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Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Volume 2, Issue 6+7 THE INFORMER St. Eustatius– The project for the expansion of the container lay down area has been approved. The purpose of the container expansion is because the present lay down area has become too small due to the increase of arriving containers in recent years and also the continuous expected growth in the years to come. The additional area will be created by claiming land from the sea. This will be done by backfilling the desired area with Rock and Sand. The project identification was signed since June 25th 2012, but the signing of the financial agreement was delayed. It is the intention, however that the signing of this will take place before year end. This project is being funded by the 10th European Development Fund (10th EDF) to a tune of 2.2 million Euros. The current project which is already ongoing at and around city pier, also includes dredging of the harbour to increase the depth. In the interview with the Head of the Planning Bureau, Mr. Maldwyn Timber, he explained how the dredging project will supplement the upcoming expansion project of the container lay down area. It is therefore very important that the dredging works be carried out. The sand from the dredging will be re-used as refill for the container expansion project. The dredging is essential to increase the depth at the pier, to be able to receive larger cargo vessels and to be able to accommodate certain cruise ships. In the photo the arrow gives an implication of the area which will be backfilled for the expansion. The identification fiche for the expansion project was prepared by a consultant together with local stakeholders. This preparation for the container area expansion project started in 2009. Gathering information for the preparation of the project identification is a time consuming assignment. In 2013 the public tender and the evaluation of the tender will take place. When it comes to EU projects it is allowed for other European countries to participate in the tender. The evaluation committee for this EU project comprised of among others,rep September ISSUE 2012 St. Eustatius harbour container expansion approved 1 Starting construction Gov. de Graaff school at Lynch. 2, Words of Encouragement from Commissioner Schmidt 3 Statia Participates in OCT-EU Forum in Greenland 4 Government Info Page 5 Pictorial of events 11 Jpb Opportunity 7,8,9 Inside this issue: INFORMATION BULLETIN OF THE ISLAND GOVERNMENT OF ST. EUSTATIUS ST. EUSTATIUS CONTAINER HARBOUR EXPANSION APPROVED


THE INFORMER PAGE 2 VOLUME 2, ISSUE GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONIES FOR CONS TRUCTION NEW SCHOOL BUILDING Governor Graaff school to be constructed in Lynch St. Eustatius On Tuesday September 18th 2012 commissioner of Education Mr. Glenville Schmidt unveiled the project board located in the areas of Lynch where the school will be constructed. The children of the Governor de Graaff school participated along with the music teacher, Mr. Dennis Amajan, singing a few songs. The Principal of the Governor de Graaff school, Mr. Floyd Woodley, expressed his gratitude for the new school building, he also expressed future desire for an art musical class room. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science ( OCW) is getting support from the rijksgebouwendienst for the execution of the entire programme. The package is a ready made prefab system from the Netherlands. There is a fund on St. Eustatius available for renovation and construction of school buildings. The monies for that budget is made available by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW ) and the Island Government. It is the intention to have the construction of the new school completed by the end of this calendar year. COVERED PLATFORM AT GVP SCHOOL COMPLETED St. Eustatius Commissioner of Education, Mr. Glenville Schmidt officially cut the ribbon to the newly covered platform at the Gwendolyn van Putten school on September 18th 2012. Island Council Member, Mrs. Millicent Lijfrock was among the stakeholders in education present at the mini ceremonies. The covered area was built by Liccom from St. Maarten, while the building process was overseen by Mr. Frans de Witte and Tommywa Safe-Adewumi both from the Rijksgebouwendienst. In an interview with the Principal of the GvP school, Mr. Leen de Jong, he informed the G.I.S. (government Information Service) the importance of this covered area. He mentioned that the covered area is an open space of 16 by 10 meters destined as an area for students when they have an hour in between their lesson scheduled or during breaks, and it can also be used as a place for students activities. Mr. Leen de Jong emphasized the importance of the covered area. According to him the availability of the covered area gives more possibility to plan activities for students. He is convinced of the positive long term effects of the establishment of the covered area. Students will experience and consider their school more as their own. He concluded that the school board has long pressed for the construction of a covered space. Now that it is finally materialized, the school is optimistic about other long term wishes. The school management and school board made important steps towards the realization of a building much better equipped for the modern education for which they strive, which is necessary for the students, so that they can prepare themselves for their future. Special Thanks to Principal Leen de Jong.


THE INFORMER PAGE 3 VOLUME 2, ISSUE WORDS OF ENCOURGAMENT FROM COMMISSIONER SCHMIDT nothing and no one can stop us achieving our goals. Statians must stand up and make a difference; in government, in business, in our private lives, we must make a difference. There is much unhappiness now in our island about many things, but we have the power to change them. (continue on page 3) Yes, we can Fellow Statians, President Obama left us with this powerful statement from his 2008 election campaign: Yes, we can! A rallying cry for millions of Americans who needed something or someone to believe in, who needed more hope that life was worth their living in that great U. S. of A. Millions answered the call and voted for change they hoped would bring about a better life for the less fortunate by one of their own; in the process electing the first black man to the White House. Even in this Twenty-First Century there was room for a new beginning: miracles are still possible. Miracle, you think? The election of President Obama was not a miracle; it was hard work. And to achieve the things he wants for his people will take even harder work and even sacrifice.In our little Statia too, do not wait for miracles to bring about the change so desperately needed to move our island forward. Instead, Statians need to mobilize; people mobilize for action; and action must have a goal. My goal is to see Statia become the best little “efficiency” in the Western Hemisphe re; peaceful, hospitable, sustaina ble, efficient, clean, and productive; having a healthy and educated population; where our people can make an honest living. It will not come easy; we have to mobilize for action. But, we must first believe that we can; that despite obstacles, despite mountains ahead, despite all the odds, we must believe that we can! Put our minds to it and our hands to the plow; STATIA HOST SUSTAINABLE CONFERENCE St. Eustatius—The St. Eustatius Development Foundation hosted a broad based conference from September 25th 27th 2012, entitled “powering sustainable Development”. The goal of the conference was exchanging information and sharing best practices with the objective at the end of the conference to arrive at some recommendations, which can be beneficial for the implementation of sustainable practices on St. Eustatius, moving forward. It was the first of it’s kind which involved professional presentations by international, regional and local experts. The conference was officially opened by the Island Governor, honourable Gerald Berkel, while a welcome speech was given by the Commissioner of Culture, honourable, Glenville Schmidt. The keynote speaker was the Minister of Tourism, honourable Hayden Hughes from Anguilla. He recognized the potential of St. Eustatius and gave advice on how to approach and accomplish a number of set goals. Other speakers and presenters were: Ms. Roxanne Waithe from Barbados, her theme was Agritourism; Mr. Gershon Lopes, his topic was, agriculture development on Statia; Mr. Laurens Duiveman talked about the road to sustainable agriculture; Mr. Joshua Spanner highlighted alternative energy on Statia. During the second half of the day workshops were organized where participants were divided in blue, yellow and red teams. Their objections were to identify priority areas for agri tourism development in Statia; Specify critical actions to support their ideas and they needed to motivate what is needed to be done to promote the two areas of their choice. On the second day, Ms. Francisca Gibbs, Executive Assistant to Commissioner Koos Sneek, addressed the delegates present on behalf of her commissioner who was abroad. The keynote speaker for the second day was the Director General of Nature & Region, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Annemie Burger from the Netherlands. She talked about sustainability policies from the Dutch perspective. She made a number of suggestions to participants with regard to sustainable issues on the local level. One of the local presenters was Mr. Magumbo G. Muntu, he promoted local heritage during his drum workshop, which was welcomed with much zest. The workshop sessions on the second day put the participants to think about a number of areas like: the hotel room capacity, transportation to and from Statia, cruise ships, roaming animals, local farming, garbage processing and much more. The Tourism office organized island tours, hiking opportunities and boat trips for the participants on the third day. The conference ended with an Achievement award ceremony on the grounds of the Executive Council on the Van Tonningen weg. (see pictorial on page 11)


PAGE 4 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE STATIA PARTICIPATES IN THE OCT EU FORUM IN GREENLAND During the Forum, a Financing agreement was signed for a regional Caribbean pro ject for the development of small and medium enterprises of the OCTs in the Caribbean. The program will be coordi nated by the BVIs. St. Eustatius Statia’s commissioner of finance Koos Sneek, accompanied by Maldwyn Timber and Siem Dijkshoorn from the Planning Bureau traveled to Greenland to attend the 11th OCT EU Forum. During the Forum, the Overseas Coun tries and Territories of the European Union meet with representatives from the European Commission and the member states to which the OCTs are linked. The OCTs form a wide variety of islands with different sizes, location and climate, from small islands like Statia to the huge subcontinent of Greenland, from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans and from the tropics to the ice caps on the North and South poles. The OCTs are related to 4 member states: France, England, Denmark and The Netherlands. The number of resi dents vary from 54 (Pitcairn) to the larg est OCT New Caledonia with a popula tion of 280.000. The OCTs are united in OCTA, Overseas Countries and Territories Association. The chair of OCTA rotates yearly. Pres ently Greenland holds the chair and is therefore hosting the Forum. High on the agenda on this Forum is the new Overseas Association Decisions (OAD), which is a decision of the European Council that regulates in detail the relationship between the EU and the OCTs. The new OAD will replace the present one that expires in 2014. An important part of the decision are the provisions on development finance cooperation through the Economic Development Funds, like the water distribution network on Statia that is financed from the 9th EDF. Although financing from the EU to sup port the economic development on the islands will remain an important part of the new OAD, the focus will shift to a mutual beneficiary relation ship in which the OCT’s are recognized as outposts of Europe in the regions where they are situated. The EU will continue to support the sustainable development of the OCTs, focusing on enhancing competitiveness, strength ening resilience and promoting coop eration. WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT FROM COMMISSIONER SCHMIDT Continued from page 3 As government we may have lofty goals for our island and its people but as we often say, government is the people, so the goals of government must be realized by “we the people.” Each and every one of us must take a stand and become re sponsible for the area and space we oc cupy and frequent on a daily basis; take charge of your surroundings, let your voice be heard and your influence felt by those around you; let them know you are one determined to make Statia a better place and show them the way. Be an agent for change and start with me. Gov ernment can only do so much, real change must happen in each of us. Let us make it happen! Commissioner Glenville Schmidt


PAGE 5 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE St. Eustatius GOVERNMENT INFO PAGE NOTICE The General Public is hereby informed that the Economic Affairs department will be closed to the public from September 27th 2012 until October 17th 2012. For urgent matters you can contact the Department via email address: or contact Ms. Francisca Gibbs. Executive Assitant of Commissioner Koos Sneek. We Appologise for any inconvenience caused Ms. Francisca Gibbs can be reached at theinformation noted below. Godet House Kerkweg ST. EUSTATIUS, Dutch Caribbean (t) 00-599-318 2373 (f) 00-599-318 2373 NOTICE The Public Health Department is asking the entire community of St. Eustatius to keep their Yards clean to avoid mosquito breeding and other


PAGE 6 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE NEWS FROM THE REGION PRESS RELEASE October 3rd, 2012 Shipping Inspectorate reports status Krioyo Blue and Crystal Following several reports of the ships Krioyo Blue and Crystal in the media, the Shipping Inspectorate of the Dutch Caribbean would like to list the facts regarding these ships. Krioyo Bleu This ship sails under the flag of Curaao. This means that Curaao is responsible for the authorization and also the demands for safety and equipment. The Shipping Inspectorate, as Port State Control, checks here on Bonaire whether the ship meets the requirements that are set by Curaao and indicated on the license. To date, Curaao has not granted a license, which means that the ship is not ready for the ferry service between Curaao and Bonaire. Crystal The Crystal is registered on Bonaire. The ship sails for a long time with cargo between Bonaire and Curaao. Before 10/10/10, Bonaire and Curaao were one country and one could sail unlicensed with freight and/or passengers between the islands. Now that they are two countries, this journey has become an international shipping and a permit is required. The owner of the Crystal has been warned several times by Curaao for the fact that he did not have the correct papers at his disposal. After the third warning Curaao indicated that they would detain the ship in the case that it would come to Curaao without the proper authorization. The owner of the ship had a meeting with the Shipping Inspectorate on Bonaire and a ‘period of grace’ of 2 months was granted by the Department of Permit Granting of Shipping Inspectorate in the Netherlands. This occurred in accordance with Curaao and under the condition that the owner would still submit an application. This has not happened and the owner has asked if the "period of grace" could be extended by 2 months. This request has been rejected. The Crystal should not sail with cargo and passengers outside the territorial waters of Bonaire (not even to Curaao) until they have received the necessary permit. Within the territorial waters of Bonaire they may sail commercially. In the meantime (August 6th, 2012) an advertisement has been placed in several newspapers on Bonaire for ships that may be interested to submit an application for obtaining a license for transporting freight and/or passengers between Bonaire and Curaao. No responses were received on this call. for more information contact RCN-Communication, Carl a de Konink (795-9034) or Alida Francis (318-4989)


ST. EUSTATIUS CARIBISCH NEDERLAND VACATURE De nieuwe staatkundige verhoudingen die op 10 oktober 2010 zijn ingegaan, hebben veranderingen ingeluid voor St. Eustatius. Vanuit de wens de bevolking een betere leve nsstandaard te kunnen bieden, is St.Eustatius als Openbaar Lichaam gentegreerd in het Nederlandse staatsbestel. Dit betekent een andere verdeling van taken en verantwoordelijkheden, maar ook de invoering van het duale syst eem. Deze nieuwe verhouding is inmiddels van kracht en heeft ook geresulteerd in een nieuwe visie op de taakverv ulling en een nieuwe structuur van de overheidsorganisatie van St. Eustatius. De nieuwe structuur kenmerkt zich door o.a. een bu ndeling van taken, mensen en middelen, versterking van de beleidsfunctie en aansturing van de organisatie, en vooral ook verbetering van de dienstverlening naar de eilandbewoners, bedrijfsleven en bezoekers. De nieuwe organisatie wordt ingedeeld in drie directies te weten: Publiekszaken en Ondersteuning Maatschappij en Welzijn Economie en Infrastructuur. Voor deze directies is het Eilandbe stuur op zoek naar drie ervaren Directeuren De functies Onze nieuwe directeuren gaan de uitdaging aan om mee te werken aan de versterking van St. Eustatius, leiding te geven aan hun directie en hebben hun sporen verdiend in het management en projecten programmamanagement. De directeur is ambtelijk opdrachtgever voor de inen externe dienstverlening en (s trategische) projecten en programmaÂ’s. Samen met uw collegaÂ’s in het directieteam bent u verantwoordelijk voor de sturing op hoofdlijnen, het stellen van prioriteiten en de verbinding tussen de ambt elijke organisatie en het eilandbestuur. Daarnaast bouwt u aan een gedegen netwerk met bedrijven en instellingen. Het gaat hier om directiefuncties in een sterk verander ende gemeenschap en organisatie. Daarbij is het duidelijk dat het opzetten van een nieuwe organi satie en andere verhouding tussen over heid en samenleving niet vanzelf gaat. De nieuwe werkwijze vraagt om een andere manier van managen, leiderschap, stimuleren en organiseren. Ook van medewerkers wordt daarbij een grote mate van flex ibiliteit verwacht. U en zij zullen moeten investeren in hun inzetbaarheid. Leidinggevenden hebben een cruciale rol in de verandering naar de nieuwe werkwijze. De eindverantwoordelijkheid ligt bij de Eilandsecretaris. (continue on page 8) PAGE 7 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE JOB OPPORTUNITIES


PAGE 8 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE JOB OPPORTUNITIES (continued from page 7) Wat vragen wij: academisch werken denkniveau en een relevante vooropleiding op Hbo-niveau; aantoonbare affiniteit met de vraagstukken waarmee kleine gemeenten en de BES eilanden te maken hebben en zullen krijgen; brede kennis van en ervaring met de bestuurlijke, beleids matige uitgangspunten van het beleidsterrein van de betreffende directie; kennis van de beleidsen begrotingscy clus, en de gemeentelijke bedrijfsvoering; inzicht in de relevante weten regelgeving op de beleidsterreinen van de betreffende directie; inzicht in de bestuurlijke, organisatorische en functione le verhoudingen opgedaan bij voorkeur binnen een kleine of middelgrote gemeente; leidinggevende ervaring en aantoonbaar vermogen anderen te kunnen enthousiasmeren en te stimuleren; vaardigheid in het cordineren en uitdragen van het directiebeleid; goede communicatieve kwaliteiten, waaronder vaardi gheid in het onderhandelen en, naast het Nederlands, ook beheersing van de Engelse taal. Een uitgebreid functieprofiel evenals het directieplan van het betreffende beleidsterrein kunt u verkrijgen bij de afdeling Personnel Affairs via email Voor informatie kunt u bellen met de Eilandsecretaris de heer mr. Jan Helmond, via nummer 318 2604. Wat bieden wij Een salaris in overeenstemming met de zwaarte van de functi e. St. Eustatius heeft een nieuwe salarisstructuur die overeenkomt met die van de andere BES eilanden. De directieleden zullen wo rden gehonoreer d conform schaal 13, afhankelijk van leeftijd en ervaring. Arbei dsvoorwaarden zijn verder volgens het Rechtspo sitiebesluit Ambtenaren BES. Hierbij hoort tevens deelname aan het Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland. Reageren Heeft u belangstelling voor een van deze drie directief uncties en meent u aan de functie eisen te voldoen dan nodigen wij u uit uw reactie te richten aan: de Eilandsecretaris v an het Openbaar Lichaam St.Eustatius p/a Bureau Personnel Affairs, Kennip Road 13, Princess Garden St. Eustatiu s, Dutch Caribbean. Tel:+599-318-2931. Het verdient de voorkeur dat u uw sollicitatiebrief, voorzi en van een bondig CV, per email stuurt naar Belangstellenden kunnen hun reactie sturen vr 23 oktobe r a.s. en moeten er rek ening mee houden dat de eerste gesprekken zullen plaatsvinden in week 44 en eventuele verv olggesprekken in week 45. Met kandidaten die vanuit Nederland solliciteren, zal het eerste gesprek per vid eoconference worden gehouden in de genoemde week 44. Tenslotte kan een assessment deel uitmaken van de selectieprocedure. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ST.EUSTATIUS TEL: (599) 3182931 FAX: 0318-3391 – Email:


PAGE 9 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE JOB OPPORTUNITIES THE LABOR DEPARTMENT HEREBY MAKE IT KNOWN THAT PETITIONS HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED BY EMPLOYERS TO OBTAIN WORK PERMITS FOR FO REIGNERS IN SOME OF THE FUNCTIONS MENTIONED BELOW. ALL DUTCH CARIBEANS THAT ARE QUALIFIED FOR THE BELOW MENTIONED FUNCTIONS EMPLOYED/UNEMPLOYED, SHOULD APPLY AT THE LABOR DEPARTMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NURSE RN Hours:40 hour per week Education: Registered Nurse/MBO 4 SUPERMARKET INVENTORY Hours:40 per week Education:Secondary CARE TAKER Hours:40 Per week Education: Sertified WELDER Hours:40 Per week Education: Sertified Welder BARTENDER/COOK HELPER Hours: 40 per week Education: Sertified Bartender/Cook helper MASON/CARPENTER Hours: 40 per week Education:Experience Mason/Carpenter Dienst Arbeidszaken, De Graaffweg 13, St.Eustatius Caribisch Nederland. Tel: 599-318-2881. Fax: 599-318-3 322.


PAGE 10 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE TENTATIVE PROGRAMME FOR PRE WEEK OF ACTIVITIES STATIA DAY This programme for the week of activities working up to St atia Day is a draft and changes may occur before the Final programme is in place. This is to give you an idea what is to come.




Join us weekly on Wednesday morning at 09.00 Am sharp, on the Government radio programme Shedding Light for a day of self discovery, sharing information, re viewing developments in our community, questioning our elected officials about important issues. If you have ideas, suggestions contact the host, Malvern on 3182745,or use the suggestion box near the entrance of the office or email The Government Information Service is hosting weekly press conferences on Wednesday from 11.00 12.00 with Members of the Executive Council We encourage all the media to participate in these sessions. If you wish to gather information about a particular topic, please submit the questions to the office of the G.I.S. and we will bring it forward in the first following press conference. The Informer, is the St. Eustatius Government Information Bulletin It is a monthly publication of the Island Territory of St. Eustatius. The objective is to inform residents of St. Eustatius about the developments that are taking place within Government and social matters on the island. Published by M.A. Lopes Chief Communication for the Island Territory of St. Eustatius Kennep Rd. z/n, Princes Garden, St. Eustatius, Neth. Ant. Telephone:599-318-2745 Fax: 599-318-2084 Email: Layout by D. Simmons Queries should be dire cted to the Office of the Island Secret ary or the Government Information Service. Tel: 318 – 2604 or 2745 Fax: 318 2084 THE GREATEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE TO OTHERS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE! Do you know anybody in your surroundings who do voluntary work, who render exceptional or outstanding service? The process starts with you recognizing that person, by submitting their name to the office of the Island Governor or Decoration Committee. We encourage Statians and residents alike to submit names of persons in the community. If you want to nominate someone for a Royal Decoration it is advisable to contact the decoration Committee or the cabinet of the Island Governor. They will inform you whether the services rendered by the nominee are exceptional or outstanding enough to warrant a Royal Decoration. They will explain you exactly what you need to do once you collected the necessary information. 318 2552 Fax: 318 2324 SHEDDING LIGHT Honour wh ere Weekly Press Conferences Honour is due GOODNESS IS THE ONLY INVESTMENT THAT NEVER FAILS!!! IT IS BETTER TO DESERVE HONOURS AND NOT HAVE THEM THAN TO HAVE THEM AND NOT DESERVE THEM! Be Thankful for what you have; You ‘ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough! Oprah Winfrey