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New satellite will grow

warfighter capabilities

45th SW Public
Affairs Staff Report
Ail iTmportant piece of
w.n i I'l iling Cl pq illpent
was launched April 3
from i (ip Canaveral
Air Force Station atop
an Atlas V booster.
The second In a new
generation of inihbrain
communication sat
ellltcs. the Wideband
Global SATCOM satel-
liles will, from 22,300
miles away, provide
ever increasing capa
btlities to troops In the
We're helping to give
the mosi versatile and
sophisticated technol-
ogy to our warflghiers."
said Brig. Gen. Edward
L. Bolton Jr.. 45th
Space Wing coinmmand-
er. "Congratulations
to the entire Leam for
their hard work and
dedication to the mls-
Developed at Ihe
Military Salelite Com-
nunilcations S\ysiv rl',
Wing at Los Angeles

Air Force Base. Calif.,
Ihe WGS satellites
are a follow-oi to
the Defense Satellite
Communications Sys-
tern/Global Broadcast
Service missions
which have provided
super high frequen-
cy SATCOM for the
President. Secretary of
Defense. and multiple
government networks
for the past several
years. Tactical forces
will rely on WGS to pro-
vide iIntih .:Ip1. Iv con-
nectivity into Ihe ter-
restrial portion of Ihe
Defense Information
Systems Network.
The first WGS
launch was In October
2007, When completed
in 2013. the WGS cotn
stellatlon will consist of
six satellites. supplant
Ing X band community
nations now provided
by the DSCS cotstella
lion and will provide a
one way Ka band ser
vice (similar to what
Ihe Global Broadcast

Service (GBS) pro-
vides). Additionally.
WGS will provide a
new two-way Ka-band
service. With 100
times more coverage.
capacity and connee
tivity. each single WGS
spacecraft provides
more capability than
the entire nine-piece
DSCS constellation.
Actually launching
the Atlas V canyving
the satellite was the
Job of (he 5th Space
Launch Squadron.
"The upgrade is coin
parable to making a
transition from dial up
to a broadband inler-
net connection," said
the squadron's Capl.
Jeffery Fisher, mission
lead for the launch.
"I've deployed twice lo
ISoutheasl Asial and
communication in a
conubal zone can never
he too quick when It
comes to h. rI-lil 111
our frontline \u, ljii
ers!" lie added.

S_". I r- (left) The Atlas V carrying the second Wideband Global SATCOM satellite lifts
,,... ,' ..... 'h. .' i I off from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral at 8:31 p.m. April 3.

SAir Force Space Command: delivering space and missile

capabilities to America and its warfighting commands

Month of the
Military Child


Are you

Vol. 51 No. 14

Patrick Air Force Base/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

April 10, 2009

2 April 10, 2009 Missileer VI POINTS

Robert Goddard would have been proud

By Brig. Gean
Edward L. Bolton Jr.
45th SW commander
Eighty three years ago. space pio-
neer Robert Goddard successfully
latuched the first liquid fueled rock
et. The culmination of five years of
work, it only flew 41 feet during Its
brief 2.5 second flight but it proved
the concept of liquid-fueled rockets.
One generation later, the 45th
Space Wing. In partnership with
allies at the Space aid Missile
Systems Center and NASA. comlplet
ed four space launches and a shput
tle landing all 100 percent suc-
cessful in 29 days. Four launches
in less than a month clearly isn't
a record. It is however, the most
In some time and a signlllcantly
increased operations tempo corn
pared to the seven completed in all
of 2008. Lke Robert Goddard, there
is a lot riding on our success, or to
put it another way: no spacelift. no
space power. in our business. you
may get a second count, but you
can't have a second chance.
You can rightillly take pride in

From the top

your success because your success
enables so many others to succeed.
In the case of these four, the Delta
II/Kepler launch helped promote
space exploration at the outer lilm
its of our imagination by seeking
earth like planets that may contain
life. The Space Shuttle launch will
improve the ability for astronauts
to conduct scientific experiments
on the International Space Station.
The GPS IIR 20 will enhance the
well known position, navigation and
timing [PNT) constellation that has
guided 68 percent of the bombs
dropped during Operations Enduring
Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Last
Friday's Atlas V/Wideband Global
Satellite will provide more capa-
bility than the entire Defense
Communication Systems leet.
Every organization in the wing
played an important role in this
work. The Launch Group oversaw
satellite and booster payload pro-
cssing- -starting months ago when
the systems arrived at the Cape and

continuing through the countdown.
The Operations Group conducted the
range operations portion of the mis
slon. providing the area clearance.
weather, tracking, communications
and command capabilities that we
need to ensure safety and mission
success, The Medical Group ensured
the operators were medically quail
lied for mission ready duties prior to
getting on console for the launches
and range operations. The Mission
Support Group handled our secu-
rity. They made sure the operational
centers were secure, emplaced road-
blocks, cleared hazardous areas and
prepared for contingencies in case of
a launch failure.
Robert Goddard once said. "It has
often proved true that the dream of
yesterday is the hope of today, and
the reality of tomorrow." Fronm PNT
and communications to space exper-
Imentation and exploration, your
work is helping to enhance today's
Joint fight and advance our under-
standing of the earth and the galaxy.
General Kehler said, "Excellent work.
This is a Iremendous eamn. Well
done!" 1 agree. Thank you.

No matter what, character first, mission always

By Lt. Col. Erik Bowman
Jst Space atincml Squadron coMmamier 1Commander's Corner

As we come off a period where the
wing has had five successful major
launch/range operations tn less than[
30 days. to include a shuttle landing.
I've had a little down time to reflect
on the role character has played in
our successes.
Character plays a major role lit
what we term "mission assurance."
I can't tell you how many limes our
folks have had the courage to call
a halt to an operation to make sure
something bad didn't happen. This
isn't always easy to do, particularly if
you're a unior servicemnember telling
an experienced contractor or senior
officer that they're violating proce-
dures. But it's the right thing to do.
Worst case, you might have to scrub
for the day. The consequences of not
halting the operation could be cata-

But if you are a supervisor or
leader, havinggood character your-
self Is insufficient. You also have to
create the environment that says
character is required to accomplish
the mission it's not an obstacle.
When I took over the st SIS, we
expected my first launch to be about
three months after 1 took command,
Before launch. I needed to be certi
fled mission ready (CMR), which is
a pretty rigid certification process.
I had no training prior to taking
command, so this put great deal
of pressure on my folks to meet the
Some of my early traiining was
done by a subject matter expert. but
he was not a certified CMR instruc
tor. The easy fix was to have a cer-
titled CMR Instructor sign this off
after the fact to avoid redoing thle

training and losing several weeks.
Fortunately. the CMR irstruclor had
the integrity to conic to me and say
that he was uncomfortable doing
that. This is the type of moral cour-
age and honesty that is a major far
tor in our string of successes.
Nevertheless. I was shocked at
no point did I even hint tha folks
should do this! I then asked myself.
"Did I place so much pressure on my
folks to make me 'legal' before the
first launch that they felt they had to
compromise their integrity?"
In the end. 1 was certified in time
without compromising anyone's
character to do so. But It served as a
lesson to me. It's not enough to have
character yourself you've got to
make it clear that your subordinates
should never have to sacrifice their
character to accomplish the mission.
There is almost always a way to
accomplish the mission AND be true
to your character.

Missileer staff
Brig. Gn, Edward L. Bolton Jr.
4510H Space Winl Comrrnander
Mr, Brad Swery
nrtel 01 FPLblih Altasl

Capt. Amber Mllierchip
nfpulv Chiet ol Public. Al tai,

2nd Lt. Karl WIet
h:ia) Ol CLirFrreFi Operliwair'

Alrman Ist Class
David Dobrydney

Mr. John Connell

Me. Earleen KlIker
iraphi,. einner
Plitllshed tv r'uldllcalions, Inc.. a
private 1lrm in no way cronne.led with the Air
Force, untllr arrAusgive wtnen ,onrintf WIiii
the 4-lri Spaeo Wing. F'lri, AFB. Fla
This OrlViLiirT enlrprlis, Air FOILe neawspa-
par is5 r r Ulthiprleld i.ublriialion 1 nierbest
',1 his IJ T miliraly seivices Contents ol ihe
Mi s4irel are iour 5.ily olrl ia vi*ewr oI,
'3 endi sed by, 1he US o gvernrf' ntl thp Fl
31 Ihe DJEpsrhmsnt oh 4h& Air Force
rhe dppeasance 1r- adyvrhrsing in this
pLibltcaliion, inclidrng inseils or supplernenis,
do'as nor o trtnite IendrT r e rmen by Ihe D13oD
lihe e 'partrmenrt 61 ifh Air ForeDa r Ct ,p-
Ptlirnpcll- i Inc ol Ihe producer i n ve lra r-
Eyerything adVertrsed rn thi pl.ilrioalln
-lhall b_ m3dr aSealahbl for purchrasa, uLSP or
palrotnao s Wllotia (Pegcld to ra6,e, coloi, Iell
giOQn. Ser.. national origin. agp, m rlleal stalts,
physical haindlr;ap, poliliol al atilation or any
ilhei inon-meil lautii rlI i l i pUIrh9 er. i.ire
r31 p3thon
F dlriloial ,,hrriTri is dilted, prepared and
provided bv the 4!1h S'p-p c Wing F'Piub
Allairs COlic
All philtograplt are ti I- 1r1e ihpholograrh
unielv olllerwrs indlct3ed

Cape Publcations
Advertising Department
PC- Bol 419i00i
Melbourne, Fl 3291 I It10
RE-fII (3,1).M; '380a
tialional (3,1) :'42-38i
ClassItled t3211 259-555
12IO Edward H Whlte II L.
u'ldling 4ii3, Ftcoorm i- i3
Ptriotl AFeI. Fl 3e''
mlssileeFrr par fisc al mil

PAFB Into Line

Submiealon deadline In 2 p.m. the Friday
baton publication,


April 10, 2009 Missileer 3

45th Space Wing Commander Brig. Gen. Edward L. Bolton Jr. (center), 45th Medical Group Commander Col. Florence Valley (sixth from right) and CEO of the
Space Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross Keith Gee (in suit) congratulate the winners of the Presidential Award for Red Cross Volunteers at the annual
Red Cross Luncheon April 2. Each of the winners has contributed more than 25 years and 5,000 hours of volunteer service. "When I think of leaders, I list the
45th Space Wing volunteers among the best," said Colonel Valley. "Our volunteers exemplify the values upon which our country's future depends the quiet
force President Obama spoke about during his inauguration. They give of themselves and the lives they touch are made richer for the experience."

Cape to host Family Day
45th SW Public Affairs Staff Report
1O0. Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and
[iSA K ili. IVlv Space Center will be hosting a
SLC 41 VeruEia F.111111' Day event April 18 from 9 a.m. to
-- tegraten Fooey 3 p.m.
-o A 40 This map highlights a few of the CCAFS
St4 complexes that will be open for people to
-parlo-ridoa lour. KSC will also be opening up several
S-C 47 of Its 1111iI.lI.-u for people to go In and
ULA HoriMontl view,
S. ........ The event is open to all CCAFS and
- SKSC employees, any individual with a
- valid Conmmon Access Card, and their
families. One properly badged Individual
6maou-, 14 per vehicle Is required for access I II11 rIlli lhe gates. Air Force personnel not badged
EA for access to CCAFS or KSC must have a
Fr.st1aurI s valid CAC or a Special Accommodations
v' placard and badge for use by deployed/
iugihou TDY or transferred spouses. Access for
so muun. badged and CAC holders will be through
.... ,CCAFS Gale I and KSC Gates 2. 3 and 4.
Placarded participants must use CCAFS
i-"ii" Gate 1. No vehicles will be allowed larger
S soue, than a 7-passenger van. No pets will be
allowed. For more Information please go
on,, Ito the 1' uilv Day website at familyday.
R 1j'",

The Air Force has 11eiii a annou9Iced
that Ascension Air Field has been rded

the General Thomas I. Whle tEironmental

Quality Award for Overseas Installations.


4 April 10, 2009 Missileer

Military Officers Association Last chance for Al

to offer free memberships By Capt. Michael ynn nd altendling the "Bundles
A1AP *IcI Oqfer for Ba bes" class. Included in

45th SW Staff Report
The Retiree Activilles
Office is hosting a Retiree
Day at Patrick AFB April
18. Members of the Military
Officers Association of
America. Cape Canaveral
Chapter, will be manning
a display of activities and
events available to officers
alctve dulty, Guard, Reserve.
former, retired and survive,
ing spouses who join the
organization. Special deals
are available for jolllng the
national organlzatUon and
the local MOAA Chapter.
For active duty officers.
MOAA is :...Il-rlhie tree one
year memberships. For

$20, active duty officers cat
receive a two-year member
ship lo the Cape Canaveral
Chapter. Oflccers can receive
the free MOAA membership
without joillng the ( hI,.il-r.
Retired, former officers
and surviving spouses can
obtain a two year member
ship to MOAA for $28. For
S2U1. individuals in these
same categories can obtain a
one year membership to the
local Clapler.
For more nlornia-
tion, contact the MOAA
Cape Canaveral Chapter
Membership Chairman, Col.
Susan Nelugehauer. 253

In 2008, the Air Force
Aid Society (AFAS). Ilhrough
donations from the Air Force
Assistance Fund (AFAF)
Drive, donatel supplies to
the "Bundles For Babies
Program" at Patrick Air Force
Base a nd Cape Canaveral
Air Force Statlon to help '19
Air Force families with new
arrivals. The purpose of this
program is to provide a lay-
eite for active duly Air Force
families expecting a child

the "Ibuidle" are:
Largc canvas lote hag
w/AFAS logo
Thermal weave plald col
(o( ertli blanket
C luiniiln.i towel sel and
wash iunppyt
While klitl rib sheet
Two pack printed colton
receiving blanket
Four pack coltoll dia
*'T\vo pack sleep n play
Tw\vo pack onesies

Environmental Audit

By Lex Stokes
45th C''-lP EJn'ir',, r Sqi.. tri.,,
Air Force Space Colmmand
[AFSPC Hleadquarters
will be conducting an
Environmental Safety and
Occupational Health Comr
pliance Asssssment Program
(ESOHCAMP) audit April
20-27. The assessment will
focus upon Cape Canaveral
AFS but Includes all non-
Patrick CONUS locations.
l:.rvcn ILrd.l '- tr llQ brings
a team of environmental and
health experts to assist the
wing In ,,Ilil illlgt Its corn

plane with the myriad of
environmental and ocean
pattonal health raitLli.ri,,s
arid laws. This In depth pro
gran review re.. ii I~ l the
wing's regulatory compliance
and let's commander's know
where to focus their attend
tion. The team also Identifies
best practices occurring for
utse by -i l. r .'ii i.-. a. well as
exemplary programs.
There will be a point of
contact 'iii.--IiiI at 8 a .m.
April 20 al the E&L confer-
ence room followed by a for
mal In brief at 1 p.m. AFSPC
auditors will hold cross talks

FAF drive
Two pair boottes
Classes are open to all
ranks and are nol limited
to a first pregnancy. II Is an
opportultly to leant more
about ip.u n1illi skills, meel
,1il11*,i t.\I l i, iI parents. and
receive a great illn for your
precious bundle. Contact the
Atrnian a Family Readiness
Center for further details.
The 2009 AFAF Drive ends
today. See your lUnl Project
Officer or secllon keyworker
to contribute, Tie goal for
2009 is 839.210.

from 8 9 a.m. daily (except
Thursday) in the E&L coan
ference room. The cross
talks are open to Interested
facility managers and repre
sentatlves. The out brief is
scheduled for 3 p.m. April
27 at the E&L conference
lIri; a l" l ll. al -n:' *n:ll,' r
aged lo review previous
ESOHCAMP ilisrlls and
confirm that previous
ly closed lhllt-inL- are still
closed. For more nltormatlon
please contact Lynda Dawe
at lynda.dawe@ patrick.
af.mll or 494 9295. il

April 10, 2009 Missileer 5


Staff Sgt. Thomas Hackert
45th Space Communications Squadron

Reason for nomination
"Sergeant Ilackert Is a tremendous asset to the
Information Assurance Office. As the Wing Emission
Sectr tilv Manager. he is responsible for ensuring classified
operations ihriilr' '.i i the entire Eastern Range are con
ducted as securely as possible. During a recent inspection,
his program was lauded as 'the best in Space Command.'
A' Ilil ir,.i-tdlv. his dedication and superior job knowledge sig-
nificantly contributed to the Wing Information Assurance
Office's selection as the AFSPC Outstanding Informallon
Assurance Element of the year for 2008."
Master SqL Aaron Micksch, 45th SCS

How long have you been at this duty station?
Three, years.

What is your hometown?
Decatur. 111.

What's your favorite motto or words you live/work
"Never be afraid to try si ii-i li iin new. Remember a large
group of professionals bull the Titanic; a lone amateur
built the Ark."

What inspired you to go beyond the call of duty?
"I was always taught to do I lIiitis right Ihe first time, and
to always try my best."

Why do you serve?
"To help make a difference in The world and in myself."

AFTAC mission to Antarctica

By Master Sgt.
Patrick Murphy
AFTAC Ptrlt.l;,
(Serond in a series)
Preparations for
the annual Autarcllca
maintenance trip
began in March. When
the Bull Pass seismic
site stopped trails
nilltin data In April,
AFTAC put together
a team of experts to
determine why. iThey
discussed every fore-
seeable possibility and
put ,r.. IiI i a plan to
Implement the solu-
"We knew the sys
lemn was broken, and
we decided we needed
an engineering assess-
ment of the entire
system to determine
its long term viability."
said Bob Glinskl. dcief
of the Data S lis
Management Division
In AFAC"s Nuclear
Treaty Monitoring
Directorale, and a
member of the plan
nrng learn. "We added
one of our best young

F i: 0in f l i- E-.
Slaff Sgt Andrew Bliss
(in red) and then Senior
Airman Damien Leppo
lift a 150-pound lead-
acid battery onto the
roller conveyor. The
team moved the 24 new
batteries into and 24 old
out of the building using
the conveyor system as
a safety measure to pre-
vent injury.
engineers. C' il iii
Rickert. to the team
to evaluate the opera
tions capability and the
engineering and nmain-
lenance changes."
AFTAC non coni
missioned officers lead
nmantenanic teams
worldwide, so adding
an officer engineer was
a departure from the

"We have some
of the best NCOs In
Ihe Air Force," said
Col. David Rearick,
director of AFTAC's
Logistics and Systems
Directorate. "We place
tremendous response
billty on their shoul-
ders, sending them In
mary Instances alone
around the world to
remote and austere
sites to perform vital
maintenance. I'm proud
of each and every one
of then for the proves
slonal manieur In which
they represent AFTAC.
the Air Force anmid our
great nation."
Since all thai could
be determined from
Patrick was the data
wasn't Ii.'nI L from
Bdll Pass, the team
had to be prepared for
numerous possibilities,
The planners concluded
Ilte most. likely cause
was loss of power.
The Bull Pass site
uses a hybrid power
system, a comblna
See ARCTIC, page 12

6 April 10, 2009 Missileer

Kids Fair kicks off Children's month
By Susan Thompson We would like la Child: Tuesday of every month I
i. inI U Adotticy thank everyone for help- Diaper Club: every from 10 to 11:30 a.m. a

I. milv Advocacy
held their first Annual
Kill's Fair to kick off
Child Abuse Prevention
Month April 3 with the
help of many base
agencies, the Spouses
Club. First Sergeants
and Iuany other partici

ilg to take the event
a success. The winners
in the bicycle drawing
were Lanodon and Ilr\i
Silva (il photo at right
with mother Dana).
Family Advocacy has
scheduled the following
events for Child Abuse
Prevention Month and
the Month of the Military

W\i I.I llI\. from 9:30
to 11 a.m. at the Shark
* Newlxwon Care class:
second Thursday of
every month frout 5:30
to 7 p.m. at the Ainrmta
& Family Readiness
* L:Xl.,', I.uI Parent
class: second and fourth

the Health and Wellness
* Parenting class:
Thursday from 11 a.u.
to 1 pm. at Family
Advocacy. Bldg. 1370
* Infant and Toddler
CPR class: Wednesday
from 6 to 8 p.m. at the
Shark Center
* The Five Love
Languages for Couples:
April 22 and 23 front
noon to 1 p.m. at Bldg.
* The Five Love
L. U I 1 Il.C' I I' li l i vi r.,:
April 28 and 29 from
noon to 1 p.m. at Bldg.

(left) 45th Space Wing Commander Brig. Gen. Edward L. Bolton Jr. signs the
proclamation deeming April Child Abuse Prevention Month at the Shark Center
April 3. A Kids Fair immediately followed the signing with various activities for
children, including face painting for 5-year old Alainah Allarding, which inter-
ested her brother James (held by father Tech. Sgt Craig Allarding of the 45th
Civil Engineer Squadron) very much. .mil

April 10, 2009 Missileer 7

Solid! The Polaris comes to the Cape

By Mark Cleary
45tih .itW it' Il ,n Offlce
(On April 13. 1957,
contractors at Cape
Canaveral launched
the U.S. Navy's first
solid-fueled fleet
ballistic missile
- the Polaris from
Complex 3. Solid
rockets appeared as
upper stages on Iwo
liquid fueled Bumper
vehicles in 1950. but
the first Polaris Ill.Jl i



was more remarkable
because it ushered in
I he age of large solid-
fueled missiles. Once
the rl,-II.Lilll and safe
ly of large solids had
been demonstrated.
the wholesale conver-
sion of our ballistic
missile systems from

liquids to solids was
only a mailer of thme.
Planners in all
branches of the
American military
appreciated the falc
that solid rockets
would be far less (rou-
ble than liquid fueled
boosters lo handle
and operate In the
held. There would be
no more leaking fuel
tanks, sloshing chemi-
cals or intertninable

A Polaris is readied for launch in 1958.

pumping operations
to hamper exercises
and alerts, and the
self contained boost-
ers would be easier to
stockpile and store.
The Arny's contract
tors had been expert
111. Inlii- with solid
rockets for over a
decade. Solids packed
a lot of thrust in a
comparatively small
package, and Army
rocket scientists were
eager to replace the
service's heavy, liquid
fueled Jupiter missiles
with more compact.
responsive and highly
transportable Pershing
batteries in the early
1960s. Test itir for
the P. r-liul started at
the Cape in 1960
The Air Force kept
a small force of ltq
uld fueled Tilan IIs
on alert uitil 1987,
but it replaced its
more numerous llq-
utd fueled Atlas mis
siles with 1.000 solid
fueled Minuteman
1 Intercontinental
Ballistic Missiles
(ICBMs) in the 1960s.
It updated that force to
Minuteman II and III
missiles as those mits
siles became available.
Test flights for the
Minuteman started at
the Cape in 19613 and
I li-v continued through
the Minuteman 11 and
III series until 1971.
Vandenherg AFB
continued to launch
Minuteman flights
So the Navy's Polaris
was the original big,
solid fueled, ballistic
missile at the Cape.
That said, the Army

A Polaris launches February 27, 1959.

and Its contractors
also deserve some of
the credit for advance
lug the 'state of the
art' in solid rockets
a decade earlier, The
U .S N.i,- r.. i.!. . I
Its Polaris missile
force with the more
advanced Poseidon
missile system around
1970, but the United
Kingdom's ballistic
missile submarines
continued to carry a
version of the Polaris
lnanmed he Chevalitne
in the 1970s and
A total of 576 Polaris
ald lUnited Kingdom

Polaris/Chevaline mis-
siles were launched
on the Eastern Range
between April 13.
1957 and mid May
1987. More power
hil Poseidon. Trident
I and Trideni II mis
sties came along In the
late 1960s, late 1970s
aid late 1980s respect
liv-Iv lringingtR the
Easlern la.n,- grand
total lI N.vIv balls
tic missile launches
to more than 1.100
by the end of 2006.
The Polaris started a
Navy tradition on the
Eastenl Range that
conltiues today.

8 April 10, 2009 Missileer

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1-3 p.m. Child Bowling Special
Airman & Family 1-7 p.m.
Readniess Center Rocket Lanes

Active Duty Masters Pick-a-Pro
Appreciation Night Tournament
5-7 p.m. Manatee Cove Golf
Marina Course

Fid's Nighri Out
6-11 pm.
Youth Proilr-i-s
12 13 14 15 16 17 L ,1 ......... I 18
Easter Buffet Story Time Smooth Move Life Cycle Finances '-" ronsor ,hir- Training Airman Leadership Framing class
Noon 3:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 9-11 a.m. 11 a.m. 12:30 p.m. 10-11 a.m. School class 09-05 9 a.m 4 p.m.
The Tides Base Lirbrar,' A&FRC A&FRC A&FRC starts Scrapbook workshop
10 a.m, noon
Spring Break Bowling Tell-Fublisnh-n Teen Council meeting Teen Literature Day Stamping workshop
1-7 p.m. Workshop 4:30 p.m. 7-8:30 p.m. 10 a.m, noon
Rocket Lanes 6 p.m. Youth Programs Base Library Watercolor workshop
Base Library 10 a.m, 2 p.m.
Pick-a-Pro Tournament Recovering from Arts & Crafts
Golf Course Divorce
5-7 p.m. Free Car Care class
A&FRC 10 a.m,
Auto Hobby Shop

19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Sunday Brunch Safe Boater Class Newcomers Orientation Troops to Teachers Volunteer Awards/Ice 3-Tank Advanced Sailing Class
10 a.m. -1:30 p.m. 9:30-11 a.m. 7:30 a.m. noon 9-11:30 a,m. Cream Social Open Water & Dive 2-3:30 p.m.
The Tides Outdoor Recreation A&FRC A&FRC 1-3 p.m. Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Recreation
Family Fishing Story Time Banana River Swim & Technology Expo "-en rNigh Four Season Discover
Tournament 10a.m. Kayak Race 10a.m 2 p.m. Unlimited Bowling 7-10:30 p.m. Camping Trip
8 a.m. Base Library 3:30 p.m. The Tides Special Youth Programs 3 p.m.
Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Recreation 2-9 p.m. Outdoor Recreation
Pavilion Spouse Orientation Rocket Lanes
1-3 p.m.
A&FRC Pajama Club Story Time
6:15 p.m.
Base Library
26 27 28 29 30 May 1 2
Sunday Brunch Summer Swimming Ielta IWGOES-0 Unlimited E.:, Teen Night Open House and Yard
10 a.m. 1:30 p,m, Lessons registration launch Special 7-10:30 p.m. Sale
The Tides starts Pad 37 2-9 p.m. Youth Center 8 a.m.
Outdoor Recreation Cape Canaveral Bowling Center Outdoor Recreation
Rock 'it Glow Bowl
5K Run/1.5 mile walk 7-10 p.m. Sailing Class
7 a.m. (Patrick Fitness Rocket Lanes 2-3:30 p.m.
Center) Outdoor Recreation
7:30 a.m. (Cape Mexican Buffet and
Fitness Center) Karaoke Bowling Special
6-10 p.m. 1-7 p.m.
To publish events of base-wide interest in future Golf Course Rocket Lanes
issues, e-mail

April 10, 2009 Missileer 9

Personal protective equipment:

seatbelts, cell phones and motorcycles

By Chris Olesnevich
45th SW Saety Office
Allii .li the title
sounds like a country
western song. failure to
comply with these and
you may be -op ji, the
The installation coin
mander has Ihe righl
1o refuse enlry to the
installation for anyone
not hlil \wllri the driv
lt\g rules. He Is the one
held accountable when
IG inspectors note In
inspection reports ihal
the wing populace is
not wearing their seat
belts. When you know
i, ;1\ violate driving
rules, you are setting
the commander up for
The rules are simple:
everyone In your vehi
cle must wear a seat
beltl Children under
the age of four must be
In a child seat.
On a motorcycle.
wear llialtil', colored
upper garment in the
daylight, retro reflect
live at night. Wear an

approved helmet. eye
protection, filll finger
gloves, long sleeves,
lotg pants and over the
ankle shoes.
Hands free cell phone
usage while driving Is
permitted. Dialing, tex
11ilI: uI. .l, kLli \ I rIII.
phone itt your hands is
not. It Is easier to pull
over and talk. and It is
safer loo.

Help us help the
commander in thiss
Imlxortant issue, and in
doing so you may save
your life. or line.

Why do people call them 'miracles'?

By Chaplain (Lt.
Col.) John Baker
45th SW Chapkltif
Chrlstiais have a
ileed to prove Iheir
faith. There is the
quest lor (lie historyl
cal Jesus." There are
those who somehow
think they can prove
Ihe resurrection. There
are those who wanl
to prove by empirical
means that the thlto-
logical precepts of tlhe
Bible are true. Finally,
there the five proofs.
rational argumnents. for
God that every semi-
nary student Is taught,
Somehow ChristUans
feel they need to argue
for God. This is a mootl
point. By definition you
cannot prove faith.
I carnot look for
faith under a micro
scope and see it. I canm
not put it on an atomic
scale and weigh it. I
cannot put faith in a
lest tub and spin it in
a < Iirili rly.l By deftni
tion faith Is -i .liv I ll;1
I choose to believe. It
is not provable, empiri
cal, or scienlllfic. It is
sotetlhing I believe.

Chaplain's Corner

People can laugh anill
mock me because of it.
People can think I am
uneducated because I
believe It. But it does
not change a 'liu I2
within me. No matter
whale others think of
me I chose to believe, t0o
have Wallh,
I ar not alone. This
week over one billion
people throughout the
world will celebrate
something that some
think is totally Illogical.
impossible. and com-
pletely bizarre. Over
one billion people will
say. "Ialleluiah, he Is
risen!" Over one bil-
lion people will believe
that Jesus was dead
three days and on the

Ihlrd clay lie resir
reacted. Small enclaves
of people will L. i l I
at sunrise or at first
light to remember
that Jesuls rose from
the dead early in tlhe
morning il Ihie firsi
day of the week. They
will ',,111t.I on snowy
fields mid mountains
around fires. They will
gather at inner city
parks on soccer Belds,
They will gather on
beaches of wvindswepi
sand. They will gather
in buildings of all
kinds, All these gall
rings will take place
because Ihey believe,
they have faith. A bil
Ion people will attend
Monday. Thursday
and Good Friday ser
vices. Easter vigils. and
Easter Sunday services
because they believe In
the miracle of the res-
I believe in the res-
urrection of Christ
because he Is real to
me. I cannot prove the
resurrection. If some
one puts their finger
to my chest and calls
me an ignorant man
because I believe in the

resurrection, I'll agree
with lheim. I know iGod
Is real and his son
Chrisl arose from lthe
dadl because Christ
Is real lo me. My only
proof Is what others
have said lo me about
Christ, what 1 have
experienced In Christ,

Jesus rose from Ilhe
I believe Ihat the
miracle of Easier can
not be proven and
Ihat ( Is ili -.l.iil. The
miracle of Easter is Just
that a miracle. You
can know the Easter

your hearl. Rea< h out
in faith this Easter and
know Ihe miracle of
Editor's Note: The
Sunrise Servlie origin
ally scheduled to begin
at 6 a.m. SSunday al
the Shark Deck of The

miracle is true too. hbut Tides will now starl at

and the Bible prxolaims it only can be proved in 6:30 a.m.

. ivioloutume, rL-t'auwvy
Tel: 321-254-9579
Cell: 321-403-1332
Fax 321-757-3403
Seduardo martinoCQi

10 April 10, 2009 Missileer il

April 10, 2009 Missileer 11

Patrick AFB welcomes its newest Airmen

IAirman 1t Airman Airman Airman
Class Brad i 1st Class Tanner Peter
Burg Gerrett Cook Dodrill Hollman

Unit: 451h

Butfalo. N.Y.

Reason for
Career level

Airman 1st
Class Joe

45th Civil


Reason for
joining: To
serve my

Unit: 451 h

Tracy City,

Reason for
joining: To
serve my

1st Class



Reason for
joining: To
provide for
my family.


a Iin v\ IIIi ,

Reason for

Airman let
Class David


Scward. Pa.

Reason for



Puerto Rico

Reason for
joining: To
build a better

Airman 1st
Class Eric



Reason for
Family tradi-
tion and to
continue my


Baton Rouge.

Reason for

Airman 1st
Class Lonie

45th Civil
Li ,hiiler

Bronx. N.Y.

Reason for
joining: To
finish Iny



City. Ga.

Reason for
joining: To
have a career
with job
s Iirll.\

- MOViS- Ingenious methods on AFTAC's Arctic mission

PRIDAY Madea Goes to Jall (Tyler Perry,
Derek Luke) After a high speed chase puts
Madea In front of the judge. her reprieve Is
short lived as anger management issues gel
the best of her and land her In jal. Meanwhile,
Assistant DA Joshua lands a case loo personal
to handle defending young prostitute and
former drug addict Candace. Rated PG-13
(mature thematic material, drug content, vio-
lence. sexual situations) 103 min

SATURDAY Street Fighter: Tle Legend of
Ciwn LI (Brahim Achabbakhe, Russell Banks)
Based on the popular video game franchise,
female fighter Chun Li embarks on a quest
for justice. Warriors converge on the streets
of Bangkok, preparing for the ultimate battle
of light versus darkness and good versus evil.
Rated PG-13 (violence, martial arts action, sen-
suality) 96 min
Adults 12 & older S4, children 6-11 S2.
children 5 & under are free, Doors open at 7
p.m. Shows begin at 7:30 p.m.

ARCTIC, from page 5
tion of solar panels.
lead-acid batteries and
diesel-fueled genera-
tors with an 800 gallon
fuel tank. The planners
knew the unpowered
equipment would be
exposed to the extreme
ly cold temperatures of
Antarctic winner, freez
Ing the batt ries s we
as the ePnmratntr enlne

luids. The site repair
probably would begin
with the clean up of a
large, Icy mess.
"We had to prepare
for the worst," Captain
Rickert said. There
could have been some-
thing wrong with the
generators: maybe an
engine threw a rod.
With the 70 degree
... ....... ..- ..

also a change that the
generator freeze plugs
blew out."
The planners decided
the 10-year-old lead
acid batteries would
have to be replaced, so
they had to devise a
way to safely move 48
150 pound batteries in

only four people. They
devised a roller con
veyor syslen, similar to
what Is used un super
markets to unload
stock from tractor trail-
er trucks, and added It
to the overall plail By
October the team was
ready to go,

12 April 10, 2009 Missileer


April 10, 2009 Missileer 13

NCOA meeting
The Non Comndssioned Officers Association
will meet Wednesday at 4 p.m. at the Golf Course.
Elections will be held for two Trustees, a new
Chairman. Vice Chairman, Treasurer and possi
bly the Secretary position. Free memberships will
be given to all that attend.

MOAA Luncheon
The Military Offers Association of America. Cape
Canaveral Chapter, will hold their monthly lun
cheon April 21 at noon at The Tides. The Patrick
AFB Junior Officer of the Year and Outstanding
JROTC Cadet from Brevard County will be hon-
ored. Individual or group pictures can be taken
before or Immediately following the program. For
more Information or lo make reservations, please
call Joe Oblack at 453-2947, Reservations must
be made no later than Thursday. Meals choices
are Flank Steak or a Fresh Frlll Plale. CosI is

Space Club Dinner
The National Space Club Florida Committee
will be holding a black tie dinner to honor the
winner of the 2009 Debus Award, John R. (Dick)
Lyon April 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the KSC Visitor's
Complex Debus center. There are a limited num-
ber of free tickets available for 45th Space Wing
personnel wishing to attend. Please contact Deb
Stillwell at 494-5933 if interested In attending.

Active Duty Appreciation Night
The Manatee Cove Marina will host an Active
Duty Appreciation Night tonight. The night is
open to all active duty personnel as a way for
marina members to say thanks to all the men
and women currently stationed at Patrick AFB
and CCAFS. Marina volunteers will work the grill
from 5 to 7 p.m., serving hamburgers and brats.
Entertainment will be provided by Green Light
Band. and there will be door prizes. For more
information, call 494-7455.

Easter Sunday buffet
The Tides is now accepting reservations from
club members for the Easter Sunday Buffet.
Seating limes are noon, 12:30 p.m.. 3 p.m. and
3:30 p.m. Eligible non members may begin calling
for reservations Wednesday. Club members will
have priority sealing. For more information and
lo make a reservation, call 321 494 4012/7491
during office hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30

National Library Week
The Patrick Library invites you lo Join them
Monday through Friday In celebration of National
Library Week. They will have a special library

themed Story Time Monday at 1W a.m., a Self
Publishing Workshop Tu'lsday at 6 p.n (registra-
tion required), a Customer Appreciation Breakfast.
sponsored by llanpton Inn & Conference Center
Cocoa Beach, Courtyard Marriott & Conference
Center Cocoa Beach, and Residence Inn Marriott
Cape Canaveral, Wednesday at 7 a.m., featuring
hot waffles and a Teen Lit Day Thursday. from 7
to 8:30 p.m. (registration required), where they
will recruit community teens who are Interested
in serving as volunteer library advisors and par
tidcpating In the planning and execution of the
library's summer reading activities. For more
information and to register, call 494-6881. (No
federal endorsement of sponsors intended.)

Spouses Club meeting
The Patrick Spouses' Clu will lie holding their
regular monthly meeting Tuesday to conduct
official Constitutional Business. The Executive
Board has voted by quorum to dissolve the
501[C)7 Patrick Spouses' Club Organization.
Parliamentarian Kassy Brewer will chair the memr
bership vote wlhlch will lake place at 1 p.m. at the
South Patrick Chapel concerning this issue. Pointl
of contact Is Club President Melanie Davis at (321)
536 3101.

Teen Council
Callingall teens in grades 7-12! Youth Programs
will hold aTeen Council Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.
This is your chance to share your Ideas and par-
ticipate In planning teen events. For more infor-
mation, call 494-3770.

Banana River Swim & Kayak Race
The Patrick Fitness Center will hold a Banana
River Swim & Kayak Race April 21. at 4:30 p.m.
at the Outdoor Recreation pavilion. Participants
must report by 3:15 p.m. for a safety briefing.
Registration starts Monday and ends April 16.
Participants enter as a 2 person team. For more
information, guidelines, and eligibilly require
ments, call 494 5042/4947.

Marina Spring Golf Tournament
The Manatee Cove Marina will host their Spring
Golf Tournament April 19. with a 1 p.m. shotgun
start (sign up required by 12:30 p.m.). This best
ball tournament inchldes closest to the hole, and
most accurate and longest drives. Door prizes will
be awarded, along with a Ist Place trophy. Sign
up begins Wednesday. There will be a limit on
the number of teams allowed to play. Cost is 828
per person for golf, cart, and the "Burger Burn*
following the tournament. Musical entertainment
provided by The Tiki Band. Cosl for those who
want to enjoy the food and music only Is 83 per
person. For more Information, call 494 7455.

Open Water Scuba Class
Outdoor Recreation will hold the next Open
Water Scuba Class Monday through April 26.
This entry level 2-week class is held from 6 to 9
p.m., with open water dives on Saturdays. Cost
Is 8240 per person and includess student learning
materials, dive boat fees. and equipment rentals
to Include mask, snorkel, fins. weights/weight
belt, BC. regulator, gauges, and wet suit. Ages 12
through adult are eligible to participate, For more
information and to register, call 494 2042.

Duck Race
People living In Brevard County are encour-
aged to adopt for 85 one of the highly prized
Crosswinds Youth Services yellow rubber Ducks
at varouss local banks and businesses; the pur-
pose is to support this award winning local
non-profit, while entering a race to win prizes.
Crosswinds Youth Services creates opportunities
for young people to succeed by helping young
people strengthen skills, develop leadership abill
ties, and reach their full potential. For more
Information aliout this year's Great Brevard Duck
Race, to be held April 19 during the 34th Armual
Indian River Festival in Titusville, please contact
Douglas Parker at 321-462-0800, or DouglasPar You may also
visli the CYS website at www.crosswindsyouth-

"Grindin' Gears" Car & Cycle Show
Don'tmiss the "Grindin' Gears" Car &Motorcycle
Show May 9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This family
friendly even. sponsored by Advance Auto Parts
in Indian Harbour Beach, Hilton Cocoa Beach
Oceanfront. Red Bull. and High Beams Headlight
Restoration of Florida, will be held at the south
parking lot of The Tides Collocated Club, located
on Itwy AIA adjacent to the base. There will be
live entertainment, food & beverages available
for purchase, activities for children and more.
The show is open to the general public and free
for participants and spectators. Those who want
to register a vehicle in the show must call the
Patrick AFB Auto [lobby Shop at 321-494 2537,
or visit in person at Bldg 331 and register their
vehicle by May 2. You can also download a reg
istration form online at
All makes and models of automobiles and trucks.
including roadsters, street rods, and Imports are
eligible to enter. Motorcycles enter in two catego
rics custom and street. Official "Grindin' Gears"
T-shirts will be available for purchase at the
show, Setup begins at 8 a.m. Vehicles must be in
place by 10 a.m. Registrant of vehicle must have
a valid driver's license. For more information, call
494 2537. (No federal endorsement of sponsors

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