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Keeping an eye on qualityFood inspection team ensures food safety Double troubleTwin Troopers cause double-takes Dashing through GTMOVolume 15, Issue 28 December 13, 2013


of the week Sushi Night!Friday, Dec. 20, 7:30 p.m.ext. 75604Bayview ClubSay Sayonara! to the galley and venture out to the Bayview Club to whet your appetite for authentic Japanese sushi on The 2013 Marina Boat Parade will take place Dec. 14, starting at dusk. The parade is free to enter and is open to all ages with a valid boaters license. Residents can decorate their own boats or rent one from the marina. Decorating begins at noon and lights will not be provided. For more information call ext. 2345. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or someone who just likes to take pictures, the GTMO Photo Club is looking for new members. Open to adults, 18 years-old and up, you can begin your journey at Effective Jan. 1, 2014, meal prices at the galleys will change. Breakfast and night meal will be $2.55, while lunch and dinner will be $ 4.65. Veterinary food inspectors keep GTMO safe News 10 12AND IN OUR PAGES Around the Bay4 6 14 Bay Wire Report157Pfc. Andrew Brown591st Military Police CompanyPfc. Ernesto Camacho93rd Military Police Battalion 2 5 Santa Claus comes to the little town of Guantanamo Bay, ushers in the holidays PAGE 8 Cover photo by Spc. Lerone Simmons CORRECTIONS Page 8: In Sgt. Cassandra Monroes story on the BSCT training, Army 2nd Lt. Thelma Teal


JOINT TASK FORCE GUANTANAMO Joint Task ForceSafe Humane Legal TransparentGuantanamo /jointtaskforceguantanamo /photos/jtf gtmo /jtf gtmo @jtf gtmo Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Commercial: 011-5399-3651 DSN: 660-3651 E-mail: Navy Rear Adm. Richard W. Butler Deputy Commander Army Brig. Gen. Marion Garcia Sergeant Major Marine Sgt. Maj. Juan M. Hidalgo, Jr. Oce of Public Aairs Director Navy Cmdr. John Filostrat Deputy Director Air Force Maj. Christian P. Hodge Command Information Ocer Army Capt. Brian Pennington JTF PAO Senior Enlisted Leader Army 1st Sgt. Patricia KishmanCommand StaffHQ Building, Camp America Catholic Mass Mon.-ur. 5:30 p.m. Saturday 5 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. Protestant Services General Protestant Sunday 11 a.m. Gospel Worship Sunday 1 p.m. Camp America :00, :20, :40 Gazebo :01, :21, :41 Camp America NEX :02, :22, :42 Camp Delta :04; :24, :44 Camp 6 :07, :27, :47 TK 4 :13, :33, :53 JAS :14, :34, : 54 TK 3 :15, :35, :55 TK 2 :16, :36, :56 TK 1 :17, :37, :57 CC :19, :39, :59 Windjammer/Gym :22, :42, :02 Gold Hill Galley :24, :44, :04 NEX :26, :46, :06 NEX Laundry :27, :47, :07 C Pool :30, :50, :10 Downtown Lyceum :31, :51, :11 NEX :33, :53, :13 Gold Hill Galley :35, :55, :15 Windjammer/Gym :37, :57, :17 CC :40, :00, :20 TK 1 :41, :01, :21 TK 2 :42, :02, :22 TK 3:43, :03, :23 TK 4 :44, :04, :24 Camp 6:50, :10, :30 Camp Delta :53, :13, :33 HQ Building :55, :15, :35 Camp America NEX :57, :17, :37 Gazebo :58, :18, :38 Camp America :00, :20, :40 Sat. and Sun. only Location #1-4 Windward Loop 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m. East Caravella SBOQ/Marina 9:05 a.m., 12:05 p.m., 3:05 p.m. NEX 9:08 a.m., 12:08 p.m., 3:08 p.m., 6:08 p.m. Phillips Park 9:14 a.m., 12:14 p.m. 3:14 p.m. Cable Beach 9:17 a.m., 12:17 p.m., 3:17 p.m. Windward Loop 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. NEX 9:25 a.m., 12:25 p.m., 3:25 p.m., 6:25 p.m. SBOQ/MARINA 9:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m., 3:35 p.m. Return to Oce 9:40 a.m., 12:40 p.m., 3:40 p.m.Pentecostal Gospel Sunday 8 a.m. & 5 p.m., Room D LDS Service Sunday 10 a.m., Room 19 Islamic Service Friday, 1:15 p.m., Room 2 Seventh Day AdventistFriday, 7 p.m., Room 1 Sabbath School: Saturday 9:30 a.m., Room 1 Sabbath Service: Saturday 11:00 a.m., Room 19:55 a.m. 7:55 p.m.Camp America :55, :48 TK 1 :05, :36 Denich Gym/Windjammer :11, :31 Gold Hill Galley :14, :29 NEX :16, :27 Downtown Lyceum :17, :25 Editor Army Sgt. 1st Class Gina Vaile-Nelson Copy Editor Army Sgt. David Bolton Graphic Designer/Webmaster Army Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Hiler Photo Editor Army Sgt. Darron Salzer Sta Writers Army Sta Sgt. Lorne Ne Army Sgt. Cassandra Monroe Army Spc. Lerone SimmonsStaffThe Wire is an authorized publication for members of the Department of the Troopers of JTF-GTMO. The contents of The Wire are not necessarily Guard. The editorial content of this publication is the responsibility of the Joint Task assigned to the Joint Task Force and is published online. Look for us on your favorite Social Media: THE WIRE Protestant Worship Sunday 6:40 a.m. Sunday 9 a.m. Sunday 7 p.m. The Wire December 133


For many Troopers of Joint Task Force Guantanamo, this is their first Christmas Holiday Season in a deployed status. While Thanksgiving away from home may bring a Trooper down, Christmas is likely a tougher time for many. This is the time, more than any other throughout the year, to think about what you have rather than what you dont. I am saddened I wont have the privilege of opening presents with my son on Christmas day this year; however I am beyond grateful I have the bigger privilege of being a father at all. As your fellow Service member, I ask that you remind yourself, now more than ever, what a privilege it is to wear a uniform and represent our country. An honor only 1 percent of the U.S. population can relate to. I wonder if you have ever asked yourself how many of your high school classmates ever had the chance to serve on the island of Cuba or even step foot on the island in any capacity? When a Trooper seems to lose his or her way, there are many resources available that most are familiar with aboard GTMO: including JSMART and our strong Chaplain Corps which serve all branches. Regardless of the resources, I would hope that my fellow Troopers serving here will take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror while in uniform and remind yourself of the pride you had when you first earned the right to wear the uniform of whichever branch you serve. Pride is the ultimate motivator and esprit de corps is the greatest thing we can share; why should your pride and comradeship be any less at this time of year? I urge you to reach out to the people you share barracks with and people you work with and wish them happy holidays with a nod. Even better, reach out to a person you dont have the chance to work with or share barracks with and wish them seasons greetings. That person you wish happy holidays to may be having a bad day today. You may be the one struggling this time next week and someone you may not know well can pick your spirits up when you least expect it. I recall spending Christmas 2004 sleeping outside a five-ton truck in the middle of a cold Iraq winter. I started to feel depressed and homesick briefly before a feeling took me over. I suddenly felt enormously proud of the people I was with and extremely fortunate to be in the company of some of the finest people I will ever know. As you go forth, standing tall aboard GTMO over the next few weeks of the holiday season, I respectfully suggest you draw on a phrase that many of us are familiar with: Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever! 4 By Lt. Col. Jerrie Muir Inspector General, JTF-GTMO LCPO, Joint Medical GroupTtrooper to rooper ommandCCorner The new Joint Task Force Guantanamo Inspector General team, Master Sgt. Michael Rose, assistant inspector general, and Lt. Col. Jerrie Muir, inspector general, is here to support command teams and assist Troopers. The IG uses Army Regulation 201, Inspector General Activities and Procedures, as its operational guide to assist the JTF-GTMO family. Our goal is to help Troopers accomplish the mission. A major portion of the IG workload is to provide assistance to Troopers who have a request for information or a complaint. The IG recommends you give your chain of command an opportunity to help you with your questions and, or complaints before you seek our assistance. When you decide to seek assistance from the IG during your normal duty hours, notify your chain of command that you are leaving your place of duty. After duty hours, Troopers can visit the IG without notifying their supervisors. When you visit with the IG, we will determine how we can best assist you and we may ask that you complete a DA Form 1559, Inspector General Action Request. We will not intentionally disclose your identity, without your consent, outside the IG channels or our directing authority. You should bring any applicable documentation (emails, orders, sworn statements, etc.), names and phone numbers of people you have sought assistance from before coming to the IG, and be prepared to tell the IG what you want us to do. In addition to assisting Troopers with issues and complaints, the IG also conducts teaching, training, inspections and investigations. If you need to contact your IG team, please call Master Sgt. Rose at ext. 8339, or ext. 84734. You can also contact Lt. Col. Muir at ext. 8550, or ext. 84736. The IG Office is located in Building 1451.


357th gets holiday cheerNFews EED The Wire December 135 Information Assurance Calculate the risk Dont just print it and forget itWho wants this Glamour magazine? shouted Army Master Sgt. David Hiebert, noncommissioned officer in charge of the Behavioral Health Unit and member of the 357th Military Police Company assigned to Joint Task Force Guantanamo, Dec. 6. I do, I do, replied Army Sgt. Carla Baron, administrative noncommissioned officer, 357th MP Co. Baron hustled over to the pickup truck that held numerous care packages and received a brand-new edition of one of her favorite magazines. This joyous occasion was thanks to mass amounts of care packages that were shipped to GTMO for deployed members of the 357th MPs on behalf of various organizations back in the U.S. for the holiday season. This makes me feel like Im at home, and its also great to know that people care, said Baron. For a moment, you almost forget about everything else. I really appreciate this and would like to say thank you to those that took the time to care, she said. Smiles and excitement swept over the group that gathered around the small truck as they opened each care package. Some Troopers were left speechless. This is my first deployment, and I havent had anything like this before, said Army Sgt. Jake Barbieri, military police, 357th MPs. This heart-warming gesture is a big morale booster for us. For the units leadership, the morale boost was important for the MPs who work long days supporting the detention operations at Joint Task Force Guantanamo. This has a huge impact on Soldiers morale and we absolutely appreciate it, said Hiebert. Its great to have support from the states, especially from people that we might not even know. Wed like to thank everyone for your continued support and love, he said. You dont know how many hearts youve touched. Staff Writer,


Changing unit assumes authority while another welcomes a new commanderThree months after finding out about their deployment to join Joint Task Force Guantanamo at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Soldiers of the 66th Military Police Company stood before the JTF leadership, unfurled their guidon and officially assumed duties as the newest MP company assigned to the JTF, Dec. 5. The 66th MPs are assigned to detention operations which supports the JTFs overall mission of providing safe, humane, legal, and transparent care of the detainees here. Were excited for this mission especially in this joint environment, said Army Capt. Lindsey Gerheim, commander, 66th MP Co. My Soldiers and leaders bring a great deal of professionalism and different personalities to the table, and every day is a great day to be in command of this unit, she said. Gerheim said she intends to create an enduring system for other units to come, by building on past successes of units Staff writer, 66th Military Police Co. assumes dutiesprior. For Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert Knight, platoon sergeant, 66th MP Co., said recent pre-deployment training was crucial to the units understanding of the mission and overall commanders intent. Our training allowed us to be proficient with individual and collective tasks, which will allow us to perform well here, he said. Both Gerheim and Knight agree that aside from Soldiers doing their duties, they should also take advantage of the opportunities that GTMO provides. I tell them to enjoy GTMO as much as possible, get some volunteer hours, and learn more about other services, he said. His message was well received by Army Pfc. Brandon Taylor, military police, 66th MP Co. I plan to get as much experience as possible, save money, and get in the best shape of my life, he said. Were well prepared for this mission and are very proud to be here, he said. Photo by Spc. Lerone Simmons/The Wire6


SFPorts eed The Mercenaries, a softball team comprised of players from around U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, won the coed softball playoffs, Dec. 6, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Mercenaries won three straight games to make it to the championship game before dropping their first game 22-18, to The Gladiators. The Mercenaries won the second game, 11-7, of the double-elimination tournament, and took home the trophy. They came out swinging and really shocked us the first game, going up 14-0, and we were like, well ok, we really need to get our game going, said Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Kyle Joseph, team captain for The Mercenaries. The Gladiators lost early in the playoffs to The Ricans before steamrolling through the losers bracket to play in the championship game. I made a few coaching changes and switched a couple of our players around, said Joseph. Their left-handed hitters were absolute beasts. I think they had three of them and they were great hitters and their pitcher was great. The Gladiators made the playoffs along with nine other teams from the regular season, but were one of two teams that finished undefeated, along with the GTMO Latinos. The Mercenaries defeated the GTMO Latinos in the playoffs and the Gladiators knocked the GTMO Latinos out of the losers bracket on the way to the championship showdown with the Mercenaries. It was great seeing all the hard work done by both our guys and girls. We couldnt have done it without our girls, they were with us all season, said Joseph. When we needed them, they came up with big stops and big base hits. It being a coed team, they were our rock and heart and we wouldnt have done it without them. take home the win Staff Writer, Staff Writer, Dec. 6. HHC says goodbye to Archbold, welcomes Douglas to commandMercenaries The Wire December 137Soldiers with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 525th Military Police Battalion, Joint Task Force Guantanamo, formed-up together to give their commander, Army Capt. Gregory Archbold, their honors as he left them during a change of command ceremony, Dec. 6, at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Army Lt. Col. Darcy Overbey, the 525th MP Bat. commander mentioned the Soldiers of the HHC provide continuity throughout the change of command, ensuring that the rest of the battalion Soldiers are taken care of. She also mentioned the accomplishments of the support company. Theyre the glue that holds everything together, she said. It seems like just yesterday Capt. Archbold assumed command. When I think about what the headquarters and headquarters company has accomplished, it seems impossible that it was only nine months ago. Under Capt. Archbolds leadership, HHC provided excellent support to the Troopers assigned to the 525th and JTF-GTMO. He expertly molded them into an excellent group of vigilant warriors. Known for his booming voice of power, Archbold, who is moving on to Fort Gordon, Ga., thanked his Soldiers and his colleagues, expressing his appreciation for their time spent together. He expressed how his time in command was used to help mold his Soldiers. One of the best things about being in command is to be able to watch Soldiers grow and change for the better, he said. Spartans, you are the backbone of this battalion. Army Capt. Keith Douglas is now the new commander of the HHC for the remainder of his deployment.


8 oint Task Force Guantanamo helped U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay kick off the 2013 holiday season with a base-wide celebration that included a parade and concert Dec. 7. The guest of honor and grand marshal of the parade, Santa, said he came down from the North Pole to remind residents that hes always got his eye on GTMO, and to pass out some candy and holiday spirit from his sled. Im here to spread good cheer here at Guantanamo Bay, he said. The good cheer is exactly what Morale, Welfare and Recreation hoped to provide to base residents and JTF Troopers. While most of the U.S. is blanketed in snow, temperatures have remained in the high 80s here on the island. At first it was different without the snow, but over the years we grew accustomed to the holiday season at GTMO, said JoAnn King, a procurement technician with the Public Works Deptartment, NAVSTA. JoAnn and her husband Donald, have served and lived onboard GTMO off-andon for the last 20 years. Everyone puts in a lot of effort, and we really enjoy and appreciate that, she said. They both enjoy the annual traditions that the holiday festivities bring. More than 30 floats from commands and organizations across GTMO, many of them JTF, entered in this years parade. Each group decorated its own float. Air Force Staff Sgt. Donald Stamps, 474th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron, Base Engineer Emergency Force, who coordinated the BEEFs float, said he enjoyed the camaraderie between Troopers to finish the float. Everybodys got this twist on how to do this and how to do that and it all just came together. he said. In my mind, I did not picture it being this good after we finished. Im really pleased with the way it turned out. As the floats made their way down Sherman Avenue, Christmas Tree Hill lit up for the first time this year once Santa passed the tree. At the end of the parade, at the Downtown Lyceum, Anthony Ruptak and his Midnight Friends played a concert for the base, hosted by Morale, Welfare and Recreation. This is by far the most important venue we could have, playing for the most important people in the world, said Anthony Ruptak, lead singer of the band. I met someone that said he hadnt heard live music in a while and by us being here, it reminded him of home, this made our visit worthwhile, he said. Dashing throughthe GTMO streets J Photo by Spc. Lerone Simmons/The Wire Photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer/The Wire


The Wire December 139 at GTMO.Photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer/The Wire Photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer/The Wire Photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer/The Wire


10 lbife in oots Keeping our food safe Staff Writer, thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.milBefore you take your first bite of food, its been examined, inspected and verified as edible by a team of Army food inspectors, assigned to Guantanamos Vet Clinic. And while you may not typically think of the vet clinic when you think of your food, the inspectors play an important role in keeping your food safe for consumption and you healthy. We actually look at the food all the way through the process of getting it on the island, to the stores, to the point where youre eating it, said Army Sgt. Todd Whitehead, veterinary food inspector. The process starts when the food arrives either by air, as produce does twice a week, or by barge every two weeks. We have 33 facilities that we inspect, said Army Sgt. Eddie Valentin, another veterinary food inspector assigned to GTMO. The facilities include the galleys, restaurants such as the Bayview and Jerk-House, the fast food restaurants on base, the commissary part of the Navy Exchange and the mini-marts. Valentin said the team inspects the commissary twice-per-day, checking two different areas and conducts two walkthroughs of the produce daily. We have a great relationship with commissary personnel and with the manager, said Valentin. It helps us address any issues that we may have and it makes things easier. We give daily updates and we are just an extra set of eyes providing the services that we have agreed to provide to them. Making sure base residents and JTF Troopers can purchase quality, safe foods is important said NEX manager Barbara Johnson. They make sure we are providing the best quality produce that we can and product for our customers, she Joint Task Force Guantanamo Troopers consume safe and healthy foods.


The Wire December 1311 said. If its expired or going to expire, we give them a call and they come down and inspect it and make sure its all right or if it needs to be destroyed, said Johnson They are the eyes and ears for our product. The team also looks at operational rations that are used during hurricanes or in the towers for personnel who cant visit the dining facilities. Both inspectors said they are proud of what they do and know they are helping the community. Whitehead said the job is rewarding. I enjoy staying out of the spotlight but knowing the efforts of what I do is helping families serve safe food, and helping Troopers, knowing the food they get is at the highest quality is good said Whitehead. phone scam thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.milThe U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is warning Service members of a marketing scam targeting callers who try to reach the VAs call National Call Center or GI Bill Call Center. Officials reported this month that a marketing company has established two fraudulent phone numbers that differ from the two VA call center numbers by one digit. Customers who dial the fraudulent number by mistake will hear a prompt that offers a gift card in exchange for personal information. Once the information is obtained, the caller may even be transferred to a legitmate VA phone number. The VA reminds Service members that it will never ask for personal credit or banking information over the phone. In any case, before giving personal sensitive information, Service members and their family members should ensure the identity of the person or company they are talking to. The VA has notified law enforcement authorities to address this situation, and will provide additional informatoin and guidance as necessary. Look for the VA on Facebook, and follow for updates. Phone numbers to be avoided 800-872-1000(the VA National Call Center number is 800-827-1000)888-442-4511(the VA GI Bill Call Center number is 888-442-4551) We have a great relationship with the commissary personnel and with the manager. Sgt. Eddie Valentin Veterinary food inspector, GTMO Vet Clinic


Some look forward to the weekend as a time to catch up on seasons of their favorite television show, others look at it as time to curl up and get submerged into the characters and plot of a good book. Either way, Joint Task Force Guantanamo Troopers have options for their entertainment, and those options start at the library. Amy Roumell, library supervisor, said the library offers nearly 19,000 books, 330 audio books and 2,900 DVDs, all for visitors use after a simple checkout. There are also many magazines residents can read in-house. The library offers books of different genres; from cooking, to fantasy, to classic fiction and nonfiction novels, to youngadult books. As far as DVDs go, the library offers movies and countless seasons of television shows. The library also offers the use of public computers, a fax machine, and is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Although there are a lot of books available, the library is more than just a place to check off your reading bucket list. It offers community-centered projects and other activities for Guantanamos youth. We have a few kids programs held here to include story time every Friday afternoon at 1600, with crafts that go along with the book, said Roumell. Most months we also have a craft program, holiday parties, as well as summer reading programs. There is no sign up or registration, you just show up. Roumell and her staff keep track of how many visitors come in each day to use the librarys services. For fiscal year 2013, the Staff Writer, thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.millibrary had 122,000 guests. Thats something Im very proud of, thats a huge number of people, said Roumell. I like knowing that were a facility that people want to use. Thats our whole purpose for being here, is to provide people with something that they want. Its nice to know that we seem to be doing that. However, one thing the library is not in need of is more books or volunteers. If there are books in good condition, we tend to put them out with our free books, said Roumell. We suggest donating books to the thrift shop, but only if theyre in good shape. If youre interested in checking out items from the library, there are just a few simple rules: DVDs may be checked out three at a time for three days. Patrons may check out as many books as they would like for 30 days. Although the library doesnt charge late fees, Roumell suggests renewing books through a phone call or email; making life easier for Troopers and residents. We renew everything once, as long as no one has a hold on it, she said. If they just call and ask to renew it, Ill do it. Roumell also suggests taking use of the library email because its an easier way for people to get the answers they need without having to leave their rooms or work place. People can use it to renew book, or they can ask our staff questions, she said. To get in touch with library staff, call extension 4700 or email 12


Going through life can be rough at times; this is not new. Having someone there to lean on as we travel our lifes road can make these difficult times easier to bear. Family members can provide much of the support Troopers rely on for those hard times. It is rare that a Trooper will be deployed with a family member; it is even rarer that they will be deployed to the same place. But its even more rare that the siblings are deployed together, to the same place, at the same time and are identical twins. Somehow, some way, Corey and Justin Duplechin, both Army specialists assigned to the 2228th Military Police Company, were able to hit the jackpot and landed at Guantanamo Bay together. But being at GTMO wasnt the first time these two ended up at the same duty location at the same time. The Twins, as they are known, actually shipped out to Basic Combat Training due to a snafu in the paperwork. Somebody higher up saw the last name, same area and thought it was just a duplication, said Justin. They thought it was a misprint. Through the trials and tribulations of infantry school, Justin said they were fortunate to be in the same company. Luckily I had my brother, I had a shoulder to lean on and he had a shoulder to lean on, said Justin. Unfortunately, all that glistens is not gold. Once the drill instructors found out they were twins, all bets were off for trying to ruin their brotherhood, said Corey. Our DIs realized we have one-in-a -million chance to ruin these guys. said Justin. They called us Thing 1 and Thing 2, Ying Yang, and Wonder Twins. They even prompted us to use twin telepathy to find each other in land navigation. Twin telepathy does not exist, said Corey. The Wi-Fi signal wasnt good enough so we had to cancel that account. Although the twins were singled out for their unique disposition as adults, growing up was something altogether different. They embraced the fact that they looked alike and were often engaged in pulling some kind of prank on their parents friends. Mom and dad would bring friends over who didnt know we were twins, said Corey, and we would run around the house and they thought we were really fast. There were a lot of practical jokes that went on, said Justin. We used being a twin to an advantage to prank and to have fun; it was eventful and never stopped being fun, even today. Corey said despite the fact the twins enjoyed, and exploited, their mirrored childhood, being raised in a loving family meant more to them than any prank either could come up with. It was very bonding, said Corey. We come from a small, tight-knit family. Growing up and becoming an adult, it was fun. To have a family like that, it was a blessing. The bond between the twins has molded itself into a special relationship where, although there is no telepathy, a common sense and understanding about things and each other leaves little to be voiced. If I think something, hes gonna think almost the exact same thing, so its kind of like whats the point of having a conversation? said Justin. Among the many commonalities the twins share, one stands out above the rest; the importance of having someone to turn to when the going gets rough. Even in a place like GTMO, the stress of the job, family, friends and finances can sometimes seem insurmountable. In times like these, it is important to have that support to help sustain a person. We thought we were close, then we deployed, said Corey. At certain points during the deployment its great to have family, especially a twin. Having someone like that, you find out how much you really need them and how much easier it is to have someone that close to you that makes things a lot better. Really the thing weve learned is how close we can be, said Justin. To have blood in the same place, going through the same thing, it brings people together. A lot closer than you really had thought possible. Copy Editor, thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.milNo gun, no shell, no demon in hell, will break this bond called my brotherAuthor unknown The Wire December 1313TFrooper ocus


14 I want to hear from you! Did you try my recipe and loved it? Did you try my recipe and hated it? Well... thats too bad but email me anyways! If you have a recipe youd like for me to try, contact me! cassandra.l.monroe@ Its the holiday season, and Egg Nog is everywhere, and Im okay with it! (I know for a fact that Ive already gone through three cartons of the stuff.) This recipe, adapted from, is so good, even egg nog haters will like it. The crumbly cookie itself is full of holiday spices and paired with the egg nog icing, its sure to be a festive treat for any holiday party. For the cookies: Preheat oven to 350 F. In a mixing bowl, whisk together 2-1/4 cups 2 teaspoons 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, then set aside. In a large bowl, whip together 3/4 cup 1/2 cup and 1/2 until pale and egg yolks one at a time, blending just until in 1 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon and 1/2 cup egg nog. With mixer set on low speed, slowly add in dry ingredients and mix just until combined. Scoop dough out by the heaping tablespoonfuls and drop onto parchment paper lined baking sheets, spacing cookies 2 inches apart. Bake in preheated oven for 10 12 minutes. Allow to rest on baking sheet several minutes before transferring to a wire rack EGG NOG COOKIES to cool. Cool completely then frost with Eggnog Frosting and sprinkle tops lightly with nutmeg. For the frosting: In the bowl, whip 1/2 cup butter until very pale extract, 3 tablespoons eggnog and mix in 3 cups powdered sugar. Add additional eggnog to reach desired consistency. Spread on the cookies (sometimes it helps if you freeze how this GTMO heat is). Sprinkle ground nutmeg and cinnamon on top of the frosted cookies. (Side note: I froze some of these too and they still tasted just as good as new once they thawed out.)


Chaplains ext. 2218 Go Navy, beat Army! Or if you prefer, Go Army, beat Navy! This football game is a nice rivalry on the playing eld. However, at the end of the game and no matter who wins, we are all on the same team. One team, one ght; brothers and sisters in arms for a common cause.Rivalry FRIDAYDOWNTOWN CAMP BULKELEYSATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAYat the Downtown and Camp Bulkeley LyceumsStay classy, GTMO! No ALCOHOL or TOBACCO at the Lyceums!Call the Movie Hotline at ext. 4880 or visit the MWR Facebook page for more information 13 14 15 16 17 18 19Free Birds (LS)PG, 6 p.m.About Time (LS)R, 8 p.m.Carrie (LS)R, 7 p.m.Escape Plan (LS)R, 7 p.m.Enders Game (LS)PG13, 7 p.m.Last Vegas (New)PG13, 7 p.m.Tyler Perrys A Madea Christmas (New)PG13, 8 p.m.The Best Man Holiday (New)R, 10 p.m.The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (New)PG13, 7 p.m.Delivery Man (New)PG13, 9 p.m.The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (New)PG13, 8 p.m.Escape Plan (LS)R, 10 p.m.Tyler Perrys A Madea Christmas (New)PG13, 7 p.m.The Best Man Holiday (New)R, 9 p.m.Last Vegas (New)PG13, 8 p.m.Delivery Man (New)PG13, 8 p.m.Carrie (LS)R, 8 p.m.Lyceum closedNote: Concessions at Camp Bulkeley are also closed every night until further notice.Lyceum closedNote: Concessions at Camp Bulkeley are also closed every night until further notice.LS = Last Showing by RizzoPhoto by E.J. Hersom/DVIDSThe Wire December 1315 LTife On he Bay


Roberts.Send your best photos to Ornament Painting Ornament PaintingSunday, Dec. 15, 1-4 p.m. Ceramics Shop Friday, Dec. 20, 7 Denich Gymduring the MWR Holiday Basketball TournamentWinner receives $100 NEX Gift Card. For more information call ext. 2113 BB ack urner 16