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See insideEstablished October 1895 Monday March 16, 2015 $1VAT Inclusive OUTSPOKENcleric MonsignorVincent Blacketthasmadea callfortheChurchto sitatthetableofthe SocialPartnership. Hewasspeakingatthe annualchurchserviceat theSt.Patrick’sRoman CatholicCathedralincelebrationoftheNational UnionofPublicWorkers’ (NUPW)71stanniversary andtomarkthebeginning ofPublicWorkers’Week 2015. AccordingtoMonsignor Blackett,“Oneofthe thingsI’vebeenaskingfor thelongesttimeisthat thechurchesshouldbe representedwherethesocialpartnersareconcerned,”hesaidaboutthe tripartitearrangement. “Idon’tseehowyoucan havesocialpartnersin Barbadoswiththe Christiancommunitynot beingpartofit.Ourconstituencyismuchwider thananyparticulargroup, andyetwearenotthere.” Thisreality,he said,is notfairandshouldbe changedinthefuture. “Whatweneedarepeople workingtogetherforthe goodanddevelopmentof allpeople,andwemustbe inclusive,”hesaid. Hewasspeakingtoa congregation,whichincludedNUPWpresident WalterMaloneyandactinggeneralsecretary RoslynSmithaswell othermembersoftheexecutive, staff and members vying for top positions in the upcoming election to be held on April 1. Monsignor Blackett also issued a number of NUPWon Page 5 PROGRAMMESpecialist forUNWomen Gabrielle Henderson believes that Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean region still have a ways to go in terms of moving towards gender equality. She made this clear while speaking to members of the media recently at the United Nations House during two-daya Masculinities and Gender Equality workshop, Marine Gardens,highlighting that women were often engaged in low-paying jobs or victims of violence,two major issues that need to be addressed. According to her,it was critical to not only speak towomenand girls,but to educate men and boys on the rights of women,in a move to ensure that all genders fought against inequality. "Weare focusing on working with men and boys to get them to understandgenderequalityand workingtowards it while recognizing the indispensable role that men and boys play to promoting gender equity and developing societies based on gender equity.Coming after International Women'sDaythisworkshophelpsthatprocess wherewerecognizethat eventhoughwehave madesomegainsin Barbadosandthe Caribbean,westill have a longwaytogo," Hendersonstressed. Commentingontheresponse from local men's groups,she pointed out thatthattherehadbeena definiteinterestbythe men's groups. "This kind of work may be somewhat new in Barbados and what we hope to do is develop interest in this and understanding in the work of men and boys," she added. (JMB) More work to be done to attain gender equality INCLUDE THE CHURCH! Calls for the Church to be involved in the Social Partnership Monsignor Vincent Blackett. A SPLASH OFCOLOURINTHECITY:The Rotaract Clubs of Barbados, with the kind sponsorship of Harris Paints, came together yesterday to express their creative side and beautify Barbados at the same time by painting a mural at the Fairchild Street Bus terminal. The youth organisation is also celebrating Rotaract Week. (See page 3)


2Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


ByAshleeCoxTHECityof Bridgetownisthe newestrecipientofa mural makeover in Barbados,thanks to the Rotaract Clubs of Barbados and main sponsor Harris Paints. As the youth organisation sought to celebrate Rotaract Week, they came together and decided to make the Fairchild Street bus terminal,the home of their beautification project. Asnotedby CommunityService DirectorofRotaract South,KristenAsha Scantlebury,thelocation waschosenbecauseofits state of cleanliness and because it was a very impacting area for the mural project. “So I got the community services directors from the other clubs to join me in doing a project,so that would be Rotaract South,UWI and West.I told them that I was thinking of beautifying an area in the form of a mural,because it is visual,so then it would be more impactful and persons would not only see it and it make a difference in the place being pretty,but we would also get to send a message in terms of having our logo,”she noted. She also explained that the Fairchild Street bus terminal had been the location in town,which seemed the most unclean,as well as a very visual area,where those who caught the bus,were passers-by and even drivers would be able to see their work,as not only were they painting the mural,but they were also cleaning up the area. Hoping to have the mural finished very soon, she noted that the main thing they wanted Barbados to see,was the Rotaract’s motto,‘Service above self’ and to get them to really embrace that saying and take it into their own lives. “The main thing is our motto:‘Service above self’ ;so we are hoping that when people pass, that they get the service above self and that they take that into their lives...when they passed, they actually stopped and read the motto,so yes the pictures are pretty and what’s not, but the service above self is what we really want persons to see,”she explained. Monday March 16, 2015 3 The Barbados Advocate FOURmedicalgroupsare voicingtheirconcernabout “thedeteriorationofthe functionalcapacity”ofthe Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and are urging Government to act immediately to change the tide. Inajoint statement released earlier this week, the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP),the Junior Doctors Association (JDA); the Barbados Association of Medical Technologists (BAMT),the Barbados Physical Therapy Association (BPTA) described the ongoing shortage of supplies at the lone tertiary care facility a crisis,calling for it to be addressed at once. “The QEH must be provided with what it needs to function safely and there must be follow through with the commitments made! Given the seriousness of the matter we urge the government of this island to present its plans for health-care reform without further delay so that as a nation,we may engage in democratic debate that will determine the best way forward.We take this opportunity to urge the private sector to continue to give generously to the QEH.All of your past efforts have made a difference and will be even more meaningful at this difficult time,”the statement read. The comment came as the grouping chided the Government for not doing what was necessary to sustain the hospital,even after public commitments were made to address the situation.The medical professionals said they are alarmed that after acknowledging the “pressing need for action at that time”,not only were the commitments not met,but no sustainable long-term solutions were identified either. “We acknowledge that the QEH administration has been working diligently to address issues related to procurement,distribution and efficient use of supplies,but without resolution of the basic underlying problem – the unreliable and inadequate funding of the hospital – the recurrence of supply shortages is unavoidable. At present,supply shortages in the QEH are at unprecedented levels , and this is seriously impacting both the quality and the range of services offered by the institution.We find this highly unacceptable and believe that it constitutes social injustice to Barbados’ most vulnerable citizens who are unable to afford health care elsewhere,”they added. With that in mind,the grouping said they are committed to identifying cost-saving measures and pledge to assist the administration of the QEH with their implementation. Moreover,the association said they are doing and will continue to do their very best to provide care despite the limitations and challenges that they are confronted with on daily. “The well-being of the citizens of Barbados and its visitors,who depend on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,must be given the utmost priority.Wewill therefore continue to advocate for our patients until we are fully satisfied that this island’s sole public hospital receives the attention it so desperately deserves,”they indicated. (JRT) Call for urgent attention to be paid to QEH New mural at Fairchild Street! Community Service Director of Rotaract South, Kristen Asha Scantlebury.


4 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


Monday March 16, 2015 5 The Barbados Advocate NUPW from Page 1 challenges to the NUPW. Atthetopofthelistwas ensuringthatcivilservantsarerecognisedfor morethanjusttheirwork. “Oneoftheflawsinour wayofthinkingisthatthe human being is as important as what he or she does.And that goes through the society.And wehave to instil within us from the very early days of our lives In other words is there nothing more to the human being than to work, labour?” “And if you who are the workers’ representative haven’t given the thought, Ithink the time has come when you have to seriously think about it.What ismost important where the human person is concerned is their happiness.” The Roman Catholic cleric also expressed concern that too many people are not prepared for the life after they leave the public service.“There is nopreparation for retirement.Part of your path is to help prepare people for when they retire.” This also applies to aging,where many people are dependent on their children.“We’ve come out of a society where many people saw their children as an investment.The children would take care of them when they are old. Weare living in a changing society and we have to stop that way of thinking. (JH) Members of the NUPW executive, members of staff and other specially invited guests attended the NUPW’s annual Church Service at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral yesterday morning. Be more concerned with happiness ByReginaSelmanMooreTHEMinistry of Environmentisworkingtobringonstream AirQualityLegislation hereinBarbadostoensurethatBarbadians nolongerhavetobeexposed to excessive toxins and exhaust coming from vehicles, especially ZRs and minibuses. Minister of Environmentand DrainageDr.Denis Lowe made the announcement on Friday,during the launch of a new Recycling Centre at St. Bartholomew Primary in Christ Church. “We are changing our airqualityandthatisone oftheareasthatthe Ministryisveryconcerned about at this point in time.Have you ever driven behindabusora van and seen lots of black smoke coming from it? That is very bad for your health and the Ministry ofEnvironment is now working on looking at Air Quality Legislation,because it has to stop,”the Minister told students and guests gathered for the launch. “It is not good.That is why there is so much asthma around,because there is so muchemission going out there from vehicles that release loads and loads of blacksmoke,especially the ZRs and the (minibuses) and some of the other vehicles that really are contaminating the air.So that is one of the things we are concerned about,gettingthe air quality cleaned up as we go forward,to save our environment.That’s part of our going green effort,”he further commented. Addressing the matter in greater detail later with the media,Dr.Lowe noted that while he could not give a specific time as to when the legislation will come on stream as “the journey oflegislation is quite long”he did however stated that the Environmental Protection Department in his Ministry is the department responsible for driving those issues.He however added that he has been talking with the Minister responsible for Transport and Works Michael Lashley,to tryto get emissions testing going. “I believe that that’s one of the first gates of control relative to what vehicles are allowed to emit in the atmosphere.So he and I are talking about it. The standards are there. There are universal standards that would obviously need to be tweaked to accommodate the Barbados realities,but I really think the time has come for us to take some serious measures to control what is emitted into our atmosphere,”Minister Lowe commented. While he noted that penalties have not been decided on as yet for those who may breach the regulations,he did note that vehicles could possibly be impounded and the owners would have to pay a fee to have them released, if they failed to comply with the air quality measures. The Minister also noted that the issue of indiscriminate burning will also be addressed in the air quality legislation,for those who continue to endanger the health of others,without any great concern. Ministry working on Air Quality Legislation THEBarbadosVagrants andHomelessSociety (BVHS) is actively working to open this country’s first24-hourshelter. ChairmanoftheBVHS, KemarSaffreyreferredto theshelterwhileappealingforhelptoassistin makingthisgoalareality andtocarryouttheirother programmes.According to him,it costs around $700,000 to run the programmeannuallyandhe saidwiththeeconomic downturn that has been a hard target to meet,but they have managed to keep going. Saffrey said that once they get the facility up and running,those desirous of going into the shelter will not have to seek Governmentpermissionto doso,astheywilloperate on a first-come,firstserved basis.Hisremarks cameashepointedout thattheyareseeinga markedincreaseinthe numberofwomenand children that are becoming homeless,and he is confident that the shelter will be of tremendous help tothem. “With this shelter it is really going to definitely benefit Barbados.We are going to be able to bring people especially staying in the Bridgetown area off the street,but we are going to pull them from everywhere and make sure that they come off the streets and that we rehabilitate them.It is not just to put themoffthestreet,itisto rehabilitateandputthem back into mainstream society,”headded. Saffreymadethecommentswhiledeliveringremarksatthefirstquarterlymeetingofthe BarbadosHoteland TourismAssociationatthe HiltonHotellastweek duringtheirSpotlight Presentation segment of the programme.During thepresentation,while thankingthesectorforthe support they have offered BVHS thus far,he urged tourism stakeholders to continue to support the organisation in its endeavours. “We are doing a lot of work in terms of trying to rid Barbados of homelessnessandweknowthat homelessnessaffectsthe tourism industry and that is why we are here to see how best the organisation can partner with the hotel sector.I can tell you this much,thehotelshave been giving tremendously in the in-kind donations. Whenever we have our Love Day,sometimes I am picking up from 15 and 16 hotels in one dayandwe definitelywant to strengthenourpartnership between the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society and the tourism industry,”he added. The chairman said that in addition to the in-kind donations,if hotels are willing,he would like them tosharetheaimsandobjectivesoftheBVHSwith their guests,allowing those visitors to give a donationiftheyaresoinclined.He disclosed that a fewhotelshavealready beendoingthisandithas beenquiteasourceofhelp fortheorganisation. “Soweareheretowork with you and work with the hotel association. We’ve worked with the Revitalisation of Bridgetown Project,we’ve done our part in terms of trying to rid Bridgetown; but I’ll tell you this much, as much as I take off the streets,is as much as you are going to see because of the economic downturn it is a resolving thing,”he lamented.(JRT) High hopes for a 24-hour shelter


6Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ByReginaSelmanMooreTHEconceptofreducing, reusingandrecyclinghas notbeenlostonthestudentsofSt.Bartholomew Primary,astheynowhave anewRecyclingCentreand apartnership with Barbados’ largest recycling facility,B’s Recycling,to help them in their efforts. MinisterofEnvironmentand DrainageDr.DenisLowehas alsolaudedtheprincipal, teachersandpupilsforstarting therecyclingdriveandhehas alsopledgedtoreturntothe schoolabitlater,tostartan incentiveprogramme,toensurethatstudentswhobringin themostrecyclables,can receiveacashaward. TheMinistervisitedthe schoolonFridaytogetafirsthandlookattheRecycling Centre,duringaspeciallaunch attheschool.Whilethere,he notedtheneedforstudentsespeciallytobeintheforefrontof effortstoreduce,reuseandrecycle,asthemessageisoften lost on the older folks. “I am of the view that if we are going to succeed at protecting our environment,we have to get our kids on board.All students in all schools,both primary,secondary public and private schools,havetogetinvolved in it”he stressed,while encouraging the students to bring their parents and others in the community on board. Principal of St.Bartholomew Primary,Hyacinth Harris, while delivering remarks, noted that just over a year ago, the sch ool decided that efforts to provide students with a sound education,should be coupled with activities designed to beautify the school plant and bring about general improvements to the school’s environment. “We felt that by doing so,we would be able to engender a feeling of home away from home in those individuals who spend most of their time here. The idea to introduce a programme of recycling was therefore birthed from those initial plans”she revealed. “As a consequence,some of our students toured B’s Recycling and Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre, where there were exposed to the recycling process.Back in the classroom,they were exposed to the theoretical aspect of recycling.We believe that this exercise will help our students tremendously”she added. “Our Recycling Centre will concentrate primarily on collecting cans,cardboard and containers made of plastic, which will then be sent to B’s Recycling.The funds generated will assist with other school projects”she further remarked. Troy Johnson,Manager of B’sRecycling was also on hand to support the initiative.He informed the students about the benefits of recycling,noting that there are economic benefits to be garnered,as the country generates foreign exc hange a s it ships recyclables overseas; environmental benefits as the country is made beautiful as waste is collected and social benefits,as several persons who are unemployed are provided with jobs and a means by which to generate sustainable employment for the maintenance of their families. “Many items which have traditionally be put into the garbage and sent to the landfill can now be collected and stored as recyclable material.By recycling in this manner,we reduce the amount of materials going to the landfills by 90%.This will certainly provide another benefit in extending the life of the landfill”Johnson also pointed out. St. Bartholomew Primary launches new Recycling Centre Minister of Environment and Drainage Dr. Denis Lowe (right) gets a firsthand look at the new Recycling Centre at St. Bartholomew Primary after cutting the ribbon to declare the centre open. He is assisted by Principal of St. Bartholomew Primary, Hyacinth Harris and pupil Thierry Jones. Minister of Environment and Drainage Dr. Denis Lowe assists St. Bartholomew Primary’s nursery student Caghea Renee in making a deposit in one of the recycling cans stationed in the school’s new Recycling Centre. Principal of St. Bartholomew Primary, Hyacinth Harris.


Monday March 16, 2015 7 The Barbados Advocate


HIGH imported oil prices have had a destabilizing impact on the Barbados economy as shown over the years when commentaries are done on this subject.Currently like the rest of oil importing nations Barbados maybe enjoying some respite from the current falling prices.That’s why it is necessary for the powers that be to take heed from Businessman Ralph “Bizzy”Williams even if it means going after a biggest thrust in the area of renewable energy.He was reported as saying just days ago that converting Barbados to 100 per cent Renewable Energy is possible. Barbados,everyone would concur,has the means whereby Renewable Energy can be taken to the fullest although many might wonder if the 100 per cent as highlighted by the prominent businessman could be the extreme.Abundant sunshine,wind power,appropriate legislation introduced more than a year ago,technocrats with the skills to do justice to what is necessary,and a market for energy based on these inputs would definitely be a plus for this country and the development programme that successive governments have strived topromote. This newspaper has noted on numerous occasions that although oil prices are low,they will go backup.Wehave no control over that.There are forces at play that have shown they are able to manipulate whatever they desire to do whether it is with international finance,which state gets what, recession,food prices and even the same oil prices. That the nature of the economic picture small states or even bigger ones face in this hostile world environment.While these events continue to happen,there are countries blessed with certain resources whichonce they are exploited to the fullest can make the world of difference to the success of these countries.Those with an abundance of oil reserves and deposits have continued to use them to the fullest to the point where they are able to influence events globally;those that are able to develop appropriate technology do determine where technology transfer takes place;others with the powers to influence non-oil commodities tend as well to determine what prices these goods can fetch;and states have the means to dictate who should get investments from who should not. That’s the world for us. We have also explained that oil prices dictate a lot of what goes on in this country’seconomy. Economic sectors can eitherperform or decline based on what is happening with oil prices. Consumer prices,for the most part,are determined by the oil process,and the list goes on and on when analysis is done on theimpact of that commodity on Barbados.With this in mind,we cannot remain passive.There is a need to get up and get going,doing the things whichare necessary to further fast forward Barbados. Therefore,as a small open economy,Barbados must not be caught napping when resources are at ourfingertips,but somehow go to waste.Mr. Williams recalled being told that there is enough wind data to prove that Barbados is an excellent opportunity for generating power from the wind. From observations it is noted that people and businesses are embracing renewable energy since it offers savings and allows firms to trim their costs. With the appropriate systems in place let us go forward with this project. Editorial Moving forward with opportunities BEIJING – People in China who want to take industries to task for fouling their surroundings have been rushing to file complaints and lawsuits this year in a test of legal reforms that toughen environmental penalties and make clear that many public-interest groups have the right to sue. Environmental watchdogs say people have filed hundreds of complaints with local governments under the new law launched in January,taking advantage of requirements that authorities respond to environmental complaints or risk having the cases be bumped up to higher levels of government.State media reports say at least one complaint resulted in immediate action,when authorities in eastern Shandong province shut down the coal furnace of a rubber factory that had bothered neighbours. Environmental groups also have filed six lawsuits that have been accepted by Chinese courts,compared with one allowed during the same period last year. The new cases deal with everything from deforestation to illegal dumping by chemical plants,according to Zhang Boju,executive director of the non-profit group Friends of Nature, which wrote two of the lawsuits.With a 300 000 yuan (US$48 000) grant from Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba,Friends of Nature has set up a special fund to help other groups prepare their own lawsuits. In a country where officials often act above the law while wilfully ignoring whole swaths of regulations,many Chinese fed up with environmental neglect say the reforms appear to be making a difference. Still,experts say,their success will depend on the continued receptiveness of the courts and local officials under pressure to curb the country’s notorious pollution problems. “The law brought predictability to the process, where before there was no certainty about what we could do,”Zhang said.“We plan to do more cases and we’re helping other environmental groups do that as well.” Over the past three decades,Chinese leaders have prioritised economic development over environmental protections and watched China’s skies fill with toxic haze while an estimated 55 percent of its groundwater became unsafe for human use. Public worries about China’s pollution woes were recently highlighted with the release of an online documentary called “Under the Dome”that detailed the health and social costs of Chinese environmental degradation.It received hundreds of millions of views in just a few days, before Chinese censors removed it from streaming sites. Over the past year, Chinese leaders have repeated that they are serious about cleaning up China’s air,water and soil. They’ve acknowledged that the country’s pollution woes are not only a central source of social instability but,with China the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide,also a linchpin in the global effort to avoid catastrophic climate change. During China’s annual legislative sessions,which ended yesterday,China’s new environment minister, Chen Lijing,has said the government is committed to making full use of the reforms,and will commit itself to putting into effect environmental protections and inspections. LIVERPOOL–The Liberal Democrats,the junior party in Britain’s government,tried to sound upbeat yesterday at their final conference before the general election,despite fears of a hammering come May 7. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg,the centrist party’s leader,argued at the gathering in Liverpool, northwest England,that their record in power merited another term in coalition.The Lib Dems won 24 percent of the vote at the 2010 general election,on a temporary waveof “Cleggmania”after his assured performance during the televised leaders’ debates. However,when they went into coalition with Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives after 13 years of Labour government,their opinion poll ratings plunged and they have spent years bumping along below the 10-percent mark. “We have shown that we are prepared to put the national interest first – even if it means taking a hit to our short-term popularity,” Clegg said in his speech to delegates. “The (economic) recovery would not be happening without the Liberal Democrats. “We have remained strong and resolute,anchoring the government in the mainstream centre ground,ensuring stability and making sure that tough decisions were taken as fairly as possible,”he insisted. Business Secretary Vince Cable,from the party’s left flank,tried to rally the faithful in his speech,as the Lib Dems look back on their time in office. “The last few years have been tough for all of you,” he told delegates,asking “has it been worth it?” “My answer is ‘yes’,unambiguously,”he said,reeling off the Liberals’ achievements in government. Former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown said though the prevailing mood in Britain was one of frustration at centreground politicians,“that anger is going to turn to soberness,seriousness". "The elections have not yet started because the polls are static,the British people are not yet paying attention,”he said. But in a sign of the concern among the rank and file,Clegg was asked from the floor Saturday why, given their record on office, “our opinion poll ratings are so poor?” In his speech yesterday, Clegg predicted:“We will defy the odds and win again this May. “I have a message for all those who are writing us off once again:the Liberal Democrats are here to stay. “I’ve heard the predictions.I’ve seen the polls. But let me tell you this:we will do so much better than anyone thinks.” The Lib Dems have 56 seats out of 650 in parliament’s lower House of Commons.The poll aggregator predicts they are on course to retain 24 seats. However,in a hung parliament,that could be enough to keep them in power as junior partners in a coalition. Clegg listed the party’s priorities for the next five years as “ending austerity, cutting taxes,investing in education and health and protecting our environment”. “We can say we will do these things because,unlike ever before,we have a record of action in government to back us up. “We have been tested and we passed the test.” Lib Dem supporter Irene Evans said the first-pastthe-post constituency system meant every election was a struggle for the party.‘For the cause that lacks assistance,’Gainst the wrongs that need resistance,For the future in the distance,And the good that I can do’ 8 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Telephone: 467-2000News Fax: 434-1000 E-mail Address: Website: Executive Editor: Gillian Marshall General Manager: Sandra Clarke Assistant Managing Director: Sean Eteen Publisher: Anthony T. Bryan News Editor: Dorian Bryan Business Editor: Jewel Brathwaite Sports Editor: Corey Greaves Revamped environmental law raises hope for clean-up in China Britain’s Liberals upbeat as they prepare for pain


HEALTHMINISTER, John Boyce says there isno significant change inthe allocation of money to health care for the upcoming financial year. TheMinistergavethe assuranceashereferredto the2015-2016Estimates ofRevenue and Expenditure,which will be debated in the House of Assembly this week,contending that Government intends to continue to provide the kind of health care services already offered to Barbadians,and maintain the high standards which have already been set. Boyce was at the time speaking during the opening ceremony of the recently held Barbados Association of Palliative Careconferenceat the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre,held under the theme is “Healthy Lifestyle:Where is the Patient?”. He told those gathered that the incidence of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) continues to occupy the attention of his ministry and Government, and the Cabinet has approved the establishment of an inter-ministerial committee made up of seven core ministries,to provide leadership and policy direction on prevention and control strategies as it relates to NCDs. “As a matter of fact,we have also as a Ministry of Health,started working very closely with what is referred to in Barbados as the National HIV/AIDS Commission,and we believe that by incorporating the resources of the National HIV/AIDS Commission,the Health Promotion Unit in the Ministry of Health,the other areas of the Social Care Ministry who deal with welfare,we can have as we indicated,an all-ofgovernment approachto the question of NCD treatment and also end-stage life treatment as we seek to work with Barbadians to improve their opportunities of health,”Minister Boyce said. Boyce’s comments came as he said they recognise that health promotion is critical to the reversal of NCDs and for that reason, the Health Promotion Unit has been working closely with the National Commission for Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases,in implementing strategies aimed at encouraging Barbadians to adopt healthier lifestyles.This included a national programme to reduce salt intake,which he said from all accounts was a success. His comments came as he said that the Health Promotion Unit has also introduced workplace wellness programmes across the ministry,whichhas also attracted employees from other ministries and government departments, but he explained that financial constraints have prevented more of these programmes being introduced.With that in mind, the health minister said that as soon as economic conditions permit,additional resources will be allocated to expand the Unit and by extension the workplace wellness programmes,which he said is intended to bolster and not replace those already provided by the private sector and non-governmental organisations. “Institutions the world over have been introducing workplace wellness programmes for a while and some of them have even gone further by rewarding the workforce for meeting specific physical targets suchasthe shedding of pounds For example companies might offer employees a paid vacation as an incentive;perhaps we in Barbados could explore this possibility.The adage that the health of a nation is the wealth of a nation is appropriate,as the healthier a workforce, the more productive it will be,”he added.( JRT ) Monday March 16, 2015 9 The Barbados Advocate Health Minister, John Boyce THECaribbean DevelopmentBankhas pledgedtocontinueefforts to close gender gaps through interventions to expand the productive and human resource capacity in the countries in which we work. “CDB is committed to working with our borrowing member countries and international partners towards the common goal of ‘Empowering Womenand Empowering Humanity,’” stated its President Dr. Warren Smith. “Wesee the importance of reliable evidence and value the complementary actions of the private sector and civil society when addressing areas of persistent gender disparities. Dialogue with stakeholders in the private sector and women in communities continues to inform the provision of early childhood education and business advisory services.These initiatives are encouraging the increased participation of women in productive sector activities,and to the growing numbers of women entrepreneurs entering the market.The reality is that without advances on gender equality,we will lose productive potential,and opportunities for growth and a healthy and secure Caribbean region,”he stressed. He pointed out that while notable progress has been made in women’s representation in public leadership,access to education and training,and in labour force participation in the Caribbean,serious challenges continue. “Statistics show a highly risky environment for girls and young women. Fertility patterns, HIV/AIDS prevalence rates,sexual abuse,and human trafficking are among serious threats to their life chances.The earnings gap for women is pronounced in certain sectors and contribute to household poverty and economic insecurity. Legislative reform has advanced but requires responsive public policy and effective institutional mechanisms to give effect to measures that embed gender justice,”he said. ( JMB ) FOUNDATIONSof MedicalResearchwillbe thetopicofdiscussion, whenProfessorSir Henry Fraser delivers a lecture next Wednesday, March 18,at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed at 7:00 p.m. The lecture is the first in the 2015 lecture series:Of Distempers, Diagnoses and Development:The Provision of Medical Services in Barbados, being hosted by the Barbados Museum and Historical Society,the University of the West Indies’ Department of History and Philosophy, and the National Cultural Foundation. Sir Henry will focus on the medical environment in Barbados from the pre-Columbian period and natural philosophy,to enslavement and the evolution of 20th-century university hospital-based research. The overall lecture series will examine the medical services in Barbados,while establishing a historical frame for the discussion of various forms of medicinal practices present within the country.The lectures continue every Wednesday at the Queen’sPark Steel Shed at 7:00 p.m.,ending on May 6. Further information may be obtained by calling the Barbados Museum and Historical Society at 427-0201,or emailing Lecture on plantation medicine this Wednesday Boyce shares views on NCDs Smith speaks on inequality


THERoyalCommonwealthSociety(RCS) BarbadosBranchis continuingits30thanniversarycelebrations with a Commonwealth Relay,on Sunday, March 29th in association with the Division of Youth,the Barbados Olympic Association, and Barbados Tourism Product Authority. MilesWeekes,Past ChairmanandMemberof thePublicRelationsCommitteeoftheBarbados Branch,has extended an invitation to all to witness the 260 young runners representing the 53 nations of the Commonwealth. The Relay starts at 3:00 the Barbados Olympic Association,via Wildey,Sargeant’s Village, Warners,Graeme Hall, Maxwell and Dover;to Divi Southwinds Beach resort (3.30 4.00 p.m.);via St. Lawrence,Worthing,Hastings and the Garrison; ending at the Main Guard Clock Tower at 5:00 p.m. “At the start of the Relay, aspecially designed baton will be handed to the first team of six runners and this baton will be passed to successive teams of runners through 30 legs,in celebration of the 30 years of the Branch’s life.Each leg will be dedicated to either asingle member country, orto a pair of member countries of the Commonwealth,”Weekes revealed during a recent press briefing. (TL) 10 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate RCS hosting Commonwealth Relay THEPoliceareseeking thepublic’s assistance in locatingamissinggirl. MissingisMekialaNikita Goodridge,16years,of DraxHall,St.George.She leftherhomesometime after6:10a.m.onFriday, March13,2015,andhas notbeenseenorheard fromsince. Description Mekialaisabout5feet3 inches in height,of thick build,and has a dark complexion.Her hair is black in colour,and is in a Mohawkstylewithbraids. Shehasaroundhead,is fullbreasted,andhasan erect appearance.She has a tattoo of a star to the back of her neck. Anyone with information relative to the whereabouts of Mekiala Goodridge is asked to contact the Emergency number 211,or the nearest Police Station. The Police are also seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing woman.Missing is Ashley Simmons 20 years,of Marchfield Close,Marchfield,St.Philip.She left her home sometime about 2:00 p.m.on Saturday, March 14,2015,and has not been seen or heard from since.Shewas dressed in an orange cotton shirt bearing the word ‘Fusion’ above the left pocket;she also wore a pair of long brown pants and black shoes. Description Ashleyisabout5feet6 inchesinheight,ofstout buildandhasadarkcomplexion.She has dread locks,a round face,thin lips,shortneckandsquare shoulders.She habitually bitesherfingernails. Two females missing


Monday March 16, 2015 11 The Barbados Advocate ByAshleeCoxTHEmonthofMarch marked the opening of the firstAllBreedsChampion DogShowfor2015,which sawrenownedjudgefrom the UK,Derek Smith,interacting with the dogs and judging them not only on their structure and dentition,but also their confirmation and movement. AsnotedbyGillianLeach, PresidentoftheBarbados KennelClub,thecompetition thisyear,showedanentryof65 dogsandseveralbreeds,includingRottweiler,Golden Retrievers,Boxers,Bull Terriers,Akitas,and miniature SchnauzersBullmastiffs. Ofthebreeds,itwouldseem asittheBullmastiffsandthe Rottweilersareindeedthemost popularbreedscurrently,beatingouttheBoxersandGerman Shepherds. Whenaskedtogiveabreak downoftheshow,Leachexplainedthatthedogswouldbe competing in their classes and breeds before finally competing in their groups. “Well,the way the show runs, the dogs compete in their breed andthen in their group,and they go before the judge and the judgegoesoverthemforconformityforthebreedstandard, thedogsarejudgedfortheir breedstandards. “Hethenmakesaselection, sodogsfirstcompeteintheir class,and then they compete for the winners of the breed,and then they compete for the winners of the group,and at the end of the show,all the group winners compete for the best in show,”she explained. Explaining that movement was a very important part of the dog showing,she noted that the dogs must be sound on movement and have a good temperament. Over the years,she said that the show had always been very popular.However,in recent times,she revealed that the number of entries had declined, and attributed it as a sign of the changing times. “People have...their lifestyles have changed...some people are not as interested in showing dogs,but we still promote pure bred dogs in Barbados. “This show we have an entry of 65 dogs – that is the average number of dogs we get now,but in the hay day,we could have gone up to 130 and 140 dogs in ashow,”she noted. According to Leach,the Barbados Kennel Club promoted the breeding of pure bred dogs in Barbados and revealed that many of the dogs that were competing,had also been in the displayat the recently concluded Agrofest. “Having a dog is an absolute joy in life.Many of these dogs,although they are show dogs,they actually take part in obedience training and in agility training, and just two weeks ago,many of the dogs that you see here in the show-ring would have given the display at Agrofest. “So it's not only showing,but certainly obedience and agility training that the dogs go through,so there are a lot of things that if you have a dog in Barbados,there is a lot of scope for enjoyment,other than just having it at home and you can bring it out,you can train it,you can give it agility training,if its apure bred dog,”she encouraged. Dogs strut their stuff in Championship Show WOULD-BEbuyersofpure bred dogs in Barbados,have been cautioned to ensure that the dogs that they are attempting to,but have indeed actually been registered with the BarbadosKennelClub,beforethey partwiththeirmoney. ThisadvicecamefromPresidentoftheBarbadosKennel Club,Gillian Leach,as she spoketo TheBarbadosAdvocate ,duringtheAllBreeds Champion Dog show for 2015. “Many times people will tell you that the dog has been registered with the Barbados Kennel Club,but do not part with your money unless the breeder can give you the registration certificate,”she said,citing that too often,they received cases where the new owners had been told that the dogs had been registered,but in actuality,had not been through the KennelClub, which would cause various issues later on. “Too often we have cases where the new owners have been told that the new dog has been registered,and the Kennel Club has never received the registration,and then we have all sorts of issues and troubles in trying to get with the new owner,tryingtogettheirregistration papers...first of all,to get the owner to register it at the kennel club and then to get the registration papers,because without the papers and without registration,the dog cannot be entered in shows,and certainly when it comes to the time of breeding the dogs,ifthedogis not registered,the puppies then cannot also be sold as registered dogs, so that is key,”she explained. Stating that this was certainly a current problem,she noted,“Many times the Barbados Kennel Club sees the advertisement in the newspaper that the dog is registered, and we know,sometimes because of the breed,that the dog has bot been registered ,so we would call them up and say you have this as registered and it is not...either come in right away to register the litter,or remove the ad from the newspaper please,”she noted. Continuing,she further cautioned,“Before you part with your money,make sure you have your registration papers,and if the breeder tells you,make sure the dog is registered,make sure you have those papers.” (AC) Buyers cautioned to check on registration (From left to right) Jessie Pinheiro and Jenni Wilsor show off their three proud boxers! Here, Tomilson Bynoe, poses proudly with his giant schnauzer, 'Azgard’! who won best in Breed, andalso got a challenge certificate.


THETrinidadandTobago governmenthaspiloted legislationaimedatdenyingbailforupto120days toanyonechargedwith possessionofanunlicensed firearm or has a serious charge pending. The amendment to the Bail Amendment Act tabled by newly appointed Attorney General Garvin Nicolas also denies bail for approximately the same period anyone charged with a serious offence and has used a firearm to commit the offence. But opposition legislators have accused the government of electioneering and warned that a person could be denied his or her liberty by denying denied bail for one year on the basis of a charge. Opposition People’s National Movement legislator Colm Imbert told legislators there were provisions in the legislation where no evidence is taken in relation to the charge against the person within 120 days,bail may be granted at the discretion of the High Court. However he said if someone is charged under the new law with a firearm offence,from the time the trial begins that person has to wait one year to apply to a judicial officer for bail and therefore will be denied their liberty for one year. “If a person is charged he is not guilty but the way this Government keeps spinning this thing,to justify the denial of liberty is that they pretend that as soon as you charge you guilty,”Imbert said,as he challenged the government to show where is the precedent for such legislation and whether it exists in the Commonwealth including India,the United Kingdom or Australia. But Nicolas,who recently replaced Anand Ramlogan as attorney general,said that “firearms have become the weapon of choice to the criminally inclined in our society,”and that over the past 15 years citizens have lived in an unacceptable state of fear because of the high murder rate caused mainly by firearms. The Bill requires a threefifths majority for passage, and as such,requires Opposition support. Nicolas said that 72 per cent of murders were caused by illegal firearms, while firearms accounted for 50 percent of wounding. He said statistics showed that murders moved from alow of 93 in 1999 to 403 in 2014.On the other hand, wounding and shooting moved from a high of 801 in 2005 to 542 in 2013. “The possession and use of illegal firearms ought to be a serious concern to all citizens,”Nicholas said. THEpolicesayitsintelligenceconfirmsthatarmed criminalshavebeentargeting members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force,onandoffthejob. The police’s statement comes following the killing of Constable Collin Raynor. Constable Raynor,who was stationed in Linstead, was shot in Hartland, Spanish Town in St Catherine yesterday evening while fishing at a community pond with his brother.His brother was also injured during the attack.His condition was not known up to news time. Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams has expressed shockat the killing of the constable and has extended condolences to his family,friends and colleagues. He says the police will be deploying members of the chaplaincy unit to offer counselling to bereaved persons. He is assuring the public that the police have not been deterred by the incident and that they will be resolute in their effort to win the battle against violent crimes. The police was appealing to anyone with information in Jamaica that can assist the investigation to call 119,811,Crime Stop 311 or the nearest police station. KINGSTON,Jamaica SecurityMinisterPeter Bunting has expressed sadness at the “brutal” killing of Constable Collin Raynor who was attached to the Linstead Police Station. Raynor was shot by gunmen over the weekend while in Hartlands,St Catherine with his brother. “We call upon law-abiding citizens to assist the Jamaica Constabulary Force in identifying the perpetrators.We must unite to keep pressure on the criminals in our society who create an atmosphere of fear among the Jamaican people,”Bunting said. Bunting also expressed condolences to the family and friends of the slain policeman while calling on Jamaicans who can assist in identifying the gunmen to come forward. KINGSTON,Jamaica – The Jamaica governmentsays more than 500people have been arrested and billions of dollars in assets seized under the country’s anti-lottery scamming law,since it was passed in2013. National Security Minister,Peter Bunting, told the inaugural Fraud and Anti-Corruption Conference 2015 that ended here earlier this week,some of the cases have already resulted in convictions. Bunting said the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions) (Special Provisions) Act,popularly known as the Lotto Scam Act,is among several pieces of anti-crime legislation that have been passed,or are in draft stages,to support the Government’s anti-corruption agenda. Some of the offences which the Act addresses, include:obtaining any property or inducing any person to confer any benefit on any person by false pretence;knowingly conducting a financial transaction with the proceeds of an offence;and inviting or otherwise inducing a person to visit Jamaica for the purpose of committing an offence under the Act. “The Ministry of National Security has been targeted in its approach against this specific form of illegal activity,particularly due to its impact on increased murders and other crimes,due to internal disputes,and its impact on the country’s reputation internationally,” Bunting said. Henoted that as part of awider anti-corruption thrust,a Joint Select Committee of Parliament is now reviewing the Integrity Commission Bill, which is intended to establish a single AntiCorruption agency. The agency is intended to combine the powers of existing organisations set up to deal with corruption, allowing for knowledge sharing,efficient resource allocation and strengthened investigative powers. The review of the Bill is expected to be completed under the 2015/16 legislative agenda. Bunting,however,noted that despite government efforts,sustained reductions in corruption and fraud cannot be achieved without the collective effort of every citizen. “We must accept that,to agreat extent,corruption prevails because of our tolerance of corrupt activities within our society;so much so,that even generally upstanding citizens at times partake in these activities. “If we are to fight crime and corruption efficiently, our efforts must be consistent.We cannot ‘cherrypick’ what we tolerate,but we must create an environment where acts of crime and corruption,regardless of their nature,are consistently frowned on and reported,”he added. The three-day conference here was hosted by the Office of the Contractor General,under the theme, ‘Confronting Corruption: Empowering a Generation,Transforming aNation’. 12 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Attorney General Garvin Nicolas Gov’t moving against people involved in ‘lottery’ scam National Security Minister, Peter Bunting Trinidad moves to deny bail for up to 120 days on firearm charges Jamaica: Criminals targeting law enforcers on and off the job Security Minister condemns killing of policeman


GENERAL SECRETARYof the Islamic Association of St Lucia,TaariqAsad,has expressed concern about areported threat of ISIS infiltrating the Caribbean. “This is a concern that Ihave had from the time we heard of the United States sending criminals from their jails backto the Caribbean,”Asad told DBS Television adding that “bona fide”Muslims are also concerned. However,he expressed confidence that the region would be able to respond adequately in the event of trouble,pointing to the existence of the Regional Security Service (RSS). “I am sure that the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security will issue whatever orders are necessary for whatever action is deemed appropriate to deal with any threat”. He was responding to comments by United States Marine General, John Kelly,to a US Senate Committee indicating that approximately 100 would-be militants have left Trinidad and Tobago,Jamaica, Suriname and Venezuela to join Islamic extremists fighting in Syria. Kelly expressed concern about the militants returning to the Caribbean to conduct terror operations. ANTIGUA – The governmentofAntigua& Barbudasaidithasno problemswiththe proposedmergerbetweenCableand WirelessCommunications (CWC) and Columbus International,though the companies will have to wait some time before the deal is sealed here. Minister of Telecommunications MelfordNicholastold OBSERVERmediathat heandPrimeMinister GastonBrownemetwith theprincipalsofLIME,a subsidiaryofCWC,and Flow,ownedby Columbus. “Theydidapproach andaskforapprovalof themergerandwedid saythatthemergerhas donenoviolencetoour plansforthedevelopment of the telecommunications sector and ICTs in general,”Nicholas said. “They were given a nod of approval,but at the same time we did say that because we were going to change the telecommunications legislation we were not going to promulgate any new licenses until after that fact.” Nicholas said the next sitting of parliament should be in four weeks’ time,and that he will be tabling the Telecommunications Act (2015). Last November, CWC announced that it would be purchasing Columbus,a privatelyowned fibre-based telecoms provider in the Caribbean,for US $3 billion. Monday March 16, 2015 13 The Barbados Advocate GeneralSecretaryof the Islamic Association of StLucia,Taariq Asad, has expressed concern about a reported threat of ISIS infiltrating the Caribbean. Minister of Telecommunications Melford Nicholas Yesterday: 0 mm For the month: 45.6 mm For the year: 156.3 mm 6:05 am 6:09 pm London: 6C FAIR Boston: -1CCLOUDY Montreal: 0C OVERCAST Toronto: 6C FAIR New York: 7C PARTLY CLOUDY Miami: 28CFAIR Max: 29.2 C Min: 25.4 C High: 12:37 am &12:12 pm Low: 6:13 am &7:01 pm Fair to partly cloudy with a few brief isolated showers. PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Communications Workers Union (CWU) yesterday said the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has left the “back door wide open”for the British telecommunication giant,Cable and Wireless Communication (CWC) to complete its billion dollar merger with Columbus Communications International (CCI). In a full page advertisement,the CWU,which represents workers at the Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT),said TATT had emulated the position of the Jamaica government by ‘stipulating conditionalities for approval of the acquisition’. “TATT has left the back door wide open for Cable and Wireless Communications to acquire Columbus Communications (owners of FLOW) by stating that “it shall not unreasonably withhold its approval of the transaction if CWC were to suspend its shareholder rights with regard to its 49 per cent stake in TSTT among other conditions,”the CWU said. Prepared to sell TSTTshares CWCannouncedearlier thisweekthatisprepared tosellits49percentminoritysharesinTSTT as part of the conditions for the merger going though, noting that it “fully recognised that our shareholding in TSTTwouldneedto be neutralised either by a blind trust or by disposal of ourshares”. Lastyear,CWC and CWI announced the deal in a joint statement,sayingtheproposedacquisition,valuedatUS$3.025 billionwillenablethecombinedcompanytosignificantlyaccelerateits growth strategy,improve service delivery to customers in the region,offer customers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products and services, and strengthen their position against larger competitors. But in a four-page statement issued here,TATT said that in order to allow acquisition to proceed, there must be a submission of an agreement for the complete divestment of CWC’s 49 per cent shareholding in the Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) in consultation with the majority shareholder,the National Enterprises Limited (NEL) and be approved in writing by the Authority. In addition,TATT said that “to ensure within the agreement an undertaking that competition will not by stymied”and,in the meantime,CWC “suspend its rights until the sale is concluded”. Further,TATT said that it “must be satisfied with the process moving forward”and that “the divestment be completed within ayear or an extended (if required) deadline of 18 months,failing which,the Authority shall take such steps as available under law”. In a statement,CWC said it was looking forward to working with NEL,“to agree a fair process for disposal,as embodied in our existing shareholder agreement,and are supportive of a disposal process that permits an orderly sale to be concluded in a period of not more than 18 months” In its full page advertisement,signed by its secretary general Joseph Remy, the CWU said that it had long opposed the “blatant and flagrant conflict of interest issue with respect to Cable and wireless shareholding in TSTT”. Union critical of T&T regulator’s response to CWC-Flow merger Antigua telecoms ministry sees no issues with C&W and Columbus merger St. Lucia Muslim leader concerned about threat ofISIS in the region


SAO PAULO – Hundredsofthousands ofBraziliansmarched peacefullyyesterdayin over50citiesaround thecountrytodemand PresidentDilma Rousseff’s impeachment and to criticize government corruption. Thebiggestprotests wereinSaoPaulo,anoppositionstrongholdwhere hundredsofthousands gatheredonamainavenue,aswellasinthecapitalcityofBrasiliaandin RiodeJaneiro. Dozensofcitiessaw demonstrationsgathering togetherafewthousand peopleeach.Accordingto thewebsiteoftheGloboTV network,Brazil’slargest, thetotalnumberinthe streetsacrossBrazilwas over300,000people,based onlocalpoliceestimates. “Weareheretoexpress ourindignationwiththe government-sponsored corruption and thieving and to demand Dilma’simpeachment,”said Andre Menezes,35,protesting with hundreds of thousands on Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo. “She may have not been directly involved in the corruption at Petrobras,but she certainly knew about it,and for me that makes her just as guilty and justifies her ouster,”he added. In Rio,police estimated 15,000 people marched along the golden sands of Copacabana beach,where they waved Brazilian flags and many openly called for amilitary coup to dissolve the government. “Idon’t want my country to turn into a Venezuela,we don’t want an authoritarian government!”said Marlon Aymes, 35,helping carry a 20-foot long banner that read in English:“Army,Navy and Air Force.Please Save Us Once Again of Communism.” “We want the military to dissolve Congress and call new elections,because the level of corruption is too widespread to do anything else,”Aymes added. Much protester ire was focused on a kickback scheme at state-run oil company Petrobras,which prosecutors call the biggest corruption scheme ever uncovered in Brazil.At least US$800 million was paid in bribes and other funds by the nation’sbiggest construction and engineering firms in exchange for inflated Petrobras contracts. Top executives are already in jail and the attorney general is investigating dozens of top congressmen,along with current and former members of the executive branch,for alleged connections to the scheme that apparently began in 1997 before Rousseff’spartytook power in 2003.Rousseff,a former chairwoman of Petrobras’ board,has not been implicated and so far is not being investigated, though top officials from heradministration,including two former chiefs of staff,are caught up in the inquiry. The marches add pressure on Rousseff,whose poll ratings have never been lower and who is facing duel economic and political crises.But the protests are significantly different than anti-government demonstrations in 2013.Those earlier protests cut across political,social and economic lines,and were a widespread expression of frustration with poor public services like health care and transportation,as well as a cry against government corruption. Yesterday’s protests, largely organized by adhoc right-leaning groups over social media,appeared far more politically focused,and demonstrators came from social classes that voted against Rousseff in her narrow reelection in October. Despitetheirpartisan nature,themassmarches areanotherthornin Rousseff’s side.They also add impetus to opposition efforts to thwartmeasures she backs in Congress, where even those in the ruling Workers’ Party coalition are creating hurdles as she tries to push through austerity measures. Brazilian growth has been weak since Rousseff took office in 2011.The country likely entered a recession in 2014 and most economists surveyed by the Central Bank forecast negative growth for this year.Inflation is rising and the local currency has plummeted against the dollar in recent weeks, making life more expensive in a nation with a surprisingly high cost of living and one of the world’s heaviest tax burdens. Still,Brazil’s top opposition political figures,including a former president and the top candidates who ran against Rousseff in last year’s election,say impeachment is undesirable,because the president isn’t accused of any connection to the Petrobras scandal,and because it could affect Brazil’s stability. 14 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Ademonstrator waves a Brazilian flag during a protest march demanding the impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, over an alleged scheme of corruption that siphoned money from the state-owned oil company Petrobras, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, yesterday. RIODEJANEIRO–As manyas51peopledied onSaturdaywhenapassengerbusdroveoffa cliff in the southern BrazilianstateofSanta Catarina,policesaid. Thebus,en route from the neighboring state of Parana,swerved off a curveandfelldozensof metersbeforecrashingin awooded area.Rescue crews were still trying to rescue survivors and recover the bodies of the victims late in the day. Initially,police had reported 32 killed,but later said recovery crews believed an additional 19 weredead.Policedidnot knowhowmanypassengersinallwereaboard thebusorwhetherthe driverwas one of the victims,butsaidthatat leastsixsurvivorswere beingtreatedforinjuries. The bus was about 10 km (6 miles) from its destinationinthecityof Joinvillewhenitcrashed. Highwayand weather conditions at the time were good,a police spokesman said. Though no immediate cause for the crash had been determined,police said it appeared the brakes on the bus failed. Brazil has some of Latin America’sdeadliest roads. Despite nearly a decade of sustained economic growth that only slowed in recent years, the country has done little to improve or expand its creaky infrastructure. The country averages more than 18 highway deaths per 100,000 people per year,compared with only about 10 in high-income countries, according to a report by the Inter-American Development Bank. The tolls in nearby Argentina,Colombia and Chile average only about 13. Hundreds of thousands march to ask Brazil president’s ouster Police believe the bus driver lost control of the vehicle as night fell on the winding road. Up to51 dead after buscrash in southern Brazil


FREETOWN–Ten healthcareworkers withaBoston-based non-profitorganisationrespondingto Sierra Leone’s Ebola outbreak are to be evacuated to the United States after one of their colleagues was infected with the deadly disease. PartnersinHealthsaid inastatementSaturday that the 10,the largest group to be evacuated to the United States over possible Ebola exposure, would travel on non-commercial aircraft and be isolated in Ebola treatment facilities. On March 11,a Partners in Health medical worker in Sierra Leone tested positive for Ebola,and the 10 fellow workers “came to the aid of their ailing colleague”, the organisation’s statement said.The 10 have not shown signs of Ebola and Partners in Health said the evacuations were ordered “out of an abundance of caution.” "They will remain in isolation near designated US Ebola treatment facilities to ensure access to rapid testing and treatment in the unlikely instance that any become symptomatic,” the group’sstatement said. The health care worker who became infected has already been evacuated and is receiving treatment at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Partners in Health did not specify a timeline for the new evacuations and a representative of the US Embassy in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital,was not authorised to comment yesterdaymorning. On Saturday,the Centers for Disease ControlandPrevention saidseveralAmericans who may have been exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone would be monitored.The CDC did not state how many Americans are coming back,but University of Nebraska Medical Center officialssaidtheywillbe monitoringfour Americans. “Becausewehaveindividualstomonitorsimultaneously,the safest and most efficient way to do that is in a group setting,” Phil Smith,director of the center’sBiocontainment Unit,saidonSaturday. Smith’sunitwouldevaluateandtreatanypatients whodevelopsymptoms. Hesaidthatpatients wouldbequarantinedand keptawayfromotherpatients,studentsandstaff. Partners in Health began treating Ebola patients in Liberia and Sierra Leone last November,and the health care worker who tested positive for Ebola on March 11 is the first staff member to fall ill “as a result of a confirmed occupational exposure,”the group said.It has more than 2,000 employees working in West Africa,including foreigners and locals and 600 Ebola survivors. The World Health Organisation estimated last week that the ongoing Ebola outbreak has killed more than 10 000 people,mostly in the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Monday March 16, 2015 15 The Barbados Advocate 10 US charity staff to leave Sierra Leone amid Ebola scare


16 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate LONDON–Aformerhostage held in Syria by Islamic State extremists for more than six months has described mock executions and other forms of psychological torture against him and other captives. SpanishjournalistJavier EspinosawroteinTheSunday Times that militant Mohammed Emwazi played a lead role in the mock executions.Emwazi,a Londoner nicknamed “Jihadi John”,is believed to have played acentral role in a series of beheading videos. Espinosa,who works for El Mundo and was on assignment for the Spanish daily when he was abducted in September 2013,characterised Emwazi as a bloodthirsty psychopath who enjoyed threatening him and other Western hostages. He said Emwazi “caressed”his neck with a long blade and described how he would behead Espinosa:“’Feel it? Cold,isn’t it? Can you imagine the pain you’ll feel when it cuts? Unimaginable pain,’”he quoted Emwazi as saying. Emwazi went on to describe precisely how the beheading would occur,the former hostage said,and explained where he would place Espinosa’s head once it had been done. Espinosa described how the militants took pleasure in telling their more than 20 hostages each day that they would be beheaded. He said Emwazi used an antique sword for the mock executions and followed up by placing a Glock pistol against his head and pulling the trigger three times. Espinosa said he and the other hostages dubbed three English jihadis who were part of the Islamic Stage group “The Beatles”–even though the world-famous Liverpool band had four members.The nickname “Jihadi John”– which later caught on in the British press – is a reference to former Beatle John Lennon. Espinosa was released in March 2014 after being held captive for 194 days.Most of the hostages were eventually released,but seven have died,including at least six who were killed,and one is known to still be acaptive. Marc Marginedas,a second Spanish journalist who was freed atthe same as Espinosa,gave his account in the Periodico de Catalunya newspaper in Spain Sunday.He said he had explained to his captors that he wasn’t a spy and had entered Syria twice before to report and had been treated well. “‘You entered Syria twice and it worked out well for you,but now we’ll kill you,’”was the reply from his captor. “‘And do not try to become friendly.I don’t love you.The ones Ilove are my brothers who have come here to fight,’”the unidentified captor said,according to Marginedas’ account. WASHINGTON – Secretary of State John Kerry,returning to talks with Iran on its nuclear programme,said yesterday that most of the differences still barring an agreement are political rather than technical. Kerry,who was to sit down later yesterday in Switzerland with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif,said “there are clearly some differences that still rest on a technical judgement.” “But by and large,most of the differences now are political decisions that need to be made in order to fulfil the promise of proving to the world that a programme is peaceful,”he added. Kerry said in an interview on CBS News that Tehran “to its credit has thus far lived up to every part of the agreement we made over a year ago.” His interview was aired a day after White House chief of staff Denis McDonough sent a letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker warning Congress once more that it shouldnot interfere in the negotiating process. More than 40 Senate Republicans – but not Corker – sent a letter to Iranian officials earlier asserting that Congress must have a sayinapproving any agreement.Corker has expressed separate concerns about Congress being denied a part in the process. McDonough told Corker that legislation sponsored by the Tennessee Republican would go far beyond ensuring a role for Congress in any deal with Iran. “Instead,the legislation would potentially prevent any deal from succeeding by suggesting that Congress must vote to ‘approve’ any deal,”McDonough said.He criticised a provision that would eliminate President Barack Obama’s authority to lift some sanctions on Iran as part of any agreement. In the CBS interview,Kerry declined to comment on speculation about the nature of any nuclear programme that Iran would have at the end of 10 or 15 years under a negotiated agreement. “I’m not going to get into the end of the deal or the beginning of the deal,or how long it is,or what the framework is.That is what we are negotiating,”the secretary said.“The proof will be in the pudding,but nobody should be jumping to a conclusion as to what the breadth and framework of this agreement is because it is not yet finalised.” Kerry said he doesn’t know yet whether the letter sent to Iranian officials by Senate Republicans has jeopardised the talks,but said he has no doubt that it was calculated to interfere with negotiations. If an agreement is not reached by the deadline set for the end of March,Kerry suggested that an extension was unlikely.He noted that discussions about developing a framework for proving that the Iranian nuclear programme is peaceful have been going on for two years. “We believe very much that there is not anything that is going to change in April or May or June,that suggests that at that time the decision you can’t make now will be made then,” he said.“If it’s peaceful let’s get it done.My hope is that in the next days that will be possible.” In his letter to Corker, McDonough said,“The administration’s request to Congress is simple:Let us complete the negotiations before the Congress acts on legislation.”He added that he does expect a robust congressional debate if a final deal is struckbythe end of June. And McDonough reiterated Obama’ s repeated threats to veto the legislation should Congress pass it. Corker and Senate colleagues in both parties insist that Congress be allowed to consider and vote on any agreement designed to blockIran from developing a nuclear weapon.Corker argued his case in a letter to Obama last week,and did so again in response to McDonough. “On this issue where Congress has played such a vital role,Ibelieve it is very important that Congress appropriately weigh in before any final agreement is implemented,” C orker said in a statement late Saturday. Tensions between the administration and lawmakers over Iran have been rising for weeks. Ex-IS hostage describes mock executions while held in Syria Spanish reporter Javier Espinosa USSenatorBobCorker(R-TN) Kerry asserts obstacles to Iran nuke pact mostly ‘political’


Barbados Advocate THEREaremoreconcernsabout the OECD and the implications its actionscouldhaveforthiscountry’s international business sector. Theconcernswerevoicedbytop BarbadianDiplomat,AmbassadorDr. MarionWilliams,who also charged that developedcountriesareturningtheir backsonsmallstateslikeBarbados. AmbassadorWilliams,Permanent RepresentativeoftheBarbadosMission totheUnitedNationsOfficeandother InternationalOrganisations,saidthereis agroundswellofinitiativesbydeveloped countriestorecovertaxrevenuesfrom offshorejurisdictionssmallcountries throughagenciesliketheOECD– OrganisationforEconomicCo-operation andDevelopmentandotherglobalbodies. Ambassador Williams presented this year’s Fair Trading Commission Lecture. The OECD has been wringing the handsof offshore jurisdictions to get them to comply to new rules that could see them losing millions of dollars in investments and business. In addition,there is the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which is demanding financial information on US citizens doing business in this region and the wider world. “These issues are of great concern to us, and I know that since it has been CONTINUEDon Page 3 OECDCHALLENGE From left are Minister of Industry and International Business Donville Inniss, Sir Neville Nicholls and Lady Nicholls, among the audience. INSET:Ambassador Dr. Marion Williams.


2Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday THECaribbeanSingle MarketEconomy(CSME)is notdead,butpeopleneedto know their rights and governments needs to implement the regime how it is supposed to work. Thiswasthewordcoming fromShantalMunro-Knight, ExecutiveDirectorofthe CaribbeanPolicyDevelopment Centre(CPDC). Speaking to Business Monday, she indicated,“We do need to work harder to make the process work and for it to become a lived reality for people,but even if you get all of your legislation and administration in place,it is people who have to make the regime a lived reality,people have to move.It is important to ensure that CARICOM nationals understand their rights,this can encourage the regime to move and make it work better and this has not always been the case.” The Executive Director last week also stressed the need for domestic workers and artisans to have their rights observed under the CSME Free Movement regime.She explained “The main point is that these are workers that have been given a right under the free movement regime,artisans have been given the right in 2006 and domestic workers in 2009 and today in 2015 they can’t use that right because of various reasons that the regime has not been fully implemented to facilitate them.For example, one of the things they need to do is to acquire the skills certificate.They need to get a Caribbean qualification and across the region the CVQ regime has not been properly implemented.Therefore,you have people who have this right and the things that need to be in place to facilitate the right,they don’t have them.” The CPDC official indicated, “These are the vulnerable groups that we are focusing on – the University graduates are able to move and the right for the artisans and domestics is to open up the regime to better the livelihood of ordinary citizens, but the regime doesn’t facilitate those groups.The important point we are making to officials is to get your house in order to ensure the people of the region will benefit.Our principle is people being able to execute their rights.”(NB) Shantal Munro-Knight, Executive Director of the Caribbean Policy Development Centre. CSME is not dead


Monday March 16, 2015 3 Business Monday CONTINUED from Page 1 discussedinBarbadosoverand overagain,Iwillnotmentionit here,”Dr.Williamstoldthefunction. Shepointedoutthatin Switzerland,severalseminars arebeingheldbyaffectedpartiesonhowtosurvivethissituation and many of them are tryingtorestructure in order to survive the opening of their economic financial centres. However,her advice to Barbados is that “weneedtobe careful that we don’t move too fast because it is found that very often developed countries can find accommodating measures and then we would have moved faster than them.” “On the other hand we must comply because our reputation rest on it,and a jurisdiction like ours has a wonderful reputation already so we must not go and jeopardise it,”the Dr.Williams cautioned. Dr.Williams said thatone of the implications of these trends for trade is that “we open ourselves to naming and shaming if we do not comply so we have no other option but to comply”. While not saying much about the issues surrounding the Rum inthe Caribbean industry the Ambassador said that it is symptomatic of a changing trend. “That trend is the changing attitude of dealing with small countries,or even disadvantaged countries,”she remarked. According to her,“There was a time when large and powerful countries were more sympathetic towards small countries. This is no longer the case as more and more we see that there are no intentions of accommodating either because the country is small or otherwise too disadvantaged.” She suggested therefore that it would be useful for small countries to join forces with other nations who are calling for adherence of both the spirit and the letter of the guidelines.“We have (also) to join with others to make sure that there is a reexamination of the recourse option available where there is a failure to comply,”she noted. MOREpowerisbeinggivento theFair Trading Commission to carry out expanded duties. Last Thursdaythe Barbados Cabinet approved for legislative drafting amendment to existing legislation administered by the FTC and the Office of PublicCounsel. “These are designed to allow theFTC access to the consumer claims tribunal in order to obtain civil redress for consumers,to give the FTC jurisdiction to investigate complaints against telecommunications providers other than Cable and Wireless,and licensed providers such as independent power producers in the electricity sector. These revelations were made by Donville Inniss under whose portfolio the FTC falls.Inniss is the Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development. He said that with respect to mergers,the measures will allow the Commission to investigate those transactions which have a resulting effect of market share but do not necessarily involves a transfer of shares. “It also will allow the Commission to approve or deny pilot programmes which are to be implemented by service providers,”the Minister explained. He reasoned that Government’sdecision to put in place a new Electric Light and Power Act will give rise to agreater role for the FTC. “This expanded role will cover suchareas as approving interconnection for purchase agreements whichset out the terms and conditions of for interconnection in connection between licensed independent power producers who are expected to come on stream,and the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited,”said Inniss. The Commission will further be the agency to whichparties will refer disputes that arise in the resolution of these agreements.He expects the Act to be shortly proclaimed. MINISTERofIndustry, InternationalBusiness, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss,said he will bestanding by whatever decision the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) makes with respect to the proposed acquisition of Columbus International by Cable and Wireless Communication. Hesaidas much while speaking at the FTC Lecture on Friday night. The FTC is to make a decision on the matter this week. The Minister recalled having also said at the time of the announcement of the proposed acquisition,that he had faith in the Commissioners,the CEO,the manager and staff the FTC to do avery professional job. “And I stand by that.Whatever their decision may be as will be announced shortly,”he stated while indicating that he is not privy to the decision. Hepointed out that last November’s announcement of the proposed acquisition of Columbus International by Cable and Wireless Communication was met by some level of alarm by the general public. However,he indicated that greater importance must be given to the telecommunication sector’s framework to determine if the regulation and legislation in place has kept pace with the industry’s development. “It is my firm belief that in telecommunications as in all other sectors,the focus must be placed on the effective regulation toensure that balance is preserved within the market place and the protection of consumers is maintained,”according to Inniss. The Minister maintained that the reality of the modern global market is that mergers and acquisitions are now a regular feature of the international business landscape . “It is critical therefore to ensure that regulatory agencies are equipped to address the changes that affect our markets and are empowered to take necessary action,”he explained. Hesaid that decisions made onthe international stages tend to affect Barbados. As a result we must carefully consider how to respond to the challenges which we will inevitably faced as members of a global market,”the Minister said. The Minister also pointed out itis becoming increasingly apparent that advancement and adaptation are now the hallmarks of a business of any country that wants to be successful and able to deliver benefits to its people. He noted further that while the advent of globalization has exponentially increased the potential market place for Barbadian goods and services,it has also exposed local industries to external forces and factors over which they have minimal or limited control.(JB) Minister standing by FTC’sdecision Barbados advised to be more careful Ambassador Dr. Marion Williams also a former governor of the Central Bank of Barbados in conversation with the current Governor, Dr. Delisle Worrell. Cabinet move means greater access for Commission


4Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday THE region needs to deal with the aggressive competition in the handicraft sector. Thisisaccordingto AustinWeekes,General ManageroftheCraft HouseinStKitts,whowas ontheislandlastweekfor apress conference which addressed the need to have the rights of domestic workers andartisans observed under the CSME Free Movement regime. Hehighlighted that there was a need for those in the handicrafts industry to be aware of the aggressive competition impacting the local handicraft sector in the region. Weekes told Business Monday,“In St Kitts and Nevis we do a lot of local handicrafts and the concern is the competition from countries suchas India and China and the challenge we have is that Government does not look out for local artisans.I believe that the competition is impacting other Caribbean countries,the competition is growing and there is little assistance .They are things that can bedone such as step the duty up on the imported craft,the items in China can be sold at next to nothing,sometimes they can copy ours do mass production and sell significantly cheaper.” He believes,“ We need to get a unified organisation from all in the region and work together or it will be difficult in business,unity isstrength,we may be competing with each other but there is a bigger challenge that we are all facing. (NB) ICBLlaunched Advantage Plus Policy,a premiumresidentialinsuranceproductlast week at Lime grove centre courtyard. Ingrid Innes,Managing Director & CEO recounted,“For the past three years we have been working diligently to understand the needs of our customers and this has resulted in the redesigning and reengineering of our product offerings across all of our lines of business. ICBL was established in 1978 to underwrite all classes of General Insurance,Life and Health Insurance.We currently write roughly one quarter of all the general insurance business in Barbados.For the past four years we have been assigned a rating of AExcellent by global credit rating agency,A.M Best; the primary rating agency for insurance companies around the world.This is a direct correlation to the company’s financial strength and we are pleased to have such an international body affirm our standing.” “Over the last eighteen months we have introduced many innovative products,ranging from our new suite of life insurance products to our new condominium and yacht insurance policies. As the largest motor and property insurer on the island we are able to support the needs of all our customers and in particular the customers for whom our Advantage plus Product has been designed”she noted. Deputy CEO of ICBL, Goulbourne Alleyne explained the new product, “The Advantage Plus insurance policy offers you the best and most flexible cover which takes the specific needs of the homeowner ..the pet cover included in the Advantage Plus insurance policy is much more extensive than the regular home insurance policies.We pride ourselves on the fact that the coverage we offer for pets is far superior to what is available in the market. In addition to providing awide range of insurance solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs,we also enjoy a very healthy relationship with you,our broker partners.We want to remain relevant in the market with our product offerings.” (NB) United front needed to overcome competition ICBL launches new product to the market ICBLfromBackPage severalproductsinthe last18months,we have totally realigned out life insurance products and are about to launch one of the best group health insurance products in the industry because we have a new system.Our focus for the year is aboutthecustomer,what theneedsareinthemarket place,and what we can do to satisfy those needs.” She went on to add that ICBL’s Life Division has done extremely well, with the launch of new life products as well as retirement savings products.However,one of the challenges there is that people don’t see ICBL as a company that sells life insurance,andthisyear theaimistomarketinsurance products more to our consumers. She said,“It is a bit of a challenge for us right now;we have to do a better job of marketing our insurance products,but overall we did quite well. The results were really good in life division and products we launched.” She added,“In 2013 we increased business by 11 per cent.I have not seen the market numbers for 2014 as yet,but we have grown our business again in 2014.All the things we are doing as a company is helping us achieve our goals.” (NB) ‘Life Division has done well’


ALTHOUGHthiscountry’sinsurance industry remains profitable,profitability levels remain well below the 2010 and 2011 amounts.The reason for this is the low interest rate environment operating in Barbados. The insurance industry comprising both life and general insurance segments is among the country’s financial players highlighted in the recently released financial stability report. “The current environment has reduced the amount of investment income the insurance companies have been able to generate and has caused adrag on the total net income of the sector,”said the Report put together by the Central Bank of Barbados and the Financial Services Commission. “The current soft market cycle-characterised by substantial competition between firms,as well as the availability of excess reinsurance access,has meant that premium rates remain low.Consequently,it went on,underwriting profits have been harder to generate although the sector has not suffered from higher-than-expected claims,due to natural catastrophes in recent history. In any case,the report by the two Government agencies revealed that as at December 2014,projected figures place total assets of the sector at approximately $3.03 billion which represents a a decrease in assets of approximately two per cent following a one per cent increase the previous year. Two domestic companies insurance companies are listed on the Barbados Stock Exchange.“For the remaining domestic companies the main source of capital is derived from their retained earnings or through raising private equity outside of the BSE or funding from other private sources. “Given the low profitability levels in the industry over the last three years, the industry has not seen large capital increases,”according to the Report. As at December 2013 total current assets increased in both the life and general categories of insurance by $38.7 million and $18 million respectively as companies replaced maturing long term investments with short-term investments. In excess of 60 per cent of total current assets held by insurance companies are invested in government of Barbados securities.This investment strategy is partly driven by legislation and partly by the sector’s general strategy of holding liquid investments given the nature of the insurance industry,where cash can be required at a short notice to pay claims. At the end of December 2013 approximately $1.3 billion were held in statutory funds in support of policy holders’ liabilities. Other data provided by the report show that total insurance premiums (for both life and general insurance) averaged about $655.3 million in 2013; gross premium written was about $7.6 million higher than 2012 figure of $647.7 million;and that motor and property insurance policies were the key components of the general insurance market. “In the life insurance market,the key products sold were whole life,term life and universal life,”the Report added.( JB ) MINISTER of Industry, InternationalBusiness, CommerceandSmall BusinessDevelopment, DonvilleInnissislookingforwardtodebate onthisyear’sEstimates. Hehas made the point while commenting on the country’s educational system and what Government has been doing to reform the system. Debate on the Appropriations Bill (the Estimates) is scheduled for this week in the House of Assembly and the followingweek in the Senate. “I look forward to the Estimates debate next week and in particular the issue of education when a lot more will have to be said about the Government’s education programme,”said the Minister. He stated that too that programme will appropriatepolicies that will bring reforms that will lead it to be a very sustainable activity in this country. Last week the House of Assembly dealt with among other matters the subject of education and theaward of scholarships and bursaries. The Minister has made it clear to Barbadians that nothing is free.“Let us reflect on the fact that when you pay your taxes and therefore you get all of these social services that is amyth because nothing is free,”the Minister said. He stated that the harsh realities indicate that of the $2.5 billion in revenue collected,there is an expenditure bill of $4.2 billion. “So what we have to do though is to continue to work on the appropriate reforms in education system to ensure that our people and those who come through the system benefit tremendously and and are able to make meaningful contribution to our society,” Inniss added. “We have been able to build up institutions in this country that have been able to serve people well and those from other islands who here and take advantage of it,”according to him. High on the agenda for the debate is the projected end of year deficit which Government said it wants to lower to at least 7.5 per cent of gross domestic product. The Draft Estimates will outline Government spending and taxation policies for the financial year starting April 1,2015.Also to be outlined is how Government intends going forward with its fiscal policies as it tries to the country’s revenue position. There will also be details as to how the administration deals with those state agencies which are to be amalgamated and whether Barbadians are likely to pay more taxes or benefit from tax reductions in wake of tax reforms which the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler. Monday March 16, 2015 5 Business Monday BANK RATES Commercial bank rates to the public at the close of business on Friday by the Central Bank of Barbados. Valid for March 16th, 2015 Telegraphic Transfers Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.08632 2.12544 Pound Sterling 2.93300 3.98798 Canadian $ 1.554261.58676 United States $1.993752.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Demand/Sight: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.08240 2.12544 Pound Sterling 2.927492.98798 Canadian $ 1.551321.58676 United States $1.990002.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Notes: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.052292.13871 Pound Sterling 2.885163.00664 Canadian $ 1.542531.58816 United States $1.980002.02857 East Caribbean $0.737040.74445 Belizean $ 1.000001.00000 INDICATIVE RATES FOR SOME REGIONAL CURRENCIES AS ADVISED BY THE RESPECTIVE CENTRAL BANKS N.B.: These rates are not meant to be used for trading. BDS$ Guyana $ 0.00979 Jamaica $ 0.01736 Trinidad & Tobago $0.31526 Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler will deliver the Estimates. Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss Estimates Debate eagerly awaited Insurance industry investment reduced due to current environment


TROPICALSHIPPING hasbeeninbusinessfor 50years throughout the region and in 2015 their plans are simply to continue to ensure efficient service to their customers through on time and reliable transportation services. Tropical Shipping held their annual business segment review in Barbados last week to wrap up 2014 and establish their strategic vision for the company for 2015 and beyond. BusinessMonday spoketoAndreGibson, IslandManagerfor TropicalShippingatthe company’smeetingatthe Radisson,heexplained, “wegettogetheroncea yearinadifferentislands todiscussourstrategies forourmarketsandhow wecancontinuallyimproveourservicesand businessfacilitationin ourmarkets,wehaverepresentativesfromthe WindwardandLeeward Islandsaswellasfrom our corporate headquarters in Palm Beach.” Interms of the Barbados market,he stated,“The market continues to be a challenging one as volumes are still significantly depressed as a result of the current business climatein Barbados,however on the upside we have seen a silver lining in the market with the addition of the recently opened Sandals hotel which provided a lift through Q3 and Q4 with project cargo and going forward they will bring repeat volumes. Some of the other markets in the region are doing a bit better but in general we are doing what we can to facilitate shipping in the regional market.We put a lot of work in our markets,we make a strong effort to ensure we provide thebest service and are doing all we can for our customers intheregion. From a Tropical standpoint service is a major objective especiallylogistics,many people see it asaheadache and we do alot of work to make it as simple as possible for the customer.We have our own ships in this region, aport in Palm Beach and in each territory we have our own Tropical team.It has been a year we have been working with our new owner Salt Chuck and it has been working well.” Jeff Visser VP of Tropical Shipping echoed similar sentiments,he remarked,“the meeting is to do a wrap up of last year and roll out the objectives of this year,and one of the objectives is to improve connectivity to the region,we recently started a new direct ship call from Guyana to Barbados .We recently celebrated 50 years of service and hope to celebrate 50 more in the region.” Costremains a concern Costisanongoing issuesaidMarkLopez, AssistantVPforthe EasternCaribbeanfor TropicalShipping. “Globallyshippingoperatesoneconomiesofscale solargervesselsdrive downcost,inthe Caribbeanwearedealing with small populations on fragmented islands , the cost of putting a vessel in any of the Eastern Caribbean countries is fairly substantial,having to cover the same cost on alarger vessel on a smaller scale .I think it has come a long way and the port authoritiesand governments are working to try to invest in the ports to make them more efficient,looking at cost andfiguring out how to drive them down.Overall we have been in theCaribbean for 50 years and it has come a long way”he highlighted. ( NB ) ByJewelBrathwaiteLATERthisweekmany Barbadianswillgeta chance to hear from Dr. Peter Blair Henry,Dean of New YorkUniversity’s Leonard N.Stern School of Business. Jamaican born Dr. Henry is now on a sabbatical to the Central Bank of Barbados.On Thursday he will present a 90-minute interview with astudio panel at the Grande Salle of the Tom Adams Financial Centre. Occasions like this Caribbean forum serve to create useful discussions onimportant economic issues and to bring fresh perspective on economic matters,as they relate to developing countries,including the small ones.In other words they represent another view as many would have heard when and Dr.Fred Bergsten,ofthe Peterson Institute was here last year. What certainly will be of interest to Barbadian and Caribbean audiences who will be following the proceedings,is Dr.Henry’s sayon economic management and how this country was able to use an app roachto come out of the economic troubles it encountered in the early 1990s. Back then,Barbados faced serious economic challenges – no growth, rising deficits,a near depletion of foreign reserves, aglobal recession – and demands by the International Monetary Fund that the country’s fixed exchange rate in place since 1975 be adjusted as part of an economic recovery programme. But the country came through those difficulties, and until the brief hiccups occasioned by 9/11 and the emergence in 2008 of the present economic stress,it performed creditably. This along with the brief comparison of why Barbados excelled while Jamaica declined,is captured in Dr.Henry’sbook: “Third World Lessons For First World Growth,” whichwill be the source of muchwhat will be highlighted at Thursday’s function. In a quotation from the book,the Author revealed that from 1972 to 1987 Jamaica’s economy contracted at a rate of 2.8 per cent per year while Barbados’ expanded 1.5 per cent.The vast differences in the countries’ incomes today is largely a consequence of this 15 year period in which Barbados’ growth rate exceeded Jamaica’s by 4.3 percentage points per year,he writes. In another quotation, Dr.Henry points out that the Third World’s struggle with economic reforms holds many important lessons or the First World as it contends with its own need for economic restructuring.According to him, the stories of economic turnaround in the developing world reveal how smart policies oriented toward long term growth can propel a nation forward and provide a basis for the future prosperity of its citizens.What is very significant about this is that Dr.Henry writes that the biggest unresolved question facing the global economy in the future is whether policy makers in the developed world will have the courage to practice what they have long preached. But how can this be? It is not meant to be that waysince the ideas of economic growth and economic development seemed to reside in those countries and the agencies whichcontinue to push their line of progress and development. These agencies are the IMF,World Bank,and a regional institution like the Inter-American Development Bank. In essence what they have seen in East Asia Tigers is not what these agencies have been pushing for other countries in Latin America the Caribbean and Africa. What is very compelling about this book is that the author demonstrates that economic growth and development can be undertaken using a country’s own environment and experienceswithoutbeing dictatedbyoutsidersand notablythosewhooccupy thehallsinWashington, London and similar locations. The East Asians hav e done it much to the surprise of the World Bank whichdid a study on what it deemed the East Asian Miracle,and so too have many in Latin America. In the case of East Asia, their drive towards development included state int ervention,protectionism, the promotion of exports, and favourable business financing. Today the Third World also known as Emerging Market economies are driving most of the global economic output and growth. Acommentary on small states carried in the quarterly publication,Finance and Development,suggested the blueprint for small states.They can first of all,reduce their dependence on trade taxes by introducing broader based value added taxes that eased revenue constraints.Where the VAT is in place and revenue is still constrained,these countries are advised to lower expenditure. Second,they are urged to diversify export and trading partners.Nothing about small size being a deterrent to economies of scales and the blatant protectionism whichthese countries face in penetrating developed country markets. Third,they should increase financial services. Again no mention of the fact that offshore jurisdictions which adhere to global regulations are being undermined by big countries and through the OECD. Fourth,they should involve the World Bank and the WTO.But this is being done without any measurable benefits. In all fairness to the int ernational community there is still an understanding that small states have their challenges. This demand that they be treated differently. Abigger picture that will continue to unfold will be the extent to which emerging market economies are able to reshape global economy and if as Dr.Henry asks,if the developed countries will learn from the Third World. 6Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday Jeff Visser VP of Tropical Shipping, Andre Gibson, Island Manager for Tropical Shipping and Mark Lopez, Assistant VP for the Eastern Caribbean for Tropical Shipping sharing a light moment at the Tropical Shipping annual business segment review in Barbados held at the Radisson. Business school Dean to present interview ECONOMIC VIEWPOINT Tropical shipping positive about business in the region


THECaribbean Export Development Agency will host its third CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum,scheduled to take place on April 15 to 16 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.The conference,which is organised in collaboration with the ACP Business Climate facility (BizClim),seeks to enhance partnerships between Caribbean businesses and those in Europe,enable public-private dialogue and support the business climate reform agenda in the Caribbean.Focussing on three sectors:agro-processing (cocoa,herbs & spices),music and higher education the Forum will bring together some 150 key stakeholders from the Caribbean, Europe,Africa and the Pacific to not only engage in dialogue but to also explore business and trade opportunities during business to business meetings. “Providingaplatformforprivatesectorfirmsintheregiontoexplorebusinessopportunitieswithoverseasfirms andhopefullyincreasebusinessandpenetratenewmarketsisafundamentalaspectoftheAgency’smandate,”stated PamelaCoke-Hamilton,Executive DirectorofCaribbeanExport. Caribbean Export previously hosted the CARIFORUM-EUBusinessForum in 2008 in Barbados and 2012 in London, each time with the overall objective of supporting CARIFORUM businesses to utilise the benefits of the CARIFORUMEUEconomicPartnershipAgreement (EPA) that was signed in 2008,providing aplatformforprivatesectorbusinesses toidentifyopportunitiesfortrade,andby extensiontodobusinessinEurope. ParticipantsattheForumwillinclude bothCaribbeanandEuropeanSMEs, governmentministries,Business Support Organisations,Caribbean export board members and industry experts who will provide business clinics with participating firms to help build capacity required to develop greater market penetration. Discussions at the Forum will cover an array of topics within the three sectors.For agro-processing,topics on the agenda include bean to bar manufacturing and branding for export markets. The music sector will delve into areas such as the development of a digital strategy for Caribbean musicians and breaking into the music festival market. As part of the higher education sector, topics on the agenda include branding for higher education institutions and specific requirements and expectations for recruitment. Funded by the European Union as part of the 10th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Programme,firms are encouraged to attend this highly anticipated event and exploit the opportunity to meet with potential trading partners.Sponsorship to attend is available and firms should visit the Agency’s website for more information on how to participate. Monday March 16, 2015 7 Business Monday Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of Caribbean Export. Partnerships between businesses in the C’bean and the EU to be strengthened


Ifthenyourwholebodyis fulloflight,withnopart ofit in darkness,it will be asfull of light as when a lamp gives you light with its rays.” –Luke11:36 THEstudentfeedbackat thetwoguestlectures whichIwasinvitedto givetoMBAandMSc. Finance students at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business in Trinidad over the past 10 days,was a source of great stimulation. They responded positively to the logical,memorable and succinct description of the 5M startup business construct “Model Management Mindset Mentoring Money”as well as to the hypothesis that the “shepherding as collateral”concept “mitigates the risk of business failure and hence secures the financial investment". Reflecting on this dialogue with the students as a source of material to compose this column,divine inspiration led to my weekly column of January 12,2004 entitled “Holistic Business Capital”and I decided to repeat some of the content of that column since it is still very relevant to our challenges in 2015,11 years later. “As we embark on a new year,each and every one of us should take an inventory of the holistic capital available to us in the developing of our businesses and ensure that all parts are well-lubricated and working well.If any specific component is missing then we are well advised to rectify the situation since ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’. “Human capital is our most important asset and should be developed to the fullest.It is,therefore, incumbent on the public and private sectors to work together to ensure that opportunities exist forusalltomoverapidly towards our potential. “Intellectual capital, which is to be found in the form of intellectual property or knowledge, has to be managed in an effective way to take advantage of the opportunities created by the information technology and telecommunications revolutions which we are privileged toexperience. “Physical capital,in the form of equipment and machines,helps us to improve our productivity and enhance our competitiveness.In emerging nations,such as theCaribbean,physical capital is usually imported because of our small economies. “Natural capitalconsists of land,mining,marine,energy and water resources but these have not been fully exploited. “The management of our Financial capitalleaves something to be desired because we have not mastered the art of matching financial instruments to meet the needs of our development.(As Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, the author ofThe Mystery of Capital (2000) has said,‘Capitalism has lost its way in developing countries.’)” “As we traverse the globe,one recognizes the diversityofCulturalcapitalthatexistsaswe move from one region to another.Ifwewereto evolvetowardscultural partnerships,the synergy of interaction could probably make a lasting impact on our economies. “Social capitalis the newest form of capital that is being developed, andaccordingtoRobert Pullman,refers to features of social organization such as networks, norms,and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit.The Latin American community is also beginning to awaken to the massive latent potential of social capital.International experience suggests that nations with more social capital enjoy stronger economies and greater democratic maturity.This fact is evidence of the imperative necessity to create conditions that foster the basic components of social capital,such as a cooperative community, interpersonal trust and a broad social conscience. “The final type of capital isSpiritual capitalwhich is,probably because of our treatment of spiritual matters,not immediately recognized as an important component of business capital but,of course,it is the greatest of them all.The general definition of Spiritual capital is the capacity for love.Relative to the economic aspect of human life,the definition of spiritual capital is of a more restricted nature: spiritual capital is anilluminationunto man about the possibilities and trends of suchmodification of the human environment that will allow ustomaketheeconomic activityofmanmoreproductive,and his life – more decent (Kandalintsev 1997).To effect this let us then continually drawon the Mind of the Universe.” The foundation planks for the 5M business constructaretheinventor, innovator,entrepreneur, shepherd as a life coach (mindset stimulator), shepherd as a business mentor and investor who provides the money.The corporate governance, marketing,operations, human resource development and investment finance functions of a business are all managed by people.Hence the conclusion that our people are our most important asset and should be developed to their fullest potential. Each of us has a life.We have a mind,a body and asoul which we must nourish so as to achieve the fullest potential which will then in turn boost governance,sales, human productivity,creative investment and profitability on the journey to sustainable development. Each of us has a responsibility to continually train our minds through the many news way that are available in the Information Age.We are,therefore we can, therefore we will. Eachof us has a responsibility to maintain ahealthy body by practising preventive health, balanced nutrition,regular exercise,aim to stay on the high road of stress free living,and weave a web of all encompassing love. We must all affirm our abundance in our careers, finances,spirituality,relationships,health and personal philosophies as spiritual beings mastering an earthly experience. Remember that each Life stands under a beam of Light which draws its energy from an infinite pool of Love. (Dr.BasilSpringer GCMisChange-Engine Consultant,Caribbean BusinessEnterpriseTrust Inc.–CBET.His columns may be found atwww.cbetmodel.organ 8Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday July WHAT'S UP IN THE BUSINESS WORLDalendarC Keep the light turned on Editor’s Notebook Commerce Minister Donville Inniss will cut the ribbon to official open a new company in Speightstown this morning. Debate on the 2014/2015 Estimates will commence in Parliament this morning. The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) will be hosting a workshop on the construction industry on Wednesday. There will be a Caribbean Economic Forum at the Grande Salle on Thursday. ITisgoingtobeinterestingtoseewhathappensfrom hereonnowthattheTransportAuthorityhassignalleditsintentiontobringordertoRouteTaxioperators. LastweektheAuthority’sChairman,Abdul Pandor,promisedtoughactioniftheoperatorsdonot complywiththerequirementtoweartheuniforms asstipulatedbylaw.TheAuthorityalsointends goingfurtherbymakingtheownersresponsible wherenecessaryfortheactionsoftheiremployees. Well the gauntlet has been thrown down and everyone will want to see if the operators will comply.It would be for their own good to comply with the regulations since they have more to lose if they do not.“We have the process where we can take them to court,”the Chairman said.Furthermore,it was also stated that action could result in some of the operators having their licenses/permits suspended. One of the regular complaints levelled at those in authority in Barbados is that they tend to be slow whenitcomestoregulatingandeffectingappropriatepolicieswithsomesegmentsofoursociety.We tend also to move too late and in that time allow matters to fester. That’s why the public and others will be watching to see how the Transport Authority institutes its mandate. Watching developments with route taxis TAXPAYERSare advised that Monday,March 16, will be the final payment date for the Amnesty Programme,due to the fact that the previous deadline fell on the weekend. Persons should note that the amnesty is being offered to all taxpayers on interest and penalties accrued at December 31, 2014,in respect of arrears of Land Tax,Value Added Tax and Income Taxes. The amnesty has been granted on the condition that any outstanding principal must be paid on or before March 16,2015. Amnesty concludes today


Monday March 16, 2015 9 Business Monday Theuseofcolourinbuildingdesign is not only a function of style but canpositivelyimpactbehaviour, psychology and perception. Thiswillbedemonstratedduringa presentation entitled ‘How to Use Colour inSpace’,presented by Harris Paints,the Caribbean Champions of Colour,in association with the Barbados Institute of Architects (BIA). The event,scheduled for today at the Savannah Beach Hotel,will feature international speakerFawn Chang,an awardwinning writer,designer and certified master in the ancient art and science of Feng Shui. While in Barbados,Chang will also speak about how colour can influence our experience of space,along with developing custom palettes for projects and the effective pairing of colours. “We are very excited to welcome Fawn to Barbados for what we expect will be a highly entertaining and informative session for industry leaders and BIA members.Fawn is highly regarded in the international design community for her ability to transform lives by transforming space,and as an industry insider,she is on the cutting-edge of the latest colour and design trends,”said Tracy Johnson, Trade Marketing Manager,Harris Paints. INanincreasinglycompetitiveinsurance market,MassyUnitedInsuranceisoffering an attractive package that is growing in popularity and appealing to both young and mature home-owners. Following significant improvements to its HomePro product,the company’s homeowners policy,aspecial promotion, was recently concluded and Senior Marketing Specialist for Massy United Insurance,Karen Richards,reported that the response was encouraging. The promotion was aimed at new customers and among the new features of the HomePro product are increased coverage and increased limits for insurable items; coverage for suchitems as title deeds, Christmas and wedding gifts and coverage for an expanded range of electronic items in policies. In keeping with the movement towards green energy,homeowners are also being offered coverage of photo-voltatic solar energy systems. “Our revamped HomePro product is a response to the needs of our clients.We pride ourselves in offering value for money, ataffordable rates,in these challenging economic times and our products are supported by a dedicated full-service team.We don’t just sell insurance,we service the needs of our clients,”saidRichards. The HomePro promotion also offered new clients the opportunity to win attractive prizes and the main prize winners were formally recognised on Wednesday during a presentation ceremony at the Massy United Insurance headquarters in Bridgetown. St.Michael resident,Gerry Brathwaite, an Accountant,was drawn as the lucky first prize winner and was awarded a trip for two to New York. Brathwaite thanked executives of Massy United Insurance and also praised theservicestandardsofthecompany. “MassyUnitedInsuranceoffersgoodservice for their products ...they are professional.You are always greeted with a smile andanyissuesaredealtwithpromptly,” hesaid. The second prize winner was retired English physician,Dr.PatrickKingsley, who has owned a home on the island for the past 15 years.He won free home and contents insurance up to a value of $2 500 while the third prize winner was retired banker David Reece,who won $1 000 in shopping vouchers redeemable at Massy Stores. International colour specialist and Feng Shui Master for BIA Luncheon Award-winning writer and designer Fawn Chang has been confirmed as the featured speaker for ‘How to Use Colour in Space’. Winners in the Massy United Insurance HomePro promotion share a photo with company executives. From left are John Chandler (Assistant Barbados Business Manager), first-prize winner Gerry Brathwaite, third-prize winner David Reece, second-prize winner Dr. Patrick Kingsley, Annette Stoute (Supervisor of Personal Lines) and Account Executive Dwight Lashley. Promotion aimed at both the young and mature


10 Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday COURTYARDby Marriott BridgetownBarbadoscontinuesto promoteoneofthestrongestbeliefsofthisInternationalBrand– theinclusionandpromotionof women. Truthandtestamentofthisisfound inrecentlyhiredassociates,Maylene Willoughby,HeadChef;ArleneBrooks, HumanResourcesCo-ordinator;and Sophia Bryan,Senior Sales Manager. Each of these ladies entered Marriott with several years of experience in their respective fields from internationally recognised properties suchastheSandy Lane Hotel,Crane Beach Resort and Turtle Beach Resort. Chef Maylene,who’s mantra towards her profession is “Dedication seldom fails,”expressed that her expertise was gained over 20 years in the tourism industry.She began her journey as a porter and challenged herself to become better daily.Likewise,Mrs.Brooks holds firm to the adage that “One must strive for excellence in any task or situation.” Ms.Bryan,who indicated her zest for the industry by stating,“We need to adopt that old adage,Tourism is our business.Let’s play our part,”suggested that each and every Barbadian first of all,understands what tourism means to Barbados and secondly,be actively involved in any effort to make sure Barbados shines among its Caribbean counterparts as the beacon that it is. PERSONSwhoareunemployedoron the job hunt will have an opportunity to develop their business etiquette and interview skills through the World of Work (WoW) Internship Programme. Facilitated by the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development,in association with Profiles Caribbean Inc.,and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry,the programme is being funded by the European Union as part of the Barbados Human Resource Development Strategy. It takes the form of a series of free oneday workshops covering topics such as Customer Service,Time Management, Communication Skills and Dress. Participants will also gain “real-world” experience with the possibility of securing an internship. Workshops will be held between Monday,March 23,and Friday,March 27.The deadline for applications is Friday,March 20. Toregister,persons are asked to visit the website, or contact Profiles Caribbean at 4310830,for further information. Persons on the job hunt invited to register for WoW FROM LEFT:Arlene Brooks, Human Resources Co-ordinator; Maylene Willoughby, Head Chef; and Sophia Bryan, Senior Sales Manager of Courtyard by Marriott Bridgetown Barbados. Women moving forward


Monday March 16, 2015 11 Business Monday DARCY Boyce, Minister with responsibility for Energy has praised the Barbados Renewable Energy Association for the launch of the Solar Consumer Guide Handbook but he also urges them to work on the standards for Consumer guarantees to prevent some of those who may try to spoil the industry. Whilespeakinglast weekattheGrandeSalle, CentralBankforthe launchoftheSolar ConsumerGuide,hesaid, “Wearehappythat BREAhasmadethis move but I also want to seeBREAinvolvedin workingoutstandardsfor aConsumerguarantees ...withanewindustry startingpeoplewillsell hope and we have to be a lot more careful.We don’t wantpeoplejustselling hope,wewantpeoplethat aresellingrealsystems that deliver what they promise or they will spoil the industry for those who want to do serious work and also spoil the industry for the country.” Task force to push alternative energy He highlighted , “This[collaboration of the guide] is an excellent demonstration in how we need to propel renewable energy in this country;we need viable partnerships between the government, private sector,civil society and our international donors.In that regard I will be soon announcing the formation of a task force of government ,private sector and civil society to work out with us a renewed energy policy for the country and a road map for executing that policy ,within the next week or so I will be making a statement on that task force . Ibelieve what we need now is to put all the ideas together in a holistic program that we can execute it as quick as possible to get the industry going .Our role in government is to establish the enabling and regulatory framework for the industry and we hav e put on the books several incentives for renewable energy sector as well as for energy efficiency and we will continue to work over the next few months to ensure the kinks we would have been experiencing in getting all those incentives operational , that we could get those kinks out the way .” Boyce said,“We know we have the recourses,it is now the opportunity to use the development and technology to ensure we can convert those resources to energy at a commercially viable rate, that is why I intend to move as quickly as I can in making this country as dependent on alternative energy as we can possibly do in a commercially viable way.We need to ensurethatattheendofthe day these initiatives can standontheirownand theydon’trequiregovernmentsubsidiestoget themgoingbecausewe don’thaveresourcesfor those subsidies...We will also be doing a study to lookathowwecanuse the sea for more energy generation...” (NB) VIRGINAtlanticistoday publishingitsannualfinancial results,confirmingthe successful delivery of its two year recovery plan and a return to profit. For the year ended 31st December 2014,the Group is reporting a profit before tax and exceptional items of 14.4m,representing an improvement of 65.4m on the previous year’s financial performance. The results confirm that Virgin Atlantic has delivered on the target it set in February 2013 to return to profit within two years. It is now looking to the future and positioning the business for future growth and sustained profitability whilst making significant investment in customer experience. Calendaryearending December2014Group Performance at a glance : AGrouppre-tax,pre-exceptional items,profit over 12 months of 14.4m,an improvement of 65.4m on the year ending December 2013 (51.0m pre-tax loss) Group revenue of 2.9bn Airline unit revenue up 0.5% (up 3.5% at constant currency) 6,156,000 passengers flown Averagerevenuepassengerloadfactorsof 77.38% Airline unit operating costs flat year-on-yearat constant currency VirginHolidays recordedaprofitforthe yearbeforetaxandexceptionalitemsof5.7m,up 3myearonyear,and increasedrevenueby1.1% Cargorevenuedown 1.8%yearonyear(up 3.1% at constant currency) with strong export demandfromtheUK For the third consecutive year,passenger satisfaction scores have increased,withan11%improvementsince2012.The airline’sontimeperformanceremainshighwith 85.5% of flights departing within 15 minutes of schedule.Virgin Atlantic remains focused on delivering the best possible experience and service to its customers enhanced by a 300m investment in this area by 2018. Chief Executive Craig Kreeger said: “We want to be the airline most loved by our customers by always putting them at the centre of everythingwedo.These profitableresultsmark thesuccessfulconclusion of our recovery period and have put firm foundations in place for the future.We are confident that we have the right fleet,network andpartnersinplacetobe moreprofitablethanever beforeby2018. “Wehad a clearly defined strategy to transform the financial performance of the business and everyone involved can be rightly proud that we delivered that in a rigorous timeframe,while investing in continuous improvements to our passengers’ experience.Iwould like to thank our customers for their support, and our people for delivering the exceptional customer service that remains uniquely Virgin Atlantic.” Strategic changes in the business along with operational and cost efficiencies have driven the improved financial performance this year.In October, the airline took delivery of the first of its state of the art,fuel-efficient Boeing 787-9s,with seven more to followin2015aspartofa fleet regeneration programme. VirginAtlantic and its customers gained significant benefit from its joint venture partnership with Delta Air L ines,launched in January2014.Over 4.5millionpassengersflew onjointventureservices initsfirstyearofoperationandthetwoairlines expectthisnumbertocontinuetogrowin2015.The partnership’stotalnumber of code share routes recently increased to 484 and its peak daily transatlantic services will rise to 39 from summer 2015. This includes ten daily departures between London and New York – the world’s busiest business travel market. The increased transatlantic flying follows a network review undertaken by Virgin Atlantic in 2014 whichled to its exit from several loss-making routes.The airline also took the decision to withdrawits domestic operation Little Red,with flights between Heathrow and Manch ester ceasing later this month and HeathrowandEdinburgh andAberdeenstoppingin September2015.New routeswillbelaunched thissummerbetween ManchesterandAtlanta, London Heathrow and Detroit,andLondon GatwickandTobago,as wellasaseriesofseasonal flightsbetweenBelfast andOrlandoandGlasgow andLasVegas.There will also be increased frequency in services between Heathrow and majorUSdestinationsincluding San Francisco,Los Angeles,Atlanta and New York. Virgin Holidays’ revenue and profit improvements were driven by a strong performance in its key North American market,where turnover grew by more than 10%,and disciplined cost control across the business.The company also enjoyed a four-point increase in its Net Promoter Score. During 2014,itimplemented a new five-year plan to drive customer satisfaction,staffengagementandprofitabilityto recordlevelsby2019. Virgin Atlantic President,Sir Richard Branson,said: “I can’t think of a better way to complete our 30th birthday year than with a return to profit.The team at Virgin Atlantic has done agreat job in turning around the airline and has the right strategy to take the business from strength to strength. Keeping our customers and our people at the heart of everything we do gives me great confidence in our future and I look forward to the next 30 years.” Don’t spoil the industry Return to profit for Virgin Atlantic Aidan Rogers, President of BREA, presenting Dr. Delisle Worrell, Governor of Central Bank while Darcy Boyce, Minister with responsibility for Energy looks on with his guide in hand. Virgin Atlantic President, Sir Richard Branson.


12Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday THEBarbadosHotel andTourismAssociation (BHTA)helditsfirst quarterlymeetingfor 2015lastweek.Also takingplacewasan eventtitled“BigIdeas Forum:Thought Leadership for Decision Makers”. Today Business Monday highlightssomeof those who participated in bothevents. Highlights from the Big Ideas ForumHugh Riley (left) of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation and Sunil Chatrani, President of the BHTA, in conversation at the BHTA function. More patron at the recent forum. The audience at the BHTA meeting. Businessman Ralph “Bizzy” Williams (right) and UWI Lecturer, Dr. Troy Lorde, at the Big Ideas Forum.


ByJewelBrathwaiteTHE consensus emerging from the recent half day seminar on exporting to Cuba is that while the project is worthwhile,it won’tbeaneasy process. The Barbados Private Sector Trade Team (BPSTT) organized the forumonBarbados-Cuba Trade Relations at Bagnall Point where a number of presenters,including Barbados’ Minister of Foreign Trade andForeign Affairs, Senator Maxine McClean, addressed the subject. There were also presentations by Joel Richards of the CARICOM Secretariat’sOffice for Trade Negotiation; Barbados’ Ambassador to Cuba,Ms.Donna Forde; and Head of Republic Bank in Barbados,Ian De Souza,among others. The quest to expand trade and earn more foreign exchange is uppermost in the minds of not only Barbados but the wider CARICOM member states.Some have been more advanced in their economic ties with Cuba than others but it is still a workinprocess for all. Cuba because of its state controlled economy would present some initial issues for countries/exporters looking to break into that market.There is acentralised decision making,two currencies are in operation,trading is with state controlled institutions,and there is an extensive bureaucracy. There is as well the economic embargo which the United States has in place on the island.Participants at the function were told by Richards that the US embargo on Cuba affects the availability and cost of transportation (vessels that have served Cuba cannot stop at US ports). “Currency controls result in slow and unpredictable payments and payment terms could be as muchas 360 days,”he stated. “In Barbados it takes time to do things but in Cuba it takes longer,”said Forde who recalled the opening of the Barbados Embassy in that island in 2010. The Minister said that with the pending ease to the American embargo on Cuba,Barbados must be prepared to take advantage of opportunities which that action should create.Barbados must be prepared to take bold and creative initiatives to get off the mark,”said the Minister who had piloted the opening the mission in Cuba. “Basically we have the framework for engaging Cuba,”Ms.Forde said via ateleconference.This points to the what the Minister said is the conclusion by both countries of a bilateral investment treaty,double taxation treaty and a technical cooperation agreement. But Barbados already exports to Cuba though not as much as sister islands,Jamaica,Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic.It is this which will drive that thrust is not alone in trying to get into the island. Richards,technical adviser,spoke about CARICOM Cuba Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement.He said that the objective of the agreement is the strengthening of the commercial and economic relations between CARICOM and Cuba in a number of areas.These include trade in goods;the progressive liberalization of trade in services and the protection and promotion of two-way investments. “With respect to trade in goods,both Cuba and the More Developed Countries (MDCs) of CARICOM have committed a wide range of goods for which each will grant the other duty free access. From CARICOM side the goods which will be eligible for duty free treatment in Cuba include milk,eggs,flour,soya bean oil,margarine,fruit juices, sauces and condiments, ice cream,mineral and aerated waters,arerated beverages,rum,animal feed,chemical products, insecticides,windows and doors,paper products,textiles and clothing,roofing tiles,iron and steel products,solar water heaters, mattresses and lighting fixtures. From the Cuban side the goods which will be given duty free treatment in CARICOM are lived animals,poultry meat,salted and smoked fish,potatoes, fruit juices,ice cream, jams and jellies,mineral and aerated waters, medicaments,fertilizers, essential oils,insecticides, paper products,fabrics, textiles and clothing,iron and steel products,shell fish,poultry eggs, sausages and similar meat offal preparations and ethyl alcohol. With respect to Trade in Services,the parties identified the following as sectors of priority:agreed tourism and travel related services,entertainment services,financial services,professional services,construction and related engineering services, computer and related services,telecommunica t ions services and transport services. It is clear from the above list of goods and services that Barbados has the potential to benefit from the supply of such to the Cuba market once all the details of exporting and the hiccups in market access to the island are sorted out. Ms.Forde said that since the announcement that the United States and Cuba would be mending their fences there has been significant interest being shown by other countries in Cuba. According to her there have been a number of high level visits to the island.This would tend to suggest that there will be amad scramble by others wanting to do business with Cuba.“Barbados must be there as well,”she said. Richards recalled that at a meeting of the CARICOM-Cuban Joint Commission in Havana last year CARICOM outlined three areas of priority it wishes to pursue in the short to medium term:Trade Financing, tourismandtransportation. Healsosaidthattrade betweenthisregionand Cubahasbeenirregular. Ja maica is CARICOM’s largest exporter to Cuba, accounting in 2013 for 95 per cent of those exports and Barbados 0.15 per cent. Sowhile it won’t be easy Barbados has to get more involved with Cuba. Monday March 16, 2015 13 Business Monday Barbados’ Ambassador to Cuba, Ms. Donna Forde. TRADE IN FOCUS The quest to expand trade and earn more foreign exchange is uppermost in the minds of not only Barbados but the wider CARICOM member states. Senator Maxine McClean. Increased exports to Cuba worthwhile despite challenges


DOyoureallyknowyourmoney? You would be surprised how many people don’t know anything about their all-important relationship with their finances.You maythink you’re pretty financially savvy,but ifyou can’t answer these five questions you may need to get better acquainted with your money. 1.MonthlyIncome Thismayseemverybasic,butmore oftenthannotpeoplecan’tanswerhow muchmoney comes into their home. Thatmeansknowingthegrossandnet income.Almosteveryoneknowswhat theirsalaryis, roughly,butwhenit comestopre-andpost-taxincomeper month,manypeoplehavenoclue.Look atyournextpaystubandtakenoteof bothyourgross(pretax)andnet(posttaxandotherdeductions)pay.This knowledgereallycomesinhandywhen puttingtogetheryourbudget. 2.MonthlyExpenses Thisonegoeshand-in-handwith knowingyourmonthlyincome.While knowinghowmuchyouhavecomingin eachmonthisimportant,it’sequally importanttoknowhowmuchyouhave goingout.Getagriponyourexpenses. Take the time to write down everything you spend your money on in agiven month.You’d be surprised what expenses you have over and above your rent/mortgage,car,utility and insurance payments.An understanding of your expenses can help you identify areas where you’re overspending and can reveal new ways for you to save.Ifyouwanttohavea well thought out and effective budget, knowing both your income and expenses is pivotal.Without this knowledge,you won’t know what you can (and can’t) afford and you could easily spend beyond your means. 3.NetWorth Youmaythinkthata‘networth’is onlyforwealthypeople.Not so fast: Net worth,simply put,is the difference between what you own and what you owe.Thisbeginswithyourbank account,income and expenses.Assets suchasinvestments,cars and real estateallfactorintoyournetworthas well.Knowingyournetworthprovides youwithastraightforwardfinancial snapshot.If your number is positive, you can give yourself a pat on the back. If it’s negative,you might want to take acloser look at your finances so you can diagnose the problem,and create aplan to get you into the positive. 4.Debt-to-IncomeRatio Whileyournetworthcomparesallof yourassetstowhatyouowe,adebt-toincomeratioshowsyouspecifically howmuchdebtyouhavecomparedto howmuchmoneyyou’remaking.The firststeptofiguringthisoutistopull up your credit report (to get the most accurate estimate pull it from all three bureaus,incasethereisadebtthatis reported to one and not the others;also make sure there are no errors in how your debts are reported).Once you’ve checked your free annual credit reports,you can monitor for changes to your credit reports every month by getting a free credit report summary on up your monthly debt payments,and divide them by your gross monthly income (money beforetaxesandotherdeductions).As youcouldhaveguessed,thelowerthis numberisthebetteroffyou’llbe. Ideallyyouwanttokeepthatnumber below35percent. 5.YourInvestedIncome Youmayknowthenumberinyour savings account,(this is invested income, too,despite the small return) –butdoyouknowifyou’remakingthe mostofyourmoney?Askyourselfwhat yourmoneyisdoingforyou.Isit sittinginthebanktouseforarainy day,orisitworkingtomakeyoumore money?Work with a trusted adviser to comeupwithaplan.Evenifyou’re just starting out with your first job, wrangle your money and make it start working for you.If you already have some investments,ask yourself if you know what the money is invested in, not just the old,“oh,it’s in an IRA.” Know who manages it,what you earn, what the money is invested in and what kind of returns you get.The younger you are,the more freedom you have to make that young money work hard to earn you the most possible future money. Fi nally,your money should be in line with your future goals.Know what those goals are and the compatibility with your money.Saving money alone is not enough when it comes to having good financial health.Youhaveto make sure you’re paying attention to what amount of your savings is for what,and whether you’re not on track for the big things. When it comes to managing your money,it’seasytogetoverwhelmedif you don’t really know your money. Between knowing all the terms and numbers,you can quickly lose track and get discouraged.However,if you take the time get to know your money and how it impacts your life,it’ll be easy to see that financial health comes down to being in the know.So the next time you want to have a close relationship with your money situation,take a deep breath,and jump in as if you were interviewing your money for a job to work for you. 14Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday Youmaythinkthata‘networth’isonlyforwealthypeople.Notsofast,you’reincluded. The five numbers you need to get a handle on your money


IFonlyyourcolleague hadn’tjustruinedyour daywiththatrudelywordedemail. Most of us are ready to fire back with our own retort and equal measure of nastiness or passive aggression.But,that’s almost always a bad move.From nasty emails to coping with bad days, LinkedIn Influencers weighed in this week with their own advice.Here is what two of them had to say. TravisBradberry, presidentat TalentSmart “We’veallbeenonthe receivingendofascathing email,aswellasits mysterious,vaguely insultingcousins,”wrote BradberryinhispostThe CureforNastyEmails. “Theydon’tneed exclamationpointsorall capstoteemwithanger anddripwithsarcasm.” Andwhatdomanyofus wanttodoinresponse? “Dressingsomeonedown viaemailistempting becauseit’seasy,”he wrote.But don’t,he wrote. Instead,Bradberry offers five strategies to keep your emotions in check when you’re on the receiving end of a nastygram.Among them: “Follow Honest Abe’s first rule of netiquette In [Abraham] Lincoln’s younger years,he had a bad habit of applying his legendary wit when writing insulting letters to,and about,his political rivals,”wrote Bradberry. “But after one particularly scathing letter led a rival to challenge Lincoln to a duel,Lincoln learned a valuable lesson – words impact the receiver in ways that the sender can’t completely fathom.By the time he died,Lincoln had amassed stacks of flaming letters that verbally shredded his rivals and subordinates for their bone-headed mistakes. However,Lincoln never sent them.He vented his frustration on paper,and then stuffed that sheet awayin a drawer.The following day,the full intensity of his emotions having subsided,Lincoln wrote and sent a much more congenial and conciliatory letter.” The lesson for the rest of us? “Go ahead and vent – tap out your anger and frustration on the keyboard.Save the draft and come back to it later when you’ve cooled down,” Bradberry wrote.“By then you’ll be rational enough toedit the message and pare down the parts that burn, or – even better – rewrite the kind of message that you want to be remembered by.” “Remember that people online are still people.” While staring into a cold, anonymous computer monitor,it’sdifficultto rememberthataliving, breathinghumanbeing willendupreadingyour message,Bradberry cautioned.“Psychologist JohnSulerofRider Universityhasfoundthat peoplewhoare communicatingonline experiencea‘disinhibition effect’,”hewrote.“Without thereal-timefeedback between sender and receiver that takes place in face-to-face and telecommunication,we simply don’t worry as much about offending people online Taking the time to imagine the sender and considering where he/she is coming fromisoftenenoughto extinguishtheflames beforetheygetoutof control.” “Couldthesenderhave misinterpretedaprevious messagethatyousentto him/her?Could(s)hejust behavingabadday?Is (s)he under a lot of pressure? Even when the other party is in the wrong,spending a moment on the other side of the monitor will give you the perspective that you need to avoid further escalating the situation.” BriandeHaaff,chief executiveofficer at Aha! It’sthenatureoflife– thingshappenthatcan impact how we feel about, well,everything.When thetragedyispersonal,as deHaaffwrote,getting throughabaddaycanbe evenmoredifficultatthe office. “Workisoftenan antidotetosuffering,but itisnotacure-all,”he wrote in his post How Successful PeopleDeal With Bad Days.“Bad newsdoesnotwaituntila board meeting is over. Whether you work from home or in an office,are the CEO or an intern,you will feel lousy at work. Sometimes it’salowgrade malaise and sometimes it makes you sick.” So,what do successful people do when they have abad day? De Haaff offers several strategies.Among them: “Keep your routine.If you are successful,you are already a disciplined person who lives by good habits.Hold on to as many of those habits as possible,”he wrote.“We cannot stop bad things from happening,but we can control how we react to them.Get back to as much of what you did before things went astray.” “Go,go,go.We all endure difficult times and have bad days.Depending onwhat happened,the deep pain can last for a few moments or several months.Some of us live affected our entire lives,” de Haaff wrote.“Set small, achievable goals each week to keep yourself moving forward.Respect what has happened and keep an appreciation for what you have.” Monday March 16, 2015 15 Business Monday We all face them, nasty emails and bad days We’veallreceivedascathingemailortwo.


NEWresearchshowsthatreciprocity,the social norm that compels us to return favours,doesn’t apply as strongly at work as it does to life outside the office.Five studies conducted by researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business reveal that people are far more generous when interacting with individuals in a personal context as opposed to an organisational context. In one study,involving 325 participants, those who were asked to imagine they were being treated to dinner by a friend or acquaintance from the office were less likely to repaythe favour than those who were asked to imagine the same scenario with a non-work friend or acquaintance. Inanother study,participants were given an unexpected payment and then asked if they would fill out an additional survey.To some,the query was presented in a slightly more personal context,asking ifthey would complete the survey on behalf of doctoral students.Others were asked to fill out the survey for a lab.When the query was framed as a request from the doctoral students,the researchers received a 43 per cent positive response rate,while only 23 per cent of those given the organisational explanation agreed. In normal social contexts,people are likely to help each other out,naturally repaying good deeds,according to Jeffrey Pfeffer,a professor of organisational behaviour at Stanford and an author of the paper,included in the March issue of the new journal Academy of Management Discoveries.But in organisations,that sense of responsibility and selflessness fades.Companies lay off long-time workers who had been loyal,good performers or cut back on employees’ health benefits. “You see on a daily basis,companies violating commitments that they’ve made to their employees,”he said. That bleeds into individual interactions too – for example,a colleague who’s hesitant to help a peer struggling to wrap up a report under deadline.Employees get less credit for doing something nice, said Pfeffer,who conducted the research with his colleague Peter Belmi.Colleagues assume their peers are helping out because it’s their job,not because they’re moral and helpful,and individuals are more likely to reciprocate when the initial act is perceived as reflecting someone’s positive disposition and kindness rather than an obligation. Past research has found that offices trigger“amorecalculativeandstrategic mindset,”Pfeffer added,as well as one that’sfocused on the future and rationality.Insteadofthinkingaboutthe past–forexample,‘Whohasbeenkindto merecently?’–employeesarefocusedon whattheyneedtogetdone.Thatprompts themtodomorecoldcalculuswhen determiningwhethertostepup. Organisations could encourage more reciprocity by highlighting employees’ past contributions – thus priming colleagues to remember those deeds and be more generous in return – and emphasising social relationships. However,very few companies are able to replicate an environment that’s truly friendly or familial,despite all their talk of teamwork,flatter hierarchies and supportive work cultures,Pfeffersaid. Peopleenteringthelabourforceshould expect to encounter a more strategic and self-serving mindset than they experience in purely social interactions,Pfeffer said. “I see people going into the world of work and being hideously disappointed because they have not properly prepared themselves,protected themselves, psychologically girded themselves.” 16Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday INanidealworld,allofyourbills wouldbepaidontime,you’dnever havetotakeoutloansandmoney wouldalwaysbeavailablewhenyou needit. Somepeoplereachthateconomicutopia. Butformost,jugglingfinancialneedsand obligations – bills,loans,retirement,family and so on – and still havingalittlefuncan beadifficultbalancingact.Almost everyonecarriesacreditcardbalanceat onepointoranother,orhasmissedan occasionalbillpayment.But how can you tellifyou’repastthatstageandwandering ontofinancialthinice? Thesituationisdifferentforeveryone, butherearesomecircumstancesthat should set off alarm bells. Thedangersigns Anyofthesefoursituationsmeanit’stime toexamineyourfinancesandseewhat youneedtodotogetbackin control.Don’t waituntiltheproblemsstackuptoget moving. 1.You have no emergency savings. Ifyouhave little to no money stashed away for a rainy day,your personal finance game could use some improvement. Havingnofinancialcushionforsudden surprises,like medical emergencies or automobile accidents,may force you to take out a loan to cover your financial obligations,adding interest and fees to an expense you already can’t afford. You’re not alone:Studies from financial site Bankrate show that 24 per cent of Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings,while 28% of Americans have no savings at all. Here’satip:Haveatleastsixmonths’ worth of living expenses socked away in the event you lose your job or have an unexpected expense in the future.For more,see Building An Emergency Fund. 2.You’reonlymakingtheminimum monthly payments on your debts. The minimum monthly payments on credit cards and loans aren’t designed to help you quickly pay off your debts.Rather, lenders keep them low in hopes that your balance will last longer and accumulate more interest for them. Let’s do a little math:Say you have $1 000 on a credit card with an 18 per cent annual interest rate,and your minimum payment each month is the interest plus 1 per cent of your balance (which would mean $25 for the first payment). Ifyouonlymaketheminimummonthly paymentsitwilltakeyou113months (almosttenyears!)topayoffthat$1000 debt.By the time you’re done,you’ll have paidjustover$923ininterest,making the totalcostalmostdoubletheoriginaldebt. Ifyoucan’tpayoffyourbalanceinfull each month,at least put more than just the minimum monthly paymenttowardsit. Andwhateveryoudo,makesureyoudon’t outrightmissapayment.To learn about the debt snowball,debt avalanche and other waystoreducecreditcarddebt,see Alternatives to Balance Transfers. 3.Youstoppedsavingforretirement. Therewillcomeatimewhenyouwillbe ready to stop working and,one hopes,enjoy yourself on the savingsyou’veaccumulated overtheyears,plus Social Security and otherretirementplans,ifany.Oritcould come sooner due to injury,illness – or no one in your field being willing to hire someone your age.Most people call that time retirement. You won’t be able to take advantage of that time in your life if you haven’t been able to save at least some of your income in a 401(k),IRA or other nest egg. Once you’ve met your present-day obligations,contribute as much as you can toward your retirement savings.What you save now will be waiting for you to enjoy in the future – plus interest.For more, checkoutBuildYourOwnRetirement Plan. Thebottomline Theseareonlysomesignsyouneedto workonyourpersonalfinances.Themost globaloneisfeelinguncomfortableabout thefutureandwhetheryourfinancesleave youuptohandlingit.Don’twait until anxietystartseatingawayat your mental and physical well-being – or putting a strain on the relationships in your life.Or until you start getting calls from debt collectorsorhavetroublegettingyournext carloan.If you’ve never done a formal budget before,that’s one way to start.For details,see our tutorial Budgeting Basics. You might also think about whether it’s time to see a debt counsellor.Tolearn more, read How To Find A Credit Counsellor or visit the website of the National Foundation For Credit Counselling. The sooner you start taking control,the sooner you’ll be on your way to a better financial future.Preferably,long before it’s time to retire! Signs you are in financial trouble Don’t expect any favours at the office Do your co-workers seem reluctant to lend a helping hand?


Monday March 16, 2015 17 Business Monday WHETHERyou call Edward Snowden a traitor or a whistleblower,he earned one label about which there’s no debate:insider threat. Guardingagainstsuch risksisanexpanding niche in the security industry,with at least 20companies marketing software tools for tracking and analysing employee behaviour.“The bad guys helped us,”says Idan Tendler,the founder and chief executive officer of Fortscale Security in San Francisco.“It started with Snowden,and people said, ‘Wow,if that happened in the NSA,it could happen tous.’” The problem predates the Internet:the salesman who takes the entire customer list with him when hequits,or the engineer who makes off with key product designs.But technology has only made it easier;now the salesman e-mails the data to his Gmail account,and the engineer can put product designs on a USB drive.In an embarrassing episode for Morgan Stanley,the bank dismissed an employee earlier this year for taking information about an estimated350000clientsof itswealth-management division. Companies are also realising that tracking insiders may improve their odds of catching outside hackers.While investigations into the breaches at Sony and Anthem are ongoing,it’s likely that attackers hijacked employee passwords and logins,then used them to navigate the companies’ computer systems to find and steal data. These methods are the reason it takes a business more than 200 days,on average,to detect breaches, according to FireEye,a cybersecurity company. “Hackers become employees when they get inside,” says Avivah Litan,an analyst at research firm Gartner.“So the name of the game is constant surveillance.” Fortscale and competitors such as Securonix, based in Los Angeles,sell software that pulls data from a company’s computer systems and feeds it through algorithms to create a profile of each employee.The software constructs a base line showing what’snormal behaviour for that user: where and when he logs in,whichprograms he uses,which company databases he accesses regularly,and which external websites he browses.It also generates a risk score for users based on what dangertheymayposeto the organisation.With “normal”established,it becomes mucheasier to spot suspicious activity – for example,a worker downloading thousands of documents from a database she has permission to use but never has before. “What we’re trying to do is get this situational awareness,”says Igor Baikalov,a former security executive at Bank of America and chief scientist at Securonix.“The next step is predictive analytics:How can we detect the small changes and stop the bad thing from happening?” Dtex Systems,a security company based in San Jose,monitors insider threats by placing software on desktops as well as company-issued laptops.CEO Mohan Koo says that in the first 30 days of surveillance at a financial exchange,the systemidentifiedsixpeoplewhoweregettingready toleavewithhighlysensitive data.Employees headingfortheexitstartdoing thingstheyhadn’tbefore, suchas changing their email habits,Koo explains. Other approaches delve more deeply into psychology.Stroz Friedberg,a New York-based consulting firm that specialises in digital forensics,is rolling out software called Scout, whichevaluates users through the content of their e-mails and other communications using linguistic and behavioural analysis techniques developed by the FBI.The software establishes a base line and then scans for variations that may signal that an employee presents agrowingrisktothecompany.Red flags could include a spike in references to financial stresses such as “late rent”and “medical bills”. Edward Stroz,the firm’s founder and a former FBI agent,says that while companiesmayhave foundthisideatoointrusiveinthepast,he’sseen a change in perception in the pastyear.He’sstillcareful whendiscussingthesoftware,describingitasa waytohelpemployers builda“caringworkplace.” Heoffersthescenarioofa startraderatabankwho’s disappointed with the size of her annual bonus. Insteadofbeingblindsided whenshedefectstoarival, abankusingScoutcould identifyherdiscontent earlyandmakesureshe doesn’ttakesensitivedata orotherteammembers with her. Looming in the background is the question of how to balance employees’ privacy with more intensive monitoring.Dtex says it makes user data anonymous,replacing names with codes and matching names to activity only when necessary for an investigation.That helps companies monitor effectively and comply with privacy laws in countries such as Germany and Switzerland,Koo says. Randy Trzeciak,a cybersecurity specialist at Carnegie Mellon,says it’s important for companies to keep their lawyers in the loop and to outline a clear,wellcommunicated, and consistently enforced policy,so there’s no perception of selective monitoring. Some of the methods at companies that hire Securonix make even Baikalov wonder how muchis too much.He cites the practice of matching information on user behaviour online with feeds from video cameras and other systems that monitor physical locations. Some companies,he says, have created ticket systems so employees can report suspicious behaviour by colleagues.“Is it too much,or is it actually the right amount of diligence?” he says.“I’m really curious how muchwe will get out of it.It’s really the extreme in kind of Orwell-like monitoring.” The bottom line:About 20 companies sell tools to monitor employee behaviour – from e-mail habits to database access – and flag risks. (Bloomberg) Companies tracking employees to nab traitors Edward Snowden Looming in the background is the question of how to balance employees’ privacy with more intensive monitoring.


18Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday MEXICOCITY,Mexico – Mexico’s central bank announced on Wednesday that it will sell US$52 million per dayover the next three months to stop the peso from sliding further after the currency reached historic lows. Thedailyauctioncomes ontopofUS$200million thatthebankhasbeen sellingsinceDecemberon days that the peso drops by 1.5 per cent from the previous day’s closing price. The sale will begin on Wednesday and run through June 8. The bank,in a joint statement with the finance ministry,said the auction aims to “prevent additional pressures that could disturb the orderly functioning of the foreign exchange market”. The peso has hit its weakest point since March2009,when the country was in recession. The Mexican currency was worth 15.90 pesos against the dollar on Tuesday. Analysts saythe peso’s fall is partly due to a sharp drop in global oil prices,whichhave forced Latin America’s second biggest economy to slash its budget and reduce its growth outlook. PORT-OF-SPAIN – The 9th International Labour Organisation (ILO) Meeting of Caribbean Labour Ministers concluded on March 4,2015 with a commitment to strengthen social dialogue further both at the national and regional levels,and with renewed impetus to focus on creative solutions to the problem of youth unemployment and the greening of the economy. TheMeeting,themed “DecentWorkfor Sustainable Development”,wasattendedby21delegations headedby14ministers withresponsibilityfor labourissues.The Presidents and other representatives of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) and Caribbean Employers’ Confederation (CEC) were also present,along with representatives from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM),the Association of Caribbean States (ACS),and UN Agencies (ECLAC,UNESCO,PAHO/WHO and UN RC Office Jamaica),as well as the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC). ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder,attended the Meeting and held bilateral meetings with the Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas,the Rt.Hon. Perry Christie;The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling;Minister of Labour and National Insurance,the Hon.Shane Gibson;CCL President, David Massiah;and CEC President,Wayne Chen. In the presence of the ILO Director-General and of the members of the National Tripartite Council,the National Tripartite Bill was enacted by Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling.The ILO provided technical comments to the draft Bill, which was adopted the House. Caribbean Labour Ministers at the Meeting called for the systemic institutionalisation of national social dialogue processes and culture which embrace policy areas,and they agreed to support the capacity of social partners to ensure that their interventions to tripartite forums and consultations will add substantive value to the processes. Given the impact of climate change on the world of work,the Ministers called for long-term policy development,so that countries are sufficiently resilient to meet the related challenges.It was agreed that new business opportunities,as well as education and skills-training policies,would be implemented in response to the anticipated impact of climate on the workers. The Ministers called for closer collaboration between the ILO and CARICOM,particularly on youth employment,technical,vocational education and training (TVET), labour market information systems and environmental sustainability. The Ministers concluded that those countries not yet signatory to the Regional “Free of Child Labour”initiative,should be provided with information to consider becoming a party to it. At the Meeting,the ILO officially informed the Ministers of Labour about anew regional project* with CEC and CCL,with funding from the European Union (EU), aimed at strengthening the capacity of workers’ and employers’ organisations in the framework of the Economic Partnership Agreement. Mr.Ryder stated that the Caribbean has strong traditions of tripartite social dialogue,and mentioned the good practices and innovative solutions which the Caribbean countries are able to implement and share. BUSINESSESinT&Tare facingacrisisbecauseof theshortageofavailable labour,RobertTrestrail, seniorvicepresidentof theT&TChamberof Commercerevealedon Wednesday. “Atpresentbusinesses are facing what maybedescribed as a crisis in their labour needs and finding themselves to be competing with the state work programmes for available labour.There have been renewed calls for individuals and organisations, including the Chamber, to accelerate the thrust to diversification.It is critical that these businesses outside of the energy sector beencouraged to grow,”he said. Trestrail was speaking at a breakfast meeting on Labour Challenges and Its Effect on Business in T&T at the Chamber’s Westmoorings headquarters. He cited statistics from the Central Bank which shows that in 2008 the labour force was 627 000 and out of this 29000 people were employed in the Government’s Unemployment Relief Programme (URP). By 2011,the workforce had contracted to 616 000 while the URP increased its employment to 38 000 – an increase of 30 per cent. “Today,with the growth of the Unemployment Relief Programmes,we can be assured that those statistics continue to evidentan exchange of labour between the open market and the URP programmes. Tobago’stourism sector has been noticeably affected by the scarcity of labour.Most of the workforce is employed wholly or partially by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) or state run programmes,” he said. Trestrail also gave information from research conducted by the T&T Chamber’s Trade and Development Unit which shows other problems facing employers,including high turnover of staff, high absenteeism and indiscipline,disdain for the service industry,illiteracy and a lackof continuous skill training.He said this is partially responsible for the low rating of T&T on international indices. “Poor work ethic in the national labour force has been consistently ranked in successive competitiveness reports as being among the top most problematic factors facing our country.In the last decade several state sponsored training programmes were introduced,yet it would seem that the graduates of these programmes are not entering the workforce.Research must be taken to find out the reasons for this,”he said.He suggested one possible solution is immigrant labour. “In T&T we are seeing evidence of this new wave from the Far East,Latin America and even our neighbouring Caribbean islands.Whether we see this as a problem or solution is up to us,”he said. Charles Pashley,managing director of Prestige Holdings,local franchise operators of KFC fast food restaurants,called for a simplifying of rules to make it easier for immigrants to come to T&T to work. “Weneed immigrant labour.We need to change the approachto bringing in licensed labour.Wehave to advertise the position first in the media,then we have to go through the Ministry of Labour.I think we have to spend $6 000 to apply for the worker to come,”he said. Mexico to sell US$52 million daily to halt peso slide RobertTrestrail, left, senior vice-president, T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce, chats with Charles Pashley, managing director, Prestige Holdings Limited; Edward Kacal, CEO, Servus Limited; and Gerard D’Arcy, chairman of the Chamber’s Facilities Management and Maintenance Committee, during a seminar on Labour Challenges and Its Effect on Business in T&T held at the Chamber’sLeon Agostini Hall, Columbus Circle, Westmoorings, on Wednesday. Labour crisis for T&T businesses Caribbean Labour Ministers commit to strengthening social dialogue – while focusing on youth employment and the greening of the economy


Monday March 16, 2015 19 Business Monday AStheexpansionof thePanamaCanal continues,Jamaican businessesattended CentralAmerica’s largest trade show in Panama in an effort to promote exports to that region. Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) led a team of Jamaican companies to the Exposici—n Comercial Internacional (EXPOCOMER),which started on Wednesday and ended on Saturday. The delegation included GKFoods and Services, P.A.Benjamin Manufacturing Ltd., LASCO Manufacturing Limited,E.G.Wellness Brands and GulfRay Americas Manufacturing JAMPRO hopes the Panamanian visit will help to land trade leads and increase awareness of Jamaican products,according to a news release. “The market is quite lucrative and is predicted tosee great economic growth upon the expansion of the Panama Canal,”said the JAMPRO news release. GK Foods is seeking to increase its sales of hot pepper products to the Central American market,according to Taji Alleyne,general manager at Grace Agro Processors Division.“GK Foods & Services is dedicated to bringing the authentic Jamaican scotch bonnet flavour to global markets. Expocomer will give us the chance to promote our pepper mash products ‘Real Jamaican Scotchie’ to Latin America,which has a palate that is similar to our own,”he said. Meanwhile,LASCO is looking to expand its business from its Panamanian markets.“LASCO has been exporting to Panama for several years,and we would like to increase our business in that market,” according to LASCO export sales and marketing manager Marjorie McCalla.“Our main objective in attending Expocomer is to identify distributors in Panama and other Central and Latin American countries. We look forward to establishing great business relationships at this event.” JAMPRO says it is aggressively pursuing Latin American markets for the export of Jamaican goods. Last year,the agency partnered with the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) to host an “Exporting to Panama” workshop.Based on the interest from exporters and the agency’s mandate to target Central America, the market and trade visit toPanama was organised. JAMPRO has also recently started a Cuban market development programme,to increase export of Jamaican goods to the Cuban market. “There are untapped opportunities for exporting to Central America, especially those markets which are experiencing increased economic activity,”said Berletta HenlonForrester,market development manager at JAMPRO.“JAMPRO is encouraged by the level of interest shown by Jamaican manufacturers and will continue to develop this market for export of Jamaican products.” THEdaysofrainfalldid notstopharvestingof sugar canes,although it made for a slower pace of work,according to Chief Industrial Relations Officer,James Sukhu. “The rains hampered our work,but we continued harvesting.We have had about two days of sunshine and if we have a good weekend,harvesting will be back to normal, back in full swing next week,”he said in a telephone interview with the Guyana Chronicle. He added that to date production of sugar stands at 22 500 tonnes. “We are a little behind the target we set for ourselves,but harvesting has not stopped,”Sukhu assured. Asked about the strength of the labour force,he noted that in the factories there is a 85 per cent turnout,while in the fields,the turnout is approximately 63 per cent. “The field worker turnout is not what we wanted because of the rains,”the Chief Industrial Relations Officer said. Questionedaboutthe factoriesinoperation, Sukhustatedthatseven oftheeightfactoriesarein operation,the exception being the Skeldon Sugar estate.“Skeldon was expected to start grinding today (Thursday),”he said. The cycle of the current sugar crop comes to an end in early May.In 2014, GuySuCo recorded a production of 216 147 tonnes –the first crop having surpassed the 75 000-tonne target,bringing in about 80 000 tonnes. The calamitous drop in sugar prices on the global and preferred market scene,which challenges all sugar industries,coupled with the dramatic fall in earnings and,by extension,cash flow;and the prevailing weather conditions were among several of the difficulties that affected the local sugar industry during 2014. The industry sawadismal sugar production level in the past years, but Guyana has since been taking steps to turn around its sugar industry, and hopes to soon meet a 300 000-tonne target. There is also a projection that the sector would reacha400 000-tonne goal by 2020. The production being targeted by GuySuCo for 2015 is some 240 000 tonnes. CARIBBEANshoppers rejoice!Anew mall is about to open and make all your high-priced, designer-item dreams come true. The Mall of San Juan throws open its doors in Puerto Rico on March26 with a 100 000 squarefoot Saks FifthAvenue anda138000-square-foot Nordstrom as its anchor stores – the first stores in the Caribbean for both high-end brands. Several other brands, including Gucci,Kate Spade,Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Versace,will join the roster of about 110 upscale retailers and restaurants at the two-story shopping shrine. It’sconveniently located just five minutes from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport,so shoppers can revel in retail within minutes of leaving Baggage Claim. Taubman Centres,the developers behind Mall of San Juan as well as Miami’sDolphin Mall and Mall at Millenia in Orlando (both popular with visiting Caribbean shoppers),are also planning to open a hotel and casino on the property. The mall’s opening arguably makes San Juan –also home to the region’s largest shopping centre,the 300-store Plaza Las Americas – the retail hub of the Caribbean,where buyers will be limited only by their budgets. KINGSTON,Jamaica – Jamaica attracted US$707 million (J$81.3 billion) in foreign direct investments (FDI) over 12 months ending September 2014,according to the recently published Quarterly InternationalInvestmentPosition report from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ). The preliminary FDI inflows for the period largely reflected new equity inflows for infrastructure and tourism projects,statedtheBOJ. “Furthermore,the inflows of new equity FDI is an indication that foreign investment projects are still in the expansion phase as opposed to the saturation phase when FDI inflows would have largely reflected reinvested earnings,”added the BOJ. The FDI of US$707 million reflects the rise in stockof direct investment liabilities to US$13 333 million from US$12 626 million a year earlier, according to tables in the report. The annual flows, however,still trail levels prior to the 2008 Western financial crisis which averaged US$800 million per annum. J’can exporters target Central American markets ahead of Panama Canal expansion Jamaica attracts US$700M in FDI Guyana’s sugar production stands at 22 500 tonnes – harvesting expected to move ‘full swing’, if rains hold A rendering of the Mall of San Juan. A major new Caribbean mall


20Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday FRANKFURT–BMW, theGermantop-of-therangecarmaker,said Thursdayit achieved its fifthrecordyearinsuccessionin2014onthebackof buoyant demand for its vehicles. "Wecontinuedtoperformwellduringthepast year,achievingnewhighs forsalesvolume,revenues andgroupearnings,” boastedchiefexecutive NorbertReithofer. “Tailwindscausedby high customer demand for our vehiclesworld-wide aredrivingupsalesvolumes,”hesaid. BMW said it sold a total 2.118 million vehicles world-wide in 2014,7.9 percent more than in the previous year. Group revenues rose 5.7 percent to 80.4 billion euros ($85 billion). Underlying or operating profitgrewby14.3percentto9.118billioneuros, “thanksprimarilytosales volume growth and a high-value model mix,” BMWsaid. Netprofitwasup9.2 percent at 5.817 billion euros,“also a new record high for the BMW group.” BMW said it wanted shareholders to participate in the rise in profits and would propose an increased dividend of 2.90 euros per common share and2.92eurosperpreferredsharefor2014,up from2.60eurosand2.62 euros respectively earlier. Looking ahead,thecar maker said it targets furthersalesgrowththis year. “In view of our attractive model range and the market launch of 15 new models or model revisions over the course of 2015, the BMW group forecasts an increase in sales volume world-wide,”it said. CAIRO– US conglomerateGeneral Electric on Fridaysaid it will set up anewtrainingandmanufacturingfacilityinthe Egyptiancanalcityof Suezinaninvestment worth$200million. GE,consideredabellweather of global industrial activity,madethe announcement on the sidelines of a major international conference hosted by Egypt to attract overseas investment in its troubled economy. US Secretary of State John Kerry and hundreds of other prominent figures are attending the three-dayconference at the Red Sea resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh. GE’s was the first major deal announced at the conference Friday. “Thenewmulti-modal manufacturingand trainingfacilityinSuez will serve Egypt and the region,”General Electric saidinastatement. Thefacilitywillmanufacture products used across GE’ssectors such as power generation,oil and gas,aviation and rail transportation,it said,adding that the centre will create about 500 jobs for Egyptians over the next three to fiveyears. “The new multi-modal facility will deliver strong economic and social value to the country by supporting key highgrowth industry sectors,” GE Chairman & CEO Jeffrey Immelt said in the statement. In a separate announcement,GE said it is on schedule to support Egypt’spower grid with 2.6 gigawatts (GW) by the middle of 2015. To date,more than 70 percent of the advanced gas turbines supplied by GE have arrived on the ground for various power projects,it added. BEIJING – Britain has becomethefirstmajor Westerngovernment toapplyformembership in a proposed Chinese-led Asian regional bank that Washington worries will undercut institutions such as the World Bank. TheBritishTreasury saidThursdayitwilljoin talks this month on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s structure and governance arrangements. China proposed the bank in 2013 to finance construction of roads and other infrastructure.It has pledged to put up most of its initial $50 billion in capital. Twenty-one other governments including India, New Zealand and Thailand have said they want to join.For now,the United States and its close allies Japan,South Korea and Australia are not part of the new club. The bank is one of a series of initiatives by Beijing to increase its influence in global finance and expand trade links with Asian neighbours and developing countries in Africa and Latin America. Washington has expressed concern the new Asian bank will allow looser lending standards for the environment, labour rights and financial transparency,undercutting the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. U.S.State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki described close ally Britain’s application to join the bank as a “sovereign decision”but reiterated U.S.concerns over the bank’s standards. “We hope and expect that the United Kingdom will use its voice to push for the adoption of high standards,”Psaki told reporters in Washington on Friday. China is the top trading partner for most of its neighbours.They want to promote commercial ties but are uneasy about Beijing’s strategic ambitions,especially at a time when it is embroiled in territorial disputes with Japan in the East China Sea and with Vietnam and other Southeast Asian neighbours in the South China Sea. AChinese foreign ministry spokesman,Hong Lei,said Beijing welcomed Britain’s application to join the bank. “The bank will be founded on the principle of openness.We welcome all prospective countries to join,”said Hong.“It will enable all prospective members to share Asia’s growth opportunities.” Speaking in Tokyo,the World Bank president said Fridayhis Washington-based institution welcomes the new source of financing for infrastructure developing economies urgently need. “We welcome the entry of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,”said Jim Yong Kim, an American,at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan.“We welcome it because of the extraordinary need for infrastructure.” Beijing has tried to soothe security concerns, insisting its initiatives are not aimed at any potential foreign rival. “The initiatives are not China’ssolo,but a symphony performed by all relevant countries,”said Foreign Minister Wang Yi this week,according to state television. The British Treasury’s announcement said it would try to ensure the Asian bank “embodies the best standards in accountability,transparency and governance.” Joining will help Britain promote commercial ties with Asia,said the British finance minister,George Osborne,in the statement. “Joining the AIIB at the founding stage will create an unrivalled opportunity for the U.K.and Asia to invest and grow together,” said Osborne. Other member governments include Singapore, Vietnam,the Philippines, Mongolia,Laos, Cambodia,Oman, Uzbekistan,SriLanka, Qatar,Pakistan,Nepal, Bangladesh,Brunei, Kazakhstan,Kuwait, MalaysiaandMyanmar. InMay,Chinese PresidentXiJinping calledforthecreationofa newAsianstructurefor securitycooperationbased ona24-nationgroupthat excludestheUnited States. Britain applies to join Chinese-led Asian bank GE plans $200 mn facility in Egypt canal city BMW speeds ahead to another record year in 2014 World Bank President Jim Yong Kim speaks during a press conference in Tokyo The German car manufacturer BMW said it sold a total 2.118 million vehicles world-wide in 2014, 7.9 percent more than in the previous year .


Monday March 16, 2015 21 Business Monday HARARE–Zimbabwe MinesMinisterWalter Chidhakwaon Thursdayunveileda plantomergethe country’s diamond mining companies in the troubled Marange fields,in a bid to curb illicit trade in the gems. Atotalofsixcompaniesoperatingin Marange,intheeastern Manicalandprovince,includingonewhollyownedbythestate wouldbefoldedintoa singleentity. “Diamond miningis a very sensitive area which needs government tocontrol it,”Chidhakwa told a parliamentary committee. “That is why we are proposing that we have one company.” Companies have been given until Monday to consult with their boards of directors on the directive. “This is a regulatory matter and we have said to them the only way you can participate in diamond mining in Zimbabwe is by being in this company,”said Chidhakwa. “We are going to come up with one labour force and one chief executive officer of that one company after consolidation. If you don’t want to be in this company we will have to work out wa ys... methods of parting ways.” Chidhakwa said authorities did not want a similar destabilisation caused by diamonds in west African countries, where government had no control. Zimbabwe’s diamond industry has been tainted by reports of rights abuses including the killing and torture of unauthorised miners at Marange. Reports of abuses resulted in the ban of export of gems from Marange in 2009.The ban was lifted in 2011. In recent years,the government has pinned its hopes on the diamond industry to shore up the moribund economy but was forced to revise its projections downwards as earnings fell short of the anticipated gains from gem sales. Diamonds were discovered in Marange in 2006, drawing in thousands of small-time miners hoping to get rich quick. The army cleared the area in late 2008,when Human Rights Watch says more than 200 people were killed. THEFrench financial prosecutor’sofficehasdemandedthatHSBC’s Swissprivatebankfacea criminal trial for tax evasion. The request follows an investigation by local magistrates into alleged tax fraud involving 3,000 French taxpayers. “This is a normal step in the judicial procedure and the outcome of the matter is not determined as of today,”HSBC said in astatement. Parent company HSBC also faces a separate,ongoing French investigation. HSBC’s Swiss private bank has one month to respond,after which French magistrates will decide whether or not to hold a trial. The French newspaper Le Monde reported that HSBC turned down a !1.5m (1.07m;$1.6m) settlement offer. Global investigations HSBC faces 10 separate investigations around the world for allegations that it helped wealthy clients avoid paying millions in taxes to governments in the UK,the US, Argentina,France,and elsewhere. The tax evasion came to light as a result of a whistleblower,Herve Falciani,who leaked documents regarding the scheme to the UK’s tax authority (HMRC) in 2010. However,the allegations regarding tax evasion were not made public until February,when many international news organisations including the BBC published parts of the documents. HSBC has since apologised for operations at the Swiss bank,and has said that it has reformed the way it conducts business. Earlier in the week,current and former HSBC executives faced harsh questioning from MPs about whether or not employees at the highest level of the bank knew what was happening in the Swiss unit. “Either you’re completely incompetent in your oversight duties or you knew about it,”said Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chair Margaret Hodge,who called for Rona Fairhead, who was formerly the head of HSBC’saudit committee,to resign from her current position of head of the BBC Trust. FRENCHauthorities have fined the country’s top yogurt makers !193m (136m;$204m) for engaging in a price-fixing cartel for six years. Eleven firms representing 90% of France’s yogurt makers were involved in setting the price of supermarket ownbrand yoghurt and dairy products. The collusion was first reported by Yoplait,which received no fines in return for exposing the cartel. Some firms are appealing against the fines. In a statement,Lactalis Nestle which received the largest penalty of !56.1m said it obeyed all laws and that the fines “overestimate in an obvious waythe gravity of what happened,and their impact on the economy". Laiterie de Saint Malo, whichwas fined !300 000, said it would appeal against the charges. The other companies areSenagral,Novandie, Les Maitres Laitiers du Cotentin,Alsace Lait, Laita,Yeo Frais and Laiterie H Triballat. Senagral,whichincurred a penalty of 101.3m,had the fine reduced to !46m as it also participated in the whistleblower scheme. Clandestine meetings The ruling found that the 11 firms colluded on how and when to drive up prices and by what amount for six years, from 2006 to 2012. The cartel set prices for products including yoghurt,fromage frais, creme fraiche,and dairy desserts. According to the complaint,yoghurt executives used dedicated secret mobile phones to come together for clandestine meetings at hotels,each time varying the meeting places for the sake of discretion. The mobiles were not officially assigned to users and their names did not appear on the bills. In addition to hotels, they also met in a well-established Parisian cafe called Au Chien qui Fume (The Smoking Dog). On occasion they repaired to the central Parisian apartment of one of the executives “to continue the meetings and smoke a cigarette,”according to the complaint. The cartel was identified under a scheme that reduces or waives fines for whistleblowers. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the main market for French dairy products,accounting for 92% of sales of yoghurts, fromage frais or creme fraiche,and worth around !5bn in 2013,the competition authority said. Danone,the world’s largest yoghurt maker, does not sell products under supermarkets’ own brands and was not part of the cartel. HSBC should face criminal trial says French prosecutor France fines yogurt cartel 193m euros for price-fixing Zimbabwe unveils plan to create single diamond firm Yoplait, majority-owned by US firm General Mills, alerted French authorities to the existence of the cartel. A private security employee guards on December 14, 2011, a diamond processing plant in the diamond-rich eastern Marange region, Zimbabwe.


22Monday March 16, 2015 Business Monday Effective October 8th, 2012, the market price of a security listed on the board of the BSE will only change if a quantity of shares traded (in a single trade) is greater than or equal to the threshold amount (volume limit) as stated in the table below. For more information please visit the downloads section of our website BARBADOS ST BARBADOS ST OCK EXCHANGE OCK EXCHANGE COMPANY LAST TRADEVOLUMEHIGHLOW LAST CURRENTPRICEBIDASKBIDASK DATE CLOSECLOSECHANGEPRICEPRICESIZESIZE ABV Investments Incorporated 23-Jan-15---$0.32$0.32-$0.02$0.30100,00010,500 BICO Limited 09-Mar-15---$1.85$1.85-$1.65$1.813005,045 Banks Holdings Limited 06-Mar-15---$2.85$2.85-$2.50$2.828,8561,000 Barbados Dairy Industries Limited24-Feb-15---$1.50$1.50-$1.50$1.6020803 Barbados Farms Limited 26-Feb-15---$0.50$0.50-$0.25$0.5020,000105 Cable and Wireless Barbados Limited18-Feb-15---$3.00$3.00-$2.48$2.498206,468 Cave Shepherd and Company Limited 10-Mar-15---$3.00$3.00-$2.52$3.0030012,240 FirstCaribbean International Bank 10-Mar-15---$1.80$1.80-$1.85$1.90751,829 Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 06-Mar-15---$0.20$0.20-$0.20-50,000-Dev Fund Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 06-Mar-15---$0.52$0.52-$0.52-10,183-Value Fund Goddard Enterprises Limited 09-Mar-15---$6.42$6.42-$6.42$6.4932,6361,314 Insurance Corporation Of B’dos Limited09-Mar-15---$2.40$2.40-$2.36$2.385001,000 Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited05-Nov-14---$0.15$0.15-$0.10$0.305,0004,550 Emera (C’bean) Incorporated 5.5% Pref08-Dec-14---$3.30$3.30-$3.11-1,722Emera (C’bean) Incorporated -*04-Feb-15---$25.70$25.70-$21.75$25.702123,856 Massy Holdings Limited 13-Mar-15586$19.88$19.75$19.90$19.90$0.00$19.50$19.759,8601,312 One Caribbean Media Limited 12-Feb-15---$6.77$6.77-$6.76$7.00500500 Sagicor Financial Corporation Pref 6.5% 22-Jan-15---$2.26$2.26-$2.00$2.266309,100 Sagicor Financial Corporation 10-Mar-15---$1.80$1.80--$1.73-5,210 The West Indies Rum Distilleries Limited18-Nov-14---$8.00$8.00--$7.50-50 Trinidad Cement Limited 21-Aug-14---$0.80$0.80--$2.00-1,100 West India Biscuit Company Limited26-Aug-14---$10.46$10.46-$13.00-1,000TOTAL SHARES BOUGHT & SOLD 586 -* = Security is Trading X-Div *+* = Security is Suspended ** = Rights Issued Royal Fidelity TIGRS A Fund 21-May-12 $10.50$10.50 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A1 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A2 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A3 Fund 18-Dec-13 $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Last Trade BidAskBidAsk DatePricePriceSizeSize B’dos Government Debenture 4.75% 201616-Feb-15 $101.5015,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.625% 201828-Jan-15 $105.5015,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.875% 202309-Mar-15 $103.0030,000 Barbados Government Debenture 7% 201729-Dec-14 $106.50 13,000 B’dos Government Debenture 7.25% 2028 $100.0020,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201626-Feb-15 $103.0041,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201711-Feb-15 $105.00615,000 MUTUAL FUND March 13, 2015 ENDEDNAME OF FUND NAVOFFERBIDNAV CHANGE 06-Mar-15REPUBLIC CAPITAL GROWTH FUND w 1.4798 -0.0027 06-Mar-15REPUBLIC INCOME FUND -* w 1.4836 -0.0183 06-Mar-15REPUBLIC PROPERTY FUND w 1.2661 0.0000 26-Feb-15CLICO BALANCED FUND INC. w 1.288 0.0000 06-Mar-15FORTRESS CARIBBEAN GROWTH FUND w 4.8757 4.8757 4.8757 0.0190 06-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND ACC. w 1.8408 -0.0074 06-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND DIST. w 1.0022 -0.0041 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY SELECT BALANCED FUNDm4.7253 4.7253 4.6308 0.0572 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY STRATEGIC GROWTH FUNDm0.8370 0.8370 0.8202 0.0166 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY PREMIUM INCOME FUND m 1.4340 1.4340 1.4053 0.0065 13-Mar-15SAGICOR GLOBAL BALANCED FUND w 2.27 -0.02 13-Mar-15SAGICOR SELECT GROWTH FUND w 1.27 -0.02 13-Mar-15SAGICOR PREFERRED INCOME FUND w 1.05 0.00 *Indicates the Fund is currently ex-div NOTES: QUOTATIONS AND NET ASSET VALUE PER SHARE ARE SUPPLIED BY THE FUND MANAGEMENT. THE OFFERING PRICE INCLUDES NET ASSET VALUE PLUS ENTRY COSTS. m=monthly valuation,q = quarterly valuation, w = weekly Regular MarketSecurity VolumeHighLowPriceAdvance / DECLINEMASSY HOLDINGS LIMITED 586 $19.88 $19.75 $19.90 $0.00 BARBADOS STOCK REPORTMarch 13, 2015 One security traded firm as 586 shares traded on the Regular Market, with a total value of $11,642.14. Massy Holdings Limited was the sole security trading 586 shares at a high of $19.88 and a low of $19.75 before closing firm at $19.90. W eek in Review This week, the Regular Market traded a total volume of 26,420 shares. The top three companies traded were Sagicor Financial Corporation with 15,289, FirstCaribbean International Bank with 10,126 and Massy Holdings Limited with 586 shares. JUNIOR MARKET Fixed Income SHARE SUMMARY INFORMATIONMarch 13th, 2015 INDICESTODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADINGCHANGES March 13, 2015 March 12, 2015 Local 2,137.91 2,137.91 Cross-list 1,723.06 1,723.06 Composite 613.48 613.48 MARKET CAPITALISATION (in millions) TODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADING CHANGES March 13, 2015 March 12, 2015 Local 5,366.53 5,366.53 Cross-list 2,889.41 2,889.41 Composite 8,255.94 8,255.94 NEWS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited -Directors have fixed February 13th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company which will be held on March 13th, 2015. Sagicor Financial Corporation -Directors have fixed March 19th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company. DIVIDEND DECLARA TION Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated -Directors have declared an interim dividend of sixteen (16) cents per share to be paid on March 13th, 2015 to Shareholders on record at close of business on February 26th, 2015. NOTICE OF DELISTING Pursuant to the Rules of the Barbados Stock Exchange Inc. (BSE) and the Order of the Financial Services Commission, the shares of Royal Fidelity TIGRS A Fund will be delisted from the Board of the BSE on March 18th, 2015. BSE NOTICE Trinidad Cement Limited Trinidad Cement Limited wishes to advise Shareholders that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on Thursday February 26, 2015, the Board confirmed a decision to offer shares in the Rights Issue in Trinidad and Tobago only, and to exclude all other jurisdictions in which TCL's shares are listed. The decision was made, having regard to the complexities involved in satisfying the requirements of the various regulatory bodies in these jurisdictions, and its effect on the stringent timeframe for the Rights Issue, especially since the Rights Issue is intended as a method of recapitalization to fulfill, inter alia, conditions imposed by TCL's lenders. SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT ABV INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED 3,500 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 5.5% Pref 100 BANKS HOLDINGS LIMITED 4,000 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 6.5% Pref 7,500 B'DOS DAIRY INDUSTRIES LIMITED 300 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 10,000 B'DOS FARMS LIMITED 1,500 THE WEST INDIES RUM DISTILLERY LIMITED 300 BICO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 100 WEST INDIA BISCUIT COMPANY LIMITED 300 CABLE & WIRELESS (BARBADOS) LIMITED 9,000 JAMAICA MONEY MARKET BROKERS LIMITED 10,000 CAVE SHEPHERD & COMPANY LIMITED 1,500 MASSY HOLDINGS LIMITED 6,500 FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 10,000 ONE CARIBBEAN MEDIA LIMITED 4,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY DEV FUND 3,500 TRINIDAD CEMENT LIMITED 10,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY VALUE FUND 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A FUND 100 GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A1 FUND 100 INSURANCE CORPORATION OF BARBADOS LIMITED 2,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A2 FUND 100 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 1,000 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A3 FUND 100


Monday March 16, 2015 23 Business Monday SERGIOErmotti, UBS’schiefexecutive, receivedapayrisein 2014despitetheSwiss bankrevisingdown its fourth-quarter earnings because of legal provisions. Thebank’sannualreportshoweda4percent riseinpayforMr Ermotti,whomade SFr11.16mlastyearand wasthelender’shighest paidexecutive.Hispackageincludedvariable payofSFr8.4manda basesalaryofSFr2.5m. UBSsaidMrErmotti’s pay reflected his contribution to the bank’s “strong performance”for theyear, which was “tempered by charges for provisions for litigation, regulatory and similar matters”. Basic and variable pay fell 1.7 per cent across thebank’s60,155employees,who made an average of SFr153,555 each,in a year when the bank’s earnings rose 9 per cent. The bank’s admission on Friday that the quarter’s earnings were SFr105m lower than previously reported unfazed investors and analysts,who pushed the bank’sshare price marginally up and described the revision as a “small number”. Banks in the US,including Morgan Stanley and BNY Mellon,have come under fire for revising downwards earnings figures they had previously reported.In Europe,where revisions tend to be of a lower magnitude than across the Atlantic,there is more tolerance. “The restatement is not unusual around year end especially as it relates to legal provisions –Credit Suisse did exactly the same,”Nomura analyst Jon Peace said of the revised figures in UBS’s annual report.“If anything putting reserves into prior year makes future targets easier to hit.” Credit Suisse said last month that its fourthquarter earnings were SFr277m less than previously reported,also because of legal charges.In the US,Morgan Stanley’s fourth-quarter revision for legal issues was $2.6bn,BNY Mellon’s was $600m. Shares in UBS traded slightly higher on Friday and were up 0.75 per cent by 1150 GMT,reflecting the relatively small impact the extra legal charges had on the bank’s revised full-year profits of SFr3.466bn. On a per share basis,the difference to earnings was SFr0.03. “The additional amount booked by UBS is relatively small compared with what analysts expect over the next 2 years,”said one analyst,pointing to the wave of litigation still faced by banks in areas such as foreign exchange rate manipulation and the mis-selling of mortgage-backed securities. UBS’s extra legal provisions stemmed from a March 2015 agreement to pay $135m to settle a case alleging collusion on foreign exchange transactions that was filed in US federal courts against the Swiss lender and several other banks in November 2013. “Wecontinue to be subject to a large number of claims,disputes, legal proceedings and government investigations,”the bank noted in its section on risks.“We are not able to predict the financial and other terms on which some of these matters may be resolved.” Total litigation costs for the year came in at SFr2.594m,higher than 2013’s SFr1.701m and slightly above 2012’s SFr2.549m.The charges are a significant drag on bank earnings,sucking up 9 per cent of operating income in 2014. Elsewhere in the 868page report,the bank previewed a SFr377m one-off gain it will record in the first quarter of 2015 for the sale of a real estate property in Geneva,whichsold for well over its balance sheet value. WHATmakes a Lego woman? That is the question that will be put before a USjudge,after the renowned Danish company complained that three toy firms weresellingfigures thatare“strikingly and substantially similar”to Lego’sFriends range. InafilingtotheUS InternationalTrade Commission,Lego’s lawyersclaimthe“torso, head,armslegsandfeet” of said toys infringe its patents. TheCommissionwill decidewhethertoban imports of the offending products. Lego’s court filing is replete with images of itsFriends Sunshine Ranchand Heartlake Shopping Mall sets,and contrasts them with Lite Brix’sSunset Island Mall,Mega Brands’ Blue Ribbon Ranch,and BestLock’s I’m Teen Little Mermaid. The company saysit launched Lego Friends in the US in 2012,and put $40m (27m) into advertising the range, after market research found that just 9% of those playingwiththe iconic toys were girls. EachLego Friendsfigurineis“named,has a backstoryandacareer,” thelawyerscontend,and eachismade“withthe goal of inspiring more girls to try their hand at building and experience the pride of accomplishment that Lego play fosters". The three firms accused of ripping-off this concept manufacture their toys in China and Canada,and are therefore vulnerable to US import bans. Lego seeks US ban of ‘strikingly similar’ toy sets UBS chief Sergio Ermotti gets pay rise as bank revises earnings ABOVE: Lego claims Lite Brix’s Sunset Island Mall bears strong similarities to its Friends sets. Sergio Ermotti Lego says it poured millions of dollars into its Friends range.


Barbados Advocate IT’S OUR BUSINESS TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS DO BUSINESS Printed and Published by ADVOCATE PUBLISHERS (2000) INC. Fontabelle, St. Michael. Telephone 467-2000, Fax 434-2020/434-1000 INGRIDINNES,Managing Director and CEO of ICBL,believes 2015 will be a good year for the company. Speaking to the media at the launch of the Advantage Plus Policy,she elaborated “2014 waschallenging,butweareoptimistic about 2015.Wesee some changes happening in 2015 that we will take advantage of.I think it is important for us to stay confident in the economy and what is happening,for ICBL.It will be a banner year for us because over the last three years we have been investing heavily in our technology,and we have been looking at how we can streamline how we do things to make the company more efficient and productive whichis important for any company given the issues in the market place.” The ICBL official reiterated,“I’m looking forward to this year and I think this year will be great.We have launched ICBLon Page 4 ADECISIONisexpectedtobemade knownthisweekonwhether Barbados will be granting permission to Cable and Wireless Communication to acquire Columbus. ChairmanoftheFair Trading Commission,Sir Neville Nicholls,said so inhis address to the FTC’s lecture at the Accra Beach Resort and Hotel on Friday night. He said one of the matters which the FTCis investigating is the application by Cable and Wireless to acquire Columbus. “The Commission expects to conclude this by next week,”he said Friday. Sir Neville said the past year had been abusy one for the Commission.He told the audience that matters which were investigated by the FTC’s Consumer Protection,Fair Competition and Utility Regulation divisions covered several areas.“In our efforts to safeguard consumer rights the Consumer Protection Division continued to offer guidance and direction on several issues and brought resolutions to complaints made by the public,”said Sir Neville said. “In addition to more than 2 400 calls and visits from business persons and members of the general public,the Commission hosted a general outreach activity in Bridgetown last July where persons visited the consumer protect booth and had their issues addressed,”according to him. “By the end of 2014,of the 17 new complaints lodged with the Commission 14 had been resolved,”he reported.The consumer protection division also reviewed 18 contracts from a range of businesses including insurance,telecommunications and banking. These contract contained 1191 terms of which 63 were found to be in breach of the Consumer Protection Act and the relevant businesses were advised that the relevant clauses should either be amended or deleted. The Chairman also stated that of the 138 stores that were paid unannounced visits,14 displaced signs which contained unfair terms and the businesses were advised to cease the practice.They complied. The Commission also identified 43 misleading advertisements in the media and which for the most part were in breach of the Consumer Protection Act which provides that the full cost of a good or service should be stated,except in particular circumstances. The advertisements were either amended or withdrawn. DECISION TIME SOON 2015 expected to be a great year for ICBL Ingrid Innes, Managing Director & CEO of ICBL; Goulbourne Alleyne, Deputy CEO of ICBL; Alex Tasker, Senior Vice PresidentBusiness Development and Marketing of ICBL; and Henry Inniss, Senior VP & Head of Life Division of ICBL at the launch of Advantage Plus Policy at the Limegrove Centre courtyard. CARICOMis not deadPage 2


Monday March 16, 2015 17 The Barbados Advocate WASHINGTON – Majority Leader MitchMcConnellwarnedyesterdaythat hewon’tholdaconfirmationvotefor LorettaLynchasattorneygeneralbeforetheSenatecompletesworkonabill designedtocurbhumantrafficking. TheKentuckyRepublican’scomments prompted immediate protests from Democratic lawmakers who view her confirmation as a top priority. McConnell had said he would be moving to the Lynch nomination this coming week.But then last week’s debate on a human trafficking bill broke down over adispute about a provision regarding funding for abortions.Democrats made a late objection to a provision that prohibits money dedicated to a fund for victims from being used to pay for abortions except in cases of rape,incest or if the life of the woman were in jeopardy. Similar restrictions on the use of federal funds have been in place for three decades.But abortion-rights supporters said the legislation takes the restrictions astep further by applying them to the personal money convicted sex traffickers pay into a government fund. McConnell said yesterday during an interview on CNN that Democrats had voted for the very same language three months ago.He said the Senate is soon scheduled to turn to the budget and then to be on recess for two weeks,so there is only a limited window of time for the Lynch vote. “If they want to havetime to turn to the attorney general bill next week,we need to finish up this human trafficking bill,” McConnell said. Democratic Sen.ChuckSchumer of New York said Republicans are using any excuse they can to stall the nomination.At a time when terrorist groups are threatening the US,the nominee deserves a vote,he said. “It’s time for Republicans to stop dragging their feet on Loretta Lynch,” Schumer said. Lynch would be the first black woman to serve as the nation’stoplawenforcement officer.She would succeed Eric Holder,who is staying on until a replacement is confirmed. ANKARA–ThreemaleBritishteenagers suspected of planning to join Islamic State militants in Syria have been arrested by London police after being deported from Turkey,officials said yesterday. The three,who have not been named, were detained on Friday in the Turkish city of Istanbul,Turkish sources told Reuters,after a tip-off from British authorities that two of them were travelling to Turkey via Spain. London police said they had been made aware on Friday that two 17-year-old boys from the city had gone missing and were thought to be travelling to Syria.Further inquiries revealed they had travelled with a19-year-old male,police said. They were then flown back to Britain late on Saturday,when they were arrested “on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts”,the Metropolitan Police statement said.Turkish authorities confirmed that they had been deported. They are being held at a London police station,the statement said. Their arrest comes after three London schoolgirls entered Turkey last month and are thought to have joined Islamic State in Syria. Security services estimate some 600 Britons have gone to Syria or Iraq to join militant groups,including the man known as “Jihadi John”who has appeared in several Islamic State beheading videos. McConnell says attorney general nomination could be delayed UK teens suspected of trying to join Islamic State arrested Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. ST.LOUIS – Police arrested at least twopeopleasnightlyprotestsinthe raciallytroubledUSsuburbof Fergusonoverthepolicekillingof unarmedblackteenagerMichael BrownshiftedintotheheartofSt Louis. Upto50youthfuldemonstratorsgatheredaftersunsetattheMidwesterncity’s historic19thcenturyOldCourthouseto march through streets lined withbars filled with St Patrick’srevellers. “Justiceisdead!Wehavetowakeit up,”one protester,David Ragland, shoutedfromthestepsofthewhitecolonnadedcourthousewherein1846black slave Dred Scott filed his unsuccessful buthistoriclawsuittowinhisfreedom. Whensomeoftheprotestersbriefly helduptraffic,police stepped in and took away two men – a young protester with akerchiefoverhisfaceandafreelance photojournalist,Philip Montgomery,on assignmentfortheMashablewebsite. Mashable’sexecutive editor Jim Roberts said via Twitter that Montgomery was “fine”after he was released a short time later. Ferguson has been the scene of almost nightly protests since 18-year-old Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer on August 9,sparking national outrage, occasional violence and a fierce debate about policing and race relations in America today. Tension flared anew Wednesday – after Ferguson’s embattled police chief Thomas Jackson resigned – when shots rang out amid an otherwise peaceful night-time rally,wounding two police officers. Police immediately launched a manhunt,but no arrests have yet been made. Mayor James Knowles,under growing pressure to resign,spent muchof Saturdaywith about 20 local entrepreneurs who saytheir small businesses have been struggling since Brown was killed. Two arrested as Ferguson protests move to St. Louis Demonstrators take part in a silent protest in the streets of downtown St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday.


18 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ARIES (March 21-April 19) -This age-old business dictum will apply to you today: Sell them what they want; give them what they need. Also, note that it’s your attitude andnot your skill level that will make a difference in your income. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -You are capable of being fiendishly clever but will use your powers for good. Mostly you see the value of charming a certain someone, and this person is ready for your best moves. GEMINI (May 21-June 21) -With those you love, there isakind of “logic-free” zone today. You’re willing to extend your grace to include t he things they say that don’t make total sense, as much of it won’t. CANCER (June 22-July 22) -What’s required is a perspective shift toward the lighter side. It’s a game, and you’ll go out there and win the game once you’ve approached it for the game it is. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -They might not like your ideas today, and that’s nothing to take personally, though it might bug you only because you know how right you really are. Approach again and tell them, “Let’s rework it.” VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -What you want to do has been done before and to great effect, and so all you have t o do is tell your people how well it went. Describe in detail the wonderful future that awaits. LIBRA(Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -The actions of the day bring both intended and unintended consequences. The less you try to control it the better.Grace will land you in interesting circumstances. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.21) -You have a tendency to overlook that which you know very well. You need good friends around you who will point out the qualities they admire in you, which are likely the ones you are blind to now. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) -The tendency under this sky will be to stew and obsess on things. There may be an intellectual or comic benefit to doing so, but that doesn’t make it healthy. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -Egyptian pharaohs weren’tthe only people to bury themselves with their belongings as if it were possible to take it with them. Your realisation that it’s all borrowed stuff will guide your choices today. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) -It’s no use holding a mental seance for something you know is safely, pa tently gone. For you, this message is a reminder,but for the one who is obsessing about you, it’s a directive. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) -For a while now, you’ve wanted to create some art. It’snot a matter of getting a chance; it’s a matter of seeing the chance. Try making quick things out of the sources available to you in any moment. R E X M O R G A N P H A N T O M P R O S A N D C O N S Z I T S M A R Y W O R T H M O T H E R G O O S E C B C T V C H A N N E L 8 HOROSCOPES BY HOLIDAY 4:00 TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 4:55SIGN ON CBC TV ID 4:57 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM 4:59PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 5:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 5:55MONTH OF THE DISABLED DEVOTION 6:00MORNIN’ BARBADOS 8:30TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 9:29PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 9:30 APUBLIC AFFAIR 10:00MUZUKI NI 10:30HOME SHOPPING 11:00THE MIX 12:00CBC NEWS 12:27 DOUBLE DRAW 12:30THE MIX CONT’D 1:00GLOBALBUSINESS PEOPLE 1:30HOME & FAMILY 2:00THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL 2:30TALES FROM THE TOMBS 2:59PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 3:00COUNTRYMOUSE & CITYMOUSE 3:30BARNIE 4:00KIDZ CENTRAL 4:30HARRYAND HIS BUCKETFULLOF DINOSAURS 5:00RBPF NORTH DIV. COMM. OFFICERS INDEP. QUIZ 5:30HOME SHOPPING 6:00 NIFCA 6:30POWER LIVING 6:47 5 MINUTE MEALS 6:52 DOUBLE DRAW 6:55 PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 7:00 CBC EVENING NEWS 8:00GIS PRESENTS 8:30CBC SPORTS ‘LIVE’ 9:00DOUBLE DRAW 9:03CSI MIAMI 10:00LATE NIGHTNEWS 10:05CARIBBEAN NEWSLINE 10:3530 ROCK 11:05SHUGA:LOVE, SEX & MONEY 11:30THE MIX (R) 1:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS


Monday March 16, 2015 19 The Barbados Advocate MOSCOW–Russiawasreadyto bringitsnuclearweaponsintoa stateofalertduringlastyear’stensionsovertheCrimeanPeninsula andtheoverthrowofUkraine’s president,PresidentVladimir Putin said in remarks aired yesterday. Putin’scomments,inadocumentary beingshownonstateTV,highlightthe extenttowhichalarm spread in Russia in the weeks following Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s ouster in February 2014 after months of street protests that turned increasingly violent. Russiatakescontrol AfterYanukovychfledKiev,eventually surfacinginRussia,separatist sentimentsoaredinCrimea,theBlackSea peninsuladominatedbyethnic Russians.Russianforcestookcontrol ofUkrainianmilitaryfacilitiesonthe peninsulaandareferendumonsecessionwashastilycalled.Thereferendum,whichwaswidelydenouncedin theWestasillegitimate,reportedly broughtoverwhelmingsupportforsecession.RussiaannexedCrimeaon March 19,2014. In the documentary,which marks a year since the referendum,Putin says of the nuclear preparedness,“We were ready to do this ...(Crimea) is our historical territory.Russian people live there.Theywereindanger.Wecannot abandon them.” The comments were reported on the state broadcaster’s website after its transmission in the Russian Far East and before it appeared on the air in Moscow. Putin also said Russian forces helped Yanukovych escape to Russia. After fleeing the capital Kiev, Yanukovych made one appearance in Kharkov,then disappeared for several days.Reports at the time said he and his security entourage went on a desperate journey through the eastern parts of the country and down to Crimea,looking for safety.Putin’s retelling appeared to confirm those reports. He said Russian security forces had tried to keep contact with Yanukovych as he moved through Ukraine and eventually “we brought him to Russian territory”. President Vladimir Putin Putin: Russia prepared raising nuclear readiness over Crimea


20 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate NEWDELHI–India has disputed U.S.scientists’ findings that the deadly swine flu virus has acquired more virulent mutations in the South Asian country and rejected their concerns over how authorities are monitoring an outbreak of the disease. H1N1influenza,also knownasswineflu,has killedmorethan1500 peopleinIndiathisyear, comparedwith218in 2014.Indiasaysthestrain isthesameastheonethat killedanestimated 284,000peopleinthe globalpandemicof200910. Researchers from the MassachusettsInstituteof Technology(MIT)saidin anarticleonWednesday thatthegeneticinformationoftwoIndianstrains, depositedinpublicdatabasesinthepasttwo years,revealednewmutationsthatcouldmakethe virusmoredeadly. But India’s National Institute of Virology said inastatementlateon Thursdaythatthefindingswere“incorrect". “Wefound that the strainanalyzedinthesaid publicationandthesequencedataoftheoriginalH1N1virus...didnot showanyofthesemutations,”theinstitutesaid. Thegovernmentagency alsosaidthestrainanalyzedbytheU.S.scientists hadnorelevancetothe currentoutbreak. The MIT researchers called for greater surveillancetodetermine whetherthemutations werecurrentlypresentin India. “Thereisarealneedfor aggressivesurveillanceto ensurethattheanxiety andhysteriaarebrought down,”saidRam Sasisekharan,oneofthe researchpaper’sauthors. “Whenyoudoreal-time surveillance,getorganised ...thenyoucancomeup withabetterstrategyto respond to the virus.” In recent weeks,India hasplacedorderstoincreasethestockofdiagnostickitsandprocured additionaldosesofantiviraldrugOseltamivir. Officialsareinvestigating thecauseofthesteeprise indeaths. Indianhealthministry officialswerenotimmediatelyavailabletocommentontheMITarticle. Someotherexpertshave alsocontesteditsfindings. “Thereshouldbeincreased surveillance for influenza in India but at the same time we should not draw conclusions based on the sequence analysis of two strains,” said Manish Kakkar of the Public Health Foundation of India. ATleast10Americans possiblyexposedtothe deadly Ebola virus were being flown to the United States from Sierra Leone for observation,theU.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Saturday. They will be transported by non-commercial air transport and will be housed near the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha,the National Institutes of Health in Maryland,or Emory University Hospital in Atlanta,the CDC said. All of the individuals who are being flown back to the United States are free of symptoms,the CDC said. worker who tested positive for Ebola while in Sierra Leone arrived at the NIH on Friday and was in serious condition, the NIH said. It is not clear how the person became infected with Ebola,CDC said. While the virus has killed about 10 000 people in Sierra Leone,Liberia and Guinea,only a handful of cases have been seen in the United States, Spain and Britain. CDC spokesman Thomas Skinner said 10 people who may have been exposed to the unidentified Ebola patient or who had a similar exposure to the virus as the patient were being flown to the United States.But he said the investigation was continuing and there maybe more Americans evacuated from Africa. ACDC statement said the 10 individuals will follow the center's recommended monitoring and movement guidelines during the 21-dayincubation period. If someone shows symptoms,they will be transported to an Ebola treatment center for evaluation and care,the CDC said. On Friday,CDC sent a team to Sierra Leone to investigate how the healthcare worker became exposed,and determine who might have been in contact with the infected person. CDC spokesman Benjamin Haynes did not know where all of the patients would be sent,but he said the CDC is working out a plan with the U.S.State Department to determine who is coming back and where they will be sent. The CDC said one patient wasbeingsentto EmoryUniversity Hospital'sspecialisolation unit,where several Ebola patients have already been treated. Four others are being sent to Nebraska Medical Center to be near their special isolation unit in case they develop Ebola symptoms. CHICAGO–Avirulent strainofavianfluthathas killedturkeysintheheart ofthe nation’s poultry region has been found through molecular testing to be nearly identical to viruses isolated in migratory ducks. But some wildlife experts are skeptical of suggestions that wild birds are responsible for spreading the H5N2 flu strain that has infected poultry in Minnesota,Missouri and Arkansas. Atop investigator from the U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) says that testing performed by the government supports aconclusion that the virus is being carried by waterfowl along an established migratory route that stretches south from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.The virus can be transmitted to poultry from ducks through droppings that land on farms orwhenbirds interact, among other ways. "That’sthe waywe’re sort of pointing right now: to ducks as the problem,” said Brian McCluskey, lead epidemiologist for the U.S.Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.The agency has not,however,identified how the disease made its way from the ducks to domestic fowl. Experts who doubt that wild birds are spreading the virus note that the disease has moved from Minnesota in the north, south to Arkansas and Missouri,the opposite direction birds migrate through the area in the spring. “When you’re talking about where I would put my money,I would say that north to south movement in the beginning of Marchtotally does not make sense,”said Hon Ip, amicrobiologist for the National Wildlife Health Center. Determining how avian flu is spreading is crucial to preventing future outbreaks,protecting poultry and limiting damage in the $5.7 billion export market.Already,the outbreakhaspromptedtop poultryimporters,includingMexicoandCanada, towiden trade restrictions. Previous outbreaks on the West Coast were linked to wild fowl by the USDA.But the virus can bespread in other ways, too,including through contaminated trucks,humans or animal feed. People can carry infected material,such as feces or even feathers,to farms on their clothes,shoes or vehicles. Once it arrives,avian flu can spread rapidly through a flock,killing birds in as little as 24 hours.The virus has not been identified in humans and is not expected to pose apublic health risk,according to the USDA. The infection in a Minnesota turkey flock was the first along the migratory route known as the Mississippi flyway, whichalso includes Missouri and Arkansas – and continues southeast toward the major chicken producingstatesof MississippiandAlabama. AftertheMinnesota case was identified on March 5,the USDA organised a call to advise state veterinarians along the route that the virus could be headed in their direction,said Richard Fordyce, director of Missouri’s Department of Agriculture. But wildlife experts question whether wild birds are moving the virus along the flyway. “It is extraordinarily unlikely that avianinfluenza in the turkey flock in Minnesota has anything to do with wild birds,”said Lou Cornicelli,wildlife research manager for the Minnesota Division of FishandWildlife.He notedthatfewmigratory ducks have started arrivinginMinnesota. “I would think the investigation is going to look more toward the biosecurity issue with food or transport,”Cornicelli added.“The fact that there are no ducks here would indicate that it’s not ducks in Minnesota.” U.S. bird experts mystified by Midwest avian flu spread India, U.S. researchers clash over swine flu strain mutation At least 10 Americans being flown to U.S. after possible Ebola exposure Street dweller as he cooks in front of graffiti against the H1N1 influenza, at a streetside wall in Mumbai.


Monday March 16, 2015 21 The Barbados Advocate NEW YORK – “Let It Go”may be Walt Disney’s anthem these days,but “Everything’s Coming UpRoses”might be the more accurate theme song for the Disney juggernaut. Disney’srecent streak continued over the weekend with the $70.1 million North American debut of its traditional, sumptuously costumed fairy tale adaptation “Cinderella,”according to studio estimates Sunday. Interest in the film,directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James of “Downton Abbey,”was boosted by a “Frozen”short,“Frozen Fever,”that played before the feature. Disney’s box-office surge has been propelled partly by the so-called “haloeffect”of“Frozen,”a sequeltowhichDisney announcedlastweek. Butit’salsobeendriven bytheappealofseeing Disneycartoonclassics turnedintolive-action fantasies.“Cinderella” followspreviouslive-action hits like “Maleficent” (whose May 2014 debut of $69.4 million “Cinderella”narrowly bested) and “Alice in Wonderland.” The holiday release “Into the Woods,”from the Stephen Sondheim musical,added to the live-action trend,and many more are on the way.“The Jungle Book,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Dumbo”are all coming in live action,as is a sequel to “Alicein Wonderland.” Disneyhasalsofound bigprofitsincapitalising onfemalemoviegoers, whomadeupthelargest chunkof“Frozen”and “Maleficent”fans.The audiencefor“Cinderella” was 66 percent female, Disney said. “There is seemingly a lot of appetite for these stories to be told,Ithink, in part because many of them have a female protagonist and we’ve seen there’ssignificant box-office success that can come by featuring female-driven stories,”said Dave Hollis,head of distribution at Disney. “’Frozen Fever”was certainly part of why we’re seeing the kind of success that we did this weekend,”Hollis said.“In and of itself,‘Cinderella’ is absolutely a great stand-alone experience. But it ends up being a one-plus-one-equalsthree thing for the consumer.” The success of “Cinderella,”which cost about $95 million to make,was international. It made $62.4 million overseas,including $25 million in China.Disney could also celebrate “Big Hero 6”becoming the top-grossing world-wide animated release of 2014;the Oscar-winner has made $633 million globally. With Disney’shighpriced but lucrative ownership of Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar,the studio will be flexing its strength throughout 2015 with releases like “The Avengers:Age of Ultron,”“Inside Out”and “Star Wars:The Force Awakens.” “Disney is just a welloiled machine that is firing on all cylinders right now,”says Paul Dergarbedian,senior media analyst for box-office data firm Rentrak. “It’s about this Disney umbrella whichencompasses these incredible crown jewel brands they have.‘Cinderella’ is just the latest example.” While Disney was flexing its might,the powers of another box-office force,Liam Neeson,were checked.Neeson’s latest thriller,“Run All Night,” aNew York crime saga co-starring Ed Harris, opened with $11 million for Warner Bros. The film’spoor performance marks the weakest debut for the “Taken”star as an action film lead.Dergarbedian noted Neeson’sappeal is strongest in PG-13 rated films (all three “Taken” films,“Non-Stop"),while weaker in R-rated releases like “Run All Night”and last year’s “A Walk Among the Tombstones.” Last week’s top film, the sci-fi thriller “Chappie,”from “District 9”director Neill Blomkamp,slid to fifth with $5.8 million for Sony Pictures. In limited release,the critically acclaimed independent horror film “It Follows”earned a robust $163 000 on just four screens. AWOMANwhoclaims shewasassaultedbyBill CosbyhasaskedlawmakersinNevadatorepealthestatuteoflimitationsonreportingsuch crimes. Lise-Lotte Lublin says she passed out after the comedian gavehertwo alcoholic drinks in 1989. She tried to file a police complaint in January, after hearing similar allegations and concluding something had happened while she was unconscious. But she was told victims were required to file areport within four years. “I now understand that the lawprevents the victim in my circumstances fromseeking justice,”she told a Judiciary Committee on Friday. “Why would the law want to prevent me from seeking justice?” “Who is protecting the victim?”she continued. “The law is on his side.” She asked legislators to repeal the law in order to protect future victims. Even if her request was successful,Lublin would not benefit,as any change to the lawwould not be retrospective. “I want to empower victims,period,”she said, “regardless of what happens for me.” Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams,who is sponsoring the bill,said it was necessary because women face major emotional trauma following a sexual assault,and it can take years before they feel comfortable with contacting the police. Judiciary chairman Ira Hansen asked that Cosby not be named during Lublin’s testimony,saying the hearing was not a trial. However,Lublin had made her allegations public in February at a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred,who represents several of Cosby’saccusers. Allred also testified for the bill,as did Lublin’s husband,Benjamin. More than 20 women have come forward in recent months to level various accusations against Cosby,ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault. The comedian has not been charged in any of the cases,and has denied the allegations against him. SAMSmithhasstopped Madonnafromtopping theUKalbumchart, denyingherthe12th numberoneofhercareer. Madonna’s latest album,Rebel Heart,had been in pole position throughout the week,but Smith’sIn The Lonely Hour sneaked ahead at the last minute. Hisrecordundoubtedlyreceivedaboost afterheperformedhis newsingle,LayMe Down,with John Legend onFridaynight’sComic Relief show. In the end,he beat Madonna by 12 000 sales,the Official Chart Company said. In The Lonely Hour has now spent six separate spells at number one a record for a male solo artist. Only three other albums have done better Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water,which topped the charts on eight occasions; followed by Adele’s 21 and Emeli Sande’sOur Version Of Events,both of whichmanaged seven. Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ debuts with $70.1m at box office Bill Cosby accuser Lise-Lotte Lublin seeks change in law Sam Smith denies Madonna her 12th number one album Lise-Lotte Lublin (left) was accompanied by lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents several of Cosby’s accusers. Movie flyer from Disney’s Cinderella


DEARJANE, Iam 23 years old and have been friends with a particular guy since we were five years old.In fact, you could say that we are best friends.We basically have never argued despite the amount of time we spend together,which is great but there is one thing that I cannot bear any longer – his driving. He drives too fast because he seems to like the danger,does ridiculous maneuvers,goes way too close to the car in front of us and worst of all he runs red lights sometimes late at night.We live near each other and we made a deal that when we go out,he would drive one week and Idrive the next,which seems pretty sensible to us since we’re going to the same place,so why take two cars but his ‘driving’ is really making me a little scared although nothing has happened so far.When Ichide him,he tells me to ‘chill out’ and that I drive like a granny,which is not true. Iam tired of being a bundle of nerves,after putting my life in danger.Help! Do Istop going in the same car as him if he’s driving? I am afraid this could affect our friendship. DEADLY BUDDY. DEARDEADLY BUDDY, Your friend is putting not only your life in danger but his life as well.He does not appear to be mature enough to be behind the wheel.You have stated that you have told him of your great discomfort and if he is not going to make any effort to drive in a more sensible way,you should go in separate cars even though you live in the same area. Iam sure that to be your friend he has many lovely qualities and you have forged a good friendship but it is time to tell him that you will continue driving like a ‘granny’ as he put itand he can continue his unsafe driving. Losing your life is not worth it,I only hope that he soon sees the light and so that he doesn’t end up in a terrible accident,possible affecting other people on the road at the time. The rules of the road exist to save lives. JANE. 22 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Bridge Need Advice? Write to AskJane c/o Advocate Publishers 2000 Inc Fontabelle St. Friend drives too fast


Monday March 16, 2015 23 The Barbados Advocate SPORTS SPORTS WESTIndies secured a place in the World Cup quarter-finals with a comfortable,if unconvincing,victory over the United Arab Emirates. TheUAEcrumbledto 26-5 in Napier as Windies captain Jason Holder took 4-27. But Nasir Aziz and Amjad Javed exploited some ragged bowling to add a record-tying 107 for the seventh wicket and lift the associates to 175 all out. Johnson Charles and Jonathan Carter struck fifties as the Windies eased home by six wickets in 30.3 overs. In reaching their target inside 36.2 overs,West Indies went through on net run rate,although their passage was not confirmed until Pakistan beat Ireland by seven wickets in Sunday’s final Pool B contest in Adelaide. West Indies’ performance did little to suggest they will be a match for Brendon McCullum’s unbeaten New Zealand side in Wellington on 21 March. The inconsistency that has blighted their campaign was again in evidence as a wayward spell from Kemar Roach helped theUAEgetbackintothe gameafterHolderand Jerome Taylor had blown awaytheirtoporderwith somehigh-class pace bowling. There was also a show of dissent from former captain Darren Sammy when he reacted badly to being pulled from the attack after one over and earned himselfatalking-tofrom Holder. By that point,the UAE were in the midst of an impressive recovery in which Aziz and Javed equalled their own team’s record for the highest World Cup seventh-wicket stand,set against Ireland in Brisbane in February. Aziz top-scored in his first one-day innings, while Javed reached 50 for the first time with seven fours and a huge six,when he planted Taylor into the stands over long-on. Their partnership was finally ended in the 41st over and the Windies wrapped up the tail efficiently as Taylor dismissed captain Mohammad Tauqir for his third wicket of the day. With Chris Gayle sidelinedbyabackinjury, Charleswashandedan opportunityatthetopof the West Indies order,and he kick-started the run chasewithafourandasix in the first over on his way to a 34-ball half-century. AlthoughDwayne SmithandMarlon Samuelsonceagain postedlowscores,and the experiment of moving Andrew Russell up the order did not pay off, Carter found some fluency to guide them home with his maiden ODI fifty. WestIndiescaptain Jason Holder said,“I’m extremely pleased with the way the guys came out and played.We needed to win by a certain margin. Wehadtoshowpositive intent.Weknewwehadto finish the game inside 36 overs and we did it. “New Zealand would be a big test.They are playing some very good cricket.” Meanwhile,UAE captain Mohammad Tauqir,in looking back,stated “When West Indies put us in to bat first,they took good advantage of the bowling conditions. “At 46-6 it was difficult to recover but it was a good effort by Amjad Javed and Nasir Aziz.Amjad been very consistent throughout the tournament and has been a positive for us. “It was a decent performance for us in this tournament,agoodlearning experience and it has been very enjoyable.” WESTIndiesCaptain Jason Holder downplayed the stand-off between Darren Sammy and himself in yesterday’s six-wicket win over the United Arab Emirates,describing it as ‘just some banter on the field.’ “At that stage you just wanted to have some fun and unfortunately it didn’t look the way it seemed but we are all good.We are very good mates and we just had a tussle there;it was just the heat of the moment,in a crucial game but we shook hands at the end of the day and still smile together,”said Holder. Johnson Charles scored 55 in his first match of the World Cup and Jonathan Carter and unbeaten50astheWest Indiesscored176-4in replytotheUAE’s175all out.That result,coupled with Pakistan’s win over Ireland,ensured that the regional side will advance to the quarterfinals. Charles,who was a late replacement for Darren Bravo who is suffering from a hamstring injury, noted that he was playing well backinthe Caribbean and the match against the UAE didn’t feel much different. “It is a different atmosphere in New Zealand and I just had to make the adjustment.So I had a couple days in the nets and did some work and just went out there today and back myself,’ said Charles. (PG) West Indies win to reach quarter-finals Just fun between Holder and Sammy Jason Holder struck twice in the sixth over Johnson Charles plays through the offside Nasir Aziz was playing in his third ODI, but had never previously batted


24 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate PAKISTANlost their opening two matches of the World Cup; Ireland won their opening two matches.But it was the former who progressed to the quarterfinals with a reasonably polished seven-wicket victory in Adelaide to mean that the knockouts will be populated solely by Full Members. Anopening stand of 120 ensured against any concerns for Pakistan and Sarfraz Ahmed, just two matches into his comeback,struck his maiden ODI hundred their first century of the tournament although it was reached in slightly farcical scenes as Umar Akmal blocked ball after ball when it appeared Sarfraz would finish short. Ireland’s spirit never dimmed, but there were some resigned looks long before Umar finally clubbed the winning boundary. On the biggest day of Ireland’s cricket history their captain William Porterfield had stood tall with his seventh ODI hundred,but the next best score was Gary Wilson’s 29 and ultimately the skill of the Pakistan quick bowlers,even without the injured Mohammad Irfan,prevailed especially at the death. The pacemen have been central to Pakistan’s recovery after the heavy opening defeats to India and West Indies and this time the last ten overs of the innings brought 49 for 5 with just three fours and a six against outstanding death bowling from Rahat Ali,Sohail Khan and Wahab Riaz.However,Ireland would also ponder the number of well-struck shots that hit fielders more than half the deliveries in the innings were dots and they struggled to rotate the strike. In contrast to Pakistan, Ireland’s bowling is comfortably their weakest department.A chase of 238 was enough that a couple of early wickets would have created some jitters but, like against India,they could not break the opening stand before significant damage had been done.The first seven overs brought 28 runs against Alex Cusackand John Mooney,then Sarfraz and Ahmed Shehzad began to cut loose. George Dockrell’s introduction,for the tenth over,marked achange in tempo as Shehzad and Sarfraz collected two boundaries apiece.It was smart play because on a pitch where the ball had occasionally stopped,or gripped,Dockrell should have been a key weapon for Ireland but he was not given the chance to settle. Ireland’sfirst chance to break through was spurned when Wilson,standing up the stumps to Kevin O’Brien,dropped Sarfraz on 37.By the time Shehzad pulled straight to midon against Stuart Thompson, Pakistan were half wayto the target and Haris Sohail’s run out two overs later was only a momentary blip. Sarfraz had hit three boundaries by the end of the tenth over and did not add to that until the 37th when he took back-to-back fours off Cusack.It was a sign of how he calmly worked the field and judged that there was no need for anything reckless. Misbah-ul-Haq was more aggressive and the pair added 82 before Misbah trod on his stumps,but by then it had long been obvious there would not be scenes to match Jamaica 2007, almost eight years ago to the day. Porterfield opened that day at Sabina Park and batted 100 minutes for 13.This time his hundred was the first by an Associate captain at a World Cup.It was an innings of immense character and composure,but had similarities with his previous ODI century against a Full Member, England,and ending in defeat. He scored at a consistent pace throughout,the fifty coming off 59 balls and his hundred from 124.He could have been caught on 84 had Rahat moved faster at third man to intercept an upper cut or run out on 94 with a better throw from Sarfraz,but the three-figure moment came when his punchy drive burst through Wahab’s left hand in the follow through. The early passage of Ireland’s innings was a case of Porterfield dominating the scoring but not finding a long-term ally.Paul Stirling has been unable to build on the aggressive 92 he made in the opening match against West Indies and this time he was caught on the crease playing across a full delivery from Ehsan Adil in his second over of the tournament. Porterfield’s pulling was a stand-out feature,but Ed Joyce did not find the same success whenhewascaughtoutbythe extrapaceofWahabandtop edgedtopoint.Then,with anotherstandstartingtobuild, andtherunrateveryacceptable,Niall O’Brien drove to cover when a ball from Rahat stopped in the surface. Although Pakistan’scatching wasgenerallysafe,theirgroundfielding left plenty to be desired. But a misfield in the deep playedaroleinthefourth wicket when Porterfield made the most of a fumble in the deep to take three whichgave the striketoBalbirnie,whotop edgedasweepoffSohail’sfourth deliverytoshortfine-leg. Porterfieldwentintothe90s withasweetdrivewideofmidoffbuthisdemise,pulling low to Shahid Afridi at mid-on the over after reachinghishundred, beganIreland’sslide as Pakistan’sexpertiseinthelate overs shone through.Ireland’s last ch ance of a strong finish rested with Kevin O’Brien but the accuracy of Sohail and Wahab kept him quiet.He was dropped on 7 by Ehsan at deep square-leg but fell next delivery when he spliced a pull to midwicket. WilliamPorterfield,the Irelandcaptain,hasquestioned“the point in keeping going”for Associate nations if the ICC does not reverse its decision to cut the next World Cup to 10 teams. IrelandlefttheAdelaide Ovaldefeatedbutproud afterlosingbysevenwickets toPakistan in the final Group Bmatch.Buttheirreal concernwasnotthatthey hadbeenknockedoutof theWorldCup,buteliminated fromallfutureWorldCups. Inthistournament,Ireland wereeventuallyexposedby thepaucityoftheirownattack andaPakistanseamunitthat providedamasterclassin death bowling. But,inthelongerterm,they face a far more substantial foe: the governing body that seems determined to keep them weak;thegoverningbody that is run for the self interest of the few richest members and offers no more than lip service towards the rest. Certainly that is the view of Porterfield.Fresh from scoring a century against Pakistan,Porterfield renewed his attack on the ICC’s decision to limit the next World Cup scheduled to be staged in England in 2019 to just 10 teams. While Porterfield feels there has been growing criticism of the ICC’s stance Steve Waugh,Martin Crowe and Sachin Tendulkar are the latest former players to recommend the inclusion of more teams he fears the issue will fade in the public consciousness once the World Cup is over. Inparticular,Porterfield highlighted the irony of the scheduling of the next tournament.Despite featuring fewer teams,it will actually be longer than the current event. And,as he sees it,if the ICC is insistent on limiting the showpiece ODI event,then all the countries outside the 10 Full Members might as well not bother to play. “I’m sure the ICC are hoping everything blows over in the next few weeks and they don’t hear muchfrom us,” Porterfield said.“And then it’s just as easy to brush it under the carpet. “But I think something has to be done if they want to grow the game.Everyone wants to know what their vision for the game is,because if they cut the teams in world competitions,why not just have 10 teams playing cricket and every other country in the world doesn’t bother? "The next W orld Cup is two or three days longer than this World Cup.So if you’ve got four fewer teams and your competition drags out longer, that’s not an excuse for cutting the number of teams. “It’ll be interesting to see what their vision is and what their thoughts are behind the 10-team competition and what value there is for other teams playing outside of the top 10.” The frustration for Porterfield is that Ireland have continued to improve and develop but appear to have future opportunities blocked. Even in this World Cup,despite not reaching the quarter-final stages,they have beaten two Full Member sides -West Indies and Zimbabwe whichis two more than England managed. “The ICC is the International Cricket Council,”Porterfield said. “That’s global.They’ve got to develop the game.There’salot of countries out there that have done a lot of work over the last number of years. We’ve shown what we can do when we get to these competitions with the minimal fixtures that we’ve had. “I think when we do get more fixtures then we’re only going to keep improving,and it’s going to be the same with every other country.You’ve got to keep growing the game. “If you cut World Cups from the agenda,then what’sthe point really in us keeping going? I think it’s the wrong move.Ithink a lot of people have spoken out and said that it is the wrong move.And not just from Associate countries, from Test-playing nations and alot of influential people,too. “So I don’t think the ICC can just ignore that.I don’t think it’sright.It needs to change." ‘No point playing if World Cup reduced’ Sarfraz hundred sends Pakistan into quarters Sarfraz Ahmed acknowledges the crowd after his maiden ODI hundred,


Monday March 16, 2015 25 The Barbados Advocate SRILanka’sbatsmen have the most runs and appearances of any top order in the competition. Lasith Malinga has more wickets than any other quickstillaliveinthe tournament.Sri Lanka have relied on that experience to move past the softer opponents in their group,but as the tournament heads into sudden death now,they believe they have a further advantage.In the two most recent World Cups,Sri Lanka have played five knockout matches,winning three and losing both finals.No other team has played more than three. In addition to their progress to consecutive World Cup finals,Sri Lanka havealso appeared in three World T20 finals and a semifinal since 2009.It is this group’sability to seize key moments that sets them apart,coach Marvan Atapattu has said. “I’ve been with these players for four years now,and we’ve come to so many big tournament matches where we have to win,”hesaid.“I’ve seen people raise their game, and I’ve seen people raise the whole team.Isee no difference this time,and because I’ve seen that I have confidence in these guys doing it again. When it comes to pulling together and working towards a common goal, we’re among the best. “If you count the number of match es that all of us have had within the 15,it’smorethanany other team in the competition.So for them having been so long in the system,and played so many World Cup and knockout games,they know how to cope with pressure,and they know exactly how to prepare for that.” Amongthemen MarvanAtapattu marked out as a “big match player”is Lasith Malinga Sri Lanka’stop wicket-taker in the tournament.He had begun the World Cup with a mediocre showing against New Zealand, when he collected figures of 0 for 84.But while he is yet to consistently bowl quicker than 140 kph,he has 11 wickets at an average of 20.64 from his five most recent outings. “Lasith feels confident, whichis the most import ant thing,”Atapattu said.“You may not see the same speed that he got two or three years back,but that’s something that everybody,including the greats,have had to face.Lasith is somebody who,come the big game,can rise up to that.He’s somebody that is looking forward to having a good performance. He’samatch winner,and I’m sure he’ll live up to that.” Sri Lanka’sbatting appears by some distance their strongest suit in the approach to the knockouts.Their top four have hit eight centuries betweenthem-fourof thosebelongingto KumarSangakkara.Sri Lankahavealsoraised four 300-plus scores on the trot,and though the dominance of the top order has precl uded the men lower down from time in the middle, Atapattu expressed confidence in the batting blueprint that has brought Sri Lanka this far. "Weallknewwhatwe werecapableofwhenit cametobatting.It’sjust a matter of clicking and winning at the right time.When you have four guys out of seven firing, that tells a story.You can’thaveallsevenguys to fire.In different competitions,people get into form and it’stheir responsibility to take the team to big scores,and to ensure the chases are being done successfully. That has been happening,and that’s always a good sign.” Sri Lanka have been shaken by multiple injuries during the tournament,the most recent of which was Dinesh Chandimal’s hamstring injury.In his place,Sri Lanka have flown in Kusal Perera,whohas more often featured as an opener at this level. However,Kusalhasbattedinthemiddleorder forhisdomesticside.If heplaysintheXI,heis most likely to come to the crease at no.5orlater. “I always believe that if you’re good enough you should be able to bat anywhere from no.1to no.7 without a problem,” Atapattu said.“Given the other batsmen and what’srequired for the team,it might be the case that Kusal has to bat lower.” ‘We know how to cope with pressure’ Atapattu Marvan Atapattu has marked out Lasith Malinga as a key big-match player for Sri Lanka WINDWARDIslands Volcanoes,starting the day on 107 without loss off 32 overs, were 394 for eight off 122 overs in reply to a first innings total of 480 all out off 152.2 overs by Barbados Pride at the close of play on the third day of their ninth and penultimate round WICB PCL first-class match at Kensington Oval today. Thenotoutbatsmen wereDenisSmithon25 andMervinMatthew, three. TyroneTheophile,who resumedon51,was bowledoffstumpbya fulllengthballfromfast bowlerMiguelCummins inthesecondoverwith thesecondnewball,for 125 (269-1;81.4 overs). Keddy Lesporis, sweeping,was leg before wicket by off-spinner Ashley Nurse for 12 (305-2;88 overs). Devon Smith,pulling, was well caught low at midwicket by Roston Chase off medium-pacer Kevin Stoute for 151 from his overnight 45 (309-3;88.2 overs). Dalton Polius,playing back to one which kept low,was leg before wicket by Nurse for five (326-4;95.5 overs). Romel Currency,cutting,was caught at first slip by Kraigg Brathwaite off Stoute for ten (330-5;96.3 overs). Liam Sebastien,pushing forward,was caught at the wicket by Shane Dowrich off Nurse for 14 (352-6;107.4 overs). Shane Shillingford,essaying a heave, was caught by Dowrich off Nurse for one (354-7; 111.1 overs). And Alston Bobb, driving,was caught at point by Shamarh Brooks off pacer Tino Best for 18 (390-8;120.3 overs). Theophile first reached his century in 291 minutes off 215 balls with 13 fours and two sixes with the score 218 in the 71st over.All told he batted for 341 minutes,faced 245 balls and struck 17 fours and two sixes. Left-hander Devon Smith got to his hundred in 296 minutes off 223 balls with 13 fours and one six.The score was then 222 off 71.2 overs. His half-century took 150 minutes off 103 balls with seven fours and one six. Devon Smith was at the crease for 380 minutes,received 286 balls and hit 17 tours and one six. Bowling: Best15-354-1(nb2),Cummins192-75-1(w1,nb8),Stoute 21-6-66-2 (nb8),Nurse 32-5-90-4 (nb4), Warrican 22-6-56-0, Chase 8-0-31-0, Brathwaite 4-0-7-0, Brooks 1-0-8-0. Johnson 18-4-80-1 (nb6),Matthew 28-7-543 (w1),Shillingford 42.26-136-2 (nb1),Bobb 417-111-1,Sebastien 21-081-2 (nb4),Polius 2-0-100. Windward Volcanoes on 107 without loss BARBADOSPRIDE1stinnings *K.BrathwaitecLesporisbJohnson............................................1 K. Corbin b Matthew......................................................................0 S.HopecMatthewbShillingford..............................................211 S. Brooks run out (Sebastien)...................................................124 R. Chase b Bobb...................................... ....................................41 +S. Dowrich c Devon Smith b Matthew......................................28 K. Stoute c Denis Smith b Matthew...............................................5 A. Nurse c Matthew b Shillingford..............................................29 T. Best c Lesporis b Sebastien.....................................................21 J. Warrican b Sebastien................. ................................................0 M. Cummins not out.....................................................................0 Extras (b5, lb3, w1, nb11)...........................................................20 TOTAL(allout,152.2overs) ....................................................480 WINDWARDISLANDSVOLCANOES1stinnings(overnight107-0) DevonSmithcChasebStoute........................ .........................151 T. Theophile b Cummins............................................................125 K.LesporislbwbNurse..............................................................12 D.PoliuslbwbNurse....................................................................5 R.CurrencycBrathwaitebStoute..............................................10 *L.SebastiencwkDowrichbNurse.............. .............................14 +Dennis Smith not out................................................................25 S. Shillingford c wk Dowrich b Nurse............................................1 A. Bobb c Brooks b Best..............................................................18 M. Matthew not out.......................................................................3 Extras (lb7, w1, nb22).. ...............................................................30 TOTAL(8wks,122overs )..........................................................94 Umpires: Peter Nero (Trinidad & Tobago), Verdayne Smith (Jamaica). Standby: Jonathan Blades. Matchreferee:MervynJones. SCORECARD


26 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate TWICEwinnerMaria Sharapova and reigning champion Flavia Pennetta advanced to the third round of the BNP Paribas Open on Saturday,though in sharply contrasting fashion. RussianSharapova,the secondseed,madeafast starttooverpowerBelgian YaninaWickmayerearly onbutthenranintomuch stifferresistancebefore grindingouta6-17-5win afteronehourand45minutesofbaselinebattle. Fifteenth-seededItalian Pennettaovercameaninitialboutofnervestofinish strongasshelaunched hertitledefensewitha commanding6-46-2win overAmericanMadison Brengle in the first match of the dayonthestadium court. Sharapova,champion at IndianWellsin2006and 2013,broke Wickmayer’s serve three times to sweep through the opening set in just over half an hour,a crunching forehand crosscourt winner putting her ahead 6-1. However,the Belgian was a very different proposition in the second set which went comfortably with serve until a marathon 10th game where Wickmayer saved four match points before holding to level at 5-5. Sharapova held serve to lead 6-5 and finally converted a sixth match point in the 12th when the Belgian hit a backhand long. “She’s a tough opponent,”world number two Sharapova said in a courtside interview.“She hits the ball quite hard and has an unbelievable serve. Istarted the match well but the second set was a different story.” The Russian will next meet Victoria Azarenka of Belarus,who brushed aside Belgian Kirsten Flipkens 6-2 6-4. DOUBLES PROWESS Pennetta,best known for her doubles prowess, broke Brengle’s serve once in a tightly contested opening set and twice more in the second to wrap up victory in 75 minutes at a sun-drenched Indian Wells Tennis Garden. “I was nervous in the beginning,”the 33-year-old from Brindisi,a winner of 10 WTA titles,said after ending the match with a rasping forehand crosscourt winner. “Last year here,I played so well and I have such good memories.This morning I woke up and I was a little bit shaky.So I was trying to be focused on what I had to do,and not rush.” Pennetta will next face Australian Samantha Stosur,who beat American wildcard Taylor Townsend 6-4 6-2. In Saturday’s evening encounter,sixth-seeded Canadian Eugenie Bouchard eased past Czech qualifier Lucie Hradecka 6-2 6-2. The 21-year-old Bouchard,who reached the last four in Australia and France as well as the Wimbledon final in 2014, broke her opponent’s serve three times in each set to wrap up victory in under an hour. In other matches,fourth seed Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark battled past Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur 76(3) 6-4 and fifth-seeded Serb Ana Ivanovic,the 2008 champion here,hammered Kazakhstan’sYulia Putintseva 6-3 6-1. AUSTRALIANOpen champion and top seed NovakDjokoviclaunched hisBNPParibas Open title defense in ruthless style on Saturday,crushing Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis 6-1 6-3 in the second round. Playing near-flawless tennis from the baseline, theSerbbrokehisopponenttwiceineachset to coast to victory in just under an hour on the showpiece stadium court at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Fourth seed Andy Murray erased memories of early losses at the venue witha6-16-3demolition ofCanadianVasek Pospisil andJapanese trailblazer KeiNishikorirecovered from an erratic start to beat American Ryan Harrison 6-4 6-4. Djokovic,seeking a fourth title at Indian Wells,breezed through the opening set in just 25 minutes before sealing the win when Baghdatis hit a backhandlongonthesecondmatchpoint. “Itwentverywellfor me,avery solid performance from the beginning,” the world number one said courtside after improving his record this season to 15-2. “I served well and from the baseline I didn’t give Marcosmanychancesto comebackin the match. Great performance against a quality opponent,against somebody that was a former top-10 player and that knows how to play on a big stage. "Of course,having won the title in Australia,it allows me to have and carry this confidence into every other event that is coming up in the season.” Murraybroke Pospisil’s serve three times in the opening set and twice in the second to ease to victory in 79 minutes on a sweltering afternoon. Ousted in the opening round in 2011 and 2012, the 27-year-old Scot hit 14 winners and won five of his nine break point chances to dominate the match. SMARTMATCH “I’vestruggledabitin thelastfewyearshereso Idecidedtotryandplaya verysolidmatchand adjust to the conditions,” world number four Murray said.“It was very hotandthatmadetheball prettylively. “Controllingtheball isn’tthateasy.I thought I playedquiteasmart match.” Nishikori,who became the first Asian male to reach a grand slam singles final at the U.S.Open last year,brokeHarrisonfive times while losing his own serve on three occasions before sealing his win in just under an hour and a half. “It was a bit up and down but I played well in the second set,”said the 25-year-old Japanese.“I was playing almost a perfect game.” The fifth seed,who lost to Marin Cilic in last year’s U.S.Open final before ending a landmark season with four ATP World Tour titles,will next play Spaniard Fernando Verdasco,who beat Australia’sJames Duckworth 6-2 7-6. In other matches,10thseeded Croatian Cilic,back on the circuit after being troubled by a shoulder injury,was upset 6-4 6-4 by Argentine Juan Monaco while eighth-seeded Spaniard David Ferrer battled past Croatia’s Ivan Dodig 4-6 6-1 7-6. Sharapova, Pennetta and Bouchard progress Seeds Djokovic, Murray and Nishikori all advance Maria Sharapova (RUS) during her second round match against Yanina Wickmayer (BEL) Andy Murray (GBR) during his 2nd round match against Vasek Pospisil (CAN) Novak Djokovic (SRB) during his second round match against Marcos Baghdatis (CYP)


THEmen’s20 kilometers racewalkworldrecord wasbrokenforthesecond timeinaweekyesterday when Japan’s Yusuke Suzuki set a new mark at the Asian Race Walking Championships. Exactly a week after Frenchman Yohann Diniz set a mark of 1:17:02 in Arles,the27-year-old Suzuki shaved almost half a minute off it to finish in a time of 1:16:36 in his hometown of Nomi, IshikawaPrefecture. Suzuki,arenownedfast starter,blastedawayfrom theoutset,covering the first six km in 22:53 and going through the halfway mark in a national10kmrecordof 38:05. Hisblisteringpace droppedoffslightlywith aroundfourkmtogobut hefinishedstronglyto recordhisthirdAsian title aftervictoriesin2010and 2013. LEWISHamilton’s worldchampionship defensegotofftoaflyingstartyesterday withacrushingvictory for Mercedes in theseason-opening Australian Grand Prix as Formula One rivals succumbed to a farcical rash of reliability problems. Pole-sitterHamilton startedfromagridreducedto15carsfroma possible20andcruisedto his34thracewinwitha 1.3-secondgaptorunnerupteammateNico Rosberg. WithMercedesenjoyingaSundaystroll, SebastianVettelfinished third–34secondsbehind Hamilton–onhisFerrari debutafterwinninga battleforthepodium withWilliamsdriver FelipeMassa. Ferrari’s cheer was tempered,however,by two botchedtirechanges for Kimi Raikkonen,the second forcing the Finn to retire when fifth late in the race due to his left rear wheel not being properly attached. Interviewedonthe podium by Arnold Schwarzenegger,the Hollywood ‘Terminator’, Hamilton said it was great to be back on top. “It is an incredible feeling to continue winning,” he said. Max Verstappen’s record-setting turn as the youngest ever F1 driver ended on a sour note when the Dutch17-yearold rolled to a stop near the pit entry after complaining of smoke in the cockpit of his Toro Rosso. Only 11 cars finished, with both Lotus drivers out before the end of the first lap on an embarrassing day for a series that prides itself on being the pinnacle of motorsport. McLaren’sKevin Magnussen,standing in for the absent Fernando Alonso,and Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat were unable to start after both suffered failures on their formation laps. The two Manor Marussia cars were scratched on Saturday after failing to participate in qualifying or any practice sessions,while Williams driver Valtteri Bottas was ruled out of the race with a back injury less than an hour before the start. After a chaotic start that saw Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado crash into the barrier on turn two after being nudged from behind,Hamilton and Rosberg sped away from the chasing pack. Opening a 15-second gap to third placed Felipe Massa after the 20th lap, Hamilton successfully kept his team mate Rosberg at arm’s length. Following a week of legal battles,Sauber were buoyed by a fifth place finish for Brazilian rookie Felipe Nasr,gaining their first points since 2013. It was the best finish by a Sauber rookie,with Nasr’s team mate Marcus Ericsson and Red Bull’s Carlos Sainz also earning their first points by finishing eighth and ninth respectively. Local hero Daniel Ricciardo had a terrible start and his Red Bull lacked pace but he battled hard to finish sixth in front of home fans. It was a dark day for Honda-powered McLaren,however,with Jenson Button finishing last of the 11 cars and lapped twice by Hamilton and the leaders. Force India driver Sergio Perez had an eventful afternoon,being instructed to drop back two places after over-taki ng illegally when the safety car was out early. He then overcame a collision with Button in a battle to avoid the indignity of last place. Monday March 16, 2015 27 The Barbados Advocate Men’s 20km walk record falls once again, Suzuki sets new mark (L to R) Second placed Mercedes Formula One driver Nico Rosberg of Germany, race winner Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain and third placed Ferrari Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany pose on the podium after the Australian F1 Grand Prix at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne yesterday. VOLVOOCEANRACEorganizershave launched a 24-hourwatchsystemon theirfleetbutlatestpredictions yesterday indicated that the worst of Cyclone Pam was likely to miss Auckland after wreaking havocinthe South Pacific. The global offshore race’s officialmeteorologist, GonzaloInfante,said that achange of course by the deadly weather system would keep the eye of the storm around 200 nautical miles from the New Zealand city where the six boats are currently moored. Organizershadalready beenforcedtopostpone yesterday’s scheduled start ofLeg5toItaja’byalmost two days because of Cyclone Pam,whichstruck the island of Vanuatu with devastating effect at the end of last week. Latest aid agency reports indicate that at least eight people have been killed in Vanuatu with some 90 percent of houses in the capital Port Vila destroyed or damaged. Race management and operations team have a round-the-clock watch system of personnel on Auckland’sviaduct to monitor the weather and its effect on the boats. “We now don’t expect the impact in Auckland to be as high as first feared,”said Infante. “Readings around 20 miles north of Auckland have been about 50 knots (92.6 kph) and the impact predictions in Auckland have been downgraded. Skippers on the six boats –Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Dongfeng Race Team (China),Team Brunel (Netherlands),Te am Alvimedica (Turkey/U.S.), MAPFRE (Spain) and Team SCA (Sweden) – will meet on Monday evening in New Zealand to discuss with race management if it is safe enough to sail from Auckland the following day. Hamilton wins season-opening Australian GP Japan’s Yusuke Suzuki poses next to a electric time board showing his record after breaking the 20kilometer race walk world record at the IAAF Race Walking Challenge, in Nomi, central Japan. Global race organizers on 24-hour Cyclone Pam alert


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Monday March 16, 2015 29 The Barbados Advocate


30 Monday March 16, 2015 The Barbados Advocate GEORGECoetzeerecordedafinalround65 onhishomecourseat PretoriaCountryClub, towin the Tshwane Open yesterday,seeing off the challenge of South African compatriot Jacques Blaauw byone stroke. Abirdieatthe17thhole helpedsealthesecond EuropeanTourwinforthe 28-year-oldCoetzee,who waspartofagroupofsix whoheldtheovernight lead,butwereblownoff thetopoftheleaderboard byawhirlwind61from Blaauw. Fivebehindafterthe thirdround,Blaauwtook anearlyclubhouselead yesterday,butCoetzee, whostillhadeightholes toplay when Blaauw completed his round,says he then drew on his experience of playing club championships on the course. Coetzee,who won his first event at the Pretoria Country Club when he was just 10,explained at the post-tournament presentation:“I knew what to do at each hole because I had learned from past experience,once blowing a chance to win here because I was too conservative.” Coetzee finished with a four round,14-under par total of 266 with Blaauw one behind. Blaauw fired nine birdies to equal the course record and then had a long wait to see if it would be good enough for victory, but Coetzee joined him at 13-under with a birdie on the 10th hole,and then went past with an aggressive approach to the tricky 17th. Scotland’s Craig Lee finished tied third with the South African duo of Dean Burmester and Tjaart van der Walt on 271. Coetzee draws on home experience to win Tshwane Open George Coetzee of South Africa.


THElargest-evergroupto visitSolRallyBarbadosfrom onemotorclubintheUK,is makingacelebratorytrip thisyear.LedbyBMWdriver MartinStockdale,the ‘Worksop Warriors’ will field four cars in the Barbados Rally Club’s (BRC) 25th Anniversary event (May 2931),with 30 family,friends and supporters making the trip. PresidentoftheWorksop& DistrictMotorClub,‘Mad-dale’ makeshis15thconsecutiveappearance,arecordamongoverseascompetitors;heisjoinedby HughPeat,withClubChairman MikeSendallasco-driver,Stuart Tomlinson,whoseco-driverNick Taylor is on the committee,and RayClough,withco-driveryetto beconfirmed.Taylorismarking his50thbirthday,whileClough and Stockdale chalk up the Big 6-0 this year. BRC Chairman Mark Hamilton said:“This is a huge endorsement of the sports-tourism impetus behind our event and we are all looking forward to welcoming the Worksop Warriors and sharing in their celebrations.” Stockdale,whose co-driver will be newcomer Stephen Ritchie,is building a new BMW 1M Coupe, sponsored by Drive-a-Matic,Divi Southwinds and Quarry Motors, having collected the shell from Custom Cages last weekend: “There are many hours of midnight oil to burn,but I keep telling myself failure is not an option! This is a fantastic turnout from Worksop and regulars and newbies are all looking forward to a great trip.” Peat rallied in Barbados in 2003 and ‘04 in a Ford Escort MkII,29th overall and fifth in Open Modified in his first year the better result,before upgrading to an Escort Cosworth,finishing second (to Stockdale) in Group B in 2005.In the following years,he rallied a Nissan Sunny GTi,Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, and,finally,a Subaru Impreza,in which he won two regional titles –the ANEMMC and EMAMC Championships – in the UK in 2008. After a break from rallying, while he started a new business, WeMix Concrete,he returned to the sport last year.Peat says: “We came back with an ex-prodrive Subaru Impreza N11 and entered the same championships as in 2008 – we finished second and third overall,but it was a hard battle competing against the same guys six years later! “So we have decided to compete in the rallies,we want to do without the pressure of a championship...and Rally Barbados was top of that list! What better time to return than the 25th Anniversary – we can’t wait to be back to enjoy some fun in the sun!” For Peat and wife Shirley,the event is also a family reunion with sons Mark and Stephen – they were 15 and 12 when they first visited the island in 2003, but both now live in Australia. “Barbados is a special place for us all,”added Peat,“with someone in the family visiting each year between 2003 and 2009, then 2012.” Although he has never rallied in Barbados,Clough is also familiar with the island and the event,to which this will be his eighth visit.He is now returning to rallying,having first competed in the late 1970s,and says:“I’m 60 this year,so I thought I would treat myself,get the car out of the garage and use it for what it’s built for.” The car is an International Historic Group 4 Escort MkI, with a 250bhp engine,backed by Saint-Gobain Weber,DBP Bradford,The Builders Centre Sheffield,Yorkshire Fixings Otley,Encon Leeds and Minster Sheffield.Found in a fish and chip shop queue by Worksop member and regular Barbados visitor Julian Lockwood,it was built into a rally car by Clough, finished in 2007,since when:“It has sat in my garage looking pretty.” Workshopnewbies TheWorksop‘newbies’are TomlinsonandTaylor,whowill campaigntheirTomlinsonsand AtlasCopcoUK-supported Group 4 Escort MkII in Historics.The car is undergoing a bare shellrebuild,the blue livery familiartoBritishfansinrecent yearsnowreplacedbyFord RacingRed,with an engine and gearboxoverhaulallpartofthe package. OriginallybuiltforMagard– famed for their sump guards – the Escort was acquired in 1993, since when TomlinsonandTaylor have contested more than 100 events.Now with a 240bhp 2.1litre Cosworth engine,it has carried them to numerous class wins on local events,alsothe East Midlands Rally Championship title. Taylor also has a World Rally Championship classwintohis credit,having finished 50th overall on the 2001 Network Q RAC Rally and A5 winners in a Ford Ka with Rob Gill,the motoring editor of TheSun,atthetime theUK’shighest-circulation dailypaper. Acollaborationbetweenthe BarbadosMotoringFederation (BMF),two British safety expertsandtheorganisersofRace OfChampions2014atBushy Park has resulted in a valuable legacyforislandmotorsport– thegiftofspecialist‘Jaws of Life’ equipment,which will be available to all BMF Member Clubs. Donated by the Emergency Mobile Medical Unit (EMMU), based in the English north-west county of Lancashire,the equipment was handed over in DecemberbyEMMU’sfounder StuartWestbrook,who also undertooktrainingsessionsonthe island. Workshop warriors head for Sol Rally Barbados Monday March 16, 2015 31 The Barbados Advocate KINGSTON(Jamaica)(AFP)– World 100 and 200-metre record holderUsainBoltwaspleased withhisfitnessimprovementon Saturday,after winning a 400metre heat in his first individual raceof the year. The 28-year-old Jamaican sprint star won in 46.37 seconds at the FosterClassicinKingston,and said after the race that heishappywithhisconditioning and coach Glen Mills appears to be as well. “It’s coming on,”Bolt said of his fitness.“I think I am doing pretty well in training.The coach is happy as far as I can tell.” Two weeks ago,Bolt ran the anchor leg for the Racers Lions team at the Gibson Relays in Kingston,to open his 2015 campaign. MillsishavingBoltcompete inmoreearlyseasoneventsin hishomelandtobolsterhis shapefortheupcomingoutdoor seasonandworldchampionships in August at Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium. “Weneedmoreracestoget sharper because I haven’t run a lot over the past couple of years, so I just need a lot more races to get into race shape,”Bolt said. The eight-time world champion is a reigning Olympic champion in the 100,200 and 4x100 relay ,having swept all three events at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Games. Bolt set world records of 9.58 seconds in the 100 and 19.19 in the 200 at Berlin in 2009 and also helped Jamaica’s 4x100 relay to a world record. Bolt has confirmed two meets for later in the year,on July 4 at Stade de France and July 9 in Lausanne,bothofthoseafter theJamaican championships to decide the world meet squad. Bolt plans more Jamaican appearances before he competes internationally. “I definitely think I will run a little more locally,but I am not sure,”Bolt said.“It all depends on how training goes. “But knowing my coach,I think I may run a few more races.” Bolt wins first individual race of 2015 THE Co-operators General Insurance BABA Premier League continued at the BCC on Saturday with a doubleheader. In the first game,Urban Vybz St.Johns Sonics beat Combined Schools Trident 84-71.St.Johns Sonics led 41-38 at half-time. For St.Johns Sonics,#40 Dwayne Kellman top scored with 28 points,#12 Akeem Marsh scored 21 points and 17 rebounds,#23 Stefan Clarke scored 14 points and #30 Phillip Harewood scored 12 points. For the school boys,#27 NicholaiBurton scored 25 points,#29 Darion Hurley and #36 JehuLafevillee scored 12 each. In the feature game,Station Hill Cavaliers beat Pan American Life Insurance Warrens Sports Club 81-70,after leading 35-29 at half-time. For Station Hill,#12 Jamai Puckerin scored 20 points and 12 rebounds,#9 Jason Smith scored 16 points #2 Anand Joseph-Thorne scored 11 points and #13 Darren Hunte scored 10 points. For Warrens Sports Club #10 George Farrell scored 24 points, #44 Pearson Griffith scored 14 points before being ejected from the game,#20 Mark Bridgeman and #1 Adrian Allman scored 10 points each. The games for yesterday, Sunday March 15,2015,were postponed due to the unavailability of both the Wildey Gymnasium and the BCC. Jamaican Olympic Champion sprinter Usain Bolt. Urban Vybz St. Johns Sonics and Station Hill Cavaliers come out on top – ‘Jaws of Life’ donated to island motor sport


Printed and published by Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc. Fontabelle, St. Michael. Telephone 467-2000, Fax 434-2020/434-1000 Monday March 16, 2015 THEWest Indies barely made it into the quarterfinals of the ICC World Cup, after winning big against the United Arab Emirates in their final Group ‘B’ match yesterday. WestIndiesCaptain,Jason Holder,hadhisbestgameofthe tournament,takingfourwickets for27,astheCaribbeansidedefeatedUAEbysixwicketsin Napier.The Windies will face NewZealandinthequarterfinals. NewZealandisplayingsome ofthebestcricketintheWorld Cup,butHolderbelievesthat takingearlywicketswiththe newballisthekeytowinning againsttheKiwis. “Ithinkoncewecantakesome earlywicketswiththenewball, we can put some pressure on their middle order.Ithink they have done reasonably well with guyslikeGuptil,McCallumand alsoKaneWilliamson.SoIthink ifwegettotheminthemiddle orderasquicklyaspossible,it wouldbebetteroffforus,”said Holder. Against the UAE,the West Indies were without the services ofopener Chris Gayle,who was left out of the side because of recurring back problems.Holder pointed out that the injury has plagued Gayle for some time now,saying“hehasgooddays and he has bad days”. “Obviously he is a key player for us,and his fitness is key going into the quarterfinals;I am sure he will be up for it even if he isn’t a 100%...he would push through it.It is an important game and he is a big player, and you know what big players can do on big days,”said Holder. The schedule of the knock-out matches is:Quarter-finals: Wednesday 18 March–QF3-SriLanka(A3)v South Africa (B2), Sydney Cricket Ground(SCG) Thursday19March – QF4 Bangladesh(A4)vIndia(B1), Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Friday20March–QF2-Australia (A2)vPakistan(B3),AdelaideOval Saturday21March–QF1-New Zealand (A1) v West Indies (B4), WellingtonRegionalStadium ( P G ) HOLDER OPTIMISTIC Jason Holder celebrates a wicket in the United Arab Emirates v West Indies World Cup 2015, Group B matchin Napier, yesterday. (See page 23) – Anticipating quarterfinal challenge against Kiwis Page 31Workshop warriors head for Sol Rally Barbados

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