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United States -- Joint Task Force Guantánamo
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Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
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Volume 15, Issue 24 November 15, 2013 Chaplains assistantsPrepare more than just services at chapel Jammin for the TroopersConcert brings resilience to the forefront at JTF Marines celebrate in style


Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Philippines and our JTF Filipino community following the devastation of their country by Typhoon Haiyan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Philippines and our JTF Filipino community following the devastation of their country by Typhoon Haiyan. 2 Trooper FocusFrom baseball diamond to Army platoon, Trooper knows teamwork 8 Life in Boots 12 Trailblazing Behind the scenes of a GTMO triathlon 14 AND IN OUR PAGES Around the BayOther StoriesCommand Corner4 13Troopers honored at concert News from the JTF15Guantanamos Marines celebrate the birthday of the USMC in style. PAGE 10 Cover photo by Sgt. David BoltonMeals with Monroe19Chaplains assistants prepare for service, life Reviews of the latest movies on base6 CORRECTIONS Iguana Cafe open for business Iguana Cafe, located in the Main Chapel Annex (Room 3), is open to all who are looking to relax, have some coffee and enjoy a stress-free escape from work.Snacks, games, wi-fi and cable are available. For volunteer opportunities contact the Chaplains Office at ext. 2323. Paperclips to relocatePaperclips will close from Nov. 18-22, as it relocates to Bldg. 696, near DRMO.Interested in a game of 9 Pin?Marblehead lanes will host a 9-Pin, no-tap bowling tournament Nov. 16, at 7 p.m. Three games will cost $20. All GTMO residents and Troopers are welcome to participate. Bay Wire Report Page 13:Sgt. 1st Class Kristofer Kelleys name was misspelled Chaplains assistantsPrepare more than just services at chapel Jammin for the TroopersConcert brings resilience to the forefront at JTF Marines celebrate in style


The Wire November 153 Catholic Mass Mon.-ur. 5:30 p.m. Saturday 5 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. Protestant Services General Protestant Sunday 11 a.m. Gospel Worship Sunday 1 p.m. Protestant Worship Sunday 6:40 a.m. Sunday 9 a.m. Sunday 7 p.m. Camp America :00, :20, :40 Gazebo :01, :21, :41 Camp America NEX :02, :22, :42 Camp Delta :04; :24, :44 Camp 6 :07, :27, :47 TK 4 :13, :33, :53 JAS :14, :34, : 54 TK 3 :15, :35, :55 TK 2 :16, :36, :56 TK 1 :17, :37, :57 CC :19, :39, :59 Windjammer/Gym :22, :42, :02 Gold Hill Galley :24, :44, :04 NEX :26, :46, :06 NEX Laundry :27, :47, :07 C Pool :30, :50, :10 Downtown Lyceum :31, :51, :11 NEX :33, :53, :13 Gold Hill Galley :35, :55, :15 Windjammer/Gym :37, :57, :17 CC :40, :00, :20 TK 1 :41, :01, :21 TK 2 :42, :02, :22 TK 3:43, :03, :23 TK 4 :44, :04, :24 Camp 6:50, :10, :30 Camp Delta :53, :13, :33 HQ Building :55, :15, :35 Camp America NEX :57, :17, :37 Gazebo :58, :18, :38 Camp America :00, :20, :40 Pentecostal Gospel Sunday 8 a.m. & 5 p.m., Room D LDS Service Sunday 10 a.m., Room 19 Islamic Service Friday, 1:15 p.m., Room 2 Seventh Day AdventistFriday, 7 p.m., Room 1 Sabbath School: Saturday 9:30 a.m., Room 1 Sabbath Service: Saturday 11:00 a.m., Room 1 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Commercial: 011-5399-3651 DSN: 660-3651 E-mail: Rear Adm. Richard W. Butler Deputy Commander Army Brig. Gen. Marion Garcia Sergeant Major Marine Sgt. Maj. Juan M. Hidalgo, Jr. Oce of Public Aairs Director Navy Cmdr. John Filostrat Deputy Director Air Force Maj. Christian P. Hodge Command Information Ocer Army Capt. Brian Pennington JTF PAO Senior Enlisted Leader Army 1st Sgt. Patricia Kishman Editor Army Sgt. 1st Class Gina Vaile-Nelson Copy Editor Army Sgt. David Bolton Graphic Designer/Webmaster Army Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Hiler Photo Editor Army Sgt. Darron Salzer Sta Writers Army Sta Sgt. Lorne Ne Army Sgt. Cassandra Monroe Army Spc. Lerone SimmonsStaff Command Staff The Wire is an authorized publication for members of the Department of the Troopers of JTF-GTMO. The contents of The Wire are not necessarily Guard. The editorial content of this publication is the responsibility of the Joint Task assigned to the Joint Task Force and is published online. THE WIRE Joint Task ForceSafe Humane Legal TransparentGuantanamo Look for us on your favorite Social Media: /jointtaskforceguantanamo /photos/jtf gtmo /jtf gtmo @jtf gtmo HQ Building, Camp America NEX Express Bus9:55 a.m. 7:55 p.m.Camp America :55, :48 TK 1 :05, :36 Denich Gym/Windjammer :11, :31 Gold Hill Galley :14, :29 NEX :16, :27 Downtown Lyceum :17, :25 Sat. and Sun. only Location #1-4 Windward Loop 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m. East Caravella SBOQ/Marina 9:05 a.m., 12:05 p.m., 3:05 p.m. NEX 9:08 a.m., 12:08 p.m., 3:08 p.m., 6:08 p.m. Phillips Park 9:14 a.m., 12:14 p.m. 3:14 p.m. Cable Beach 9:17 a.m., 12:17 p.m., 3:17 p.m. Windward Loop 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. NEX 9:25 a.m., 12:25 p.m., 3:25 p.m., 6:25 p.m. SBOQ/MARINA 9:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m., 3:35 p.m. Return to Oce 9:40 a.m., 12:40 p.m., 3:40 p.m.


4 ReadBy Cmdr. John Filostrat By Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Hiler Graphics Editor, JTF-Public AffairsTtrooper to rooper ommandCCorner As many of you serving know, Joint Task Force Guantanamo continues to be in the news. The media visits the island on a weekly basis and the JTF-GTMO public affairs team stays busy conducting tours of the camps in order to foster transparent operations. We are eager to show off the professionalism and pride of our guards, medical personnel and others serving at JTF-GTMO. Thank you for helping tell our story of safe, humane, legal and transparent detainee operations. While this is a tough mission, our Troopers are performing at an amazingly high level. That being said, some Troopers may be hesitant to talk with the media. I understand why some may not want to talk to reporters because there is a lot of negative press out there. However, my public affairs team is here to help. We want to be able to tell the story of how Americas best are doing a tough job and doing it right. The only way to combat the distortions about JTF-GTMO is to tell our side of the story. Thats where you come in. Well help you set the record straight and get you comfortable talking with the media. The public affairs team is not only about dealing with the news media. The command information staff is also here to promote communication within the JTF. We publish The Wire every week to let everyone know whats going on here on island. If you have something to get out, let us know. This is your magazine and were proud of it. Whether its the movie schedule or bus routes, The Wire also tells the positive news about our Troopers. Again, the public affairs team is proud of the Troopers serving at JTF-GTMO. So help us get the positive news out there either through the media or in The Wire. Thanks again for all you do! Every Trooper has a set of equipment that is designed specifically to help accomplish the mission. Ruck sacks, entrenching tools, medic/ corpsman bags, Interceptor Body Armor, boots, uniforms; and lets not forget our individual side arms or rifles. Every tool has its place in helping us accomplish the mission. While each of us need the tools of our trade, lets not forget that every leader also needs a similar set of tools both to exercise our roles as leaders and to help us become better leaders. My list of leadership tools is very simple. I break it down into four different tools experience, mentors, literature and creativity. Experience Each of us has a past. Leaders take full advantage of their past by learning from their experiences and building on them to maximize their potential for future success. Everyone knows (or they should) to review their failures and learn from them so that mistakes are not repeated. This should make sense. However, I want to stress that its just as important to learn from our successes. Dissect them. Study them. Learn why these circumstances, decisions and actions were the key to success. Otherwise, you may have just blundered through and just didnt happen to fail. Also, dont limit yourself to your own experiences. Pay attention to the actions of others and make the most of being a follower so that you can be a more successful leader. Mentors I grew up with a fascination for two people Superman, and the Roman Centurion on every loaf of Roman Meal brand bread. I marched around with the centurion taped to my chest. I even found myself a red blanket that I fashioned into a cape. It is normal to idolize others who capture our imagination and inspire us. But mentorship is going beyond the childlike fascination to sit at the feet of someone and learn how they inspire such devotion and for what cause. Mentorship is about moving from devotee to disciple. Look around you at the leaders who have inspired you to more than was necessary. What is it about them that motivates you? Step out and ask them to teach you. They will become a sounding board for you, someone who listens to you and offers guidance. They will give you anecdotes from their experiences that have helped them learn and grow. One final thing about mentors. They can be anywhere. Superiors, colleagues and juniors. In uniform and out. What is important is that you find someone (or several people) who can help you learn and grow into the leader you want to become. Literature Leadership is about getting people to do things they otherwise wouldnt. And history is filled with examples of it. Some of the best and most informative lessons Ive learned about leadership happened well before I was born. How was it that a North African general inspired men to march around the known world and to cross the Alps on the backs of elephants? How did an American president mold and change his nation to extend liberty? How did Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. pull together an Army that had been humiliated and turn them into a force that swept the Germans from North Africa? How did a man from Roman Judea influence 12 men who went on to change the world? But you dont have to limit yourself to history to find good literature on


The Wire November 15 5 Reading provides a look at the lessons learned PI rofessional nsight Protect YourselfFreeze Your Credit While Youre DeployedCourtesy Read modern books on leadership. Pick them apart. See what lessons have already been recorded for you. My two favorites are Good to Great by Jim Collins and The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. You wont be disappointed. Creativity Creativity is a leadership tool that I think can get overlooked. Creativity is amorphous, ambiguous and very hard to nail down. Because every single Trooper and every single situation is unique, the well-defined technique may not work. Hence that little caveat on most television commercials today Your experience may vary. When time and circumstance allow, try a new approach to problems. Fail. Try again with slight changes. Fail again, if necessary. Thinking outside the box will give you one more advantage in the drive to succeed. While these four areas may not be an exhaustive catalog of leadership tools, I believe they give you what is necessary for continued growth not just as a leader, but also as a person. Stay moto! When you receive orders to deploy, you need to be able to focus on the upcoming mission. To do this, youll want to ensure your finances are in order and that you take measures to protect yourself from harmful financial situations like identity theft or fraud. One easy step you can take to minimize your risk is to file an active duty alert or security freeze on your credit before you deploy. This ensures that businesses have to verify your identity before they issue credit in your name, which should help you avoid identity theft. One of these steps Service members can take is setting up an active duty alert on their credit report. When businesses see an active duty alert on your credit report, they must verify your identity before issuing credit in your name. This should prevent any new accounts from being opened in your name. Its similar to a security freeze, which is described below, but your active duty alert will automatically remain in place for one year although you can request to have it removed sooner. If your deployment is longer than one year, you can place another active duty alert on your credit report if necessary. An active duty alert allows you to designate a personal representative, such as your spouse, partner or another trusted person, who can act on your behalf to verify your identity or remove your active duty alert if necessary. Placing an active duty alert on your credit also reduces the number of preapproved credit card and insurance offers you receive for two years. To place an active duty alert, complete the following steps: Contact one of the three credit bureaus-either Equifax, TransUnion or Experian and express your desire to place an active duty alert on your credit. The company you call must contact the others. To find the contact information for the credit reporting agencies, as well as more details about active duty alerts, visit the Federal Trade Commissions website at: www.FTC.GOV To protect yourself and your credit rating while you are deployed, you can also place a security freeze on your credit. A security freeze means that your credit file cannot be shared with anyone, such as potential creditors or insurance companies, without your permission. Most businesses will not open credit accounts without checking a consumers credit history first so if you have a freeze on your account, this will keep any new accounts from being opened in your name. If you freeze your credit, youll have to set up the freeze separately with each of the three credit reporting companies TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. To place a security freeze on your credit, complete the following steps: Contact your state attorney generals office to inquire about placing a freeze on your credit. Be sure to tell them you are a member of the military and ask how long the freeze lasts and how much it costs. Contact each of the three credit reporting agencies Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Ask them each to put a freeze on your credit. A security freeze can be lifted temporarily when you are applying for credit, or you may remove it permanently at any time. To find the contact information for the credit reporting agencies, as well as more information about a security freeze on your credit, visit the Federal Trade Commissions website. Identity theft is a growing problem. In addition to requesting a security freeze or an active duty alert on your credit, get into the habit of shredding any paperwork with your private information on it. In addition, dont give out your account numbers or personal information over email. The Federal Trade Commission has additional suggestions for protecting yourself against identity theft. Service members and their families can also get helpful credit information and free credit scores from the financial counselor of the Personal Financial Management Program here at Fleet and Family Support Center ext.4141. To find the nearest PFMP office outside of GTMO go to: www., and select Personal Financial Management Services. From this site you can also link to MilitaryOneSource, where you can find additional financial information. To speak to a Financial counselor 24/7/365 call ext. 3999 locally or 1-800-342-9647.


6 Determined to find Mr. Right before her sisters wedding, Montana Moore (Paula Patton) finds herself with only 30 days to find true love. Montana works as a flight attendant and, with the help of her coworkers, she travels 30,000 miles in 30 days to find potential husbands. For Montana, its a pilgrimage around the world to find her soul mate. Montana goes to ridiculous means to get a diamond on her finger. As you watch Baggage Claim it will be very clear who she will end up with. So obvious, you become aware of what will happen about midway through the movie. This romantic comedy is good for a laugh and thats about it. The plot lacked true substance, but if you want to go out for a date night its a fun flick to watch. I was on the fence on what to give this one, but in the end it deserves three banana rats. Sure, it lacked a good plot, but it was funny and a change of pace from a lot of films coming out. Check your luggage and your man before you see this movieThor brings the thunder in The Dark WorldIn the latest Marvel fantasyadventure, Thor, god of thunder (Chris Hemsworth), returns in Thor: The Dark World. From beginning to end, this film delivers a visual experience that tops others in the Marvel universe; much of it even rivals the great fantasy-adventure series Lord of the Rings. The computer-generated effects during the battle scenes and the full imagery of the city of Asgard are a breathtaking and meet todays Hollywood standard for visual effects. On a side note concerning the special effects, I believe they also hide what might otherwise distract the audience from unbelievable and busy plot points from the story. But, when the hammer is down, Thor still hits the nail on the head. Thor: The Dark World is an enjoyable film, regardless of its flaws. For this, its random, witty humor, and being that this is GTMO and not the Academy, I still give it five banana rats. Courtesy Marvel Studios Courtesy Sneak Preview Productions Heads roll in Machete sequelMove over Superman, there is a new super hero in town. This new guy doesnt take crap from anyone, and those who cross him, die a gory death. Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo) is a butt-kicking rebel who has been framed for the murder of a federal agent. The president of the United States, President Rathcock (Charlie Sheen) offers him immunity for the murder he supposedly committed and American Citizenship. His mission is to eliminate Marcos Mendez (Demian Bichir), a psychopath who is threatening to fire a nuclear missile at Washington, D.C. Along the way, Machete runs into a cast of characters, some trying to help him in his journey, others trying to cut him into pieces. This film is a sequel to Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun and director Robert Rodriquez didnt deviate from the extreme blood, gore and laughter. How does he mix all three? Very carefully, youll have to watch and find out. The all-star also cast includes: Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba and Antonio Banderas, to name a few. The acting was very good, but the plot at times was a little boring. However, the boredom quickly faded when someones head went rolling across the ground. Machete Kills mixes blood and comic relief really well, creating a good change of pace. I give Machete Kills four banana rats. Courtesy Quick Draw ProductionsReview by Capt. Brian Pennington Command Information OIC, thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.milReview by Sgt. Cody Stagner JTF-PAO thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.milReview by Capt. Brian Pennington Command Information OIC,


The Wire November 15 708Raising the bar Story by Army 2nd Lt. John-Charles Bautista 357th MP Co., physical trainer FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY at the Downtown and Camp Bulkeley LyceumsStay classy, GTMO! No ALCOHOL or TOBACCO at the Lyceums!Call the Movie Hotline at ext. 4880 or visit the MWR Facebook page for more information 15 16 17 18 19 20 21Free BirdsPG, 7 p.m.Thor: The Dark WorldPG13, 9 p.m.Escape Plan (New)R, 8 p.m.Thor: The Dark WorldPG13, 10 p.m.Carrie (New)R, 7 p.m.Machete KillsR, 9 p.m.Carrie (New)R, 8 p.m.Baggage ClaimPG13, 10 p.m.Escape Plan (New)R, 7 p.m.Machete KillsR, 8 p.m.Thor: The Dark WorldPG13, 7 p.m.Baggage ClaimPG13, 7 p.m.Parkland (LS)PG13, 7 p.m.Parkland (LS)PG13, 8 p.m.Captain PhilipsPG13, 7 p.m.Free BirdsPG, 8 p.m.Lyceum closedNote: Concessions at Camp Bulkeley are also closed every night until further notice.Lyceum closedNote: Concessions at Camp Bulkeley are also closed every night until further notice.When it comes to strengthening your latissimus dorsi, also known as lats, the pull-up is the standard exercise. Pull-ups also help improve chest presses. The lats assist during the eccentric movement of the chest press, or the negative portion of the exercise. Experienced weight lifters understand that when you are performing a maximum, one repetition chest press and the weight is being lowered at a slow rate a significant amount of energy is being used. The reality of pushing that weight back up becomes slim without proper muscular development. Pull-ups also assist in the development of the biceps, especially when you do chin-ups (palms facing) versus standard pull-ups. You will notice as you pull up towards the bar and your chin passes the bar your biceps will be in a flexed position. When you do a standard pull-up, which is when your knuckles are facing you, your arms will not bend 100 percent causing your biceps not to be fully engaged. As far as progression with pull-ups, there are some people that cannot pull their own body weight up and there are others who can do over 20 repetitions in one set. Do not be discouraged if you need assistance getting your own body weight up. There are ma chines in the gym that allow you to stand or kneel on counterweight and assist you on the upward motion. As you improve, decrease the counter weight. Once you can proficiently do 15 pullups with your own body weight for three sets you have reached what is called a plateau and you need to take your training to the next level. This is when you add weight to your body using a weight belt or by holding a dumbbell between your feet. Please remember to use a spotter when doing pull-ups to avoid injuries.

PAGE 8 8lbife in oots Unit chaplains; well known to almost any Trooper as the person who leads prayers during ceremonies, meals, or Sunday chapel services. But behind the scenes are the chaplains assistant, or religious programs specialist (U.S. Navy), who ensure the chaplain is well prepared before reaching out to his or her flock. Chaplains Assistant Army Spc. Calandra Tenney, 525th Military Police Battalion, said the main function of a chaplains assistant is working side-by-side with the chaplain to provide religious support and guidance, and counseling to Troopers who are in need of that kind of support. But no two chaplains assistants are cut from the same cloth, Tenney said. Every chaplains assistant is different and what he or she does on a day-to-day with the Soldiers they support depends upon how comfortable and trusting the unit they support is with that individual, she said. According to Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Owens, a religious programs specialist, Joint Task Force-Guantanamo chaplains office, the function of a chaplains assistant can vary on deployment compared to stateside. Here, we function basically as an administrative assistant to the chaplain, Owens said. We handle all the needs of the chaplain and administrative functions of the office. Some of those administrative duties include booking and reserving the chapel for other group functions, like conferences and ceremonies, and ensuring Trooper Chapel is set up for each service provided to JTF Troopers. We set up each service for the chaplain, Owens said. We normally set up about half an hour prior to the service, depending on what type of service it is Protestant, Muslim, or Catholic.Keeping the Faith Story and photos by Sgt. Darron Salzer Photo editor,


9 The Wire November 15 Faith He said the job training included a lot of online classroom hours learning how to run an office, becoming familiar with setting up the different types of religious services, and familiarization with the objects and customs of each. We learn to become familiar with everything when it comes to different religious faiths, even the specific holidays that require special attention, he said. Tenney, who provides counseling to the Troopers she supports, said although training to be a chaplains assistant taught her how to set up a chapel for different religious services, it was life experience that prepared her to be a good counselor. Ive been through a lot of different situations in my life so I am able to relate to a lot of different people on a lot of different levels, she said. It helps me out a lot when someone talks to me about a tough situation in their life that I may have already faced. But the chaplains office isnt just about counseling and religious support, it also offers other services and programs tailored to specific individual needs. United Through Reading, is one of those programs. Troopers are afforded an opportunity to record themselves reading a childrens book to send back home. The chaplains office also distributes coffee for Troopers donated by Holy Joes Coffee. If a Trooper doesnt have the funding to purchase greeting cards to send home, the chaplains office has donated cards available. Tenney said a Strong Bonds session is in the works for single Troopers who may be thinking of or actually transitioning from single life to married life and how to prepare for that. Its a way to help prepare them for married life and the make sure that they are mentally ready for what exactly comes with making that kind of commitment to another, she said. Additionally, a small number of classes such as Bible study and learning how to find spirituality in a deployed environment are also offered through the chaplains office. Tenney said the best part of her job is the freedom that comes along with it. I am a social person, so I like that I can go out to where the Troopers are and interact with them and support them one-on-one, instead of being tied to a desk all day, she said. Troopers in need of support can stop by the JTF Chaplains Office, located next to the Joint Stress Mitigation and Reduction Team for more information or to seek support and guidance with issues such as marital problems, finance, parenting and transitioning back home. Owens said volunteer opportunities are also available. Were here to help and are happy to talk to you, Owens said. Catholic Mass Oct. 9. Spc. Calandra Tenney


Story and photos by Sgt. David Bolton Copy Editor, thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.milUnited States Marine Corps Enduring Fortitude 1775With well-polished buttons, medals, and sabers, Marines from the Marine Corps Security Forces Company at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba celebrated the 238th birthday of their beloved Corps Nov. 9, in the Windjammer ballroom. Surrounding the celebration were other Service members and their guests; all dressed to the nines in full military regalia with all the pomp and circumstance due this singular event. The ceremony began with the official birthday message from the Commandant and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps wishing all Marines, the world over, a happy 238th birthday. The birthday celebration started when Gen. John Lejeune, then commandant of the Marine Corps, mandated that every year we celebrate the birthday of Marine Corps, said Marine Sgt. Marquise Dixon, administration chief for MCSFC. Part of that celebration is honoring fallen comrades and understand and celebrating the traditions that weve known throughout our history. Following the birthday message, special guest, Marine Corps Gen. John E. Kelly, commander of United States Southern Command, gave a few words extolling the virtues of Marines and the Marine Corps. You (Marines) are simply superb on the battlefield, said Kelly. You are good, decent men and women who grow our history and perform extraordinary acts of bravery and selfless service to a cause we have decided is bigger, and more important than we are. The highlight of the evening came during the presentation of the official Marine Corps birthday cake. Pacing with careful, wellmeasured steps and moving at the speed of a funeral procession, four Marines escorted an edible replica of the Northeast Gate barracks building to the center of room. In accordance with tradition, the guest of honor was given the first slice; followed by the senior-most member, then the junior-most member. Its a tradition and ceremony that symbolizes the passing of traditions and experience from the older generation to the younger generation, said Dixon. Going up there and getting the slice of cake, I was pretty nervous that I would mess something up, said Marine Pvt. 1st Class Chris Steuerwald, an infantry rifleman with MCSFC and the junior-most From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Guantanamo Bay Marines assigned to Marine Corps Security Forces Company escort the Windjammer ballroom.


Marine. I feel pretty honored to do it; its an experience Ill remember forever. Pride, veneration and staying loyal to time-honored traditions were the hallmark of the 238th Marine Corps Birthday. For the young Service members in attendance, these traits underscore the true meaning of what it means to wear the uniform. Ive learned discipline, respect and working as a team, said Marine Lance Cpl. Dustin Watkins, an infantry rifleman with Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team, Alpha Company. Respecting and accepting authority of those who are the same level as you, but have a position, its a big thing. It gives me a sense of pride knowing what weve done as a culture and as a Corps, said Dixon. Being able to witness Marines in formation, in a ceremony, in their dress blues, is very personal. For me, as a third generation Marine, I have a great deal of pride to do and wear the same uniform that my family has worn for 80 years, said Marine Lance Cpl. Robert Minor, an infantry rifleman with Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team, Alpha Company. To be able to uphold the same traditions, same pride, celebrate the Marine Corps birthday on the same day that they did, it means a lot to me. 2013 Unfailing Valor The Wire November 1511 From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Guantanamo Bay Marines assigned to Marine Corps Security Forces Company escort the Windjammer ballroom. replica of the old Marine Corps barracks at the Northeast

PAGE 12 12TFrooper ocus Spc.Victor Sifuentes stood at the plate and surveyed the field on a recent, warm October night during a softball game at Cooper Field; waiting for the pitch like hes done thousands of times in his life. Sifuentes works with the 491st Military Police Company, headquarted in Riverside California, now deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Working for the military police is part of his bigger plan to be a police officer back home. But for a large chunk of his still young life, playing ball and doing things like standing at the plate was all he wanted to do. It was my passion, and I just wanted to continue playing, said Sifuentes. I would come home from school and just go out and hit or throw the ball. Sifuentes started playing t-ball, like many do, at the ripe old age of 4, and never stopped. I did it year round once I hit the 12-year-old mark, said Sifuentes. They had fall leagues, they had summer leagues; you name it and I was on it. Sifuentes grew up in San Jose, California and was eventually chosen, at age 15, to play on the junior national team as shortstop and second base. He continued to progress and was selected all-league his junior and senior season. If I had to rate myself, I have really quick eyes and I have really good hand-eye coordination, said Sifuentes. Sifuentes bats left and throws right; and, even though he is not a big guy, he had a great glove and had an even better bat. I was more of a power hitter, I was really good at distributing my weight for a little guy, said Sifuentes. It took a lot of time to develop it. At 17 he was offered a professional contract from a scout. I didnt believe I was ready, because I was 17 and I wanted to get a college degree before I advanced to go into any major league organization. So Sifuentes started playing ball at the University of Arizona with a partial scholarship. And it was here that he got injured diving for a ball on a grounder up the middle. I felt a pop. I threw at the runner at third and felt a tingle along my arm and every time I threw the ball. But Sifuentes says he was hard-headed and kept trying to play, even with an injured arm. Eventually, he couldnt afford to stay at Arizona and transferred to San Jose Community College. It was there that he found out that he had a torn rotator cuff, bone spurs and bone chips. It was really hard, said Sifuentes. It was more than 21 years of my life, I bled baseball. Once I found out, I didnt want to believe that I was done. But every dark cloud has a silver lining and he didnt let the injury keep him from turning to a new chapter in his life. He soon met his future wife and together they had a daughter. It was perfect timing and I think Gods answer to go on with life and other responsibilities, said Sifuentes. Sifuentes began working for local police departments, volunteering his time. He does search and rescue for the San Mateo Police Department and works full time as an armored car guard while he waits on his application to the academy with the San Jose Police Department. But baseball is still his passion and he helps others by coaching. If I cant succeed personally in baseball, I can help other kids stay out of trouble and get into baseball, said Sifuentes. I didnt want to let baseball go out of my life, so I switched up. If I cant do it, then I will help out someone else do it. Standing in at the plate, in a game hes loved so much, he swings and pops the ball up in the infield. Not exactly what he wanted, but like the rest of his life, he has much more to look forward to in the future. By Staff Sgt. Lorne Neff Staff Writer, A baseball life the intermural softball team sponosred by MWR.


13 The Wire November 15NFews EED Bulkeley Lyceum was overrun by The Banana Rats, an all Trooper band, Nov. 10, at the Trooper appreciation concert held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Service members, 14 in all, took the stage to play cover songs from several genres spanning the past few decades. The event itself was the brainchild of Army Maj. Gladys Lanier, Joint Detention Group chaplain, Joint Task Force Guantanamo. The concert primarily focused on Troopers being able to come out and have a good time, especially without having to go to the Naval Station side of the island to do it. We thought we would bring something to the JTF side since mostly everything is held on the other side, and its a little different than the normal MWR events that we get to go to, said Army Spc. Kemika Allen, a human resources specialist with the 591st Military Police Company. Its also a resiliency event, a stress reliever for most of us. Allen said the event offered the chance for those of different musical tastes and backgrounds to interact with one another. It gives us an outlet to intermingle with each other; not just with the people in our unit, but the person we work with next door, said Allen. In addition to providing the opportunity for socializing, other band members viewed the event as a way of showcasing the abilities of Troopers outside of work and out of uniform. Its so gratifying and fulfilling to do something for us, by us, said Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark Borden, a hospital corpsman with the Joint Medical Group. We have many talented musicians who comprise this band. We started with a base of like six or seven of us and as the word spread, more and more members came. Between the live band sets DJ Manny G aka Army Sgt. 1st Class Manuel Gutierrez, operations noncommissioned officer in charge with the 491st Military Police Company, keep the festive mood alive with his skills. I listen to alternative music, and I liked the cover songs, said Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Amy Kosowski, an intelligence specialist with J2. It was fun. For Troopers, by TroopersStory and photos by Sgt. David Bolton Copy Editor, entertains Service members some tasty licks on his guitar during a jam session at the Trooper Concert held at featured live music from the Trooper band The Banana Rats.


14 NFews EED Steep hills, jagged rocks, poisonous animals and barbed wire. Usually found off the well-worn, and paved roads of Guantanamo Bay, these dangers were clear and present to participants of the Morale, Welfare and Recreationsponsored trail triathlon Nov. 9. After hosting five triathlons this year, youd think its a piece of cake to get organized. But think again. Dennis Anthony, GTMOs MWR fitness coordinator, said coordinating resources, personnel and efforts for an event like this is quite a challenge. One thing a lot of people dont understand is that it takes a long time to train your staff to prepare for something like this, said Anthony. But they get better and better and its almost like clockwork. Its just because I have a great staff. According to Anthony, other coordination efforts must be made with port control concerning water hazards so that the community is aware that no boating can occur while the event is taking place. Letting security know that there will be groups of runners and bikers on the roads and trails must also be coordinated. For safety, Anthony works with the naval hospital to have an ambulance on stand by in case there is an injury on the course. It just requires a lot of planning, said Anthony. Theres a lot of moving parts, we just have to keep them all greased and theyll move just fine. Although the trail triathlon events were fairly short in comparison to previous triathlons, totaling just under 11 miles for all three events, the terrain they were held on proved just as exhausting. This isnt a race, its an endurance course, said Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Mark Stuart with Port Security Unit 301. But with all the coordination efforts, the end-goal is to promote fun through fitness across the ranks. I thought it was a lot of fun, but the trail was quite technical, said Navy Lt. Greg Dixon, legal assistance attorney for the naval station, who took home the 1st place medal. Walking my bike up the hills was exhausting. I was doubled over my bike staggering up these hills. With only 47 square miles to work with, most of that being water and unbroken wilderness, setting up a course that would be fresh and challenging was one of main prompts for this specialized triathlon. This is actually unique and different in that we didnt leave from a beach we leapt from a pier and we had to find a place that was close to the trail so the bikers didnt have to bike three miles to get to a trail, said Anthony. This triathlon had lower turnout rate compared to previous triathlons individual competitors and five teams of three. Anthony attributed this to this to the difficulty of the course. We have less people in this because the trails scare a lot of people, and rightfully so, said Anthony. Running them is one thing but its pretty dangerous if you can imagine it on a bike. Anthony said with each new event, there are lessons to be learned, ways to improve for future competitions, and considerations that will have to be taken into account. Everything we do we learn a lesson from, said Anthony. Were not going to do a 9.11-mile race, were going to do a 9.11k race next time so it will be a little shorter and we can start it later so it will be a little cooler. Anthony also said daylight was a factor in the coordination of the trail triathlon. The next big event is the bay swim set for Nov. 30, and a Turkey Trot half marathon scheduled for Thanksgiving day. Trials of the trail triathlonStory and photos by Sgt. David Bolton Copy Editor, Individual Male Competition: Individual Female Competition: Team Competition:1st Place: Greg Dixon (1:23:42) 2nd Place: Preston Goodrich (1:29:27) 3rd Place: David Weeden (1:37:13) 1st Place: Erin Driver (1:57:26) Co-Ed Team: Team 5 Melanie McKinney (swimmer), Erik Arnesen (biker), Linda Thomas (runner) (1:29:07) Female Team: Team 1 Elizabeth Johnson (swimmer), Eliena Granina (biker), Adrianne King (runner) (1:37:16)Triathlon Winners


The Wire November 1515Marines tell tales of GTMO pastStory and photo by Spc. Lerone Simmons Staff Writer, thewire@jtfgtmo.southcom.milRetired Marine Col. Ronald B. McCrindle, former Marine Barracks and Ground Defense Force commanding officer, and retired Marine Lt. Col. Jeffrey L. Wilkinson, former anti-tank officer for the Marine Barracks and GDF were the guests of honor at the Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 11, at the Windjammer Ballroom. The two former Marines talked about their own service at Guantanamo Bay in the 1980s, during the Mariel Boat Lift Crisis, when 125,000 Cuban refugees entered America in 1980. The focus of the discussion was a historical look at GTMOs past. But lessons from both leaders were equally important. When we tell our Troopers why were doing what were doing, that increases our chance of success, McCrindle told the Troopers. After touring Camps Five and Six, McCrindle said he was proud of JTF-GTMOs Troopers. I was very impressed with their professionalism, he said. They understand and carry out their mission well. Wilkinson also touched on McCrindles message of success and on how to properly interact with troops and maintain proper leadership. You have to listen to your Troopers thought process and we can better connect with them, he said. Its not just about the top pushing down, but the bottom pushing back up. While here, they received a tour of their old stomping grounds, and a tour of McCrindles former home, now present home of Navy Rear Adm. Richard W. Butler, commander JTF-GTMO. a historical look of Guantanamo Bay during the Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 11. The Trials of the trail triathlon It was very exciting to see all the people lined up and waiting to get in, said Sara Presley who helped organize the museum renovations. Our group of volunteers has been working on this renovation since just after Memorial Day and were so glad that we are finally reopening, she said. A group of volunteers contacted Naval Station Commander, Navy Capt. John R. Nettleton, who greenlighted the project back in May. Its so exciting to be able to share this museum with Guantanamo Bay residents again after it having been closed for so long, said Presley. Saras fellow organizer, Jessica Martinez, was also glad to see the museum reopen. It is so good to see this project to its conclusion, Martinez said, and to see people coming through and enjoying the museum again before we leave. Both Martinez and Presley are spouses of naval station Service members who will be changing station soon and leaving the island. Cindy Thibodaux, who also helped with the museum renovations, will oversee the museum after Martinez and Presley leave. The Guantanamo Bay Lighthouse Museum will be open on the first and third weekends of each month. Story by Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Hiler Graphics Editor, months of dedication from base residents and Trooper volunteers.Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Hiler/The Wire


Joint Trooper Clinic Dental Services Until further notice, all JTF Guantanamo personnel requiring dental care must contact the U.S. Naval Station Hospital at ext. 72239 or ext. 72241 for an appointment. Troopers must pick up their records from the Joint Trooper Clinic prior to the appointment. Holiday Mailing DeadlinesFrom the U.S. or OCONUS to GTMO Parcel Post Nov. 13 1st Class Mail Dec. 1 Priority Mail Dec. 1 From GTMO to the U.S. or OCONUS Parcel Post Nov. 13 1st Class Mail Dec. 2 Priority Mail Dec. 2In order to ensure timely delivery of holiday mail and packages, please observe the following deadlines: For more information, please contact NavSta Postal Ocer: ext. 2304 or JTF GTMO Post Oce: ext. 2331 TheThe Black Heritage Organization Sat., Nov. 16, 8 p.m. The Bayview Club Admission: $20 Dress casual(no costumes) Information Assurance of the week Whether you are at home, or here at GTMO, your phone is not secure. running as fast as possible. Phone Security RESTART is smart!SPC Clayton Peek3-89th Cavalry SGT Mark StoverHHD 93rd MP Battalion LTife On he Bay16


Chaplains ext. 2218 Have you noticed all the jellysh in the ocean and in the bay? They are unusual creatures. They do not have bones, a brain, or a heart. When we bump into one, we feel their painful stings. Let us be careful that we are not like the jellysh and cause people pain when they bump into us. Please be considerate of others. Jellysh He only pardons turkeys, Frank, NOT turkey vultures.Photo by Army 1st Lt. Bryan Chan/491st MP Co. /jointtaskforceguantanamo Facebook by Rizzo 17The Wire November 15


18 SFPorts eed Going the distanceA team of Soldiers assigned to the 525th Military Police Battalion weaved through 34,000 other runners Oct. 20, through the streets of Washington D.C., for the 28th-annual Army Ten-Miler. The race, which promotes the Army and builds esprit de corps among athletes, Soldiers and supporters, is the Armys premier running event. Joint Task Force Guantnamo sent four of its premiere runners to represent at this years race. But for the runners, the experience was the real award, better than any medal that couldve been received at the end of the 10mile journey. Im not even sure what place I finished, said 2nd Lt. Ryan VanNoordt, 1st Platoon leader, 189th Military Police Company. There were so many people. Eventually we just slowed down a little bit to take in the sights and the course. Id say the most humbling thing was watching the veterans who have sacrificed a lot. Theyve become amputees, double amputees, he said. Seeing all those veterans, I could see there was a lot of camaraderie, VanNoordt said. Thats one of the big reasons why I joined the military, the brotherhood and sisterhood that you have with your fellow Service members. A brotherhood that started with the 525th MP Bn., Army Ten-Miler team tryouts in June. With nearly 30 Troopers trying out to represent the 525 and JTF-GTMO for SOUTHCOM, the competition started early for VanNoordt, 2nd Lt. Cody Simula, 2nd Lt. Daniel Baker and Sgt. Freddy Santos. Once the four were chosen to represent the 525, their busy work schedules kept them from running together as a team, but didnt prevent them from building a bond in D.C. I definitely sense in the 525 the camaraderie, said Santos, a medic assigned to the Joint Trooper Clinic and Headquarters and Headquarters, 525th MP Bn. This is my first unit Ive seen that embraces that. Even though I didnt know the lieutenants before I went, we relaxed and bonded before the race, he said. Santos, like VanNoordt, said his expectations of the race changed once he started and realized how many people were jogging through the streets. I did one hour and 25 (minutes), he said, which was 10 minutes slower than my time here, but Im fine and perfectly happy with that. Santos said the temperature difference and number of runners were both factors. Meeting the expectations you set for yourself was the hardest part, he said. It as challenging, but the number of people running at the same time was difficult, so you just had to sit back and enjoy yourself. Each of the 525 runners said they hope to run the Army Ten-miler again, and hopefully make better time. Simula also hopes that other Troopers will follow the teams lead, and she will try out for the 10-miler team wherever she is stationed next year. I think more Soldiers need to participate in these different events, in addition to those that are sponsored by the MWR, she said. I know schedules get busy but participating in these events are experiences unique to being in the Army. By Sgt. 1st Class Gina Vaile-Nelson Editor, something every Trooper should strive to complete during their career. Photo by George Markfelder/JFHQ-NCR/MDW via DVIDS There are 19 locations overseas hosting official ATM-sponsored shadow runs with more than 8,500 runners combined. Locations include Afghanistan, Cuba, Kuwait, Kosovo, Pakistan and South Korea. 54% of runners are men, 46% are women More than 292,000 runners have run the ATM since 1985. More than 75 Wounded Warriors and wheelchair athletes have participated in the ATM since 1985. Key Points about the 2013 Army Ten Miler 20 13 Graphic by Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Hiler/The Wire


The Wire November 1519 I want to hear from you! Did you try my recipe and loved it? Did you try my recipe and hated it? Well... thats too bad but email me anyways! If you have a recipe youd like for me to try, contact me! p.s. (one last thing)A good portion of the U.S. just got snow. Though it seems fall was skipped and winter is approaching, there is nothing I like more on a cool (or cold) day, than a hearty bowl of soup. This Chicken Fiesta Soup for a comfort dish, a hearty meal or a new take on chili for game night, this dish is a winner. Plus, you can throw it together in the morning, leave it simmer in a crockpot and about an easy and yummy meal? Sgt 1st Class Gina Vaile-Nelson To prep this dish, cut 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast into strips or cubes. Open and drain out half of the juice from: 1 can of corn and 2 cans of black beans. In a crock pot, combine the chicken and canned goods. Add 2 cans of chili-ready or regular diced tomatoes. If you enjoy spicy food, you can also add a can of diced chilies, found in the Spanish section at the NEX. Add 1 packet of ranch dressing mix and 1 packet of taco seasoning to the crock pot. Stir your ingredients and let simmer on low for at least four hours. Heres the fun part: you can switch your meats from chicken to Chicken Fiesta Soup ground beef or turkey and you can add pinto beans or kidney beans. Whatever you would normally eat in your chili is what can go in that crockpot. Fiesta soup is best served with grilled cheese. Not just any grilled cheese will do. Think outside the typical slice or two of American cheese. Try Pepperjack cheese or Munster and Provolone for a smoky taste. Dish out your soup and garnish with sour cream or Greek yogurt, shredded Mexican-blend cheese, some jalapeos if you dare and crushed up tortilla chips. This recipe can feed a family of four, or freezes well for the average Trooper to enjoy at a later date. DONT HAVE A CROCKPOT? Thats okay! You can make this recipe on the stove. In a large soup pot, combine the ingredients, cover and let it simmer on medium heat for a minimum of four hours.


TURKEY SHOOTPaintball TournamentSun., Nov. 242-4 p.m. Free to participateTURKEY TROT1/2 MarathonThurs., Nov. 285:30 a.m. at Cooper Field Registration through Nov. 26 at Denich GymTURKEY BOWLBowlingSun., Nov. 241-6 p.m. at Marblehead Lanes. $25 fee. Send your best photos to Saturday, Nov. 16 Night Fishing Marina 6 p.m.Call ext. 2010Friday, Nov. 22 Night Fishing Marina 6 p.m.Call ext. 2010Tuesday, Nov. 19 Spades Tournament Marine Hill 7 p.m.Call ext. 2010 GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA 20BB ack urner