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Apr. 22, 1983-
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No issue published for May 3, 1983.
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On Sunday published as: Sunday advocate.
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An Emergency
State Again
In kgypt

CAIRO, Dec. 6. |

somEnODY wa Grr ONE e | Danger or War Is
Not As Great

Now As In 1948

LONDON, Dec. 6

Winston Churchill said the danger o: war is not as great

A state of emergency has been declared again Egypt-wide | | today as during the Berlin blockade of 1948 ah
by the Government, faced with an angry rioting citizenry | Churchill asked for “reasonable time” to trans ite wares
and what it termed a rapidly deteriorating situation in the | nto action and promised “true economy” and “its twin siste1
Suez Canal Zone. The emergency proclamation came on the 1 nCieiay.- MM tne TeArMaMent pre r

heels of a reliable report that the War and Marine Ministet: | ¢ hurchill sai 1 he was proud ap Bri ry ands beyond
ordered all members of the Egyptian Army and Navy at} question” second only to the United states In measures
present in Britain to return to Eg) pt immediately. taken to try to ensure peact Fos

- COMPETITORS in the Musical Sacks Contest ‘crembie fi Exhibition at Queen's Park yver‘orday } . we mmon

An independent newspaper said : \ ‘ r ’s e in } noes
that the recall was precede’ by “ f Defer Minister, an office h
the War Ministr, Grdat fix wall UN. Reject Lyttelton a i ithy a 2 2 World
var ti ith the Prong Ministry

®vints Of Speech

in training Beyptian forces. t Red Demands Big 4 Talks On Governor r resen fs .S. To Build 6' Uninfared 7. ints OF Speech

leave the country.
For Truce Talks Disarmament

The Interior Minister, Fuad


Serag El Din Pasha, banned al | Dy > New Uranium | Ger res
demonstration nationwide, a n¢ | VX i bi ~ ||P _ There wuld be a E
ordered police to break - any PANMUNJOM, Dec. 6 N ae D j ( d | lane Crash Me ee ‘ridih
attempted demonstrations pith 5 ALIN DEU NY »_ eC i € ar ea oe HIS EXCELLENCY TRE GOVERNOR after present an Ss } rable place in it
force rhe United Nations refused cat-| 1S Ba 2h { ' me SNe 1} : | PENAN( Mai D é R ia A Force—It i
am . . ef sally to abandon the United] ing the prize t the Exhibition vesterday told his audience . | Né i, Malaya, De Pick
Further. Casualties vate Ey een : PARIS, Dec, 6 3 ; 7 States tro otatio orogre ne 7 asd > ‘ t t he . ye general sté of the exhibits had bee a oa — ec. of ¢ ut lity
gy Pi 6 tation progr amme! The Big Four disarmament that he felt the gener: ancdard of the ex 6 ha en) The United States representative)! y of State, es AO 3) Britain’

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Gov- Ar istics. T nu ee si —-|conference neared breakdown} maintained this year, but ¢ the agricultural 1 live \lbert Gore i Thursday that}?4% Unhurt, when his plane bu 3) Britain's Air Force—In view
ernment reported further casual-}"™S : he United Nation |Thursday night as United Na- stock side he would say that the livestock were bette [the United States has provided] @ tyre in qa one hundred miles} ©f the superior ft tussian
ties had been added to the toll of also rejected the Communist de-|tions Assembl President Luis | + ioe chit j}money to build six new plants tol®! hour crash landing here today MIG ) jet fighter, Britain is giv-
142 Egyptians and British killed mand to withdraw from the] Padilla Nervo bezan a series of than 1e crop exhibits. Jextract large amounts of a pean tt plane niEAS Valette. hi ng “urgent” attention. to. putting
or wounded in two days of bloody fo ary av te waters north private talks in an effort to stave] He began: “I do not propdse to jirom the slag piles of South Afri-|® low mound at the edge of the] her lk 1 level above those
clashes at Suez, earlier this week ; os oe 7 I oneaeee er : make a long speech on this oe®a-| tie age Airfield, as it approached the} of 7 y ;
The casualty figure was raised to Dic Slnna: “achiist. oto sabvtatl In orn ec MOONE _ said neither sion, but to limit nm narks tol A ly oOo ate | Gore oO said tl the United} nding runway (4 A ur pear Army We do
161 killed or wounded with the} Uniteq Nations warsh pS as Vv ell] i oi fi ] menting oe id the Exhibition | AC ce State ‘by 3 vill float at The wheels ploughed furrows propose o merge British
inclusion of 15 policemen and four] a, troops going north of the line}in an effor eT ! ert ass PT a. I look forward each year to the a ‘ atomic submarine which ¥ re Uars ugh the soft earth, but the » a European army | t
civilians wounded in. yesterday bag oft a pate Shs an aa na > > reach an agree=| exhibition of the Barba Agri-| Relief I und olutionize undersea warfa He] Plane kept a straight course.| “ ire alread oined to i
eee 2 during the truce The United Na-|ment for a report which must cu ral Society, he cc ‘ued. “ik | ‘added “the United Stat ).| Viticials and newspapermen wait through the Atlantic Pact. Ur
Cairo riots. A tions delegation spokesman at the|be made to the General Assem-|;, , ; a . rhe t which struck the aw ! a ing to greet the M > eteteh er the Eurapean. Army plen ti

In Alexandria, police arrested)
4 ‘ . ; i ‘ é al ults a ce fishing ei o t a right process ‘ ‘ . ; p I 1elples 10Orror as the port tyre j of i uropea ountrie
Tae ie. b sh wath ite attempting to blackmail the Aflic Thursday afternoon's one hour in Barb Sor rr is y s undermined an iunpor- it a” tee e ¥ a ea = burst when the pl une hit the aay re to be pooled in a sit el » Com-
a bomb into a British institute./ into accepting an unsatisfactory|session has been the most heat- ae ree OE Sora a anal nium from gold mine tailings it ’ ‘ . i e Ce

i é alisté — — oner i < ve bee ant dustr t ate Ss ‘ iy anc “we . riole ind i reneral Dwight

Only one of the more than 200/truce by refusing to discuss now!¢d of the series and is under- ee ae oe have be n ma 7 ( ee a? 2 po on south Africa : _ i ~ le Sekine na vio) ntly : ae cs t wight
: ont I ere in the building . “ha . war isoner: [stood to be the last business |/#med, but on the agricultura . c ' ; : Gore i iirman of the House ti g£ up ve
students who w ath ng the exchange of war pr soners. when the bomb exploded was in United States Major General {Session ; , | . a al rh, it “ der ic sub-con : death
‘ 7 on “ 7 RY ’ ; Delegates of the United States, | livestock exhibits are better than of all sections to centribute. mittee on Atomic Energy appr rire engines and ambulance Churchill ver
ae t Turner, chief U.N. represesite ive Russia, _ Britain and France|the crop exhibits I am glad to The Government has done priations, _ aa “= quads raced to the scene as flames nformed ibou At erica

Informed sources said thet the/on the joint. Sub-Committee told} * Be eae . see the improved types o mais|} much to help and private : ‘ait 4 ighted the plane, Despite é nd thei lit
Government would ask Parliament|the Reds flatly that the Unitea|@sreed to meet at 3 p.m. G.M.T./*â„¢ i ee rae a it it sore ald i vas decided to ; ; pe . eae xpabalivi ret

I é imer the ads g Ee tex ma i le » tee ‘ tise i age ’ r rc " :

- Sea nb ematil aninisla’ Metiice Cisse ; switheat oual|Etiday to- outline their points of | &SP& ially among the cattle and citizens should follow sunt. expand atomic production facili-| ¢ amaged port petrol tank, the ait 00d by 1 previou tate

or £100,000 as in battalions | ¢ tions Command without quaht-| disagreement for the accounting |Sheep, which to some extent ate if the fishing industry is tan. ut Paducah Kentucky on aft did not catch fire he] ments that rican bases are to
for the “Tiberation matte isa j Heation rejects” the Communist which must be made Monday|the result of the Department’ undermined there will be a ulong the Savannah river in South port propeller was crumpled, and] oo. equi; pe for atomic. bornbins
which the State decided last wee jdemand for a ban on rotating under the ten-day deadline | Policy of importing good sires, greater shortage of food but Carolina “bet nian) Aiea han tits the tail wheel was sandwiched] ¢ , ecessar

to incorporate into the regular) troops during the truce which the Assembly gave the} “The standard of food crops, this can be avoided. supply had improved into the fuselage The Prime Minister said: “Cor

Armed Forces. The Communists have sought to] Big Four to report the progress |ground provisions and green vege SEND YOUR DONATION | Gore said the Padveah an r erable it slow progres”. to

A Minister of State, | been|end the United States system offof the arms talks. tables is not so good as it has to the ADVOCATE OFFICE Savannah river plants virtuallyland the Valett eres ‘ collapss rd building atomic bombs ir
appointed to supervise the Ir-/|sending troops home after a year Informed sources said only |been in some years, but doubtles NOW doubled United States atomic pro- fuselage nt a ea ae he at rit been made under th
regulars with the assi ee Of jin combat by insisting on total}agreeniént is on a plan for the|the very wet conditions of recegt et $1,351.09 duction capacity liived. Whe v we Thain “or bour Gov ment and his Gov
Army officers, until their training|arms and troops freeze which|creation of a twelve nation dis-|weeks have adversely affected ge: 5.00 He added that now the nation’ , rresp a ni yea os ial i aie nment w 1 continue to. pres

T ‘ 2 ~@-1 aT y \ t ‘ ! ration oO sponden eached the plane I oO press

e« been co leted.—U.P. jwould bare them of reinforce-]| armament commission. those crops. t J mnell 15,00 s shy ; ; x ,
ea HOt Sree mente en for injured or wound- Wn botr sides adamant Pa- ‘T hat ilready personally con- tise EM Sandersc 5.00 eee ly ha again so improved! Lyttelton calm and smilingly} e_ project ;

, : ; I a i . . ady persons : H 150.00 hat out production facilities'stepped down and said: “Nobod) Churchill said Britain's rear-
eu soldiers. dilla Nervo who chairmaned|gratulated the main prize a t 5.00 could be doubled again” }hurt. We were all strapped nament programme was lagging
eight secret sessions ught to 21s s by : oe ; ee } ay ‘ ‘ B in Sela chore as 10g &
Rus ns Pre pare The U, sted Nations on the other trpak the deadlock bi retaken Should ike i. in Sg sevial tale co v ips ae said disclosures that the) tightly”, ind Britain will fail to spend all

é ‘ sho > ake specia ie ' per evelifve 5.09 : actic wu | . ij , YS 7 t
us sia | hand has proposed that merely the] ring with each of the Big Four|tion of the Turner Hé mn Plantation Mrs. Ross Palmer 50.00 & ae a v vera R.A.F, authorities have ordered} °! Mi f eae it promised
ni Alli armed forces cf each side be kept| delegates privately but his task Wiikinsop & Haynes Co ce ee ese Communists inj an investigation into the cireum-] ‘0 the fiscal year ending April 1.
F 1e 1es * on w — 1g the Perpetual Chal- Lid. including C. ® Korea to disperse their troops mai tance: inane z This brought shar dai .
To orce at present strength during the] appeared hopeless. _ » |!enge Cup in the Sugar Cane Cla Pitchot 400.00 ing them less effective t . ~ a a oF the. crash, Ly tte Iton bits he on hm oe oreenee
. Armistice, Fresh troops would be —U.P-}and Mr, Brathwaide.of Welehmutrds was 1000. | pis a9 arriving at Penang, an is-} with Labourite Aneurin Bevan
Out Of Bex: ~~ | permitted to enter the country as —_— Hall, who has won the’ Perpetan! B.C, Jacmmnan 20.00 | U.P. ‘}iend» and . settlement | off the} whe quit the Labour Government
“ 3 as 5 © Mise Vo Law 25.00 , > rs 1orthwest coast of the Malay the grpunds that the rearma-

replacements as long as they did . Challenge Cu i the Gs eee a r ey . , ne ' Ls > @ Malaya x rearmé

By EDWARD KORRY pet Naan the aeeatt sit of Govt. Troops Kill Yeuctaties es oti +4 ean ae Dat ‘ ¢ p t het 380,00 | QUEEN MARY HAS A COLD Federation from Ipoh. ment progiamme is too big

PARIS; Dec. 6 | sither side. os thraa-venks {1 sulcession £ B. Willinr “95.00 | LONDON, Dee. 6 He is visiting Penang foy talks Churchill promised to push

The Soviet Union us rushing the 279 Terrorists aye asa EAA ts ee the. cele 500 Queen Mary, 84-year-old mother} with the local authorities, and to] ahead with rearmament as rapidly
completion of their rail and water The issue reached a stalemate enterprize ie & booth this-veas George Hunte 10.00 of the King, stayed indoors aga iin experience first hand of the] as possible however and noted
by-way around West Berlin, and | on this exchange in the Sub- MANILA, Philippines, Der 6 |the Y.MLP.C.. and © Poli : on Thursd vith a cold. Her) three and a half years old wm fthat Britgin ranked second only the Soviet Zor 1e ioe ide |Committee when United Sta An official { that Govern-/.44 Girls’ Club ABUSE DO ition wa d be « i Communist ‘Lert » the United States in her effort
i | { - Gene 2 s Sai 1ent troops had killed 279 Com- . light. She was to have attend UP In a characteristically Churchill-
in preparation § for the pring | Major General Henry Hode aid:| mer ce eo t
campaign i1imed at fore ine the You forces shall be reduced.] munist-led Huk in Southern A beer Int, y ea 1 lecture yesterday, but cancelled passage he said: “Our country

* Pn A word or he é r memenrnant Ar * cenehptapeanmeminnanadiaisiasts j 3 . :
Allies out of the former German] We say they shall not be in-]| Luzon during the past six months watruntivn booth 7 ' the engagement ¢ the advice o ild suggest to the mind of a
r y forces} Lt.-Col. Antonio De Veyra of the]’” rex 0 t
capital. Icreased. Now if you say force : ment of Science and Agri

————_———_—_ |," foctor.-—-C.P. SMALL LAVA FLOW i tial attack the back of a

A A | ' ; >
Authoritative sources said that a!must be reduced, then certainly| Second Military Area which em- @ On page 5 } : hedgehog rather than the paunch
railroad circumventing West Ber- we can say they will not be in-] braces Southern Luzon said that ~~. } ° : | FROM ETNA CEASES ” a rabbit Churchill pledged
lin has already been completed,| creased.” North Korean Genera 818 dissents were captured oF » | rovernment to rearm primarily
and al-hough it is not a first-rate|Lee Song Cho replied: . “That's| surrendered in the same period i re ed Are hbis shop | O 1ce I Cea CATANIA, Italy, | ’ ER ees ce eee an
job, it is being improved daily. exactly where we differ.” The He a that three officers and A ul lava flow from the v« wore "war: Fawner than oe.
“More important for the Rus- | Communists rejected the modified} 21 enlisted men of the Armed; Celeb rates Mass ‘ ‘i if Mo 1d stopped. st if the danger of war J.P.
= For »« » i > t 1 e re 4 1
gsians is the fact that the canal | ht point United Nations pro- aie ee killed ar ae fuk | . ® 5 1 t sh d siesmologist CHAIM WEIZMANN
project launched almost two years|gramme . for supervising thejate encounters vi a ? Pues, KRASICH, Nr. Zagreb, D u n 10 s See ee ae ee een OUT OF DANGER
ago is being rushed forward at full Armistice. ¥ oe ee le en Stepinac, ‘look ~ vrepare for minor earthquakes. | 'EL-a-VIV, Dec. 6
speed.—U P. es ae ~~". ‘|after his release from pp on TEHRAN, D ( aha lich is almost cont oat | israeli President Chaim Weiz-
= : terday, though his ct ai HHRAN, Dec. 6 ome form of eruption, usu 4 ann condition is improving
THE WIN ER was drawn and tired celebr Three persons were believed killed and at least 200 injured ises minor earthquake en} and he is _out ef danger it was
aMa . ord
4 mass here to-day in h as police and troops broke up riots between Communist and}! not spewing forth la | Meial annoumeed Thursday
me A, » 4 « » f }
ate s ; Nationalist students. More than 30 of the injured are r¢ Us y U.P,
sMao anne 4 : ata ported to be in a serious condition. Approximately 20 per
ishop, as Yugoslav R ons were arrested .
said”, he stated I feel | lobs ran riot through the centre of Tehran at the sight oi
10w as I felt when | the clash. Show windows were smashed, and carts and new
here (in prison) I nds were overturned in the centre of the capital
ind. satishiied because | |
“filling my du.y > he Central Prison yard wa |
After mass, vearing { oN. Planes Blast packed with arrested men md)
bl ri robes, he ar hospitals quickly became ove
questions in the > cr ded with the injured, many
the Church of Hol ite d Artille ry I osts of whom were school girl Most
rhe 53 year ~ old Ar of those taken under arrest to the
) 1
Yugos lavia's senior Roman ae Pe FORCE H.Q,, Dec. 6. |Central Prison had bad head and
aot was releast y ( ted Nations planes blasted injuric
ifter ve year n prison, ‘or ommunist putas positions ,
ie a ae ull along the Jestern Front to How |
t he live : ov Staried
|: en ‘ ‘a 1g mst hat the Fifth Air Force W It Start 9
eas . uid wa me of the most The trouble start wh Ur yes S
i ‘ ey ; I arted wher I
} Sha ei jsuccessful” operations of its versity students, college boys, at eee ’
. ay ‘ | k na furir the Korean war chool girls staged der tratic
as for ha lp Le Rabon destroyed 35 field'against the anti-cultural anda
mintorm., pie @ damaged many others | scandalous conduct’ of the Teh
An official Yugo ! irée air battles during the day. | '

‘an police, An appeal was launch

ment described hirn a A, \ One M.1.G. 15 was destroyed, | oq by Communist Graduate
Stepinac, the former Archb jone probably destroyed and one! a otiated and the Studer ‘
nt Zagreb”. He had been held unaged, One F. 84 Thunderjet sociation of Persia 7 |
Lepogravia prison, 60 miles fron is lost to Red ground fire The ,
Zagreb—U.P jet ora { burned behind | Police rei ‘forcement v
Communist ith no chancel summoned and they received
——— of the pile 4‘)

icking by the supporters of Prim« That YOU should ever lose your home or

‘ATOM BOMBERS ' ources said to-day that} “inister slohammed Mossade
le lufge percentage of 8 Can _ armed with sticks, clubs nd
CROSS ATLANTIC | ee iter on po knives These promptly attacked

\ te HuUsiness—or both—because of an accident or

; mae ie a a ie mer th tudents assembled in P someone’s carelessness, is unthinkable . . . or,
“7\n" a ind morta )Ositions since a ten- re ~~ o
FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec hi reenlistment iment Square, and the scene b te fee te ;
Six Giant B 36° “Atom” be pe eee, ae Whe. OREN ’ to say the least of it, ‘the last thing you want to
ers | ae Gas i, ek ; mi” bom\-) at Panmunjom. In co-ordination ©#me so violent that troop reir ,
1 va d at Carswell] A r For \with the Eighth Army, the Fifth forcement armed ith hea think about’,
P.C. FARLEY seeures the last sack to win the Musical Sacks Contest. yas - BS the paid of a 5,000 mile! Airforce sent more than 76 of|â„¢Machine guns were called
non-stop flight from Sidi Limane | jt close upport orties on) They ed over the heads of the

;Moroeco. Tne sleepy-eyed crews|

er is x f the big sh 1. tk ; jecamouflaged and dug-in Commu hting crowd which quickly di Wouldn’t it be much wiser to remove the fear
of the big ships said«the trip wa:| nist artillery ositic Which , persed J
° neventful”. The first t eet eek this possibiliry AND the unpleasant conse-
‘‘We Too Are| Nothing Much Israel Will [erent Te 22 28 5, biel were pin-pointed ‘by photography | But the stuterss quickly rena ofthis possibilty AND the unpleasant conse
- 30 0% ty re in r a " mt tt Rock et Naplarr ie and ] 900 | ; + ao ying to force a = quences, by making it ‘the first thing you think
Y > jt p re midnig pounce bombs rainec down onto 1e¢ Majlis Square, where they
“ se ; “a ‘
P. ( le en Can Be Expected Soon Get Aid |; nd the last was in by 45 a.m.| the field piece An untold num-}planned a monster meeting, Shout about’? There were 131 fires in the Island in
eop 7 ey left Afric ete midnig ber” of Red casualties was in-|of “down with the police ’ marked | ?
PARIS, Dec. 6 r esday | flicted according to Airforce re “1% ve frequent cl: Mar eC 1949, not including cane fires.
y a ¥ . Li. B. Pearson said on Thursday WASHINGTON, Dex | —UP port U.P, ple were tramp! U.P.
SAY SOUTH KOREANS {that the current United Nation: i Ambassador Abba Eben| z oe err. | Why not arrange an appointment with a repre-
Assembly be expecte to} mn Thursday that Israel) Y
SIISAN ore: e, 6 \ ‘ > ‘ . 4 ceil j lta } '7] iY v > ‘yy ¥ a4 Al a T sentative t seg ‘d . ‘
The S oe TON: = ah Ss. ,] make much of A nt Y W aft 3 ~ ing soon sor NV. A TION. ALIS T CHIN. A I EA RS Pp OLITICA L INTRIGT EF entative of Guardian Assurance Co. Ltd,
he South Korea sovernmen eace in view tussin's negat jhe $65 Yi grant-in-aid ; 4 ne 7 pgs
is hurt that its casualties in the| ;, ca on to the West i. ' |! eli We hope thin the next] 5 NOW ? An easy mind and complete protection
Kort an w were not included iN}and constructive proposa € y e can start receiving t By ARTHU R GOUT ing . K ” fi | re to re x . are both very quickly secured
figure released by the U.N. in In ; tervier th the ¢ cial impact of econc TAI! { Y 6H r ov cr 1 is « reate
Pari It said to-night: “We too} I efore j nee” he ’ t po t of | te ‘ N nal
are people.” London Ca Smite g ter: nal i ty} tr he dire ( ese
lea ee Atinigter ah Ie : ’ . ‘id’ the tect ; re t th rmed. at ngre th es Formosa. } peg ae
! vert pol aid, * ; “hi tl ge yn Administratior t F Chinese | Yu reports of ¢ ' rt Tatior ' . ,
the ROK army had iffered tl ; = ‘i a! 1 na-heip { Israc K ‘ the U 1 t 60: We
heaviest ialt f anv of the : . - | He i ver ne jl ( } pe eff. ‘ m\ . ic
Seren rete an aid “ie Wii ee me eaesais<°=" DD. MUSSON, SON & Co. Lta
of Korea army | integral part} pear leave London for] He emphasized econe per ‘ ng|try in U Na of e ’ ° °
of the U.N Ce nand ler a { Decembe 1] ter € { t asif ; ‘ of he f t e ten ad s
- y agreement ned in Ju rt} [ | t pre t 1 BROAD STREET P.O. Box 227, Phone 4465
1950 ‘end that th e Korea an civilia der atic I F t tr United Nat
alone had _ suffered } Israe \id F I t * for the| will re f teadf A
casualties,—U.P. —U.P. ‘§ munist in f ‘ f bend fre t ngt U.P



A FORCE B-17 (Flying For-
) hic irrived at Seawell


at roximately 3.30 o'clock on
Wednesday afternoon, left short-
ly after 1.30 o’clock this morning
for Rio via Belem

On board, were Major General
R. M. Webster, Commander of
the U.S. Air Force Section of the
joint Brazil-U.S Military Com-
mission, his A.D.C., Major Bill

Renny, Major S, C
Major T. J.
and a crew of 3 airmen,

Major General Webster was on
his way back to his headquarters
in Rio after a twelve day visit to
Washington on official

Jackson (co-pilot)



Their trip from Washington took
them via New York and Ber-

Major General Webster has been

in Rio for a year and a
End Of Week
A’ present in Barbados is Mr.
Johnnie Adamson, Managing
Director of Bookers Drug Stores,
Here until the end of the week,
he is staying usual with Mr
and Mrs. Fred Olton of “Spring-
field”, Barbarees.


Third In Three Years

RRIVING from Bermuda on
Wednesday by T.C.A. was
Mr. Stanley Wookey, a_ retired
mining engineer who lives in
Toronto. .This is Mr Wookey’s
third visit to Barbados in three
He is a guest at the Marine

e e Two Yachts Leave + r
RIGADIER MILES SMEETON \ ‘ "Vi a I; I » I V > « ~ |
B his wife Bery!) and daughter ar H€ ( a Ss or e terans
Clio left Barbados on Wednesday | NO MORE GREY HAI
by their 45-foot ketch Tzu Hanz low 75—~Antigua, 38—St. Kilts; € ©
bound for St. Vincent. The Eng- ST. JOHN’S i Montserrat, 2—British Virgi
lish family are on their way t rT? ind Awards Com-/| Islands and 1—Barbuda AFRICAN M ! XTU RE
cH al a ENGE 4 UP Canada where they intend to set- tte 1 Ci United Kingdo During the years there were Colours on es fi Also try
/ LE? ok ; tle down, They are making the|h recent decided that mem-|68 members the Antigua D -| fe Is absolutely what is professed of it: iL
entire voyage by Tsu Hang. ‘ of the Defence Police! fence Force me of these served A GENUINE H-a7R COLOURING FLEURO
;atile Smevton, brought Tx 1 Fe e Le 1 Islands|Over-seas and some have died.| Available in 4 handy sizes BRILLIANTINE
Hang into sarlisle Bay on Nojwho served the Colony for a| The number who will now receiv Obteinadie from :
vember 5 after a 2,700-mile At-|minimum p of nty-eignt| medals is 39 Makes the hair
lantic crossing from the Canaries. | days’ full-time 5 ice ea "the The ros ber in the Antigua BOOKER’S (Barbados soft and glossy
would have Femained vere ft] War Mecel, °° “NPe {9 te] Detence Force nave dwindled +o) | DRUG - STORES LTD. | geain2 sien
: . ar: at {35 only, but under the leadership ET, BRIDGETOW'
had promised if he found the se al ae eits aoe : ‘7 BROAD STREET,
place niece, he would spend a ahree hundred medals will be} of Captain E. M. Blackman Offic- Manufactured by E. FLOUTIER LTD., Stanmore, Middlesex, Eng. Estd. 1889
a moth. Miles was not listributed and in respect of the er in Command of Lotal Force a —
pointed. Me Leeward Islands Police Force|good standard of efficiency ‘s
Miles expects to make a call they will be distributed as fol-' maintained, 4 | ee ST iaial aap cee
Panama before going on to Salt Al cee ao
Spring Island where he and his ee = ;
tampily Bs live, Petar sar 90 AM. & 180 PM
ian Kete moo, 6 t “KID FROM KANSAS
hts salled for Martinique, ‘Skip: |[J™* Pera, tan cuit, ase ool BO AW A BTOWN EMPIRE
. bs D RIDER
pered by Van de Wiede. Omoo Johany Mack BROWN Dial £316 || |
PB ee Las Palmas on No- papas PEEENI ERAGE TTT ET te 8.30
vember 9. She d a 2. 145 & 5.9) PM. & CONTINUING DAILY 4.45 & 8.40 PM » aily 4.45 & 8.
and was painted od locked here TODAY Warner's Rosting Advetiture-Packed Special! Opening TODAY 2.30 & 8.30 and Continuing Daily >
en Ave apensive Gary COOPER Lauren BACALL — Patricia NEAL in
fi coe mony temene a BRIGHT LEAF
pounds for a Broadway or
Hollywood celebrity fo change EXTRA SPECIAL! MIDNITE SAT. &tn
his wife.
Take the case of band leadet | |] apport & Goevte. Stanne ta nck & Dick urea, tee Garvie, Andy
Xavier Cugat. In the New Year Brown, Ella Fitegernia Devine
he f arene to get a divorce
wn Nevada, and afterwards plans OISTIN The Garden
to marry dark-haired Abbe ne, PL ATA Dial 8404 GAIET ST. JAMES
singer with his band. The legal Today to Sunday 4.45 & 8.30 p.m Today to Sunday 8.30 p.m,
fees alone, he says, will total{ }} G*'’ Cooper, Ruth Roma 6 Rh Fe a ds
£32,000. a ” se bvig ARIAN in ;
ne 1. Nera eee < Bat : ae ot uy ‘makaghe dare ae es
at Bel-Air, California, to raige| |] — nee | aie Chea 2 y =n
money for a lump sum settle ont. 1-88 pm Midnite Sat * ee f ee ee PAUL HENREID - eiscone MckE00
otent 6h his Wife. aa Wadena | MIDNITE SAT. sth GRACE COPPIN - CECIL CLOVELLY Released thru United Artists
In addition, he will pay her} |} “west of Rocky LANE ‘ an > oe
£117 a week alimony and all Wyoming San Antone Tat. oe 1 ee Extra: LATEST BRITISH NEWSREELS
H.E. THE GOVERNOR, Sir Alfred Savage, presents a Challenge Cup on eee eopeneee ive”? a ‘BROW N Monte ‘fALE \ 5h ee yahae Mook Pil .
for the Best Registered Doe with 2 broad teeth to Mr. C. 8. M¢Kenzie Cc ate are expensive’, says = antonella oe
during the Prize-giving at the Exhibition in Queen's Park yes ay. ee ‘ i a wataBiaaen
Mr. McKenzie won two other Challenge Cups. Aides Talking Point suescorae R 0 Y A L
A woman is the most incone

M* TONY COZIER, son of Mr.
and Mrs, Clyde Cozier of
“Lyndale”, St. Leonard’s Avenue,
who is with the Canadian Bank
of Commerce thas just been trans-
ferred to their branch in Port-of-
Spain. He left for Trinidad on
Wednesday by B.W.1LA.

Taking his place at the branch
here is Mr, Rex Eckstein who
recently arrived from Trinidad.

The Fishing Industry
| git Sagem tomorrow night
Mr. George Hunte will give

a series of weekly talks “Behind qay

The News” over Rediffusion after
the local news. Tomorrow he wi

speak about the Fishing industry.

With B.W.1A.
with B.W.LA.’s Traffic De-
partment here expec{s to leave
for Trinidad today on a_ short
visit. He is due back on Decem-
ber 10th,

Plenty Of Time
GEORGE, who lost her seat
in the General Election, is go-
ing to Canada with her’ elder
sister, Lady Olwen Carey Evans.
They will spend Christmas
with Lady Olwen’s§ daughter,
Mrs. Robert Macmillan, in To-
ronto, “I have been longing to
see her for leng time”, says
Lady Megan,
While she was an M.P., Lady

Megan could not find the time
to go. Now she has plenty of
time. She is 49, was MP 22 years.
This will not be Lady Megan's;
first visit to Canada, She went
there with her father, the Lib-
eral Prime Minister, in 1923.

This time she may go to Fred-
ericton, There, at the University
of New Brunswick, is the li-
brary that is to house her father’s


*But my sister and I have}
mafie no definite plansy’ says
Lady Megan.

She expects to return to Eng-
land in January.

B.B.C. Radio

11.15 a.m, Programme Parade, 11.30 a.m
Listerners' Choice 12.00 (noon) The

News, 12.10 p.m, News Analysis.
4.00—7,15 p.m, 48.43M 31.42M

10 pm The News, 4.10 p.m. The
Daily Service, 4.15 p.m, Ray's A Laugh,
4.45 p.m. Music Magazine, 5.00 p.m, Com-
poser of the Week, 5.15 p.m. Listerners’
Choice, 6.00 p.m. Merchant Navy Pro-
aramme, 6.15 p.m, Up and Coming, 6.45
p.m. Programme Parade, 6.55 p.m. Today's
Sport, 7.00 p.m. The News, 7,10 p.m. News
Cricket Report on Ist

Analysis, 7.15 p.m
Day's Play West Indies vs South Aus-

tralia and West fndian Diary, 7.35 p.m.
Interlude, 7.45 p.m, Theatre Memories
745—10.00 i840M, S102M,

ne |

sistent compound of obstinacy and

Golden Jubilee

To Reside In U.S.

‘T, JOHN'S CRICKET CLUB, A MONG the passengers who a oe
S Antigua, was founded in left the Island yesterday Incidental Intelligence
1900 and His Excellency Mr, K. PY. B.W.LA. for the U.S.A. was Oo’ course the Egyptians must
. Blackburne, Governor of the Miss Barbara Hazel Blackman, have the Suez Canal. Any-
Leewards and Mrs. Blackburne ¢idest. daugther of Mr. and Mrs. body can see that King Farouk
will be patrons at their Golden WwW W. Blackman of St. David’s has outgrown: his bath-tub.—
Jubilee Dance. Christ Ghurch, New York columnist Frank Far-

Hazel will reside with rela- rell,
Back To Venézuela tives in Brooklyn, New York. —L.E.S

had been spending a holi-
with his family left yester-
day for Trinidad on his Way to
Venezuela where he now works.

Here For Christmas

OPENING TO-DAY 5 and 8.15 pm.

| ce a
among the passengers ar-
riving from Trinidad yesterday
morning by B.W.LA. Here to


spend Christmas with his family |
he will be returning to Trinidad
at the end of December.

< any minute may be

Short Visit aS eg iy 4
M®* C. E, HITCHINS, Editor ‘ too ate :
of the Trinidad Guardian har ge Ata
flew in from Trinidad yesterday! fim bi Sach ei oh
by B.W.I-A. on a short visit. diinees atic ie isn aihaats

He is 4 guest at the Marine Hotel.


Now time:had run out... for the
émah:'who knew the terrible

believed him... for all of them

meee Um CSS Cpe

OEY] a) A


Tomorrow & Sunday 4.30 & 8.15

Today Only 4.30 & 8.15

Republic Double - - - Double . . .



by in eee
— and — AND

with Richard ARLEN




HE Teday Last 2 Shows 4.30 & 8.15| Tomorrow to Monday 4.30 & 8.15
COMES M.G.M. Double . . . Tv C-Fox Double ,

Richard WIDMARK,


Clifton WEBB, Myrna LOY
It’s Belvedere’s Greatest Picture.

Ricardo MONTALBAN in—


Color by Technicolor
with Esther WILLIAMS



TODAY Only 4.30 & 8.15


2,30, 4.45 & 8.30 p.m.


Robert BEATTY In—





and Continuing Daily 4.45 & 8.30 p.m.


iNet ~ OPENING Tomorrow 4.30 & ie:


BrOWN 1ET3 00 P

P i A A Diat 2310 | \ 7m







Extra Shows at Cheap Prices

‘ Ss] ; 7
| . ‘
TOMORROW 1.30 p.m. & MIDNITE % i f “
(. Qnty suunas ike norrore oud 1 “MY DARLING CLEMENTINE ” 3 ' '
gartive # ie prediction. (¥) ; VICTOR MATURE — HENRY FONDA RET RES
$ Cut, (7) L ‘ | AND e esd
* embarrass tay) ON is * HOMESTRETCH ” x tat
5 Gricheler’ an she boattt, (6) is (CORNEL WILDE — MAUREEN OHARA) ; a
“ ¢ of Ke » rs > .
‘ te San irr o make them is alee ate House 12e. Balcony 18c.
8. (7) 11, Put back, (7) Adults -
16 Laugningly it too, (8) % S Pit 10c., House 16, Baleony 24c.
18 He's hanging about round

Jshristmas. (4)
Exterminate. (3)

veda oh y 4 Bipbrid tee gy Solution of veateriay’s punsie.— Across:
Week, 9.00 p.m. English Magazine, 9.30] higminate To. Son Ve Bhar he Betts
p.m, Musiea pritannica, 10.00 pm. The }17 (se:Nilies; 18. Bent: 20. Ate
News, 10.10 p.m From the Editorials, | Artow; 25 Mesh; #4, Ter 25, Exit
7 ao | 2¢ Sleep: 2, Collec |
10.15 pun. The Debate Continues, 10.30 Haldia us daonten 2
pan, From the Third Programme, 10.50 Leather ‘. il Tar: 13, |
p.m. Interlude. : late’ 16. Same: 19" Nose; 22, Wee $ erat: \
R d h Li R UE Re eS
upert and the Lion Rock—46 aR
: MOS uaa
> ry ae
¢ eo ' \ 4 és ST LUN ee 1

Rupert worms his way down the
cleft, avoiding the sha es of
rock until the crack finishes. Then,
calling to Sam to take his full
weight, he swings the rest of the
way and lands gently on the floor

of the Lion's Mouth. Quickly he

BESTFORM BRASSIERES (Sizes 32—40) @ $2.06, $2.68, $3.09

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“HE HOLDER singing “Because”
ST EPHEN REID " “Bella-Bella Marie”
NEVILLE SYMMONDS , “The Lord’s Prayer”


“Orange Coloured Sky”
“Because of You”
“Too Young To Know”

walks cound and searches in every

cortter. ‘ There doesn’t seem to GUEST STAR:

be anywhere to hide treasure in SAM GORDON singing “STAR: DUST”
here,” he mutters, All at once he = - — ~ a cada
treads on something that is not Note Our Admission Prices:

solid rock. ** Hullo, why are all

those pebbles there ?'’ he thinks.

40, BOX 52.


Keeps alive the
magnificent lustre
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\ Tuer
SescwmrscorononnernanineprnmncittnmaDmmaerivtns SEES



he serean by Catroll oung - !s2e4 oper vhe famous Jungle Jim
Features Syndicate hetepaper [catore + Presuged ty salt areual


se cacataa


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BISCUITS in 4 lb. Card Cartons

Hurtley & Palmers Carnival Assorted

* * m Golden Puff

Crawford’s Tri- Fruit Puffs

Ovaltine Biscuits and Peek Freans Cheeslets

Have a lovely assortment of Biscuits in % Ib. Packages—
Custard Cream, Nice—Granola—Marie—Petit—Beurre—Short
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these for the



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1 lb. tins BLACK MAGIC CHOCOLATES at $2.17




Your Grocers Street |)



on the first ballot to fill the seats Greece 30, Byelo-Russia 26, Philip-
being vacated on January lst by
India and Ecuador.
Byelo-Russian fight for the seat
Yugoslavia is
mere East
otherwise Greece would have won

U.N., 60
majority of 40 was required for
ballot for the Security Council
Greece 27.
total was 33. Greece started out
in the lead on the first ballot by
a margin of 30 to 26,

non-permanent seats on the Se-
curity Council though it had eight
unsuccessful tries to elect a mem-
ber to fill the third vacancy. A


The Ding of Dong brings on the dancing girls

Fight For Security
Council Seat

PARIS, Dee. 6.

The United Nations General Assembly became hopelessly
readlock in a sizzling election ‘fight over Russia’s bid for
a second Soviet bloc seat in the Security Council, and post-
poned the issue until later in the session,

Fight ballots failed to settle the contest between Greece,
strongly supported by the United States and Byelo-Russia.
the Communists’ candidate. The first ballot gave the follow-
Pakistan and Chile were electeding results: Chile 57, Pakistan 55,

pines 3, Australia 1, Argentine 1,

Columbia 1, El Salvador 1.
Chile and Pakistan were elected.

U.S. Will ‘Abolish
Rubber Controls
By Eud Of 1951


Practically all controls on the
production of tires and other rub-
ber goods in the Unitec States
will be abolished by che end of
1951. The National Production
Authority are issuing an order
around December 15 effective
January 1, permitting an unlimited
output of rubber products, De-
control will be possible because
increased supplies of synthetic
rubber have ended the rubber

The Greek-

vacating was no
and West squabble—

In the balloting

among the

a two-thirds
On the eighth and last

Byelo-Russia had 32 and
Byelo-Russia’s highest

Chile, Pakistan Elected
The Assembly, however, had
Chile and Pakistan to

with synthetic rubber.—U.P.

tastier snacks

Colman's Mustard

Agents: T. $. GARRAWAY & CO., Bridgetown

: rapid relief!


These are so handy to keep with
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A comforting, soothing mixture

that’s well known as
a family remedy for
coughs and sore throats. g
Let its gentle syrup ease
and relieve your trouble.
Specially suitable and
safe for children's

bottle at

soon as you
feel that
sore throat
coming on =x

u have a stuffy cold, carry the new ZUBES INHALER
r handbag

Always keep a

{ND when

in your po«

A sniff will clear your head in a jiffy.




Bridgetown ie


and out
saw a huge dark monster north-
west of Big Bird Island.
fear they watched the huge sub-
merged object from afar. Strange-
ly, it remained still for hours, so
on returning to shore the fisher-
men told their tale to Mr, Walter
MeSevney of the
Mr. Percy Yearwoed of Gilbert's
daring fishermen and on Thursday
morning they put to sea in a boat
with outboard motor.

near Big Bird Island they dis-
covered the monster was lifeless
and resting on a small reef to the
west oj Sackie Rock. By this time
the other fishermen came along in
their gmall boats and armed with
cane bills they climbed on to the
black mammal 7ft.
which was none other than a 30-
Swarms of sharks were surround-
ing it. The tail was already gone.
Some of the fishermen proceeded
to cut out hunks of whale meat

was still firm.


“An insull To the be
national digni

of Dong /” or
a8 Jomcposs_oF
ey) DONG |


| witt BE SHOT

U.N. Meet Deadlock In. 99 Foot Whale

And Free Meat


To the east of Antigua there are dozens of small islands, tion to the Antigua Legislative ©
islets, rocks and reefs. The largest and best known of these Council at a public meeting on the © |
islands are Long Island, Green Island, Great Bird Island and Recreation Grounds

Guana Island which is separated from Antigua merely by a

channel known as the Narrows.

Fishing is exceedingly good in Mr.
among the reefs and
On November 8 fishermen

McSevney shot a

10 feet, 6 inches.

In great

it ashore.

fourteen pieces of whale

ing approximately six

They are both keen and

kerosene tin of shark oil
Whales have been seen alive

On approaching Sackie Rock past,

mainly during the

Corbison Point. Eighteen
ed ones off Green

similar to this

recent dead

in diameter

whale lying on its side
Rock and part of Swampy

before complete disappearance,


This sovereign Whisky possesses that distinction of flaveus
; Which will claim your allegiance from the first sip.



a Sole Importers :—


‘..and to think—an
hour ago he was
doubled-up with

Swift relief from after-
meals discomfort is given by ‘Dolsa’— it rapidly neutralizes the
excess stomach-acid, so often the cause of the trouble, Prepared in
handy one-dose envelopes, each Dolsa is sufficient to restore healthy
acid balance. It’s made in powder form to be taken in water so as to act

more quickly and thorough-
Dolsa ly, rapidly reaching the

stomach walls with its sooth-
Between 2 and 3 quarts of gastric juice are ing, neutralizing solution,
produced cach day by the glands which

line your stomach walls. Made up of hy-

Recommended for;
drochloric acid and pepsin, this is essential

to proper digestion, Y et one person in ten Indigestion
suffers from constitutional hyperacidity Dyspepsia
This excessive gastric acidity is a frequent Heartburn
cause of dyspeptic symptoms such as 7

pain after meals, heartburn Flatulence

and kindred stomach disor- Palpitation
ders. Dolsa quickly restores jastric acid:
healthy acid balauce, spread- G ity
ing a soothing, neutralizing Also helpful in

film over the inflamed sur-
faces of the stomach mucosa.
Take one dose only after
meals, or more frequently if
discomfort is ctill felt. Lf pain
persists, see your doctor.

pregnancy sickness


Agents: T. 8. GARRAWAY & »., Bridgetown

shark §s}

through the head just as it was gua
grasping the whale. The shark was sportsman well known among the ! : Patrick O'
They strapped people, he considers himself on t ! Ww

it to the boat and brought it inte of
the Narrows where six men drew living standards, adequate
On dissecting the shark to cope with high cost of
meat free secondary education, cheape
were found within, each weigh- electricity in this island where the

Diamond and The people of All Saints and Par-


which he estimated would weigh Sive : : r. C
about 20 tons. The tide has since Wilson has travelled extensively, wif Cro
shifted this decomposed mammal, Worked in Santo Domingo and

part of which rested on Wilkes Cuba. H
Rock Antigua for years.

e m ’ ol
First To Start Seawe
Campaign from TRINIDAD
R i \ Mur 1 Ss wa o
t ! ‘ c ve &
(From Our Own Corresponder s . :
ST, JOHN'S my 2
"heatre Film agent Mr. Jose, ; TRINIDAD
Fernandez was the first candidat ON WI

other than a
labour ranks to canva


evening, Born in St.
Fernandez was brought
at an early age, educ
John’s Boys School
Grammar School,

them and

pounds. cost is now 30c. per unit, and rec- os
tification of taxation where
ham villages had a fine feast of urbs pay more than the city, Can- °4
free meat, and the liver yielded a vassing as an

represents St
A candidate

owner of the

Party Born in

He has been

The Labour candidate

for the same area will be the third

elected member of t

totalled 218,725,148 bushels —U.P.




independent, he "Del
John's South Passengers leaving Barbados
opposing Lady Rodney we
Antigua on many occasions in the dez for the same district will be ~ |
winter newspaper
months ef January and February. Wilson,
In 1921 Mr. Yearwood saw one off paper Antigua Magnet.
years ago Mr, Wilson was on the Legis-
later he saw three greyish colour- lative Council and is now returning K. Bidluke, Jas. Walker
very to politics and seeking votes as a

one Member of the People’s

from th« is, A

s for elec-

Friday \P. Lint 7 REeyne =
Bae, Mes naan nee oe
to Antigu
ated at the F«
and Anti

A keen

es W ond, Lou
} Ribte W illias
olfe, V ti Ve Micl

bett 7
wage RM Lady Redney w
c. BD. ww t

neon and ‘

Mimar 1
J. Mill S. Millan, J. F. ¢
Harry, C. Coomt
eitas, A


MeComie, ¢

. by the K.M.S

Harold T
> one-page
Ten years

dD. ¢€ .


S. Femen Kard


: G. P. ¢
Progres= por st
Barbados, Blak

€ anc wife Nigt
and wife



resident in H AR
Sch Lad
Smith, Sch. Ff
Mary M. Lewis

convassing h

he present

from British

For Walue Plus

insist on this


s Grahan
on, Neville

| Rell, Dora


%, Shillir W. Charles



yin Bel


ind infant


Harshman ul wife

ting a


Lucille M
Smith, Set

Sch, Adalina, Set

‘Tell me

D oe t OP. whenthere’s anaccident, is

it safe to put an antiseptic straight on the wound?’

In an emergency y¢

quickly, without hesitation, an

discomfort. You ne
should be non- poise
tissue, and valuable

You need the

ya need an antiseptic that can be used

1 without dange ror undue

ed a reliable killer of germs, but it
nous, nNon-stainin rentle on human

in prom n and rapid healing

modern anti i Dettol

6 3 TTS fy

om & + § WY ‘

1 : 7

J. Reble





" s


: ; Cyril EB. Smith, Sch. Island Stur, Sch}
two-thirds majority while another wise fellow hacked Council, the Hon. BE. H. Lake am wiotiy NL Jones. § a he a
for elections, and Chile (81) ana shortage. _, out its jaw and was finally in STATE AID FOR employee of the iirm of Stephen Mary f Caving, Sen. Anka M.) Beh-| QUININE—THE FOURTH INGREDIENT IN ‘ANAGIN’
Pakistan (55) were elected in the _ At present the manufacturers Of possession of a large number of pape en rg nahh , oe er Tee How does ‘ANACIN ' relieve pain so fast, so effectively? A few years
first ballot ‘having gained this “Jess essential” goods may not use teeth ranging in size from 3 inches CHURCH SCHOOLS uy prene a member of the Ble ~~ $ehooner M .ndalny ie 30 tons net ago leading scientists discovered that rerat lay in tt 4 xact balancing
majority. more than 90 per cent. of their to 8 inches w:.ich later brought a tricity Board and a’ member of the cape, Grant, trom ‘St. Vineent. M. V { three famous medicines (Phenacetin, Carleine and Acetytsaticytie Acid)
ate: . ia g soci - 5 S PARIS, Dee. 6 Finance Committee, He was one ec. L, Tannis, 41 tons net, Capt of three famous mec ( vcetli Meine And Acatymaicyts
Ecuador, India and Yugoslavia pre-Korean rubber supply. Makers qujiek sale. , aie ; : : : sdient—Quin . e
, a anc ugos q . seach ae f Antigua’s representatives at the Tannis, from Grenada. Schooner Gar-| with a FOURTH ingredient-—QUININE. And ‘Anacin’s’ Quinine acts
are now vacating their seats at of other rubber products ar€ ow did a whale get inco these The French Government put into o An es es atives at the Pann! hy TOU ametnat cae eee, | TSMR. oidkr ta Wah Ge wicdkthos ts iecthe anc: Teer aan
the end of two years in office. limited to 100 per cent. waters? It was submerged in 9 effect a law providing for state aid Festival of Britain, from St, Vineent. Schooner Marea Hen. | z yy ei Dies ited ddl) dalek ob Walheamen ee
Sir Gladwyn Jebb, Britain's num- NPA warned that it is still feet of water at low tide, There to church schools. The contro- Cc. di Wh rietty, 49 ton# net, Capt. Selby, from jeverish temperatures, re ow amg
« 7 . 5 sig q 2 roy S el Ss » Amanda T,, 70 =
ber one Assembly Vice-President, necessary to conserve natural rub- were no marks on it to indicate Versial law approved by the anadian Wheat RE ge al gy a agi i OR Pains from fever ? Colds ? Headaches ?
presided in the absence of Presi- ber which is imported. For that that it had been harpooned or National Assembly on Septembe) f OTTAWA, Dec. 6 : 4S. Lady Rodney, 4,998 tons Do you suffer from | Toothache! Rhoumatism ? Neuralgia t
dent Luis Padilla Nervo of Mexico, reason Government continues to rammed by a ship. Judging by its 22nd by a vote of 321 to 257 had Visible supplies of Canadian ; Capt, LeBlanc, from it any of these pains? / “enstrual Pains? Then *ANACIN’ will
who was Chairman at today’s limit the amount of natural rub- smell it must have been already been held up by a dispute between wheat in storage or intransit an $5. Stee ear tae y bring you immediate relief, cast out
session of the Big Four disarma- ber which manufacturers may mix dead at least a week and the flesh the Supreme State Couneil and North America on Novemper 22 Cees c eg eee eeene erin,
ment sub-Committee.

pain with amazing speed !


Yes, for a very little you can buy a 2-tablet envelope of ‘ANACIN '—
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in the benefits of this great new scientific discovery !

is also


| Doctors and der : wnend *ANACIN'. In Great

Britain alone over 12,000 use it in their surgeries,

| * ANACIN’ (» soid in Groat Britain anc South Africa under the namo ‘ ANADIN

at A4yYÂ¥s

aming white paint — Perquits

Ber cowi ar e enamel hard, glossy and ver

t to the de It ix,

tructive influences of sea air at

id salt water.
ideal for outside

woodwork on houses, where its gloss anit
ubi provide ‘a finish both
ind pr e. Try it for





ee ee a aa



ut? wm






& avvoerre

See = = SESS fonesiae)

Printed by the Advocate Co., Ltd., Broad St., Bridgetown

ee _ ee

Friday, December 7, 1951


THE adjectives agricultural and indus-
trial are no longer adequate to describe the
Exhibition which ended yesterday at
Queen’s Park. In this second century of
exhibitions the standard of previous years
has been maintained and improvements
made. Those responsible for this 101st
exhibition can be confident that visitors to
the exhibition appreciate all the efforts
that so many individuals make to ensure
that high standards are maintained. But
when a generous meed of praise has been
offered for this year’s achievement, the
thought still remains that the exhibition is
partly agricultural, partly commercial,
and hardly at all industrial. The distinc-
tion would be of little importance if there
was adequate space in Queen’s Park for
the exhibits of all kinds which are sent.
Livestock and poultry certainly have
plenty of space, and so have fruit, vege-
tables and cut flowers. Sugar cane and
pot plants are also displayed to advantage.
The commercial booths and attractions are
given ample elbow room. But the “indus-
trial” side of the exhibition which ought
better to be labelled “arts and crafts” gets
too little room for effective display.

Locally made shoes, mats, baskets, tin
stoves and other crafts are crowded into a
small dark room adjoining the courtyard
where the vegetables are attractively
exhibited in open trays. Upstairs in
Queen’s Park House, a room which is well-
suited for piano recitals, cinema or thea-
trical performances, or as a canteen for
judges and helpers, is crammed with men’s
woollen socks, boys shirts, needlework,
hemstitching, cross stitching, water col-
ours, photographs, children’s toys, line
drawings and other “arts” of the most
diverse standards of merit.

The effect on the visitors who can pass
only with difficulty in the narrow lanes
dividing the exhibits is not unlike that
produced by any of a number of Bridge-
town stores. The real excellence of many
exhibits is inevitably hidden by the mass
of objects struggling for recognition.

By the simple expedient of displaying
the “arts and crafts” exhibits in the shed
reserved for judges’ breakfasts, the exhi-
bition would have gained irnmensely and
the judges would have suffered no harm
by making do for one day on a cup of
coffee and a few sandwiches served in the
upper room of Queen’s Park House.

Another suggestion worthy of consider-
ation is that electric lights might be pro-
vided with benefit in all enclosed rooms so
that visitors can fully appreciate exhibits
in dark corners.

In view of the changing taste in Barba-
dos for unpolished mahogany it seems
strange that exhibits of furniture should be
exclusively polished and that designs of
tables, cabinets and other pieces should
offer so little variety and should complete-
ly ignore the taste of those who are look-
ing for something much more simple than
the ultra-modern dominant pattern.

One discordant note at the exhibition
was provided by the indiscriminate
placarding by the S.P.C.A. of well-inten-
tioned posters over one of the best live-
stock exhibits seen there in recent years.

This unseasonable method of attracting
attention to an organisation which cer-
tainly deserves wholehearted public sup-
port is symbolic of the tendency for the
Exhibition to undergo a metamorphosis
and become a kind of Annual Fair.

There would seem to be a very good
reason in this second century of exhibi-
tions for the authorities responsible to
discuss the possibility either of a return to
two exhibitions per year or to make the
lirst day Agricultural and Livestock and
the second Industrial and Fair,

Either of these arrangements should
permit those who are interested in live-
stock to go early while the judging is going
on and to encourage that interest in live-
stock which the Department of Agricul-
ture is so active in promoting.

It is to be hoped too that the improved
appearance of Queen’s Park near the Steel
shed on Exhibition days will suggest to
the Park authorities that Queen’s Park will
always look better when there are plants
and flowers.

In this connection it is pleasing to note
the new coat of white and pink wash on

the lovely fountain presented by Lady
Gilbert Cartier. Perhaps next year the
Orchid Circle may think it an excellent

idea to exhibit their lovely flowers in this
suitable little thatched shed.
The fc

into use to

juNntain may

then be brought back
celebrate the happy occasion
improvement in the attrac-
ffered on

the year’s most

the Exhibitior


Starts The -Junkies’ Off

‘rom R. M. MacCOLL

[7 of the darkest domestic

problems with which Amer-
ica has had to grapple since the
war hag been the sudden spread

like some raging disease—ot

drug-taking by teen-aged chil-

Special juvenile courts in big
cities from New York to Cali-
fornia report the same grim tale.
And, even more sombre, there is
at present, and in spite of gretut
efforts to check it, every sign
that the habit is spreading as
quickly as ever,

Untul two or three years back
nebody had even heard of teen-
aged addicts. The terrifying prob-
lem has jumped into reality ai-

most overnigh:. Now it is esti-
mated that there are 10,000 ju-
venile “junkies” in New York
alone, and perhaps 40,000 to
50,000 in the country.

Says a Federal grand jury
in Detroit. “We have to report

conditions of the most shocking
nature, Young people be.ween. 14
and 21 have beeome confirmed
and inveterate users of heroin.
In New Orleans the police re-
port that “it is spreading like
wildfire and in St, Louis, Missouri
the chief of the anti-drugs squad
says: “Never would I have be-
lieved it possible to find so many
youngsters up against the needle.
We have been locking up teen-
agers one after the other.
Three Causes
HAT started this
threat to a great nation’s
health? There are three causes
1 The general restlessness and
hectic atmosphere which al-
ways attends the aftermath of
a great war.
2 An automatic reflection by the
teen-agers of the broken homes
and divorced parents which a
large proportion of them have as
3 The “craving for a new thrill
which nags at many of Ameri-
ca’s young people and which is
encouraged by anything from a
“dare” given by a_ schoolfellow
to the more sinister prompting;
of one of the criminals who
makes it a profession to peddle
dope to children,
Land Of Fads
MERICA is a land of sudden
fads and cfazes. Mosi of
these are not dangerous,
I can remember when college
boys cross the land were seeing
how many live goldfish they could


swallow, Then there were the
flagpole sitters. Alas the drug ,
craze is something altogether

In most cases it all starts with
a boy or a girl being slipped a
“reefer” by an older friend,

A reefer is a cigarette made of

Where Medicine Ends
‘Dope’ Begins


NARCOTIC drugs obtainec from
plants are among nature's great-
est blessings because of their
astonishing capacity to deaden
intolerable pain.

BUT FOR (thousands they are
life's greatest curse.

THE NINE drugs listed below
are the most important;

MORPHINE—is = made from
opium an extract of the white
poppy. i
Use: Given by mouth or injected,

it is the most effective drug for
the relief of extreme pain. It also
helps the patient by inducing sound

Abuse: Taken as “dope” by hypo-
dermic injection it produces . a
state of mental calm and happiness
followed by sleep with pleasant

Breaking the morphine habit is
virtually impossible without medi-
cal help. When deprived of mor-
phine for a few days the addict
reaches the edge of insanity.

HEROIN—is a white powde1
made from morphine.
Use: Doctors give it to allay

coughs and abolish pain after oper-
Abuse: Taken by needle it pro-
duces a heightened sense of ela-

CODEINE— is @ slightly bitter
crystalline substance also made
from morphine,


The shadowy world of
the drug addict and the
dope peddier has its own

jargon Samples:—
JUNKIES—drug addicts
SNORTING— sniffy heroin
through the nose.
MAIN-LINING— injecting
heroin into an artery.
REPEATER—4drug offend-
er convicted twice or more.


marijuana, or Indian hemp. It
an especially difficult drug to con-
trol. Not only is it smuggled over
the Mexican border in vast quan-
tities—and such border states as
California naturally show the
highest addiction rates—but it
can be and often is grown in
anyone’s back garden.
Marijuana smoking, is
step to more enslaving
tions. ;
Next in two many cases, will
come heroin (“it gives you a
bigger kick”) at first sniffed up
through the nose, later injected


only a


By R. M. MacCOLL

treated were under 21, but 18| NEW YORK.

per cent, were juveniles last} Tom Dewey was twice a failure when he
year), watching the dreadful| tried for the Presidency.

spectacle of the “cold turkey Wises ais . ?

cure” (the sudden and total ut a glittering triumph they can never
withdrawal of” drugs

from the|take away from him was the masterly job
patient) report @hat young boys!, — ieee ? , s y y Je
their torment cried out: “I’d|e did as a young lawyer before the war in
kill — to -s mg now.’'remorsely smashing up the gangsters.
ongress Ac low De tov
HAT todo about it? An| Now Dewey, as Governor of New York
aroused #nd_ horrified| State, is sniffing at the old trails again. He
America does not mean to let all|orders his Crime Commission to conduct a
this go by default, se i f
From Congress, where last|SWeeping investigation of organised crime,
June three unidentified teen-| racketeering, and “restrictive practices” on
aged addicts publicly told a com-| New York’s f
mittee of MPs their case | + =~ ork's waterfront,
isn (ese girl he spending What has really alarmed not only Dewey
up to dollars.a day on ‘Ss Z Seat oe ‘ ‘ s
at the end) on..down, among|?Ut many of the city’s biggest business firms
women’s clubs, social workers,|is that the hoodlumism has reached a point
nd the Government anti-drug Pp
an @ Hs & *herae 2 - ~ig ascri “
Aaebite, hatel ti Gael Ox: W here what is Officially described as “a large
Congress is considering a new) share” of New York’s ocean trade is being
diverted to other Atlantic coast ports.
And just to show that “I cover the water-
makes minimumybig prison sen-) font” is really i i i
ame — ee puaeare for|{ront” is really number one on his hit par
certain types of offenders who|ade these days, . Dewey asks—and gets—the

3i1l which provides much stiffer)
penalties for violaters of the
have 2 far got off lightly, of! warm co-operation of Governor Alfred Dris-
scot free.


existing anti-d Acts, and also

straight into an artery. All authorities agree that the! coll of New Jersey, across the river.
The children caught in this most effective hed of mes LIFE

sordid trap are often driven to this disastrous contagion is to ‘ Mle a :

sheelinds A armed robbery in try to cut off the imports of| IN SUNNY CALIFORNIA there is no sta-

order to get money to satisfy re Sener Se | tute of limitations when it comes to murder.

craving (a “shot” may cos er. ay Ve aa r a : e P "i

from one to five dollars). i NOTHER measure before the So when a ee called John Crozier was pick-
Hid A Senate has the backing of|ed up in Connecticut on a casual vagrancy

ideous ... '

N advanced cases
I wretched addicts must find
as much as 30 or 40 dollars a day.

Full addiction brings on
among the children all the
hideous effects which are seen
among adults—loss of normal
personality loss of moral sense
and a tendency among the boys
to crime and among the girls
to drift on to the streets.

Doctors at the Federal
cotics Addiction Hospital,
Lexington, Kentucky (where



1946 only three, per cent of those

Use: It relieves coughs and is
contained in some pain-killing
drugs sold over the chemist; coun-

Abuse: Codeine addicts are rare.
But the drug must be considered
as highly dangerous, elthough it iss
ten times weaker than morphine.

, OPIUM— the full ex-
tract of the poppy is
used in medicine,

though it is most im-

portant as a source of

morphine. Doctors pre-
scribe it for the relief of pain and
to alleviate coughing in pneu-
Abuse: Smoked in a pipe or
swallowed it brings about the same
pleasurable symptoms as mor-
phine—though in a much weaker
degree—and the same terrifying
craving. Opiym eating was com-

mon in Britain about 150 years

extract of this weed is
sometimes used for the
treaiment of anxiety
states and insomnity.

Abuse: Drug addicts take it in
two specially prepared forms—

marijuana and hashish.
MARIJUANA—is made from the

leaves of Indian hemp, It has no

medical use. Smoked in cigarettes

Debate On Germany Postponed

PARIS, Dec. 5

United Nations put off the de-
bate on German unification until
Saturday to give the East and
West Germans time to accept in-
vitations to come here and take
part. Russian opposition to the
invitations—on the grounds that
the United Nations have no right
to meddle in German affairs—
foreshadowed a “No thanks”
from the Red country.

A special Political Committee
however planned to hear the Bonn
Government representatives.

The Committee heard two
speakers today — from Sweden
and Haiti — before closing down
until Saturday. Swedish Foreign
Minister Osten Unden, while
approving the western proposed
commission to study free election
Germany wide said he thought it
ought to be given wider scope.

Haiti’s ambassador to France,
Frank Lavaud, who also sup-
ported the western proposal, put
in a brief rebuttal to yesterday's
statement by Isyael objecting to


vy off before it has had time to dig

“many people. | charge, and lice che
A a «i ORRIN ge, a police check showed he was

to sentence to life imprisonment) Wanted out on the coast for the murder of
a man convicted of selling to) 4 San Francisco landlady, he had to stand
et ockateved the Federal| trial—although the crime was committed
(United Si» Satngeyne | 24st 22 years ago. Verdict on the 59-year-
will be up to the various States|0ld Crozier: Life imprisonment.
to come into line, something DEATH
they, ate oer eine 48 States ot] ALSO in California, also in 1929, the head
the Union, only two have drug/of a glass company, called Charles Boldt,
died. He left his widow. Hilda, 10,000,000
She went into real estate, and herself at

addiction as an offence on their)
Statute-books. But slowly,
one time owned two of the most luxurious

across the country, social and
hospital werkers are doing their
patient best to try to ameliorate
or cure the ravages.

Ww “thods are being tried . . = .
ee! such famous hospitals as| homes in luxurious Santa Barbara. President
Bellevue, in New York where! Roosevelt used one of them as a “summer
youthful patients are given

White House.”
Now Hilda is dead, a suicide. The woman
who once owned so much was behind with

promises broken, the rent on the shabby bungalow where she
But there is one bright spot; | died,
unlike adults who when they
take up drugs, are almost
always in the grip of a psycho-
logical craving to begin with,
children are in the overwhelm-
ing majority of cases doing

“rehabilitation courses.” |
. Bright Spot

FTEN it is a. heart-breaking
story of hopes fading


THE MAN who called to “collect the comic
books for a navy hospital” at the Brooklyn
p cases it} flat was such a jolly sort of chap that he
eg tg ae ae avait early |@uickly made himself a great favourite with
enough the habit can be fended| Mrs. Mildred Gould’s small son, He was
back day after day, playing with him by the

Unfortunately, on his last visit he was ac-
companied by a friend. The two men bound
and gagged Mrs. G. her son, and the maid,
and made off not with the comics but with
30,000: dollars,

its claws into them irrevocably.

GLENGARRIES OFF to the team of Scots
called “reefers” it produces al itl hockey-players who have swept all be-
ee sense of mild intoxi-|fore them, winning every game and ending
cation. e wit seems sharpened. ‘ a A :

Time seems endlessly extended. up with a whopping 11-0 victory eee
Marijuana is a serious drug be-| Westchester and Connecticut eleven while
cause it leads to the taking of! thousands cheered. Reported the awe
stronger “dopes. . 2 ‘i ‘
HASHISH—is an Oriental form|*tticken New York Times: “The Scots girls
of marijuana which is smoked or|{ ave a demonstration of fast action which
chewed. It produces a “doped’) increased in tempo as the thermometer drop-
sleep like opium, from which the ey whet ~
addict wakens refreshed but|Ped after sundown.

with a strange feeling of unreality.

Bxeess leads to epilepsy and in-} JN SAINT PAUL, Minnesota, science takes
Gaba daa cuter as unexpected stride forward. Piglets, it is
powder extrected from|#®2nounced, will be nourished henceforth on

the leaves of the coca}a synthetic milk which makes the little ones

abe, sae 1y | Stow faster and heavier.

es aa‘a beat widely| But as with other attempts to tamper with

thetic, but has been superseded by | nature, this discovery raises new problems.

The piglets will have to undergo a course


substitutes which do not cause ad-

Abuse: Taken as snuff, chewed|to teach them how to do without Mom. This
or injected, it stimulates mentaij/includes the playing, at two-minute inter-
and physical power, abolishes

vals day and night, of a recording of Mom’s
grunts and the squealing of a litter while

fatigue, and gives a false sense of

SLEEPING DRUGS of the “bar-
biturate” group are harmless if
taken as prescribed by a doctor.
In excessive amounts they can lead |.
to addiction.

Barbiturates should not be taken
along with alcohol. The drug and
the drink increase each other's


WILLIAM LANGER, belligerent Repub-
lican senator from North Dakota, has long
had a down on the U.S, Post Office. Things
reached a climax when postal deliveries
were recently cut to one a day.

Learning that the French postal chief an-
nounced that a letter posted in Paris before
12.30 p.m. would be delivered to addresses
inside the city the same day. Langer growls:
“Why don’t we, as a form of reverse lend-
~s a acuened lease, swap our postal chief for that French-
starting the last}man?” {in the City of London, letters posted
slaughtering inno-| q¢ 12.45 p.m. (2.45 at head office) are sent out
for delivery in the City at 3.30.]

invitations on
Germany has
the guilt for
two wars and
cent citizens.

Asked “Should we condemn the

German people as a_ whole,” z SIGNED r 3

ee said “No we could not, It GINGER ROGERS, now appearing in the
would be unjust. The German i: . : > 6

people Waite the His’ tte tee Broadway straight play “Love and Let

and conquered ‘by Hitler-| Love,” has been signed up on a million-dollar

It was the result of the Civil war

Our Readers Say:

Who’s To Blame ?

To The Editor, The Advocate—

SIR,—It is somewhat
that nearly every politician
electioneering speech has
grouping as one of the plar

his platform, I am one who does
not believe in age-grouping, ana

would very much like to
whereon to lay the blame.
people, teachers included,

present government, a decis

cannot subscribe.
a Director of Edu
Assistant Director

two gentlemen are,
specialists in
What Governme

vel attempt to

which I
island has
and an

pose, tl


experts t

this de let tl

the moral support of the

munity, teachers included. Rumour
is afloat that in a recent meeting
of the Elementary Head Teachers
of the island, and the Dire

age of passes of the 13.4. ¢

be accepted.


Some This to my mind was ve

ay th tatorial. It is very well

ion to that teachers can shelter
The the iulties brot t at

cation x uping and an over-

€ culum, The pe
I sup- back ust in no uncertain

but that any remedy offered would

people that matter,
5th December,

senting any one section of the
community but themselves.

: : ‘ontrac ste - Vv
which wags highlighted by huge] °° tract to star on a half hour weekly T
purges and liquidations.”"—U.P, | Programme starting in the spring. |
2>-com- Hughes late of Barbados, it is the and are not desirous of repre- |


It is very unfortunate at this

atttciog . of, the island and one # Let’s Face It time when there is adult suffrage
ant bis that the Depkteant waited qn To The Editor, The Advocate— in this island that these political
ee explanation for the low percent- SIR,—During the last week I eagles can feast on the franchise
aks in eB -

came across an article in one of
the local newspapers where some-
one mentioned the candidate
under the caption “Independent,”

of a section of the people who j
cannot think for themselves.
There are also some of these
same eagles who are allowed to


ry dic- was his’ choice. Now Mr. Editor, use the name of a political party |
known party politics in Barbados has or parties. Now with the elec-
under come to stay, whether we like it tion just around the corner, it is
out by or not, and We must face the the duty of the electors to decide
crowd- issue During the whole of this at once in their minds if they
ple of Bar- electioneering campaign, I have are going to serve those who
term been keeping my eyes on the have served them faithfully or
- candidates throughout the island sacred

gamble ith their

I am satisfied that ninety ve

e so-called Tn


stealing vote 6th De

WE Have A Wide Range Suitable for—


Whistle Carpet
& Upholstery


per 16 oz. Bottle

& CO.




DaCOSTA & Co. Lid.


Elee. Dept.

American Styled

Single and
Double Breasted

you should

know this

How many pounds are
Sirloin Roast?

From a 1,000 ib. steer, you substract 400 Ibs. of Hides, Hoofs,
Inedible Fats ete. That leaves 600 Ibs. of Eating Meat, but
ONLY 8% of this, or around 50 Ibs., IS SIRLOIN

we deliver

Milk Fed Chickens
Milk Fed Ducks
Dressed Rabbits

Calves Liver





Governor Presents Prizes At Exhibition

From page

In the if twelve a Be sIh si = re

learned a little about the sugar

industry and have appreciated, as ou . ; :
most of you must have done years ao , ak -

ago, the important part that the _ 7+ Prize tor’ the best booth
Cane Breeding Station plays in- “* “““ * industrial sxnibi-
directly in the life of each one of ““" ““ “ fea to tne Barpados
us, There is no doubt that the = FO DOO Wer,
breeding of new varieties is the Sit onginal, It carmeq # ban-
most important factor in increas- "*t “Support Local industries

ing sugar production in this island,
but its success depends on a num-
ber of other factors one of which
is soil management. Agriculturists
would do well to turn their full
attention to this question so as to
be certain that they are practising
cultivation methods which will
provide not only the highest eco-
nomic level of production, but also
will ensure that, at the same time,

the soil is protected and con-

“Finally, on your behalf I con-
gratulate Mr. R. E. King and the
Committee of the Society, as well
as the judges, and all helpers for
their work in organizing this Ex-
hibition and all Exhibitors for
making this event the great succes
it has been,

Before the Governor spoke the
President of the Agricultural
Society, Mr. R. E. King said

Your Excellency, Lady Savage
Ladies and Gentlemen

As President of the Barbados
Agricultural Society I would like
to thank you, Sir, and everyone
present for their kind attendance
at this, our 10lst Annual Ex-

With your continued patronage
and goodwill this annual event
will continue to expand and reflect

the progress, not only of Barba-
dos, but, 1 believe, of ‘the West

And now,—I congratulate most
heartily all those exhibitors who
won prizes, and to those who did
not, I would

say “Thank you —
Please try again” — for it is by
the number and quality of ex-

hibits that we are able to main-
tain this keen and friendly rivalry.

I must thank our members, the
Jadies and gentlemen of the various
committees in fact, all those
who have given their time and co-
operation in helping us to organize
this exhibition in limited a
space, and wit such small fin-
ances at our disposal.

Each year we endeavour to im-
prove our Exhibition,—and I am
confident you will agree it has im-
proved — and we are most grate-
ful to the Director and Staff of


the Department of Agriculture for
their advice and useful sug-

Finally, a word of praise is due
to the holders of booths — many
of which are very attractively
decorated — and provide enter-
tainment in various forms.

Mr. King then asked His Ex-
cellency to distribute the Cup
and Special Prize


The Gymkhana attracted as
usual a large number of specta-
tors and the seventeen-item pro-

gramme provided a great deal of
amusement for them,

One of the most amusing was
the “pig sticking’ event in which
one person on a horse pulled a

sack swiftly along the
while other horsemen

armed with

sticks attempted to stick it. It
was after several attempts by
the various competitors that Keith
Melville succeeded, bringing the
enjoyable item to an end.

One other very amusing item
was the “wheel barrow” race in
which gentlemen with their horses,
raced with ladies in wheel bar-

Other items included the popu-
lar “filling water jugs’, “ball and
bucket” races and the “musical

The greatest number of points
won by a lady at the Gymkhana
went to Miss Diana Hawkins; the
greatest number for gentleman
to Mr. Lee Deane, and the great-
est number in the children’s sec-
tion to Miss Kirsty Packer.

There was one unfortunate
cident at the Gymkhana,
during the bending race
tlemen when Mr.
fell of his horse
lifted off the field. He was giv
first aid treatment by the St
John Ambulance Brigade.



It was
for gen-
Elliott William
and had to be

The results of the Gymkhana
1. BENDING RACE (Gents)—Ist Mr
ark Edghill, 2nd Mr. Lee Deane
‘DING RAC Ladies)—1lst Mi
~ 2nd Mi nn Hawkins
2nd Miss Grannum
Ist Mr. Vere Deane id Mr, E. Deane
Ist Miss D. Ha 2nd Miss M, Deane
6. EXCHANGE RACE (Children)—tst
Miss Ann Raison
7. ; SACKS (Gents)—Ist
BENDING (Ladies)—jst Mrs. Sealy.
9. BENDING IN PAIRS (Mixed)—lst
ahd Miss M. Deane
ICAL POSTS (Children)—I1st
Miss Ann Raison
ll. POLE RACE sents)—-1st Mr
I@e Deane, 2nd Mr. Vere Deane
Hawkins d Miss M. Deane
SUE RACE (Mixed)—ist M
and Miss Pack
VELOPE RACE (Children)—tist

end haa um aispiay a large amount
machinery parts wuich were
iqace by the Foundry’s worksiuop.

Ail ine parts on display carriea
beside them the corresponding
mous, The pa.terns from whica
moulds were made, were
shown, These patterns are maae
of wood by the Founary’s pattern

Perhaps the most intricate piece
of work was the cast tron governor
bracket which supports the gover-


tne aise

nor balls. There was also a casi
iron governor assembly sleeve
which was originally cast for th
5.5. Cottica. hese pieces iorm
part of the governor assembly.

A water-cooled mill roller top
and a brass centrifugal pump,
with a capacity for 3,000 gallons

were also shown,

One inch and three inch steam




missioners of St. Peter whom he
described as “men of action rather
than men of words.”

Mr. Beckles congratulated all
responsible for the erection of the
bridge and the building of th«
road while Mr. Gill said that the
new road would benefit the peo-
ple of the district more than any-
thing they had in 300 years

Professor Does
Research Work
In South America


Tall, blonde, young Professor
Stig Ryden of the Gothenburg
Museum is leaving for Bolivia this
weekend to find out more about
America’s oldest civilization: The
pre-Tithuancan people which lived
around the southern shores of Lake
Titeaca, He is already one of the
world’s recognized authorities on
ancient South American culture,

ejector valves, cast iron knife shaft , Tihuanaco is a ruined city be-
plumber blocks which support .he oT to have —. built by Collas
cane knives shaft, a water box or myra people at an elevation
for the Blanchard crystaliiser at of 12,900 feet, about 40 miles north-
Bulkeley Factory and the stuffing = of Lapaz, the Bolivia capital.
box of the same crystalliser were The older rt of the ruins js
is display. ity: believed to "hee been built
A special job was one of a between 300 and 600 A.D. and the
nickel cast iron trash turner blade ! latter part between 600 and 900
for a sugar mill and a scraper — The best known ruin is the
tip. They both serve the purpose § THE NEWLY constructed Terminal Road Bridge at Boscobelle, St. Peter, was officially opened Ect et Se -
of keeping the roller clear of yesterday. —U.P.
trash. If this was not done foul- i ;
ing would take ‘place—the trash fl POPPE OOP PP SPE PP PEP PDIP PSE AEP VTP
would build up, having nothing House displayed a map of Barba-Â¥ ure war en ens Sy
to clear it away and may cause a dos showing the areas to which _ s
possible breakage. Ju-C drinks are delivered. Around e BUY THESE an
Also on show were _ brass this map were photographs show-
brushes which were cast. These ing the various stages, from the osco e e rl ge

were machined half-way in order
to give the public an idea of the
quality of the metal used,

Among the pieces were a rotary
pump impellor in brass castor, an
open type impellor also in brass
eastor, cast iron chain sprocket
wheels, a cast iron cross head
the cane house engine and
pairs of water-cooled fan
brass bearings.

Mr. W. A. who explained
the various parts to patrons, told
the Advocate that it has been dis-
covered that the nickel cast iron
trash turner blades wear better
than the ordinary cast iron blades.
They are slowly taking the place
of the old mild steel trash turner
blades. He said that many pieces
of machinery now moulded at the
Foundry's workshop were for-
merly imported.

Three pictures were hung inside
the booth. One gave two views
of a mill installed at Lower Es-
tate Factory last year. For this
the Central Foundry had to fabri-
cate the mild steel mill bed plate,
The Foundry also made the mild
steel side caps, complete with
bolts, top caps, complete with
hydraulic rams, the mill roller top
and side roller brasses.

The other picture showed a
roller head stock fabricated in
mild steel for Three Houses Fac-
tory. This was made five. years
ago by the Foundry and is still in
good condition,

The third picture showed two
modern lathes which were recent-
ly installed in the workshop of
the Foundry, One is a four inch
Mellor lathe and the other a 24
inch Swift lathe.

Messrs T. Sydney Kinch’s booth

time the drink is made up to the
time it is delivered. Mr. C, Rae,
Managing Directar of the firm, ex-
tended an invitation to the public
to visit the Ju-C plant,

Electric Sales and Service Ltd.,
displayed their Caterpillar tractors,
Turner tractors, Markham cane
carts and other agricultural equip-
ment. In the centre were charts of
the D2, D6 and D7 tractors.

The main attractions of this
equipment were the large rotary
hoe and a_ directly connected
plough frame’ hydraulically lifted.
Mr. L. Bancroft explained the
work of the machines to the

The Snake Booth
be the centre of attraction.
first day over 800 people paid a
sixpence each to see the snake
which was caught at Seawell Air-
port. 't from the snake,
patrons saw a five foot centipede
which was caught at Hastings

There were many other booths
which were gaily decorated. It is
generally felt that they were all
up to the standard of last year’s.


In spite of the heavy rains, there
were lovely exhibits of flowers
and the standard of the show was
as good as last year’s.

There was a fine collection of
zinnias, and dahlias, some beau-
tiful bouquets of cut flowers in ad-
dition to a nice presentation of
baskets of flowers

Mrs. Lee’s exhibits
were about the
and she carried



continued to
On the

nicest of the
off a number


was awarded second prize. This prizes for them. Miss Enid Shep-
booth, which was beautifully set herd of Black Rock also got a
out, displayed tihe items such aS number of prizes for her zinnias,
Nestles, Oxo, Valor, Pionec. feeds In the orchard section the exhi-
and Fray Bentos soups, for which pjts on the whole were in greater
Peron 18 en ~ pein numbers than last year and the
Jo consolatio orizes vere

standard was equally as 1; All

awarded. One went to the West standard was equally as goot

the plants were in good condition
despite the heavy rains which had

India Rum Refinery Ltd, and the
other to Messrs R. M. Jones & Co,
The W.I. Rum Refinery’s booth
had as its main attraction a re-
solving cask displaying the types
of rum-blended, single distilled
and double distilled. R. M. Jones
and Co., advertised Flit and

At the S.P.C.A, booth girls
from Queen’s College were selling

Plants in Pots

Also exhibited in this section
but not for competition, were some
hybrid anthuriums which were
sent from Trinidad by Dr. Gillette
and Mr. Walter Scott. The latter
also sent very nice specimens of
exoras in several colours i addi-

magazines, badges and _ other tion to some fine specimens of

items. On display was the pistol glorioso superba, roschildiana and

used for destroying animals. vivscens.

Combs and brushes for animals The prizes were fairly evenly

and poultry equipment were also distributed. The most outstanding

shown. winners were Miss Beryl Chenery,
The Barbados Boy Scouts As- Mrs. L. H. Nicholls, Mr. L. B. Col-

sociation gave a display of handi- lins, Miss Olive de Rocha, Mr.
craft work done by the Scouts F, A. Hunte, Mr. H. N, Leacock,
during the year. The Association Mr. H. B, Bannister Mrs. P. B
also ran a stall] for refreshments O’Neal and Mr. R. F. Parkinson
and showed the layout of a (Jnr)
camping area, including kitchen Horses
with Dutch oven, In the judging of horses competition
Another booth with a good lay- there were 32 entries, all of which were
out was that of Messrs Evelyn !,£2°4, "ding conto” ong helt bred
Roach but it would have looked fteen saddle horses and ten saddle
better with more decorations. ponie : ia a
ot is ave arg 1 ie thoroughbrec year Cla
et hooth displayed Maralyn Mr cA Proverbs carried off the first
milk and Bovril and gave free and second prizes, while in the two-year-
samples of each. old thoroughbred class, there was only
The booth organised by the one entry and the prize went to Mr, J

W. Chandler.

Sue hndom ek irle?
Barbados Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs ™) ie‘ half bred class for twn-year-
showed the work done by the ojds. there was also one entry and Mr

> “rs “se clubs sthe A. J. Hanschell got the prize
penne oe See a ae Sener In the saddle horse division Mr. J
year. Shoes, mats, fish nets, CapS, w Ghandier and Mr. A. J. Hanschell
pants, bathing trunks and coral got fir d second prizes respectively
é $ ere ¢& fere There 15 entr in this section.
decorations were all offered for nee cee ee ree
a L. Sealy carried off the first

The Ju-C booth opposite Queen’ 9 prize.

With these


We have a lovely

excellent materials for

discerning gentlemen,


| 4 BAe
Beit Ee $3U vu


& Co, Ltd.

i0—{% Broad Street





$11.84 & $10.59

TD a

denfs looked on while Mr. Kk. N. R. by the Engineer who hag been The above Items for $$ —_—_—_—$_—$_—_$—$———— LS
Husbands, last Speaker of the seconded to assist the Commis- ITALIAN ALMONDS in Shel! per It > 39
House of Assembly, Mr, Jonn sioners of the various parishes in DANISH SALAMI SAUSAGE—per 1 31
Beckles, M.B.E., Mr, J. E, T. road development”, Mr. Sym- DANISH SLICED HAM—per Ib 1.76

Brancker, Mr, George Gill and Mr.
Symmonds commended the High-
way Commissioners



The newly constructed Terminal Road Bridge at Bosco-

belle, St. Peter, was officially opened yesterday evening by For this Week


Mr. McD, Symmonds, Churchwarden of St. Michael. Mr, | se * 26

Symmonds clipped the narrow strip of blue ribbon which CONDENSED MILK 94 31

temporarily closed the bridge as he said “I now declare this IMPERIAL VIENNA SAUSAGES 38 34

bridge open.” He broke a bottle of champagne on the POTATOES—per 10 Ibs $1.40 aa

bridge’s side to complete a quiet function. FLOUR—per 6 Ibs Ps Pe

CORN MEAL-—-per 6 Ibs 7

resi- Cash & Carry Customers Only.

Quite a number of nearby of the excellence of the work done


monds said and ended “it is my
hope that the people of this dis-
rict will long be spared to find
nereased prosperity as they cross
this bridge day after day.”

PERLSTEIN BEER—per bottle at

of St. Peter
“the achievement”,

The bridge is part of the Ter-


minal Road which cost the parish Self-Sufficient Area PERLSTEIN BEER-~per carton en
$21,669. The bridge itself cost Mr. Husbands, Chairman of the
$7,705. The construcdion was function, said that he visited the e ~

supervised by Mr. T. L. Harris, road while it was under con- ‘s P 7 ¥ ,
Engineer of the Department of struction and was tolq that every % STANSFELD, SCOTTI & co. LTD. %
Highways and Transport for ten~ ounce of material used in the % ; 8
antry roads, and Mr. Eric Chal- pbuilding of the bridge had been % HOORDOOOCMN OSHS CCOCCSOOOCCCOOOOOOOO EE ©
lenor, Road Inspector of St. Peter. dug out from the area. “That SS}
Terminal Road is a little over proves that Boscobelle is self- SSS

a mile long, joining Boscobelle sufficient, a fact of which I am

with the Risk, St. Lucy. The very proud”, he said.

construction of the road and bridge Mr, Brancker said that he was


began during November last year
and apart from the

awaiting a further grant, the road the function. Of Mr, Harris, he
workers have been working on it said “No one in the West Indies
steadily, can turn out better and faster

Terminal Bridge is 14ft. 6 ins. road work”. He paid tribute to
wide and has a drop of 14, ft. The the “indefatigable Mr. Challenor”
abutments are made of rubble and who went shoulder to shoulder

cement mortar

of reinforced concrete. ‘Vine
pointing” decorates the guard
walls and the wing walls while

weep holes for
are in all the walls.
bridge is a 19-foot span to let off
gully when the rain falls.

minal Road will greatly ease lorry
drivers and people who head cane
had to head canes for distances o
about 400 and 500 feet over
hills in order to meet lorries and

Symmonds said that looking back
upon the improvements made on
roads and bridges in Barbados for

provement has been almost phe
nominal over the past five year
“That is due to the work that ha
with the help of the Department
of Highways

pleased to see the parishioners of
St. Lucy crossing the road over to
Boscobelle when he was going to

crop season
the Commissioners were

stone and its deck wifh Mr. Harris, and to the Com-




letting off water
Beneath the

which comes down from 4

Mr. Challenor thinks that Ter-

the district. “While peopl


carts on anther road, they will CORD ans





RANGE OF - - -

the past ten years, he had noticed Very Low Prices

remarkable changes. The road

had been changed beyond recog- At Your Jewellers TOYS DOLLS GAMES r
nition, and as far as tenantry , , ? )
roads were concerned, the in

& €O., LTD.

20 Broad Street



done by the Commissioner

“The beautiful,

strong, hand-


some bridge is eloquent testimon)
a, Among hundreds of other gifts for Children you will find
BPM at PO oe oe is iain
ae h u une ew ee a a, MECHANICAL TOYS “MECCANO SETS—Sizes 0 to 10
s, H. Jason Jones & Co., Ltd.—Distributors 8 SOLLS’ HOUSE FURNITURE
.. tem wy ; Saas
a \e ow a aha aaa aaa TRUMPETS—Tin and Plastic WOODEN POF Gl ial |

AND TRAIN SETS. —Clockwork and Electric


We also have - - - "

a tata








i i
| 7 |
{ { )})
t — ct tt ‘ i )
i} S és » 4 — : uv tt " »)

EE ' , ee em —_ -# *. S4ack a te Ft i ee, ee L dap “e ae a eed ie ee ee a
> — . , Loum . 7 °
, , — CE
PARBADOS. CANADA amuse sommes ng a
The undersigned property will be set up for sale at the Registratic Office DECEMBER, 6, 1951
TELEPHONE 2508. HELP a Public Builtings, Bridgetown between 13 noon end % p.m. for the sum and on | Coupens 62 7/10% pr e + a e
~ ————— - adn Aetna eae eT = the date spect and if not then sold it will be up on each succeeding Friday | 66 9/10 pr. Cheques on Ss
) | MISCELLANROUS |= se ete sues nt Gow tn sc’ tees Sul Sia hal sess sit” aye.» {Canadian Nat nal Steamship
For Births, Marriage sr eageeement| FOR SALE MI CELLA’ EOUS _ BK . ol par on | nee, arlene i na n 10
Gites ts thee for any os ae ot dente ' ‘TIQUE JEWELLERY & 6CRAP PLAINT#F: JACQUES HUMPHREY ; Sight Drafts 64 6/10% pr
sharge is $3.00 for any nugwer of w |GOLD PURCHASED. GORRINGES, DEFENDANT: ANNA LORRA SPENCER | 66 9/10% pr. Cable SOUTHBOUND i oni
Up to 50 and 6 cents per word for each lANTIQUE SHOP. 2.13. tt PROPERTY: FIRSTLY ALL THAT certain piece or parcel of land situate at | 65 4/10% pr. Currency 63 4/10% pr Salle Gate te =
additional word. Terms —_ Fee ge + J } Greens in the parish of St., George and Island of Barbados | Coupons 62 7,10 pr . Montreal lalifax Bostes Barbados aman
between 6.90 and « p.m., 3113 for Des! AUTOMOTIVE | CAST IRON—About 25 Feet 12” Cast aforesaid contaming by admeasurement thirty three perches Silver EE a inast oe ae ae ~ & Dee
Netices only after 4 p.m. J Abuttt nd boundt ich hn H ‘CAN CONSTRUCTOR’ 23 Nov 25 Nov
| fron or Stee! Pipe. Apply D. M. Simpson jutting a: unding on two sides on lands of Alphonsa Hop- ‘LADY NELSON 30 hw 40 Dee
The charge for announcements of | & Co 1.42 51—6n pin on nme of May om os on _—- <7 Sones se S| PORTUGUESE MILITARY Meh i 5 sites i ae
. 5, Deaths, Acknowl- - 7 . } ~~ an ener same may abut and hgund a SECO! “¥ ALL certair —_— 7
Re ate Ty aucmeriam notices is] (CAR: Plymouth Sedan. Offers to J. B.| “USED POSTAGE STAMPS WANTED piece or parcel of land pituate at Greens in the parish of St. George | LEADER DIES NoRTs. Fe a a a ee
$1 90 on week- days and $1 89 on Sundays} ©"! Waterford F tatic St. Michael | We pay good prices for used stanyps of and Island of Barbados aforesaid containing by admeasurement | Barbados Barbados Basten Halifax Montreal St. John
ait waeaher of words Up to 58, aap 6.12.51—3 |the British West Indies at Caribbean > ate Sve so oF ee oe as. aoe eat LISBON, Dec. 5 | “LADY RODNEY™ 6 Dec ? Dec 17 Dec 12 Deo
: pek-days a. eel we a RE CR BET Society, No. 10 & Street intation on lal a a . 1952 52
b gents per word on. week-daye and] CAR: One Hillman 1940 model, 14,000 | wune Society, No. 10 Swan Sires, on the public road or Bbwever else the same may abut and bound} Count Fernando Nebezes, the].,; apy netsoN" 22Dec Dec 3 Jun +m
See er wel : 3 miles, in perfect conditior Apply: Mr together with the me or dwellinghouse and all and singular } Portugues: military leader who TD
r % Walker, Redland, Plantation, St WINDLESS—To purchase for Road other the buildings an@ erections thereon erected and built stand- - bona in many colonial
jeorge 6.12.51—2n | Commissioners; St. Joseph. Ring 95-245 ing and being with the appurtenances gain n
MEMORIAM or write G. R. Hutson, Chairman, Black. | UPSET PRICE: 2£191.13.4 “campaigns at the beginning of the GARDINER AUSTIN & CO., LTD. —Agents.
IN I CARS—End of yeor close out of used Tmans, St, Joseph. Ligst_6n| DATE OF SALE: 30th November, 1951. : a century died to-day aged: 78. aoe ean ian
cars all must be sold 1 folseley 6/80 H. WILLIA) »
HARDING: In memory of my dear be-] Saloon, 8,000 miles. First class condition. WANTED TO RENT RagisGer--iraeeee. —UP. ROYAL NETHERLANDS |
loved Husband, St. Clair Harding whe] l Morris Oxford. 1 Morris Minor 10,000 HO B: rabl : full 22.11.51-—4n
fell askep on December 7 tele Edie Sew. 1 Austin AO. Vervlaruer use o on 0 tube eae, STEAMSHIP CO,
He sleeps in Jesus saered rest, | goad condition. Cheap. FORT ROYAL | erotor and all modern conveniences from
No mortal strife invades Bis breast |} GARAGE LTD. Telephone 4504 lth December. Phone: C. E. Smitten, SAILING FROM EUROPE
No pains, no grief, no woe, no care 1.12.51—6n. }gqrt or 41%. 942. 51—-an §.8. COPTICA—20th November, 1951. Ci (il Tr asatlanti ue
Can reach our loved one there ———- —-—_—______- a aa We eee ek) eae. M.S. HAARLEM—Sth fer ca by it e a q
Helena Harding (Wife), and family TRUCKS—Two Fordien Thames 5-ton WANTED TO RENT M.S. POSEIDON—20th December, . :
+ 19 i s MOUTH and
12, $1-—1n sree 9a ree ere oS aoe | HOUSE or FLAT: Small House or Flat LIMITED ) a a Sailings te Southampton
W. |. Biseuit Co., Ltd. Phone 4337 ih ae Vicinity os Geren Dome ie M.S. ORANJESTAD—4th December, 1951. and France
, 4.12.51—6n Ste boot” ee to Advocate PLANTATIONS BUILDING SAILING TO PARAMARIBO & BRITISH aS ee
ar hd 7 REEF UIANA ats
ANNOUNCEMENTS MOTOR LAUNCH: 26 ft stongly built Lewtiesilt 4 LOWER BROAr ST M.S. STENTOR—éth December, 1951. Martinique and Guadeloupe
Moter Launch, large cabin, ample head )} Mes. NO TO TRINIDAD, PARAMAKIBO “COLOMBIE,” 20th Janu-
room, Morris Vedette Marine Engine SAILING TO TRINTD ary, 1952.
$5 in goods and with your cash bill] Really good condition, To be sven at D, R PUBLIC NOTICES oe “COLOMBIE,”. 2nd March
yeu get a guess-coupon; how many] young's Gas Company B.O.A.C, and B.W.LA. M.S. COTTICA—1l7th December, 1951. ane yy: ‘
screws in a jar? You can win an 7.12. 51-—~2n bottle-fee 8 Company {\ IL 20 TRINIDAD & CURACAO 1952. ;
io, It certainly pays to shop . Y Alcoa Steamship ‘ » HAA —22nd December, . “COLOMBIE,” 13th Apri
UA, BARNES & Co, Lid.” ne eee Telephone No: 4466 5. FP. MUSSON, SON & ©O., LTD. ee IE, h April,
; 23.11 .8t—-$.4.n ol This notifies the publie that the partner- 30.11.51.—T.F.N. Agents 1952.
LIVESTOCK ship between A, Gibson and 1. Gooding : 36553S99S VOSS GSSSONSSGSO" tt "
trading as Gooding, Gibson & Co. is abies be * & South-Bound and Cruise.
PUBLIC SALES aiid aah allan a ieD call inal dissolved the said I Gooding having with- = The = Vv gyi —_ Calling at: Trinidad, La
PUPS—Pur: drawn from same aceept Cargo ar assengers for oe iv ime a A
Apply Mrs John “Goddard. Dial ano I. GOODING. Dominica, Antigua, Montserrat, Guaira, Curacao, Carta
‘ - peed. a oe Busbey Alley, cr «babies? Nevis and St, Kitts. Sailing 1th gena, Jamaica.
TAZSIe—I¥ | y ? instant “COLOMBIE,” 9th January,
REAL ESTATE MECHANICAL 4 The M.V. MONEKA. will accept 1952
reir entanen a enemmrnne ine J ENSE § 5 Cargo and Passengers for Domin- i! eee y 4
‘A GOOD business premises with hous ' td eed a eee ica, Antigua, Montserrat, Nevis “COLOMBIE,” 20th Feby.
and land attached, also water and ~~ Fa eae ata torr castes - | Licensing ion due Che Senewel of Oo “, & and St. Kitts. Date of departure a 1952
at Lower Station Hill, St. Michael, Price] “RE N” ictating Machines, aoe oll LA, : f ’ P to be notified ant ; ‘ -
Nine hundred Pounds (£900). Two hun-| complete with all accessories. Apply The xeoee Fieonee ain = pi Awe noses 4. 7 Certainly not! Baby’s cry ‘The MW DAERWOOD will | COLEnTS, * 2nd April,
dred Pounds down and the balance} Herbedos Import & Export Co. Ltd. | held ‘at the Police Magistrate's Court © usually means pain — the pain of indigestion. Oversea Orders Executed. accept Cargo and Passengers for % | 1952.
month. : p ; , ae District “F" on Friday the 2ist day of nah uae a : ; Ot. Lacie, Ot. Vawem, Gronn ©! Accepting Passengers —
Apply ee Eraros A. Scott, ioeasine ie 4.12.51—4n | Re cember 1951 Cow's milk by itself you see, is apt to form a clot in 33, Broad Street, | and Aruba Date of Departure : Cargo — Mail.
ae —__ |_ SHOT GUN: One Shot Gun 12 guage. ge Rng her scicn baby’s stomach. That’s why wise nurses and mothers add Bridgetown. : to, 3 Re SOHRee %
A LARGE 2 storey Building, standine | Browning Automatic, made by Fabrique | Di er { : , , This fz 5 coneal ef : over Phoenix Pharmacy B.W ‘
on 6,800 sa. ft. having a covered floor| Nationale, $150.00. Canon Harvey Read. | Cee sites Robinson’s ‘ Patent Barley. This famous cereal enables ( I SCHOONER i OWNERS R. M. JONES & Co.
space of 6,000 sq. ft, upstairs, and 6,000] Phone 3046 ; saa ide Ac ei Da aan bottle-fed babies to digest their food as easily as mcther’s Dial 4796. — Hours 9-3. Tele, 4047. Ltd.—Agents.
. ft. downstairs. Recently construct 7.12.51—1n : hee a ;
ed. Situated on the Main Road a caw hae : ci achilles “LIQ! IQUOR LICENSE SESSION | milk and prepares their digestive organs to deal with $066050865606666
und he cent ¢ thi TYPEWRITERS: fi Swiss id 4 i » = arley
an re eee sertiruiaen siete Emede Weemae Baby £2 Tonewriters | .1 hereby give notice that a Licensing more solid foods later on. Try Robinson’s ‘Patent’ Barley gs sie
Ralph Beard, Lower Bay Street have arrived. First come, first Served. | Session for the granting of Certificates and see how he thrives.
6.12.51—4n] at K. R. Hunte & Co., Ltd., Lower! for the renewal of Liquor Licenges for
acne 1 Broad Steet. Dial 4611 or 5027 the Parishes of St. Peter and St. Lucy
EVANTON 7.12.51—an; Will be held at District “E" Police
Fop Rock having 4 bedrooms, Dining | Station on Wednesday the 19th December 5
Room, Sun Lounge, 2 fully tiled Toilet 1951 at 11 o'clock a.m
and showers with Hot Water. Moderr. Dated this 3rd day of December 1951
Kitchen. Outside 2 Car Garage, Servan en SYDNEY H. NURSE,
Room, Play Room, Toilet and Ghower, MISCELLANEUUS Police Magistrate,
The Gardens are well laid out having a 5 deat te District “E
dual Entrance. The Above Property car —_—_ 5.12.51—3n ‘ .
be purchased fully Furnished, For viewing} AMERICAN BRASSIERES— Pink and 7 — PATENT Sa
Ring 5010 or 8657 6.12. 51—4n | White, sizes 32—38. $1.50. Modern Dress LIQUOR LICENSE SESSION
Shoppe 4.12.51—tn I HEREBY give notice that the Annual
WORTHY DOWN, Top Rock, Christ | —————_——________________ | Licensing Session for the Renewal of so aa niyo
Church. ‘having 3 bedrooms with con-| | AMERICAN AND CANADIAN GLASS- | Liquor Licenses for 1952 for the parishes The T.S.S. “GOLFITO” will arrive from
necting Toilets and Showers Large out Rn e—Drinking wlasses, ecoral) of St. Philip and St, John will be held ~ ‘ *
side Balconies, Lounge, Dining Room,} Tumblers, Cocktail Glasses, Colourful |at tha Police Magistrate's Court District Yash your dc Southampton on Monday, 10th Deeember, at
built im cupboards throughout. Outside my an ulce Glasses, Plain Tumblers,|“c’ on Wednesday the 19h day of Pa ce tlt -
3 Gar Garage. 2 servant's Room mpagne and Wine Glasses all at most | December 1951. this easy 8 a.m. and will be sailing the same day for
Launary, Toiet, and Shower. Bens Motes Cuner a a ae he EO BEE, YES, it has arrived just in time for the Christmas Season — ? Trinidad.
ul enclosed. ‘or viewing rin n i. - HUTCHE , g. Police Magistrate m
or 8651, 612.51—4p | & CO., LTD. 5.12.51—6n District “C’ LOVELY PATTERNS OF nealithier wi ay. i ; j
TIO BRIEF GASES: Pure Baypilan Leathe: ; There is ample accommodation available for
eee eee a eee ‘ON, i) Ni Stand your dog in « sal : a
ee RCEION i lg ong ma er Wantets. acics | LIQUOR LICENS CONGOLEUM FLOOR COVERING. containin ’ Trinidad also for the United Kingdom on 19th
. 1
UNDER THE SILVER rift at THANT Bros ; . ae December, 1951
o a0 I hereby give notice that the Lice sex Wort e er, ol.
HAMMER 7.12-51-t-£0- | session for renewal of Ligtior Licen CENTRAL EMPORIUM ether; rinse weil anc dey
On TUESDAY the Lith, we will sell o BISCUITS in Faney Tins Huntley & aoe aj ae ae ae Pa oe ae Cuoper’s Sopex removes all
our Mart 17 High Street a lot of un- | Palmer cobs ete. ‘These make a nice eee ie awa’ will be held at Police Cnr. BROAD & TUDOR STREETS. leaves the cout in beautiful condit
claimed Laundered and Dry Cloanec| Xmas Gift, Obtainable at Knights Wvoent snesses Fe ee Oe ee ee | Yt also kills any fleas or other ver
GARMENTS, SUITS and HOUSEROLI 7.12,61—2n [Gourts, Dist. “AY on ‘Thursday 20th feacut '
LINEN, by instructions received from The ~~~ ated tt teh day of Daaenhed 100i gi WILKINSON & HAYNE C0) LTD
Sanitary Laundry Co., Ltd COKE--A quantity of Foundry Coke for eee Oe ONY ee ey Pp ER 9 °
Sale 12 o'clock. Terms Cash immediate delivery. Apply W.1. Biseuit Police Magistrate. Dist. “A” wu
BRANKER, TROTMAN & CO. |©o., Ltd. Phone 4337 4.12.51-—6n ener eorne ys


7.12. 8—-2n


» ._ HOUSE and FURNITURE, Sth Ave
Belleville, House contains 3 bedrooms,
dressing reom, Dining Room, gurage
and all modern convenienees. For par

ticulars. phone 4792


er ——
ROOMS—2 furnished rooms, running

water, with or without meals, In Wood-
side Gardens. Dial 3356.

SEAFORTH, Worthing on-the-Sea,
bedrooms and all modern conveniences
For further particulars, Dial 2974

St. James

FS seiteacepeon nent

Three Bedroom house, fully

from January 1958. ‘Phone 2959
: 4.12. 51-2)
WATCH—One’ gold wrist watch in

Queen's Park between the Plant Section
yesterday. Finder please return to Mrs
J. M. Hurdle, Welehes Road or Phone
4099. 7.12.81 2n

If you want one in the near
future. We still have a waiting

You ensure quicker
by booking in advance.
Why not eall at your Show
room, Bay Street, and see the Gas
Cookers there before delivery.



We are instructed by J. C
Cheesman Esq. to dispose of the
following Furniture and Effects
at “EXMOUTH, Lands End, St
Michael, tentrance off Deacon's
Readi, on Tuesday lth Dectm-
ber 11.90 a.m Viewing morning
of Sale.

Round Dining Table, Tip Top
Table Modern Sideboards, Dinner
Wagon, Morris Chairs (set of four),
China Cabinets, Occasional Tables
Plant Stands, Double-ended Settec
Eight Dining Chairs (two sets of
4) Reproduction Louis XVI Side-
board, Punch Table, Pr. Single
Beds with Vono Springs


Broadwood Grand Piano, Grand-
father Electric Cloek, Chiming
Clock, Six Cubie ft, Norge Refrig
erator, Upholstered Armchair
Chinese Chippendale Suite Five
Rush Arm Chairs, Rush Rockers,
Painted Chairs, Tables, Painted
Dressing Table & Mirror, Marble
top Washstand, Bedside Tables.

Pair Iron B-dsteads, One Painted
Single Bed and Spring, Pair Oxid
ised Silver Bedstead with coil
springs, Several Good quality
(Singie Bed) Spring filled Mat
tresses, Indian Brass-Top Coffee
Table, Axminster Hall Carpet
Collection Rugs and Carpets, Misc
Brass Ornaments, Two Dinner Ser
vices & Mise. China, Bleetric Ket
tle, Biscuit Barrels, Collection
Pictures, Pillows, Wood & Coal
Stove o 7, Ferns in Hanging
Baskets, Concrete Pots and An-
thuriums Larg Laropshade:
Many other items of terest
Light Refreshre sets Available

| Jehn +4. Biadon
& co.

A.F.S., F.V.A.
Phone 4640
Plantations Building

5.12, 51—2n


I hereby give notice that the Licensing
Session for the renewal of Liquor Licenses
6n|for the year 1952 for the CITY OF
BRIDGETOWN will be held at the Police
Courts, Dist, “A on Thursday 20th
December, at 11 o'clock a.m

leather handbags. Two for $1.00. Plastic
Handbags with shoulder strap in a
variety of colours 98 cents

CAMERAS—Box Cameras size &--20,
Wakes am ideal gilt, Price $745 each

G. K, MUTCHINSON & CO. LTD, Dated this Sth day of December 1951
Broad St, 5.12.51—3n B. GREFFITH,
a Ag. Police Magistrate,

CHRISTMAS CAROILS.--A_ supply of District “A
‘hese just received. “O come all 5.12 5S1—dn
faithful”; “Hark the Herald Angels sing’

‘In Dulei Jublio", “Once in Royal David
City"; “God rest you merny gentlemen’;


“Wh Shepherds watch"; “We three The a . —- yte
: " ; i pplication of Fitz Herbert Hoyte
Kings"; The first Nowell’; gle. Dist | of Reeves Hill St. Thomas for permission

to sell Spirits Malt Liquors, &c., at a

eee 4.12.51—6M | Foarded and shingled shop with shedroof
attac situated at Reeves Hill, St

EVENING COATS—In white and assort-| aitached situated at Reeves
ed colours, lovely styles $28.50 each a Dated this 5th day of December 1951

The Modern Dress Shoppe, Broad Street.

6.12.51—2n R. EDWARDS, Esq

("i eee Magistrate, Dist. “D”
GIFT PAPE Christma “Wrap- | ¥ s Applicant
xing Paper, Six sheets for 25 cents N.B.—This application will be consid- |
oe early at (G-.+ Butea «| ered at a Licensing Court to be held
fo, Ltd 8.12. 91—4n | & Police Court, Dist. “D" on Wednes- |
“GALVANISED SHEETS — A limited | 92¥ the 19th day af December 1951 at
yuality of Galvanised Sheets 6 ft, to|!! o'clock am. 7 | lg
10 ft. Attractive prices, Enquire Auto > “e 1 m st. “D”
Tyre Co. Phone 2696 1.12,51—t.f.n ’ Police Magistrate, Mist. “1
; q 1 x ee | 7.12. 51—in |
INDIAN SANDAL Colourful and A
faney. Ladies hurry before all go. Shop FOR SALE
4t THANT’S Pr, Wm Henry St, Dial 3466.
§.12.51—t.f.n i
cane. Searineeneaeeel . a rs WATCHES: Very beautiful Ladies and
soe ea gee eee In ee Gents’ wa es 15 jewel from Germany. |
siips, in s and brassieres in *{ Gold Plated at $24.50 and $32.50 each
variety at THANT'S. 5.12.51—t..0 | You must sec them at THANT'S Pr. Wm. |
eee 1 Se. 5.12,51-—t.f£.n
MINCEMEAT: Chivers Mincement 60 ¢| —)— ~~. 2 eas
per bottle, Chivers Plum Pudding $1.29] “WALLETS: Plastic and also genuine
ach, W. M. Ford, 35 Roebuck St. Dial’ Leather in a variety of Multicolours,
3489 7.12.51—2n | with zipps all around also photo compart-
OPTICALLY CORRECT SUN GL Ss ments Makes a fine Christmas Gift
al. ASSES: | ¢}.80 and $288, N it
They make good Xmas presents. Choose me eee Pe eS be 6m {
from large assortment at IMPERIAL! - ca * a {
OPTICAL CO., Lower Broad St +s 100% Pure silk Scarves with map of |
90.11.5198 | Barbados and sceneries of the Island rich ¢
nce colours and scenes. Yes it’s THANFS
“OLIVE Yacht, vty ses ;
winner of last year's Teophy, Na: xenady: | Coen eos oes them suai tee |
able offer refused, Phone 2950 —~ 8285 t
4.12.51—4p :

lovely patterns. Shop for these and other
1ousehold items at THANI'S
5.12.51—t.f.0 }

'“PREFABRICATED” HOMES: It is G Bl ed Biccainal
now possible to obtain “BETONA” Bun ums e Gums, Sore
salows from Holland," with Asbestos | Loose Peeth mean that you have Pyorrt

Cement walls, Pine floors, Tiled Roof, | Trench Mouth or perhaps some bad disease

and heavy wooden beams for roof sup- | that will sooner or later cause your teeth

pert. TWo bedroom Bungalow $7,700 00| to fall gut and may also cause Rheumatism |
snd Four bedroom Bungalow $9,200.00, | and Heart Trouble. Am nm stops gum
All priees include Commission, Duty, | Dleeding the first day, enda sore mouth
Ward-robes, Kitchen Cupboards, Paint and quickly tightens the teeth. Iron clad
nd Wood preservatives. Leaflets show- | SUarantee, Am mist make your)

poouth well and save your teeth or

money back on return of empty pack~
age, Get Amosan from your chemist

Am today, The guar-

antee protects
you .
for Pyorrhea—Trench Mouth

The |p


| ng full details may be
HUNTE & Co., Lid

seen at K, R
Phone 4611
6,12, 51—6n

STRAW MATS cy designs for bed-
oom at $1.84 each at THANT'S

King of All Khaki Drills, Guaranteed fast

iye. Reduced at $1.52 a wd. Discount for

wholesale purchase, THANI BROS, Dial !}. Aa

"468. B2st—tt | SOUVENIRS
in Bakelite Cases, an excellent and use JEWELS, CARVINGS



2,000 COMIC




Our ys are the talk of the town |
Novels, and Popular Literature in ¥ !
Beautiful Binding } |
Souvenir Goods’ in Large Variety. X%
|% “ENAMAST in ‘all colours, S| SHIRT DEPOT
% i BBD. me y Palmetto Street
% and HARDWARE % f ° °
% $l Obtainable at al} Leading Stores

ful gift for Xmas. Price 3/- and @/- EMBROIDERIES, Etc. |
ach. KNIGHTS 7.12.51—2r |
SALTED N NUTS: Planters, Peahuts & °
mich, Nuts, “Seited. “Atmondas Cashew | THANrS
iia AS. Gane Eepnite 40c 1b, W. M Pr. Wm. Hry, St. :; Dial 3466 |
Fod, 35 Roebuck Street, Dial 489
7,12.51—2n Sees = — !
SSS an 6
TINNED. FRUITS Peas, Peaches, |
Grapes, Guavas, Fruit Salad in tins
W. M. FORD, 35 Roebuck St. Diail ' ‘
480 7.12.51—2n R
TOYS: Inflated Rubber Toy Animals, f
l American Plastic Dolls. All 5
lo 81 cents each. Modern Dres
| Shoppe 4.12.51—6n


Offers will be considered for the purchase of the
above group, consisting of Haggatts Factory and the
following estates :—

Arable Total
Acres Acres
Haggatts & Bruce Vale approx. .. 305 713
Greenland & Overhill approx. .. 324 644
Bawden & River approx. ....... 266 521
Friendship approx, ........... i 115 211

Haggatts Factory has been extensively modernised
and is equipped to produce fancy molasses as well as
D.C. sugar. During the 1951 crop, the factory produced
4,352 tons of sugar. The bags required for the 1952 crop
have been secured.

The mechanical equipment of the group includes
among other items the following International Har-
vester tractors :—

1—TD14 Crawler Tractor with bulldozer.

1—WD9, 1—Farmall H.

Also 1—Caterpillar D2 tractor, 2—Subsoiler
ploughs, x

1—dise plough, 1—brushbreaker plough.

8 Dodge Trucks, 1 Austin Truck, 11 cane carts for

Livestock includes 14 horses, 12 mules.

Further details and -onditions of sale may be
obtained from,

Broad Street, Bridgetown.




Phone 4764












38RD }
5TH |
ENTRY FORMS can be obtained from
MANNING & Co., Ltd., Electrical Dept.

and win a...





Heing Vegetable Soup







Mined Vegetanice
Luncheon Beet with Cereal
Minced Beet & Ceriai
Prunes per ib.
Raisins per ib
Mixed Peel per th
Pees teitne Sugar


was Zh

We have just

. e »

Tins Plum Pudding
? . Assorted Biscuits
i Cream Crackers
e » Pea Nuts
x » Pears, Peaches, Grapes %
' and Pineapples
, Soups
| . Sausages
} » Coffee
Shell Almonds (Retail)
| Pkgs. Mixed Frait $
Raisins, Currants, Prunes & %
Mixed Peet )
Table Jetlies, Jams, Table X
Butter :
Tins Orange, Grapefruit,

0. & G. F. Juices .
Luncheon Beef, Roast Beef ¥%,
Tea (pkg. Lipton’s, Horni- %

INCE & Co. Ltd. §

8 & 9, ROEBUCK ST.


SPECIAL offers to all Cash and Credit Customers for Thursday to Saturday only



SPECIAL OFFERS are now available at our Branches Tweedside.
Speighitstown and Swan Street

Usually Now Usually Now

; Pkgs. Jello Puddings es .23 .20
Bots. Gilbeys S h Sh
yee eee om on 40 Tins Kardomah Coffee .. 95 80
‘ : : Pkgs. Polar Icing Sugar |;.. .37 .34
y Tins Chivers Raspberries .. 17 .69 Bottles Frontenac Beer... 26 22


! : 5 r santana

Tins Cambridge Sausages .. 68 62 Prunes i t 3 .68 64





tee’ A SR ic




ak »(s5

HE DON'T | © °
A <4
n 3 in IO
| ee










THAT GIRL! a y .

. . - FOR MEN


Lower Broad Street at premises formerly occupied by Bata Shoe Store

See ee a Spent, | || WONT GO IN THAT )/AND




| Exhibition Prize List


Weet)-oMrs. J. W
0. W. Sisnett pide ts Give Your Overseas
a ;
‘O.V. of Fern not specified above pss P ean
; Government House “and Mrs, A. A Cease Water Biinch Claret
Fer 3 Specimens. all different Castle irant Plan thon
Simeon Clarke conuts, Wate , Bunet A.O.V
PLANTS IN BASKETS (Class # ‘ Grant Pi on. i i
é eye Single Specimen Miss Bet eve an SUE ce e oe ce prs a
Fe 2 Secimens, all different — Mrs, Gilford Clarke
1 k k Melons, Water, 2 only—Castle Grant|
4 Single Specimen — Mrs. A, Pigntation . By Radio Telephone
the me H. 1 k Papaws, 4 only—Seymour Gaskin
Barbados Da ind Stock _ 4.0.V.. Single Specimen — Mrs. A. H. Pears, Avocado (Bottle neck, 6 onky—
t r +7 Leacock q rayton.
Cee eee ae are PRESERVED FRUITS, JELLIES ETC Pars. Avocado, (any ide Vedat;
nallenge ata , Jelly 6 only—Mrs . McKenzie
f c nge ‘P. = a ee Gaave. 2 6 b. bottles——M € Piantains, Bunch—Castie Grant Pian-
> bs "$e , othe De jleen Jordan tation
| ited In the Pees c ey OP ee oe SPECIAL PRaxK Satisfy that longing to speak to your
(nnleanaa ©». presented | MAEmneITy: one-Ib Mrs. H. McChlery No, 56. A Challenge Cup, presented
. eS 2 see one-tb.—S ~. by Barelays Bank (Dominion. Colonial Friends and Family Overseas
l of t Enid € d Overseas) for the Best Exhibit
j hind Sorre! Ann Jordé Fruit, to be won 3 times before Give them a surprise during the
tere wit A.O.V., one-lb.—Nichol ilolder ng the property of the Exhibitor
tet i s. Marcia Greaves Castle Grant lantatio Festive Season.
A Che tle Cup presented to treseiruit, one-lb—Ann Jordar Class 1.—GOATS
ers the F ” ry 3 Sheddock, -on,-lb.-~-Yvonre ors. 2 tee
: ; : - Gua. Stew -.cne-t8.—Lalian 1 Pure Bred Saanen Stock
Preeders’ A » ‘ wuaya ewe anes ent Pure Bred Saanen Bucks entered in
evultural Society for the best exhibit in rence the Goat Register Austin Layne
the Goat Sectior Won by Mr. Archie’ Guava Cheese, 2-1t Miss Maxwel “Class 2.-GOATS
K Presr-y Dry) it :
; 7 ‘) Pure Bred British Alpine Stock Di l 00 nd book
leew ee Salone oye Seveens se 2 De le aa erdan and. Jens Pure Bred British Alpine Doe Kids a a your
A Alfonso B & ». fo ne E. S. Gibbs
the best exhibit in lass. Won © Sa’. Cite te Mrs. H. ““pure Bred British Alpine Bucks C ll Now
> 4 jorshalt ie ae 2
No. 25. A Cur a Rind, one-lb.—Enid Connell and ee 2—OOoats atlis
Aut » B. de for the M Qe Graded Stock
ieet Puy ’ Mr c e-Ib.—lotha: Forde Milch Goats.—Lindon Gibson
JH. Wil Mrs. H. Mc¢ nie r Milch Goats Archie King sxiiaissbisieacinsliiaaent
No. 26. A Chal pres nied Pr y Doe Kids H. Taitt
} { FH Lt4., for Bomentie Science Does — C. S. McKenzie
{ E t nm by Mr : Graded Bucks—H. Taitt
Fudge, 2-Ibs—Eleanor oes'in Milk, S. McKenzie CABLE & WIRELESS: and
ge Cup, presented Graded Registered Buck Kids.—C. S
| Ltd,, for the Best FRUIT McKenzie
| o Dudley Wil ' 2 only—-Aaron Year- Open to Peasants Only THE BARBADOS TRL EPHONE C0.
ge Cup, presented Buck, British Alpine Type.—-Fred Cal- 0
Society for the Best 6 only—Elis» Davis lendar. ‘
Le chiblt in the Dog Site. endish, Bunch Ruth wittes (Toggenbure Type) Cyril '
M t Dudley Wiles jatkett
Dh a ehalidige = Cups pie Michel, Bunch — Ken- Does in milk (British Alpine Type) are at your Service
s 1 by Messrs. ¥. de Lima & Co., Lid., ; ; Vides caatciad ome ae a ie mis
for U Beet Exhibit in the Dog Snow & ine astle Gran oes in (Saanen ype) yri
\ by Mr, John Bladon Blackett For R pa x
| Ne 29 A Perpetual Challenge Cup, Bunch—Castle Does in Milk (‘(Toggenburge Type) 0 ates see Telephone Directory — ge iti
ted by Mr. W. H. Cook, Orpington, Aarom Yearwood Dudley Gibbs
England the best exhibit in the Doe Kids ‘Alpine Type)—C. S. Daniel
} ltrs Class. Wor Mr G. H. King 6 only—Aaron Yearwood ~~ Ess (‘Saanen Type).—H. Taitt.
0 A Chal Cup pres nted by Lemons, 12 only—Blackman’s Planta oe ids (Toggenburg Type).—Dudley
t . Mr. H shar ; * rae ve “| tion te ' wen Boyce , Pe Bor EF PESOSSSOS SSS OO SSE LEE 6 PFFOSF ower s
L r. H. E. Marshall.{ Limes, Lisbon, 12 only—B®. Brathwait Class 4.—SHEEP &
jo. 3 he Cup, presented Limes, A.O.V., 12 only—M. Hutson yam ‘Black Bellied Type)—K. D * 3
i sarbado: y Association, for | Webster i; rom o , x
te. tet = Dele 1) nats ahaa 1 Ram. iBlack Bellied Type).—R. Farren.| %& WE CAN SUPPLY FROM STOCK:— ~
‘ 1 of the Light Breeds. Won by; | Ram (Black Bellied Type) Julan % 8
feinalest ot PEARL gta : ‘i ” :
; atibabee Cony Laeaatol Ewe (Black Bellied Type).—Ethelbert | C “i Ss T Ww I " mR
pits at A Challenge Cup. presentodis doesn, % Cruitta Stee mdows. %
bat of the Raiston Furina Compan’, | oO rf Fed (Black Bellied Type).—G. A. Mar- x g
: Purina” Feeds for jhe best emN. bag |
i srecCopkessl: Won 'by Mir. @, | yy ~ peat Wether (all types)—G. A, Mar- % EF hb D : a %
ee : : ad “Ram (A.0.V,).—D. N_ Wilkie y Hremc OOrs are 8
No 33, A Challenge Cup presented by | 5, Wien (ASS ico Adel Le ¢ >
t ate Mr. H. A. Arthur for the b st ans Arundel] Lynton. $s
tet of the Heavy Breeds Won t SOL fen F G. A. Marshall . >
he tx? wBarahaat or: : , K. D. Webster & Sli li F. l li D S
4. A Challenge Cup presented by rc G, A, Marshail S wa ig Ot ened Oeors
the late Mr. H. A. Arthur for the best ane a no eee %
i the Light Breeds Won by Mr. }
int the | func TIP FLY CONTROL |S hi ; :
No. 26. A Chi alles mie Cup prese nted | - 5 % OUTWARD OPENING CASEMENT WINDOWS ¢
the Barbados Pig mn} ll ‘ 3 ft., 4 ft, 5 ft. or 6 ft. High wi i y ‘ . g
Na Neve auaitne’ f $4 Imitation Jewe ery , . High with or without Ventilators
git y : J Humphrey ; { > > ~ IWC S
LOXTON APPEALS for L.B.W. against Stollmeyer when 69, during the West Indies v. Victoria The Artnur Memorial Cup, if > “ Pre x avEWwAre on ae oe DOORS 3
. . at ne sented ¥ : . > . Ss. ‘ 4 8s.
match at Melbourne cricket ground on 26,11.51..Score: .0 for 131.—Consolidated Press Photo. Barbados Pigeon Glub (1994) for the | onrk mack!aces or | (& yet oe x
ee young * TRIO” of the Heavy Breeds. | Pearl Earrings 72c. up. s SLIDING FOLDING 3 ‘
SR ea ante oN ee: ate eer D || ALSO CHOKERS, BRACE- SLIDID i NG DOORS
FERNS (Class 7) } Ee aes 7 ft. 2 ins. high x 6 ft. 2 ins. wide. 4
B. C I Pla in VERDICT NSE HE] KE Adiantum, Farleyense, Single Speci- LETS ETC. . %
me Mrs, O. W. Sisnett "9 - . x . os >
Eee ee yi & a eiahigen, Maiden. Gale “aihale speci Plus a wide variety of cos % The whole Door slides and folds to one side. %
: , Miss K. Holinsed tume jewellery % %
Cable Wireless Br Our O € reapondent t} i Adiantums, 3 Specimens, all different mS $
a" orrespondent) he field Government House. , ‘. %
i ‘ : ewellers . «+> Flies and mi oequitoes menace health. | ¢ 7
Arrangements have been made J LONDON By haif-time Brentford were) Adiantums, 6 Specimens, all different] | At Your Jew ere, at your p bnger=ti, is a quicker Phone 4267, g
nae avila Hlome soccer fans are asking if , ¢ 4 Mrs, O. W. Sisnett } easier way of ki em—COOPER'S %
for a match between the Barba- «) Hind “United aie nok cette Coo ey through outside-left Paton | “payatia, Single Specimen Miss E | e AEROSOL, BLYSPRA Just press t . w x
dos Cricket League and Cable and ; rey vase 8 ‘& and centre-forward Monk, a hara | shepherd YY. bD LI button and the mist-like spray automa > ILKIN N & YN ‘ x
: too ho ace . »mselves peste ae ; ei : th t ing insects , D
Wireless at Boarded Hall on Sat- + ; m ran ah for soag ide 1 worker and clever leader. And ha et a all different | 4 TD fete toner COOPER'S AEROSOL FLY. Y~ % so HAY ES co... LTD. x
r ollowing Satur- “ie Tace tor the second Division Y : s fine goal-| St, ? mana . SPRAY does not taint foodstuff, ts non- -
pst and the f g Sa Championship. Last week, tollow- : not ry for some fin s0al~ | Golden worn, (Fine), Single Specimen— | «& co., L . poisonous, pencaercabis ang simost $neseseesesseossssooses 56,5009 50056965595S65S ?
e . . , eeping by surgin, Who 1 a al vi oO y. Sisnett odourless. se in omes an offices 2 » : " tote PPP PDE ED PPP L OS
run o. elght successive home keeper «pe exce ptional ability, they Golden Fern, Single Specimen — Mrs.) 20 Broad Street food stores, hospital wards, aircraft, farm
The following will represent | victories, they crashed to Notting- | ouiq have doubled eMaie. 3 “| 0. W. Sisnett \ Bae iy aN dar A yond OS Ee stent riy — a
. Thi . : } é > 4 e. score Sily . ve » Spec o -
the B.C.L.:— K. Goddard (Cap- ham Forest. This week at Griffin ™ A ie while atter ie Ute at liver Fern, Single Specimen min spra n Insecticidal effect, two- {
tain). O,, Brereton, R. Rudder Park I saw them beaten 4—1 by Sheffield thre stened to fight ck saan Stl alas ia Shoat ante
(Progressive) C. Depeza (St. Brentford, who on this showing > c ee BEG HRS third

John Baptist) A. Blackman seem much more like promotion hey were not dismayed when in-
(Romans) G, Kirton (St, Barna- prospects, As a result of their side-left Sperrin put Brentford
bas) W. Clarke, R. Pinder (Rang- defeat, Sheffield United have now three up following a fine dribble in
ers) G. Sobers (Kent) M. Hope dropped to second place with Which he beat three men. They

(Liberty) C. Chandler (Colts) Brentford ly > poi neath threw caution to the winds and ‘ ’
G. Rudder (Drax Hall) and K. iho | Only one Point beneath itn right-half Hitchin acting as DUNLOP ‘FORT = COVER

‘pate in| S port Shirts

FE nal dh Messen in Mtehanl WITH A DIFFERENCE


When the stomach is upset
asa result of hyperacidity, a
dose of De Wit: "s Antacid
Powder will disperse the pain
and distress right away.

Gilkes (Cyclone) Extras, an extra forward they launchea
ala . What might have happened had a succession of powerful — raids
B.C.L. Division Games Hagan, Sheffield’s International From one of these they were

inside-forward and captain not awarded a free-kick and Hi'chin
been injured after only fifteen banged the ball home through
minutes, is a different story alto- a crowd of players to become only
gether. He resumed on the left the second visitor to score at
wing after treatment but was a Griffin Park this season.
complete “passenger.” His injury

After this review, clubs will be threw the whole team out of But the pressure could not be
asked to close the season and be- Order and we saw nothing of the kept up. | Centre-half Greenwoo
gin the championship series be- fast moving forward line which rallied his defenders and SheMelk



A meeting of all clubs of the
B.C.L. will be held on Wednesday
night next at the Modern High
School to review the position of
clubs in the competition,


i i P wn Flatulence, heartburn and in-

yee » leaders in each division in the previous 22 games had were thrust back on their ow? %
i tae Shepherd & ‘Ca. Cup scored 51 goals, side of the field. And shortly be amen that ee sactes'et By AERTEX
which is awarded to the Cham- It would be most unfortunate fore the close Brentford scores acid in the stomach can bring
pion team in the League. for Sheffield if Hagan’s injury again when Monk lobbed the bell in its train. De Witt's Antacid {

‘ were to prove serious, Without over the head of the advancing Powder soon neutralises the ~y

The meeting is timed to begin him they appear to lack purpose Burgin. Bcd ana ‘at enemies tine FREENESE

at 8 o’clock. and their promotion bid could si 5 4 rie thas interédianta ia the. wells
This was Brentford’s highes

come to a full stop. balanced formula soothe and

protect the delicate stomach
lining. Get a ny right

ett? 4 os

score of the season and well they

The conditions under which the deserved it. Their ability to over-

WHAT’S ON TODAY game was played were atrocious. come the conditions was the key

Hieavy rain, which persisted until factor and it is difficult to imagine

Police Courts and Court of shortly after the kick-off left the many sides beating them when the

Grand Sessions 10.00 a.m, pitch water logyed and even the grounds are heavy. 1 | More sets of good play

Films by _ the Dalkeith best efforts of the local firé-bri- : ;

Methodist Church at the gade, working with pumps, could _ Up in the stand, Sir Stanley



British Council, ‘“Wake- oniy partially counteract the effects Rous, President of the F.A., was Truer fii ht for better lacin tp) C B RICE & C
field’’, 7.30 p.m, of the previous 48 hours. an interested onlooker. Apart o g P 3 Rane D ioe . . oO.
Police Band _ Fortnightly These are conditions Brentford from oye eo other Brent~ POWDER :
Concert at Hastings Rocks revel in. The more the muddier ford player to catch his eye must i
8.00 p.m. is a favourite witticism among the have been wing-half Hill, who Neutralises Acid 5 MERCHANT TAILORS
Mobile Cinema at the Gov- fans on the terrace. And so it distribution and tackling were Soothes Stomach Relieves Pain
ernment Industrial School, proved this time. Sheffield made first-rate. On the Sheffield side the e I @ For! use use away from home— OF
Dodd's yard, 7.45 p.m, the great mistake of keeping the most impressive were Hitchin and @ Nowaterneeded Carry a few
ae gf ces e” ball close with the result that goal-keeper Burgin @ Prompt relief De WITT’S
ure at the Monthly Meect- their moves broke down time and
ing of the Alliance time. again. Brentford eenied During tie interval a collec tion >? Easily carried ANTACID BOLTON LANE
Francaise at the British the long pass and this paid Was made for the Hurricane Re- > © Cell-sealed TABLETS
Council, “Wakefield”, 8.15 dividends. lief Fund, followi: un appeal 508/TE9 > Standard Size, 24 Tablets = 4
p.m. made by Lady Huggins, wile ol ’ | Economy Size, 60 Tablets . tae or
The home half back line of the former Governor of Jamaica STOKES & BYNOE LTD.—Agents. Ad fe A Ot Aa la fate te <= SS —
Sunrise: 6.00 a.m. Harper, Greenwood and Hill The teams were j =
Sunset: 5.36 p.m. quickly showed the way to suc- Prentford: Gaskell, Horne,|}

Moon: First Quarter, Decem-
ber 5.

Lighting: 6.00 p.m.

High Tide: 11.39 a.m,

Low Tide: 5.23 a.m,, 6.21

They broke up early Sheffield Munro, Harper, Greenwood, Hill

with quick tackling and Dare, Coote, Monk, Sperrin
long kicking. And with the un- Paton.

fortunate injury to Hagan thei: Sheffield United: Burgin, Pur
task became so much easier that niss, Cox, Hitchin, Latham, Te
they assumed more or less com- Ringstead, Smith, Hawksworth
plete command of ,the centre ofHagan and Hutchinson.

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Zit to Parfection |

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c TACK TWO ll\ltn\l>0-. AHUM Ml ilium, HI (i MIIII: :. issi Qeudb Calling n :; (Flying Fori rived al Sonucll We-dneaday afii %  1 or R On I, K. M WssMir, Cooui lion of Uie miMion. hiA !•( Maji.r Bill %  ) (pilot). Major T. J JJCKMHI (co-pilot I and .. Major General V/rliatcr waa OH liis way hark to hi hi in Rio after a tw-arra daj vi-i< ta Wnshmah. l>uslne*>. Their trl VnlK ..11(1 Ik-i muda. %  in Rio for 11 >c,ir Had .. hall End Of Week A T prasent in Bar bail Johnnla Adamaon, M %  i thiweek. i usual wiih Mr Fred Olton t S|,nn%  u \ in \4.i 4 II Third In Three Years RJUVINQ From Bermuda on VTSJSBW .,.,., i I f C.A, was I mining • Toronto • II: three Hi* I Hotel. Transferred v COZHH, on of Mr. and Mrs. Cl> "Lynd.. %  ird'i Avenue. who IK with the Canadian Bank u Just been trana•*%. Ihalr branch In Port-of^* rH MI for Trinidad Wedne-wlny by I1WIA Taking hi* place al the branch %  Two Yachts Leave B RKJA: ^MEETOM I daiia*it*i Vcdn>r**ia> 45-foot ketch I I Vincent. The Enaluh farm), -ire of) their wiv (ft •*ey intend to set.kinu Mie %  ught Tzu I ii Noi ? tW-rnile At rosslllaj from lb-' i \\ ar Medals For Veterans 11. %  * not sure ho* long aV the r r would hav nao n omwa d if he found place ntee. he wauld %  i>erwi %  month Mile* waa not Ootrtlt> Mile* espvrL to make a caller) f*n*ma before r<-ln> on to Salt apfln Nland where he and hlf family will lire The Rel-rUn Ketch 0>oo. • tons h* tailed for Martinique Skippered b* Van fie Wiede Onoe rame In from ! %  Palmaa on November 9 She dry docked heft and wa* palmed up. Woman Are Expansive rout* minv thousand* of pound* for a Broadwny or flollywood celebrity f<> rhana> hla wife Take the MM of band leadei Xavier f'ufet In the New Year he i* etpertlnK to get a divorce in Nevada, and afterward* a tari to marry dark-haired Abbe Lane, singer wiih ni liand. The feei alone, he *-•' A RRrVING from Bermuda 00 %  ) %  •*-i lk? f, E32.0OO Wednesday b*. T.C.A. wai W*" *> %  M fca O> He Is selling Ms 183.S00 hous. ,it Bel, Bioaaj for a lump num t-ctlli ntsM on his wife. In addition kaj will pay her 1117 a week alimony and all her legal csiiciisea. Women are expensive", says Cisatt Talkinsr Point \*i. TONY COZIER, sen of Mr. M i. ,%  < %  sag Golden Jubilee To Reside In U.S. KSSert^* ' JOfO-TS CUCKKT, A MOM; USS pstfssshfsi . aUvhtsr j •-*• Antigua, was founded in lcfl lh * Inland yealerday Incidental Intelligence *" 1900 and His Excellency \ir K & w %  A <" <"" I'SA. was (\T course .he Baptism must W I M* Barbara Hazel Rlackman. V-r have the Suez Canal. Any%  i of Mr. and Mrs. body can see thai King Farouk will be patrons at their Golden w w R| "* kmn of St. David's baa outgrown, his bath-tub.— %  (rin If E THE O0VESNOS fll AT.rd Sara... p,e-,„U. Ohalleaf Oap "road taetii to Mr O. R McKenaie onnnf thr Pm. K ivmg at tht Uxhibitian in Queer/Park yesterday Mi McKeiiilr en two eUrr Challenge Cups icernlh ivcrl from Trinidad. .1. bttaa Dane The Fishing Industry Bach To Venezuela DE<;INMN(; tomorrow nlghl K ERNIK I-ARKINSON srUe TKn Nnum -urnI'. .IIIII i.-i,j -.ffj-t ^ ' JII l f Local Pbrre a good *tandurd ol efficiency | maintained. %  * ^ Dial lilt rnniv I •* eS I KI\riMI>i. H Ml I II HJUWT w.-f aa-ftaf wiri r..*-a -.n.< "ITTS 1*. -*. BAfJAU. Pwtrifin NEAI BRIGHT LEAF rv IAJ MII>S rr ar>t t • it*mil • KM. rina K*Ma LM— (mi,'J"h-n, M.. Qr 1 r--n I*.. Larrllla. Ami Ml 4 # A OIRTIN i. 4 I I I W The harden DALLAS ^^SBS. The til the local new*. Tomorrow he wil' sMt the Fishing IndttSl M" oni K. .inf.. i ... ..fin .,,„ f „, rnnided"-.. I • ;.. "here hi now work Wiih B.W.I.A. Here For ^rtsttslM |ll MIC.OIK JORDAN whi grlth B.W.I.A.'s Truffle Department hen%  %  hji Trinidad todaji tag a short 1 | it lb' is due back : M". .'Ing CARL CHENERY was UN p.i".iii:i( m TrWdad by B.W.I.A. Hi fr. CROSSWORD i Deeemspi-nd Chnslmns with his family % %  • •% %  he will lie returning to TrlnUInd M the end ,f 11 , %  Plenly Of Time L ADY MEGAN LLOYD Short Visit GEORGE, who lost her seat in the General Election, Ii go Vf'' < %  HITCHlTIS. Editor big > B W I A ..., ,, sh..n with Lady Olwen's daughter. Is a guest (it the Marine Hotel Mra. Robert UstfmiUan, m Tonmto. "I have been longing to see her for = lenj time", says Lad} Megan. Wlnl. M P.. Lady Megan could not ilnd the time to go. Now she has plenty of Ume\ She Is •!! was MP 2t years. Thlf will not be Lady Ifagan'S first visit to Csnatlfi sinsrani there with her father. MM Liberal PYlme Minister, in l)23. This time she may go to Frederlcton. There, nt the University BrUIUWtCk, ithe IIt..;n > II, ,< l... %  I "1 %  l'-. papers. %  'Bui my sister and I have i %  lagan. She expeeta lo return to England in Jnnuary. 1. I. O It I OPENING TO-DAY 5 and 8.15 p.m. turn back, I tell you any minute maybe too late!" lUi.C. liutlin Programme IM P.m. Ik* Ml | Uui M u pOMT Of the *r.k ChOBM, ISO pm Merchant Hvy Pro•oainm*. 6 11 |> nv Up and Coming. •*! %  f*t>..rt. TaD pm Thr Nna 7 !• p m NPW. Analyiia. 7 IS sa i.icH't nnxiei on l.i Wm IntllH >* aotilh AM* II>IM ana WBI licimn Duny. 719 p m. Inl-fili**-. IU pi.. IS US SI.MM IU|i % %  %  I. s ..> W-. tOli pm Ki -lnh Mnnaflne p m Mualr. Hl..... %  .. I0i.lj.rn II' Iffl p n Fioti %  %  ; i i %  I I*. 11"" It %  n'i II %  11 a . i %  ni. :n'. Well on n ii %  in. isi iSl Lei -Man iri to mil. tfr< outtlns IJI II. i.•'* I) rso. tSi iBtina about roun >ru>itla> P M %  V I Now time had IUM out for the u who knew the terrible 5j truth and the one "Oman who 5 beliertd him for J ll of them -face-to-face with destiny! lames Marlwe STEWART DIETRICH bte-rmln I %  Daoai I. Blr-To: 2, IW^, %  %  Rupert and the Lion Rock — 46 Hupwr worm* hts way down the ekK. avoiding ih* nharp ..'-M* •>* rock unul ihr (tack 1 hen. csli^g to Sam %  Wright, h* tomgi thf it-M ol ihc way and Undi gently on the Aoor of the Lion's Mouth Qui.kly h< %  olid nek. thaw PSNM %  riifliein rr:y tleon'i c*m te AH ai onrt h %  flhing ihai i* not %  nr ill Vrt?" hr th.nkt. 2a JOHNS HAWKINS %  SCOII LOUIS D IIGHIGN HENRY KOSKR '—.Ait uimr. oscuwiun -.(ccDit([._.-„^iimam fl %  OMIK IAHM. TALENT il\ I'ARAUL nrcink -llccjus**" STEPHEN RE1D „ „, ;, | NnriLU SYMMONDS I | "1NSTON IllliUKU I'llANK COHBIN y... I IIKVONISII ., T ,„ y,,,,,,,. r „ Know .. 01 I si STAB: SAIM -iimnoN ..!.. --iTAR i>inr Nl Oar llnU-ii n*--.: U: Hill SK J: HALf'ONV •, BOX 5?. BE8TF0RM BRASSIERES (Size. 32—40) @ $2.06, $2.68, $3.09 CELENESE PETTICOATS $2.04, $3.48 1 CELENESE PANTIES NYLON PANTIES SI 98 S? 79 LADIES' midE VESTS sir.-.. $1.86 LADIES' NIGHT DRESSES $4.19, $5.64 T.R. EVilNS A Will II II 1 IIS Dial 4606 YOUR SHOE STORES Dial 4220 I aSB MCK 4BD0NALD MICHAU UUK1IZ t. s 1 'A 1*.9VV1 '"• ... .' %  .^ • W I 2.30, 4.45 & 8.30 p.m. and Continuing Daily 4.4'j & 8.30 p.m. %  %  %  !" L /% ti..,i / 1 EXTRA SPECIAL IHE SPORTS NEWS REVIEW "ROARING WHEELS" S*MV"VSS*VSS*VSSS**VSSSVSSSSSS M ii I. o it i I Mr. shims al i profMiwI of it: A GENUINE H.TTA COLOURING Axx'oafc ThemS DB PAULHENREID F*ira: LATEST BRITISH NEWSREELS II O 1 A I T-b, Onl> <3 .v 1.15 Tomorro *. -nnilj. <.M a i.15 Republic Double Republic Double . Ro, ROGERS Dole EVANS | '">"' tAHKOLU Vera RALSTC1N IN • BELLE LE GRANDE AMI IDENTITY UNKNOWN'' wHK Richard ARLEN Chervl WALKER DON'T FENCE ME IN" — and — WEB OF DANGER with Adl MARA Bill KENEDV OLYMPIC' Tfldav 1.MI 1 Show*. 4.39 8.1.: Tomorrow lo Monday 1.30 A BiUI 20th C-Fox Double . M.G.M. Double . Rlcardo MONTAI.BAN in— "BORDER INCIDENT" AND "ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU" Color by Technicolor with EUier WILLIAMS llu ium! W1DMARK. WIIKKWS in— -* llll III4M.MIS AND -till Ol'l II Bl III! IMI/IS Starring Cliflon WEBB. Myma LOY IIH llrhrdrrr'-t Grrataat I'lrMir*-. H O X Y TODAY Onlt 4.30 ft.15 Universal Double . Robert BEATTY In— %0mAi\sr i in II i \ n AND *\ 14.11/ 0 M H #./#" with THE DALTA HHYT1IM ROYS. SMASH "^ HITIi.fl The HYING MISSIIE IIPIMMi Tomorrow 4 30 A .I5 AND WEISSMULLER BIS( I ITS in Tins Crawford's UfllUI; IvrtU Shortbread; Almond Shortbread: Tri-Frsit Peek Frrnn AsaOTttal Creams: Play Box; Che-rselct* Jacob's Aasorted Sweet Blwuiti; Oranre PufTa; Family Asaortad; Cocktail Witim Biscuits; Cream Crackcrr BSCUfTS In \ lb. Card Carton* Hiirtlev lr Palmers Carnival Aasorted Goldt'n Puff Crawford's TitFruit Pun*3 Ovaltlne Biscuits .nd Peek Freana Chep?lMs FARLANE LANC1S Have a )..velv a.t*ortmeiit of BlScUlta In ^ lb. Pockafe'— Custard Cream. Nlre—Omnolo—Mnrle—Pelil—Bvune— Short Cake —Home anaortert. TOFFEE Decorated 1 lb. tlna of-* PALM TdFFF.F al Decorated I lb, tlM of BLUE A1RD IOFFEF al Det-oratcl 11 ll> U lb tin.' BLUE UIRH 4 |h tins PALM TOFFfT I'ALM TOFFEE SI 05 .00 $1.20 .48 $2 90 SI 20 CHOCOLATES I lb. tinBLACK MAGIC CHOCOI-ATES at $2.17 4 lb DECORATED BOXES CADBURY MILK SI.30 ALIEYNE ARTHUR & Co.. Ltd. Your ftrnrrrs mm lli.,1. SI.-....I f


FRIDAY l)H I MIIIR T. 131 BARBADOS ADVOCATE PACE FIVE Governor Presents Prizes At Exhibition Mi. u tauai %  a) From i i. % %  1 In Ihc last Iwn learned . hltle about the sugar* industry ;ind bava appreciated, as most of you must have done years iiflo. the trnpurliiiH pui HUH tfca Cane Biredinu Station plays la%  acb OSM of us. There i* i.<> doubt that th-j breeding of new varieties 1* the most important faVtor In IDCTVU*lns; sugar pi-xlm won In this Island, bul ti> auecesi dafSaada on a number of other f acton. MM of %  Is soil management. Agriculturists A.I %  part* on dktpU) would do well to tin i-munifc attention to this question *,. as ij oaOuwM. To* pa.ierns from whten %  : | | | cultivation method* whn.h provide not only Ibo li. %  %  i nomte level of prodn ..i.tker. will ensure that, at the s-me tune, the soil is protected and conof wore srved. %  gratulatc Mr. H ..,, -pycrnor asaembU l-ii %  .! pumj %  IIHIIM.l OPK.NEII hi iinei I making this event ihe gi Ml success „ It has been. BefuT. President of the Society. Mr. H I I. Your ExcclN Ladles and Gent* As President of the Barbs Agricultural Society 1 would lik> knives Shaft, a water boaj i-illiaer 'ull present for then I at this, our 101st Am I hibitl. display. A speci.i1 job kel cast iron trash turner blade *'!!•..>=,";: %  lip. They both serve the purpose f roller C lea I of wa.s not dona fouling would take place—the trash would build up. having nothing House to clear it away and may cause and goodwill IK. will continue to expand and reflect the progress, not only of Barba' ^ %  dos. but, I believe, of the West %  Indies. And now,—I congratulate most of St. Peter wh> s—.ribcd as "men of action "i of words." Mr. Heckles congratulated all responsible for the erection nf the M nlge and the building of id while Mr. GUI -aid thai road would benefit | pie of the district more than thins they had In 300 VSJSJM, Professor DOPH Rp8P4t rp h W ark in Soifth America H* "1II.IAM Ml \ BUENOt AIRES. Dec. 6. Tall, blonde, young Profess stig Ryden of the Gothenburg Museum i* leaving for li.iliw.i iM Sfesjfcssad t.i rtiul out more abou I IvUlntlon: The pre-Ttlhuancaa people hich n %  round tha arwdlioiii atwcea of Lake TUcsM .i He is alrVBMl] one >>f %  an lenl Bouth Asnarti an cuttur ll .! 1 IIIIIC.I I llV I'l' have been built bj Colli or Amyra people at an i of 12,900 reel, about 40 miles northwest of 1-ipm. the Bolivia capital. Tho older part of the ruins Is bsjUtvsjd lo have been built between 300 and 600 AD. and Ihe latter part between 600 and 900 A.D. The best known ruin Dab a — r.p. iii>ji|.i>m a mup ol ll.utr.i-* - dos allowing the areas '•" li'i heartily all the*,, ho bU breakMe Ju _c flnnkfl arc dcllV ered. Around won prize* and lolW w ho ,lm ^ A|M( £J£ werc tra this nup were |*otographa shownot.! would .'.iy T!i A-ore cast. The rrom the Please try again — for It is by werc mae hiiied half-way In ord sdo up to tt thenumber and quality of OK()) Rlv# Uu |(ub|l( tll lnea of he t|me „ t deUeored Mr. C. Bae. to main%  1 used. Managing Direetui of the Bl I tain this keen and fnen.lly rivalry the pieces were n roUrr uiide,! an invitation to the pnfalk 1 o-o|M-ralion pump imuellor In brass castor, an i„ v i-tlt the Ju-C plant. 1 must thank our members, the open type impcHor also In brass Electric Sales and Service Ltd ladies and I[CT.:: -: pillar tractors. committees In tact .ill 11 .i cast iron cross head I ,i tors, Markham cane who have gtrea ;md two ,.„ rUi an j other agricultural ciuipoperation In helping ii Mar OOOSOd fan shaft m0nlhi Uun-nlii' were charts of this exhibition in so limited a brass bearings. the D2, IM ami DT iractoi> apace, and wil\ MCb small lluMr. W. A. ROSS, who explained JJ,,. ,„.,,,, ..nradions of this ances at our d.-posal. i ^wpment were the large rotary Each year we endeavour to nnthe sldrocafe that It has been dlshoe and ft dlrecUy connected prove our Exhibition.—..mi l •' ,h< ntckei cast Iron p | ougri f ram e hydraullcslly lifted. confident you will agreo it h .'^m";" l > ""i"' 1 blades wear beUer Mf L ua^roft oxpla.'" prove.1 and we are most E r..b !, %  ''•" blad a 1 work of the maentDOS to 0M ful to the Dire, %  ;"" t h, 1 Pj w public the Deparlm-nt Of AjDiCuittU I Booth % to Ibtfr lldTlce and useful sugb l a l7l.,!?l. sfl i L t h l t „! n !S" J P ie £! be the cent... of attraction. On th. geitions. Finallv. %  M/ord of jiaise is due s --""-• : ^" nssa n^i% E"?*U ,..„,. ; tthich was U) • Iba&Wi Enmnrer ol th Deparlinent ul Churchwarden Opens Boscobelle Bridge The newly construcled Tfjrmmal \i> %  Hosc-balW. St. PaMr, w* uiliciolly opened yasjtssrday i-vnunK by Mr. McU. Symmonds.. CbOrchWaVdaO of St Michael. Mr. Symmonds clipped the narrow atrip "i Nua ribbon arhlcfa temporarily closed the I lid "1 now declare this pan." He broke a hotile of ilinmpanne on the bridges side to complete .i rulel function diaiA £oh BVBAlf occasion on sals ai the leading AIDAM ',•,'.;'.;•••***••'*'•••", Juitc a number of i orbj decorate*! and pi<>\ | '"rmi. Mr. King then i I %  cellency I .. r (>>iiikhanii The OynurJi usual a large number of BOi mt MM people paid : "1' "* %  f '"gbjpencc each to see the snakx "ji, „ !" h.. M iMiri* h,cn •" cau ht nt s***"" Air Sn'S 9 OeDtt looked on while Mr. K. N. H. Husbands, last apeaaer ot tne House ol Aa>embi>. Mi. Joim becKles, M U.K. Mr, J. K. THi .imker, Mi. (ieorgc Gill and Mr. Symniono* oaasjBandad llw Highway Commissioner^ of St. 1'eU'i for "the achievement". The bridge is part of. the Terminal It odd which cost the parish The bridge itself cost The of the excellence of the i ilk doi %  year, for tttt* the Km,n.-r who '.. nouded to assist the Comnu*nei-i uf Ihc various pai i>lnoad development". Mr. Symloiids said and ended ">< hi "'> opa that the people of this dlsict will long be spared to f goaparlty as they el I>IS bridge day after day Sell-Sunicient Area Mr. Husbands. Chairman ol the was function, said that he visited Hi %  ul while it wa,* under DM tructiun and was told that It I ate the mild steel mill bed plaU-. :niili h( nnl( which were .nly docorated. ,,,.„. witB .e.ieralv M that the> %  i i.mlete with "l> t" ^e standard of last years. the mill roller t0| Hignwa>.^ aim Transport l'>i leu. i material used There were many other liooths nlry roads, and Mr. Eric Chalbuilding of the bridge had be tl i HORTICUI,TURL gramme provided a great deal of Thiother picture showed I CUT FLOWERS amusement for them. bead stock fabricated In ,„ %pltl ,,, Uu („..,,., „ )1MS „ 11T ,. One of the most m r. 1 f Three Houses Facwerc lovely exhibits of 1 the "pig (ticking" event m a lls was made live years and tne !an j ar d of the show was one person on a hor>e palled %  %  *> by the tnundry and is still In M good na i asl >Mr 8 sack swiftly along the ground a"' wodiuoa Than wai .. Ana coUaettoii <>f whQeotbai .rmad with ThttUrd picture howe' Installed m_ the workshop Of litic, to lenor. Road Inspector of St. I'eter. dug out from the area. Thai 'IVmiiiial RON %  I little ovei ,,ve that lloiCobtUa Is selfa mile long. Joining Boscobelle sumcient, a fact of whuh I an with the Risk. St. Lucy. The v ,. ry proud", he said, construction of the road and bridge Mr. nyonekar aald thai began during November last year pleased lo see the parlshimiers uf and apart from the crop season si. Lucy crossing the rood over la when the Commissioners werc Bosoohetla when be .i awaiting further grant, the road the function. Of Mr H U have been working on it •,,!,! "|J0 aOO in the West Indie %  teadlly. can turn out l>et1er and faster Terminal Bridge Is Mfl. fl inn. road work". Ih i wide and has a drop of It. fl. The the "indefatigable Mr. < presjsrrtaltOB Of ^biiUnents are made of rubble and who went shoulder ti> ibotllda r Harris, and b) I i 0 tour toeh baskets o( cement morlar stone and Its d.-_ MM,m v 11 '" Wbl and the Otbat I 24 Mr o( dahlias l reinforced concrete -Vina Mehille suc-wded. bm; .Swift lathe. | of the lot pointing daooratM the gua.d enjoyable Item 1.. Messrs T Sydney Kinch's booth pj | ff a number of walls and Ihe wing walls while 0ne " 1 li I -'id prize. This pr ties for them. Miss Enid Shepwee;. botSs hi uHUn| off wat. r was the wheel barrow race in booth, which was beautifully set n ,. r d „f itiack Rock also got .. „ie m all ue wall BaOi which gentlemen with id. di*playixl t*ie Itemi such as number of prizes lor her zinnias. bridge is a 18-foot span to let pfl raced with ladies in wt %  llat, Oxo. Valor, I'mnev. feeds ln t he orchaj ( khlWd ier which kuuica down fiooi %  rows. and Fray Dentos soups, for which ,„ lv „„ lhl wll ,,:. .,,Jlv wtl)(1 t „. ,. lin U]U Other items included i,zv\\U. luimlxrn than last year and the Mr Challenor thinks U BUY THESE and SAVE OrfgaaaBi Far vm %  VAPORATED Mil K i ONDKNSLD MILK IMI'HIIAI. \ IENNA SAUSAGES S ,H.. 111 lbs %\M PLOUB pai I II i iiUN MKAI. p The abovr ttOBM *•>< > -•> -' ,v 4 -" %  "* <** H i i .I.1A-. \IM % %  D DANISH B \i \l I %  DANISH SLICED MAM lb AUSTRAUAN KD IMPERIAL C< IRNEO lin........ BRONTE R >AS1 BE! BRIDAL ICINO SUGAR pei pkt PBRLSTEIN HK1 PBRLSTBIN BEER P< l 1.31 1.78 1.00 M aqually as KKI. AM rninal Road will great)} H mdllK'ii Two consolaUon priaes were awarded. One went to tho Wort ,. „i, n t. _,,. ,_ otl€v i foi W.I. Rum Reoaary's booth I-11 !" had as iu> mam attraction a ierlanis in i Ml s.ilwlns cask dtiDlaying the types Also exhibited in this section EV?\2?$? r J W £ r""*"''" o?rS4i^tdadT^D* di-ilE .etitmn, were some and double distilled. R. M. Jones hybrid anthuHums which wen and Co.. advertised Flit and lent from Trinidad by Dr Gillette th e new road", he said. D.D.T. and Mr. Walter Scott. The latter Before clipping the ribbon, M At the S.P.C.A. booth girls also sent very nice specimens of Symmonds said that looking ba. a ueen's College were selling exoras in several colours I* addlupon lhc i m p t0 ve/-ients made 0 nes, badges and other Uon to some fine specimens of r0 aos and bridges ln Barbadi lar 'filling water Jugs", bucket" races and the sacks". The greatest number of points won by a lady at the Gymkhana went to Miss Diana Haw! to Mr. Lee Deane. and the greatest number In the children's section to Miss Kir-dy Packer. There was one unfortunate Incident at the Gymkhana, It was f during Ihe bendum race for genrlvers and people who dead -an from the di&trici. While peopli bad in bead canes for diet about 400 and 300 feet "-..T rack] lot to meet i %  carts on srsbther road, they will now have to walk a few feet v tlemen when Mr. Elliott i.. display was the pMOl Ktorloao fell of his horse and had to be usssd for destroying animals, vlvscens. lifted off the lipl I. B* wai % % %  tombs and brushes for snimsls The prizes first aid treatment I.iiiment were also distributed John Ambulan perbs, roschlldiai The results of the (. follow: i BSMDQSa riArR lOant H %  %  | i.i ,M fend .'r I-.DM ...... %  3. BKNIH' 4 RAM. K lltr 1 l.t Mr VI HA[ UST BIT Kl 1.1 Mln H.r asm ttum M : 10. MUSICAI. PORTS 'Childreni lit MlW Ai. I It POIX RAIT |0*M !• Drarw. Snd Mr Vn IVnnr II rilJ.IN*0 WATfSt Jl'GS dM., 1 II MCSS-UC ll.M l 'he past ten years, he had noticei were falrlv evenly '"""rkable changes The road %  h* rnont niitstandine hilrl boCn rnan <*d beyond r00gButete Boy Scout. JUSSTH. M U IB. cjZ*Zfi J?EZ? i an %  dUplay ol lundili... MBs Olivo dp llorh.. Mr l.rovrmrnl hu been .1. ,r.-,fl wort done by II. %  I t Hume. Mr. 11 N l^-.,k nornl,,.,! over the.put Svr'yr., durlnl Uu' .--latlon Mr. H n Bannister. Mr,. P. B Tnl I, ilue lo lhat h. Bti O'Nenl and Mr 11 F Parklnon been done by Ule Commlulonr%# IS I'I I'l II including kitchen i oven, Another booth with a good layout was that of MCSM I %  . Roach but It would have looked % %  ith more decorations. This booth displayed Maralyn milk and Bovnl and gave Mi samples of Die u>oih organised by the ItarbadoB Boys' and Girls' Clubs the work dot %  clubs during the || hlth VMS Tl,r..." rnif Kaif i> !" e. iJni) lloi WfeM „i hmn lha-r wrr I I li,..r-l • %  • thorausltOrxl Allern *ad. C A Profl carried n" '!>• %  rid win" jirUt-.. BSlllS In ">• l"o-1 old OiflioushSrt-1 ShMO, Uv* n •xvr Milrr •! Uw pni In ih* half bi-l .! %  • %  tl l< %  N i"t on •"* I %  i. I anl Ihr prlie. Skt Mddlr hot* '-— wilh the help of the Departm-"' Of Fflghways ind I' The haauttftlli -trong. hsndiomc bridge is eloquent b aho IBBB COMD & Riimo\ XMAS TRf;t: iiecoRATIONH nt BBI.K LIGHTS KT( Very Mw Prices AI Vour Jewellers Y. lie LIMA A .. i.rn. 20 I'.. .... Slreel *_ IJ •' Tl ^ S i 1 •ail i o r i %  i IVs ITS HERE AGAIN II 1 s w"rh2nAl!f*mt* U lE? A pants, bathins! trunks and coral ,,,, • all offered for fajfs< ... %  nUln In ^.a tie. p""'" | ThiJu-C booth % %  [ %  :' %  W % %  < V &tf&Fxai With these WOOLLEN TROPICALS \}*'e have a lovely slock of ihese excellent matcriala (or lhc most discerning gentlemen. Per y-d $H84 & $10.59 CAVE SHEPHERD 6L CO., Ltd. 10— H Broaa Street PURINA MILK CHOW H. Jason Jones 6 Co.. Ltd.Distributor, •i %  %  v %  a a i. .s a m m m m t %  iiiiiii, IIIIIII A REAL TREAT!! TODAY'S SPECIAL COFFEE CREAMS KNIGHTS PHOENIX SODA FOUNTAIN OUR XMAS AND TOY BAZAAR IS YEAR Till: ASSORTMENT IS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER. WE COULD NOT POSSIH1.V. WITHIN Till. SV U I X I i %  msrosAI.. OVK YOU ANY AI.M.IATK IDKA Of Till: TltlT.V WONDrKHI. RANGE OF • TOYS, DOLLS, GAMES, ETC. NOW ON DISPLAY IN CDS BBOWSOOM. COMB IV 8KB HUI YWaSBUFrot II IXSI'KI I Kf B tOHMMir IXtlVKH. Amonii hundr.^s of I.UHT (tfH lor (liililr.i. >..., v. ill Ind '•.Mi:( I 1NO siis-si,,', ii to In I.I.AI) BOLOU BSBM 1.1.All ZOO Bl I IKKIVCLBf IND B1CTCU DINKY TOYS—AH Kinds DOLLS' PBBAMBI i.ATimItl Hill It TOYS AND DOLLS DOLLS ll"l BE n UMlll"MECHANICAL TOYS BREAKDOWN TRUCKS PEDAL EIRE ENGINES PEDAL MOTOR CARS TEDDY BEARS & MR TOYS DOLLS' TEA SETS CARPENTERS' TOOL SETS I.R. BALLS AND SALLOOMI TRUMPETS—Tin and I'lmllr 'PUSH TOYS—wilh Bill AND TRAIN SETS WOODEN TOP 01 ss •TKIAM. TODDII BIKES lorkwork Jil I U'tlric We ulso huvi* PLASTK TOYS AND NOVEI.IIiv SMAS DUD DBCOSATIONS, XMAS (KACKEKS. XMAS (.HEETINC. Tll.s. PANC1 V.KAIIIM. PAPER. EANCY TINSEL CORDS AND UKUTIM. I IFB I7THE ABOVE ARE ran A ran or oua sri HALIT IMPORTED XMAS ITEMS \ND 0NL1 X PEBSOMAL VISIT WII.I. I NABI.E YOt TO HI.All/1 WHA1 \UIIH (HOKE 01 I.HTS AWAITS YOI II SUM I ION PAY is \\ I.ARI.Y VISIT \M) BBING I ill i BD DBI K IIAIIIIIMIVS THE BEST PLACE FOR TOYS BROAD ST.


FRIDAY. UK I Mill It 7, Ml BARBADOS AHMKAIT. iwr.i: im:i 1: The Ding of Dong brings on the dancing girls W^F I U.N. Meet Deadlock In 30 Foot Whale Fight For Security Council Seat PARIS, Dee. 8. The United Nations General Assembly became hopelessly readluck in a sizzling election tight over Russia's bid foe a second Soviet bloc seat in the Security Council, and postponed the issue until later in the session. Eight ballots failed to settle the contest between Greece, strongly supported by the United States and Byelo-Russia. the Communists' candidate. Th* i" 1 ballot gave the follow Pakiatan and Chile were elected'ng results; Chile 57, Pakistan 55. 1 the nrst ballot to fill UM scats Greece So. Byelo-Russia M, Philipvacated on January 1st by Pn %  Australia 1. Argentine 1. and Ecuador. The GreekColumbia I, El Salvador Chile ami Pakistan were elected. —I'.P. b India Byeto-Russian fight for the seat Yugoslavia is vacating was no mtre East and West squabble— QSjMrwIsa Greece would have \wa easily.. In the balloting among tha U.N.. 60 nu-mbers. a two-thirds majority of 40 was required for election On the eighth and last ballot for the Security Council scat, Byelo-Russia had 33 and WASHINGTON. De GfMcerr. Kvol..-Hussias highest Practically all controls on the total WHS 33. Greece started out production of tires and other robin the lead on the first ballot by bar goods in tto United Suites a margin of 30 to 2a. w m ^ abolished by .he end of Chile. Pakistan Elected .""• £*. **W I'roducllon The Aaaanbly, howm, had A "' ho lty •" ,ssuing an ordcr U.S. Will Abolish Rubber Controls By End Of 1951 elected Chile and Pakistan io """"d December 15 effective r.on-pormanent seats on the SeJanu "y JP*ra>itting an unlimited rarity Council though it had eight oul ? ul ol ." ,bbor pr S uct **: unsuccessful trial to elect | mem^^LT U po&ilb e b2iT bar to fill the third vacancy. A %  *£ %  •*? %  uppl, ! ' %yTtt ^Sl two-thirds majority la necessary !" bber *•*• enaed ,htf rubb€t (or elections, and Chile (57) and ****•• Pakistan <55) were elected In the Al preaent the manufacturers of first ballot having gained this "*• %  aaaantial" goods may not use majority. more than 90 per cent, of their Iniador, India and Yugoslavia prc-Korean. rubber supply. Makers are now vacating their seats at "' other rubber products are the end of two years in office, limited to 100 per cent. Sn Qtadwyn Jcbh, Britain's numNPA warned that it is still b one Assembly V ice-President, necessary to conserve natural rubpresided in tlie absence of Presiher which is imported. For that dont Luis Padllla Nervo of Mexico, reason Government continues to who was Chairman at today's limit the amount of natural rubsasslon of the Big Four disarmsber which manufacturers may ndx ment sub-Committee with synthetic rubber.—I'.P. And Free Meat By KUN1CE SAVOIRY ST. JOHNS Tu the east uf Antigua there are dozens uf small islands, islets, rucks and reels. The largest and best known of these islands are Long Island. Green Island. Great Bird Island and Guana Island which is separated from Antigua merely by a channel known as the Narrows. Fishing u exceedingly good in Mr. MrSovncv aM and out among the reefs and through the head just as it was rocks. On Novemboj 8 fishermen grasping the whale Tha shark wsa saw a huge dark motvster north10 feet. H null" Tha* west uf Big Bud Island. |n groat it to the hoot and brought n into fear they watched the huge subihi Narrows arisara tut man dram merired object from afar. Strangeit ashore. On dissecting Hie shark ly. It remained still for hours, so fourteen pieces of, whale maul on returning io -bore the ftsheewere found within, aaatj Welshmen told their tale to Mr. Waltec lug approximately six pounds. MrSevney of the Diamond and The people "f All Saints aniit put Into waters? It was submerged in I of Antigua's re present at I von at tlv Festival "f F'a SaoMwIi MkNUDAY r rnnikNx. C %  s ro-. I' I IM %  %  ll\ HI UM -I' \1 n i .IHI. i. %  %  AnUMNO .i li— IIHII I IV i Lnaa, l' I... IIIMDIli %  I ^ i I -. I nig infill i Laai | . %  ..,-. J HU> i . M ONTS aSSBAT i -s Ml,i N Canadian Wheat OTTAWA, I %  Vi-ibic supplies ot i attMat in ShH .ige or it I North America on Not i totalled 218,723,148 bUStSal I I' HARBOUR LOG ... W. StnlUi. Mil. SUry St I..-I.. S>h A.l-u.-, Srl> atm>, am. i-n.i SIT. at-h Sfary K. i ... II *••• TW-wUiy A. H. Vi-> asssn i Una ii.l CasM a i lnaa %  < Vu.. ,i u M • i laali, 41 b> %  -*. C.p4 TaanH, fi.-> 0)aa %  IMIW Maiaa I" a* Caat S-M.)_ I* 1*4, I %  Mate*, !,•-. ii^., |....i. i ...-1I. %  an Drltn ALSO OBTAINABLE is GREEN & TIIANSPAKKNT .Iff ,7/l. '//''^"'""^w^J TRIUMPH OVER PAIN QUIHIUt—lHi F0UMTH IHGtEDItHT IH 'AHMIH' •fferteaeli A Iorears Mowdoet 'ANACIN' rath • aja Isaskag aasaiati Khettmjtam I ti Pliat' Th.-ANACiN —II i relief, UM i with amaiinf ipaed %  tastier snacks Colmaffs Mustard St'Uih, CSt Uf PAIH—Al OHSfl 1m. tor i ..r? l.ulc r<>*> >* >>> 2-Ubl.l .o.clop o* ANACIN — •ne|h Io biliig you IK! I.IIPI liom a bout ol Dim 'An.o.i iDln In hindr iOi.bloi po.ti and In bold., ol SO iiuMU. Shv* (h. b.n.fiii ol iKli |i.r n.w Kl*nt'li' ilniov.iy ( CET S0M£ • ANACIN TOD* 17 trcign Whisky a ass s as g Uut dMiaacboo af Ipsj tiKh il| v u,m your allegiaiKS flom lh arst sft> HIGHLAND QUEEN SCOTCH WHISKY Sola Importars — W. 1. H0MR0C CO. LTD., tttlDGf TOWN. v \\l/% U" %  T. s. OASBAWAY a Co. I ZUBES COwfiU MIXTURE A comfoning. soothing thai's well knoaw as .1 ijrinik remedy for cough* and core taroan. l^t its senile syrup ease and reliew your Irouhle. SswMUy HataMe and %  arc fo. caildrsa'i coughs Always keep a hottlr at hone fa ass. REC ZUtES CSMH LKENSES These arc so handy io kccpaith yon in pockcl-siac lav. Laay to laic, /uhet being quick relief to a sore and tickling throat. Just pop one into your mouth toon as you feel that sore throat a**, rte acr Zl'BES t\H41FR 1 -illilear >ut hradinahfft. AMD when ,om a>r a .*> coW. < I'tfrtri or handbag. At\ OM -alt GOOD CHEMISTS AND STOKES ^__^_^ r. I \ (.ARKAWO S CO., aHasssvin % %  i '..and to think—an hour ago he was doubled-up with indigestion!' S ifi relief from aftermeals discomfort is given by 'Dol*a'exces* siomach-scid. so often the cause handy one-dose envelopes, each Dolsa is acid balance It's made m powder form to Dolsa REtTOKS DIOESTIW r*0*K*d ih day h DM |laftdi hnK Snaroua Mumach >all> Made up <* •> a 't^ajua. feM Bag MM. 0>> 4*aM>i l t-San l-m, L i n aaatl i*! nyp,rmi4*t TBWM—W |W m M ) mSij — i pah • %  -i aash kaaatasa -it rapidly neutralizes the of the trouble. Prepared in sufiicsent to restore healthy be taken m atcr so as to act more quickly and thoroughly, rapidly reaching ihc MomjvSwjIK with its vxrthing. neutralizing solution. Knommtndtdfo*: 'Tell mt I-F O (' I O 1 • • aajffasjsj ili#-i* "BIJ ao |sjg ui, iil Htifr Io pul an anli~* j.l iafj :.i-lil mi lite KOUIUIV* In an coterym \ jrofj aasa] a aajti at! ii asj |>e used i{ui' hbuulil be nun-poisonous, n i aaUDasj lisfue. and rakubli in pi a and laptd liealiiie. %  'oil MaJ fj iin.t. r I :D E T T o v. HODItN ANTISffTIC P EBQU I T E STAYS W Hit F. %  I %  %  • — i1 hud, IIIM-T •nd TCI m ft,,, wUk mm It | I Try it fut '•/ i n i r. > MERGER PAINTS AT ALL HARDWARE STORES GARDINER AUSTIN & CO., LTD.— A..U


^fcAX ESTABLISHED 1895 An Emergency State Again In Egypt CAUi" D* I %  %  i declared again Egypt-wide by tru GovfltnOMnt, faced With an angry rioting; citizenrand whi ; M icimi-u a rapl ntuatkn in tin I Zone Th* efMrgency procuuiW <>n the I a reliable report that the War and llartne MillhTteti %  nd Navy at i • In Britain to return i" ugypt Immtdtatrty, £/.A. /tV/ecl sosu mill' W KT OM; An independent newspaper said that the recall was pi. • r %  i. r British m:til.iry experts engaged in tnlaJat Kgyptlan lea vi' The interim Scrag %  %  tlens nation*. it up any demonstrations with Further Casualties Meanwhile, the Egypt ernni'-ni reported fartM titti had been added to I 142 E*>"Uah killed or wounded in two day* of bloody ClalhW i! Sue,...Mni Ulil Week .*.>hpiue was railed to 161 killed or w.und> i -f 15 policemen and tour civilians wounded in >• Cairo rlotl. In Alexandria, polfot arrested .' 'inov isi a bomb into a liritmh Inslitute i %  of the tnorr I no were HI l!i> when UM bOBafc exploded wat injured. 1, (ormi i %  OUn < ^ said il' •>• %  Government would ask I' %  ,' ilian<-lne for the liberation which the State decide.) %  .r1e Into the regular Armed Forces. A Minuter of State. 1Hanger Of War Is Not As (,real Now As In 1948 SAYS CHURCHILL I DM. %  %  i %  !*4S. i u proud Iha %  u ken i" ny to nuun | Lytlelton RedDenumds Big4TalksOn Governor Present* I , tAaa to abandon tlie United %  In Korea for the sake of tho The Untod < mand to withdraw from tin land* and WStM of the M.. %  appointed tn regular* with 'he ** %  'VLcem, until their Tn Reda >ou ti i NaUoai warships as well as troops going north or tiuruiK the truce The Ui l.tkesman at the < %  accused the %  into accepting an unsi truce bv refusing to dll qn of war pi > United itataa Major General 1'iiriK i. thief U.N. representative on thr leint Sub-Committee told the Reda il My thai th hour has been the most healUd is understood to be the last business "%  ". % %  •d State*, Russia. Britain a no agreed to moot at 3 |> n • %  %  ........ i which mu-t I-made Monday undei the ten-da) hich the Assembly %  %  lr I muling troope hom o' i III eoinbat by insisting tralnlnp [an total Russians Preptre To Force Allies Out Of Beili" By EDWARD KUKRV PARIS. IX-tt The Soviet Union .* rushing the coenpletton al then rail and water by-way %  round We; I Bi : %  % %  %  \ i German %  Au'h-ii nresl Hi %  lin has alread) boon and al hough n b npOrUnt for the liu-alans ts the fact that the canal projeci launched almost two years ago is being rushed forward at full ,.. -ir uld bare them of reinfOrcenjjvred "i around" Th* L itOd Nations On !!• OtfaM h nd lias proposed that nerely the •Mfa tide bo kepi at present strength during the ArmUticc Freeh troi i>-would be %  wrmilUrd :• wiier the country as r*| %  vmenta us long us Iboy int Unit. (or Miuervismg i h < — U.P. Bi| Four to repoi of the -il %  %  talk: >"ci>s snid only .i plan for th< %  !ion diWi n botr akrea ad iltlln Nervo who rhaimianed %  ouint to break the deadlock by conferring with Hig Four privately but his task appear* -l nopelesa. -1 J* Govt. Troop* Kill 279 Terrorists i i i-. i. % % %  %  H %  Boutner I LU-OoL Ai Second Military Area watch t%  •ie period. %  %  "' Hit Armed period. —r.r HIS BXC'EI %  %  'I %  %  %  maintain* I than I IManls •ion. bul to llml ha the Kxhlbiuon m the Bttrbad Agncultural So It does ii. %  lained, but liveatock side I an %  l an idad tol %  %  the resuli of thiI)i poliry ..f bnportlri TinBtandard of fi %  ..-.;. %  ome yeara. bul doubt lea.* %  '.-,. meks havi ..ff.-cle'! those crops. i have %  -aiiy oonL;iaUilat..| the main | i it it is noi Invl should like to nuke special menlion Of 111. . ,1 (eit when i . | ; and aauSI l du.y'. Alter n the Chun Ii U IIThe S3 Yugoslav | %  lay aflei %  An effk Step)nar. the fWH I | —v.r. VdvOeata? Kclicf Fund i i.nh ttarwra ti--' iiiiilrimlned an •. ^ srkii ii "in' tinnei'd t Ike nilire oeeanunltv, it ithr dui> >• I tlribulr 1.1 (.., 'n li lo help and prtVOte Ji.ul.l IOIIMU suit. If thr lililll* ii'du.ll* I" ,i ..,, %  .i Uwn >-ii. i. I re it' i akeetaaa f fo*i ; vet Uyltetton, Bri i %  %  lyre bn .. one hund inBAI %  km i. landing runwaj linwheeli pioughiti rurrowa l"U tin kapi Mraia|M popvi %  %  •t tho MHIIM.. watabe %  %  D UM D*BJM I. I UM iimlev %  a round vtokmUy, %  .ii lianted Ihsj I'laiie. Oeaplte .. %  !-• %  |U.| ,l,k. •'!! %  ,.|l ran did not oatak %  *• "'" whorl ami samlwiehr.,1 %  %  ived When waJUng ofl and smilingly %  i %  QtfKKI\ viffl HAS I mm LONDON [> I I %  i .i mothe of hM King, stayed Indo %  but i "ii tiled id vice l^olice Break L'p Studenl Riots TEHRAN ...... njurad p broke up rioi rnniantaJ and %  'li. Injured %  UUon Ai M i"'i i| through the ct ntre ..ri 'ui ned In lh< centre ol T.N. Vlntus lilust HIMJ Ailillt-r\ Poeli r< i \t:i\\ aanarei the UM "W7e Too Are People 9 > i) Ml /// hotti \\s I'USAN. Korea. Dec. The South Korean <;.. la hurt that its i: were not included In figures released b] lha '"N ttl It gutting %  of Russia %  • prop, Britten urapean army bin I I lo It I plan UM to I* i-mlrd in a sir.l. %  %  Well Informed %  %  %  % % %  %  ard bull ,o. ., i. %  ... project Britain*! renraril) tail % %  %  April i %  IUI Governnaem rearmuad to puah I rapidly ( noted %  %  nd onb %  i %  hureblllOu Dounti i llio mind of a the back of a paunch .. %  • build ui iinsl uif %  .' cr. CHAIM WEIZMANN OUT OF DANGER TO, I VtV. Dec 8. Ii tit (hum Weuuon is unproving ..f danger It was (V .Hi rimrsda) i r ATOM' BOMBERS CROSS ATLANTIC vrORTH % %  %  % %  , .. light : the trip It", Th. %  I %  nd the : %  • .day -I II5TH AJRFl IRCI II f tho first of th< it', kei Napl in BOO and %  i-twn on U \n untold nuniUi Airforie rei r hich quickly disparaad Ock I y to force their wm ... DM M f down wiih DM police" markei %  %  ... yes, it's always the unexpected that happens That YOU should ever kc your home or baakhwJ—or both— of an accident or someone's carelessness, is unthinkable ... or, to sav ihc lagM Of b* 'he last thing you uani lo think aboui'. \ATlONAUST C///V 1 IKARS I'OI.ITICAL INTRIGUE "'.. \rtrni'K (.MI i TAIPCD Dei I %  Ambassador said the te< %  Chinese %  %  % %  I %  % such • could not I* 11 I but would t %  Israeli Aid Fund. %  n lae by %  %  the I rot muntsts in any barg i N than th lUeet Fona> i ". %  %  si steadfast %  t r. WoVaitt*! it be much wiser to remove the rear AS1) the unpleasant conseijucnce*. bv makinK it 'the lust thing you ihio* about' t 'Incrc were 1)1 lircs in the Island in IM49, noi including cane Ifga, Why not .wrjngc an jpfxuntmcnt with a rcprevntiti'c ol (iiiaxdian Assurance Co. Ltd. Ni'NX Aneavj mind and complete protcaion ate both rgrj 0JujcU| secured S. P. MUSSON, SON Co. Lid. BROAD S 1 Kfl 1 17. Phone 446)


it.\itn\i>os >u\(.( MI. I lllll \\ HI l I Ml.I I. CLASSIFIED ADS. "" IELEPHONI 29M. Far ItlrtM. H.tTH ar giafM'aaial •MMtnmnU in Carlo 1 ... > *ar*. 1. U On for n, nii*kfi al a>fdB %  |M and • crnlIHT wa*d W* aaa -111! ' 1. •'< %  •** Pr>aMM •MM I %  .nd p %  IIU IM Daa4fc •KaMaM only aiaar D ,aa Tha eharga * a wn n— e a w t n tt M BarUia. UHIIIIM. Oe.iha. Arkr-awlr.n-'iU, '1 Mnn-li* MUM %  •I M on •*• dai -nd H at IN Ml MOKI AM %  %  No iniH-MI 1 A\\OI\( EMENT9 IM III M Sl IS KfcAL fcSTATF and land attaehad. aM nl Nlnr kwi IOK S\l I, U lOMOllVE HKLP MISC. XLLANEOU8 1 OOflaM^MMB "jam MOf IIIH 11 ivaa n.^-i .** CM 1 %  a. (.aaa HHNH I W .,.. i>...-< n Minor II.OUU HUMLit* i>< iuilM A4 V. p ...ait...,, %  1 TOKT ItuVAI. UAKAO LTD. Trl*(.!.nn MM I U SI n WIMMJAt To puichaa* lor Hud '.—I* Ring M-MS 11M o K. Il-t.'i L'halrnun. m*c. fci Jaaapn u SI TWl'I-K* T-. Truck* in 1—... jidrr ••*• tMm W I rlharuit Ca hrthi Ti-."-. %  Ma %  1 11.1 n.on 4IJM ..., UI-TMM LaXUNCM M n %  lo*ka bulH Molar Uun. i^ilc head aaan T ia i ki I.IVKSHK K MECHANICAL %  p. 1 1 11 *i %  *> • V-I.U It) RIM INJUSK or rUAT' Small Houar or Flal 1 MY ol Garrison. Ba Rd '|*lv lo Advocate AJfvtat Dpt .n Writing 1 II SI IM 1FI.H' Mill) IS Rl MS.v Mill) 1 Thi not in*, tii* putrti* lhat tha nartr*r %  h>|> ti*m< A and I C.oodtn* iradiug M Onudind. GUMMM a Ci. n %  -HI* Wllk, CHANCERY SALE Taa < ak>r.|nr4 1 laHM kaiMUiaBt, r I dala >|MIM and 11 i-.t ( In* u". p li c a aad drninf tna aama r*ur> until >. JA(-Qt;Cfl HUMPH HXY •JOU HIKKA iMiKtm PMOPRRTY MIom.Y All. THAT i-ii'in lilac %  or parral at %  %  lha pariah ..I St O-iW ad t aland HJ I K*ii.t. Of. k Ua, — .1* ... 1 rfljaj i.l vf land KATES "t 1 \i n\ \..l. Ifcmaad Drain •* la* a' Hljlit Ur.m Curmwv Coupaaa ai 7 la'. |U •Ulvar •ad aaTOffIM.V I4 Tti I il araam aa laa a-r %  at *l Oaaaaa ATT or aVUJB II W.I1JJAM*. IU(..tiar-in-Chairan%  II IIPORTUGUESE MILITARY LEADER DIES LISBON. Dev. 5 Count K.iii-n,i.) Ncbcua. the Portusuesc miUUiry leader who gained fame 111 many colonial iampalgns jt ihr br*i:ining of the ccnturjdied to-day aed 78. — Cf\ CHMMMMD aiar-l> I.H)I 4"K romplala Willl all anaaaarlr. ft bpait Co.. Lid P'honr a^t %  nstON UCBNSB Urvnaiiii: aaaaion lor In* %  LMoar Ucaiawr n MM lor Ina i-i-lir. u| *| Joaor-n and W A.m.. kaM 11 laa Pali— M.ri^f-.t an Fndar Mta *l Ml 1 1 BnrAJa pol 1 • Ha|MtraM tMar HI • < IT SI Jr. Need bott/e-feo babies be cry-babies? Certainly not! Baby'1 cry iMiaUymcanipain the pain01 iml^cUx T. ( am "l milk by n writ you u-c. it apt aaaVy'i ttomach TTiat'i why war nuraeanJ aarHfarr* aikl Robmn\ I'aicm liarky. "1 hi\ tjmou*cereal enable l>jeilc-tedbbicilodigcirH:iil.Jdaieaiily-ir^ ilut'' %  till and prcpara* ih C ar dlfeatrre orfana ha 4 M \ witit more tolid foodi later on. Try Robinioa'i %  Patent* Barley and lee how he ihnvct. ROBINSON'S •aartar BARLEY Tea. It haa arrived Juat In time for ihr ChrHlmjs Season — LOVIX1 PATTFRNS OP row;o/,r.7 M BLOOM QOVmWWG. ( IM vi 1 .iroiiii 11 Int. BROAD A TI DOR STRKKTS. ItOlH HT IHOM LIMITKH PLANTATIONS HI II.D1M1 r M\M it BROAr STRfcfc'T %  .->.iitrr Halea Acenta lor: Tratu-Camada Alrlloea B.O.A.C. 1 ".l B.WLA. Mr... Sle*mahlp lom?*nj a— Na: • 10.11^1-—TIN SHIPPING NOTICES Canadian National Steamships •01 iimiik* "LADV J10DNCYIMUtTOM" ijDY rtouiarvLADY SfOaaONHark>d>* aWrbadaa GARDINER AUSTIN CO.. LTD.— AIM**. ROYAL NF.lHtRLANDS STEAMSHIP CO. KMBO a naiTiin I ,v,'*W//VW-M Tha U V MONKKA w Carf* and Paaaanacra Ma Antl|ua, Mont. • Itala ol deparlura Tha M V Dal arcepl Carao and Paaar.ifata for I. a-ia. X VWrrM. OmaK and Aruba Dala ol iJaaaaraa r a %  1. '.i.,.i 11 W I a*-H(V>HTK OWMIRR AMFOC. la*. T> MT. FRENCH LINE lit' (ill 1 IraiivilLuiliqur Sailinja to Southampton and rranee — Via — Maftiaigue -md tiiU'VUiupe Lll Janu2nd March, IMS. IJiti April. IMI Saaawh-Baaind and (ruaie ...I. La> G11.1. Carta"COLUMBiE.' lh January. 152. "COLOMB1C" 20lh Feby. "COIX)MBIE." 2nd April. 1932. Accepting Paaaengera — Cargo — Mail R. M. JONES & Co. Ltd.—Ar*nU. '.^-*>*>l-fcaV*V-, FOR SALE a IIAM.AI IS GROUP Wash your d. | this easy, healthier v^ay... %  %  %  COOPER On .1 all %  ..Im -t..nFYFFES LINE Tht TS.S. "GOLFITO" will arnv,from Southampton on Monday. HMh I>cfinbrr. al H a.m. aiul will M suilin^ IRW RRRM Hay for Triii id atJ. There is ample accommiMlaiion available (or "11. INtail also fur the United Kingdom on lWh 11.. .-H.I.. : 1951. WILKINSON & IIAVNLS (0.. LTD. Agents. Arablr lMl.ll Arm Arm 305 713 324 844 266 521 115 211 Ofltffl will bicunsider.-U for the purchase of the %  bova group, consisting of Haggatts Factory and the following estates :— Haggalts & Bruce Vale approx. (ireenland &i OverhlU a;>prox. Hawden & River approx Fiu-ndslup upprox Ifaj'gatts Factory has been extensively modernised and ia equipped to product' luncy mulasses as well as DC sugar. During the crop, the factory produced 4^363 tons of sugar. The bagi required for the 1952 crop have been secured. The mechanical equipment of the group includes among other items the following International Har11actors ;— —TD14 Crawler Tractor with bulldozer. 1—WD9. 1— Farmall H Also 1—Caterpillar D2 tractor, 2-Subsoilet ploughs, 1—disc plough, 1—brush breaker plough. ft Dodpe Trucks, 1 Austin Truck. 11 cane carts for Tractors. Livestock includes 14 hcrsea, 12 mules. JOIN THE PHILIPS RADIO CONTEST AND WIN FREE PRIZES Further details and obtained from, onditions of sale may be AU AlKIVr. IN MAHOGANY Broada'ud Orgwal taihrr Clock. I %  <, %  %  iiiNI I — GMneaa Ctilppemlali guHaX Flrr K U .h AID aaira, Mii.h Ko. anPalnlad Chaiia. T>l. I'.nni.-i OreMloa T-lila A Mun.i. Marblalaa> Unarulann tlni>iLA,.V.B|a. I' CO. A F 8. V V A Phone 4640 Plantation Building S P. MUSSON SON 6* CO.. LTD., Broad Street. Bridgetown THE ADVOCATE STATIONERY FOR GOOD BOOKS %  Ton rO-l)AVS NEWS HASH l-AFtis Jia-t Vr.. Hill... *; juiiN us > -i \IIOM u\ and HARDWARE 7-=. '-^^',*,VV^^V^*.'aV>VV'-V>VA BUY A BETTER 1 i SHIRT [ FOR LESS MONEY 4 &f 1 fi\ RELIANCE Wm SHIRT DEPOT r >^3 ^^S Palmetto Street Phone 4764 Obtainable at all Leading Store* 3==SSa=E mW and win a... FPFF TRIP TO HOLLAND LIST OF llll/.l S 1ST — FREE TRIP TO HOLLAND IN TULIP TIME %  r\\l PHILIPS DE LUXE RADKX'.RAM 3RD1 . 4TH PHILIPS TABLE MODEL RADIO 5TH 495 OTHEP. Pl^ SPECIAL FAMILY PRIZE PHILII*S DE LUXE RADIOGRAM ENTRY FORMS can be obtained from MANNING & Co, Ltd.. Electrical Dcpt. HEAD and THE CORNER STORE ACT QUICKLY — CA] L FOB YOUR ENTRY FOR IMMEDIATELY AMD FOl THE SIMP1 E INSTRUCT!'


r\ci i (ii K HARHAIHIS ADVOCATE IIIIDAV DEfFMBER 7. 1*51 BARBADOS^ AlMXtfTE DOPE 1**11 A Han Thai Mill Is The Jinikiis Off MM hi Un UWM <• LM Mr.** si. BWMt*t< Friday, December 7. 11 DEWEVS ON HIE GANG TRAIL AGAIN EXHIBITION rtculUltal and industrial ai< %  : '•' Exhibition which ended In this second century el exhibitions the standard of previous years has been maintained and impr<>. made isible for this 101*t exhibit: that visitors to the exhibition %  pptaclata all the eflorts that so many individuals make t %  odards are maintained. But whan %  generoua meed of praise has been %  VI 'iunt, the thought still remains that tba i-xhibitiun is agricultural, partly commercial, %  ad hardly at all industrial. The dstttnoUon would iof hitle Importanoa if there was adt i'ark for %  Ck and |ioultry certainly have pirn!;, ol rpaoa, and no have Era I .n
Wllt'S ANTACID TABLETS id4-J in, 14 I6lti. They'll Do h 1 \n\ 1 inn• —• By Jimmv Hatlol ^yisTEROAy LINSEED H'AITEC AN HOUR FOR. WIPE 1 6A6ELLA To FINISH ONE OF TH0SE"TWJINUTE"PHJNE CALLS TODAY HE WAS CHINNINGwrm THE MERRY WIDOW FROM DOWN TME BLOCK AMP.BAMG.' SA9ELLA H'AS OUT IN 10 SECONDS FLAT. Stotj joac^ R TOCA, BO* ST, y o fajfatfaewti Y.WAT V. LONO Sl.FFVt SPORT SHIRTS In Fajalaj deslrnn A really imart .Xrnis pr.-nent for fjlher son or hov friend Slies small, medium and I IT .< tACHV I V >. I. I. A WOOi ".I COTTON SIHKS Slsea. IT lo II 1 his HI shades .11 WwhW, black MM awawn. PER PAIR sPa#UI IDOL SOI KS \M> \NK i I I | II merieri-e.t Hair and Hi silk (ini \ siriues and hricht drslKiiSiien IB to II 1 : PAIR.....S1.24. $1.31. $1.29 $1.32 Mill HIM. -II I V I -.l-IIKI UUSn .'. *WI .uluurs .r rtwint. tljr 4il im. Ixirllrttl for Ih.Mul-.o i.trf^r *..lM-r i.lniir. EACH OLD F.NOI-AMI I'VJAMAS In ilrltwd l"ili •! %  nukr for < !" mlix>4blr slf*i>m> h. 4... ii mt uw 3*—4i H7.30 SUIT SHAi.t I.I MS \\ III II HIM i i ii MI D li InTDKI K ( llll I g wttfa llluc ImlUls EACH 1 2r. Cave Shepherd & Co., Ltd 10. II, 12 & 13 BROAD STREET .. S..!.