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Established October 1895 Friday March 13, 2015 $2VAT Inclusive CONVERTINGBarbados to 100 per cent Renewable Energy is possible,and businessman Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams wants to be involved in this process. “Itcanbedoneandit shouldbedone,”the Founder,Chairman and CEO of Williams Industriestoldbusiness personsgatheredforthe BigIdeasForum “Thought LeadershipforDecision Makers:Outlook for 2015” hosted by the Cave Hill School of Business / UWI, yesterday. “As I see it,the developmentsoverthelast tenyearsworld-widehave putthesunbeltofthis planet into a position where we can now wean ourselves off the producers of oil.Iam not saying that Iwant to deprive Trinidad of the business with Barbados,but God gave us the sun and wind,”he stated. According to Williams, Barbados has a great wind regime.He said this has been proven by a Canadian company which has been in Barbados taking measurements for the past five years. “I had a meeting with the guy heading up the business in Barbados,and they have all the wind data to prove that Barbados is an excellent opportunity for generating power from the wind,but he is now broke.He asked for a loan to continue waiting and waiting and waiting on regulations to be put in place to govern the licensing of independent power producers in Barbados.He said his investors in Canada had enough.This is a set of data that has been accumulated GOLD MINE on Page 3 OWNERSof public service vehicles are being warned that if their drivers and conductors are found not wearing uniforms as mandated by law,they will face penalties in the form of a fine or a short suspension. Speaking during a press conference yesterday,Chairman of the Transport Board Authority Abdul Pandor stated that through the Road Traffic Act,the organisation was trying to bring a semblance of order to the sector,and the yellow or grey shirt dress code that came into effect at the start of the month,was one step towards this. Revealing several complaints made to the Authority,including the belief that the $1 000 fine was too high for those drivers and conductors found not wearing the set attire,Pandor was quick to give a solution. “My response to that is avoid that.Just wear the uniform and there will be noreasontoevenhaveto considerpayingafine,”he stated. Inaddition,Pandor knocked the rumour that the Authority had no backing to put offenders before the law courts or to discipline them for noncompliance. “I just want to let the operators know that we intendtotakeastrict stanceinmakingsure thattheyadheretothe wearingofuniforms.We havetheprocesswhere wecantakethemtocourt, butontopofthat,the inspectors,thedirectors andeventhecivilians complain,andifwehave enough complaints that they are not adhering and we have given them sound warning and they repeat it,we are going to take action against the owners.If it means putting them off the road for a few days,(or) if it means suspending the permit for a few days and we intend to be serious PSV on Page 5Convertto all alternative energy Wear the uniform!B’DOS SITTING ON GOLD MINE Dr. Troy Lorde, Lecturer in the Department of Economics, UWI; Founder, Chairman and CEO of Williams Industries, Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams; and Managing Director and CEO of Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited, Ian De Souza; conversing after their presentations to the Big Ideas Forum. Toyota sending young artists to Japan – Page 6


2Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


Friday March 13, 2015 3 The Barbados Advocate DON’Thideyour disability. SosaysPresidentofthe Barbados Council for the Disabled,Senator Kerryann Ifill,who told this to Persons with Disabilities (PWD) gathered for the National Disabilities Unit’s(NDU) Community Expo 2015, which was held yesterday. “Disability is nothing to be hidden away,it is nothing to be ashamed of,it is nothing to be upset about; it is a natural part of life,” she stressed. “It is something to be embraced.And after we have embraced disability, wehave to find opportunities to empower persons living with disabilities – not just the persons with the disability,but also their family members.” The Community Expo, held on the grounds of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW),was another in a series of activities to mark the Month of the Disabled.It provided the opportunity for persons with disabilities to be included in community-based activities, and also promote their services,products and display their talents. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Care,Ernesta Drakes lauded the event,noting that its theme –“An All Inclusive Society: Empowering Persons with Disabilities”– is consistent with the Ministry’s thrust towards the advancement of persons with disabilities, through their integration in all aspects of community life – a mandate which is executed through the functions of the National Disabilities Unit. “The government of Barbados,through the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development,has committed itself to the development of policies, programmes and activities to empower and protect persons with disabilities,and others within the society who are deemed to be vulnerable or socially disadvantaged,”she said. “Under the constitution of Barbados,every citizen shares the same human, civil,political,social and cultural rights.We therefore see it as imperative that persons with disabilities have access to education,security, recreational activities and the supported environment which will allow them to reachtheir maximum potential and become productive citizens and members of this society,”Drakes added. (TL) Senator Ifill: Embrace your disability Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Care, Ernesta Drakes (centre), toured the National Disabilities Unit’s Community Expo exhibition, held on the grounds of the National Union of Public Workers yesterday. Ms Rosalyn Hurley, Special Envoy for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) officially opened the National Disabilities Unit (NDU) Community Expo exhibition held on the grounds of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), yesterday GOLD MINE from Front Page byprivateinvestment andwecan’tmovebecauseregulationsarenot in place,and I was told that he wasinformedthat thesoonestwewillsee regulationsforindependentpowerproducersis sometimein2016. “Theworldisgalloping ahead.Inthedeveloped countriesthatcanafford togeneratetheirpower with oil....they are taking full advantage of the little bit of sun and wind they have – nothing like what we have.Germany is producing over 50 per cent of its energy from these sources,and we in Barbados,we have it all and we can’t get permission to put up a single proper wind turbine,”he lamented,also revealing that his company has tried repeatedly to get permission to build one. “We can’t get permissionI don’t know what is wrong with Barbados. The Lord gave us a beautiful country,but it seems to me like we are our own worst enemies,”said an emotional Williams. “We are sitting on a gold mine here and we are not using it.We need to make up our mind to really pester the leaders and make them act,”he stressed. “If we can convert Barbados to all alternative energy,can you imagine the potential in advertising this country around the world as the greenest island?And added to that,the sun will never increase in cost,so the fluctuations in oil price will disappear.” (TL) Country needs to take advantage of natural resources Business persons gathered for the Big Ideas Forum ‘Thought Leadership for Decision Makers: Outlook for 2015’, hosted by the Cave Hill School of Business/UWI, yesterday.


4 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate THERE is a view that Barbadosmisseda primeopportunityto developamedical transcription industry, thereby tapping into a billion dollar market. SosaysOpposition leaderMiaMottleywho wasspeakingintheLower HouseontheCorporate andTrustService ProvidersBill2015. According to Mottley, “Medical transcription has regrettably been allowed to drop in circumstances where it wasaperfect suit for the Barbadian who came through an educational system that was relatively sound,able therefore to move to the next level of transcribingmedical notes and to be paid almost double what the average data worker ...would have been paid for other data services in the Harbour.” “This was a high value added job in an industry that seen years ago was assessed to be a 15bn US industry and that allowed Barbados and Barbadians to be able to provide valuable services to medical professionals who because of the speed with which they must see clients,were unable to write notes for patients in a hurry.” “Our working day is India’s night,and therefore because of the commonality of the language and what the timeline affords us it is perfect opportunity to partner with establish entities in India to ensure people could give a valuable 24 hour service without the increased cost of overtime and other attendant costs.” Mottley who was at the time stressing the importance of the International business sector opined that this sector ultimately will someday pass tourism.“Because there are no carrying capacity constraints in the way tourism has.And I truly believe that Barbados is a global international domicile that is one of the key domiciles of choice for many countries across the globe in the same way we have become that over the last 25-30 years for Canadian companies and citizens.But in order for us to move to the next level there are couple of things we have to come to grips with,”she said. “Ithink that equally,we are having a lot of moving parts that are not allowing the government to have a coherent and cohesive strategy in building out the IBS.We take too long to bring amendments and to make changes once we have brought amendments in the actual practice to the departments.” “We take too long to move to a full electronic platform in a way others across the globe have become accustomed to working under.There are certain things that the government now takes responsibility for when it need not have responsibility for,particularly when its cash flow is so severely in crisis.” She said it therefore means the initial response time to be able to promote or market the sector or to allow for the regulation for the sector is harmed because of the government’s inability to find the cash to do the job. (JH) MINISTERofEducation, Science,Technologyand Innovation,Ronald Jones this week sought to explain the long delay in the delivery of promised bursaries to financially challenged students of the University of the West Indies,who applied for them. After the Barbados government announced that it would stop paying tuition fees for nationals attending the University of the West Indies (UWI), Jones noted in July last year,that government would seek to provide an estimated 3 000 bursaries to help students attend the tertiary level institution. However,there was no further word on the bursaries until February 2015,when it was noted by the Ministry of Education that Cabinet had approved the granting of tuition support (bursaries),to the tune of $3 millionfor the Academic Year 2014 – 2015.Speaking in the House of Assembly this week on amendment to the Education Act which was later approved, Minister Jones gave his explanation. “This took some time and I really would love to explain why it took some time to reach this particular stage,but there are several steps involved in arriving at the bursaries. Suffice to say,that the filler wasn’t in the original Estimates of the Ministry of Education and under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance,we were told we had to find the funds from in the internal operation of the Ministry.It did take what Imight consider an inordinately long time for certain decisions to be taken and that in itself did cause ahigh level of aggravation among the student population,understandably” Jones remarked. “I think what is important is that that the funds are here to support around 1600 students or there about at the University of the West Indies”he however stressed. Jones noted that when the call went out for the financial support,approximately 1 900 students applied.However,he noted that there some 300 odd students or so who unfortunately filled out the forms in such a manner, that useful information could not be garnered from the applications.“So we couldn’t consider those in the pool.It was really a high turnover.They Just did not put in useful Information.I do not know if when they heard about it that they rushed in late and couldn’t give you the information that was necessary.I suspect that those students who used the three weeks adequately, that they were able to supply the information necessary”he said.Noting that his Ministry has been in consultation with the UWI,Jones said that the students (both full time and part time) who stand to benefit will be notified of the funds which will be credited to their accounts at the university. (RSM) Medical transcription drop Education Minister explains delayed bursaries


RYERSONUniversity has come on board to support the St. Michael School in its greening initiative. FromSeptember2014, theMartindalesRoadinstitutionaspartofits strategytowardsgreeningthe school by 2018 has been encouraging students,and staff,to use reusable water bottles instead of the disposable ones. “We thought it would be agood way to rid the environment of so much plastic,and encourage a healthy lifestyle by getting students to drink more water,”Guidance Counsellor of the St. Michael School,Margaret Grant said. With Ryerson’s donation of 50 reusable bottles,the school now has a total of 403 bottles distributed to students. “Ryerson University is among the Universities that come to visit the school.I take the opportunity during the visits by the Universities to speak to their representatives about our initiative.I thought this would be a good way of partnering with them – we receive the bottles and every time the children use the bottles it would be a way of marketing their Universities.So far the bottles collected are from about eight different Universities within Canada and the United States.We have a student roll of about 965 and our aim is to have all students,including staff owning bottles.” Salisha Mohammed, Admission/Liaison Officer,Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at Ryerson University,presented the reusable water bottles to the School’s Principal Dr. Yvette Mayers and Ms . G rant on Monday. She indicated that there was no hesitation from Ryerson upon receiving the request,as they also fully embrace such an initiative at the Canadian University. “In 2013,Ryerson was completely water bottled free;there is no sale of bottle water on our campus.Therefore, our students bring their reusable water bottles and they fill up on campus at the 200 water bottle refilling stations,”she revealed. (TL) Friday March 13, 2015 5 The Barbados Advocate Reusable water bottles promoted at the St Michael School From left: Guidance Counsellor of the St. Michael School, Margaret Grantl; and Principal Dr. Yvette Mayers receiving the donation of reusable water bottles from Salisha Mohammed, Admission/Liaison Officer, Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at Ryerson University PSV from Front Page aboutthisbecausewe seethisasaprecursorto gettingthewholesystem inorder,”he stressed. Pandor expressed concern over the desire by some not to wear any uniform,telling the media gathered at the Roebuck Street headquarters of the Transport Authority,“we in the board do not understand how people would avoid wearing uniforms to look presentable.” “Even when they do not wear uniforms they go to the extreme and look very raggedy so we don't understand the opposition to wearing uniforms,”he added. (JMB) Poor conduct by PSVs (centre) Chairman of the Transport Authority Abdul Pandor makes a point while flanked by Directors (left) Alex Linton and Station Sergeant Rodney Inniss.


EDUCATE from Back Page “Somanypeopleare coming down with kidney failure,mainlythroughdiabetesandhypertension,” shesaid. Shesayskidneyfailure isirreversiblewithvery fewoptions:dialysis,akidney transplant or death. The coordinator revealed that there are currently 220haemodialysispatientsand42peritoneal (home)dialysispatients. Totreatonepersoncosts respectively a whopping $62 000 and $50 000 annually. And while this takes a huge chunk out of the health care budget,the numbers of persons presenting with kidney failure is increasing monthly. Sealysaidpersonsmust asktheirdoctorsquestionsandrequesttestingif renaldiseaseistobeprevented.She noted that persons should be on the lookout for symptoms suchasOedema,whichis swelling of the face and extremities and also itching of the skin.Shealsoencouraged persons to watch their diet,and exercise regularly whichcan slow down the progression of kidney failure. She said at present there are two eight-yearolds and a 14-year-old receiving treatment.“It can happen to children so you need be vigilant,”she cautioned. During the Renal Fair persons had an opportunity to speak directly to clinical dieticians;officials from the Diabetes Association,Capita Insurance,the Infection Control Unit of the QEH, aswellasCollins.They alsosawsome of the food supplements and meal replacements through Pharmacy Sales. Many persons were captivated and mortified by the inner workings of the haemodialysis machine, otherwise known as the artificialkidney,aswellas theperitonealmachine used by persons at home. It was explained that persons receiving renal treatment at the QEH must come two to three times per week for three to four hours,while those receiving home dialysis must use the machine for ten hours every day. ( JH ) TOYOTA,theworld’s largestautomobilemanufacturer,isofferingyoung Barbadianartiststheopportunityofalifetime. Aspartofthecompany’s annual Toyota Dream Car Art Contest,youth between the ages of four and 15 are invited to create and submit a drawing of their ‘Dream Car’ for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Toyota’s international headquarters in Toyota City,Japan. “Thiscontestisdesigned toinspireouryouthwhile peeringintowhatthefutureofmobilitymaylook liketomorrow,”saidRoger Hill,Managing Director of NASSCOLtd. NASSCOLtd.istheexclusiveauthorizeddealer for Toyota in Barbados. “We remain proud to support our communities by providing our young people with tangible outlets for their imagination and talent.These young artists represent our future leaders and designers,and they are the ones who will help shape the automotive industry in years to come.To see their self-expression through art is truly exciting,”added Hill. The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest will take place in Skymall’s carpark on Saturday,March21stbetween10a.m.and 3p.m.. NASSCOLtd.will provide artsuppliesincluding paper,colouringpencils, crayons and markers. Alternatively,artists can use the event to put finishing touches on existing works or drop-off artwork created beforehand. Deadline for submissions will be the same day. The competition caters to three age-groups (Under-8;8-11 years old; and 12-15 years old) and judging with be based on three criteria:execution of concept;uniqueness;and artistry. “Essentially,we are looking for hand-drawn colourful artwork which shows your dream car.The limits are endless but remember to make sure that people from different cultures are able to understand it because it could be featured all over the world.” 6Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate One of Toyota’s‘dream’ cars being brought to life. Peritoneal (home) Dialysis coordinator at the QEH Marcelle Sealy shows the components of the Haemodialysis machine or artificial kidney which filters a patient’s blood to remove excess water and waste products when the kidneys aredamaged. THEGOVERNMENTof Barbados,throughthe MinistryofEducation, providesfundstoa numberofeducational institutions across the island that cater to children with special needs and will continue to do so. MinisterofEducation, Science,Technologyand Innovation,RonaldJones, whilespeakinginthe House of Assembly this week on amendment to the Education Act which was later approved,sought to bring some clarity to the issue of government’s support for special needs institutions,in the educational arena. Jones at the outset noted that he wanted to clarify some accusations being made bySt.James North Member of Parliament Edmund Hinkson,about government’s support of The Learning Centre in St. James. “The Government of Barbados,through the Ministry of Education,provides some $400,000 to that institution as a grant, toassist it in its delivery of education to the students there,as well as providing bursaries to the individual students of that school.It is not correct to state that no funds were disbursed to the school.Even though he was particular in saying of the bursaries,he didn’t mention the grant that is provided not only to that school,but to the Challenor School,of over $1 million dollars and I believe to another special needs institution in the country as well,” Jones pointed out. “In our quest beyond Government’s special needs school,we have also committed tothe provision of$1.76 million dollars or so,now $1.5 million,to support the new school at Lears in St.Michael,the Derrick Smith Secondary School and Pre-Vocational Centre,which will cater to the older age population of special needs children in Barbados,”he added. “So we are continuing the support for special needs children in Barbados.That is why we are aggressively bringing those children into the light and providing them not only with competency,but also with skills.That is why we have the pre-vocational centre which is called the Ann Hill School and PreVocational Centre and also now at Lears.Anyone can drive across there and see that outstanding educational edifice,albeit sponsored by the Tanglewood Trust in association with the Sandy Lane Trust,” Jones commented.( RSM ) Gov’t continuing support for special needseducation Toyota sending young artists to Japan Care of oneself, vigilance required by individuals


ByAshleeCoxMANYgot a chance to learn new facts about the late,great Prime Minister of Barbados, John Michael Geoffrey Manningham “Tom” Adams,when the Tom AdamsFoundation, hosted the 6th Tom Adams Memorial Lecture at the Grande Salle recently. Thelecturewas very ably presented by Sir Richard Cheltenham,as he spoke under the theme,‘Tactician and Strategist Extraordinaire and Transformative Prime Minister’,and not only regaled the audience with the many anecdotal tales of the late man,but also gave us an insight into the vision, heheld for Barbados. Accordingto Cheltenham,“Tom made a marked impact on his country,it’s psyche,it’s economy,its society,its politics and its physical features. His legacy will,I have no doubt,be an enduring and positive one.” Asnoted by Cheltenham, itwas Tom’s vision to continue his Father’s dream of the total emancipation of the Barbadian society,in particular those who were considered ‘voiceless and downtrodden prior to 1937’, and it was his intention to see them and their progeny well educated at all levels. “He never quarrelled with the growing bill which the Government faced for increasing numbers who are enjoying free tertiary education.He knew its importance to upward social mobility and economic well-being.He knew too, the value of home ownership and the sense of freedom and independence that goes with it,”he noted. Not only was Adams credited for the improvement and enlargement of the Crop Over as well as other cultural activities, and even thirty years after his demise,the country still benefits from at least 4 of his initiatives which included the ‘Tenantry Freehold Purchase Act’, which Cheltenham explained was ‘an act of reparation’ ,the ‘Off Shore Financial Sector’,the National Health Service’ which while at present was not the way he envisioned it,still benefits the society, via the polyclinics and the hospitals. And finally,the ABC Highway,which Cheltenham revealed,was supposed to be 4-lane but was unfortunately hindered. “It needs to be said at the outset that Tom wanted a 4-lane highway.The arithmetic of the project and the resistance of the IADB restricted the number of lanes provided.Today,the expansion as Tom envisioned it is urgently needed throughout and will cost several times more than it would have cost then.Such was Tom’s foresight,”he noted. Friday March 13, 2015 7 The Barbados Advocate COMMUNITYHIGH School Alumni will hold their AnnualGeneral MeetingatSt.Johnthe BaptistChurchHall, Thorpes,St.James on Saturday14th March, 2015at5.30pm. Pleasemakeaspecial effort to attend. Here,Genevieve Adams, wife of the late Tom Adams, is presented with a goift from Opposition Leader, Mia Amor Mottley. Lecturer, Sir Richard Cheltenham, KA,QC,PhD, J.P. BLP Members, turnup to support the Tom Adams Memorial Lecture. Tom Adams then and now Community High School Alumni to hold General Meeting


ByReginaSelmanMooreDURINGarecentevent whichsawvarioushealth officialsgivingblood glucosetestsandblood pressurechecks,thetopic cameupconcerningmen and health checks. Acolleague who happens to be male,was recounting to me a story, whichcentred around a very tough looking male, who made it clear that he could perform a number of brazen tasks without fear, but who would have a complete meltdown, whenever a nurse or doctor came near with a needle. This brings me to my topic today,that of men shying away from various health checks.I am sure many males have heard time and time again that they should get regular medical check-ups to ensure that they are staying healthy and to also pick up on early warning signs of disease or illness. Doctors can easily detect many diseases in their early stages,such as cardiovascular (heart) disease,diabetes and some cancers.Yet,many men refuse to go near a doctor’s office,until it is sadly,too late. The dreaded test for many men is the Digital Rectal Exam for Prostate Cancer Screening.Doctors use the digital rectal exam (DRE) as a relatively simple test to check the prostate,by inserting a gloved,lubricated finger into the rectum.Of course, most men will tell you that they are never,ever stepping into a male doctor’s office for such a check and they will tell you why as well.Some men have told me that entrances should not be made at exits,while others somehow think they will somehow become less of a man if they get such a check and “the boys”find out.Considering what women have to go through during child birth as the doctor checks to see how far you have dilated,I really don’t see what the big deal is,but hey,Iam not a man.However,as men get older and as they get a few health scares here and there,their perspective about life and critical health checks do change at times. Only last year,Acting Minister of Health recently,Donville Inniss suggested that more men should get annual checkups.Armed with the knowledge that mainly men between the ages of 40and 60 years of age were being diagnosed with kidney failure and as such make up the majority of patients seeking dialysis treatment,the government minister at the time sought to encourage men to get their annual medical check-ups. “Sometimes we (men) go to the doctor when it’s too late.We feel that we can put up with all the aches and pain and if there is one thing I will say to the male population-get your annual check-ups,” Minister Inniss remarked at the time. He especially encouraged those who consume alcohol,to consider that the cost of getting checked,is way cheaper than some of the drinks bought generally. Armed with the knowledge that chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are on the rise,men should also take advantage of various health fairs and the like,to get some free tests done. That is one way of keeping up to date with your health as well. Yesterday marked World Kidney Day across the globe,and we know here in Barbados as well,that many men are succumbing to end-stage kidney disease.It is said that diabetes and hypertension are often contributing factors and as such,men should take their health a lot more seriously. Aword to the wise is enough and a glance at this column from top to bottom,suggests that I have said more than enough.So if you are male, albeit if you are afraid of needles and syringes, muster some strength and go get your health checks. These checks could save your life. MOSCOW–The killing of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov within sight of the Kremlin has exposed rarely seen tensions between different camps inside President Vladimir Putin’s system of rule. Nooutsiderscanknow withanycertaintywhatis happeningbehindtheredbrickwallsoftheKremlin, butsomeofNemtsov’s associatessayhis shooting isbeingusedbyone factiontosendPutina messagethattheyare unhappy and need to be reckonedwith. Thatwouldrepresenta challengetothe foundations of Putin’s15year-old rule,built on a rigid pyramid of power and the assumption of unshakeable loyalty. "I think that perhaps Putin,even completely sincerely,was bewildered and even afraid,”Vadim Prokhorov,Nemtsov’s lawyer,said of the hours after the February 27 shooting. “Because if you can do that next to the Kremlin, then is it not possible to do it along the route of the (presidential) motorcade?” he told Reuters. Feeding a mood of frenzied speculation in Moscow,Putin this week cancelled a planned trip to Kazakhstan without explanation.AKazakh official said Putin was ill, while the Kremlin said he was fine and working as usual. Who is on which side in this rivalry,or even that such a rivalry exists,is impossible to establish with complete confidence because no one has publicly acknowledged any serious differences between camps. Yet analysts point to signs of tensions between, on one side,the powerful head of Russia’sChechnya region,Ramzan Kadyrov, and on the other,the Russian state security agencies which are Putin’s closest associates. Nemtsov,a55-year-old former deputy prime minister who had become avocal critic of Putin,was shot dead as he walked home with his girlfriend after dining next to Red Square.He was the most prominent of a string of Kremlin critics to be killed since Putin came to power; in many cases the gunmen have been jailed but the masterminds remain unidentified. Many of Nemtsov’s supporters said the presidentstoodtogainby removingarelentless critic.Russianofficials deniedinvolvementand Putincalledthekillinga shamefultragedy. Atimelineofeventsin the13dayssinceNemtsov wasshotpointstoatangle ofconflictingaccounts, confused messages and rival narratives from usually deferential media. That messy picture jars with the meticulous stage management normally associated with the Kremlin. Nemtsov killing exposes cracks in Kremlin unity DESPITEsomedoubtlessgood-naturedribbingabout “sneakingthroughtheback-door”fromsomesenior membersofthegoverningparty,onefeelscertainthat thereisageneralfeelingofreliefamongthepublicthat themembersoftheOppositionBarbadosLabour Party [BLP] have decided to return to the House of Assembly to fulfill their constitutional roles there as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and to do the people’s business. It will be recalled that the party had resolved to boycott sittings of the Lower House so long as the Speaker,Mr.Michael Carrington QC,presided over the sessions.In its view,Mr.Carrington ought to have recused himself from theSpeaker’s chair while the Committee of Privileges was engagedin a determination of whether he had been in breach of any of the ancient privileges of the House as a consequence of his being the unsuccessful defendant in civil proceedings involving a breach of professional duty as an attorney-at-law in his private life. Now,even though thereport of the parliamentary committee has not yet been delivered,the party has nevertheless decided to return to the House.It is its constitutional right.After all,its members are, severally,duly electedmembers of the legislature and, given the narrowness of the results of the last general election;they collectively represent the voices of close to 50 per cent of all Barbadian electors who would therefore have been virtually disenfranchised by their absence.And even though there are those who would observe cynically that the Opposition is destined by the sheer weight of numbers to be outvoted whenever a majority is required for the passage of legislation,this assertion is to misunderstand fundamentally the nature of the parliamentary process.For while it is optimally desirable to have one’s view adopted as that of the chamber,the political function of the Opposition is rather to advance the alternative position to the governmentalstanceandtohopetherebytoattract objectivepublicsupportbyvirtueofthecogency, practicabilityandappealofitsdissentingarguments. Indeed,one of our columnists has previously observed in this context that the intellectual quality of debate in the House mayhavesufferedowingtothe absence of the opposing informed view,specifically on the recent Tax on Assets legislation that might have benefitedimmeasurablyfromlearnedinterventions onthemoralityandconstitutionalityofretroactive taxation.NeitheroughttheOppositiontobedeflected fromitsmissionbyitsfailuretohave the House debate itsmotionofno-confidenceagainsttheSpeakerthat itbelatedlyintroduced.Whilewedonotseekinany waytoquestionthedecisionoftheHonourableDeputy Speaker,the absence of reasons for her negative decision might rationally be regarded as ceding the moral high ground to the Opposition. Weconcedehowever,thatthismotionbytheBLP smacks of what US football fans might call “Monday morning quarterbacking”or,putmoresimply, hindsight.Weneveragreedthattheinfelicity surrounding Mr.Carrington’s professional activities constituted a breach of any of the privileges of the House.TheBLP’s argument all along would seem to have been that these circumstances served to disqualify Mr.Carrington as having the moral authority to preside over the House;clearlyamatter of loss of confidence on its part.On this basis,the noconfidence motion should have come earlier.This pivotal moment has been lost,especially since the court order has now been reportedly complied with. The BLP is now driven to leave the issue up to the people.We remain doubtful,however,that the average Barbadian voter would consider the private lives of parliamentarians to be of overarching electoral significance. Editorial A resumption of business ‘For the cause that lacks assistance,’Gainst the wrongs that need resistance,For the future in the distance,And the good that I can do’ 8 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Telephone: 467-2000News Fax: 434-1000 E-mail Address: Website: Executive Editor: Gillian Marshall General Manager: Sandra Clarke Assistant Managing Director: Sean Eteen Publisher: Anthony T. Bryan News Editor: Dorian Bryan Business Editor: Jewel Brathwaite Sports Editor: Corey Greaves Men need not be afraid of health checks


Friday March 13, 2015 9 The Barbados Advocate THEnationmustbethankfulforthe few,secureinthetruthoftheneedfor changeinBarbados,whohavecalled and keep calling publicly for a change in governance in this country. WhetheritisthroughthePAC, No-confidenceMotionsor mediastatements,theBLPremain resolvedtocontinuetofighttobringan endtotheconductofaDLPandits Ministers. Inanyothercountry,whereitis understood that political leaders must not indulge in behaviour that sullies their office,boththeSpeakerandMara Thompson,at the very least,would have to resign.Any Prime Minister who understands his role as leader would have long called for it. But no.In the greatest of ironies,on the very day the CLICO report was made public,Mara Thompson is in a position to rule that a no-confidence motion against the Speaker,whowas found guilty of withholding funds from aclient,should not be heard. An ethical dilemma,at the very least, about which Freundel Stuart could dismiss moves to censure the Speaker as a monstrous perversion of common sense! The move by Mia Mottley and the BLP waybackin 2009 in bringing a no-confidence motion against David Thompson in relation to this CLICO was not only correct and proper but,in retrospect,a stitch in time,which if taken on merit,might have prevented the worst of the CLICO debacle. But no.Barbados endures a DLP Government that dismissed the matter as one for laughter. None of the thousands who have lost their lifelong savings,none of the families brought to penury,find any humour at all. Certainly not those who have died pleading for their money. Amatteroftime Inthisruleofperversionoftrust,itis amazetocomeupwithwhichof the DLPismostculpable.Freundel’s compliancepinpointshimasExhibit1. Butasmuchashepretends,inthis morassaleadersurvivessimply becauseallotherswishtoeatcake.It isanindictmentofthefallofleadership andprinciplesandwhatisrightthata PrimeMinisterisunabletodiscipline anyofhisteambecauseeverythingis ascendantexcept the proper management of the country and putting its citizens first. SincklermustbeexhibitA1,ruling Freundel.Never in the history of Barbados has one Minister so consistently screwed up so much. In this CLICO debacle,Sinckler has been outstanding in giving false hope. Among the compendium,the statement that he had a solution involving two regional governments,the Prime Ministers of both of which refuted Sinckler. Despite a pattern,nothing at all has been done to bring Sinck ler in line.The latest is that the poor hoteliers still have not received the concessions that it was stated they got – and now the concessions are not like those prostrated before Sandals. Sinckler has said,it is only a matter of time for hoteliers.He should give himself and his crew the same advice in relation to the end of their reign. GeniusofTomAdams Indeliveringthe6thTomAdams lectureWednesdaynight,SirRichard “Johnny”Cheltenham noted that Adamswouldbedistressed–asmost Barbadiansare–atthestateofaffairs inBarbadostoday. The contrast between the man JeromeWalcottcalledthemost transformativeofourtimeandwhat existsnowisasvividasitisdepressing. Cheltenhamnotedjustfourpillars ofAdams’legacy–infrastructure, healthsystem,financial(offshore) servicesandtheTenantriesFreehold PurchaseAct–thatcontinuetobethe foundationonwhichBarbados operates 30yearsafterAdams’ death. Adamsalsosetnewstandards, instilledaccountabilityandinspired confidence. What will be cited of this period in Barbados’ history 30 years from now is that it wasamonstrousperversionof trust. And somebody should payfor it. Monstrous perversion of trust Dear Maria, LETmesay,bywayofintroductionI amaverycuriousonlookerofthe political persecution you are being put through.I don’t know much about you but I often wonder where you get the strength from to put up with the political snipers who have taken aim at you.I am of the view that you should find the time and carve out the space to speak to your boss lady Mia Mottley [a good woman]. Sometime ago,I too wrote her an open letter and gave her some advice about how to deal with Owen.I was concerned then about how she was publicly humiliated by her then boss,Owen Arthur,at that now famous On the Hill Interview.A couple years later,I am concerned about another M. Mia suffered at his hands immensely and did nothing less than serve and now that he is gone,I am sure she is a better person and finally leader.Mia just is not about Co leaders!!! I am of the view that what Mia experienced she would not want to visit it upon any one especially a female.You must talk to her because she will protect you from the political snipers that are trying to rid the party of another M.I do not believe that Mia would ever do anything as indifferent as I have read in the dailies. She went through hell and I can’t see her putting you through hell.Why would someone wholived through the fire find herself putting fire underneath someone like yourself? I tell you,Mia is not like t hat! My research tells me that you guys were even at school together and would have shared some common ground. Maria,I want to urge you to follow in the footsteps of your now leader.You must continue to speak out!!! Mia did it and was rewarded.She spoke out vehemently about the way she was treated.She even walked into an annual conference and lay down the gaulet about her concerns re voting.I mean they tried every possible way to keep Mia out and that’s why I can’t see her behaving in the same manner towards you.I just don’t understand what you could have done to draw the wrath of the leadership of the Party that they could send an Eminent Group into seek to calm the waters when you did nothing to s tir the pot.What an insult!!! Look carefully at what is at stake. With Owen gone,it’s clear to me that an attempt is being made to completely remove any past linkages to the former leader.But again,Mia is not like that. She appointed and disappointed her biggest critic and most vociferous in house rival,that in the person of Kerrie. She also placed her political nemesis Jerome in the Senate despite his total annoyance towards her ability and competence.Well let’s not forget the accusation of political tribalism in St. Joseph in an attempt to rid the good people in St.Joseph of Dale Marshall. But again,Mia is not like that. When you juxtapose what I just said to you and consider whether or not I am telling you the truth.Just remember that when all is said and done ...The dog is lick who he likes .. Sincerely, D. . Douglas P S:We agree with you for not sticking around that lot when they returned to parliament on Tuesday. Mia not like that PROGRAMMESpecialistforUNWomen GabrielleHendersonbelievesthat BarbadosandtherestoftheCaribbean regionstillhaveawaytogointermsof movingtowardsgenderequality. Shemadethisclear while speaking to members of the media earlier this week at the United Nations House during twodaya Masculinities and Gender Equality workshop,Marine Gardens,highlighting that women were often engaged in lowpaying jobs or victims of violence,two major issues that need tobe addressed. According to her,it was critical to not only speak to women and girls,but to educate men and boys on the rights of women,in a move to ensure that all genders fought against inequality. “We are focusing on working with men and boys to get them to understand gender equality and working towards it while recognising the indispensable role that men and boys play to promoting gender equity and developing societies based on gender equity.Coming after International Women’s Day this workshop helps that process where we recognise thateven though we have made some gains in Barbados and the Caribbean,we still have a long way to go,”Henderson stressed. Commenting on the response from local men’s groups,she pointed out that that there had been a definite interest by the men’s groups. “This kind of work may be somewhat new in Barbados and what we hope to do is develop interest in this and understanding in the work of men and boys,”she added. (JMB) Henderson: All genders must fight against inequality


10 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate QUOTES FOR TODAY WORDS OF WISDOM Clint Eastwood (1930–) American actor, film director, producer, musician, and politician. Mahatma Gandhi (1869 ) Leader of Indian independence movement “Whereby are given untous exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” –2Peter 1:4 “Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to selfdiscipline.When you have both firmly under your belt, that’sreal power.” “They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them. “SELF-RESPECT Self-respectisaquestion ofrecognisingthat anythingworthhavinghas aprice. LETTERS TO THE EDITORADVOCATE PUBLISHERS (2000) INC, FONTABELLE FAX: 434-1000 E-MAIL: LET GOD SPEAK TO US ITusedtobesaidthattheonly thingscertainweredeathand taxes.Tothatmaybeaddedthe unlikelyattendanceofa bumpercrowdataWestIndies cricketTestmatchintheregionoranywhereelse. Unlikelytooisaneconomicrecovery for Barbados any time soon.“Butwhynot”,youask? “Aretherenotthingstobedone which may speed us on the way?” “Forinstance...”Andyoureel off the platitudes of potential projects whichcome with aplatter full of borrowed money. “Ah,yes of course.But I have some other things whichmay help.”To repeat a refrain – in Education:Discrete classrooms from Reception and Primary; manageable class sizes;start every first period with a ‘fiveminute quiet time’;allow children to speak and to suggest different approaches;provide stipends for leadership in extra-curricular activities; and seek out sponsors to purchase new scientific equipment and machine tools from “over-stock”companies and suppliers. Agriculture:Who shall till the land? We don’t give people land for indeed who shall till it? Where shall it be? Is it accessible? What’s to stop your neighbour spraying his crops and the drift killing off your organic growth? Should you plant near the road and have your crops tainted with exhausts? Who will fence the land and secure your ripe crops from theft? One can make land available under alease arrangement of a “Certificate of Stewardship” where the lessee not only works the land,but improves its quality.Co-operatives are best with machine and other inputs being subsidised.If it is afarm co-op,then the gas from adigester can be used to prepare breakfast and lunch for the working members.There has to be a lease payment moratorium of at least one year,maybe two,depending on the proposed crops. Plant the grass bamboo.Use the product for furniture,fencing and craft.Plant industrial hemp and use the fibre in the production of the bamboo furniture.Sugar cane will still be grown for special sugars and molasses.More root crops to produce more flours.We need to plant more corn for human and animal consumption.Local fruit,nuts and vegetables must be a greater part of our diets. Yet one has to ask why do we buy imported almonds,yet drive over hundreds that fall from our trees? In every aspect of agriculture water is critical.In order to improve our supply we need to move to desalination using a solar still and windmills to pump the water to higher elevations. Tourism is still a viable industry,but our people need to be reenergised about Barbados as a product.I have an idea whichIcannot put in the public domain at this time,but I also will add that we also need atri-state approach,at the minimum,if we are to capture more of the young demographic.By tri-state one could, for instance,look at Barbados, St.Lucia and Grenada as a single destination where clients spend a few days in each island savouring adventure;this approach will probably be easy for ‘a Sandals to’ sell,but we NEED the high-speed ferry and or a dedicated air shuttle. Alot of our local hotel plant is tired and needs some creative fixing up.Indeed,something as simple as a mural with amessage or with an embedded partial clue to a possible free stay next time might be used.In addition,do hotels encourage locals to dine outside of holidays? There was a time when,I suppose one could afford it,we went to a hotel for dinner and dancing and one could also meet guests and be able to tell them something about the island etc. Are we too busy to enjoy our local hospitality sector? Last year I had an all-inclusive experience in the Bahamas for the US$333 plus a night.It was not worth it,even though I was not paying.I paid much less in Barbados and despite a much more abbreviated menu,it was amore attractive package. Mass Transit:do you recall when the Co-operative Department was housed in the building where the Immigration has been for many years now? It was during that time when I went there and had a discussion with an officer about the possibility of the minibuses,ZRs and the Transport Board forming a cooperative.The answer was ‘yes’ as eachwould bring their own equity to the project.The problem was then,and even now is more stark,that no matter what method of integration is proposed,would the private sector employees want to give up their independence,or would those in the public sector for that matter? We should,however,not put all the blame on the drivers of PSVs for inappropriate actions. Here’s an example:I pull off the road in front of a mini-mart to get a newspaper from the vendor on the other side.A young lady is busy on her cell to my left.The purchase complete and I am about to move off,she steps in front of my vehicle.Between ‘eyes down and looking’ up waves her hand to stop a ZR.That vehicle pulls ahead of me.She boards and the driver moves off.Hardly,I would think,within six revolutions of the wheels he stops again for another passenger who had been sitting on a bench about 50 feet away.He did not move until the van was that muchcloser to him.That action reinforced my view that commuters are indeed the cause of most of the so-called ‘disgusting behaviour’ of ZR drivers.They [the drivers] are, for the most part,simply just meeting customer demand. The commuters’ behaviour seems to parallel that of communities’ response across the island when there is as need for problem solving – Let’s have a“Festival”– another name for a“Bumper Crowd.”Problem solved.Shake it. MICHAELRUDDER Getting Barbados on the road to economic recovery ALETTERafewweeksagocongratulated“little”Dominicafor effectivelydealingwiththeproblemoflitter:onemonthinprison foroffendersandtheislandis “spotless”. Once again,Dominica has shamed many of her bigger colleagues of the Caribbean community by joining Barbados, Guyana and Belize in the Appellate Jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice, while others are still hemming and hawing and finding excuses to continue loitering on the doorsteps of the Privy Council in Britain. Before that,Dominica had demonstrated that people who abuse social media could be dealt with and,even further back,in 1978,had set itself up as a proud republic – a commonwealth,to be exact – thereby ending the charade of swearing allegiance to the Queen,her heirs and successors. Congratulations to a big island. CARLMOORE THIS is in response to the commentsfromAnthonyDavison InternationalWomen’sDay, publishedin TheBarbados Advocate onMarch11, 2015. Mr.Davisisspeakingabout oneexample where a women, with a baby in tow,was having difficulty crossing the street in Cheapside because the drivers would not stop for her. Ihave just returned from an eight-day vacation in wonderfulBarbados.My experience is that Barbadian drivers are the most courteous in the world.Every time I wanted to cross the street – either in Rockley,Bridgetown,Oistins, Speightstown,or along the ABC highway – drivers would stop.I saw the courtesy of Barbadian drivers time and time again with other people aswell. Here is another example:On aweekday,while cycling near the very busy J.T.C.Ramsay roundabout,I saw two school girls safely,confidently,cross the Errol Barrow Highway.As soon as they signalled their intention,cars in all directions stopped and let them cross. These school children may have been 10 or 11 years old. To see drivers enable the students to cross,unaided,was amazing. Isuggest the incident Mr. Davis is referring to is an exception in Barbados,rather than the norm.May I suggest to Mr.Davis that if he sees someone having difficulty crossing the street,he goes to help him or her.That benefits everyone and sets an example for us all. DANIELF.ENGELS EASTYORK,ONTARIO, Davis’ experience not the norm Dominica – A big Caribbean island


Friday March 13, 2015 11 The Barbados Advocate THEAlexandra Old Scholars/Alumni Association will be having their bi-monthly general meeting on Saturday14th March,2015 at 5 the Ginger Lily Room, Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre,TwoMileHill,St. Michael. During the meeting there will be a battle of the eras:sharing information and past experiences from past years at school. Come and be part of what promises to be an exciting evening of fun and laughter,reconnecting with school mates and reminiscing with past friends. It’s an evening you do not want to miss! Tribal politics will one day die of starvation.Our young generation must stand against such a backward system of governance and configure new approaches – otherwise the life of Caribbean people will never improve! –Timothy Ferdinand, Chairman,Caribbean Regional Youth Council MOSTCaribbeancountriessincetheirindependencehavefound waystostifleprogressive andindependentyouth movements.Duringthe 1960sto1980s,thevibrancyandmilitancyof youthwas complemented andevenfuelledbythe riseoftheBlackPower andCivilRightsmovementsalongwithtrade unionismandthesearch foralternativespathsto westernstyle development. Thatvibrancyhas givenwaytoatypeof Caribbean youth who is now more inclinedtoemploy a quiet form of diplomacy in negotiating and advocating on the behalf ofyouth,ratherthan protests or mass campaigns.Somehaveseen this as a lack of consciousness which I respectfully disagree with, however what has not changed is the mentality of the Caribbean politician.Interestingly,many in the present generation of politicians received their grounding in the youth movement, whether as student leaders or youth council members. In a few months Guyana will host its national elections.The Guyanese political system is undoubtedly the most complex and the most hostile in the region.In its quest to combat growing apathy,the interim executive of the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) launched a campaign entitled ‘Vote Like A Boss’. The GNYC,like other national youth councils (NYCs),serves as an independent umbrella body for youth organisations and youth in general. ‘Vote like a Boss’ is a voter education campaign designed to help Guyanese youth understand the electoral process and encourage them to exercise their right to vote.The GYNC has partnered with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to develop this voter campaign. Reacting to this development,the current party in power through its Ministry of Youth has publicly denounced the work of the youth council. According to a press release,the Ministry claims that the youth council is illegitimate and does not represent the majority of Guyanese youth.It also criticised international organisations suchas USAID and CUSO who the GNYC reached out to for project support. Interestingly,when the GNYC was launched over ayear ago,the Ministry of Youth fully endorsed the body and pledged their full support,as I confirmed from numerous online articles. Having worked with youth councils across the region,this issue is extremely disturbing to me. Iknow several of the young people on the GNYC personally,having worked with them to establish the Caribbean Regional Youth Council. These are hardworking, progressive young people who are being maligned by unscrupulous politicians and their lackeys. Why would any sensible government in the Caribbean undermine a campaign aimed to encourage youth participation in a democratic process and to promote youths’ holistic development? One of the aims of setting up the Caribbean Regional Youth Council was to establish NYCs in Caribbean countries where none previously existed.We always knew that accomplishing this feat in Guyana would be aHerculean task,as there is little which partisan politics does not interfere with.Through the steadfast work of the Commonwealth Youth Programme,strong support from NYCs across the region and truly passionate and committed youth,Guyana was able to set up its national youth council with an interim executive.Interim because any organisation would need to go through aprocess of mobilising young people,marketing itself and getting the buyin of key stakeholders including development agencies like USAID, who also support government projects.It is near impossible for NYCs to represent the majority of youth.Political parties in the region with their millions in campaign contributions can barely get voter turnouts above 60% in national elections. Individual parties seldom receive 40% of that 60%. Yet they claim to represent the majority and criticise youth-led volunteer organisations. National youth councils and youth parliaments have been systematically undermined by many Caribbean governments and politicians, who fear the voice of critically thinking youth.In 2009,the Trinidad Youth Council came under immense pressure from the then PNM administration.Government officials sought to break up an independent grassroots organisation and establish their own handpicked organisation. Significant sums were spent on an entity called the National Youth Council of Trinidad and Tobago.That entity is now defunct while the original Trinidad Youth Council continues to thrive. Similarly in Barbados, the National Youth Forum was established in 2011 with a mandate and constitution with striking similarities to the Barbados Youth Development Council.Billed as anorganisation which would mobilise youth,advocate on their behalf and not be a one-off entity,the organisation has long been forgotten and little to show for all the hype surrounding its creation. Caribbean politicians must recognise that they cannot foist their brand of politics and leadership on young people.Due to their own insecurities and selfish desires,many try to undermine the work of youth who are genuinely concerned about making adifference.Instead they elevate those who are willing to remain silent, rubber stamp their policies and have very little interest or understanding of the needs of other young people. No politician truly concerned about youth empowerment and reducing voter apathy would seek to derail such important programmes suchas ‘Vote Like ABoss’ by the GNYC.Playing petty party politics with the future of your country is a dangerous game.Political power and authority are both finite resources; what you sow in office you will reap as an ordinary citizen when your term comes to an end. Fighting the greed of the Caribbean political class: Securing the future for our youth In a few months Guyana will host its national electionsIn its quest to combat growing apathy,the interim executive of the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) launched a campaign entitled ‘Vote Like A Boss’However, the current party in power through its Ministry of Youth has publicly denounced the work of the youth council. Alexandra old scholars to hold general meeting tomorrow


APARADEofthe CommonwealthFlags incelebrationofthe 30thanniversaryofthe BarbadosBranchof The Royal Commonwealth Society will take place today. Theparadewill comprise of detachments from the Barbados Cadet Corps,the Barbados Boy ScoutsAssociation,the GirlGuidesAssociationof Barbados,theBarbados Pathfindersandthe BarbadosYouthService carrying the flags of the Commonwealth and its 53member states. During a press briefing to announce the event, Miles Weekes,Past Chairman and Member of the Public Relations Committee of the Barbados Branch revealed that the parade will start at 10 a.m.from the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, proceeding along St. Michael’s Row,Wharf Road,Hinks Street, Cowell Street,Lower Broad Street and Broad Street ending at Heroes’ Square in the precincts of the Parliament Building. The parade whichis being held in association with the Barbados Olympic Association and Division of Youth will be followed by a sitting of the Barbados Youth Parliament in the Senate Chamber,debating on CARICOM and the Commonwealth. Director Youth, Cleviston Hunte said that the National Youth Parliament which was launched one year ago comprises of 21 members, both students and members of the community over 16 years old. “This sitting provides an opportunity for our young people to debate and discuss the merits and demerits of the Commonwealth.They have been in training for the past year,already participating in about two debates,and we are looking forward to this debate ...on hearing our young people give their point of view.” The flags of the Commonwealth and its members will be hoisted and flown in the Parliament Courtyard for the remainder of the day and the Barbados Legion will perform the Changing of the Guard ceremony. The Royal Commonwealth Society founded in 1868,is an international educational charity working to promote the values of the Commonwealth for the benefit of the people and countries of the Commonwealth. Barbados’ branch was established in 1985. (TL) 12 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Parade of Commonwealth Flags today


Friday March 13, 2015 13 The Barbados Advocate Yesterday: 0.2 mm For the month: 39.6 mm For the year: 150.3 mm 6:07 am 6:09 pm London: 10C FAIR Boston: 02C FAIR Montreal: -03C FAIR Toronto: 02C CLOUDY New York: 09C FAIR Miami: 28C PARTLYCLOUDY High: 8:27 am &10:01 pm Low: 1:48 am &3:22 pm Max: 29.2 C Min: 23.4 C Fair to occasionally cloudy hazy and breezy with a few scattered showers. THREEschoolshavealreadyreceived funding as part of a School Improvement Grant being offered by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) and already have projects underway that will improve the core and life skills of the student population,while another three schools just received disbursements last month,to go towardsproject implementation. Junior Burgess,Acting Programme Director of the Programme Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Education,Science, Technology and Innovation noted the above this week,as he joined IDB Education Lead Specialists on a tour of St. George Secondary’s Skills For the Future Programme. In giving details about the School Improvement Grant,Burgessexplained that it is a product of the Skills For the Future Programme,fundedbytheIDB. Under the Skills for the Future Programme,he said,twelve schools have been identified to be a part of the programme and they can benefit to a maximum of Bds $60,000,which can be utilised in technical and vocational areas or in core areas suchasMaths and English or reading for example. St.George Secondary,along with Frederick Smith and St.Leonard’s Boys School,he explained,fall in cycle one,and all schools in this cycle have already received funding and the implementation of projects is at an advanced stage. “There are three schools under cycle one (FrederickSmithandSt.Leonard’s Boys School).Cycle two involves three other schools (Deighton Griffith,Grantley Adams and Gradyon Sealy) and they just received their disbursement in February, so we are expecting that those schools will be implementing in a short time.So that will be six schools in progress and the remaining six will come on as the year goes on,”he said of the twelve schools in total to benefit. “So St.George Secondary has their focus and their focus is on agriculture,”he further noted. Meanwhile,it has been noted that while twelve schools in total were selected for the School Improvement Grant (SIG) which provides them with training opportunities,teaching assistance and pedagogical materials for the improvement of core and life skills among the student population,only six,those identified in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2,were approved by the SIG review and selection committee.The selected schools can receive a grant upwards of US$30,000 (Bds $60,000) per school.However,the process dictates that the school submit a proposal,which is evaluated by the Review and Selection Committee,before arecommendation is made to the IDB. The other six schools slated to benefit from the SIG,but which will have to be approved,are:The Alma Parris School, Daryll Jordan Secondary,Ellerslie Secondary,The Lester Vaughn School, Parkinson Memorial and Princess Margaret. (RSM) EDUCATIONLeadSpecialistswith theInter-AmericanDevelopment Bank(IDB)arepleasedtodatewith whattheyhavebeenseeingattheSt. GeorgeSecondarySchool,oneofsix secondaryschoolsapprovedfora School Improvement Grant worth Bds$60,000 from the IDB. Educationalleadspecialistsfromthe IDBandofficialsfromtheMinistryof Education,Science,Technology and Innovation toured the school recently with principal Sonja Goodridge and science teacher Stephen Proverbs,to see firsthand the results achieved to date in the area of agriculture,through the Skills For The Future Programme. The IDB officials were able to tour the areas designated for a chick en pen,a rabbitry and a tilapia pond,on which work has already started and Proverbs explained that the funds will go towards completing these three areas,which will be used to aid the students in earning various vocational and life skills,which they will then be able to use to build a St.George brand and even sustain themselves. Getting a firsthand view of the project areas and other areas designated for agriculture,was IDB Education Lead Specialist,Dr.Sabine Reible-Aubourg along with her colleague Carlos Herran and Reible-Aubourg gave a nod of acceptance to what she had seen to date at the St.George Secondary School. “It’s our first visit to one of the schools that has been receiving a school improvement grant and so it is very exciting to see what is behind the proposals.We are pleased with what we are seeing and we will come back to see how the project has been unfolding,”the IDB Education Lead Specialist told members of the media. “We also want to take advantage of this mission,to learn about what worked well and what can be improved to orient better cycle three and cycle four of the School Improvement Grant,for which five additional secondary schools are supposed to receive the same amount of Bds $60,000 it is part of component two to improve the quality and relevance of secondary education.So it’s a very good start and we are very happy with the field visit,”she added. (RSM) IDBpleased with St. George Secondary’s agricultural pursuits Six schools already approved for IDB’s School Improvement Grant Junior Burgess, Acting Programme Director of the Programme Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. New principal at the St. George Secondary School Sonja Goodridge says her aim is to change the image of the school, so it can become the agricultural mecca of Barbados. IDB Education Lead Specialist, Dr. Sabine Reible-Aubourg says she is pleased to date with the agricultural pursuits being made at the St. George Secondary School.


14 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate THEadditional acreage at the Samuel JackmanPrescod Polytechnic (SJPP) allocated to the Division ofAgriculture,is reaping benefits. OnWednesdayasthe40 studentsintheprogrammesoldproduce, juices,treatsand seedlings,whilealsoshowcasingtheirgraftingskills atthe Open Day event on campus,they generated funds as staff of the institution,parents of students,students from the Ellerslie Secondary School and Metropolitan High School,as well as staff from neighbouring organisations,made numerous purchases. The Acting Head of the Division,Alicia Clarke told the Barbados Advocate that they can see the advantages of the lot. Clarke said,“We are reaping the benefits of the acreand a half.That has made all the difference,because most of the produce that is on sale now,we’ve produced from our own garden.” Additionally,she was pleased to report that the students are also venturing beyond the classroom and the compound,and during the Open Day,they also vended produce that they grew on their own outside of school. She added,“The Open Day is not just for things we’ve produced here on thefarm,butweencouragestudentswhodofarmingathome,theyalso broughtinitemstosell.” Theday’sactivitywas“a thrivingbusiness”venture as it was well patronised according to Clarke,who said,“I am very pleasantly pleased at the number of people who have visited us so far – the pubic,staff and neighbours.” On sale in terms of produce,were cucumbers, butternut squash,tomatoes,watermelon,cantaloupe,seasonings,raw nuts,pumpkin and okras, which were such a hotseller,that they were sold out before midday. (KG) Expansion reaping benefits Seedlings were on sale as well as selling very quickly. Joan Haynes accepted a glass of juice sold by her son Agriculture student, Ashane Haynes as the students sought to generate funds from the produce grown on campus.


NOT enough is known by the average Barbadian about the International Business Sector. So says Senator John Watson who believes a concerted effort is needed by the relevant authorities to educate the Barbadian public about theimportance of this sector to the country. He was speaking in the Upper Chamber recently onthe Corporate and Trust Service Providers Bill 2015. According to Senator Watson,“The importance of this sector for our economy is very much underrated and it is underrated not because people want to underrate it, but because the information of the contribution to this sector of our economy is not widely known. It may be in the interest of the [Barbados] International Business Association to have much more of the importance of this sector to the economy publicised.” Senator Watson said it is his understanding that there are in excess of 4 000 international Businesses in Barbados, which is a significant amount. “In addition to that,another important aspect of this sector is that it employs the higher end of our citizens in terms of education and skill and professionals.So that many professionals work in this sector and it provides a lot of employment for accountants and attorneys.” He said it also provides employment for other support staff,persons who are employed in their homes,and offers a boost to the real estate sector. Senator Watson said that not only must Barbados be aggressive in seeking to attract these businesses but also to retain them.“Because retention of any activity that is worthwhile is very important.” “When I look at the functions of the Director for instance,it seems more like a job of policing,more so than a job of promoting and I would like to suggest that one of the functions of the Director might include the promotion,encouragement and really assisting the companies in complying with requirements of the sector.So that we not only policing but you are actually helping thosecompanies to be good companies.” The Senator estimates that this sector could net more than 1 billion US in foreign exchange earnings and also contributes to the tourism arrivals, when these business persons invite their families and friends to Barbados. He stated that the Ministry of Tourism ought to develop a programme to encourage this type of visitor and create activities and programmes catering to that sector.( JH ) Friday March 13, 2015 15 The Barbados Advocate GOVERNMENThas takenstepstobetter regulatetheproviders ofcorporate and trust services in the international business sector in this country. MinisterofIndustry, Commerce,International Business and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss,spoke of this in the House of Assembly earlier this week,as he piloted the debate on the Corporate and Trust Service Providers Bill 2015.He indicated that once passed,the Bill repeals the International Corporate and Trust Providers Act of 2011,as it was realised that there were some deficiencies in that piece of legislation. Referring to the purpose of the Bill,which he said includesregulatingthe corporateandtrustservice providers,and broadening thedefinitionofinternationalbusiness;the InternationalBusiness Ministersaiditisintendedtopromoteand maintainhighstandards of conduct,ethics and competence in the provision of corporate services and trust services in this country. “Wewant to ensure that service providers adhere to the highest international standards and international best practices, includingprocedures and policies that would enable them to identify and verify the identity of their clients,in other words, what we call in this sector the know your client rules; and to exercise due diligence in the provision of corporate services and trust services,whilstat the same time,enabling theprotectionoftheinterestofspecifiedentitiesas serviceprovidersthrough the licensing and supervision of these service providers,”he said. He comments came as he explained that the international business and financial services sector has been making a very meaningful contribution to the Barbados economy and the country’ssocioeconomic development. According to Minister Inniss,the sector contributes close to $900 million,directly and indirectly,to the economy. Moreover,he said that it is amajor contributor to corporate tax collection,accounting for 60 percent of that intake and the sector also contributes quite heavily to the rental income in Barbados both for office space and residential properties.Also of note,he said,is that it is reported that less than 10 percent of the employees in this sector are expatriates,and for this reason, he maintained that Barbados can boast of having an indigenous international business sector. “That Mr.Speaker is a quiet reflection of the level of maturity and appreciation of the investment that had been made many decades ago in this particular sector,where successive governments have made that level of commitment to developing it and having it make a meaningful contribution to this economy,”he added. Meanwhile,he said that while Barbados is a domicile of choice for investors seeking to go global and the country’s reputation remains strong,we cannot rest on our laurels,and must be eternally vigilant. With that in mind,he said the Bill being debated was important as it seeks to ensure that there is no complacency and we continue to identify possible challenges and confront head on and in a sustainable manner. Moreover,he told the Lower House that Barbados is well poised to get a fair share of the global market.Inniss said that Government believes that there is a lot of potential for the Barbados international business sector to grow.He explained that there is still a lot of potential in Canada, whichis the main source market and they have also been looking to develop double taxation agreements and bilateral investment treaties with countries on the African continent including Kenya and Ghana.( JRT ) Watson: Public needs more information on the IBS SenatorJohnWatson Bill seeks to regulate aspects of IB sectorin B’dos


WITHBarbadosamong70 countrieshavingmetthe Millennium Development Goal target for combatting hunger,the head of the United Nations agency said agriculture and farming are important to countries of the Caribbean. “Strengthening agriculture and increasing support to small-scale and family farming will help ensure greater sufficiency in local food production, protecting your economies from external price shock,” the FAO Director-General, Jos Graziano da Silva, said noting the need to meet challenges like climate challengesandto create jobs,particularly for youth. Graziano da Silva described agriculture and family farming as “drivers of inclusive economic growth and sustainable development,”and noted how they can create new employment opportunities and be linked to the tourism industry,an important source of revenue for many Caribbean countries. He stressed also the substantial progress made through efforts made in the past two decades by CARICOM members to combat hunger and malnutrition,with Barbados,Guyana,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,and Suriname among the 70 developing countries to have already met the Millennium Development Goals hunger target of halving the proportion of hungry people by 2015. “Let’s be inspired by these success stories, because a lot remains to be done,”he told a meeting of Caricom,continuing to note that hunger is only one of the faces of malnutrition,with obesity, which affects over 500 million adults,the other extreme of poor nutrition. “This is an issue of concern in the Caribbean and FAO is assisting CARICOM countries design and implement strategies,policies and plans of action that tackle the multiple dimensions of malnutrition,”he said, pointing to Action Plans already approved in Belize,Jamaica,St.Kitts and Nevis,and St Lucia, and awaiting approval in most remaining countries of the region. On several efforts to boost security,SouthSouth cooperation was prominent,with Brazil having developed a strong cooperation programme focusing on food security and nutrition,supporting and linking family farming to the provision of school meals,and several other cooperative initiatives in place to protect food production,such as Cuba’s assistance in the fight against the BlackSigatoka banana plague. Pointing to food price increases that were impacting food import bills for CARICOM countries, he noted also the particular vulnerability of countries in the region to extreme events like hurricanes,and the impact of climate change,which increased the frequency, violence and unpredictability of such events and heightened the threat posed to the region’s agriculture,food security and sustainable development. Graziano da Silva said the FAO was working with governments and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) to build resilience,strengthen capacities and mobilize resources to deal with the impact of natural disasters. “In few places is the impact of climate change so evident as in Small Island Developing States. For SIDS,climate change is not just an urgent issue. It is a question of survival,” he said.“FAO is here to work with you to be a partner in the road to achieving sustainable development.” 16 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate BANK RATES Commercial bank rates to the public at the close of business yesterday by the Central Bank of Barbados. Valid for March 13th, 2015 Telegraphic Transfers Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.11380 2.15343 Pound Sterling 2.95948 3.01496 Canadian $ 1.565651.59840 United States $1.993752.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Demand/Sight: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.10983 2.15343 Pound Sterling 2.953923.01496 Canadian $ 1.562691.59840 United States $1.990002.02768 Guyana $ 0.009760.00982 East Caribbean $0.738430.74306 Belizean $ 0.996881.00313 Notes: Currency BuyingSelling Euro 2.079322.16688 Pound Sterling 2.911213.03379 Canadian $ 1.553841.59980 United States $1.980002.02857 East Caribbean $0.737040.74445 Belizean $ 1.000001.00000 INDICATIVE RATES FOR SOME REGIONAL CURRENCIES AS ADVISED BY THE RESPECTIVE CENTRAL BANKS N.B.: These rates are not meant to be used for trading. BDS$ Guyana $ 0.00979 Jamaica $ 0.01736 Trinidad & Tobago $0.31587 TOURISMbusinesses eligibleforthemuch anticipatedduty-free concessionshavestill not been able to access them,and the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA),is pleading with all relevant parties to come together and get rid of the challenges or obstacles standing in the sector’s way. During the first quarterly meeting of the BHTA recently at the Hilton Barbados,President,Sunil Chatrani reiterated the sector’s frustration at not being able to benefit from the waiver of duties and taxes on the food and beverage items provided for under the amended Tourism Development Act, almost a year and a half since Sandals first signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU). Explaining that the absence of the concessions is compounding issues already being experienced bythe hotel sector, Chatrani warned that if allowed to continue,this country in jeopardy of losing market share and the Barbados brand. “When the brand starts to lose its appeal it will be much harder and expensive torebuild,”he cautioned. His comments came as he explained that the hotels have been struggling financially for a while now, preventing reinvestment in the product.This,he said, has resulted in tired rooms across the island and a situation where most hotels are in default of their loans to the financial institutions. He explained that the improved cash flow that the hotels would have realised as a result of the concessions,would have allowed the hotels to borrow finances to renovate their product,allowing them to compete on quality and not price as is currently the case. “The commercial banks do not have the confidence in the sector because the hotels cannot demonstrate adequate cash flows to support the level of reinvestment that is required to make the hotels viable.The hotel sector is one of the most highly capitalised sectors which requires constant reinvestment to remain relevant to the market place.The food and beverage concessions were meant to be available to the sector for the winter,to be able to demonstrate to the commercial banks that the business model now makes financial sense,”he indicated. He made those points, after he set out a chronology of events that have transpired since that Sandals MOU was signed until now,and he noted that despite promises from both the Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy and Minister of Finance,Christopher Sinckler that the allowances would be available to them,including the latest deadline of February 1,2015,the sector continues to wait. “In December 2014 the Gazette with the amendment to the Act was published.In December 2014 it was promised that the concessions would be available by January 2, 2015.In January 2015 the BHTAreceived correspondence that hotels could now apply for duty free concessions;it is now March 2015 and we are still here waiting for these concessions,”he lamented. He explained that since then,only two hotels were able to process a couple of “insignificant purchase orders”one week,but were refused the following week. “We have been working atthis tirelessly now week, after week,after week.If it is not one obstacle,then it is another after another.If it is not an interpretation of the Act,then it is one of process,or conditions to be met,or general instructions required,or systems that need to be updated and the list goes on.I honestly stand here today and cannot tell you what the next single obstacle is that we need to work through,” he lamented. (JRT) Concessions needed Head of UN agency on combatting hunger Minister of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, Senator Dr. Esther Byer greets Deputy Principal of the UWI Cave Hill Campus, Professor Pedro Welch. Looking on is (second from left) President of the BHTA, Sunil Chatrani and (partly hidden) Executive Vice President, Sue Springer.


PRIMEMINISTER, PortiaSimpsonMiller, isinvitinginternational investorstoconsider opportunitiesin Jamaica’semergingnutraceutical industry andthe Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. ThePrimeMinister,who was addressing Wednesday morning’s opening of the Jamaica Investment Forum,at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James,urged the more than 137 foreign investors in attendance to “give careful consideration to these possibilities”even as they consider business opportunities in the established sectors of the economy. She noted that the nutraceutical industry is a non-traditional area that offers “lucrative possibilities”. “It is an area,which I believe in,not only for the economic benefits to be derived,but also because of its emphasis on healthy lifestyles and wellness. Nutraceuticals are from food sources with extra health benefits.They also include medicinal plants and natural mineral water. Here in Jamaica,we also have several sources of mineral water with wellness spas at Bath in St. Thomas in the eastern end of the island,Milk River in Clarendon in central Jamaica and the Rockfort Mineral Bath in Kingston,” she informed. Turning to Information Communication Technology (ICT)/BPO,the Prime Minister said the sector has had a major and positive impact on job creation,particularly youth employment. The sector currently employs more than 17,000 people,up from 12,000 in 2012. It has also improved on its earnings,moving from US $300 million in 2012 to US$500 million in 2015,an increase of 66 percent. “There is a clear connection between the (first) Jamaica Investment Forum in 2012 and the growth we are experiencing in Jamaica’s ICT/BPO business.It is my hope that this forum will bring even greater returns for this important industry,”the Prime Minister said. She cited Sutherland Global is an outstanding example of the expansive growth now taking place in the ICT/BPO industry,the epicentre of whic h is located in the city of Montego Bay. “They are now expanding to Mandeville in Manchester.I commend the principal of the Sutherland Global,”she said. Friday March 13, 2015 17 The Barbados Advocate Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller (right), is greeted by Manager of the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Rose Hall, St. James, Ditty Guise (left), on her arrival at the venue on March 11 for the opening of the Jamaica Investment Forum 2015. THEMinistryof AgricultureinSt.Vincent saysithas“reservations” aboutusingaerialsprayingtocontrolBlack Sigatoka,adiseaseofbananas,plantains,and similar species,that causes the leaves to wilt and fruits to ripen prematurely. Black Sigatoka is controlled with frequent often-aerial applications of fungicides,and cultural practices,such as the removal of affected leaves, and adequate spacing of plants and efficient drainage within farms. But Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar told Parliament last week that his Ministry has its own concerns about aerial spraying of banana farms in St.Vincent. “Mr.Speaker,the Ministry of Agriculture has its reservations about using aerial spraying,not as it relates to the efficiency of aerial spraying to control the Black Sigatoka disease,but as it relates to the possible impact on human health and the possible damage to other sensitive plants,”he said. Caesar,however,said his ministry will continue with the six cycles of aerial spraying this year. “But the Ministry of Agriculture,we are making it known that we have our reservations about using aerial spraying because you have not as you have in Central America where you have isolated plantations.We have villages where there are pockets of banana fields, and when the aerial spraying is taking place,it is impossible for the pilot not to apply the spraying of the chemical as he is passing over schools,and also over homes,”Caesar said. “I want that to be known especially since there are persons who are making a case for increasing the number of cycles.Some persons would wish that we have 10 cycles or 15 cycles,but it is the Ministry’s reservation that we should limit it to six,”he said as he responded to a question from Member of Parliament for North Leeward,Roland Matthews,and opposition legislator. Caesar said he has worked with his ministry over the last few years in addressing Black Sigatoka. “And we are taking it off arugged political path.At the end of the day,the control of the BlackSigatoka disease is a science We really have to,as a country, as we work on such important national issues,engage our students.” He said everyone should be concerned about Black Sigatoka because of the “deep-seated impact it can have “We have to have the students at the Community College and the students who are overseas studying in these fields to become engaged. “Citizen engagement is critical if we are going to solve many of these vexing problems,”Caesar said. He told Parliament that St.Vincent and the Grenadines,like the subregional grouping,the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States,and the larger Caribbean Community,did not have the scientific capacity to address BlackSigatoka and sought assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organisation. On March 2,2015,the Ministry received a report from the FAO based on data collected Feb.26 to 28. Over the last two year, the country has been able to keep the Cronshaw level under 2,Caesar said, adding that this is an average,because in some areas it is above 2 because of climatic conditions. “And we are focusing on those areas.In fact,we have called them the hotspots for Black Sigatoka,and we are addressing that,”Caesar said. Cronshawmethod provides information on the occurrence of early Sigatoka stages on the youngest leaves and gives indications of the rate of disease development. It has the advantage of showing quickresponse to fungicides application and can predict outbreaks of disease. PM invites investments in nutraceuticals, business process outsourcing ‘Reservations’ about aerial spraying against Black Sigatoka in St. Vincent STJAMES,Jamaica – Patrick Green,the man who on Monday,pleaded guiltytothe2012rapeof fivefemales,includingan eight-year-old girl in Irwin Point,St James,was a short while ago sentenced to 40 years in prison when he appeared in the Western Regional Gun Court. As part of the sentence, Green is expected to continue receiving psychiatric treatment. The 27-year-old who has been described as a serial rapist,is of a May Pen, Clarendon address. Green who was in custody in relation to other similar offences committed in western Jamaica, Clarendon and other sections of the island,was charged in January of this year after his DNA matched samples found by investigators at the Irwin Point crime scene.Twelve charges were laid against him. The four females,including the child,were all sexually assaulted on the night of September 24, 2012 at about 10:30,after armed thugs invaded a house in Irwin Point and forced them to a nearby open lot where the crime was committed. Brothers Kerron and Sheldon Brissett were subsequently charged for the brutal 2012 rape of the five females,but they were exonerated in the Western Region Gun Court on Monday,July 22,2013, after almost a year behind bars,when DNA results failed to place them at the scene of the crime. The brothers have since sued the State. Man sentenced to 40 years in prison for rape of five females, including eight-yr-old


KINGSTOWN,St Vincent –President of the Human Rights Association (HRA) Nicole Sylvester is defending the decision to sue three media houses,saying the legal action should not be regarded as an antihuman rights stance. “It is absolutely not.Itis very critical because of what was at the stake and crux of the issue,that I disclosed – that is what the allegation made – the whereabouts of a witness who was in a witness protection programme,” Sylvester told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). Attorney Kay BacchusBrowne has filed thelawsuits on behalf of Sylvester against Star FM,aradio station owned by the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP),as well as the Searchlight and The Vincentian newspapers. The lawsuit comes after the media houses accused Sylvester,an attorney,of disclosing the whereabouts of a female in a witness protection programme during a murder trial some years ago. Sylvester said she decided to sue because the media houses refused and/or failed to apologise as requested. Hans King,press secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves,trade unionist and political activist Joseph “Burns” Bonadie,and WE FM,a privately owned radio station,apologised for broadcasting the allegation and settled with Sylvester, paying her an undisclosed sum of money. “I never knew the location of the witness in the first place.I pursued cross-examination of the witnesses and I said,and Iwill say again,because the statement that was served on me said the location of the witness,”but Sylvester said. “Nowhere did I speak about the address of the witness.It was said that I disclosed their whereabouts.And on that basis Ihad to draw the line,because I respect the rights of a witness in a witness protection programme, and I will certainly not tolerate that message being sent out,”she told CMC. “Certainly,Hans King apologised,“Burns” Bonadie apologised,WE FM did as well,and as a result of that,a certain settlement was arrived at. The issue is live with Searchlight,Vincentian and Star FM and I will not comment on those issues, because that matter is sub judice,”she further said. Sylvester said all the parties involved were given an opportunity to apologise and avoid a lawsuit. “I didn’t want anyone to save me.What I did not want as president of the Human Rights is to allow the Human Rights Association to be tarnished by saying that this is what the president did. And I certainly will go down defending the rights of human rights,” Sylvester told CMC. CASTRIES,St Lucia – Former Prime Minister Stephenson King has denied claims of being directly involved in the execution of “Operation Restore Confidence”, orgivingpolice instructions to use their firearms in an effort to bring a spate of crime under control. Kingtoldreportersthat “OperationRestore Confidence”wasintended toprovideintelligence, surveillanceandtocooperatewiththepublictosuppresscrime. “OperationRestore Confidencewasagenuine effort,basedonthecalls ofthepeople,to bring ordertothisland.Asyou rememberduringthat time,thepeopleweresayingweneedtobringcrime undercontrol,”heexplained. King denied that he gave direct orders to the police to shoot and kill people between 20092011,who were said to be on a blacklist.He said he only appealed to police to maintain law and order. “How can I or any Prime Minister give instruction toshoot and kill? This is absurd.No prime minister does that.My conscience is clear on everything:on finance,administration of governance and the issue of the police,” King asserted. In commenting on Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony’s speech on the IMPACS report on the alleged extrajudicial killings,prepared by a team from the Jamaica Constabulary Force,King said it has done more harm and has sparked “unease”. Hedubbed the report, “disturbing,hopeless and questionable”.King said citizens have been left in the dark and could have some impact on the investment climate here,if not settled soon enough. The former prime minister said he also finds it disturbing that the report supplants the findings of inquests into the deaths of suspects. King said the contents of the report of the investigation into the killings should be made public, once national security would not be threatened. The main findings into the 2009-2011 extrajudicial killings,confirms that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) worked from a “blacklist or death list”of persons deemed criminals and officers staged all shootingdeath sites to legitimise their actions. The report also states that not only normal officers were involved in the operations,but members of the “high command of the police force”may have been involved in “covering upthese matters”. The report said all the shootings reviewed were fake encounters staged by the police to legitimise their actions. The alleged extrajudicial killings by police officers were carried during “Operation Restore Confidence”– an initiative then Prime Minister Stephenson King announced on May30,2010 in an address to the nation. The police operation was in response to an unprecedented wave of homicides and violent crimes between 2008 and 2010, particularly in the northern half of the island. Between 2010 and 2011, 12 persons were killed during encounters with officers of the RSLPF. 18 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Former Prime Minister Stephenson King President of the Human Rights Association (HRA) inSt. Vincent, Nicole Sylvester PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Haiti has set a date for delayed legislative elections that have been a source of increasing political friction while scheduling its presidential election for later this year. The election for all members of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies will be August 9,according to an announcement late Wednesday by Mosler Georges,executive director of the Provisional Electoral Council. Apresidential election will be October 25,with a runoff on December 27 if no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote.Elections for local offices will also be held on October 25.The dates are considered tentative until they are confirmed by being published in the government’s official gazette. President Michel Martelly cannot run for re-election because the Constitution bars consecutive terms. Haiti has been under pressure by the U.N. and the U.S.government toschedule thelegislative elections.They were supposed to be held in 2011 but the enabling legislation was blocked by a handful of opposition senators in a standoff with Martelly. Opponents of the president have been holding regular protests in the capital,calling on him to resign. STCATHERINE, Jamaica – The police are reporting the arrest of 11 men,who are suspected of carrying out illegal miningactivities,and the seizureofanumberof heavy-dutyequipment during an operation in the Caymanas area of St Catherine on Tuesday. Reports are that about 12:05 pm,the group of men was seen with trucks and bulldozers at an area off the Mandela Highway. The lawmen made enquiries and it is alleged that they were mining for sand and had no permit to carry out such activities. The men were subsequently arrested for suspicion of breaching the Quarry Control Act;two trucks and a bulldozer were also seized. Former PM denies association with extra-judicial killings Haiti sets date for delayed legislative elections Human rights head defends decision to sue media Eleven men suspected of illegal mining arrested in Jamaica


KINGSTON,Jamaica – Thick, noxioussmokeblanketed Jamaica’scapitalyesterdayasa wind-fannedfireburnedata sprawling,open-airwastedump onthecity’soutskirts that has seen repeated blazes. Firefighters were trying to put out the fire as it billowed acrid smoke across Kingston and parts of neighbouring St. Catherine parish.Schools closed and the government advised residentstostayindoorsandclose windows. Authorities said they had the dump fire contained,though plumes of gray smoke increased and shifted direction on a breezy day.Some people who had to venture outside in badly affected areas of Jamaica’s capital covered their nose and mouth with damp rags or handkerchiefs. For years,the Riverton City dump has seen repeated fires, exasperating residents who are concerned about the health effects of breathing in smoke and microscopic pollutants.There’s virtually no control over what is dumped,so all manner of industrial and commercial waste burns when fires start,often sparked by arsonists.The last major fire at the dump,in April 2014,burned for nearly two weeks and sent an increased number of people with respiratory distress to health clinics. About three years ago,agovernment study found that alarming levels of volatile organic compounds were released by a blaze at the site managed by the National Solid Waste Management Authority.The cancer-causing chemical benzene was detected at three times the World Health Organization’s air standard. After a 2012 fire,Environment Minister Robert Pickersgill acknowledged the situation affected public health.But the dump continues to catchfire and the island’sbiggest city continues to be covered in smoke when it does. Diana McCaulay,chief of the nonprofit Jamaica Environment Trust,said there has clearly been a longstanding failure to manage solid waste on the island. “The dump fire is a serious risk topublic health and it is simply not enough to saythe fire will soon be out.The people responsible should be held accountable,”McCaulay said in a Thursdayemail. WASHINGTON–About100 would-bemilitantshaveleft smallCaribbeancountriesto gofight with Islamic extremists in Syria,the top U.S.general in South America said yesterday. MarineGen.John Kelly told the Senate Armed Services Committee that if the recruits return to their home nations, they could come up through cross-border drug or other criminalnetworks into the U.S.So far, however,he said he has seen no indications of a direct threat or scheme to attack the U.S. Kelly,who heads the U.S. Southern Command,said Iran and Islamic extremist groups are doing a “fair amount”of recruiting in the region,and said some people have become radicalized through the Internet and others through radical mosques.He listed Jamaica,Trinidad, Suriname and Venezuela as countrieswhereofficialsbelieve recruitshave departed for Syria. Theamountofmovement acrosstheborderandthe sophisticationofthenetworks overwhelm“ourabilitytostop everything,”Kellytoldreporters duringaPentagonbriefinglater intheday. Kelly said the small Caribbean nations are concerned about the extremists returning home to conduct terror operations,because they don’t have any real ability to deal with the problem. And,once back in their country, he said,the recruits can travel freely between countries and potentially get across the border into America. “Everyone is concerned,of course,if they come home,”said Kelly,adding that while in Syria the recruits would “get good at killing and pick up some real job skills in terms of explosives and beheadings and things like that.” The concern about radicalized citizens traveling to Syria to fight has been growing,both in the U.S.and across Europe.Most recently,three British schoolgirls went to Syria to join the Islamic State group,shocking families and friends and underscoring the difficulties in identifying recruits and would-be militants. Kelly said the CIA,FBI and lawenforcement all do a good job tracking the networks,but “there’s a lot of people coming and going.It only takes one to cause a problem.” In other comments,Kelly said his ability to use surveillance aircraft to locate and track drug smugglers on the water would be cut in half if Congress fails to reverse automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration.He said he’dlikely lost the ability to use Navy P-3 aircraft and would be unable to hire private surveillance planes he usually uses for intelligence gathering. Kelly was also asked about a judge’s ruling prohibiting female guards from jobs that require them to touch a Muslim detainee. The government is arguing that the ban violates the military’s gender-neutral policy.Kelly,yesterday,said the ban sounds like gender discrimination to him but said he has no choice but to follow theorder. “I’malmostashamedthatI’m doingthisbecauseIamdiscriminatingagainstmysoldiers,becausethey’refemale,”saidKelly. “They’retrained,they’re capable.” Friday March 13, 2015 19 The Barbados Advocate Firefighters were trying to put out the fire as it billowed acrid smoke across Kingston and parts of neighbouring St. Catherine parish. USMarineGen.JohnKelly SOUTHLYON,Mich.–Atourist apparentlydiedtryingtosave thecity’sMayorTeddWallace whenWallacewasbeingswept away by a riptide while vacationing Sunday in St.Croix,part of the U.S.Virgin Islands. Wallace,who vacations on the island for about six weeks each winter,was caught up in the choppy waters at Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort and Spa while he was boogie boarding.A Danish tourist tried to rescue the mayor but died during the attempt.A second rescuer,who was climbing rocks nearby,pulled Wallace from the water,but was unable to save the first would-be rescuer. Wallace was emotional Tuesday morning as he recalled the harrowing incident that almost took his life,as well as the sacrifice by the Danish stranger. “They’re both heroes,”Wallace said.“The rescuer said he didn’t know why he climbed up on the rocks.He said he looked over to the left and realized that we were in trouble.” “I think it was just like some kind of divine intervention,”the rescuer was quoted in the St. Croix Avis newspaper as saying. Wallace said he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from friends on the island. He said he talked to the victim’s wife after the incident,and she huggedhim.“Ireallythoughtfor about10minutesthatmyend hadcome.I’m done doing that activityfortherestofmylife,and I’mthankfulforwhatlifeIhave left.” Tedd Wallace,South Lyon, Mich.,mayor Wallace said he believed the victim was in his 70s, but he didn’t havehisnameor age.He said the Danish man heard him calling for help as the tidewaspullinghimtowarda massofrocks. The victim was about 20 feet away,Wallace said,adding that he told the man to hang onto the boogie board “and we’ll paddle together,”the newspaper reported. “All of a sudden he just went under.I don’t know if he had a heart attackor what.” Talkingabouttheincidenta fewdays after the fact,Wallace said “I really thought for about 10 minutes that my end had come.I was hanging on to the boogie board and crashing down and coming up.Miraculously this hand was reaching out for me. The whole ocean just shifted and took me so fast.I’m done doing that activity for the rest of my life,and I’m thankful for what life I have left.” General concerned about extremists possibly returning to Caribbean could reach US border Smoke blankets JA’s capital as dump fire burns Tourist dies saving Michigan mayor in St. Croix


20 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate BOGOTA–ColombianSandra PatriciaCorreasurvived numerousbrutalbeatingsand ninestabwoundsatthehandsof herestranged husband before he threatened to kill her. OnFriday nights Alexander de Jesus OrtizwouldturnupdrunkatCorrea’s home,threatentotakeawaytheir youngdaughter,andyellinthestreet: “Dirtybitch,I’mgoingtokillyou.” Threeyearslater,whenCorrea,35, agreedtomeethiminColombia’s second city of Medellin,he carried out his threat,stabbing her in the chest in amotel room in November 2012. In a country where an average of two women are killed every day,Correa’s death might have gone unnoticed. But earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled that she was a victim of femicide – the killing of a woman by a man because of her gender – an historic judgment that has set a precedent and encouraged women’s rights campaigners. In the first case of its kind in Colombia,the Supreme Court sentenced Ortiz to 18 years in prison forfemicide,overturning a lower court ruling that the killing was a crime of passion,motivated by jealousy. “This is not a love story but the crushing of a woman by a man who considered her to be his subordinate ...” the Court said. Just two days ago Brazil passed a law against femicide,the 16th Latin American nation to approve similar legislation in recent years. The Colombian court ruling could help push forward a bill proposed by a group of women lawmakers that would make femicide a distinct and legally defined crime. “This is an unparalleled decision that makes it clear that what happened to Correa and other women is not a crime of passion,which only serves to justify the actions of the perpetrator,but is a crime based on gender,”said Martha Lucia Sanchez,women’s rights secretary at the Bogota mayor’s office. “It sends a message to society that such crimes don’t end in impunity,and gives us a tool with which to get other convictions for femicide in the future, with a maximum prison sentence of 40 years without parole,”Sanchez told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a telephone interview. Femicide is a growing and widespread problem across Latin America,and the region has the highest femicide rates in the world, the agency United Nations Women says. Many victims of femicide,like Correa,have a long history of domestic violence and the perpetrators are often their current or former partners, family members or friends. Changing social attitudes that tend to condone violence against women is along-term task. Arecent government poll found that 45per cent of Colombians asked about domestic violence said a woman who remains with an abusive partner does so because she enjoys being beaten. The poll revealed entrenched attitudes in Colombian society,where domestic violence is widely seen as a private issue and nearly 80 per cent of those questioned said people should ‘not wash their dirty laundry in public.’ Colombia’s macho cul t ure,along with high levels of inequality,are key reasons for the widespread violence against women,experts say. “Traditionally Colombia has been an unequal society and discrimination against women is deep-rooted,”Belen Sanz,head of U.N.Women in Co l ombia, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview. GUYANA–PresidentDonaldRamotar thismorningcondemnedthekillingof politicalactivistCourtneyCrum-Ewing and urged the police to find those responsible. Ramotaratthetimewas addressing theopeningceremonyofthePolice Officers’AnnualConference. Hesaidthatallthosewhohave informationshouldcomeforwardand providesametothepolice.He said that it does not do much for those persons to keep the information to themselves. Ramotar called on the police to go after and find the intellectual author of the brutal act. The 40-year-old who had staged a one-man picket outside the office of Attorney General Anil Nandlall for weeks over the latter’shair-raising conversation with a KN reporter was heard on a bullhorn shortly before he was killed urging voters to not stay at home come May 11th but to take to the polls to oust the incumbent PPP/C government. His relatives insist that his stance on government issues is what led to his death. Senior police officers today insisted that they are actively investigating the matter and expressed optimism that they will make a breakthrough. COLOMBIAwillstopbombingraids againstMarxistFARC rebels for a month,PresidentJuanManuelSantos saidTuesday,a major stride in a peace process aimed at ending Latin America’s longest-running civil war. “In order to start the de-escalation of the conflict I have decided to order the minister of defense and armed forces commanders to stop bombing raids on FARC camps for a month,”Santos said in atelevision address. The Colombian conflict has killed 220,000 people and uprooted more than five million since the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) was launched in 1964. The peace talks in Havana,which began in November 2012,have produced partial accords on several issues,but have yet to yield a final deal. The National Liberation Army (ELN), amuch smaller rebellion,is not part of the dialogue with the FARC. Colombia’s highest court hands down first femicide Guyana: Find political activist’s killers, President urges police Colombia to temporarily halt bombing of FARC rebels President Donald Ramotar. Colombian soldiers patrol in the department of Caqueta, FARC fiefdom located between the Andes range and the Amazonian rainforest in Colombia in November 2014. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos makes an address to the nation about the decision to stop bombing raids on FARC camps for a month, at Narino Presidential Palace in Bogota, on March 10, 2015.


Friday March 13, 2015 21 The Barbados Advocate ROME–ThousandsofvisitorstoRome have been unwittingly pouring cash into the pockets of a ruthless mafia organisation by dining at two of the city’s best-known tourist restaurants,Italian policesaid yesterday. Authorities on Thursdayclosed down the two eateries near the Pantheon in the heart of Rome’s historic centre,saying they were run by the ‘Ndrangheta,a notoriouscriminalsyndicatethat controlsmuchof Europe’scocaine trade. Thenationalanti-mafiaunitsaidthe tworestaurants,LaRotondaandEr Faciolaro,were controlled by alleged mobster Salvatore Lania and used to launder millions of euros generated by what is now Italy’s most powerful criminal organisation. Separately,financial police in Calabria, ‘Ndrangheta’shomeland,issued warrants for the arrest of 11 people and revealed that one of the biggest shopping centres in southern Italy had been built and run by the mafia group.’ A210-million euro real estate development linked to the Annunziata centre in the southern port of Gioia Tauro was sequestered. In a statement,police said Alfonso Annunziata,the developer who built the centre,had acted for nearly three decades as a front man for the Piromalli,a powerful “family”or clan of the ‘Ndrangheta based in the port. Annunziata was among those arrested on charges of criminal association,along with his wife and five children. Police said he been caught out by wiretaps of him regaling his accountant with the story of his unlikely rise from travelling salesman who had to pay extortion money to being a wealthy businessman who extorted cash from others in connivance with his mafia masters. Friendly and funny Laniawaschargedwithfraudulently registeringtheRomerestaurantsanda nearbysouvenirshopasbelongingto otherpeoplewhenhewas,in fact,the beneficialowner. ArecentstudybyColdiretti,thebody whichrepresentsItalianfarmers, estimatedthatatleast5,000restaurants, bars and other eating places across Italy are in the hands of organised crime. Anyoneeatingateitherofthetwo Rome restaurants would have had no idea that they were run by the mob. Both offer typically Roman dishes and wood-fired pizzas.A recent review of La Rotonda on Tripadvisor notes:“Service was excellent and staff very friendly and funny.” The anti-mafia unit said evidence of Lania’s involvement with ‘Ndrangheta had emerged as a result of their investigation into the so-called Alvaro clan’s activities in Rome. They suspect he was involved in the gang’ssmuggling of counterfeit goods made in China into Europe through Gioia Tauro with the support of the Piromalli family. ‘Ndrangheta has emerged as the most powerful of Italy’s mafia groups,earning billions from importing cocaine produced in Latin America into Europe via north Africa and southern Italy.’ Mafia entrepreneurs Recentarrestshave confirmed the secretive group’sexpansion beyond Calabria to both Rome and northern Italy,but it has also suffered setbacks. In January Italian authorities ordered thearrestof160allegedmembersand claimed to have dismantled several of its “mafiaentrepreneur”networksin northern cities. FERGUSON,Mo.–Theshootingof twopoliceofficersinFerguson, Missouri,duringaprotestrally sparkedanintensemanhuntfor suspects yesterday and ratcheted up tensions in a city at the center of a national debate over race and policing. U.S.PresidentBarackObamaand AttorneyGeneralEricHoldercondemned theattackontheofficers,whowere treatedatalocalhospitalandreleased,as alawenforcementteamintacticalgear swarmed a home in the St.Louis suburb. Television images showed officers on the roof breaking intothe attic with heavy tools. Shawn McGuire,a St.Louis County police spokesman,said an undisclosed number of people were taken from the housebut there have been no arrests so far.He would not confirm media reports that two men and a woman were led away. Long-simmering tensions between African-Americans and Ferguson’s mostly white police force came to a boil in August when a white policeman killed an unarmed black teenager.The shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown led to a coastto-coast wave of demonstrations last year. The rally at Ferguson police headquarters on Wednesday evening was called hours after the resignation of its long-criticized police chief,Tom Jackson, but activists demanded more changes. Jackson quit in the wake of a scathing U.S.Justice Department report that found his force was rife with racial bias. Around midnight,gunfire rang out, leaving a 41-year-old St.Louis County Police officer with a shoulder wound and a32-year-old officer from nearby Webster Groves Police Department with a bullet lodged near his ear,St.Louis County PoliceChiefJonBelmarsaid. “This is really an ambush,is what it is,” Belmar said of the shootings,the worst outbreak of violence in the city since riots that broke out in November after the announcement that a grand jury decided against indicting the officer who killed Brown. The shootings were “inexcusable and repugnant,”Holder said in a statement. The White House sent a Tweet that read: “Violence against police is unacceptable. Our prayers are with the officers in MO. Path to justice is one all of us must travel together.” Belmar told a news conference authorities had possible leads,and said the shooter used a handgun and shell casings had been recovered. “This is No.1priority of St.Louis County police to identify that individual or individuals,”said Belmar,who leads the police force in the county that includes Ferguson.Officers did not return fire but may in future,he said. “I have said all along that we cannot sustain this forever without problems,”he said,referring to festering tensions in the city since Brown’sdeath. The shooting came less than three months after a man ambushed two New York City patrolmen,saying he sought to avenge the killings of Brown and an unarmed blackman in New York.In both cases,grand juries decided against bringing criminal charges. “We reject any kind of violence directed toward members of lawenforcement,” Brown’s family said in a statement.“We specifically denounce the actions of standalone agitators who unsuccessfully attempt to derail the otherwise peaceful and non-violent movement that has emerged throughout this nation to confront police brutality.” Police and protesters appeared to disagree about where the shots came from,with Belmar asserting they came from the middle of the crowd gathered in front of police headquarters. “I don’t know who did the shooting,... but somehow they were embedded in that group of folks,”Belmar said. Protesters at the scene insisted on social media that the shots came from further away. “The shooter was not with the protesters.The shooter was atop the hill,” activist DeRay McKesson said on Twitter. “I was here.Isaw the officer fall.The shot came from at least 500 feet away from the officers,”he said. Astring of Ferguson officials quit after the Justice Department report,which found the city used police as a collection agency,issuing traffic citations to black residents to boost its coffers,resulting in a“toxic environment”.Activists want the city mayor,James Knowles,to step down as well. Police seek suspects in Ferguson police ‘ambush’ Rome restaurants accused of funding mafia Paramedics load one of two police officers who were shot while standing guard in front of the Ferguson Police Station during a protest on Thursday.


22 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate MIAMI–Afterstrugglingto emergefromtheEbolaoutbreak,West Africa now faces a dangerous wave of measles cases because over-burdened hospitals were unable to keep up with vaccinations,researchers said yesterday. Some 100 000 more children could get measles,in addition to the 127 000 cases already anticipated among children who have not been vaccinated against measles in Guinea,Sierra Leone and Liberia,the three nations hardest by the Ebola epidemic, said the study in the journal Science. Researchers forecast that on top of the 7 000 measles deaths that the countries would normally anticipate,anywhere between 2 000 and 16 000 additionalchildrenwouldlikelydie frommeasles,all because of a year-and-a-half of Ebola-related disruptions in the health care system. “The large numbers we project sound pretty bad but they’re not unprecedented,”said lead author Justin Lessler,assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “Between 2010 and 2013,a measles outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo resulted in 294,000 cases and over 5,000 deaths,”he said,noting that the DRC measles outbreak followed years of unrest,not an Ebola epidemic. Measles outbreaks often follow humanitarian crises,as vaccination rates decline because of violence,fear of infection,and health systems that are overwhelmed with casualties and deaths. The latest outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is the worst in history,killing more than 10 000 of the more than 24 000 people infected,according to the World Health Organization. Researchers estimate that measles immunizations in the region – typically ranging between 60 and 80 per cent of children – had fallen by 75 per cent because of the Ebola crisis. That would mean that after 18 months of healthcare disruptions,more than 1.12 million children aged between nine months and five years would be vulnerable to measles – up from 778 000 prior to the crisis,the study said. ‘Incredibly contagious’ Measlescausesfeverandrash, andcomplicationscaninclude pneumonia,fatal brain swelling, blindnessandhearingloss. About84percentofchildren worldwidearevaccinated against measles by their first birthday,according to the WHO. But more than 90 per cent need to be vaccinated in order to maintain herd immunity,health authorities say. The virus’s particles can remain infectious on surfaces and in the air for up to two hours. “It’sso incredibly contagious compared to other vaccine preventable diseases,”said Lessler. “It’sone of the first diseases for which we lose our (herd) protection against an outbreak.” Therehavebeensome measlescasesinWest Africa sincetheEbolaoutbreakbegan, butsofartheregionhasavoided alargeoutbreak. Researcherssaidthebestway towardoffanotherpublichealth emergencyistomakeafresh push for childhood vaccinations in the region,including measles, polio and whooping cough,along with delivery of anti-malaria bed netting and medication,and doses of Vitamin Awhichcan boost child health. “Measles is not the only health threat that has been made worse by the Ebola crisis and maynot even be the worst.But it’s certainly one we can do something about,”said Lessler. LONDON–Britishspies carryoutmassinterception ofthepublic’semailsand accesslargedatabaseswith individuals’ personal details,but their actions are not indiscriminate or unlawful,a powerful committee of lawmakers said yesterday. Britain’ssecurityagencies havebeenaccusedofunfettered snooping on electronic communications since disclosures by USNational Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden indicated spies had been hoovering up emails,text messages andinternet communications. Following a lengthy inquiry, the British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC),which acts as awatchdog for the spy agencies,said the bulk collection of data did not amount to blanket surveillance. According to its heavilyredacted report provided to reporters,spies read “*** thousand items a day”,but they only accessed a tiny fraction of everything they scooped up, and the bulk interception of data had exposed previously unknown plots. “GCHQ is not collecting or reading everyone’s emails:they donot have the legal authority, the resources,or the technical capability to do so,”said Hazel Blears,one of the committee members and a former Home Secretary (interior minister). “Only a very tiny percentage of those collected are ever seen by human eyes.” The disclosures by Snowden, who is now living in Moscow, prompted a debate in Britain about how much access the spy agencies – MI5,which deals with domestic matters,MI6, which handles foreign intelligence and the eavesdropping service GCHQ – should have to people’s communications data. Security chiefs and police say new powers to monitor emails and social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are vital if they are to keep up with m ilitants and criminals,while opponents argue any new laws would breach privacy and amount to a “snoopers’ charter”. ABritish tribunal last month ruled GCHQ had acted unlawfully by accessing data on millions of people in Britain that had been collected by the NSA because the arrangements were secret. Days later,SIM card maker Gemalto said it believed US and British spies had hacked i ts systems to steal codes that protect the privacy of billions ofmobile phone users. Prime Minister David Cameron has said his Conservative Party would give the security agencies more power to monitor internet communications if he wins May’s national election. The ISC report revealed for the first time that spies accessed “bulk personal datasets” whichcontained huge amounts of personal information about Britons,although Blears said they had concluded these were necessary and proportionate. The ISC also revealed that a handful of spies had been disciplined or sacked for inappropriately accessing these datasets. It gave no further details on those cases. While rejecting accusations ofwrongdoing against the intell igence agencies,the ISC said there needed to be a major overhaul of the laws governing their work to ensure greater transparency and to strengthen privacy protections. Their report failed to appease privacy campaigners. “The ISC has repeatedly shown itself as a simple mouthpiece for the spooks – so clueless and ineffective that it’s only thanks to Edward Snowden that it had the slightest clue of the agencies’ antics,” said Shami Chakrabarti,director of human rights group Liberty. DENPASAR,Indonesia–AUS manconfessedinanIndonesian courtyesterdaytokillinghis pregnantgirlfriend’smother,in agrislycaseinwhichthevictim’sbatteredbodywasfoundin anabandonedsuitcaseontheresortislandofBali. Tommy Schaefer and Heather Mack,bothfromChicago,are being tried separately and have been charged with premeditated murder in the death of Shiela von Wiese-Mack. Schaefer has argued self-defense,telling the court WieseMack attacked him in anger because she objected to the couple’s relationship. “She squeezed my neckfor about 20 to 30 seconds so I couldn’t see because my eyes were watering,”Schaefer said,describing through an interpreter the moments leading up to the murder. “She wa nted to reach for a bowl but I reached it before she did.I couldn’t see so I just swung it.”Mack,who is eight months pregnant,told a court hearing on Wednesday that Schaefer had killed her mother after she had threatened to kill the couple’s unborn baby,according to media. Bali police conducted a fourmonth investigation into the killing that included a re-enactment with the defendants at the luxury hotel where WieseMack’s body was found. Other evidence submitted to prosecutors included CCTV footage showing the couple speaking to a taxi driver after dropping the bloodied suitcase along with other luggage outside the hotel. The pair could face the death penalty if found guilty of the murder,which took place in August of last year. Ebola outbreak raises risk of measles in West Africa British spies carry out mass interception of emails US man admitsto killing girlfriend’s mother A court bailiff escorts U.S. citizens Tommy Schaefer (R) and his girlfriend Heather Mack (C), the daughter of US woman Sheila von Wiese-Mack, who was found dead inside a suitcase on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali, as they walk to their trial at a Denpasar court in Bali.


Friday March 13, 2015 23 The Barbados Advocate DHAKA–Atleastfive people were killed and another about 100 feared trapped after a cement factory collapsed in Bangladesh yesterday,police said. Soldiers and sailors in the port town of Mongla helped emergency services search through the rubble and pull out more than 40 survivors,officials told Reuters The factory,run by a subsidiary of the Bangladesh army,was still being built in the town 335 km (210 miles) southwest of the capital,Dhaka,they added. “Most of the people inside the building were the construction workers including the people who recovered alive The recovery efforts are going on very carefully to avoid further risk”Khulna district police chief Nizamul Haque Mollah said. Bangladesh has a poor record for building safety. Acomplex of shops and small factories collapsed in 2013 killing more than 1,130 people,most of them garment workers. The collapse of Rana Plaza,built on swampy ground outside the capital, Dhaka,ranked among the world’s worst industrial accidents and prompted a global outcry for improved safety in the world’s second-largest exporter of ready-made garments. UNITED NATIONS– UN Security Council diplomats are drafting a resolution to shore up a regional force fighting Boko Haram with financial backing and logistical support needed for the mission to succeed,according toatext obtained by AFP. Under the measure,the Security Council would also consider sanctions against financiers and other supporters of the Nigerian Islamist group, which last week pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group. According to the draft, the 15-member council would endorse the decision to establish the regional force whose oneyear mandate will be to “create a safe and secure environment in the areas affected by the activities of Boko Haram.” Secretary General Ban Ki-moon would be tasked with setting up a trust fund to receive contributions from member-states to help the five-nation force of up to 10 000 troops,but no figure on the financing is included in the text. The force now stands at 8700,with Nigeria contributing 3 250 troops, Chad 3 000,Cameroun 950,Benin 750 and Niger 750. The draft resolution welcomes plans for a donors’ conference to be held next month to unlock financing for the offensive, organized by the African Union with UN support. The measure urges countries to share intelligence and provide personnel,equipment and services “for the successful deployment of the MNJTF,” the Multinational Joint Task Force. The text is being drafted under chapter 7 of the UN charter,whichmeans it can be enforced by sanctions and possibly military action. Recalling that Boko Haram has been listed as aterror group,the council urges governments to submit names of individuals and groups “who are financing,arming,planning or recruiting for Boko Haram”to a sanctions committee. The text drafted by Chad,Nigeria and Angola, the Security Council’s African members,is being discussed with Britain, France and the United States. Diplomats said a formal draft resolution could be presented to the 15 members of the council next week,with a vote expected before the end of the month. Discussions on UN support for the Boko Haram force have been slowgoing,with diplomats pointing to strong resistance from Nigeria,which has bristled at criticism of its failure to confront the insurgents as it heads for elections on March 28. “When it comes to Nigeria,we have been walking on eggshells,” said a Security Council diplomat,who spoke on condition of anonymity. Last month,UN envoy for West Africa Mohammed ibn Chambas called on Nigeria to “demonstrate greater resolve”in confronting “a serious enemy,Boko Haram.” Nigeria’s security chief Ayodele Oke on Wednesdayvoiced optimism about re-taking four local government areas controlled by Boko Haram in the coming weeks. Five killed, 100 trapped in Bangladesh factory collapse The scene of a collapsed cement factory in the port town of Mongla, southwest of Dhaka yesterday. UN ready to shore up regional force fighting Boko Haram MOSCOW–RussiaaccusedUkraineyesterdayofdraggingitsfeet onimplementinglast month’s peace deal,citing a wide range of areas in which Kiev is allegedly failing to meet its obligations. PresidentVladimir Putin’s spokesman, DmitryPeskov,toldThe AssociatedPressthat Ukrainewasfailinginits pledge to declare an amnesty for fighters and to set the stage for local elections in the east.He also accused Ukrainian authorities of being reluctant to restore financial and social services to the east. “Unfortunately,we witness unwillingness,” Peskov told the AP,“and we are concerned about that.” He said that while hostilities in eastern Ukraine have abated thanks to the February 12 peace deal, Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian government are still blaming each other for a slow and incomplete withdrawal of heavy weapons. He said “we do expect both sides of the conflict to fulfill their obligations,and to withdraw completely and timely all the heavy armaments.” More than 6 000 people have been killed in the fighting between government troops and the rebels since the pro-Russian insurgency flared up in eastern Ukraine in April,following Moscow’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of fueling the rebellion with troops and weapons – charges Moscow has denied. Under the peace agreement signed in Minsk, Ukraine can restore full control over its border with Russia only after the Ukrainian parliament conducts a constitutional reform granting wide powers to the rebel regions. In line with the peace accord,heavy weapons are to be pulled back by distances between 25 and 70 kilometers (15 to 45 miles) from the front line,depending on their caliber.The Ukrainian government and the rebels have blamed each other for falling behind schedule in withdrawing the armaments. Kremlin: Ukraine moving too slowly to fulfill peace deal Troops in action during a military exercise as Pro-Russian rebel forces practice.


24 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Mogadishu–Somalia’sAlQaeda-affiliatedShebab militantsyesterdayattackedafortifiedareain thecentraltownof Baidoa,home to a key regional government headquarters,United Nations compound and airport, security officials said. Officials said five gunmen opened fire at the gate of the high-security zone but were held off by Ethiopian and Somali government troops.A source said an Ethiopian soldier was killed,while three of the attackers blew themselves up,another was shot dead and the fifth was shot and wounded, ending the attack. “They are Shebab disguised in Somali military uniforms.That’s how they managed to enter,”a Somali police official in Baidoa,Mohamed Dahir, told AFP by telephone. In a statement,the militants confirmed they carried out the attack and insisted it was a “success” –with the objective being to“disrupt a security meeting”between local authorities and Ethiopian troops,who are part of the African Union’sAMISOM force fighting the Islamists. AUnited Nations source confirmed the attack,but said the compound where aid agencies are located did not appear to be the target of the militants. “These are desperate attempts by Al-Shebab to seek relevance,following the massive defeats they continue to suffer from the Somali National Army working together with AMISOM troops,”the African Union representative to Somalia,Maman Sidikou,also said in a statement,vowing to “pursue them further until they are completely eliminated”. Close to defeat? Baidoa,situated220kilometresnorthwestofthe capitalMogadishu,was capturedbyEthiopian forces in February 2012, ending three years of Shebab rule and dealing the group a major blow. In November the city became the capital of Somalia’s newly created South West State and the seat of its president Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan,a former parliamentary speaker and key ally of the country’s internationallybacked government. According to a security source,Adan’s office appeared to be the main target of the attack.However, militants failed to penetrate the building and the regional leader was safe, the source said. Shebab rebels continue tostage frequent attacks as part of their fight to overthrow the country’s government and counter claims that they are close to defeat due to the loss of territory,regular drone strikes against their leaders and defections. In the capital Mogadishu they have targeted hotels,the international airport,the presidential palace,a UN compound and restaurants. On Wednesday evening one person was killed in a suspected Shebab car bomb attack against a popular hotel in Mogadishu,an attack that came several weeks after the Islamists carried out a suicide raid against another hotel in the city, killing at least 25 people. The group have also carried out a string of revenge attacks in neighbouring countries – including the September 2013 attack on the Westgate shopping mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi which left at least 67 dead. Somalia’s Shebab stages suicide attack in key central town BAGHDAD–Iraqisecurityforcesand mainlyShi’itemilitia foughtIslamicState fightersinTikrityesterday,aday after they pushedintoSaddam Hussein’shomecityin theirbiggestoffensive yet against the militants. Asourceatthemilitary command said there was heavy mortar shelling, sniper and machine-gun fire in the industrial quarter in the northwest of the city.Three Islamic State insurgents were killed but the army and militias struggled to advance from parts of the city which they took 24 hours earlier. Islamic State fighters stormed into Tikrit last June during a lightning offensive that was halted just outside Baghdad. They have since used the complex of palaces built in Tikrit under Saddam,the executed former president,as their headquarters. Themilitarysourcesaid theinsurgentsstillheld thepresidentialcomplex andatleastthreeother districtsinthecentreof Tikrit,holding up further army advances with snipers and bombs.A Reuters photographer saw one car bomb explode on the western edge of the city,and security officials said Islamic State fighters had booby-trapped abandoned buildings. Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said on a visit to the frontline on Thursday that operations were going to plan,despite the lack of apparent progress on Thursday while the combined army and militia forces consolidated their positions. “Now the second page of the battle commences,”he told state television Iraqiya.“Allthebranches of the security forces are engaged in the battle as well as tribal fighters and the Hashid Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation),” he said,referring to the militia forces. If Iraq’s Shi’ite-led government retakes Tikrit it would be the first city clawedbackfromthe Sunni insurgents and would give it momentum in the next,pivotal stage of the campaign to recapture Mosul,the largest city in the north. Mosul is also the biggest city held by the ultra-radical Islamic State,who now rule a self-declared cross-border caliphate in Sunni regions of Syria and Iraq. Blown up bridge Morethan20000Iraqi troopsandIranian-backed Shi’iteMuslimmilitias, supportedbylocalSunni Muslimtribes,launched theoffensiveforTikrit 10 days ago,advancing from the east and along the banks of the Tigris. On Tuesdaythey took the town of al-Alam on the northern edge of Tikrit, paving the way for an attackonthecityitself. NorthofTikrit,the militants blew up al-Fatha bridge linking the northsouth highway along the Tigris river with the Islamic State-held town of Hawijah to the north-east. They erected barricades and gathered 20 vehicles by the blown up bridge,an official at the Salahuddin province operations command said. The insurgents have also fought back elsewhereinIraq,launching 13suicidecarbombs againstarmypositionson Wednesdayin Ramadi, about 90 km (55 miles) west of Baghdad. Iraqi forces slowed by snipers, bombs inTikrit Shi’ite fighters known as Hashid Shaabi walk as smoke rises from an explosives-laden militaryvehicle driven by an Islamic State suicide bomber which exploded during an attack on the southern edge of Tikrit. Reykjavik – Iceland yesterdayannounceditwas droppingitsbidtojointhe EuropeanUnioninline withpledgesmadetwo yearsagobyitsthennew euroscepticgovernment. Icelandfirstappliedfor EUmembershipin2009 butForeignMinister GunnarBragiSveinsson saidinastatementthat thecentre-rightgovernmenthadinformedcurrent EU president Latvia and the European Commission of its decision to annul the application. “Iceland’sinterestsare better served outside the European Union,”the minister wrote on his website. Iceland first applied for EU membership under a leftist government in 2009,when the country was badly shaken by a damaging economic crisis that sawthe Icelandic krona lose almost half its value,making eurozone membership an attractive prospect. But the thorny issue of fishing quotas was seen as akey obstacle to joining the bloc,although the issue was never brought up in the accession talks. Fishing represents an important part of the Icelandic economy. Opinion polls also began to show growing resistance among Icelanders to EU membership. When the centrist Progress Party and the right-wing Independence Party came to power in 2013 they suspended the talks with Brussels,although they backed down on a promise to hold a referendum on joining the EU. Iceland has said it wants to maintain “close ties and cooperation”with the EU. The North Atlantic island is already a member of Europe’sborder-free Schengen area and the European Economic Area. Iceland says dropping bid for EU membership


Friday March 13, 2015 25 The Barbados Advocate ANKARA–Turkeyyesterdaysaidit haddetainedanintelligenceagent working for one of the nations in the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (IS) for helping three British teenage girls cross into Syria to join the jihadists. ThesurpriserevelationbyForeign MinisterMevlutCavusogluappeared aimedatdeflectingsustainedcriticism fromWesterncountriesthatTurkeyis failingtohalttheflowofjihadistsacross itsborders. “Doyouknowwhohelpedthosegirls? Hewascaptured.Hewassomeoneworkingfortheintelligence(service)ofacountry in the coalition,”Cavusoglu told the AHaber channel in an interview published by the official Anatolia news agency. ATurkish government official told AFP that the agent was arrested byTurkey’s security forces 10 days ago,and added that the person was not a Turkish citizen. “We informed all the countries concerned,”the official said,speaking on condition of anonymity. “It’snotanEUmember,it’salsonotthe UnitedStates.He is working for the intelligence of a country within the coalition,”Cavusoglu added,without further specifying the nationality of the detained agent. Cavusoglu said he had informed his British counterpart Philip Hammond of the development. “Hetoldme‘justasusual’,”said Cavusoglu,withoutexplainingfurther. ClosefriendsKadizaSultana,16,and 15-year-olds Shamima Begum and Amira Abase,crossed into Syria after boarding aflight from London to Istanbul on February 17. They took a bus from Istanbul to the southeastern Turkish city of Sanliurfa close to the Syrian border,from where they are believed to have crossed the frontier. The disappearance of the girls has alarmed Britain and raised questions about what motivates such young people to go to Syria. ‘Turkey always a scapegoat’ Turkeyhaslongexpressedirritationover therepeatedcriticismfromtheWestthat Ankaraisnotdoingenoughtostopjihadistsandtheirsympathiserscrossing intoSyria. Thegovernmentofficialsaidthecaseof themissinggirlsshowedclosercooperation was needed. “Turkey is alwaysblamedasascapegoat but this case has shown that we need more cooperation in the fight against Daesh,”theofficialsaid,using an alternative name for IS. “The region’s security cannot be put on Turkey’s shoulders alone,”the government official added. Turkey accused Britain last month of a“reprehensible”delay in informing the Turkish authorities about the departure of the three teenage girls for its territory. Turkey detains spy for helping girls join IS Moscow–Russianrescueworkersyesterdaycombedthroughtheincinerated rubbleofashoppingmallforthebodies of25peoplestillmissingadayaftera firerippedthroughthecentre,leaving five dead,local officials said. Rescue workers were clearing the debris after the three-storey building was destroyed in the blaze in Kazan,the capital of Tatarstan some 800 kilometres (500 miles) east of Moscow. “They still have to comb through 8000 cubic metres of debris,”Andrei Rodygin,spokesman for the emergencies ministry in Tatarstan,told AFP. “It could take several days.” Five people – a woman and four men –have been confirmed dead. Two of the victims are from the impoverished Central Asian nation of Tajikistan,the emergencies ministry said. He said that the emergencies ministry would not declare the missing dead before it finds their bodies. Earlier in the day Igor Panshin,director of the emergencies situations ministry in the Volga region,said that up to 25 people could be under the rubble. Some 500 police officers and riot police had been deployed to seal off the building on Wednesday afternoon as panicked shop owners pushed past a security cordon into the burning centre inabid to save their merchandise. Atotal of 650 shoppers were rescued from the fire. Television footage showed towering plumes of black smoke rising from the burning building. Atotal of 55 sought medical help and 16 still remained hospitalised,regional health authorities said. Tatarstan prosecutors called for the arrest of the head of a company that rented the premises for failing to properly evacuate people,and handed the case to the Investigative Committee, which reports directly to President Vladimir Putin. Families of Russian nationals who perished in the blaze will receive one million rubles ($16 300),local authorities said. Relatives of foreign nationals will receive help in getting the bodies of their loved ones home. Five killed, 25 missing in Russian mall fire Emergency services at the remains of a shopping mall in Kazan DETROIT–Ajudge sentenced a Chicagoactivistyesterdayto18months inprisonforlyingaboutherconvictions for bombings in Israel when she sought US citizenship,callinghera“terrorist” fromdecadesagowhohasturnedto “goodworks”. RasmiehOdeh,67,alsowasstripped ofhercitizenshipandwillbedeported, probablytoJordan.But she will remain freewhilesheappealstheconviction,a processthatcouldtakemorethanayear. “Theoffenceisseriousbutit’snotextremely serious,”said US District Judge Gershwin Drain. Odeh helps run Chicago’sArab American Action Network,an education and social services agency,and more than 100 supporters filled the courtroom or spilled over into another room to watch a video feed of the hearing.Many took a bus or car-pooled from Chicago, then marched and chanted in front of the courthouse while waving Palestinian flags. Odeh was convicted of two bombings in Jerusalem in 1969,including one that killed two people at a market.But in 2004,she answered “no”on her US citizenship application in Detroit when asked about any past criminal record.She also didn’t disclose it a decade earlier when she was granted a visa. She insists that she believed the questions were related to US crimes, although the form said “EVER”. Speaking to the judge in Arabic and English,Odeh said she’snot a “bad woman”.She said it would be “torture” to many Arabic women whom she has helped in the Chicago area if she was sent to prison. Drain settled on an 18-month sentence,in the middle of the guidelines but far below the five years recommended by federal prosecutors.A fiveyear punishment would have been an extraordinary step up from the guidelines. “Technically she was a terrorist,”the judge said.“But looking at Ms.Odeh’s recent history,I’m convinced she’s really been involved in a lot of good works.... If she was a terrorist,she’s changed. She’s reformed and engaged in positive, constructive activities.” Nonetheless,Drain said the case wasn’t about politics,communityserviceor the Middle East. “This case is about honesty and being truthful and saying the right thing under oath,”he said. Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Tukel said Odeh is seen as an “icon” among terrorists.He said her work in Chicago was irrelevant. Outside court,Odeh wore a big smile, hugged supporters and predicted victory after an appeal.She’ll argue that the judge put too many restrictions on her defense at trial. Odeh said she was “shocked”to get a prison sentence. “Many of us do nothing to make this a better place....She’s taken nothing from this country but given a lot,”defense attorney Michael Deutschtold Drain. US activist gets prison for lying about Israel bombing


26 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ByAshleeCoxTHESt Michael Schools’ annual Model Search is much more than just a catwalk! Thisisthemessagegivenbyco-ordinatoroftheevent,LesterKing,whoexplainedthatwhiletheyouthhavebeen workinghardtopracticefortheshow, itwas the team building and developmental opportunities that remained important throughout. “They have been going for the last 6 months but we instil in the models this is more than just walking a catwalk, it’s more of team building,time management,co-ordination with team effort.So we’ve been working with them for the last 6 months and we brought in resource persons to assist them,we’ve had boot camps,so its more than just walking a cat walk”he noted. According to King,the models are also to be seen as role models,where those students in the lower school can look up tothem,and that means that they also have to be able to juggle their school work,as low performances means that you are out of the competition,as you have to have high grades to become a competitor. The theme for this year’s show is ‘World Summit’ and so King,notes that the audience,come Saturday,will be able to see how the twelve models,of whichhalf will be female,will convey the different cultures of various countries,including,the Caribbean, Americas and Europe to name a scant few. Come Saturday,the models will be walking along a 30ft catwalk,at the School’sAuditorium,and there will also be a fashion segment,which will showcase some of the up and coming designers in Barbados,including Oddboy. cont’d on page 27 World Summit this Saturday! Jonathan Howard Jadine Sibblis Sharia Payne Aaron Worrell Khadija Wright Kyle Eastmond


Friday March 13, 2015 27 The Barbados Advocate SUMMITfrompage26 Asis the case for most students who enter into the model search some are hoping to break into the modelling industry, however,King is very passionate that while many scouts may be interested in them,education must come first. “Actually we have a few scouts who are looking at them too,but we instil in them that they have to finish their education.We have a few scouts offering them contracts,but we said to them,‘No focus on your school work first and them move on from there,”he noted. This year marks the 8th year of the Model search,which was the first ever such event in Barbados for schools, and King noted that there were no real major challenges,and that the new Principal,Mrs Yvette Mayers,was actually very supportive of the initiative. “We’ve had the support of the staff,especially the new Principal, she is on board,and she sees it as a developmental process too for the students,so we’ve had 100% support,”he noted. Continuing,he further noted,“Yes,there are teenagers,but you have to work with them,stick with them,you know encourage them and instil inthem some values that noting in life comes easy,so hard work pays off and this Saturday the hardwork will be paying off,”. For those interested in seeing the Model event, tickets are $30,which you can buy from the school,or from the contestants and $35 at the door. Model Search is much more than just a catwalk Zahra McCaskie N’rico Prescod Jadon Brome Tomar Haynes Kieyana Thornhill Katrina Small


28 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate PARISFashionWeekwelcomedtwo really,really,ridiculouslygoodlooking additionsonTuesday,as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilsonreprisedtheir “Zoolander”male model characters to strut the Maison Valentino runway aheadofthehitcomedy’ssequel. StillerandWilson,who play dim-witted male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel (“so hot right now”) in the film, delivered the ultimate walk-off wearing custom Valentino accompanied by pouts and “blue steel”gazes,in homage to the 2001 comedy parodying the fashion world. This is the first promotional stunt for Paramount Pictures’ “Zoolander 2”, due out in February 2016,with Stiller reprising his directing duties and reuniting with Wilson and Will Ferrell, who plays egomaniac designer Mugatu. In “Zoolander”,Stiller’s character is brainwashed into an assassination plot against a world leader,but is saved by Hansel.The movie became a cult comedy hit,with Zoolander’s absurd lines, such as “What is this? A centre for ants?”much-quoted in pop culture. WHENyou’re50Cent,you canmakeeverythingin yourlifeintoamogul. Thathouseplant?It’samogul. Oh,thedog?Mogul.And,well, you know his own son is a mogul too. “He’sgota[modelling]dealnow withKidzSafe,”50Centsaidduring aninterviewwithAngie Martinez on Power 105.1.“It’s an audio company. They paid him a big payment too: $700 000.” Yes,2-year-old Sire Jackson is pulling a Kendall Jenner and breaking into the modelling business. “He’s super cute,you gotta pay for it,”50 joked. However,Sire’s going to have to wait a couple years to buy a Dylan’s Candy Bar franchise or whatever toddlers do with several hundred grand.50 Cent said he put Sire’s paycheque into a trust that he can’t access until he turns 18... in 2031. Sire is 50 Cent’s son with his ex-girlfriend,Daphne Joy.The two, who’ve had a turbulent relationship inthepast,are“friends”now,he says. However,Sire’s not the only model in the family.50 – real name Curtis Jackson – says he’s been training in order to hulk up for an underwear ad he’s shooting in three weeks.During the interview,50 promises he’ll be doing the full Wahlberg with the ads hopefully plastered all over Times Square.So now there’s a grand total of one reason to ever be in Times Square. COULDwebeseeingevenmoreof AmberRose? Whilethe31-year-oldmodelhasbeen keepingherselfintheheadlineswith racyInstagramphotosandcelebrity Twitter wars,a source reportedly told OK! Magazine: “She’s been inundated with offers from TV networks and publishers around the world,desperate to hear the dirt she has on Kanye [West] and why she’s on such a mission to destroy Kim [Kardashian].” According to OK!’s source,Rose never signed any kind of confidentiality clause,so she has “nothing to lose”. Rose and West couldn’t be on worse terms as exes after she called Kim Kardashian a “whore,”and the rapper claimed he had to take “30 showers” after dating her so his now wife would be with him. Reps for Rose were not immediately available to comment,but even if she isn’t out to take on Kimye,a TV gig could still be in her future. Us Weekly reported that she,along with NeNe Leakes,Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen,are being considered as possible replacements for Kelly Osbourne on “Fashion Police”,though a rep for E! told HuffPost Entertainment, “No decisions have been made at this time.” It’s not the first time there have been rumours that Rose would be involved in a reality show.Back in 2011,the model claimed that she was going to start filming a show for VH1 called “Behind Her Shades”,that would follow her life,family and businesses. The network later denied Rose’s claim, confirming to MTV they were not involved with the show. Amber Rose 50 Cent and his son, Sire Jackson. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hit the runway at the Valentino fashion show at Paris Fashion Week to announce that Zoolander 2 would be coming soon! Amber Rose reportedly ‘inundated’ with reality show offers 50 Cent’s 2-year-old son lands major modelling contract Stiller, Wilson bring Zoolander’s ‘blue steel’ to Paris fashion


RECORDINGstars RobinThickeand Pharrell Williams will contest the US$7.4 million (4.96 million pounds) jury verdict that found they plagiarized Motown soul great Marvin Gaye in creating their hit single “Blurred Lines,” the duo’s lawyer said onWednesday. Adayafterthejudgement,attorneyHoward KingsaidThicke and Williams remained adamant that “Blurred Lines”was an original song created solely by them,adding that jurors were apparently convinced otherwise by expert testimony which should have been inadmissible. The U.S.District Court jury in Los Angeles sided with Gaye’s heirs on Tuesday in finding that parts of his 1977 hit “Got to Give it Up”were lifted by Thicke and Williams for their 2013 R&B charttopper. The jury awarded Gaye’s children $4 million in actual damages plus $3.4 million in profits that Thicke,38,and Williams, 41,were found to have derived from their copyright infringement. The case,which explored the sometimes fuzzy boundary between artistic inspiration and theft,marked one of the highest-profile musical plagiarism lawsuits since George Harrison’s rock ballad “My Sweet Lord” was found to have been copied from the Chiffons’ hit “He’s So Fine.” Despite magazine interviews in which Thicke had admitted to drawing from the feel of “Got to Give it Up”when composing “Blurred Lines,”he and Williams have insisted they never copied from Gaye’s song itself. “Based upon their own feelings that they created ‘Blurred Lines’ from their own hearts and souls and no one else,and based on feedback from other prominent songwriters, (Thicke and Williams) feel they owe it to the creative world to make sure this verdict does not stand,”King said. King said he would seek a retrial if the judge denies a motion requesting the verdict be set aside.Otherwise,King said,Thicke and Williams would appeal the judgement. King cited as grounds for contesting the verdict expert testimony given by amusicologist that he said compared “Blurred Lines”with “Got to Give it Up”based on elements of Gaye’s song that were absent from the original sheet music. At the time of its copyright,only the written music could be registered as protected,not sound recordings.“Clearly the jury relied on what that expert said in reaching their conclusion,”King said. NEWYORK–The AustralianrapperIggy Azalea,whosecareer hasenjoyedarapidrise but also growing tumult,onTuesdaypostponed her whole North American tour. Azalea,who was due to open the tour of major US and Canadian arenas next month,will instead start the tour on September 18,her promoters said. “The tour getting pushed back only means that it’ll be way more amazing than it would’ve been in April. Good things take time,” Azalea’s management wrote on Twitter. Azalea’s label,Def Jam Recordings,said it was decided “the tour will not be ready this spring”and that the later dates better accommodated the schedules of the rapper’steam. The decision comes nearly a month after Azalea announced that she was taking a break from social media after increasingly testy exchanges. She notably entered a running feud on Twitter with fellow rapper Azealia Banks who accused the white Australian of exploitation for performing in an African American accent. Azalea had won a wide fan base,including millions of social media followers,with songs including “Fancy.”Her album “The New Classic”was up for Best Rap Album at the Grammys. But she came home empty-handed last month from the Grammys – the same day she berated a pizza deliverer on social media for allegedly giving out her phone number. NICKCANNONhas filedalawsuitagainst hisestrangedwife, MariahCarey,and their business manager MichaelKaneforselling theLosAngeles home theyusedtosharewithout his consent. The Bel-Air,Calif. home sold for US$9 million after they bought it for US$6.975 in 2009. It’s11,750 square feet and sits on three acres. The former couple put the home on the market for almost $13 million before their split. Cannon says in the lawsuit that he didn’t find out about the sale of the house until everything was completed, saying Kane only dealt with Carey and her team. Kane has since told TMZ the law suit is “clearly a desperate act from a sadly desperate man.” Cannon wants the funds from the sale of the home frozen by the bank until they reach an agreement on how it will be dispersed between the exes. Despite being kept in the dark about the dealings of the sale,Kane says Cannon suing him is “frivolous.” Cannon filed for divorce from Carey in December after they separated last year. Friday March 13, 2015 29 The Barbados Advocate Marvin Gaye’s daughter, Nona Gaye, speaks to mediaoutsidethefederalcourt. AustralianrapperIggyAzalea Nick Cannon (left) is suing Mariah Carey. Nick Cannon sues Mariah Carey for selling their LA home Iggy Azalea pushes back tour –business manager calls him ‘sadly desperate’ ‘Blurred Lines’ duo to contest US$7.4 million plagiarism verdict


30 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate MIAMIBEACH,Fla.–A reportofashootingat theMiamiBeachhomeof Grammy-winningrapper LilWaynewasdeclareda hoax by police on Wednesday after a search found no evidence ofvictims or shots fired. Earlier in the day Miami Beach police said they received a call on a non-emergency line from aperson saying he had shot four people at the home and needed assistance. “We can say for sure it was a hoax,”police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said after a SWAT team searched the home in an exclusive island neighbourhood. “We were unable to locate any victims or subjects.” Miami Beach police tweeted “unfortunately this appears to be a “swatting”call,”referring to a trend of police receiving false emergency calls, sometimes targeting celebrities. Wayne’s record company,Young Money, said on Twitter he was not at home at the time and he later tweeted that the incident was a “prank kall.” The hoax call trend is known as “swatting” because SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) officers often are sent to the purported crime scenes.Authorities say such situations can be dangerous due to the risk of a misunderstanding between police and occupants of a building. Swatting calls have previously sent police to the homes of actor Ashton Kutcher and singers Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Police,some wearing bullet-proof vests, surrounded Wayne’s nine-bedroom home, which is valued at $9.2 million,and TV images showed a SWAT truck arriving on the scene. Local media,citing representatives for the rapper,whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.,was not in the home at the time of the reported incident. In2008 Wayne won Grammy Awards for best rap album,best rap song, best rap solo performance and was part of the awardwinning best rap group performance. Report of shooting in Miami Beach home of rapper Lil Wayne a ‘hoax’: police LONDON – Nearly 450 000 fans from around the world have backed a petition calling for British presenter Jeremy Clarkson to be reinstated to his job hosting the “Top Gear” motoring show after the BBC suspended him following a “fracas”with aproducer. Clarkson,renowned for his outspoken remarks and acerbic attitude towards “political correctness", was suspended by the BBC on Tuesday,with media reporting that he had thrown a punchat a producer following a row about food. “I’m off to the job centre,”the 54-year-old presenter told reporters on Wednesday before getting into a car outside his home in west London. Clarkson,a friend of Prime Minister David Cameron,was already on a final warning over accusations last year that he had used racist language while filming the show,the latest in a long line of incidents which had courted criticism. “He’s been involved in abit of a dust-up but I don’t think it’s that serious,”co-presenter James May told BBC TV. “Top Gear",aired in more than 200 countries and estimated to have a global audience of some 350 million,has become one of the BBC’smost successful and lucrative programmes. In an official statement,the BBC said the show would not be aired this Sunday and the corporation’snews website said it was unlikely the other two remaining episodes would be transmitted. Global fans demand BBC reinstate ‘Top Gear’ host ClarksonTelevision presenter Jeremy Clarkson leaves an address in London recently. LOSANGELES–Nick Gordonwas“volatile” andemotionally distraughtover hospitalisedgirlfriend BobbiKristinaBrown duringthetapingofa “Dr.Phil”episode, serieshostPhil McGrawsaid. “Hesaidhehadan enormousamountofguilt andpain”regarding Brown,McGraw recountedinaninterview Monday. The 22-year old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is fighting for her life in an Atlanta hospital after being found unresponsive Jan.31ina bathtub in her Georgia home. McGraw said that Gordon entered a rehab facility immediately after the taping last week, which McGraw and the show described as an “intervention.”He said that Gordon was “clearly in an altered state of consciousness.I asked him if he was sober,and he said ‘No.’” Gordon felt “it was his job to protect Krissy,as he calls her,and that he obviously had failed,”and he’sdistressedbecause he’s been prevented from seeing her,McGraw said. Gordon’sattorneys have said that Bobby Brown has consistently denied Gordon permission to visit her in the hospital.A lawyer for Brown said that Gordon was offered a potential opportunity if he agreed to certain conditions. Gordon didn’t discuss what happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown and wasn’t asked about it for the episode airing Wednesday because it would have been inappropriate,McGraw said. Randy Kessler and Joe Habachy,hisattorneys, did not respond Monday night to requests for comment. During the taping, Gordon veered between incoherence and sounding “normal,” McGraw said.At one point,he played a Whitney Houston song on his phone and started weeping. Asked if the chaotic encounter for TV was helpful to Gordon, McGraw replied:“It got him safely tucked away and into rehab.” Houston brought Gordon into her household as an orphan at the age of 12,raising him and her daughter after divorcing Brown in 2007.After Houston’s 2012 death also after being found in a bathtub –Gordon and Bobbi Kristina went public with their romantic relationship. Dr. Phil: Bobbi Kristina partner ‘volatile’ in TV taping This photo provided by Peteski Productions/CBS Television Distribution shows, from left, Nick Gordon, his mother, Michelle, and host, Dr. Phil McGraw, during the taping of an episode of the “Dr. Phil” show.


Friday March 13, 2015 31 The Barbados Advocate SPRINGHILL–WhenWilliamand Judy Thompson met comedian Bill Cosby in the late 1980s to discuss theirteendaughter’smodelling andactingcareer,theyfeltimmediatelyatease. CosbyandWilliamThompsonboth belongedtoblackfraternitiesincollege. TheybothhadlivedintheWashington, D.C.-Marylandarea.Bothwerebornin July and both went by Bill as a first name. Cosby reassured the Thompsons that their then-17-year-old daughter, Jennifer,would be fine living in an apartment with other models as she launched her career.He promised to help the teen,they said. “We thought we were talking to Dr. Huxtable,”said William Thompson, referring to the comedian’s TV persona in “The Cosby Show.” Jennifer Thompson now says she fended off unwanted sexual advances from Cosby and once performed a sex act on the comedian.He then gave her $700.That encounter – their final – clouded Jennifer Thompson’snext two decades. “It basically shattered my faith so that anything that used to look promising to me,I saw it through a different lens,”she said. Thompson,now 44,and her parents recently spoke to The Associated Press about the encounters with Cosby.They also revealed that three weeks ago, Judy Thompson sent a letter to Cosby’s wife,Camille. “Mother to mother,”said Judy Thompson.“This letter was written from my heart.” More than 20 women have stepped forward in recent months to level various accusations against Cosby,ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault and rape.Additionally,Cosby is being sued by three women for defamationandbyanotherwomanwhosays hemolestedherwhenshewas 15. Cosby has not been charged with any crime,and neither Cosby’s lawyer nor his spokesman returned calls seeking comment.Cosby’slawyer,Martin Singer,previously has denied some of the allegations and made no comment on others. Judy Thompson said she was inspired to pen the letter after she read Camille Cosby’s statement issued in December suggesting that her husband,not the women,is the party being harmed by the women’s allegations. “None of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim,” Camille Cosby said.“But the question should be asked – who is the victim?” Judy Thompson bristled when she read Cosby’s words.She said she watched her daughter go from a sparkling,ambitious teen to a woman “with an inner light extinguished”. Only recently has Jennifer Thompson emerged from under “the dark cloud,” said Judy Thompson,who included a Psalms prayer in the letter. “Your husband crossed boundaries that never should have been breached,” she wrote to Camille Cosby.“He shattered her innocence.” Judy Thompson said she prays daily for the Cosbys and ended the letter by writing,“Mayyou and Bill speak the truth and be afforded peace for your souls.” It could not be determined whether Camille Cosby received the letter. JudyThompsonsaidthatitwas difficulttofindanyone,evenatherapist,who would believe her daughter’s story.Shedidn’tgotopolice. “Tobe so hurt and violated,and then not be believed! Resolution has not been easily forthcoming.We all remained in the shadows of your husband’ssickbehaviour,”she wrote. Jennifer Thompson was one of 13 socalled“JaneDoes”ina2005civilsuit thatwasbroughtbyawomannamed Andrea Constand,a former Temple University employee who claimed Cosbydruggedandsexuallyassaulted herin2004. Constandlatersettledoutofcourt andThompsonandtheotherwomen didnottestifyinthecase. CosbyonMondayreleasedanew videomessage,hisfirstinmonths.He doesn’tdiscusstheallegationsandin the short video,promoted his Saturday show in Wheeling,West Virginia,the next stop in Cosby’sstand-up comedy tour which has seen more than a dozen shows cancelled since the most recent round of allegations arose in November. “You know I’ll be hilarious,”Cosby said in the video.“Can’t wait.” He also added a note to the video, whichread:“Dear fans,I hope you enjoy my wonderful video message that’s filled with laughter...Hey,hey, hey,I’m far from finished.” Bill Cosby accuser’s mom appeals to comedian’s wife KINGSTON – The Jamaica Association ofAuthorsComposersandPublishers (JACAP)saysithasfiledlawsuits againstseverallocalmediahousesfor breachesofthecopyrightlaws. Themediahousescurrentlybefore theSupremeCourt,accordingtoarelease from JACAP,include CVM Television Limited,Nationwide News, News Talk 93 FM,Grove Broadcasting Limited (IRIE FM & ZIP 103 FM), KLAS Sports Radio,and Island Broadcasting Services Ltd. ‘Cease and Desist’ letters have also been written to Love FM,Sun City Radio,Mello FM,TBC Radio,Bess FM, KC Gospel and Mega JAMZ FM,the association said Monday. General Manager at JACAP Lydia Rose added that “the creators of music are unhappy with the illegal use of their works and have mandated JACAP to take violators to court for infringement of their copyright”. JACAP,which was established in 1999,has to date paid out over J$180 million in royalties to its members. JACAP says it plans to file lawsuits within the coming months against cable and venue operators,promoters, and hotels as well. Lawsuits filed against media houses for copyright breaches LOSANGELES–Windell Middlebrooks,anactorwhogained TVcommercialstardomasaburly, no-nonsensebeerdeliverymanwho confiscatedthebrewfromundeservingsnobs,hasdied,hisfamilysaid Tuesday.He was 36. Middlebrooks died Monday in the Los Angeles area,said his manager and friend,Steve Ivey.The cause of death and further details were not immediately released. In a statement,Middlebrooks’ family members said they “with sorrowed hearts,announce the passing of a young, black star”who had exited the stage with “great joy”. “It was Windell’s biggest wish that his final scene not be lived on social media,” his family said,asking for privacy to mourn. Besides his eye-catching TV spots for Miller High Life beer,Middlebrooks’ credits included the TV series “Body of Proof”, ‘’Cougar Town”and “Scrubs”.He is in the new Adam Carolla film “Road Hard.” “In all my years,I’ve never known a kinder soul,and he will be dearly missed by all of us who knew him,”Ivey said. Details on survivors were not immediately available. Actor who played no-nonsense beer delivery man dies at 36 This Aug. 10, 2013 file photo released by Ford Motor Company shows actor Windell Middlebrooks at the 11th Annual Ford Neighbourhood Awards in Las Vegas, Nev. Middlebrooks, who played a no-nonsense beer delivery man in TV commercials, died Monday, March 9, 2015. Further details were not immediately available. Bill Cosby and his wife Camille.


32 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate FOLLOWINGhis character’s high profile coming out on Empire,Jussie Smollett faced a slew of questions about his own sexuality and, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,Smollett set the record straight – or not so straight,as the case may be. “Itwasreally importanttometo makesurethatitgot acrossthatthereisno closet,”Smolletttold DeGeneresinavideo recordedbackstage immediatelyfollowing hisappearance.“There’s neverbeenacloset.That I’vebeenin.” Previously,Smollett hasbeencageyabout his own sexuality.Even during the taping of his actual appearance on the show,the 31-yearold actor gave a fairly bland answer,telling Ellen,“What’s happening in my life,it’s been great.”It was not until after the taping, backstage,that Smollett opened up to DeGeneres. Smollett also previously side-stepped the question when asked directly about it during an appearance on Sway’s radio show. “I am not willing to confirm or deny anything,I live my life. If someone is looking for a box to put me in,then that’s not going to happen,”Smollett said, mirroring his character Jamal’s appearance on Sway’s show within Empire in which he,too, declined to come out.“If you really want to know about me,just watch, because I don’t hide anything,I just don’t choose to talk about my personal life.” Within the world of Empire,Smollett’s character Jamal finally decided to come out publicly,singing an arrangement of his father Lucius Lyon’s most famous song, “You’re So Beautiful,” with revised gender pronouns.Lucius (played by Terrence Howard) was none too pleased with Jamal’s decision. But Smollett says his personal life is completely devoid of similar drama. “My mama knows.My mama likes me a lot,” Smollett told Ellen. He also spoke about why he’d been previously uncomfortable opening up about his sexuality. “I don’t own a closet,I got a dresser,but I don’t have a closet,but I have a home and that is my responsibility to protect that home,”he said.“So that’s why I choose not to talk about my personal life.But there is,without a doubt,no closet that I’ve ever been in and I just wanted to make that clear,but it was most important for me to make that clear to you,on your show,at this time in the world.” FAIRYtalesandfrothy princessgownsmightbe the perfect draw for kids,but with Walt DisneyCo.’s retelling of the“Cinderella”story, thegrown-upsmight findthemselvesdoing thefantasizing. Britishdirector KennethBranaghhas taken the fairy tale that Disney’s 1950 animated film made famous and turned it into a liveaction spectacle.Stars include Lily James as Cinderella,Richard Madden as her Prince Charming and Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as the glamorous, wicked stepmother. Opening Friday,the film could top the U.S. and Canadian box office in its opening weekend with $64 million, according to Disney will also spin revenue from adultfocused merchandise, including high heels inspired by the glass slipper. Branagh said he wanted to bring Cinderella into the 21st century with woman power. “She’s not a victim; she’s not passive,”he told Reuters.“She’s a strong woman,but her generosity of spirit is an inspiring thing.” At a recent screening, Cinderella’s sojourn elicited sighs and tears from the predominantly female audience, something that Branagh said reflects demand for more movies that appeal to women. “The female audience across all ages for movies,they drive moviegoing,”Branagh said.“Why shouldn’t they see stuff that somehow reflects them?” The film closely follows the classic tale of the orphaned girl bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters. ANEWdocumentary aboutMontyPythonwill premiereattheTribeca Film Festival in New York,and members of the British comedy troupe will attend a special screening of the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”to mark its 40th anniversary. The feature-length documentary,“Monty Python – The Meaning of Live,”will debut on April 25.Organizers of the festival said on Wednesday the film offers a behind-thescenes look at the group’s 2014 reunion show at London’s 02 Arena and insights into theircomedicgenius. Thefivesurviving Pythons,JohnCleese, Terry Gilliam,Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin,will be on hand for the special screening of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”on April 24 at The Beacon Theatre in New York.Graham Chapman,anoriginal memberofthegroup, diedofcancerin1989at the age of 48. “The film is so brilliant and the Python’s influence on contemporary comedy in cinema and television is so enduring that it feels as fresh today as it did decades ago,”said Paula Weinstein,theexecutive presidentofTribeca Enterprises. The comedy group, who poked fun at religion and the establishment, performed on the BBC TV sketch comedy program “Monty Python’sFlyingCircus” from1969to1974before branching out into movieswiththeir subversive comedy. Two of their other films,“Monty Python’s Life of Brian,”and “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life,”will also be shown at the festival that runs from April 15-26. ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett comes right out the closet Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ for grown women Film Festival marks 40th anniversary of Monty Python Jussie Smollett. Cast member Lily James poses at the premiere of “Cinderella”. The surviving members of the original cast of the Monty Python comedy team (left to right) Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese.


Friday March 13, 2015 33 The Barbados Advocate PLANSforaE!docu-seriesfollowing BruceJenner’stransition to becoming awomanhavebeenputonhold, Varietyhasconfirmed. Theproject,whichwas never given a title or premiere date,had planned to follow Jenner’sjourney of transitioning intoawoman.E! has never confirmed thattheserieswasindevelopment, though Variety learned the cable net enlisted GLAAD to consult on transgender issues. Jenner,the former Olympian and former husband of Kris Jenner,matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan,has been targeted heavily by thetabloid press,which has long speculated he’s on the verge of revealing he is transgender.Jenner has not commented on the rumors,but his mother confirmed his gender transition in remarks to the Associated Press last month.“I am at peace with what he is and what he’s doing,”Esther Jenner told the AP. Days after news of the planned series surfaced,Jenner was involved ina car crash in Malibu that left one person dead and raised questions about the fate of the E! series. E! signed theKardashiansto three more seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”last month.Variety learnedthe renewal deal does not include Jenner. The news of production being halted was first reported by TMZ. Bruce Jenner’s transgender docu-series on hold “FROZEN”feverwillcontinue. Ontheeveofthepremiereofthe new“Frozen”short film comes news from Disney that a sequel is officially in the works. The hit animated film,starring the voicesofIdinaMenzel(Elsa),Kristen Bell(Anna),Jonathan Groff (Kristoff) and Josh Gad (Olaf),broke records after it hit theaters in the fall of 2013 –as it warmed the hearts of children and adults alike. Now Disney confirms a follow-up will happen. Disney’sBob Iger made the announcement at the Disney shareholder meeting Thursday in San Francisco,revealing that co-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are both on board. Just minutes before the official announcement was made,Bell told CBS News,“Disney’s never made a sequel. That’sthe truth.Disney Pixar – that entity–hasmadeasequel.But Disney-DisneyhasnevermadeasequelThey wouldn’t just make it haphazardly.They would wait until the right plotline showed itself.” But first things first! “Frozen Fever,”the new animated short film,will screen ahead of Disney’s“Cinderella,”which hits theaters Friday.The upcoming short finds Elsa planning a birthdayparty for her sister. Frozen 2 is happening! SeanPennisnotallgruffvoiceand intensegaze.Hecanhaveagood laughtoo,likewhenheenvisions himself as a superhero. For the thriller “The Gunman,”opening in US theaters on March 20,the 54-yearold actor and activist talked to Reuters about what motivates him in both the movies and the causes he champions. Here are excerpts from the interview: Q:What drew you to this story and the character of Jim? A:It appealed to me in a way that a lot of action movies haven’t appealed to me, because the consequences of violence were present throughout,and yet that didn’t seem to create aponderous weight on the energy of the picture. Q:How important was it to have the backdrop of Democratic Republic of Congo? A:What was important was that the epicenter of that narrative drive had a history of suffering intervention,be it political intervention or corporate intervention.And certainly DRC has had both, and continues to. There were also some real-life parallels related to the mining interests that had happened there.That made it the appropriate choice. Q:Has being an actor made it difficult for your voice to be heard for your activism work? A:I’ve found it harder and easier. Criticism will come more quickly,so will reverence.Generally,both are inaccurate,but you know,I think that I approach work – whether it’s creative work, anyworkIdo–verymuchasafunctionaryit’sreallyclinicalonboth. Q:As Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti, whatwouldyouwanttackledurgently? A:I’d like to see politics redefine its quality of life for people and for everybody to put their sword down and get to the table,it’s very tricky there.But I think if you want good things to happen for a country like Haiti,then you need to provide the circumstances where the Haitians can do that. You need governance,but you also need a middle class,you need agriculture,they need to be able to export.I think that’s probably the biggest issue,the job creation that could come with the kinds of things that Haiti has all the potential in the world to export. Q:What roles are you finding yourself drawn to? Any superhero franchises in your future? A:You asked me with a camera on this face and in this time of my life if I would be a superhero? (laughs) Maybe,if there’s a very funny one. Q:There’s always the villain. A:I don’t know what I would be interested in doing next.There are some good movies made on that (superhero) stuff,let a few of them be made a year.But I’d like to see this business not drown itself in superhero movies. Sean Penn on ‘Gunman,’ Haiti and superheroes Actor Sean Penn poses with his Honorary Cesar Award during a photocall at the 40th Cesar Awards ceremony in Paris. NEWYORK – Madonna proves her stayingpowerasacreativeforceand anenduringpopiconwithhernew album,“Rebel Heart,”her 13th studio release that also shows her renegade and softer sides. It is a revealing portrait of the Material Girl,showing the Grammywinning singer as a trail-blazer and provocateur but also someone who is sensitive,reflective and outsider. Madonna,56,told Reuters that the album’s title “Rebel Heart”reflected her original intent to make a two-sided record featuring 10 songs on each. “One side was going to be the more rebellious,provocative,envelope pushing part of me and the other side was going to be the more romantic,vulnerable side and they end up getting all mushed together,”she said. "Rebel Heart”is her first album since 2012’s “MDNA,”which shot to the top of the Billboard 200 chart.It is also somewhat autobiographical with tracks like “Veni Vidi Vici,”which chronicles her career,and personal,revealing feelings of insecurity,heart ache and loss. The album’s 19 tracks includes lush, lyrical ballads,such as “Devil Pray,” “Ghosttown”and “Joan of Arc”that ponder the meaning of life,breakups and love. “Each time they write a hateful word/Dragging my soul into the dirt/I wanna die/Never admit it but it hurts,” she says in “Joan of Arc.” But Madonna also lets loose with catchy dance numbers including “Living for Love”and “Unapologetic Bitch,”a collaboration with Grammynominated American DJ Diplo. “He likes to make people get up out of their seat and dance and so do it,”she said about Diplo. “Living for Love,”the lead single has a thumping disco beat with lyrics about the heartache of a parting and picking herself up to find love again. Madonna returns to themes of sex and religion,which she said she finds infinitely interesting topics. Madonna’s international tour begins in Miami on Aug.29. Madonna unveils renegade, romantic sides in new album


34 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate WITHFiftyShadesofGreylookingtotopoutat morethan$550millionworldwide,itshould comeasnosurprisethatstarsDakotaJohnson andJamieDornanwillbeseekingabigpayday for a second outing in the red room of pain. Sources say the pair received $250 000 each (plus tiered box-office bonuses) to star in Universal’s erotic hit based on the first of EL James’ trilogy of novels, and both signed three-picture deals.But like most stars of franchise films,they will try to renegotiate for seven-figure raises for Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.Neither Johnson,25,nor Dornan,32, received any backend compensation on the first film, according to sources. Though the two leads probably are six months away from any renegotiations,insiders say they’ll take a page from the Twilight stars and Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games deal as a jumping-off point (Lawrence landed a $10 million payday for Catching Fire – a significant bump from her $500 000Hunger Games salary). “It was a very basic franchise starter deal,”says an insider of the terms of Johnson’s and Dornan’s contracts.“Look at Twilight and Hunger Games,and that’s where it is heading.” Fifty Shades certainly lived up to the hype of James’ best-selling novel,in a similar vein as Stephenie Meyer’s first Twilight ($392.6 million worldwide in 2008) and Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games ($691 million in 2012).But unlike those YA hit adaptations,Fifty Shades performed its box-office feat – $528 million worldwide to date – while saddled with an R rating thanks to ample sex scenes.While the film has far exceeded the hopes of Universal, which acquired rights to the trilogy in March 2012,a steep 70 per cent drop-off between its Valentine’s Day weekend opening and its second frame might suggest the initial curiosity among the books’ fans hasn’t translated into a full-fledged film franchise. Still,the last thing Universal chair Donna Langley wants is two unhappy stars – or even one willing to ask out of his or her contract.The studio already must find a new director (Sam Taylor-Johnson is not expected to return after clashing with James) and writer (original scribe Kelly Marcel will not return). Because there is no script or director yet,Johnson and Dornan have been told to plan on an early 2016 shoot for a 2017 release,possibly around Valentine’s Day again. Fifty Shades producer Dana Brunetti declines to talk specifics on potential renegotiations but says he is looking to keep the first film’s $40 million budget from skyrocketing because of salaries. “That was the great thing about this film – we knew we were going to be able to make stars,”he says.“Now it’s their opportunity to get paid on other projects.It’s been a breakout role for both of them.I’m sure they are getting tons of offers on other things.” ‘Fifty Shades’ stars want raises Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Bridge


Friday March 13, 2015 35 The Barbados Advocate


36 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate ARIES (March 21-April 19). Integrate your talents instead of choosing between them. Anyone who tries to limit your activities isn’t being a friend right now, because you have the ability to do several things at once. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). There is no success without failure. No one feels good without the contrast of feeling bad. Ifyou keep your attitude on track with the positive, the contrasts in this day will only make you stronger. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You build your reputation with each action you take. Little by little, day by day, your legacy is coming together. Tonight, someone new to your situation will give you a fresh point of view. CANCER (June 22-July 22). You don’t want to “cry wolf,” and yet, in order to truly understand the strength of your support system, you have to put it to the test. Implement some version of a fire alarm. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). F ollow an orderly process, and you’ll be lucky. It will require more preparation than you think. In fact, most of the day will be spent in preparation for something that will unfold in less than an hour. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Heed the physical manifestation of hesitancy: a tightness in the throat and chest and/or a heaviness in the arms. While your ambition tries to push you forward, your intuition may hold you back. LIBRA(Sept. 23-Oct. 23). We all think things that should not be said out loud, but some people haven’t developed the social filter necessary to keep conversation polite. Luckily, y our friends have you to keep them in check. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You love your family today, and you’ll treat most people you meet like they are a part of it. Domestic projects will be lucky, as will anything to do with feeding your people. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). What’sin your mind cannot be observed by anyone else, and today that’s a good thing, because you’re working on what truly belongs to you. Don’t share it. The world isn’t ready for it yet. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Wishes are not goals, but if you add a timeline, they will be. Tonight features an unexplainable spiritual bond. In the upcoming weeks, you’ll become more and more convinced that you belong together. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Your enthusiasm is catching. Your joy needs no qualifiers. It will open people up and make them feel like unleashing their own natural exuberance. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You’ll get better results when you ease up on yourself. Approve of yourself with that same generous approval you so readily give to others. Tonight will bring the end of a struggle. R E X M O R G A N P H A N T O M P R O S A N D C O N S Z I T S M A R Y W O R T H M O T H E R G O O S E C B C T V C H A N N E L 8 HOROSCOPES BY HOLIDAY 4:00 TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 4:55SIGN ON CBC TV ID 4:57 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM 4:59PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 5:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 5:57MONTH OF THE DISABLED DEVOTION 6:00 MORNIN’ BARBADOS 8:00 HOME SHOPPING 8:30TELE-CLASSIFIEDS 9:29PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 9:30 SAYITAGAIN/ LECTURE 10:30HOME SHOPPING 11:00THE MIX 12:00CBC NEWS 12:27 DOUBLE DRAW 12:30THE MIX 1:00GREATCANADIAN FOOD SHOW 1:30IN DAMIX 1:35SECRETS 2:00THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL 2:30TYLER PERRY’S HOUSE OF PAYNE 3:00THE WIGGLES 3:30JAKERS 4:00PLANTAIN PATCH 4:30KIDZ CENTRAL 5:00TOM & JERRY TALES 5:30HOME SHOPPING 6:00UPCLOSE 6:52DOUBLE DRAW 6:55PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 7:00CBC EVENING NEWS 8:00MEGASIX 8:02BAJAN GRIOTS 8:20CBC PRESENTS 9:00DOUBLE DRAW 9:03CBC PRESENTS 9:20FURNITURE LIMITED 9:30THE MIX 11:00LATE NIGHTNEWS 11:05CARIBBEAN NEWSLINE 11:30MOVIE: THE FIFTH QUARTER 1:00TELE-CLASSIFIEDS


Friday March 13, 2015 37 The Barbados Advocate SPORTS SPORTS ByMichaelPhillipsALTHOUGHthere are a few games outstanding,the sheep have been separated from the goats in the Barbados Secondary Schools Football League Under-16 Competition.With only three inconsequential games left to be played across the two zones, the top teams have all secured their spots for the playoff rounds of the annual tournament. Nomatterhowyouslice it,inZone1,thetopthree willremainthesame. Frederick Smith,Lester VaughanandAlexandra all haveonemoregameto play,however,theyare firstsecondandthirdwith 20,19and18pointsrespectively.Frederick Smith are presently unbeaten with six wins and two draws after overtaking Lester Vaughn who slipped up after leading the group for some time. Lester Vaughan will be going into their last game with six wins,one draw a nd one loss and could end up back at the front of the pack.Alexandra,who also led at an earlier point,are also in with a chance to finish back at the top. Provided both Frederick S mith and Lester Vaughan lose their upcoming games,a win on topoftheirfivewinsand threedraws could give Alexandrajusttheboost they need. Tang Parkinson Memorial are in fourth and do not have to worry about any reshuffles as they have completed all nineoftheirgames.Five winsandadraw have themon16points. Graydon Sealy,who are in sixth place on 12 points have the only other outs tanding game in the group. In Zone 2,defending champions Pinehill St. Leonard’s Boys’ ended their preliminary round beautifully with a flawless performance.They won all nine of their games to end on 27 points.Harrison College are the next-nearest with 20 from six wins and two draws.Christ Church Foundation and Combermere secured the last playoff spots with 18 and 14 respectively. Foundation ended with six wins and no draws while Combermere racked up four wins and two draws.The single outstanding game in the group is between Providence and Alleyne but has no bearing on the playoffs. HEADSTARTNursery School held its annual Fun Sports recently on the school grounds at 9th Avenue Belleville,St. Michael under the supervision of Principal Neville Heallis and his dedicated staff.The children participated in various events including the 50ft race, tyre rolling,sack race and Blocks and Bucket Race while cheered on by parents and relatives. AFTERbeingaheadon justgoal-differenceover theBarbadosCommunity College,Combermere have managed to pull awaybyaclearthree pointsastheBarbados Secondary Schools FootballLeagueGirls’ Competitioncontinued thisweek.Remaining unbeaten after their fourth game this season,the Waterfordgirlsarehoping to maintain their form as the competition rolls on. Playing this past Tuesday,Combermere had a great outing when they went to visit Deighton Griffith in Kingsland.With Moesha Eleuthere,Malika Carrington and Tiffany White all scoring,the leaders came away with a three-one win to see them on to 10 points.With three wins and a draw accounting for their efforts in the fourgamesplayed,they willbehopingtoputabit moredistancebetween themandBCC. TheEyriegirlsarenext inlinewithsevenfrom twowinsandadrawin three games.They stand three points ahead of the Lodge School who have a win and a drawbuthave only played two of their games.Their win came in a one-nil matchup over Christ Church Foundation on Tuesday.Foundation are the only other team to have played four matches and they are fourth with four points.A win,a draw and two losses see them to the total. Alleyne are fifth on the table and have two points despite not winning any of their three games.They have pulled off draws in two of their clashes to see them to two points. Princess Margaret and Lester Vaughan still have a chance to make some moves although they are sixth and seventh respectively.The teams both have a single point,however,those totals have come from a draws in their only games and some good fortune could see them moving through the ranks. Tang Parkinson Memorial and Deighton Griffith are both on one point each from draws.In the case of the former,two games were played while Deighton Griffith are three games in with only one point each to show. Alexandra are bringing up the rear with zero points. However,similarly to Princess Margaret and Lester Vaughan,only one game has been played a spot of luck shining upon them could make the world of difference for the Speightstown girls. (MP) Round of eight teams decided Headstart Nursery Annual Fun Sports Combermere get some breathing room at the top of table Children Participating in the sack race at Headstart Nursery School Sports. The pack has been weeded out to the final eight teams in the Under-16 competition.


38 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


Friday March 13, 2015 39 The Barbados Advocate TODAYwetakealook attherunningoflast Saturday’s,XXXIV Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup (GR1.-INT.BAR) which was for 3year-olds and over, going1800metres (Weight-For-Age). Beforedoingso,aspecial thankshasgotothesponsors,Sandy Lane Hotel, whopumpedover$200 000intotheracetomakeit the success that it was on the day. BarbadosTurfClub (BTC),Secretary/ CEO RosettePeirce,toldthe BarbadosAdvocate,that onceagainitwas a pleasure and privilege working with Sandy Lane putting on this very special event. Shesaidthatthiswas the19thyearthatSandy Lanehassponsoredthe event,whichisnowattracting owners from overseas who are bringing their horses to take part. Because of this,the race is attracting more people to the Garrison to witness this very special event;and which in turn contributes to increased betting and additional revenue for the Club. The race is seen by millions of viewers from around the world,and the publicity given to it by some of the overseas media is something that money can’t buy. If we take a look at some ofthe horses that took part,startingwiththewinner,Sayler’s Creek,who gave leading breeder and ownerintheUnited States,Kennith & Sarah Ramsey,their second and successive Gold Cup’s,you would see that he had won eight races and placed in nine,in the USA,from 23 starts,earning US$248 651.In 2014,he won five of his 10 starts in Starter Handicaps and Starter Allowance company,and was only out of the first three,on one occasion. Many race fans seeing him being put through his paces by exercise rider, Mattie Martin,would have been very impressed,and would have expected him to be in the thickof things, especially since he was the second highest rated horse in the race,at 134.Only Gentleman’sKitty at 135 was rated above him. Trainer Jonathon Simpson,who was looking after the horse here for his trainer Mike Maker,told the Barbados Advocate,on the Wednesday before the race,that Sayler’s Creek, would be the horse to beat, as he felt he was going better than stable companion Gentleman’s Kitten. Walking up the track to go to the parade ring on the day of the race,Say ler’s Creek,looked a picture, and fighting fit. Rico Walcott,riding a beauty of a front riding race,took no chances with him,and eased him through the first four furlongsatwhatcouldbe calledsnailpaceof54.2 seconds,and in the end he wasrunningawayfrom thefield. Hisstablecompanion, Gentleman’sKitten,failed togetonthepace,and neverseemedtobeenjoying the race,for what ever reason.Heranmostofthe race wide on the outside andjustneverfired,but wasstillgoodenoughto finishfourth. TheSirDavidSeale owned,DauntingDavid, trainedbyElizabeth‘Liz’ Deane,with Winston Triston-Daviesinthe irons,lookedamuchimproved horse on the day. He made a mockeryof thosewhowerepreaching thatyoucan’truninthe Coolmoreandexpecttodo wellintheGoldCup,as onlyafewhave been able todothat.Notonlydidhe runintheCoolmore,but hecameoutthenextrace day,only two weeks before the Gold Cup and won, showing signs of further improvement.In the Gold Cup he was right up on the pace throughout the race, and in the end he finished second,only beaten by a better horse. The GaySmith owned creole,Night Rider,trained by Edward Walcott Jnr, and ridden by Antonio Bishop,proved that he is a classycreole.Helookeda pictureintheparadering. Histrainerseemedtohave donemostoftheworkwith himatthefarm.He came fromoffthepace,andwas only11/4lengthsanda head off the winner.Had he not gone wide on the bend he could have finished second.Afineperformance from this creole. Alot was expected from the DavidBynoe,owned, VictorCheesemantrained, SiriusBlack,theothercreoleintherace,ridden by Ricky Walcott,as he had run,the2014Horseofthe Year,Just A Fashion,to a shortheadinthe Coolmore.He broke well and looked like he was going to be the one to make the running,but on entering the straight for the first time he let Sayler’s Creek move inside of him,and he settled into second place tracking the winner,until they reached the two furlong marker,when he started to shorten,and faded into firth at the finish. More disappointing was the Aysha Syndicate owned,Just A Fashion, trained by Richard Deane, with Jalon Samuel in the saddle.He just never looked the part on the day, and ran a very disappointing race.It could be argued that Samuel tried to quicken the pace when approaching the paddock bend,in so doing having to gothreewideHowever,he gotnoresponsefrom,Just aFashion,he just never quickened as Samuel might have expected,and he just plodded along to finished sixth. Indiano Jones,was up with them early,but found the trip too muchfor him. Marcus Antonius,failed to fire and disappointed,as did Giovedi. (CH) Review of the XXXIV Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup Prime Minster Freundel Stuart (centre) and owner Kenneth Ramsay pose with the 2015 Sandy Lane Gold Cup after Jockey Rico Walcott led Sayler’s Creek to victory, while looks on. Seated is Sarah Ramsay. Rico Walcott leading Sayler’s Creek to victory in the Sandy Lane Gold Cup.


40 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate LONDON – England’s dismal showingattheWorldCupproved onceandforallhowfartheyhave fallenbehindtheothertest-playing nationsinone-daycricketbutit shouldhavecomeasnosurprise. Theteam’searlyexitfromthe tournament was confirmed by a 15-run loss to Bangladesh in Adelaide on Monday,but in reality England’s decline has been caused by a deep-rooted lack of tactical acumen and flawed planning. While teams like Australia,India,New Zealand and South Africa regularly post scores of 350-400,England still try to nudge and nurdle the ball around for 40 overs before launching a desperate late assault. They are pleased to get past 300,a target that does not challenge sides stocked with the flailing blades of David Warner,Virat Kohli,Brendon McCullum and AB de Villiers. The English seam bowling attack is toothless and lacking in guile,powerless to stem the flow of boundaries,and results at the World Cup have been embarrassing. They lost by 111 runs to Australia,by eight wickets to New Zealand and by nine wickets to Sri Lanka,all completely one-sided mismatches in which England were outplayed in every aspect of the game.However,it wa s no real shock given the chaotic preparations for the tournament. Alastair Cook was sacked as one-day captain in December,a decision which should have been taken six months earlier,giving Eoin Morgan just two months to stamp his authority on the side. PAKISTANandIrelandwillrelivenightmarishmemoriesoftheWorldCup’smost tragicmomenteightyearsagowhenthey clashattheAdelaideOvalonSunday. ItwasonMarch17,2007–StPatrick’s Day–thattheunheraldedIrishteam stunned Pakistan in a group match at Sabina Park,Jamaica. The loss knocked Pakistan out of the tournament but a bigger shock awaited them a daylater when their coach Bob Woolmer was found dead in the bathroom of his hotel room in Kingston. Woolmer,58,who was on medication for diabetes,was lying naked on his back, and there was blood in his mouth and he appeared to have vomited on the walls. When his death was made public,it was assumed to be a heart attack but there were also suggestions he had committed suicide. After lengthy investigations that even included the possibility of murder, Jamaican police on June 12 announced that Woolmer had died of natural causes. The inquest proved inconclusive,but the mystery lingers on and the pain that the cricket community endured during those horrific days dampened the mood for the rest of the World Cup which Australia went on to win. Cricket-related deaths are uncommon, but the passing awayof a team coachat the sport’s showpiece event after a defeat is a tragedy that took a long time to come to terms with. Senior batsman Younis Khan,the only member of that 2007 Pakistan squad still involved with the ongoing World Cup,admitted he still missed Woolmer,their coach for three years from 2004. WELLINGTON – South Africa’s bowlers backed up a solid batting performance led by captain AB de Villiers’ 99 to ensure they qualified for the knockout phase of the World Cup with a 146-run victory over United ArabEmiratesatWellington Regional Stadium yesterday. De Villiers had been the lynchpin of SouthAfrica’s341forsixthatwas boostedbyFarhaan Behardien’s 64 from 31 balls to close out the innings,while UAE,who had won the toss and opted to field,neverlookedlikethreateningthe target. Theyslumpedto45-3andthengave up anypretenceofchasingthetotal,just liketheyhadagainstPakistanlastweek inNapier,preferring instead to avoid beingembarrassed. Swapnil Patil top-scored with 57 not out and combined in a 63-run partnership with Shaiman Anwar (39) as UAE were dismissed for 195 in the 48thover with Fahad Alhashmi unable to batafter injuring his ankle while bowling. South Africa finished Pool B on eight points and have virtually guaranteed second place on net run rate behind unbeaten India and are likely to meet Sri Lanka in the first quarter-final in Sydney next Wednesday. Pakistan and Ireland are both on six points before their final matchshowdown in Adelaide on Sunday. West Indies are on four points and could sneak into fourth place,and a quarter-finalshowdownwithNew Zealand,withabigvictoryoverUAEin NapieronSunday,knockingouttheloser ofthePakistan-Irelandmatch. DeVilliers had looked like he might scorehissecondcenturyofthe tournamentashedominatedtwo partnershipsbutfellonerunshortofhis 21st century when he speared the ball straight to short third man. The 31-year-old’s dismissal with more than seven overs remaining stalled his side’s momentum when they looked like they might be able to pass 400 for the third time this tournament. They had lost both Hashim Amla (12) and Quinton de Kock (26) relatively cheaply,but their middle order kicked into gear against a tidy,but nonthreatening UAEattack. RileeRossouw(43)andDavid Miller (49),whosharedina108-runpartnership with De Villiers,both contributed before JP Duminy played the junior partner in a53-run stand with his captain and 35 with Behardien. Behardien guided South Africa past 300 and bludgeoned 23 of the 25 runs from the final over by Amjad Javed to record his third half century and highest score. De Villiers ensures S.Africa make last eight South Africa Innings H. Amla c Ali b Naveed ..........................................12 Q. de Kock c Haider b Javed .................................26 R. Rossouw c&b Tauqir ........................................43 A. de Villiers c Javed b Shazad ..............................99 D. Miller b Naveed ................................................49 J. Duminy lbw b Naveed .......................................23 F. Behardien not out ..............................................64 V. Philander not out ..............................................10 Extras (b-4 lb-1 nb-5 w-5) ....................................15 Total (for 6 wickets, 50 overs) ............................341 Fall of wickets : 1-17 H. Amla,2-85 Q. de Kock,3-96 R. Rossouw,4-204 D. Miller,5-257 A. de Villiers,6-292 J. Duminy Did not bat: D. Steyn, M. Morkel, I. Tahir Bowling : M. Naveed 10 0 63 3(nb-3 w-1), K. Shazad 8 0 59 1(nb-1), A. Javed 10 0 87 1(nb1 w-2), M. Tauqir 10 0 47 1(w-1) F. Alhashmi 7.2 0 45 0(w-1), K. Khan 4 0 31 0, S. Anwar 0.4 0 4 0 United Arab Emirates Innings A. Ali c Behardien b Duminy .................................21 A. Berenger c Rossouw b M. Morkel .......................5 K. Khan c de Kock b M. Morkel .............................12 S. Anwar c Rossouw b Tahir .................................39 S. Patil not out ......................................................57 S. Haider c Rossouw b de Villiers ...........................7 A. Javed c sub b de Villiers .....................................5 M. Naveed c de Villiers b Philander .......................17 M. Tauqir b Steyn ....................................................3 K. Shazad c Steyn b Philander ................................0 F. Alhashmi absent injured Extras (b-4 lb-16 nb-3 w-6) ..................................29 Total (all out, 47.3 overs) ...................................195 Fall of wickets: 1-29 A. Berenger,2-45 A. Ali,3-45 K. Khan,4-108 S. Anwar,5-118 S. Haider,6-125 A. Javed,7163 M. Naveed,8-189 M. Tauqir,9-195 K. Shazad Bowling: D. Steyn 9 1 40 1, V. Philander 8.3 1 34 2(nb-1 w-1), M. Morkel 10 2 23 2(nb-2 w-1), J. Duminy 3 1 12 1, F. Behardien 4 1 11 0(w2), I. Tahir 10 0 40 1(w-1), A. de Villiers 3 0 15 2(w-1) Referees Umpire : Steve Davis Umpire : Rod Tucker TV umpire: Bruce Oxenford Match referee: Roshan Mahanama Result : South Africa won by 146 runs SCOREBOARD England’s rotting carcass laid bare in Cup debacle England captain Eoin Morgan walks off the field after he was caught out for a duck by Bangladesh’s Shakib al Hasan during their Cricket World Cup match in Adelaide, March 9, 2015. Woolmer evoked as Pakistan face Ireland in Cricket World Cup


Friday March 13, 2015 41 The Barbados Advocate THEGuyanaJaguars continuestoleadthe points standings after the just concludedeighth roundofmatches in the WICBProfessional Cricket League Four-Day Tournament The unbeaten Jaguars are out front with 123 points with the Barbados Pride second with 100 points.The Windward Volcanoes are third with 98 points,Jamaica is fourth with 65 points,the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steelfifthwith51points, whiletheLeeward Hurricanes are winless and at the bottom of the table with 20 points. In Round Eight,which w as concluded on Monday March 9,the Jaguars extended their win streak to eight matches with a fivewicket win over Jamaica at the Guyana National Stadium.Meanwhile the Red Force’swoeful run in thefour-daytournament continuedwitha175-run defeatbytheHurricanes attheBeausejourCricket Ground,St.Lucia. The Barbados Pride, who was soundly beaten by the Jaguars in Round Seven,bounced backto inflict yet another defeat on the Hurricanes.The Pride took only three days to record a ninewicket win over the Hurricanes at Warner Park,St.Kitts. ThePridewillfacethe Volcanoes from March 13-16intheirninth round matchat Kensington Oval,while T&T travel to Guyana to face the Jaguars.The Leeward Islands will try to win their first match of the season when they take on Jamaica at Warner Park. (PG) THEWest Indies still have a mathematical chance of advancing to the next round in the ongoing ICC World Cup. However,theyhaveto hopeforabigPakistan victory over Ireland and they must also thrash their final opponents the UnitedArab Emirates on Sunday. West Indies Coach Stuart Williams noted that at the moment the bowlers seemed to be coming into their own while the batsmen seem to have lost their way a bit.He added it is all about being consistent and hopes that the West Indies will bring out their ‘total ‘A’ game for Sunday. Williams was full of praise for fast bowler Jerome Taylor who has been the leading wicket taker for the West Indies this World Cup.He pointed out that Taylor has been out of international cricket for almost four years but he is getting better by the day. “He started slowly in South Africa,but from since he has been here you can see his fitness level building up,the ball is coming out of his hand much better;I think he is leading from the front,he is doing a good job for us. Ithink he is getting better by the day,”said Williams. Hewas also full of praise for Kemar Roach who is also returning to the team after an injury. “He is one of our best Test bowlers.With him now coming back from injury he needs work under his belt so he has a couple of games now,been working hard in the nets and the results showed against India.So we are looking for him to hit his straps against the UAE,” said Williams. (PG) Jaguars still leading after eighth round of WICB four-day competition Williams hoping Windies bring ‘A’ game for UAE Darren Sammy. (PHOTOS COURTESY WICB MEDIA) West Indies ODI captain Jason Holder. Nikita Miller (left) and Jonathan Carter.


42 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate Effective October 8th, 2012, the market price of a security listed on the board of the BSE will only change if a quantity of shares traded (in a single trade) is greater than or equal to the threshold amount (volume limit) as stated in the table below. For more information please visit the downloads section of our website BARBADOS ST BARBADOS ST OCK EXCHANGE OCK EXCHANGE COMPANY LAST TRADEVOLUMEHIGHLOW LAST CURRENTPRICEBIDASKBIDASK DATE CLOSECLOSECHANGEPRICEPRICESIZESIZE ABVInvestments Incorporated 23-Jan-15---$0.32$0.32-$0.02$0.30100,00010,500 BICO Limited 09-Mar-15---$1.85$1.85-$1.65$1.813005,045 Banks Holdings Limited 06-Mar-15---$2.85$2.85-$2.50$2.828,8561,000 Barbados Dairy Industries Limited24-Feb-15---$1.50$1.50-$1.50$1.6020803 Barbados Farms Limited 26-Feb-15---$0.50$0.50-$0.25$0.5020,000105 Cable and Wireless Barbados Limited18-Feb-15---$3.00$3.00-$2.48$2.498206,468 Cave Shepherd and Company Limited 10-Mar-15---$3.00$3.00-$2.52$3.0030012,240 FirstCaribbean International Bank 10-Mar-15---$1.80$1.80-$1.85$1.90751,829 Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 06-Mar-15---$0.20$0.20-$0.20-50,000-Dev Fund Fortress Caribbean Property Fund 06-Mar-15---$0.52$0.52-$0.52-10,183-Value Fund Goddard Enterprises Limited 09-Mar-15---$6.42$6.42-$6.42$6.4932,6361,314 Insurance Corporation Of B’dos Limited09-Mar-15---$2.40$2.40-$2.36$2.405004,824 Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited05-Nov-14---$0.15$0.15-$0.10$0.305,0004,550 Emera (C’bean) Incorporated 5.5% Pref08-Dec-14---$3.30$3.30-$3.11-1,722Emera (C’bean) Incorporated -*04-Feb-15---$25.70$25.70-$21.75$25.702123,856 Massy Holdings Limited 06-Mar-15---$19.90$19.90-$19.75$20.005812,122 One Caribbean Media Limited 12-Feb-15---$6.77$6.77-$6.76$7.00500500 Sagicor Financial Corporation Pref 6.5% 22-Jan-15---$2.26$2.26-$2.00$2.266309,100 Sagicor Financial Corporation 10-Mar-15---$1.80$1.80--$1.74-10,286 The West Indies Rum Distilleries Limited18-Nov-14---$8.00$8.00--$7.50-50 Trinidad Cement Limited 21-Aug-14---$0.80$0.80--$2.00-1,100 West India Biscuit Company Limited26-Aug-14---$10.46$10.46-$13.00-1,000TOTAL SHARES BOUGHT & SOLD -* = Security is Trading X-Div *+* = Security is Suspended ** = Rights Issued Royal Fidelity TIGRS A Fund 21-May-12 $10.50$10.50 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A1 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A2 Fund $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Royal Fidelity TIGRS A3 Fund 18-Dec-13 $10.00$10.00 $10.50100 Last Trade BidAskBidAsk DatePricePriceSizeSize B’dos Government Debenture 4.75% 201616-Feb-15 $101.5015,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.625% 201828-Jan-15 $105.5015,000 B’dos Government Debenture 6.875% 202309-Mar-15 $103.0030,000 Barbados Government Debenture 7% 201729-Dec-14 $106.50 13,000 B’dos Government Debenture 7.25% 2028 $100.0020,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201626-Feb-15 $103.0041,000 Barbados Government T/Note 6% 201711-Feb-15 $105.00615,000 MUTUAL FUND March 12, 2015 ENDEDNAME OF FUND NAVOFFERBIDNAV CHANGE 06-Mar-15REPUBLIC CAPITAL GROWTH FUND w 1.4798 -0.0027 06-Mar-15REPUBLIC INCOME FUND -* w 1.4836 -0.0183 06-Mar-15REPUBLIC PROPERTY FUND w 1.2661 0.0000 19-Feb-15CLICO BALANCED FUND INC. w 1.288 -0.0010 06-Mar-15FORTRESS CARIBBEAN GROWTH FUND w 4.8757 4.8757 4.8757 0.0190 06-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND ACC. w 1.8408 -0.0074 06-Mar-15FORTRESS HIGH INTEREST FUND DIST. w 1.0022 -0.0041 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY SELECT BALANCED FUNDm4.7253 4.7253 4.6308 0.0572 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY STRATEGIC GROWTH FUNDm0.8370 0.8370 0.8202 0.0166 27-Feb-15ROYAL FIDELITY PREMIUM INCOME FUND m 1.4340 1.4340 1.4053 0.0065 06-Mar-15SAGICOR GLOBAL BALANCED FUND w 2.29 0.00 06-Mar-15SAGICOR SELECT GROWTH FUND w 1.29 0.00 06-Mar-15SAGICOR PREFERRED INCOME FUND w 1.05 0.00 *Indicates the Fund is currently ex-div NOTES: QUOTATIONS AND NET ASSET VALUE PER SHARE ARE SUPPLIED BY THE FUND MANAGEMENT. THE OFFERING PRICE INCLUDES NET ASSET VALUE PLUS ENTRY COSTS. m=monthly valuation,q = quarterly valuation, w = weekly Regular MarketSecurity VolumeHighLowPriceAdvance / DECLINETHERE WAS NO ACTIVITY ON THE REGULAR MARKETPut Through MarketSecurity Volume Market Price GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED 104,144 $6.40 BANKS HOLDINGS LIMITED 208 $2.95Mixed Income MarketSecurity Volume BARBADOS GOVERNMENT DEBENTURE 6.5% 2015 51,000 BARBADOS STOCK REPORTMarch 12, 2015 There was no activity on the Regular Market. JUNIOR MARKET Fixed Income SHARE SUMMARY INFORMATIONMarch 12th, 2015 INDICESTODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADINGCHANGES March 12, 2015 March 11, 2015 Local 2,137.91 2,137.91 Cross-list 1,723.06 1,723.06 Composite 613.48 613.48 MARKET CAPITALISATION (in millions) TODAY'S TRADING LAST TRADING CHANGES March 12, 2015 March 11, 2015 Local 5,366.53 5,366.53 Cross-list 2,889.41 2,889.41 Composite 8,255.94 8,255.94 NEWS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited -Directors have fixed February 13th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company which will be held on March 13th, 2015. Sagicor Financial Corporation -Directors have fixed March 19th, 2015 as the record date for the determination of shareholders entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Company. DIVIDEND DECLARA TION Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated -Directors have declared an interim dividend of sixteen (16) cents per share to be paid on March 13th, 2015 to Shareholders on record at close of business on February 26th, 2015. BSE NOTICE Trinidad Cement Limited Trinidad Cement Limited wishes to advise Shareholders that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on Thursday February 26, 2015, the Board confirmed a decision to offer shares in the Rights Issue in Trinidad and Tobago only,and to exclude all other jurisdictions in which TCL's shares are listed. The decision was made, having regard to the complexities involved in satisfying the requirements of the various regulatory bodies in these jurisdictions, and its effect on the stringent timeframe for the Rights Issue, especially since the Rights Issue is intended as a method of recapitalization to fulfill, inter alia, conditions imposed by TCL's lenders. SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT SECURITY VOLUME LIMIT ABV INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED 3,500 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 5.5% Pref 100 BANKS HOLDINGS LIMITED 4,000 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 6.5% Pref 7,500 B'DOS DAIRYINDUSTRIES LIMITED 300 SAGICOR FINANCIAL CORPORATION 10,000 B'DOS FARMS LIMITED 1,500 THE WEST INDIES RUM DISTILLERYLIMITED 300 BICO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 100 WEST INDIA BISCUIT COMPANY LIMITED 300 CABLE & WIRELESS (BARBADOS) LIMITED 9,000 JAMAICA MONEY MARKET BROKERS LIMITED 10,000 CAVE SHEPHERD & COMPANY LIMITED 1,500 MASSY HOLDINGS LIMITED 6,500 FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 10,000 ONE CARIBBEAN MEDIA LIMITED 4,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY DEV FUND 3,500 TRINIDAD CEMENT LIMITED 10,000 FORTRESS CARIBBEAN PROPERTY VALUE FUND 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A FUND 100 GODDARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED 3,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A1 FUND 100 INSURANCE CORPORATION OF BARBADOS LIMITED 2,500 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A2 FUND 100 EMERA (CARIBBEAN) INCORPORATED 1,000 ROYAL FIDELITY TIGRS A3 FUND 100


FOR RENTRendezvous Terrace Accomodation Furnished self contained 2bedroom apartment Kitchen living/dining LONG/SHORT Telephone:246-427-2118 FOR SALE2012 Nissan Tiida. In Excellent Condition. Contact Ersell 821-7482 REAL ESTATEFORSALE LOTS Lowthers, Christ Church 4,712 sq. ft. $105,000.00 Tichbourne, St. Michael 7,455 sq. ft. $151,000.00 Fortesque, St. Philip 5,927 sq. ft. $125,000.00 Connelltown, St. Lucy 9,768 sq. ft. $150,000.00 Durants, Christ Church 5,250 sq. ft. $185,000.00 Bagatelle, St. James 11,215 sq. ft. $280,000.00 Clermont, St. Michael 10,500 sq. ft. $315,000.00 Drax Hall, St. George 14,349 sq. ft. $375,000.00 PROPERTIES Boarded Hall Greens (Town houses)From $228,800.00 to $461,900.00 Hopewell, Christ Church 3Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms 6,630 sq. ft. $350,000.00 Fairfield Cross Road, St. Michael Building 1 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Building 2 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom4,736 sq. ft. $300,000.00 Apes Hill, St. James 4Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 storey building4,367 sq. ft. $350,000.00 Husbands, St. James 3Bedroom 2 Bathroom two storeybuilding 5,783sq. ft. $600,000.00 Bournes Village, St. George 4Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms two storey building 3,191 sq. ft. $471,000.00 Grazettes Court, St. Michael 3Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms building10,842sq.ft. $550,000.00 FORRENT SeaGrape Drive, St. Philip 2Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom Apartment$1,600.00 monthly Contact: Telephone (246) 432-7191 Website: AUTO PARTS/SPARES IN MEMORIAMMEMORIAM Mrs Hilda Ilene Lynch (February 2008) Mr. Leary Lauriston Lynch (June 1992) Mr. George Milton Lynch (April 1986) ‘Sleep on Dear ones and take your rest. Gone but never forgotten,’ Rememberd with love, pride and gratitute by children and siblings Monica, George and Angela and grandchildren Andrea, Cara and Allan and other relatives and friends. AUCTION SALESAUCTION SALE RICHARD MATTHEWSOn instructions received from Container Services LTD, we shall offer for sale at their premises on Fontabelle, St.Michael on Saturday 14th March 2015 at 10 a.m. the following items: Mahogany upright and rocking chairs, living room suite, upholstered chair and foot stool, drink coolers, wine coolers, fridges, exterior tables and chairs, beverage dispensers, antique side table and clawed leg table, gas stove, pine table, baby high chair, beds and mattresses, cooking utensils, glasses, lanterns, step ladder, w/iron chairs, dressing tables, massage table, excercise equipment, set of Britannica Great Books, 3 trunks with items and many more items. Enter sale site from Harbour Road, opposite Sugar Bulk Store Terminal. Terms cash – viewing 9a.m. – look for auction flag – any queries contact: RICHARD MATTHEWS AUCTIONEER Tel – 427-1449/2313813 JOB SEEKERSNEED YOUR PROPERTY MAINTAINED? General garden/ lawn upkeep. Propagating, landscaping, grassing, spraying, mowing, forking, weeding, model: suburban, project, ave 1/2 acre, 5hrs, once /wk, tools are yours. Pete 263-9867 CONSTRUCTION SERVICESL.L. BUILDING & Maintenance Specials on .Renovating .Building .Repainting.Large Residential .Small quick fix-up jobs Tel:237-7874 CAPSTONE CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATEDConstruct Wood & Wall Houses House & Roof Repairs Renovations & Extensions Tree Trimming & Cutting Tel:(246)267-1600 Friday March 13, 2015 43 The Barbados Advocate MELBOURNE–Ata WorldCupwhere millionairesandrefugees sharethesamestage,itis littlesurprisethatoneof thestandoutsofthe tournamentisalsooneof themostunlikely. Withhisfacecoveredin warpaintandhishairkept inplacebyabandanain theAfghanflagcolours, HamidHassanhas emerged as one of the cult figures of the World Cup. Few cricket supporters had even heard of the Afghanistan fast bowler before he arrived at the World Cup but h e has quickly won over the crowds in Australia and New Zealand with his unbridled enthusiasm and clumsy celebrations. Like most of his team mates,Hassan came to cricket by accident, learning the game as a child in Pakistan,where his family moved in exile because of the war in their homeland. His family did not initially share his love of cricket,preferring that he spent his time on his studies,so he played and train ed in secret. Anatural talent,he was picked to play for his national team in 2006 for a tour of England and caught the eye of the Marylebone Cricket Club. He was offered a job as a groundsman and a year later he became the first Afghani to playat Lord’s. The following year,he joined the Lancashire League and was picked to play for Afghanistan in the 2009World Cup qualifiers. Hassan an unlikely star


44 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


LONDON–British newspapersandpunditsroundedon Chelseaandmanager Jose Mourinho yesterdayfollowing their Champions League elimination,branding them “a team who will never really be loved”. ChelseafelltoFrench championsParisSaintGermainonawaygoals following a stormy and illtempered 2-2 draw in the second leg of their last 16 tie at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday. The home side’s players came in for strong criticism after they surrounded referee Bjorn Kuipers in the aftermath of a first-half foul on Oscar by Zlatan Ibrahimovic that saw the PSG striker harshly shown a straight red card. The Daily Mail labelled Chelsea “The Bully Boys”, usingaphotograph to flag up the fact that “NINE players”had encircled the Dutch official and describing their conduct as “deplorable”. Writing in The Daily Telegraph,Henry Winter said “there will be little sorrow for their (Chelsea’s) departure outside Stamford Bridge”,beneath aheadline branding the evening a “night of ignominy”. Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher laid the blame at Mourinho’sdoor,accusing the Portuguese of instilling a culture of gamesmanship at the club. “The worst bit of dirty tricks was from Chelsea, surrounding the referee. The reaction was disgraceful,”said the Sky Sports pundit. “Jose Mourinho could end up being the most successful manager ever with the trophies he goes on to win in his career,but I don’t think him and his teams will be ever be loved because of actions like that. “Does Mourinho care? I don’t think he probably cares.I think it’s sad.” His fellow pundit Graeme Souness added: “This PSG team is just full of technique,a really good footballing team,and they had to put up with stuff which I find really,really unappealing.” Premier League ‘miles away’ Priortothegame, Mourinhohadaccused PSGofplayingwithunnecessaryaggressionin thefirstleg,whichfinished 1-1,andTheGuardianfelt thePortuguese’s“toxic tone”had influenced Kuipers. Chelsea’sfailuretoseize theinitiativeafter Ibrahimovic’searlydismissalwasalsocriticised, withPSGhavingcontinuedtobossproceedingsdespiteplayingwithanumerical disadvantage for anhour and a half. “Even against 10 men for so much of the game, they were second-best in just about every department,”said Olivier Kay in The Times. Writing for the paper, former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino said:“We have known for a long time that Jose Mourinho is a master of his own destiny. “Increasingly,though,he is beginningto look like a master of deception too.” The tabloids stuck the boot in,with The Sun’s back page screaming ‘Eiffel Shower’ and the Daily Mirror branding Mourinho’smisfiring players ‘Euro Trash’. “Chelsea gotexactly what they deserved:nothing,”The Sun added. Underpinning the headlines was a fear that with Chelsea out and Manchester City and Arsenal on the brink of elimination after first-leg losses to Barcelona and Monaco respectively, England could have no representatives in the quarter-finals for the second time in three years. “We’re supposed to be the richest league in the world with some of the best players,”Carragher added.“We are miles away and we’re getting kidded.” Friday March 13, 2015 45 The Barbados Advocate British press slam Mourinho’s ‘toxic’ Chelsea Jose Mourinho


46 Friday March 13, 2015 The Barbados Advocate


Friday March 13, 2015 47 The Barbados Advocate


Printed and published by Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc. Fontabelle, St. Michael. Telephone 467-2000, Fax 434-2020/434-1000 Friday March 13, 2015 Combermere get some breathing room at the top of tablePage 37 DESPITEthelong-term healthimplicationsandhigh medicalcost,concernhas beenraisedthatBarbadians stillarenotheedingthe warningsaboutkidneyfailure. Furthermore,itwasrevealed thatsomepersonswhoarereceivingdialysisarenotcompliant,thatis,theydonottake theirmedication,theydonot controltheirdiet,orsimplyjust don’tshowupfortheirtreatment. WordofthisfromPeritoneal (home) Dialysis coordinator at the QEH,Marcelle Sealy,who was speaking to the Barbados Advocate asBarbadosjoined theworldincelebratingWorld KidneyDayattheMartindale’s Roadinstitutionyesterday morning. Earlier this week Chief Executive Officer of the QEH, Dr.Dexter James,noted that the cohort of kidney patients receivingdialysis costs the health care institutions about $15 million or about ten per cent of the QEH budget.He anticipates this figure could jump to $39 million in five years. Sealy,whosaysthefocusison prevention,stressed that more persons need to be more aware of and accountable for their health. EDUCATEonPage6 BARBADIANS STILL NOT KIDNEY AWARE Marion Fergusson Registered Nurse (left) in the Peritoneal Dialysis Unit shows Clinical Nurse Trainer Brydens Stokes Patrick Adams (right) and Cassandra Suttle of AA Laquis (centre) the Peritoneal dialysis machine on a “baby” during the health fair held at the QEH hospital yesterday.