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Barbados advocate (Bridgetown, Barbados : 1983)
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Barbados -- Bridgetown


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Apr. 22, 1983-
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No issue published for May 3, 1983.
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On Sunday published as: Sunday advocate.
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r eeeie ee Seinen CaaNE eee ene ee en een een ee

ommunists Massing
For New Offensive

#IGHTH ARMY HQ., Korea, July 20. Ne
T HE COMMUNISTS massed an estimated 300 ‘Mexico Looks

tanks north of Kaesong, and frontline officers. For Forei i en

said that the Communists all along the line were)

“ready to go’’ in a new assault at any time. Tanks! , ance
were hidden in the Koksan sector, 55 miles due Assistan
north of the conference city, ina position to swoop| By ROBERT PRESCOTT
south through Kaesong on Seoul in the same way | tes, SElaios Ren

they launched their invasion one year and one! nationalised oil lands 13 years t:
month ago. fore Iran, but once agiin is bactes |

The Reds were massed along ‘ing for foreign aid to develop its!
5 2 i =n : + setroleurt serves.
135 mile front in their greatest | petroleum reserves

: . ; ~ { The Government oil monopoly
strength since their spring offen- Oil Sit li :
; € ‘ admittedl a ‘ §
sive, but U.N, troops were ready 1 TTUATION | admittedly has gone a long way

to meet anything they might | since the 1938 expropriation of 11

; pas a tie United States and British-owned ie .
throw should the ceasefire taiks G ‘tti W
fail. e ne orse | {oil companies cut off foreign funds AT the Federal Cotrt House in Foley Square, New York, .are Banjamin Davis, a member of the Commun grees j qd

pain Gets New

MADRID, July 20.

NEW Spanish Cabinet took office exactly six

years after its predecessor amidst Spanish edi-
torial reaction predicting no substantial change
in the regime. Experienced political observers
scoffed at reports that tlhe new Cabinet was either
Monarchist or would proceed with the installation
of a Spanish King.
Even the Monarchists’ own newspaper “ABC” in
an editorial made no mention of the slightest
possibility of such a move.

= FR aid Franco has hos¢


e ,sroup of prominent men who en

e ( ra \ joy in various profession the

Ss eri] highest praise because of their
} patriotic, moral, and intellectual


The néw Spanish Government
give us the clear impression of a
Government foreign to politics.’

Bad weather limited air activity and Mexican schoole children) jy Party's National Board and Eugene Dennis, the Party's General Secretary, after surrendering to

to-day, as the Red buildup con-! TEHERAN, July 20 ee their pennies to keep) their bail to serve a five year prison tern
tinued after being held up tor| United States roving Ambassado; wires pumping. | Of the 11 convicted top Communist leaders in the U.S. only seven surrendered to their bail, The miss
days by artillery and air bom-|w, Averell Harriman discussed} Production has doubled: modern ing four forfeited their bail ranging from 20,000 to 39,000 dollars. They were convicted on charges of Ol In OV |
preneras of Communist airfields, the oil dispute today with hien| 2°Y i gan es are being built—! criminal conspiracy to teach and advo€ate the forcible overthrow of the Government
su y lines and troops positions : ‘Dae, |} and oil administration is out of —Express
Med patie iemdatnes ths ugh | shobetndse ira the “ate the red | : pres i pir ROME, July 20 monarchy—if there was even the
a paste-like mud fought small! : ian situation” 1°! Foreign Oil Companies are get- | = Christian Democratic | slightest indication of any early

Political observers here pointed
yut that A.B.C, would have

; p pounce ) » rest tlo rf .
Iranian officials, but a British! ced on the restoration of the

>t x > .
getting worse leader, Alcide De Gasperi is en-

sized Red groups nearly every- |ting new toeholds in Mexico. 3 S y R hy Cc > _@ cemed’ tata hy i

where across the front line, while| Presidents of two Parliament] The Government admits foreign | ign a oe Le . a 1s an ae a res Sa Itali . an 2 forming a
rain poured : heavily on nearly, Chambers and other leaders called| financing is needed to help ~ j Ke rw ersist wit oe ° EVEL AINET Src
every front line unit, Action was’ ¢n sistent speculation, Count Carlo

ee 7 Truman’s specie -epres qg-| country exploit fully

limited to patrol combats. No (ive aman’ s ~ wed rep — | 300,000,000 ee Ge eek ctf ; ra e2 ? Or Storza may not return to the post

probing attacks having ~ been Bi See ene LG 3 = whats ; i { Foreign Ministery in the new
ner cee f B -}|Mohamed Reza Khalevi’s moun-|Cil industry will remain “abinet. De Gaspe self, si

Feporiey as of 9.0@ a.m. On Fri- toinside palace | nationalized” the spokesman said, (From Our Own Correspondent) I rathaiys ‘ e Gasperi himself, said

day. , - othing to

\ e ‘ but the trend undoubtedly will be KINGSTON, July 20 earanhs op suggest — the 74.
|. There is no hint of any solution| toward increasing foreign par- Trinidad’s Albert Gomes an- KARACHI, July 20 . Sforza would be missing

hance of such a change

Instead A.B.C. classified the new
Government as “foreign to poli-

Admiral Forrest P. Sherman,
he U.S. Chief of Naval Opera-

ions, flew into London to-day, on
t whirlwind visit to explain to
jritish officials, U.S. plans for a

One U.N. patrol probing the

quagmired area south of Kum-'io be found to settle 1! Maw ; from his new Cabinet. But the} Military alliance’ with Spain
: . . t yur s e the dispute] ticipation in Mexican petroleum) nounced in Kingston today th )
j song, received withering auto- petween Iran and Brit iin at ain taki and nioduntion me the ‘napoli of the West ‘th sites War clouds darken the Indian sub-continent as leaders of | !talian Press devoted considerab! Ene se conferring with some
tic wee s fir . > : : oe eee cere rt = { o ’ i ot ade , » 3 sala. -s { Britain’s t ilite 2aders
sinisell ties Pia vain oe Red! thous h the Tranian Government J Eecnomie Deleg ition to the United india and Pakistan continue to accuse each other of the eee 16 oe a pratua,, ar who w ere e Aceon Mi ar hi
a anaaeirs wiaion Tego" oo 2 officials said Jast night they were Almost Ruined | Kingdom and Canada has now responsibility for creating the present explosive atmos- hes a Fagan he ictions that he ieee te the voli helt ae ay m
southwest. they were hit ay hive willing to resume negotiations After 13 years we have gone’ been signed by Bustamante, yhere ea “e ete d ask to be re he British Labour Government
from 20 other Chinese armed with! “th the British about as far as we can on our own) Youngman, Gomes, while Rast War talk is being backed by “defensive” troops’ movements} ¢ ee
machinegun and semi-automatic A Bri ere ae , in developing an efficient and|gever and Robinson have seen Da ie tia} are , . a novements} eason ot Attlee 0 ) . 1
weapons. Allied troops disperse: sritish spokesman emphasized! prosperous oil industry,” and are in agreement. tong the borders, : Confident ‘ PPose c
the Red group and emia thats ais Harriman had not offered any} Like Iran, Mexico in i938 hoped Gomes at present v isiting the Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharalal Nehru has admit-| De Gasperi agreed “with res P i
lines safely ; ‘ ap ate om Reenenees |to take over its large foreign de-|Jamaici said that the purpose ted the “defense” buildup of Indian armed forces along | %¢'Ve” last night to President Luig Atak Mokelon heccetace pee
alt= ae) the. ota. cCharwon- ae rancis Shepherd to settle the! veloped petroleum industry in-|‘his mission was to discuss the Western Pakistan’s border. ae ge - 1 ‘ quest that ‘he forn bert Morrison ae aden ‘
Kumhwa-Pyongyang iron triangle, ; tact, maintain the production and report with Bustamante. He | en Liaquat Ali Khan has made no ee } nt eee venth Cabinet Minister Emanuel Shinwell
one Allied patrol met a “sizeable The spokesman said the British} halt the flow of profits across the| said he had a satisfactory and > similar admission, but he has ecember 1945, Conditiona were leaving London for the
anemy “eo” Hany sitar - : ei ede sare’ ves [i jer tes awicn? - leasant exchange of ws on it Read bs icceptance is customary in Italy ae aes
| enemy force,” Friday afternoon Embassy would protest to the} order. Instead, Mexico's oil pro-' pleasant exchange of views on the THE CASE OF issured the people of Pakistan] j,) >), iy : veek-end without seeing Sher-
and withdrew after a brief Iranian Foreign Office tomorrow| @uction was almost wrecked. Until part of the report, which mak« COLO DONALD that “all necessary measures are |). weed ore uit the Premier? man
engagement. against almost “comic” accusa-| Senator Antonio J. Bermudez took definite recommendations for the | wr NAL being taken” to meet the threat] > esignate withholds formal accep-
—U-P. tions by agents of the “Angle control five years ago Petroleum re-establisament of Cinada-West rg oF in eel sien Ipobed =by the massed Indian! ee until talks with Parliamen- The — Socialist Government
Iranian Oil Company responsible| Mexicanos was headed for bank- | Indies trade relations. SUNDAY'’S ADVOCATE forces along the frontier jtary leaders convince him he canfias indignantly denounced _ the
er . Epa, et - Ay There was a “* for- | Gon also arranged for a The latest development here | form a Government sxoposed U.S. alliance with Gen
tor last Sunday’s riots in which 15| TUPtcy. There was a “no for-! seals nichts ' liscl i I | De Gasperi, wh i j F k :
e oa ia ueeaciiadn., eigners allowed” policy. | meeting of the Executive Coun was the disclosure that Liaquat) De Gasperi, who resigned on| relissimo Frane~ on the ground
50 Invited | oO Oe Bermudez hired a handful of. cil of the Regional Economic Fl d Wi: + was replying to Nehru’s charge Monday, “—" a Cabinet crisis ove; | of its two fold aid to Commun
— . : ; ; ; t Pakistan wi aunt : a) economic ny, , roice ‘pagandists, Conservatives and
| The spokesman said thai} United States technicians and Committee during the first oOo ate rs wh it Pakistan ane launching a ser e policy, openly voicec| ropagandists, Conservatives and
| myite até : | Be aia 7 ; s ” Mr ; ee Rien il he heal h ‘ ‘ campaign war” against India confidence in his own ability to] ‘any Liberals have been le
2 - | Britain also would make repre-| launched an ambitious expansion week of August in Barbados, to fam a The Gomtents of Lisauet's 145-|put a new Cabinet together. TI tical of the US
| ign ap act sentations in connection with Iran’s | and reconstruction programme. | be followed immediately by a Still S r i se . oe _ ae en eee ion tae we eae ritical o 1e S. move
| ouster of Company officials.) He increased the Pemex operating, full meeting of the Committee , u £ ng oraadl sources desc ribed it np aliminae’ earianardine wisi High on the Agenda of Sher-
WASHINGTON, July 20. |Members of Iran’s Joint Parlia- right from 50 to 120, started new | to disc be the reer, be for | sr _. 5 ; S ‘a point by point rebuttal’ of | Parliamentary leaders last night,| "#8 conferences was another
The United States invited mentary Qil Commission met for) explorations, listed hundreds of; forwarding to individual Gov- '. LOUIS, Missouri, July 20 Nebru’s counter charges jand began more intensive eongul-}| 202 in| Anglo-American rela-
other countries including Rus two hours with Harriman last! miles of new pipelines and built| efmments for action to be taken. | Sure ging waters of the biggest Recent official statements indi-j tations today ions the prolonged squabble
: hs “heen. cas alle atte Hatichadlan 1 . . ‘hair y : “ > C oy " > S -e » Atle . arta = .
and 20 Latin-American nations to night and agreed to new talks| new refineries.—U.P. Gom s is C hairmang of the | floed in the century broke through] cated the note would include the| - His outgoing government was| ‘VY Atlantic Pact's naval com-
meet in San Francisco on Sep-| With Britain.—U.P. Executive. jseveral levees north of this city | following points |made up of 18 Ministers of whom| 2a%4s. | Sherman's visit coincided
e 2 f

| today. The coast guard predicted 1, Indian troops’ concentra-|15 were Christian Democrats and vith reports in British quarter:

tember 4 to sign a treaty with — Urgent Matter (oat every dike holding back the|tiong had been carried out despite |, Rapublicans—Sforza the Des hat the row is virtually settled.

Tanean establishing —‘just and} “ K Petain Improved

jWoters at the juncture of the]the United Nations Resolution o wept yh ; ; ;
durable peace.” Invitationiy went, Bombing China Commenting on che report, | Missouri ana the Mississippi|calling on both India and Paki-| _ ghg os eae Pacciardi The British say that the Ameéri+
to all countries except China, the at i ILE DE YEU, France, July 20. | Games said, “It is a matter of / River would be swept away |stan to refrain from any action rte I , Malt ign Trade Minister,/ ans will get command of the
cath . +? = . ‘ uC “” e i 3 > P s 4
fought Japan or plexed an im-| World Be Futile | ®aarshal liens Philipe Petain urgency. hope itwill tltimately sith, 24 hours ikely’ to prejudice peacerul sets) U4 La Malta, | of atlantic, the British will: com-
portant role in starting the forma-| was reported slightly improved on| be made public, since the matter The Mississippi River topped the |!lement in Kashmir ro istivet a t : tly mee . pane. ' af 7 M sperranean life-
tion of the “United Nations. MONTREAL, July 20 Friday night after suffering a, With whit h it deals are of ct evee in the St. Louis County, and 2. Pakistan ha rer olen ion t th . red ar the rl 7 il ' is ay Mi satan
j McC REAL, ¢ 20. 1 aay 8 : : } it >t 4 5 yur » ale : > 5 ¥ erious relapse J . , siderable iports , tt r« le }the coast ; ( sd emerge « t Indis ation to make

| Non-Chinese delegates were in- Sir Frederick Maze, forme] Pas eat mon ae Thurs anys Bete eee aye tt is onié | n ist guard rushed CRT RORGY tf, i a leant Aadlarations 0 = 4 1,574-seat Chamber of Deputies ommand linked to the Southern
vited because western allies could Inspector General of the Chinese | EG : £08 ae hero of Verdun” | sy should 5 He the 1 proWs Haare tenor ey) Been aT EA India has refused Pakistan's The Republicans have only 10] Atlantic Pact command headed
not decide whether to ask Nation- Maritime Customs said on Friaay who was exiled to this lonely | f oe the y aRULIG” See, we Tepe 0 help 400 persons to escape theit padaetitng = euch al that the} seats compared with 306 for De} y the U.S. Admiral Robert B
alists or Communists to attend. Tne that bombing China would prove} island on grounds that he be- ‘and comm« nt on * a he The Missouri River) declaration should be backed by |@@speri’s majority of Christian} /arney :
United States sent with an invi- futile and lead to world war three |trayed France during the war was] Gomes added that he ‘thought! smashed through the 25-foot sec gwreement to - acc: pt an itra~ _ mocrats. The situation is much Undismayed by the hornet’
tation - new dratt of the Treaiy Sir Frederick said failure ot|rep ted earlier as being in ajthe R.E.C. has already justified } ti n of Farmer’ Levee at St Bite ttn he z medi seen had same in the Senate. The Re-| "est into which he was stepping
contiining s aacites of minor re- military might to do,anything but|state of permanent coma. But doc-|its existence and has shown that!Charles, Missouri, about 15 mile Pigs ny : ee ans have 12 of 346. The|Sherman dodged all new men’
visions ~ Changes however were lay waste Kore:, demonstrated ; tors said on Friday night he was,it 1s Boing to ke a ve ry active/porth of here, und the water hristian Democrats have 150 questions with a smile and a firm

ostly i ‘ording and did not,the ridiculousness of bombing | gaining slowly force in West Indian a‘fairs urged across the Kratx airport, —UP, no comment on Spain.” —U.P.
mostly in eae ing a ee oe | China.—U.P. \ —U.P. He added, however, that al Most of the 7 nes had been re- ‘
change the soft tone of the pre ' | though in a position to do mu moved and oniy slight damage was S t Di > WAR CASUALTIES
posed Treaty. - ‘for federal interests, the West | repovted.—U.P. x een ul f WASHINGTON. July 2 The “ADVOCATE”
The Treaty gives Japan full au- tities “RAG, scan. never. be.» | AS ‘TON, July 20 e
thority to rearm and expand ~ 7a - bstitute f Wedersl Parl I U.S. S fhe army reported on Frida
1 i 7 i substitute or a edera a la : : ms

economy without limit. Japan ment of the British West Indies. | i ek lorms Co . Chinese ara North Korea pays for NEWS
under the Treaty also will waive y ; ; 4 OPM UNIS Is SUerse an CatihAteC i


‘ z Gomes, who leaves Jamaica by B d W th atta” damurd - s yghns Dia
any rights to Formosa, the Kurile plane for Trinidad tomorrow | a ea er NEW YORK, July 20 _ ba le casualties betwee ial 3113

\ 5, « 7 st week afte "1
Islands now occupied by Russia “OX 7 }morning, made a comparison of | r Viclent thunderstorms killed at uly 5, and 13, first week aa =i Day or Night.
and formerly mandated islands ASSASSINA | ED | Trinidad-Jamaica politics when Dela Talk ‘ least 16 persons and damaged rae —U.P
which have been taken over by jhe said, “It is very fortunate for a 7 5 rops and property extensively 1) —_—————— - Seen ——
the United States under the United us in Trinidad that we ar a two day assault along the sg te
1 trusteeship. — ; TEL-A-VIV, July 20. ‘ politically not as sophisticated a KAESONG, July 20, Ailantic seaboard, Eleven were
e Treaty remains Open for es aly at a z 0 vanve c rag {certain other West Indian colonic Korea's fateful war or peace! killed by lightning, five by the L
changes until August 5. uP ne ee a ily ap ak By te Mane Once In this respect, whit some|showdown armistice was delayed , storm that caused many accidents. The aw is always right.
baba i assass y as s as a '

people outside Trinidad take ag | 24 hours by storms as Reds massed Only the calmness of an Fastern

in the old city of Jerusalem, the Hassemite radio announced, t

‘ U.)}being weakness is really out their bigg forces since spring| Airlines pilot kept the death toll
Abdullah was the second Arab leader assassinated this|strength.’ And he added, West |@long the war front. Tal wiil| from skyrocketing when his four

Rattlesnake Bites week, The former Premier, Riad Es-Solh of Lebanon was| Indian emphasis today should not}'esume at 10 a.m. Saturday, The/engine airliner with 53 person |

. ’ . 2 -ologi “xperiment choice is up to the Communisi t 1 . truck by light
machine gunned on Tuesday near Amman, Abdullah’s capi-|be, on ideological experiments, ; ; board was struck by lightning
1 & ) 5 7 I but on economic developm ind whether cease-fire negotiations go! John Armstrong at the controls

. 1 rh 4 , ; i |
Man On ‘I he longue Saat was murdered by an part of : the attraction of necessary capital, on or break off over their insis-|q Newark to Miami conste lation,

Â¥ i sr = See ne co tence that the withdrawal ofj|pefiy-landed the airliner in

; assailant in the Mosque which forming the Hassemite ingdom foreign troops be included in the}, = ; , ‘
A 30 steed Cacaial eorkar contains his father's tomb. Both despite the bitter opposition of armistice a ih ta United Nations wiraini . es me pe -- hmond,
George ‘Morgan, “wanted to die’ Abdullah and Riad were firm other Arab leaders. Bunche Shocked delegates said there would. b@lwithout injuring anyone aboard

. i friends of the British. Both were Fri tnt no selling out’ to the Reds on

and shocked an audience at a side emaanien ot iHe Syrian tetonaleate riend of Britain i ) no selling ou Tightning had set one engine
show performance last night by |° ae ter “S| Abdullah, born in Mecca in And Grieved oflame and sheared off the tail
picking up a rattle snake and LE | Arabia in 1882, became King of section

holding its head in his mouth until] @ -— ? |} Jordan in 1946, when his country NEW YORKi July 20 From Maine to Alabama, many
the reptile bit him on his tongue. % 1s proclaimed an independent Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, Director y persons told of death and narro.

Police said that Morgan had i kingdom. He was the second son] 5f the U.N. Trusteeship Depart- } vOCKET CARTOON escapes from lightning U.P,

been despondent since he was no-
tified of the death of his brother in
Korea. Officials of the carnival
said that Mongan’s job was to hold

1 up glass cages containing snakes
to exhibit them to patrons. In the
middle of the act he opened the
eage, grabbed up a snake, and held
the head in his mouth. Doctors
said that he was in a critical con-
dition and gave him anti-venom
serurn injections.

of the late King Hussein of Hedjaz,} ,ent and the former ne by OSBERT LANCASTER
and the elder brother of the late sdiato issued the followir .
| Xing Feisal of Iraq elonk, : t o si Friday on he
A firm friend of Britain, Abdul-| , lah may have been as inated aS} «7 am deeply shocked and grieve:
nave other Arab leaders, for his|ig jearn of the assassination of
Geena, For zen eelore, Ne | King Abdullah of Jordan, 7 koe
ee , mi reli ¢ respect him highly
ambition was to make the country This "a So othae eet episode it
Arabian. In the fighting between the history of the Middle East.
Kerael and tho Arab States, after! xing “Abdullah was a unidue
yordatt legion was the: only iddy ersonality in the modern world
ae ks s h. , ; | cle was a philosopher and a poet
of Arab troops which fought effec- Be a Ste, aj oemtiits trad
tively. It was led by a Briton. Ab- ati mee eee can ia te we
dullah has also been reported as |?! —— th : ve at Par eile ihsbr.
having been ready to push through he on nt — men vi s a + 5
ae peace treaty with Israel at the| 5@ve Cver known. Jn a ;

risk of further alienating his Arab dealings with him, in connectior
neighbours with the Palestine dispvte I founc

Deny Knowledge

Of Suez Proposal |
LONDON, July 20

The British Foreign Office suid
wn Friday it was without knowl-
edge of an alleged Egyptian com-
promise offer on the dispute over
Egypt's blockade of the Suez
Canal. Reports of such suggestions
which hz


been made to thé

Ambassador in
Ciiro came a complete sur-
prise and officials said they re-
ceived no intimation so far either

Crown Pritice Dies

HECHINGEN, Germany, July 20.
Imperial Germany’s last Crown
Prince, Friederich Wilhelm of

: ‘ arly oday «eo. him always friendly, and reason- . from the United States authorities
Hohenzoilern, ee ea a . s Identif Hah ible, and one whose word could MY OWN WOR or the British Ambassador ; n
after a long ilnes € eu The murderer of King Abdulla be fully trusted.”—U,P. | Cairo. UP,

The Crown Prince was last of
his line, and was trained to be-
come the Kaiser of Germany He
was the eldest son of Kaiser Wil-
helm, the second Emperor of the
Greater German Reich His
mother was Auguste Vickoria,
Princess of Schleswig-Holstein


has been identified as Mustaf
Shakir a known terrorist, accord-

ing to British sources, who said

that he was at one time employe? I h Pr ake E; t » a
| by the former Mufti of Jerusalem Ne AW mp asis on riva e n pepe i

| He is said to be 2 member of “Ai

| Jihad Al Mokadas’—the Arab PARIS, July 20 | nonwrehy are correct, I can only | 3rewster. said won't §

| Nationalist Orgenisation. The US... Senat ile lt eae |say th this hould impose ne | de finitely that we w vid bring th

| police said that hand grenades had - ones * ~ : Te WSLCT | difficulties We get along fine, for | question up when we see iriol

said that Generalis Frat |

Balt ie jbeen found at his home. The ad : , | exaniple, with Britain, and if the but I will sa hat } t
| King's body het now pas brought = aoe reshuffle i the Spanish {Spanish people want a King he | have been in our tour of rope | T H & AL Le & T & & L g a Cc Vv G 5 &
- = _ r vas yrofoundly ignifi- res, pe ge ee ta’ 4 ‘i bean con: ckerms ¢ d it he g
to the Royal Palate in Amman, it | eh and ees a ree ' sine em- | â„¢ uld certain! int b persona re ha e alv ay ; lisc : | ; a
9 was announced. : ae SA ach he ooh non grata ore with other Europea eader
To-day s Om : . [pias a private enterprise to get their reactior Brey ;
kine’ ; aac j oan tae RE er er |. Brewster posed the possibility | reiterated, in effect the statement
5 “ F |that he and his Senatorial col-| made last night by Senator Alex-
Weather Chart | " } se ie ones eens He said that he i686 other |leagues would ound out the | ander Willy before the party lef CAVE SHEPHERD & CG. LTD.
Sunrise: 5.47 a.m KING ABDULLAH ‘ Naif te k th a canst o A bane Seated ia ne Senate Foreign | French President, Vincent Auriol,| Frankfurt for Pari Wille uid
Sunrise: 5. ‘ NG A LULA ‘Na aker e& constitutional | pe nittee did not 4 tar Wikcdaw ah. tha deanch: atti. |
Sunset: 6.25 p.m. ‘ 1 j sad ‘ete ith. The Cabinet decreed three | ey: FY in 5 the possible ace hs vard is es oO ns with | that the world menace of Con 10, 11, 12 & 13 BROAD STREET
Moon Full whe 1eved : be responsible | wonths of mourning throughout ! c¢ of th Spani h Mor Madrid for US. 1 aval base in |munism mailges it necessary for
Lighting up: 7.00 p.m. natior Syria ay the onferred i h territ The tors|to wh
oo sn i are conferred spanish territor I ito »g help where we car st . e
eat es en eee Me Protests (BW Re yee Preereaee tit ea |who a night from |} cia caeevnle ‘ef Sole Distributors
p.m erge Iraq, at n Je nd the Jor t he f | Frankf « schedule ; ’
Low Tide 11.58 a.m Tr Grit Mt: ations of Cabis 3 at . sa 9 : Pato ce | the ? r
wie. FORE ago, { I 1 the Arak U.P. § forest ng I t , a t UP =——- -—— ee


Long Holidays a oom, GLOBE THEATRE |
. eo 7 }
; i g Mr. CLAIRMONTE & x j ©
Wl € s Se * . oe a Same _ ai sf me ‘ - :
B ee ; 7 ng ) \ M. P.C. Notice y, % Mrs. MILLICENT JORDAN 2 TODAY 5 and 8.15 p.m. and Continuing E
‘ iay yester )
> were mostly irrying hool ct ni Notice Hereby given } % Request the pleasure of % aa
ee ‘ Bean Melan for fie isk ¥ ae the Annual she g your Company to their % i‘
RS. A. L. STUAR Schoo i To-day another batch leaves. q Meeting of the M.P.C ‘* 7 _ . »
M ea che tas item Star For Jamaica With two monthe holidas to look |{{ Will be held at the Clut * DANCE To-Night % ‘ j
for Revued Ye 1951 Rehe o: E oe Britain’s best character ’ an , ee p soe ~' ( House, 3eckles Road, on ° ‘, ° ©
fc vuedeville 1951 tehearsa forward to, school children are in ? oo th 4 a . 7 te ‘-
rk dacte Aadt eck. Ye chee John Laurie, will silty Mater tt ; 1./)}) 28th August, 1951, at 8 p.m % at the Rouen Progressive > *
: ey ; Xt W : ; onan ies "he visiting Jamaica He good a Most of ae schools Notices of all Motions are s Club, Belle Gully. x =
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b Pe. As pos man an gham's “Encore” now being 1 id 11 ili ) July 29th x ADMISSION it /-
one of the stars of last year has imed at Pinewood Studios. Every ncidenta ntellige f ‘ BS hen <
changed his trade. This year he during the filming of P. POTTER, g Bele ene om Sale fe ;
c ‘ ‘ le S yee i i 2 . “J 2 . invi " " iends
is a mason—and he’s going to be Enesre", Laurie has been called ¥ the time a man gets wer i eee > Oe ea te lu N 10 )N S TAT if
just as funny. on 9S Bi8y sae past Ripon the ol na povid aord fo lee go! e| See tote Paap eree rere = yj
Gloria Ramsé 1950’s Prudence i e crew of as vall, : can no longer — et Dt ie aa rt sadid spi eiesbeaiaaneei lta
will pans be in ahts aac Saba sée way to Jamaica. Now he is real- that far, — Mobridge Turbine, | as WILLIAM HOLDEN
tion. Revuedeville 1951 opens on ly going there at last. He leaves South Dakota. ks Rune eeEMER ER EEEEERE .
October 3ist with repeat perfor- fall ly en to. take part aa the eater Nancy Olson: Barry Fitzgerald
mances on November Ist and 2nd. new Linda ao a — {}
day dreoe And, wil be i LYLE BETTGER « JAN STERLING
I t . Jamaica for about a month > i e Produced by Owected by
ntransit A Son Girls For The Pits JULES SCHERMER + RUDOLPH MATE
j Screenplay by Sydney Boehm « A Paramount Picture

SON has been born to Gerry


R. T. W. J. TAYLOR, Princi- ‘
D pal of the University College Cri ee ee ene aes Girls are being recruited for'| |
of the West Indies was an intransit vie 9} ‘ Fa the coal pits in the Soviet Zone} PRR ER es cee OE a EE Pee z:
: : , : ette Piddup. Mrs. Gomez used oe ee 7
passenger by B.W.LA. through to be a B.W.1.A.. hostess cf Germany. One of them has}
Barbados yesterday. He was on Or eet re just soe ee foreman status at R Y
h rie nini de — ‘ * Ae a pit near Halle. Writing to thank F g
Mean Taconite Disney’s Aiice ‘he. Man Gertihn government TO-DAY and TO-MORROW 4.30 and 8.15 p.m. 8
A . aes passengers SOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD. Kathy jhrough a C nis th a
through Barbados yesterday were A Beaumont got a film star's girl said WCAt last Th ive tak the ee
“s res in sn . 6 a star's rl said, “At las ave
ee — — = pepe mong Those Present. ee welcome when she landed from job I have always wanted. Such
ailiar yho are on their way to; at - ie > he Que Elizabeth at South- - io ras_—s bey ‘ > on’s Tha a
5 on t EVERAL i ae ,. the Queen iza a job was beyond a woman’s The'M-G-M. Smashing Double - - - .
Montserrat from Trinidad. if tiga aig adgeshtes , ampton last week. cream in the capitalist era here.” : TO-DAY and TO-MORROW 5 and 8.15 p.m.
dians attended the rece: f
Back F Tri idad Parliamenti ry debate on the West Six years ago she went to
rom lrinica = : Canada from Acton, Walt Disney ‘ie ;
Gites 1m the wallery were Mr. picked her to play Alice in his WOMAN SHORTAGE? “KNNIE GET YOUR EMOTIONS — RAW — ROUGH and RECKLESS
R. AND MRS. ‘Bunny’ Taylor Britchara of the aelteaen Mr Alice in Wonderland film. Now |
accompanied by their younggMRonald Mhpp. of Barbados, and she hag a seven-year contract ; TH | ae
daughter who had been holidaying te Gordon of St. Pxiota, British with him, earns about £100 a A _ woman organised a” dance ’ } ee i
in Trinidad since July 6th re-"Guiana had a strong representa- weeks, in Goulburn, New South Wales, ” |
turne. \ Trinids pesmtivieea hes . ‘and, “She gets a dollar a week Arriving at the dance, she found} |
urned from Trinidad yesterday tion in the Governor, Sir Charles ” : . oo |
morning by B.W.1.A. Accompany- Woolley; Finance Secretary, the pocket money,” says her mother, 61 men present but no other girls. |
them sare Mr. Mike Taylor Hon, E. F, McDavid; and Mr. G Ee Mrs. Evelyn Beaumont. “The rest She danced with 57 of them be-| |
Ds e -s p 4a) ane” . es os * is put by for the future.” fore the dance was abandoned | “eer
and Mrs. Madge Royer who were ay eaicg of the “Chroni- * nn ae tia things Kathy plans soeta nd Heel eaniieion Goul- Starring: BETTY HUTTON — HOWARD KEEL | Starring
iso in Trinidad for a short holiday. Mist ue the. West, THT: Bere to do in England is to revisit Old burn (pop. 16,000) has 300 more | |
te ren 4 ee ete es re further represented at the debate dlenan isteene sud tebe ane be aa apo he pak pei TOY POWER + Susan BAL WARD
to >» mé > x s ; ; Ty age ; Ha riends, Georgina = a, she y ‘ ‘i £
Paap in Trinidad. ee era Pr gslative mem- knows there. There’s no business like show Business and there
‘a anor + Puig yrs ais Pas of. His. Majesty’s Government Jewish Contribution B.B.C. Radie Programme has never been a show like “Annie Get Your Gun”, 10 || A Story told with a Blazing .44 a Burning Kiss and
Mr. Ei fieira and Mr. Georg Finished School FESTIVAL exhibition has 5 eae Lm : a Singing Lash . . . Men’s Hunger—for Gold—for
Luz who have come over on a 1 choo operat ah Lintwtesie. Cals SATURDAY, JULY 21, 1961 Irving Berlin Song Hits.
short visit, staying at the Royal M* BILL SIMPSON, eighteen- lege toe "Street, to tell the ,11.15 a.m, King George VI, 11.30 a. Adventure, for Sonquest!
Hotel. ye ar-old son of Mr. and Mrs hoes eran i Middlesex vy. Surrey; 11.45 a as
: vied = story of the Jewish contribution peamm sate y e \GRESaD
olidaying ith Her Marine Gardens, came in from present day 4.15—6 P76 M | —— —
Children Canada over the week-end by the — Exhibits. of _treagures .and 45>) wsic fron Grand Hotel. | HEAR:..“You Can't Get A Man With a Gun”, | ve}
Lady Nelson. Bill has been at- papers from the homes of famous = F Racing % 15. a. | Sea a q ’ ‘
RS. DOROTHY ARCHER of tending Upper Canada College, Anglo-Jewish families have been chatce 6 Sah, Waals ide anWines 6 ‘ “Colonel Buffalo Bill” 'm An Indian Too”. AQUATIC CcCLUR CINEM A ‘Members Only)
pa > ae cp et Aol told- pecan _?P ; CARIBBEAN PREMIERE
Dominica who flew in from Toronto He has just finished lent by Sir Henry aoe Golc : p mp. Srogcamins Parade. | tas anak op ? ’ tly” TODAY to TUESDAY & 90 p.m
at ) Th é ) G,. school smid, Mr, Leonard Montefiore and |? 5 pm rho ane ee 4250 “Doing What Comes Naturally”. Also Mat, TO-DAY at 5
os -- - a ye Jaen . PN 5 Ad R T. the Rothschilds. 7 p.m. The News; 7.10 p.m. New o : | NERBERT WILCOX rose : re
dad te spend >a holiday with her Qe gars, weturtis TO-MOFrOW — While the exhibition is open,| anolysis: 7.18 p.m. Behind ihe New “The Girl That I Marry” “ UAL LAr ” |
ad. *O, Spend \' a ni t, G. i , -P., i il J s there is a separate | 7.45 Sandy. Macpherson. ot the ile |
ons and daughter, One of het M expected to arrive in Bar- oe Me ges a nar wtaalah Theatre "Organ; 8 p.m Radio 'Ne el | | ELIZABETH OF LADY MEADE
sons is Hunter Archer the Trini- bados at 8.20 a.m. tomorrow by artists at the Ben Uri, Art Gal-~| ®15 B.™m, Composer of the Week; 8.30 | In Lovely Technicolor
; . 7 Brulee. & oe , Radio Theatre; 10 The N HUGH WILLIAM:
dad tennis player. British West Indian Airways. lery, Portman Street, London. 10 10 ee Interns ; 10.18 p out a tm AND Also the Short “INTO THE BLUE” real of
j Funey; 10.45 p.m Yours Faithfully and latest: “BRITISH |iOVIETONE NE

“AMBUSH" Samet | apy aga BRIDGE

niente PLAZA fies


John Payne
NOW SHOWING-—4.45 and 8.30 p.r

Due Soon—
and Continuing Daily
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kere avis in PAYMENT ON DEMAND






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A Devil May Action Picture of the fight and fury
of men ready to die.







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P 83 . Var Dias tnt Amsterdam

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To-day to Sun

Y THE WAY NEAGLE ‘oxi - car carnct nm | EADIE
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Danny Shore &

ISCUITS made of fruitstalks! ing newspaper about a new brand THE CLAY. PIGEON


||| GATETY |


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What would our grandmothers unter fosselfaunt i Y PHANTOM OF CHINA TOWN I STONTTT
have said? \ if : \ | BA LLROOM DAN IN G Keye Luke—Grant Withers } RETURN OF THE APEMAN
Miss Hedge my melling-salts! de Nuppomp 1] and 41) i] Bela Lugosi and John Carradine and
I swoon! I swoon! Redvers, run ae oe ee aaa tae e aii Waele” idan BEANDuT Bob Ste le
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Warbleton to harness the bays! dare call a man in a novel Specialised Instruction by Miss Joan Ransom. PPE PEE EEE EEE POET EOE EEL IEF EE D PEEL OOOO OTS
Polly, draw the curtains! Agnes, Treacleblower, without getting a I shiaa GAbiake (B: lro Branch)
.nother cushion for my _ head! letter saying: “Dear Sir, the mperial society sallroom Branch 4 _ re i
d 3udley, summon Dr, Kickshaw! attention of our client, Mr. Edgar e | ae LE
iett Treacleblower, has been called,” hhc | Classes at the Aquatic Club or }
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ion, close -the door quietly! Rose little sentence on a special page x HUGH WILLIAMS }| Special arrangements will be made for six couples or more,
Across etch Nanny! — oo oe at the beginning of the book; All in your residence if preferable.
1. Four or six in the trial? (7) uss! Florence, call Miss ru- the characters in this book are oe re lasses iv
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4 ‘Bens coher cone peeve (9) Miss Victoria! Agatha, fetch Mrs. that is no protection, why go on Today to Tues. 24th, 8.30 p.m. allet and Musical Comedy.
}1. Discrimination. (5) Pouter! Daisy, send Hirst i oe printing it? The only thing to do Matinee Teday 5 p.m. @
*@ [ served tn different ways? (7) cook! Nanny, tell Ethel to light jis to risk it, and call your hero apie | 5 ae
14, Island tn miniature. (4) ‘the fire! Mason, I am not at home Mazostriug ’ Boddlecostrer. and| | ANNA NEAGLE —At Her Bes THE BARBADOS SCHOOL OF DANCING LTD. §
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19 Elm! 20° Lyy so ! article by Mion Lemon Direted by EARL MCEVOY Produced by ROBERT COHN
peas more nervous than ever bear" she calls. ‘* And what brings Cc UB MORGAN
Read as the pals reach the house. ‘'] don’t you here?” Turning — sharply , i
THE CASE OF even know who to ask for.” Rupert sees that it ts the lady who | The most Beautiful Night Cl ; OPENING TO-MORROW 4.45 and 8.15
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in a voice hails them as a lady the jocket, Taking it she looks at

SUNDAY'S ADVOCATE approaches quietly over the grass. «!,curiovsly and turas it over. Tner PREP OEOS PCE ELLA SALA EAP AIL AAA AAALEAD
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a ei ai ne ee




H.E. Opens Summer School


At Codrington College

HIS EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR said last night that
he had had a serious shock in the last month. He was speak-

ing at the opening of the


School at Codrington

College which is being held under the auspices of the Extra-
Mural department of the University College of the West


If a month ago I had been asked
what I proposed to say, said the
Governor, I should probably have
replied that I should refer to
some aspect of the Barbadian
economy, But in the interval I
have had a serious shock. My
wife and I have visited Canada
and New York for the first time
I have realized my colossal ignor-
tnce of the lives and the thinking
of a great section of the English
speaking people of the world on
whom I believe the future of our
present civilization to a large ex-
tent depends.

I will not bore
catalogue of our experiences,
although I could fill more than
the hour and a half allowed me
in referring to the hospitality we
received, the high standards and
costs of living, the speed and
urgency of living, the beauty of
the Canadian lakes, prairies and
Rockies, the labour saving devices,
the organisation of shops and
offices, the measure of economic
development and, more particu-
larly, the spirit of development in
Canada. It was all so breath-
taking, and it will require in the
months ahead quiet reflection to
determine the right perspective.

In Alberta
We spent a third of our time
as the guests of Mr, and Mrs.

Tanner, Minister of Mines in

Alberta, a province of about

250,000 square miles and 900,600

souls, i.¢., less than four per-

sons to a square mile compared
with about 1,300 to a square
mile in this island. Its current
revenue is about $100,000.000, so
that public services are provided
at the rate of, say, $110 a head.

Not unnaturaliy I compared
that with the position in Bar-
bados where Government ex-
penditure amounts to about $50
per head of the population and
in Nigeria about $5 per head.

Alberta has a government with

the most unorthodox financial

policy in the Commonwealth.

You may have heard of the
Douglas Social Credit Plan which
briefly proposes to equate national
income with the maximum pro-
ductive capacity of the country by
issuing Government credit notes
to the consumer, But owing to
federal and judicial decisions, the
Government of Alberta has never
been allowed to put the basic Social
Credit theory into practice and,
in fact, with the present prosperity
of the province, no artificial in-
crease in purchasing power is

The Provincial Government has
been in office for about 15 years
and has a majority of roughly 42
seats compared with the six seats
of the Opposition divided between
Liberals, Socialists and Inde-

you with a

Election Campaign
Mr. Tanner told me an amusing
story of the last election campaign.
At a political meeting, the Social
Credit Candidate was being severe-

ly heckled by an Opposition
partisan who was making some
cheap jibes.

Eventually the candidate en-
quired why the heckler was a
Liberal. The heckler replied that
it was a family tradition — his
grandfather was a Liberal, his
father was a Liberal, and so he

was a Liberal, The Social Credit
candidate said, “If your grand-
father had been a jackass and
your father had been a jackass,
what would you be?” The heckler
quickly replied, “Why, a Social
Creditor, of course.”

The Government

of Alberta

gave an official dinner
their capital,

to us in
Edmonton, when
the Premier expressed the good-
will felt by Canadians towards
the West Indies generally and, in

particular, by the people of
Alberta towards the people of
Barbados. These were not empty

words, for the visit of Mr. Tanner
here lest year and his subsequent
description of the attractions of
Barbados nas brought—and will
bring —- many Albertans to this

We a

sited Montreal

So visited Montreal,
Ottawa and New York
and we were surprised by the
number of people who did not
have just a geographical idea of
Barbados but who, as a result of
various and increasing. contacts,
knew quite a lot about this island
and appreciated its people, its
beauty and its hospitality.

In New York, talking to a
leading industrialist he said that
he had heard of the highest praise
being given to the Barbadian
workers who had been recruited
in recent years. I discovered that
in New York City alone there
were over 25,000 Barbadians and
one of the highlights of our visit
was an evening reception given to

us by the parishioners of St.
Ambrose Church of whom 90%
are Barbadians. The rector, Dr.

Durant, must be known to many
of you for he was born in Barba-
dos and has paid a recent visit
te this island. There were about
250 people present of all ages and
races, who, at very short notice,
attended the party.

Some of them had left Barbados
forty years ago. many (as in every
other part of the world) were
holding posts of distinction in the
Civil Service, in the Judiciary, in
the professions, in trade and
commerce, I expect some had
acquired United States nationality,
but every one of them obviously
retained a passionate attachment
for this island and were very well
informed on current events in
Barbados. My wife and I felt that
the visit to New York had really
been worth while if only to have
attended that reception.

Large Appetite

Everywhere we went we had
the feeling as well as the actual
physical experience of being in a
land of plenty for all. A tropical
appetite is small compared with
the average appetite in a cold
country, but we adapted ourselves
to our new surroundings and at
times I was reminded of the story
of the poor man who came into
a fortune,

He built himself a large house
with every modern convenience
and equipment and ‘took and gave
pleasure in entertaining his old
friends, Having admired the
house, they were shown a set of
three swimming pools in the
gardens. The host explained that
tl.e first had warmed water in it
as some of his friends preferred
it so. The second pool had cold
water for normal friends. When
his visitors enquired the purpose
of the third bath which had no
water in it, he said, “Well, some
of my friends don't swim.”

In conctusion, may I return
to the purpose of this gathering,
School. IT am very glad to see
that a large percentage of the
students are women and I
understand that except for tem-

porary difficulties of housing
there would have been a
greater number, It is, I think, a

good sign of progress, Also, I
am particularly pleased that a
number of civil servants have

Remember this label! i !

to open this second Summer

shown their interest and are

attending the school,

I wish you all success in your
studies and I trust that the
lecturers, the resident staff and

the students will leave at the end
of the week with abiding memories
of a happy and instructive period
of fellowship and learning for
that is the purpose of this school.

$12 for Bodily Harm

JUSTICES G. L. Taylor and
J. W. B. Chenery in the Assist-
ant Court of Appeal yesterday,
confirmed the decision of His
Worship Mr. C. W. Rudder, Police
Magistrate of District “B”, who
fined Gertrude Lyder of Work-
man’s, St. George, $12 for
inflicting bodily harm on Sarah
Hoyte on April 12.

Gertrude Lyder was represented
by Mr. E. W. Barrow.

Overpriced Okras

FOR violating the Price Controi
Act on July 11, Pearl Collymore
a hawker of Black Rock, St,
Michael, was fined by a District
“A” Police Magistrate $24 to be
paid by monthly instalments or
two months’ imprisonment with
hard labour.

Collymore sold
schedule price which is three
okras for one penny. Sgt. E. King
prosecuted for the Police.

Did Not Stop: Fined 30/-

Road, St. Michael was ordered to
pay a fine of 30/- and 1/- costs by
a District “A” Police Magistrate
who found him guilty of not
stopping at a major road on June 6.

Cpl. Cyrus attached to the
Central Station brought the charge.
The fine is to be paid in 14 days
or in default 14 days’ imprison-
ment with hard labour.


okras over the

hawker of Richmond Gap, St
Michael was found guilty by a
District “A” Police Magistrate

yesterday .. the unlawful posses-
sion of onions on the Wharf.

She was placed on a bond for
12 men*hs in the sum of $9.60.
The offence was committed
July 20, about 11.45 a.m.
Murphy of the Bridge
brought the charge.



THE following Wills were
admitted to probate by His Hon-
our the Chief Judge, Sir Allan
Collymore, in the Court of
Ordinary yesterday: —

Darry Atfield Foster,
drew; Ernest Theodore
St. Michael; Clifford Austin
Fields, St. Michael; Dorothy
Christiana Blackman, St. Michael; |

St, An-

Rosa Smith, St. John; Carlisle
Albertha Barnes, St. James;
Reginald William Smith, St.
George; Lillian Bovell, St. Peter;
Francess Edith Gustine Ulysses
Cumberbatch, St. John.


SHORTLY after 9 a.m., yester-
day the motor truck M-528 owned}
by the Electric Co., and driven by
Charles Ducker of Country Road,
St. Michael was involved in an
accident with a mule cart owned
and driven by Charles Edwards of
Bush Hall, St. Michael on the
Lower Wharf. |


MAILS for St. John, N.B.. Montreal,
by the M.V. Canadian Constructor will be

closed at the General Post Office as

Parcel Mail at 12 noon on the
July, Registered Mail at 8.30 a.m
Ordinary Mail at 9 a.m. on the
July 1951



Always ask for

MORT > ne,

A. S. BRYDEN & SONS carsavosy [TD.



Letters Of
Administra tion

4 the Court of Orp yes-
terday, His Hone he Chief
Judge, Sir . n Ce

lona Pil-

granted the petition of
grim a widow of Laynes Road,
Brittons Hill, St. Michael, for
letters of administration to the
estate of her husband Hermon
De M. Pilgrim.

Mr. W. W. Reece, K.C., instruct-
ed by Mr. J. C. Armstrong,
Solicitor, of the firm of Cottle

Catford & Co., appeared for Iona

Three other petitions were
granted. One v Gladstone Ss
Moseley, an office messenger
of Bay Land, St. Michaei, for
letters of administration to the es-
tate of his mother Christina A

Mr. E. W. Barrow, instructed by

Messrs. G. L. W. Clarke & Co.,
Solicitors represented Gladstone

The second was by Kathleen
Johnson a widow of Welrhman
Hall, St. Thomas, for letters of ad-

ministration to the estate of her
husband Norman R. Johnson

Mr. FE. W. Barrow instructed by
Messrs. G. L. W. Clarke & Co.,
Solicitors, appeared for Kathleen

The last petition was by Leonora
B. Pinkett a widow of Stewart's
Hill, St. John, for letters of admin-
istration to the estate of her hus-
band William E. H. Pinkett.

In this case, Mr. G. W. Farmer
instructed by Messrs. Yearwood
& Boyce, Solicitors, were for L. B

Deserted Barracks
The old barracks of the
Band at Central Station
deserted yesterday morning,
Band removed to their new


racks at St. Cecilia—on Thursday
Only three cadets w left at

the Central Station yesterday tak-
ing down shelves and racks from
the walls.


IN the Court for Divorce and
Matrimonial Causes, yesterday,
His Honour the Chief Judge pro-
nounced decreé nisi in the suit of
P. M. £. Wiles and D, R. D, Wiles

His Honour reserved judgment
as to the custody of the children.

Mr. W. W. Reece, K.C. instruc-
ted by Cottle Catford & Co
appeared for P. M. E. Wiles

In Carlisle Bay

Sch. Lady Noeleen, Sch, Rosaline M
M.V. Sedgefield, Sch. Freedom Fleary
Sch. Emanuel C, Gordon, Sch, Ambers
jack Mac, Sch. Sunshine R.; Aux. Sch
Marea Henrietta, Sch. Mary E. Caroline,
Sch. Blue Nose Mac; Sch Gardenia W
Sch. D'Ortac, Sch. Franklyn D-R., Sch
Philip Davidson, Sch Laudalpha, Sch
Reinbow M., §.S. Barkara, S.S. Gany
mede 8.8 Tribesman 5.5 Alcoa
Partner and Sch Antares


S. SHEAF MEAD, 4,453 tons net
Capt. Bell, from Liverpool!

Sch FMELINE, 72 tons net, Capt.
Clarke, for

British Guiana





C. L. Gibbs & Co. Ltd.,

P. O. Box 56
BRIDGETOWN :- Diai 2402

Should City :
Used As Parking Place? > - |

_D THE AREA at the junction of Prince William |
Henry Street and Victoria Street which has just been c tlear- |
ed of buildings, be used as a parking place for cars?
of the City’s businessmen said to the Advocate yesterday
thatsuch a proposition would be a good one, but others gave


roads, into a parking place.

on it a modern building or
ings for business.”

Site Be





ask for, 7

Ciissons |

| wuxury¥— |i

as their opinion that the price of the land would weigh IMPPRIAL LEATHER © LINDEN BLOSSOM © BLUE HYACINTH
heavily against it.
provided. Open spaces are Se chad an aan ge NII "TS po
Mr. R. M. Cave of Messrs. Cave, always desirable in built-up
Shepherd & Co., Ltd., said that areas, but in the main shop- |, eens ET Te irr ee ee
the site would, in his opinion, be ping area of Bridgetown there
an ideal one for a parking place, are already several such
having regard to the shortage of spaces — Trafalgar Square,
parking space in the City. “ Beckwith Place, and the open
Government could acquire it for area and garden by the
a reasonable price, then I think Parochial Buildings end St.
it could not be put to better use,” Mary's Church.
he sa ‘Whilst I agree that more park- {
ing spaces are urgently needed, |
Mr. Victor Chase of Messrs, hink that they should be sought | For the
M. L. Seale & Co., said that with further afield.”
the exception of the area between Mr. Archer McKenzie, cits |
St. ary’s Church wall and Auctioneer, had somewhat similar smoker
Plantations Ltd., there was no views. He did not think that |
better site in the City for a park- Government would consider < :. ian
ing place. The price of the site, spending $31,000 or thereabout fo | who PrIZES
however, might be regarded by jhe site, merely for the parkin; | +
Government as too great for such of about 50 cars. “And it must co 4:
a proposition. “If therefore Gov- be borne in mind,” he said, “they \ 3 CCR Ce
ernmeny do not find it possible tc would have to spend some money e
acquire this land I think they ‘o put it in order for the Renee: |
should take steps to convert the “The City needs more pusinen above
area between St. Mary’s Church places, and | think it would
wall and Plantations Ltd., includ- more advantageous to the City,
ing the garden and the cross whoever buys the site would a ali else



would not hamper the
of traffic, because the
above Plantations Ltd.
ilso be used.”



Not Economic

Mr. Trevor Bowring of Messrs.
Da Costa & Co. Ltd. said
“Although there is urgent need}
for parking spaces for cars in
3ridgetown, I do not consider
that Government would be justi-

fied in acquiring the vacant site
at the Corner of Prince William
Henry and Victoria Streets for

this purpose,

“Land in this vicinity sells
at prices ranging from £2. 10s,
‘to £3. 10s. per square foot,
and £ do not think it would
be an economic proposition
to inflict an expense of this
sort on the taxpayers of the
community for the benefit of
the, comparatively speaking,
handful of cars that would
take advantage of the space


63.2% pr
Bankers 61.06% pr
Drafts 61.06% pr
Sight Drafts 60.9% pr
83.2’) pr Cable
61.7 pr Currenc 8.7% pr
‘ Coupons 5a) pr




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BARBADOS Sa ADVOGATE| Beyond The Kremlin Are

Grane eS

Printed by the Advocate Co., Lt4., JToad St. Bridgetow-

Saturday, July 21, 1951

‘ ~

WHEN the new traffic regulations were
introduced in April 1950 & was decided
that they would be amended from time to

time to mee! the demands of the time.
Such amendments as would facilitate the
easy flow of traffic are not being made

quickly enough,

It is true that the Transport Authority
and the Police have many other duties to
perform but public safety and efficient
transport services should have high prior-
ity in any list.

The bus stops along the routes are too
close. It is encouraging laziness to put
stop poles too near together and the public
are still left to wonder why some of these
have been put at strategically dangerous
points. Many stop signs are too near to
corners and curves; and they are too often
placed within a few yards of other signs
on the opposite side of the route.

Now that studs have been put at the
corner of Broad Tudor Streets, the
stop poles 30 or 40 feet from the corner
should be removed, At Eagle Hall corner
the two poles should be farther from the
corner in order to prevent the daily traffic
blocks. At Deacons Road the stop pole
should be farther from the corner and on
Black Rock Road the pole should be farther
away from Fairfield and Deacons corners.

Frequent stopping of buses because stop
signs are too near causes a greater con-
sumption of gasolene, more and unneces-
sary work for drivers and a too constant
blocking of traffic tempting motorists to
pass out too often,

Another provision which should be in-
serted in the regulations is that forbidding
the parking of cars or carts on curves
where there are studs. It often happens

that a driver is compelled to leave his
proper side, cross the studs and so make
himself, liable in case of accident. There
might be some excuse for the porter who
delivering heavy packages takes the short-
est route to the tradesman’s entrance, but
there can be no excuse for the car owner
who parks his car for hours outside his
house, on the curve, and to the inconveni-
ence of other users of the road.

The continued increase in the volume
of traffic makes it necessary that every-
thing should be done to facilitate the easy
flow of vehicles on the roads. Hundreds of
stop poles set at short distances apart are
not conducive to this ease. They often
create traffic confusion,

It will be remembered that the now de-
funct mule-drawn tramear used stop poles
and these were farther apart than those
now used for buses. The pandering to the
desires of people who object to walking the
smallest distance has given rise to an even
worse which people ignore the
poles altogether and stop at any point on
the road expecting to be picked up even
to the annoyance and inconvenience of
passengers already in the bus.

It is time that well-spaced stop signs are
erected throughout the island and drivers
must be discouraged from picking up fares

along the route at unauthorised stops. But
the motoring public at large is very badly
educated as to good conduct on the roads.


IN a well reasoned article in yesterday’s issue
Mr. Herbert Sutcliffe former England batting
star, pays tribute to the West Indies progress in
cricket, and tips Australia to win the forthcoming
Test rubber with the West Indies. The writer,
from the wealth of his experience in Australia
predicts that the West Indies spin bowling pro-
digies, Valentine and Ramadhin who wrought
havoe among the English batsmen last year, will
find conditions down under very much different
and so are not likely reproduce the feats
which ensured victory for their side.

But who is to tell to what heights these same
youngsters might rise when faced with sterner
epposition than that which England offered in
1950? He is on safer ground in opining that
Keith Miller well swing the fortunes in
favour of Australia. The absence of really class
fast bowling on the W.I. team is its only weak




However, only time will tell.

4 AK ‘\

een -
nesslike simplicity of Defoe, Here


The People |



can be sound ap-
to what called the
question, or the Russian
or Soviet aggression: to
recognize it for what it is—the
thunder of a storm that has long
azo rumbled its way to oblivion,
a belated heritage,of a revolution
which iost all semblance of
greatnc ind almost all its pop-

This is the conclusion of a care-
ful scholar cf Russian background
tn his latest book “The New Sovi-
et Empire,” published by Yale
University Press New Haven Con-
necticut. David J. Dallin, the

author is one of the foremost
American outhorities on modern
Russian diplomatic history, and
historians are often the best

prophets. A decade of experience
has proved that a number of his
other predictions with regard to
Russia were justified.

Ten years from now this re-
viewer expects that the Soviet
Empire, which in 1951 was the
largest in recorded history, will be
as much a thing of the past as
Mussolini’s or Hitler's.

Why did we not learn from his-
tory? We know from Ciano’s
diaries and captured Nazi papers
how brittle were the structures of
Hitler and Mussolini. We found
how anxious the German and
Italian people were to start in a
better direction. In world War
II, Dallin points out, some millions
of Russians deserted Stalin,
crossed the German lines and
joined the anti-Stalin Russian
General Vlasov in the hope of
changing the regime. Could not
these lessons have been applied ?

Why not, inaeed’? Revolutions,
betrayed into tyrannies, create
empires built on myths, at length
meet reality and crumble. Only
the people remain real. This is
Dallin’s thesis; and he holds that
by historic test the Russian peo-
ple are the greatest potential ally
of the free world, just as the
peoples of the free world are, and
must remain, the chief friends
of the Russian people.

“The New Soviet Empire” is
not a monumentally documented
volume like Dallin’s “Soviet Rus-
sia’s Foreign Policy.” Drawing
heavily on its author’s earlier
work it is rather a balance sheet
of present conditions, readable,
comprehensible, occasionally pro-
found. Dallin’s belief is that the
Russian revolution strangled its
central ideal, was converted into
a power machine, and has now
lost the devotion of the Russian
people, although it still retains
a large measure of loyalty, and
“There is a world of difference



Stalin's regime has lost the devotion of
the Russian people, and 10 years from

now will be “A thing of the past,” says
a noted American historian, David J
Dallin, in “The New Soviet Empire.”


From The New York Times Book Review

and loyalty.”
sustained ty
it would
st is “the

between devotion

The regime is
number of carefully
myths, without which
Of these the grea
aura of invincibility’—the myth
cf predestined victory. This was
one of Hitler’s best tricks,
and up to. 1940 it worked well.
The second is maintenance of
“prestige,” which Dallin considers
an tmportant element in Stalin's
power. “If inflated prestige ceases
to operate, the empire is doomed.




Pe et

Impact of power ceases

the intentions of the Soviet em-
pire to expand continually without
respect for other people or coun-
tries, Dallin fas no doubt. The
pattern of aggression is by inter-
nal subversion, created and aided

t Soviet atmed force; but the
soviet wil! follow up, where
necessary, by “little wars,” which

" are the logical end of “cold wars.


© ues danger: defeat in a
“hi Wa: gould puncture the
twin myths of invincibility and

pivsuge. Czarist Russia suffered
such a defeat in the Crimea in the

‘ust century; her defeat by Japan

in 1905 set in motion the forces
which ended the Romanoy dy-
na Such a defeat now could

loose the bonds and precipitate
the inevitable explosion which
could force into retreat, or even
term-nate, the vast empire of the

For—Daliin believes—the So-
viet Union is in no real shape to
declare or precipitate World War
JIf. She cannot win. Her poten-
tial is too limited. Her internal
system is too vulnerable. Her
Geren is already . honey-
combed with unlicensed black
market operations. A new rigid
class structure has replaced the
old. Normalecy of life is. poig-
nantly desired by and _ steadily
denied to the Russian people;
greater strain will precipitate the
end. This is all true; but the
struggle could, none the less, be

With this premise, the chief
question for statesmen is how tc
minimize the danger. Whatever
the fate of the Soviet empire, the
Russian people will still be there
—a mountainous fact in the inter-
national scene. Russians are no
a different kind of people. They
are entirely human men and wo-
men who have regularly and noi
always umsuccessfully struggled
for freedom. They will con-

tinue to do so They could—

to tell Dallin thinks they would—change

when its sources, awe and fear, leadership if opportunity offered


In this twentieth century, re-

In the twentieth century his- lations of peoples to peoples far

torical fact, empires old and new,

have proved the most transient of between


On the solid historical

overpass in importance relations
government: Govern-
are transitory. People
Dallin believes that the


side Russian people need not be the
Dallin notes that in 33 years of enemy of the free

world; that

its existence the Soviet Union has they can be brought into the fam-

fought six foreign wars:
tively, against Poland

Finland (1939-40);

(1919); Poland again a great, friendly, stabilizing fac-
Ger- tor

ily of nations; and that the next
generation will live to see them

leadership and gov-

many (1941-45)—this an uninten- ernment quite different from that

defensive war;

ded and really
and against Japan


at present occupying the Kremlin.
it their potential could be liber-

thowgh this last was only a brief ated today, the world might be

addendum to World War of




at peace.

Local Government —3

The achievements of making
life in towns and villages in En-
gland reasonably healthy and of
carrying out a system of universal
free education —to name two of
the social advances of the past 100
years —are barely conceivable
without the administrative instru-
ment of a system of local author-
ities. These elected councils
with their permanent staffs have
at their best combined responsive-
ness to public wants with skill in
administration of technique.

Most of those connected with
local government would admit
that its success hag been due in
large measure to the element of
central control — though they
would hasten to add that this
should not be allowed to limit
local initiative and enthusiasm.

Suggestions have at times been
made that Parliament should pass
an act enabling local authorities
to have full powers subject to
certain exceptions, but no govern-
ment has so far felt inclined to
take this step. So the arrange-
ment whereby every power, large
and small, has to be expressly
granted by Parliament continues.
A town wishing to undertake a
new type of service—a municipal
laundry service, for example—
must arrange for the introduction
of a bill for the purpose in Parlia-
ment. More pressing and ever
present is the control of certain
departments of the central govern-
ment over the actual working and
performance of local authorities.
This is exercised in a variety of
ways but each of these obtains
much of its strength and effect-
iveness from the general finan-
cial relation between local and
central government.

Financial Authority and

Powers To Levy Rate

Local authorities have in effect
one source of local revenue called
the Rate —a tax levied on the
basis of the annual value of occu-
pied property, The possession of
this purely local tax does much to
preserve the independent spirit of
1uthorities in England, but
scale on Which social services
required in modern Britain
; imposed on local councils du-

‘How To Be A Poet

the U.S.A., where he led the life

Lecturer in Political Science at London
School of Economics and Political
Science, University of London

ties which cannot be performed
on this revenue alone. The cen-
tral government comes to the
rescue with monetary grants.

Grants may be based on several
principles but two in particular
have been dominant in Britain:
grants in propertion to the ser-
vices performed and grants rela-
ted to the resources and needs of
the area. The former principle
underlies the percentage grants
which have characterised the
education services for example,
the centre contributing a percent-
age (usually 50) of the cost of a
particular service. The latter
principle has been less evident,
but the “Block Grant” system of
1929 and, even more, the “Exche-
quer Equalisation Grant” system
of 1948 have been attempts to
give lump sums which vary in
such a way that the area with the
greatest burdens or least resources
receive most,

Nothing could be more natural
than that the centre in making
these grants, should seek to en-
sure that the money is well spent,
and many of the controls to which
local authorities are subject arise
for this reason. A staff of District
Auditors, employees of the centre,
inspect most of the accounts of
local councils and have powers to
penalise improper or illegal ex-

State Watch For Negligence

And Inefficiency

Inspectors from the central gov-
ernment keep State departments
in Whithall informed of the work
of the local bodies, and it is well
understood that negligence and
inefficiency are in the last resort
checked by the threat to withdraw
the grant and arrange for some-
One else to do the job. At the
same time, it is only fair to say
that the departments and their
inspectors, by their knowledge of
local experience in all parts of
the country, have a value as a
clearing-house of information and
advice which is appreciated by
the local authority themselves.


simplicity, his

To see how money is spent is
not the only object of central con-
trol. It is a necessary aim of a
social service State to ensure
that in certain vital services such
as health and education a national
minimum standard shall be
secured and maintained. The
approval of the centre is necess-
ary for a few of the key appoint-
ments on a local authority’s staff
——a check to ensure that the offi-
cers employed by the councils are
edequately qualified. Again, in
much recent social legislation
Parliament has appreciated the
need for some local discretion as
to exactly how a particular ser-
vice is to be organised, but it has
protected uniformity of standards
by insisting that local councils
must obtain approval for their
various schemes from the centre.

Value Of Controlling

Control is exercised not only
by the centre but also by the

County Councils over the smaller
local authorities in their area
(County Boroughs, usually large
towns, are independent of the
Counties in which they are geo-
graphically situated and are, like
the Counties, subject only to the
centre), A County may, for in-
stance, delegate certain functions
to be performed by Urban and
Rural Districts Councils on its
behalf, and it will supervise the
work of its agents.

In recent years, Counties and
County Boroughs have become
important rather at the expense
of the smaller Districts, and the
control of the centre over all coun-
cils has tightened. There are
some people who declare that local
government is being killed by
these processes The warning,
though alarmist; is useful. Local
government cannot be taken for
granted, it requires vigilant pro-
tection, For Britain, the problem
is partly one of finding regional
divisions more suitable for the
extensive modern services and
partly one of learning that uni-
formity need not and must not
mean identity

fine, boli




yn a Ea An Lg ee

On 10/- A Week

life, and as Q lyric poet who wrote



Monday—One of the facts of history which
I would like explained is the reason for the
change over from Jamestown to Holetown
as a name. Was James so unpopular that
the loyal Bajans couldn’t stand hearing
his name mentioned? If so why substitute
it for Hole? In any case what has happened
to the town? There are a few buildings
round about the Hole but hardly enough
to justify the elaborate description of a
town. Maybe the time is ripe for another
change and I suggest Pond Village as a
suitable substitute. ‘ /

Tuesday—When I read horvor tales about
hurricanes past, present and future my
mind clicks out of its socket and pauses
to think what must the feelings be o
those who live in those queer Peggotty-
like askew shacks where wind and rain
find little obstruction in normal times
Those of us who panie at the thought of
hurricanes which are expected to swee}
our great walls down might spare a
thought (perhaps we do) for those whose
pack of cards could hardly support the
weight of a gossiping bus conductor.

Wednesday—There are many positions natur-
al to buses. A bus looks dignified in its
garage: to the man who has been waiting
for 38 minutes its appearance is welcome:
to the school children who queue up from
St. Stephen’s Church to the Rum bond in
a more or less unbroken column it is the
thing that makes school reality—buses
mean so much to so many. But to me a
bus means nothing at all when it is parked
across a roadway with no driver and is
left to cause a traffic obstruction. It be-
comes just another obstacle.

Thursday—In Barbados everybody reads the
Advocate, even Nobody. And the Advocate
has been getting worked up about pigs
recently. Maybe that is why I have been
seeing pigs. Twice along Westbury Road
I have seen a queer character with hat
no shoes and a shirt (trousers of course)
leading a pig on a chain just like a dog.

The other day a pig went tearing up the
coast road in a jitney. He was kept in
place by a man who sat in the space where
my car pump ought to be but isn’t, because
I haven’t got one.

Friday—One method of financing the deep
water harbour would be to give a five-year
contract to the gentleman or lady (pre-
suming it to have been a gentleman or a
lady) who abstracted the $14,000 from the

If the appearance of notes can be so
successfully given by blank sheets of paper
why not fill the Treasury with an enorm-
ous quantity of blank notes, millions of
dollars worth, and then go ahead with.the
Deep Water Harbour scheme?

The substitution would almost certainly
be discovered sooner or later, but need it
be sooner?

Meanwhile we would have a deep water
harbour and nobody would have been more
dishonest than a certain person or persons
seem to have been with the missing

* *

They say that politics in Barbados de-
pends little on what the naive fondly sup-
poses to be the will of the people expressing
its choice. ;

Some of the stories I hear make me

They say that a certain politician only
gets votes in a certain parish because a
certain shopkeeper tells voters: “Yuh vote
fer he.” They say that shopkeepers find
this very expensive and that this year
some shopkeepers in some parishes are not
going to be so liberal with their support.

The things they say.

Saturday—When I read that 6,000,000
Koreans North and South are without
homes as a result of the fighting in Korea
it makes me wonder whether the people of
Barbados will ever be thankful for any-
thing. If Bajans were South Koreans there
wouldn’t be any of us left because 375,000
South Korean civilians are dead or miss-
ing and nobody has ever said that we are
much more than 200,000. If you can’t see
the logic of this, ¥m sorry. You ought to.


are sentences that might have of a hobo until he lost his foot appearance. Davies now became a b ers : . ; official ‘ Suffering
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Posh Davise. Fie might be recalled ket by my grandfather, native of halt of 16 present volume). kept him awake by singing he: were Why does the author of an
as the man who get one poem into Cornwall, a retired sea-captain, _ On a private income of 10s, a national anthem after midnight. HE death of Jose O'Donnell, oe Gstective story
all the antholegies. The poem whose pride it was, drunk or week, 2s, of which he gave to the Davies retorted by singing Men artist, satyr, blackmailer and cath we verb | careen” to indi-
beginni: 4 sober, to inform all strangers that poor, Davies decided to become of Harlech at lunehtinis, when Fascist agent, looks to the un- ee aelismere ee hg
What 4s ife ify full of care, ae had been master of his ou "a professional poet, To collect the Belgian would be sleeping. practised eye like a case of Tae a 4 e =e aie un tb "
We hav o time to stand and 1D Sie SOV ship»being a.amali money for the printing of his first suicide. But, why had the artist 97, oan i ce ulked? » ee
stare? schooner, volume, he sang hymns in the He had three antipathies: cats, troubled to paint a picture of ~ Can he ae think! 1g of the verb
But there is more to ae Davies grew up in Newport streets with a Welsh enthusiasm Negroes and the telephone, The himself hanging from the beam «career? Or is As Gecunnthoent
d + al calan é 'S 1» aaelat ail ie _ * : re ¢ > ic s ‘< d . . <
tnap,tat a nis sotection, of I'S Mon, whofe ‘he was distingusned "RCM MIE more | experienced telephone ‘frightened "him. Cats before he actually put his head jriticism to ask

classic of the English plain style, for fighting

The Autobiog hy of a Super-

and thieving,
birched by the police and smacked


induce in the

publie the
amalgam of pity and piety.


killed birds which he loved.
for Negroes, his aversion for them

As in the noose?


Tramp. He left the imprint of an bY his grandmother, who was dated from the day he witnessed Be ee lee have baffled PANZEES. By Bill Westley.
riginal and defiant personality haunted by the fear that the lad * a razor fight in New York be- nvereee minds than Peter Shane Gollancz. 16s. 6d. 256 pages.
‘ na ’ was going to follow into disgrace tween rival Negro gangs. and his fellow detectives in Wash- Offered by the doctors. six
rougnt up by a Nonconformist “ t young Brodribb cousin of Bernard Shaw was the first to A ington, D.C. But after untold months’ life if he would be care-
randm to read Bunyan and yours.” This cousin was known to recognize that this eccentric ,He had also the tramp’s sus- brain-beating, they find the an- ful, Mr. Wesley decided the
little e ies caught something a wider fame hy his stage name of Welsh tramp. was touched with Picion of the police, and would swer. You might have suspected moment had come to go hunting
of the master’s style. When, in his Henry Irving the hand of genius. Meeting arrive late at London parties that German refugee knew al- anthropoid apes in the African
reco! ’ nz life hea Davies in a South London public- with a hunted look and the apolo- together too much about art! jungle. The result was a col-
r -hous The old lady’s fe not house, Shaw suggested that he gy, “I’m sorry, but there were The solution of the problem lection ‘of valuable animals—and
founded. D to write the At iphy Mrs, lot of police about.” involves Shane and Co. on a tl readabl nourous story of
i even o { the Shaw put up £60 for it. Davie be be remembered, tour of Washington’s snappier adventure
» -f i to which wrote the book in six weeks Barrow, as one who wrote be income - brackets, where they World Copyright Reserved
if | ri ppre n off t With his originality, his dis- tiful prose about’ a wandering meet among others, a_ State

—L.E.S. |

a eRe!
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Oil Is Where You Find It



‘HIS week I did the two most exciting things in my life
in Barhados—I found oil and I climbed Chalky Mount.

And before I go any further let me say that this doesn't

prove anything.
there for a long-long time.

though right away about Chalky Mount.

chalk. I did find
and yellow ochre.

I feuwnd a lovely specimen of
red and vellow ochre which 1
wanted to bring back for the

museum but having been told by
my guide—a _ geologist—that I
would have to wait another
500,000 years before the museum
would appreciate it, and as it was

getting late I hurried back to
Bridgetown. But not before {[
had seen the most perfect sumple

of rock squeezing that perhaps the
world has to show. (Barbados in
addition to having a wonderfu!
water suppl; and being a possible
reservoir of cil is also a geologist’s

The Great Squeeze

The great squeeze took plaice
ages and ages ago long before our
great great grandparents were
struggling to make both ends

meet and keep up with the rising
cost of living.

In this squeeze the Scotland
beds were involved and _ highly
contorted. (If you study the pic-
ture on this page you will see
what I mean)

At that time when the squeezing
took place there were only the
Scotland beds and they were lying
under the sea. As ages passed
other rock beds were deposited
upon these twisted Scotland beds
and finally the whole mass of
Scouland and later beds were S-
ed above sea level. To-day the
complete list of beds to be found
in Barbados are: (1) Coral Rock;
(2) Bissex Hill formation; (3) the
Oceanic beds; (4) Joes River Beds

and (5) the Scotland beds.
You can see all these beds as
you drive through Barbados to-

day. Erosion and peeling off has
been going on and in many places

the original Scotland beds are
Bush Telegraph
It is this surface view into

the “insides” of Barbados whicn
is of great value to the oil
geologist: because it gives him
some advance information as to
what to expect when he gets
down to the real business of
deep drilling for oil. Note that
when, because the bush telegraph
has been wild with rumours that
oil drilling has already begun.

A small shot drill has been seen
near Morgan Lewis, near the
Animal Flower Cave in St. Lucy
and at other points of the island.
School children and grown ups
have seen liquid spouting into the
air. The wildest stories have
been going the rounds. “Oil. Oil
and high wages. Employment for
all.” But the truth is so different.

Both the oil and Chalky Mount had been

I ought tu let you into a secret
It hasn't got
gypsum, red

pieces of ochre
Gulf is drilling for oil? Gulf is
fact drilling but the holes will not
give any oil. They give information
only, They tell through the drill-
ing and through the delicately re-
corded seismographic tests what
kind of rock beds are lying under
the earth. When enough tests havc

been made the complete record
made from seismographic _ tests,

gravity and surface
logical findings will tell Gulf
most likely spot that oi! is to be
found in Barbados. When this spot
has been decided on—and not be-
fore—the first deep well—at least
10,C00 feet—will be dug. This is
not scheduled to take place until
April 1952.

Go And See

Meanwhile if you are anxiou
to find oil in Barbados all you
need to do is to get in your ca
drive to the tree near where
natural gas well is wired off near
Turner’s Hall and look around
until you see the stuff oozing out
of the soil. If you feel energetic
you can take the long cross coun-
try walk which I did this week

surveys geo-


until you come to the spot where |

you see me in the picture: gazing
down into a pool floating with
gallons of oil.

STUDY this picture and you will see what is meant by squeezing the at

Scotland bed. The photo was taken

Oil Company at the foot of the ridge leading to the Chalky Mount


the |







‘ : ‘ i ‘ eee ‘

~ \nd this is where I >} ? e 4 bd
\ . .

x found it efter a long > s = a 1¢cer Or
s$ cress country hike in St. x

* Andrew. x

Cotton Crop Fluctuates

The cotton crop which was planted at the beginning of
the month, although small, is in fair cond tion Mr
C. C. Skeete, the Director of Agriculture.

| At the present moment, there is no pink boll worm to attack
| the crop.


etigeiaaa s - “Barbados is capable of *turn-
ing out a yield of 1,200 lbs of
eed couwon per acre with proper
cultivation, anuring and control
of insect pests” he said.

Thi 1,200 lbs of seed cotton
yield between 250—300 Ibs of lint
per icre.

The majority of wie reage of
coiton in the colony is planted
by peasant holders in the parishes

f St. Philip, St. Lucy and Christ
Church with a few ittered spots
in St. Michael and St. Jame

rhe care of the crop has been
amply illustrated in the parish of
St. Philip where the yield per acre
is reflected by the amount of care
and attention to which the indi-
vidual peasant pays to his crop.

Yields fluctuate from 1,000 Ibs
to as low as 100 lbs per acre. The
low yield is accounted for by the
improper preparation of the land,
the non-weeding of the land
during the growth of the crop; no
proper supply of artificial fertili-
zer (sulphate of ammonia) and
the non attention paid to the con-
trol of insect pests.

Cotton Market

At one time—about 1931—32—
a] long staple cotton market
wa completely saturated, and

t difficulty
in dais

grea was experienced

posing of cotton production

that tire. The small amount

by Dr, Auer of the Barbados Gnif old, realised very poor prices,
With the object wf finding new
and larger outlets for the sea
island cotton grown in the Brit-
mn or ish West Indies, the growers
established a West Indian Sea

Labour Shortage

Island Cotton Association in 1932.

Thi Association adopted the
et y Pas policy of production control in its
Holds Up Plantirig tiny youre ts operation
rt price of cotton for the
The potatoe it will be reaped j95 52 crop is three shillings
in November, the usual reaping per tb. of Lint c.i.f. Liverpool and
month, will be less than usual, +} considered a very good
“This is because planting of pro- price for a nine months’ crop
visions for most factories will be
a month behind time,” Mr. E. A oar
Goddard, Under- ger of 4 tTowrct T
Turner’s Hall and Sv Planta- CHA NG Us IN
tions, St. Andrew, said yesterday ‘ hea 1 R +
The crop finished at these plan- ©] ‘L IRS
tations two weeks ago and labour- * sERY ICE I OL “

ers are now almost finished drop-
ping manure

Owl! the Consecration
at. the St. Michael
Cathedral for the Bishop at 8 a.m
on Sunday, services at the other
Anglican Churches will be held
that morning at 5 o'clock.

This is done so that the clergy

NCy to

“The weather nas been good for
the work at plantations to go on
in the Scotland District,’ Mr. God-
dard said. “There was _ sufficient
sun to make 2eding convenient.”

Thursday, parts of rain fell ©29 atten d_ the wonkecration
about that district and that was ; 1 UP, eta services will be
ust sufficient to ke the ground "€i¢ as usual,

- i gr mene nn na His Grace the Archbishop will

Thirty-two men are employed preach at St. Michael’s Cathedral
in the factory overhauling it, 4t Evensong on Sunday.

About 80 are preparing the field The Bishop of Antigua will

Only a five acre field } as yet preach at St. Stephen's.
been prepared. “We usually allow The Bishop of the Windward
about acres for planting pro- Islands will preach at St. Am-

ANOTHER sample of squeezing and contortion of Scotland beds visions,” Mr. Goddard said. brose.
northwest of St. Andrew's Church, and north of Walkers Plantation. “The main work that is being The Bishop of Puerto Rico will
Nise > Newton, Christ Church,” preach at St. Mary’s.
r. James Goring on the skyline). done at Newton, t , , ei ys. nap
- . : det | REDS 6 : r 5 Mr. G. M. Ward said, “is plough- The Bishop of Trinidad wiil
‘ - ing.’ ail by the French Liner Colombie
Ever since August 1950 the Gulf ° 3ut the ound lumpy and for England on Sunday
Oil Company has been carrying Injured Shoulder ; e tt a on . he eas ae ‘i “ c 1g on iy.
os * os ain 1s tr at o so! »1 :
out gre 1 ney ee ae Fifty-six - year - old Gladstone has been a dry spell in that di
tions in Barbados, In January this | 5.46 wt apg . fp a bn ie eek 5
ae 3ynoe of Hart’s Gap who has lost trict for two weeks no ‘TY ry. rT
year 264 gravity survey + a had lone arm, received injuries to his s j ILL A’ SKA
been made. And in pane eae \left shoulder and left foot yes- If'there had noi veen a sh ot
pany began a series 0 SeIsMO” literday afternoon about 2.30 e of labour, Mr. Ward j 'HE schooner Henry D, Wallace,
graphic tests. These seismograph a iclowie though the crop was longer than (117 tons), which left Trinidad on
tests which are being carried out Bence? ' , i | hy wavinus Oc ' rey J vith cargo for Barbados
- ynoe fell from a tree at his it was on previous o¢ ms; i 4
for Gulf by the Independent Ex- home. He-wais Re to tt reais would still have been : to take is still at sea, Under normal
i , y ‘Xas are . oat 7 Dred ‘ ff th sround 1 0 ve rc i s > PI 7
ploration Company of Te xae are | pal Hospital-and detained. the trash off the ground and be veather conditions, the Henry D.
the ones that h@ve started all the gin planting provision Wallace takes about 24% days to
rumours, Another planter said that signs get here from Trinidad.
‘ ‘ Biss ‘Norseman’ Runs Cables are at present that there will not | A seaman of the schooner Mary
People see holes being dug by a , be as big a crop next year as the E. Caroline suid yesterday that at
small shot tower drill: they heat Cable ship Norseman will be one just ended. “There |} been this time of the vear vessels take
explosions: and they see water|running cables off South Point much 1 this year,’ he said, more than a week to make voyage
rushing up into the air. What |lighthouse tomorrow. The Norse- “but i 1 t ri jis- that they normally do in a few
more natural than to think that | man is expected to arrive todaya tributed over the nt da
q * ti \ ° | 1x
Christian Science )

Reading Room

(Broad Street)

Hours: 10 a.m.—2 p.m
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Friday,

o'clock Saturd

the Bible and

Science text-bools

Health with key tc

the Scriptures by MARY BAKER

EDDY may be read, borrowede
or purchased


ig rorresenaeseeeees WS &

10 a.m 12
At this Room
the Christian
Science and

ww we we wo




Bre wr

: : . y $>

i .







fragrant with st
oils, especially m
atmosphere by

mao” Wak

ES f ;
Sat O2 t
B66 6666666

Rooms, Offices, Shops, Factories
houses and in the

the ‘ Arri

© piety

5 < 44 e

hs Complet


- 4,4,

bs epti flo »
ie f purifying the 4 |
pray in Public o1%
* Me )
Ware- % 1
Home. Y 21S ©
+ %
4 |
per a1
4 | St
A SS —
4 *
‘ *
‘ ‘
S| X
s ‘.
rt a »
6396965566606 OOO OOOO


(ty announce with pleasure

( lizabeth Arden’s Preparations

Knights Lid

6666, OOOO OOOO 06664
a ee a a a eee ee

W.1. Appointed |

VR. R. N. TURNER, held the second Press Conference in
the past fortnight at the Secretariat yesterday.

seve ——$_—___-__—__~—- The following arose out of the
- 4 hin “Dp ; ‘

- NLiSs i niuay, nspector ory

5.000 Live On Domestic Subjects, is eh present

i aitending a six weeks’ course at

~ ~ the Home Economics Division of

Bay Estate the University of Puerto Rico. |

¢ This course which includes in-

struction in home improvement, |


Housing Area

low cost clothing, child !

hee s care and heme food production, |
_ AI PROXIMATELY 5,000 people has been made possible by
are now living on the Bay Estate the award to Miss Denny of a
sing area, the Secretary of the United Nations Social Welfare
Housing Board said esterday. Fellowship under which she was
€se include the occupants of granted funds to maintain her
Some 900 houses that were on the while in Puerto Rico and to pur-
— before development began,” chase essential technical _liter-
a na ature. Miss Denny’s return air

or the purpose of developing

thet Of the pu pa ge was peig by the Barbados
. area j as divided into six Government.

sections,” said the Secretary.

Three of these have been com- Panama Canal Stamp

ple ted, one is nearing com- His Majesty’s Charge d’Affaires

Pietion and the remaining two in Panama City has informed the

have been surveyed. These two Governor that the Governor of

sections are the area surrounding
the Wanderers playing fie'd, and
that to the east of Cullod-n Road
near Chelston,

“Up to the present 446 hcedses

the Canal Zone has agreed to the
issue of a special ten cent postage
np on August 15th—the anni-
versary of the first transit through
the Panama Cana!l—in commem-

J have been removed from con- oration of the considerable contri-
gested areas and placed on pre- bution made by West Indians to
pared spots at the Bay, These the construction of the Canal.
removals continue steadily, In the His Excellency is forwarding a
preparation of a spot, a suitable letter of appreciation of this signal
s§roundsell, a pit latrine and a recognition of the services of West
room for bathing are provided. Indians to the Governor of the
The pit latrine is specially Panama Canal Zone, Brigadie
cesigned to be fly-proof

General F, K. Newcomer.

“Roads, public

standposts, fire Cost of Living Index
hydrants and electric street light- The Report of the Cost of Living
ng have been installed in the Index Committce has been for-
completed sections warded to the Governor for his
“Fifteen new three-room wall consideration.
houses were recently erected The Display of Postal Unioi
ana are now occupied. It is ex- Stamps at the Public Library has
pected that more houses will be 5

proved very popular and has now
been extended for another fort

BBC Officer For W.L.
Under Colonial Development
and Welfare Scheme the Secretary

erected shortly

“The very congested area known

Beckles Hill which adjoins the

Bay Street Boys’ School, has been

surveyed and is now being

planned for development, This it
hoped will soon take place.

ED OS SC cee.


2 @







RB Beers &



wry of State has arranged for a B.B.C, H JASON JONES & cO LTD - A ents
The question of communal “ . a a f .
baths -at the ‘Bay is: now under producer to be seconded to the a
cé¥isideration Government of Trinidad fr a wi a , | wu @ S ee el a a ww a
re at ;. period of three years to provide a
ce ae a id a Sma Ay gis 8 special programme service — [00 | §%46666699696966966669056996%6555456965999999909989 nats
ned, ALC he secretary, “a mm t; arb: gs ‘itis
portion of land adjoining the re- aes ri — ae ea mI
cently = de veloped area is now . AT a otaae i encacinnit a pe aot ce. ‘
being laid out for houses, This oOo 20K ise on roa phe ’ e an
land will give accommodation to ete Beta pete ian» = sh 8 th “Barn Dv
approximately 150 houses. Roads wit > voi ai i well known to loonl pethet AY:
are now being constructed. As | > a e the ‘'B B.C., has been W a Ss.
soon as they are completed, the < : aa : waek aide s wee “Race
erection of new houses and the selected for this post, and is ex- «Ship ne x
removal from congested areas of pected to leave the Waited Ringe ot %
houses in suitable condition, will ee Se WEN SUS | eae
begin, Water, street lighting and 2 a viclie.aina . .
fire hydrants will be installed. Mrs: AbLacHE: main tanh es h th
to produce live and recorded pro-| % we ave e
grammes suitable for broadcast or 4
TI S relay over any service holding a % Cae
ree Ee licence under the terms of which] $ \
wee x choone rs Government ig entitled to the peri- % 4 rN .
1 uJ od of time daily. It is expected ey
Take Serap Tron a0" sithoush Nie Avice wink
make Trinidad his headquarters, ] &
To “Barbara” he will spend 75 days annually in % Qhill RT
Barbados. 4 ‘
Bridgetown harbour was so A similar officer: has been sec- %
busy yesterday that three inter- Onded to the Government of} ®
colonial schooners had to ve Jamaica, to assist in the provision | ‘
pressed into service to convey of a special programme service fot g YOU LL WANT
Sith . aice “itis "aS & the
scrap iron into the British Hon- Jamaica, British Honduras and
duran steamship Barbara at an- Bahamas. Mr. Ablack and his col- x TO WEAR
chorage in Carlisle Bay league in Jamaica will work]?
The’ Barbara arrived here on closely together and, between x
Thursday morning to find seven them, will be responsible for ad- $
ships already in “p rt and over vising and assisting on broadcast- x
sn é « é c ) re . t ; «
90 lighters—all that Barbados ha ing ee thoughout the British . © ‘
-in use. The Barbara came for Are %
1,000 tons of scrap iron, Loading - 2
was not begun because there were oat , . *
no lighters to attend her Shea} Mead’ Lrings Feed % SHIRTS
Seven ships, the Barbara in ies vr Sh a6 Ter &
cluded, were in port yesterday The chartered Saguenay Ter Ss in Cream
and every lighter was still in ™ inals’ S.S. Sheaf Meid >rought 2 oe
use. In fact, some agents who had ver r 1000 begs e gag aati % Ec B : t 8
ships in port said that they did te Tea ea oh " I fa 1% cru, Drown, F
not have enough lighters to}?! OL ands cane ee . | % - to .
handle their shipping, The ships Ort a at aot or a Pee a.\ % Yellow, Rust, .
were held up through the lack ae f ; nies oe ee din, ee Ne tr
of lighters. setts S08 een Shae . Green,
At Speightstown, the droghers %
essist lighters in taking cargo off 1 D:
_ lighte: R ct | ark Brow
to ships which eall there, % Brown
1 & ¥
The Barbara began to load yes- ACID INDIGESTION? 13 $5 71 & $5 98 %
terday afternoon. The serap iron HEADACHE, too? % 5 - R
is going t altimore *hiladel- 19> r . ~crpeares. 2 ; oe ‘ ‘
p h 2d ie a aetna rs a i. “ Ta SU leas 139 PRINTED DESIGNS including Africa Prints and
Hehela of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, TRC | % other Floral Patterns from
who has chartered the Barbara to pete bekclyicheck id ¥
make the trip to Baltimore, Alka-Seltzer quickly checks acic + $ $ 8 x
The aehootate were taking their indigestion and headache caused % 2.91 to 3.5
loads at Cavans Lane and the by unbalanced eating, overwork x
Pick Head. ieee ia. factane or worry. Analgesic and alkaliz~ x e
iep Fiead, where old actor} ing ingredients work two ways %
machinery, parts of motor vehi- for effective relief. Have %
cles, broken pots and old oil a supply handy—always. 9 \) "a
drums and other pieces of ola % i — BROAD STREET é
iron from the ‘‘dump” were. in \¢ F R
heaps. 2 %
Heavy pieces of scrap iron, like a

factory rollers, were alongside the
Government crane which will
used in loading them aboard





not the schooners been
into service, the Barbara
have hardly got lighters t«
id her before next week.


Schooners Sprayed

which come to
the island are now being sprayed
with D.D.T. to prevent malaria
mosquitoes entering the island.

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Assorted Colours.


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in Shades of Blue, Cream, Grey.

Priced from $2.25 to $2.59
at $1.02 each

Jarious Tartans,

Sizes : 34 to 42 inches





Finest Value in Pyjamas
om Gents Underwear

Sizes: 38 to 44 inches at $5.88



Sizes : 38 to 46 inches


16 per Pair

ETIC VESTS (Sleeveless)

$2.79 Each

at 86c. Each

attractive range of Patterns










SE ee eed






% ~~

ef Wwuar's THE MATTER,




WORRIED, ge AC om ,



"| RATS! £ DON'T
| =



| \s *@ K —- |
\ 4 ' De 7z € f i
2 (eet







c .







MITH us!


JULY 21, 1951



A Supreme Germicide and Antiseptic








** Lifeguard ” used in tens of
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This wonderful new
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i you're really out to conquer a cough—to get to the root
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a CONTROLLED RIDE over all road surfaces.
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Why? Because Famel Syru. does so much more than
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the only feature
that COULD improve the


" desirably dainty from head-to-toe
~ if you bathe with fragrant
Cashmere Bouquet Beauty Soap.




Phone 4504










esi betieh
For Births, Massie. ae Engagement
announcements in Calling the

charge is $3.00 for any mumber of words
up to 50 and 6 cents per word for each
additional wo-d. Terms cash. Phone 2508
between 8.30 and 4 p.m., 3113 for Death
Notices only after 4 p.m.

The charge for
Burths, Marriages,

ements of

edgments, and In Memoriam notices is;

2.50 on week-days and $1.80 on Sundays

for any number of w up to 50, and

cents per word on .week-days and

ai 4 cents per word on Sundays for each
ete additional word,

GOODING: On July 20, 1951, at the Gen-
eral Hospital, Alonza Gooding. Age
57 years. His funeral leaves his late
residence. Fair View, Christ Church,
at 4.30 p.m. today for the St, Patrick's
Church. é igs ‘
Doreas Gooding ( Wi; Hugh,
4 Nina and Gregor’ (Children).
21.7.51 -


neni ~

WE the undersigné@ desire to return
thanks through this medium to thos~
who attended the eral, sent wreaths

or letters or expressed sympathy in
anyway during our, mt bereavement.
Clayton Thorpe, ve Hope, Elsie
Thorpe. 21.7.31.~1n

TROTMAN—Thanks, We the undersigned
beg through this. medium, to thank all
those kind friends who seni us wreaths,
cords, leXters, and sympathised with us
in our recen& bereavemten, caused by
the death of Everyl Trotman.

7 Rosa = ‘Trotman (mother), Colleen
(daughter!, Violene and..Veia ‘aunts:.
Hyacin and Jean, (sisters), Leroy
(brother), Neville and Erskine Trotman
«cousins! Rosalie... Tretman— ¢rand-
mother), James Piggott (uncle! and

¥ family 21,7.51—in


HOLIDAY RESORTS—Grenada—lIsle of
Spices. SANTA MARIA—ioveliest hotel
in Caribbean, Rates from §$7,00 per head
per day. GRAND HOTEL—in best resi-
dential district under Goyernment Hause
hill, Rates from $5.00 per head per day.
SEASIDE INN—On Grand Anse Bathing
Beach, Rates from $4.00 per head per
day. Enquiries to D, M. Slinger, Grenada,

————— ees


Mrs. Hatch in aid
Vicarege Fund will
Gth August.

Will those to whom she has appealed
or any others who care to help, kindly
phone her at 3423 saying where and
when to collect things

arranged, by
of St. John Baptist
be held on Monday



a GOLD RING with five Diamonds set
in Platinum, Believed lost in Bus or
St. Lawrence Gap area. Reward for

information leading to recovery of Ring.

King Vivilla, St. Lawrence Gap. Phone
8674 21.7.51-—-3n
His Excellency the Governor
will attend the Enthronement

Ceremony of the 9th Bishop of
Barbados on Monday, the 23rd
July, at 4 p.m. in Uniform.


eend and 23rd JULY, 1951
On Sunday 2znd from
7.00 a.m. — 10.30 a.m.
1, Chauffeur driven cars shall

& approach the Cathedral by way of
f Queen's Park and St. Michael’s
iy fLow only, set down their passen-

gers on the South Gate to the
Cathedral and park in the Central
Foundry Parking site, Marhill
Street and Ricxett Street.

2. Owner driven cars shall ap-
proach the Cathedral by way of
St. Michael’s Row (either trom
Trafalgar Square or Queen's Park
side) and Spry Street, set down
their passengers at the North
Gate to the Cathedral and park as
directed by the Police.

3. Spry Street shall be a one way
Street from St. Michael’s Row.

4. Church Street shall be one
way from Church Square.

On Monday 23rd from
3.00 p.m, — 5.30 p.m.

1, The drivers of all cars con-
veying persons to the service shall
approach the Cathedral by way of
Trafalgar Street.

2. Chauffeur driven cars shall
set down their occupants at the
South Gate to the Cathedral and
then Park on Constitution Road in
the vicinity of Queen’s College.

3. Owner driven cars shall turn
into Spry Street, set down their
passengers at the North Gate and
park as directed by the Police.

4. Spry Street shall be one way
from St. Michael’s Row.

5. Church Street shall be one
way from Chureh Square.

Commissioner of Police.
Police Headquarters,
20th July, 1951.

o-day's G. A. Song

EA for

“Can't you see how


happy we would be
. With GAS installed



A Lovely Fabrice in
Beautiful Pastel .

Shades for children

and ups.
36” wide; $1.09 per yd.

Available at Your Shop



Pr. Wm. Hry. & Swan Sts.


Minimum charge week 72 cents and
86 cents Sundays 24 words — over 24
words 3 cents a word week—4 cents a
vord on Sundays.


AN APARTMENT — On the sea-side
ear Prospect, St. James. Ping 2


AN APARTMENT in Baxters Road,
corner of Gaeen'’s Lane. Drawtig Roon


ee ene


2 Re Estate of
noon ee





—_ er



ae a re



| PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORY “ 4 parsmient, (Legsfative) i. Lala, ;

| i t ind carric i salary of $1,200 plus a
Applications are invited for the post of Laboratory Assistant in |teâ„¢mporary cost of t the approved-rate. The appointe |
Bacteriological and Pathological Laboratory at the General Hos-|â„¢ent is subject to tegulations and local Orders in force}!

j} from time to time 1

The candidate selected will be ippointed on a probationary }
Salary is at the rate of $480—480—624 x 72-912 (effic iency bar) | period of one year in the first instance and will be required to take4
1,056—-72—1,776 (efficiency bar) 1,872 x 96—2.160 per annum verbatim reports of meetings of the Legislative Council and perform |
Aiiiens\t dicuid ‘we elwdsn: tw bees ct ail Hltd aiid such other reportorial or clerical duties as may be assigned to him |

4 SApMIBAS aiice that ali
i orgs ys Vit e in Hastings | persons having any debt or claim against
Fihienees. Srancece All the Estate of Prince Albert Holder late
| asi met of the parish of Saint John who died |
| in this Island on the 2nd day of May
Ser ee eee ms iv50, are hereby required to send par-
ba Standing on 8000 sq.{ticulars of their claims duly attested
F : sae to the undersigned Mrs. Eileen Fred-
Bu oy nt 15 om “lerick the qualified Executrix of the
Bed : Aree sy uh. FOos «| Estate of the deceased, in care of Messrs.
we ip e i See ake ast R Currington & Sealy of Lucas Street,
ana Te leunhuibie. das onpany's Water, Ligh Bridgetown, Solicitors on or before the
| Servantey tuner allied. Gi llth day of August, 1991, after which date
aaa weave hex acious hall proceed to distribute the assets of
Sip abeve hak? ee deceased among the parties entitled

thereto having regard only to such claims
of which I shall then have had notice
nd that I will not be Mable for the assets




next door or

and = 3 béedrooms;.other out Offices, Gay mre or any part thereof so distributed, to any
Electric Light and Water. Apply within. | r "ies neg person of whose debt or claim I shall not
21.7 : See SPOTS At Amit then have had notice
ee light; Roads being constructed And all persons indebted to the said
rales eemeninenarie is serv nce q
BRIGHTWOOD — St. Lawrence Gap, | pn, “Wite at entrance. Apply to Nor-| estate are requested to settle their indebt-
from Ist September for long period t Sache 8164 a Fairways Worthing edness without delay
Furnished or unfurnished. Inspection by | 21.7.51—3n | Dated this 8th day of June, 1981
appointment only. Tel, 8250 : - EILEEN FREDERICK,
18. 7.51—2n. | : tee AT ST LAWRENCE suitable Qualified Executrix of the Estate of
. Ret in “4 ding sites. For particulars apply Prince Albert Holder, deceased
CHANDOS, 2nd Ave. Belleville, Pulk: | ‘° ®- Fs Hunte, telephone 8137 or 4611.1 9 9 51—4n
furnished. Available ist August. In- | 1—t.f.n ! —
: 2 al 248 " —————~_ ome
Sai by appeintment, tal, ere St LAND—A most desirable bulldine site | NOTICE
oth oi ae ae 2 - ,ou Rendezvous Terrace, Christ + hurch, ;
LAURATON, ROCKLEY TERRACE, 3/ (PPPOX. 200 feet frontage over-looking Re Estate of
Bedrooms with running water Tatas the St awrence, Worthings, Hasting FRANCIS EDWARD CRAIG
Phone 8280 a3.7.6i—t.? n and =the Golf Course, next to “Cloud Deceased.
_ Phot ae tway, é } NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all
ROOMS__Tw ‘ * ~4C. E larke, 7 Swan Street Phone 263] | Persons having any debt or claim against
iene, tone Siridk: tone weet nu | or 2029 21.7.51—4n | the estate of Francis Edward Craig late
aewnttake cas Toithtes. Apply within. | ne } of the parish of Christ Church who died
21.7.51—in. | DWELLING HOUSE with 1,944 square | in this Island on the 28th day of April
gh» 6.5 yee = land situste at Cypress Street,| 1951 are hereby required to send par
: " ; St Michael, The‘house contains Draw ticulars of their claims duly atteste: >
HOUSE situa and. | conta rawing a uly attested tc
5 ee ee. Fe ae oie, and Dining Rooms, two bedrooms and | the undersigned Mrs. Nita McLean Hor
Apply Richard Headley. Dunkirie ds. | fCRveniences downstairs. Two bedrooms | vey Read the qualified executrix of the
bury, Reed , 21.7 in | UbStairs. Government water and electric } deceased in care of Messrs R. S. Nicholls
aaa — | installed }& Co., Roebuck Street, Bridgetown
“SUNSET VIEW", situated at Rockley he above property will be set up for] Solicitors on or before the fifteenth day
Furnished with 3 bedrooms dining and | */€ bY_Public vompetition at our offtes|¢? September 1951, after which date 1
druwing rooms and all other conveniences, | J#eS Street on Friday, 27th July 1951, } shall progeed to distribute the assets of
Servant room and garage in yare. F at 2 pin the deceased among the parties entitled
particulars, Ring 8626 or 2455, Inspection of application to Miss Cum- | thereto having regard only to such claim:
19.7.51—3n | PUNK st the premises on Thursdays| of which IT shall then have had notice,
i aallactrehiaiaeks ———+—--. | between 1 and 4 p.m and that I will not be liable for the
THE CAMP—On the Sea, St. Lawrence YEARWOOD & BOYCE assets or any part thereof so distributed
Fully furnished. Dial 8357 | Solicitors to any person of whose debt or claim |
14.7.51.—t fn 17.7.51—7n.] shall not then have had notice
ci saan ementnenereesn | All persons indebted to the said estrte
FOR SALE Buildings at Wildey Plantation, are requested to settle their indebtedness
St. Michael. 2 miles from without delay
eel — Bridgetown Dated this 6th day of July, 1951
AUTOM building with parapet roof. A very fine Qualified Executrix of the Estate of
vie ye Gennes 2 the rbour and the Francis Edward Craig (deceased)
AUTOCYCLE—One Nofnian Autocycie | P'fishes of St. Thomas and St, George 7.51—4n
in good order, no reasonable offer refusea FACTORY BUTLDING, 100 ft. x 40 ft..|
Apply: West Gate, ry Gare “y Suitable for use as a warehouse o re ; Bos, sae nee
21 on. | bond vi
| Stone, roofed with galvanised
CARS—Hill jaloons , A947 and 10% ne WATS Bote + 4
ied. Sindee ye Wa Cone | TWO-STOREY WALL BU.LDING, used
Saloon and Morris 10 Saloon. Telephone # epee Sai ron bles east eee
4316 Cole & Co. Ltd, MT:Gh-t0.| 5.7 Sirs: Appts Oy eee |
is | further particulars apply to the Manager MODERN HIGH SCHOOL
ee ——— —~ , Onna > I eR} §
CAR, V-8 Ford 1934 in good order, good | Phone 2856 beat DRAWING
tyres. Apply: Amont Mings, Prospect, | AUCTION :
St. James or Dial 2175, 15.7.51 | e ,
See a The draw was made by Inspec-
CAR—Vauxhall Wyvern in good con- - ~ ytor Springer of the local Con-
@ition. Apply: B'dos Agencies, Ping | UNDER THE DIAMOND stabulary
4908. 21.7.51—6n. | HAMMER
nn | oT have been instructed to sell t Ist Prize V. 296
“RELIANT! —Three wheel pick-up in! Auction on Friday next the 27th July 2nd P. 291
working order. Apply: B'dos Agencies, | at 2 o'clock at the Barbados i Cab + a5
Ring 4908. 21.7 91—6n. | Service, Bay Street, One Flat Car with | oF = ey
i good tyres and engine § ORS Sette dig ye» _2
ete: One Bedford Truck in workinu | perfect working order. One Prefect 10 5th n X. 456
order. Pass Inspection Phone 3671. | Car with engine also in good working 6tt . Y. 621
Bolden Garage 22.7.61—2n | order, tyres good and comparativels th - Be
° |new. Also one Jantug or Mechanical ron ss U. 250
ELECTRICAL } horse with trailers, it is in perfect 8th T. 184
ies. —— | Working order. It is just the thing for a Ott M. 700
PHH.CO REFRIGERATOR: 9'2 cubic| limber, hardware or provision’ store. weeks :
ft... Full width freezing chamber. Brand | VerY economical to run. Terms cash 10th Z. 287
new unit, Reconditioned throughout, D'ARCY A. SCOTT, DAUR iat) coors sale 4 8 ke V. 515
may be inspected at Leo Yard, Cheap- 12th F. 803
side. Apply H. L, Smith, Sandford, | 13th P. 592
St. Philip. Wi vipeeeyes | oe aba
« . 14th Wo ate
16th . 5
OFFICE CHAIRS—Just received a | HAMMER 17th T. 506
Shipment of Office Posture Chairs wito | ‘ on 18tl C. 750
three point adjustment, See them to-day | ,,.O9N TUESDAY, 24th by order of Mi th a.
at T, Geddes Grant Lid., or Dial 4442, |W. H. Goddard we will sell his Furniture} 19th D. 546
20.7.51—6n. | @t ‘Waverly’ Biue Waters Terrace 20th oo y R. 548
| which includes ‘


MILLS—No, 2, Bamford’s Corn Grind-
ing Mill, (new). 6 Volts Phillips Wind
Charger, © ft, Fan Mill complete bargains
James A, Massiah’s Ornamental Concrete
Works, Enterprise Road, Christ Church.

21.7.51—1n., |


GOATS—Two Mileh Goats and
Ewe Kid. Dial 4983 for particulars.
weeks old, from milking bre full
information apply to V. W. Clarke, Ivory |
Lodge, Ivory Road 21,7.51—2n |


Start saving your Amm-i-dent Tooth
paste Boxes. Within a short while you
may be the winner of one of the follow-
ing:— Ist Prize $50.00, 2nd Prize $15.00, |
8rd Prize $5.00, 1.7.51—26n

M. Clarke, No, 12 James Street. Phone |
3757 21.7.51—1n

your Kitchen, Pantry, ete., from Ants.
It is simple to use, no odour, does not
stick, Price 1/6 pkge. Knight's Ltd.
19.7. 51-—3n
DANDERINE—For the easy care of
Hair and Scalp try “Danderine’ whico
checks dandruff and falling Hair. Price 1/3
and 2/-, Knight's Ltd, 19.7. 51—Gn.

MiLK—Supreme quality and only $4.32
per 5-Ib tin and $1.00 per 1-Ib tin
Get a tin to-day from your grocer
or Drug Store and try the best
milk obtainable. The 5-th family size is
really economical. Insist on “Farm” for
the sake of your health and your pocket.
If your dealer cannot supply, phone 2229.




27.6.51—t.f.n, |

Powders in stock which are strongly
recommended for Asthma, Price 3/3 box
Knight's Ltd, 19.7. 51—3n

MASTS—Two 30ft. aerial Masts S0ft, of
heavy gauge copper wire. Apply PLA
Lynch, McGregor Street, 20.7.51—3n

received to 30th July, A. E. Taylor Ltd
Dial 4100, 19.7.51—2n

PAINTJOBS—We specialise in paint-
jobs for cars at réasonable prices. B'dos
Agencies Ltd. Ring 4908.


21 1—4n

RECORDS: Charlie Kunz, Bing, Swing
...,and we will order for you if we
“haven't got it in stock. A. Barnes & Co.,
Lid 6.7.f1--t.f.n,

TYRES in the following sizes:

34x 7
32 x 6, 30 x 5, 600 x 16, 550 x 16, 525 x 16
500 x 16. 550 x 17, 525 x 17. Enquire
Auto Tyre Company, Trafalgar & Sprv
Streets. Phone 2696. 7.51—t.f.n

TRUNKS—Gents Lastex Bathing Trunks
ai $1.75 each, come to Stanway Store.
Lucas Street or Dial 4910. 21.7.51—2n.


Minimum charge week 72 cents and
96 cents Sundays 24 words -- over 24
words 3 cents a word week—4 cents c
word on Sundays,


Lumber experience desirable, Apply by
letter and in person. A. Barnes & Co
I4d. 20.7.51—.f.n


post of Shorthand Typist App
Proctor, “Ernie's, Hastings. Tel. 22¢



seeks position, Speaks
Spanish well. Has some experience in
ether clerical work. Reasonable salary:
acceptable. Dial 3720 18.7. 51—6r


for the

and writes

or other work to do at home Phone
19.7.5 3r
TRON SAFE—In good condit Tele
phone Barbados Museum 4201

said ply

f Fairet

Sood pr



Birch Morris Suite—Settee, 2 Arm Chairs,

from time to time

(or Certificate Cost of passages of appointec




shculd possess a Cambridge Local School
of equivalent or higher standard) with
r preferably in physics and chemistry

Two recent testimonials should be

a science

Director of Medi- |?
15th August, 1951

Applications in writing should b> made to the
ul Services, the Wharf, Bridgetown. not later than

ind family (up to a maximum of

5) will be paid in the first instance and is refundable if the appointee |

esigns his appointment within one year j
Applicants should furnish full details of qualifications and expe=
tence accompanied by at least two testimonials and a certifieate of

medical fitness, which should reach the Administrator, St, Lucia, not |

21.7.51—2n | later than 31st July, 1951. 21.7.51—3r
SHIPPING NOTICES Vacancy in the Elementary Teaching Service,
Applications are invited from teachers (women) with at least 10
ee years’ teaching experience for the Headship of the St. Elizabeth's
raw Eee can calean (SSS SSS5) | Girls’ School, St. Joseph.
“(MANZ iid li | The minimum professional qualification required is the Certifi-
or Meteora tH eee ee eal ‘ __ The MV Anes va eate A of the Department or exemption therefrom
¢, Port Alma, 28th June, Sydnay |) Pominica “Antiqua, Montserrat, Salary will be in accordance with the Government Scale foe
y Ath, arriving Trinidad end July, {({ Nevis and St. Kitts. Sailing Head Teachers in Grade I Elementary Schools
| i. “aes aati iasdtines to i paneer Candidate vho have already submitted application forms in
| sail from Hobart late June, North Queens- | { The M/V Daerwood will respect of previous vacancic (now filled) may apply by letter,
‘ thy, wae “Suan” said ana if SO aia G A abi ees” nag PP, ecompanied by a recent testimenial. AM other candidates shoul
viving at Trinidad mic September, ‘| ‘Passengers only fer. St.. Vilteent nake application on the appropriate form which may be obtained
‘ical Feviea eaten aL eH Me 88 Date of Sailing to be notified, from the Department of Education All applications must be enclos-
In addition to Keneral cargo these | BW... SCHOONER OWNERS cd in envelopes marked “Appointments Board” in the top left hand
lane i ample space for chitted and | ASSOCIATION ting corner and must reach the Department of Education by Saturday,
to British Guiana, Leeward and Wind- | 3 Se oe 5 28th Sete, 1951. Candidates are warned that canvassing may lead
ward Islands. | Soomenye Teter to their disqualification
For further particulars apply— 1ath duly. 1081 $1.1.81
FURNESS, wine & co, LUD, 4 ts oT ieee Se a ps oe






Vessel From Leaves Due $

Barbados | >

“TRADER” Liverpool fth July 22nd July |%

‘EXPLORER” London ith July 23rd July %
STUDENT” London 1ith July 26th July
3S “ADVISER .. Glasgow 12th ,July 25th July
SS. NOV ELIST” London 23rd July 6th Aug
S.S. “HERDSMA Liverpool 26th July 7th Aug.


Closes in |

by Vessel For Barbados |
S. “SCULPTOR” Liverpool 18th July |
S.S. “TRIBESMAN’ . London 19th July |
S.S, “STRATEGIST” Greenock 2ist July |

For further information apply te . -
DACOSTA & CO.. LTD.—Agents

= Git ac, ——

eee eee ee


Corner of Broad anc Tudor Streets





These Uncertain Days









Hardwood Alley ‘Phone 4683

eee eS ——

Table and Spring Cushions, ornament 7
zene pri Chairs and Settce in 1 a SEAR NEW YORK SERVICE
fahogany erandah, Chairs; Carpet, TICES a, REEZE” sails 8th Ju Arri rt h June, 1951,
Glass Ware; Small Cedar and Mahogany GOVERNMENT NO A STEAMER sails 29th June oe Arrives Barbados toth July, 1951.
Dining Table (seat 4), Rush Rockers; a ape eel aennee | ow curtbecenicthiemeetinenes se cane jeseemeteinsiennapninasnengie
Prescold Refrigerator (perfect condition, NEW ORLEANS SERVICE
2 years old) Single Divan Bedsteads,
with Vono Springs, Bures Mahogany, . § S. ALCOA POLARTS” sails 13th June Arrives Barbados 28th June, 1932 e
Cotton Pilied Mattresses, Alina Get | BARBADOS WATERWORKS §.5. ALCOA ROAMER" fils 27th June” Arrives Barbados 13th Jul, 4951
Painted Wardrobe and. Bureau; Cradic. DEPARTMENT 5 ALCOA PATRIOT” sails 11th July Arrives Barbados 27th July, 1951,
Play Pen, Child's High Chair and 4 : 3 ‘ nr ee SNRSNNE
Rockers, Mosquito Nets, Canvas Cots| Applications are invited for CANADIAN SERVICE _ â„¢
Stove, Kitchen Utcnals and Tablen Bice, (the, Post of Surveyor-Draughts- | sourmpounn STEEI RUNS
. B, che ensils an ables, Elec, s mu, rlee at 7
Hot Plate, Iron and Toaster, Ironing Cees Waterworks Department, Name of Ship Sails Montreal Sails Halifax Arrives B’don. b 4A : .
| Board, Good Pram, New Pine Table paint- Post established and pension- 1 ho pale” seria g when e js
ed Cream and other items. able with salary at the rate of| ** gene eget rue Ss ws iy oy at |
Sale 11.30 o’eloc Terms cash 69 1f x ’ : ALA July 26th July §th July 1th |
$2,160 x 120 — $2,880 per annum.|] ss) ALCOA Pp 1 July 20tt J 2 2
rae he : < , 1 CO! IN} y 20th July 25rd August 2nd
BRANKER, TROTMAN & CO. Passage expenses not exceeding) — vo $$ LIMITED QUANTITY OF GOOD
Auctioneers $1,440 payable on first appoint-| NORTHBOUND ; ; ;
26.7.81~-8 ment tor officer ind family 8. “ALCOA PARTNER due July 138th sails for St, Lawrence
7.5 nm, : °c anc a River Ports ‘ .
Travelling allowances payable in . a SECOND HAND STEEL DRUMS
PUBLIC NOTICES accordance with Government These vessels have limited passenger accammodation
ie rates, Contribution at rate of an ae
Se ee arene 4% of salary under Widows’ and] ROBERT THOM LTD, — NEW YORK AND GULF SERVICE, ©
Ten cents per agate Une on week-days|Qyphans’ Pension Act APPLY:—DA COSTA & ©O., LTD.—CANADIAN SERVICE
2S Saree a aa. or on Sundays, Applicants must be conversant] ., 66666 th
minimum charge $1.50 on week-days| /*PP nit EVO] | QPP PPPOE TOGO TPOVOPOOD :
| and $1.80 on Sundays. with Theodolite and Dumpy Levei | a 4 1
Surveying, have a knowledge of ‘| ( F ' 6 k For further Particulars apply
NOTICE the elements of draughtsmanship CLOSING 1 “resh tocks ;
PARISH OF ST, LUCY and be able to produce neat trac- , fr
dem sSAmeyrr ee OO they ties boas K. R. HUNTE & CO, LTD
Vacant Vestry Exhibitions, tenable at : be bthodte es ; J R 2C Ee
ine Party Meee oie eee i epoliaations should - be a4 at ust ecelive DIAL 5027
me not later than Saturday 1th August | dregsec o le onourable PARK DAVIS SAC RIN TABS
1981, | Candidates — must be sons ef Colonial Secretary, Public Build- WE beg to inform our Cus- PARK DAVIS PALATOL COMP.
*arishioners of § sic in straitened < f = - sane 4 { 1} . ry .
| Circumstances, and not less than eight {Jn€s, and be received by him on tomers and the general public 3 |, PHY aati Toe i
#nd not more than twelve years of jor before the 31st. July, 1951. It} PARK DAVIS BREF IRON & Se = = PDL L SELL DLE LSE
O8%y, Ports OF abblestions obtained from the Parochial Treasurer ite ne > ) . u WwW : s.460 i 9999600804 S39OS >
on office days. A Baptismal Certificate % be closed fr 90 ; DODD PILLS ss eo GVOROOPVOPOFO POS meee p<
"Candidates must present themecives to| UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Hos-|% Tre we aa THERMOGENE "RUB % S
andidates mu presen: emselves te RUE wae are . ° 3 s
the Headmaster for examination on | PETAL OF THE WEST INDIES, | & July and will Re-open on the Dh CHAD e wets cone R Mi
Thursday, 9th August 1951, at 10 o'clock JAMAICA, B.W.1. * in . ue Z * & x
ar ¢ 7th of August YEASTVYTE TABLETS oe =
OSWALD L. DEANE, ie Se abbas Le P MUM %
Applicatic re invited from :
Vestry Clerk, St, Luey _pPHcations are il ~ r j ANALGESIC BALM %
18.7.51—6n. Consultant Specialists for hon-?) @ HUTSON S ; *
orary posts as part-time sp pes x | maida 8
NOTICE sts at the University College|\ : >
As we are closing ou book at'gist| Hospital, in the snag ee S % DRUG STORE. , “ARLTON BROWNE x
duly, we would like ail outsta Ophthalmology, Ear, ose andl¢ ; ; ; :
ear rendered not later than 26th} pH ocat Surgery and Dermatology. % 22 Milk Market, | Wholesale & Retail Druggist >
WILLIAM FOGAPTY, LIMITED Appointments aioe be for one % 15.7.51—3n., ; | 186 Roebuck Bt, Dial 2813 K
21.7.51—t.f.n. | year in the first instance. ‘
————-——- | The Specialists appointed ray, | °°O*%%sesee¢ese0505645060) | ASS aaa See >
LIQUOR LICENSE NOTICE) by special arrangement with the (SS a ae aati shea em ta .
The application of Filiott Marsh of | University College of the West ae a RI %
Silver Hill Christ ¢ hureh, for permission | indies, be required to lecture to %
to geil, Spirits, Malt Liquors, &¢., aba sdical students in their particu- ® ih y 1 ° ON THIS ¥
board and shingle shop at Silver Hil, | Medical stuc b pret 4 i l (d ‘| << %
| Christ Church within District “3 lar specialty, remuneration. for I ré u¢ JON () (¢ enera u ic x
Dated this 19th day of July 1951 these teaching duties to be by S ’ z
_ < Vee pe ba honorarium payable by the mee | — . WEEK S
olice Magistrate, Dist. ‘ . Titi re h est Indies ¥
Signed ANDERSON BEST, versity College of the \ '
“eo rotor Appi: ant Further information may be ATTE! TION 4
N.B.—This application wtil be con-| obtained from the Registrar of ‘ s
Sidered at a Licensing Court to be na the University College of the %
Police Court, District “B", on Monday | ye ot m the Hospital
es S0th day of July 1061, © alonk est Indies or from the r eae We 4
the 20th day of July 1961, at 11 o'elgek, | ATOM TOT Or cretary. ) CLEMENTS. JARVIS. AUCTIONEER. REAL ESTA’ ,
Cc. W. RUDDER Applications should be sent to COMMISSION AGENT
Police Maxistrate, Dist, 'B'. | the Hospital Manager and Secre- , Beckles Road, St. Michael. Jey ad Tg a ae
“iS | tary, University College ee Gentiemen/Ladies => —=
PAIR. OB OE aN > +4;| Mona, Jamaica, B.W.1., before the
J r 7 , c , ; + . ‘ .
LIQUOR LICE} i NOTICE 30th of September, 1951. If you are thinking of selling your home now or in the Bi ACK & RED SPUN
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Police Magistrate, Dist, “B ’ y te | iDha A A rl i G x
Signed ALPHONSA KING }) . Pain © iia ‘ i +
oe Apiicant FURNISHING i CLEMENT S. JARVIS, ©.P.ML.A. % - :
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WY The Bk
——_—— Remember, a comfortable
fitting SUIT is our first con-

English Selectors
Waste Opportunity

iy Peter Ditton

LONDON, July 12.
What a glorious opportunity for experiment the Selectors
threw away when choosing the sides for the Gentlemen vs
Players fixture played at Lord’s on July 18,,19, and 290
Here was a magnificent chance to “blood” some of the ye
cricketers of England; to introduce them to the big-match

set-up and to sort out the probables from the possible:

ee During recent years the Gent
vs. Players fixture has shown up
the gradual superiority of those in

Sports Window the a FaUns: Bus still the

rated ¢ ft th i e
rn som tno te sume | Etrctcns ot te seaso anid the GIL CH. VESTRY English And South
wre Lima trophy takes pes tnt erro ina tet PLANS REPAIRS
this afternoon at the Summer a °

Pea e es wae. weet Phe Players TO CEMETERY African Averages

sideration. There are in-

\ creasing numbers who

the consistently superb cut,

recognise for themselves
Handlebars & Brakes Sets fit and finish of the....

vy. Cc. R. E. Warner and 1

Hutchinson " The ‘Players side for the match WIC . - , oT re - 2 5a 940 | FRONT FORKS, Std. & Car

Play begins at 4.30 o'clock later this month includes eight The Christ Church Vestry are ENGLISH CRICKET AVERAGES a. e 8 . = yo os aah | dor Rukhe Pe te aes

members of the victorious third trying to get the Christ Church BATTING v. E. Bailey 5561 176 1,144 58 19 72 Rut ae FRONT 7 HUBS

ee * Test Xl, plus Compton, Robertson C tery road répaired and path- : Jenkin 725 2 147 1,912 90 21 24 43 : co a

kK li ‘ah Si kk ~ (Middlesex) and Hilton (Lan- y ; to grave spots built up be- Qualification: 12 completed innings, ga 925 110 1,591 74 2150 | B.B Axles & Cups, Ball
Cc Ipse P a es cashire). In the Amateur ranks fore the heavy rains begin, The average 40) r J. A.) 9365 393 1,751 81 21 61 | Bearings, F umps & Washers. We will welcome the op-

ein a vatlage Front Axles complete, etc

portunity of proving this to
you in our...

, F. R. Brown and Reg Simpson of cemetery is
W on B j the Old Trafford team are included rain falls
y and the rest of the side is com- the graves

7 ! ; Y i to, ke t i May BATTING
posed of Norman Yardley and to ke buri v E Aas
+ ; , T it +} B. 24 6 1,286 i78 1 44
My slery IX Don Brennen (Yorkshire), David The Vestry are petitioning the eae. ; q eae:
/ allo bor !

‘ ete.

nd when Times Canning 596 1 157 1416 65 21 78

get to Inn, 1.9 R a9, ¢vee Need a xem
nn there is someone (D) 21 3.280 1 ee


Sheppard, Peter May, John Warr House to be wed to borrow (T. w.) 30 1 1,777 “a0 61 27 Inn. no R HS Avge
and Ron Marlar (Cambridge money to do the work at the Langridge ; See J. £ \ % oni on the first floor of
yster 7 mee : : : my (John), 28 3 (1,429 200 7 16 heetham 19 3 784 133 49 00
a a. ter pa Port iA University), Bill Edrich (Middle- cemetery likin) 260«8«(LM)2 4 OS OE AB
Esmond and her daughter, ore = Sue ar sd an Insole (Essex) Mr. Fred Goddard of the Ves- wae A 1,12) 142 12 : Hevat 21 1 782 139 39 10 g given by CAVE SHEPHERD & C0. LTD.
. Carter ir ‘rance, and ridden re: Sea . a ¥ a a ila mtn ote ‘ aths (G. ) 27 5 128 2 51 27 Jaite 2 782 36 9 3
by I Piggott won tis Eclipse The England ee will oe = a ae ee Jakeman 26 2 1,209 131 5037 R.A. ' JULIAN MOSELEY
by L. ggott, ! _ © probably meet after this game to had bee iid betwe rte Ds McLean 1 2 474 68 8-36 46 (well known shopkeeper
ake. Saturday at Sandown Pro : : ae oad ag Aakegerâ„¢ 209 3 4 55
oo Seale BY Rathi ee iron select the side for the fourth Tesi 8rave s in the cemetery, but Bhepnatd 19 1 892 143 49 A Pp. ee aes Sa ais as 10—13, BROAD STREET
borough, with Daneshill third. and Members of the MCC selec they had never been properly “ginpson 23 2 1.092 21 4 : MARCHFIELD SOCIAL CLUB

St. Philip .

i ! } ittee y e > made lardstaft 2 1 093 «247
This is the third French win in tion committee will be ther Hardsta 4 1 4

; . he rule rer ¢ ¢ “Before,” he said, “graves were D. J j Ri s : . x wilan : nag '
succession in this valuable race, running the rule over candidate bees etal ty ya cae matean- the insole > 33 5 39 47.46 McGlew 17. 0 540 «110~—S«s«31.- 76 (Kindly lent by the Management | “it dan ee cs be a ae those throbbing pains in your muscles

worth £9,440 to the winner, but for places in the team to tour Hutton 45 86 G. M on

dine ; thu ‘ @ . ae : ao a oe ren ore an on 7 . he ” | »,
Mystery IX is English bred. India later in the year, road and pathways are done the whittaker 2 1857 45 48 Fullerton 26 2 737 16730 70 MONDAY Night 28rd July 195t } at once! spas Sloan’s Liniment lightly —
The winner is a handsome son It is all the more disappointins placing of graves will be arranged en 2 105 «645.1 ¥.Tayfield 9 3 147 68 a4 Music by the Melody Makers feel our
of Tehran out of Mistress Ford, therefore, to find that the Gent! better. (E.) 29 5 «1,072 124 44 66 dean 16 3 314 72 24 15 ADMISSION: 2/- | y'
and thus is entirely English bred. men’s XI contains only one player, Fr Poole 26 0 Hg 154 44 42 A. M. B >


1 '
. ; Tr, . The Vestry are also planning spooner 29 1 1,217 158 43 46 Rowan 14 1 268 98 20 61 | MENTS ON S6LP
A half-brother x Seer: he Marlar, new to representative to repair their Mortuary Chapel Stocks 37 3 166s ash a eB )
was foaled in rance, Mrs. V. honours, and that in the Players oH ; ; : Lon, Wilson Mann 17 4 242 ag 18 61 | Se OPPS EP PP PEPER
Esmond sending Mistress Ford team there is not one, nuw that ‘= the cemetery. “It has not been “(yy o7 4 996 166" 43 30 N. F : Peer eT ay en ee 6
there after being covered _in 1947 Gpayeney | * hean. ¢ ipped whe repaired for sometime,’ Mr, God- oldfield 26 1 1,077 140 «43:08 Mansell 11 2 137 s7* 18 22 1% wh , |
c ‘ + iravene 1as 2G! i a vho |
ere atier being c x | d, who Gord saic ws : eee RECITAL OF MUSIC &) re\\
by Tehran. Though the English- j,4, not already played for his “ by 4 Edrich 34 2 1,361 101 4253 Melle 5 3 23 17 «11.50 | WU j ‘

—— TTT

* v
s ~
¢ <
’ Ke .
trained runners were lacking oniisites There is a well in the cemetery |; jneridge x in aid of the ¥
some of the characteristics of “"Un' 4’, creat pity this is. There °° “rain off the water which set- (James) 1,002 14441 75 4 6 63 12 7.87 %% NEW HAVEN DAY NURSERY |
past Eclipse winners, it was not | he Be Tr a al 2. tt “ tles when rain falls. Some of the § ait R eee ree Ware Bs Oey es ‘ 2a \8 eS by candins »| You don't rub in Sloan's, you re
easy to anticipate Mystery IX’s "45 been no Fest trial game this i oney the Vestry want to borrow (Basex ; 4 y a bn Perth ee 2FFERS, RI
; Eoiear > ‘i ; a ei Lowson 1,06 1 ‘ ‘ nee WOODING . It on the affected part gently —
success. He had been well behind Season, and although it is rather oud go to clean the well Outsehoorn "Not out \s at the Organ © | ‘ 8
Sybil’s Nephew over a mile and an at yr axesenre tg seeee t 36 is J 206 200° 40 81 nowinio N 2 wmtanisted bY S | Sloan’s does the rest! Good for
a half at Ascot, and much farthei rat one should be held, there ts Not ou oO â„¢M Rw ae Miss NELL HALL (Vocalist) % |
behind him in tae Derby. There 0 doubt that a little more BOWLING M.G i NW Avae x pave uaa uate % aches and pains and stiff Joints too !
was just the possibility that he judicious selection could hay CRICKET TOMORROW Qualificauon: 53 wickets; average 22 00) - 4 Melle 150 30 446-20. 22 30 | oS ; a ve x | LOOK FOR THE PICTURE OF DR, SLOAN ON THE PACKET.
had speed, for he was in the van made the Gents vs, Players matvh : ‘3 : 2 ; 7 AVE TcGuithie Ane eee! gee ee ae Oo ST. BARNABAS CHURCH % |
for a long way at Epsom. Jockeys a most adequate substitute and a There will be 1 cricket match Statham - = gis ; " sees oer ae . : on % |
8 ' : . 1 . Bedser & Wednesday, 25th July, 1951 %
reported that the going was fine guide for the selection of the played at Bank Hall on Sunday, (A. Vv.) 589 hubb 127 1,218 44 27.61 | & a wae? ¥ |
harder on the outside where Mys- team to visit India. July 22 and continuing on July 29 Appleyard 55 B wi oo abe Ys Programmes 1/- cach obtainable |
tery IX challenged than on ‘he A Great Season between Mr, D. Sealy’s XI and an J. a Wars Rowa 7 of ay SS |g «from Monday next from the Vicar 4
rails side where Mossborough 9nd jy seems as though players like Empire XI. Play will begin at 1 qyiton Mann 405.1 145 25 30.48 ix Se MGS REEL eee Goes a
Sybil’s Nephew were racing. ‘ : aes . ee p.m. on each day. Laker fayfield 2541 66 i? #45 /2-" yin aa % |
" Spooner of Warwickshire, who si ; . a gy Collymore Rock ~)
sites : The teams are: eee we »
aving a truly great season, ¢ \ fe ie . . 507 13 39 00
to be forever ‘ignored by’ the ,, Mr,Sealy's XI: D. Sealy (Capt) spoescogecoooenceosesoe.
Sea Nymphs Draw vera that be it ; 1 ; FE, Pilgrim, R. Thompson, L. \ 568 10 56 80 & eee |
abi in ato dbl a rs fp ee yhay Craiga, V. Babb, S, Seale, M. Top- | Grove 73 de ey A ATTENTION TO ALL &
ih ld ° h own opinion, but that of more than Fin’ pevonish, A. Kennedy, Wi ae 34 318 1. 2 eee aL eee ee %|
tts oO is one player, that if Spooner were jatchall and C, Daniel. \* ae vay are 10 se s f d an. 1 i 3 |
: in the England Test team at this Empire XI: F. Taylor (Capt.); 10 ee ers al
Goldfish and Sea Nymphs moment Godfrey Evans of Kent (. Alleyne, §. Rudder, C.. Hunte, | = - - _-- -- —~ % |
played to a one all draw in their would have no chance of dis- & Grant, 0 "Fields, A. Holder, G.| f a
water polo match at the Aquatic placing him. Yet Evans con- pownes. H. Wilson, H. Brewster | |Â¥% You are requested to attend x |
Club yesterday afternoon. Marion tinues to hold his place in the oY Reo USOny Us $ A VERY S|
‘Taylor scored for Goldfish and team. and Spooner, by far the ind A. Thomas s % |
", cste tte, . 30; » & . ’ y é if :
ae men aaa ond for : eae better batsman, cannot even get % SP ECI A L 3 |
ae th ap le, pe set eee rears recognised by selection to play in g SS
7 Goldfish were first off the @ fixture such as Gents vs. Players. WHAT’S ON TO-DAY * + |
mark, Peggy Pitcher received a Take, too, the case of Kenyon Police Courts and Juvenile % MEE | ING % |
pass from “a free throw. She of Worcestershire. He has been Courts—10 a.m. $ I |
% at the BS |
REN’S P cs |
keeper Ann Eckstein, Sea Nymphs candidate for the trip to India ain bt the & Lo’s HIGHWays | x QUEEN’S PARK SHED |
rallied and one minute later they But no room can be found for him Tennis (Finals of the Sum. ; % On THURSDAY. 26th inst %|
i > merhayes Tournament) 800,000 pass n THURSDAY, 26th inst |
sent in the equaliser. Joyce Eck- in the Players XI. Men's doubles—Y. De Lima 47 Si " x at 2.30 p.m % |
stei : . » j 5 : ther a similar category ar . J att; 2
pall and scored from ab hree Ray Smith of Essex, who is having acces 00 wii % See & Protect Your Interest &
Sheoting (B.R.A.) 1.00 5 3
yards outside the goal area. his best-ever year at the age of 37 Dance Paradise Beach rb e $ >
Both teams during the first half and is probably the outstanding Cinb—-9 p fe is : D scheduled flying : x COME ONE! COME ALL!! ¥
were combining well. Betty all-rounder of the moment; and “CINEMAS: For complete information, see ¢ x
NE! .

Wiliams turned in another good frank Lowson of Yorkshire,

an AQUATIC CLUB elizabeth of G . os dv setghon
performance for Sea Nypmhs and opening batsman in the best Ladymeade" 5 & 8 40 pm “Medregor AUSTIN & CO, 1
2 ; ; . are ‘ 7

Peggy Pitcher and Diana Johnson yorkshire tradition. EMPIRE: “Kind Hears and Co
in the Goldfish defence line onets’ 445 & 8.30 pam
worked hard The Gents OLYMPIC: “Annie Get Gun?

In the second half, however, Similarly, on the Gents side gall Amb 8.15
play became muddled and neither there might have been found PLAZA “Payment On Demand
team worked with any real com-.?00m for young Hall, the Derby- 645 & 8.90 pm

bination. The Goldfish forwards Shire pace bowler, already con- ASSIZE DIARY:
x. vs. Gordon Brathwaite

missed severat olden opportuni- sidered a_ potential worthy suc-
ties to score, even when one of cessor to Gladwin and Pope No. 28 Rex vs, Samuel Geant

the Sea Nymphs players had to With the exception of Smith, all TUESDAY
i ; s I have mentioned are No. 9 Rex vs. Darnley Proverbs

No. 4.

leave the field due to cramp. The the play l
final whistle found Goldfish on Young as cricketers go and have Nie. 10. Mex, va. Suuee Blceémbe
the attack, but there was no fur- Many years ahead of them. And and Ralph Hollingsworth
ther score I would not like to bet that Ray No. 25. Rex. vs Lloyd Atweit

The referee was Mr. J. Knight. Smith will not be playing The teams were: hevive part for Essex in six or
Goldfish: B. Hunte, D. Johnson, Seven years’ time.


Teeth as white
as hers?


DRESSES in Nylon-
taffeta, organdie-tafetta,

waifle-pique, shot taffeta,
sheers, silks.

Das . > LINK
rt selected as land's 1! an « : Intermediate and Sec- ING YT
lobbed the ball to Marion Taylor, Selected as England's 12th man on First, ; | ME CARIB
saa A pene von]. several occasions. He is a likely ond Division cricket at the WITH BEAN
who scored out of reach of goal Varun mvonileest” ‘pitt f THE wor

for a HOT Day
Yesterday's {
Weather Report
Rainfall: Nil

Total Rainfall for month to | Ladies! See our

latest Styles

Let your mirror show you your ¢rue
smile — the smile that comes with
teeth that are Pepsodent white!
Pepsodent, you see, contains Irium,
wonderful ingredient which dis-
solves the ugly stains that hide
whiteness, steal brightness from
your smile.

P. Pitcher (Capt.), B. Roett, M. It was most unfortunate that
Taylor, M. T. Lopez and R. Clarke. Some of the better established

Sea Nymphs: A. Eckstein cricketers could not have been
(Capt.), T. Browne, B. Williams, passed over to give these others a
M. Knight, P. Mahon, J. Eckstein chance, if especially as several of
and N. Jones. those selected for the Players are
unlikely to undertake enother
. tour this winter, There is also
Club Premiere’s — :avse for. reeret that Nigel

Howard, who will lead the MCC

Tennis Results in India, could not have beer

given the opportunity of showing

MGMDAY'S FIXTURES fh Fores Of captaincy by lead-

ing the Gentlemen,

DRESSES for the beach
in cotton. African prints,
linen, seersucker

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TONIGHT —Smile into your”
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| c& y
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date: 2.16 ins,
Highest Temperature: 86.5 °F
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Barometer (9 a.m.) 29.975.
(3 p.m.) 29.936


Beach ensembles — from
Lt istatited $6.96

Bathing suits—two piece
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C. M. Thompson beat S. A. Mc-
Caskie 6—4; 3—6; 6—3. 7 e
N. Symmonds beat S. M. Stoute No School Cricket Today

Blouses in the latest
styles and materials.

McGregc Bridget i
a Fora wew ideain }}
a DRESS see

6—2; 6—4. THE Harrison College-Lodge :
MEN'S DOUBLES match which was scheduled to

| tVQC’N HMPC LTC YCRNHCN also a wide selection
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vs. J. FE. Haynes and L. R. Blackett. will be played instes Wednes- OCEEVHF ¢ 7 (
LADIES’ SINGLES day, ‘Thursday and Friday nexd{ {2st Crypt, A tearned man of Hosiery, Cleaners gaberdine. | at
Miss A. Griffith vs. Miss G. week : t pag ctlate eg aed AA
Grimes. Ths change is due to the school J, Reena weyeeneperesnnrenennemiennsnentteineeat® 7 diets
MEN’S SINGLES examinations, and also to the} fi] 4, Ae DORBIN. & SONS and Polishes. ; brassieres inte pees k
Cc. B. Forde vs, I. Carmichael, Lodge School Camp. “2 bo cr I in black & white mirror again

.- you'll see ip
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E T ey il Do it | Ev very Every Time Pivot 0 Pate oe By Jimmy Ha tho


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THERE. ANY, 7 |) with the FERGU SON Wheel Tractor | BUILDING SITES
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lll sec % a URS Bvny a s ( Si a vine SST = 2 > SS SS hy promos j

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PACK K)LR BARBADOS ADVOCATE SAT! KD11, JIXV 21. 1951 n\KBAnos^|AmocrfrEi t...-— J ———f— i ilurda Jill v L'l I !ir I HI S STOICS WHEN %  %  I %  quick i port Authority i hul public %  Ulld luivi hi %  ClotC. ] I I to pul stop poitnd the public left to wondi have been, put al s' new to i: v. %  -. and the) are loo often placed within ;i tew yards ol %  • %  . on the opposite side ol the eot ; i tn put at the i Tmini Stn %  to, th %  shuulcl i 'II corner i be farther from the the dally (raffle v Deacons Road the rtop pole ihould be tai %  corner: and mi Black K %  ould be farther %  way from Fairfield and Do buses baeflniM stop sumpti' iinneces%  ar) work foi driven and %  loo constant iaffic temptii Another provleion winch should be Ini the regulal i the parking •>( curs or carto on cuxyea wVw re 1 11 often happens that a driver is compelled to leave his propei i the atudi and so make himself, liable Ln case ol accident. There i.. for the porter who dellverini heavy packages takes the shortest route 1< the trade-Milan' entrance, l>ii! %  .m be no excu %  %  %  ->i owner who parks hla car for hours outside hia a curve, and to the Inconvenlof Lhi road The continued increase In the volume maki %  %  %  ry 1 lial everybould be done to fadlltata the essay the roads. Hundreds <bjecl to walking the i rise to an even indttloh in which people ignore tht it any point Otl the road expecting to be picked up even to the annoyance and inconvenience of %  in the bus. It is tune that waU-epecad stop d erected throughoul the island and drivers must be dleccAiraged from pkklng up tarea the route -*t uneuthortsed I the motoring public at large Is very badly educated as to good conducl on the roads CAM f/1 WIN? IN Mr. Herbert Butcllffl former pntfand batting \v. '. [ndlSS progress In v. i Has, The writer, from the weahh of Us experience In predlcti tl %  • %  'Hit pro. in who erooejkl the 1 bal men Isu i year, wDJ i .1 the (eats which ensured victory tot their side. nut who is ;,. tell to what heights tl ; %  ..'!, item a .. bieb England o %  nuns mat %  .. the tortunas hi %  M i iuj weak %  pot tune will toll. Its > S MI si TinKm ...lias Are ISOBODY'S Tllt k %  •e'es|al* wn p*opif. .ind to rmn tn—• %  A Iha i n "Th* Niv. %  %  B8U i bai tUed queeUon, or the Russian '^"^ or BOA >•• is .' Ihe thundei • 1* UKMJ \ Ml RLE. Jr. I... Tfc. NffMl IMM " I revolution . I %  %  *~ K r iimb r i f eon ful r i a Of these thegrntc I •• ) .lire. 5 T DS^.~K "j u 2 ; 9 ; H22! .„.,.-„ u __, „, ,.,„ "*— !" The second Is mini %  .loomed il er of Mis regard to %  Ten yean from now I expects that th> %  Mch Ui IMI history, wQl be %  f the pant as % %  U l nunually without respect I i OS BOMSI %  I ;tnd aided bat lh* 11 p. where littts wars." which on the lee> d t the I 1%  DaUttl believes—the geis m n<> real precipitate world war in. She cannot win. Hi Hoi intenui system is ton vulnerable. Her %  combed wrtii unlicensed black ."'"' opi A DOW rigid class structure has mpUced the old. Normalcj t iifla posg.•.intiv deslrs i bj end ateadlly i to the Russian people brain Will precipitate the end. This is all true; but tht Itruggle could, none the less, be fearful W*** lUcWhy did we not liain from iusknow trom Clant/s iliaries and captured Nazi papers how brittle were the .structures of Hitler and Mussolini. We found how analOUS the German and Italian people were to start in a 1 .. -i W.i: II. Dallln points out. BOOM millions Stalin, crossed the Oerman lines and joined the anti-Stalin Goneral vi. ... % % %  u i changing i: rould not .,| ( pl„.,i %  Why t.' : %  solution %  B, create impires built oi myths, at length i ty ind i rumble. Only In real. This is holds thai i \\, ;..i i. i i%  ally Of tin the i 1.1 .ir.and [mpOCl of power ce. must remain, the ohhrf mends when in aaurees, awe and ('••><. icadeisiup )f cippoiiunitj oowred %  | the H i %  n % %  i pis v. ( ni-h In in the twentieth century bislotions of poop* to v> %  rai Kmplrc" is i^r^-j,! f ; „t, empire, old and nOW, overpass In IB laUooi i II entail) documented have proved the most transient oi between eavei mn Govern* volume like Dollln'i "Soviet Ruephenomena. manl %  ti Peopli Foretgn Policy." Drawtnn romali Dallln oel that thi Mavfl] on 11 earllai On the soiui %  •. work it is ratl.i i DaUtn notes that m 83 i Id; that .,( preeenl conditions, readable, its existence the Soviet Union has the] intouMfamcomprehei lly pro rough! its lorelgn wan respecij of n oi ; and that the nex' found. Damns I', ii'i iv mat the lively, ai sneration lll I" to revolution strangled Its Manchuria (ii); Polai %  mcUy, stabilizing faccentraJ Ideal, wai converted Into (I93); Finland [19SO-40); Gertor under leadership and KOV%  I marliim aim IMS now many (1941-45 tins an uninten. rnmonl ( .,t peao With II ; the ehlat teamen pi how ti ii.iniTiii/r the dangor. W the (Bte •' the Bovtot empire, tt' Itussian 1 %  (ct in the interrational SCCH i; kind of peOJ are enUreh human men and wo%  %  truKiited %  ill continue (.1 do t„ tcii Dallln thinks UMj *oul I LiK*al 4"tpv< k riini€ k iil— 3 in ichi rips Of ...kis wna and villaKes in Kii. healthy and of %  item "i unJvareaJ ittoo to name two of sdvani eof the past 100 :.baret) eoneatvablo without the administrative itistminent of a system of local authorTl\s,elntid councils with ihetr permanent staffs have ,it their beat combined req iin wants with skill In administration of technique. Heel Of those connected with local government would admit thai it s success has been due m largg measure to the element of central control though than would hasten to add that this should not V allowed to limit Ii ral initiative and enthusiasm. iva at times been it Parliament should pass %  I. art i-nblinii local authorities to have hul powers subject to %  | i fell inclined to !..k<. tin Be Has arrangemeni a hen ba everj power, large and small, has to be SJ granted by Parliament continues. A town wishing to undertake a new type t service— %  municipal laundry service, for example— must arraiiKr for the bitreductlon of a bill for the purpose in Parliament More pieSSlng nnd ever present is the control of certain departnw ni the central nvernmenl over the actual working and perfi nnance "f Uvai authorities. i' %  p d in s irarletj 04 ways but each Of these obt.nns much of its %  trength and afleot%  %  • general Anantween local and government. Financial Authority mill Towers To Lavjr Bate Ixicai authorittos havo In effect ice i.f Ii.. al revenue called %  lax le\'ied on the the annual value of occu%  rt* The possession of local :x does much to pri ervi (he Iridepcndant spirit of M m KnuUnd. but On huh social services a Ired In modem Britain local councils du%  < %  %  b MM *ie .< huh cannot be i • 00 this revenue alone. Tli. central Rovernment comes to the ii'.'.ni with monetary grunts. %  nay be based on aavera] i nclpli ''in two in i 1 %  avf been deralnant In Britain grants In prcverUon to the rfonned and grants related to the reeoureei and needs of rhe form 1 underlies the p er ce n tage grants cue used the example. the centra contributing s percentage 1 usually 50) of the cost of a particular aarvice The latter principle has been lOSS e\ ulent but the "BsOeh (Iran:" system of %  I tven moro tl 1 quer biuaUsatton Grant" system of I04S have been attempts to jiive lump sums which vary In %  uch a aray thai ths •• with the greateet burdenoor leeet resources receive m. it, Nolhinit could be more natural than thai f e centre In rneln^g 1 1 uld seek !" ensure that the money i well spent, and many of llucontrols to which local authorities are subject arise for this reason. A staff of District Auditors, employees of the centre, inspect most of the accounts of local councils ai 1 Improper or IMOKJI expenditure. State Watch For NrgliKcnrc And Ineflii icn* v Inspectors from the central ii<> v i runient keep State ilepartments in Wloihall UUnrrned Of the work 01 the local bodies, and it Is well %  d thai Degugani 1 and incmcii'ncy are in the last resort checked h) ins mreol to withdraw the grant and arrange for someone else lo do the Job. At the name time, n is ,, n ly lair to say that the depaitnient^ und their inspectors, by UMfX kuowledae of local experienee in all parts of the country have %  tnuue n s 1 -li-ai niK-hoiise of information and advice "Inch Is appreciated by the leoal authority themselves. %  %  how money is spent not tl niy ohjw 1 „t central coi trol it |g a neeaesary aim of %  11. < %  State to ensure thai m certain viud services such as health md education S national minimum standard shall be secured and maintained. The approval of the centre is necess, iv 1 ., f,-w of the key appolnt%  ni local author!! tafl lo oi ure that the ofllceri employed bj the councui arc iiualifled. Amun. ) much retent ocial Parliament has appreciated the n< i-ii for some 'ocol dlacri to exactly how a particular serlo be orgunised, but it has uniformity of standards ting that local councils must obtain approval for their various schemes from Q Value Of C ontrollinc Aulhoritii-* Control is exercised not only by the osnUa but also by the County Councils over the smaller local autbortuee in their area (County Boroughs, usually largt' ITS independent of the Counties in wheh they arc geographically situ iled and are. like UM C unUee, .bject .mly lo the A County may. for mBtanea, tftalegatc certain functions Ul l-e performed by Urban ,md Rural Districts Councils On its behalf, and it will nipcrvttc work (i f Its agents. in recent yeeirs, counties County lloroi..ivi have bec< Important rather at the expense of the smallei Districts, and the control of the n iills has h greened. There are pome people w ideej ire that local government is being killed by these processes The warning. though alarmist 1, useful. Local government cannot be taken for granted, it rendrag rig lani %  %  tcction. For Britain, the problem Is partly one of finding regionnl divisions more suitable for the no lorn services and ernfngj that unlrormit) need net and must not mi an IdanUb DIARY Monday—One of the facts of history which I would like explained ia the reason for the change over from Jamestown to Holetown as a name. Was James so unpopular that the loyal Bajans couldn't stand hearing his name mentioned* l! so why Substitute it lot Hole? In any case what has happened to the lOV/n? There are a hrw buildings round about the Hole but hardly enough to justify the elaborate description of a town. Maybe the tune is upe for another change and I suggest Pomi Village as u suitable substitute. • Tuesday—When 1 read horvor tales about meg past, present and future my mind clicks out of its Locket and pauses to think what must the feelings be < those who live in those queer Peggottyhke askew shacks v. here wind and ram find little obstruction in normal timer rnose "f us who panic t tb thought ol hurricanes which are expected to sweej our grea*. walls down might spare a thought (perhaps we do) for those whose pack of cards could hardly support the weight of a gOSglptlUj bus conductor. Wednesday—There are positions natural to buses. A bus looks dignified in its %  to the man who has been waiting for 38 minutes Its appearance is welcome \i> the school children who queue up from I hen's Church to the Rum bond in or less unbroken column it is the ihing that makes school reality—buses M much to so many. But to me a bus means nothing at all when it is perked .. roadway with no driver an-l 1.left to cause a traffic obstruction. It becomes just another obstacle. Thursduy— In Barbados everybody reads the Advocate, evn Nobody. And the Arlvneiitt sen getting worked up about pigs recently. Maybe that is why I have b.-cn pigs. Twice along West bury Road 1 have seen a queer character with hal no shoes and a shirt (trousers of course) leading a pig on a chain just like a dog. The other day a pit; went tearing up the toast road in a jilncy. He was kept in place by a man who sat in the space where my car pump oughl to be but isn't, because I haven't got one. Friday—One method of financing Ihe deep water harbour would lx i to give a flvi -year contract to the gentleman or lady (presuming il to have been a genlleman 01 a lady) who abstracted the $14,000 from the Treasury. If the appearance .,f notes can be so .successfully given by blank sheets of paper why not fill the Treasury with an enormous quantity of blank notes, millions of dollars Worth, and then go ahead with the Deep Water Harbour scheme? The substitution would almost certainly rvered sooner or later, but need it be BOOnei Meanwhile we would have a deep waiei harbour and nobody would have been more dishonest than a cert;. ,1 JHTSOPS seem to have been with the missing SI 4.000. %  m* * They say that politics In Barbados depends little on what the naive fondly supposes to be the will of the people expressing Us choice. Some of the stories 1 hear make me shudder. They say that a certain politician only gets votes in a certain parish because a certain shopkeeper tells voters: "Vuh vote far he" They say that shopkeepers find this very expensive and that this year some shopkeepers in some parishes are not to be so liberal with their support. The things they say. Saturday—Whan I read that G.000.0OC I North and South are without homes as a result of the fighting In Korea it makes me wonder whether the people of Barbados will ever be thankful I thing, if Bajans wenSouth Koreani than wouldn't be any of us left because I South Korean civilians are dead 01 missing and nobody has ever said thai we ne much more than 200.000. If you can't sec the logic ol tins, fa sorry, Ifou 0 1 %  CLOSED FOR REPAIRS m How To Be A Poet On 10/A Week GfOftGf Ai rHQMSON nil I 4SENTIAL u II DAVIEfl %  ilie poem %  But l: ilI lain style, : a Supcrrsonality. .. ...piiciiy of Defoe Here that a %  %  come straight ("uisoe: .. . IlutDUl of S in '/.. %  eosrarg of M if uas i f/rend/isiher, KHUt drunk or %  ooer, fu inform all srrai i %  Ms ova .n<] iMp brtng a small % %  grew up in M"n. where Ke i tor fighting ami thieving, was n.< Ignt la New York beU Negro gangs. He had also the tramp's sustl %  %  wlUi a hunted look nnd the apolo%  %  SELF PORTRAIT 111 Ml Kill R By rTsncU Roiiium>. (ir>phon •s, td. ug asaee. T HE death of Jose U'l>onmil BrUet, satyr, blackn I (he uneye like ft suicide. But why had the art 1*1 troubled to paint .1 picture ol himaetl haagtng trom the beam before he actually put his head 111 the noose? The question might have baffled keener minds II and his fellow .I,• ington, DLC l ( "t after untold brain-beating, they find the anBWei Y %  1 EbClal suffering from occupational Briticism.'' This is a disease peculiar U Americans; its sympton: emotional paralysis, enabling a to laaum of Ms wife's mlebehavtour with unrufrTed brow. Why doe* the author of on s age deteettve story me bne rerto "raraen" to hstU1 i-e movement at high speed w-her a •• da Uonai y 1 lay a ship on t she con be caulked? Can he be thinking Of the verb Or 1it occupational Briticism to ask'' TO AFRICA FOR C1I1MPANZEE& B> Bill H.-sti.-v Oollanei. lfis. fid 2 56 page* Offered by tht di>ctors six |U> if lie would be careWessey decided the moment had come to go hunting anthropoid apes m t' Mingle. The result we l .re. War Id repl| light Kisrvrd —I..K.S. Advocate Stationery UllUSIIM The ideal FILLER for repairing damaged surface! on Plaster, Walls. Birch, Wood etc: For Inside and outside use. Can he washed or painted over. It IV* I PLASTIC" An Asbestos plugging compound, especially recommended for fastening Screws in Stone. Concrete. Brick and alt types of masonry. WILKINSON & I1AYNES CO. LTD. to C. S. PITCHER &. CO. Thanes : 1472 & 4687 BKCKWITH STORKS KB9 If I!.#.'/ r/"ll 'II hiil<-lit/lttiltl >i i I It I VMS i IIVS I \l S PEAS Rv Hn. I'. II AHTI.I V Ltd. M.\K>;AI.AI>K .. .. ,lr. hi.itlf STKAHHIKKY 55c. AI'KKOT 45r. ItAMSON 42c. llll> I'l.I'M tic. <.|[|,\(.\(^| Sir. jEi.i.> nmui \ • -1 %  ., I'lavuur. •;oc. l-ki. ( %  AKDEN I'llAS 34c. NO A1H1ATIVIS — (Inly IR| IT and BTJOAI Ohtahiuhle at .ill (irocers Just Received In Our WOOLLEN DEPT. CHAMOIS LEATHERS In Sapar und Medium Quulilies • GET YOURS FROM DA COSTA fe CO.. LTD. DRY GOODS DEPT. MII.K FKD CHICKENS AvvraKC 21 and 4 lbs. It'HKKYS A K LEO HAMS r Wl I ^ GARDEN PFAS DELIGHTFUL DRINKS <;. LD niiAin mm I'Kl'NIER BRANDY Tn'.. n A DRY SODAS AND NOCH Al (S I oil nil WKKK-irNW e.iiirv NEW ARRIVALS l.YLE S GOLDEN SYRUP GILDER'S GOI.IIKN SPHEA1) QLUCOSt IL 1 I WD BVBUP CALVFS FOOT JELLY MANGO ( lU'TNF.Y NEW CROP POTATOES FOR YOUR CHICKS STARTENA. GROWFNA GRAIN AND OATS. Phone GODDARDS We Deliver : I


SATUBDAl Jtl.\ fa. Ikl II IBBADOS ilitin MI CLASSIFIED ADS. P,BLM A,K For Blrtha u-mw or I> in Oil*. 1 1 ing the chart* i U 1 for anr aaumbr up to 50 %  %  <. %  ;'- • cwu p*i wcrj '"', If %  %  .Md 4 p.m., ma NalW, ftfj •lln 4 om FOR HIM nail*** rh**o INM 71 eewia —.A H car-ta aWadoy' 14 <"4# o.;* ifo-da J tmmti a uvrd •*• —4 ir.n 9 -HOT Ju'd*.* REAL ESTATE in... II 7 SI-4n Tfca mui, far M Bulbi Maniatrra. Death.. A.-.. *l •dcntnta, >d In Uxwiam Mm ti a.-JO on *Mk-dvi and |li> on t.inda>i for any numbn of wo/da up to 50. an. a mu per went on waek-davi MM renta per word on lui>d>n (or eacr m*W.Uonal word. BOUSES AN AJ'AMTMRNT On the ar-a-ttd1 DIED w 1 ir-idmca Fan at pm to Church. Dorcal Gnndiiit Nina and Crwn n.7 si INI. allltr Get MW OPr d a r a. anrtol laavet hit lat %  iX lot the W Fair irk M .. THANKS Al*AKTMn\r V II,. "" %  Baad 1.—m B No-. 1 %  %  long p.iio-1 %  %  %  CHANDO*. 2nd Am he.' rumiihad A..iLlir 1.1 .y j appoint "rut. dial MM 01 mm lAND AT R i V.r V ft, ,0 H R RUN*, telrpnoi,* a,H K 4i| r\r.i RE* EN MTU i: %  I Ihe pariah ol Kami Jot,., r* died %  x thi* Island on thr Ml dav of Mav i0. are twrw. i* in arid p-ilOMM duly aliased " M ol U*.. .i-aa %  • 011 or be*otr lie lllh day ol Aufua) 1MI. afler Mrh dn. %  -. 11I '.he derra w d .-onr the p.i • thereto havlna retard ontv l„ ..1 iurti I .n.>ll thru have had notL-e %  J thai I oill nol be liable for the aaaria or any pan theieof ... iwreon ol whoae debt or rlaim I ahall i,.>t IMP. havehad notice And all peraoiu inatabted 10 tha nt>d ..late are paquntad to mil. t .dneea without delay Ia1ed thu tlh day of June. %  *•: WJBN FREDCRICK 1 **tuiru ol tha [.tat. .,f Frlnre Albait HoUi't. I '1—n NOTICE flOIM. lla "IHIIJUI to Iho.if.dod 'ho (u&eral .. or rapreoed •taipa'hi %  npivr iiopr r.u, IKHTWW Th4Wk< >* %  'Il-'H Lhl 1 -m .| :! %  I!a T AI'HVT >\ HO) KIJ.V TTRBAtr. raOOMI ISM I %  %  M O-tW 1 , Iha-aaii. Ra> Strrei ..... r .da.o* Out dowr.atalra. one upatair* Ai DO USE alt ua ted In %  aodrao Lard 11 MM 21 T Bt Ir ItTW .1 %  Irrt • H : %  %  %  \-V\OI \ iMIMS %  OUDAY HESOKTS Grenada _. Spire*. SANTA MARIA utvailrat hOtal BM %  bvan : M an nood par da* CRAHD ROTftl in ba-i realdeniijl diitnci uivlor Uovrtnuiri' hill. I'.iic from 1100 pat head 1 REAPIDF. INN On Gi..u. Mr. Hatch in old ol 81. J 1 Vlrataae Fund -III be h.M I aa %  pMolad help, Itmdiv 10 whom vl I M13 ayl I OS! A I Ol Ml LOST GOLD RDM 11 ...... 1 Q %  liOVlllNMLYI NOTICES IMHRONLMl.M OF THE BISHOP Mil Kxccllcnty the Governor will attend the Enthronement ) of tne 9tn Bishop of Uarbiidtw en Monday, the 23rd July, at 4 p.m. in Uniform. %  %  lBj lurnunrd DM e Sea. S1 14 7 51 lit FOR SALE AUTOMOTIVE NOT1CI T HFBrtlV GTVFN tha' a I leraona havn.r anv debt or rlaim aah,.T %  will* ol FraneU Edward CtaMj lair 1 Ihla I.Und on tha 31th tfav .,( Ai I aro hereby required tn aand par tlelr rlulmi duU allrated |o % %  %  %  ROM UW ,|,._ i deveaard In ran1 M. %  > Rorrxk-k Streel. 1 1 re (he filtrenlh ,1a%  RnMotobrf ItM. alter %  %  ''-ill ixnored I., alt] ahall thrn ha\. I %  ad IRM 1 will not br llabl* for Ule aaaata ..r ., ;o\KI{\MKNT MlilCK l-ABOR.TORV ASSISTANT. BACTF.R10LOOICAI. AND PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORY <;o\KKNMKNT NOTICES [Pat I CARS, Hiiiut-.i tab 1MB. Slncr Spotla Model laloon and Morrli 4SIH Cole A Co L %  annual h< Lilil pOUfM ( .imt %  • •quivi r prefcri.hi> iti phyaJa and chari Twa 1 %  %  lid I rtiavii Mown not later rhsn iSth Augut. 1951 21 ; 51—2n SHIPPING NOTICES Howrmi \i. AI .m NI w r.t \t t\ 1 ivi ta \\ / R AKAIHA %  .rr*d ne I2'.h June. Rn.bana Und Alm.i Ulth Jin.. r'd -I1.I5. %  FOHT FAIRY t. arhedulad -o %  %  i. Auir..." 1 \ 1 1. CaWBB aecOpted On lhi< c> p % %  • carvo DktffD ti. 1 %  I ami f. 11 in RrRM t nd afandjp I paHlcvtlar* apply iprtaT-T*BtM in. %  r %  %  %  %  %  \ lo take • Co n .il and 1 orform i to him 1 %  .mum ol • lahle if the appointee AppBa nl i ihonld flirrt h full datalb .f .itiaiincations and exp#-i %  ttimonlali .ind %  certificate of 1 • t nil .-. r ?t Luoia. nol liter rhan Slt Jul< 1951 21 T 51 Jr DEPARTMENT 0T EDUCATION Vacancy in the Elementary Teaching Seivirc Izabeth'i oL si Joseph. The r. i %  %  |l %  :. ry 9 implication forms in j Li-tter, \i ... I • in Men ICAM n tog '< %  ) h*nd t . 1 ... %  rii|iriag|n| "ay lead %  TRAFFIC REGULATIONS SI Mil II Arl <• I vim UK \ ;:nd and SSffa] Jl'LV. 1951 on Baantay etRd Braai : >i .i in — I. ... a.m. 1. Chauffeur driven cars shall uiv Cataaadral by way or ttfueen i parfe sod Si alii h. %  %  i MM down dk % %  on the South QaM 10 Of %  nd jwric in i roundrj Parkiiai ilta, RtarhQ] Strati RicKati Straat 2. Owner drlvM can sh:ll Bpproacb UM Catbadral bj waj ol St. MaChael'a !(••.> (a^thti irom Square 11 Qui 11 Pai aide) ;inrl Spry Stic.-:, atl down their passengers at the North Gate to the Cathedral and piirk as directed by the I'olice. 3. Spry Street sh.ill be a one way Strati trom st. Rfirhatl'i Row. 4. Church Street &hal| be one way from Church Square. On Monday iSrd from S.M p.m. 5.3t p.m 1. The drivers of all cam conveying persons to Ihe atl \ approach the Cathedral by way of Trafalgar Stro.-t. 2. Chauffeur driven cars shall set down their occupants at the south Gate to the Catt*adra] and then Park on Constitution Road In the vicinity Of Quttn'l College. 3. Owner driven cars shall turn into Spry Street, set down their lht North Gate und park as directed by the police. i Spry Street shall be one way from St. Michael's Row. 5 Church Street shall be one way from Church Square. R. T MIOIKI.IN. Commissioner of Police. .... %  % %  i Bridgetown. 20th July. 1951. 21.7.51— 2n. 0To-day's G.A. Song T EA for WO "Can't you see how happy we would be With GAS infltalled WJUHBSl GEORGETTE M-FRANCE A Lovely Fabric in Beautiful P-tcl . lor cnildren and grown up*. W WatM Sl.0 per p4V Available


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