until now,”he said. Moreover,Babbrevealedthatwhilethepercentageofpersonswho think that teachers with HIV who are not sick, shouldbeallowedto teach,remainedstatic with 88 per cent of Barbadians holding this belief;there was a slight increase in the percentage of persons who think that students with HIV who are not sick should be allowed to continue to attend school – that figure moved from 88.9 per cent in 2011 to 91.2 in 2014. The Research Consultant,turning his attention to the attitudes towards PLHIV,revealed that Barbadians are also now more comfortable around PLHIV;but more of the respondents thought that people with HIV are promiscuous.He said while that figure stood at 25 per cent in 2011,it moved to 32 per cent in 2014.At the same time,the percentage of Barbadians who think people with HIV should be ashamed and people with HIV deserve to be punished is on a downward trajectory. The figures were calculated from data collected between November 12 and 26,2014,from 526 respondents,across all 11 parishes and 71 enumeration districts. (JRT) Attitudes changing Director of Youth, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, Cleviston Hunte. Members of numerous non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations on the island attended the Fund-raising Management Workshop at Radisson Aquatica (Barbados) organised by Axcel Finance. Chief Executive Officer, Axcel Finance, Samuel Rosenberg.


PRIMEMINISTER FreundelStuartsays Barbadoshasdoneremarkablywellinkeeping health care accessible,available and affordable,but the time has now come to reexamine how things are done in that area. Heexpressedthisview recentlyduringameeting atIlaroCourtwithseven high-achievingstudents fromtheDepartmentof HealthSciencesatCoastal CarolinaUniversityinthe UnitedStatesofAmerica (USA),whospentaweek herelearningabouttheisland’shealthcaresystem. Alsopresentwerefaculty membersProfessorJohn Yannessa,Dr.Stephen FirsingandDr.Fredanna M’cormackMcGough. Stuartsaidthatduring thepastsixyears,thewesternworldhadgone throughsomedifficult times,andthechallenges thrownupbytheglobalfinancial crisis had made it necessary to revisit and focus on the financing of education and health care. Stressing that health care costs were very intimidating,he pointed out that Barbadians were battling chronic non-communicable diseases and it had become necessary to educate the population so they could modify their lifestyles. The Prime Minister suggested that children should be made aware of health care issues from a young age.“We have not paid enough attention to sensitising young people to health care issues over the years.We have to integrate that into our education system,from the primary level right through the system, explaining it so they understand,”he stated. Stuart said he was following very closely what had been happening in the United States,and the role of insurance companies in health care. Professor Yannessa said the purpose of the oneweek visit was to begin exploratory dialogue that might lead to a more indepth relationship between Barbados and the University.He added that they had visited a number of places,including the Diabetes Foundation and theWarrens[Eunice Gibson]Polyclinic,andhad alsometwiththeMinister ofHealth,JohnBoyce. Hestatedthatthestudentsandtheirlecturers wereamazedat Government’sprovisionof healthservicestocitizens, especiallysince,inthe USA,they almost always have to pay for services. Dr.M’cormack McGough added that the students had enjoyed the visit tremendously,and said she was very impressed with how the health care system was managed in Barbados. 4 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Prime Minister Freundel Stuart interacting with theseven high-achieving students from the Department of Health Sciences at Coastal Carolina University in the United States of America and their faculty members Professor John Yannessa (third right), Dr. Stephen Firsing (at back, second left) and Dr. Fredanna M’cormack McGough (right), who recentlyspent a week here learning about the island’s health care system. Barbados’ health system comes under the microscope


THENationalHIV/AIDS Commissionisactively workingtowardsthegoalof havinganAIDSfree,HIV stigmaanddiscrimination freegenerationby2020. Directorofthe Commission,Jacqueline WiltshireGaysaystheyare hopingtomakesignificant progressduringthenext strategicperiod,whichwill beguidedbytheNational StrategicPlan2014-18for HIV:InvestingforResults. WiltshireGaysaidthat outlinedinthatplanare threepriorities,whichare aimed at reducing the still too high prevalence of HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination in this country.According to her, they includehighimpact prevention interventions; expansion of treatment and care,as well as the creation of the enabling environment with the right mixof structural interventions. Her comments came recently during the HIV Dissemination Meeting under the theme ‘Demystifying Stigma and Discrimination:A Stakeholder’s Perspective’ at the Warrens Office Complex,as she noted that HIV/AIDS is a “powerful deterrent of individual freedom and self-determination”,and can isolate families;discourage registration in national treatment and support programmes,and further limit access to information,prevention,care, and treatment. According to the Director, although the evidence shows that there has been noticeable reduction in Barbados as far as stigma is concerned,there is still too much being experienced by People Living with HIV (PLHIV).She went on to explain that groups prefer to work with the “safe”populations such as youth and children, rather than with key populations,and even though there is evidence that both knowledge of HIV and AIDS and government responses in Barbados have increased significantly,HIV-related stigma persists.With that in mind, the HIV/AIDS Commission Director,noted that stigma is perceived as a major limiting factor,not only preventing access to care and treatment services,but compromising voluntary testing and counselling. “This makes stigma yet another life obstacle in the path of many of the very people who are already faced with social and economic challenges. Combating stigma therefore remains an important task for HIV programmes throughout the world.We are very familiar with the saying ‘HIV doesn’t discriminate;people do’,and discriminate they do at the individual and societal levels,”she contended. Wiltshire Gay added,“At the individual level,AIDS stigma takes the form of behaviours,thoughts,and feelings that express prejudice against PLHIV,and also persons perceived to be PLHIV.These cannot be corrected by legislation. You can’t legislate against stigma;it is how people feel,how they behave and again the evidence shows that this affects the individual’s decision to get tested,access health care, and to withhold information about their status from family members,friends, and care providers.This leads to social isolation whichnegatively affects lives.” The Government official noted that at the societal level,AIDS stigma is manifested in laws,policies, popular dialogue,and the social circumstances of PLHIV and those at risk of infection.She lamented that these persons continue to face discrimination in employment,housing,access to health services,social and community programmes,and basic civil and human rights.The Director’s comments came as she noted that social stigma is practised through failure of public policy and practices,as well as by private groups – non-government organisations and faith based organisations that do not recognise equal rights for the Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.( JRT ) Friday March 27, 2015 5 The Barbados Advocate CHIEFExecutive Officer(CEO)ofthe BarbadosHoteland TourismAssociation (BHTA) Sue Springer sayslocalhoteliersare stillnotonthelevel playingfieldastheallinclusive Jamaican hotel chain Sandals,as promisedby Government. Speakingtothemedia afterthelaunchofaprogrammetoboosttourism arrivalsyear-round, Springeralludedtocommentsmadebya Government Senator in the Upper Chamber on Tuesdayduringthedebate on the Appropriation Bill 2015,suggesting that they should be happy with the concessions awarded and strive to be more like the new entrant to the local hotel sector.“Yes we have the concession regarding consumables and renovations and so on,but regardingthefoodandbeverage westilldonothavethose concessionsasyet.” “TheMinistercameto ourmeetinglast Wednesday;he said he wouldmeetwithus.He’s metwiththeauthorities and we are waiting on how the final outcome of how the methodology will work. This is lawsoithasto work.I just want it very clear;we still do not have thefoodandbeverageconcessions.” Springertoldthemedia thattheBHTAiscurrently working closely with the BAMCandtheBarbados AgriculturalSocietyand hasjustsignedanewinitiative in the Bahamas with the (MIF) Multilateral Investment Fund,regarding working with agriculture and the farmers.“It is afour year project and BHTAis a key component to that project.We have sent out today(yesterday) an advertisement for Consolidated to work with the farmers so we are actively working with them.” Earlier this month the BHTAsaid that despite being officially informed that its members could begin accessing the concessions from February1,“To dateonlyafewhotelshave beenabletoobtaintherequireddocumentlicensing themtoimportdutyfree andnoneofthehotelsor theirrestaurantshave beenabletoreceiveone duty-freeitem.” It was noted that the perception is that the hotels havebeenreceivingduty free relief on the additional items since last October, whichis absolutely not the case.“Additionally,hotels certainly will not feel any positive effect of these reduced costs in this winter season and definitely not until after cricket in May.” ( JH ) CAUTIONfromFront Page meetthisbodyon Facebook and they say they have fallen in love with you and want to marry you but first you have to send them $10 000,it’s a scam! And our brain is already warning us,”he stressed. Admitting that there was no 100 per cent foolproof antivirus software, and that it was difficult to gauge breaches to both business and personal computer systems,he nevertheless emphasized that some form of protection was better than nothing. The lecture was sponsored by University of West Indies,Central Bank and Columbus Business Solutions.( JMB ) Director of theNational HIV/AIDS Commission, Jacqueline Wiltshire Gay (Second from right), was among those attending the HIV Dissemination Meeting. Commission committed to eliminating HIV stigma Intuition key BHTA CEO says: Playing field still not level


ASPECTACULAR beachpartyeventisexpectednextweekend whenHiltonBarbados Resortpresents Rhythm&Spice. Yesterdayduring a site visit,artists and sponsors hadanopportunitytogo throughthelogisticsofthe April4eventwhichisexpected to attract hundreds if not thousands of Barbadians and visitorsto the pristine Hilton beach tosee performances from Queen of Soca Alison Hinds,Biggie Irie,Imani, the Mosaic Steel Orchestraandthetimeless Spice and Company. Sales Manager at Hilton Barbados TeresaNicholls said there is a buzz about the beach party and revealed that tickets are going quickly,particularly by large groups of persons. Alan Shepherd of Spice &Company promises an explosive atmosphere as the band goes through a set of “new”old music in the form of covers,as well as some of the band’s hits from backin the day. He said the key to the band’ssuccess is preparation.“So that when we get on stage,we just have fun at that point.” “Wework with the best in the business,stage technicians,sound reinforcement,lighting,the whole package is what makes the Spice Show that good,” he told the media. Biggie Irie and Queen of Soca Alison Hinds also echoed similar sentiments.Hinds promised a mix of classics and new material in a high energy performance. “Iam really looking forward to because I don’t get to perform in Barbados very often,so to have the opportunity to be here on one of our beautiful beaches at one of our beautiful hotels is going to be really good and the buzz is definitely out there.Getting feedback from people in general and people are coming out in their crew.I think it’s going to be a really nice turnout.” David ‘Ziggy’ Walcott, Musical director for Mosaic Steel Orchestra also expressed gratitude to Hilton Barbados for the opportunity to headline this event.“Tobe headlining a show like this Rhythm and Spice,it is an honour for us,”he said. One of the sponsors in attendance was Roger Spencer of Sagicor who said,“We heard Hilton and Spice...we got approval to go ahead with the sponsorship.”He said the company has also signed on to other events with Hilton Barbados throughout the year,noting that sponsorship is also a good vehicle to get one’s brand further in the public domain. (JH) 6Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ASHOWbeingproduced onApril4bytheHilton Barbados Resort has been given two thumbs up by top local entertainers, who havecalledonmore hotels to follow suit. Yesterdayduring a site visit of the muchanticipatedRhythmandSpice beachparty,Queenof SocaAlisonHindsand International Groovy Soca MonarchHallof Famer Biggie Irie believe thatthisisanexcellent platform to take the seasonality out of music,and ensuring artists have work year-round and exposing visitors to the island to more local talent. According to Biggie Irie, “It is a great initiative,I think more hotels should do things like this and employ local entertainment,notonlybecausewe needitbuttheisland needsit.” AlisonHindsisalsoof theviewthatotherentitiescouldalsofollowsuit. “Notjustthehotelsbut theyareagoodstartbecauseitshouldbepartof ourtourismproduct. People go to a country in order to experience the culture,thefoodandthe music is an integral part of that.” “It is Barbadian talent and there needs to be some place for not only Bajans to be able and see but the tourists to be able to come and get a taste of who we are and our music is a key part of who were are.“ “The music is what drawspeople.Ifthe artistsdon’tmakemusic forCropOver,CropOver isn’tgoingtohappenbecauseitismusicdriven.A lotmorehotelsshoulddefinitelylookat...andnot something“cheesy”somethingveryhipandmodernandupbeat,something that is going to attract younger people,and people across the board and not a particular demographic,but will have something for everybody.” “Thanks again for Hilton Barbados for having the foresight to do something like this and I hope that they do a lot more and other hotels follow suit.” SENATORAlwynAdams hassuggestedthatuniversity students be given another option to government’sStudentRevolving LoanFund (SRLF). In his contributionto the Upper House debate on the Appropriation Bill 2015,he stated that this fund,whichwould also take the roll over fund format,would be different from the original one in that it would require that any loan approval depended on how the courses being sought would relate to the growth of the island. In addition,he said that the paymentwouldbe taken from income tax, and therefore would not rely on the borrower’sdiscretion as done with the SRLF. “The notion of the SRLF now not being able to get money would no longer be because that money comes out as income tax comes out,and so you have a sustainable method of funding,” Adams highlighted. Pointing to government’smove to have students absorb their own tuition costs,he stressed that it must not be seen as an attack on the university or the students themselves. “We must accept that government can no longer afford to fund the university and the important point is to come up with a new model to fund the university and the new model will be doing nothing if at the end of it,the university is not better funded than it was before the new model came into being,”he added. (JMB) Senator Adams on SRLF Hilton Barbados lauded for foresight ...other hotels urged to also employ local talent Alan Shepherd of the band Spice and Company shares a light moment with Hilton Barbados Sales Manager Teresa Nicholls (third from right) and other headliners and sponsors of the Rhythm and Spice beach party during a site visit yesterday morning. Artists ready for ‘Rhythm & Spice’


SOMEmembers of the NationalUnionof PublicWorkers (NUPW)–Barbados willbeusinganew voting system on April 1stwhenelectingits new Executive Committee. ActingGeneral SecretaryoftheNUPW, Delicia Burke revealed to theBarbadosAdvocate that for the first time in theirelectionprocess,votingmachineswillbe used. Shesaidthatthemachines are on loan,at no costfromtheDelian Project,anon –governmentalorganisation basedinCanadadedicated to helping jurisdictions implement positive change in the democratic processthroughtheapplication of technology. Next week Wednesday therewillbe20polling stations,however,Burke noted that only 10 of them will be outfitted with the automatic voting machines.The NUPW has approximately 10 000 members. “We only have 10 machines on loan and the reminder of polling stations will use the ballot boxes. However,instead of waiting five,six,or seven hours for results,we will get results in less than an hourwe are trying to use the tech nology,having voting and results done in the shortest possible time,”she said. (TL) Friday March 27, 2015 7 The Barbados Advocate ITappearsthatlittleis being done to address the underperformance of males within this nation’s school system, and one senator is challenging the society to deal with the issue. Pointing to the disparity being reflected in the performance of males in comparison to their female counterparts in the Common Entrance Examination, Senator Alwyn Adams stated that it also led to deviant behaviour later in life. “If we have a situation where a substantial number of our male population happens to be under performing, itwill reflect in two significant ways:one in social misbehaviour and two in loweconomic performance,”he said. Speaking as the Upper House debated the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure,the independent senator stressed that little attention had been paid to how the differences between the genders could mean that the standard wayofteaching would not have the same effect on boys as it did on girls. “Iwould wager that there is not a course at our teachers’ college that takes that into consideration and it is crucial because without that you are spinning top in mud,”he emphasised. “The differences between the two sexes start at an early age in favour of the girls.Their linguistic ability is significant because there is arelationship between leaning and language.” He stressed that it was time to put males back on the path of learning in an effort to secure the island’sfuture development,and highlighted that this did not have to be in an academic way but in the talents given to them “by the Almighty". “We should have a situation where they should have positive discrimination in their favour.It has gotten to that stage because they have to be brought back on stream in the interest of kickstarting the Barbados economy,” Adams insisted. (JMB) Senator Adams on underperformance Voting machines for NUPW election next week process to be easier and faster Acting General Secretary of the NUPW, Delicia Burke and Acting Assistant Wayne Walrond showing one of the voting machine which will be used during elections on April 1st


THEannouncementontheweekendjustpastbythe HonourablePrimeMinister,MrFreundelStuart,that thepartyhecurrentlyleadsproposestocompletethe processofnationhood–startedbytheRightExcellent Errol Barrow with decolonisation of the state through independence,and continued by another former Prime Minister,Mr Owen Arthur,with the decolonisation of our jurisprudence through accession to the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice – is an intriguing one.He contemplates achieving this end by the displacement of the British Monarch as constitutional Head of State and theappointment of a native President in her stead.This revelation comes as some Americans say “out of left field”. Thisis so for many more reasons than one.As we recall,the Democratic Labour Party when last in opposition,stoutly resisted then incumbent Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s call for that very issue to be put to a referendum.And even if we were to make allowance for the vagaries of political sentiment,it is still atleast surprising that that party’s hierarchy could be making the identical call less than a decade later. Further,given the rather lukewarm public reception that the Arthur proposal received initially,the recent suggestion appears to be a particularly bold one by a government arguably not enjoying at mid-term the degree of public goodwill necessary for such a venture to gain the electorate’s acclaim in a referendum. Of course,we must also concede here that there is no suchconstitutional requirement under our present legal system and Mr Stuart has not intimated,to our best knowledge,that the referendum is an avenue that he intends toexplore.Nonetheless,it seems inconceivable that suchasignificant constitutional manoeuvre would be attempted without the popular sanction of an election or a referendum. Added to these considerations,and perhaps most crucial of all,the governing administration does not enjoy the required majority of seats in the Lower Chamber to effect this reform without some assistance from the Opposition benches.And we have not even mentioned the current economic woes that the nation has faced for a significant period and still faces, even though there is the faint promise of better times to come. It is perhaps a combination of these factors that might have engendered derisive cries from two local political commentators who have categorised the Stuart initiative respectively as a diversion awayfrom hot-button issues and as the kind of issue that a government,as beleaguered as this one is,“can wrap itself around”. We are entirelysympathetic to Mr Stuart’s sentiments on this issue and we agree with his perception of the national constitutional development.And we consider that he is right when he states “Barbados is already a republic for all practical purposes given that those who run the affairs of the country are chosen by the people and serve at the people’spleasure” However,we consider the proposal at this time to be most inopportune.Webelieve that currently our intellectual and creative efforts ought to be concentrated first,on devising a get-out-of-jail card to ameliorate our economic fortunes and so improve our global credit rating and,second,to fortify this state of affairs in order to guard against future shocks. Muchas we believe that adding a form of republicanism to that whichwe now enjoy in substance is a necessary political next step,we should wish to advise that in the same wayBarbados was once reputed to be a society and more than an economy,it is incontrovertibly also an economy and muchmore than a polity. Editorial The republic issue revived UNITED NATIONS – Russia’s aggressiveness in the east.The Islamic State group’s sudden rise in the south.As Europe finds new threats close to home, it’s now being asked by the United States to make a strong return to peacekeeping around the world as well. The UN today convenes an unprecedented meeting of defense officials from more than 100 countries to seek support for the largest peacekeeping effort ever deployed,with nearly 130 000 personnel in 16 missions from Congo to the Golan Heights.They face growing threats from groups like the Islamic State that have little regard for traditional ideas of war and peace. Following up in September,President Barack Obama will chair a meeting on the sidelines of the annual UN General Assembly of world leaders, with the goal of collecting countries’ peacekeeping pledges after today’spitch by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other top officials. Obama’s envoy to the UN,Ambassador Samantha Power,this month made it clear that Europe is expected to step up and is needed “more than ever”.Two decades ago,European nations contributed more than 40 per cent of UN peacekeepers,she said in a speech in Brussels.It’s less than 7 per cent now. This call from the United States,easily the biggest contributor to the UN’s peacekeeping budget at $2.5 billion,comes as tens of thousands of troops from European and other countries emerge from years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.In her speech,Power envisioned the German and Dane helicopter pilots from Afghanistan doing similar work in Darfur,or Romanian and Czech patrols guarding bases in South Sudan. If the UN had asked for this kind of help earlier,it would have been seen as competing with the US-led military effort of the past decade,said Jean-Marie Guehenno,a former UN peacekeeping chief and the current president of the International Crisis Group. “Now,when the US says, ‘You’re our allies,and one ofthe best ways to show friendship is to contribute to the UN,’ that’s quite a signal,”he stated. Europe mayneed some convincing.The image many still have of UN peacekeeping is of twin failures two decades ago. In the Rwandan genocide, an existing peacekeeping force was swiftly reduced from 2 000 to 270 after ten Belgian peacekeepers were killed.In Bosnia, Dutch peacekeepers were overwhelmed by Bosnian Serb forces who went on to massacre 8 000 Muslim men at Srebrenica. The UN,which has no standing army,now heavily relies on troops from South Asia and Africa, whose countries make up the top ten contributors. Bangladesh led the way with 9 446 peacekeepers as of the end of February. The United States had 119,fewer than any other permanent member of the Security Council except Russia,which had 72. The UN is making this pitch for contributions from more countries “for our own credibility and our own legitimacy,” Edmond Mulet,assistant secretary-general for peacekeeping operations, said yesterday.In addition,he said,the United States wants to make sure the money it gives to peacekeeping is well spent. The overall UN peacekeeping budget for 20152016 is set to be $8.5 billion. One problem in today’s peacekeeping,officials and observers say,is that sheer numbers are not enough against groups like alQaida that blur borders. Beyond manpower,the UN now needs peacekeepers who are skilled in,and equipped for,tasks such as intelligence work,strategic airlifts,medical evacuations and the growing use of surveillance drones. US, UN press Europe to make strong return to peacekeeping‘For the cause that lacks assistance,‘Gainst the wrongs that need resistance,For the future in the distance,And the good that I can do’ 8 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Telephone: 467-2000News Fax: 434-1000 E-mail Address: Website: Executive Editor: Gillian Marshall General Manager: Sandra Clarke Assistant Managing Director: Sean Eteen Publisher: Anthony T. Bryan News Editor: Dorian Bryan Business Editor: Jewel Brathwaite Sports Editor: Corey Greaves NAIROBI–Kenya’s presidentapologisedyesterday totheKenyan people for past wrongs committed both by his government and past regimes. President Uhuru Kenyattatoldparliament during his state of the nation address that time has cometobringclosureto thecountry’s painful past. He mentioned the 2007-08 postelection violence,the 1984 massacre of hundreds of Kenyan-Somalis and unsolved murders among other historical injustices. Kenyatta told parliamentyesterdayhehas askedtheMinistryof Finance to set up a 10 billionKenyanshilling ($110 million) fund to be used in the next three years for restorative justice. Kenya’s Truth Justice andReconciliation Commissionreporthad recommendedthatthe presidentapologiseto thepublicwithinsix monthafterreceivingit. Kenyatta received the reportonMay2013. Thereportnamesthe president and his deputy as being among those suspected of planning and financing Kenya’s2007-08 postelection violence in which more than 1 000 people died. The International Criminal Court dropped crimes against Humanity charges against Kenyatta earlier this month after the prosecution said in December it couldn’t proceed with the case because of lack of evidence,which it blamed on witness intimidation and lack of cooperation by the Kenyangovernment. Crimes against humanitycaseagainstKenyatta’s deputy,WilliamRuto,and RadiojournalistJoshua Sangcontinuestobeheard attheHague-basedICC. Kenyatta’sfamilymembers,especiallyhisfather, founding President Jomo Kenyatta,arenamedin theTruth,Justiceand Reconciliationreportas havingpresidedovera governmentresponsible fornumeroushuman rightsviolationsandillegalallocationofland. Thegovernment-funded report found that Kenya’s second and third presidents,Daniel Arap Moi andMwaiKibaki,headed governments that were responsible for massacres, economic crimes and grand corruption,among other violations. Kenya’s state security agencies,particularly the police and army,have been the main perpetrators of human rights violations, including massacres, enforced disappearances, torture and sexual violence,the report said. Kenya’s Truth,Justice and Reconciliation Commission was formed from a wider effort to establish the truth behind historical violations that are partly blamed for the 2007-08 postelection violence sparked off by a dispute over who won the December2007presidentialelection. A2008government commissionfoundhistorical injustices such as unequal land distribution were partly responsible for the violence. Kenya’s president apologises for government’s past wrongs


Friday March 27, 2015 9 The Barbados Advocate Fair to partly cloudy with a few brief, scattered showers. Yesterday: 0.2 mm For the month: 70.0 mm For the year: 180.7 mm London: 08C CLEAR Boston: 10COVERCAST Montreal: 02C OVERCAST/RAIN Toronto: 05C OVERCAST New York: 11C OVERCAST/RAIN/MIST Miami: 29CPARTLY CLOUDY 5:58 am 6:10 pm High: 9:14 am &10:58 pm Low: 2:43 am &4:25 pm Max: 30.3C Min: 22.4C LASTweek’sestimatesdebate highlightedthegrowingchasm betweentheBarbadosLabour PartyandtheDemocratic LabourPartyonimportantmatterssuchashealthandeducation and the overall approach to government. There is no mystery to government.As Leader of the Opposition,Mia Amor Mottley frequently says,“It is about choices,it is about priorities.”To goeven further,itisaboutthe value you place on your citizens and the desire to enable them to fulfil their aspirations in a just and equitable manner. That the DLP has not yet realised this is sad. Their continued insistence that free tertiary education is unsustainable has nothing to do with sustainability at all,but is the result of poor choices and a lack of priorities.Not to mention being downright broke! It reflects the fundamental lackofappreciation of one of the fundamental building blocks of Barbadian society.Access to quality education, particularly at the tertiary level, is what has contributed to the value added in this society.It has made the difference in lifting many families out of poverty and enabling them to make better lives for the generations coming after them.As Miss Mottley pointed out last week,“Eighty per cent of the students attending the UWI come from poor backgrounds or are the working poor.”What do they have to look forward to under this Democratic Labour Party regime? Remaining poor? Miss Mottley and the Barbados Labour Party have their priorities for this country clear:first,maintenance of law and order;free tertiary education and access to affordable health care for all.The foundations of any society that is interested in progressing and nurturing its people.This is a party willing and able to make the right choices,those based on a solid understanding of what will take this country forward.Improved access to quality education, whether academic or technical and vocational,will continue to make the difference for Barbados and its citizens.It will enhance our competitive edge in a world where fierce competition is the norm and only those who are fit for purpose will stave off a decline in living standards.It is this laser-like focus on the needs of the country that enabled our leader to state categorically that under a BLP government there will be a return to free university education. Barbadians should not be surprised by the DLP’sstance on education;after all,the country go aprelude to this in 1994,when the DLP proposed the payment of fees at BCC,SJPP and UWI. The country would much prefer Freundel and Sinckler to talk to us honestly and sincerely,that is – on solving the QEH crisis where the issue is management, funding and patient safety.not agala.On what is the real deal in the hotel sector,where another even more heavily discounted socalled marketing plan will never fix the ailments in this important sector.On plans to stitch the cut from which some $1.5 billion has bled from the equally important international business sector under the DLP. Barbadians want to hear about tax refunds.Job creation.Fixing roads.The real and true story on all the fanciful projects that the DLP says “soon come”,and soon has not come but years gone. They want to hear from Stuart more than nonsense that a union asked for a matter to go to the tribunal,as if he is not the man who can make these things work –in theory at least – and let the NCC workers in limbo for a year now get their issues resolved. They want to hear more from Freundel on CLICO than patent and putrid nonsense about who he knows has a CLICO policy – they want the solutions promised for years now. History says,in the words of the great Black Stalin,wait .and dead. The DLP continues so every man can have his golden parachute,but at what cost to the country? Surely the DLP is not satisfied to be remembered as the Tsunami DLP – slayer of free tertiary education,destroyer of Barbados’ economy,demolisher of our health system,killer of jobs and dreams,deconstructor of the Barbados model. Time to talk to Barbadians AGOODleaderhasanexemplarycharacter;isenthusiastic abouttheirworkorcause;isconfident(andinstilshope);agood leader functions in an orderly and purposeful manner;is tolerant of ambiguity and remains calm;a good leader keeps the main goal in focus and thinks analytically;and is committed to excellence. Manyof these qualities of a goodleader can be seen in our Party Leader and Prime Minister,The Right Hon. Freundel Stuart.Indeed many of these qualities can be seen in our former Prime Ministers. However,when we hold the Leader of the Opposition up to this standard,sadly she is found to be lacking.Perhaps the only quality which she has mastered is her enthusiasm to be a leader. Over the last weekend and the week of the estimates debates, wesawclearly two examples of the leadership styleand qualities of our Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. Have you ever heard a single member of the Barbados Labour Party praise Ms.Mottley for her leadership style or even vaguely referred to her as instilling confidence in her parliamentary team? Truthfully,the answer to the question is no.However,it was quite refreshing to hear our Minister,Senator Esther Byer speak so glowingly about the calm,sober,reassuring and confident leadership style of our Prime Minister,especially as he leads the deliberation at the Cabinet level. Compare this to the chaos which Ms.Mottley has allowed to dominate the Barbados Labour Party.Mia’s recent response to the rumblings within her party has thrown her a lifeline for a little more time.Her new-found leadership role continues to take abeating from the more patriotic members of the party,who understand that empty promises and throwing political sound bites will not cut it with the public.That’s why it must be somewhat of a concern that our leader has not once responded to her noise. This country is getting a taste of Mottley leadershipif she ever gets her hands on power.Her cronies have launched a vicious attack on one of their own,in the person of Maria Agard.She continues to allow the matter between her parliamentary colleagues to fester to the point it has made its way to the law courts. Leadership is about giving hope and instilling confidence.It is not about manipulating persons and robbing them of their dignity.Leadership is about taking people into your confidence and not attempting to score points at the expense of another human.Case in point was the recent parade of awelfare case, who apparently was invited or cajoled into making her issue known at a branch meeting of the Barbados Labour Party,despite having the case aired in the local dailies.So the issue begs the question.Of what purpose was the lone female asked to speak? Did the persons gathered offer to help in any way,or was it just a case of total degrading of yet another vulnerable person? Leadership on this side has demonstrated that you don’t get to the top by trampling on the lives and dignity of others.As a government,we are quite aware of the 3 500 plus persons who are tended to by the Department of Welfare,and to pick upon one case is to reduce the work of that department and its staff to political ridicule. She has clearly set a standard of leadership expectations to come.Her partyclearly supports the idea of abolishing subjects like English and Historyon the school curriculumif re-elected. Her party clearly has intentions of gutting the treasury and by extension placing this country’s sacred parity of the dollar in peril.Every idea advanced by the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party speaks to devaluation and we must resist any attempt to place our society in a perpetual state of mendicancy and dependence. It is against this background that our current Party Leader and Prime Minister,The Rt.Hon Freundel Stuart,has distanced himself from the opposition.The recent announcement of the move to republic status must not be taken lightly,as it was not announced on the eve of an election as was the case with the opposition.It is not a move to sway any voting public as we are far off the polls.The truth is,the Democratic Labour Party has always accepted the responsibility ofdefining nationhood for this great country.Our leaders have always put country before party. Errol Barrow lost the election in ’76 as we battled an oil crisis. Sandiford felt that the Barbados dollar should be protected while David Thompson pulled all the resources from his constituency in the form of the stoppage of the St John Polyclinic,and now our current leader understands the difference between a right and privilege.Mottley behaves as if it is her right to lead while our leader understands it is a privilege to lead.We seek to remind Miss Mottley that with great power comes great responsibility. M+ leadership = devaluation


10 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate QUOTES FOR TODAY WORDS OF WISDOM –Dave Kellett, creator and cartoonist of two webcomic titles, Sheldon and Drive –Ann Radcliffe (1764 1823), English author and pioneer of the Gothic novel “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. ... By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” –Hebrews 11:1,3 School is learning things you don't want to know,surrounded by people you wish you didn't know, while working toward a future you don't know will ever come.” “One act of beneficence, one act of real usefulness, is worth all the abstract sentiment in the world. Sentiment is a disgrace, instead of an ornament, unless it lead us to good actions.”CHANGEAnytransitionserious enoughtoalteryour definitionofselfwill requirenotjustsmall adjustmentsinyourwayof livingandthinkingbuta full-onmetamorphosis. LETTERS TO THE EDITORADVOCATE PUBLISHERS (2000) INC, FONTABELLE FAX: 434-1000 E-MAIL: LET GOD SPEAK TOUS COMMONSENSEas distinct from Political Science demands that a constitutional change from an imperial monarchy to an ideal republic reflecting democracy,be effected by anational referendum on that question alone,even if initiated by an individual;but certainly not as the predetermination of any one man,partisan lobby, or political party by implication among other promises of a general election manifesto which proves a slip between the cup and the lip. In any event,the statutory substitution of aceremonial president appointed by the prime minister is an imitation ofthe imperial monarchy’s Governor General as a cosmetic name change. In the ideal republic as asovereign independent state,the president is elected as executive head of the administration of government which for practical purposes of accountability is separated physically from the legislature to whichit is responsible as well as to the autonomous judiciary by which legislation is interpreted. This election is made ideally by plebiscite and not by an electoral college of politicians as legislators. All practicable options for operation of the republican system should beexplained and presented for selection of choice by the people to be governed and not by their governors. The alternative is a dictatorship,however benign it might appear to be. Whether as a Republic or Imperial Monarchy,the separation of the Administration from a regulatory legislature and the autonomous judiciary is highly desirable as a practical measure to minimise occasion for corruption of the principle of government by rule of law made by the people for the people. The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of sovereign independence in an imperial monarchy with a conversion to a R e public will extinguish imperial honours being irrelevant to membership of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Knights of St.Andrew in a Republic would be anomalously paradoxical. This cursory reflection suggests the drafting of a new constitution in place of the Barbados Independence Order 1966 Schedule made at the Palace of Westminster. Unless this homework has been done and presented to the people for approval,other preparation for the celebration of conversion to republican status seems to be premature. LEONARDST.HILL WHYcan’tthewater authority repair the leak inthe road 100m west of the Dover supermarket? It’sbeenreportedmany times over several weeks, but no action.The pond in the road is incubating mosquito larvae which will serve to further spread ChikV & Dengue, much to the distress of residents & tourists alike. COLIN PINCOMBE THEgovernmenthas severaltimeslackedthe moneytogivetothe QueenElizabethHospital toprocure the pharmaceuticals necessary to treat the sick people in that hospital. The government has not been able to pay retrenched workers all of the monies due to them. The government has taken to awarding some people tax certificates instead of giving them the funds that are due to them. Somehow,however, they can afford to hire people to so intensely mow and cut the grass on the sides of the ABC Highway in the Lodge Hill and Warrens areas so low that the bare earth is virtually all that can be seen. What are the livestock owners who were accustomedto tethering their sheep and goats on these grass verges supposed to do now that there is no grass left for them to graze on as before? Iam not at all against a reasonable level of mowing and de-bushing. Onthecontrary,I considerthatitwouldbe agoodthing.But this totalassaultuponall formsofvegetationinthe areaisunsupportable. Whyisitthatsomany otherareas(nearby)that arecryingoutforpruning andtrimminghavebeen neglected if the idea is to beautify the surrounding? The jungle area outside the yard of the Electoral Office was at first left to grow completely wild then suddenly the bushes there were totally cut down and – this is the relevant part – the heaps of cut-off branches were left there to become a haven for rats, cockroaches,centipedes and mice.Since then the area has totally reverted to jungle. What about the bushes and shrubs that impinge upon the pedestrian walkways alongside the ABC Highway on both sides of this road after one passes West Road on the waytowards the D’Arcy Scott Roundabout? They have been allowed to become an obstacle,a menace to passers-by. How can the entities responsible explain the prolonged existence of small ponds of water just west of the road leading past the Simpson Motors southern building? They have now disappeared but these would have been harbouring mosquitoes. MIKEJ.MOSELEY Address mowing and de-bushing concerns Constitutional change requires plebiscite Leak must be repaired IWASinformed,while readingthepaperthat Barbadoswas becoming a republicverysoon.That was a shocker! I know the idea has been bandied about from time to time, but we have never had a national referendum as to whether,we,thepeople want this change. Something as monumentalasthis shouldreallycomebefore thepeopletochoose,aswe aresupposedtobea Democracy.Thiskindofa decisionisnotforafewto make.Thequestiontothe peopleneedstobeclear– “Would you like Barbados tobecomeaRepublic?” ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ box to be ticked. I think a national vote would be the right way to do this. If Barbados does become a Republic,after a national vote,then does the Queen ofEnglandhavemercyon thosewhowishtoremain intheCommonwealth, andopenthedoorsfor immigrationtotheUK? KIMSMITH MANYwriterstothispage haveexpressedon numerousoccassionstheir issuesandconcerns regardingtheroad.It seems that the general concensus is that traverses are becoming less attentive and causing accidents whichcouldhavebeen avoided.Many accidents can be avoided by simply payingattentiontothe road. Therefore,pleasedonot honkordisplay obscene gesturesbecauseIam drivingatthespeedlimit. Pleasedon’tpassmeon theleft,usingthecurb lane,parking lane,bike laneorsidewalk.It’s dangerousforme,for you, and for anyone who happens to be in those lanes legally.Please put down that breakfast sandwich,cupofcoffee, lunch or dinner. Most importantly,please turnoffyourcellphones whiledriving.Whatever it is,it can wait.And if it can’t, you have no business being behind the wheel. SHAUNAECKLES It should be our choice Obey rules of the road


Friday March 27, 2015 11 The Barbados Advocate GEORGEORWELL’S classicAnimalFarmis acogentreminderof theneedtobeever vigilant as ordinary citizens.The book which is a political allegory,is based on Russia’s 1917 Revolution.That revolution overthrew an autocratic system and put in place a set of people who were thought to be more benevolent with ideas for fairness,justice and prosperity.What started out as a promise of a free and just society became a brutal dictatorship and misery for ordinary people. InOrwell’sstory– AnimalFarm–the animalsliveforyears underduressuntilthey findthecourageto strategiseandoverthrow thefarmers,their masters.Whatbeganasa hopefulexperimentended indisillusionmentwith thepigsassuming leadershipofthefarmand enlisting the protection of the dogs.At the end of the novel,as the ordinary animals who do the majorityoftheworkpeer into the Great House,they can no longer differentiate between the pigs and the humans.Such became the behaviour and mannerisms of the new leaders that they only served to protect their own selfish interests. The most enduring line of Orwell’s novel is the saying,‘All animals are equal but some are more equal than others’.It highlights the fact that many countries start out with peaceful and democratic ideals,yet inequality festers and the law is in favour of the most powerful.The pigs in Animal Farm demonstrate this point as they continuously changed and manipulated the rules to suit their needs.Such rules were reinforced not by the consent of the people but through brute force in the form of the well-trained dogs. Though written in 1945 Animal Farm has an enduring lesson for our societies.The rights of ordinary citizens are frequently trampled while justice is swiftly meted out when they transgress the laws they have no say in. In our Caribbean scenario, St.Lucia is presently facing a scandal of enormous proportions.A recent independent report revealed substantial evidence of extra-judicial killings by members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.No senior officials have been suspended or charged and families of the victims remain in the dark on justice and compensation. In Jamaica,less than two weeks ago two policemen were involved in the shooting of an unarmed civilian who they claimed was resisting arrest.However thanks to video evidence the two were identified.Jamaica’s Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) issued a press release stating that one officer was charged for murder while the other was charged for perverting the course of justice.Had it not been for the video capture of the situation there would likely be no arrest. One can only imagine how the family of the deceased must feel having his life taken so callously and unjustly.After years of police brutality and extra-judicial killings, Jamaica has managed to resolve some of these issues by appointing independent bodies to oversee wrong doing by law enforcement officials. Apeople cannot feel safe knowing that the authority of the state instead of being used to protect them is actually used against them in unjust ways. Under the Constitution of Barbados the right to life is guaranteed except where a court imposes a death sentence for a criminal offence or in justifiable instances such as the defence of a person from violence,the defence of property or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained. With the 50th anniversary of independence approaching and talks of completing the independence project by becoming a republic, Barbadians must critically reflect on what really is the rule of la w a nd whether justice actually exists. The death of Selwyn Knight comes quickly to mind.What is even more worrying is the delay in justice,the lack of full transparency and what some may call double standards in this matter. Were it a civilian who had pulled the trigger on two plain clothes policemen, justice would have been executed swiftly and severely. However as Orwell reminds us,some are more equal than others. The lesson for ordinary Barbadians is not to become complacent as the animals in Orwell’s allegory did.By the end of the story with the treatment the animals received they became disillusioned and could not distinguish between their current leaders and their former masters.We must be ever cautious that history does not repeat itself. May Mr.Knight and his family find justice! An Orwellian state of affairs – Is there Justice is Paradise?


12 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate REPRESENTATIVES fromawidecrosssection of organisations participated in a Labour Management Relations Seminar hosted by the Labour Department recently. Thelargegroupsaw presentationsfrom LabourOfficersWayne SobersandLaurison MayersonLabourLaw andEmployment RelationsBestPractice onthesecondfloorofthe WarrensOfficeComplex. Sobersexplainedthat theobjectiveoftheseminarisprimarilytoreduce workplaceconflict through knowledge,information and awareness andultimatelytoassist increatingormaintainingacultureofcooperationattheirvarious placesofwork. TheLabourOfficer saidthatintheseminar, participants will get a better understanding of the role of the Labour Department which seeks to improve knowledge of duties,rights and responsibilities and encourage industrial relations best practice.“Because not everything can be written in the legislation and we do depend on persons like you endeavouring to practice the best tradition of industrial relations.” Senior Labour Officer (Ag) Yvette WalcottDennis explained that this is the final in a series of seminars for the financial year.She noted that another series are being planned and encouraged employers to attend,in order to become more familiar with labour legislation and to be better able to manage their employees. Labour Officer Judy Trotman while welcoming participants to the seminar gave a historical background into how the Labour Department was formed dating back to the 1937 disturbances,outof which came a Commission of Enquiry followed by a recommendation for a labour department and ultimately labour legislation. Other pieces of legislation looked at included the topical Employment Rights Act,the Maternity Act,the Protection of Wages Act and also the Severance Act to name a few.(JH) Participants of the seminar hosted by the Labour Department, during a get-to-know-you exercise. Workplace best practice in focus Labour Department seminar series ends


THEfusionoffoodat Chef Roary’s International Restaurant Showcase will be a vehicle which the culinary arts in Barbados and Newfoundland & Labrador will expand into national,regional andinternational growth and development. SpeakingattheChef Roary’sevent last Saturday night at Divi Southwinds Beach Resort,founder of F. James Film/TV Co.Ltd., Fabian James and the man behind the project said,“We created a culinary concept that merged the cultures of two islands –Barbados and Newfoundland & Labrador.Executive Chef Roary MacPherson and Barbados’s very own,executive chef Dane Saddler, are leading guest chefs from seven restaurants in Barbados,and seven restaurants in NewfoundlandLabrador, Canada,to fuse their stylesofcooking.” Jamesaddedthat“This conceptrequiredaunique partnertobringthisprojecttolife,andwewerefortunatethatFLOWfelt thataninvestmentinthis project and our recent music fusion initiative, would benefit its customers in Barbados,as well as demonstrate its support for an important cultural sector of the country.” President and Chief Operating Officer of Columbus Communications,John Reid,added “We were provided with a unique opportunity to expose and promote the significant talents of both countries, which will lead to continued efforts to showcase and create business opportunities for Barbados and Newfoundland’s culinary and food industries. Events suchas these ultimately connect people, people build networks and networks spawn ideas for further opportunities. Essentially,tonight we are sowing the seeds for economic growth and national development through the culinary arts and the food industry.” Reid added:“Columbus of course is going through atransitional phase and our merger with CWC will result in unprecedented exposure for the talented individuals who we will help showcase on our numerous entertainment and telecommunications platforms.The benefits are broader than you may imagine here this evening,as our objective is to act as a catalyst to help develop regional culture, tourism and business development through music, food,and fashion.” “Together,through our collective efforts,we are affecting nation building through trade and exchange,and contributing to our respective homeland’sunique cultures that will come from this culinary fusion initiative.” Reid went on to point out that the filming of both the Chef Roary’s International Restaurant Showcase and Club One New Releases: International Edition form the Canada to Barbados,whichis the musical fusion of this project and launched the week before,will be available to hundreds of thousands of customers in Barbados and across the Caribbean, as well as to Canadian sponsor Aliant’s customers in Newfoundland and Labrador,Nova Scotia,New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in Canada. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Ruth Blackman,said, “Having this event in Barbados goes a long way in creating partnerships between Newfound & Labrador and Barbados, partnerships between our artists whether they are in the culinary arts,music or film.This is something that we at the Ministry of Culture will do everything in our power to encourage and support so our doors are open,we are ready and willing to listen and to do our part.” She went on to thank FLOW for partnering and investing in the project:“I want to thank FLOW the sponsors of this event because it is investment from the private sector that allows us in the Government sector to realise the development goals that have been set out for our island,especially in the area of cultural industries.” For more information go to Flow TV channel 99, ados,Flow Facebook page at arbados or Flow Barbados on twitter. Friday March 27, 2015 13 The Barbados Advocate Food fusion enhances, creates opportunities from Barbados to Canada President and Chief Operating Officer of Columbus Communications, John Reid. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Ruth Blackman. One of the delicious dishes.


14 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ASERIOUSaccidentoccurredonTuesdayMarch 24,2015about6:50amat RoadView,St.Peterinvolvingamotoromnibus ownedbytheTransport Boardanddrivenby TrevorGreene,51years, andaprivateminibus driven by Wayne Harris, 46 of PadmoreVillage,St. Thomas. Twenty-seven (27) passengers from the two buses and the driver of the Transport Board Bus complained of pain and bruising about their bodies.The injuries were reportedly not to be life threatening. Twenty (20) of the injured were treated and discharged at the scene,5 were taken to the QEH and 3 to the Maurice Byer Polyclinic. Four (4) doctors and 2 nurses responded from the QEH;also responding were members of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF),the local District Emergency Organisation, the Barbados Fire Service and 8 ambulances,two of which were from the BDF. The scene at Road View St Peter earlier this week. Some onlookers at the scene. No life threatening injuries in Road View accident PEOPLEWithout History:Memoryand Barbadian Migrants in Panamawillbethe focusofaspecialpanel discussiontobeheld today,FridayMarch27, intheLawLecture Theatre3oftheRoy MarshallTeaching Complex,Universityof theWest Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. UWIresearchers, ProfessorVelmaNewton, Dr.Elaine Rocha and Dr. Marcia Burrowes,will examine the legacy of Barbadian migrants and their descendants in Panama today.Panellists will explore how the migrants and their families made their wayin Panama after the construction of the Canal,and how their contributions have been remembered in Barbados and Panama. The panel discussion will be chaired by History Curator at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (BMHS),Miguel Pena.The BMHS will also share its collection of Panama migration photographs in a slideshow at the event. The public is invited to attend the discussion, whichis part of the UWI’s annual Humanities Festival,and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. Discussion on B’dian Migrants in Panama


Friday March 27, 2015 15 The Barbados Advocate BANK RATES Commercial bank rates to the public at the close of business yesterday by the Central Bank of Barbados. Valid for March 27th, 2015 Telegraphic Transfers Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.16438 2.20496 Pound Sterling 2.95590 3.01131 Canadian $ 1.593491.62682 United States $1.993752.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Demand/Sight: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.16031 2.20496 Pound Sterling 2.950343.01131 Canadian $ 1.590481.62682 United States $1.990002.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Notes: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.129072.21873 Pound Sterling 2.907683.03012 Canadian $ 1.581481.62825 United States $1.980002.02857 East Caribbean $0.737040.74445 Belizean $ 1.000001.00000 INDICATIVE RATES FOR SOME REGIONAL CURRENCIES AS ADVISED BY THE RESPECTIVE CENTRAL BANKS N.B.: These rates are not meant to be used for trading. BDS$ Guyana $ 0.00979 Jamaica $ 0.01741 Trinidad & Tobago $0.31514 BEIJING International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has noted that China’s economic slowdown is legitimate and that Beijing can contribute to global prosperity. Speaking at the opening of the China Development Forum in Beijing,Lagarde praised Beijing for its work to build a legal system and address pollution.She said she welcomed Beijing’s efforts to boost investment outside China,referring to the new Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. She said China is “clearing the path to further engagement with the world through investment,trade and more participation in the multilateral dialogue.” China established the regional lending institution last year and put up most of its initial $50 billion in capital with the goal to finance construction of roads and other infrastructure. At the forum,Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli said environmental protection and sustainable development will be Beijing’spriorities. Zhang said China “should always put the environment and our ecological system at a prominent place in our agenda.”He listed no-carbon development,green development and sustainable development as China’s future path for economic growth. The forum is an annual gathering of academics, entrepreneurs and representatives of multilateral organisations. IMF welcomes Beijing’s efforts to boost regional investment NEW YORK – The advantageofhigheryields intheUnitedStateshas notpromptedforeignbuyingasinvestorshadexpected,andcentralbanks haveinsteaddumped Treasuries in recent months. Foreign central banks reduced their holdings of US Treasuries last week to $2.900 trillion,the lowest in a year,according to the US Federal Reserve.Yesterday brought new weekly data on this figure,and signals point to flows continuing toward Europe in both equity and fixedincome. The shift in money out of US assets is unexpected,given that the dollar recently hit a 12-year high and US yields are much higher than Europe’s.Analysts believe overseas central banks have spent dollar reserves to defend currency pegs or to stem further depreciation against the greenback. Overseas central banks sold Treasuries for a third consecutive month in January,and have not ratcheted up their bidding for Treasuries at auctions, Treasury Department data shows. Some foreign fund managers have decided to chase higher returns in the European stock market rather than piling cash into Treasuries. “While we do see some foreign purchases of US bonds,a large part of the money is being cycled into equities,”said Kathy Lien, managing director at BK Asset Management in New York. European shares are up 17 per cent so far in 2015,as the European Central Bank’s 1.1 trillion-euro quantitative easing has boosted risktaking.Some overseas investors might be hanging on to their European government bonds in hopes of profiting from the QE programme,investors said. This reduces the effectiveness of QE in weakening the euro,which would help regional exporters. Foreign buying of US bonds more talk than reality FEDERALregulators arelaunchingamajor crackdownonpayday and other short-term, high-interestlenders byproposingtough newregulationstohalt thecycleofdebtthat cripples some consumers. Theplannedrulesfrom theConsumerFinancial ProtectionBureauwould requirelenderstodetermineaborrower’sability torepayandtolimithow oftenaconsumercanroll over existing loans into new ones. The proposed regulations are designed to keep cash-strapped Americans from falling into what the agency describes as a predatory debt trap in which they must take out new loans to pay off the old ones ultimately paying more in fees than the original amount they borrowed. “Extending credit to people in a way that sets them up to fail and ensnares considerable numbers of them in extended debt traps,is simply not responsible lending, ”Richard Cordray, the bureau’s director,said at a public hearing on the issue yesterday in Richmond,Va. “Itharmsratherthan helpsconsumers.It has deservedourcloseattention,and it now leads to a call for action,”he said. Corday announced the proposed regulations at the hearing as the agency began collecting input from the industry and consumer advocates.In the coming weeks,the bureau will convene a panel of small lenders to get their feedback and then formallyproposeregulations onwhichthepubliccan comment. President Obama also planned to tout the new regulations and other bureau initiatives during an appearance at an Alabama community college. “The idea is pretty common sense:If you lend out money,youshouldfirst make sure that the borrower can afford to pay it back,”Obamasaid,according to excerpts of his prepared remarks released by the White House. Payday and other shortterm loans,such as those secured with an automobile’s title,long have been a fixture in working-class communities.Their use increasedduringthe GreatRecessionandits aftermathasstruggling consumerssoughtaquick influxofcashtopaybills. About2.5millionhouseholds use payday loans annually,accordingtoa 2013surveybythe Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.Payday lenders collect about $8.7 billion in interest and fees a year,the bureau said. The loans usually are cash advances on a worker’spaycheque.The loantypicallyisfortwo weeksandcarriesaflat 15%feeoraninterestrate that doesn’t sound too high. But if the loan is not paid off,the costs quickly add up. Although some banks and credit unions have offered the loans,most are made from storefront lendersorwebsitesthat arepartofwhat’sknown astheshadowbanking system. Theconsumerbureau, createdbytheDoddFrank financial reform law,beganthefirstfederal oversightofpayday lendersin2012amid strongcriticismoftheindustryfromfairlending andpublicinterest groups. Abureauanalysislast yearof12millionpayday loans found that 22% of borrowers renewed their loans at least six times, leading to total fees that amounted to more than the initial loans. The payday loan industry has argued that the loans are an important financial bridge for some consumers and that regulations should not be too onerous. Regulators launch major crackdown on payday lenders About 2.5 million households use payday loans annually, according to a 2013 survey by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.


COCOLI–Asitenters thefinalstretchofa massiveexpansion, thePanamaCanal Authority is setting its sights on an even more ambitious project worth up to $17 billion that would allow it to handle the world’s biggest ships. Workersarenowinstallinggiant,22-storey lock gates to accommodate larger “Post-Panamax” ships through the Canal, one of the world’s busiest maritime routes. The project involves building a third set of locks on the Canal.It is being headed by Italy’s Salini Impregilo and Spain’s Sacyr,and should open on April 1,2016. But Jorge Quijano,who leads the Panama Canal Authority,is already looking beyond this project to a fourth set of locks which would serve a new generation of even bigger ships that can carry 20 000 containers. “Looking at our geology and the experience we gained with this current expansion,we estimate it’s aproject that could cost between $16 billion and $17billion,”he told Reuters,adding it would allow Panama to compete head-to-head with Egypt’s Suez Canal. The Panama Canal Authority has long talked about building a fourth set oflocks but Quijano said it is now for the first time seriously studying the project. He says container ship traffic through the Canal has risenaround 3 to 4 per cent in the last few months due to a backlog atUS West Coast ports, which were hit by a nowsettled labour dispute disrupting trans-Pacific trade. “It has had a positive impact for us,but the Suez Canal has been the big winner because they can handle the Post-Panamax ships,”Quijano said. If the Canal goes ahead with the project,Quijano says it could be completed within 15 years and that financing options include issuing bonds and using the Canal’s own revenues. China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC),a subsidiary of state-owned China Communications Construction Co Ltd,has voiced interest in building and financing a fourth set of locks in Panama,and Quijano said company officials met with him this week. Further north in Nicaragua,a little-known Chinese businessman has vowed to build a $50 billion canal across the country to rival Panama’s, although some industry experts are deeply sceptical,pointing to the high costs,environmental challenges and the firm’s lack of experience in such projects. The Panama Canal’s current expansion plan was originally set at $5.25 billion but the costs rose and the administrator became locked in a dispute with building consortium Grupo Unidos Por el Canal (GUPC),which built the third set of locks.Quijano said GUPC has submitted claims totalling $2.3 billion to date. Giuseppe Quarta, GUPC’s CEO,says he is unsure whether its members would be interested in bidding to build a fourth set of locks,saying the Canal Authority has repeatedly rejected its claims in the dispute. Quijano says the Canal has already lost around $400 million in revenue because of project delays caused by the spat. The giant new locks sit alongside those of the existing Panama Canal and include a complex reservoir system that will empty and fill the lock chambers using gravity rather than pumps. Sections of the 100-yearold waterway are being dredged to take ships with agreater draft. Any new project to build afourth set of locks will live or die by trade flows, says Maersk Line,a unit of conglomerate A.P.MollerMaersk.It is a major customer of the Panama Canal,crossing it 300 to 350 times a year. “The big question for any future expansion of the Panama Canal is will trade growth sustain that extra investment,”said Robbert Jan van Trooijen, Maersk Line’s CEO for Latin America and the Caribbean. “For me,to see any of those (mega) ships coming near Latin America,that’s the very distant future.” 16 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Panama Canal sets sights on $17b expansion project WASHINGTON–The numberofAmericansfilingnewclaimsforjobless benefits fell more than expected last week while activity in the services sector hit a six-month high in March,underscoring the economy’ssolidfundamentalsdespitearecent softeningingrowth. Harshweather,the nowsettledlabourdisputeat thecountry’sbusyWest Coastports,softerglobal demand and a strong dollar undercut growth early in the first quarter. Yesterday’supbeat reports,however,implied the slowdown would be temporary. “The good news is that claims and the services sector data suggest the economy has gained some momentum heading into the second quarter,” said Ryan Sweet,a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics in West Chester, Pennsylvania.Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 9000 to a seasonally adjusted 282 000 for the week ended March 21,the Labour Department said. Thatwasthelowest levelsincemid-February andwasbetterthaneconomists’ expectations for a dip to 290 000. The four-weekmoving average of claims,considered a better measure of labour market trends as it irons out week-to-week volatility,fell 7 750 to 297 000 last week. In a separate report,financial data firm Markit said its preliminary or “flash”Purchasing Managers Index for the service sector rose to 58.6 in March,the highest reading since September, from 57.1 in February. Areading over 50 signals expansion in the vast services sector.Survey respondents said economic conditions were improving and reported an increase in new orders and an accumulation of backlogs. Services industry employment growth increased at its fastest pace in nine months in March. Prices for US government debt fell,while the dollar rose against a basket of currencies.US stocks were trading lower after Saudi Arabia and its allies launched air strikes on Yemen. Upbeat reports Thesturdyjobsandservicessectorpictureisin starkcontrastwithdour reportsonmanufacturing, homebuilding,consumer spendingandtrade,which have suggested the economyhashitasoftpatch. Thetepidgrowthand persistentlylowinflation could see the Federal Reserve delayingraising interestratesuntillater thisyear.The US central bankhaskeptitsshortterminterestratenear zerosinceDecember2008. AtlantaFederalReserve BankpresidentDennis Lockhartsaidataninvestment education conference in Detroit the recent lull in activity was temporary and was not a sign that the economy was shifting to slower growth. The economy added 295 000 jobs in February, marking the 12th straight month that employment gains havebeenabove 200 000,the longest such runsince1994. US jobs, services sector data point to growth rebound


Friday March 27, 2015 17 The Barbados Advocate ST.JOHN’S,Antigua– LIAT’sChief Executive Officer(CEO),David Evans,recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Antigua State College (ASC) for an Engineering Technician Training Programme in Aircraft Maintenance. Other industry partners in the new programme,which commenced in September 2014,are Antigua-based Caribbean Helicopters; the College of the North Atlantic and the Marine Institute of Memorial University,both based in Newfoundland,Canada. There are 26 apprentices enrolled in the programme and the ASC anticipates a maximum of 15new entrants every two years. Mr.Evans explained that a major component of the three-year programme will be on-thejob training and students will come to LIATfor the practical hands-on training,while the theoretical aspects of the study will be done at ASC. Engineers from LIAT’s Engineering and Maintenance Department will also serve as tutors for the programme. The students will be provided on-the-job training during the second year of the programme, followed by a one-year internship at LIAT. The LIAT CEO said the programme came about as a result of a need to have a pool of skilled aircraft mechanics and engineers to support the airline’sMaintenance and Engineering Department,adding that there is a very high demand,in the Caribbean and elsewhere,for qualified people with aircraft maintenance skills. At the end of the training,students will be equipped to take their License Without Type Rating (LWTR) examination administered by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA),and will also be qualified to work as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians,not only in Antigua and Barbuda but all over the world. LIATwill have the first option of employing the best and brightest of the graduates. TOBAGO – A domestic dispute led to the killing ofaTobago fisherman yesterday morning. Dead is Kevin Waldron, 40,of Silk Cotton Trace, Bon Accord.Police have since detained a male relative. According to reports, the incident occurred around 8 the driveway of Waldron’s home after an altercation stemming from a dispute that started when a customer visited Waldron’s home to buy fish.Waldron demanded that the customer move her vehicle from the driveway.But when his brother refused, Waldron reportedly charged at him with an object hitting him in the head and body.A fight broke out between them, and Waldron was stabbed inthe chest. He died on the spot. Aweapon was also recovered on the scene. District Medical Officer Dr Rawlins-Sebro visited the scene and ordered the body removed to the Scarborough Hospital mortuary. Relatives described Waldron as an arrogant individual who was not well-liked by the community. Some said the animosity between the two men goes back to an ongoing land dispute. An autopsy is expected to be conducted soon.The Tobago Homicide Bureau is continuing investigations. COCOLI,Panama – As it enters the final stretch of a massive expansion,the Panama Canal Authority is setting its sights on an even moreambitiousprojectworthuptoUS$17 billionthatwould allow it to handle the world’s biggest ships. Workers are now installinggiant,22-story lockgates to accommodate larger “PostPanamax”ships through the Canal,one of the world’sbusiest maritime routes. The project involves building a third set of locksontheCanal.Itis beingheadedbyItaly’s Salini Impregilo and Spain’sSacyr, and shouldopenonApril1, 2016. ButJorge Quijano, wholeadsthePanama CanalAuthority,isalreadylookingbeyond this project to a fourth set of lockswhichwould serveanewgeneration ofevenbiggershipsthat can carry 20,000 containers. “Looking at our geology and the experience we gained with this current expansion,we estimate it’saproject that could cost between US$16 billion and US$17 billion,”he told the media,adding it would allow Panama to compete head-to-head with Egypt’s Suez Canal. The Panama Canal Authorityhaslong talkedaboutbuildinga fourthsetoflocksbut Quijano said it is now for the first time seriously studying the project. He sayscontainership trafficthroughthe Canalhasrisenaround 3to4percentinthelast fewmonthsduetoa backlog at U.S.West Coastports,whichwere hitbyanow-settled labour dispute disrupting trans-Pacifictrade.. “Ithashadapositive impactforus,but the Suez Canal has been the big winner because they can handle the PostPanamax ships,” Quijano said. If the Canal goes aheadwiththeproject, Quijanosays it could be completed within 15 years and that financing options include issuing bonds and using the Canal’s own revenues. China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC),asubsidiary of state-owned China Communications Construction Co Ltd, has voiced interest in building and financing a fourth set of locks in Panama,and Quijano said company officials met with him this week. Further north in Nicaragua,a littleknown Chinese businessman has vowed to buildaUS$50billion canalacrossthecountry torivalPanama’s,althoughsomeindustry expertsaredeeplysceptical,pointing to the high costs,environmental challenges and the firm’slackof experience insuchprojects. ThePanamaCanal’s currentexpansionplan was originally set at US$5.25 billion but the costs rose and the administrator became locked in a dispute with building consortium Grupo Unidos Porel Canal (GUPC),which built the third set of locks.Quijanosaid GUPC has submitted claims totalling US$2.3 billion to date. Giuseppe Quarta, GUPC’sCEO,says he is unsure whether its members would be interested in bidding to build a fourth set of locks,saying the Canal Authority has repeatedly rejected its claims in the dispute. Quijano says the Canal has already lost around $400 million in revenue because of project delays caused by the spat. The giant new locks sit alongside those of the existing Panama Canal and include a complex reservoirsystemthat willemptyandfillthe lockchambers using gravityratherthan pumps. Sections of the 100year-old waterway are being dredged to take ships with a greater draft. Any new project to build a fourth set of lockswillliveordieby tradeflows,says Maersk Line,a unit of conglomerate A.P.MollerMaersk.Itisamajor customerofthePanama Canal,crossing it 300 to 350timesayear. “Thebigquestionfor anyfutureexpansionof the Panama Canal is will trade growth sustainthatextrainvestment,”saidRobbertJan van Trooijen,Maersk Line’sCEO for Latin America and the Caribbean. “For me,to see any of those [mega] ships coming near Latin America, that’s the very distant future.” Asteel rolling gate, part of the third set of locks on the Pacific side, is installed as part of the Panama Canal Expansion Project in Panama City. Panama Canal sets sights on new US$17 billion expansion project LIAT and Antigua State College sign MOU forEngineering Technician Programme Fisherman killed in Tobago


18 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate CASTRIES,St.Lucia–A groupofforeignerswho havebeenleftstranded herefollowingascandalinvolving the Lambirds Academy will be returning home with the assistance of the United Nations International Organization of Migration. Reportsarethatanumberoftheseforeigners wereaskedtoattenda meetingwithofficialsfrom thePoliceForce, ImmigrationDepartment andthegovernment Wednesday,whentheannouncement was made. They were told that the authorities could not continue financing to board and upkeep them.They were also told that the Lambirds case could drag on for a year or more. Further,the authorities said at this stage,they could not offer any refund for the money the foreigners have already spent. The authorities planned to start facilitating the return of the foreigners beginning yesterday.Six of them are scheduled to leave.However,these first six people are key witnesses in the Lambirds issue.Local authorities plan to have all the foreigners back home,within a week’s time. Forerigners allegedly scammed Thegroupofforeigners– fromNepalandThe Phillipines–claimedthat theypaidatleast US$9,000eachtoanagent fromtheirregiontosecure aplaceatLambirds AcademyinGrosIslet,St. Lucia. AttheAcademy,the prospectivestudentswere tobetrainedinhospitality managementandpromisedemploymentinthe UnitedStatesofAmerica aftercompletingtheoneyearprogramme. Fourmenhavebeenarrestedandchargedwith humantraffickinginconnectionwiththeallegedinternetscamatLambirds Academythatleftagroup offoreignersstrandedin St.Lucia. “WEwillprotectthem.” AstrongwordofassurancetoJamaica’schildren on Wednesday by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller who also warned men who prey on children that the full force of the lawwould be applied to punish them. The prime minister made an impassioned plea to the nation on Wednesdayto stand against the horrific violence being waged against children across the country. In her contribution to the Budget Debate in Gordon House,Simpson Miller said a study done bythe Office of the Children’s Registry revealed that only one in 10 adult Jamaicans,despite knowing,come forward with information to the police about cases of abuse against children, including sexual abuse. “This is unacceptable! Wecannot remain silent!”declared the prime minister,who described as unsettling cases of incest and sexual abuse against family members. “Wemust intensify our efforts to bring perpetrators of these heinous crimes against our children to book,”she charged. Simpson Miller also announced that the Government was moving to amend the law in order to impose tougher penalties when a girl is killed and the perpetrator knew that she was pregnant. “This is to be treated as an aggravating feature in determining the sentence imposedby the court,so that the murderer receives significantly harsher punishment in the form of a longer sentence,”the prime ministerasserted. She told her parliamentary colleagues that the abuse of the nation’s children “weighs heavily on my heart,and I know on the hearts of every well-thinking Jamaican”. Collective cries of condemnation echoed across the country recently when news broke that 14-year-old Kayalicia Simpson of the Newlands Housing Scheme in St Thomas and a student of the Donald Quarrie High School was viciously attacked and killed.It was later discovered that she w a s four months pregnant. KINGSTON,Jamaica – The Police High Command is reporting that,sincethestartofthe year,there has been an increase in the number of murders across the island. The latest crime statistics,released by the police,show that between January and March 24,a total of 260 people were murdered. This is 39 more than the number of people cut down at the hands of criminals over the corresponding period last year. St James has recorded the highest number of murders so far,with some 42 people being killed up to March24. This is 16 more than the number of people killed over the same period last year. However,amid the overall increase,the Kingston Western and East Kingston police divis ions have recorded the largest drop in murders. Atotal of eight murders were recorded for the period in the Kingston Western Division,which is now led by Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor – who is on his wayto St James.This is 11 murders fewer than the 19 committed in the division for the same period last year. While in East Kingston,eight murders were also recorded over the mentioned period when compared to the 15 murders recorded in the area over the corresponding three months last year. ST KITTSand Nevis this weekappointed JosephineHuggins,formerheadofthe Federation’s Public Service Commission and PoliceService Commission,as its first female Cabinet Secretary. Accordingto a release from the island’s information service,HighCourt Commissioner of Oaths, Kenley Henry,administered the Oath of Office and Oath of Secrecy at the beginning of the first working session of the Cabinet of the new Team Unity Government, headed by Dr Timothy Harris. In welcoming the new Cabinet Secretary,Prime Minister Harris praised her wealth of experience and knowledge of the workings of both the public and private sectors. Hesaid:“We could hardly find somebody with your knowledge and experience and coming from a private sector background to help guide us through.We thank you and look forward to learning at your feet and you assisting us as we move forward.It is an awesome responsibility but you are most suited for that.” Huggins joins the Cabinet which has the role of directing Government policy and making decisions about national issues. Huggins has over 30 years of public service experience in both St Kitts and Nevis and St Vincent and the Grenadines. The group of foreigners – from Nepal and The Phillipines – claimed that they paid at least US$9,000 each to an agent from their region to secure a place at Lambirds Academy in Gros Islet, St. Lucia but the arrangement appears to be a scam, leaving them stranded. Asian nationals stranded in St. Lucia to return home St. Kitts appoints first female Cabinet Secretary Prime Minister Timothy Harris (left) and Cabinet SecretaryJosephineHuggins Police statistics: Murders increase across Jamaica JAPrime Minister vows to protect nation’s children


WASHINGTON – The OrganizationofAmerican States(OAS)saysthegovernments of Jamaica and Suriname haveconsented toreceiveon-sitevisitsas partoftheFifth Round of theMechanismforFollowupontheImplementation oftheInter-American Conventionagainst Corruption(MESICIC). Itsaidthetwo Caribbean Community (CARICOM)countries alongwithCanada,Costa RicaandtheDominican Republic,have also consented to and received onsite visits during the Fourth Round of Review. For the Fifth Round,the MESICIC Committee of Experts will review the implementation of the Inter-American Convention against corruption “which refers to the needed instruction to government personnel and the study of preventive measures that take into account the relationship between equitable compensation and probity in public service,”the OAS said. Moreover,itsaid the committee will analyze the follow-up on the recommendations formulated to the States Parties in the Second Round on topics such as public procurement,the hiring of public servants,whistleblower protection and the criminalization of acts of corruption under the convention. The OAS said the “affirmative answers”from these five countries join those previously expressed by Antigua and Barbuda,Argentina, Belize,Bolivia,Brazil, Colombia,Chile,Ecuador, El Salvador,the United States,Guatemala, Guyana,Haiti,Honduras, Mxico,Panam, Paraguay,Peru,Trinidad , and Uruguay. BAHAMAS–MICALMP V.AlfredGrayhasbeenrelievedofhisdutyasministerforlocalgovernment pendingapoliceinvestigationintotheallegationthat heinterferedinajudicial matter,Prime Minister PerryChristieannounced Wednesday. However,Gray,whois accusedofordering MayaguanaAdministrator ZephaniahNewboldtoreleaseaconvict,isstillministerofagricultureandmarineresources. ChristiesaidGray’slocal government responsibilities havebeentransferred to FinancialServices Minister Hope Strachan. The prime minister made the announcement during a communication in the House of Assembly. “In reference to the allegations recently made against Minister Alfred Gray,Iam advised that the honorable attorney general has referred the matter to the Royal Bahamas Police Force for a thorough investigation,”Christie said. “As a result of this development,Minister Gray has invited me to relieve him of his ministerial responsibility for local government pending the outcome of the police investigation. “In all circumstances I consider that this is the correct thing to do.” Christie commended Gray for his “responsible approach to the matter”. But Opposition Leader Dr.Hubert Minnis challenged Christie to “show leadership”and fire Gray from the Cabinet. Minnis told reporters outside the House that Christie’shandling of the matter is “insulting”. “What the prime minister has done is insulted us,” he said. “[He’s] taken half of [Gray’s] portfolio.He is still aminister.He still receives the same salary for less work.He’sinsulting the Bahamian populace. “...You can not be half pregnant.You’re pregnant or you’re not.In this case we demand that Minister Gray be dismissed.” Minnis added that Christie is sending the wrong message to investors and criminals. “The message that you are sending out is that if you are my friend or [if] you know me then we can interfere and we can stop whatever legal process you are being hindered by,”he said.“That is a bad message. “...The prime minister should show leadership. This weak leadership that he has shown in his previous administration continues to spill off into this administration.” Minnis pointed out that when an individual in the public sector is accused of a crime,he is placed on leave while the matter is under investigation. “That is a grave insult. He cannot remain,especially during an investigative procedure,”?Minnis said. The opposition leader also addressed the matter in the House during the afternoon session. During his communication in the House,Christie tabled a letter that Gray sent to him yesterday. In the letter,Gray insisted that the allegations “are completely false”and added that he is “absolutely confident that at the end of the expected investigation I will be completely vindicated”. In a statement,the Office of the Attorney General pointed to the separation of powers. “The Constitution of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas in its preamble and elsewhere enshrines an abiding respect for the rule of law,”the statement said. “Fundamental to the rule of lawis the separation of powers and independence of the judiciary.” Newbold confirmed to The Nassau Guardian on Tuesday that he released a convict outright,and not on bail “after an order came forth”. His statement contradicted Gray’s account of the matter. Gray told The Nassau Guardian on Friday that it was his understanding that the administrator,acting in his capacity as local magistrate,had released the convict in question on bail after the man appealed his minor conviction. Graysaid he spoke with the magistrate and told him that he could release the man on bail,but he said this was not an order. Newbold had reportedly sentenced the man to three months in prison and he was set to be transported to Nassau before Graycalled. Friday March 27, 2015 19 The Barbados Advocate The OAS’ headquarters in Washington. Bahamas MP, V. Alfred Gray THEStKitts-Nevis Governmentwillremovetaxesonfood, medicineandfuneral expenseseffective April 7. According to a release fromthe country’s information service,Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris made the announcement last night in anational address. “I understand that for many of you,the Government of national unity means economic relief Team Unity promised relief from the burdensome taxes and the high cost of living,”Dr Harris said. Referring to the Value Added Tax (VAT) introduced on November 1, 2010,by the former administration,he said “the people of St Kitts and Nevis suffered badly from the imposition of the highest introductory rate of VAT in the Caribbean,at 17 per cent”. The Prime Minister explained that “many were hardly able to buy their food.Smalland mediumsized businesses had to close as their cost of doing business was too high. Single mothers had it hard to make ends meet. Poverty was exacerbated”. Inannouncing the new tax (relief) measure,the release said Dr Harris reiterated his administration’s commitment to fighting poverty,narrowing the inequality gap, stimulating economic activity,and increasing employment opportunities, byputting more money into people’s pockets. The Prime Minister told the nation that “low taxes are good for economic growth.Therefore,effective April 7,2015,VAT on all food in St Kitts and Nevis will endWe will deliver on our commitment to relieve our people of the burden of VAT on essential items like medicines and funeral expenses.These will take effect also from April 7, 2015.Our priority will always be to ensure prosperity for all.” St Kitts-Nevis removes taxes on food, funeral expenses Minister relieved of local gov’t portfolio as police investigate matter Jamaica, Suriname agree to on-site visits of Anti-Corruption Mechanism


SANTIAGO,Chile– Communitiesina desertregionofnorthernChilestruggledyesterdaytocopewith rain-provokedflooding thathasclaimedthe lives of at least seven people,knockedout powerandcutoffroadways. Thunderstormswith torrential rains moved into the Atacamadesertregion Tuesday,causing the CopiapoRivertooverflow itsbanks. Fears of mudslides promptedauthoritiesto evacuatethousandsfrom theirhomes. The flooding is “the worst rain disaster to fall on the north in 80 years,” Deputy Interior Minister Mahmud Aleuy said yesterday. TV images showed brown,muddy waters flooding the streets and reaching a hospital in Copiapo city.Some people living along the river had to be rescued by helicopter because roads were blocked by water and mud. TV footage showed several families waiting on the roofs of their homes,including a man who had punched a hole through his roof to save his toddler. At least seven people have been killed and 19 people were listed as missing in three communities hit by flooding,officials said. Desperate family members of the victims took to Twitter pleading for help in finding their loved ones. The government declared a state of emergency,putting the region under military control,and President Michelle Bachelet flew to the area Wednesday evening to observe the problems first hand. “We’re living an extremely difficult situation,” she said.“The previous forecast was that there was a huge drought here, so the rains were not necessarily seen as a catastrophe.Foreseeing was really difficult because no one knew.” Between Wednesday and Thursdaymorning, about an inch of rain (24 millimeters) fell on the city of Antofagasta,an arid region that typically receives only about 0.07 inches (1.7 millimeters) of rain in a year,said Julio Sarabia,a meteorologist for the national meteorological service. Showers were expected to end late Thursday, Sarabia said. The heavy rains came after several days of high temperatures and a drought that stoked raging wildfires in Chile’s south-central regions.The fires have burned nearly 93,000 hectares in the 2014-2015 season,far above the annual average of 59,300 over the previous five years. Earthquake-prone Chile is no stranger to the forces of nature.The national geological service Sernageomin said residents should be on alert due to increased activity at the Villarica Volcano in the country’s south,which erupted on March3,forcing evacuations and disrupting air traffic. The storms prompted Chile’sstate-run copper giant Codelco to suspend work due to blocked roads, but the company said Thursdayit was reopening sites in the north,including some of the world’s largest copper mines. 20 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate WEDNESDAY’shighly anticipateddebateofaNo Confidencemotion againstOppositionleader DrKeithRowley,filedby Leader of Government Business and Member of Parliament for Oropouche East Dr Roodal Moonilal, ended in a walkout by the entire Opposition bench. This,after Moonilal piloted the bill and Member of Parliament for Diego Martin North/East Colm Imbert stood in defence of DrRowley. Hedescribes the actions of the Oropouche East MP as weak,in attempting “to bring matters that have been adjudicated upon ten years ago,five years ago,eight years ago.” Imbert said the Uff Commission (Commission of Enquiry into the Construction Sector) and other investigations exonerated Rowley of any of the accusations being brought up by Moonilal. “This motion is frivolous and [vexatious],this motion is childish,this motion is baseless,this motion has no purpose, this motion is empty,it is vacuous,it is tenuous,it is absurd! Mr Speaker,I am not staying in this Parliament to continue this foolish debate I am leaving now!”charged an obviously fired up Imbert. “If yuh name man, come outside!”Imbert directed at the Government bench. Heled the Opposition walkout,amid shouts of “Cowards!”from the Government side. HAVANA–Cubaandthe UnitedStateswilldebate humanrightsatameeting inWashingtononTuesday inanother sign of the thaw between the countries as they try to re-establish normal diplomatic relations after a 50-year freeze. The discussions seem unlikely to lead to shortterm changes in the way either country views rights issues.The expected to press Cuba to allow its citizens greater freedom of speech,assembly and political activity. Cuba likely will respond with its own critiques of poverty,insufficient health-care coverage and excessive police force in the United States. The U.S.had hoped to open an embassy in Havana by next month’s Summit of the Americas in Panama.Both sides have gone silent on the state of negotiations with two weeks until thesummit,raising the question of whether restoring full diplomatic relations will be more complicated than some initially hoped. Other tracks,however, appear to be moving aheadasplanned.AU.S. delegationofgovernment telecommunicationsexpertsyesterdaywrapped upathree-daytrip to Havanathat included meetings with Cuban officials and academics to explain a new policy permitting greater American private sector dealings with the island’s state-run telecomssector.TheU.S. policyisdesignedto increaseconnectivitybetweentheoutsideworld andCuba,whichhasone oftheworld’slowestrates ofInternetuseandsteep internationalcallingcosts thatmakecallingfamily abroadoutofboundsfor many people here. PedroLuisPedroso, Cuba’sdeputydirectorfor multilateral affairs and international law,told reporters yesterdaythat “these conversations about humanrights show that Cuba is ready to discuss any topic with the U.S., despite our differences, and from a basis of equality.” Agroup of people is transported across a mud covered area on the shovel of a front-end loader after flooding from heavy rains in Copiapo, Chile, Thursday,March 26, 2015. Awoman rests on a mattress on a mud covered street after rains caused heavy flooding in Copiapo, Chile, yesterday. Heavy rains cause flooding in usually bonedry Chile desert Cuba,US tolaunch human rights dialogue Opposition lawmakers walk out of Trinidad Parliament


PARIS/SEYNE-LESALPES – A young German co-pilot locked himself alone in the cockpit of Germanwings flight 9525 and set it on course to crash into an Alpine mountain, killing all 150 people onboard including himself,prosecutors said on Thursday. French prosecutors offered no motive for why 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz apparently took the controls of the Airbus A320,locked the captain out of the cockpit and deliberately set it veering down from cruising altitude at 3 000 feet per minute. German police were searching his home for evidence that might offer some explanation for whatwas behind Tuesday’s crash in the French Alps. French and German officials said there was no indicationhewasaterrorist.Acquaintances describedLubitzasanaffableyoungmanwhohad givennosignofharbouringharmfulintent. According to Marseille prosecutorBriceRobin, Lubitzacted“forareason wecannot fathom right now but which looks like intent to destroy this aircraft". Setting the plane’s controls for rapid descent was an act that “could only have been voluntary", Robin said.“He reason to stop the pilotin-command from coming backintothecockpit.He had no reason to refuse to answer to the air controller who was alerting him on the loss of altitude.” The captain,who had stepped out of the cockpit, probably to use the toilet, tried to force his way back in:“You can hear banging to try to smash the door down,”Robin said. Describing sound recordings from one of the plane’s black boxes,Robin said most of the passengers would not have been aware of their fate until the very end. “Only toward the end do you hear screams,”he said.“And bear in mind that death would have been instantaneous...the aircraft was literally smashed to bits.” FlightRadar24,an online air tracking service that uses satellite data, said it had found evidence the autopilot was abruptly switched from cruising height to maintain an altitude of just 100 feet,the lowest possible setting.The plane crashed at about 6 000 feet. “Between 09:30:52 and 09:30:55 you can see that the autopilot was manually changed from 38 000 feet to 100 feet and 9 seconds later the aircraft started to descend,probably with the ‘open descent’ autopilot setting,”Fredrik Lindahl,chief executive of the Swedish tracking service,said. The CEO of Lufthansa, parent company of Germanwings,said its air crew were picked carefully and subjected to psychological vetting. “No matter your safety regulations,no matter how high you set the bar, and we have incredibly high standards,there is no way to rule out such an event,”CEO Carsten Spohr said. Attention will now focus on the motivations of Lubitz,aGerman national who joined the budget carrier in September 2013 and had just 630 hours of flying time – compared with the 6000 hours of the flight captain,named in German media only as “Patrick S.”in accordance with usual practice. “SUICIDE”THE WRONG WORD Robinsaidtherewere nogroundstosuspectthat Lubitzwas carrying out a terroristattack.“Suicide” wasalsothewrongword todescribeactionswhich killedsomanyotherpeople,the prosecutor added: “I don’t necessarily call it suicide when you have responsibility for 100 or so lives.” The family of the copilot arrived in France for atribute alongside other victimsbutwasbeing keptapartfromtheothers,Robin said. Police set up guard outside Lubitz’s house in Montabaur,Germany. Acquaintances in the town said they were stunned. “I’m just speechless.I don’t have any explanation for this.Knowing Andreas,this is just inconceivable for me,”said Peter Ruecker,a long-time member of the local flight club where Lubitz received his flying license years ago. “He was a lot of fun, even though he was perhaps sometimes a bit quiet.He was just another boy like so many others here.” Aphoto on Lubitz’s Facebook page,whichwas later taken down,shows asmiling young man posing in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge. Robin said the conversation between the two pilots before the captain left the cockpit started normally but that Lubitz’s replies became “laconic” as they started readying what would have been the normal descent to the airport of Duesseldorf. “His responses become very brief.There is no proper exchange as such,” he said. Investigators were still searching for the second of the two blackboxes on Thursday in the ravine where the plane crashed, 100 km (65 miles) from Nice,which would contain data from the plane’sinstruments. Pilots may temporarily leave the cockpit at certain times and in certain circumstances,such as while the aircraft is cruising,according to German aviation law. Cockpit doors can be opened from the outside with a code,inlinewith regulations introduced after the Sept.11,2001 attacks in the United States,but the code can beoverridden from inside the cockpit.Lufthansa’s CEO said that either the pilot had entered the code incorrectly,or the co-pilot inside had overridden it. Germanwings said 72 Germans were killed in the first major air passenger disaster on Frenchsoil since the 2000 Concorde accident just outside Paris.Madrid revised down on Thursdaythe number of Spanish victims to 50 from 51 previously. As well as Germans and Spaniards,victims included three Americans,a Moroccan and citizens of Britain,Argentina, Australia,Belgium, Colombia,Denmark, Israel,Japan,Mexico, Iran and the Netherlands, officials said.However, DNA checks to identify them could take weeks, the French government said. The families of victims were being flown to Marseille on Thursday before being taken up to the zone close to the crash site.Chapels had been prepared for them with a view of the mountain where their relatives died. Friday March 27, 2015 21 The Barbados Advocate OTTAWA–Canada ordered its airlines on Thursdaytopost two people at all times in cockpits of passenger planes after it emerged that the copilot on a Germanwings flight deliberately crashed after he was left alone. Transportation Minister Lisa Raitt’s emergency directive was mandatory and effective immediately,she said. “If you’re carrying passengers,this is going to apply to you,”she said outside the House of Commons. “You have to have two crew members in the flight deck at all times.” Raitt explained that the second person could be a flight attendant if the pilot or co-pilot has to exit the cockpit in flight. The announcement came after several Canadian airlines had already put in place new policies requiring two crew members in the cockpit in response to the tragedy on Tuesday. Canada’s flagship carrier Air Canada,Westjet and charter airline Air Transat were among the airlines that confirmed the policy change to press. Earlier,French authorities said the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight appeared to have slammed his Airbus A320 into the French Alps, killing all 150 passengers and crew. The 28-year-old initiated the plane’s descent while alone at the controls and refused to open the locked cockpit door for the captain,who was believed to have gone to the toilet. German police search house of pilot who flew A320 into mountain Canada orders two crew in cockpits always, after Alps crash German police officers carry bags out of a house believed to belong to the parents of crashed Germanwings flight 4U 9524 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz in Montabaur.


22 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate WASHINGTON– JapanesePrimeMinister ShinzoAbewilladdressa jointmeetingoftheU.S. SenateandHouseof RepresentativesonApril 29,becoming the first Japanese leader to do so. Abe will spend eight days on a state visit expected to focus on joint responses to growing Chinese assertiveness in Asia,including his moves to loosen restraints on Japan’s pacifist postwar constitution. In announcing the invitation to the Japanese leader,U.S.Speaker of the House John Boehner said Abe’s speech would be an opportunity for Americans to hear from a close ally about ways to expand cooperation on economic and security priorities. "That,of course,includes working together to open markets and encourage more economic growth through free trade,” Boehner said in a statement. Trade is an important component of President Barack Obama’s diplomatic and security “pivot” to Asia.Progress toward a 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal has been touted as a key hope for Abe’s visit to the United States,starting April 28. Congress,however,has been slow to finalise legislation to speed such agreements. There had been some resistance to offering Abe the honour of addressing both houses. An organisation for former U.S.prisoners of the Japanese and a KoreanAmerican forum said last week he should only be allowed to make the address if he acknowledged Japan’sWorld War Two past. Abe cuts a controversial figure in parts of Asia given what critics see as his attempts to water down past statements about the behaviour of Japan’s Imperial Army during the war. Washington has stressed the need for Japan and its neighbours, including another U.S. treaty ally,South Korea, to bury historical animosities. U.S.State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said a Feb.12 speechto Japan’s parliament by Abe delivered “a very positive message about history issues”and added:“We continue to emphasise the importance of approach ing historical legacy issues in away that promotes healing and reconciliation.” Speaking to Congress will be a personal milestone for Abe,given that his grandfather,Kishi Nobusuke,addressed the house as Japanese prime minister in 1957,and the most recent address to thatchamberbya Japaneseleaderwasin 1961bythen-Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda. Although addresses to both houses by foreign leaders are fairly rare, Abe’swillbethethirdthis year.IsraeliPrime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahuspoketoboth housesonMarch3,and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani did so on March 25. CAIRO–Arabforeign ministersmeetingin Egyptagreedadraftresolution on Thursday to form a unified military force,inamoveaimedat countering growing regional security threats. The agreement came after warplanes from Saudi Arabia and Arab allies struckShi’ite Muslim rebels in Yemen on Thursday,in an effort to check Iranian influence in their backyard without direct military backing from Washington. "The Arab ...ministers agreed on adopting an important principle,whichis forming the unified Arab military force,”Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby told reporters after the meeting in the resort of Sharm ElSheikh. “The task of the force will be rapid military intervention to deal with security threats to Arab nations,”Elaraby added. The draft resolution will be referred to the Arab leaders during their March28-29 summit in Egypt. Egyptian TV reported earlier that the ministers asked Elaraby to coordinate with Arab armies’ chiefs of staff within one month to begin forming the unified force. The Arab league chief described the resolution as “historic". BAGHDAD – Iraqi specialforcesadvanced oncentralTikriton ThursdayasU.S.-led coalitionplanesjoined thelargestoffensive yetagainstIslamic Statemilitantsholding outinSaddam Hussein’s home city. Coalitionjetslaunched theirfirstairstrikes againstIslamicStatetargetsinTikriton Wednesday,comingoffthe sidelinestoaidIraqiforces againsttheSunniIslamist militants. Underlyingthecomplex web of loyalties behind the conflict,a senior U.S.general said Washingtonhad demanded the withdrawal of Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias fighting alongside Iraq’s government before agreeing to take part. Two Shi’ite militia groups said they were suspending participation in the fight in response to the coalition’sinvolvement. Some of the militias are openly hostile to the United States and have targeted Americans in Iraq in the past,but the fight against Islamic State has put them on the same side. Iraq’sPrime Minister Haider al-Abadi,who pressed ahead with a request for coalition air strikes despite opposition from the militia,arrived in Tikrit on Thursday to oversee operations to retake the city. Aspokesman for Iraq’s Defense Ministry said the coalition had carried out 17strikes in Tikrit so far, in addition to 24 by Iraq’s own airforce. “The Iraqi and coalition air forces conduct strikes inorder to remove the enemy and then our forces advance,”said General Tahsin Ibrahim Sadiq. “When the attacking forces advance,they clear any pockets of resistance and allow for the rest of our forces to move in and barricade further ahead.” More than 20 000 Iraqi troops and allied Shi’ite paramilitary groups known as Hashid Shaabi have been taking part in the offensive,which began in early March but wa s brought to a halt around two weeks ago by homemade bombs and boobytraps. Iraqi forces retook the area surrounding Tikrit in the first week of the campaign early this month and entered some districts of the city itself,which had been overrun last June by Islamic State. But the militants have held out for more than three weeks in several areas including a sprawling complex of palaces that was built during Saddam’srule and overlooks the Tigris river. The mayor of Tikrit said coalition and Iraqi planes were striking the palace complex as well as the northern Qadisiya district,part of which is still held by insurgents,and the Shisheen neighborhood in the south. “The focus is on the IS leadership command locations,”said mayor Omar al-Tikriti.Targets had to be carefully identified because IS fighters were believed to be holding prisoners in some of the 65 palaces. TWOMILITIASSUSPEND ROLE Thecoalitionjoinedthe frayinTikritattherequestofIraqimilitary commanders,butShi’ite militiacommanderspubliclyrejectedanyU.S.role inthecampaigntoretake thejihadistbastion. TheKataibHizbollah andAsaibAhlal-Haqmilitias both suspended their participation in Tikriton Thursdayinprotest,althoughtheBadr Organisation,whichisthe largestandmostpowerful groupwithintheHashid Shaabi,saiditwouldcontinuetofight. “We were able to conclude the battle ourselves, but the U.S.came in order to usurp this major victory,”Asaib Ahl al-Haq spokesman Naim alUboudi said. Jaafar al-Husseini,a military spokesman for Kataib Hizbollah,criticized Prime Minister Abadi for inviting the coalition to take part and threatened to withdraw from the battlefield. “It is not possible for Kataib Hizbollah or any of the resistance factions to be in the same trenchas the Americans.” Speaking at an air base where Iraqi planes were taking off to fly sorties over Tikrit,Iraq’s Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi played down the role of Iranian advisers in the battle. “The Iranian advisers have nothing to do with the work of the air force,” Obeidi said.“The Iranians are working with the brothers in the Hashid Shaabi as advisers,and I think their presence is always in the rear positions.” Iraq special forces advance in Tikrit, U.S. coalition joins fight Japan PM Abe to address joint session of U.S. Congress Iraqi Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi speaks during a news conference at an air base in Baghdad. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks to media Arab foreign ministers agree on unified military force


LONDON–Conflictin Yemenrisksspillingout into the busy sea lanes that pass it and potentially disrupt the narrow Bab el-Mandeb passage through which nearly 4 million barrels ofoil are shipped daily to Europe,the United States and Asia. Oil prices rose as much as6percent on Thursday after neighboring Saudi Arabia and its allies launched air strikes on Yemen that targeted Iranbacked Houthi rebels fighting to oust Yemen’s president. The development is a gamble by the world’s top oil exporter to check Iranian influence in its backyard. "The collapse of Yemen as a political reality and the power of the Houthis will enable Iran to expand its presence on both sides ofthe Bab el-Mandeb,in the Gulf of Aden and in the Red Sea.Already discrete numbers of Iranian naval vessels regularly sail these waters,”J.Peter Pham of U.S.think tank the Atlantic Council said. Analysts say Houthi forces do not themselves have the maritime capabilities or the interest to target the Bab el-Mandeb, while warning of Iranian influence. “IftheIranianswereto gainaccesstoadefacto basein some port or another controlled by the Houthis whom they have aided in the latter’s fight, the balance of power in the sub-region would shift significantly,”said Pham,who also advises U.S., European and African governments The United States and its allies regularly stage naval exercises in the Gulf. The head of U.S.forces in the region said on Thursday the U.S.military would work with Gulf and European partners to ensure the Bab el-Mandeb remained opened. Militants have launched successful maritime attacks in the area before. Yemen has a 1 900-km (1 181 mile) coastline that also juts into the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. Asuicide bombing carried out by al Qaeda killed 17 sailors on the U.S.warship Cole in Aden’s port in 2000.Two years later,al Qaeda hit a French tanker in the Gulf of Aden,south of the Bab el-Mandeb. Egypt has said it could not stand by if its interests were threatened. Maritime sources said four Egyptian naval vessels have crossed the Suez Canal en route to Yemen to secure the Gulf of Aden and were expected to reach the Red Sea later on Thursday. Iran,which denies providing money and training to Houthi militia,demanded an immediate halt to all military “aggressions”in Yemen. Last year Israel seized a ship in the Red Sea on suspicion of smuggling arms from Iran to the Gaza Strip. “If such operations were to increase or an intrusive inspection regime introduced,there would be obvious repercussions to shipping through the Bab elMandeb,possibly even creating a real choke point,” the Atlantic Council’s Pham said. The area has also witnessed multiple hijackings on merchant ships by Somali pirate gangs in recent years,whichhas abated due to the presence of international naval forces including the United States and Iran. INSURANCERISKS Shippingandinsurance sourcessaydisruptionsto shipping would raise costs. Yemen shut its major seaports on Thursdaydueto the fighting. “If a ship is attacked or damaged that would lead to an immediate market reaction.No one at the moment wants to be first to do anything.But everyone is watching this minute by minute,”a top ship insurer said. Any closure of Bab elMandeb,Arabic for “Gate of Tears”due to its precarious navigation,would close off the Suez Canal and the SUMED pipeline that connects to the Mediterranean and supplies oil to southern Europe. Friday March 27, 2015 23 The Barbados Advocate HAGATNA,Guam–A Guamemployerisagreeingtopaynearly$400 000indamagesandback pay for paying workers from China less than minimum wage. According to a proposed judgment filed Thursday in U.S.District Court of Guam,Acme Universal Inc.,which does business as Guam Tile Center,will be permanently barred from hiring foreign workers. The 16 Chinese workers were hired for residential construction work under the H-2B visa program. The U.S.Department of Labor sued the company and president in 2012,alleging they failed to pay workers the federal minimum wage and for overtime work. The proposed judgment,signed by Acme and federal labor representatives,is still subject tocourt approval.The proposed judgment says the company said most of its foreign worker hires from China had to paya fee of up to $6 000 each, Guam newspaper Pacific Daily News reported. “Defendants admit that defendants deducted up to $500 from the workers’ pay each month until the fee...was fully paid,”the proposed judgment said. Xin Bo “Paul”Yu,president of Acme,was in China on Thursday when the Pacific Daily News called the tile center for comment.There was no answer at the tile center when press called before business hours Friday. WASHINGTON–The top U.S.diplomat for Africa will travel to Nigeria for Saturday’selections,the StateDepartmentsaidon Thursday,amidconcerns overthepossibilityofviolence. Linda ThomasGreenfield,the U.S.assistantsecretaryofstatefor Africa,will lead a U.S.observation mission for the presidential and parliamentary elections,the department said. “This is the latest example of for a credible,peaceful electoral process in Nigeria,”the State Department said in astatement,adding that she mayhold high-level talks while in the country. President Goodluck Jonathan is running against former military rulerMuhammadu Buhariinwhatlooksset tobetheclosest presidentialracesincemilitary rule ended in 1999. Thomas-Greenfield’s predecessor Johnnie Carson led an election observation team to Nigeria in 2011.He is heading a U.S.-funded international observation team to the election on Saturday. In 2011,around 800 peoplediedinNigeriainpostelectionviolenceand Western powers have been pressingbothsidesnotto stoketensions.Theelection,whichwas initially setforFeb.14,wasdelayed to Saturdaybecause of violence tied to an ins urgency by Boko Haram Islamist militants. U.S.President Barack Obama this week appealed for calm ahead of the election and British Prime Minister David Cameron called for transparent and violence-free elections. U.S. top diplomat for Africa to lead observation missionfor Nigeria vote Yemen war clouds raise dangers for top oil shipping route Guam employer to pay nearly $400K for underpaying workers Yemen collapse could affect oil route


24 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate BAIKONUR,Kazakhstan– The Russian astronaut heading off for a year in space says he’ll miss the natural landscapes on Earth.His American counterpart jokes he won’t miss his twin brother. Russians Mikhail Kornienko and Gennady Padalka and American Scott Kelly are to launch early tomorrow aboard aSoyuz space capsule for the International Space Station. Kelly and Kornienko are to staythere until March 2016, while Padalka will be on a sixmonth mission. Atanews conference yesterday at the Russian mannedspace facility in Baikonur, Kazakhstan,Kornienko said “we will be missing nature,we will be missing landscapes, woods”.He admitted that on his previous trip into space in 2010 “I even asked our psychological support folks to send me a calendar with photographs of nature,of rivers,of woods,of lakes.” Kelly was asked if he’d miss his twin brother Mark,who also was an astronaut. “We’re used to this kind of thing,”he said.“I’ve gone longer without seeing him and it was great.” The mission won’t be the longest time that a human has spent in space – four Russians spent a year or more aboard theSoviet-built Mir space station in the 1990s. “The last time we had such a long duration flight was almost 20 years and of course all...scientific techniques are more advanced than 20 years ago and right now we need to test the capability of a human being to perform such long-duration flights.So this is the main objective of our flight,to test ourselves,”said Kornienko. “One of the differences here is that we’re doing it as an international partnership , and if we’re going to go beyond lowEarth orbit again,perhaps to Mars,because of the cost and the complexity it will most likely be an international mission so we see this as a stepping stone to that,”Kelly said. “If you’re ever going to go to Mars,going from a place like this would be,you know,a step in the right direction,”Kelly said of Baikonur,set amid the vast and barren steppes of central Asia. TULSA,Okla.–The first batchofsevereweatherin thisyear’stornadoseason devastatedanOklahoma mobilehomepark,as storms acrosstheareadamaged buildings,toreoffroofsand leftdebrisstrewnacross roads.One person was killed and several were injured. Tens of thousands of Oklahomaresidentswerewithoutpowerearlyyesterdayasofficialsassessedthedamage. TulsaCountySheriff’sCapt. BillyMcKelvey said one person was killed in the mobile home park in the Tulsa suburb of Sand Springs,which he said could accommodate 40 to 50 trailers. “It could have been much worse,”he said. JoeSellers,aNational Weather Service meteorologist, said survey teams would assess the damage yesterdaybut that it was likely a tornado that hit Sand Springs. Gov.Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency for 25 Oklahoma counties that were hit hardest by thestorm,including the state’s two largest – Oklahoma and Tulsa counties. “We’re still assessing the damage across Moore,Yukon,other areas of the state,especially in the Tulsa area,”Fallin said yesterday after touring an elementary school in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore,where a roof was torn off and many of the classrooms were soaked with water.“We’ve been down this road before.Weknow what to do.” Twenty-four people died in a top-of-the-scale EF5 tornado in Moore in 2013,and a small twister hit the town on Wednesday night.Others formed along a line from southwest of Oklahoma City to east of Tulsa,and some touched down in the Ozark Mountains of north-western Arkansas. Long-time Moore Mayor Glenn Lewis described Wednesday’s storm as “kind of like a junior tornado for us”. Oklahoma Department of Emergency Services spokeswoman Keli Cain said at least nine people were hospitalised with injuries but that the total number of injuries wasn’t yet known. About 400 people were evacuated from the terminals at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City and took shelter in a pedestrian tunnel for about 45 minutes after the storm passed through the area Wednesday night,said airport spokeswoman Karen Carney. The tornado season usually ramps up for parts of the March,but until Tuesday – when a waterspout formed over an Arkansas lake – the U.S.hadn’t had a tornado in more than amonth. Television video Wednesday evening showed roof damage in aMoore neighborhood – the Moore storm two years ago scraped lots to their foundations.Aglass door at the Tulsa building that houses the National Weather Service office was smashed,and several cars in the parking lot lost their windows. Power utilities reported just over 20,000 power outages yesterday morning,down from nearly 80,000 Wednesdaynight. Weather patterns this month funnelled cold air into much of the country,depriving the atmosphere of the warm,moist air necessary for forming bad storms for most of the month. That all changed this week. Southerly winds pushed temperatures into the 70s and 80s across the Ozarks and Southern Plains,while weather fronts churned the air into Wednesday’sstorms. Meteorologist Jeff Hood in Little Rocksaid a weak waterspout tornado briefly touched down in Bull Shoals Lake in Marion County in northwest Arkansas on Tuesdaynight.He said it will likely be classified an EF0 – the weakest tornado with wind speeds of 65 to 85 mph.Awaterspout forms over water.The tornado never made it onto land,and there were no reports of damage. This aerial photo shows storm damage of the River Oaks Mobile Home Park in Sand Springs, Okla., on Thursday, March 26, 2015. The first batch of severe weather in this year’s tornado season devastated the mobile home park, as storms across the area damaged buildings, toreoff roofs and left debris strewn across roads. From left: U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly, Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Korniyenko, crew members of the mission to the International Space Station, ISS, attend a news conference in the Russian leased Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Thursday, March 26, 2015. Russian, American ready for a year in space Tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Arkansas, 1 dead


Friday March 27, 2015 25 The Barbados Advocate ABUJA–Campaigning woundtoacloseinNigeria’s presidentialelectionsyesterday,withthetwoleading candidates delivering their final messages to supporters before the crunch vote. Tomorrow’selectionisbeing seenastheclosestraceinthe country’shistory,withPresident GoodluckJonathanfacinga strongchallengefromformer militaryrulerMuhammadu Buhari. Land and sea borders were shut at midnight on Wednesday (23:00 GMT) as part of stringent security measures that also include an eight-hour restriction onmovement when polling stations are open. Nigeria has a history of election-related unrest and both candidates appeared keen to prevent a repeat of 2011,when 1,000 people were killed in clashes after the results were announced. This time round,fears of Boko Haram suicide attacks and bombings at vulnerable targets, including polling stations,have seen unprecedented calls for vigilance from the security services. ‘Peace deal’ JonathanandBuharisigneda pledge of non-violence in Januaryandyesterdayrepeated their commitment to peaceful elections,with the campaign due to formally end at midnight. “Now that the campaigns have come to an end,we meet to renew our pledge for peaceful elections,”read a document signed by the two men at a hotel in Abuja and made available to reporters. “We therefore call on all fellow citizens of our dear country and our party supporters to refrain from violence or any acts that may in any way jeopardise our collective vision of a free,fair and credible election.” The country is almost evenly split between a Muslim-majority north and largely Christian south,with Buhari and Jonathan traditionally pulling support from their respective regions. Acceptance of the result is seen as key to preventing violence and the Independent National Electoral Commission said it had been working with the parties to tone down often violent rhetoric. “All this will add up when the elections are through and the results are announced and we see that they conduct themselves in accordance with the pledges and promises that have been made,”INEC spokesman Kayode Idowu told reporters. Final messages Jonathan published a “thank you”message to Nigerians on thefrontpageofmanynational newspapers,witha40-page colourpull-outdetailinghis claimedachievements. Butthepresidentrecognised thechallengefromBuhariand his All Progressives Congress (APC) which could see his ruling party defeated for the first time since the end of military rule in 1999. “Right now there are only a few more hours to the election.I cannot recall an election more important than this in the history of our nation and I need your support,”the 57-year-old wrote. “I need you to vote for me in this election,not just because of me,but so that we consolidate on the progress we have made.” Jonathan is campaigning for continuity and has vowed to complete the work he has started in his first four years in office. Buhari,72,who headed a military government in the 1980s and describes himself as a “converted democrat”,has for his part pushed an agenda of “change”. He criticised “insecurity,broken infrastructure and growing inequality”,vowing action against Boko Haram and corruption,which he said had made Nigeria “a laughing stock of the world”. “Rebuilding the army and other security agencies atop priority of my government. Iwill ensure that never again will terrorists find a safe haven in Nigeria,”he added. He said he would also reunite the more than 200 schoolgirls kidnappedbythegroupinApril lastyearwiththeirfamilies. INEC on track Theelectoralcommission chargedwithorganisingthe electioninAfrica’smostpopulousnationmeanwhilesaidit wasontrackforasmoothoperation. Some68.8millionvotersoutof atotalpopulationofsome173 millionareregisteredtovotein Nigeria,whichisalsoAfrica’s leadingeconomyandtopoilproducer. Ballotpapersandelectionmaterials,includingforthefirst timehandheldreaderstoscan biometricvoteridentitycards, hadbeensenttothecountry’s36 statesandcapitalterritory. “Everythingisinplace,”said INEC’s Idowu. INEC has come under scrutiny for its preparedness, even after the initial February 14 vote was postponed because of military operations against Boko Haram in the northeast. Jonathan’sPDP voiced concern about the distribution of voter cards and the card-reading technology. But Idowu said the election “will be as flawless as humanly possible”and that results would be announced within 48 hours of polls closing tomorrow. Nigeria wraps up presidential election campaign Acampaign billboard of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is displayed in downtown Akure, Ondo State. LAUSANNE,Switzerland – Iran’spresidentspokewiththe leadersofFrance,Britain,China and Russia yesterday in an apparent effort to break an impasseholdingupanucleardeal betweenTehran and major worldpowers. HealsoraisedtheSaudi-led militaryoperationagainst Iranian-backedHouthifighters inYemen,adivisiveissue.U.S. SecretaryofStateJohnKerry also brought Yemen up ahead of nuclear negotiations in Switzerland with Tehran’s Foreign MinisterMohammad Javad Zarif. The United States is pushing for a nuclear deal between Iran and major powers before a March31 deadline,and officials close to the talks said some kind ofpreliminary agreement was possible. Western powers fear Iran wants to build nuclear bombs, though Tehran says its atomic research is for peaceful purposes.The powers hope to persuade Iran to scale backits nuclear activity in return for the removal of sanctions. France,Britain and Russia announced the phone calls, whichwereconfirmedon Rouhani’s Twitter feed.Rouhani also said he spoke with his Chinese counterpart and sent a letter outlining Tehran’s position to the leaders of all six countries negotiating with Tehran– Britain,China,France, Germany,Russia and the United States. In the rare direct exchange between Paris and Tehran,French President Francois Hollande said Iran had a right to civilian nuclear power but insisted on a “lasting,robust and verifiable Iranian nuclear program that guarantees Iran will not get an atomic weapon”,a statement from the French presidency said. Last week officials close to the negotiations said FrancewasdemandingmorestringentconditionsthanitsWestern allies for anyfutureagreement. RouhanireiteratedTehran’s principaldemand–thatthe mostcripplingsanctionsbe liftedimmediately. “All unjust sanctions against theIraniannationshouldbe lifted,”he said on Twitter. “Liftingallsanctionsisthe mainissuethatcanhelpus reaching the final solution...This is a unique opportunity which is in the benefit of the region and the world and should be seized.” Western powers insist that sanctionsreliefmustcomegradually,though European and U.S. measuresagainstIranianenergy and financial sectors and someU.N.sanctions could be suspendedquickly,officialsclose tothetalkssaid. British Prime Minister David Cameron’sspokeswomantold reporters after the call that the twosidesagreeditwas possible toconcludeaframeworknuclear dealbyend-March. Rouhanialsospokewith RussianPresidentVladimir Putin,theKremlinsaid. RouhanisaidonhisTwitter feed that he had raised military operations in Yemen launched by Iran’sregionalrivalSaudi Arabia with all four leaders. Kerrymeets Zarif Meanwhile,KerryandZarif mettwiceyesterdayin Lausanne,Switzerland after resumingnegotiationsaimedat clinching a nuclear deal before a March31deadline. Kerry raised the Yemen crisis beforethoseconversations began,aStateDepartment spokesmansaid,thoughasenior U.S.official told Reuters the issue did not haveanyimpacton thenuclearnegotiations. Washington and Tehran take opposing stands on Saudi-led air strikes in YemenagainstShi’ite Houthi rebels allied to Iran who are fighting to oust Yemen’s president. Earlier,Iranianmediaquoted Zarif as condemning the Saudiled military operation against the Shi’ite Muslim Houthi fighters in Yemen,and demanding that it stop. By contrast,Kerry spoke to the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council members on Thursday and welcomed their decision to take action against the Houthis,a senior U.S.official said. Rouhani speaks with leaders as nuclear talks resume


26 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Thepurplecarpetwasrolledout inWestwoodonSundayforthe L.A.premiereof20thCentury Fox and DreamWorks Animation’s Home,a movie about an alien and the adventurous girl he befriends starring Jim Parsons,Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. The movie centres on Oh (Parsons), a misfit from a race of aliens known as the Boov who finds himself on the run from his own people after making a huge mistake.After striking an unlikely friendship with Tip (Rihanna), he helps her look for her mother (Lopez) as he learns that making errors is part of being human.Steve Martin voices the Boovs’ leader. Rihanna arrived fashionably late to the event as she posed for photographers while pushing a baby buggy meant to look like the car that her character drives in the film – which Oh has turned into a vehicle that hovers. On the carpet,Lopez admitted she was she “emotional”while performing her voice work given that she was playing a mom who had lost her daughter. “[There was] lots of crying and screaming and desperation,”she said. “It was intense.” She also told The Hollywood Reporter that she hopes young moviegoers take away an important message:“At the end of the day,it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, that when you’re with the people that you love,you’re home.” For his part,Parsons told THR he was “nervous”taking on his first voice role in an animated project. “When I saw a drawing of this little character,I wanted to do it very badly, but I was actually nervous because I thought,I don’t know,there was something so relatable and identifiable about him that I thought,‘Ooh,I bet somebody with a better voice should do this.’ But luckily,they wanted me.” He ended up having a great time voicing Oh. Johnson said he actually read the book from which the movie was adapted,Adam Rex’s The True Meaning of Smekday,seven years ago with his sons. “I read a few chapters and tucked them in and cheated on them and finished the book at two in the morning. I just loved these characters and wanted to bring them to an animated screen,”he said,adding that he’s a huge fan of science fiction.“But a lot of science fiction looks the same,and so my rule was no laser beams and silly technology,so it was fun to envision the Boov,who use bubbles to fly around,and the Gorg,who [use] these triangular-shaped spaceships,and we just had a ball designing the shape, language and colour of the film.” Johnson added that he found his dream cast and praised Parson and Rihanna,also making her animation debut. “As we were trying to find a voice from the Caribbean,somebody said, ‘Well,Rihanna is from the Caribbean,’ and we all laughed:‘Well,she’d never do it,’”he said.“But she loves animation,and so right away she wanted to voice Tip.And when we approached Jim to voice our little alien,he’d never done an animated film,but he’s suc h an adventurous actor he wanted to try it.They’re such powerful,emotional,funny performers in the movie.” Stars of ‘Home’ dazzle at movie premiere Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme. Rihanna and Majesty at the movie premiere.


Friday March 27, 2015 27 The Barbados Advocate ROLANDEMMERICH hascastVivicaA.Foxin “Independence Day 2”to reprise her role as Jasmine Dubrow from the 1996 original. Jeff Goldblum,Liam Hemsworth,Jessie Usher and Charlotte Gainsbourg have already been cast.20th Century Fox has dated the sequel for June 24,2016 – nearly 20 years after the original. “Survivor’sRemorse” star Usher was cast earlier this month in the lead role,playing the son ofWill Smith’s Steven Hiller character from “Independence Day”. Smith is not expected to appear in the sequel. Emmerich will return to helm “Independence Day 2”from a script by Carter Blanchard.Dean Devlin,Emmerich and Harald Kloser are producing. Emmerich and Fox both revealed Fox’s casting via Twitter. FOXhasaskedafederal judgetoissueanorder allowingthenetworkto continuetouse“Empire” asthetitleofitsnewest hitshowafterarecord labeldemandedmillions ofdollarsoveruseofthe word. TwentiethCenturyFox Television filed the lawsuitMondayinLos Angeles seeking a judge’s order that the network can continue to use the title “Empire”forits series starring Oscar nominee Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. The lawsuit states the San Francisco-based record label Empire Distribution Inc.,has sent letters demanding as much as $8 million from Fox.Empire Distribution claims the show’s title is creating confusion with its artists and the network should either payor change the show’s title. “It isn’t just a fictional show,”Empire Distribution CEO Ghazi Shami wrote in a statement released Tuesday.“They are functioning as a record label in the real world.” The lawsuit states Empire Distribution has apending trademark application for use of the word,but that an initial filing was rejected.The trademark application was filed after the showed premiered in January,the lawsuit states. “Empire”has become a hit for Fox,with its ratings rising eachweek and nearly 17 million viewers tuning in for the show’srecent Season One finale.The show is about drama within a music and entertainment company run by Howard’s fictional character,Lucious Lyon. Music from the show has also been turned into chart-topping album. The violent tendencies and homophobia of Lyon’s character threaten to tarnish Empire Distribution’sbusiness, Empire Distribution’s attorney Michael Hobbs Jr.,wrote in a February 16 letter. Empire Distribution’s “conduct threatens to place a cloud over Fox’s intellectual property rights in the fictional television series ‘Empire’ and the Soundtrack Music,”Fox’s lawsuit states. “Weare confident that this is a textbook trademark infringement case,”Hobbs wrote in a statement Tuesday. THIRTYyearsafter Ricky Martin got his startinmusicinthe PuertoRicankids’group “Menudo,”theGrammywinning singer uses his music and celebrity to help fight against the traffickingofchildren. Fresh off a new album, “AQuien Quiera Escuchar,”the 43-yearold Martin said he relishes getting in front of a crowd to talk about children forced into prostitution and pornography. “Not only in Puerto Rico,all over the world, here in the United States,huge numbers, when it comes to kids that are becoming slaves,”Martin told Reuters in an interview this week. The “Livin’ la Vida Loca”singer opened a centre in Puerto Rico last year to combat oppression against children. His other big cause,he said,is the “fight of my community,the LGBT community,it’s something that I won’t get tired of.” Martin,father of twin boys born via surrogate, expressed his disappointment on social media and joined Elton John’scampaign in boycotting Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana after Dolce described children born to gay couples through fertility treatment as “synthetic”. Martin declined to discuss further the Dolce &Gabbana controversy. ASthefirst anniversaryofhis sentenceformurder approaches,deejay Vybz Kartel earns his best showing to date on Billboard’s Reggae Album chart. Viking(VybzisKing), an11-tracksetproduced byLinton‘TJ’White, debutsatnumberthree onthat table.It is the controversial artiste’s fifth title on the Billboard chart. White,who has produced hits for Kartel including Touch a Button,Business, Conjugal Visit (featuring Spice),Without Money and Ordinary Servant,is not surprised at the reception to the album. “All the songs are brand new and people want new songs.These are exclusive that have never been released,” White told the Jamaica Observer,adding:“At one point we had six of the songs on the iTunes charts at the same time.” Tracks from Viking (Vybz is King) include Dancehall,Gon Get Better,Enchanting,Time, Volcano,Facebook People and Unstoppable. It bears the TJ Records/Adidjahiem Records/Short Boss Muzik imprints and is distributed by 21st Hapilos. Kartel’s previous entries on the Billboard Reggae Album chart are 2011’s Kingston Story which peaked at number seven;Vybz Kartel Roots &Culture:The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto, which reached number six in 2013;Kartel Forever:Trilogy,which stalled at number 11 in 2013;and last year’s Reggae Love Songs & Other Things which got to number seven. The 39-year-old Kartel (Adidja Palmer) was sentenced to life in prison on April 4,2014 for the August 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. Hewill be eligible for parole after 35 years. However,his popularity among the youth and hardcore dancehall fans remains strong.He won four awards at the recent Youth View Awards. White has also had success on Billboard charts.His reworking of the Showtime ‘riddim’, called Unfinished Business,scored hits on the R&B Hop Hip Songs chart with Serani’s No Games and Mavado’s So Special. New Vybz on billboard Ricky Martin uses music to tackle trafficking of children Fox sues record label in dispute over ‘Empire’ title The cast of Empire Vivica A. Fox joins ‘Independence Day 2


28 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate AFTERweeksofspeculation,JeremyClarkson wasofficiallyfiredby theBBConWednesday. Therulingcameafter the “Top Gear”host was the subject of an internal investigation following an assault earlier this month when he got into afracas with one of the show’s producers over the lack of hot food after filming. “It is with great regret that I have told Jeremy Clarkson today that the BBC will not be renewing his contract,”BBC Director-General Tony Hall said in a statement. “It is not a decision I have taken lightly.I have done so only after a very careful consideration of the facts and after personally meeting both Jeremy and Oisin Tymon.” Clarkson,who is infamous for his politically incorrect remarks,spent 20 minutes verbally abusing producer Oisin Tymon,before launching a30-second physical assault on him,reported the Telegraph. The outburst occurred when Clarkson,54, demanded steak and fries after a day of filming,but was told that the hotel in North Yorkshire, England,where the crew was staying,was no longer serving hot food. Thecontroversialhost had already received a “final warning”from the BBC for using a racist slur during filming last year. Since it first aired in the UK in 2002,“Top Gear”has grown from a straightforward show about cars into a global phenomena watched by350 million viewers in 170 countries.According to the New York Times, Clarkson ispaid about $1.5 million a year to present the show, making him one of the network’smost highlypaid employees. Clarkson rose to public prominence as a presenter of theoriginal format of “Top Gear”in 1988. From 1998 to 2000,he also hosted his own talk show,“Clarkson”.Also it first aired in 1977 as a conventional motoring magazine show,“Top Gear”was relaunched by the BBC in 2002 with hostsClarkson,Richard HammondandJames May,along with Test Driver mascot,The Stig. In October,Clarkson and his crew hit the headlines when they were forced to flee Argentina after being attacked by local residents for driving a car with the license plateH982 FLK, asuspected reference to theBritish victory over Argentina in the Falkland Islands war of 1982.Clarkson insisted it was a coincidence. Othercontroversies thathave occurred over the years include making homophobic comments, making a mockNazi salute while talking about German cars,joking about lorry drivers murdering prostitutes, making fun of the Indian culture,and describing aFerrari F430 as “special needs”. ZAYN MALIK, one-fifth of hitmaking boy band One Direction,has announced that he will be officially leaving the group.The 22year-old cited a need for privacy and relaxation as the driving force behind his decision. Theannouncement was posted on Wednesday on One Direction’s Facebook account and comes one week after Malik made headlines for leaving the band’s current tour due to stress.His exit from the tour also coincided with rumours of trouble in his relationship with fiancee Perrie Edwards, which he denied on Twitter. “My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined.But,after five years,I feel like it is now the right time for me to leavetheband,”Malik saidinastatement. “I’d like to apologise to thefansifI’veletanyone down,butIhavetodo whatfeelsrightinmy heart.Iamleaving becauseIwanttobea normal22-year-oldwho isabletorelaxandhave someprivatetimeoutof the spotlight.” Meanwhile,the remainingmembers– whowerequicktoassure fanstheywillcontinue onasafour-piece – issuedtheirownstatement.“We’rereallysad toseeZayngo,butwetotallyrespecthisdecision andsendhimallourlove for the future.The past five years havebeen beyond amazing,we’ve gone through so much together,so we will always be friends,”they noted.“The four of us will now continue.We’re looking forward to recording the new album and seeing all the fans on the next stage of the world tour.” Syco Records label head Simon Cowell,who discovered the band, added his thoughts as well:“I would like to say thank you to Zayn for everything he has done for One Direction.Since I first met Zayn in 2010, I have grown very,very fond – and immensely proud – of him.I have seen him grow in confidence and I am truly sorry to see him leave. As for One Direction, fans can rest assured that Niall,Liam,Harry and Louis are hugely excited about the future of the band.” Malik himself also seemed eager to let fans know he plans to remain on good terms with his former bandmates.“I know I have four friends for life in Louis,Liam, Harry and Niall.I know they will continue to be the best band in the world.” Zayn Malik performs with his band ‘One Direction’. ‘Top Gear’ host Jeremy Clarkson fired by BBC for assaulting producer Malik quits ‘One Direction’, says he wants normal life CBSNews“60Minutes” correspondentLara LoganhasbeenreadmittedtoaWashington, D.C.,hospital,the network said on Tuesday, reportedly for complications stemming from the sexual assault she survived while covering Egypt’s political uprising in2011. TheBreitbartNews website,citingsources close to Logan,said the 43-year-old journalist wasstillphysicallysufferingfromtheattack sheenduredatthe handsofamobinCairo’s Tahrir Square on the day Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak stepped down from power. “Very few people know how stoic and incredibly tough this lady is,” Ed Butowsky,a close friend and confidant, was quoted as telling A spokesman for “60 Minutes”confirmed in a statement that Logan had been hospitalised again on Mondayinthe nation’s capital but did not reveal any circumstances. “Weweresorryto learnthatLarawas readmittedtothe hospital.We wish her aspeedyrecovery,” spokesmanKevin Tedesco said. Logan,aSouthAfrica nativeandlong-timewar correspondent,was one of dozens of journalists attacked during several weeks of protests throughout Egypt leading up to Mubarak’s ouster in February 2011. ShewascoveringcelebrationsinTahrir Square for “60 Minutes” when she and her team were surrounded by a mob and she became separated from her crew, according to CBS News. After suffering a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating by the mob,Logan was rescued by a group of women who intervened, along with Egyptian soldiers who finally arrived on the scene,CBS said. Recounting the ordeal months later on “60 Minutes”,Logan said she thought at the time,“not only am I going to die, but it’s going to be just a torturous death that’s goingtogoonforever”. Loganmadehername asacorrespondentfor Britain’s GMTV during thestartoftheUS-led Afghanistanwarin 2001andsubsequently reportedonthewarin Iraqanditsviolent aftermath.Shejoined CBS News in 2002. In November 2013,the networkplacedLogan onaleaveofabsence following a flawed “60 Minutes”report on the September 2012 attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya,which she based on a subsequently discredited account of the incident. ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent Lara Logan readmitted to hospital CBS News Minutes’ correspondent Lara Logan.


Friday March 27, 2015 29 The Barbados Advocate TWOyearsaftera doublemastectomy, actressAngelinaJolie hashadherovaries andfallopiantubes removedtoavoidthe risk of ovarian cancer,a move cancer experts described as courageous and influential. Themoviedirector andphilanthropist,who isthewifeofactorBrad Pittandthemotherof sixchildren,saidinan op-edcolumnintheNew YorkTimesonTuesday thatshehadthesurgery lastweekafterblood testsshowedwhatcould havebeenearlysignsof thedisease. Jolie,39,carriesamutationintheBRCA1 genethatincreasesher riskforbreastandovariancancer.Hermother diedofovariancancerat theageof56. Cancer specialists praised the Hollywood star’ssecondpublicrevel ation for increasing awareness about genetic testing and prophylactic surgery to reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. “My hat is off to her,” said Dr.Robert DeBernardo,agynecologic oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute.“She is doing a lot of good for women world-wide by raising awareness of BRCA testing and options women have.” "It was incredibly courageous,”said Dr. Marleen Meyers,an assistant professor of medicine at NYU Langone’s Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center. Jolie said she went public with her decision so women would know about options available to them. “I went through what I imagine thousands of other women have felt,” Jolie wrote.“I told myself to stay calm,to be strong,and that I had no reason to think I wouldn’t live to see my children grow up and to meet my grandchildren.” The surgery showed no signs of cancer,she said, but it triggered early menopause,and she will notbeabletohavemore children. “Ifeelfeminine,and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family,”said Jolie,who travels the globe as a United Nations ambassador for refugees.“I know my children will never have to say,‘Momdiedofovari an cancer.’” The Academy Award winning actress,who most recently directed the WorldWarTwo drama “Unbroken,”said she had a progesterone IUD inserted in her uterus to help maintain hormonal balance and help prevent uterine cancer. Research showed that her 2013 decision to have a double mastectomy to cut her risk of breast cancer increased demand for genetic testing in what was dubbed the “AngelinaEffect.” ‘VERYPERSONAL DECISION’ DeBernardo’scolleague,gynecologic oncologistDr.Jason Knight,saidhehoped Jolie’slatestannouncement would spark important discussions among patients and their families and improve access to risk-reducing surgery for peop le who would benefit from it. “It is a very personal decision and one that should be made with good medical information,”he said. Last month,a study by information and advocacy group AARP found that BRCA testing rates increased nearly 40 percent beginning with Jolie’s May 2013 announcement,from an average of 350 per week to 500.They remained elev ated for the rest of the year. Meyers said Jolie’s openness would help get more people to have genetic testing,consider prophylactic surgery and talk openly about menopause and hormone replacement therapy. “I think the most important thing to come out of this is going to be adecrease in fear and an increase in dialogue,” she added. ASthedaughterofacancer survivor,Kelly Osbourne has seen firsthand the kind of turmoil that diagnosis can unleash on a family.So of course she has been tested for the BRCA gene mutation which heightens a woman’s risk of developing cancer.And,as she revealed on The Talk, she found she is a carrier and plans to take a similar course of action to Angelina Jolie. “I actually do have the cancer gene,”Osbourne said on the show.“My mom made all of us get tested after she found out that she had it and got her double mastectomy.” The panelists were discussing Angelina Jolie’s New York Times op-ed in whichshe wrote about making the choice to remove her ovaries after a blood test revealed she might be in the early stages of cancer. Kelly’smother Sharon –who was not present despite being a regular host on The Talk – was diagnosed with colon cancer which spread to her lymph nodes in 2002. Osbourne was given only a33 percent chance of survival and her treatment was documented on the second season of the family’s reality show,The Osbournes.Jack Osbourne,Kelly’s younger brother,has revealed that he attempted suicide around that time due to the depression stemming from his mother’s illness. “I agree with this 100 percent,”Osbourne said of Jolie’s medical decision.“I know that one dayIwill eventually have to do it too because if I have children,I want to be there to bring them up.I want to be there to support them in every way I can.” Osbourne,at 30,is nearly 10 years younger than Jolie and so she’s likely not in any huge rush to have the procedure done.As Jolie wrote in her op-ed,her doctors advised her to get preventative surgery a decade before the earliest onset on cancer in her female relatives.Sharon Osbourne was 50 in 2002 when she was diagnosed with cancer. “It’ssomething I applaud Angelina for because she’s bringing attention to this,”Osbourne said.“People are now going to go out and get tested for it.” ANemotional Celine Dion told ABC News in a new interview set to air Wednesday,Mar.25, that her husband Rene Angelil has to eat through a feeding tube due to his ongoing battle with throat cancer. The superstar’srep confirmed to press several weeks ago that Dion will be returning to Las Vegas to continue her residency.Her journey backto Caesars Palace, however,has been incredibly difficult given her husband’s deteriorating health condition. Avideo preview from her sit-down chat featured the singing sensation wiping awaytears and opening up about her choice to put her career on hold. Oh,come on,”Dion,46, told ABC News’ Deborah Roberts.“The fans,they know that I’m an open book.Ising.That’s the only thing I know.” She then detailed Angelil’s painful battle with throat cancer.“He can’t use his mouth,” Dion revealed.“He can’t eat,so I feed him.He’s got a feeding tube.I have to feed him three times a day.I do this myself,and so I feed my husband and feed my kids.” Dion and Angelil,73, married in 1994,and share three sons together:Rene-Charles, 14,and twins Eddy and Nelson,4.Angelil was first diagnosed with cancer in 1999,and underwent a procedure in December 2013 to remove a tumour from his throat. “Weare taking life one day at a time,”Dion told ABC News.“[But] we are choosing to live.” The “Heart Will Go On”singer’slast performance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace was in July 2014. At the time,Dion was struggling with an illness that caused her throat muscles to inflame.Following her personal health scare, the five-time Grammy winner told fans she was postponing her career “indefinitely”to tend to Angelil. She will return to Vegas in late August to resume her residency. Celine Dion’s husband Rene Angelil has to use feeding tube as he battles throat cancer Cancer experts laud Angelina Jolie’s decision to remove ovaries Celine Dion and husband Rene Angeli . Kelly Osbourne has the ‘cancer gene’ too, plans to have preventative surgery Angelina Jolie


30 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate “WITHthesupportofhislong-time partnerJenniferWestfeldt,JonHamm recentlycompletedtreatmentforhis strugglewithalcoholaddiction,”arep for the star said in a statement.“They have asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward.” The 44-year-old actor is best known for playing chain-smoking,booze-loving ad man Don Draper on AMC’s hit Mad Men,which is just about to air its final season.In past interviews,Hammhas been careful to separate himself from his character. “I don’t drink as much as Don Draper,”Hamm said during an interview in 2012.“I would be unconscious if Idid.”In that same chat with the Mail on Sunday,Jon said his portrayal of Draper was inspired by his father. “My dad was very much of the same era as Don.He was very smart,good with people,everybody’s friend.But he also had a dark side to him.He was a sad guy Like Draper,hewas a drinker – for a long time.But he was also a diabeticsothatdidn’treallymixwell. Hewassickforyearsandhadtoquit.” HammcoverstheAprilissueofGQ, and in excerpts released this week (note:the sit-down interview would havebeendonefartherinadvance)he talks about Don Draper’s destructive behaviour. “I’m the guy who lives with the guy every day,and I’m like,‘No,no,no,no, no,’”he says of his character’s bad actions.“But I also get the thing in popular culture,American culture,where you see a broken thing and go,‘I want to fix that.I want to shape that.I want to cure that.’” Jon Hamm secretly completes rehab stint SINGER and actress Liza Minnelli has returned to rehab for treatment of substance abuse,her spokesman said on Wednesday. “Liza Minnelli has valiantly battled substanceabuseovertheyears,and whenever she has needed to seek treatment,shehasdoneso,”ScottGorenstein said in a statement. “Sheiscurrentlymakingexcellent progress at an undisclosed facility,”he added,while declining to provide further details. Best known for her Oscar-winning role as Sally Bowles in the 1972 musical film “Cabaret,”the 69-year old Minnelli has performed in recent years on television shows and in musical acts. The daughter of director Vincente Minnelli and Hollywood legend Judy Garland,Minnelli is one of a handful of stars to have won an Oscar,Emmy, Grammy and Tony award. Liza Minnelli back in rehab for substance abuse Well,that’sonewaytosweepa little family drama under the rug. Over the weekend,Rob Kardashian posted a bizarre Instagram photo (below) of Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl with the caption:“This is my sister kim ,the b---h from Gone Girl.” Clearly,the “Kim”he’s referring to would be Kim Kardashian. Rob,who turned 28 last week,also deleted all of his old posts except for the bloody shot of Pike.He also unfollowed his whole family,including Kim. He eventually followed all of them back. This isn’t the first time the Arthur George sock designer has exhibited weird behaviour on social media.He has stopped and started following his famous family members many times before and has posted his fair share of cryptic messages. Unnamed sources (who it’s safe to assume are members of the Kardashian family or their spin control folks) are brushing off Rob’s behaviour. “He has a funny sense of humour and posts weird things and then deletes them,”a source close to the Kardashian family told People calling the whole thing “so dumb”. “It’s just him He always posts things he thinks are funny and deletes and unfollows people He’s so bizarre, he posts and deletes and thinks people aren’t going to notice.” A family insider who spoke to E! concurred:“He’s just being crazy and he thinks it’s funny...He can just be a little bizarre with his humour.”A second source also added that Rob has been struggling with his motivation to work out and lose weight.“He just doesn’t seem to care right now.He’s not motivated.He seems really sad about his weight,but he also isn’t trying to do anything about it.” People’s insider echoed similar sentiments.“He’s been depressed and just a bit off in general But he has always been this way.He just can’t lose the weight and he doesn’t try – he just sits around.” It’s no secret that Rob has been battlingissuesbehindcloseddoors.He hasn’tappearedonKeepingUpWith theKardashiansinquitesometime andisrarelyseeninpublic,whichis whyitcertainlyseemsliketheremay bemoretohisInstagrampostthan meetstheeye.Didtheweightgainreallymakehimdoit?Ifyou’llrecall,Rob wastheonlyKardashianmemberto skip out on Kim and Kanye’s wedding last May. Whateverisgoingon,Kim has publiclyshownsupportforherbrother. “HappyBirthdaytomyoneandonly brotherRobbie!!!!”she posted on Rob’s birthday last week.“I remember this Vegas party of yours like it wasyesterday! I love you so much and can’t wait to share so many more memories with you! Kiki [heart] Riki!!!” Khlo shared some photos of Rob’s birthday celebration later that night, but it’s unclear if Kim was in attendance. Kardashians brush off Rob’s Instagram diss, blame his weight gain Jon Hamm has stealthily completed a rehab programme for alcohol. According to reports, he checked into Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut, at the end of February. RobKardashian/KimKardashian. Singer Liza Minnelli. Hedge funds go Hollywood: Showtime orders TV series ‘Billions’ SHOWTIMEhasordered12episodes ofthedrama“Billions,”a showdown between a hedge fund king played by Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti’s hard-charging US attorney,the premium cable network said on Tuesday. CBS Corp-owned Showtime described the show as “a complex and contemporary drama about power politics in the New York world of high finance”. Lewis,the Emmy-winning star of TV series “Homeland”and “Band of Brothers,”playsthe“brilliant,ambitious”hedgefundtitan,Bobby “Axe” Axelrod. Giamatti,famousforwinecountry comedy“Sideways”andHBOseries “JohnAdams,”for which he won an Emmy,ispoliticallysavvyUSAttorney Chuck Rhoades. “Billions”will be written and executive produced by Brian Koppelman and David Levien,writing partners on the films “Ocean’s Thirteen”and “Rounders,”and by Andrew Ross Sorkin,a New York Times columnist and CNBC guest host. The drama is slated for a 2016 premiere,while production begins later this year,and the series will be shot in New York,Showtime said.


WHETHERit’sthe earnest Josiah Bartlet from “The West Wing”or the manipulative Frank Underwood in “House of Cards,”Americans prefer televisionpresidentsto theirreal-lifePOTUS, PresidentBarack“No Drama”Obama. AReuters-Ipsospoll takenthismonthfound 54percentofAmericans held an unfavourable opinion of Obama,known forhiscoolandcautious presidentialstyle,while 46percentwere favourable. Incontrast,asked to imaginethatDavid Palmerof“24”waspresident,89percentofthose who had seen the realtime Foxcounterterrorismdramasaidtheyheld afavourableratingofthe decisive president played by Dennis Haysbert. Martin Sheen’s Jed Bartlet of “The West Wing”–beloved by Democrats,including many who work in Obama’s White House – was rated favourably by 82 percent of its NBC viewers. In the dark universe of “Battlestar Galactica”on SyFy,president Laura Roslin,played by Mary McDonnell,drew a 78 percent favorable rating among fans of her quest to find earth and escape the Cylons,a race of humanoid killer robots. With Americans sharply divided along partisan lines,it is unlikely that any real-life president could achieve skyhigh favourability ratings, said TeviTroy,a presidential historian and author of “What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched,and Obama Tweeted,”astudyofpopular culture in the White House. Morallychallenged fictionalpresidentsalso topped Obama’sfavorability ratings in the ReutersIpsos poll.Of those who watch ABC’s steamy drama “Scandal,”60 percent had a favorable view of Fitzgerald “Fitz”Grant, the philandering,scotchswilling president played by Tony Goldwyn. Frank Underwood also beat Obama.In “House of Cards,”Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, kills a passed-out congressman by leaving him in a running car in a garage,and pushes a journalist into the path of a subwaytrain. Imagining Spacey’s scheming character as president,57 percent of respondents who have seen the Netflix political thriller said they held a favourable opinion of him. Even Obama likes Underwood.“This guy’s getting a lot of stuff done,” Obama quipped during a December 2013 White House photo-op with Reed Hastings,Netflix's chief executive.“I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient,”Obama said. There was one result from the online poll,conducted from March 5 to 19,that could give some solace to Obama:He is more popular with Americans than Russian President Vladimir Putin. AWHITE COLLAR criminalgetsastealth educationinprison lifefromafakeex-con intheraunchynew film“GetHard,”in whichcomedygiants Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart take on race with provocative humour. “GetHard,”outinU.S. theatersonFriday,sees hapless millionaire James King(Ferrell) charged with fraud and given 30 days to prepare for prison.He turns to Darnell (Hart),a carwash entrepreneur,to get him ready for life behind bars. James assumes Darnell,an African American,is an exconvict.Darnell,a middle-class family man with no hint of a criminal record,goes along with the assumption because he needs the money. “(James) lives in such a bubble and doesn’t know how to talk to human beings,and (Darnell) is able to break me down and rattle my cage and say, ‘This is what the real world’s like,’”Ferrell said inan interview at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin,Texas earlier this month. Ferrell and Hart candidly discussed racial caricatures at a time when race is still a hot button issue in the United States. “We’re poking fun at these racial stereotypes in suchaclever way that people are going to have togo,‘It is stupid to prejudge and to assume based on appearance, color,standards,whatever it may be,’”Hart said. Race is “just something Ithink we always need to analyze,”Ferrell added. “It’s healthy to talk about it,and it bridges or creates the bridge toward acceptance.” Time Warner Incowned Warner Bros’ “Get Hard”will battle young adult dystopian drama “Insurgent”this weekend and is projected by to earn US$31 million at the U.S. box office. Much of the film revolves around prison rape jokes as Darnell pushes James’ comfort level to get him into shape for jail. In putting two comedy stalwarts together on screen,Ferrell said “Get Hard”gives both him and Hart the spotlight to shine – whether it’s Ferrell’s James using expletives to practise his trash talk or Hart pretending he is three different prison gang members fighting each other. “The chemistry Will and myself were able to tap into added for a different level of comedy,because it’s almost like a pendulum,”Hart said. “You’re looking at two guys that are taking turns and that aren’t in competition for getting laughs.” Friday March 27, 2015 31 The Barbados Advocate Actor Will Ferrell (R) jokes with actor Kevin Hart before his star was unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California March 24, 2015. ACALIFORNIAproductioncompanythat suedSethMacFarlane for allegedly stealing its idea for a foul-mouthed talking bear with a penchant for drinking, drugs and prostitutes for his 2012 hit movie “Ted”has withdrawn its copyright lawsuit. Bengal Mangle Productions LLC had contended in a July 2014 complaint that Ted was “strikingly similar” to its own teddy bear Charlie,who was created in 2008 and has appeared on websites suchas YouTubeand FunnyorDie. But in a Monday court filing,Bengal Mangle said it cannot pursue its case,being “satisfied that,based on discovery produced in the action, the character Ted was independently created by Seth MacFarlane using his own efforts and creativity and was not copied from plaintiff’s Charlie character.” Among the other defendants were MacFarlane’sFuzzy Door Productions Inc, film studio Media Rights Capital,and Comcast Corp’s Universal Studios, which released the movie. Media Rights Capital in a statement said the lawsuit was without merit.A spokeswoman for MacFarlane said he does not intend to file a countersuit. MacFarlane directed, co-wrote and co-produced “Ted,”and provided the bear’s voice. The movie starred Mark Wahlberg,and grossed about US$550 million worldwide.Asequel,“Ted 2,”is expected in June. MacFarlane also created the “Family Guy,” “American Dad”and “The Cleveland Show” animated television series.He hosted the 2013 Academy Awards. The case is Bengal Mangle Productions LLC v.MacFarlane et al,U.S.District Court, Central District of California,No.1405498. Ferrell, Hart poke fun at racial stereotypes in ‘Get Hard’ Seth MacFarlane wins in lawsuit claiming he stole ‘Ted’ idea Kevin Spacey as President Frank Underwood in House of Cards. Fictional TV presidents more popular than Obama: Reuters-Ipsos poll


32 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate UNIVERSAL’SFurious 7isexpectedtosetbox office records when it opens on April 3,with fans eager to flockto multiplexes to bid farewell to Paul Walker. But the film’sstar and producer,Vin Diesel, predicts that Furious 7’s success won’t be limited to the number of tickets it sells.He says the film will also sweep a certain 2016 awards ceremony. “Universal is going to have the biggest movie in history with this movie,”Diesel said in a lengthy interview with Varietyforthisweek’s cover story.“It will probably win Best Picture at the Oscars,unlessthe Oscars don’t want to be relevant ever.” Diesel took a breath, before offering his prediction for a second time.“This will win Best Picture,”Diesel said. “There is nothing that willever come close to the power of this thing.” Diesel said he was very pleased with the final movie,which pays tribute to Walker,who died as a passenger in a sports car accident in November 2013 in the middle of production. The studio then had to scramble to rewrite the film’sending,and used special effects to finish Walker’s performance with the help of stand ins.“We were successful in one-upping the action sequences,and adding an interesting dynamic to the world,”Diesel said.“But what the world won’t anticipate is how emotionally powerful the movie is.The head of the studio,Ron Meyer,often said when Fast 5 or Fast 6 came out,‘If there was no number attached to these movies,they would be contenders for best picture.’ And when people see Furious 7, they are going to agree.” Furious 7,the latest chapter in the most successful franchise in the history of Universal Pictures (at $2.4 billion),debuted at SXSW last week,where it earned glowing reviews. The film currently stands at a 85 fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.But Furious 7 would be an unusual Oscars winner, as the Academy has yet to bestow a single best picture nomination on franchise events like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter,The Dark Knight or the previous six Fast and Furious films.In recent years, more often than not,the best picture prize has gone to smaller indies like Birdman,12 Years a Slave,TheArtistand The Hurt Locker. Then again,Furious 7 opens at a time where the Academy is under scrutiny after this year’s disastrous telecast, which sawviewership decline by 16 percent with host Neil Patrick Harris.Board members are expected to meet in the coming days to talk about whether to narrow the best picture field backto only five nominees,instead of the current structure (which allows for up to 10). Maybe Diesel is on to something,after all.Or maybe not:when told about the prediction,a Universal executive chuckled and then asked to go off the record. WarnerBrosis negotiating with its American Sniper star Bradley Cooper to make his feature directorial debut on the remake of A Star Is Born.The hope is for Cooper also to star in the film.Once his deal is done,their first stop will be to Beyonce, who once was positioned to play the role of the young woman whose dreams of stardom are helped by a self-destructive icon whose best days are behind him. She was circling when Clint Eastwood was going to helmthe remake,and the director discussed that male lead role with Cooper.She hasn’t yet been re-approached formally. Cooper will take a pass at the script with Will Fetters,who wrote the most recent draft,and the hope is that he can get into this wholeheartedly when he finishes performing The Elephant Man in its London transfer from Broadway. He also will become a producer on this through Warners-based 22 Green,the banner he shares with Todd Phillips.Jon Peters, Billy Gerber and Basil Iwanyk also are producers.Cooper is coming off a double Oscar nomination for American Sniper,which has surpassed $528 million worldwide and growing, remarkable for an Rrated war film that cost $58 million to produce. There is some symmetry to these two films.When Steven Spielberg dropped out of American Sniper,Warner Bros worldwide production president Greg Silverman told Cooper that Eastwood was reading the book for recreation.Cooper was able to call Eastwood directly because of the relationship they developed when Eastwood offered Cooper that male lead in A Star Is Born. First directed by William Wellman in a 1937 film that starred Fredrick March and Janet Gaynor,A Star Is Born was first made at Warner Bros in 1954 with a George Cukor-directed film that starred Judy Garland and James Mason and then was done in 1976 with Frank Pierson directing Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand.This long has been a priority at Warner Bros,with leading men such asWill Smith,Tom Cruise,Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale all circling at some point.Beyonce has been most often mentioned for that female lead,and really,how can you beat that? She’s displayed her acting chops in films that included Austin Powers In Goldmember, and her singing creates an opportunity not really seen since Warner Bros’ The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Warner Bros production executives see this as a natural extension for Cooper.They think he can make the kind of transition to multihyphenate status that Ben Affleck did when he began directing on Gone Baby Gone,The Town and then Argo,which won Best Picture for the studio.Cooper was very hands-on for American Sniper,through all its ups and downs,and he has shown an eye for details that include postproduction.Directing has been on Cooper’s mind for some time.He has been circling the New Line film Honeymoon With Harry, which got Dan Fogelman to write the latest draft.Cooper wants to star in that film with Robert De Niro,and he also hopes to direct that sometime down the line. It looks likeA Star Is Born will be his first turn behind the camera. He’s repped by CAA, Beyonce by ICM Partners. USRAPPERKendrick Lamar scored his first British No.1 album on Sunday when his “To PimpAButterfly” knocked Sam Smith’s “In the Lonely Hours”off the top spot in its first week of release,the Official Charts Company said on Sunday. Lamar’s follow-up to his 2012 debut had already broken global records for music streaming service Spotify when it was streamed more than 9.6 million times on the service on Monday. British singer-songwriter Smith,however, retained his position at the top of the Official Singles Chart for a second week with his collaboration with John Legend,“Lay Me Down”, in aid of charity Comic Relief. Electronica trio Years & Years’ “King”held onto the number two spot, while “FourFiveSeconds” by Rihanna,Kanye West and Paul McCartney climbed two places to number three,and clinched the title of the week’s most streamed track,with 1.98 million streams,the Official Charts Company said. US rapper Kendrick Lamar scores UK album No. 1 Vin Diesel: ‘Furious 7’ will win Best Picture at the Oscars Bradley Cooper to make directing debut Hopes to star with Beyonce in ‘A Star Is Born’ Vin Diesel


COOKIEwon’tlikethis! EmpirecostarsTrai ByersandGraceGealey aremakingsweet,sweet music off camera,sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.The costars have been dating since first meeting on the breakout FOX series. “They started seeing each other during the shooting of the show. There was an instant attraction,people working on the show are aware about it,”an insider tells Us.“When they all hang out together they’ll cuddle and give a kiss,but it’s nothing obscene.” Indeed,a second source tells Us that Byers,31, and Gealey,30,are trying to keep their budding romance on the down low. “They are having a great time together,”the insider says.(TMZ speculated of a romance after they were photographed at a wedding together.) The couple’s real life relationship would be a nono in the Lyon household. Inthe drama,Byers plays Andre Lyon,the son of music powerhouse Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) and firecracker Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson).Gealey’s character Anika Calhoun is (spoiler!) Lucious’ now ex, and Cookie’s No.1 enemy –or as she calls her,Boo Boo Kitty. The lovebirds will have plenty of time to spend time together on and off set.Empire’s season 1 series finale drew in over 16.7 million viewers this month.In January,it was renewed for a second season after just two episodes. Upnext,they are planning a trip together before the cast heads back to work.“Trai and Grace are super serious,”a third source tells Us.“They started dating in the middle of the season and are completely in love.” Friday March 27, 2015 33 The Barbados Advocate AFTERaslew of dramas including“The Impossible”and“Diana,” actressNaomiWatts said she was looking for something that would “feel lighter”. Watts,46,found herself drawnto comedies suchas Noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young,”a look at the disconnect between Generation X and Millennials through two New York couples – Cornelia and Josh (Watts andBenStiller),and JamieandDarby(Adam DriverandAmanda Seyfried). Ahead of the film’s theatrical release on Friday, Watts spoke to Reuters abouthercharacter. Following are excerpts from the interview. Q:What attracted you to this role? A:This feels a little bit familiar,and the juxtaposition of eachcouple,how different they were in the stages of their lives and how they were approaching everything,their work – it felt like a funny dynamic to be a part of. Q:Howisthisstoryrelatabletopeople? A:It’s really a human drama-slash-comedy that could take place in any part of the world. There’s endless fascination with youth culture and in the same regard, the young are fascinated with us but possibly for less pure reasons.Even though (Jamie and Darby) present themselves as this very purist couple,I think they,particularly Adam Driver’s character,were using us as a form of a meal ticket. Q:Did you overcome any challenges to play Cornelia? A:Not really,I loved her instantly.The first read I just thought,‘Wow, she’sgreat and she’s smart and she’smade choices that she thinks she’sall good and squared on,’but she ends up changing,so there were no issues with me playing her. Inever felt,‘Oh,I don’t like this.’Imean,you’ll often take on characters and you’ll think ‘Oh God, Iwish she hadn’t done this and done that,’but in Cornelia’s case I pretty much loved her in every direction. Q:Do you see yourself working in more comedy? A:I’dlove to.I think it’shardertofindgood comedies and the formulaic ones don’t interest me as much,it’smorethe situational and the ones that are more believable. Or slapstick,Ilikethat. “St.Vincent”felt pretty broad but it was really fun to do that and with Bill Murray,of course, and Melissa McCarthy, and (Oscar-winning) “Birdman”being a black comedy – now maybe I’m on people’s radar for that. DifficultPeople,the CurbYour Enthusiasm-esque comedystarringreal-life bestfriendsBilly EichnerandJulie KlausnerastwostrugglingcomediansinNew York City who hate everything in the world but eachother,will premiereonHuluthissummer.AndGabourey Sidibe,most recently seen as Lucious’s assistant on Empire,will recur in the eightepisode series as Denise, the owner of the cafe where Billy works as a waiter. In the series,Denise is all about business,except when it comes to Billy’s co-worker and nemesis, “theater queen”Matthew (Cole Escola),whom she adores.Andrea Martin will recur as Marilyn,TV recapper Julie’s mother, who is a therapist and a narcissist.And there will be plenty of familiar faces popping by for an episode a piece,including Rachel Dratch and Seth Meyers – the latter of whom plays Terrance,a super handsome,charming man who propositions Billy at a dog park. Sidibe took a minute to talk about her love of comedy and how the cast of Empire bonded. Q:You were excited to work with Amy Poehler, who’s an executive producer on Difficult People, but were you also a fan of Billy on the Street? A:I had never heard of it until people started tweeting me about it.I guess there was a game that [Billy] played and the prize was a diorama of me getting a pedicure, and people kept tweeting that to me.I was like, “Whatdoes that mean?”Like it didn’t make any sense to me. I looked it up,and I watched the clip,and I’ve been watching his show ever since.And I think that Julie is so funny.I really,really live for her. She’s such a great writer. So I’m super excited to work with everybody here,really. Q:What do you like about Denise? A:Oh,I like that she knows what she likes. She knows who she likes, rather.She loves Matthew,but she doesn’t like Billy.It’s never like, “Oh,I’m being nice,so I’m just going to be nice to everyone here.”She’s just like,“I’m going to be nice,and then when it comes to Billy,I’m just going to be really,really un-nice.”There are times where she’s hateful,and then other times where she’s just completely apathetic and gives him nothing. Q:How much fun is it to be rude to Billy Eichner? A:It’s really fun,because he’s really tall,and that intimidates me,and so I just let my anger about being intimated by someone tall just come out. Q:What have you learned about him that we might be surprised to know? A:That he can control the volume of his voice.I think people think that he can’t because it’s always up,but he’s actually sort of like normal and level. Q:What do you like about doing a comedy? A:I feel like there are so many different ways you can be funny,and funny is sort of relative, too – something might be funny to me and not you. I think there are a hundred ways to play it. Although I am a fairly new actress,I still feel like there’s less ways to play drama.So far. Q:What do you think shaped your sense of humor growing up? Definitely TV.I was always watching TV.I watched a lot of cartoons. Even now,I watch a lot of cartoons,and sitcoms. Naomi Watts on comedies and new movie Empire co-stars get cozy TraiByersandGraceGealey Gabourey Sidibe joins ‘Difficult People’ Gabourey Sidibe (left) in Difficult People


34 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Bridge Chelsea Handler is not buying Bill Cosby’s innocence. Why? Because she says she,too,had a sketchy close encounter with him ten years ago. When speaking with Esquire,Handler alleges she could have been one of the 20-plus women who have come forward claiming to have been sexual assaulted by the once-beloved comedian. “He tried to Cosby me,” Handler,40,tells the mag.“Oh,I was in Atlantic City playing, doing stand-up,and he was doing stand-up in Atlantic City in the same hotel,and at like 3 o’clock in the afternoon, someone from the hotel came down and said,‘Oh, you know,Mr.Cosby would really like to meet you up in his hotel suite.’” Handler says she knew something was off. “And I thought,‘That’s really weird,’”she recalls. “This was like ten years ago.And I said,‘That’s really weird.I don’t want to go alone.’ I go,‘I don’t know him.’ So the three guys I was with – thank God these guys were with me.One was filming and one was like a producer;we were filming something – I brought them up with me to his room and thank God I did,because now I know what would’ve happened if I went up there alone.” Many women have come forward in the past several months,including supermodels Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson,telling stories that started in a similar way and ended with them being drugged and/or assaulted. Handler continues, “And I forgot about it when all the stories about Bill Cosby came out.I was like,I didn’t even think of it.Then my friend texted me the other day saying,‘Do you remember that night we went up to,or that afternoon we went up to Bill Cosby’s and you were so freaked out you made us come with you?’ And I said,‘Yeah,’ and he said, ‘Hello! You could’ve been one of his victims if we weren’t there.’ And I went,‘Oh,my gosh.’” Although the former E! host states,“Yeah,so yeah,he’s guilty I think it’s pretty obvious now,”the Cosby Show alum,77,as maintained his innocence and has not been charged with a crime.A lawyer for Cosby has not commented on Handler’s account,but has slammed the media’s coverage of such accusations. Earlier this month, Cosby posted his first video message to fans since sexual allegations resurfaced,saying,“Hey, Hey,Hey! I’m far from finished.” Hollywood tends to disagree. Chelsea Handler recalls Bill Cosby encounter Bill Cosby and Chelsea Handler


Friday March 27, 2015 35 The Barbados Advocate


36 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ARIES(March 21-April 19). Stop worrying about whether you’re original enough. You can’t help but be original there is no other you. Deliver and let the others do the analyzing. They will anyway! TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Ultimately, planning will save you time. Work on your blueprint before you start to build. When you take the time to map out yourmain objectives, you’ll be successful. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Someone is working hard to make you proud. Maybe your opinion shouldn’t matter so much to this person, but it does. Your sensitivity in this matter will contribute to harmony in your environment. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Acknowledge human fallibility and accept your own. No one is expecting you to be anything other than who you are. If you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes, you’re not allowing yourself to grow. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Friends get the benefit of your generosity. While they may not be able to repay you monetarily, their appreciation will make you rich in ways you were not expecting. VIRGO(Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Feel that financial squeeze? You might say it’s an invitation to do what it takes to become more solvent. Review expenditures. Afew adjustments, and you’ll be better off than before. LIBRA(Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Your environment and your emotions are linked together. You’ll be at your best in acheerful place filled with natural light and happy music. Take yourself there! SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Your nutritional needs change from day to day, year to year. Check in with yourself to be sure you’re changing with them. Also behonest with yourself. Are you using food for sustenance or for another purpose? SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). This game you’re playing has many rounds, and the scoring is overly complicated. Instead of waiting for the judgment, rate yourself as you go. Your self-assessment is what will matter most anyhow. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You’re too talented to waste time in groups that operate way below your skill level. You are not running a charity, after all. It will take extra effort to find a worthy group, but it’s an effort you should make. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You have something important to say. You may even be bold enough to mention what others wouldn’tdare voice. Yours isn’t the only perspective, but it is honest and thoughtprovoking. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Too much introspection will get tedious. Throw the attention offof yourself and onto a project. You’ll still learn about yourself, but you’ll have more fun doing it. R E X M O R G A N P H A N T O M P R O S A N D C O N S Z I T S M A R Y W O R T H M O T H E R G O O S E C B C T V C H A N N E L 8 HOROSCOPES BY HOLIDAY 4:00 TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 4:55SIGN ON CBC TV ID 4:57 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM 4:59PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 5:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 5:57MONTH OF THE DISABLED DEVOTION 6:00 MORNIN’ BARBADOS 8:00 HOME SHOPPING 8:30TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 9:00BSSAC FINALS LIVE 12:00CBC NEWS 12:27 DOUBLE DRAW 12:30BSSAC FINALS LIVE 5:00TOM & JERRY TALES 5:30HOME SHOPPING 6:00NEIGHBOURS BY DEFINITION 6:52DOUBLE DRAW 6:55PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 7:00CBC EVENING NEWS 8:00MEGASIX 8:02BAJAN GRIOTS 8:20CBC PRESENTS 9:00DOUBLE DRAW 9:03CBC PRESENTS 9:20FURNITURE LIMITED 9:30THE MIX 11:00LATE NIGHTNEWS 11:05C’BEAN NEWSLINE 11:30MOVIE: THE LINDA MCCARTNEY STORY 1:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS


Friday March 27, 2015 37 The Barbados Advocate SPORTS SPORTS TWOexciting new onemake circuit racing championships that look set to revolutionise regional motor sport – the Suzuki Challenge Series – were introduced to the media yesterday at Bushy Park Barbados,ahead of the inaugural races at this weekend’s (March 28/29) Valvoline Glassesco John ‘Tiny’ Harrison Memorial Race Meet. TheSwiftCup,foridenticalSuzukiSwiftSports, promisesaffordableand competitiveracingfordrivers,closeandexcitingactionforthefansandunrivalled exposure for corporate sponsors.The SR3 Cup,for Suzuki-powered Radical SR3 RS opentopped sports racers,offers the fastest racing in the region. Circuit racing and stage rally champions from Barbados,Martinique and Trinidad&Tobagoarein thefirstgroupofconfirmed competitorsfortheSwift Cup,withdiscussionscontinuingacrosstheregion. Allnineofthefirstbatch of race-preparedcarshave beentakenup,with a further six cars now on order. Suzuki Caribbean’s Brent Murphy said:“We are all hugely excited about what we’re launching today,as it will help change the face of motor sport in the island and the wider Caribbean by creating a more affordable platform for participation. While we have been planning this for some time, you are never quite sure how an idea will take off,so we are delighted by the enthusiastic way in which corporate Barbados has embraced the concept. “What has also been proven very clearly is the depth of technical and design expertise in Barbados, to have been able to build these race cars to such a high standard,and in such an incredibly short time frame.All of those who have been working with us deserve high praise for the quality of their work and their commitment to the project.” There will be six rounds each season at the St Philip facility at race meetings organised by Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI),including the Digicel Williams International Race Meet in September,alongside the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship. A threeround Winter Cup will allow prospective future competitors a chance to taste the action. Based on a standard production Suzuki Swift Sport,each car has been race-prepared over the past few weeks,with all necessary work done in Barbados,where engineers,mechanics and technicians in workshops and bodyshops across the island have been working around the clock.With all extraneous interior trim removed,the mandatory safety requirements,such as roll-cages,racing seats and engine cut-off switches have been installed,while some minor cosmetic changes have been made to the exterior,such as replacing light clusters front and back with purposemoulded glass-fibre blanks. The cars retain the standard 150bhp 1.6-litre engine and six-speed gearbox,but a limited slip differential is added,along with adjustable suspension and dual brake cylinders to further enhance the already impressive handling and stopping power of the production Swift Sport.All cars will run on control all-weather tyres, the whole package promoting close racing and focus on individual driver skill. A central technical support team will run the cars on race day,creating trouble-free ‘arrive and drive’ motor sport for the competitor,with all maintenance and mechanical repairs dealt with,also access to necessary consumables and spares. The Suzuki Challenge Series,which is sponsored by Sol,will be extensively promoted across the region through a range of media channels and innovative initiatives,including a mobile-optimised web site, radio,print and social media.Race coverage of each round will be available through the Suzuki Challenge Series Video Viewer,with Go-Pro cameras mounted in every car guaranteeing all-action footage. SUZUKICHALLENGE SERIES–ROUND1(MAR29) RACE1:10.00AM;RACE2: 1.00PM;RACE3:3.30PM (SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Suzuki Challenge Series Swift Cup No–Entrant:Driver(NAT) 3 Team Massy United Insurance: Josh Read (BAR) 7 Team Williams Industries: Kenrick Husbands (BAR) 27 Team Gale’s Agro Products: Barry Gale (BAR) 81 Team Rock Hard Cement: Mark Thompson (BAR) 90 Team Glassesco: Kurt Thompson (BAR) 106 Team Digicel: Daryl Clarke (BAR) 333 Team Digicel: Ryan Wood (BAR) 596 Team Suzuki Genuine Parts: Jean-Philippe Mongaillard (FRA) 868 Team Suzuki 5-Year Warranty:RyanPeyrau(T&T) SuzukiChallengeSeries(all racesatBushyParkBarbados) Round 1 – March 28/29 – John‘Tiny’ Harrison Memorial RaceMeet Round2–April25/26 Round3–June13/14 Round 4 – September 12/13 – Digicel Williams International Race Meet Round 5 – October 16/17 Round 6 – November 28/29 Winter Cup Round 1 – December 19/20 Rounds 2 & 3 – 2016, dates to be confirmed TRINITYCollege East teamfromTrinidadwillbe participatinginthe2015 BarbadosCupatthe under15level. Forthepastthreeyears theteamhaswonthe National under 14 Championship in Trinidad.Inadditional there were the East zone Knock out winners. This team has supplied many players to the Trinidad and Tobago national youth teams includingthe following players to the current National under 15 team – Kishon Hackshaw,Nickel Orr,Andre Raymond, Emmanuel John and Jelani Augustus. The player Kishon Hackshaw also currently plays on the National under 17 team,while former players Sean Bonval and Daniel Sandy are currently playing in the Trinidad and Tobago professional league. This team is one of 12 teams from Trinidad and Tobago which will be participating in the XXVIII annual Barbados Cup which kicks off on Easter sunday at 4:00 P.M with a parade of the 60 competingteamsandafriendly internationalwomen's gamebetweenaTrinidad women'steamanda Barbadianwomen'steam. WhiletheTrinity CollegeEastteamwill start as strong favourites in the u-15 zone,strong competitionwillcome fromtheBarbadianteams Pro-shottas,Pinelands, Barbados Soccer Academy and Kick Start. Last year three Trinidad teams – Naparima College in the under 19,Cox Soccer Academy in the under 15 andThe Ministry of Sports team in the in the Women's category were winners crowned champions in their respective categories. All of them will be back to defend their crowns and therefore the local teams will have to improve their game to keep the trphies at home. The XXVIII annual Barbados Cup will open on Sunday 5 April at 4:00 the National Stadium.Teams are requested to be at the Stadium by 3:15 P.M. where entertainment will be provided by the Barbados Community College Jazz Band. Suzuki Challenge Series is a go this weekend U-15 Trini team ready forBarbados Cup Barbadian drivers who will compete in the opening round of the Swift Cup this weekend. From left: Kenrick Husbands, Barry Gale, Kurt Thompson, Mark Thompson, Josh Read, Daryl Clarke, Ryan Wood. Trinity College East team from Trinidad.


BSSACfromBackPage HarrisonCollege’s MarioBurkeprovedheis thefastestschoolboyon theislandwitharecord breakingruninthe Under-20Boys’100metresDash.Burkefinished inanimpressive10.35seconds,anewpersonalbest. HebrokeLeviCadogan’s recordof10.41secondsset justlastyear. Also recording a personal best wasSt. Leonard’sBoys’Jaquone Hoyte who clocked 10.46 seconds for second place,a time whichisbetterthan the 10.60 seconds required for WorldYouth.Kemar Cumberbatch of Queen’s College was third in 10.66 seconds. Combermere School’s Matthew Clarke was impressive in the Under-17 Boys’ 100 metres,winning that event in 10.75 seconds.Shashamani Kellman of Foundation was second in 10.82 seconds while Lester Vaughn’s Zario Brathwaite was third in 10.92 seconds. The much needed revival in distance events continued yesterday with two records falling in the 1500 metres. CARIFTAbound Jonathan Jones from Coleridge and Parry obliterated the record in the Under-17 Boys’ 1500 metres and won in 4:09.16.It was not even a close race with Rio Williams of Christ ChurchFoundation finishing second in 4:16.31 while his team mate Kofi McCollin was third in 4:28.30.The Coleridge and Parry athlete erased Anthonio Mascoll’s2009 time of 4:15.36 Combermere School’s Raheem Skinner,who is also on the CARIFTA team,put his name in the record books when he slammed the field to win the Under-20 Boys’ 1500 metres in 4:00.90.Pius Emilien of Christ Church Foundation was second in 4:08.25 while the Lodge School’s Akeem Marshall was third in 4:10.07. The old record was 4:02.34 set in 2011 by Mascoll. Mary Fraser is really putting the Daryll Jordan Secondary in the spotlight with her performances this year.She easily won the Under-17 Girls’ 1500 metres in 4:56.63. Springer Memorial extended their lead by taking the next two positions with Tricia Phillips second in 5:31.15 while Drew-Ann Clarke was third in 5:35.68. Fraser came back later in the day to also record another relatively easy victory in the 400 metres. Fraser clocked 55.91 seconds to win another gold medal gold medal for the St.Lucy school.Tiana Bowen of Lester Vaughn School was second in 57.80 seconds while Diamond Grimes of Combermere was third in 59.15 seconds. Coleridge and Parry’s Sade Williams practically jogged the Under-20 Girls’ 400 metres but still managed to win in 55.25 seconds.Jaria Hoyte of the St. Michael School was second in 56.14 seconds while Akelia Knight of Combermere was third in 57.28 seconds. The showdown between Williams and Springer Memorial’sTristan Evelyn did not go according to plan.Evelyn fell awkwardly after the third hurdle and ended up finishing fifth in 17.67 seconds.She did not race for the rest of the day. Williams won in 14.40 seconds while St.Michael School won the next two medals.Danielle Scantlebury was second in 14.61 seconds while Ayanna Morgan of the St. Michael School was third in 14.98 seconds. Today’s final day of competition will begin at 10 a.m.with the running of the Junior Girls’ 1500 m Final. CONT’D on Page 39 ByPetra GoodingTWENTY-SIXathletes havemadethegrade fortheBarbados CARIFTA Track and Field Team that will compete in the upcomingCARIFTA Championships in St. Kitts Nevis. Theteamiscomprised ofjustsevengirlswhile thereare19malequalifiers.At a press conference toannounce the team yesterday at the National Stadium’s VIP Lounge, Athletics Association of Barbados President Catherine Jordan noted that they wanted to take twoUnder-15 female athletes on the team.The two athletes are Ashley Lowe and Akayla Morris but their request was denied by both CARIFTA and NACAC because of their age. The Under-18 girls included in the team are Hay ley Matthews,Mary Fraser and Tristan Evelyn.A quick look at the performances done this year in the Pan Am region, reveal that all three of them are among the top performers in their age group in their respective events. Ayanna Morgan, Danielle Scantlebury, Elizabeth Williams and Sada Williams make up the Under-20 Division. Out of this quartet, Elizabeth Williams will be making her debut to the CARIFTA Games. The Under-18 Boys Division is made up of nine athletes with Rivaldo Leacock being the only one with CARIFTA experience.Also included in this Division are Jaquone Hoyte,Aaron Worrell and Kalvin Marcus among others. The Under-20 Boys’ Division on paper looks to be the strongest division with the likes of Mario Burke,Stephen Griffith and Daquan Lovell all being selected to make the trip.This is the largest division on the squad with 10athletes in all. Last year Barbados took 35 athletes to the Championships in Martinique and returned home with 16 medals (five gold,five silver,six bronze). 38 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Sade Williams of Coleridge and Parry in the Under-20 Girls 100m Hurdles. Mario Burke of Harrison College wins the Under 20 Boys 100m ahead of Jaqvon Hoyte of St Leonard’s Boys. FULLSQUADUnder-18 Girls :Hayley Matthews, Mary Fraser, Tristan Evelyn. Under-20 Girls :Ayanna Morgan, Danielle Scantlebury, Elizabeth Williams, Sada Williams. Under-18 Boys :Aaron Worre, Adam Niles, Anderson Greaves, Deshone Trent, Jaquone Hoyte, Jonathan Jones, Rivaldo Leacock, Triston Gibbons, Kalvin Marcus. Under-20 Boys :Daquan Lovell, Daryl Sobers, Joshua Hunte, Josiah Beckles, Juwan Augustin-Mayers, Mario Burke, Michael Nicholls, Raheem Skinner, Ramarco Thompson, Stephen Griffith. THEBarbadosTennis Associationispreparingto hostthe2015Barbados ScotiabankJunior InternationalITF Championshipsatthe NationalTennis Centre and the BarbadosYacht Clubrunning from April4, 2015. Thetournament,which is held for Under-18 and Under-14 tennis players has full entries in the Under-18 boys’ and girls’ singles main draws,with many more players vying for main drawspots through the qualifying rounds. There are also 24 boys and 24 girls entered in the Under-14 divisions. Under18s qualifying matches will be held on March 28 and March 29 at the National Tennis Centre,Wildey,St.Michael and the Under-14s Round Robin will start on March 28 at the Barbados Yacht Club,Bay Street,St. Michael and continue with knockout matches throughout the week. Apart from locals,players will be coming from 35 other countries – all hoping to earn ITF ranking points. CARIFTA athletes chosen Impressive performances noted as records fall Tennis association to host Junior championships


Friday March 27, 2015 39 The Barbados Advocate Under-15 Girls’ High Jump 1.Cherissa Moore, Harrison College – 1.50 metres 2. Rashanna Gittens, Springer Memorial –1.50 metres 3. Shani Inniss, St. Michael – 1.38 metres 3. Michaela Matthews, Harrison College –1.38 metres 3.Misha Nelson, Combermere – 1.38 metres Under-17 Girls’ Triple Jump 1. Antonio Farrell, Lester Vaughn – 13.64 metres 2. Jonathan Millar, St. Leonard’s Boys’ – 13.15 metres 3. Jamali Lynch, Lod ge School – 12.63 metres Under-20 Girls’ Long Jump 1. Tristan Evelyn, Springer Memorial – 5.59 metres 2. Ashantia Phillips, Graydon Sealy – 5.51 metres 3. Kylia Smith, Springer Memorial – 5.50 metres Under-17 Girls’ Shot Putt 1.Romancia Odwin, Coleridge and Parry –11.04 metres 2. Hendrieanne Franklyn, Alleyne – 10.86 metres 3. Renee Burke, Springer Memorial – 10.34 metres Junior Girls’ Discus Throw 1. Shanice Huts on, Coleridge and Parry –27.96 metres 2. Tower Lorde, St. Michael 23.81 metres 3. Ronelle Lovell, Graydon Sealy – 23.08 metres Junior Boys’ Discus Throw 1. Enrique Babb, Coleridge and Parry – 40.40 metres 2. Tre Alleyne, Alleyne – 35.42 metres 3. Rashaad Wickham, Lodge – 31.33 metres Under-20 Girls’ Javelin Throw 1. Hayley Matthews, Harrison College – 42.60 metres 2. Ashantia Phillips, Graydon Sealy – 32.80 metres 3. Ashlee Daniel, Queen’s College – 32.61 metres/. Under-17 Girls’ 100 metre Dash 1. Tiana Bowen, Lester Vaughn – 12.26 2. Jaime Drayton, Harrison College – 12.38 3. Kiera Forde-Richards, St. Michael – 12.42 Under-17 Boys’ 100 metre Dash 1. Matthew Clarke, Combermere – 10.75 2. Shashamani Kellman, Foundation – 10.82 3. Zario Brathwaite, Lester Vaughn – 10.92 Under-20 Girls’ 100 metre Dash 1. Asha Cave, Ha rrison College – 11.91 2. Ayanna Morgan, St. Michael – 12.15 3. Danae Gill, Lodge School – 12.32 Under-20 Boys’ 100 metre Dash 1. Mario Burke, Harrison College 2. Jaquone Hoyte, St. Leonard’s – 10.46 3. Kemar Cumberbatch, Queen’s College –10.66 Under-13 Girls’ 200 metre Dash 1. Khadeja Straughn, Springer Memorial –26.78 2. Kayla Cummins, Foundation – 27.43 3. Julisa Jones-Smith, Springer Memorial –27.96 Under-1 3 Boys’ 200 metre Dash 1. Mario Linton, Lester Vaughn – 26.16 2. Hakeem Richards, Alexandra – 26.19 3. Justin Millington, Graydon Sealy – 26.65 Under-15 Girls’ 200 metre Dash 1. Akayla Morris, Lodge – 24.54 2. Ashlee Lowe, Combermere – 24.56 3. Tamia Battershield, Coleridge and Parry –24.91 Under-15 Boys’ 200 metre Dash 1. Suresh Black, Codrington High – 23.04 2. Julian Forde, Harrison College – 23.19 3. Jerad Bartlett, Parkinson Memorial – 23.81 Under-17 Girls’ 400 metre Dash 1. Mary Fraser, Daryll Jordan – 55.91 2. Tiana Bowen, Lester Vaughan – 57.80 3.Diamond Grimes, Combermere – 59.15 Under-17 Boys’ 400 metre Dash 1. Josiah Atkins, Foundation – 48.90 2. Tramaine Smith, Lodge – 48.97 3. Antoni Hoyte-Small, Queen’s College – 49.40 Under-20 Girls’ 400 metre Dash 1. Sada Williams, Coleridge and Parry – 55.25 2. Jaria Hoyte, St. Michael – 56.14 3. Akelia Knight, Combermere – 57.28 Under-20 Boys’ 400 metre Dash 1.Stephen Griffith, Lester Vaughan – 47.74 2.Rivaldo Leacock, Lester Vaughan – 48.61 3. Akeem McCollin, Lodge – 48.81 Under-13 Girls’ 800 metre Run 1. Vivica Addison, Lester V a ughan – 2:38.13 2.Neena Gittens, Springer Memorial – 2:40.83 3.Tashae Layne, Lodge – 2:42.15 Under-13 Boys’ 800 metre Run 1. Brandon Fan Fan, St . Leonard’s Boys’ –2:31.21 2. Dominick Cadogan, Ellerslie – 2:31.31 3. Tyrique Harewood, Parkinson Memorial – 2:32.77 Under-15 Girls’ 800 metre Run 1. Ashley Weekes, St. Michael – 2:28.27 2. Cherissa Moore, Harrison College – 2:28.72 3. Afraka Bynoe-Forde, Harrison College –2:31.74 Under-15 Boys’ 800 metre Run 1. Nathan Thornhill, Harrison College – 2:03.98 2. Jumulah Estwick, St. Leonard’s Boys’ –2:06.20 3. Kai Alleyne, Harrison College – 2:06.82 Junior Girls’ 75 metre Hurdles 1. Tamia Battleshield, Coleridge and Parry –11.96 2. Shaquona Scott, Springer Memorial – 12.01 3. Rhea Hoyte, St. Michael – 12.13 Junior Boys’ 100 metre Hurdles 1. Enrique Babb, Coleridge and Parry – 15.00 2. Torian Waldron, Coleridge and Parry – 15.17 3. Ajani Yarde, Harrison College – 15.76 Under-17 Girls’ 4x100 metre Relay 1. The St. Michael School – 49.85 2. Christ Church Foundation – 49.86 3. Harrison College – 50.44 Under-17 Boys’ 4x100 metre Relay 1. Combermere School – 43.87 2. Queen’sCollege – 44.54 3. Princess Margaret Secondary – 46.92 Under-20 Girls’ 4x100 metre Relay 1. The St. Michael School – 47.50 2. Graydon Sealy Secondary – 50.41 3. Christ Church Foundation – 50.48 Under-20 Boys’ 4x100 metre Relay 1. Combermere School – 41.76 2. Les ter Vaughn School – 41.85 3. The Lodge School – 42.15 Top Ten Schools Girls 1. Scotia Bank Springer Memorial 268 2. The St. Michael School 152 3. Christ Church Foundation 115 4. The Lester Vaughan School 111 5. Coleridge and ParrySchool 110 6. Harrison College 109 7. Combermere School 72 8. The Lodge School 71 9. Graydon Sealy Secondary 66 10. Queen's College 56 Boys 1. The Lester Vaughan Sc hool 162 2. Christ Church Foundation 154.50 3. St. Leonard's Boys' School 130 4. Coleridge and ParrySchool 126 5. The Lodge School 117 6. Harrison College 115.50 7. Combermere School 112 8. Queen's College 77 9. Alleyne School 37 10. St. George Secondary 29 BSSAC Day 4 Results Charissa Moore of Harrison College in the Under 15 Girls’ High Jump. Matthew Clarke of Combermere takes top spot in the Under 17 Boys’ 100m. Tamia Battershield of Coleridge and Parryon her way to victory in the Under-15 Girls’ 75m hurdles. CONT’D from Page 38


40 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate QUARTERFINALaction issetfortomorrow,March 28,2015,in the G4S masters cricket tournament. The Quarterfinals are as follows:Dover vs UWI at Dover ground,LIME vs Pickwick at LIME, Maxwell vs North Stars at the Briar Hall Complex, and Lords vs Rockwell at the Rockwell ground in St. Lucy. Dover advanced from Zone A,despite being tied with St.Catherine on 20 points after the preliminary round.Dover advanced after winning their head to head match-up. In Zone D,Lords,UWI and Wildey ended on 16 points,but the former advanced with a better runrate.Matches are scheduled to start at 12:30 p.m. ByPetraGoodingAFUNday was had byallwhenthe SpecialOlympics BarbadosNational TrackandField Finals were held on Tuesday at the NationalStadium. Earlymorningshowersdidlittletodampen the spirit of the hundreds of athletes who descended on the Waterford stadium for the 37th running of the event. The events they competed in ranged from 25, 50 and 100 metre sprints,to 200 and 400 metre middle-distance races,to relays,the long jump,the soft ball throw and the shot putt. Donna KingBrathwaite,Chairman of Special Olympics Barbados,shared with those gathered some of the highlights of the previous year. Foremost of all was the intense preparation that got underwayfor the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games which will be held July 25 to August 2 in Los Angeles. “The process is indeed anintense one and I wish to thank the National Director,our Office Manager and their team for their concerted efforts in this regard,”saidKingBrathwaite. She noted that their annual Healthy Athletes Screening Programme attracted over 100 athletes in the last year.The programme provides free health screenings to Special Olympics athletes seven areas – Vision,Hearing,Oral Health,Healthy Lifestyles,General Fitness,Podiatry and Sports Physicals. “This provides an unique opportunity for our athletes and their parents to benefit from sound advice and strategies on how best to combat threats to their physical health in a rather welcoming and relaxed environment,” said King-Brathwaite. Among those on the trackat National Stadium were the athletes who have been selected to compete in the Special Olympics World Games,to be held this summer in Los Angeles, California. Those athletes were Kenny Alleyne,Tiffany Branch,Raymond Delphi,Akitunde’ Hall, Anyia Joseph,Korey Kellman,Nikita Maycock,Rosie Murray and alternates Tashona Gale-Brathwaithe, T iana Harewood and Shaniese Straughn. They will be competing in Aquatics,Athletics, Bocce,Golf and SevenA-Side Football at the Special Olympics World Summer Games. The athletes came from the following Special Units:All Saints Primary Special Unit, Ann Hill School, Challenor Creative Arts Training Centre, Charles F.Broome Special Unit,Albert Cecil Graham Development Centre, Eagle Hall Primary Annex,Elayne Scantlebury Centre, Ellerton Primary Annex, Erdiston Special School, Hilda Skeene Primary, St.Matthews Primary Annex,The Learning Centre,Thelma Vaughn Memorial Home, The School House for Special Needs,Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre. THECo-operators General Insurance BABA Premier League basketball competition continued at the Wildey Gymnasium on Tuesday night with a double header. In the first game Hilton Barbados Resorts Warriors beat Orange 3 Pinelands 70-58 after leading 39-31 at halftime. For Warriors,#4 Ricardo Toussaint top scored with 25 point,#1 Nicholas King scored 15 points and #3 Corey McDonald scored 14 points. For Pinelands #6 Charles Vanderpool top scored with 23 points,#3 Ramon Simmons and #14 Anthony Barrow scored 13 points each. In the feature game, Burger King Clapham Bulls defeated Station Hill Cavaliers 77-56 after leading 31-27 at half-time. For Clapham Bulls #8 Stefan Yarde scored 17 points #6 Ramon Byer and #10 Kodia Leacock scored 12 points each and #5 Rahim Gibbons scored 11. For Station Hill #5 Joel Hunte scored 16 points and his brother Darren Hunte scored 11 points. G4S masters tourney continues tomorrow Special needs students have their day at National Stadium Hilton Barbados Resorts Warriors defeat Orange 3 Pinelands Shaquan Maynard from Hilda Skeene Primary got Gold for the 8-11 Boys 200m. Rasheeda Woodroofe of Charles F Broome winning the 8-11 Girls 50m.


Friday March 27, 2015 41 The Barbados Advocate SYDNEY – Steve Smith’s sublime century laid the groundwork and Australia’s pace bowlers finished the job to send the cohosts storming into a seventh World Cup final with a 95-run victory over champions Indiayesterday. Australiamoveonto theMelbourneCricket Groundandashotata fifthtitleagainstNew ZealandonSunday,while Indiaheadhomeafter fourmonthsDownUnder havingcomeupshortin theirbidtoretainthetitle theywonfouryearsago. Smith’s105helped Australiatoatotalof328 forseven,thehighestina World Cup semi-final,and although skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit a defiant 65,India were dismissed for 233 in the 47th over. “We thought 330 was around par but we knew we had to bowl and field well and the boys did a terrific job tonight,”said Smith. “Just happy we got over the line in the end.I’m just looking forward to Melbourne.It’s going to be ahell of a day.” India might have fancied their chances of chasing the target down after asolid start on a good pitchin perfect weather conditions and backed by the majority of a crowd of 42,330 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Mitchell Johnson and Josh Hazlewood had other ideas,however,and they tore the heart out of India’stoporderbysending Shikhar Dhawan (45), Virat Ko hli (1) and Rohit Sharma (34) backinside six overs. When James Faulkner, who had been hammered for 23 runs by Dhawan in his first two overs,got into the act by dismissing Suresh Raina (7),India had lost four of their most coveted wickets for the addition of just 32 runs to fall to 108-4. Johnson’s bowling was as potent as it has been alltournament and the delivery that clean bowled Rohit a ball after the opener had the temerity to hit him for six sent one bail flying 20 feet behind the stumps. Dhoni and Ajinkya Rahane (44) set about rebuilding the innings with apartnership of 70 but when the captain was run out ambling down the wicket by a direct hit from Glenn Maxwell,the die was cast. “We came back quite well but we could have bowled better,”said Dhoni,who said he would not be retiring. “A lot of people did not think we’d come so far in the tournament.” Faulkner added a flourish by bowling Ravichandran Ashwin and Mohit Sharma in successive deliveries to finish with 3-59 but Umesh Yadav blocked the hattrickball. Smith had earlier reprised his role as India’s tormentor-in-chief,rarely looking troubled in his 122-minute,93-ball knock and sharing a secondwicket partnership of 182 with opener Aaron Finch (81). The 25-year-old hit 11 fours and two sixes to give India a rude reminder of his prolific form in the test series around New Year, when he scored a century in all four matches. He secured his fourth straight half century at the World Cup in 53 balls and was soon surging towards his fourth ODI century,whichhe secured from 89 balls with a six and a four off successive deliveries. With Yadav(4-72) to the fore,however,India struckbackto remove Smith and then the power-hitters in Australia’smiddle order. Alate Johnson cameo of 27 not out off nine balls helped bolster Australia’s tally and India will rue their failure to dismiss their opponents for the first time in eight matches at the World Cup. SYDNEY–Thepressure wasjusttoomuchfor Indiaintheend.Theyput aspiriteddefenceoftheir WorldCuptitle,butchasing more than 300 to beat Australia in yesterday’s semi-final was a task even beyond them. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s inspiring captain who led his country to an unforgettable World Cup win four years ago,led his team from the front again. Hetop scored for his team with a run-a-ball 65, but it was all in vain as the Indians collapsed to be all out for 233 in the 47th over,chasing Australia’s daunting 328 for seven. “They (Australia) played very good cricket,over 300 isalways a difficult score,” Dhoni said at the postmatch presentation. “I felt it was just over par,they could have had 350.” India got off to a good start in the reply at the Sydney Cricket Ground with the openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan putting on 76 in the first 13 overs,but when Dhawan fell for 45, the wickets started to tumble. “We started okay but they bowled well.But overall,quite happy with where we were at the start ofthe tournament,”Dhoni said. “Shikhar’s dismissal was on the softer side because that was the time when we could have milked the Australian bowling. “It was not really needed to play a big shot but overall there’s pressure chasing 320 runs and pressure makes you do things you don’t want to.” Dhoni quit his job as India’s test captain during the series against Australia but said he had noplans of quitting the limited-overs team in the immediate future. He said he was undecided about playing on to the 2019 World Cup but had his eyes on next year’s Twenty20 World Cup being hosted by India. “I’m 33,I’m still running,still fit.Next year, T20 World Cup,will be time to decide about 2019.” Smith shines as Australia down India to reach final Pressure of run-chase was too much for India


42 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate AUCKLAND,NewZealand– Atanewsconferenceafter histeam’sCricketWorldCup losstoNewZealand,asthe emotions of the defeated captain were almost painfully raw,AB de Villiers’ most revealing answer was of only one word. DeVilliers’voicecrackedashe fieldedquestions,andhepaused attimestowipehiseyes.Atother moments,hisanswerstailedoff andhelooked almost vacantly into the middle distance. Hewas being asked to articulate the emotions of defeat,a defeat by the slightest of margins, at a time when it was still too recent and too bitter.He did his best,but he likely conveyed with his demeanour more than he could with his words the deep sorrow he felt at the end of another,ill-fated South African World Cup campaign. Finally,he was asked whether this was the worst he had felt on acricket field,and he answered, simply,frankly,“Yes”. That single syllable spoke more eloquently than any of his deeper and more reasoned answers.This was the nadir of de Villiers’ career asSouth Africa captain:His deep belief in his team’s ability to win underany circumstances had been tested and even shaken,and he found the dissolution of his hopes almost too much to bear. He was asked whether it would eventually make him feel better, make the loss more endurable, that he had been been part of one of the World Cup’s greatest games. “It doesn’t make me feel better atall,”he said.“My goal is to win games of cricket,to take glory home,and make a difference in the nation’s heart and hope,and we didn’t achieve that,and it hurts quite a bit.I’m gutted.We had our chances and didn’t take them. “Lots of people back home were supporting us.We think of all of them,and it’s so bad.We wanted to take that trophy back home, but life moves on,the sun will come up tomorrow.” De Villiers’ disappointment was greatly increased by knowing South Africa had the winning of the game.A crucial dropped catch,when Farhaad Berhadien and JP Duminy collided in the outfield,gave an amazing let-off toGrant Elliott,who went on to make 84 not out and hit the winning runs. More personally,de Villiers botched his attempt to run out Corey Anderson,who went on to make 58,in an incident which might have changed the trajectory of the match. “It’s one of the moments,”he said,“We had several chances to win the game tonight,and it was not the only chance. “I tried my best to catch the ball,I didn’t,and life moves on. We had our chances after that but if you want to see it that way, that I cost us the match,I’ll take it.” The match came down to a final over from which New Zealand needed 12 runs and which de Villiers allocated to his veteran fast bowler Dale Steyn. “We discussed every single ball,”de Villiers said.“Yorker, slower ball,hard length.We were trying everything. “Elliott was walking across the wicket quite a bit trying to use the pace.He wants you to go for ayorker so he can use the pace down to the boundary.We decided to go length so he’dplay and miss atit,and he played one of the best shots of his life,probably the best.” WELLINGTON–New ZealandershailedtheBlack Caps’cliffhanger World Cup semi-final win over South Africa as one of the country’s topsporting moments on Wednesdayandfinallybegan dreaming of even greater glory inthetournamentdecideron Sunday. “Onetogo,”trumpetedthe front page of the New Zealand Herald,while the Dominion Post’sbackpageheadlinedescribedvictoryovertheProteas atEden Park as “The stuff that dreams are made of". There was also relief at a four-wicket win achieved with just one ball to spare that propelled New Zealand into the final for the first time after a run of six losses in the semis. Former Black Cap bowler JacobOramsaidBrendon McCullum’smen had shown their class against a dangerous South African side and should be favourites in a tournament where they remain undefeated after eight matches. “It looks at the moment like nothing daunts them,”he told commercial radio. "The bigger the expectation, the more that’s asked,the bigger they stand up.I honestly don’t think this World Cup final is going to daunt these guys.” Long-suffering Black Caps fans have endured many disappointments over the years but pundits said it was finally time to start believing the team could deliver against either Australia or India in Melbourne on Sunday. “Dare to dream,New Zealand “advised Fairfax cricket writer Fred Woodcock,adding:“If you didn’t think these BlackCaps had the mental strength to go the whole way,you should now, because they stood up under the pressure that defines teams.” NZ Herald columnist David Leggat even suggested the spectacle at Eden Park exceeded the Rugby World Cup final at the same venue in 2011,when New Zealand edged France 8-7 -unheard of praise in the All Blacks-obsessed nation. "Rugby people will swear the 2011 final can’t be beaten for drama and sheer occasion,”he wrote.“Fairenough,butto these eyes,this was special.” -‘Inspired selection’ There was also praise for Johannesburg-born Grant Elliott whose 84 not out,capped with a stunning six off the penultimate ball,made him an unlikely match-winner. The Herald’s Dylan Cleaver pointed out Elliott was a lastminute inclusion and many,inc luding himself,had favoured youngster Jimmy Neesham over the 36-year-old. “It will now be remembered as one of the most inspired selections in New Zealand cricket history,”he said. WELLINGTON,NewZealand –NewZealandcaptain BrendonMcCullumhopes Sunday’sCricketWorldCup finalinMelbournewillbe“one more,bigfairytalefinish”tothe international career of Daniel Vettori. Vettorihasannounced Sunday’s match against Australia will be the last of his international career.He will retireas New Zealand’s mostcapped tests player – with 113 matches – and one-day internationals – Sunday’s match will be his 291st for New Zealand and he needs three more dismissals Sunday to finish with 300 ODI wickets. Vettori made his debut aged 18 in 1997 and,now 36,has spent half his life in the New Zealand team.While he says retirement “is not what I’m thinking about,”his teammates want to help him end his career with a win. “He’s been an outstanding contributor for us,”McCullum said.“He’splayed for New Zealand for half his life. “(A win) would be a great way to potentially send him off.” Vettori is still a key member of the New Zealand team and has demonstrated his value throughout the World Cup with aseries of frugal bowling performances and cameo innings. He was at the crease on 7 not out when Grant Elliott hit the winning runs in Tuesday’s semifinal against South Africa. “I guess it was potentially his last game on home soil and for him to be out there at the end and be as instrumental and as calm as he was under pressure, it was superb,”McCullum said. “He was struggling a bit with his back,too.He’s played a lot of his career with bumps and bruises and niggles and strains.He’s a tough customer and he’sbeen an amazing servant.” But Vettori doesn’t want his swansong to distract New Zealand from its aim of winning the World Cup for the first time. “It’s not what I’m thinking about,”he said.“It’s just about having some fun and enjoying the game and enjoying the buildup to a World Cup final,” he said.“No-one else in New Zealand cricket history has been able to experience that before so it’spretty exciting to experience a grand final week. “The chance to play a World Cup final regardless of where you are in your career is something everyone dreams about." South African bowler Dale Steyn (L) lies on the ground dejected after his team's loss as New Zealand batsmen Grant Elliott (R) and Daniel Vettori celebrate after their Cricket World Cup semi-final match. New Zealand hopes to send off Vettori in style in WCup final New Zealand cricket player Daniel Vettori. Jubilant Kiwis daring to dream of Cricket World Cup glory De Villiers shows raw emotions after SAfrica falls


Friday March 27, 2015 43 The Barbados Advocate Effective October 8th, 2012, the market price of a security listed on the board of the BSE will only change if a quantity of shares traded (in a single trade) is greater than or equal to the threshold amount (volume limit) as stated in the table below. For more information please visit the downloads section of our website BARBADOS ST BARBADOS ST OCK EXCHANGE OCK EXCHANGE COMPANY LAST TRADEVOLUMEHIGHLOW LAST CURRENTPRICEBIDASKBIDASK DATE CLOSECLOSECHANGEPRICEPRICESIZESIZE ABV Investments Incorporated 23-Jan-15---$0.32$0.32-$0.02$0.30100,00010,500 BICO Limited 09-Mar-15---$1.85$1.85-$1.70$1.801,000675 Banks Holdings Limited 06-Mar-15---$2.85$2.85-$2.50$2.828,8561,000 Barbados Dairy Industries Limited24-Feb-15---$1.50$1.50-$1.50$1.6020803 Barbados Farms Limited 26-Mar-151,487$0.25$0.25$0.50$0.50$0.00$0.25$0.5018,334105 Cable and Wireless Barbados Limited25-Mar-15-$3.00$3.00--$2.48-13,365 Cave Shepherd and Company Limited 10-Mar-15---$3.00$3.00-$2.52$3.0030012,240 FirstCaribbean International Bank 20-Mar-15---$1.90$1.90--$1.90-6,354 Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 25-Mar-15---$0.20$0.20-$0.21-902-Dev Fund Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 25-Mar-15---$0.52$0.52-$0.53-357-Value Fund Goddard Enterprises Limited 24-Mar-15---$6.43$6.43-$6.43$6.491,3331,189 Insurance Corporation Of B’dos Limited23-Mar-15---$2.40$2.40-$2.36$2.381,510383 Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited05-Nov-14---$0.15$0.15-$0.10$0.305,0004,550 Emera (C’bean) Incorporated 5.5% Pref08-Dec-14---$3.30$3.30-$3.11-1,722Emera (C’bean) Incorporated 04-Feb-15---$25.70$25.70-$21.75$25.7021221,753 Massy Holdings Limited 26-Mar-154,843$20.00$20.00$19.96$19.96$0.00$20.00-10,000One Caribbean Media Limited 18-Mar-15---$6.77$6.77-$6.75$8.0036,997205 Sagicor Financial Corporation Pref 6.5% 22-Jan-15---$2.26$2.26-$2.00$2.266309,100 Sagicor Financial Corporation 25-Mar-15---$1.72$1.72-$1.70$1.726009,529 The West Indies Rum Distilleries Limited18-Nov-14---$8.00$8.00--$7.50-50 Trinidad Cement Limited 21-Aug-14---$0.80$0.80--$2.00-1,100 West India Biscuit Company Limited26-Aug-14---$10.46$10.46-$13.00-1,000TOTAL SHARES BOUGHT & SOLD 6,330 -* = Security is Trading X-Div *+* = Security is Suspended ** = Rights Issued Royal Fidelity TIGRS A Fund 21-May-12 $10.50$10.50 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A1 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A2 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A3 Fund 18-Dec-13 $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Last Trade BidAskBidAsk DatePricePriceSizeSize B’dos Government Debenture 4.75% 201616-Feb-15 $96.00 $101.50 15,000 15,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.625% 201828-Jan-15 $105.5015,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.875% 202309-Mar-15 $103.0030,000 Barbados Government Debenture 7% 201729-Dec-14 $106.50 13,000 B’dos Government Debenture 7.25% 202820-Nov-14 $100.0020,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201626-Feb-15$96.00 $103.0041,000 41,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201711-Feb-15 $105.00615,000 MUTUAL FUND March 26, 2015 ENDEDNAME OF FUND NAVOFFERBIDNAV CHANGE 20-Mar-15REPUBLIC CAPITAL GROWTH FUND w 1.4860 0.0111 20-Mar-15REPUBLIC INCOME FUND -* w 1.4864 0.0014 20-Mar-15REPUBLIC PROPERTY FUND w 1.2661 0.0006 19-Mar-15CLICO BALANCED FUND INC. w 1.290 0.0020 20-Mar-15FORTRESS CARIBBEAN GROWTH FUND w 4.8612 4.8612 4.8612 -0.0154 20-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND ACC. w 1.8460 -0.0009 20-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND DIST. w 1.0051 -0.0005 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY SELECT BALANCED FUNDm4.7253 4.7253 4.6308 0.0572 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY STRATEGIC GROWTH FUNDm 0.8370 0.8370 0.8202 0.0166 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY PREMIUM INCOME FUND m 1.4340 1.4340 1.4053 0.0065 20-Mar-15SAGICOR GLOBAL BALANCED FUND w 2.27 0.00 20-Mar-15SAGICOR SELECT GROWTH FUND w 1.28 0.01 20-Mar-15SAGICOR PREFERRED INCOME FUND w 1.05 0.00 *Indicates the Fund is currently ex-div NOTES: QUOTATIONS AND NET ASSET VALUE PER SHARE ARE SUPPLIED BY THE FUND MANAGEMENT. THE OFFERING PRICE INCLUDES NET ASSET VALUE PLUS ENTRY COSTS. m=monthly valuation,q=quarterly valuation, w = weekly Regular MarketSecurity VolumeHighLowPriceAdvance / DECLINEMASSY HOLDINGS LIMITED 4,843 $20.00 $20.00 $19.96 $0.00 BARBADOS FARMS LIMITED 1,487 $0.25$0.25 $0.50 $0.00Fixed Income MarketSecurity Volume BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 5.875% 20181,000,000 BARBADOS STOCK REPORTMarch 26, 2015 Two securities traded firm as 6,330 shares traded on the Regular Market, with a total value of $97,231.75. Massy Holdings Limited was the volume leader trading 4,843 shares at $20.00 before closing firm at $19.96. They were followed by Barbados Farms Limited which traded 1,487 shares. JUNIOR MARKET Fixed Income SHARE SUMMARY INFORMATIONMarch 26th, 2015 INDICESTODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADINGCHANGES March 26, 2015 March 25, 2015 Local 2,194.13 2,194.13 Cross-list 1,726.65 1,726.65 Composite 624.23 624.23 MARKET CAPITALISATION (in millions) TODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADING CHANGES March 26, 2015 March 25, 2015 Local 5,500.51 5,500.51 Cross-list 2,895.43 2,895.43 Composite 8,395.94 8,395.94 NEWS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Sagicor Financial Corporation -Directors have fixed March 19th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company. Cave Shepherd & Company Limited -Directors have fixed March 18th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company. BSE NOTICE Trinidad Cement Limited Trinidad Cement Limited wishes to advise Shareholders that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on Thursday February 26, 2015, the Board confirmed a decision to offer shares in the Rights Issue in Trinidad and Tobago only,and to exclude all other jurisdictions in which TCL's shares are listed. The decision was made, having regard to the complexities involved in satisfying the requirements of the various regulatory bodies in these jurisdictions, and its effect on the stringent timeframe for the Rights Issue, especially since the Rights Issue is intended as a method of recapitalization to fulfill, inter alia, conditions imposed by TCL's lenders. SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT ABV INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED 3,500 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 5.5% Pref 100 BANKS HOLDINGS LIMITED 4,000 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 6.5% Pref 7,500 B'DOS DAIRYINDUSTRIES LIMITED 300 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 10,000 B'DOS FARMS LIMITED 1,500 THE WEST INDIES RUM DISTILLERY LIMITED 300 BICO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 100 WEST INDIA BISCUIT COMPANY LIMITED 300 CABLE & WIRELESS (BARBADOS) LIMITED 9,000 JAMAICA MONEY MARKET BROKERS LIMITED 10,000 CAVE SHEPHERD & COMPANY LIMITED 1,500 MASSY HOLDINGS LIMITED 6,500 FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 10,000 ONE CARIBBEAN MEDIA LIMITED 4,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY DEV FUND 3,500 TRINIDAD CEMENT LIMITED 10,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY VALUE FUND 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A FUND 100 GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A1 FUND 100 INSURANCE CORPORATION OF BARBADOS LIMITED 2,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A2 FUND 100 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 1,000 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A3 FUND 100


LONDON Former West Indies paceman Ottis Gibson will return for a second spell as England's fast bowling coach for next month's tour of the West Indies,the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said yesterday. Gibson,46,previously worked with England's pace attack from 2007-10 before being appointed as West Indies coach. ECB managing director Paul Downton said the appointment was a short-term one as they seek a replacement for David Saker who will join Big Bash franchise Melbourne Renegades in September. "We are delighted to have secured a bowling coachof Ottis' calibre as he is highly respected among the fast bowling fraternity and his knowledge and experience of local conditions will be invaluable in the Caribbean," Downton said in a statement. "No decision has yet been made on a longterm replacement for David and we will need to review how we staff this position going forward following the conclusion of the West Indies tour." FOR SALEEnjoy the comfort of locally made ADIRONDACK chairs Treated Pine, all bolts and screws stainless steel. Automotive finish in white. Price $450. Limited stock available. Call Michael 240-9926 REAL ESTATEFOR SALE LOTS Lowthers, Christ Church 4,712 sq. ft. $105,000.00 Tichbourne, St. Michael 7,455 sq. ft. $151,000.00 Fortesque, St. Philip 5,927 sq. ft. $125,000.00 Connelltown, St. Lucy 9,768 sq. ft. $150,000.00 Durants, Christ Church 5,250 sq. ft. $185,000.00 Bagatelle, St. James 11,215 sq. ft. $280,000.00 Clermont, St. Michael 10,500 sq. ft. $315,000.00 Drax Hall, St. George 14,349 sq. ft. $375,000.00 PROPERTIES Boarded Hall Greens (Town houses)From $228,800.00 to $461,900.00 Hopewell, Christ Church 3Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms 6,630 sq. ft. $350,000.00 Fairfield Cross Road, St. Michael Building 1 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Building 2 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom4,736 sq. ft. $300,000.00 Apes Hill, St. James 4Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 storey building4,367 sq. ft. $350,000.00 Husbands, St. James 3Bedroom 2 Bathroom two storey building 5,783sq. ft. $600,000.00 Bournes Village, St. George 4Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms two storey building 3,191 sq. ft. $471,000.00 Grazettes Court, St. Michael 3Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms building10,842sq.ft. $550,000.00 FOR RENT Sea Grape Drive, St. Philip 2Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom Apartment$1,600.00 monthly Contact: Telephone (246) 432-7191 Website: NOTICES CONSTRUCTION SERVICESL.L. BUILDING & Maintenance Specials on .Renovating .Building .Repainting.Large Residential .Small quick fix-up jobs Tel:237-7874 CONSTRUCTION SERVICESCAPSTONE CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATEDConstruct Wood & Wall Houses House & Roof Repairs Renovations & Extensions Tree Trimming & Cutting Tel:(246)267-1600 44Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Gibson back as England pace bowling coach for Windies tour


Friday March 27, 2015 45 The Barbados Advocate


46 Friday March 27, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ANNHILLSchoolheldtheirannual sportsdayonFebruary20,2015at theschoolgrounds.Thechildren representedthreeteamsAndwele (greenhouse),Whitehall(orange house) and Hill (blue house). Inaddition to the traditional races; 50,100,200 and 400 meter,the children participated in the lime and spoon,sack, obstacle and bean bag races.There were also the long jump,softball and shot putt events. At the presentation of awards to the children who participated,the Staff of Cooperators General were on hand and assisted with the presentation of trophies. Andwele (green house) was the overall winner. Ms.Cheryl Forde,the company’s Human Resources & Marketing Manager indicated that she was verypleased with the enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed by the children.Mrs.Forde further pointed out that she is always encouraged to witness how the children are motivated to be the best that they can be. Since relocating to their new Collymore Rock Headquarters,Co-operators General has been working closely with the school and assisting wherever possible. Co-operators General celebrates with winners Ann Hill students were praised for their efforts in their recent sports day.


Friday March 27, 2015 47 The Barbados Advocate THEBarbadosCycling Union receivedagenerousboostfromthePan AmericanCyclingConfederation yesterdayattheNationalSports Council. Handing over ten start-up road bicycles and ten national uniforms to Barbados was,Vice-President Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey who mentioned that three other Caribbean islands benefited from a similar donation. The bicycles were a donation from a Russian company and they will be assigned to ten deserving riders, the first of whichwill be Jason Perryman.The total cost of the donation tothe BCU was in the region of $35 000. Over the years the BCU has been blessed having received frames, equipment and bicycles over the years. THE2015MassyUnitedInterschool Secondarychesschampionships startedwithabangatTheSt. MichaelSchooloverthelast weekend. Being played in three sections,one of the more exciting groups is the Under-15 section.After three rounds of play, Harrison College has bounded into the lead with 28 points from a possible 30. The tournament is played as a team of five players with two points for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss. The Crumpton Street team of Under-14 &16 champion Kyle Sandiford,Nitin Mahtani,Riyad Juman,Anoish Pais and Jacob Pile hasbeen relentless so far and their round three blitz of Lester Vaughn 10 – 0,shows the class of this team as they seek to repeat as Under-15 champions. Lying in joint second and third place on 19 points each are the teams of The St. Michael School and the St.Leonard’s ‘A’ team.In a tense third round battle the two teams drew 5 – 5.They were victories for Tauron Gibson and Nathaniel Hagos of St.Leonard’s ‘A’,while Miles Clark and Adam Roachford reciprocated for St. Michael.Kwame Gibbs-Taitt and Akshay Thani battled to a draw in their individual game. In fourth spot with 16 points is Queen’s College while an undermanned Lodge ‘A’ has 15 points in fifth spot.In round three, Lodge ‘A’ edged Queen’s College 6 – 4,but Queen’s Niccolo Walrond did upset the Lodge board one,Cody Jack Sargeant. Other match results saw Deighton Griffith and St.Leonard’s ‘B’ draw 5 – 5, while Coleridge & Parry got the bye. Action continues this Saturday at The St.Michael school venue at 9.00 the junior players push their best pawns forward not only for school pride but also in preparation for the 2015 Carifta chess championships to be played at Divi Southwinds in Barbados from April 3–6. Harrison College top gun Kyle Sandiford. Chess champions do battle Top 5 Standings after Round 3 1. Harrison College A, 28 (points) 2-3. St Leonard’s A, 19 St. Michael A, 19 4. Queens College A, 16 5. Lodge A, 15 BCU receives ten bicycles Right: Members of the BCU accepting some of the bicycles from Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey (right). Lodge School’sEmerald Medfordplaying Michael Gangaram of Queen’sCollege. Jennifer Jiang(Queen’s College) battling Lodge School’s Chad King.


Printed and published by Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc. Fontabelle, St. Michael. Telephone 467-2000, Fax 434-2020/434-1000 Friday March 27, 2015 ByPetraGoodingSCOTIABANKSpringerMemorial iswellonitswaytowinningits 16thPoweradeBarbadosSecondary Schools’AthleticsChampionships (BSSAC). AfterDayFourofthecompetitionat theNationalStadium,SpringerMemorial isoutfrontwith268points.TheSt. MichaelSchoolseemstohavesecondbest alllockeddownwith152pointswhile ChristChurchFoundationiscurrently thirdwith115points. Asusual,thingsintheBoys’division areprettytightwithBurgerKingLester VaughansurgingpastChristChurch Foundationheadingintothefinalday. LesterVaughancurrentlyleadswith162 pointswhileFoundationissecondwith 154.50points.St.Leonard’sBoys’School isthirdwith130points. BSSAConPages38and39 KEEN COMPETITION Close race in Boys’ division, Springer on track for 16th BSSAC title The Under-13 Girls’ 800m in progress. The race was won by Vivica Addison of Lester Vaughan. Suzuki Challenge Series on this weekend Page 37

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