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Patrick Air Force Base/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

Feb. 6, 2009

M 'Eyes on Jobs' opens doors; your job to close the deal

By Chris Calkins
45th SW PIl,hr.- \l.nrrr
It's no secret the job
market is pretty ilnli -
and getting tighter oon
both the national and
local level. But if you
are really serious about
finding ii.vrlltl from
an entry level to a lucra
tive place of employ-
ment, there Is help at
Ihe Airman & tillllllv
Readiness Center, in
the t--. on Jobs" pro
gram. managed by Mo
Cronin. an Employment
Readiness Consultant at
the center.
Currently, there
are 769 local people
enrolled in the center's
data base, and there are
more than 240 employ-
ers posting jobs. both at
the local and national
level, according to Mr.
"One of the most
important and most
difficult tIhlrn:l we
want to make people
understand is they need
lo have realistic expect
nations when they are
I. u. -kiIl. I I 1. -il ,- III l. it -.
employment market."
said Mr. Cronin.
"It's no secret jobs are
hard to come by. espe
cially here in this mar-
ket. (see chart in accom-

paying picture) and It
seems to me thal people
are more concerned with
landing a position than
finding a job. What they
sonleinlues don't seem to
grasp Is that a Job often
turns into the position
they havee been looking
for all along." he said.
Signing yourself up
for the program Is as
easy as stopping by the
center and filling out a
one page application.
-All we really need Is
a good e mail and mail
ing address and you'll
be entered into our data
base that same day." Mr,
Cronir said.
He also made it clear.
that with 670-plus
names In the program.
he does not have the
lime to "identify spe
clfic Jobs for specific
"Whenever we get a
job il-.llk ; from any of
our 240-plus employers.
I Instantly send it out
to everyone in our job
IUiiIlii- data base." he
said. "And if that par
ticular job is not well
suited to your job skills.
well ... the delete but-
ton seems to work pret-
ty well," he said with a
Mr. Cronin empha
sized one of the reasons

SDEC 7.-

.DEC .7,8
reva ty Unemployment Rate

Mo Cronin points out some sobering statistics at a briefing for the "Eyes an
Jobs" program at the Airman & Family Readiness Center.

service members and
members of their fani-
lies are attractive to
employers is because of
the selfless service Ii..
have already shown, the
dedication and disc
pline they demonstrate
ed on a daily basis, the
diverse work force I1
have worked in, and the
quallfkcations they have
acquired, whether they
served for 30 years or 24
LIIIm l.\ 1is 'get It'
when they see someone
from the military or a
family member apply-
ing lor jobs within their
respective organiza-

lions." he said.
"In many cases, they
already know they can
hire someone they can
trusl t o o the ob ...
and to do it well."
But he also warned
that being "aware" of a
position and "laniRi i"
it rest solely on the Job
lThe program we offer
provides great fodder for
your job search, but
that's really all i( boils
down to." he said.
"It's still the job seek-
er's responsibillty to be
proactive when they get
a 'hit" from our e-mails
to them. They are the

ones who have to apply
in a timely mamner;: ill
out all the forms and
stay in touch with the
employer i I -\ are work-
;tIP i1iVI. It's a most con
petitive world: they need
to do the home work so
they know they are well-
prepared in every phase
of their Job search.
"It's our job to try to
give them some really
xpsitive leads: it's their
Job to close the deal."
he said.
You can call the
Airman & I'ilnlll
Readiness Center by
. dillic 494 5675.

Vol. 51 No. S

Hallin, the new


VA briefing
The Veterans
briefing on home
loans scheduled
for Wednesday
will be at the
Education Center
Building 998, not
the Base Theater.

Air Force Space Command: delivering space and missile

capabilities to America and its warfighting commands

~ I

2 Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer VIIPOINTS

Never lose that winning spirit

By Brig. Gen.
Edward L. Bolton, Jr.
45th SW comnnaider
1 don't know if you are a football
fan like I am or not, but 1 am pretty
sure the vast majority of you know
by now that the Pittsburgh Steelers
nicked the Arizona Cardinals by
scoring the winning touchdown with
0:35 seconds left in the game.
Less than two minutes earlier,
the Steelers had gone behind when
the Cardinals, seven-point under-
dogs going Into the game, took a
23 20 lead on a G4 yard touchdown
pass. And earlier, when Arizona had
trailed at half time by 10 points.
most TV "experts" thought the game
was "pretty much over."
So much for the "experts."
OK, I'm not here to do a re-hash
or a play-by-play of the entire game.
but what I do want to talk about
is the winning spirit and fight both
teams showed, right down to the

From the top

final seconds of the game. Whether
you enjoy sports or not. this game
was the perfect example for what it
means to "never give up" and it was
there for all to see on the world's
biggest stage.
1 see that same kind ofdetermi
nation that same kind of "never-
give-up" mentality around here on
an everyday basis. 1 don't care what
the "score." is. or "how much time
Is on the clock." I have all the con
fidence in the world that when we
come to a bump in the road, we'll
find a way to go over, around, under
or through it.
We always seem to find a way to
And score we did during the
recent 1lemnessey Award Team visit,
which was evaluating where our
Riverside Dining Facility ranks in

regards to other dining facilities at
the Air Force level, (We already took
first place in Space Command).
I have no idea if we will end up
winning, but I can tell you that 11
superior performance certificates
were handed out. more than twice
the normal number, and eight "best
practices" were identified.
That's just remarkable. In lay-
men's terms, that means the evalua-
tors will take these practices back to
the Air Force and say something like
"hey, you might want to start doing
what these Sharks are doing."
They even liked the Food Service
in-brief so much that they requested
a copy to be made for them so that
they could take it back with them.
1 told them they could take some-
thing else back with them too, Take
hack that the 45th Space Wing is a
winner. And we never, ever give up.
Thanks for all you do Sharks.

Responsibilities: yours and your contractors

By Col. John Gimourr
45th Contracting Squadron coimrmmder Fcommander's Corner]

Relationships with contractors...
not something many of us think
about, but certainly something we
Consider this: There are more
than 5,000 contractor employees
at Patrick and the Cape. and more
than 75 percent of our wings annu-
al budget goes to contracts. In virtu
ally every important mission area -
launch, range, and mission support
- the Sharks depend on contractor
performance in mission execution.
It is convenient because of our
dependence on contractors to think
that they too are Sharks, but that is
an oversimplification of a complex
relationship. Contractors are patri
otic and have a strong affinity for
our mission, but ultimately they are
Equally. we must recognize that
we have both mission responsibili-
ties and a higher obligation to be
sood stewards of the public inter-

est In simpler terms, we all need to
make sure our contractors are per
forming correctly and ethically.
Here are some practical tips on
how to help ensure effective contrac-
tor relations:
* If you have a contractor support
Ing your functional area, make it
your business to know their con-
tract requirements get ahold of
their contract and read it;
* If you have special assigned
responsibilities, such as being a
Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE).
know them and conduct them
* Do not allow personal relation-
sips to cloud your objectivity
- maintain an arm's length relation-
ship, and use appropriate means to
provide candid feedback to the con
* Comply with the Joint Ethics
Regulation at all times;
* Recoenize the limits of vour

authority remember, only a
Contracting Officer (CO) can direct
the contractor,
* Refer any observed performance
anomalies to the CO. Functional
Commander, or QAE;
* Contact OSI if you delect any
fraudulent contractor behavior: and
* Consult with the CONS CO if you
are unsure of anything relative to
contractor performance.
We live in an era where con
tracted support has multiplied due
to budget realities and our opera
tions tempo. Our obligation to pro-
vide effective contract oversight has
remained, however, and there will be
increased emphasis on that in the
Contract management is not the
responsibility of a few, but of every
Shark. If we employ these tips. we
will attain the delicate balance,
the one that allows our mission to
be successful, for our contractors'
business interests to be met. and
the interests of the American public

Missileer staff
Brig. Gen. Edward L Bolton. Jr.
451 'ipeaoe Wiln Commantder

Brad Sweey
'lelr Di F prCi kiarns

Capl. Amber Millerchip
QeolIV t C' hiMl ou PblI All a ll

Chris Calkins
c:hiei ur uI urenl iiperarlian

2nd Lt, Karl Wiest
Ch'lt ol Maeil i Opersalonm
Airman let Clasa
David Dabrydney
John Connell
Pubfllh.ed try Cape PLIbll r'alilsiii, Iri, a
private trm n i no way connected wllt the Air
Force, unds awlusive wrtrllein crnlrq will
Ihe 45tn 'Spece linpg F'glricl. AFa, Fia
Thil ci-tiah entirpnri Air Folc, newspa-
per s1 an liPhorined pull, ;alnon tri n milbers
04 The U millarV secrvics Contents of the
Miilelr are ci not ritessiilv oFfial UTres oI,
or andorid by, Ihe U S govrrnrriqrIL, hp ICIoJ
:0 IhiE F1aBlatmenl oF inh All Forca
The ij'p earan':e- *i sclver'tlin i I l 'lis
Dutllcaiion, incluctig 11nser i or supplemenlsr
loe- ncT ron.nllu-i endcorcerrll by Ihe Deo.
Ihe OeparlTmani ot Ihe Arr Fol ce oi Cap
F'ublaC-lions. Inh l Ihe prodLols oi seivier
alveinr sed
LyVrnlrina advrtiser:l In rhl plutlrct llGn
-.stll be made svasleble lor puohae@, LJSPD or
pelirnag. wilhoul leoadl Ic race, cotot, \cli
glon, ee:, n lional origin, l ,e, rarilal stalus
physical liandicap, potilicaal eailelon or any
helhr non-lTia l rail ':i1 the purhCharef, l.sef
on palrop
Fdlrloral ,onlenr I e-drled.t prepared and
provided hb the. 4lIh Splcie Wing F'ubhQ
Atlairc OlImce
A ll pilhngraplhs are Afn orce IpholIlgfaph5
munas' othm wise indjcaped

Caps Pubtil ons
Advertising Department

Resafl (f21) ?'4 38OB
t.arlonal (.1') 242-3,33
leassilied 3r211 Ca2.S,5
120'1 Edwald H While I I t
Eullding 4A. Hooi- C-130
'atrickt AFB. FL 3. .e
32 1f l l' k 59121 l
inessilserr'pairmck a1 mil
PAFB Into Lne

Submission deadline Is 2 p.m. the Friday
before publication.


New Base Supply Center

offers one stop shopping

By Airman 1st Class
David Dobrydney
4.';iin i'rNl.. r .lffrirs.
The next time sone
one In your office needs
Post It notes or push
pins. you woin' have to
go off base to any local
Located in Building
1392 near the Manatee
Cove Golf Course.
the newly opened
Base Supply Center/
Individual Equpmtent
Element (BSC/IEE)
provides Items for both
the office worker and
Instrumental In
bl ining thile center to
Patrick were Clin.. k
Hobbs from the 195111
Contracting Squadron
and Donna Wenzel
from the 45th Logistics
Readiness Flight, said
M11 ui n-r Jeff Young.
The center Is run by
LC Industries, a corn
pany that has opened
29 such facilities.
"I believe the pri
mary benellft to the
customer Is thle con
venlence of being able
to get most mui\ IllihL
ili-v would need al one
location," said Manager
Jeff YV,'IIL, "No Ionn
ger does the customer
have to shop at number
ous locations or have
to deal with extensive
wall periods for online
At 8.000 square feet.
the BSC maintains
an inventory of 2,700)
Items In the store,
with access to 650,000
more, including custom
temsl such as coins.
The store also main-

Greg Firkel, Joseph Audia, 2nd Lt Megan Mueller
check out the deals at the Base Supply Center.

tains tactical items for
deploying troops such
as AIBUs.
Having opened in
November, the num-
her of customers at the
USC/lEE Is steadily
growing. "I would del-
nitely encourage Ibase
personnel to stop by
and see the store," said
Mr. Young, "We are
doing i ii r liiiin we
can to provide our tcus-
tomers with a one-stop-
shop facility."
Indeed, the BSC
already has nany sat-
isfied customers. "Not
only are we supporting
a great cause by shop-
ping there, they have a
nice inventory, it's con-
venient and the people
working there go all out
to be sure you are sat
Isfled before you ever
leave" said C.r, Firkel,
chief of Untl Readiness
for Ille 45th Force
Support Squadron.
"The agreement to
bring the LCI BSC/IEE
store provides a win,
win win stluatoll."
said tir,-L.'rv Harris,

contract specialist for
the 45th CONS. "This
agreement provides the
benefit of a customiz-
able on-site inventory
with available deliv-
ery, tailored to PAFB
and CCAFS customers
while employing legal-
ly blind citizens, and
utilizing products from
our federally required
45th CONS Com-
nander Col. John
G lim our agrees. "The
partnership between
Patrick AFB and the
new I(SCI Is an etcred
ible success story... It
gives the wing and mis
slonl partners a robust
supply source for corn
1lmon and specialized
items, and a plhenom
enal reach back capa
bilty in other words.
It improves our sup
ply chain manage
nmeit. And, since Ithe
BSCI employs legally
blind citizens, it fosters
Patrick's socloeconom
ic coumnitments to the
local conmmunllty." said
Colonel Gilmour.

iS Feb. 6,2009 Missileer 3

Ph.ob, by C-n1i

Black History Month
45th Space Wing Commander Brig. Gen. Edward L. Bolton, Jr., signs the
2009 Black History Month Proclamation at the Professional Development
Center Monday. See page 12 for more Black History Month events.


-..... *

a L lrl b lowqns W
.. ."r

4 Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer

2008 Annual Awards
Designated drivers are needed for the Annual
Awards Banquet March 6. Volunteers may contact
Staff Sgt. Elvis Thomas at 494-2791 or Tech. Sgt.
Dentsha Gaines at 494-1430.

A&FRC classes
The Airman and Family Readiness Center
is hosting the following classes, located at the
A&FRC. Building 722 unless otherwise noted:
SPre-Separation; Monday. 9-10:30 a.m.
* Fundamentals of a Resume: Monday. 1-3 p.m.
* lot Term Airman Financial Management:
Tuesday, 8 a.n 4:30 p.m.
* Three-day TAP workshop: Tuesday Thursday.
8a.m, 4:30 p.m.
* Bandles for BabieeaNewborn Care: Thursday,
6-8 p.m.
* Sponsorship Training; Thursday. 10-11 a.m.

Office Move
The Project Emeritus and Retiree Activities
offices have moved to Bklg. 415 (where Ihe
Shoppette is located). The phone numbers remain
the same, 494-7656 (Project Emeritus), 494-5464

Framing Classes
Frame classes will be held at the Arts & Crafts
Center Feb. 21 front 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is only
$25 plus materials. Registration is required a
minimum of 10 days prior to class date so materi-
als can be ordered. For more Information and lo
register. call 494 4270,

Father & Daughter Valentine Dance
Youth Programs will host a Father & Daughter
Valentine Dance Feb. 13, from 7 to 9 p.m. with

___ BAIIFS -
music, cookies & punch, and photo opportunities.
Dress Is business casual. This event is for fathers
and their daughters, ages 5 18. Cost Is only $2
per child. Sign up required in advance. For more
Information and to sign up, call 494-4747.

Surf Fishing Classes
Outdoor Recreation will hold a surf fish
tug class Feb. 13. from 5 to 7 p.m. (classroom
Instruction). with fishing on the beach the next.
morning, Feb. 14. from 7 to 11 a.m. A second
surf fishing class will be held Feb. 27 from 2 to 4
p.m. (classroom Instruction). With fishing on the
beach March 1, from 7 to 11 a.m. Cost Is only $45
per person and includes Instruction. rod & reel
rental, and bait & tackle. For more Information
and to register, call 494-2042.

Kid's Night Out
Youth Programs wll host their monthly "Kid's
Night Out" Feb. 13. from 6 to 11 p.m. for grades
K-6. The evening will feature games, arts &
crafts, sports/fitness, dinner and more. Cost for
the evening is only $20 for members and $25 for
non members. Show your AF Services Card and
receive a $5 discount, Sign up required by Feb.
11. For more information and to sign up, call

Sweetheart Doubles Bowling
The Rocket Lanes Bowling Center is hos Ing a
Sweetheart Doubles Bowling Tournament Feb. 14
at 2 p.m, Cost is only $20 per couple and reserva-
tions are required. For more information and to
register, call 494 2958.

Valentine's Day Sock Hop
The Manatee Cove Marina will host their
Valentine's Day Sock I lop for members, Feb. 14 at

6 p.m. This year's gala Includes a fabulous bufet,.
sweetheart surprises, and fantastic 50's music,
Tickets may he purchased In the Ship's Store for
810 per person. Guest tickets (if available) can be
purchased for $15 per person (limit two guests
per membership). Make sure you dress for the
occasion dust off those bobby socks and poodle
skirts. For more Information, call 494-7455.

3-Tank Open Water Dive Trip
Outdoor Recreation will hold a 3-lank open
water dive trip on Monday, Feb 16. Cost Is $100
per person. For more information and lo register.
call 494 2042.

Watercolor Workshop
The Arts & Crafts Center will hold a watercolor
workshop Feb. 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost
Is $40 and includes all supplies. Registration is
required by Feb 18. For more information and to
register, call 494-4270.

Scrapbook Class
The Arts & Crafts Center will hold a scrapbook
class Feb. 21, from 10 a.m. to noon. Cost is only
S10 and includes all supplies. Registration Is
required by Feb. 19, For more information and to
register. call 494-4270.

Sweetheart Couples Picnic & Boat Ride
Outdoor Recreation will host a Sweethcart
Couples Pietnic & Boat Ride to Samsons Island.
the beautiful 52-acre Island In Satelltle Beach,
Feb. 21, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost is $30 per
couple and reservations are required. For more
Information and to make your reservation, call
494 2042.

Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer 5

6 Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer .mil



the top
At left, Chief Master Sgt. (ret.) Joseph Pannitto (center) and (left
to right) Senior Master Sgts. Jason Pillow, Michael Chambers,
Raymond Lagasse and Anthony Johnson light the ceremonial
Chief Master Sergeant's candle recognizing their selection for
promotion at The Tides Jan. 30. Above, Sergeant Chambers
is congratulated by 45th Space Wing Commander Brig. Gen.
I a...ti..r...... ---- F Edward L. Bolton, Jr., after the ceremony.

The Cape's most complex cargo coverage

By Mark Cleary
45th SW Histonjry Qcf
In line with President Ronald Reagan's pro
posal in 1983 to use ground and space based
systems to protect America from ballistic mis
sile attack, four Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
experimental technology missions were launched
by Delta and Delta n space launch vehicles from
Complex 17 between Sept. 5. 1986 and Feb. 15,
1990. One of them Delta 181 presented the
Eastern Range with one of the most complex
Instrumentation sitpporl missions in range Ills
tory. It was launched Feb. 8, 1988.
Delta 180 was the P' ul, first SDI mission.
and it was launched Sept. 5. 1986. It involved
the placement of a Delia second stage and a pay
load adapter system Into two 120 nautical mile
high orbits to gather data on rockel propulsion
sources and confirm guidance and II. i,'.iilin I
"Il,_-rli linii. Officials were extremely pleased with
the launch and its on orbit support, and they
touled the mission as "a tremendous success."
But SDI 181 was the real centerpiece of the
effort. The mission once again, featured a sec-
oud stage In low-Earth orbit, but two payloads
were deployed (one with a rocket plunim genera-
tor and the other with a package of eight test
objects and four reference objects). A sensor
module containing a command and data han
dIllinl systelns arid seven experiments was car-
ried in the second stage to scan elements of both
payloads once I i, were deployed. Thie sensor
module was equipped with ultraviolet, infrared,
radar ard laser sensors to .all n. r data on the

History Highlights
"signatures' generated by the payloads. Data
from approximately 100 ground based sources
were tunneled intu the Cape via communications
satellites, and the misstin required more than
200 radar trakinng nianciers oretr a period cqf
two dias. Recorded data continued to come In
for approximately 10 days after the experlmen
tal portion of the mission was completed, Once
again, the mission was highly successful.
The Delta 183 mission featured the Delta
STAR experimental spacecraft, and the latter
remained in a circular low Earth orbit to make
observations and transmit data to ground sta
tions over a period of several ntonTths, Two more
SDI payloads (LOSAT L and LOSAT RJ were
launched aboard a Delta II space vehicle Fel.
14. 1990. They were Injected Into different orbits
and turned over to the U.S. Naval Research

Laboratory and the U.S. Air Force Weapons
Laboratory r. -. i 'li\ vly to support various SDI
lnl;.yillgi the collapse of the Soviet Ulnion,
U.S. Government officials refocused the SDI on
theater ballistic missile defense. To reflect the
shift in focus froni national to regional threats,
the Strategic Defense Inlitative ,Ornga d.tiilIn
(SDIO) was renanmed the Ballistic Missile Defense
O irt.ultiainoi (BMDO) in 1993, rlhouli the likeli-
hood of terrorist attacks involving ballistic nis-
siles remains debatable, the long-ernn threat of
missile attack from well-funded pariah slates or
lunatic litnge regimes cannot be ignored.

6 Felb. 6, 2009 Missileer

http:/ mil

Feb. 6, 2009 Missleer 7

Air Force to be NASCAR

sponsor in 2009 season

By Daniel Elkins
Air Force Renrlting
Gillett Evernham
ortorsports and Petty
Holdings announced in
January to form a new
VASCAR Sprint Cup
Learn that partners one
f the most recognize
able cars in racing with
he Air Force.
Air Force officials
il] now he both the
primary and associ-
ate sponsor for the No.
43 car driven by Reed
Sorenson, a 22-year
old. three-time win
ner in the Nationwide
As a primary sponsor
the car will feature the
Air Force paint scheme
in Four of 38 NASCAR
races this season.
Air Force officials
announced in Nwoember
2008 the new NASCAR
partnership with Gillett
Evernham Motorsports
and its No. 10 car driv
en by Mr. Sorenson
or the 2000 NASCAR
Sprint Cup season. The
agreement by Gillett
Evernham Motorsports
iad Petty Holdings
eads to a new team
eaturing the No. 43 car
o owned by Richard
Petty of Petty Ioldings
id Gillett Evernham
Air Force Recruiting

Service officials here
said this new venture is
an attractive venue for
marketing the Air Force
because the sport has
a strong, patriotic fan
base that really sup
ports its teams and team
sponsors. Additionally.

they said the sport of
racing aligns well with
the fans' interests and
the Air Force's brand
of speed, teamwork
and technology, inspire
ing young Americans to
consider the Air Force as
a great career choice.

8 Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer

Events Calendar

Wednesday Thursday
4 5


Applying for Air Force
9-11 a.m.
Airman & Family
Readiness Center

A La Carte Dining with
American Express
6-10 p.m.
The Tides

Texas Hold 'em
5-10 p.m.
The Tides

Cape Bus Trip
9:30 a.m. 1 p.m.
Outdoor Recreation

Framing class
9 a.m. 4 p.m.
Arts & Crafts

Mixed 2-Person
No Scotch Golf
8 a.m.
Manatee Cove

8 9 10 11 12 13 | FSPCr.,ilyC I 14
Sunday Brunch 3.5 Mile Run/Walk 1st Term Airman Early Bird Bingo Sponsorship Training Valentine's Day Surf Fishing class
10 a.m. 1:30 pm. Fitness Centers Financial Management 6:15 p.m. 10-11 am., Luncheon 7-11 a.m.
The Tides 7 a.m. .Falirc 7:30 8 a.m. 4 p.m. The Tides Airman & Family 11 a.m,, noon, 1 p.m Outdoor Recreation
a.m. (Cape) Airman & Family Readiners Ce nter The Tides
Readiness Center Sweetheart Doubles
Story Time Bundles for Babies/ Father & Daughter Bowling Tournament
10 a.m. Newborn Care Valenrtin Dance 2 p.m.
Base Library 6-8 p.m. 6-11 p.m. Rocket Lanes
A&FRC Youth Programs
Fundamentals of a Valentine's Day Sock
Resume Latin 'Jighl Hop
1-3 p.m. 10 p.m. -2 a.m. 6 p.m.
Airman & Family The Tides Marina
Readiness Center

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10 am. 1:30 p.m. 6:15 p.m. School class 9-03 9-11 a.m. Celebration & Scrapbook classes
The Tides 3 Tank Open Water Base Library graduation Airman & Family 4-5:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 2 p.m.
Dive Trip Readiness Center Iouth Pi3agim:. Arts & Crafts
Outdoor Recreation Newcomer's Orientation Dress for Success
Brief and Information 11 a.m. noon Interview Orientation Texas Hold 'em Sweetheart Couples
Presidents' Day Fair Airman & Family 10-11:30 a.m, 5-10 p.m. Picnic and Boat Ride
Bowling Special 7:30-11:30 a.m. Readiness Center A&FRC The Tides 11 a.m. 2 p.m.
noon -5 p.m. Airman & Family Outdoor Recreation
Rocket Lanes Readiness Center Early Bird Annual Mardi Gras
6:15 p.m. party Sailing class
The Tides 5-9 p.m. 2-3:30 p.m.
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Readiness Center Readiness Center ilrnmar.n 6 Family Surf Fishing class
Commander's Cup Readiness Center 2-4 p.m. Automotive Paint Class
Wiffle Ball Challenge Deployed Spouses Early Bird Baig.o Outdoor Recreation 10 a.m. noon
7 a.m. Appreciation Dinner 6:15 p.m. Auto Hobby Shop
Patrick Fitness Center 6-7 p.m. The Tides Teen Night
A&FRC 7-10:30 p.m.
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Feb 1



Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer 9

10 Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer

The heart of repentance

By Chaplain (1st
Lt.] Henry Jenkins
45th SW Chapel
What did you do
wrong? What do you
wish you could change?
Regret is a Ix)werful
reminder of our human
ity and one must con-
cede that to live life is
to have regret. The way
we respond to regret
speaks of our spiritual
The days of eccen
trick hermits with exotic
diets and hideous fash
ion may be out of style
but the ability to repent
remains en vogue. In
our humanity. we seek
a greater expression of
tie better part of us.
To do this, we must
embrace the humility of

Chaplain's Corner
a servant and esteem
others better than our-
selves. Such an attitude
allows us to be injured
when we Injure others
leading to admit that
we are guilty and delil
erately turning away
from that behavior so
that the event will not
happen again.
The one who embrace
es repentance as a
way of life will become
the better person for
it. They will always
seek to right wrongs,
advance justice and live
in harmony with their
neighlxrs. John the
Baptist proclaimed the
words. "Repent, for the
Kingdom of God is at

hand'. I believe these
words of this first
century prophet still
resonate in the lives of
manyW today. They are
people who are htunble,
meek and serve with
great compassion the
disenfranchised and
discounted citizens of
our global society,
A modern day pro
phetic voice cries out in
our society from those
who decry war. hatred.
poverty and injustice.
We all seek a better day
where spears will be
turned into plowshares
and lions will lie down
with lambs. Repentance
is the key to the new
world because it is in
the hands of the repen-
tant. one finds the
Kingdom of God.


FRIDAY VRlktrie (Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh) Colonel Von
Statffenberg is a loyal officer who serves his country all the while hoping
that someone will find a way to stop Hitler. Realizing that time is nmning
out. he derides that he must take action himself and joins the German
resistance. Armed with a cunning strategy to use Hitler's own emergency
plan, these men plot to assassinate the dictator arnd overthrow his Nazi
government from the inside. Rated PG- 13 (violence, language) 121 main

SATURDAY Marley & Me [Owen Wilson. Jennifer Aniston) Marley is
a yellow lab adopted by John and his wife Jenny. Their idea was to give
them a taste of parenthood. but the dog proved to be a hyperactive hand
ful. Rated PG (thematic material. suggestive content, language) 115 min

Adults 12 & older 84, children 6-11 S2, children 5 & tuider are
Doors open at 7 p.m. Shows begin at 7:30 p.m. il

Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer 11

Patrick Airman recognized for tireless efforts

By Stanf Sgt.
Dilia Ayala
,3'32nd. Air
1-I_., iInir a.P rF WYing
BALAD, Iraq Stlaff
Sgt. Maurice Pearcey
was Ihe 332nd Air
Expedi tonary Wing's
Tuskegee Airman of I he
Week for Jan. 12 18.
"11 is an honor for nme
Lo congratilale Staff
Sgl. Maurice Pearecy as
our Tuskegee Airmat
of the Week," said Brig.
Gen. Brian Bishop,
332nd AEW command
'r. "1 want to thank
him] for \irnillunit he
oes each and every
.Irav. |He Isl helping Ius
ake our legacy Into
lie future with today's
ruskegee Airmen."
Sergeant Pearcey,
332nd Expeditionary
Civil Engineer
quadroln Inspect
zd and certified 45
unmanned aerial vehi-
le electrical grounding
points. These points are
inspected to verifl they
re properly grounded
o prevent any electrical
shock or statlc build-
ap. This safeguards Si1
million MQ 1 Predator
weapons systems as
wVil as the personnel
who maintain them
romn any electrical haz
yards. Furthermore, the
inspections contrib
cited to the success-
ill accomplishment of
nore than 87 nmissiont
While working as
an electrical systemris
ournevmnan, Sergeant
Pearcey Identifie, I i i II \
wiring In tie Housing i
Trea, re-wired I le panel
iad restored power to

80 liiilldiii in less
Ihan two hours with
zero mission liIpaItl.
"It's my Jot to make
sure that all the build
Ings on base are safe
electrically, so they
don't hunt down." said
Sergeant Peareey, a
native of Fort Pierce,
Fla.. who Is deployed
from the 45lh Civil
Engineer Squadron, "I
also make sure every
one has adequate
Inn addition to hlis
day to day mission.,
Sergeant Pearccy is also
very involved in JBB
activities and encourage
es others to be actively
engaged as well.
He has completed
tollr online courses In
electrical and disTri
button principles with
a 94 percent average.
Furthermore, 5. ri u il
Pearecy is a member of
the JBB Honor Guard
and an active Red Tall
5/6 committee mein
The Red Tall 5/6
Counell is an organza
tion for enlisted nlem
bears in the ranks of
E-5 to IE- who work
,I ;, Il i i ol i I" issues .
work within lith con
iiiijlv provide mnerl
lorstlip, and encourage
esprit de corps.
"Stay focused." he
said -IllI, lII' nlrJ I l v
"Keep pushing. Do
more. It's not a '9 to 5'
job being In the mill
tary. We work around
the clock. Get Involved
and stay positive. It will
work out for you,"
N.- r .uil Pearcy's
supervisor, Master Sgl.
Jarnmalne Thomas.
332nd ECES electrical

syslents NCO in charge.
is proud to have him on
his lean.
"His positive altitude
makes hln stand out
among his peers." said
the I'il.i .llIlp iil native.
'\\ lII11 \- r t\iii ask him
to do shienl ilIllp,. lie
takes 11 on and doesn't
stop unill he gets the
job done.
"lie is reliable." he
continued. "I know that
if" I give him '-.mii-ilmbii
to do. I know that it Is
going to gel done. Also,
In addition to working
12 hours. he Is also very
involved in the honor
guard and the Red Tall
5/G Committee. To ime
that's big: it shows a lot
of cormmitmnenl."

111111 - I-

rm ,LL ii., 1 .-7
Staff Sgt. Maurice Pearcey adjusts wiring Jan 27 at Joint Base Balad. Pearcey
was recognized as the Tuskegee Airman of the Week for Jan. 12-18. The 332nd
Air Expeditionary Wing Tuskegee Airman of the Week is selected based on an
Airman's accomplishments both on and off-duty. Sergeant Pearcey is deployed
from the 45th Civil Engineer Squadron.

12 Feb. 6, 2009 Missileer

Intramural Softball Standings as of January 30

45 CSR
920 RQW
45 MDG
45 FSS
45 LCG
45 CES
45 SFS
45 WS



Black History Month

The following events are scheduled for and the following milestones
occurred during this week:
Today: Gospel I'n tl.'a.mr1i. South Chapel, 7-9 p.m.
Saturday: Harriet Tubman first black woman on postage stamp. 1978
Sunday: Oirmiii hlii Massacre, University of South Carolina State,
Monday 5K Run/Walk, Patrick Fitness Center
Tuesday: Book reading, Child Development Center, 9-10 a.m.
Wednesday: Nelson Mandela released from prison, 1990
Thursday: Health Fair. Shark Center, 10 a.m. 2 p.m.

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