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Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Volume 2, Issue 10 THE INFORMER The Public Health Services in Statia have a collaboration with the Public Health Services of the Hague. In de first year of this collaboration the Public Health Services have identified the priority areas for collaboration with support of the project managers Hans Derks and Marianne Luinstra from the GGD the Hague. One of the priority topics for collaboration is sexual and reproductive health. Three weeks ago, Melissa Diaz, a medical doctor specialized in sexual and reproductive health came over to work with professionals on this topic. Three expert meetings, which were chaired by Public Health STI/AIDS Coordinator Shanna Mercera-Gibbs, were held in the week of 22-28 September. The first meeting concerned curative care, including STI testing, treatment and follow-up. During this meeting the present health care professionals, including the general practitioners, the midwife and the laboratory technician expressed a need to develop a new STI testing policy. The following day other experts were involved, including the school nurse, the school social worker, and the centre of educational expertise. This day some priority sexual health topics were discussed. The main topics as brought forward by the present stakeholders, were unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancies and sexual violence. Some interventions targeting these priority problems developed in the Netherlands were presented. It was also discussed whether these interventions were applicable in the context of Statia. All agreed that the educational programs broadly used in the Netherlands, could be of value for Statia as well. To make sure that the target group, teenagers, were also attracted by the program, there was a pilot session with 14-15 year old students at the secondary school. The students were all enthusiastic about the program and emphasized the need for education on sexual and reproductive health, to make sure that they have the knowledge and tools to be able to make the right choices. The final expert meeting was a wrap-up session with more stakeholders involved, including representatives of the centre of youth ( Continued on page 5) October ISSUE 2012 Statia collaborates with public health in The Hague 1 Statia participates in EPI Meeting in St. Maarten 2, Housing Issues in education Resolved with new buildings 3 Statia Government to supply water to its residents by 2013 4 Government Administration building by 2015 5 Government Info Page 8 Pictorial of Events 7+14 Inside this issue: INFORMATION BULLETIN OF THE ISLAND GOVERNMENT OF ST. EUSTATIUS STATIA PUBLIC HEALTH COLLABORATES WITH PUBLIC HEALTH IN THE HAGUE


THE INFORMER PAGE 2 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 SMART AND SUSTAINABLE GREEN CONF ERENCE ORGANIZED IN ARUBA St. Eustatius On Wednesday, October 3 the Green Aruba conference “Smart and Sustainable” was officially opened by Aruba’s minister of Utilities and Energy, Mr. Mike de Meza, followed by an address from Prime Minister Mr. Mike Eman. During the three days of the conference, a wide range of government officials, policy makers, scientists and product developers took the lectern to discuss sustainable development in general and renewable energy in particular. An elaborate explanation was given on solar energy by the representative of the Government owned Company in Aruba, Mr.Freddy Vargas. According to the information received from the Statia participants it was impressive to learn of the overall economic effects that alternative energy can have for ones community. (from left to right: Fred Cuvalay, Prime Minister Mike Eman and Siem Dijkshoorn). Statia was represented at the conference by the manager of GEBE St. Eustatius Mr. Fred Cuvalay and planning bureau representative, Mr. Siem Dijkshoorn. In the interview with Mr. Dijkshoorn, he explained the objective of Statias participation in the conference in Aruba. Statia participation was basically to gather information on the latest developments in the area of alternative energy. Their participation was made possible by the European Union that covered the cost for two participants from each Overseas Country and Territory. STATIA PARTICIPATES IN MINI EPI MEETING IN ST. MAARTEN St. Eustatius Mrs. Carol Jack, the EPI manager for St. Eustatius along with Ms Fiene Fortin participated in the annual mini expanded program on Immunization (EPI) on St. Maarten. The participants in this meeting were, the EPI managers of the Dutch speaking islands and representatives of the RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor


THE INFORMER PAGE 3 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 HOUSING PROBLEMS IN EDUCATION RESOLVED ON STATIA AND SABA WITH NEW BUILDINGS covenant agreement signed for Bonaire, Statia Saba Source: RCN Press Release St. Eustatius The sc hool buildings on St. Eustatius and Saba will improve in 2015 and 2016. These new buildings will offer good learning environment for teachers and pupils. The care -taker Minister BijsterveldtVliegenhart of Education Culture and Science (OCW) expressed gratefulness that she was able to cooperate with the island government to realize proper maintained school buildings for all. She went on to say that ” they truly deserve it”. Commissioner Schmidt was delighted and hoped that the confirmation of the agreements would solve the substandard school housing problems in St. Eustatius. The signing of this Education Housing plan is a result of the agreements made on June 27th by the commissioner and Minister of Education. This plan stipulates th at the Executive Council of St. Eustatius will invest 4.0. million US dollar and the Ministry of Education Culture and Science (OCW) 8.7 million dollar. The buildings will be managed by the Public Entity of St. Eustatiu s, the school boards and the ministry for Education Culture and Science. A similar covenant agreement was signed with Commissioner Chris Johnson on October 10th 2012 at the Caribbean week in the Netherlands. The Executive Council of Saba will invest 1.3 million US dollars, while the Ministry of Education Culture and Science will contribute 7.7 million to the school housing plan Saba 2012 –2016. Commissioner Johnson also expressed thankfulness to the team at the ministry of Education Culture and Science for their continued efforts in developing the education sector and bringing it to a higher level on Saba. Currently at the Saba Comprehensive all practice lessons are given in the former leather factory, which was among the restored projects. Between now and 2016, construction and renovation work will take place at Saba schools including the St. John school complex. Governor de Graaff School almost completed. Opening of covered area at the GvP school The Education housing plan for St.Eustatius 2012– 2015 was signed by caretaker Minister of Education, Culture and Science Marja Bijsterveld and Commissioner of Education Glenville Schmidt on October 10th 2012.


THE INFORMER PAGE 4 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 STATIA GOVERNMENT WILL SUPPLY WATER TO ITS RESIDENTS IN 2013 St. EustatiusMNO Vervat completed the water project in July 2012 on St. Eustatius. Presently the project is in a seven months maintenance phase. This means that the planning bureau needs to assure that the MNO meets the requirements as stipulated in the contract. Although the planning bureau is reviewing the work carried out by MNO, they are calling on members in the community to report any unusual deficiencies that they may have recognized throughout the island or in their particular districts. In the interview with Mr. Dijkshoorn he expressed the concern which they presently face, which is the loose roaming animals. According to Dijkshoorn the cows have already broken several water connection on the public road. The water distribution project was financed by the European Union to a sum of 4.5 Million Euros. The island government went into a partnership with two water companies, namely Evides and Vitens. The partnership with these companies is seen as a positive development, because these companies make there expertise available for the Public Entity and for the future of the to be established St. Eustatius Water Company. The two companies from the Netherlands carry the cost of their input to a maximum of 200.000.00 Euros (two hundred thousand Euros) per year. The goal of the island government is to start supplying drinking water to the homes on January 1st 2013.It is interesting to know that the temporary solution to the water project was executed in 2003 and consisted of a Reverse Osmosis production plant. The project comprised of the two storage tanks, two water trucks, and the RO production plant which is located at Gallowsbay, adjacent to GEBE. The Dutch government financed the temporary solution to the water project, which totaled a sum of 1.4 million dollars. The distribution network commenced officially in February 2011 with a ground breaking ceremony at the Wilhelmina monument near the Roman Catholic church. The project sign was unveiled at this ceremony by the now Island Governor Mr. Gerald Berkel, followed by a number of speeches by stakeholders like representatives of Usona, MNO, contractors and the former Commissioner Mr. Roy Hooker. PROSECUTOR ON SABA AND STATIA CELEBRATE OPENING OF NEW OFFICE St. EustatiusThe prosecutor office of Saba and St. Eustatius will officially open the doors on October 23 and 24th 2012. The official ceremony in Saba will be on October 23rd at 4. pm, while on Statia will be a day after on October 24th at 4.30 pm in Fort Oranje. According to the release of the RCN, the Saba ceremony will commence with speeches given by the Chief Prosecutor, Mr. David van Delft, followed by the Director of the Probation Office, Mrs Roos Barelds and the Island Governor, Honourable Jonathan Johnson. The Director of the Justice Department Mr Just Stam will perform the official opening of the building at 4.30 pm. The location is adjacent to the police Station in the Bottom of Saba. (see pictorial on page 7) The celebration on Statia took place at 4pm, with speeches by the Chief Public Prosecutor, Mr. David van Delft, Director of Probation Office, Mrs. Roos Barelds and the Island Governor, honourable Gerald Berkel. At 4.30 pm the Director of the Justice Department, Mr. Just Stam performed the official opening of the building at Fort Oranje.


THE INFORMER PAGE 5 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 STATIAS PUBLIC Health COLLABORATES WITH PUBLIC HEALTH IN THE HAGUE (Continued from page1) and family, the second chance education, and different church groups. This meeting was held to share the conclusions of the previous meetings, and to get additional input from the different additional stakeholders. All agreed that sexual health is a priority topic that needs to be further addressed, starting with the youngsters. Follow-up steps that were agreed on are a training program for health care professionals on different sexual health related topics. School programs might soon be launched in pilot groups. The option of an STI testing campaign and the need for easy access to information and consultation services for youngster will be further explored in a next stage. Story written by Shanna Mercerra Bonaire, Statia, Saba and Dutch Representatives pose for a photo during the Caribbean week in the Netherlands GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION BUILDING TO BE A REALITY BY 2015 St. Eustatius– Presently the civil service and the Executive Council are housed on twenty different locations. This situation increased over the years with the growth of the population and the civil service. It has been proven over the years that this situation is inefficient both for the functioning of the administration and also the service to the community. Successive governments have been looking into the possibility of realizing a central government administration building, but finances were always a bottleneck. The present government formed a committee in 2012 to work towards evaluating the feasibility of such a project. This committee comprised of: The Island Secretary, Mr. Jan Helmond; Representative of Drob, Mr. Esmond Hook; Executive Assistants, Ms. Francisca Gibbs and Ms, Nasha Radjouki and a representative of Planning bureau, Mr. Siem Dijkshoorn. In July 2012 the committee submitted a global picture and feasibility to the Executive Council which has been approved. Presently the committee started the tender procedure for the selection of an architect. A few possible locations are under investigation whereby easy access for the public is one of the main criteria. The initial expenses for the architect and partial construction of the building will be covered with funds from the sale of the land for the prison. The island government will make use of the possibility to borrow interest free from the Dutch Government for the completion of the administration building. The intention is to start the actual construction by the end of 2013 after the design and tender procedures. The Executive council can make amendments to the spatial development plan to allow the construction of the administration building. NOTICE Government Departments are kindly requested to submit all notices and publications to the office of the Government Information Service


THE INFORMER PAGE 6 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 TRAININGS FOR BES EMPLOYEES ON WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENT Mr. Levenstone (Saba) and Mr Cornelis (Curacao) St. Eustatius– A delegation of seven from Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (on invitation of the Ministry in the Netherlands, of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovations), participated in an introduction training of Inspector of weights and measures, in the Netherlands. This training was given by the Dutch organization Verispect. Curacao was also represented and will share their experiences to the students and coach regarding inspection as it is done in Curacao. The employee of the weights and measures from Curacao who currently performs the calibration activities will also be responsible for the supervision in the Dutch Caribbean. During the period of October 1st through October 12th 2012, all aspects of the inspection will pass in. There will be some exchange between the theoretical and practical aspect. Included is also a visit to the scales museum in Naarden as a form of recreation. (from left to right are: Mr. Martes, Mr Tore (from Bonaire), Mr. Busby, Ms. Wilma van Zoest (from St. Eustatius), Mr. Bernabela, Mr. Janga (Bonaire), St. Eustatius– The Culture Department held a week of activities in honour of International Senior Citizen Day. The Thanksgiving service was held at the Bethel Methodist Church, on October 8th 2012. Many young people from the community were invited to pay tribute to the seniors with speeches and songs. Appreciation was expressed to the seniors for their pillars of faith, for being there for the young people and for laying the foundation so that the young people can continue to build on it. Special recognition was given to a number of persons in our community for being available each time they are called upon to assist with senior citizen day. These individuals were: Millicent RomneyLijfrock;Patricia Blijden, Ms Patricia Brooks: Ms Glennis Simmons and Mrs. Gloria Hazel. They were presented with a basquette with content. The evening was a success. A picnic was organized for the seniors at the Lions Den on October 10th 2012. The culture Department in the form of Marcella Gibbs picked up the seniors at their homes, so that they would be able to participate in the activities at the picnic. On October 11th 2012 a tour was scheduled to visit the Nustar. In this way our seniors would also get an opportunity to see the development at Statia Oil Terminals. STATIA GOVERNMENT RECOGNIZES IT’S SENIOR CITIZENS AT CELEBRATION


PAGE 7 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 Special Thanks to G.I.S. For the Photos




PAGE 9 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 Dear Sir/Madam, You may have heard of the many countries that have been affected by STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and HIV (Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus) around the world. A significant amount of persons have been a fighting vi ctim for many years until that disease said “No more”. Because we are so caught up with what is happening around the wo rld, we tend to forget that it is currently happening here on St. Eustatius. We often tend to blame and point fingers at whom we think should be the ones to do something about the spreading of diseases. When will we realize that if we all come together we ca n make a difference in the fight against AIDS and STI’s. Because of the afore-mentioned there is a need for all stakeholders living on the island of St. Eustatius to come together in c ollaboration with Public Health Department and make that difference. The Statia Get Involve Campaign is design ed to get the people living on Statia in volve in HIV and STI awareness activities. You may be wondering what does this have to do with my depa rtment, school, church or organization and I will say a lot; you never know what a big difference you can make until you try. We all play a big role, seeing that we all are affected in one way or the other when it’s re garding HIV and STI’s. This year 2012 World Aids Day Slogan is: Getting to Zero. Zero new HIV infection. Zero Discrimination Zero AIDS related deaths. What can you do? Have an informative hour for you employees. Fun night out with HIV informative games One day HIV Radio Program for a hour 2 minute TV or radio spot regarding HIV Decorate your Department with red, white and black balloons, You can also give away free HIV and STI Pamphlets and Poster s and place condoms and Red Ribb ons in baskets for clients. Make a canvas poster with your employee(s) regarding HIV/STI. Should you require any further information please feel free to contact my person on the contact info provided below. Sincerely, Mrs. Shanna Mercera-Gibbs STI/AIDS Coordinator Public Health Department Tel: 318-2891 Cel: 318-5162 Email: We are all different, but should have one motive “Fighting against STI’s and AIDS” STATIA GET INVOLVE CAMPAIGN 2012 Pre-World Aids Day Activities November-December 2012.


ST. EUSTATIUS CARIBISCH NEDERLAND VACANCY As a result of the new political relations that entered on 10 October 2010, St. Eustatius became a Public Entity of the Netherlands. Changes have transpired for St. Eustatius with the intentions to offer the community a better standard of living. This means division of tasks and responsibilities, but also the introduction of the dual system. This new relationship is now in force and has also resulted in a new vision of the task fulfilment and a new structure of public organization of St. Eustatius. The new structure is characterized by a pooling of tasks, people and resources, strengthening of the policy function and control of the Organization and, above all, improve the service to the island community, business and visitors. The new organisation is divided into three directorates: Public Affairs and Organizational Support Society and Welfare Economy and Infrastructure. The Public Entity of St. Eustatius is looking for three experienced Managing Directors Our new managing directors will have the challenge of the strengthening St. Eustatius, lead their directorate and have their experience in the managem ent and projectand program management. The Director will be the official person of command of the in-and outward services and (strategic) projects and programs. Together with your fellow management t eam you will be responsible for the steering on main lines, setting priorities, and the connection between the administrative organization and the island administration. In addition, you will build a solid network with companies and institutions. It involves executive functions in a transitioning community and organization. It is clear that the creation of a new organization and other relationship between Government and society is not obvious. The new strategy and structure requires a different way of managing, leadership, stimulate and organize. Also a great deal of flexibility is expected of employees. You and they will have to invest in their employability. Executives have a crucial role in the change of strategy, structure and culture of the organisation. The final responsibility lies with the Island Secretary. (continue on page 11) PAGE 10 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 JOB OPPORTUNITIES


PAGE 11 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 JOB OPPORTUNITIES (continued from page 10) Requirements: academic work and thinking level and relevant education on HBO-level; demonstrable affinity with the issues facing smal l municipalities and the BES Islands have and will get; directorates; knowledge and experience with the administrative and principles of the policy area of the respective; knowledge of the political and budgetary cycle, and the municipal business; insight into the relevant laws and regulations on the policies of the Governing Board; insight into the administrative, organizational and functional relations preferably previous experience within a small or medium-sized municipality; managerial experience and demonstrate ability to be able and to encourage and stimulate others; skills in coordinating and publicizing the management policy; good communicative qualities, including skills in negotiating and, in addition to the Dutch, also command of the English language. An extensive job profile as well as the management plan of the relevant policy area can be obtained at the Department of Personnel Affairs via email personel.affa For further information you can contact the Island Secretary Mr Jan Helmond, via number 318 2745. Benefits A salary in accordance with the gravity of the function. St. Eustatius has a new salary structure that matches to those of the other BES Islands. The managing directors will be honoured according to scale 13, depending on age and experience. Working conditions are furt her according to the BES Rechtspositie Civil Servants. This also includes participation in the Pension Fund Caribbean Netherlands. How to apply If you have interest in any of these three management positions and believe that you qualify for one of these positions please respond the Island Secretary of St. Eustatius c/o Bureau Personnel Affairs, 13 Kennip Road, Princess Garden St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean. Tel: 599-318-2931. It is preferred to send a cover letter with your CV, by email to Interested candidates can send their response before November 2nd, and should keep in mind that the first interviews will take place in week 46, and any follow-up interviews in week 47. With candidates who apply from Netherlands there will be first an interview via video conference also in week 46. An assessment can form part of the selection procedure. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ST.EUSTATIUS TEL: (599) 3182931 FAX: 0318-3391 – Email:


PAGE 12 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 JOB OPPORTUNITIES Papaya Enterprises NV Sue Chef Responsible for assisting head chef, mavo level waitress Responsible for attend ing to customers, high school St. Eustatius Health Care Foundation front desk poli, medical assi stant, mbo-medical assistant Golden Era Hotel Interior Decorating Consultancy Portfolio recommendation SUPERMARKET INVENTORY Hours:40 per week Education:Secondary CARE TAKER Hours:40 Per week Education: certified WELDER Hours:40 Per week Education: certified welder NURSE RN Hours:40 hour per week Education: Registered Nurse/MBO 4 BARTENDER/COOK HELPER Hours: 40 per week Education: certified Ba rtender/Cook helper MASON/CARPENTER Hours: 40 per week Education:Experience Mason/Carpenter THE LABOR DEPARTMENT HEREBY MAKE IT KNOWN THAT PETITIONS HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED BY EMPLOYERS TO OBTAIN WORK PERMITS FOR FOREIGNERS IN SOME OF THE FUNCTIONS MENTIONED BELOW. ALL DUTCH CARIBEANS THAT ARE QUALIFIED FOR THE BELOW MENTIONED FUNCTIONS EMPLOYED/UNEMPLOYED, SHOULD APPLY AT THE LABOR DEPARTMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Dienst Arbeidszaken, De Graaffweg 13 St.Eustatius Caribisch Nederland. Tel: 599-318-2881. Fax: 599-318-3322.


PAGE 13 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 LOCAL SPORT NEWS The St. Eustatius Basketball Association received an invitation for Statia youngsters to participate in the basketball tournament in St. Maarten during November 5th through November 11th 2012. Other Caribbean Islands will also participate in this tournament. The tournament will be divided in juniors and seniour. Division. The winners in each division will receive a prize. We wish the Statia Participants much success in this tournament. local and International referees ) annually to Norteca (North Central Caribbean Volleyball Federation). St. Eustatius– The St. Eustatius Volleyball Association organized a referee, scorers and coaches training from October 15th –19th 2012. The training was given from 6 -9 pm at the Gwendolyn van Putten School by the instructor Mr. Alex Arnel. Approximately 6-8 persons participated in this training. The training was concerning the update of the rules of volleyball, it was also for persons interested in becoming official referees, scorers and coaches. The examinations were on Friday night October 19th 2012. In an interview with Mr. Elvin Henriquez, we learned that the volleyball association is responsible for sending a list (of their St. Eustatius– The Statia Diamonds Basketball team will be participating in the upcoming Masters Tournament in Curacao from November 11th through November 19th 2012. This tournament was held for two years consecutively in Suriname. The participants came from the Caribbean Islands and the Netherlands. We wish the team representing St. Eustatius much success abroad. STATIA BASKETBALL TEAM PERFORMING IN THE MASTEERS TOURNAMENT IN CURACAO VOLLEYBALL ASSOCIATION FACILITATES REFEREE, SCORER AND COACHES TRAINING SPORTS DO NOT BUILD CHARACTER, THEY REVEAL IT. CHAMPIONS KEEP PLAYING UNTILL THEY GET IT RIGHT




Join us weekly on Wednesday morning at 09.00 Am sharp, on the Government radio programme Shedding Light for a day of self discovery, sharing information, re viewing developments in our community, questioning our elected officials about important issues. If you have ideas, suggestions contact the host, Malvern on 3182745,or use the suggestion box near the entrance of the office or email The Government Information Service is hosting weekly press conferences on Wednesday from 11.00 12.00 with Members of the Executive Council We encourage all the media to participate in these sessions. If you wish to gather information about a particular topic, please submit the questions to the office of the G.I.S. and we will bring it forward in the first following press conference. The Informer, is the St. Eustatius Government Information Bulletin It is a monthly publication of the Island Territory of St. Eustatius. The objective is to inform residents of St. Eustatius about the developments that are taking place within Government and social matters on the island. Published by M.A. Lopes Chief Communication for the Island Territory of St. Eustatius Kennep Rd. z/n, Princes Garden, St. Eustatius, Neth. Ant. Telephone:599-318-2745 Fax: 599-318-2084 Email: Layout by D. Simmons Queries should be dire cted to the Office of the Island Secret ary or the Government Information Service. Tel: 318 – 2604 or 2745 Fax: 318 2084 THE GREATEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE TO OTHERS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE! Do you know anybody in your surroundings who do voluntary work, who render exceptional or outstanding service? The process starts with you recognizing that person, by submitting their name to the office of the Island Governor or Decoration Committee. We encourage Statians and residents alike to submit names of persons in the community. If you want to nominate someone for a Royal Decoration it is advisable to contact the decoration Committee or the cabinet of the Island Governor. They will inform you whether the services rendered by the nominee are exceptional or outstanding enough to warrant a Royal Decoration. They will explain you exactly what you need to do once you collected the necessary information. 318 2552 Fax: 318 2324 SHEDDING LIGHT Honour wh ere Weekly Press Conferences Honour is due GOODNESS IS THE ONLY INVESTMENT THAT NEVER FAILS!!! IT IS BETTER TO DESERVE HONOURS AND NOT HAVE THEM THAN TO HAVE THEM AND NOT DESERVE THEM! Be Thankful for what you have; You’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough! Oprah Winfrey