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Vol. 51 No. 12


i Wing launches 20th GPS satellite

Appreciation Day

Women's History

Grindin' Gears

By Eric Brian
45th SW PlAlic Affairs
The U.S. Air Force
early Tuesday morning
successfully launched
a United Launch
Alliance Delta I[ boost
er carrying the 20th
modernized NAVSTAR
Global Positioning
System (GPSI satellite
Into space from Pad
17A at Cape Canaveral
The GPS IIR-20(M)
satellite will take over
a key location in the
constellation of on
orbit satelllles provid-
Ing global coverage
and increased perfor-
mance of GPS services
to users worldwide.
The modernized series
delivers increased sig-
nal power to receivers
on the ground. two
new military signals
for improved accura
cy. enhanced encryp-
tion and at i l l.ili lll.lig
capabilities for the rml-
Itary, and a second civil
signal to provide users
with an open access
signal on a different
"Every year we have
made the GPS signal

better. every year the
accuracy of the sys
tem has improved, and
that is what is going to
continue to happen."
said General C. Robert
Kehler. Air Force Space
Comnnand coimmand-
GPS is the world's
foremost space-based
I~ U i'. I I IIg and naviga
tion system. Mapping.
aerial refueling, ren-
dezvous operations.
i.'t- I'l-I. surveying.
and search and res
cue operations have
all bencfllcd from the
accuracy of (GPS. The
system is critical for
Armed Forces on the
sea. air and land as It
provides critical situ
atlonal awareness and
precision weapons gul-
dance for the military.
"The launch of
another GPS satellite
provides our warfight
ers a system on which
they can depend to
complete Iheir mis
sons successfully."
said Brig. Gen. Edward
L. Bollton Jr, 45th
Space Wing command
er. "Congratulations
to the entire team for

'' l,'lLl I -II, ,- -' I 1'I ..,.ii-
GPS satellite number 20 lifting off Tuesday morning
with a bang at Cape Canaveral.
their hard work and lion also supports a
dedication to the mis- wide range of civil, sci
slon." entilic and conmnercial
The GPS coustella- functions from air

traffic control to the
Internet with preci
sion location and tin-
ing information.
A first for the IIR-
20 was the inclusion
of an L 5 denionstra
tion payload for the
U.S. Department of
Transportation. Plans
are for production
models to provide
increased accuracy for
aviation navigation by
* hi'.innII .'l lonospher
ic inrl-ri-ren'- I hri.i .h
the use of a civilian IIF
signal, said Mr. Tom
Naghi GPS '\,iig pro
gram manager, civil
Every satellite in
the constellation was
launched from Cape
Canaveral AFS.
"It's great to see
months of hard work
by the team pay off in
tie form of a success-
ful launch." said 1st
Lt. Jonathan McGuire,
Delta II Booster Opera
tions Controller. "It's
been a long wait, but
knowing that this sat
ellite will ble dlIe. lv
supporting the war on
terrorism was a reward
worth waiting for."

Air Force Space Command: delivering space and missile

capabilities to America and its warfighting commands

- I m im

March 27, 2009

Patrick Air Force Base/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

2 March 27, 2009 Missileer


Many claim to be one, but they're a special breed

By Brig. Gen.
Edward L. Bolton Jr.
451h SW commander
With lhe cutrrrnt op]xratlons aind
deployment Iempo our Air Force Is
facing. 1t. Is more Important t1 ian
ever that we ensure that those who
serve under us al all levels. mllllary
servicememin'rs and civilian work-
ers. have someone :II v can turn
to for sound advice and tnrsted
council. Our nation expects perfect
tion, To lve utp to thal standard, It
is vital that we all truly uniderslalnd
that mlentoring is a cornerstone ill
developing professional Airmen and
empowering imembners of our Shark
Many people claim to be mentors;
however, a nlue mentor Is a special
breed. Mentors take the iUne to real-
ly hear you and to .i-rs.ildlyv guide
you li your decisions, while provid-
ing career and general life advice,
Real mentors stop in to lind outl
about your issues, listen to you, and




Interact with you on a personal level.
Real mentors set you up for future
success and help you achieve your
goals. Real mellors embody the core
values aid promole gtxod morals andl
Men ors don't Just preach: i1 i-
(each. They allow their hindsight to
become your foresighl. so that you
can avoid the pitfalls they unfortu
nately fell into. We can learn a real
deal from others' mistakes: however,
very few people are -. r \'.liliii4 to
admit IIi.v made them.
And Il th don't act this way
because Il. are obligated to or

because ,III \ feel like they must.
They do so because IInll truly care
anlld because Ilrv see the lxtential
that you have to offer, not only to
your office or to your unit, lbut to Ihe
Air Force and society as a whole,
1 have no doubts that there are
real mentors such as these all
across our wing. However. I'lI also
sure that there are people out there
who could use a little help and some
trusted guidance on all sorts of sub
jects from someone III., v know alnd
Don't wall. for somleole to conlie
to you looking for help: go out arnd
mentor. And if you are a prol6ge In
t% rlliin don't expect a mentor to be
assigned to you, Go oul there and
11nd one thaI suits your personality,
your career, and your goals. And
once you have found a real mentor,
latch on to him or her and learn all
that you can. It may not be easy,
* sl < i.ill at first, but I cant promise
you it will be worth the effort
Thanks Idlr ii I-.r all you do.

Cape Commander? Mayor? Who is Detachment 1?

By Lt. Col. Patrick Youngson
Deltrchment I. 45th MAlssfon Support
Groop commander
Al iltl llel i I've only been the De-
lachrlent 1 commander for a short
period of tnie, these first couple
of lontlhs have opened my eyes
to the ODe's role it tills antazing
place we call Cape Canaveral AFS.
So much so that I've been asked
to provide nly Insight into lte Del
by v.-rii alln his article. If you're not
familiar with the Cape. It's com
praised of l6.000 acres of land with
1,500 factlltes worth 83.5 billion.
The Cape consists of a daily work
force of about 10,000 people and an
extensive wildlife population, rang-
ing from scrub jays and wild pigs to
ten foot alligators.
For hllstory buffs, we have anr
abundance of historic launch com-l
plexes that catapulted America's
Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astro
nauts into the pages of lIlstory. The
Cape has a long. proud hinll.wl

Commander's Corner
(of rocket launches dating back to
19i50. Artifacts from the early era
of rocketry have been ..j ,y.-r Iil pre
served at the Air Force Space and
Missile MutseumT. In addition to
launching rockets, CCAFS is also
home to several n.Ili.t'win'll cu l
(ural sites, such as Indian burial
grounds, original Cape settler cerne-
teries and the only operational light
house owned by the Air Force,
Many of you may only link of
mty oice as a 45th Mission Support
Group detachment that creates
those highly sought after launch
viewing placards, but actually
there's more. With only a hand
fill of personnel, my Del 1 leamr is
responsible for providing safety andu
security for roughly 150,000 launcli
viewers a year. We are organized Into
three areas: Prograim M 1 i., la' l'ii
Office (PMO), Launch Integration
Office (LO) anid Front office lead-

ership. The PMO adulnisters 12
base support contracts '1.,'r.iliin on
CCAFS and KSC to ensure smooth
, d.l operations while the LIO is
responsible for ensuring our base
support contractors are "GO' for
launch. As the Det I commander,
I'n responsible for directing the
Cape Eiihr I ',I' v' Operations Center
(EOC) during hurricanes disasters,
launches as well as assuring thle
most effective integration, control
ard utllzation of CCAFS resources.
Over the years, my position has
had various titles to Include Cape
Commander, Base Commander. Det
CC and even "Mayor." But regardless
of my title, the overall mission of Det
I has remained the same. Whether
S|il 1',ii tiI'4 a launch as the EOC
Director or organizing the upcoming
Cape Descendant's Reution. Del 1
will always take great pride in being
the stewards of tills national trea-
sure known as Cape Canaveral Air
Force Station,

Missileer staff
Brig. Gen. Edward L. Bolton, Jr.
^*lls 'p i VII ( rI an dr i
Mr. Brad Swezy
,lll a nt-l lic A tr llan
Capt. Amber Millerchip

Mr. Chris Calkins
",hPIl vt I U:i Irn I '11 1 or h I I
2nd Lt. Karl
hwv1 ,I NI M wUidI I 11-'' nliv
Airman lst Class
David Dobrydney

Mr. John Con nel

Wl.i/yf lir- l fi !-p i Y c)nr 1,1ed Vdth thu AIll

i', t I 1'1 I I
Fori tul d- Ai T, i, ii ,uf1fl lllw'lv 3 1,i vt -ill

Thia ,,ll ihlsl ,lnrip'r i Ai Foh. r'tvpiv
ul i ; ai4l .ihlr.ll.,eIl I'blt-ilJ' nloi iO, ni lfIv !'b ?


o I, rloi1pil rEin-i d e i irih A r F'a i 0en
tlhe a,0t1incPAFe iI dy ilinn g i to-li
Submlss iocn deadline ials or2 p.m.i Fridays
da's bo Ii-i GOnir']IfIo nd :urcationrrl bI J-
!l 411 arh r
E'/pir hlFn 3 aiVrcnis rJ t1n rlI pllil'ia1ion?
-hil H I rial lad ia h l otir 1 3$1 -iil-as' i imp r
p! mrlviA wiitirihllJ fcal31d 1I r1,e', 1:O i, I|iI
g 1I 1. S .<, nallO na i cD imln. a ^. rila rll sl$al %s.

- t p3 cnr
p[,io'dd b' l he L !,iithv 'pac- V/ini F'ubliM
All pIo OCilraplii 'iph 'A11 I- "ii. 'l'40h' '1Y n1h4
ill -';, oll'pirwi's iindih aid
Cape Publlcatlons
Advertising Department
iM'lbournpv, Fl 3:'11 91'00
iaoi nai (3,?1') I',.:31D

l l Edw~i d l W lile II 'r
BuJilclna 463, (an'i C-130
Laiiiti, UFP. Ft oin(:'1
iniShileAri al'p iiF{k al rlil
PAFB Into Lint
Submlesion deadline Is 2 p.m. the Friday
bTore publlcatlon


Take us out to

the ballgame
(inset) Col. Charles Beck, commander, 45th Space
Wing Mission Support Group, toes the rubber
and fires a perfect "first pitch" during "Military
Appreciation Day" activities at the Space Coast
Stadium In Viera March 19. Moments later, prior to
singing the National Anthem by Tech. Sgt Antonio
McCloud, 333rd Recruiting Squadron (see picture,
Page 1), local servicemembers escorted Army Sgt.
Gary Thompson to home plate In his wheelchair.
Sgt. Thompson was shot twice in the back during a
suicide bomber attack in May 2008 in Afghanistan.

Hundreds of Airmen turned out to see the pre-sea-
son game between the host Washington Nationals
and the Baltimore Orioles. The 920th Rescue Wing
and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management
Institute also played keyed roles In the pre-game

Wing's work continues

after successful launch

By Eric Brian
45th SW Public Aff4tirs
While many were celebrating the
successful launch of the Delta 11 as it
streaked across the Atlantic Ocean.
others who were .iv .rn .I in the 45th
Launch Support Squadron headquar-
ters held off until successful separa
ton of tile spacecraft from the vehicle
aid the all Important acquisition of
signals to and from the satellite,
Representatives of the Air Force's
45th Launch Group and CGPS \ ii
and industry Mission Partners.
including Lockheed Martin Space
Systems, were all on hand illiinnii
signal il-IIi-liiIiI
"We say thanks to the xoosier
and range teams at launch, but we
don't celebrate or have our hot wash
because we're not done." said Li.
Col. John Wagner. 45th LCSS comn
mander. "We're happy at launch, but
we're much happier coming off the
rocket at third stage separation and
we only celebrate after we send the
first command and get a validation
the signal Is sent and received. That

tells us the months of processing and
years of li bilirl, and itlegraling this
new spacecraft have paid off. Only
then do we know that this critical
ndssion passed major risk hurdles
and Is headed for many years of sue-
cessful operation,"
Colonel W .I m I said each mission
type and set of customers has its own
traditions, bul the GPS may have the
strongest tradition now due to the
longevity of the program.
'We celebrate with rnonalcoholcl
champagne," he said. "We always
have a toast by the GPS Wing corn-
l'.ll"'u.n; a spontaneous and
hearty round of applause at signal
acquisition, GPS Wing commander
Col. David Madden led Ite teamin ithe
toast early Iir-'.l.i morning. 45th
Launch Group commander Col. Scott
Henderson then led a breakfast line
outside the main conference room.
The R- specllic process of ensuring
separation and acquisition puts the
focus on the mission, he said.
"The lIR team, whether, contrac-
tor, program office, LCSS, aerospace

and Air Force quality assurance. is a
true family with total fix:us on mis
slon success." said Colonel Wagner.
"It's important to understand that we
don't launch rockets here at the 45th
Space Wing we launch Important
missions that will benefit joint forces
worldwide for many years. This M-
code, modernized GPS with the first
L5 signal mission Is extremely impor
tant to worldwide users.
'Thls was Lt. Ben Seabough's first

March 27, 2009 Missileer 3

mission as Spacecraft Operations
Offer, lie did an excellent Job lead-
ing our ops team. and it's bittersweet
for me. as I know this is my last GPS
launch and acquisition," said Colonel
Wagner, who will change command
this suntiner. 'We have an absolute
ly outstanding team ad overcame
many obstacles to get to this point
- but inssion success is worth the

What's in a patch?
The patch for Tuesday's Delta II launch
is unique in its inclusion of the character
Mighty Mouse. The Delta II vehicle Is the S 1
smallest of the three launch vehicles cur-
rently used, but It always come through
to "save the day" as the most reliable
spacellft vehicle in the Air Force's inven-
tory. The arrow in the background also
represents the booster as It lifts off from
earth. The Navstar is representing the
GPS satellite atop the "Mighty" vehicle.
There are 19 additional stars in the back-
ground representing the 19 other IIR
missions with one of those being IIR-1,
which was lost, as the yellow star still
touching the surface of the planet.
(Information provided by 1st. Lt. Dario
Plazas, 1st Space Launch Squadron)

Women's History Month: the right to fight

By Capt.
Bai Lan Zhu
5th Space Launchd
What would It be
like to be a patriotic
American and denied
the opportunity to
serve In the U.S. mill
tary at times of war?
And what would It be
like to have served
honorably in a mill-
tary capacity. suffer
injuries under hostile
enemy fire or even lose
your life, and not even
be recognized as a vet-
In May of 1782, a
22 year old youngster
by the name of Robert
Shurtliff enlisted in the
Continental Army. The
soldier's real identity
was Deborah Sampson,
the oldest daughter
in a family of seven
children. Disguised
as a man, she was

chosen for the light
Infantry Company of
the 4th Massachusetts
Regiment. Sampson
went on to serve one
and a half years and
fought in six skir
nlishcs. After taking
two musket balls in
the thigh. she had to
escape front the hos-
pital before doctors
cold real t1 so as to
avoid discovery of her
true gender. She sue
cessfully removed only
one of them herself and
tie injury never healed
correctly, By the end of
the war. her true [den
ltfy was known. Despite
knowing she was a
woman who enlisted
illegally, General
George Washington
gave her an honor-
able discharge at West
Point. Ten years after
the war. Sampson filed
multiple petitions for

the veteran's pension
that she was denied
due to her gender, She
eventually won and is
recognized today as the
Official Heroine of the
State of Massachusetts.
Sampson was the
first female soldier in
the Revolutionary War
and one can argue she
was a pioneer in ithe
fight for women's equal
tfy in the U.S. military,
Unlike the Revolution.
the latter battle con

tinued into the twen-
tieth century. In the
early 1940s. the U.S.
Army faced a shortage
of pilots. Thousands
of new airplanes were
coming off assembly
lines and needed to
be delivered to mili-
tary bases nationwide.
yet most of America's
pilots were in combat
overseas. To deal with
the backlog, the go"-
ernment launched an
experimental program

to train women pilots
to fly military aircraft.
Starting In 1942. over a
thousand women who
were already licensed
pilots were trained to
carry out military mis
sons. They were known
as the Women Air force
Service Pilots [WASPs).
By 1944, WASP fliers
not only delivered more
than 12.000 planes
from factories to their
respective bases, but
also tested new planes.

trained male pilots.
and towed targets for
live anti-aircraft artil
lery practice. Thirty-
eight women pilots
died while serving in
the program. Because
they were not given
military status, their
bodies were returned
home without tradi-
tional military honors.
The WASPs were finally
recognized as military
pilots In 1977 when
Congress declared
them as WWVI veter-
Today, women
account for 19 percent
of our total force in
99 percent of career
fields. As we celebrate
Women's History
Month, I challenge fel-
low Americans to take
a deeper look into our
history, reflect upon
the contributions
women made to our
country and obtain a
better appreciation for
those who paved the
road for the women
serving in the U.S.
Armed Forces in the
21st century.

4 March 27, 2009 Missileer

March 27, 2009 Missileer 5

Disaster led to greater cooperation

By Mark Cleary
511th SW 14.1, ir 11f ) r. k
()n March 27. 1981. the five
story Harlxbor Cay Condominiltutn
under construction in Cocoa Beach
collapsed suddenly and devastate
Itgly. Wrapping and kill in workers
In a real sea of debris. (i l Ilv
rescue workers. local businesses.
Kennedy Space Cenlter emergency
response Icans,a and the ien alnd
women of Patrick AFB ltrned out
in large numbers to assist in the
around-the-clock rescue effort
which began within minutes of lhe
More tlia 400) people frorn
Patrick and Cape Canaveral were
onstte shortly after the collapse.
rllt remainrled Ihere In shifts
for more than 57 hours, remov-
ing debris and providing medical
care. supplies, equipment and
food to the Injured and their fel
low workers until the last victim

History Highlights

was found. Sadly, 11 workers died
in the disaster, and 23 others were
injured. According to B111 Breyer. a
15th Space Wing range *.ik i' iuan
ager, " the best of imy recollec
tlon, it was tie worst local disasler
in mly in lory |not .,III illi I hlie
t I 11 Iu.LL- dtIsaster Iln I' I I came
to Brevard County in 1974."
In the wake of tie tragedy,
local officials were amazed at the
response that came from tic Cape,
KSC and Patrick AF3. Air Force
arnd KSC manpower, Inrcks. and
emergency equipment (Including a
100-ton crane) were Invaluable to
the overall effort. Local colnmunity
governments began to realize how
much qmlullli manpower and eqtip
ment was available at Patrick, the
Cape, and KSC to respond to a nat-
ural or manmade disaster.

In the spring of 1983. Air Force
and Brevard 0 'i' ilv officials signed
a tultual aid agreement guarantee
ing Immctridtate Air Force crmergerncy
service to the unincorporated area
froiil soul h of Cocoa Beach to the
north end of Patrick AFB. Other
mutual aid agreements were writ
ten with communities In the local
area. As one Brevard County ofti-
cial put 11 in 1983. "if a county
dispatcher doesn't believe a county
crew from Merrlltt Island ca gel to
the beach quickly i-i. ,u. t. Patrick
crews will go there first and begin
handling the emergency." In light
of recent national and world events
that underline the twin threats of
natural disasters and terrorism,
It Is Important to remember that
federal agencies, local governments
and the people at Patrick. the Cape.
and their surrounding community
ties have a tradition of helping one
another in times of need.

I I -W
(Above and left) workers dig through
the remnants of the Harbour Cay
Condomiums for survivors following
its collapse March 27, 1981.

See real hot wheels at Grindin' Gears show

By Chris Kraus
45th Force Support
Hey car and motor
cycle enthusiasts
- break out the car
wax and start polish-
ing and detailing your
ridel Thai high gloss
shine just might earnl
you First Place at
Patrick Air Force Base's
"Grindin Gears" Car &
lMil-. iv., Show May
9 from 10 a.m. to 3
p.m. This family friend-
ly event, sponsored by
Advance Auto Parts in
Indian Harbour Beach,
Hilton Cocoa Beach
Oceanfront, and Red
Bull, will be held at the
, i li [parkiiitlot olThe
Tides Collocated Club,

S I: i ..I r .' : ?., i. irl I
Snark the Shark says, "Don't miss the 'Grindin' Gears' Car & Motorcycle Show
on Saturday, May 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the south parking lot of The Tides
Collocated Club."
located on Highway A1A Crafts Director. "We will the general public and
adjacent to the base. have live entertainment, free for participants
-There will be fun food and beverages and spectators. Those
for the entire family." available for purchase. planing to participate
said Nancy Wilberg, a bounce house for the in the show must call
45th Force Support kids and more!" the Auto Hobby Shop
Squadron's Arts & The show is open to at 494 2537. or visit in

Kids' Fair kicks off Month of the Military Child

45th SW Staff
Are your kids grow-
ing? Are you moving to
or just moved from a
different climale? Drop
off your kids' clean
L. IiI K I-. I ,lllli
at the donation points

at Family Advocacy
(behind clinic), Child
Development Center.
Airman & Family
Readiness Center.
Youth Center (in The
Landings housing
area) before Thursday.
and during all Patrick
Chapel worship servic-

es Sunday. If you have
I Iliti 1 to donate, but
still want to partici-
pate you may bring a
donation of toiletries
or baby care tlems to
benefit local women's
shelters. Parents can
then pick up "new"
,*Iilluat at the Kiddie
KInJrIll liii \Sw';i at the
Kids Fair to be held
at the Shark Ccnler
from 2:30 to 5 p.m.
Participation Is linm-
ited to ID card hold-

ers. In addition to the
Kidding KI ld.ilun Swap.
there will be certified
car seat inspections.
information on child
care options and VPK
program. tips on what
to fix for dinner on
the run, what can a
fminilv do for fun at
Patrick. There will also
be drawings for a new
bicycle or movie tick-
ets. For more inforna-
tion contact Family
Advocacy at 494-8171.

person at lllillinj 331
and register their vehi
cle no later t tan May 2.
You can also download a
registration form online
at www.GoPatrickFL.
comr and Ihent send it at
the Auto lobby Shop.
All makes and mod
els of automobiles and
Inicks, including road
sters. street rods, and
imports are 'ligihl. to
enter. Motorcycles are
also eligible lo enter in
Iwo categories: custornt
and street. Please have
the following inforna-

tion available when you
register: name, address.
)hone number, vehi-
cle year. and make
and model of vehicle,
Vehicles must be in place
by 10 a.m. Setup begins
at 8 a.m. Registrant o[
vehicle iunsl have a
valid driver's license.
Official "Grindi' Gears'"
T-shirts will be avail-
able for purchase at the
For more informa-
tion call 494-2537. (No
federal endorsement ot
sponsors intended.)

Masters Pick-a-Pro Tournament
The Manatee Cove Golf Course will host
a Masters Pick-a-Pro Golf Tournament April
11 12. Participants pick a professional polfer
that made the cut and will be playing on the
weekend. Format is a 2-person team (tour pro
plus golfer's net). Your net score, along with
the tour professional's Si.uida score, count
as your team score. Parucipcui.s can sign up
for both days and may pick a different tour
professional. Participants must sign up in
the pro shop before going out to play, have a
USGA handicap or play scratch, and if signing
up April 12. pick a pro thai has not completed
their round. Upon completion of your round,
your scorecard must be turned in to the pro
shop with two signatures on it. Gift certificates
will be awarded to the top 25 percent of the
field. Ties are determined l'arln.iii with the #1
handicap hole. Cost is $5 per entry and pay
ment is made at time of r< si.ltra,l.i Y.;u may
enter twice (once on each 'l.iv. Il Iinor.'- nfor-
mation, call 494-GOLF.

6lMarch 27, 2009 Missileer


March 27, 2009 Missileer 7


(AFMS) Successful
career progression for
Airmen requires hard
work, planning and
dedication, but even
more importantly, an
accurate personnel
Of all the actions
Airmen can take to
affect their chances for
promotion and profes-
sional development.
the most important is
ensuring their personal
Information is correct.
Missing or inaccurate
information. such as
enlisted or officer per-
formance reports, dec-
orations, awards and
citations, can affect
promotion scores and
developmental team
vectors for senior air-
men through general
Fortunately, the Air
Force makes it easy for
anyone to check and
correct their records
online through the vir
tual Military Personnel
Flight, or with a single
call to the Total Force
Service Center at (800)
"Every Airmen
should make it a pri-
ority to review his or
her record on a routine
basis and prior to any
board where the record
may be reviewed,"
said Ma). Gen. K.C.
McClain. Air Force
Personnel Center com-

records, personal information vital to career

Asa helpfulreminder.
Airmen receive e mall
notifications around
their birthday each
year advising them to
review their electron-
Ic personnel records
maintained within the
Military Personnel Data
"Be proactive and
take control over your
career progression by
reviewing your person
nel records regular
ly." General McClain
To complete a
records review, log in
to vMPF, read through
all records, and print a
hard copy for personal
safekeeping. If errors
are discovered. Airmen
can often make needed
changes to the record
In vMPF, where update
links are provided. For
errors not correctable
online, the Total Force
Service Center is avail-
able 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, to assist
Airmen In correcting
their information.
Theelectronic version
of a member's record
Is printed and main
trained at the Selection
Board Secretariat at
the Air Force Personnel
Center. Categorized
as either the Officer
Selection Record or
SNCO Selection Record.
records are kept for
the purpose of meeting
promotion and evatla-
lion boards.
"While the Selection

Board Secretariat will
do its best to ensure
your records are com-
plete and accurate,
your personal involve-
ment and due diligence
are the key to get
ting corrections made
to a record prior to a
promotion or evalu
action board," said Lt.
Col, Robin McKinley.
the Selection Board
Secretarial operations
"We also recommend
officers and Senior
NCOs. as a minimum.
request a copy of their
select on record prior
to their promotion or
evaluation board to
ensure all necessary
documents are filed and

all information is cor
rect." Colonel McKinley
Requesting a copy
of your record can be
done several ways. Air
Force Instruction 36-
3003 allows a member
to request a permissive
TDY to view the hard
copy of their record. If
unable to go permissive
TDY, you may call DSN
665 2371 for a records
review via phone. If you
would like to obtain a
copy of your record.
you may fax a signed
request, which must
include your name.
social security nun-
ber and signature, to
DSN 665-2421. You
may also request an

e copy by sending a Service Center at (800)
digitally signed e-mall 525-0102, commercial
request to records. (210) 565-5000 orDSN
review-erandolph. 665-5000.
For more tnforma-
tlion, visit your Force
Support Squadron or
call the Total Force

8 March 27, 2009 Missileer

Events Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Women's History Month Egg Hunt
Luncheon 10 a.m.
11 a.m. 12:30 p.m Youth Programs
The Tides
Rock 'it Glow Bowl
Surf Fishing class Special
5-7 p.m. 7-11 p.m.
Outdoor Recreation Youth Programs

Teen Night Surf Fishing class
7-1030 p r, 7-11 a.m.
Youth Programs Outdoor Recreation

29 30 31 April 1 2 3 4
Sunday Brunch Safe Boater Course Monthly 5K Run/1.5 10K Punr Challer,-e Thursday Evening Golf Italian Buffet/Karaoke Framing class
10 a.m. 1:30 p.m 9:30-11 a.m. mile walk 7am, League starts 5:30-9:30 p.m. 9 am. 4 p,m,
The Tides Outdoor Recreation 7 a.m. (Patrick Fitness Patrick Fitness Center 5 p.m. Golf Course Arts & Crafts
Center)/7:30 a.m. Manatee Cove Golf
Story Time i Ca r. Fitness Center) Airman Leader :lip Course Historic Cape
10 a.m, School Class 09-04 Canaveral Bus Trip
Base Library Operation NOW Graduates 9:30 a.m. 1 p.m.
10 a.m. -1 p.m, Outdoor Recreation
lThrougth April 2) Ceploei1 Fanil.,e cil
750 Ramp Dispia, Piojci Month of the Military
5:30-6:30 p.m. Child bE..- Ilr,. Special
Birthday Night A&FRC 1-7 p.m.
The Tides Rocket Lanes

5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Sunday Brunch Pre-Separation 1st Term Airman Project Teen Bundles for Babies/ Applying for AF Jobs Month of the Military
10 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 9-10 30 a.m Financial Management Employment Newborn Care 1-3 p.m. Child Bowling Special
The Tides A&FRC 8 a.m. 4:30 p.m. 9 a.m. -2:30 pm. 5:30-7:30 p.m. A&FRC 1-7 p.m.
A&FRC A&FRC A&FRC Rocket Lanes
Fundamentals of Active Duty
Resume Library Research Skills Spring Break Special Appreciation Night Masters Pick-a-Pro
1-3 p.m. 3-Day Workshop starts 11 a.m. 4 p.m. 5-7 p.m. Tournament
A&FRC 11 a.m. noon Rocket Lanes Marina Manatee Cove Golf
Base Library Course
Kid's Night Out
Spring Break Special 6-11 p.m.
11 a.m. 4 p.m. Youth Programs
Rocket Lanes
12 13 14 15 16 17 SSiT..r~.ay I 18
Sunday Brunch Story Time Smooth Move Life Cycle Finances Sponsorship ra inini Airman Leadership Framing class
10 a.m, 1:30 pm. 10 a.m. 9-11 a.m. 11 am. 12:30 p.m 10-11 a.m. School class 09-05 9 a.m. -4 p.m.
The Tides Base Library A&FRC A&FRC A&FRC starts Scrapbook workshop
10 a.m. noon
Spring Break Bowling Self-Publishing Teen Council ,i-tini. Teen Literature Day Stamping workshop
1-7 p.m. Workshop 4:30 p.m. 7-8:30 p.m. 10 a.m. noon
Rocket Lanes 6 p.m. Youth F ic;r -ims Base Library Watercolor workshop
Base Library 10 a.m. 2 p.m.
Pick-a-Pro Tournament Pa. ::, -'rig from Arts & Crafts
Golf Course Divorce
5-7 p.m. Free Car Care class
To publish events of base-wide interest in future A&FRC 10 a.m.
issues, e-mail Auto bobby Shop
Li~sop :uAuto Hobby Shop

March 27, 2009 Missileer 9


Staff Sgt. Daniel Kern
45th Weather Squadron

Reason for nomination
"Sergeant Kern was an integral part of the STS-126
Ferry 'llhIl Teanm that flew out to California to bring the
shuttle home. The team provided continuous weather
l.riel'ites during the cross-country trip, culminating
In the safe return of Endeavour to Kennedy Space
Center. Seii..uill Kern attended training for the Joint
Environmental Toolkit (JET): our next rs.rorlll',i of
weather equipment. lie is developing Standard Opt i, iliig
Procedures and training for the squadron. Over the past
year. Sergeant Kern has dedicated himself to illness as a
squadron PT leader. He has completed several 5Ks, lOKs,
a half marathon and the annual 180-mile Sunrise oi

Sunset relay marathon across the state of Florida."
Tech. SgL Judi Janssen. 45th WS

How long have you been at this duty station?
"Six years. Iwo months."

What is your hometown?
Tucsun. Ariz.

What's your favorite motto or words you live/work
"I may not win the race, but the race will not Ixal

What inspired you to go beyond the call of duty?
"I love tty [ob. and enjoy going in every day,"

Why do you serve?
"(rin.ll.dlv It was the education opportunities, but the
longer 1 am in, the more I have come to love the lifestyle
and the pride that comes with serving your country."

FAMCAMP a SMART way to see the country

By Mike Daly
SMART Menmer # 12592
"Seeing the country we defend" is the motto
of the Special Military Active Retired Travel Club
(SMART). fHow many times oni a long trip to a
new assignment did we rush to get there and
not take time to see tils country we love and
serve? Good news for active and retired veterans
(and spouses) u In Iliml n reservists and National
Guard, from all the uniformed services. If you
own a recreational vehicle (RV) or are think-
ing about Tr Iill i n' 11 lr h i-ii I one then maybe
you would be wise to learn urore about SMART.
Founded in 1982. this travel club has 57 chap
ters in all 50 states and is touted as one of the
best keep secrets for RV users.
A military social club serving eligible veter-
ans both married and single who have an RV.
5th wheel, pop-up camper, or tent this club canr
assist the novice or experienced RV user. Attend
a local chapter function and learn how to buy
or rent an RV from someone wtho has done that
one or more times or Just enjoy the fellowship of
military veterans who have traveled the USA and
the rest of the world. We have two local chap
(ers in the Melbourne/Titusville area. Go online
to or call 800-354-7681 to
learn the names, phone numbers, and e-mail
addresses of local officers of each chapter.
Active duty, reservists. National Guard merm
bers are learning that weekend drills and tem
porary duty assignments can be much more

enjoyable if you stay in the inexpensive sI.'- 1 -I ,
per night) Family Campgrounds (FAMCAMP) on
many military bases. These campgrounds often
have shower and laundry faculties, most have onr
site 30 or 50 amp electrical connections and sep-
tic services, some have cable, Internet support,
and club houses. RVs can help make drills and
temporary duty a family affair and save money
on expensive PCS travel. RVs can be purchased
as a tax-deductible second home and long-ternm
(20 years) financed. Some RVers have second or
extended careers like nurses or craft show artists
arnd the RV can have sonic business expense tax
Many retirees have sold or rented their prima
ry home aid bought a beautiful bus style Class
A motor home ir llvn reducing their property
taxes) and live year round at military/ civilian

campgrounds, traveling to where the weather Is
best for that time of year. Some take temporary
part time jobs as campground hosts in exchange
for reduced/free campgrotud fees. Patrick Air
Force Base and Key West Naval Station have
large FAMCAMPs (hat are very popular during
the cold winter months further north. AAFES
has guides for temp lodging and iiillinlr' camp
grounds for sale.
SMART also sponsors caravans across
America aid abroad, 1E \1 rl'n II -di memlhbers
called "wagon masters" volunteer to lead cara-
vans to many .. IlIlle, places such as Alaska.
New IIl.iji.I Nova Scotia, the Southwest.
Mexico, event Australia or New Zealand. These
caravans are usually for longer time frames and
cost 30-50 percent less than civilian run cara-
vans found in RV magazines or online. Many
times they stop at military campgrounds to save
money and use the exchanges, commissary, etc.
You cammot put a price on the friendship,
camaraderie, and fellowship and SMART is an
extension of the best part of the military life
style that many have enjoyed IIir' i ii.'iiI their
careers. Throughout the year and across the
slates they have L. iti.-rli;- called "musters"
where old friends renew past experiences. As a
member you receive a bi-monthly magazine thai
features RV articles, muster information and
caravan reports/tours. Visit the Web site if you
are not yet a member to learn more. See you on
the road

10 March 27, 2009 Missileer

Passover: a message of freedom

By Barry Chfer gence, under the lead- (Five Books of Moses)
Patrick Chapel Jewish ership of Moses, as a on Mount Sinai and
Lay leader nation free to serve G d. how after forty years In

the Festival of Matzos.'
We are commanded to
eat maizah and to rid
ourselves of "chometz"
all bread and leavened
food products for the
entire eight days of the
holiday. (This Includes
food and drink made
from wheat, barley.
rye, oats, spell or their
derivatives.) This mnpor-
tant commandment
offers us great Insight
Into the true nature of
liberation. The differ-
ence between leavened
bread and matzah Is
obvious; whereas bread
rises, the Passover mat
zos are not permitted to
rise at all. The 'puffed
up' nature of chometz
symbolizes the charac
ter trait of arrogance
and conceit. The flat,
unleavened matzah
represents complete
Humility Is the
beginning of libera
tion, and the founda-
uion of spiritual growth.
Only a person who can
acknowledge his own
shortcomings and sub
mit to a higher wisdom
can free himself from
his own limitations. On1
Passover, we are forbid
den even the smallest
amount of chometz, we
symbolllcally rid our-
selves of arrogance and
self centeredness front
within ourselves. By
eating Passover matzos.
we internalize the qual-
Ity of humility.
The Passover Seder,
the traditional Holiday
meal of the first and
second nights of the
festival, has through-
out the ages been a
unique opportunity
for all members of the
family to Join together
In thanksgiving to G
d for His miraculous
redemption. Each gen
ration and each per-

son is commanded to
see ourselves not only
on Passover, but each
day of the year as if we
personally were taken
out of Egypt. The story
of the Exodus is retold
through the colorful
and tasty symbolism of
special holiday foods.
coupled with the cus
tomary recitation of
beautiful songs, prayers
and stories.
The Seder is a festive
event. At a table royally
set with our best crystal
and silver, we re enact
the Exodus by reading
the Haggadah, We also
pray for the forthcom-
ing redemption speedily
in our days.
This year Passover
begins the evening
of April 8 and con-
eludes at sunset April
16. The first two days
andi the last two days
are considered major
Holy Days and work
related activities arc
not allowed. Work is
permitted during the
intermediate days. The
holiday of Shavous fo]
lows 49 days later (May
29. 30) when work relat-
ed activities are also not
permitted. Individuals
seeking Information
about worship services
In the local area can
contact me,
Editors's note: Marly
readers have asked
why the name of -d
is not spelled out com
pletely in this artice. To
Jews, the written (and
spoken) nwrne of d is
Holy. Since newspapers
are usually discarded.
the sages adopted the
prarcice of letting out a
letter in G d's name to
show respect. In other
printed material that is
riot usualdl dsisposable
such as books. OG's
arme mrnc he spelled
out. il

Major Promotion party
There will be a promotion party for the 45th
Space Wing's new Major selects at the Tides Club
April 9 at 3 p.m. Contact Capt. Brian Capps at
494 8665 for more Information.

Spouses' Club meeting
The Patrick Spouses' Club will be holding their
regular monthly meeting April 14 to conduct
official Constitutional Business. The Executive
Board has voted by quorum to dissolve the
501(C)7 Patrick Spouses' Club Organization.
Parllamentartia Kassy Brewer will chair the
membership vote which will take place al 1 p.m.
at the South Patrick Chapel concerning this
issue. Point of contact is Club President Melanie
Davis at (321) 536-3101.

Space Available Lodging Opportunities
Lodging has sonie special leisure rates avail-
able for stays up to seven days for DoD travelers
on the following dates: April 24 May 30. and
July 1-4. If you call 14 days in advance, the cost
for Visiting Officer Quarters (two room suites) is
only $39 per room. A single private room with
a private bath is only .34 per room. For more
information and to make reservations, call 494

Surf Fishing Classes
Outdoor Recreation will hold a surf fishing
class today from 5 to 7 p.m. (classroom instruct
tion). with fishing on the beach Saturday from 7
to 11 a.m. Cost Is 845 per person and includes
instruction, trip fees, rod & reel rental, and bait
& tackle. For more Information and to register.
call 494 2042.

Egg Hunt
Youth Programs will host the annual Egg
Hunt Saturday starling at 10 a.m. Tlhe event.
sponsored by D.R. Horton America's Builder,
and Dolphin Girl Cruises & Eco Tours, is free for
Patrick AFB families with children rp to 12 years
of age. This year. there will be a few activities for
children before the hunt begins, so participants
are encouraged to come early. For more Informa
tion, call 494-4747. [No federal endorsement of
sponsors Intended.)

Monthly 5K Run/l.5 Mile Walk
The Patrick AFB and CCAFS Fitness Centers
will hold the Monthly 5K Rtun/.5 Walk Tuesday
at 7 a.m. at Patrick and 7:30 a.m. at the Cape.
At Patrick, runners/walkers will gather In front of
the fitness center and travel along Atlas Avenue
and Rescue Road to the FamCamp and return.
At CCAFS, runners/walkers will gather behind

__ BRIEFS __
the blue start line and complete the loop follow
Ing the asphalt trail and return. Watches. water.
and single bud earplecesare allowed at both loca
tons, The event Is open to all active duty. Guard,
Reserve. and family members 18 years or older:
DoD and NAF civilians, and permanent party con
tractors working on Patrick AFB or CCAFS. For
more information and to register, call 494-4947
(Patrick) or 853 3966 (CCAFS),

10K Run Challenge
The Patrick Fitness Center will hold a 10K Run
Challenge Wednesday at 7 a.m. Participants must
report by 6:45 a.m. to register and receive a safety
briefing. Participants may enter individually or in
teams of two. Commander's Cup Points will be
awarded. For more Information, guidelines, and
eligibility requirements. call 494 -4947.

Summer Bowling League
Registration for the Rocket Lanes Bowling
Center's Sunnmer League starts Wednesday (4-
person teams). For more information and to regis
ter, call 494 2958,

Red Cross Volunteer Luncheon
The Red Cross Volunteer Appreciation lun-
cheorl will take place Thursday at 11 a,m. at
the Tides. This event is free for all 45th Space
Wing Red Cross volunteers. For more information
please contact Tech, Sgt. Christian Maldonado at

Thursday Evening Golf League
The Manatee Cove Golf Course's Thursday
Evening Golf League will commence play Thursday,
with a 5 p.m. shotgun start. This two-person team
league plays In a modified Stableford system.
For more Information, contact Joe Richardson
at 494 9987, Chuck Cook at 494 7562. or Mike
Carpenter at 494 4520.

Teen Flashlight Egg Hunt
Youth Programs will host a Teen Flashlight Egg
Hunt April 3 from 6 to 10:30 p.m. There will be
music, sports, egg hunting in the dark, and din
ner (teens decide upon arrival). Sign up required
by April 2. For more Informaltoio and to sign up.
call 494 4747.

Golf Course Italian Buffet
The Manatee Cove Golf Course will host ai
Italian Buffet April 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. Along with
the buffet, there will be karaoke from 5:30 to 9:301
p.m. Tickets are $13.95 per person (818 at the
door) and must be purchased In order to make
a reservation. For more information, call 494-

March 27, 2009 Missileer 11

Framing Classes
The Arts & Crafts Center will hold framing
classes on April 4 & 18. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
These classes are a great way to save money by
learning how to frame your own certificates, post-
ers and photos. Cost is only 825 plus materials.
Those interested must register. select. and pay for
their supplies a minimum of 10 days prior to class
dates. For more information, call 494 4270.

Scrapbook Workshop
The Arts & Crafts Center will hold a scrapbook
workshop April 4 & 18. from 10 a.m. to noon.
Cost Is $10 and Includes materials Just bring
your photos, Registration required a minimum of
two days prior to class date. For more Informa-
lion. call 494-4270.

Historic Cape Canaveral AFS Bus Trip
Outdoor Recreation will host a historic Cape
Canaveral AFS bus trip April 4 from 9:30 a.m. to
1 p.m. Visit tle place that marks the birth of our
nation's space program and stand on the same-
historic locations that welcomed the Mercury
7 astronauts, President John F, Kennedy, and
many other notable space pioneers. Participants
will also have an opportunity to visit the majestic
1800s Cape Canaveral Lighthouse. Cost is $12
per person and reservations are required. For
more Information and to register, cal 494 2042.

Library Research Skills Workshop
The Patrick Library will hold a Research Skills
Workshop April 7-9, from 11 a.m. to noon. This
three-day workshop will teach you everything you
need to know about using the library catalog to
find books, effective internet searching, how to
use database resources for reliable Information.
and will Include hands on activities for each area
covered. For more information, call 494 6881.

Kid's Night Out
Youth Programs will host their monthly "Kid's
Night Out" April 10, from 6 to 11 p.m. for grades
K-6. This night, the children will learn a few
dances and make up a few. The evening will also
feature games, arts & crafts, sports/fitness, din
ier and more. Cost for the evening Is 820 for
members and $25 for non-mrembers. Show your
AF Services Card and receive a 85 discount. Sign
up required by April 8. For more information and
to sign up, call 494 4747.

Auto Hobby Shop April Birthday
Auto [lobby Shop patrons born in April will
receive half price on stall fees every Thursday in
April. For more information, call 494-2537.

12 March 27, 2009 Missileer

AAFES: make a scene,

win a shopping spree

By Samantha

American Fones Press
(AFNS) Aspiring film
makers in the military
community have the
chance to flex their cre-
ative muscle and play a
part In "It's My Benefit
2." the sequel to the
Army and Air Force
Exchange Service's
2008 video contest.
With a theme of
"Rediscover the Values
of AAFES," this year's
contest is looking for
commercials, of 30 to
60 seconds, demon-
strating what AAFES
value means to the
It could mean a
shopping spree val-
ued at 81.000. 8500 or
$250 if the commercial
is chosen as one of the
top three winners.
"Beyond the prizes,
AAFES Is also offering

budding directors, pro-
ducers and actors major
exposure as winning
entries will eventually
make their way to an
international audience
via the BX/PX's pro-
prietary In-house net
work. EXTV." said Mat
Dromey. the AAFES
chief marketing officer.
Today. EXTV program
ming is seen ... around
the world, including
locations throughout
Iraq and Afghanistan."
As with last year's
contest, the commer-
dals can le shot In the
stores, said Lisa Moak.
the AAFES' strategic
marketing manager.
"All the store manag
ers should be aware of
this." Ms. Moak said.
"All (m[immakers) have
1o do is maybe just
mention it to a manager
that, 'lley, mi filming a
video for the contest.'
They'll be happy to

The contest may give
customers a chance to
tell the world that they
find value at AAFES
by shopping the sales
or using coupons, and
it's also a chance for
AAFES to educate cus
tomers about the store.
"The average shop-
per can save 20 percent
shopping at AAFES,"
Ms. Moak said. "It's to
gel them to start look-
ing a little more at the
value of AAFES and
how they're spending
their money."
Rules for the contest.
which opened March
20 to military tdentifl
cation card holders 18
and over, can be found
through the AAFES
Web state, They'll have
until June 20 to upload
their 100 megabyte or
smaller video to the
Web site indicated. It
should be in one of sev-
eral formats indicated
See AAFES, page 18


FRIDAY The Pink Panther 2 (Steve Martin, Jean Reno) When leg
endary treasures from around the world are stolen. Including the price
less Pink Panther Diamond. Chief Inspector Dreyfus is forced to assign
Inspector Clouseau to a leam of international detectives and experts
charged with catching the thief and retrieving the stolen artifacts. Rated
PG (some suggestive humor. brief mild language, action) 92 min

SATURDAY- Fridaj the I3th [Amanda Righetti, Jared Padaleckf)
Searching for his missing sister, Clay heads up to the eerie woods of leg
endary Crystal Lake where he sitmibles on the creaky remains of rotting
old cabins that lie in wait behind moss-covered trees. little does he know.
he's entered the domain of one of the most terrifying specters in American
film history Jason. Rated R (graphic bloody violence, sexual content.
drug references, language) 98 min

Adults 12 & older $4, children 6 11 82. children 5 & under are free.
Doors open at 7 p.m. Shows begin at 7:30 p.m.

March 27, 2009 Missileer 13

Your Air Force Assistance Fund working for you

By Capt.
Michael Lyan
AFAP Project qOffier
In 2008, the Air
Force Aid Society
(AFAS) through dona-
tions from the Air
Force Assistance Furnd
(AFAF) Drive, donat-
ed more than .2,400

.o the "Childcare for
PCS Moves Program"
more than $337,000
across the Air Force.
The purpose of this
program Is to offer Air
Force families with PCS
orders a Child Care for
PCS certificate from the
base Airman & Family

Readiness Center staff.
Families may use the
20 hours of child care
within 60 days before
the family's departure
from a base, and GO
days after arriving at
the new base. This
program Is open to all
ranks unless there Is a
shortage of child care

providers at the base
In which case prior
tty would be given to
Junior ranking person
nel. (Certificate is good
only at the base It was
issued). Child care Is
provided only on base,
In licensed Family Child
Care (FCC) homes. A
lsst of care providers Is
available from the FCC

coordinator. Contact
the Airman & Family
Readiness Center for
further details.
The 2009 AFAF Drive
runs until April 10.
Please see your Unitl
Project Officer or sec
tlon keyworker to con
tribute. The Patrick
AFB goal for 2009 is

AAFES holds video contest

AAFES, from page 12
In the rules, including
It's Important to
note that as soon as
the video is submitted
to AAFES, it belongs
to them and there
fore cannot ie post -
ed to other sites like

YoTfube or Facebook,
Ms. Moak said,
The field of entries
will be narrowed to 10
semlfinallsts before
the announcement. of
the winners, which Is
scheduled for the end
of July.
Like last year's 28

entries, this year's will
be judged on "creativity.
accuracy of Information
and how it promotes
the value of AAFES."
Ms. Moak said.
The winning videos
are anticipated to begin
airing about a month
after selection.

Full Text

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