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ASBarbadosmovestowards50 years of Independence in 2016,the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration will be taking steps tomove this country to a republican system of government,removing Queen Elizabeth II as this country’s head of state. PrimeMinisterFreundelStuartmade thedisclosurelastnightwhileaddressing asizeableaudienceattheSt.Luke’s SkillsTrainingCentre,wherethe St.GeorgeSouthBranchoftheDLPheld itsmonthlymeeting.PMStuartsaidthat having gained independence from EnglandanddelinkedfromtheJudicial CommitteeofthePrivyCouncil,making theCaribbeanCourtof Justicethiscountry’sfinalcourtof appeal,the next move must be a transition from a monarchical system of government to a republican system of government. This effectively means,he explained, that Barbados would no longer have a Governor General,and the head of state will,once approval is given,bear the title of President,and continue to perform the functions now performed by the Governor General.He explained that though the person holding that post will remain a ceremonial figure as in the case of Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago, the decision is necessary for the country to complete its political maturity. “We cannot pat ourselves on the shoulders at having gone into independence;having decolonised our politics,our decision making;we cannot pat ourselves on our shoulders at having decolonised our jurisprudence by delinking from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and explain to anybody,or continue to explain to anybody,why we continue to have a monarchial system,”he said. CHANGE on Page 3 Established October 1895 Monday March 23, 2015 $1VAT Inclusive See inside ByKerri GoodingTHEpublicofBarbadosisbeingcalledon toacceptthenewsmartmeterbeing installedbytheBarbadosWater Authority (BWA),andtorefrainfromvandalising theminsomecases. “Themeterisafriendandnotan enemy.” Thisistheurgentmessagethatthe ChairmanoftheWeekofActivitiesfor 2015attheBarbadosWater Authority, Rev.Al Walcott tried to get across to the BarbadianpubliconSundayat the church serviceheldattheOurLadyQueenofthe Universe Parish,as Barbados joined with the world to celebrate World Water Day. He said that the Authority is now tasked with the responsibility of educating the public,because though their is some positive response,there is also some negative response to the smart meter. “It’skind of a positive response.[But,] what we need to do more,Ibelieve,is to educate Just like with any technology, Ithink what we need to do,as the Authority would be to educate the public, to let them know that the meter will serve them better,as opposed to just causing them to pay high bills,”he explained. SMARTMETER onPage 5 Public urged to accept the BWA smart meter CHANGE COMING Right: Prime Minister Freundel Stuart addressing the branch meeting. In attendance at the World Water Day church service, which was held to commence the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) Week of Activities for 2015 were, from left, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Atlee Brathwaite; General Manager (Acting), BWA, Dr. John Mwansa; Secretary BWA, Division of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Henry Codrington; and BWA employee Joseph Griffith.INSURE WITH US


BARBADOS’ preparednessto respondtotheEbola virusdiseasehasbeen highly commended by the Pan American Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO). Thiswasdisclosedby MinisterofHealthJohn Boyce,whoalsorevealed that the island had assisted other countries in the region to build up their preparedness programmes. “Of course,we do not want to have to deal with a case of Ebola virus disease...but we have prepared Barbados to the extent that we are confident that if it was to occur,we can handle that event safely and effectively,”hesaidduring the Estimates Debate. “It is indeed a testimony to the extent of the development of our health services that we can take this position.Once we have enteredintoastrong programme of training,retraining and preparing our port health,primary health care providers,polyclinic, accident and emergency centre and our private doctor and clinic – we are confident that such an event can be effectively dealt with.” The Health Minister also noted that the island’s success in tackling health care will depend on “how well we are able to develop our primary health care system,beyond even where it is today". “We have a sophisticated primary health care system within the eight polyclinics across Barbados,and all of them help to deliver a primary health care whichwe believe it is the centre of success in delivering affordable care to Barbadians,”he said,also revealing that the island’s polyclinic system sees an average of 500 000 visits peryear. “Weareconvincedthat thefactorswhichhave been identified as ‘precursors’ to noncommunicable diseases can be best identified and can be identified early,in a dedicatedand sophisticatedprimary healthcaresystem.Andas such,we have continued to trainandretrainour healthcareworkers withinourpolyclinic system to ensure that they can deliver the best primary care to our people.” (TL) 2Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate PAHO/WHO impressed with Barbados’ Ebola preparedness “Once we have entered into a strong programme of training, re-training and preparing our port health, primary health care providers, polyclinic, accident and emergency centre and our private doctor and clinic – we are confident that such an event can be effectively dealt with.”


Monday March 23, 2015 3 The Barbados Advocate WHILEthere is a place for entertainment only, there is also a place for ‘edutainment’. This was noted by Dave Weekes,of Step by Step Productions,as he gave brief Opening Remarks at the Williams Industries Inc.Caribbean premiere of ‘Vigilante’, whichwas held on Friday at the Limegrove Cinemas.Lauding the film,Weekes pointed out that Barbadians had a wealth of talent and potential,and it was indeed evident in the film ‘Vigilante:The Crossing’. “When you see the movie,when you see the actinginthemovieand thenwhenyouseethe post-productionwork thatwasdoneonthe movie,Iam very happy tosaythat we Barbadiansarevery talentedandwehavea lottooffertheworld,” he stated. Hefurther noted,“I want to thank God for givingusthisopportunity and giving us this mandate to make movies that are wholesome,that are uplifting,that can actually inspire people to do good things and to do great things.We don’t just want to make movies for making them sake;we don’t want to just make movies strictly for entertainment.Imean there is place for entertainment only ...however,there is also a place for what we call edutainment,meaning that there are times when you need to learn something new and you need to hav e a different perspective,and at the same time not in a boring way,but in a way that captures your attention, that motivates you,that causes you to want to feel,to look,to listen and to learn,and that’s what one of our primary objectives is at Step by Step Productions.” With this being their fifth film production,he stated that based on the public’s response that they were in fact well on their wayto achieving that mission and goal of providing ‘edutainment’. “It is an indication that we are doing something right here in Barbados and as a people,I want us to lift our heads high and to recognise that we have so muchpotential here in Barbados.We only need the opportunities to get that potential reaped and to produce the wonderful product that we can in Barbados,” he added. (AC) ByAshleeCox THEworldmayindeed bereadyformore Barbadian films! Thatwasthebeliefexpressed by Writer and Director of the film – ‘Vigilante:The Crossing’, Maria Weekes,as she spoketo The Barbados Advocate attheWilliams IndustriesInc.Caribbean premiereofthefilm, whichwasheldonFriday attheLimegrove Cinemas,withbothcinemasbeingpackedwith thosewhowereexcitedto seethemovie. “I believe that if we do the films and make them, Iwould say friendly,then it is good,because then people are able to understand what we are saying. So I think with the film, there are parts of it that are in subtitles,so that we could cross over,”she noted. She further explained that with the subtitles, m any were able to view and understand the ‘Bajan’ colloquiums,so that nothing was lost from the experience. Having been to the Pan African Film Festival, (PAFF) earlier this year, she revealed that it had been a very good experience,as it was the first movie that they would have shown there.She noted that she was actually shocked by the response received for the film. “It was very good to see the response of everybody who saw it and just to experience how they felt about the movie.People were really touched and I was shocked by that.I know Chrissy is an emotional film,but I didn’t realise how much Vigilante, even though it was an action movie,impacted people because of the message in the film and how wide all of what’s happening is in the film,”she noted. The film has been shown in New York for Black History Month,as well as in Atlanta,where it premiered just the day before it came back home to premiere in the Caribbean,all to full cinema audiences. From left: Ian McNeel of the McNeel Foundation, Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams of William Industries and Sir Kyffin Simpson of Simpson Motors, reflect on the film during the Cocktail portion of the event. Cinema 1 of the Limegrove Theatres was packed with those who were eager to view the film. ‘Vigilante’ paves the way Still a place for edutainment CHANGEfrom Page 1 ThePMadded,“Weare sayingthatitisalittle awkward in the year 2015 to have to stand up and instead of pledging allegiance to Barbados,to be pledging allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen.And therefore,Errol Barrow decolonised the politics, and Owen Arthur decolonised the jurisprudence and Freundel Stuart is going to complete the process.” He made it clear, however,that while his government intends to make this step,the country will not be severing any relationship with the British Crown or the Commonwealth,and will continue to subscribe to the values of the Commonwealth. “When we decolonised our jurisprudence,we were saying that our disputes here in Barbados should not have to be settled by anybody in England and if we decide that,it stands to reason that it cannot make, or continue to make sense after 50 years of Independence,that when we go to get sworn in as minister or whatever else, that we are swearing to be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen,her heirs and successors according to God.” He added,“Werespect her very highly and as I said,as Head of the Commonwealth she will continue to be,she and all her successors will continue to be at apex of our political understanding... But in terms of Barbados’ political status,in terms of its constitutional status,we have to move from a monarchial system to a republican system of government in the very near future.” His comments came as he argued that the country was already,for all practical purposes,a republic and the only thing that stood in its way is the recognition of the Queen as the head of state.But he noted that this country neither directly nor indirectly chooses the British monarchy,as there is a line of succession “that has nothing to do with the masses of people in the United Kingdom or across the Commonwealth making any choice”. “So for all practical purposes we are already a republic,we are a republic in substance,but we are a monarchy in form and we now have to bring form into some kind of consistent relationship with substance and the DLP is going to do that,”he indicated. (JRT) ‘We have to move to a republican system of government’


4 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate THEHumanities Festival is back on theUniversityofthe West Indies Cave Hill Campus calendar of events. OnSaturdaynight, DeanoftheFaculty of Humanities and Education,Dr.Jennifer Obidah,officially launched the revival of the week-long activities, underthetheme“Legacy, VisionandPossibilities”. Thefestival,created duringProfessorSir HilaryBeckles’ tenure as DeanofthatFaculty,saw thePrincipalandPro-Vice Chancellor of the Campus celebrated as the 2015 Humanities Scholar. During the opening ceremony held at the Roy Marshall Teaching Complex,Dr.Obidah also laudedProfessorHazel Simmons-McDonald’seffortsincontinuingthefestival;a festival which the Dean proudly announced is backon. She stressed that the humanities are important,noting that it opens many avenues for students.Currently at the Cave Hill Campus,academic disciplines in the Humanities include History,Languages, Performing Arts and Philosophy. “Too often the misinformed may ask,‘What would you do with a Humanities degree?’ And Isay,‘What can’t you do as a Humanities major,’” Dr.Obidah expressed. “Scholars working in the Humanities are sometimes described as ‘humanists’.The Humanities are academic disciplines that study the human condition,using methods that are primarily analytical, critical,or speculative, as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural sciences.The Humanities include ancient and modern languages,literature, history,philosophy, religion,and visual and performing arts suchas music and theatre.” On the night,celebrated Humanities Scholar, Professor Sir Hilary,del ivered a lecture entitled “Battle for Barbados: Restoring Historical Truth to the Public Space”.The festival continues todaywith an Inter-Campus Foreign Language Theatre Festival at the Walcott Warner Theatre,Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI). (TL) CELEBRATING SIR HILARY:Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Principal and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and mastermind behind the Humanities Festival, was celebrated as the 2015 Humanities Scholar during the opening ceremony on Saturday night. Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Dr. Jennifer Obidah, presented Sir Hilary with a special piece of Haitian artwork. Several academics and students of the Humanities and Education Department at the Cave Hill Campus came out on Saturday night for the opening ceremony of the Humanities Festival. Humanities Festival returns


OVERtheweekendthe ParentTeachers’ AssociationoftheSt. Paul’sPrimarySchool hosteditsfirst EntrepreneurialExpoon theschoolgrounds. It was opportunity for entrepreneurs from the community to come together and showcase their products and services, whichincludedawide range of jewellery,clothing and other textiles and even massage.Fund Access and Sagicor were also on hand to provide advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Exhibitors at the inaugural event included Omar Kennedy (Author and Cofounder of Animekon) and Shannon Williams who sold handmade products; Shelley-ann Waithe Touch of Jewels Ceramics; Jack ie Phillips of Haute Shoes & Accessories; Allison James Massage Therapist of L’Taj;Collette Lovemore Design and Decor;Jeffrey Hall of Cinnamon Clothing; Queenicia Inniss and Celestine Clarke of Fascinary Designs and JeKayla Creations. Monday March 23, 2015 5 The Barbados Advocate Omar Kennedy (Author and Co-founder of Animekon) and Shannon Williams who sold handmade products. Jackie Phillips of Haute Shoes & Accessories showcased a wide variety of shoes. ByKerriGoodingTHEREaremorenew technologies,measures and changes being embarked upon and implemented at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) to enhance and improve the services offered to the growing clientele, while reducing wastage and outages. Yesterday during the church service to mark World Water Day 2015 under the global theme ‘Water and Sustainable Development’,the Chairman of the Board of Directors,Dr.Atlee Brathwaite spoke of the advancements within the local organisation aimed at raising efficiency and effectiveness. Reporting on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture, Food,Fisheries and Water Resource Development,Dr. David Estwick,he said, “Some of these [new technologies] are Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Graphical Information System (GIS),Hydraulic Network Model (HNM) and anew Customer Information System (CIS). This invasion of new technologies into the Authority,if you will permit me to refer to them in this manner,is all geared towards one objective,that isthe improvement of our delivery of service to our many customers.” Enlightening the congregation at Our Lady Queen of the Universe in Black Rock,he explained, “SCADA will allow for the reservoirs and pumping stations to be monitored and controlled remotely,but most importantly will give us timely information on the state of our pumping systems and allow us to respond to their faults much earlier than we do at present. “GIS,along with the Hydraulic Network Model, will allow us to model and predict the behaviour of our water distribution systems and thus we will have the ability to manipulate them to maximise our coverage and minimise our outages incase of unplanned bursts orscheduled maintenance. “The new Customer Information System,which will be complemented by a cadre of appropriately trained and friendly customer representatives,will allow for electronic access by our customers to their own accounts to make queries or to make payments.” Additionally,as the Chairman of the Week of Activities,Rev.Al Walcott revealed,this week there will be a Customer Appreciation Day at the Coles Building location in Probyn Street.He said,“We are trying to get some people back to the new Coles Building,which was closed for about three years,but we’re trying to push the service,not just a payment centre but as a service centre,back to the public,so that they can come back and interact with each other.” The BWA is now also regulated by the Fair Trading Commission and poised to move into its new headquarters in the Pine. And just as Walcott wants to public to use the Coles Building Service Centre,the Chairman Brathwaite asked the staff “to make every effort to maintain our new surroundings I the pristine condition in which they were handed over.” Changes at BWA to improve services offered St. Paul’s PTA puts entrepreneurship in focus SMARTMETERfrom Front Page Hisidealwassharedby theChairmanoftheBoard of Directors,Dr.Atlee Brathwaitewhodelivered remarksandissuedthe callonbehalfofthe MinisterofAgriculture, Food,Fisheries and Water Resource Management, Dr.David Estwick. Brathwaite said,“I would like to make an appealtothosepersonswho have been wilfully damaging our new meters to desist from this practice since it is a cost to the Authority,both in terms of manpower and equipment costs,to have the meter replaced,”it was further pointed out. He too stressed the advantages of the smart meter to the customers. He added,“These meters have a feature which can give an early alert vis-vis possible leaks on customers’ premises and high water consumption,and therefore place the customer in the position of responding quickly in taking the required corrective action.” To date the meter replacement is underway and has started in the parishes of St.James and St.Thomas,which are completed,“while some areas in St.Joseph,St. Andrew and St.John have also had their meters changed over.” And Brathwaite promised,“The programme will be completed in those parishes which have already been started and then move into the other parishes.” Several advantages in store for customers


BRYDENSSTOKES copped two of the three top spots when the 2015 Surfside Wellness Centre Corporate Fat Loss Challenge came to an end recently.With 25 teams taking up the challenge for the fourth edition of the six-week challenge,Team Vittel, which falls under the distributor,retained their 2014 title when the competition came to an end on Saturday night with an awards ceremony held at the Warrens location. With Massy United Insurancewinningin 2012and2013,Vittelfollowedinsimilarfashionto takewinsin2014and 2015. Speakingtothe BarbadosAdvocate , ProgrammeDirector GeorginaNaigagaexplainedtheaimofthe challenge.“The goal was to lose the most body-fat in six weeks.Theemphasis was on body-fat rather than body-weight because your weight consists of muscle,fat and water and we wanted our participants to only focus on fat. Weexplained that if you are losing weight and you are losing inches,you’re going in the right direction.However,we emphasise that if you are losing weight and you are not losing inches,you might be losing muscle.”she said. Atleastfivepersons werenecessarytomake upasingleteamandthis year,with some companies fielding several teams, Naigaga said that this was anencouragingtrend. “Thechallengehas grown and we are glad that companies are seeing the value in these corporate challenges because what they’re meant to do is kick-start healthy lifestyles. CONT’D on Next Page 6Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Programme Director of the Corporate Fat Loss Challenge Georgina Naigaga addressing awardees on Saturday night. AbigailBrowne,LizanneParris,PaulaWilkinson,ShellyMahy,RobertEarle,ReunelAgard,andTyroneSpringerbroughthomesecondplaceforTeamBrunswick. Sonia Sandiford, Shontelle Ramsay,Carolann Scott, Nicola Blackman and Victoria Husbands of Republic Bank were able to nab third place with a much smaller squad. Vittel does the double in Surfside challenge


Monday March 23, 2015 7 The Barbados Advocate CONTRIBUTIONfrom BackPage BrarnotedthatinadditiontoBarbadiansemployed on the campus, they are also helping several small enterprises,welcoming to the campus three to four caterers throughout the week,who sell food to the students.With that inmind,Brar said that once the school continuesto get the level of support it has been receiving from the Barbados Government, it is poised to expand more and will be able to boast of the enrolment numbers of school established decades ago. Meanwhile,referring to the proposed free clinicthemedicalschool wants to establish here, he said AUB is only now awaitingtheapproval fromtherelevantauthorities.According to Dr.Brar,they are ready to start the cl inic as soon as their applications are approved.He indicated that they have already set aside a physical place on the campus for the clinic,and will in addition to offering free medical treatment,also be providing medication at no cost to the patients. “Wehave the doctors here who have the certification,with the licence to work here and we will also be bringing in the medication from India as soon as they allow us,” he stated. (JRT) THEneeds of persons with disabilities should be taken into account when strategies are devised to reduce the risk of disasters. Thatisaccordingto PresidentoftheSenate, KerryAnn Ifill during her attendance to the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. “Iwould like to encourage all persons when they are making plans,when looking at disaster risk reduction,to remember all members of the community whether they are vulnerable or not – all of us have needs and we must plan for all contingencies wherever possible,”she stressed. The conference was hosted by the Government of Japan in co-operation with the United Nations office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR),as Secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. Participating Member States reviewed the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-15) and adopted a Post -2015 framework for disaster risk reduction. “When the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) were implemented in 2000,persons with disabilities were left out.Some people said it was implied because they didn’t actively exclude us, but because we are often forgotten,we need to be more strident and more heard.That is why it is very important for us to be a part of the post-2015 agenda.” According to the Senator,legislation is needed at all levels for disabilities.She said it is needed not just in terms of protection,but in terms of making sure that all agencies remember that they have a specific mandate toensure that the disabled are included. “We have to be present and visible for others to remember to include us. Therefore,I want to encourage persons with disabilities that in every forum and at every opportunity make your voices heard,make your faces be seen and be active and participate.” (TL) Place set for AUB clinic Senator Ifill: Take disabled persons into account in disaster risk planning CONT’D from Page 6 Soifyouarean organisationlookingfor away to kick-start workplace wellness,this isagreatwaytodoit. Whathappensisthat during the challenge,the camaraderiethatis formed,the support and knowledgetheygain, they take all of that back to their workplace.” Notingthatthe initiative was a good one for companies to get involved with,Naigaga outlined some of the benefits involved.“I think this is important! Healthier employees are beneficial to any company.If you have healthier employees,you do have an advantage over your competitors. The benefits include reduced healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, increased morale and productivity and when people are healthy,they have more energy.They can do more in less time. The benefits are countless and I think that companies are recognising that workplace wellness is not so much a cost as it is an investment.The question for corporate Barbados shouldn’t be ‘How much is this going to cost us?’.It really should be ‘How much will we save?”she said. Coming in behind Vittel this year were fellow Brydens Stokes brand Brunswick ,while Republic Bank was third. (MP) Healthier employees can benefit companies


COPENHAGEN–Russia threatened to aim nuclear missiles at Danish warshipsifDenmarkjoins NATO’s missile defence system,incomments Copenhagencalled unacceptableandNATO saidwouldnotcontribute topeace. DenmarksaidinAugust itwouldcontributeradar capacityonsomeofits warships to the missile shield,whichtheWestern alliancesaysisdesignedto protectmembersfrom missilelaunchesfrom countrieslikeIran. Moscowopposesthe system,arguingthatit couldreducethe effectivenessofitsown nuclear arsenal,leading to anew Cold War-style arms race. In an interview in the newspaper JyllandsPosten,the Russian ambassador to Denmark, Mikhail Vanin,said he did not think Danes fully understood the consequences of joining the program. “If that happens,Danish warships will be targets for Russian nuclear missiles,” Vanin told the newspaper. Asked to respond,NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said Denmark was a staunch member of the alliance and NATO would defend all allies against any threat. "We have made clear that NATO’sballistic missile defense is not directed at Russia or any country,butismeantto defend against missile threats.This decision was taken a long time ago,so we are surprised at the timing,toneandcontentof the statements made by Russia’s ambassador to Denmark,”she said. “Suchstatements do not inspire confidence or contribute to predictability, peace or stability,”she added. Tensions between Moscow and the Westhave grown since the imposition of economic sanctions on Russia over a pro-Russian rebellion in eastern Ukraine.NATO has recorded increased activity by the Russian navy and air force in the Nordic region. No missiles are to be placed on Danish soil under the NATO program, but they could be deployed some day in Greenland,a part of the kingdom, according to JyllandsPosten. “Denmark will become a part of the threat against Russia.It will be less peaceful,and relations with Russia will be damaged,”Vanin said, adding that Russia has missiles whichwould be able to penetrate the future missile shield. Denmark’sforeign minister Martin Lidegaard said Vanin’s comments were unacceptable. “Russia knows very well that NATO’s missile defense is not aimed at them,”Lidegaard told Jyllands-Posten. NATO’stopmilitary commander,US Air Force General Philip Breedlove, told a Brussels conference on Sunday that the comments from the Russian ambassador were the “next step”in a campaign against countries that joined the shield. “Romania came under great pressure when they became a part of the (missile shield).Poland is coming under great pressure and now anyone else who wants to join in to this defensive capability will come under this diplomatic and political pressure,”Breedlove said. MONROVIA,Liberia – Liberians are overcoming their fears of Ebola to volunteer for a vaccine trial. The gruesome toll of West Africa’s Ebola outbreak,which has killed more than 4 200 Liberians ofthe more than 10 000 who have succumbed to the disease,has intensified efforts to find a vaccine for a disease that previously infected relatively few people in remote areas. One year after the World Health Organisation declared the Ebola outbreak,vaccine trials are under way in Liberia and Guinea. Sierra Leone will start a trial later this month. In Liberia,scientists have fanned out across the country to explain the studies and reduce the fear and confusion that have stymied efforts to contain Ebola. Dr.Stephen Kennedy, the Liberian lead investigator for the study, was among the first people tovolunteer for the vaccine trial,getting his injection in front of the media.Similarly,in Guinea,authorities started the study by injecting a series of prominent officials, including the head of the country’s Ebola response. The outreach worked in Liberia,where more than 700 people have volunteered,well beyond the 600 required, according to Kennedy. “All of the reservations I have were explained,my doubts were cleared,”B. Emmanuel Lansana,a physician’s assistant who was the first person to participate in the study, said after he received his injection. Enrollment will close soon for Liberia’s Phase 2 trial,which is testing two vaccine candidates for safety and for whether they produce an immune response. “We’ve had no trouble with enrollment,”said Dr. Clifford Lane,the clinical director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,which is helping to run the study.“This study has been pulled off in an extraordinarily professional,competent and efficient way.” Liberia had not seen an Ebola case in weeks before one was confirmed Friday. The low level of the disease means that the trial’snext phase may be moved to Sierra Leone or Guinea where the disease is more prevalent,Lane said.Phase 3 tests whether the vaccines actually prevent Ebola,so it must be done in a place with active transmission. Doubters remain in Liberia,of course.A community chalkboard at abusy intersection in Monrovia recently read: “Ebola vaccines 1 vs. Public fear 4.” Drame Musokulamohadi,a student who cuts hair on the outskirts of the capital,hissed twice when asked about the vaccine before declaring:“I don’t get myself associated with anything that is associated with Ebola.” However,because the initial phase of the trial in Liberia only needed a few hundred people,the pockets of mistrust are not ahindrance. Guinea could provide a stiffer test.In addition to vaccinating about 1 500 health workers, investigators will test vaccines by offering injections to whole communities around select Ebola cases as early as this week.That will require getting a highlevel of participation; about 60 per cent compliance is hoped for, said Dr.Marie-Paule Kieny,who leads Ebola vaccine research at the World Health Organisation. “I don’t want to say that everything is rosy,”she said,but recently resistance to Ebola control efforts seems to have been falling off in Guinea.“I hope we will be able to surf on this.” Liberians overcome fear to volunteer for Ebola vaccine trial Russia threatens to aim nuclear missiles at Denmark ships if it joins NATO shield ITisreallyremarkablehowpeopleareusually showeredwithpraiseforsomethingtheyhave doneyearsafterthefact,havingendured criticismsatthetimeofdoingthegooddeeds.Itis human nature to behave like this,meaning therefore that it will continue to be so for as long as there is human existence. Case in point is former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford who came up for special mention at the recent Caribbean Economic Forum at the Grande Salle of the Tom Adams Financial Centre. Sir Lloyd who put his own political career onthe line when he instituted a series of measures to rescue the Barbados economy in the early 1990s, is now being revered for the actions he took.His policies are mentioned in the book “Turn Around” authored by Dr.Peter Blair Henry,the guest presenter at the forum. The former PM who has since retired from active politics took a decision to shed 2 000 jobs from the local public service;cut the pay of those who remained;placed a freeze on pay hikes;instituted additional taxation on Barbadians;and amended severance payments regulations (a decision embraced by all who had earlier participated in a mammoth march with public officers and some of whom saidthey had no confidence in the Sandiford administration). The then Prime Minister said those things were done also to protect the Barbados dollar which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was demanding it devalued. The measures did work in halting the slide in the Barbados economy.However,Sir Lloyd’s party was voted out of office in 1994 three years after the measures were enacted. Five years later he himself lost the St.Michael South Seat he had held since 1971.Dr.Blair said in the book that leadership’ssustained commitmenttothefuturepaidgreatdividendsfor Barbadosalthoughdisciplinesometimescarriesa greatpersonalcost. Heacknowledgedfurtherthatwhenaskedbya journalistwhetherthesacrificewas worth it,Sir Lloyd replied:“I think that the price that I paid was small in comparison to the good that came to this country.” Dr.Henry is not alone in this,as several others wouldhave commended the former Prime Ministerfortheactionhetook,althoughatthe timenotmanyhadanythinggoodtosayabout him.Sir Lloyd had risen from obscurity to hero as people continued to respect him for his approach toeconomicmanagementinthosedays. Inthepost1994periodBarbadosmade enormousprogressastheeconomyexpanded, livingstandardsimprovedandunemployment camedown.The recovery was suchthat some of the old habits which Sir Lloyd had sought to root out and correct reared their heads again putting the country now where it came from 20 years ago. Similar examples of what transpired in Barbados in the early 1990s can also be found in other countries and not just in politics,but in other spheres of human activity.At the Forum broadcast on radio and television Dr.Henry stressed the important considerations for leadership as discipline,clarity and trust.It seems that the bigger picture is always missed at the time when things are being done.Let’s hope that there are lessons from that episode of the early 1990s. Editorial High praise for Sir Lloyd ‘For the cause that lacks assistance,’Gainst the wrongs that need resistance,For the future in the distance,And the good that I can do’ 8 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Telephone: 467-2000News Fax: 434-1000 E-mail Address: Website: Executive Editor: Gillian Marshall General Manager: Sandra Clarke Assistant Managing Director: Sean Eteen Publisher: Anthony T. Bryan News Editor: Dorian Bryan Business Editor: Jewel Brathwaite Sports Editor: Corey Greaves


Monday March 23, 2015 9 The Barbados Advocate THEBarbadosLight& PowerCompany(Light &Power) has made the results of the renewable energy Intermittent Penetration (IP) Study available on its website.The Study’s findings revealed that the gridcould support much more renewable energy than anticipated,and we look forward to reviewing the details with key stakeholders later this month. Light&PowercommissionedtheIPStudyto analysethetechnicaland economicimpactsofintermittentrenewableenergy sources,namelywindand solarPV,on the utility’s generation,transmission and distribution system. TheresultsoftheIPstudy informedtheFairTrading Commission’s(FTC’s)decisiontoincreasetherenewable energy capacity onthenationalgrid throughtheRenewable EnergyRider(RER)programme from9MW to 20MW. TheIPstudywas the firstofitskinddoneby Light&Power,andincluded specialised and complexwindandsolar modelstohelpindeterminingtheresults.While the FTC was ultimately responsible for the decision to increase the allowable amount of intermittent energy,the results of the IP Study provided the basis for their determination. Light & Power’s Manager,Systems Planning and Performance,Johann Greaves said that the study also provided recommendations on the process for connecting intermittent renewables to the system.”We needed to know of any changes required to our existing interconnection standards and the maximum allowable intermittent RE limit that could be accommodated on the existing system without mitigation measures.It was also important for us to be aware of the measures and associated costs required to accommodate the increasing intermittent renewable energy penetration levels.” He went on to say that, “There are some misconceptions about role that The Barbados Light and Power Company (Light & Power) plays in enabling a renewable energy future for Barbados.But we can assure Barbadians that weare committed to worki ng with industry stakeholders to find the right energy solutions for Barbados.Of paramount importance are employee and customer safety,and the long term stability of the grid.The impacts of intermittent energy sources on the stability of the national grid must be fully considered.We will continue to protect the stability and safety of electricity service for all Barbadians.” Light & Power remains committed to working with the Division of Energy,the Fair Trading Commission and other stakeholders to meet or exceed the national goal of 29% of electricity generated by renewable sources by2029.The IP study report is available on the BL&P website ( THEBarbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) has noted the discussion duringthe recent estimates debate,concerninghealthcare and the financing of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital(QEH).A monthlydialoguebetween theQEHadministration anddoctorsrepresented byBAMP/JDAhasbeen established.However,it wouldbeinaccurateat thistimeforustodeclare that“alliswell”. Stockoutsofessential items continue to plague the hospital and temporaryimprovementsin fundingareovershadowed by the lingering and growing debt to suppliers. It is therefore with deep concern for the health of ourpeople that we have noted that the estimated allocation to the QEH for this financial year has been reduced by $10 million dollars.The facts remain,the QEH was already underfunded and required large supplementals in order to function.Aplanned cut in the principle allocation, mounting arrears to suppliers,with no change of the business model, demonstrates a lack of will or understanding on the part of the government to adequately address the financing of the hospital.Shortages of basic and essential supplies at the QEH are therefore bound to reoccur in the next fiscal year, in the absence of a definitive plan aligned to the reduced allocation. It is no longer acceptable to say that a change in healthcare financing is forthcoming when it is long overdue.We call for the necessary,decisive and corrective action to be taken now. Renewable energy intermittent penetration study results published Johann Greaves, Manager – Systems Planning and Performance, The Barbados Light & Power Company. BAMP on healthcare


10 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate MissingBoy ThePoliceareseekingthepublic’sassistancein locatingamissingboy.MissingisLindyOwenLondon 11years,ofArthur’sHill,BridgeCot,St.George.He lefthomeabout8:00a.m.onMarch19,2015andhas not been heard from since. Description Lindyisaboutfourfeetinheight,ofmediumbuildand hasadarkcomplexion.Hehasaroundheadpointed tothebackandaflatforehead.Hishairiskeptlow; hehassmallbrowneyes,asmallbobnoseanddimples tobothcheeks.Lindyisslightlybowlegged. Anyonewithinformationrelativetothe whereabouts of Lindy London is asked to contact the Emergency number 211,or the nearest Police Station. Missingelderlyman ThePolice are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing elderly man.Missing is Chesterfield Hinds,85 years of Parkinson Road,Fairfield, St.Michael.He was last seen at his residence about 4:00 p.m.on March 20,2015 and has not been seen or heard from since. At the time he was wearing a green tee shirt,a 3/4 Khaki cargo pants,a pair of black canvas shoes and a black peak cap. Description Chesterfieldisabout5’5”inheight,ofslimbuildand hasadarkbrowncomplexion.Hehasarecedinghair linewithblackandgreyhair.Hehasaroundheadand face,noteethandhispostureisslightlybentforward. ChesterfieldfrequentstheFairfieldcommunity. Anyonewithinformationrelativetothe whereaboutsofChesterfieldHindsisaskedtocontact theEmergencynumber211,orthenearestPolice Station. THERoyalBarbados PoliceForceisseeking theassistanceofthe publicinlocatingtwo menwanted in connection with separate criminal matters. WantedisDamian AntonioGreaves,28years ofHarrisonsTenantry, Crab Hill,St.Lucy,alias “Ralph”.He is about 5’ 9” inheight,slim build and of black complexion.He has black hair,dark brown eyes,and a bulbous nose. Damian has a tattoo of a skeleton on his left forearm. Also wanted is Rico Sheronn Baptiste,28 years of Water Street, Christ Church,alias “Boots or Sas”.He is about 5’4”in height,slim build and of black complexion. Hehas black hair,brown eyes,pointed nose and a tattoo of three five-point stars on his right arm. Damian Antonio Greaves and Rico Sheronn Baptiste are advised that they can present themselves to the Police accompanied by an attorney-at-law of their choice. Any person,who may know the whereabouts of Damian Antonio Greaves and Rico Sheronn Baptiste,is asked to contact the Police Emergency at telephone number ‘211’,the nearest police station or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIPS (8477). The public is reminded that it is a serious offence to harbour or assist wanted persons;any person caught committing this offence can be prosecuted.Thank you for your co-operation. Missing persons Damian Antonio Greaves Rico Sheronn Baptiste Two men wanted by police


Monday March 23, 2015 11 The Barbados Advocate


12 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


Monday March 23, 2015 13 The Barbados Advocate ST.JAMES,Jamaica– PrimeMinisterPortia Simpson-Miller,says Jamaica is on a mission to meet its growth projections tobuild the economy and improve the quality of life for all citizens of the country. “As we move to achieve this goal,we have kept sharp focus oncreatingamorevibrant economic environment in our country for businesses,whether small,medium or large,local or foreign.Our goal is to facilitate win-win investments that will bring (investors) a good rate of return,and also create the jobs we desire for our people,”she said. She was speaking at Friday’s official opening of Jamaica’s first Hyatt-branded all-inclusive resorts,the new Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall and Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall. The Prime Minister,in her address,stressed the Government’s commitment to creating the nurturing environment for investments to succ eed and welcomed the US$85 million investment by the developers,as a signal that “we are doing it right”. “That is why we are ensuring that the fundamentals of our economy are sound and sure,as we accommodate greater levels of foreign direct investments.We are therefore very delighted that the Hyatt Zilara and Hyatt Ziva hotels will be doing business in Jamaica at this stage in our economic progress,”she said. “We recognise that by your investment in these state-ofthe-art resorts,you are demonstrating your confidence that Jamaica will continue to be one of the premier destinations,not only in the region but globally,” she noted further. The Prime Minister said tourism represents an area of substantial growth,with the sector generating approximately US$2 billion in earnings annually,and some 1 80 000 people are directly or indirectly employed to the industry. Provisional gross foreign exchange earnings from the industry are estimated at US$2.2 billion for the period January to December 2014. “We want our industry to grow not simply in quantity,but in quality,and the new Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara hotels represent quality Moreover, these will fit admirably into two specific areas of growth in tourism around the world – luxury travel and the all-inclusive vacation experience,”the Prime M inister noted. Some 1 000 Jamaicans are employed at the two properties, which began welcoming guests last December.Renovations are still under way and should be completed by year-end. The Hyatt Zilara is designated as an adult-only location, while Hyatt Ziva is for guests of a ll ages. The colourful opening ceremony included a showcase of cultural performances in song and dance,while guests also enjoyed local cuisine. SANJUAN,PuertoRico– TheUnitedStatesCoast hastransferredcustodyof threesmugglersfromthe DominicanRepublicand 466poundsofcocainetoUS ImmigrationandCustoms Enforcement (ICE) Special Agents here following an interdictionintheCaribbean Sea. Theinterdictionoffthecoast ofAguadilla,Puerto Rico on Friday was the result of a multi-agency international law enforcement effort that also involved the Dominican Republic Navy. The drug shipment was estimated to have a wholesale value of about US$7 million, the Coast Guard said. While on a routine patrol early on Tuesday,the Coast Guard said a suspicious 20foot boat was detected,travelling towards Puerto Rico. The vessel,carrying three people with what appeared to be multiple bales of contraband onboard,was transiting without the use of navigational lights. It’s reported that the passengers onboard proceeded to“jettison their cargo overboard”. Shortly after,thethreesuspected smugglers were apprehended and the suspected drug shipment tested positive for cocaine. Since January 2014,the Coast Guard has seized 15 671 kilograms of cocaine and 5 320 pounds of marijuana during 16 counter-druginterdictions as part of Operation Unified Resolve.It said the wholesale value for these seizures is worth more than US$524 million. PM says Jamaica on growth mission Three smugglers, US$7 million in cocaine seized by US Coast Guard in Caribbean Sea The drug shipment was estimated to have a wholesale value of about US$7 million, the Coast Guard said. (CREDIT: COASTGUARDNEWS.COM) New York City, NY: 06C Miami, Florida: 30C Toronto, Canada: -03C London, UK: 04C Beijing, China: 03C High: 5:43 a.m. and 6:28 p.m. Low: 12:07 a.m. Mostly fair Yesterday: 0 mm For the month: 63.2 mm For the year: 173.9 mm Max: 28.6C Min: 23.1C 6:10 p.m. 6:01 a.m.


DIEGO MARTIN CENTRALMP Dr. Amery Browne says a small “clique”within the People’s National Movement wants to put him under pressure as he faces the screening committee. Sunday Guardian learnt that Browne is likely to be rejected when he goes up for screening next month. On Saturday,a party insider indicated that Arouca/Maloney MP Alicia Hospedales and La Brea MP Fitzgerald Jeffrey were also likely to be booted out. Hospedales is expected to be replaced by Senator Camille Robinson-Regis, lady vice chair of the party. Jeffrey,Browne and Hospedales are the last three sitting MPs to be screened by the party. OnFriday,former Portof-Spain mayor Louis Lee Sing and former finance minister Mariano Browne said talk on the ground was that Browne and Hospedales would not be on the PNM’s new slate. On Wednesday, Laventille West MP Nileung Hypolite and MPfor Laventille East/Morvant Donna Cox were rejected by the party.Fitzgerald Hinds w a s given the nod over Hypolite.So far,the PNM has selected 34 candidates,30 of whom are newcomers. The four incumbents are Dr.Keith Rowley, Colm Imbert,Terrence Deyalsingh and Marlene Mc Donald.In response to an e-mail on Friday, Browne admitted that “they are trying to put Amery under pressure” when told that he was expected to be rejected by the screening committee. “Of course in the political field at the ground level I have encountered asmall clique that may wish to select and control the prospective representatives of the people,but I fear them not and they don’t distract me,”Browne wrote. Browne said he was nominated by ten PNM party groups,including the youth league.“The three other nominees only got five,two and one party groups each. ”He is expected to be screened with councillor Darryl Smith and two others, aT&T Guardian report stated earlier this month. “With regard to my own screening,I don’t focus on any rivalries or competition which are a normal part of politics . M y focus has always been on fair,decent and energetic representation ...not based on personalities and never on creating division based on ethnicity.” CARACAS,Venezuela– Atleast11peoplehave beenkilledinVenezuela whenabusrolledinto aravinesouthwestof Caracas. Another 36 people were injured in the crash,which occurred yesterday as the bus was travelling to visit alagoon. The bus driver was among the dead,according to statements released on Twitter by the National Police and a highway safety official. The cause of the crash was under investigation. 14 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate GEORGE TOWN, CaymanIslands– Authoritiessayan Americantouristhas diedwhilescubadiving in waters off the Cayman Islands. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service yesterday identified the dead man as 70-year-old Stephen Edward Van Buren. Van Buren was a resident of Conroe,Texas, atown about 40 miles (64 kilometres) north of Houston. Police say Van Buren was scuba diving with others when he experienced difficulty in the water.He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. He was diving off Grand Cayman,the main island in the British Caribbean chain with diving sites that often are ranked among the world’s best dive locations. LONDON,United Kingdom – Britain has warned travellers to the Caribbean about contracting the Chikungunya virus, based on the dramatic increase in the number of peopleaffectedbythedisease in the last year. On Friday,Public Health England (PHE) said according to its latest annual data,there has been a 12-fold increase from 24 cases in 2013 to 295 cases in 2014 in England,Wales and Northern Ireland. Themajorityofcases, 88 percent,were acquired on trips to the Caribbean and South America. The outbreak,which started in December 2013 in the French Caribbean territory of St.Martin, has now affected most of the countries and territories in the Caribbean and Americas. “Chikungunya is an unpleasant viral illness that can cause fever and joint pains,which,in some patients,maypersist for a prolonged period,”said Dr.Hilary Kirkbride, head of PHE’s Travel and Migrant Health. “Prevention relies on avoiding mosquito bites, particularly around dusk and dawn,when day biting mosquitoes are most active,as there is no specific preventive medicine or vaccination against Chikungunya,”she added. Dr.Dipti Patel,joint director at Britain’s National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC),“strongly” recommends that travellers seek pre-travel advice from their general physician,aspecialist travel clinic or pharmacy at least six to eight weeks before they travel. Diego Martin Central MP, Dr. Amery Browne. British visitors to the Caribbean warned about spread of Chikungunya virus Police: Texas tourist dies in Cayman Islands after dive Bus accident kills at least 11 in Venezuela Diego Central MP admits pressure from ‘PNM clique’


Monday March 23, 2015 15 The Barbados Advocate KABUL,Afghanistan – Afghanwomen’srightsactivistsdressedhead-to-toein blackbrokewithtradition yesterdaytocarrythecoffin ofawomanwhowasbeaten todeathbyamobinthecapital Kabul over allegations she had burned a Quran. Themobofmenbeat27-yearoldFarkhundabeforethrowing herbodyoffaroof,running over it with a car,setting it on fire and throwing it into a river near a well-known mosque. The attack was apparently sparked by allegations that Farkhunda,who like many Afghans has just one name,had set fire to a Quran.But Afghanistan’smost senior detective said no evidence had been found to support those claims. Video of the assault taken with cellphones has circulated widely since the attack on Thursday.The killing has shocked many Afghans and led to renewed calls for justice and reform. “We want justice for Farkhunda,we want justice for Afghan women.All these injustices happening to Afghan women are unacceptable,”said a prominent women’s rights activist who goes by the name Dr. Alima.“In which religion or faith is it acceptable to burn a person todeath? Today is a day of national mourning and we will not keep quiet.” President Ashraf Ghani,now in Washington on his first state visit to the United States since taking office in September,condemned the killing as a “heinous attack”and ordered an investigation. LONDON–ATurkishoppositionlawmakersaidSundayheis helpingthefamiliesofnine Britishmedicalstudentsand doctorsbelievedtohavecrossed intoSyriafromTurkey. MehmetAliEdiboglusaidthe familymembersareatthe Turkey-SyriaborderonSunday tryingtofindthestudents.He said he believed the students have crossed into northern Syrian territory controlled by the Islamic State group. The students traveled together from Sudan,where they were studying,to Istanbul,according to Turkish and British media reports. A19-year-old student messaged her relatives by phone earlier this month to say that she had arrived in Istanbul and that she wanted to volunteer, helping wounded Syrians in hospitals,reports said. Britain’s Foreign Office said it was providing assistance to the families and that it has asked Turkish police to try to find out where the students are. About 700 Britons have traveled to Syria to join extremists, authorities say,and critics say police should do more to try to stop young people many of them teenagers from making the journey.Many travel to Turkey,using it as a jumping off point to enter Syria. Afghanistan buries woman beaten to deathbymob Afghan women carry the coffin of Farkhunda, 27, who was lynched by an angry mob for allegedly burning the Koran, in central Kabul on March 22, 2015. 9British medical students feared to be in Syria via Turkey


TUNIS–Tunisia’s PresidentBejiCaid Essebsi said yesterday that athird gunman involved in an attackthatkilled23 people,mostly foreign tourists,at a Tunis museumlastweekwasonthe run. TheshootingsatthemuseuminsideTunisia’sparliamentcompoundwas one oftheworstmilitantattacksinTunisianhistory and brought to light the threat posed by Islamist militants to the young democracy,four years after its “Arab Spring”revolt. Two gunmen were shot dead at the scene and authorities have so far arrested more than 20 people,ofwhichten officials believe were directly involved in the attack.Some hadrecentlyreturnedfrom fightingforIslamistmilitant groups in Syria and Libya. “For sure there were three because they have been identified and filmed on surveillance cameras,” Essebsi said in a televised interview with Europe 1 radio,iTELE and Le Monde newspaper. “There are two who were executed and one who is on the run somewhere.But in any case,he won’t get far,” Essebsi said. ATunisian security source said investigations were still ongoing,but the third suspect appeared to have been involved in directing the attackandlogistics,rather than as a gunman.He was known to authorities as an extremist,the source said. Tourism minister Salma Loumi told state news agency TAP that world leaders had been invited to participate yesterday in a planned marchagainst terrorism in Tunis. Islamic State militants – who have taken over parts of Iraq and Syria – have claimed responsibility for the attack.But social media accounts tied to an al Qaeda-affiliated group in Tunisia have also published purported details of the operation. ADEN – Houthi fighters opposed to Yemen’s presidenttookoverthecentral city of Taiz in an escalation of a power struggle diplomats say risks drawing in neighbouring oil giant Saudi Arabia and its main regional rival Iran. Residents of Taiz,on a main road from the capitalSanaatothecountry’s second city of Aden,said that Houthi militias took over the city’s military airport without a struggle from local authorities late on Saturday. Eyewitnesses in the central province of Ibb reportedseeingdozensof tanks and military vehicles headed southward from Houthi-controlled areas toward Taiz,while activists in the city said Houthi gunmen shot into the air to disperse protests by residents demonstrating against their presence. Conflict has been spreading across Yemen since last year when the Houthis seized the capital Sanaa and effectively removed President AbdRabbu Mansour Hadi, who now seeks a comeback from his base in Aden. The advance of the Iranian-backed group has angered Sunni Gulf Arab states led by Saudi Arabia. The Houthi spread into mostly Sunni areas in the centre and west have led to months of clashes with local tribes and al Qaeda, raising fears that the poor and heavily armed country at the base of the Arabian peninsula might descend into civil war. Intervention TheUnitedNations SecurityCouncilwas settodiscussYemenafter Hadi,, accused the Houthi militia of staging a coup and appealed to the U.N.for “urgent intervention”. SINGAPORE–Lee KuanYew,whofounded modern Singapore and wasboth feared for his authoritarian tactics and admired for turning the city-state into one of the world’s richest nations,died yesterday,the government said.He was 91. Lee was admitted to Singapore General Hospital on Feb.5 for severe pneumonia and was later put on life support. The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement posted on its website that Lee “passed away peacefully”at the hospital at 3:18 a.m.yesterday. The country’s first and longest-serving prime minister,Lee guided Singapore through a traumatic split with Malaysia in 1965 and helped transform what was then a sleepy port city into a global trade and finance centre.Although he could have remained in office for much longer,he stepped aside and handed over leadership of the ruling party,and the country,to a younger generation in 1990.Still,he remained an influential behind-thescenes figure for many more years until his health deteriorated. “In the end,my greatest satisfaction in life comes from the fact that I have spent years gathering support,mustering the will to make this place meritocratic,corruption-free and equal for all races – and that it will endure beyond me,as it has,”Lee said in his 2013 book,“One Man’s View of the World.” President Barack Obama once called Lee “one of the legendary figures of Asia in the 20th and 21st centuries.” “He is somebody who helped trigger the Asian economic miracle,”Obama said after meeting Lee at the White House in October 2009. U.N.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was “deeply saddened”by Lee’s death.He noted that Singapore is marking its 50th anniversary of independence this year,and “its founding father will be remembered as one of the most inspiring Asian leaders,”according to a statement released by Ban’s spokesman. Ban said Lee helped Singapore “transition from adeveloping country to one of the most developed in the world,transforming it into a thriving international business hub.” Lee’s legacy includes an efficient government with little corruption,low tax rates to attract foreign investment,excellent schools and clean and safe streets, all of which have helped Singapore rank consistently near the top of surveys of the most livable cities for expatriates. He faced criticism, though,for using tough tactics to consolidate power.He jailed some political rivals without trial for decades and brought defamation lawsuits against journalists and opposition politicians,which had a chilling effect on dissent. Lee insisted that strict limits on free speech and public protest were necessary to maintain stability in a multiethnic and multireligious country that witnessed race riots in the 1960s.That stability,he added,was needed to enable growth and raise living standards in a country with few natural resources. “I had to do some nasty things,locking fellows up without trial,”Lee said in an interview with The New York Times published inSeptember 2010.“I’m not saying everything I did was right.But everything Idid was for an honourable purpose.” Lee,whose People’s Action Party has ruled Singapore since 1959,remained a powerful adviser with Cabinet minister status after stepping down as prime minister,and many Singaporeans,particularly older ones,viewed him as awise,if strict,father figure. Lee gave up his Cabinet minister post and resigned from the executive committee of the People’s Action Party after 2011 parliamentary elections in which the ruling party won its lowest overall vote percentage since independence. One of his sons,Lee Hsien Loong,is Singapore’s current prime minister.He also is survived by another son,Lee Hsien Yang,and a daughter,neurologist Lee Wei Ling.His wife of more than 60 years,Kwa Geok Choo, died in October 2010. The Prime Minister’s Office said arrangements for the public to pay respects and for the funeral proceedings will be announced later. 16 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate In this March 20, 2013, file photo, Singapore's first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew attends the Standard Chartered Singapore Forum in Singapore. Singapore's first and longest-serving prime minister Lee Kuan Yew died yesterday, the prime minister's office said. He was 91. People walk by as as a police officer guards the National Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia, Thursday, March 19, 2015. Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of modern Singapore dies at 91 Houthis seize strategic Yemeni city, escalating power struggle Tunisian president says third suspect in museum attack on the run


Barbados Advocate THEheadofalocally-ownedgeneral insurancecompanyiscallingon Barbadiansandcreditunion membersinparticular,togiveit moresupportratherthansending alloftheirbusinesstotheforeign insurersoperatinginBarbados. AntonLovell,whoheadsupthe Co-operatorsGeneralInsurance CompanyLimited,whichisownedbythe creditunionmovementhere,madethe callinanaddresstotheannualgeneral meetingoftheLightandPower EmployeesCo-operativeCreditUnion Limited.Lovell said that credit union membersinBarbadosappearnottoknow theconnectionbetweenthecreditunion andtheCo-operatorsGeneralInsurance CompanyLimited. “Therearestilltoomanycreditunion membersouttherewhoareinsuredwith ourcompetitorsandmostofthese companies,asyouknow,areforeign owned,”Mr.Lovellsaid. “Thefactthatyouaretheownersofan insurancecompanyshouldnotbetaken forgranted,”hefurtherstated. SUPPORT on Page 3 From left are Trevor Williams, Randy Graham, Anton Lovell and Drayton Carter. Insurance company head calling for more local supportINSURE WITH US


2Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday LIME,Barbados’leading telecommunications provider,has much to be happy about after the company’s ‘Appy’ campaign,conceptualised by Red Advertising & Marketing Limited to educate consumers about the many benefits of mobile applications,collected six ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation. Redlandedtwogoldandfour silverawards on LIME’s behalf for work done across several media platforms including newsprint,regional radio,speciality advertising,integrated consumer campaigns and music. The ‘Appy’ summer campaign found favour with the judges and received a gold award for regional press,along with awards for the accompanying ‘Appy’ jingle,which was penned and performed by Edwin Yearwood. Red also delivered a gold award for LIME’s 4G ‘Anywhere’ jingle which was produced by LIME Ambassador Jus Jay and performed by alternative/hiphop band NexCyx. “It is gratifying to know that inthe face of very fierce competition from our rivals,our marketing and advertising came out on top this year,”said Rachel Pilgrim,head of marketing and corporate communications, LIME. “The result was even more rewarding given the high level of simulation our campaigns faced this year.They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it doesn’t win awards or build business.” Red also facilitated LIME’s recent ‘Upgrade to the #1 network’ rebrand. Robert MacGeoch,Red’s Head of Account Management,commented on the results. “We were thrilled to once again deliver fantastic creative and business results for LIME. From a marketing perspective, the telecoms industry is a very challenging space but we were happy to see that our campaigns,especially the ‘Appy’ campaign,resonated strongly with consumers,”he said. Red Advertising & Marketing Limited once again dominated the local advertising award haul with 39 awards overall,including 12 gold awards and the prestigious Judges’ Choice Award for Art Direction. This year’s ADDY Awards – the creative award show of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of which the Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) is a member – attracted a record 995 entries from 51 companies. ‘APPY’ TIMES! Rachel Pilgrim, head of marketing and corporate communications, LIME, poses for a selfie with Robert MacGeoch, Red’s head of account management, and Tracey Garcia, Red’s co-creative director. Red delivers ‘Appy-ness’ for LIME


FROMthefiscalyear starting2015/2016 Government will be transitioning out of the cash reporting and into the accrualsystemofreporting. Thishasbeenrevealed byFinanceandEconomic AffairsMinister, ChristopherSinckler,as the curtain came down on the debate of the Estimates for the forthcomingfiscalyearstartingApril 1. “As part of the ongoing process after seven years, from the financial year 2015 /2016 Government’s deficit overall and recurrent,will be reported on an accrued basis.In other words we are transitioned out of the cash reporting,”according to him. “Cash accounts will still be maintained in the Estimates as that shows the Government’sincome statement,”the Minister said. He recalled that from 2006/2007 the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure were presented on an accrual basis comprising both cash and non cash transactions.this was done as the government transitioned into accrual accounting. “Previously the Government of Barbados prepared the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure on a cash basis only whichmeasured moneys paid out and revenueactuallyreceived,”theMinistersaid. Undertheaccrualbasis of accounting revenues are recorded when earned or when they become due,while expenditureisrecordedwhenitis incurred. Accordingtothe Minister,“undertheaccrualsystemofaccountinggovernmentreports its fiscal operations in terms of an operating statement.the operating statement is similar to a profit and loss statement and is calculated showing revenue minus expenses. Sinckler said that it should be noted that expenses are costs of carrying on the business and do not include capital outlays. SUPPORTfromPage1 Lovellsaidthatever sincehejoined CooperatorsGeneralhe hasbeentryingtopersuadecreditunionmembersandBarbadiansthat CooperatorsGeneral should be the insurance company of choice. According to him,“Icontinue to emphasise the point which you too should consider.” Saying that profits and dividends from Cooperators General Insurance are paid out to member credit unions, Lovell queried whether individual credit unions in Barbados are paid dividends from other insurance companies. “So again when you put your faith in these insurance companies I figure if you placed it in Cooperators General, business will flow back to your credit union,and to you,”he reasoned. “These things we have to focus on and to think seriously about,”he advised. Lovell said that for example,if Cooperators had to offer extremely low rates compared to some of the other insurers there is a segment of the local population that would never insure with Cooperators. “Other companies are growing and doing well because they have the support of certain segments and despite the premiums are higher than ours they won’t insure with Cooperators,” he maintained.Lovell blamed tghe management at some credit unions for this since they do not pushed Cooperators as they should. The official added that they have seen instances where people who are unable to get coverage with other companies for one reason or another tend to turn to Cooperators as a last resort.( JB ) THEREhasstillbeen noofficialwordasyet onthedecisionby Barbadosonthe mergerbetweenCable andWireless Communication and Columbus Communication. Adecisionhadbeen promisedlastweekby boththeFairTrading Commission(FTC),the localregulator,andthe Ministerwithresponsibilityforthatsector, DonvilleInniss. Adeadlineforthe decisionwasalsowidely anticipated by Cable and Wireless by at least the end of the first quarter of 2015 following the announcement of the proposed acquisition last November. Inniss had said that whatever decision the FTC makes he will be going along with it given the professionalism of the Commission’s staff and its ability todeal with such matters. Cable and Wireless one of the leading telecommunication’s companies in Barbados and in the region,is acquiring Columbus Communications for Bds$6 billion.It has also promised a broad range of improved services. There are many who believed that Barbados will go along with the merger just as Jamaica has done. “Barbados will benefit from more than $100 million in new investments,something the country will not be ignoring,”said a Intervenor who comments on such issues.He also said that Barbados’ development in the area of telecommunications stemmed from the role played by Cable and Wireless. Countries in the Caribbean have been advised not to go along with the acquisition on the grounds that it will create a monopoly in the telecommunications market. “But you ha v e to look at the bigger picture and what even the previous monopoly status has done for Barbados in advancing the pace of telecommunications development.” Inniss in his statement said that mergers and acquisitions are part of the new phenomenon taking place globally. Monday March 23, 2015 3 Business Monday Some members of the Light and Power Employees Cooperative Credit Union Limited at their meeting. THEBarbados Governmentanticipates some$953.5millionfrom theValue Added Tax (VAT) during the next financial year. This projection is contained in the Draft EstimatesofRevenueand Expenditure for the coming year. VAT is the principal tax under the goods and services category whichaccording to the Draft Estimates should realise at least $1.2 billion this coming year. The Approved Estimates had shown that VAT which is levied at 17.5 per cent,was expected to bring in $927.8 million and the Revised Estimates $914.4 million. Overall Government is seeking to raise $2.5 billion in revenue while Estimated Total Expenditure is $4.3 billion. In other related tax news,Government is also looking to collect $132.5 million from excise duties, $48 million from road taxes,$25 million from taxes on insurance companies and $18 million from Bank Asset Tax. As for the controversial Municipal Solid Waste Tax,the Estimates are projecting $35 million from this source over the coming year and $30 million from the Consolidation Tax. Income taxes are earmarked to bring in $480.4 million,Corporate taxes $186.7 million and property taxes $134.6 million, with the bulk of that – $115.1 million – coming from land taxes. Still no word on CWC-Columbus merger Uphill battle persuading credit union members and others $953.5 Million in VAT projected to be collected Finance Minister: Gov’t to transition into new system of reporting


FREDDIEHILLofFas entertainment expects another successful Barbados Reggae Festival with a string of top artist and a consistent quality show. Hillhasalwaysexpressedthattheentertainmentsectorcanthrive with the requisite support and that it is an area that employs persons not only directly such as artist but it creates business indirectly such as taxi drivers,vendors,boutiques,salons etc. The Reggae Festival at the end of April has become amajor event on the Barbados calendar after only starting in 2005,the event is eagerly anticipated not only by locals but byvisitors and one of the Directors of FAS Entertainment Al Gilkes put it simply “we ensure we produce a quality event each year because it is a business.” FAS Entertainment was established in 2004 and the group held the first Reggae on the Hill in 2005 which then blossomed. Many in the tourism industry have highlighted the importance of niche events especially to drive business in summer and also to drive spend.Driving business in the summer is anarea that we are working on to strengthen tourism in Barbados was the implication made by Chief Executive Officer of BTMI (Barbados Tourism Marketing,Inc) William ‘Billy’ Griffith. He recently reported,“A large part of our enthusiasm stems also from our new marketing philosophy, which will be driven by a stronger digital marketing consciousness than ever before.While we are encouraged by these results we are very cognizant that one or two great months is not the panacea.The battle for growth and sustainability for visitor arrivals will not be won solely by winter performances.It will require greater effort and more targeted marketing activity in the summer and fall months.” Al Gilkes,one of the Directors of FAS entertainment spoke to Business Monday previously,hereported,“The[then] Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA)andthe Minister of Tourism,has recognisedthatattheend of April after the winter seasonhasslowedthereis aspikeattheendofApril thengoesbackdownuntil CropOver.Theyhaveresearched this and have reported that the spike is the impact of the reggae festival in terms of attracting visitors both regional and international”. Gilkes added,“The calibre of artist we have bookedthroughtheyears, they have international stature and without promoting externally but by association with the best acts in the game the event is promoted.The Barbados Reggae Festival is recognised internationally as one of the main reggae festivals in the world.The Minister of Tourism recognises the impact that the festival has on Barbados and the possibilities of further growth,they have taken it on their own to start promoting it,we do realise that they are limitations due to the economic challenges but they are promoting the festival in different markets as much as they can at this time.” However he did stress, that the entertainment industry must be treated like abusiness,the interconnected linkages and the multiplier effect is a positive impact on the economy.“One of major issues is that people don’t respect entertainment whether artist,producers as a legitimate business,in the world there is no bigger business component to any economy that the business of entertainment.We were very happy we were able to create a business that started out successful and the success not only in terms of having a good turnout but we continue to improve and leave a lasting impression,”he noted. ( NB ) 4Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday Niche events create business, spending during the summer period Chief Executive Officer of BTMI William ‘Billy’ Griffith. One of the Directors of FAS Entertainment, Al Gilkes


GOVERNORofthe Central Bank of Barbados (CBB),Dr. Delisle Worrell,has reaffirmed that in Barbados we need to stick to our fundamental principles. Hemadebrief commentsfollowingthe BarbadosCentralBank ofBarbados2nd Caribbean Economic ForumattheGrande Salle.“Theeffortsofour recentpastoffer guidanceforthe Caribbeantoday.The problemsaredifferent, butthefundamental principleswemust employinaddressing them are the same.It is still true that disciplined policies that look to the medium term are key to successful economic adjustment and growth,” he stated. Dr.Peter Blair Henry, Second Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Dean of New York University’s Leonard N.Stern School of Business describes discipline as sustained commitment to a pragmatic growth strategy executed with a combination of temperance,vigilance and flexibly that values the long-term prosperity of the entire population over the short-term enrichment of any particular group of individuals. “To grow our economies we must incentivise people to save and invite in physical and human capital to innovate and employ workers where they are most productive. “The role of leaders is to define reality and give hope.Therealityisthat growth has been shrinking in the Caribbean.Countries are indebted,government needs to make hard decisions to drive future growth and that is hard for the average man on the street because it means in the short term less money,etc.,”Dr. Henry explained. The Economist further stressed that,“Leaders must communicate and be honest with people where countries are. Everything can’t be free, people who can afford should pay and people that can’t should not until they are able to. This is really what we mean by discipline,a long-term view with a vision of what is good for the population as a whole over any one person. What leader will do that. Aleader with courage.” (NB) Monday March 23, 2015 5 Business Monday BANK RATES Commercial bank rates to the public at the close of business on Friday by the Central Bank of Barbados. Valid for March 23rd, 2015 Telegraphic Transfers Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.15482 2.19522 Pound Sterling 2.97581 3.03160 Canadian $ 1.581201.61428 United States $1.993752.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Demand/Sight: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.15077 2.19522 Pound Sterling 2.970223.03160 Canadian $ 1.578211.61428 United States $1.990002.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Notes: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.119672.20893 Pound Sterling 2.927273.05053 Canadian $ 1.569281.61570 United States $1.980002.02857 East Caribbean $0.737040.74445 Belizean $ 1.000001.00000 INDICATIVE RATES FOR SOME REGIONAL CURRENCIES AS ADVISED BY THE RESPECTIVE CENTRAL BANKS N.B.: These rates are not meant to be used for trading. BDS$ Guyana $ 0.00979 Jamaica $ 0.01739 Trinidad & Tobago $0.31551 Discipline key to growth BARBADOSisata crossroads.Thatwasthe wordcomingfromDr.Peter Blair Henry,Second Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Dean of New York University’s Leonard N.Stern School of Business. Dr.Henry indicated, “Barbados faces difficult questions.Being downgraded makes it hard to borrow and I think the country has to show,to maintain a fixed exchange rate,that it has the discipline to bring expenditure in line with revenues,so the country can be on a [sustainable] path.” The author of numerous academic articles and books,Dr.Henry is best known for a series of publications that overturn conventional wisdom on the topics of debt relief, international capital flows, and the role of institutions in economic growth.An expert on the global economy,Dr.Henry led the external economic advisory group for then-Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.Following the historic victory on November 4,Dr. Henry was chosen to lead the Presidential Transition Team’s review of international lending agencies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. He made the observation,“There are tough choices to make, Barbados has achieved a high level of development by providing free education and health care,but it has come to the point where it has to grapple with the questions,can we afford to keep providing the social services of the level it has before in the past,it does not mean not investing in people.Are those who can afford to pay to send their children to the university paying or for health care;so that we can begin to prioritise Government resources to help those who can’t afford or invest in infrastructure.Means testing can determine those who can afford to pay for those resources.” Easeofdoingbusiness iscritical TheEconomistaddedthat, “Anumberofpublications that have reported on Barbados has shown that the country has done well in quality of work force but the ease of doing business, government regulations remain a challenge.How do you unleash the power of the private sector,how do you make it easy for entrepreneurs to start businesses? We talk a lot in the Caribbean about the informal economy but many of them stay underground.The benefits of remaining informal are high but this impedes growth,employ less people therefore you want to create a system that they can be part of the formal sector ...yes enforce the law, but recognise you can’t make it hard for people to follow regulations,it is important to create a vibrant private sector.” (NB) Tough choices to be made SECONDDistinguished VisitingFellowandDeanof NewYorkUniversity’s LeonardN.SternSchoolof Business,Dr.PeterBlair Henry,has advised young people to embrace change. While visiting Barbados last week,the Dean advised young persons, “You have to be prepared to have skills that are going to lead you through potentially a number of different careers.When you come to the Stern School of Business the most important thing you can do is to learn how to solve problems and create value in the world,it is important that our students can do that,as a business person you are solving problems for your clients.” Dr.Henry also outlined the fundamentals for turnaround in the Caribbean that of discipline,clarity and trust. He explained,“Discipline is a sustained commitment to a long-term vision....The common element needs to be the willingness to undertake the steps to achieve that vision but sometimes you have to change course.Manley had a tremendous vision for Jamaica but he worked against the market and that undermined prosperity.The government can’t do everything for all people, there is a role for Government but they have to ask tough questions.” The Economist added, “In terms of clarity, countries that turn themselves around did so when their leaders demonstrated a clear direction.As a leader you have to deliver clarity one of the most powerful examples of clarity I came across comes from Barbados,in the 1990s Barbados was faced with a tremendous crisis,the IMF came to the island and said this peg of the Barbados dollar to US dollar has to go,the country needs to export more,etc....The leadership said we are not doing that,Barbadian leadership stood up even though it was controversial.Prime Minister Sandiford never returned to power,he was interviewed and he said the price I paid was small price to save the country. Trust has to be earned, discipline,plus clarity brings truth.There are a lot of angry citizens in the Caribbean because they are saying you are the educated,and you have not delivered prosperity for us and they are justified.” (NB) Leadership is action Dr. Peter Blair Henry, Dean of New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.


6Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday ByJewelBrathwaiteONEofthethingsthatwill betested over the course of the next year,is whether Government will indeed be able to lower its fiscal deficit, as it had down over the last year or so. TheMinisterofFinanceand EconomicAffairs,Christopher Sinckler,isconfidentthiswill happen. Overthepast19months, Governmenthasbeenpursuing arelentlessandtoughprogrammetobringordertoitsfiscal position,while also preparing the island’s economy for a new thrust in economic growth. It was expected,therefore,that the Estimates,which outline both government revenue and spending programme for the coming financial year,would be atime to review what went on in the economy over the period. InthedebateontheEstimates lastweek,the Minister said that, overall,the fiscal programme institutedoverthe19-monthperiod(August2013toMarch 2015)was a success.The fiscal consolidation adjustment programme was aimed at reducing spending and growing the economy. “As a government,we sought to maintain the quality of social services,and that caused the expenditure to grow,”he said in the House of Assembly. “So that it is against that backdropthat the current fiscal adjustment programme was launched,”according to the Minister. “The programme was extremely successful during 2014/ 2015.We have got a primary deficit for the first time in a number of years,and our fiscal deficit was almost half,”the Minister said. That means,whereasthistime last year the deficit was almost 12 per cent of GDP,the figures revealed by the Minister put it this time around at about 7.2 per cent of GDP. Itwould be recalled,however, that in 2010 Government had instituted a major programme to correct the fiscal imbalances, with the deficit then running at about eight per cent of GDP.An increase in the VATfrom 15 per cent to 17.5 per cent was among the principal tax adjustment measures,along with expenditure cuts to combat the deficit at that time. By 2011,it was down to four per cent. However,that was not carried forward,and by late 2014,it had shot back up to more challenging proportions.That 12 per cent is now down to 7.2 per cent. In terms of other gains from the measures which spanned the 19 months,the Minister pointed to the marginal 0.3 per cent growth rate for 2014,compared to the economic decline of just under one per cent in 2015. Accounting for the growth were improvements in tourism, higher construction activity,and some gains in non-sugar agriculture. The net international reserves stood at around one billion dollars at the end of December last year. Opposition Leader,Ms.Mia Mottley,is not at all convinced that the measures have worked. She said that the foreign reserves had depleted beyond the target,although a foreign loan was contracted. In addition,the (7.2 per cent) fiscal deficit at Marchthis year was still way above the 2.8 per cent original target,and that the sacrifices which Barbadians had endured were in vain. “But the (present) deficit is still a bit too large,and therefore we have to ensure that we bring it down in an orderly,manageable,and affordable fashion,in terms of the wider society,”according to Sinckler. All-aroundadjustments Hesaidthatwhileeconomic growthalonewillnotdothatjob, itwillcontributesignificantlyto it. For one thing the taxation measureswhichcontributedto theloweringofthedeficitin 2014/2015willbeinplaceforanother year. One of the critical areas that will have to be addressed is how thecountryprovidesforthemassivesocialcostsinmeetingeducation,healthcareandothersocialdevelopmentservicesin Barbados. Thespendingandexpenditure figures,asoutlinedintheEstimates,willdeterminejusthow farthefiscalmeasureswillgo, along with other activities to streamline government operations.Those measures,he revealed will be made known in the forthcoming budget. The draft Estimates (2015/2016) show Estimated Current Revenue of $2.5 billion, and Estimated Total Expenditure of $4.3 billion.That leaves a shortfall of $1.7 billion. The Minister told the opening of thedebatethatdomesticfinancingofalmost$1.3billionisearmarkedtogotowards financing the$1.7billionshortfall. Thiswillbemadeupbytheissuance of Government paper comprising just over $800 million (from both Treasury notes and Debentures),$463 million through treasury bills,and$20 million from Government savings bonds. Theissueswhichhaveinformedthe2015/2016Estimates areanimprovingbutvolatileinternationaleconomicsituation, comparedto18monthsago whentheplanningperiodwasa lotmoreunstable.They are also comingagainstabackgroundof loweroilprices,andinparticular a25percentreductioninthe outlay of energy across government’senergyexpenditure. Mottleybelievesthatgoing forward,thecountryneedsto tackle the growing debt issue. “In all the Minister’sspeech, he ignored any reference whatsoever for how truly we can resolve this major issue of continuing fiscal crisis,”she said during her contribution to the debate.In the end,the Opposition Leader called for debt restructuring. Deficit-reducing measures working? Opposition Leader Ms. Mia Mottley. ECONOMICVIEWPOINT Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler. In 2010, Government had instituted a major programme to correct the fiscal imbalances, with the deficit then running at about eight per cent of GDP. An increase in the VAT from 15 per cent to 17.5 per cent was among the principal tax adjustment measures. ...Opposition Leader sceptical


BRYDENSInsuranceis looking to further enhance its presence in the market and remain competitive with new general manager,Richard Ince,at its helm. Appointedearlierthis year,Ince,along-standing insuranceexecutiveand consultant with extensive experience in both Barbadosand Canada,said that Brydens Insurance had been in existence for over 90 years,and possessed a “strong tradition of service excellence”. He also reiterated that the company was strongly affiliated with TATIL,a leading regional insurer which carries an A-rating from A.M.Best,a global credit rating agency with a unique focus on the insurance industry.“Over the next year we plan to leverage these strengths to significantly enhance our presence in the Barbados market,and remain keenly competitive,”Ince, who has responsibility for marketing the Brydens Insurance brand,added. Ince,excited to have been appointed to his new role,said he thrives on challenge.“There is a lot to be done.My personal goal is to develop Brydens Insurance into a top performing company,seeingusriseto beamongthetopfiveinsurersinBarbadosinthe next three to five years,financiallyandasleadersin products and service.This would be extremely rewarding.” The new general manager comes with many years of diverse experience,having worked in all sectors of the insurance market,including broking, underwriting,offshore and life.He also owned and operated insurance businesses in Canada and Barbados for a number of years. Ince’s most recent position was as a senior manager with a leading regional and international insurance brokerage,prior to which he founded and operated Atria Insurance Brokers,which was acquired by CGM Gallagher in 2011. For several years he served as general manager/director of the Barbados domicile operations for an international insurance management company, which provided captive insurance domicile management and risk management consultation services to Fortune 1000 multinational organisations. Ince is a past president of the Insurance Institute of Barbados,and former vice-president of the Association of Insurance Institutes of the Caribbean. Describing his role,so far,as very interesting, Ince said he was in the process of learning more about the ANSA culture. “This is the usual with any new position,but I have a strong support network,both at the executive level here and in Trinidad, and in the solid and dedicated staff at Brydens Insurance,so I am confident.” Brydens Insurance has ateam of about 35 across its offices.In addition to its head office in Norman Centre,Broad Street,it operates satellite locations at McEnearney Quality Inc. inWildey and Consolidated Finance Hastings. “We’re making significant investments in employee training,both in house and through traditional organisations like the insurance institutes, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados, and LOMA,an international trade association for the insurance and financial services industry,as well as in technology and other areas,to enhance the Brydens experience. “Our satellite offices have become popular with clients who are able to utilise our full suite of services through those locations as an alternative to coming into our Bridgetown office.” In welcoming Ince to the ANSA McAL (Barbados) group of companies,its president and chief executive officer,Nicholas Mouttet,said that he had gotten off to an active and involved start with Brydens Insurance. “In only a short time, Richard has been able to make his presence felt in tangible and impactful ways.We’re really quite excited to have him,and look forward to his leadership of this well-respected insurance brand.” Brydens Insurance enhancing market presence with new general manager Monday March 23, 2015 7 Business Monday massytechnologies.combtnfrn P.O. Box 872E | Geddes Grant Building Whitepark Road | St. Michael | Barbados 246 431 5600 | 246 427 6089 btnftrbffn nf !" b !"#$t%&''()*+n*bn*%,-./012 r#$ %"r''()*-3/(3( +',,-./b01)0)-3/3((+01)1-4.( b 23045#-3/52( 78-(49#$-4&& $b0 ,.'/';,4(-,)8<-3/(32 =t+bt7>;0)%f-3/5&0 Plus the accessories and supplies to keep you going. Give us a call at Massy Technologies InfoCom +00)/')) %<$?@-3/4&2 ?$;00) AB.--'02+%

8Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday THE recent news clip that Japan could be opening a resident mission in Barbados is really good news.In any case,some may want to suggest that a resident Japanese mission in Barbados is long overdue. Relations between the two countries date back many years and while the Japanese mission in Port-of-Spain covered Barbados,the decision to have alocation in Barbados signifies the extent to which relations between the two countries have grown and flourished.Trade contacts between Barbados and Japan have improved tremendously over the years. Until China surpassed it,Japan was the second largest economy in the world behind the United States.While the trade with Barbados is heavily stacked in Japan’s favour,that country has nonetheless provided support to Barbados in many forms. It has provided assistance through multilateral channels to the Caribbean that has benefited Barbados.It has also provided technical assistance and when the revival of the West Indies Sea Island Cotton took place in Barbados back in the 1970s, Japan was there to buy all of what was produced on the island. As countries look to enhance their relations,there is every indication of strengthening ties between the two states. Editor’s Notebook The Senate will this week bedebating the 2015/2016 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure. The opening of the Caribbean Export/OAS ICT training programme starts today at the Divi Southwinds. The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) March luncheon will be held on Wednesday. July WHAT'S UP IN THE BUSINESS WORLDalendarC Relations between Barbados, Japan growing stronger “Myhelpcomesfromthe Lord,whomadeheaven andearth.”–Psalm121:2 WHAT is the purpose of life? How often do we pause to consider this question? I believe that at many different points in life,we find ourselves reflecting on an answer. Then we drift along and, depending on what course life takes,we may pause toconsider it again. Certainly,that has been the case in my life. Ispent the first,say, 15 years accepting what Iwas told.Life was like adream.Then in the formative years especially while experiencing the rigours of tertiary education,one engaged in philosophical discussion on the subject. Then I drifted along until the mid 1980s and worked with a very simple answer – “the creation of happiness and the avoidance of pain” and adopted the four positive belief systems ambition,self-confidence, good relationships and security as a force to propel me as a human being into high gear as I faced the changing scenes of life. Of course,as we experience life we recognise that there are negative emotional countervailing forces,e.g. anger,fear,worry and guilt,whichretard our speed of progress.While focusing on the positives and repelling the negatives (the Law of Attraction) I began to see the light.This simple formula worked for me and hence I now share it with others in my shepherding sessions (life coaching for the entrepreneur and business mentoring for the enterprise) with start-up,spin-off and scale-up enterprises. More recently,as I pursue my shepherding activities,Ihave found that there is a major deficit in the awareness of entrepreneurs to get their mind-set right before they attempt to engage their talents towards sustainable business success.At least, the mind-set and the action should pursue parallel paths in time. The current West Indies cricket management and team are prime candidates for a shepherding process. It is this continual interaction with entrepreneurs on the importance of mind-set change that led to a philosophical discussion and some research last week on the relationships between the composite components with which the human body is blessed,the spirit,soul, mind and body. Even though one may intrinsically think that the delineation of these relationships should be a“no-brainer”,when I engage my clients , it is not that simple after all. Ithink this is because the client is driven by visions of abundance, but does not fully realise that this can only be successfully realised by efficiently and effectively mobilising the resources (the spirit,soul,mind and body) whichare given to us by God. Asimple and consistent interpretation of my findings (I leave more sophisticated analyses to those more qualified to do so) has led to the following guidelines which I find useful. The spirit is the element in humanity which gives us the ability tohave an intimate relationship with God, the Spirit;we humans are all spiritual beings mastering the human experience.We expect that our spiritual awareness,while we are enjoying this earthly experience,will continually expand, leading to greater abundance . The soul is the spiritual life of the human being and has the opportunity to grow spiritually when mastering the human experience. Our mind consists of the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness,perception,thinking,judgement and memory.One aspect of life which is often ignored is the fact that God has given us each 24 hours a day as an asset. The mind is in charge of minimising the wastage of this asset. The body is the physical manifestation of humanity and has the following 12 systems: (1) Integumentary (Protects body through skin,hair,nails,sweat and other exocrine glands);(2) Skeletal (Bones supporting the body and its organs);(3) Nervous (Collects and processes information from the senses via nerves and the brain and tells the muscles to contract to cause physical actions); (4) Cardiovascular (Circulates blood around the body via the heart arteries and veins, delivering oxygen and nutrients to organs and cells and carrying their waste products away); (5) Endocrine (Provides chemical communications within the body using hormones);and (6) Muscular (Enables the body to move using muscles). The other six are: (7) Lymphatic (Supplies and drains lymph fluid in support of the cardiovascularand immunesystems);(8) Respiratory (The lungs and the trachea that bring air into the body); (9) Excretory and Urinary (Eliminates waste from the body);(10) Reproductive (The sex organs required for the production of offspring); (11) Digestive (Mechanical and chemical processes that provide nutrients via the mouth, oesophagus ,stomach and intestines);and (12) Immune (Defends the body against diseasecausing agents). There is a close analogy between humanity and business.The 12 systems of the human body are God-made and hence are very robust.If we shepherd these components of humanity well,we shall enjoy good spiritual,physical,and intellectual health. Whereas there are 12 human systems,there are only five business systems:Corporate Governance,Marketing, Operations,Human Resource Development and Investment Finance. Even though Godinspired,these systems are man-made and hence intrinsically frail. Globally,90 per cent of start-up businesses fail in the first four years. Imagine how alarmed we would be if the mortality rate of human beings was 90 per cent in the first four years of life.My hypothesis is that if we shepherd the business systems well our businesses will survive and thrive and our economies will grow commensurately. Let each and every one of us maintain an intimate relationship with God,who made heaven and earth,so that we can stay tuned with the purpose of life. (Dr.Basil Springer GCMisChange-Engine Consultant,Caribbean BusinessEnterprise Trust Inc.– CBET.His columns may be found and www.nothingbeats The Purpose of Life The spirit is the element in humanity which gives us the ability to have an intimate relationship with God, the Spirit; we humans are all spiritual beings mastering the human experience. Weexpect that our spiritual awareness, while we are enjoying this earthly experience, will continually expand, leading to greater abundance.


Monday March 23, 2015 9 Business Monday THErecipient of the inaugural2014 Jenny Blanc Design Scholarship,Tyra Woodroffe isbackfromLondonand seekingtoinspireotherstudentsattheBarbados CommunityCollege. Woodroffe,a19-year-old graduateoftheBCC’sdesign programme,recently visited the institution after completing a six-month stint at the England headquarters of international designers,Jenny Blanc Interiors. Along with giving an overview of her “eye-opening”experience in London to the BCC’s20142015 Interior Design class, Woodroffe and Jenny Blanc’s Caribbean Director,Emma Blanc,presented the students with hundreds of samples of fabric of varying colours,textures and designs. “Designing is an exciting career and my trip to London allowed me to be more involved in the hands-on aspect.It was different and enlightening and the exposure also allowed me to benefit from a wider scope of design techniques and experiences,”said Woodroffe. Explaining why she opted to provide the current BCC students with suchavaried range of fabric samples,the emerging designer said BCC students were always challenged to find wide varieties of fabrics and they would certainly be useful. This was underscored by Design Tutor,Stephen Jackman, who accepted the samples on behalf of the class,and thanked WoodroffeandJennyBlancfor their kind gesture.“Fabric samples are essential for interior designers and will enhance their portfolios and knowledge,” he said. While in England,Woodroffe also succeeded in gaining City and Guilds certification in computer-assisted designing (AutoCad 2) and will fulfil the second half of her scholarship programme through a sixmonth attachment at the Holetown-based showroom of Jenny Blanc in Barbados.The emerging designer was also formally presented with her C&G certificate by Sue ThomasRichardson,the Design Director of JennyBlanc. Throughthepartnershipwith theBCC,Woodroffe emerged as the first winner of the Jenny Blanc all-expenses-paid Scholarship last June after students were assessed on their course-work and a special project that included the interior design of a four-bedroom luxury home – complete with furniture,fabrics,lightingand functional spaces. The next scholarship will be offered in 2016 and Jenny Blanc Interiors also revealed to students that the top two BCC students from the 2014-2015 class and the top two from the 2015-2016 class will all be eligible to compete for the prized allexpenses paid scholarship. ByAshleeCoxNOTonlywillFundAccessbe offeringfundingtothewinnerof Bank on Me,but they are also looking to offer funding to all of the 24 contestants of the reality TV Contest. This was announced by Kirk Dottin,Business Development Manager,of Fund Access,recently at the Bank on Me Press Conference,which was held in the Goddard Room of Cave Hill School of Business. As noted by Dottin,“We are offering funding to each participant of the Bank On Me,not only the finalist,but to all 24 contestants,in terms of seeing how we can develop those projects,because you know sometimes we tend to focus on the winners but there are some good projects that come through,that needs development and that’s what we are looking at.We want to get those projects out,because weare here to foster entrepreneurship and we don’t want to leave anybody behind.” According to Dottin,the traditional sectors have become very saturated and over the years with the failing economy,many things had regressed,however, heexplained that the company would be looking at the new emerging sectors,including the Cultural industries. “We want to educate our clients about the cultural industries now and the benefit that they can make from it and as I said,it is an emerging sector and from Fund Access’ point of view, weare fully on board,with these new emerging sectors,”he noted. Speaking on one of his clients, who was working on a new film, henoted,“ Recently,I had a meeting with a client,he’s actually in the cultural industry,he’s actually developing a film and in that meeting,it just blew me away!” Continuing,he revealed,“ I can say that the film – without bringing too much out – is very interesting and we may actually outside of the financing component,we might actually put some sponsorship just to build momentum,because it is all part ofdeveloping the project in terms of,we offer technical assistance which go into the direction of product development and marketing so we are actually going to be considering giving some grant money just for this young guy to get his project into the market arena,so we are on board with the new emerging sectors.” THEFairTradingCommission (FTC)hasconductedastudyon therenewableenergysector. ThishasbeenstatedbySir NevilleNicholls,theChairman oftheFTC. Hesaidthatthestudyis beingdonetoidentifyany potentialanticompetitiveissues.SirNevillegaveopening remarks just before the presentation of this year’sFTClecture by AmbassadorDr.Marion Williams,Permanent RepresentativeoftheMission ofBarbadostotheUnited NationsOfficeandother InternationalOrganisations. TheChairmantoldtheevent at the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa,that the findings will be discussed later this month during the annual fair competition training workshop for business persons. According to Sir Neville,this provides an opportunity for the Commission to engage with its stakeholders on a range of relevant issues. He also gave a report on other matters related to the renewable energy in Barbados.The Chairman referred to the application by the Barbados Light and Power Company for a review of the billing arrangement of the renewable energy rider programme. He pointed out that the Commission had concluded that for customers whose renewable energy system had the capacity higher than two kilowatts,the billing arrangement would be buy-all sell-all whereas customers with smaller systems had the option to choose either the buy all sell, or pre-existing sale of excess arrangement. Sir Neville said that two weeks ago the FTC agreed that the Barbados Light and Power Company should increase the capacity to 20 megawatts based on the company’ssubmission. Student outlines benefits of design programme Fund Access looking to new emerging sectors Sir Neville comments on study Design Tutor of the Barbados Community College, Stephen Jackman (left) was presented with a wide range of fabric samples from former student and inaugural 2014 Jenny Blanc Design Scholarship winner, Tyra Woodroffe (right).


10Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday REGIONALrealestatefirm, TerraCaribbeanhas announcedthereleaseofthe eighthannualeditionofThe RedBook.This comprehensive property guide provides readers with adata-driven overview of what’s happening in the Barbados real estate market. “Lastyear,theInternational MonetaryFundinitsAugust reportrelatingtotaxreformin Barbados,referredtoTheRed Book as an ‘important publication’ and quoted from some of the data in the 2014 edition,”revealed Chief Executive of Terra Caribbean, Andrew Mallalieu.“Certainly, this must be some acknowledgement thatour goal tobe a source of information on real estate matters,has significant credibility.” Senior Marketing Coordinator, Gemma Holder,explained:“Each year we have been able to present the current and upcoming real estate products in an easy-to-use guide,but this year wehave made several changes to improve on the presentation and provide our readers with an even more systematic guide to real estate. The Red Book is now arranged into distinct property sections across three respective locations and ordered according to price. Wehave further enhanced the publication with even more data and bigger,brighter images, especially in our expanded luxury section by our sister company Bajan Services | Knight Frank,whichshowcases some of the finest homes available for sale in Barbados.” The informative Pink Pages section features articles from knowledgeableandexperienced professionalsinthesectoraswell asmembersoftheTerra Caribbeanteam.“Our Knowledgeteamhasagain developedsomeinsightful reportsthathavehelpedusto betterunderstandtrendsinthe market. “Inthisedition,we have releasedaninformative ‘BarbadosBeachfront Condo PriceIndex’(BCPI).Thedatafor thisindexwasformulatedfrom ourproprietarydatabase,” explained Mallalieu. “The BCPI aims to provide insight into this key segment of the Barbados real estate market,”explained Group Knowledge Manager,Tarik Browne. Chief Operating Officer Hayden Hutton’s analysis in “Plantations 101 – A Brief History”in the Pink Pages, offered a brief commentary on the change in plantation acreage on the island in the 101 years since 1913.Readers will also learn that renewable energy in Barbados is older technology than we think in David Staples’ article,while Richard Gill sheds some light in “Town Planning – Thoughts on Policy and Control.” “Our feature article this year highlights a new dimension in the real estate market.We interviewed Mark Maloney of Bushy Park Circuit Inc.,”said Mallalieu.Maloney reveals the history and vision for the future of the new Bushy Park Circuit and ties together world-class sports,sports tourism and real estate development.“I hope you will find that this year’sedition is again true to our mission to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident to make informed real estate decisions,”affirmed Mallalieu. SUCCESSFULentrepreneurs knowthatgoodhabitsdon’t startonMondayandendon Friday.Entrepreneurs expect to work longer hours than anyone else,but they also know that they have to fuel that success. Whileresearchingtocompare myweekendhabitstothoseof othersuccessfulentrepreneurs, IfoundthisLifeHackarticle that teaches many extremely valuable habits,someofwhichI already noticed in my own routine. Here,I’ll shed some light on some of those habits that work best in my life as well as some others that I have found valuable. 1.Findarechargeritual Find a ritual that you can follow eachweekend that leaves you feeling recharged.Whether it’s an exercise regimen,music or time with your family,following a ritual can energise you for the week ahead.Successful entrepreneurs know that,like a vehicle,they can not go far on empty. 2.Spendtimeinsolitude Itgivesyouachancetothink, sortoutproblemsandplan whereyouwant to be in the future.Thiscanbeanexcellent opportunitytofreewriteorjournal.Experts agree that free writing during regular scheduledtimescanleadtoanswers toproblems,discovering new goalsandinsightintoyourdirectionforthefuture. 3.No devices for a day TakeaSaturdayorSunday andchoosetounplug.Takinga breakfromyourdevicesfora day is beneficial both mentally and physically.Constantly being connectedandchecking email, socialmediaandtheplacesyou visit online can drain both your energy and your creativity. Choosing to release the hyper vigilance of being constantly connected creates allows you to live life in real time,resulting in fresh perspectives and a boost in productivity. 4.Reflect Whatdidyoudowellthispast weekandwhatdidyoudo wrong?Howwillyoubebetterin theweekahead?Reflectingon thepastweekoffersthesuccessfulentrepreneurtheopportunitytodeterminewhichactivities to continue and which to let go.Reflectionisavaluableinvestmentofyourtimethatwill helpyousetthegoalsthatwill getyoutothenextlevelofsuccessduringtheupcomingweek. 5.Plan your week ahead Thesuccessfulentrepreneur doesn’twaituntilMondaymorningtoplanfortheweek.Sunday is the perfect day to sit down and drawaplan.Afterspending time reflecting on the prior week,you will have a good idea of what you need and wanttoaccomplish.Use this time to schedule important tasks,phone calls and face-to-face meetings that align with your goals.Planning outtheentireweekaheadas muchas reasonably possible guardsagainstmissedopportunities and costly errors. Terra Caribbean releases eighth annual edition of the Red Book Five weekend habits of successful entrepreneurs From left: Tarik Browne-Group Knowledge Manager, Gina-Lee Johnson-Manager, Residential Property Management, Richard Ince of Brydens Insurance (contributor to the Pink Pages), Dominique Silvera-Manager,Blue Sky LuxuryOverseas, Hayden Hutton-Chief Operating Officer and Andrew Mallalieu-Chief Executive. FSC from Back Page thesemattersisprudentand accordingtohim,there is evidencethattheregulatoryframeworktheyhaveinplaceisworking. On this score,the CEO pointed out that the financial performanceofthenon-bankfinancial sectorcontinuestoexhibitcharacteristics of financial stability. Toqueries as to whether the FSC’s oversight relates only to credit unions,Graham confirmed that the FSC is applying thenew regulatory regime across all sectors for whichthe Government agency has oversight. According to him,“Wehave also suspended and closed insurance entities under our watch. Wehave issued public qualifications on the operations of companies in the securities sector and we have published a list of fully registered occupational pension plans and those who are not fully registered,while asking the public to report any occupational pension plans they don’t see on the list of the FSC.” He indicated that the FSC has abroad and complex mandate and “we will seek to remain vigilant and seek to take action where necessary as we continue on our path to promote financial stability”. (JB) Promoting financial stability


Monday March 23, 2015 11 Business Monday “LIGHT,infullcolour,willchange architectureintonourishment,”says internationalcolourexpertFawn Chang. Inawide-rangingpresentationentitled ‘How to Use Colour in Space’,the awardwinning writer and designer painted a vivid picture of how colour can be used to positively influence behaviour,psychology, physiology and the perception of space and time. Aconsultant to Harris Paints,the Caribbean Champions of Colour,Chang delivered the informative talk to the Barbados Institute of Architects during a recent luncheon at the Savannah Beach Hotel. “When designing with colour,there are five important things to consider – purpose, coherence,volume of the space,use of the space and the use of colour and space to direct attention.We also have to remember that colour is nothing without light,”she said. Chang also highlighted the elements of colour that contribute to personal wellbeing,performance,feelings and moods. She said that colour ought to be of central importance not only in home design,but also for schools,libraries,hospitals and other work spaces. “Science has proven that colour activates emotion and that our yearning for colour is a direct fulfilment ofan emotional need. For instance,red can be used to increase appetite and promote the feeling of excitement,while pink is sedate andblue can cause you to lose track of time,”she said. “Likewise,we often incorporate pale shades of yellow for clarity and ease of digestion,in both food and learning.As for the Caribbean,the region has adopted a bright and bold palette whichis always a fascinating phenomenon,however,suitable balance and pairings should be taken into account.” Tracy Johnson,Trade Marketing Manager for the Harris Group of Companies,said Chang’spresentation was an initiative which had been developed through Harris Paints’ association with the Colour Guild. “This is just one of several strategies that keeps Harris at the forefront of colour technology,the latest trends and up to date with the most innovative colour tools,and we are pleased that Fawn’s presentation has been endorsed by the Colour Guild,a certified training partner of the American Institute of Architects,”she said. “As the Caribbean Champions of Colour, we are dedicated to helping our customers inall stages of their project,from planning tocompletion.We do this on a number of fronts by promoting a better understanding of colour and ensuring that we provide superior colour performance right out of the can.” Harris Paints offers more than 59 000 colours,along with countless custom palettes that can be created,matched or specified to suit individual needs. During her visit,Chang also made presentations to professionals representing interior design,home dcor,property management and contracting fields. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Fawn,who we believe will be a valuable resource in the future and a key part of our professional development program.Her ability to transform lives by transforming space is well known and we are very excited about the potential of our collaboration,”added Johnson. Harris Paints: Colour is the Heartbeat of Architecture Fawn Chang, International Colour Expert and Consultant to Harris Paints. Ian Kenyon, Chief Executive Officer for the Harris Group of Companies, engages international colour expert Fawn Chang after her presentation.


THEimportanceand valueofawellfunctioning,energy-optimisedhomeisnot front of mind for many ofus. Ahome,condo,apartment or any other residential living space is an asset and a necessity,possessing certain items and fittings that ensure your comfort.Many of these use electricity and other resources like natural gas,sunlight,or a composite of all – you pay for this! Luckily for you,the Energy Managers and Energy Auditors are on your side. Energy Managers and Auditors think of how well your space uses resources,and communicates this to you in a format that you can easily understand.There is a huge benefit to this! Having an energy audit done and monitoring your energy use helps you,the occupant,and in some cases the owner,to understand how well your space is using energy,and whether or not you are losing energy and money. Good energy professionals also tell you what can be done,and Energy Service companies,or ESCOs,work with you to bring professionals in to make adjustments.Energy Auditors usually provide clients with detailed synopses of problems that their space may be facing in being as efficient possible. An energy auditor will usually come and inspect your space,and let you know of leaks in your piping,faults in your appliances,and other energy saving opportunities based on the type of audit you are having done.A good auditor will make sure that you know about all the possible upgrades that would suit you and make your living space more comfortable.The entire process can save you anywhere between 10 per cent and 40 per cent on your annual energy expenses,usually with an immediate payback. One thing you should consider in having this type of work done is tax allowances and credits from Utility Companies. More recently,the Barbadiangovernment has implemented several schemes to stimulate the construction of houses with solar power.For example,from the $10 000 allotted per year under the 2008 modified Income Tax Allowance for Home Improvement,up to $1000 can be used for energy audits.Under the Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Deduction plan,a reduction of50 per cent of the cost of retrofitting a residence or installing a system to produce electricity from a Source other than fossil fuels has also been proposed. Other initiatives,such asThe Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficiency Action Programme,are conducting researchinto energy efficient practices that can be employed in hotels and other commercial settings.For both residential and commercial properties,having energy audits done increases property value and gives the building space a higher competitive edge in the real estate market. Buyers would be willing topay more for owning a building that is operating at optimal performance, and will save them money in the process of doing so, and is the case with prospective investors. Lower premiums? Thebuildingisalsoeasier to insure and will demandalowerpremium, through the many credits thatInsuranceCompaniesoffertoenergyefficient properties.A number of Barbados based insurance companies have been leading the curve and rewarding energy efficient properties with premium credits.This essentially translates to lower premiums coming out of the underwriting process. Depending on the original amount invested into energy efficient upgrades, one could earn anywhere from 5 per cent to 20 per cent more on the sale of a building that has been energy optimised.In situations where homeowners were very aggressive towards their energy expenses,they have been able to command LEED Rating for their homes. This brand being attachedtoyourproperty not only means that your homeoperatesina greenerandefficientway, using less energy,less water and other natural resources,but it also pushes it into a different real estate class. International real estate tycoons would definitely be attracted to the idea of LEED certified properties in the warm sunny Caribbean.It also pushes the resale value significantly higher,while occupants benefit from better indoor air quality, with direct access to fresh air.This Certification means the building is all round more comfortable for its occupants and cheaper to operate. Energy Management & Sustainability has been and will continue to gain traction around the world,as persons realise the true benefit of applying energy efficiency to their everyday operations.One example is another Sustainability metrics organisation similar to the LEED rating scheme,called Green Globes,launched a section dedicated to Sustainable Hotels,cruise ships, meeting facilities,tour operators and attractions in the Caribbean and Americas.Green Globes is more concerned with commercial properties and leisure resorts than the LEED r ating system is. Inmy opinion,a large number of our buildings here in the Caribbean can reachoptimum performance levels and surpass standards set by afore mentioned organisations and others.One advantage that we have in being so close to the equator is plentiful sunshine and the omnipresence of the wind. Inthe next 10 years,I foresee major development in our wind and solar energy resources, knowing that we can achieve and surpass internationally accepted standards,with the right inputs and policies in place. (SubmittedbyMarcusHinds,EnerScope Energy Research & Mapping) The value of an energy optimised home 12Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday THEannualcocktailreceptionhostedby ManulifeRe,whichis Canadian's Manulife Financialworld-widereinsurance operation,was held at the Champers Restaurant. The Board of Directors and Management hosted the party.Amongtheinvited guests were the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office in Barbados,Senator Darcy Boyce, and many local and international business people. Marcus Hinds. Annual Manulife cocktail party held Senator Darcy Boyce (right) with British High Commissioner to Barbados, Victoria Dean and Mr.Dean. Andre Bello of Virgin Atlantic in conversation with some of the invited guests at the reception.


Monday March 23, 2015 13 Business Monday ByJewelBrathwaiteTRANSFERof technologyandopen markets,aresomeofthe benefitscountriesand smallonesinparticular, expectwhen conducting international trade. Suchcountriesareaware thattheseattributes contributeaswellto economicgrowthand eventuallysustainable development. Whilenotoutliningthe globaleconomicpicturein theperspectivejust outlined,AmbassadorDr. MarionWilliamstouched onafewimportantpointers whichsmallcountries woulddobestnottoignore whilepushingfor improvements. AmbassadorWilliamsis thePermanent Representativeofthe MissionofBarbadostothe UnitedNationsOfficeand otherInternational Organisations. Justoveraweekago Ambassador Dr.Williams presentedthisyear’sFair TradingCommission (FTC)lectureattheAccra BeachHotelandSpa. Shesaidthatoneofthe challengesdeveloping countries including those in the Caribbean continue to face,isthatofachieving transfer of technologies from developed countries. The Ambassador noted as well that protectionism had also started to resurface What is driving this new approachtotherelations betweendevelopedand developingcountriesisnot known.What however is very clear is the fact that the world economy has undergone changes with the developing countries (or the emerging market economies as they are called) assuming greater significance on the global stage. The Barbadian Diplomat said that that as far as developed countries are concerned they don’t think they are there to transfer their technology. This is so much the case “that developing countries do not like the word technology transfer.” According to her,they prefer to use the term technology absorption. She reasoned that inspite of this,transfer of technology to developing countries is a very critical and necessary area for the development of these countries if they are to progress.“It is included here not because of the significance in its movement but because of its lack of movement,”said the Ambassador who is also aformer Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados. The former Central Bank of Barbados Governor is not alone in this when it comes to the subject of transfer of technology to developing countries. Indeed,many others have acknowledged that through trade,foreign direct investment has long been recognised as a major source of technology and know how to developing countries.It is the ability of FDI to transfer not only production know how but also managerial skills.Any skills gap that may become apparent can be corrected through both trade and FDI. According to her, “international co-operation agreements between developed and developing countries can help.But they are few and they relate to infrastructure of agriculture development, international co-operation in researchor education.” However,she told the audience that the key transfer takes place at the business to business level asmarriageofthe productionprocessisoneof thekeystoindustrial operatingandexport diversification. Theevidencesuggest, AmbassadorWilliams maintained,thatleadfirms tendtooutsourcelower value added activity including some in assembly,whileretaining control over the higher valued added areas. She said that firms especially those of production technique or processes,with high intellectual property content mayrestrictively controlled technical and technological transfer for subcontracted firms. This helps to make these countries more competitive thereby creating a bigger input to their involvement in trade and economic growth,and is seen by what’s happening with the emerging market economies.Ambassador Williams remarked that as the relative competitiveness in the world economy underwent majorchanges,the share of developing countries in global trade rose from 33 per cent in 2000 to 48 per cent by 2014.“During that time the rate of GDP per capita in developing countries tripled to average 4.7 per cent per annum compared to the 1990s and now account for more than half of the world’soutput,” she said in the lecture. “Meanwhile there has been a rise in protectionism,”the Diplomat related. Research,she explained, has shown that governments around the world have effected 1200 beggar -thy -neighbour policies since the first G20 summit in 2008.“And that growth in protectionist policies has outpaced liberalisation. Protectionism policies in EU countries topped the list,”Ambassador Dr. Williams pointed out. Many of these were WTO consistent so appeals for a reversal of them were difficult.So there you have it. In this environment small countries will have a challenging time securing what they hope to achieve on the trade front. “Middle income countries may therefore stand a better chance of entering the game profitably at the early or the late stages when value added tends to be higher,”she said. “However,they may need to compete with firms in the parent country because at the higher value added level the parent country is usually competitive as well,”Ambassador Williams remarked. The official said that while this seems to be bearing fruit in that country it is known that their labour costs are substantially lower than what exists in the Caribbean and we cannot compare ourselves with them.“But selective movements in some areas maybe possible,” Ambassador Williams added. TRADE IN FOCUS Issues in transfer of technologies Ambassador Dr. Marion Williams. According Dr. Marion Williams, one of the challenges developing countries continue to face is that of achieving transfer of technologies from developed countries.


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Monday March 23, 2015 15 Business Monday


ISthere a must-have accessory for powerful women? Somerelyonastrong cuffbracelet.Othersinsist onauniquepairofshoes oracertainstyleofsuit. ButIlariaAlberGlanstaetten,theheadof corporate and brand communications at luxury carmaker Ferrari in Maranello,Italy,dons a scarf to announce who she is. “In the world I’m in, fashion and luxury,having things that show that I’m an insider and in the know is important,”said Alber-Glanstaetten,who pays as much as $700 for her scarves made of pashmina,cashmere or silk. Why scarves and why now? In part,women are taking a softer approach to corporate style,said DonnaLoveday,co-curator of the exhibition Women Fashion Power at the Design Museum in London.Scarves are appearing more on women’s necks in the boardroom, the statehouse and the office as a way to express personality.Powerful women who routinely wear scarves include Christine Lagarde,managing director of the International Monetary Fund and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. Insomecases,expensive wrapsalsobroadcasteconomicstanding. “Women used to dress to blend in in a corporate environment,”said Loveday. “Now they don’t feel the need to disguise or conceal their femininity anymore.” Wei Sun Christianson, co-chiefexecutiveofficer ofMorganStanley,Asia Pacific,based in Beijing, China,is one of the political and business leaders whose outfits are included in the museum’s exhibition. “Wei Sun Christianson hasaveryhigh-profile seniorrole,”saidLoveday. “Sheloveswearing scarves.For her,a piece of vintage jewellery or a brightly coloured scarf is a way of expressing her personality.Similarly,the tie for a man is sometimes a means of injecting some of his personality.” It is less common for men to make a statement with a scarf.Perhaps that is why Greek Finance Minister YanisVaroufakis sparked comment recently for attending emergency talks on his nation’sdebt with a Burberry scarf, rather than a tie,draped round his neck. Hidalgo,the mayor of Paris,does not face the same criticism.“She’ll wear a dark jacket and trousers but she has a selection of scarves silk and woollen and will always use a scarf to give herself a boost,”said Loveday. Dr Genevieve Bell,vice president of Intel Labs in Oregon in the US,also participated in the museum’s exhibition.“She told us,‘I walk into a room to give a presentation and often it’s full of men.I don’t dress to fit in,Idress to stand out,’.”Loveday said. What a scarf does for you Can clever accessorising really help your career? And how can you be sure your neckwear is sending the right message? For starters,a scarf draws attention to your face. “Research does show that women look at the face of people they are interacting with,but men don’t much,”said Dr Carolyn Mair,reader in psychology at London College of Fa shion.“A scarf would help draw men’s attention to the face,and that way you get better communication.” Avivid accessory also brightens up the sombre clothes often worn in offices.“Ascarflightensthe outfit and takes off the severity,”Mair said. Whether we like it or not, being seen as attractive brings advantages,said Mair.“Wemake our decisions on whether we like someone in less than a minute.So if we can draw attention to something bright about the face which lifts the features then the person interacting with us will perceive us as more attractive and pay more attention to what we say.” Attractive people are also rightly or wrongly viewed as being more honest,she said. Unravelling the dress code Everystylechoicesends amessage.That’s obvious whenyouconsiderawellknownpersonwho,say, wearsapairofglasses thathavebecomehissignatureortheexecutive whoisknownforbowties. “One piece of clothing equals one word in a sentence,”said Mirella Zanatta,associatedirector of programs at brand consulting company Corporate Class Inc in Toronto,Ontario. “Wearing the right scarf in the right way will make you appear to be a refined person who has put thought into your outfit,” saidZanatta,whoisalso presidentoftheCanadian chapteroftheAssociation ofImageConsultants International. Surprisingly,thereis alsoaconnectionbetween clothing and performance, said Mair.“When you believeagarmenthassome attributeforinstanceit belongedtosomeoneyou admireitcanincrease yourcognitiveabilities,” shesaid.A2012study, knownasthelabcoats study,found that “people who believed a coat they were wearing belonged to adoctor performed better in attention tests than when they believed they were wearing a (house) painter’scoat.” For women on tight budgets,a luxury-brand scarf can be a visible,but less expensive wayto signal their fashionable aspirations.A Hermes silk scarf,for example,sells for $450 on the company’s website. Stick to patterns familiar to that label to ensure that they are easily recognisable,saidZanatta.“If you see someone wearing aHermes scarf,the implication is that they are successful because they wouldn’t be able to buy it otherwise,”she said. Dos and don’ts Zanatta,who owns about 50 scarves,advises having an expert or perhaps an honest friend help you choose hues that complementyourskintone. “Therightcolourwill makeyoulookhealthy, well rested and vibrant,” she said. “If you have a fine bone structure go for a fine fabric,”Zanatta said. Natural fabrics such as silk,cashmere and linen are best.“They are going tolookbetter,theydrape betterandtheywillwear better.” Match your style to your workplace and your career level.“Wearingabig, draped scarf sends a message that you’re comfortable,approachable and warm,”she said,adding that style works well in relaxed work environments, such as information technology. “But in a more formal corporate environment, less is more,”Zanatta said. “When working with a high-level corporate client, Iwould wear a scarf with my coat,but not with my suit,unless it was a silk scarf worn underneath like a camisole.” While you might fancy the flowing,flamboyant scarves worn by the IMF’s Christine Lagarde,think hard before you copy her look,especially outside Europe.“Mostwomenare trying to get as much credibility and authority as they can and a large scarf diminishes that,”said Zanatta. Above all,choose something that you love and makes you feel confident. Alber-Glanstaetten said her favorite scarf currently is a playful,dogprint one.“Every time I wear it I get compliments,” she said.“It’s a great talking point and it adds pizazz.” 16Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday Powerful women who routinely wear scarves include Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, often wears chic scarves. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has been criticized for wearing an expensive Burberry scarf. Is this the new power symbol for women?


Monday March 23, 2015 17 Business Monday WHENApplestartedselling itsiPhone5SwithaTouchID fingerprintreadingsensor, allofusenteredthebiometricageabit. Appleacquiredthetechnology when it purchased AuthenTec in 2012. Samsung followed quickly with its own version of the tech in the Galaxy S5 and soon-to-bereleased S6. With telecoms company Qualcomm promising to release a3D-fingerprint reader shortly, having one in your pocket could become increasingly standard in the next two years. And RBS and NatWest have recently announced that customers will be able to log on with Touch ID to do their banking. German hacker Starbug is not impressed. He hacked Apple’s Touch ID roughly a day after its launch, replicating the last fingerprint that had touched the glass iPhone surface with kit that included a scanner,a printer,and abit of glue. And he followed this up in December by reproducing the fingerprint of German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, using photographs from a press conference at a distance of about 10 feet. Starbug believes that proper protection requires “two-factor authentication,based on two completely independent components from one of three methods:knowledge – password; possession – smart card;and biometrics.” So something you know,something you have,and something you are. “The problem with that kind used here,”he says,“is that you probably will find all the ‘secret’ information of one method on the device used for the second method.” “So,if you are able to make a dummy finger from fingerprints found on the phone,the two factors are only worth one,”he concludes. Holdinghands Thevulnerabilitiesinfingerprintrecognitionarenotexactly secret.And so the race for alternative biometrics is on. It is spurred by a new abundance of cheaply produced sensors – mostly from east Asia – and software connecting them with cloud services.Low interest rates also provide a rich environment for tech investment. Barclays is bringing out finger vein authentication for UK business customers this year. It is a technology Hitachi developed in Japan that is now being used in cash machines there and in Poland. Your vein pattern is established in the womb,and stable throughout your life,says Hitachi’s Ravi Ahluwalia. When near-infrared light is transmitted through your finger, part of it gets absorbed by the haemoglobin in your veins. And so Hitachi’s VeinID scanners can authenticate you by your resulting vein pattern. Mr Ahluwalia says his company has explored finger vein authentication on trading floors in France and Northern Europe. And British startup Sthaler is working with Hitachi and BT on a“pay-by-finger”solution it has trialled at several music festivals.It calls it FingoPay. “You place your finger on [the] scanner,they’d confirm your name or last few digits of your credit card,and the payment is made in real time,”says Mr Ahluwalia. Vitalstatistics Orifyoudon’tfancygivingyour bankthefinger,other biometric techcomingtomarketincludes theNymi. ProducedbyToronto-based Bionym,itisawristbandwhich verifiesidentitybasedonyour heartbeat’selectrical pulses, whichare unique. AndthenthereisaDresdenbasedcompany,Cognitec,which, after an early focus on fingerprint technology,isnowworking onfacialrecognition,saysbiometricconsultantJulian Ashbourn.Ithasbeenawarded acontractbytheGermanBorder Police. InNewYork,acompanycalled EyeLockisproducingacommercialirisscanneritcallsMyris. The company claims only DNA offers more accurate authentication. Butsomeworkingwithinfinancialtechnologythinkseveral ofthesebiometricscannersare justabitintrusiveforbanksand creditcardcompaniestowantto introducethemtoordinaryconsumers. Forthesecompanies“theexpensiveandinconvenientpartis actually challenging the user,” saysDrNeilCostigan,anIrish cryptographer and chiefexecutive of Stockholm-based BehavioSec. “When they’re asking where’s the calculator in the drawer,or can you confirm your first pet – the user gets annoyed.With every step of security causing users to do something,a lot of payments fall off,”notes Dr Costigan. He also says voice recognition is promising for banks,precisely because consumers do not find it as “Big-Brotherish”. If you wish to push this to the extreme,there are start-ups experimenting with biometric implants – implanting an RFID [radio-frequency identification] chip under your skin,or a decomposable tattoo which may hold up for one to two months. But most of the time,it’s not so much biometrics that are the weakest link as their implementation,says Candid Wueest,principal threat researcher at the internet security firm Symantec. “We’ve seen penetration testers,instead of hacking a fingerprint to get in a server room, just remove two screws to remove the fingerprint reader from the wall,”he says. “And then you can just get some device hooked up to the wire,and send a signal saying you’ve found a valid finger.” Governments and private institutions will often relax security rather than vex their consumers. “The more people you need to get through,the more you tend to lower security,”says British biometrics expert Dr Carol Buttle. WhoamI? Analternativeisbehavioural biometrics–lookingatthegesturesandspeedwithwhich userskeyintheirpassword,ina way they won’t necessarily see. When Danske Bank tried introducingatimerintoitse-bankingplatform,it found that the speedatwhichauserfilledout anonlineformcoulddifferentiatearealuserfromanimposter 97.4%ofthetime. Manyhavepredictedbiometricswillcausethedeathofthe password.Dr Costigan at least thinks devices like HSBC’sphysicalSecureKey are on their way out,andcreditcards,too. He believes Scandinavian banks,benefiting from closer cooperation in the banking sector, have led the way in applications featuring behaviour-based identification. Britain is slightly behind,he says,followed by the US,with its larger number of small banks. Iriseyesaresmiling Attheendoftheday,the best biometrics will be the least visible ones. Some of these may turn out to involve wearable technology. “If you’ve got a watchattached to you that’s reading your biometrics,it will be useful,”Dr Buttleobserves. Applyingthespectrumofdifferent possible biometrics to finance has led to a hotbed area for new start-ups. “The incorporation of Touch ID into Apple Pay–that’sprobably been the big game changer in the last six months,”she says. The major credit card companies agree that biometrics are very muchon their radar. And Dr Stephanie Schuckers, aprofessor at Clarkson University and chief executive of NexID Biometrics,says hacking of the sort achieved by Starbug is well within the grasp of organised crime,but not easily scalable. Perhaps we shouldn’t rely on the humble fingerprint just yet. In your irises: The new rise of biometric banking Iris recognition technology is just one of the biometric measures that could be used to secure your bank account. Barclays is experimenting with finger vein scanning.


18Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday THECaribbean FinancialActionTask Force(CFATF)is launching a process where countries of the region will be evaluated on their compliance to the anti-money laundering regime.The mutual evaluation will trigger various reactions from national authorities. Michelle Martin president of ComplianceAid said:“One thing is certain, regulated businesses will be subject to more scrutiny.Every government in the region wants to demonstrate progress in implementing antimoney laundering measures.Lack of progress can imply sanctions and no country wants to see additional sanctions imposed on the Caribbean.” In this context, Cleviston Haynes,deputy governor of the Central Bank of Barbados will deliver an address to owners and board of directors members of regulated businesses on emerging trends and critical threats requiring consideration. That presentation will take place on April 16 at first Caribbean AntiMoney Laundering and Financial Crimes Board of Directors Conference at the Conrad Hotel in Miami. Martin said the event was key since “all board members and business owners are required under anti-money laundering laws to receive training annually. “Given the workload regulation imposes on compliance officers,it is a challenge for many organisation to design training specifically for their owners or board members.The conference is a great opportunity because all content is aligned with board and business owners’ preoccupations.” This two-day gathering is designed to provide a deep understanding of the heightened responsibility company directors and owners gave under AML/CFT laws.To this end,a group of high profile regulators from the Caribbean and the US will address current issues facing companies in the region. The conference will cover topics such as FATCA and the OECD’s Automatic Tax Information Exchange System which will be implemented by most Caribbean territories in 2017-18,as well as increasing fines and law enforcement Calvin Wilson,CFATF executive director,will deliver one of the keynote addresses.Other speakers include Robin Sykes,chief technical director, Financial Investigations Division (Jamaica) and Susan S Franois,director,Financial Intelligence Unit (T&T). ASexcitementbuilds abouttheimpendingbrief visitofUSPresident BarackObama,the AmericanChamberof Commercethinksthatit representsaonceinalifetimeopportunitytoexpandtradeviathe Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI). The American Chambers of Commerce Jamaica (AMCHAM) and Trinidad and Tobago are currently piloting an initiative aimed at expanding trade and investment in services between Caricom and the United States. The group hopes to establish a new regime dubbed Services to the Caribbean (SOCA),to advance executive,legislative,and business-to-business (B2B) initiatives between Caricom businesses and the US. Ultimately,AMCHAM believes that the services sector is the wa y to expand economic growth and jobs for Jamaica and its Caricom neighbours. “CBI expires in 2020 and we have no doubt that it will be renewed, but the problem persists with how relevant it is when it was launched in 1983 and wasfocused on goods,free trade zones and manufacturing for exports",vice-president of Manchester Trade and advisor to SOCA,Dav id Lewis,stated via Skype at the AMCHAM public forum on SOCA initiative on Wednesday. Manchester Trade, based in Washington DC, has been in business for two decades providing strategic trade and business advisory services to American and international clients in areas such as trade negotiations,export development,investment promotion,and legislative advocacy.It works with its clients to advance domestic and global business and policy interests in the US market and abroad. “The US president is coming to Jamaica to meet with the prime minister on April 9 and there is a wonderful opportunity to bring the issue up, and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.Ithink if we then patch that in with the business initiative we are working on, you end up having a good coalition effort,”Lewis said. “We need to do it this year,because when we get to fall at the end of the year we begin the season of pre-election,and by then it’s going to be very difficult to get their attention on an issue whichis foreign and not critical to them,”he added. The AMCHAM initiative,whichwas launched in Washington DC two years ago,seeks to refocus the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI),under which Caribbean countries and Central America receive several tariff and trade benefits to the US, to include services as the dominant sector of Caricom economies and of US-Caricom trade and investment. "Wewant the Caribbean trade preference relationship to be a modern 21st century one, which complements the best of the CBI goods with the potential and the reality of servicing dominant economies in the Caribbean including manufacturing,”he added. Lewis stated that in 2008,Uruguay mobilised its relationship with the US and went from US$100 million in services exported to the US,to US$1.3 billion last year. The country’sfree trade zone which totalled nine, grew to 13,creating roughly 16,000 jobs in the service sector. “We took our decision from what Uruguaydid. Asmall country with only 3.5 million people,no free trade agreement and very far away from the US -but through their trade and investment agreement focused on services as the key business areas to start up and mobilise their relationship with the US,”Lewis stated. The group is now in discussions with members of the US Congress about getting a part of the legislation passed this year. “You really want to meet with your US business counterpart and discuss how we can maximise trade and investment in services that we currently have.That aspect,the business-to-business matchmaking,will help us to see the value added to businesses in the region and the recruitment needed,”he added. Caricom goods exported to the US in 2012 totalled US$12 billion,down from US$32 billion in 2005.US goods exported to Caricom in 2012 were US$19 billion,down from US$40 billion in 2005. Data indicates that in 2012 Caricom exported about US$9.6 billion in services to the world while importing US$6.6 billion,showing a clear competitive export edge for the region’s services sectors,according to AMCHAM. More anti-money laundering scrutiny DEFENDINGagainstcybercrimeandrisksand threats to the financial services industry are among the issues to be tackled when T&T hosts the Banking on the Future Summit 2015 on May 13 and 14 at the Hyatt Regency,Port-of-Spain. The event will focus on case studies and experiences as told by experts and practitioners with a truly global perspective. Therewillbenumerous opportunitiesformembers of and vendors to the financial community to gain new insight and knowledge,as well as interact with experienced practitioners and thought leaders. The two-day programme will be based on worldclass expert insight,facilitation,collaboration and accomplishments,featuring presentations by a range of experts,including Craigg Ballance,president,E-Finity Group Inc, an executive adviser,author and management educator whose work focuses on developing greater understanding and value delivery between business clients and technology resources. Other speakers are Glynis Alexander-Tam, general manager of InfoLink Services Ltd (ISL),Finance Minister Larry Howai,Randy Kahn,chairmanof AFTRA-SAGFederal Credit Union;Mike Kelso, vice president,Innovation, DC Payments;Dr Peter GW Keen,founder of Keen Innovations;Dr James Norrie,dean of Business and Justice Studies,Utica College;Bill Nelson,president and CEO,FS–ISAC; and Mark Ripplinger,president and CEO,Everlink. Fromleft:ExecutivedirectorofAmchamJamaica,BeckyStockhausen,with MinisterAnthonyHyltonandReubenSmith-Vaughan,executivedirector of the Association of American Chamber of Commerce in Latin America and senior manager for Americas Policy and Advocacy US Chamber of Commerce. T&T to host banking summit Obama’s visit a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity


Monday March 23, 2015 19 Business Monday GRACEKENNEDYGroup CEODon Wehby has announced a number of organisational changes for both the financial services and food sections of the company effective April 1,2015. Themoveisinkeepingwith thecompany’sstrategicgoals anditsvisiontobecomeaglobal consumer group,according to a GraceKennedy news release, and to eliminate duplication of efforts and costs across the group. As a result,effective April 1, 2015,neither the Foods or Financial Services divisional offices,nor the titles of Divisional CEOswill exist,and functions which formally existed within those offices will be reassigned. “Our ultimate aim is to optimise the structure of the GraceKennedy Group in keeping with best practices,making the company more efficient,nimble and productive.The changes will ensure that oursenior leadership is strategically placed within our businesses as we poise ourselves to compete effectively on a global scale,”Wehby said. Over at the GraceKennedy Financial Group (GKFG), Courtney Campbell will be appointed chief executive officer of First Global Bank effective April 4.Campbell has more than 25 years of experience in retail,corporate and investment banking. He will retain the role of CEO for GraceKennedy Financial Group Limited ("GKFG") and will continue to have responsibility for GraceKennedy Money Services ("GKMS").Michelle Allen,CEO of GKMS,will continue to report to Campbell. Meanwhile,current President of First Global Bank Maureen Hayden-Cater is stepping down and has tendered her resignation effective April 3.“I really want to thank Maureen for her years of committed service to First Global Bank and the Group,and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours,” Wehby said. GKFG Executive Director and GraceKennedy Group CFO, Frank James,will have responsibility for the insurance segment,led by Grace Burnet,managing director of Jamaica International Insurance Company Limited. Steven Whittingham,managing director of GK Capital Management Ltd,will report to Don Wehby,chairman of that entity’s board. Over at GK Foods,the recent acquisition of the La Fe Foods Business in the USA is ranked highly in its importance to the Group’s strategic objectives. Michael Ranglin has been seconded to the USA as CEO of GraceKennedy Foods – North America,as well as CEO /President of GraceKennedy Foods (USA) LLC. Ryan Mack will be appointed CEO of GraceKennedy Foods – Jamaica (Domestic),Caribbean and International East.All senior general managers in Jamaica including Gilroy Graham (in charge of Grace Foods and Services),Andrea Coy (head of the Global Category Management Unit) and Andrew Ho (in charge of manufacturing) will report to Mack,who will in turn report directly to Group CEO,Don Wehby. The GK Foods & Services Limited board will welcome two new additions – Coy and Cassida Jones,group chief HR Officer. “I am very confident that these changes will allow us to implement our group strategy towards regional and international expansion,”Wehby said.“2015 is a very important year for us in that regard,and we have identified increased focus on our customers,as well as increased levels of productivity as the keys to our success.We are working hard to achieve our objectives, and I believe firmly that our new appointees will do an excellent job in helping us achieve our targets in a timely and efficient manner,”Webhy concluded. ASENIO1Rofficialofthe InternationalMonetaryFund (IMF)saystheimpactofthe dropinoilpricesgloballywill affectrecipientcountries under the PetroCaribe facility differently,but indicated that Haiti maybe the most vulnerable. “Governments receiving large flows and without alternative financing sources,like in Nicaragua and Haiti,would be most affected,although less so than they would have been in a world of higher oil prices,” said AdrienneCheasty,the deputy director in the Western Hemisphere Department of the IMF. Cheasty said governments that havebuiltbuffers,like Guyana,orthathavealternativefinancingsources,like the DominicanRepublicand Ja maica,should be affected less. “Belize would be particularly affected as the lower oil prices negatively impact the value of itsexportsofcrudeoil,”she said. PetroCaribe is an oil alliance ofmanyCaribbeanstateswith Venezuela to purchase oil on conditions of preferential payment.Caracas has assured PetroCaribe members that the aid will continue. Thesystemallowsforthe purchase of oil at market value,a portion of which is paid upfront based on a scale linked to the price of the oil, while the rest is converted to a long-term loan repayable in 17-25 years. Cheasty,whose publications focus on fiscal deficit measurement,fiscal-financial issues, andnaturalresourcemanagement,saidthelostincomefrom theoilpricedropforVenezuela hascausedanalyststoquestionwhetherPetroCaribe supp ort will continue. Oil prices have dropped to below US$50 a barrel from a high of over US$100 a barrel in Junelastyear. “The private sector should see disposable income and profitsincrease:applicationof countries’currentpricing mechanismswouldleadtofull ornear-full pass-through to consumerpricesinabouttwothirdsoftheregionbyend2015,”said the IMF official. Regardingtheimpactonthe publicsector,however,shesaid thereductionordiscontinuation of PetroCaribe financing would leavesomegovernments cash-strapped. “Ifresourcesarenotrecycled from the private to the public sector in the form of financing or reductions in energy subsidies,some governments could be forced to discontinue social or investment programmes,” Cheasty said,adding that nearly all countries would face some additional fiscal pressures. “Some public spending programmes maybe particularly affected.Even if PetroCaribe continues,thedeclineinfinancingwillrequirenewfinancingoradjustmentof around 0.8 per cent of GDP on average.Nicaragua and Haiti, lackingmarketaccess,ample reserves,or deep domestic financial markets,may need to adjustthemost.Guyanaand StKittsand,toalesserextent, Jamaicahavebuiltbuffersto offsettheimpact.” Shesaidthatwerethe PetroCaribearrangementto end,deficitsareprojectedto increase in Antigua,Dominica, Grenada,Haiti,Jamaica,and Nicaraguatotheextentthat governmentstakeoverunfundedsocialprogrammesor infrastructureprojects. “Acouple of countries with energysubsidies,notably Haiti,plantooffsettheadditionalcostbyrecoveringforegone revenue on the taxation of fuel products.In sum,the drop in oil prices is more complex for members of PetroCaribe than for other oil importers.Like others,their countries will gain,”said Cheasty. “But their governments may nonetheless lose.Mainly sweet,but a little sour,”she added. JAMAICANinvestmentin Haiti,via companies suchas Digicel and Jamaica Broilers,is quite well known locally.Butless known is the fact that it is not a one-way street,and that Haitian investment in Jamaica is considerable – at least in the gasoline retail sector. The Texaco brand,which has been in Jamaica for more than 93 years,has been owned by Haitian company GB Energy since 2012,and last month renewed its licence. GB Energy is part of the GB Group,aHaitian conglomerate with interests in a wide range of businesses in the Haitian economy,including the agricultural, manufacturing,construction, consumer goods,logistics,trade, and energy sectors. Chairman Gilbert Bigio – reputed to be one of Haiti's richest individuals – founded the family-run company in 1972. Since November 2012,the GB Group has owned the Texaco brand of gas stations in Jamaica –67 across the island,controlling seven per cent of the local gasoline retail sector. Last month the company announced that it had retained its exclusive right to commercialise fuel under the Texaco brand in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and St Maarten.The licence includes the use and market rights of the Techron brand of additives for gasoline and diesel in those markets. "Today we supply 67 stations, have increased the number of industrial accounts as well as our market share in aviation fuelling supply.GB Energy is also present in one terminal in the Jamaican market," according to the GB website. In total,the company operates more than 350 gasoline retail stations,13 airports.and six petroleum terminals,its Facebook page says.The company has a presence in six countries,among them the Dominican Republic, Jamaica,St Maarten,and Haiti. The GB Group has been in the energy sector since 2003 when it acquired Shell's fuel operations in Haiti with a local investor.In 2009,it expanded further by acquiring Chevron's Texaco operations in Haiti. The company created GB Energy in 2012 for the acquisition of Chevron – Texaco's downstream assets in three additional countries in the Caribbean,including Jamaica,the Dominican Republic,and St Maarten. The petroleum retail sector has been shaken up in recent years.Total from France bought out Roy deCambre's National petroleum stations,while another Frenchcompany – Rubis – now owns the former Shell-branded stations. Meanwhile,aBarbadian company,Sol,has entered the market with its own lubricants,but has not yet been able to open its own gasoline stations.IMFofficial examines drop in oil price on PetroCaribe members Haitian investment in Jamaica considerable Don-Wehby (left) and Courtney Campbell GraceKennedy restructures for global expansion


20Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday FORthefirsttime,there aremoreblackUber cars onthestreetsofNewYork Citythantraditionalyellowtaxis,figures have revealed. The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission saidtherewere14088 registeredUbercarscompared with 13 587 yellow cabs. However,the number of trips taken in yellow cabs far outpaces Uber rides. That is because many Uber drivers work parttime,whereas taxis often operate all day. Uber,which was introduced in 2011,claims that its UberX rides are often the same price or cheaper than the average yellow taxi ride. But many users have complained about extra fees and so-called “surge pricing",when Uber charges more for rides during busy periods like New Year’s Eve. Furthermore,traditional taxi owners and operators have said that the company’s labour model in which worker’s generally operate as at-will, freelance contractors is not sustainable. “Uber having an unlimited number of cars means no drivers taxi or black car and livery will earn a decent living,”said Bhairavi Desai,executive director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance,an advocacy group for drivers of both Uber cars and yellow taxis. Uber has been expanding rapidly across the globe,and recently announced plans to hire one million female drivers by 2020. However,it has come under fire for both breaking local laws regarding transport,as well as for various safety issues with some of its drivers. THEtakeoverofthe UKbankcomesless than a year after it rejoinedthestockmarketwhenLloyds BankingGroupsold off50%ofthebusiness. Sabadell’s340pashare offeris4%aboveTSB’s Thursday’sclose. TSBsharesrose2%to 333p,suggestinginvestors arenotfullyconfidentthe dealwillgothrough. LloydsBankingGroup rose0.5%to79.92p. The340pofferpriceis 29%abovethelevelat whichinvestorsvalued theTSBbusinesson11 March,beforeSabadell steppedin. Lloydsissellingitsremaining50%staketo Sabadell. ThedealneedstheapprovalofUKregulatorthe PrudentialRegulatory Authority,aswellasthe EuropeanCommission and shareholders. TSB said that if a takeover went ahead, Sabadell would continue to “operate TSB as a robust competitor in the UK banking market,building on the TSBbrandname” and Sabadell would support and accelerate its “retail growth strategy". TSB has 8,600 staff and 631 branches.Sabadell was founded in Barcelona in 1881 and now has 2,320 branches. Sabadell,Spain’s fifthbiggest bank,plans to diversify by expanding overseas,to offset sluggish growth in its home market. Lloyds had been ordered to sell the bank by European regulators as a condition of its government bailout during the UK financial crisis of 2007 to2009. It has until the end of 2015 to sell the rest of its TSB stake. The UK bank sold its Spanish retail banking business to Sabadell in 2013 in exchange for a 1.8% stake in Sabadell. TIFFANY&Co’s quarterly sales fell for the first time in five years and are expected to decline further as a strong dollar not only keeps tourists away from its flagship New York jewelry store but also reduces the value of sales overseas. Sales outside the United States account for roughly half of Tiffany’s total revenue,while tourists have historically accounted for aquarter of U.S.sales.The company’sFifth Avenue store counts on tourists for about 40 percent of sales. Although Tiffany has been battling the effects of astrong dollar for months, the drop in fourth-quarter sales surprised analysts, most of whom were expecting an increase. The dollar gained about 9percent between November and January, which takes in the holiday shopping season,and it is widely expected to rise further this year. Tiffany,whose shares fell more than 3 percent on Friday,said sales were expected to drop 10 percent in the quarter ending April,mostly because of the dollar. “Tourist purchases are expected to continue to be pressured in the Americas,”Chief Financial Officer Ralph Nicoletti said on a postearnings conference call. The company said it expects profit to fall 30 percent in the current quarter and more modestly in the second. Arecovery in the next two quarters would deliver “minimal growth”in full-year profit from the $4.20 per share earned in the year ended Jan.31. Edward Jones analyst Brian Yarbrough said he doubted Tiffany would meet these targets. Tourists spent $34.55 billion in the United States in the NovemberJanuary period,down 1.5 percent from a year earlier,according to the government’s Office of Travel &Tourism Industries. Tiffany’sfourth-quarter revenue slipped to $1.29 billion from $1.30 billion. Analysts were expecting $1.31 billion,according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Net income was $196.2 million,or $1.51 per share, in line with the average analyst estimate. Tiffany’sshares were down 3.5 percent at $83.38 on the News York StockExchang TSB agrees 1.7bn takeover by Spain’s Sabadell Uber cars outnumber yellow taxis in New York City Tiffany’s sales fall for first time in five years TSB the bank formerly owned by Lloyds has agreed to a .7bn takeover by Spanish bank Sabadell. New Yorkers still take more trips in traditional yellow taxis, even though there are more Ubers on the road. The Tiffany and Company flagship store is seen on Fifth Avenue in New York


Monday March 23, 2015 21 Business Monday THEUK’slargestbank HSBCisrejiggingresponsibilities at board level. Sir Simon Robertson is stepping down as senior independent director and remuneration committee chairman. Former Bank of England deputy governor Rachel Lomax will become the senior independent director and the former Centrica boss Sam Laidlaw will chair the remuneration committee. In February,the BBC reported HSBC’sSwiss private banking business helped customers evade taxes between 2005-07. Ms Lomax and Mr Laidlow have been on the board since 2008. Sir Simon,who has been on the board for nine years has agreed to stay on as deputy chairman for another year. JAGUARLand Rover is recallingmorethan36 000sportutilityvehicles (SUVs) in China after state television aired complaints over its gearboxes. The recall affects its Range Rover Evoque SUVs and the carmaker will extend the warranty period for the affected vehicles’ gearboxes. ACCTV show on Sundayhad accused the UK carmaker of failing to respond to customer complaints over the gearboxes. Other major foreign car manufacturers were also targeted in the show. Nissan,Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz’ joint ventures in China were accused of over-charging customers at its service outlets.All of them have apologised. In addition to the recall,Jaguar Land Rover also apologised to customers on its Sina Weibo blog,which is like China’sversion of Twitter. Jaguar Land Rover recently invested in the world’sbiggest car market,by opening its first 1bn Chinese production factory near Shanghai in October. Shares of the company’sIndian parent Tata Motors were down 1.5% in Mumbai. Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has targeted foreign companies on World Consumer Rights Dayon March15 in the past,with notable brands like Apple and McDonald’s facing criticism. KATHARINEViner is tobecome the first female editor-in-chief of The Guardian newspaper. Viner,currentlyeditorin-chiefofthebroadsheet’s NewYork-basedUSwebsite,willtakeoverfrom the departing Alan Rusbridger in the summer. Viner joined The Guardian in 1997 and has been its deputy editor as well as editor of its Saturday edition. Her other roles include editor of its G2 supplement,deputy women’s editor and editor of its Weekend magazine. “Being editor-in-chief of the Guardian and Observer is an enormous privilege and responsibility,”Viner said in a statement. She was “honoured",she added,to be “leading a first class team of journalists revered around the world for outstanding reporting, independent thinking,incisive analysis and digital innovation". Rusbridger,who has edited The Guardian since 1995,said his successor would “bring immense experience,flair,warmth, imagination and formidable energy”to her new role. TheScottTrust,owner oftheGuardianMedia Group,chose Viner over one other candidate after a seven-hour meeting. Dame Liz Forgan,outgoing chair of the trust, said Viner had “shown herselftobeaninspiring andcourageousleader” witha“deep commitment toTheGuardian’straditionsofplural,liberaljournalism". Vinerwaseducatedat RiponGrammarSchoolin NorthYorkshireandat Oxford University. Earlier this month she won 53% of votes in a staff ballot to choose the next editor. Katharine Viner appointed new Guardian editor HSBC announces board-level reshuffle Jaguar Land Rover in China SUV recall after TV report Viner moved to New York last year to head up Guardian US. Rusbridger is to become chair of the Scott Trust, which owns Guardian Media Group. UK automaker Jaguar Land Rover is recalling more than 36,000 vehicles in China.


22Monday March 23, 2015 Business Monday Effective October 8th, 2012, the market price of a security listed on the board of the BSE will only change if a quantity of shares traded (in a single trade) is greater than or equal to the threshold amount (volume limit) as stated in the table below. For more information please visit the downloads section of our website BARBADOS ST BARBADOS ST OCK EXCHANGE OCK EXCHANGE COMPANY LAST TRADEVOLUMEHIGHLOW LAST CURRENTPRICEBIDASKBIDASK DATE CLOSECLOSECHANGEPRICEPRICESIZESIZE ABV Investments Incorporated 23-Jan-15---$0.32$0.32-$0.02$0.30100,00010,500 BICO Limited 09-Mar-15---$1.85$1.85-$1.65$1.813005,045 Banks Holdings Limited 06-Mar-15---$2.85$2.85-$2.50$2.828,8561,000 Barbados Dairy Industries Limited24-Feb-15---$1.50$1.50-$1.50$1.6020803 Barbados Farms Limited 26-Feb-15---$0.50$0.50-$0.25$0.5020,000105 Cable and Wireless Barbados Limited18-Mar-15---$3.00$3.00-$2.47$2.491764,848 Cave Shepherd and Company Limited 10-Mar-15---$3.00$3.00-$2.52$3.0030012,240 FirstCaribbean International Bank 20-Mar-1575,000$1.90$1.80$1.80$1.90$0.10-$1.90-6,354 Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 17-Mar-15---$0.20$0.20-$0.20-45,417-Dev Fund Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 20-Mar-155,690$0.52$0.52$0.52$0.52$0.00$0.52-4,310-Value Fund Goddard Enterprises Limited 20-Mar-152,000$6.43$6.43$6.43$6.43$0.00$6.43$6.491,3331,314 Insurance Corporation Of B’dos Limited17-Mar-15---$2.40$2.40-$2.36$2.381,5101,000 Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited05-Nov-14---$0.15$0.15-$0.10$0.305,0004,550 Emera (C’bean) Incorporated 5.5% Pref08-Dec-14---$3.30$3.30-$3.11-1,722Emera (C’bean) Incorporated 04-Feb-15---$25.70$25.70-$21.75$25.702123,856 Massy Holdings Limited 19-Mar-15---$19.86$19.86-$19.50$20.009,86014,186 One Caribbean Media Limited 18-Mar-15---$6.77$6.77-$6.75$8.0036,997205 Sagicor Financial Corporation Pref 6.5% 22-Jan-15---$2.26$2.26-$2.00$2.266309,100 Sagicor Financial Corporation 19-Mar-15---$1.72$1.72--$1.72-285 The West Indies Rum Distilleries Limited18-Nov-14---$8.00$8.00--$7.50-50 Trinidad Cement Limited 21-Aug-14---$0.80$0.80--$2.00-1,100 West India Biscuit Company Limited26-Aug-14---$10.46$10.46-$13.00-1,000TOTAL SHARES BOUGHT & SOLD 82,690 -* = Security is Trading X-Div *+* = Security is Suspended ** = Rights Issued Royal Fidelity TIGRS A Fund 21-May-12 $10.50$10.50 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A1 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A2 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A3 Fund 18-Dec-13 $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Last Trade BidAskBidAsk DatePricePriceSizeSize B’dos Government Debenture 4.75% 201616-Feb-15 $95.00 $101.50 5,000 15,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.625% 201828-Jan-15 $105.5015,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.875% 202309-Mar-15 $103.0030,000 Barbados Government Debenture 7% 201729-Dec-14 $106.50 13,000 B’dos Government Debenture 7.25% 2028 $100.0020,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201626-Feb-15$95.00 $103.0041,000 41,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201711-Feb-15 $105.00615,000 MUTUAL FUND March 20, 2015 ENDEDNAME OF FUND NAVOFFERBIDNAV CHANGE 13-Mar-15REPUBLIC CAPITAL GROWTH FUND w 1.4749 -0.0049 13-Mar-15REPUBLIC INCOME FUND -* w 1.4850 0.0014 13-Mar-15REPUBLIC PROPERTY FUND w 1.2655 -0.0006 12-Mar-15CLICO BALANCED FUND INC. w 1.288 0.0000 13-Mar-15FORTRESS CARIBBEAN GROWTH FUND w 4.8766 4.8766 4.8766 0.0009 13-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND ACC. w 1.8469 0.0061 13-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND DIST. w 1.0056 0.0034 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY SELECT BALANCED FUNDm4.7253 4.7253 4.6308 0.0572 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY STRATEGIC GROWTH FUNDm 0.8370 0.8370 0.8202 0.0166 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY PREMIUM INCOME FUND m 1.4340 1.4340 1.4053 0.0065 120-Mar-15SAGICOR GLOBAL BALANCED FUND w 2.27 0.00 20-Mar-15SAGICOR SELECT GROWTH FUND w 1.28 0.01 20-Mar-15SAGICOR PREFERRED INCOME FUND w 1.05 0.00 *Indicates the Fund is currently ex-div NOTES: QUOTATIONS AND NET ASSET VALUE PER SHARE ARE SUPPLIED BY THE FUND MANAGEMENT.THE OFFERING PRICE INCLUDES NET ASSET VALUE PLUS ENTRY COSTS. m=monthly valuation,q = quarterly valuation, w = weekly Regular MarketSecurity VolumeHighLowPriceAdvance / DECLINEFIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 75,000 $1.90$1.80 $1.90 $0.10 FORTRESS C'BEAN PROP. FUND VAL FUND 5,690 $0.52$0.52 $0.52 $0.00 GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED 2,000 $6.43$6.43 $6.43 $0.00Fixed Income MarketSecurity Volume BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 7% 2023 4,000 BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 6.25% 2019 3,000 BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 7.75% 2025 3,000 BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 6.875% 2024 2,000 BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 7.375% 2027 1,000 BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 7.75% 2032 1,000 BARBADOS STOCK REPORTMarch 20, 2015 One security advanced and two traded firm as 82,690 shares traded on the Regular Market, with a total value of $158,067.75. FirstCaribbean International Bank was the volume leader trading 75,000 shares at a high of $1.90 and a low of $1.80 before closing up ten (10) cents at $1.90. They were followed by Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Value Fund and Goddard Enterprises Limited which traded 5,690 and 2,000 shares respectively. W eek in Review This week, the Regular Market traded a total volume of 158,814 shares. The top three companies traded were FirstCaribbean International Bank with 75,575, Massy Holdings Limited with 21,013 and Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Development Fund with 19,443 shares. JUNIOR MARKET Fixed Income SHARE SUMMARY INFORMATIONMarch 20th, 2015 INDICESTODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADINGCHANGES March 20, 2015 March 19, 2015 Local 2,194.13 2,127.95 66.18 Cross-list 1,720.67 1,720.67 Composite 623.46 611.35 12.11 MARKET CAPITALISATION (in millions) TODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADING CHANGES March 20, 2015 March 19, 2015 Local 5,500.51 5,342.80 157.71 Cross-list 2,885.40 2,885.40 Composite 8,385.91 8,228.20 157.71 NEWS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Sagicor Financial Corporation -Directors have fixed March 19th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company. Cave Shepherd & Company Limited -Directors have fixed March 18th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company. PUT THROUGH NOTICE CIBC FirstCaribbean Trust and Merchant Bank Limited would like to announce the put-through of 14,925 shares in Goddard Enterprises Limited at $6.40 set to take place on March 24th, 2015. BSE NOTICE Trinidad Cement Limited Trinidad Cement Limited wishes to advise Shareholders that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on Thursday February 26, 2015, the Board confirmed a decision to offer shares in the Rights Issue in Trinidad and Tobago only, and to exclude all other jurisdictions in which TCL's shares are listed. The decision was made, having regard to the complexities involved in satisfying the requirements of the various regulatory bodies in these jurisdictions, and its effect on the stringent timeframe for the Rights Issue, especially since the Rights Issue is intended as a method of recapitalization to fulfill, inter alia, conditions imposed by TCL's lenders. SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT ABV INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED 3,500 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 5.5% Pref 100 BANKS HOLDINGS LIMITED 4,000 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 6.5% Pref 7,500 B'DOS DAIRY INDUSTRIES LIMITED 300 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 10,000 B'DOS FARMS LIMITED 1,500 THE WEST INDIES RUM DISTILLERY LIMITED 300 BICO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 100 WEST INDIA BISCUIT COMPANY LIMITED 300 CABLE & WIRELESS (BARBADOS) LIMITED 9,000 JAMAICA MONEY MARKET BROKERS LIMITED 10,000 CAVE SHEPHERD & COMPANY LIMITED 1,500 MASSY HOLDINGS LIMITED 6,500 FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 10,000 ONE CARIBBEAN MEDIA LIMITED 4,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY DEV FUND 3,500 TRINIDAD CEMENT LIMITED 10,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY VALUE FUND 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A FUND 100 GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A1 FUND 100 INSURANCE CORPORATION OF BARBADOS LIMITED 2,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A2 FUND 100 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 1,000 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A3 FUND 100


Monday March 23, 2015 23 Business Monday ASTARBUCKSPR campaign to unite customers with conversations about race appears to have backfired,as the company’s big roll-out was widely mocked. “BlackCoffeesMatter", “African-Americano”and “Stolen-from-the-Gold-Coast Blend”these aren’t unfortunate slogans for Starbucks drinksbut jokes about the coffee chain’s latest marketing campaign. The race-related puns are just one aspect of a trending hashtag begun after the company launched “Race Together". The corporate coffee giant said on Monday that it wanted to engage customers in a conversation about race after ongoing protests about police treatment of minority communities and race-related social movements online. This involves baristas scribbling the words “Race Together” on cups and attempting to “engage customers in conversation through Race Together stickers available in select stores", Starbucks said. But instead of conversation over caffeine,social media hijacked the #racetogether hashtag,which so far has over 20 000 mentions. Despite Starbucks also taking out full-page ads in The New York Times and USA Today,the ideawasnotahit Criticism was fierce but often humorous.Guardian US reporter @Zachstafford tweeted: “Barista:Your total is $5.45 Me: Youcanjustputthatonmy reparations tab.Thanks. #raceTogether.” “Before they write #RaceTogether on cups,can Starbucks just spell my name correctly? #SahanMinha #HansonMinaja #SaddamHussain,”Daily Show comedian Hasan Minhaj asked onTwitter. In a related hashtag, #NewStarbucksDrinks,Twitter users made race-related puns to rename popular Starbucks items - “Mocha Money,Mocha Problems”“No Chai Left Behind”“Black Coffees Matter” and “BY ANY BEANS NECESSARY". Social media users tweeted out memes and jokes using the hashtag #racetogether In a local Washington DC Starbucks,BBC Trending asked several customers their views on the campaign. Some were positive but most agreed it was not the best way to approach the issue. “I like the idea that they are addressing the issue as it’s easy to sweep it under the rug,”said Krystina Kodomich alos,21,a student,“but confronting strangers is not the wayto go about it.It doesn’t seem very well thought through.” Many brought up practical issues like what exactly employees would say,who they would approach and whether it was really possible to have a conversation in a busy queue for a latte. “Itwouldbestrange,”said Sharon Johnson,55,from Stafford,Virginia.“I’d want to know their intentions and I’d be worried about holding up the line. “What are they going to ask? Do you like black people?”said Ash Clements,41. “I care about the issue and talk about it all the time with my friends,but in the morning Ijustneedtogetmycoffee quickly so I can get to a meeting.” His colleague,Joe Davis, agreed that it was awkward and questioned what they could accomplish. “Maybe if they were to partner with a non-profit or hold forums in the coffee shops but right now this idea has no structure or obvious goals,”saidMr Davis,who runs a marketing business for black-owned companies. In a press release Starbucks explained the origins of what many are calling an awkward and cringe-inducing initiative. “We at Starbucks should be willing to talk about these issues in America,”Howard Schultz,Starbuck’s chief executive and chairman said. “Not to point fingers or to place blame,and not because we have answers,but because staying silent is not who we are.” They might wish now they had stayed silent at least in the case of Starbucks’ communications vice-president Corey duBrowa,who appears to have deleted his Twitter account after being challenged about the merits of the campaign. “@coreydu so are you unblocking/blocking people who are actually engaging you on a conversation abt race? How #racetogether is a stupid idea?” tweeted @krageinsf. Starbucks is not the first to misjudge public sentiments and be lambasted online. In 2014,#mynypd by the New York City police department backfired,with social media users tweeting images of NYPD violence,abuse and racial profiling. “Race Together is not a solution,”Starbucks said inthe press release,but “it is an opportunity to begin to re-examine how we can create a more empathetic and inclusive society". Despite these intentions, #RaceTogether could be a decidedly one-way conversation. UScargiantGeneralMotors istopullitsOpelbrandin Russiaafterplummeting sales,and significantly cut backChevrolet production. GMwillfocusonsellingtopendproductsinRussiasuch asCadillacs,Corvette and Camaro sports cars,and Tahoe sports utility vehicles. MainstreamGMbrands havesufferedasRussia’scar market has shrunk. The company said it would mothball its St Petersburg factory by the middle of the year. “There maybeseverance” for the 1 000 employees,and there was no current plan to restart production in the future,GM spokesman Dave Roman said. GM president Dan Ammann said:“This change in our business model in Russia is part of our global strategy to ensure long-term sustainability in markets where we operate. “This decision avoids significant investment into a market that has very challenging long-term prospects,”he added. Opel will leave the Russian market by December. Opel chief executive KarlThomas Neumann said:“We do not have the appropriate localisation level for important vehicles built in Russia and the market environment does not justify a major investment to further localise.” Chevrolet will sever its production deal with car-maker Gaz,but its joint venture with Avtovazwillcontinuetobuild and market the Chevrolet Niva. GM would continue to honour Opel and Chevrolet warranties and provide parts and services,it said. In February,Opel sales plunged 86% in Russia compared with the year before, while Chevrolet saw a 74% drop. The move was likely to result in about $600m (409m) in one-off losses,around a third of which would be noncash expenses,GM said. Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign mocked online GM to pull Opel out of Russia and cut back Chevrolet production Many noticed that Starbucks’ marketing photos for the campaign only featured white hands Opel will leave the Russian market by December Opel chief executive Karl-Thomas Neumann said.


CEO of this country’s FinancialServices Commission (FSC), Randy Graham,says he makes no excuses for the tough regulatory policy the Commission is undertaking. “I concur that the FSC hasbeenaggressive inbuildingwhatwe considertobearobust regulatory framework in Barbados,”hetoldthe annualgeneralmeeting oftheLightandPower EmployeesCo-operative Credit Union Limited. “In particular,we have focusedonquarterly reportingandearly warningindicators, whichcanallowusas regulatorstotakean earlyandpre-emptive action to correct irregularities in the financial position of an entity,hopefully before the challenge becomes insurmountable,”he explained. According to him,this is the mandate of the FSC and as a regulator,the promotion of financial stability in Barbados is a job that “my staff take extremely seriously and it is a daily maxim which we live by in the office”. He went on,“I therefore make no excuse for the regulatory programme the FSC has implemented.Further,I sayto you here today and to the people of Barbados that they can rest assured that the FSC is on the job.” Graham,who insisted the FSC continues to be transparent in its operations,emphasised that they intend to do their job and “we will make the decisions that we think are necessary to promote financial stability where we have good reasons without fair or favour”. He maintained that they at the FSC believe that their approach to FSC on Page 10 Barbados Advocate IT’S OUR BUSINESS TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS DO BUSINESS Printed and Published by ADVOCATE PUBLISHERS (2000) INC. Fontabelle, St. Michael. Telephone 467-2000, Fax 434-2020/434-1000 ABSOLUTwasthevodka ofchoiceasMountGay Distilleries Limited celebrated Red Advertising &MarketingLimited’s recentcaptureofeight ADDYAwardsfromthe AmericanAdvertising Federation for work done on its behalf. In dominating the local awards haul,Red secured honours for the premium vodka brand in categories suchas On-Site Promotion,NonTraditional Advertising, Integrated Consumer Campaigns,Online Campaigns,Online Branded Content,Social Media,Exterior Animated Site and Logo Design. Art Wars,a live painting competition inspired by Absolut’sTransform Today campaign,received the majority of awards, with awards also going to the Absolut Karnival launch and the “live”LED wall at Mojos Bar in Christ Church. “Never afraid to push the boundaries of creative advertising,Red has once again delivered fantastic results behind several truly innovative campaigns that break the mould,transcending traditional advertising,”said Carla Jackson,Brand Manager at Mount Gay Distilleries Limited,the local distributors for Absolut. “Absolut is a premium brand with a global reputation and we are exceptionally pleased that our marketing has excelled across so many different media platforms.Absolut Art Wars as a concept was absolutely right for the brand and has style leaders and local artists still talking about it and the brand.” Tracey Garcia,CoCreative Director at Red, also commented on the awards. “Maintaining the standard of high quality work for a global brand such as Absolut is always a challenge.We look forward to and we were ecstatic when the results were announced,”she said. “We must also say thank you to Mount Gay for entrusting Red with suchaprestigious brand. Westrongly believe that our attention to detail, coupled with our cuttingedge approachto creative, can ensure continued growth for the brands whichare included under Mount Gay’s umbrella.” Red Advertising & Marketing Limited once again dominated the local advertising award haul with 39 awards overall, including 12 gold awards and the prestigious Judges’ Choice Award for Art Direction. This year’s ADDY Awards – the creative award show of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of which the Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) is a member – attracted a record 995 entries from 51 companies. Artist Kevon Hall (right) and mixologist David Barker ruled the Art Wars in 2014. Red toasts Absolut with ADDY Awards FSC GETS TOUGH – puts strong regulatory programme into effect Discipline key to growth– Page 5


WASHINGTON– Texas Sen.Ted Cruz plans to announce today that he will run for president,becoming the first high-profile Republican to enter the 2016 contest. Cruzhashintedopenly formonthsabouthisintentions to seek the GOP nomination,and his plan to jump into the race formally was confirmed by a strategist for the firstterm Republican senator, who spoke to The AssociatedPress onconditionofanonymitysoas nottoprecludetheannouncement. WhileCruzisthefirst Republicantodeclarehis candidacy,he is sure to be followedbyseveralbig namesintheGOP,includingformerFloridaGov. JebBush,WisconsinGov. ScottWalkerandtwo Senatecolleagues, Kentucky’sRandPauland Florida’sMarcoRubio. DetailsaboutCruz’s Mondaycampaignlaunch were first reported by The HoustonChronicle. Cruz,44,has considerableappealamongthe RepublicanParty’sbaseof conservativevoters. Followinghiselectionto theSenatein2012,the former Texas solicitor general quickly established himself as an uncompromising conservative willing to take on Democrats and Republicans alike. Criticized by members of his own party at times,he won praise from tea party activists for leading the GOP’s push to shut the federal government during an unsuccessful bid to blockmoney for President Barack Obama’s health care law. One of the nation’s top college debaters while a student at Princeton University,Cruz continues to be a leading voice for the law’s repeal.He also promises to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, scrap the Education Department and curtail federal regulators,likening them to locusts. Cruz has left little doubt about his 2016 intentions in recent weeks.He made his first trip to New Hampshire earlier this month to help lay the groundwork for a presidential campaign,having already begun to ramp up outreach to party activists and donors. While in New Hampshire,Cruz told voters his daughter,Caroline, had given him permission tojoin the presidential race in the hopes that the family puppy would get to play on the White House lawn instead of near their Houston high-rise condo. “If you win,that means Snowflake will finally get abackyard to pee in,”Cruz said his daughter told him. Cruz is set to release a book this summer that he said would reflect themes ofhis White House campaign.In a recent AssociatedPress interview,hesaidhewantsto counterthe“caricatures” oftherightas“stupid,” “evil”or“crazy.” “Theimagecreatedin the mainstream media does not comply with the facts,”he said. The son of an American mother and Cuban-born father,Cruz would be the nation’s first Hispanic president.While born in Canada,two lawyers who represented presidents from both parties at the Supreme Court recently wrote in the Harvard Law Review that they think Cruz meets the constitutional standard to run. Cruz would retain his Senate seat through early 2019 if he fails to win the presidency. Monday March 23, 2015 17 The Barbados Advocate BOGOTA–U.S.authorities confiscated a US$180 million shipment of cocaine from Colombian drugtraffickers aboard a boat on the PacificOcean bound for the United States,the Colombian attorneygeneral’sofficesaid onSaturday. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) found 5.28 tonnes of the drug aboard the vessel, captured in international waters off Central America,said Alexandra Ladino,director of the attorney general’s specialized police force,whichcooperated with the DEA on the operation. The Panamanianflagged boat had earlier departed the Colombian port city of Buenaventura, Ladino said.The drugs belonged to a Colombian trafficking group,which she said would not be named for fear of compromising further investigations. Fourteen crew members,from Colombia and other Latin American countries,were detained and will be processed in the United States,Ladino told reporters. Colombia,amajor cocaine producer,manufactures some 300 tonnes annually,according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Authorities confiscated about 166 tonnes of the drug in 2014. Marxist rebels,gangs made up of ex-paramilitaries and small cartels dominate much of Colombia’snarcotics trade.Cocaine and other drugs are some of the principal sources of financing for groups fighting in the country’s 50-year civil war,which has killed over 200,000 people. US authorities seize $180 million Colombian cocaine shipment Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to launch presidential bid Ted Cruz, R-Texas


18 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ARIES (March 21-April 19). When you can't exactly choose what you want, you may as well want what you already have. There's something hidden in it that you didn't see before. Try looking at it from different angles. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). The fog may veil that beautiful view on the horizon, but when it lifts -and it always lifts -you'll once again see the possibilities. Until then, use the eyes of your intuition. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Getting to know a person will be as exciting as traveling to a new place. If you can get a peek into someone's private environment, you'll learn much more than you would from spending hours with this person in public. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Don't quit too easily or too soon. Keep going. Y ou don't have to be brash or abrasive about it. In fact, you're better off subtly, unobtrusively hanging in there. There will be a prize for the one who never gave up. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You can mend whatever cracks, but whether it's a vase or a reputation, the damage will be visible. That's why today it will be better to take care, err on the side of caution, go slow and be conservative. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). The lessons of early life are the hardest to unlearn. Mostly, that's a positive -you've l earned key behaviors to survive and thrive. Still, there is some misinformation from your early days. Retrain! LIBRA(Sept. 23-Oct. 23) .Keep that pleasant demeanor. It might mean taking snacks so you don't get hungry or arranging your own transportation, as no one likes to feel that they are trapped into leaving when the other person decides to. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.21). Big problems can be broken down into smaller ones and then dealt with one at atime. Nonmonetary problems can be handled first, and this will make it easier when it's time to negotiate the financial issues. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). It doesn't matter how things were done before. The players are new; the situation is new; this is a new age. Brainstorm solutions to fit this fresh situation. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). The thing you thought you were doing just for the fun of it is now turning into a competition. Offer enough game to make it interesting for all, but not enough to turn this into something more serious than it should be. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). The reason there are so many people in your network of friends, colleagues and customers is that you continue to be resourceful, sincere, friendly, low-key and all-around pleasant. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). If you're not amused, you're not learning. Blame the environment, the instructor or anything but yourself. Take it as a cue to keep moving until your curiosity catches up with you. R E X M O R G A N P H A N T O M P R O S A N D C O N S Z I T S M A R Y W O R T H M O T H E R G O O S E C B C T V C H A N N E L 8 HOROSCOPES BY HOLIDAY 4:00 TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 4:55SIGN ON CBC TV ID 4:57 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM 4:59PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 5:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 5:55MONTH OF THE DISABLED DEVOTION 6:00MORNIN’BARBADOS 8:00HOME SHOPPING 8:30TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 9:29PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 9:30 APUBLIC AFFAIR 10:00MUZUKI NI 10:30HOME SHOPPING 11:00THE MIX 12:00CBC NEWS 12:27 DOUBLE DRAW 12:30THE MIX CONT’D 1:00CHER MERE SPA 1:05GLOBALBUSINESS PEOPLE 1:30HOME & FAMILY 2:00THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL 2:30TALES FROM THE TOMBS 2:59PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 3:00COUNTRYMOUSE & CITYMOUSE 3:30BARNIE 4:00KIDZ CENTRAL 4:30HARRYAND HIS BUCKETFULLOF DINOSAURS 5:00NATIONALTASK FORCE ON CRIME PREVENT. QUIZ FINALS 5:30HOME SHOPPING 6:00 TBA 6:30POWER LIVING 6:47 5 MINUTE MEALS 6:52 DOUBLE DRAW 6:55 PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 7:00 CBC EVENING NEWS 8:00GIS PRESENTS 8:30CBC SPORTS ‘LIVE’ 9:00DOUBLE DRAW 9:03CSI MIAMI 10:00LATE NIGHTNEWS 10:05CARIBBEAN NEWSLINE 10:35THE TONI THORNE SHOW 11:05SHUGA:LOVE, SEX & MONEY 11:30THE MIX (R) 1:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS


LONDON–RichardIII was finally getting the ceremonyandhonouraking deserves,530yearsafter hisignominiousdeathin battle. Hundreds of people,includingsomeinperiodcostumeandarmor,turned outinLeicestershireyesterdaytowatchaprocessioncarryingtheremains ofthemedievalking whoseboneswerefound in2012underaparking lot.The cortege made its wayto Leicester Cathedral,where the monarchwillbeproperly reburied. Richard,the last Plantagenet king,was killed in battle against Henry Tudor in 1485 and buried hastily without a coffin in a long-demolished monastery. His bones weren’t found until 2012,when archaeologists excavated them from a Leicester parking lot.DNA tests,bone analysis and other scientific scrutiny established that the skeleton belonged to the king. On Sunday,a hearse carrying the monarch’s remains,sealed inside an oak coffin,processed through Leicestershire’s countryside to Bosworth, the battlefield where the monarch fell.Crowds lined the route of the cortege,and re-enactors in costume fired cannons in a 21-gun salute. Michael Ibsen,adescendant of the monarch who built the coffin that carried Richard’sremains, was among academics and others who placed white roses on the casket during ashort ceremony earlier Sunday. Thecoffinwillliein LeicesterCathedral, whereitwillbelowered intoatombonThursday. “His reburial at the end of the week will haveall thedignityandsolemnity thathisoriginalburial neverhad,”saidPhil Stone,chair of the Richard IIISociety.It was time to reconsider the king’s legacy,he added. The monarchwas most famously portrayed as a hunchbacked villain in Shakespeare’splay “Richard III,”though some historians sayhe was a relatively enlightened monarch whose name was besmirched by his opponents. “Let us remember King Richard III:The good king. The warrior king,”Stone said. PARIS–France’sgoverningSocialistsnever expectedtodowellin yesterday’sfirst-round elections,andtheir strategyworkedjustas planned:Theirconservativerivalstookfirst place. Beforetheelectionsfor 2,000localcouncils,the Socialistsurgedpeopleto vote,hopingthatturnout wouldblunttheriseof MarineLePen’sfarright NationalFront,evenifit meantNicolasSarkozy’s conservativeUMPwould bethevictor. Initialprojectionsgave theUMPparty31percent of the vote compared with 24.5 percent for the National Frontand19.7 percent for the Socialists and their allies.Turnout was51percent,compared with about 45 percent in the same elections in 2011. With little air of a man in third place,Prime Minister Manuel Valls was the first to praise the far right party’s defeat. “This evening,the extreme right,even it is too high,is not at the forefront of French politics,”Valls said.“When we mobilize the French,it works.” Le Pen was nowhere on the ballots themselves,but her National Front is trying to build a grassroots army of local officials to buttress her presidential ambitions in 2017. France’s council elections are in two rounds,so victory Sunday determines whichcandidates can contest a second vote March 29. The Socialists,which currently control the majority of the councils,are deeply unpopular after the government’s failureto turnaroundFrance’seconomy.Boththeyandthe UMParetornbyinfighting,leavingtheNational Frontsomethingofan openfieldforthefirst round. ButboththeSocialists andUMP,normally rivals, haveissueddirewarnings aboutFrance’sfuture underaresurgent NationalFront,whoseoppositiontoimmigration, radicalIslam,andthe EuropeanUnionhas helpedtransformtheparty fromapariahunderLe Pen’sfather. Jockeying ahead of the second round started momentsafterthefirst-round resultscamein. Vallsessentiallycalled forvoterstochoose anyone runningagainstaNational Frontcandidate. Sarkozy,who like Le Pen is eyeing the 2017 presidential race for a comeback,told supporters to abstain in the second round if aUMP candidate wasn’t running. And Le Pen demanded Valls’ resignation for “trying to lead a campaign against the people,a filthy and violent campaign that stigmatized millions of French voters.” One outcome is certain: Half of those elected will be women. Instead of voting for individual candidates,the ballots contain tickets one man,onewomanin ordertoovercomeyearsof failedeffortstogetmore womenintogovernment. Currently,only16percent ofcouncilmembersare women. Monday March 23, 2015 19 The Barbados Advocate French far-right leader and National Front Party, Marine Le Pen, exits from a polling booth as she goes to vote for the first round of local elections, yesterday, in Henin-Beaumont, northern France. Knights in armour lead King Richard’s coffin through the city towards Leicester Cathedral, in Leicester,Britain, 22 March 2015. LONDON–Britishpolicearrestedfourmen andtwowomenafter theytriedtoforcetheir wayintoasynagoguein Stamford Hill in north London in the early hours ofyesterday morning. The gang was seen damaging property and shouting abuse in video footage posted on YouTube. Police said one worshipper sustained minor facial injuries when he tried to prevent the group entering the building. “The incident is being treated as an antiSemitic incident,due to remarks made by one of the group,”London’s Metropolitan police said in a statement. “At this early stage, there is no suggestion that this was a far-right or extremist attack but rather the completely unacceptable actions of a drunken group.” Police said the people involved were drunk,and they were believed to have walked to the area from a house party nearby. They said they would step up patrols to provide reassurance to the local community. Stamford Hill is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in Europe,with about 30,000 Hasidic Jews living in the area. London police arrest six after synagogue attack in early hours Vote blunts rise of France’s far-right National Front England: 530 years after death, Richard III honoured before reburial


20 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate CLIMATEchange could have a “huge impact” onChina,reducing crop yields and harming the environment, the country’s top weather scientist has warned,in a rare official admission. Zheng Guogang told Xinhua news agency that climate change could be a “serious threat”to big infrastructure projects. He said temperature rises in China were already higher than global averages. China,the world’s biggest polluter,has said its emissions of gases that cause climate change will peak by 2030. However,the country has not set a specific target for cutting emissions of the gases,mainly carbon dioxide. ‘Emphasise climate security’ Mr Zheng,the head of China’s meteorological administration,said warming temperatures exposed his country to a growing “risk of climate change and climate disasters". He said temperature rises in China had already been higher than the global average for the past century. These are rare admissions from a Chinese official,BBC Asia analyst Michael Bristow says. China’sleaders have acknowledged the damage from global warming but they usually do not lay out the full scale of the problems. Rampant pollution is seen as a health risk to many Chinese Mr Zheng warned of more droughts,rainstorms,and higher temperatures,which would threaten river flows and harvests,as well as major infrastructure projects such as the Three Gorges Dam.He urged China to pursue a lower-carbon future. “To face the challenges from past and future climate change,we must respect nature and live in harmony with it,”the Xinhua news agency quoted him as saying. “We must promote the idea of nature and emphasise climate security.” China and the US together produce around 45% of global carbon emissions.Leaders from the two countries are taking part in a summit in Paris this year that will aim for aglobal deal to cut carbon emissions by 2020. China’sdecades-long pursuit of rapid economic growth has boosted demand for energy,particularly coal. Scientists fear that pledges made so far to cut emissions will not be enough to avoid the harmful impact of climate change. CLIMATEscientistsat leadinguniversitiesare joiningforcestodiscuss thebasisofasetofprinciplesgoverninginvestment in fossil fuels. They include academics at Oxford,Imperial College London and Harvard. Prof Myles Allen,of Oxford University,said the move was similar to principles governing investment in South Africa under apartheid in the 1980s. “This is a challenging question being put to universities,”he told BBC News. “Wehave the opportunity here to think about the most constructive approach to the divestment issue.” Divestment is the opposite of an investment it means getting rid of stocks,bonds,or investmentfundsthatmaybe regardedbysomeasunethical. The academics are due to meet in Mayto begin a one-year consultation process. It might end in some form of agreement on a set of useful principles governing investment in fossil fuels in the future, said Prof Allen,professor of geosystem science at Oxford. He stressed that the consultation,supported by the Oxford Martin School,was entirely independent of university endowment boards’decisionsoninvestmentbeingconsiderednow. Energysector GabrieleHegerl, professorofclimatesystemscienceatthe UniversityofEdinburgh, isamongthoseduetoattend. Shesaidthemeeting waslookingatbuildinga framework for how to think about investments in fossil fuels in view of the urgent need to cut emissions. But she said it was too simple to saywemustdivest from oil and coal because the energy sector could be part of the solution,through the likes of carbon capture and storage. "We need to account for the extent to whichcompanies invest in reducing emissions,and contribute to the important goal of limiting emissions and limiting global warming,”she told BBC News. This week,students at OxfordUniversitycalled onitsgoverningbodyto decidewhethertojoin nearly200institutions aroundtheworldincutting investments in fossil fuels. But it deferred the decision,saying the matter would be discussed in May. Several UK universities,includingGlasgow and Bedfordshire,have already committed to the growing campaign to dump fossil fuel stocks. And last year,Oxford City Council voted to join nearly 40 global cities in selling their investments in coal,oil and gas. ‘Unburnable’ In the past,therehave been a number of successful divestment campaigns,including tobacco advertising and the South African divestment campaign of the 1980s. The fossil fuel campaign aims to pressure government and companies to leave oil,gas and coal in the ground. Over 80% of coal,50% of gas and 30% of oil reserves are “unburnable” under the goal to limit global warming to no more than 2C,according to one recent analysis. ANawardknownas“the NobelPrizeforwater”has beengiventoanIndian campaignerwhohas broughtwaterto1000villages. Thejudgesofthe StockholmWater Prize sayhismethodshavealso prevented floods,restored soil and rivers,and brought backwildlife. The prize-winner, Rajendra Singh,is dubbed “the Water Man of India". The judges say his technique is cheap,simple,and that his ideas should be followed worldwide. Mr Singh uses a modern version of the ancient Indian technique of rainwater harvesting. It involves building lowlevel banks of earth to hold backthe flow of water in the wet season and allow watertoseepinto the ground for future use. Mr Singh discovered the vital need for solutions to disappearing water while working in a rural village Hefirst trained as a medic,but when he took up a post in a rural village in arid Rajasthan he was told the greatest need was not health care but drinking water. Groundwater had been sucked dry by farmers, and as water disappeared, crops failed,rivers,forests and wildlife disappeared and people left for the towns. “When we started our work,we were only looking at the drinking water crisis and how to solve that,”Mr Singh said. “Today our aim is higher.This is the century of exploitation,pollution and encroachment.To stop all this,to convert the war on water into peace,that is my life’sgoal.” The Stockholm International Water Institute,whichpresented the prize,said his lessons were essential as climate change alters weather patterns round the world. Its director,Torgny Holmgren,said:“In a world where demand for freshwater is booming,we will face a severe water crisis within decades if we do not learn how to better take care of our water.Mr Singh is a beacon of hope.” In its citation,the judges say:“Today’s water problems cannot be solved by science or technology alone.They are human problems of governance, policy,leadership,and social resilience. “Rajendra Singh’slife work has been in building social capacity to solve local water problems through participatory action,empowerment of women,linking indigenous know-how with modern scientific and technical approaches and upending traditional patterns of development and resource use.” The award was applauded by Katherine Pygott,aleading UK water engineer who has drawn on Mr Singh’s work to help prevent flooding in the UK. Climate change: China official warns of ‘huge impact’ ‘Water man of India’ bags top prize Fossil fuels: Scientists draw up investment principles Rampant pollution is seen as a health risk to many Chinese. Rajendra Singh, is known as “the Water Man of India"


Monday March 23, 2015 21 The Barbados Advocate ACTOR Verne Troyer was reportedly taken to hospital after suffering a seizure. Troyer,best known for playing Mini Me in the Austin Powers films,had the seizure while attending the Heart of Texas Comic Con in Waco on Saturday,according to the Hollywood Reporter. Arepresentative told the website Troyer’sresults came backnormal and that he was doing fine. “Everything’s ok,guys. Thanks for the concern,” Troyer tweeted after his collapse. Troyer,one of the shortest men in the world as a result of his cartilage-hair hypoplasia dwarfism,also starred alongside Mike Myers in The Love Guru. LOS ANGELES – Sean Penn’s “The Gunman”was no match for the rebel kids of“Insurgent.” Thesecondinstalmentinthe “Divergent”series easily topped the box office with $54 million from 3,875 theatres,according Rentrak estimates Sunday.Penn’s geopolitical thriller stumbled with only $5 million. While the second films in both the “Hunger Games”and the “Twilight”series boasted opening weekend gains over the first,“Insurgent’s”opening nearly matches that of its predecessor,“Divergent,”which debuted to $54.6 million just last year. Many predicted a bit of growth for this second film, which sees the return of stars Shailene Woodley,Theo James, and Kate Winslet to author Veronica Roth’s dystopian world.But,both distributor Lionsgate andbox office analysts see the consistency as a goodthing. "We’re extremely pleased with the outcome,”said Lionsgate’s President of Domestic Distribution Richie Fay. “I think this is exactly where we thought we’d be,”he added. “We attracted a few more males this time around,and I think we’re headed in the right direction.The uptick from Friday to Saturday was considerably higher than it was for ‘Divergent.’ That,the ACinemaScore and what’scoming into the marketplace will allow us to grow very nicely.” According to Lionsgate,60 percent of audiences were female. Rentrak’s Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian credits Lionsgate’s consistent release date strategy and impressive marketing campaign for the strong repeat performance. “It’sreally about driving a very fickle audience,that teen, YA – whatever you want to call them – they’re really tough to get a handle on.Their tastes change like the wind,”he said. “The key is keeping the young adult audience engaged,excited and enthusiastic.” “Insurgent”also performed well overseas,taking in $47 million from 76 markets,bringing its worldwide total to $101 million. Disney’slive-action “Cinderella,”meanwhile,fell 49percent in Week 2 to take second place with $34.5 million.The PG-rated film has earned an impressive $122 million domestically to date. Also in its second weekend in theatres,the R-rated Liam Neeson-led action film “Run All Night,”managed a slight edge over Open Road’s “The Gunman.”Neeson’s film,a Warner Bros.release,dropped 54 percent with its $5.1 million weekend,while Penn’s film debuted in fourth place with only $5 million. "You have a lot of R-rated competition out there right now,”noted Dergarabedian, who also added that Penn’s forayinto the action genre has not garnered the best reviews. “Kingsman:The Secret Service,”one of the better performing R-rated releases in recent weeks,rounded out the top five with $4.6 million in its sixth weekend in theatres.The 20th Century Fox film has now earned over $114.6 million domestically. “Over the past couple of weeks,films driven by the female audience have done much better than films driven by the male audience.But that’sall going to change because ‘Furious 7’ is on the way,” Dergarabedian said. “Put on your seatbelt and get ready,because it’s going to be an incredible ride in the coming weeks,”he said. Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theatres,according to Rentrak.Final domestic figures will be released Monday. 1.“Insurgent,”$54 million ($47 million international). 2.“Cinderella,”$34.5 million ($41.1 million international). 3.“Run All Night,”$5.1 million ($5 million international). 4.“The Gunman,”$5 million ($900,000 international). 5.“Kingsman:The Secret Service,”$4.6 million ($8.5 million international). 6.“Do You Believe?”$4 million. 7.“The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,”$3.5 million ($3.2 million international). 8.“Focus,”$3.3 million ($7.9 million international). 9.“Chappie,”$2.7 million ($5.1 million international). 10.“The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water,”$2.4 million ($3.2 million international). Estimated ticket sales for Fridaythrough Sundayat international theatres (excluding the U.S.and Canada),according to Rentrak: 1.“Insurgent,”$47 million. 2.“Cinderella,”$41.1 million. 3.“Home,”$19.2 million. 4.“Taken 3,”$18.6 million. 5.“Lost and Love,”$16.2 million. 6.“Kingsman:The Secret Service,”$8.5 million. 1.“Focus,”$7.9 million. 2.“Big Hero 6,”$6.6 million. 3.“Chappie,”$5.1 million. 4.“Run All Night,”$5 million. TVpresenterJeremyClarkson hassaidcommentshemadelast weekcriticisingtheBBCwere meantasajoke. TheTopGearhostgaveanexpletive-filled description of the corporation’s bosses while at a charity event in London on Thursday. An investigation into the 54year-old’s current suspension following a “fracas”with a producer is still ongoing. But writing in the Sunday Times,Clarkson said his comments were “all meant in jest". He said his “choice language” was to help boost the price of his auction item a lap of the Top Gear test track. “By being brief,controversial and a bit sweary,I woke the room up and the auction prize I was offering...raised 100 000,” he said. Clarkson’s comments at the Roundhouse Gala were made more widely public on Friday after a video of the event was posted online. During his speech,the presenter also suggested he expected to be “sacked”by the BBC,auctioning what he described as his “last lap”on the race track. Inhisnewspapercolumnon Sunday,he appeared to further hinthewasnolongerworking for the corporation writing:“I used to work on a television show called TopGear.” The presenter was suspended from the BBC Two show on 10 March,following an alleged altercation with producer Oisin Tymon. Areport over the incident is due to be handed to BBC director general Tony Hall next week, who will consider the evidence and “set out any further steps". An online petition calling for the presenter’s reinstatement has been signed by more than one million people since his suspension. Clarkson thanked his supporters on Friday via Twitter saying:“Many many thanks to all of the people who have called for my reinstatement.I’m very touched.Weshall all learn next week what will happen.” However writing in The Sun on Saturdayhe said:“Protest never works.Because we are all plankton.And the world is run by whales. “You can be a big and important plankton but that doesn’t make a jot of difference if a whale has decided to eat you up. You can get a million other plankton to dress up and wave banners but Mr Whale won’t even notice.” The BBC said it would “not be offering further commentary”on any issues involving Clarkson until the current investigation was concluded. ‘Insurgent’ Seizes Top Spot At Box Office, ‘Gunman’ Misfires Jeremy Clarkson: BBC comments ‘meant in jest’ ‘Mini Me’ actor hospitalised after suffering seizure Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from Top Gear on 10 March following a ‘fracas’ with a producer. Poster for Insurgent


Dear Wendy, MYson’s girlfriend is pregnant.I think there is a chance it may not be his,although she claims it is. Ihave asked him repeatedly if heis sure the baby is his and he says yes,but the math doesn’t seem right to me.I have suggested that he seek a paternity test,but I don’t think he’s going to take my advice. Iam not the only person who is questioning this,and I feel terrible for having the doubt.He has asked the girl to marry him and she accepted.I couldn’t believe it. They were going to marry that same month,but when my son mentioned a prenuptial agreement to protect the real estate and other property he owns (and that I’m financially involved in),she blew up! She just about kicked him to the curb.Now,thankfully,the wedding is postponed.Her overboard reaction has added to my suspicion.What do you think? –WORRIED FATHER Dear WF, Iagree that before your son marries this woman, everything should be out in the open. Regardless of whose child she is carrying,your son may be in love with her and it may not matter to him. If the child is indeed his,a paternity test would lay any doubts to rest. For your son not to insist on having a prenuptial agreement under these circumstances would be a mistake,and I hope he will reconsider. –JANE 22 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Bridge Need Advice?Write to Ask Jane c/o Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc. Fontabelle, St. Michael or Girlfriend’s claims is not convincing


Monday March 23, 2015 23 The Barbados Advocate SPORTS SPORTS ByCoreyGreavesBARBADOS’ KimberleyGittens cameoutwithaflurry of punch which rocked her surprised opponent just as the bell rung and blazed her way to a TKO victory over Trinidad and Tobago’s Kimberley Jackson. Itwasthesecondfemalecontestandfirst onewitharegional flavourastheBarbados BoxingAssociation hostedtheHorace PhillipsMemorial Boxingtournamentat theSt.MichaelSchoolon Saturday. Gittenshadearlier turnedheadsinher warmupthroughaslew ofcombinationsintothe focusmittsthathittheir mark.Assheenteredthe right she looked unassuming but focused.With thesoundingofthebell thereseemedtobea switchturnonandshe advancetomeetheropponentinthemiddleand sendingretreatinginto hercorner. A battery of unanswered punches came from the local boxer,and the referee had to step in to give the standing eight count to the Trinidadian.Jackson was luckytoescapethe round as Gittens delivered another set of unanswered punches to the midsection and then to the head of Jackson. However though cl early leading the round and the contest,Gittens form was not perfect and at time she left herself opponent as she threw her combinations.But Jackson was not up for thetaskofevenseeing ortryingtocounterand Gittensknewit.Another setofunansweredcombinationinthesecond round saw the inevitable happen,TKO midway through the second round. Gittens was also rewarded as the best boxer on the night for her performance. In other matches on the night,Barbados Ricardo Blackman delivered a smart victory over Guyana’s Seon Griffith. Blackman has looked to be in charge early in the first round with a set of two-punch combinations. But never backed down and kept advancing for the entire contest. It was in the second round that a clear advantage was finally seen as Blackman rocked Griffith with a right hand that sent him stumbling back.Giffith found it hard to track down Blackman at times and was on the receiving end of many side steps which were accompanied by a quick punch to the face. Blackmanalsoappearedtobehurtfrom oneoftheGiffith punchesbutquicklyregainedhiscomposerto battleback. In the end Blackman won all three rounds and the flyweight Elite Youth boxer title 30-27,30-27, 30-26. Barbados Jabali Breedy was taken to all threeroundsbyJamal EastmanfromGuyana inacontestwhichwent thedistance. Breedydancedhisway inthefirstroundand was a live wire,all over the place as Eastman found himself throwing a number of punch es and missing. Withtheactionbackto a normal pace in the second round Breedy went ontowinbyunanimous decision30-25,30-27,3026. In the other bouts Charles Cox,had to wait patiently before demising Christopher Harris Iprecious Lythcott went down to Kelly Ann Black. Ricardo Blackman and Jabali Breedy also in winners Row Kimberley Gittens is all smiles after collecting her trophy for her victory. Akeem Farkey (facing) and MIchael Griffith Blackman taking one to the nose from Guyana Seon Griffith. Kimberley Gittens stars with the gloves


24 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate THECricket World Cup began on Feb.14 with 14teams.More than a month later,the tournament has been reduced to four countries including defending champion India,fourtime winner Australia and its co-host New Zealand,and South Africa. “Thebestfourteamsare inthesemi-finals,and I don’t think many people could disagree with that,” New Zealand coach Mike Hesson said yesterday. Here’s a quick guide to the semi-finals.The winners advance to the final on Sunday,March 29 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground: NewZealandvs. SouthAfrica Tuesday,March24 EdenPark Auckland,NewZealand (0100GMT) SOFAR:Co-hostNew Zealandhasn’tlosta match in winning Pool A and then defeating the WestIndiesby143runsin thequarterfinals.South Africa lost two of its six pool matches to finish second in Pool B and also had a comfortable win in the quarterfinals,beating Sri Lanka by nine wickets. THE STARS:For New Zealand,Martin Guptill has been exceptional,scoring a World Cup-record 237 not out in Saturday’s win over the West Indies.He has scored 498 runs in seven innings and is second only to Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara’s 541 in the scoring standings. New Zealand’s Trent Boult leads all wicket-takers with 19 while teammates Daniel Vettori and Tim Southee have added 15 each.For South Africa,A.B. de Villiers has tallied 417 runs and is always a threat at the crease.Legspinner Imran Tahir has taken 15 wickets for the Proteas, while Morne Morkel has added 14. QUOTABLE:“We’ve got alot of scouting to do of a quality South African side:”Guptill on the semifinal opposition. "It was a big-pressure game,and we just showed everyone that we can do it:” de Villiers after South Africa ended its decadeslong streak of never winning a knockout match at the World Cup. Australia vs.India Thursday,March 26 Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney (0330 GMT) SO FAR:After a lackluster test series and one-day tri-series tournament in Australia in which India couldn’t manage a win,the defending champions have been perfect at the World Cup,winning all six preliminary matches to finish first in Pool B and then beating Bangladesh by 109 runs in the quarterfinals. Australia lost by one wicket to New Zealand and only received a point for a washed-out match against Bangladesh to finish second to the Kiwis in Pool A. The co-hosts beat Pakistan by six wickets in the quarterfinals. THE STARS:India opener Shikhar Dhawan is among the tournament leaders with 367 runs scored while Mohammed Shami has taken 17 wickets,placing him third among all bowlers in the tournament so far. Australia has received contributions from a number ofbatsmen in its lineup, but none feature among the top 10 scorers,while left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Starc is second to Boult among leading wicket takers with 18. QUOTABLE: “Australia’s batting is encouraging for Indian pacers.They can put pressure on the Aussie lineup:”retired Indian batsman V.V.S.Laxman. “They’ve worked out conditions and they’ve spent so much time here.I think M.S.Dhoni deserves a lot of credit the way he’s been able to turn things around as the leader,as the captain.They’re playing some really good cricket,there’s no doubt about it:” Australia captain Michael Clarke on the semifinal opposition. AUCKLAND,New Zealand–NewZealand coachMike Hesson says histeam’sCricketWorld Cupsemi-finalagainst SouthAfricaonTuesday willbe“aheckofashow.” Thatranksasaneffusivestatementfromthe quiet,studious Hesson whospecialisesincasual understatementand takes pains to keep emotions constantly in check. Heevenstrugglesto downplaythe significance orthepotentialof Tuesday’smatchat Eden Park,whichshapes as a collision between the hardest hitters and most destructive bowlers in world cricket. Batsmen have reshaped the way one-day cricket is played in recent times, laying waste to the game’s many and most-enduring records.South Africans and New Zealanders have been at the forefront of that revolution. South Africa captain AB de Villiers,who has the world’sfastest one-dayinternational century,New Zealand’s Brendon McCullum who has a strike rate at this World Cup of 185.51,and Martin Guptill,who on Saturday against the West Indies produced the second-highest score in 50-overs internationals,the highest in aWorld Cup and only the fifth double century ODIs. These players and many more will share the stage at Eden Park and even Hesson can’t help but be excited. “It’saone-off game, we’re all desperate to be at the big party,”he said.“I think we’ll both turn up, two sides that are playing good cricket and it’s going to be a heckof a show.” Hesson said that after its thrilling pool rounds, after four one-sided but still compelling quarterfinals,the World Cup has come to this ...survival of the fittest. “I think the best four teams are in the semifinals and I don’t think many people could disagree with that,”he said. “South Africa on their day are exceptional.(But) you put them under pressure and we’ll see what happens. "They’re a good side, very similar to us.They’ve got a lot of match-winners so if one or two don’t play up then you expect the other guys to turn up and put in a match-winning performance.” Hesson says New Zealand and South Africa have no baggage coming into Tuesday’s match but itseems unlikley either side can avoid its history. South Africa had never won a knockout matchat aCricket World Cup until it beat Sri Lanka in its quarterfinal and,though that win was emphatic,it hasn’t entirely removed the belief that the Proteas are a team that falters in knockout games. PAKISTANwillpintheir hopesonthenextgenerationaftertheirWorld Cup campaign ended with a quarter-final exit to Australia but with departing skipper Misbah-ulHaq warning the team is not up to international scratch. Pakistan,the 1992 champions,lost their first two matches to India and the West Indies before staging a comeback with four consecutive wins to earn a berth in the quarter-finals. ButPakistan went down by six wickets against Australia in Adelaide,a defeat which criticsargueexposedthe weaknessesoftheplayers andsystem. NoneofPakistan’s youngerbatsmen– AhmedShehzad,Umar AkmalandSohaib Maqsood–couldmatch theguileof40-year-old Misbah who was the main run-getter with 350 in seven matches. “It’s necessary that the younger batsmen take responsibility,”said Misbah, who quit ODI cricket after Friday’sdefeat. “They are talented players but maybe they were notmade responsible enough to help the team.” Akmal is the most talented of them all but he failed to turn his full potential into performances, scoring only 164 runs in seven innings. His dismissal on Saturday,giving a simple catchto Aaron Finchoff part-timer Glenn Maxwell,highlighted his shortcomings. Shehzad managed 222 atthe tournament while Maqsood scored 124 in five innings. “If our cricket is to matchinternational standards then our youngsters have to work hard,”said Misbah. “They are the best performers in domestic cricket so they have to take the mantle from us. “Besides batting,fitness and fielding are two key areas where our players have to work very hard because they are not up to international standards,” said Misbah. Pakistan’s preparations for the World Cup were badly hit by the suspension of ace spinner Saeed Ajmal for an illegal bowling action and injuries to pacemen Umar Gul and Junaid Khan and spinning all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez (also suspended for his action). Former captain Wasim Akram said the system is so faulty that there are no back-ups. “When Ajmal and Junaid were out,we did not have back-up bowlers and that hit Pakistan badly,”said Wasim. “Until and unless we put our house in order we are not going to stand up and be counted against top teams like Australia, India and South Africa.” The return of Junaid and possibly of Mohammad Aamir,who started playing domestic cricket last week after his five-year ban for spot-fixing was relaxed,will strengthen the bowling. But it’s the batting woes that need attention,a problem Misbah hoped would be solved sooner rather than later. “Maybe the lack of international exposure was hurting the batsmen so I have suggested to the Pakistan Cricket Board that they arrange more and more cricket for these youngsters because batsmen can only get better with exposure,”said Misbah. Pakistan’s most pressing task will be to pickup anew captain for the oneday team. Hafeez would be one contender as is Shehzad but both have their problems of their own. Hafeez’sbowling action was deemed illegal in November while Shehzad has a history of disciplinary problems. Pakistan pin hopes on struggling next generation after Cup exitA guide to the Cricket World Cup semi-finals Hesson: New Zealand-South Africa to be “a heck of a show” New Zealand coach Mike Hesson


BYhis own lofty standards,ViratKohlihas hadamodestWorldCup sofar. ButhisIndianteammatesallthinktheelegant stroke-makerwillliveupto his reputation as a bigmatch player when it matters. Andfew games matter more than Thursday’s semi-final against Australia.For Kohli,it’s a golden opportunity to get back amongst the runs. “I don’t think he has batted badly.When he has got an opportunity he has scored runs,”India’s World Cup captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said. “It’s not that he has scored a century every time he has gone out to bat.But everybody relating his performance with the test series and expecting a hundred in every innings from him.” Kohli’s lean run at the World Cup has been puzzling,partly because of his great record record in One DayInternationals and his great form this summer. He has scored 22 ODIs, averages almost 52 from 157 matches in the format and is among India’s best batmen. He replaced Dhoni as test captain for India’s last matchagainst Australia in Sydney in January and scored four hundreds in the series and averaged over 86. But his form in ODI has fallen away.He made a century in India’s opening World Cup match against Pakistan but hasn’t made a fifty since. Known equally for his silken touch with the bat and a penchant for run-ins with opposition players, Kohli also found himself embroiled in controversy after swearing at a journalist over a story about his personal life.The batting mainstay was censured by the Indian board for his ugly outburst against the travelling Indian journalist in Perth and advised to maintain his cool. After his 107 against Pakistan in Adelaide,he has scored 46,33 not out, 33,44 not out,38 and 3 and Dhoni backed him for a big one soon.“I don’t think there has been any poor shot selection.He is a dominant batsman who likes playing his shots when he goes in to bat,”Dhoni said. “It’s quite difficult but at the same time I feel it is important to keep focussing on the process.It’s just around the corner and big players always score in big games.” Monday March 23, 2015 25 The Barbados Advocate Maxwellbelieveshomefieldadvantagecouldbekeyastheco-hostslooktoendthedefendingchampions’seven-matchwinningstreak at the tournament. Kohli’sleanrunattheWorldCuphasbeenpuzzling,partlybecauseofhisgreat recordrecordinOneDayInternationalsandhisgreatformthissummer. SYDNEY–Australia battingstarGlennMaxwell wants the Sydney Cricket Ground to be mean and green for Thursday’s WorldCup semi-final against India despite the pitch’s reputation as a spinners’ paradise. Maxwell believes home field advantage could be key as the co-hosts look to end the defending champions’ seven-matchwinning streak at the tournament,an impressive run whichhas seen them bowl out the opposition in every match. “Hopefully we get a fast one (pitch).It has been a pretty good wicket this year and hopefully there is a bit of grass there as well,” said Maxwell,who is desperate for a track which will playinto the hands of an attackwhich boasts fast bowlers Mitchell Starc,Mitchell Johnson and Josh Hazlewood. India have a woeful record at the SCG where they have triumphed just once in 14 ODIs against Australia – with their only win coming backin 2008. “They haven’t won a game against us all summer,hopefully we can make the most of that,” said Maxwell in reference to Australia’s dominance in the Test and ODI series whichpreceded the World Cup. “Hopefully that is pretty clear in their memories.We’ve been dominant all summer in the ODI format. Hopefully we can continue that.” AUSTRALIA’SJosh Hazlewood believes his side’s recent success against India will give them a psychological advantage when they face the reigning champions in a WorldCupsemi-finalin SydneyonThursday. Indiamaybeunbeaten at the World Cup but they failed to win a match in the preceding Testandone-day tri-series in Australia. “Wehave obviously playedthemalotthissummerinbothformats,”said Hazlewood.“Iwouldsaywe have the wood over them a littlebitinthatregard, winningthetri-series.” The24-year-oldfast bowler has featured in just three of Australia’s matchesattheWorldCup sofarbutmadethemostof hislatestrecallwitha man-of-the-matchreturnof fourfor35inasix-wicket quarter-finalwinover PakistanattheAdelaide OvalonFriday. New South Wales paceman Hazlewood said he feared his WorldCupwas over when Australia’s selectors opted for Pat Cummins before dropping his fellow seamer following an unimpressive return of three for 42 in seven overs against non-Test side Scotland. “Yeah,those thoughts do run through your head,” Hazlewood said.“But you try and stay positive. “Patty obviously picked up a few wickets but had a bit of a mixed bag in the game last time,so left the door a little bit ajar I guess.” Butthecontestbetween HazlewoodandCummins foraplaceinanAustralia attack led by in-form leftarm fast bowler Mitchell Starc maystillhavesome way to run at this World Cup. Australia’sselectorshave tendedtooptfor Hazlewoodwhenwanting additionalnew-ballfirepowerandgonefor Cumminswhenthey’vefelt aneedforgreatervarietyin the ‘death overs’ late in an innings.“Ithasobviously beenatossofthecoinjob formostofthetournament betweenmeandPat,we havegotthenodindifferent spots and in different conditions,”said Hazlewood.“So it was just good to get another game andhopefullyimpress.” Headded:“I bowl a lot up front with the new ball and swing it around and try and take a few early ones (wickets).” “And obviously with Pat, you can use him more in the powerplayand at the end with his change of pace and his yorkers and bouncers,he has got a bit of extra pace ...” India hoping ‘big’ player Kohli to deliver against Aussies Australia have edge over India, says Hazlewood Maxwell wants Sydney Cricket Ground tobe green and mean this week


26 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate LONDON–Theabsence of Germany from this year’s Formula One calendar,confirmedonFriday, would have been utterly unthinkable a decade ago. WhenMichael Schumacherwaskingof thering,adoredbyan armyofred-shirted Ferrari fans as seventimesworldchampion, Europe’sbiggesteconomy happily hosted two races ayear at Hockenheimand theNuerburgring. Eventhatwas not enoughforsome,with Germansflockingto HungaryandBelgiumand furtherafieldtopitchtheir tentsandwatchthe‘weltmeister’atwork. Even now,with Mercedes on top of the world and four-times champion Sebastian Vettel drivingfor Ferrari and following in Schumacher’s footsteps,there would appear to be all the ingredients to excite the home crowd. Instead,for the first time since 1960,Germany has no race and alarm bells are ringing across the sport’s heartland. As the news spread on social media,many fans felt the sport – which started the season in Australia last weekend with just 15 cars on the grid and some of the 10 teams struggling to survive – was plunging deeper into a crisis of its own making. Others feared it was turning its backon its roots,even if Germany does return next year. France,the cradle of motor racing that gave the sport so muchof its vocabulary – from chassis to grand prix – as well as the champagne celebrations, was dropped from the calendar in 2008 and has failed to find a way back. The last time Formula One had a season without arace in France or Germany was 1955. Monaco,Spa,Monza and Silverstone all have some protection as key races in the heritage of the sport but even then there are no real guarantees in a world where lavish new circuits elsewhereofferfarmoreto FormulaOne’scoffers. “Idon’tthinkwe’lldoanothercontract,”Formula One’scommercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone,who last year paid a $100 million fine to end a bribery trial in Germany,saidofItaly’s Monza last year. “The old one was a disasterforusfromthecommercialpointofview.After 2016,bye bye.” While new races in Azerbaijan and Russia, and relative newcomers Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, are prepared to shell out handsomely to host Formula One,European circuits have long struggled to paythe fees. They depend on ticket sales but that means passing on the burden to fans, leaving families hard hit.A category one weekend pass to the German Grand Prix last year cost 515 euros ($557). Hockenheim,which has alternated with the Nuerburgring,attracted just 52 000 race dayfans in 2014 and suffered financial losses the circuit could not contemplate incurring for three years in a row. The financially-troubled Nuerburgring meanwhile is under new ownership who baulked at paying what the contract stipulated. Ecclestone,who represents commercial rights holders CVC Capital Partners, has a duty to maximise annual revenues that currently stand in excess of $1.5 billion and rising. He had tried to buy the Nuerburgring himself last year and was rebuffed. While losing Germany will be a blow,the 84-yearold knows where the money is.He already has Mexico returning to the calendar later this season after a 23-year absence and Azerbaijan coming in next year. Qatar is pushing hard for a race,South Africa is interested and there is talk of a second grand prix in the United States. TRISTAN WHITEHALL’SimpressiveyearatCoffeyville Community College continued earlier this month when he set a new school record at the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) Indoor Championships. WhitehallfinishedsecondintheMen’sShotPutt withanewpersonalbest of17.30metreswhile EldredHenryofCentral Arizona won with 19.08 metres.Alex Garza,also of Coffeyville,was third with 16.98 metres. Ashley Williams,formerly of Lester Vaughan and now at Coffeyville,finished third in the Women’s Shot Putt with 13.98 metres.Janeah Stewart of Iowa Central won with 14.71 metres while Trevia Gumbs of Central Arizona was second with 14.71 metres. Charles Greaves,now competing for Central Arizona,was also in action at the championships where he finished fourth in the Men’s Long Jump. Greaves’ fourth-place jump of 7.45 metres came on his very last attempt while Shamar Rock of Western Texas finished tenth overall with a best of 7.00 metres. Andreas Trajkovski won with 7.68 metres,Earnet Mosheleketi was second with 7.55 metres while Travonn White was third with 7.48 metres. Greaves and Rock also competed in the Triple Jump and finished sixth and eighth respectively. (PG) HAMPSHIREand Warwickshireplayedto adrawwhiletherewasno resultinthegamebetweenNorthamptonshire andaBarbadosSelectXI whentheEnglish CountiesCupcontinued last week. The highlight was anunbeatencentury recordedbyKyleHope fortheBarbados SelectXIagainst Northamptonshireat theNorthStarsGround inSt.Lucy.Hopescored 113notoutastheSelect XImadeitto169-3off 38oversinreplyto Northamptonshire’sfirst innings total of 233-5 off 45 overs. Hope’sknockcame off 113ballsandincluded16 foursandtwosixes.Aaron Jones ended on 35 not out. Earlier in the match, Josh Cobb scored 76 and Rob Keogh 41 for the English side.Kevin McClean took 2-32 and Chaim Holder 2-41. Hampshire and Warwickshire playedat the Windward Cricket Ground in St.Philip. Warwickshire won the toss and restricted Hampshire to 117-6 in 47 overs after electing to bowl first.Danny Briggs topscored for Hampshire with 33 not out while Lewis McManus made 26. Warwickshire replied with 173 all out with Ateeq David leading the waywith59while Jonthan Webb made an unbeaten 46. (PG) Rain affects play in English Counties Cup Whitehall sets school record at NJCAA Indoor Championships LOSANGELES–Steve Nash,a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player,announced his retirement on Saturday after having missed the entire season for the Los Angeles Lakers due to a nagging back injury. “I’m retiring from basketball.Thanks for all the love through the years,” the 41-year-old Canadian posted on his Twitter page,along with a link to an essay on the Players Tribune website explaining his decision. Nash,the son of an English father and Welsh mother born in South Africa just 18 months before his family moved to Canada,became a US college star at Santa Clara and was selected 15th overall in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns. The Suns traded Nash to Dallas in 1998 and he played six seasons for the Mavericks,taking NBA Most Valuable Player honours in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons and establishing himself as one of the top point guards and assist men in the league. Phoenix signed him to a free agent deal in 2004 and he stayed with the Suns until joining the Lakers in 2012. Nash,a five-time NBA season assists leader known for accuracy at the free throw line and as a 3point shooter,announced last October he would not play this season after doctors advised him to sit out because of lingering back pain. “The greatest gift has been to be completely immersed in my passion and striving for something I loved so much – visualising a ladder,climbing up to my heroes,”Nash said in his farewell essay.“The obsession became my best friend....Obviously,I value my kids and my family more than the game,but in some ways having this friend – this ever-present pursuit – has made me who I am,taught me and tested me,and given me a mission that feels irreplaceable.I am so thankful...” Nash finished with averages of 14.3 points and 8.5 assists over 1 217 NBA games. He summed up his decision to depart by saying, “It’s bittersweet.I already miss the game deeply,but I’m also really excited to learn to do something else.” Steve Nash Germany follows France into F1 pits Canadian star guard Nash retires after 18 seasons


Monday March 23, 2015 27 The Barbados Advocate KINGSTONUPONHULL (UnitedKingdom)–Loic Remyscoredwithintwo minutesofcomingonasa substitute as Chelsea battled to a 3-2 victory against Hull that moved them six points clear at the top of the Premier League yesterday. GoalsfromEdenHazard andDiegoCostaputJose Mourinho’ssideincommandin thefirstnineminutesatthe KCStadium,but Hull showed admirable determination to draw level with two goals in quick succession from Ahmed Elmohamady and Abel Hernandez before half-time. Mourinho had warned his side against complacency as they bid to finish ahead of second-placed Manchester City and earn their first title since 2010,so there was a real sense of relief among Chelsea’s play ers and supporters when French striker Remy came off the bench to score with 13 minutes left. It was Blues’ first win in three games in all competitions. Hull know as well as anyone just how incisive Hazard can be after the Belgian had scored twice in the last two Premier League meetings between the teams and it took him just 78 seconds to make it three in three. Costa displayed trademark strength to receive Nemanja Matic’s pass and turn Alex Bruce,laying the ball off to Hazard in the process. Hazard’s shot from 20 yards arrowed beyond Allan McGregor and into the corner ofthe net. Uruguay striker Hernandez squandered a good chance to level in the fifth minute. David Meyler’s pass was flicked on by Dame N’Doye to Hernandez,but the Hull striker rushed his shot and fired directly into the chest of Thibaut Courtois. As if to highlight Hull’s lack of cutting edge,Costa doubled the visitors’ advantage four minutes later. Hazard dropped deep to take control of the attack and fed the ball to Cesc Fabregas,who supplied Costa in the left channel. Michael Dawson made the mistake of allowing the Spain striker to carry the ball into the 18 yards box and the result was acurling shot for his 19th club goal of the season. Chelsea’s French striker Loic Remy (left) shoots to score their goal during the English Premier League football match between Hull City and Chelsea at the KC Stadium in Kingston upon Hull, north east England yesterday. Remy strikes late to steady Chelsea’s nerves


28 Monday March 23, 2015 The Barbados Advocate BUSINESS OPPORTUNITYNADOE INVESTMENTS Invest twenty five-thousand dollars, get two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars back. Tel: 843-2269 FOR SALEOne Year Old German Shepherd. Male-Working Dog Imported from UK.Tel: 234-5987 or 433-8030. REAL ESTATEFOR SALE LOTS Lowthers, Christ Church 4,712 sq. ft. $105,000.00 Tichbourne, St. Michael 7,455 sq. ft. $151,000.00 Fortesque, St. Philip 5,927 sq. ft. $125,000.00 Connelltown, St. Lucy 9,768 sq. ft. $150,000.00 Durants, Christ Church 5,250 sq. ft. $185,000.00 Bagatelle, St. James 11,215 sq. ft. $280,000.00 Clermont, St. Michael 10,500 sq. ft. $315,000.00 Drax Hall, St. George 14,349 sq. ft. $375,000.00 PROPERTIES Boarded Hall Greens (Town houses)From $228,800.00 to $461,900.00 Hopewell, Christ Church 3Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms 6,630 sq. ft. $350,000.00 Fairfield Cross Road, St. Michael Building 1 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Building 2 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 4,736 sq. ft.$300,000.00 Apes Hill, St. James 4Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 storey building4,367 sq. ft. $350,000.00 Husbands, St. James 3Bedroom 2 Bathroom two storey building 5,783sq. ft. $600,000.00 Bournes Village, St. George 4Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms two storey building 3,191 sq. ft. $471,000.00 Grazettes Court, St. Michael 3Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms building10,842sq.ft. $550,000.00 FORRENT Sea Grape Drive, St. Philip 2Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom Apartment$1,600.00 monthly Contact: Telephone (246) 432-7191 Website: AUTO PARTS/SPARES AUCTION SALESWE WILLSELLBYAUCTION ON MONDAY23/03/15 THE FOLLOWING DAMAGED VEHICLES:1995 MAZDALANTIS (DRIVING), 2004 FORD FOCUS at McEnearney Garage at 1:00pm 2005 TOYOTACOROLLA (WORKING) at Jones Garage at 1:20pm 2004 SUZUKI LIANA at Simpson Motors at 1:45pm CALL:231-1928 CONSTRUCTION SERVICESL.L. BUILDING & Maintenance Specials on .Renovating .Building .Repainting.Large Residential .Small quick fix-up jobs Tel:237-7874 CONSTRUCTION SERVICESCAPSTONE CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATEDConstruct Wood & Wall Houses House & Roof Repairs Renovations & Extensions Tree Trimming & Cutting Tel:(246)267-1600 NOTICES NOTICES PARIS–Irelandretained theSixNationstitlefor onlythesecondtimein theirhistoryasEngland felljustshortonSaturday. England went into the final game of the day requiringa26-point winningmarginandwent agonisinglyclosebeating France 55-35 in an astonishingmatchat Twickenham. Ireland’s40-10win earlier over wooden spoon ‘winners’ Scotland at Murrayfield gavethem just enough breathing space to record their first backto back wins since the old Five Nations in 1948/49. Ireland retain title despite England heroics LOSANGELES– MannyPacquiao welcomedahighprofile visitor to his training camp Saturday with ties to his native Philippines: Tim Tebow. Pacquiaoispreparing for his much-anticipated fightwithFloyd Mayweather Jr.on May 2 inLasVegas.The HeismanTrophy-winning formerFloridaQBposted photosonInstagramof thetwotogetherin Pacquiao’sgyminLos Angeles. “Awesomebeingwith myFilipinoandChristian brother,”Tebowpostedon his Instagram account. Tebow,who is known for being very open about his Christian faith, was born in the Philippines to missionary parents. Pacquiao spokesman Fred Sternburg said Tebow and Pacquiao know each other and embraced when Tebow came to the gym. Promoter Bob Arum was also there and they watched Pacquiao spar seven rounds,Sternburg said. Manny Pacquiao welcomes Tim Tebow to his training camp


Monday March 23, 2015 29 The Barbados Advocate


30 Monday March 23, 2015 LIVERPOOL– Liverpoolcaptain Steven Gerrard issued afrank apology yesterday after being sent off during his side’s 2-1 Premier League defeat at home to arch rivals Manchester United. The34-year-old,who will join the Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of the season,came on at halftime with Liverpool trailing 1-0,only to be sent off after 43 seconds for a crude stamp on United midfielder Ander Herrera. “I don’t know what caused it.I don’t know. Probably just a reaction to the initial tackle,”Gerrard told Sky Sports. “I shouldn’t saymore about it,really.I’ve just come out here to apologise to the dressing room and supporters. "I need to accept it.The decision was right.I’ve let down my team-mates and the supporters.I take full responsibility. “I’ve been in the game long enough (to know what happens) when you do something like that.I take full responsibility.” Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers revealed that Gerrard had said sorry to his teammates after the final whistle. “Steven apologised to the players and me in the dressing room,”Rodgers said. “It was probably frustration.We didn’t put atackle in the first half, but the players adjusted well.” Juan Mata scored twice for United,with Daniel Sturridge replying for Liverpool,as Louis van Gaal’s side established a five-point lead over their rivals in the battle for Champions League qualification. United striker Wayne Rooney also saw a stoppage-time penalty saved by Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. “We kept the ball and created a lot of possibilities;not big chances,but a lot of possibilities to score,”said United manager Van Gaal. “I said whoever could beat the pressure shall win.Juan Mata was very good.He played always good in my opinion with me,so he’s one of my most constantly playing players. “But sometimes you also need balance in your team and you have to select other players.Now he has played very well and did this position very well. “It’s an amazing result for the fans.We now have agap from positions five, six and seven,which is very important.” Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel was fortunate to escape unpunished after appearing to stamp on United goalkeeper David de Gea as he chased a through ball at the death, but Rodgers played down the incident. “I have seen the Martin Skrtel incident,”he said. “The ball was played through,but it probably looks worse in slowmotion. “It looks like he is trying to get a nick on the ball,to get a toe on the ball,but the ball went into the goalkeeper’shand.Martin is not that type of player. He was just a fraction out.” Gerrard sorry for red card against Man Utd Stephen Gerrard, right, receives his marching orders.


Monday March 23, 2015 31 The Barbados Advocate OAKLAND,Calif.–Withtheplayoffs approaching,Stephen Curry fully expects more out of Golden State over the next three weeks. Thatmightnotbeagoodsignforthe restoftheWesternConference. Currybouncedbackfromhisworst shootingperformanceoftheseasonto score24points,LeandroBarbosaadded aseason-high19offthebenchandthe Warriors pulled away late to beat the Utah Jazz 106-91 on Saturday night. “Coach (Steve Kerr) is probably going to treat a lot of games playoff-like as possible,”Curry said.“We just have to play hard,(do) whatever is asked of us these last 13 games,be mentally locked in and focused and continue to win.You don’t want to stumble into the playoffs.” One day after shooting four of 17 in a win over New Orleans,Curry went eight for 18 from the floor against a Utah defense that had been the NBA’s stingiest over the past three weeks.He also showed alittle grit after sitting out the first seven minutes of the fourth quarter when he crashed to the floor after being fouled hard by Derrick Favors. Curry is likely to get more of that treatment as the postseason draws near, which is why Kerr has been careful to get his All-Star guard some rest. Barbosa’s big night helped the Warriors keep rolling while Curry sat.It also helped offset the loss of Klay Thompson, who remains sidelined with a foot injury. “LB was great,”Kerr said.“What we’ve been most impressed with is his defense. He’s gotten dramatically better,both on and off the ball.He’s just such a burst of energy off the bench.” Draymond Green added 15 points,six rebounds and seven assists for the Warriors (56-13),who have the best record in the NBA. Favors had 21 points and 11 rebounds for the Jazz.Utah lost for only the fourth time since the All-Star break. The Jazz trailed the entire game but stayed close enough to keep the Warriors from letting up. “The ball is sticking too much on the perimeter for us,”Jazz coach Quin Snyder said.“I didn’t think we were very good at reading what we wanted to do before the catch.The ball stopped and then you get locked in.” Trey Burke’sthree-pointer pulled Utah to 89-83 with 8:30 remaining. Andrew Bogut,kept quiet most of the night while going against 7-foot-1 Utah center Rudy Gobert,helped Golden State pull away with four points as part of an 8-2 run that pushed the Warriors’ lead to 97-85. Golden State,which clinched a playoff berth earlier in the week,needs three more victories to tie the franchise record. Curry bounces back to lead Warriors past Jazz 106-91


CHIEFEXECUTIVE OFFICERand Founder of the American University of Barbados (AUB) School of Medicine,Dr.Gary Brar, has expressed the school’s commitment to Barbados and says that the contribution the school is making to this country’s economy is increasing with each year it remains in operation. Hemadethecommentswhile speakingto TheBarbados Advocate at the Lands Down, SilverSands,ChristChurch campus,following the recently held Student Awards. “Whenyoulookatthefact that we started very small in Wildey and were able in short order to move to this campus where we have30people staying,and another 20 staying in the neighbourhood,shows we are growing and we are working towards welcoming another 40 to 50 in September and they are all going to be putting into the economy,”he explained. The CEO added,“And with every student we welcome from outside of Barbados,their families come to visit them and that is tourism.For this latest function,we had 11 guests from Canada alone and also the High Commissioner of India and they are all here for a week, two weeks and they will contribute to the economy.” CONTRIBUTION on Page 7 Printed and published by Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc. Fontabelle, St. Michael. Telephone 467-2000, Fax 434-2020/434-1000 Monday March 23, 2015 TWICE AS NICE!Team Vittel took top spot in the 2015 Surfside Wellness Centre Corporate Fat Loss Challenge and also successfully defended their 2014 title in the process. The results were confirmed during an awards ceremony, which was held at the Surfside Warrens location, last Saturday evening. Team Vittel was represented by Troy Best, Ricky Nurse, Alexcine Waterman, Romel Lewis, Kathy Peters, Thornhill, Rivere Williams, Kristin Alleyne and Deidre Mathurin. Here, some of the team members pose with their trophy. AUB DOING ITS PART Boxing: Kimberley Gittens stars with the gloves Page 23

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