Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius

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Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Volume 3, Issue 6 ,7,8 THE INFORMER St. Eustatius The Harbor Master of St. Eustatius, Mr. Austin Van Heyningen informed the Government Information Service of the visit of Mr. Bart van Ash, Nautical Advisor of Zeeland Seaport. Mr. van Ash is visiting the BES islands to do an overall assessment of the Ports on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. This visit is a follow up to the last visit of the government delegation of the BES islands to the CN week in the Netherlands. The Island Government delegation of St. Eustatius held consultations with the Federal harbor master (Rijkshavenmeester) in the Netherlands. The assignment of Mr. Van Ash is to assist with highlighting the areas of deficiencies in the harbour and at the same time give recommendations on how to improve these areas. The scope of his assignment is strictly from a Maritime perspective. The works at the harbor is in full swing, with leveling and upgrading the protection of the compound in preparation of the 2013 hurricane season. The works for the Installation of speed bumps at the entrance to the harbor compound, is completed to be able to better control traffic for safety. He will present a few long and short term solutions. Some may have a financial consequence while other activities would be in the direction of an organizational adjustments. June, July, August ISSUE 2013 Statia harbor under construction 1 African snail identified in Statia 2+4 New Coalition Government in Statia 4 Oil Spill 5 Government Info Page 8 Job opportunity 9 Pictorial of Carnival 2013 15 Inside this issue: INFORMATION BULLETIN OF THE ISLAND GOVERNMENT OF ST. EUSTATIUS ONGOING DEVELOPMENTS IN THE HARBOUR OF STATIA Photo by Austin van Heyningen, Harbour Master


THE INFORMER PAGE 2 VOLUME 3, ISSUE Consultation round proposed Law electricity and drinking water Source: RCN press release St. Eustatius — The proposed law BES electricity and drinking water is currently available for inspection. The proposal describes the regulation of the electricity and drinking water facilities on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. Civil servants of the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and Environment are currently on the islands to hear the opinion of residents and stakeholders about this. This they are doing as part of the so called consultation round which takes place between August 16 th and October 7 th 2013. The purpose of the consultation The law will affect the drinking water and electricity companies and their clients, including consumers. Therefore, the Ministries find it important to hear their opinion about the proposed law. Information regarding this proposed law and the consultation round can also be found on the website: The proposed law and the explanatory note (memorie van toelichting”, are available in Dutch and English. About what is a reaction requested Reactions are welcome on all parts of the proposed law and the “memorie van toelichting”, especially on the new tariff regulation, in which a capacity tariff will be set. The expected impacts on the bill of the different consumer categories will be examined together with the consultation. Reactions from everyone are welcome. Purpose of the law The purpose is the regulation of the electricity and drinking water facilities on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba in consideration of a reliable, affordable, sustainable and high quality service that is guaranteed for all consumers. The laws drinking water BES and electricity concessions BES will be absorbed through this proposed law. Expected impacts The law enforces tasks, requirements and responsibilities on the electricity and drinking water companies. In so far as they do not conform to this, they will, in time, in consultation with the supervisory body have to conform. An important aspect regards the regulation of tariffs. The tariffs should be based on the underlying costs. For customers, the new tariff regulation stands out the most. The affordability is pursued by a structural subsidy scheme in the law that is of benefit to customers. AFRICAN SNAIL IDENTIFIED IN STATIA St. Eustatius – The unit Inspection informed GIS of the identification of the African Snail in the Bay Brow area on St. Eustatius. The unit Inspection recognizes the importance of the community becoming aware of the dangers that the African Snail causes. Scientist consider the giant African snail to be one of the most damaging land snails in the world. This foreign pest is really big, about 8 inches (200mm) long overall with the shell making up to half its length. It is also showy with a light brown shell striped with brown and cream bands. Two qualities that make this tropical snail especially dangerous is that it can survive cold conditions and it is a whiz at reproduction. Each snail contains both female and male reproduction organs. After a single mating session each snail can produce a batch of 100 to 400 eggs. It can keep this up several more times without having to mate again. In a typical year, every mated adult lays about 1,200 eggs. Giant African snails can live as long as 9 years and that is plenty of time to cause trouble in the local environment. (continue on page 4. )


THE INFORMER PAGE 3 VOLUME 3, ISSUE 6 ,7,8 STATIA INSTALL NEW COALITION GOVERNMENT Crisis in one Political Party cause fall of government pendent Member; Mr. Reuben Merkman, Independent Member and Mr. Elvin Henriquez of UPC. St. Eustatius On July 1 st 2013 the Island Government of St. Eustatius experienced yet another political crises. When everyone thought that we were sailing in smooth waters the turbulence reoccurred. The former Leader of the DP. Mr. Reuben Merkman and his party had some internal differences that they could obviously not overcome. The Dp party board expelled their leader with the seat from the Party. Mr. Merkman became an independent Member in the legislative branch of government. The new coalition government was formed with the United Peoples Coalition (UPC), Independent Council Member Reuben Merkman and Millicent Lijfrock Marsdin. The commissioner representing the UPC in the Executive branch of Government is Mr. Reginald Zaandam, while Mr. Carlyle Tearr is the commissioner for the Independent Council lady Millicent Lijfrock Marsdin. The new government was officially installed on July 5th 2013 at the V.A. Lopes Legislative Hall. The installation of the island Council Member and the appointment of the new commissioner was witnessed by family and friends. The new Executive Council comprises of: Island Governor, Mr Gerald Berkel, Commissioners: Mr. Reginald Zaandam and Mr. Carlyle Tearr. The Island Secretary is Mr. Jan Helmond. The Island Council Comprise of: Mr. Franklin Brown, of STEP; Mrs. Adelca Spanner of DP Mrs. Millicent Lijfrock, IndeL to R.: Reuben Merkman, Elvin Henriques, Millicent Lijfrock, Gerald Berkel, Island Governor, Lois Wever, Act. Registrar Adelca Spanner Island Council Members L to R : Elvin Henriquez, Island Council Member representing UPC and Reginald Zaandam, Commissioner of Finance Members of the Executive Branch of Government from L to R. Reginald Zaandam, Gerald Berkel and Carlyle Tearr ISLAND COUNCIL MEMBERS


(Continued from page 2) One of the threats posed by the giant African snail is not what it eats, but what it carries. This pest can be a vector for human diseases such a eosinophilic meningitis. This disease is passed along by rat lungworm parasites that can be found on the snail. It is also carrier of the salmonella. If the snail is eaten raw or isn’t completely cooked, diners eating giant African snails might get the rat lungworm parasite as a side dish without knowing it and meningitis for dessert. Another threat is the voracious snail’s appetite. Indo Pacific islands including Hawaii. A young boy returning from Hawaii smuggled three giant African snails into Miami as pets. The snails were released into the garden and seven years later, more than 18,000 snails had been found along with lots of eggs. It took the State of Florida almost 10 years and cost more than $1 million to rid itself of this slow but persistent pest. Source: United States Department Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Scourse: Press Release Royal Marine St. Eustatius – The emergency detachment of the Dutch Ministry of Defense departed at the beginning of August for the annual hurricane relief exercise on the Windward Islands. There will be a combine effort this year with the Royal Dutch Marines from Aruba and the support vessel Pelikaan from Curacao. This year, a special team of divers will accompany the detachment. Underwater Surveillance The detachment will first go to Sint Maarten. There, they will find the island in full preparation on the impact of a hurricane. The military will assist in the construction of shelters and they will exercise with the emergency services like the police, the fire department or the medical services. HURRICANE RELIEF EXERCIZE It is known to eat at least 500 different types of plants, including breadfruit, cassava, cocoa papaya, peanut, rubber and most varieties of beans, peas, cucumbers and melons. Unlike people, giant African snails are never picky eaters. If vegetables or fruits are not available, the snails will munch on a wide variety of ornamental plants and even tree bark. All the world’s a buffet table to this snail. Unfortunately the African snail has established a foothold in St. Eustatius. This snail orginates from an area South of the Sahara in East Africa. This snail has established itself in Asia and the When the hurricane has hit the island, the military will assist in the prevention of raiding or help in the removal of debris. But they will also make sure the airport and the harbour stay open for the arrival of aid. That’s why this year the special team of divers will survey the harbours with their underwater surveillance robots, to make sure the entry of the harbour stays open and the ships can moor. The detachment will also travel to Saba and Sint Eustatius, where they will assist the disasters staffs in the organization of the annual disaster relief exercise. Military assistance Military assistance before, during and after the passage of a hurricane is one of the main tasks of the Dutch ministry of Defense. The emergency detachment, the disaster staffs and the emergency services of the three Windward Islands will exercise in very realistic scenarios. Cooperation and sharing of experience are the main objects of the Hurricane Relieve Exercise. AFRICAN SNAIL IDENTIFIED IN STATIA


THE INFORMER PAGE 5 VOLUME 3, ISSUE 6 ,7,8 OIL SPILL IN STATIA 1. Shut down of all shore to ship transfer operations, 2. Notify responsible local and national authorities, 3. Commence containment operations 4. Commence clean up activity, 5. investigate cause of incident Investigation into the cause of this incident revealed that the source of the product release was land based, which subsequently partially seeped into the water surrounding the shore line. Excavation (see attached photo) and testing in the affect area further proved the source of the release to be a failure in a 12 inch subterranean pipeline. Clean up activity of the approximately 200 liters, (a portion of which seeped into the waters) has been successful with a few small visible traces remaining. Continued monitoring of the coastline in the affected area continues to ensure no furSource: Press release from the desk of the Island Governor St. Eustatius On June 12 th 2013 Nustar reported an incident which took place within their facility. This incident resulted in a release of approximately 170 liters of fuel oil, which investigations determined to have been caused by a failure in a flexible pipe joint assembly. As this failure took place within the confines of the lower tank area, the released materials were contained within the tank safety catchment and clean up protocols were initiated. The failed assembly was replaced and operations resumed while the cause of failure of the flexible joint assembly was investigated. On Aug 2 nd 2013 at aprrox. 7:20 am, Nustar personnel reported observing sheen in the water near the main jetty and activated the response protocol. ther seepage into the surrounding waters while the rout case analysis of the incident is ongoing. At this stage pending the final reports it can be concluded that parties acted in accordance to regulations contained in the stipulations of the operational permits issued. While any release is regrettable and all efforts are made to avoid such incidents, prompt action and cooperation between all entities involved are focused on reducing the risk to man and environment. As we continue to be vigilant and monitor the industrial activities at Nustar the aforementioned incident indicates that the established agreements and regulations are effective and will continue to serve as a basis for future improvements.


THE INFORMER PAGE 6 VOLUME 3, ISSUE 6 ,7,8 COOKING OIL, SPILLED ON PUBLIC ROADS IN STATIA lar garbage in a sack. The garbage collectors responsible for picking up the garbage is unaware of the content of each garbage sack. He collects it and place in the truck for compacting. Once this process started the oil in the sack spilled on St. Eustatius — A vehicle almost entered the side of the cool corner Bar and Restaurant in the early morning hours on Monday August 19th 2013. On lookers would wonder why the particular vehicle made such a sudden maneuver. It was probably unknown to the driver the cause of the sudden action. The unit Society and Wellbeing informed the Government Information Service of the oil leakage on the public roads in the area of Cool Corner. According to the civil servant in charge of researching the incident. It seems to be the norm of this particular restaurant to dispose of their cooking oil with the regular garbage. She explained that a Restaurant was responsible for placing the oil in a container and disposing of it as reguthe public roads. This incident happened early in the morning hours and no one was available to immediately close off this area. The Fire department were informed of this situation and their input was required to help with the clean up. This incident could have been worse and we are grateful that no one was angered as a result of this. However, the unit inspection of Society and Well being is calling on restaurant owners to dispose of their cooking oil in a proper way. The unit inspection is seeking a an immediate solution for restaurant owners to dispose of their oil. The inspection unit is looking into the possibility of giving all restaurants drums to dispose of this kind liquids and later a policy would be put in place.


PAGE 8 THE INFORMER VOLUME 3, ISSUE St. Eustatius GOVERNMENT INFO PAGE NOTICE The Public Health Department is asking the entire community of St. Eustatius to keep their Yards clean to avoid mosquito breeding and rodents (rats) Lets us all do our part in keeping our surrounding clean to protect ourselves and neighbor against the dengue NOTICE Open House Royal Marines and Coast Guard On September 1st the Royal Marines and the Coast Guard will be organizing an Open House from 9.00 AM until 2.00PM in the harbor of Saba. The support ship of the Marines, Zr. Ms. Pelikaan, will roll out her rope ladder for visitors. You can take a look onboard. Also, you can sail for a short while with the fast vessels of the Marine Corps and of the Coast Guard. Would you like to be informed about the Marines and the Coast Guard? Our people are ready to answer your questions. You are welcome on September 1st


ST. EUSTATIUS DUTCH CARIBBEAN THE LABOR DEPARTMENT HEREBY MAKE IT KNOWN THAT PETITIONS HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED BY EMPLOYERS TO OBTAIN WORK PERMITS FOR FOREIGNERS IN SOME OF THE FUNCTIONS MENTIONED BELOW. ALL DUTCH CARIBEANS THAT ARE QUALIFIED FOR THE BELOW MENTIONED FUNCTIONS EMPLOYED/UNEMPLOYED, SHOULD APPLY AT THE LABOR DEPARTMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PAGE 9 THE INFORMER VOLUME 3, ISSUE JOB OPPORTUNITIES Dienst Arbeidszaken, De Graaffweg 13, St.Eustatius Caribisch Nederland. Tel: 599 318 2881. Fax: 599 318 3322. PavonaÂ’s N.V. Cook / Bartender Goldenrock Dive Center Dive Instructor Padi Alpha Enterprise Mason Five Grocers N.V. Driver / Cargo Facilitator All Run General Supply N.V. Inkoper G.E.C Welder / Pipe Fitter Walters Construction N.V. Mason Nustar Terminals N.V. General Manager Carmen L. Suares Mars Handyman Golden Era Hotel Bartender Cook Luis Barber Shop Barber A.R.C Agency N.V. Jacking Specialist Safety Supervisor E/I E/I Steelworkers E/I Foreman Crisily and Christopher Enterprise N.V. Cook / Bartender


Congratulation to the new Directors! From L to R: Carol Jack, Siem Dijkshoorn and Nadia van Putten Ms. Perla Duinkerk is the secretary at the Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure since July 1st 2013. She was born in Aruba grew up partially on Statia. Completed her secondary school at the John Wesley College in Aruba. Worked at several banking Institutions after high school on St.. Maarten, where she gained much working experience in this field. She went on to the Netherlands and completed the Havo and commenced the teachers college where she did the Propaedeutic on Poly tech level. She started her career at ABN bank in the Netherlands, and moved on to the GAK (gemeenschappelijk administratie kantoor, where she worked as OVAV (licensing companies audio, TV world) Specialist. When the GAK was cutting back and releasing folks she moved to Becom Informatie system. She worked there for 8 years as bookkeeper. She re migrated to the Islands in 2007 where she worked as Office Manager at Pream Consultant in St. Maarten. She worked for a year as Operation Analyst .at SOT. She put a lot of time into community research for CBS. Her last employment prior to this job was Office managers at the Volkaert International Construction. International. Ms. Reina Lijfrock is the Secretary of the Directorate of Public Affairs and Support. She started her new job on July 1st 2013. She is a daughter of the soil who like many Statians travelled to Aruba after elementary school to further her studies. She did the ETAO and MAVO at the Abraham de Veer School in Aruba. She lived many years in the Netherlands where she worked and gained much working experience at the Postbank Hypotheken, She re migrated in 1991 and commenced her career in Statia as the Secretary for the Executive Council. At one point she covered both the desk of the Lt. Governor and the Executive Council. She moved to Curacao where she worked as administrative clerk at the Exams Bureau., where the exams for the various Antillean Islands were printed. While in Curacao she also upgraded herself by completing the IVIO Secretarial training and the LSSO training for Management assistant. She dedicated 9 years of her career as secretary for the members of Parliament and Island Secretary of Statia and St. Maarten in the old constellation of the Netherlands Antilles Ms. Fraukje Vonk is the Policy maker at the Directorate for Economy and Infrastructure. (formerly known as the Planning Office in Fort Oranje) She started in this new position on August 1st 2013. She was born in the Netherlands, where she studied Italian language and literature at the University of Leiden. Her working experience is diverse since she worked in different fields. She worked as translator, administrative clerk for a construction company, for a diving firm as diving instructor and manager. She has also done lots of market research for the Consumers Association, Tourism and CBS. She lived a number of years in Jamaica and Curaao, presently she resides for almost a year on Statia. Ms. Naomi van Pelt is the policy Advisor at the Directorate for Society and Wellbeing. She started on July 1st 2013 in this new position. She was born in Rotterdam and obtained her degree as a safety Expert on Poly tech level. She worked at the municipality Brielle as policy advisor in Government Affairs and Disaster prevention. Prior to accepting this new assignment She worked at the municipality in Schiedam as Political Advisor Naomi is a posted employee to the Public Entity of St. Eustatius for 2 years by the municipality of Schiedam. She is located in the building of the Public Health Dept. (GGD). She is occupied with Policy development and implementation in the area of Welfare. Kenia Danniel is the new hostess at the Government Information Service. Her employment started on June 26th 2013. She was born in Sto. Domingo and moved to Statia in 2005. She completed her high school in Sto Domingo in 1995 and accomplished her INFOTEP in 1999 in Sto. Domingo. She joined the Second chance education (Scep) in Statia where she studied Financial administration and completed her studies in 2011. She accomplished her diploma for the VHF radio communication Customer Services in 2010. She also has working experience in hospitality,, she worked at a number of local restaurants and bakeries. She has completed a successful job training at the Government Information Service during her studies at Scep.


PAGE 12 THE INFORMER VOLUME 3, ISSUE NEW APPOINTMENTS IN THE PUBLIC ENTITY ST. EUSTATIUS Ms. Bernadine Pandt is the new Secretary at the Directorate of Society and Well being. She is no newcomer to the government administration. She worked 30 years for the community in the various positions which she held at the Government office. Among these positions are: secretary for the Executive Council, Lt. Governor, administrative clerk at Personnel and supported the administration with counting of finances for payment of civil servants, she functioned also as archivaris for Government files. Her most recent function was secretary to the former Commissioner Koos Sneek. She is a Statian who like many others studied abroad after elementary school. She is also a volunteer firewoman she has completed the full training that was given in this field. Bernadine has a lot of working experience in the processes of Government. Mr. Jeroen Boudewijn is Policy Advisor for Social housing and Spatial development at the Directorate for Economy and Infrastructure. He is a posted for 2 years at the Public Entity of St. Eustatius. He has a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Public Administration. He started on the job training at the municipality of Rotterdam in connection with his studies. He commenced five years ago working permanently for the municipality of Rotterdam in the field of Spatial Planning where he is still employed. He will be occupied with the development Social Housing and employment in the area of Spatial Planning. He is presently located in Fort Oranje, but will also be active at the Housing Foundation. Mr. David Dictus is Assistant Harbour Master and started in this function on July1st 2013 at the Public Entity of St. Eustatius. He was employed at the Coastguard of the Dutch Caribbean for the last 15 years. He has dealt with many aspects in those 15 years at the Coast Guard. From tracing at sea to personnel matters. It is no doubt that he has a lot of experience in a variety of fields. The harbor is an operational company with many areas. I consider this new opportunity a special challenge to work with my colleague to further develop the harbor of St. Eustatius so that I everyone can be proud. Mrs. Janella Fletcher Richards is an administrative assistant at the Department of Economic Affairs at the unit licenses. She started in this position on July 1st 2013. She studied Business Administration (HBO) Majoring in International Business at the University of the Netherlands Antilles in Curaao in 2005. She gained working experience at the University of St. Eustatius School of Medicine as a Administrative Assistant in 2012 where she worked. Mr. Andre Brisette is Supervisor at the Unit werkplaats en magazijn (formerly known as (Drob) He started in this new function on August 1st 2013. He studied in the Netherlands Antilles, prior to furthering his studies in Holland. In 2005 he moved to the Netherlands. During his studies he got the opportunity to do on the job training at a number of construction firms, like BAS and Van Esteren construction company. He completed his studies at ID College in the field of Construction Engineering level 4 in Gouda. Prior to coming to Statia he worked at IV Oil and Gas in Pappendrecht. Melissa Spanner is Secretary to Commissioner Tearr. She started in this function on August19th 2013. Melissa was a student of the Gwendolyn van Putten School. She finished the VMBO on TKL level. Thereafter she went on to Curacao to further her studies. In Curacao she went to the SBO ban Bria where she studied Hotel management Prior to returning home Melisa did on the job training at hotel Breezes. She gained a lot of working experience in the various sectors where she worked on St. Eustatius. Shenetti Carty is the secretary of Commissioner Reginald Zaandam. She completed the VMBO at the GVP school. She started in this position on August 19th 2013. Shenetti has a lot of working experience in a number of fields. She did on the job training during her studies at a number of establishment on Statia


MS Ayanta Berkel is coworker in the Bureau of the Island Secretary. She commenced in this new position on.. The island government is in the process of a reorganization. In this reorganization three directors were appointed and introduced to the community. In this reorganization internal civil servants will get the first opportunity to apply to vacant positions. Thereafter, the vacancies will be placed for the public at large locally and abroad. PAGE 13 THE INFORMER VOLUME 3, ISSUE STATIA CIVIL SERVANTS PROMOTED TO BETTER PROSPECTIVE Mrs. Carol Jack Roosberg has been appointed to the position of Director of the Directorate Society and Wellbeing on January 1st 2013. She was the manager of the Public Health Department for a number of years. She has her nursing degree and also Management training. Carol has a vast amount of experience in the Health Care field. She worked in Curacao and prior to coming to Statia she worked at the St. Maarten Medical Center. Mrs. Rachael Carty was promoted to the function of Unit manager of Culture and Society Support on August 1st 2013. She was born in the Netherlands of Caribbean parents. She made Statia her home in 2007 when she re migrated to the place that she considers home and obtained the job as school nurse. She worked in this function at the Public Health department up until her promotion. Besides working experience she also obtained her nursing degree, Care Coordination and Management training in the Netherlands. It is RachelÂ’s intention to continue being an asset to the island government and bring about a positive change in her community. SPECIAL CONRATULATIONS GOES OUT TO CLYDE SPANNER FOR ACQUIRING HIS DEGREE AS A REGISTERED NURSE. A member of staff at QBMC






Join us weekly on Wednesday morning at 09.00 Am sharp, on the Government radio programme Shedding Light for a day of self discovery, sharing information, reviewing developments in our community, questioning our elected officials about important issues. If you have ideas, suggestions contact the host, Malvern on 318 2745,or use the suggestion box near the entrance of the office or email The Government Information Service is hosting weekly press conferences on Wednesday from 11.00 12.00 with Members of the Executive Council We encourage all the media to participate in these sessions. If you wish to gather information about a particular topic, please submit the questions to the office of the G.I.S. and we will bring it forward in the first following press conference. The Informer, is the St. Eustatius Government Information Bulletin It is a monthly publication of the Island Territory of St. Eustatius. The objective is to inform residents of St. Eustatius about the developments that are taking place within Government and social matters on the island. Published by M.A. Lopes Chief Communication for the Island Territory of St. Eustatius Kennep Rd. z/n, Princes Garden, St. Eustatius, Neth. Ant. Telephone:599 318 2745 Fax: 599 318 2084 Email: Layout by D. Simmons Queries should be directed to the Office of the Island Secretary or the Government Information Service. Tel: 318 – 2604 or 2745 Fax: 318 2084 THE GREATEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE TO OTHERS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE! Do you know anybody in your surroundings who do voluntary work, who render exceptional or outstanding service? The process starts with you recognizing that person, by submitting their name to the office of the Island Governor or Decoration Committee. We encourage Statians and residents alike to submit names of persons in the community. If you want to nominate someone for a Royal Decoration it is advisable to contact the decoration Committee or the cabinet of the Island Governor. They will inform you whether the services rendered by the nominee are exceptional or outstanding enough to warrant a Royal Decoration. They will explain you exactly what you need to do once you collected the necessary information. 318 2552 Fax: 318 2324 SHEDDING LIGHT Honour where Weekly Press Conferences Honour is due GOODNESS IS THE ONLY INVESTMENT THAT NEVER FAILS!!! IT IS BETTER TO DESERVE HONOURS AND NOT HAVE THEM THAN TO HAVE THEM AND NOT DESERVE THEM! Be Thankful for what you have; You’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough! Oprah Winfrey