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I I Base hosts Special Olympics



Children's Dental
Health Month

By Airman let Class
David Dobrydney
45th SW Pu It, -.\ Il.rr,
Patrick Air Force
Base had some unique
guests last week.
No, it wasn't a four-
star general or a con-
gressman. It was 507
athletes taking part
in the 2009 Special
Olympics Florida
State Basketball Tour-
Continuing a 25
year tradition. Patrick's
Fitness and Youth
Centers joined seven
other local schools and
community centers
hosting the games. This
was also the first time
the base has hosted
state state champion-
"It certainly feels
like home every time
we come to Patrick
Air Force Base. It is
wonderful they can
host us." said Florida
Special Flvniiii, .Sclii.r
Vice President Nancy
The event was
arranged by the Space
Coast 4 ..inil. liv Grade
Officer's Association.
"I'm proud to be a memnl
ber of an organization

Staff Sgt. Josee Fortin of the 45th Medical Group awards medals to members of
the Palm Beach Celtics and Orange County Showstoppers during the Special
Olympics state championships held at the Patrick Fitness Center Feb. 7.

that holds these ath-
letes up for the unique,
talented individuals
they are." said CGOA
President Capt. Amber
The opening ceremo
nies for the games were
held at Hangar 750 on
the base flightline.
"It's an honor and a
Iri'vill'u'. to he with ath
letes like you, who work
sohard," said 4 5thSpace
Wii i Vice Commiander
Col. Stephen Butler.
"Exercise is not only
lh, lli\ and builds fit
ness, it also builds
character. It takes a lot

of self-discipline, con-
trol and work. You can
learn a lot from athletic
competition you can
apply later in life."
A total of 54 teams
from 16 Florida coun
ties participated in the
tournament in a variety
of categories to include
Traditional Team
Competition and Unified
Team Competition that.
consists of learns corn
prised of equal num
bers of Special Olympic
Athletes and non hand
capped individuals.
Two other categories
include the 3-on-3 Half-

Court Competition and
a Team Skills Event
for lesser skilled ath-
letes who are working
to achieve the skills
needed to play tradi
lional basketball. In
addition. 50 athletes
competed Saturday in
the Individual Skills
More than 250
Patrick personnel vol-
unteered at the various
games, both on base
and in the I I'lniIIIIlv
"The Special Olym-
pics mean a lot to me,
to see the clean con-
petition and respect

Ihat occurs between
the athletes." said four-
time volunteer 1st Lt.
Jonathan Semple of the
45th Medical Support
Squadron. "when I
was asked to become
Director of Volunteers
I couldn't turn down
this great -ll--.iii.unil
to give back to the com-
Both the athletes
and their coaches had
a wonderful time and
were very impressed
with the base.
Karen Ilemsley
coaches the Orange
County Showstoppers
and the state chanpi-
onship marked their
return to the base alter
an absence of a few
"Everyone's so
friendly and helpful.
the guys were happy
to come back." said
Ms. Hemsley, "they're
always asking 'are we
going to go to Palrick
Air Force Base?'"
Palm Beach Celtics
player Ryan Hoffman.
besides thanking his
parents and coach for
getting him into basket-
ball. said of his visit to
Patrick. "it'll be a great
memory for us."

The men and women of the 45th Space Wing welcome

"o. 14th Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Larry James


Vol. 51 No. 6

Patrick Air Force Base/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

Feb. 13, 2009

2 Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer


Reach out; before they take action

By Brig. Gen.
Edward L. Bolton, Jr.
45th SW comrnlander
The past len days have been hard
for the wing and ime because we lost
a valued member of our wing prenma
turely. My Ill 11- and prayers go
out to his family.
It's times like these when we are
reminded how crucial people are to
us both at work and at home.
As leaders and as wingmuen. we all
try to do all we can to take care of
our people. We get Ihem to training.
We teach them to do hi liiil:. the "Imil
ltary" way. We hanmner home things
like personal account ability. job
responsibility and the importance of
physical fitness.
Now I have one question for you.
Do you really get to know the people
with whom you work? Really?
Do you know what they enjoy
doing in their down time? Do you
know anything about their family
situation? Do you know if they are in
financial trouble? Do you know what
makes them tick?
II'v. il don't, then you need to

make It your mission to do an "eye-
hall check" with those around you.
especially during these trying times.
For some, sadly, the answer to
trying times has been suicide. This
is sornelhing we are doing all we
can to stop because each person's
life is important to countless people
who feel an unimaginable loss when
someone's life ends.
I'm sure we have all read that
many service members are often
hesitant to admit "they are having
issues." They sometimes confuse
.kIkirni foor help for depression anid
SlhIr'li dlingI with being weak.
They may be thinking this kind
of admission will hurt their perform
mance reports, their reputation, arnd
maybe their "standing" in the Shark




Learning from the 'Pole of Knowledge'

By LL Col. Brant Nickell
1st coummrnarier
When did you first REALLY
understand our "Excellence in all we
do" core value? Well. I was taught
a memorable lesson during my first
week in Basic Training.
My flight was on the drill pad.
learning flanking moves. Our
Mi ili i\ iTraining Instructor was
barking out rapid fire commands.
over ard over again, when one of my
IlidiinI.Iih turned the wrong way.
Which would have been bad enough.
but when asked "why" he answered
with. "I don't know."
1 heard giggles as our MTI
inquired about split personalities,
and all of us grinned when our
instructor sent the offender to the
"Pole fI' Ki i. 'a I.' I- ... a nearby util-
ity oole ... to ask why he had turned

ICommander's Corner

left when the command was clearly
"Right Flank."
After staring at the pole for several
minutes, the Airman tried to report
back in with the answer. "The Pole
says I'm stupid." This made all of us
but our MT1 laugh.
Amazingly, our MTI didn't even
flinch. He just ipiil ilv responded,
"I've seen your test scores. You're not
stupid. Go back and ask again."
My Ilidlll.ilh' stared at the pole
even longer the second time, but
1 t In I ill came back with the right
answer "The Pole says 1 wasn't
paying attention." Our MTI calmly
told him not to let it happen again.
and let hin rejoin the flight.
Then our MTI enlightened us
about serving In the Air Force. IHe
explained our business Is basically

to kill or be killed. Those who would
attack America may b just as smart
as us. and probably like living as
much as we do. Plus, we only suc-
ceed by group effort, and one Airman
who tunis the wrong way can lose
the fight for all. So we have to think
hard and practice, practice, practice.
Anod when we make mistakes, like we
all sometimes do, we can never say.
"I don't know." We figure out why.
we fix it. and we practice some more.
And then my blue-rope MTl, car-
rying his last flight before going back
to CE duties. said with undeniable
sincerity, "If you can't accept 100
percent as the standard, then I don't
want you In ny Air Force."
Bone tired as 1 was. I actually lay
awake In led that night. Anid I'm
happy to say that while Tm certainly
not perfectly not even close, 21 years
ago I accepted a 100 percent stan
dard in defense of all that I love.


Well I'm here to tell you It won't.
But don't just take it from mte.
Army Gen. Carter Ham. one of the
Army's 12 four star generals, went
public a few months ago with his
battle against Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder after an incident on a base
In Iraq left himn easily startled mnd
struggling to get a good i tijll' sleep.
The general, brought up In the
military's culture of never going to
sick call unless you're close to your
death bed. .i.jhiil help from his base
chaplain. IHe has been reported to
say it helped him "get realigned."
In other words, he was smart
Si11.. I ll to "reach ou1" when he need
ed help. The "why" or whatever
"triggered" anyone to feel this way is
not the importantly issue.
Because "problems" like beau
ty are often in the eyes of the
beholder. It's your job. It's my job .
It's everyone's job to try and dr I 1ii \
those issues before they get out of
Let's all be good Wingmen and
make sure we are there for our total
Air Force family. As always, thanks
for all you do.

Missileer staff
Brig. Gen. Edward L. Bolton, Jr.
451h Space Wing Comrnmander
Brad Swezey
(hiet of Public lairs
Capt. Amber Mlllerchip
Deputy Chief of P ubtic All'lrs
Chris Calkins
Chiel o1 Currenl Operarlions
2nd Lt. KarlWlest
Chiel ot Media Operalions
Airman 1st Class
David Dobrydney
Published by Cape Publ calions, Ire a
privale Ilm in no way connect ed wilh 1he Ali
Force. undel exclusiveW written contract with
1he 45th Space Wing, Patrick Al i: Fla
This cvilihan enlerpi se Air Force newspa-
per is an aulhoriZed publication for members
o1 1he US military srvlceS Conrenls of the
Missleer are no noece sa ly otticial views ol,
or endorsed by, the U S government, he DoD
or ihe Deplarimnen of 1he Air Foroe
The appearance or adverllising in Ihis
publihalion. Including inserts or supplerriens,
does nol conslitule endorsement by the DoD,
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Everything adverlised in this publication
shall be mrde available for purchase, use or
patronage without regard lo race, color, reli-
glon, sex, national -rin s ge, marital slatus,
physical handicap. ,i i arfillation or any
olher non meri actor o1 Ihe purchaser, user
or patron
Edllorral content is edited, prepared and
provided by Ihe 45th Space Wing Public
Affairs Office
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unless olhelwise indicated
Cape PulCricLtons
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Miss leer
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before publlcalon.

Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer 3

Wing to hold Cyber Awareness Day

45th Space Communications Squadron
Staff Report
Do you use a computer or telephone at work?
If you answered "yes" to that question, yon
are a Network Defender and are cordially invited
to attend the training day activities 10 a.m.
Thursday at the Base Theater,
During the hour long I,' s'-iiiiCll we will be
lr-rria, l( ,-ll igi leadership videos by General Kehler
and General Warner at the Patrick Base Theater.
Along with these videos, local security profession-
als will provide short presentations 1on safeguard-
ing information across the cyber domain. If you
are unable to attend at the theater, find an office
television and tune to Channel 4 or 99 for the
broadcast to Patrick personnel and Channel 35
for Cape personnel. Additionally, the presentation

will be recorded for figure viewing.
Why Is this important to you?
We depend on technology (I.e. computers, net
works, telephones, etc.] everyday in our work
life and they are i ,iil,uilll under cyber attack.
We need everyone's help to illigate any and all
threats. For the Air Force, cyberspace is now a
warfighting domain and we iiist maintain cyber
space superiority.
Every time you logon to your computer system.
we need your diligence to protect our vital mission
Information. Sitting at your desk as network-
defenders, you are the first line of defense In our
success against the enemy. Not only mission data
needs your protection, but all data we store and
exchange via computers/networks. Think about
your pay and personnel records. Don't you want
to know how best to safeguard sensitive ifornma-

tion such as this?
Did you know your telephone Is a !iIPIIii- iii
device and capable of intercepting sensilive and
classified M-i .ild- Comen join its for the training
anid learn more aboul Elmissions Sn-, iirlv
Training Is essential to you as a Network
IDefender, Mark your calendar and join us to
learn about your roles and responsibility as a
cyberspace network defender.
Additionally. In Ihe afternoon. you will need
to complete the mandatory AFSPC( Phishing
Awareness training located at
ilII.- .Iid' II ll P, lin.-Irhllr llli il1
Upon completion, print and keep a copy of your
For more information, contact the lh iie
Information Assurance Office 494 9412/1429.



Carol Ellis (left) accepts the Member of the Year award from Don Beck on
behalf of Joy Gilliand at the Civilian Military Community Foundation meeting
held last month at the Tides. Mrs. Gilliand was unable to attend.


4 Feb. 13,2009 Missileer

2nd Lt. William Watson
5th Space Launch Squadron

Reason for nomination
"Lieutenant Watson is a model junior offer. He pro
vided critical mission assurance and risk assessments
for the Delta IV Heavy which resulted in the successful
latuch of the NROL 26 satellite. He is a constant pres-
ence at the launch pad and works alongside his NCOs.
Additionally, his i, h gl i, rII,. prowess and savvy helped
bulkl stronger working relationships with his United
Launch Alliance counterparts. Ills relentless devotion
to mission success exhibits an exemplary warrior-like
Maj. Adrian Galang, 51h SLS

How long have you been at this duty station?
One year. three months.

What is your hometown?
Cincinnati. Ohio

What's your favorite motto or words you live/work
"...the ideals which have lighted my way and time
after time have iv i 'ii me new courage to face life cheer
Illlv have been kindness, beauty and truth."
Albert Einstein 1954

What inspired you to go beyond the call of duty?
"I am 'nr1- i n lr, impressed by the sacrifice and valor
displayed by those who have gone before me. Those who
have lost their lives that I might live free inspire me to
go beyond the call of duty."

Why do you serve?
"There's no better feeling than to know your job helps
in some small way to protect the lives of others,"

This tax season, beware of refund anticipation loans

By Capt. Michelle McAdoo
45th SW Legal .' .lli
The only lUli i better than getting free money
Is getting it fast. That's what you might think if
you visit a commercial tax preparer this season.
You complete your income tax return, and the
preparer has good news: the IRS owes you a few
hundred dollars. Would you rather wait for the
IRS to send you a check, or take the money right
then and there?
.'% a Iilly. you're not getting your money up
front. What you are Ililln_ is known as a
"Refund Anticipation Loan" from the tax pre-
parer, who gives you fast cash, but gets your

Federal Income tax refund when it arrives.
They're known by many names, such as "Instant
Money Loans" or 'N"M ii Now Ioans." Some ser
vices might offer it to you in the form of an ATM
card, or even a "savings account." Whatever the
case. you can expect to pay a fee for this service.
The commercial tax preparer gets to keep a cer-
tain percent of your refund in exchange for your
quick cash. At a minimum, this amount can
be over $100 (and that's not including the tax
]lret lii fees. which may be over $100).
There are two big consumer fraud issues to
watch for here. First, no matter what name the
tax service uses. you are in fact receiving a loan.
As a result. It's subject to the Federal Truth In

Lending Act, which requires the lender to give
you full disclosure of the terms and interest.
If a tax preparer offers you any form of quick
cash, ask to see your Truth in Lending Act state
ments. Second, you're taking a big risk if your
income tax return is prepared iin-.rre For
example, if your preparer tells you that you have
a S1.500 refund coming, but due to an error.
you're actually only entitled to $1.200. then you
owe the lender a $300 difference when it gets
your refund. The result: not only do you owe the
lender money, but you get hit with interest and
penalties, and the tax preparer isn't going to pick
up the bill for you.
The smart alternative Is to simply he patient.
decline the fast cash, and choose to e File with
the IRS instead. E FIlliii, allows you to elec
Ironically submit your tax return to the IRS.
who dllrI. iIv deposits the return Into your bank
account. For the military member, this shouldn't
be too concerning, since that's how most mill
tary pay is done today. Plus, the IRS doesn't
charge any fees or I, n illi s (other than what it
already takes from our paychecks). Finally. the
speed of the Refund Anticipation Loan isn't that
impressive: an e File refund usually only takes
one or two weeks longer, If that.
So this tax season, be smart: say "no" to
Refund Anticipation Loans and opt to e File
instead. It may take a little longer, but your wal-
let will thank you in the end. Tax Return prepa-
ration and E-filing is offered free of charge at
the Tax Center at the Patrick AFB Shark Center.
You can make an appointment by calling the Tax
Center at 494-4718.

4 Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer

wrw-, U

. ^'

Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer 5

Nursing course available

for active duty spouses

Airman & Family
Readiness Center
The Airman & Family
Readiness Center has
obtained a grant from
the Air Force Aid Society
to send 11 Air Force
spouses to Certified
Nursing Assistant
Training free of charge.
This class and cer-
tification is valued
at S850 per person.
Classes will be held
at Keiser University in
Melbourne. Since the
grant came from AFAS,
only spouses of active
duty Air Force members
may apply.
Classes are held four
hours ner dav. four davs

per week. for six weeks.
Please ensure you can
meet this commit
ment prior to applying.
The grant will pay for
the six-week Certified
Nursing Assistant train-
ing, Florida Nursing
Assistant Testing and
certification, and two
sets of medical scrubs.
The student must
provide white tennis
shoes, a stethoscope
(if desired), transporta-
tion to and from Keiser
University and daycare
costs, if applicable. The
grant does not provide
or fund daycare ser-
Classes will start

in late March or April.
The final start date is
to be determined after
spouses are selected
and meet with A&FRC
staff to decide the best
dates and times.
An application
for the program can
be picked up at the
A&FRC. building 722.
Completed application
must be submitted by
Feb. 20. A board will
convene to select the 11
spouses to attend the
program. Notification
will be made only to
selectees no later than
March 10. If you have
questions. call A&FRC
at 494.5676.

Two Tides members hit AF Clubs jackpot

By Chris Kraus
45th Force Support

Does club member
ship pay? Ask Ralph
Locurcio and Roblrt
Gitlhens. They each
won $1.000 by par
ticipaling in an online
survey in support of
the 2008 AF Clubs
Membership Drive,
Both were recently pre
sented their checks.
"Ten club menm-
hers AF wide won
cash awards, and we
are delighted that two
of the winners were
from Patrick AFB,"
said Johnnie Rivera.
45th Force Support
Squadron's club man
Mr. Rivera said
information .g.illi'r'id
from the survey is very
important because the
feedback helps improve
the .Itiillrv and variety
of dub programs.
"The feedback we
receive from members

like Mr. Locurio and
Mr. Gitlhens pay big
dividends." Mr. Rivera
said. "And I'd say it
worked out pretty well
for thent too, as lxith
were elated about win
"Wh al a great way to
ring in the New Year!"
said Mr. Locurcio. "It's
great to see that folks
really do win these con-
testsl I was a member
of the iriLiniil Officer's
Club and was shocked
and disappointed when
it suddenly burned
down...perhaps leav-
ing us 'homeless.'
However. The Tides has
come roaring back! The
concept of a conmull
nity club makes a lot of
sense. It brings every-
one together, lowers
expenses and allows the
staff to concentrate on
great programs and ser
vices in one club. rather
than two. It's great to
be a winner and it has
really added 'bling' to
my membership!"

Mr. Gitlhens was a
club nmetlber through
out his 36 year military
career and beyond, but
cancelled his member
ship in 2000. He's glad
to be back.
"hn Octoler of 2008
I realized Itha I missed
the club so 1 rejoined."
Mr. Gitthens said. "I
am very ,r ne.Il that
I was chosen for this
award. Memlbrship is
by far a great deal. The
club is a great place to
meet new friends and
have a great meal at a
great price. 1 have been
a member in a lot of
places and The Tides is
one of the best."
It's obvious that
many others thought
The Tides "is one of the
best" clubs in the Air
Force too. The numbers
speak for themselves.
*We recruited 16 1
new members in last
year's membership
drive." said Mr. Rivera
enthusiastically. "The
reason is simple. In

Robert Gitthens (left) and Ralph Locurcio (right) are all smiles after they each
received a $1,000 check at The Tides recently by club manager, Johnnie Rivera.
Both men took part in an online survey during the 2008 AF Clubs Membership
Drive, where 10 club members were randomly selected AF-wide to receive a
cash award for their participation.

addition to traditional
benefits like discounts
on every meal. spe-
cial functions, and
free admission to club
events members get
to choose their type
of membership card
(full use MasterCard or

limited use i1'-pri-r t Ir
Card). can receive
money saving points
on and off-base when
lli-v use their full
use card. ard get. dis
counts on purchases at
many facilities on base
Ilir. iinl our Services

$ Advantage program.
Yes. I'd definitely say it
pays to be a cub mem-
For more information
of the benefits of club
membership, call Mr.
Rivera at 494-4012.

Join in when March Madness hits the Air Force

45th Force Support Squadron
Staff Report
The excitement of the NCAA Final
Four Basketball Tournament hits
bases around the world as people vie
for top spots in the Air Force's March
Madness online bracket tournament
HT-li ti i i L today you can pick up a
game piece at I t-ii. il. -linii FSS food
and beverage activities (no purchase
required) and register online using
the code on the game piece. Then. on
March 15. you can fill in your tour-
namnent bracket selections. lip to 10
brackets may be played. Picks can be
made and changed, but final picks
for all rounds must be submitted by
6 a.m.. March 19. Participants must
be 18 years or older.

In addition to .. iil .i"uii. in the
online tournament. individuals
should stop by puarlii.'iiniw, food
and beverage activities for informa-
tion on activities related to March
Madness, and to inquire about great
places to watch the games. Specials
will be offered ilir.(.IIli .In the tour
nlament. Each year. NCAA basketball
fans enjoy reveling in the excitement.
tradition. and unpredictability of the
NCAA tournament. FSS is offering
fun and competitive activities for
basketball fans here at Patrick.
Picking the winning team in each
game of the NCAA Men's Basketball
Tournament accumulates points.
The tournament is single elimination
and only the winning team advances
to the next round. The competition

begins with 64 teams half are elimi
nated during each round.
The first place prize, sponsored
by Coca Cola. is a trip for four to
the 2010 Final Four Game for three
days/two nights and includes hotel.
air travel. car rental, game tickets
and $1.000 spending money. The
second place winner receives $5.000:
third place receives $2.500. fourth
place receives $1.000 and five sub-
sequent winners will win a Coca Cola
NCAA Pop A Shot arcade home style
basketball game.
For more information, stop by par
ticipating FSS food and beverage
activities, or call Deb Eppler at 494-
(No federal endorsement of spon-
sor intended.)

6 Felb. 13, 2009 Missileer

http:/ .mil

Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer 7

Presidents' Day Golf Tournament
Don't miss the Manatee Cove GoLU Course's
Plr-sild.ents' Day Gulf Tournan rnt Moinday. with
an 8 a.n shotgun start Formlat Is two-per-
son. blind draw for parlntrs. combined low nrt
scores. flighlid by ri'ami hanidlcap. Ipr'ferni-d
lies Inl your own fairway Men will play front Lthe
gold Ir s. women from Ihi grern Slgn up
Is now Ihrough Saturday at I p.m. In the Pro
Shop. No relunds ajler Saturday. IPrces are as
follows Annual Pass 32: Alual F'-t 835.
Punch Card (opilonal pinch) 8-15: All Others
850. Entry Includes greens fee, cant. prize
fund. closest to the piln awards oni holes 5 alnd
16. and beer and soda after completion of play
Tles will b' Ilelerlinted starling the I 1 handi-
cap hole. combined team net score You must
have a USGA handicap or play scratch. There
will be I st 3rd Plac awards In each flighl and
the number of flights will be determined by Ihe

number of eintranLs. For more Information. call
-194 -GOLF.

Happy Birthday Golfers
The Manater Cove GoUl Course Is offering
a freet round of golf with cart on your birth-
day. If you're already an Annual Greens Fee
IHolder (AGF). you will rXctlvt a fret cart rental
(fire rounlds/carts are good on birth date only
ntmslI show ID). Then. any olher day In your
blilh month. golf s play fur free with cart when
they bring in a Ihrersonie that pays regular greens anld cat f-es. For more Informna-
tion. call -94 GOLF

February Golf Specials
The Manatee Cove Golf Course has a couple
of real money savlin specials runnilig i
Februtaly First. guests save 30 percent off cart

and green fees and members ride for frecl Next.
the golf course will knock 30 percent ofT their
daily carl and greens fees when authorized
tusets sign up as LfourlsoMrr. Some restrielions
apply please see the delalls below For more
Annual Greens Fee Holder's (AGFJ ride lor
free [if yo0l are ian AGF. each day yon bring In a
Ithreesoime of guests you can ride for fiee and
your guests save money too. Guests pay ihe
special guest fee of jusi 830 per player for cart
and greens fee
S20 Golf Splxcial: All eligible patlmnis can play
at any lillme Monday thi-u Thursday. or after
noon on a Friday thru Sunday for just 880 per
foursome. All players must check In at the pro
shop and show proper ID to participate. The
S20 ie'r player fee Includes cart Guests are nrt
included In tlns special. Fur more lnformlnation.
call 494 4-GO)LF.


start your

The Space Coast Company
Grade Officers Association
recently sponsored a golf
tournament to help raise
funds for the recent Special
Olympics state basketball
tournament (see front page.)
One of the many teams par-
ticipating were members of
the Operations Group. Teeing
it up (left to right) are Col.
Bernard Gruber, Chief Master
Sgt. Frank Evans, Capt. Kaleb
Nordgren and Col. Myron

8 Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer

Events Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8 9 10 11 12 13 | ArPCF.,dy I 14
Valentine's Day Surf Fishing class
Luncheon 7-11 am.
11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m. Outdoor Recreation
The Tides
Sweetheart Doubles
Father & Daughter Bowling Tournament
Valentine Dance 2 p.m.
6-11 p.m. Rocket Lanes
Youth Programs
Valentine's Day Sock
Latin Night Hop
10 p.m. 2 am. 6 p.m.
The Tides Marina
15 16 17 18 19 20 45WirngC I 21
Sunday Brunch PRESIDENT'S DAY Pajama Club Story Time Airman Leadership Readiness Briefing Black History Month Watercolor, Stamping
10 a.m. 1:30 p.m, 6:15 p.m. School class 9-03 9-11 a.m. Celebration & Scrapbook classes
The Tides 3 Tank Open Water Base Library graduation A&FRC 4-5:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 2 p.m.
Dive Trip Youth Programs Arts & Crafts
Outdoor Recreation Newcomer's Orientation Heartlink Interview Orientation
7:30 am. noon 9-11:30 a.m. 10-11:30 a.m. Texas Hold 'em Sweetheart Couples
Presidents' Day Airman & Family A&FRC A&FRC 5-10 p.m. Picnic and Boat Ride
1e,'. 1' 'j Special Readiness Center The Tides 11 a.m. 2 p m.
noon 5 p.m. Dress for Success Annual Mardi Gras Outdoor Recreation
Rocket Lanes Spouses' Orientation 11 a.m. noon party Commander's Cup
8:30-10:30 a.m, A&FRC 5-9 p m, Wiffle Ball Challenge [3iir.'. l:
A&FRC The Tides 7 a.m. 2-3 30 p.m
Early Bird Bingo Patrick Fitness Center Outdoor Recreation
6:15 p.m.
The Tides

22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Sunday Brunch Story time Thrirlt 'La in Plan CredTr Riepi r.; Preventing Identity Airman Leadership C'lin:jI::.:
10 a.m 1:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 9-11 a.m. 11 am.- 12:30 pm. Theft School class 09-4 starts 2-3:30 pm.
The Tides Base Library A&FRC A&FRC 11 a.m. 12:30 p.m, Outdoor Recreation
A&FRC Surf ,:r i i -.n
Deployed Spouses Early Bird Bingo 2-4 p.m. Automotive Paint Class
Appreciation Dinner 6:15 p.m. Outdoor Recreation 10 a.m. noon
6-7 p.m. The Tides Auto Hobby Shop
A&FRC Teen Night
7-10:30 p.m
Birthday Night with Youth Programs
Sass 'n Brass
The Tides

March 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Sunday Brunch Safe Boater Course Unlimited Bowling Lunch & Bowl Special Unit Spouse Training Lunch & Bowl Special Historic Cape
10a.m. 1:30 p.m. 9:30-11 am. Special 11 a.m. 1 pm. 11:30a.m. 12:30p.m. 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. Canaveral Bus Trip
The Tides Outdoor Recreation 2 p.m, to closing Rocket Lanes A&FRC Rocket Lanes 9:30 a.m. 1 p.m.
Rocket Lanes Outdoor Recreation
Karaoke on the Deck Story Time Early Bird -3ng::- "How to Download Texas Hold 'em
1:30-5:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 615 pm. Audio Books" class 5-10 p.m. Sailing class
The Tides Base Library The Tides 6-7:30 p.m. The Tides 2-4 p.m.
Base Library Outdoor Recreation

Lunch & Bowl Special Framing class
..11 a.m. 1 p.m. 9 a.m. 4 p.m.
To publish events of base-wide interest in future Rocket Lanes Outdoor Recreation
issues, e-mail

Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer 9

Delta delivers

By Mark Cleary
45th SW Historn! 0(li,-h
It's hard to deny
thai the world's Inter
esl in space is focused
mainly on manned
space operations.
interplanetary explore
tion, iad commercial
satellite launches.
But it is also Irue
that the NAVSTAR
Global I',.-iin'timiig
System (GPS) opened
up a whole new
field of operations at
Cape Canaveral: the
launching of satel-
lites designed to pro-
vide highly accurate
ground, sea and air
i ia l i.-ii. The U.S.
Navy and Air Force
began the NAVSTAR
effort in the early
1960s with a series
of studies and experi-
ments. After ten years
of extensive research.
II lev concluded a
single. highly precise,
satellite-based GPS
would best serve the
Defense Department's
navigation and target-
ing requirements.
Scientists and engi-
neers began validat-
ing GPS technology



in the early 1970s.
A total of six Block I
NAVSTAR satellites
were launched on
Atlas F boosters from
Vandenberg AFB in
1978 and 1980. By
the end of 1980. the
fledgling GPS constel-
lation was arranged in
two orbital planes of
three satellites each.
all circling Earth at
an altitude of about
10,900 nautical miles.
On May 20. 1983 the
Air Force signed a
miimili-l e,- $1.2 billion
contract with Rockwell
International to pro-
cure 28 Block II satel-
lites. The Air Force and
McDonnell Douglas
signed a separate $169
million contract for
payload assist modules
to boost the satellites
from Space Shuttles
in low-Earth orbit.
Following the Space
Shuttle Challenger
disaster In late
January 1986, the
Defense Department

Invasion of Kuwait hin
G PS gu idan e Augusl 1990 provided
an additional spur to
action, mid 10 Block 11
spacecraft were orbited
-11i. s s lI111\ by the
end of November 1990.
With NAVSTAR 11 10
and earlier GPS satel
lites in operation. the
GPS network provided
our armed forces with
two dimensional color
dinates within about
5 meters of dead cen
ter during DESERT
STORM. (Three dimen
slonal accuracies aver
GPS-1, the first Delta II mission, lifts off Feb. 14, aged about 8 meters.)
1989. NAVSTAR proved
transferred Its Block 1I first in a long string
spacecraft from NASAs of successful Delta
payload manifest to a II launches and GPS
launch schedule for deployments.
a brand new medium The GPS Pr 'rall i
expendable launch Office hoped to have
vehicle, the Delta II. five NAVSTAR II satel
This month the lites In orbit by the end
Cape celebrates the of September 1989.
anniversary of the but only three were
very first launch of launched by that time.
a Block II NAVSTAR Twelve satellites were
GPS spacecraft and needed to achieve a
the very first launch worldwide two dimen
of the Delta II space stonal navigation capa.
launch vehicle system. bllity. but planners did
McDonnell Douglas not expect to achieve
launched the vehicle that goal before
from Pad 17A less than the spring of 1991.
a second before 6:30 Nevertheless. Iraq's
p.m. (Greenwich Mean
Time) Feb. 14, 1989.
The mission was the

enormously valuable
to our forces as they
maneuvered llin r ,lgh
the featureless desert
during the final phase
Boeing bought
McDonnell Douglas
some years ago.
and Boeing contain
ues to launch GPS
replenishment satel
lltes from Complex
17 to maintain our
Global I',l iiii ii Iii .
System. The latest one
(NAVSTAR 1IR 19) was
launched March 15.

Black History Month

The following events are scheduled for and the following milestones
occurred during this week:
Today: Formation of National Baseball League, 1920
Saturday: 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, Fitness Center 10 a.m. 2
Sunday: 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. Fitness Center noon 2 p.m.
Monday: Birth of actor LeVar Burton, 1957
Tuesday: Birth of Michael Jordan, 1963
Wednesday: Birth of Nobel Prize for Literature winner 'foliv Morrison.
Thursday: Moore vs. Dempsey Supreme Court decision guaranteeing
blacks due process in state courts, 1923.

10 Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer


w7ild J:JE di


Intramural Softball Standings
as of February 6
Team Wins Lost
920 HQW 3 0
45 FSS 2 1
CSR 2 1
45 CPTS 2 2
45 MDG 2 2
45 SFS 2 2
45 LCG I 2
45 CES I 3
45 WS 0 4


FRIDAY 'Te inborn (Gary Oldiman. Odette
Yustmmui) Casey Beldon hailed her mollier for
abandoning her as a child. Plagued by merci
less dreams andJ a tortured ghosl that haunts
her waking hours, she must turn to (he only
spiriital advisor. Sendak. who cal make 11 stop.
Rated PG 13 (intense sequences of violence/ter
ror, disturbing images, Ihemtaltic material, kan
guage, sexual references) 88 mWn
SATURDAY The Spirit (Jaine King, Gabriel
Macht) A former rookie cop returns mysterious-
ly from the dead as Ihe Spirit to lidi crime front
the shadows of central city. slls arch-enemy.
the Octopus. has a different mission: wiping
out Spiril's beloved city. Raled PG 13 (Intense
sequences of stylized violence/action, sexual
content. nudity) 102 min
Adults 12 & older $4, children 6-11 $2.
children 5 & under are free.
Doors open at 7 p.m. Shows begin at 7:30 il


Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer 11

Patrick AFB welcomes its newest Airmen

Airman Ist Class
Jessica Case

Unit: 451 h Space

Abeline. Texas

Reason for join-
ing: To iry some
1111IP gneW.

Airman 1st Class
Eric Cicero


Washington. D.C.

Reason for join-
ing: To do some
IIIIIg Ilmportantl.

Airman Clifton

Unit: AFrAC

Hometown: Tracy,

Reason for join-
ing: To make
something of

Airman lst Class
Nicholas Gluts



Reason for join-
ing: To do some
1lliIii with mly life.

Airman ist Class
Josh Hurtley


Hometown: Marko
Island. Fla.

Reason for join-
ing: Job AI.- l'ili\.

Airman Casey

Unit: 45th

Hatton. N. Dakota

Reason for join-
ing: I wanted to

Airman Ist Class
Paige Munster

Unit: 45th Medical

Vassalboro. Maine

Reason for join-
ing: Discipline.

Airman 1st Class
Justin Turner


Hometown: Mobile,

Reason for join-
ing: The educa-
tional benefits.

12 Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer

President's Day hours
Holiday hours will be as follows:
Main Store and Concession: 10 a.m. 4 p.m.
Optometry Shop: 10 a.m. 4 p.m.
Dunkin Donuts: 9 a.m. 4 p.m.
Charley's Subs: 9 a.m. 3:30 p.m.
Gas Station: 8 a.m. 5 p.m.
The following listed facilities will be closed:
Admin Office
North Shoppette/Clothing Sales
Cape Food Court
Cape Shoppette
Cape Barber Shop
Anthony's Pizza
Taco Bell
The Commissary will be open 8:30 a.m. 4

Office relocation
All of the Civilian Personnel Office has moved to
the second floor of Building 536. Due to renova-
tions access through the first floor will be unavail-
able approximately until the end of May. Anyone
wanting access to the CPO should use the emer-
gency exit staircases located at both ends of the
building. For those unable to utilize stairs please
call 494-5238. Call 494-4189 for classification
and staffing, and 494-8398 for employee relations
and labor relations.

2009 Intramural Softball League
The 2009 Intramural Softball League is cur-
rently underway and will run through May.
Games are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays
at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. at Schobel Field in
Pelican Coast Housing. Those interested in joining
the league are eligible to do so via a players' pool
draft. All equipment authorized under the NSA
and the Sports and Fitness Center "Sports for All"
bylaws is allowed. Commander's Cup Points will
be awarded. The league is open to active duty,
Guard. Reserve, family members 18 years or older.
DoD and NAF employees, and contractors working
on Patrick AFB and CCAFS. Spectators are wel-
come. For more information, call 494-3147.

Bowling Center Specials
The Rocket Lanes Bowling Center will feature
the following specials in February:
* Presidents' Day Special Monday, from noon to
5 p.m. (bowl for only $1 per game, plus regular
shoe rental, and $1 snack bar specials)
* Ash Wednesday Snack Bar Special Feb. 25
(fried shrimp, steak fries and a small fountain
drink for only $6.25)
* Lunch Special Every Tuesday Friday in
February, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (order a lunch
valued at 85 or more and bowl for free)

* Sunday Family Day Snack Bar Special Every
Sunday In February (get a hot dog, curly fries,
cookie and small drink for only $3.95).
For more information, call 494-2958.

Sweetheart Bowling Tournament
The Rocket Lanes Bowling Center is host-
ing a Sweetheart Doubles Bowling Tournament
Saturday at 2 p.m. Cost is only $20 per couple
and reservations are required. For more Informa-
tion and to register, call 494-2958.

Marina Hosts Valentine's Day Sock Hop
The Manatee Cove Marina will host their
Valentine's Day Sock Hop for members. Saturday
at 6 p.m. This year's gala includes a fabulous buf-
fet, sweetheart surprises, and fantastic 50's music.
They'll also be crowning the "King & Queen" of the
sock hop and will have a dance contest, hula hoop
contest and more. Tickets may be purchased in
the Ship's Store for only $10 per person. Guest
tickets (if available) can be purchased for $15 per
person (limit two guests per membership). Make
sure you dress for the occasion dust off those
bobby socks and poodle skirts and get ready to
"rock around the clock" For more information.
call 494-7455. See you later alligator

Sweetheart Couples Picnic & Boat Ride
Outdoor Recreation will host a Sweetheart
Couples Picnic & Boat Ride to Samsons Island.
the beautiful 52-acre island in Satellite Beach,
Feb. 21, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost is $30 per
couple and reservations are required. For more
information and to make your reservation, call

Stamping Class
The Arts & Crafts Center will hold a stamp-
ing class Feb. 21, from 10 a.m. to noon. Cost is
$15 and includes all materials. Registration is
required by Tuesday. For more information and to
register, call 494-4270.

Watercolor Workshop
The Arts & Crafts Center will hold a watercolor
workshop Feb. 21. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost
is $40 and includes all supplies. Registration is
required by Feb 18. For more information and to
register, call 494-4270.

Scrapbook Class
The Arts & Crafts Center will hold a scrapbook
class Feb. 21, from 10 a.m. to noon. Cost is only
$10 and includes all supplies. Registration is
required by Thursday. For more information and
to register, call 494-4270.

One-Day Career Development
"Keys to Success" a one-day Leadership
and Career Development training seminar will
be presented March 4 and 5 at the Holiday Inn
Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Resort. Susan Miller
will give the Keynote Address, entitled "How to
Get and Stay in the Positive Zone...No Matter
Whatl. The morning and afternoon will feature
break-out sessions with four topics to choose
from. Including "Unlocking Our Leadership
Potential" by Cynthia Krosky. and "Managing
Multiple Priorities" by Marion Stevens.
Cost is $109 and registrations are due by
February 20.
NOTE: NASA personnel wishing to attend
this conference will need to submit their
names to their directorate training coordinator
along with their date of preference for atten-
dance. Please follow the instructions provided
by your directorate training coordinator. NASA
employees who wish to attend and are not
being funded by NASA, may attend at their
own expense and will be considered in a train-
ing status.
All contractors and other agencies, please
visit the following Web site to complete the reg-
istration package:
few. For more information contact Vickle Hall
at 867-9100. Johanna Velasquez at 867-4846
or Barb Powell at 504-6086.

Career Expo and The Non Commissioned
Officers Association (NCOA) will hold a Career
Expo atthe Cocoa Beach HolidayInnOceanfront
Resort Feb. 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The Expo is designed to place separating
and retiring veterans and family members in
direct contact with companies and corpora-
tions seeking people with military training and
The Expo will be preceded by a Career
Transition Seminar starting at 8:30 a.m., con-
ducted by Bill Fitzpatrick, co-author of "Does
Your Resume Wear Combat Boots" and "Does
Your Resume Wear Blue Jeans".
Co-sponsored by the Cocoa Beach Area,
Melbourne/Palm Bay Area, Titusville and Palm
Bay Chambers of Commerce, the Job fair is free
to Job seekers and will include a solid mix of
local and national employers. Non veterans are
also welcome to attend.
Employers who wish to participate may
contact Bill Fitzpatrick at 591-7253 for more
(No federal endorsement of sponsors intend-

Feb. 13, 2009 Missileer 13

Healthy teeth mean healthy, happy kids

45th Aeromedical-Dental Squadron Staff
The month of February is National Children's
Dental Iealth Month. The 45th Aeromedical-
Dental Squadron will be planning activities at
the Child Development Center, Youth Center and

At birth your child will already have 20 pri
mary (baby) teeth developing which will begin
I rIpli i at six to eight months. The primary
teeth are the foundation for the permanent
teeth and very important for the i '.%.II ,ning' and
health of the permanent teeth which will start
erupting approximately at age six to < luli
Early tooth decay can destroy a baby's teeth.
Decay is caused by plaque (bioflhn). a sticky film
of bacteria that forms on teeth. Plaque combined
with carbohydrates (sugars) produce acid that
destroys tooth structure causing decay. Baby
bottle tooth decay can occur when a child Is fret
quently exposed to certain liquids, such as milk,
fruit juice and sweet liquids. It is Imperative that
parents not allow children to go to sleep with the
aforementioned liquids in a baby bottle.
The American Dental Association recommends

a child's first visit to the dentist by his/her first
birthday. This first visit will introduce the child
to the dentist and dental hIel\ ul'i, in a very
positive and fun environment. check for any
problems and answer the parents' questions.
Parents and dental professionals can team up to
insure strong healthy teeth. A list of area den
tist .i 11' I'l.lliine, in the United Concordia Dental
plan can be accessed though the Patrick Dental
Clinic. The contact number for the clinic is 321-
494-6366. Additionally, the contact number for
the Trl Care Dental Plan is 1 800 866 8499!.
From the age of six months to three years,
sore gums may ex: a problem as new teeth erupt.
A washcloth or a game pad works well for mas
S d ing the gums as well as wiping off any food
or plaque that may tbe attached to the gums and
new teeth. Introduction of toothpaste should be
done when a child has the ability to rinse out
and at that time only a pea-sized amount of
toothpaste is needed.
Both parents participating in the daily routine
of brushing and flossing is essential In devel
hoping good dental health habits for your child.
Your family oral hvalene routine will stay with

your child for a lifetime and will reduce pain and
expense for you and your child. Sealants, mouth
guards and orthodontics, If needed, can allow
every child the ioppoi'iin~li to enjoy a Ih aldhl
mouth and a beautiful smile as an adult.
The lists of activities planned for National
Children's Dental Health Month Include videos.
brushing and flossing demonstrations with teeth
models, puppets and story book time, tooth and
flossing games, goody bags and much more.
For more information please call Eva Roberts
at 494-6366.

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