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CHINFO Award Winner

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Fans brave wet weather to hear
Blue October and The Cab
ek out
Naval Station Maywport on Frilday.
See Story/photos on
Pages 10-l1
Photo by Sarah Barthelemy

HSL-48 Shifts To HSM Fair Winds,

Changes SFollowing sSkippers Seas To

By Lt.j.g. Patrick Sullivan0MW h t
HSL-48Pv. CIVC White

Cmdr. Edward O'Grady
assumed command of
Helicopter Maritime Strike
Squadron (HSM) 48 from
Cmdr. Eric Bower on May
The change of command marked the transition from HSL (Helicopter
Anti-Submarine Light)
into HSM. Under the new
HSM-48 standard, the
squadron will operate the
MH-6oR and move from
the SH-6oB "Seahawk" -Photo by MCC William Townsend
helicopter that has been V, CMDCM Bob White, wife, Lesley, and
in service with the Vipers f children are piped ashore as White
since the squadron's incep- officially retires after 30 years of naval
tion in 1989. service during his retirement ceremony
"As we christen HSM- May 2.
48, we move forward with -Photo by Paige Gnann
new aircraft, new equip- Incoming HSM-48 Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Edward O'Grady and outgoing CO From Staff
ment, new skills and Cmdr. Eric Bower report to Capt. Clay Conley, Commander, Helicopter Maritime Naval Station Mayport said fair winds
expanded missions," said Strike Wing, Atlantic, after reading their orders during the squadron's change of com- and following seas to CMDCM Bob O'Grady. "We also move mand and transition ceremony on May 2. Also pictured is guest speaker retired Capt. White during his retirement ceremony forward with a clean slate. Charles Litchfield. May 2 at Mayport Chapel.
This new squadron has yet White's last tour was as command
no history, that's for all of unique in military aviation guidance of Skipper Bower, tion maintenance inspec- master chief of Naval Station Mayport, us to write. It does how- in that our missions can we've shown that we are tion and we set the stan- reporting to the command in March ever, have a proud legacy, run the gamut from comn- more than equal to all of dard during our search 2012. Guest speaker at the ceremony and most recently a legacy bat to humanitarian and those tasks," he added. and rescue evaluation. We was former NS Mayport Commanding of excellence. Helicopter everything in between." "This past year, we Officer and current Chief of Staff, Navy
squadrons like this are "Recently, under the had an outstanding avia- see HSM-48, Page 13 Installation Command, Capt. Douglas
U S h F IH P SWhite entered the Navy in Jne 1984.
A4l Feet Sss season Following boot camp in San Diego,
California, he completed AV(Ai)
H iS r i Cnfaviation Fire Control "a"School in
Hurricane Sorte I..onerence Millington, Tennesse and was designated an AQAN. He laterally converted to
Fire Control Technician (Missiles) and
Erica R. Gardner occur May 5 15 for the opened the conference with very important to Naval reported to USS Brewton (FF 1086).
U.S. Naval Forces Southern Corn- entire gulf coast and U.S. facts and figures about past Station Mayport and the In July 1988, he reported to TRARON mand/U.S. 4th Fleet Public Affairs East Coast region. The destructive tropical weath- surrounding community," 21, Training Air Wing 2, Naval Air coordination conference er in the area. said Ballance. Station Kingsvile, Kingsville, Texas.
In preparation of was established for afloat By memorandum of The last time the naval In October 1990, he reported to USS
the tropical destruc- commanders, along with understanding between station had to sortie ships Belknap (CG 26), command ship for tive weather season, U. key leadership and har- U.S. Fleet Forces and 4th was in 2008 when Tropical Commander Sixth Fleet/NATO Striking 5. 4th Fleet Meteorology bor operations to discuss, Fleet, Ballance serves as Storm Fay produced record and Support Forces Southern Europe. a nd Oc ea nog ra p hy review and coordinate pro- the senior officer present rainfall and winds of up to In January 1994, he attended MK86 (METOC) hosted a Pre- cedures to sortie Mayport float (SOPA) Mayport. He 78 mph, he said. GFCS School in Dam Neck, Virginia, and
Season Hurricane Sortie ships and aircraft to avoid is also designated as the Fay was the first Atlantic subsequently reported to USS Merrill Coordination Conference destructive tropical weath- Mayport as the sortie com- tropical cyclone in the (DD 976), homeported in San Diego, on April 29. er. mander, historical record to make California.
The conference is held Rear Adm. George "The education and prep- four landfalls in the same In May 1996, he attended Physical
every year in April prior Ballance, commander, U.S. aration of all afloat com- state. Fay was also the first Security and Law Enforcement School in to the Hurricane Exercise Naval Forces Southern manders and leadership tropical cyclone on record Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, (HURREX), which will Command/U.S. 4th Fleet, for destructive weather is See Hurricane, Page 14 See White, Page 13

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2 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014

Chaplain -Sailor Confidentiality Is Real

munication with a Navy others are at risk," Tidd or if they're concerned C -l D A N NJ~Q chaplain; Chaplains added. about command involve~ N flN ~ fl I~~U have the obligation and Chaplains serve as
CORNER responsibility to pro- advocates to help indi- mhentir an, ipation
tect and guard the con- viduals get the supportthicaer"sdTd.
always good to remind mand. fidential communica- needed to overcome in addition to a Message
Sailors and family mem- In light of these tions disclosed to them; the challenges they face to the Fleet on confibers of this important results and other anec- and commanders honor before matters escalate. dentiality, the Chaplain aspect of Chaplain min- dotal evidence, Chief of and support the unique, "This unique relation-Cophaesblhda istry from time to time. Chaplains Rear Adm. confidential relationship ship between an indi- Ceor ha e estaliseda Chaplain Christianne Whitten, Mark L. Tidd saw an between an individual vidual and a chaplain canreocepgdvtd
Steven Souders Public Affairs, Chief of opportunity to roll out and a chaplain, serve as a valuable safety to confidentiality on
CNSL Ministry Center Chaplains office, wrote an official campaign Chaplains cannot be valve to the commander its website: www.chapan illuminating article on to help educate service compelled by the com- to facilitate increased lain.navy.mil. This page I have lost count of this last June. in order members, leadership mand, medical pro- morale and mission includes frequently
the number of times a to highlight Chaplain- and families across the fessionals or others to readiness," said Tidd. Sailor has come to talk Sailor confidentiality, Navy and Marine Corps disclose what a service Given the continuing asked questions, a fact to me, either on the her article follows, on SECNAV Instruction member or family mem- stigma service mem- sheet, a flyer, as well as a deckplates of a ship or "In a recent poll 1730.9: Confidential ber shares in confidence. bers associate with seek- link to the policy. in my office, and asked on Navy Personnel Communications to "What you say to us ing help, chaplains offer "The Chaplain Corps is
the question of whether Command's website, 63 Chaplains, stays between us, unless Sailors, Marines and committed to caring for
or not what he/she says percent Of 5,049 respon- This policy was estab- you decide differently- their families a safe place to me will remain con- dents did not believe lished on Feb. 7, 2008 You hold the key," said to talk, without fear or all with dignity, respect fidential. What most that what they say to a to protect the sacred Tidd. "That being said, judgment. and compassion, regardSailors and family mem- chaplain is confidential, trust between an indi- chaplains will always "Confidentiality can less of an individual's bers fail to realize is and 65 percent of 2,895 vidual and a chaplain, assist in guiding an indi- be particularly impor- beliefs, if any. One of that they hold the key to respondents believe Per Navy policy, service vidual to the appropriate tant when a Sailor or tewy ed hsi confidentiality with the that Navy chaplains are members and families resources and will not Marine may feel they tewy ed hsi Chaplain and not the required to report cer- have the right and privi- leave an individual alone have nowhere to turn through confidentiality,"

other way around. It is tamn matters to the com- lege to confidential com- when the individual or during a personal crisis, Tidd said.

Gift Ideas For The High School Graduate

you, but it is usually the toaster oven, or George it the first time my dad most appreciated gift Foreman grill; a book- gave it to me, but it was hi___of graduates whether case; a bulletin board; or so valuable, everyone in
K N OIN Gthey are going away to even a comfy chair may the dorm borrowed it.
THKE RO0P ES college,staying home for be just the ticket for thatThtiwytreyas
college or work, or join- new place. You could ltrh a ocet
favorite, allow students to take ing the military, even add sheets, a com77A new computer. notes, keep a calendar, Gift cards. if you forter, or rug. But check replacement one.
This is a great gift for a check the weather, and know that your graduate first with the graduate I o hn fay
college-going graduate. take fabulous photos. will be going to a trade who may have his/her thing else that would be The iPad offers great Camera. Cameras are school for a certain pro- own decorating ideas. beneficial for a graduate convenience, allowing used now for so much fession, check into what Gift basket. Since to have, don't be afraid Judy Cromartie the student to take it to more than remember- they may need to bring most graduates are on to buy it. The graduate
School Liaison Officer lectures to type notes, to ing all the good times at with them. You can gift a tight budget whether will appreciate anything group meetings around college or starting a new them by helping them leaving home to set up that you give him. Need gift ideas for campus, or to work on job or joining the mili- purchase it. When some- an apartment or a dorm Judy Cromartie is the a graduating senior? papers or projects if he tary. Learning to use a one is studying to be a room, put together a bas- Sho iio fie Concerned that you has a little downtime camera on a new job welder or auto-mechan- ket of small items that Sol Liaisont Officer
might not get the gift to between classes. But or in college adds skills ic, for instance, the can help get through frN apr.I o the graduate on or before trust me, if the iPad is which can lead to a pro- trade or tech school they that first costly month have questions about graduation? Help is on out of your budget, the motion or additional attend will require they laundry detergent, dryer this article or concerns the way. graduate will not turn skills on a resume. See purchase certain tools sheets, 409, Lysol wipes, about an educational
Duval County Schools' down a notebook com- Smartphone above, of the trade, sometimes shampoo/ conditioner, issue impacting your
graduations begin May puter. Money. The most through the school. Ask body wash, toothpaste, child, she can be reached
16, St. Johns May 28, Smartphone. These popular high school your teen grad if this is disposable razors, lotion, via email at judith. and Clay May 30. The phones vary quite a bit graduation gift is money. the case and contact the etc. cromartie@navy.mil or
following list of ideas in size, weight, and fea- As long as you don't care school for a gift card. Tool box with basic by phone at (904) 270should be in time to help tures. But students are how it gets spent, feel Housing deco ra- tools. Believe it or not, 68 10 ofc]o those who need to get a rarely seen without one. free to write a check or tions. Leaving home to I got one of these when 68 1o ofc]o gift in the mail or to just They are now pretty purchase a money card move into a dorm room I left home the first (904) 993-5860 [cell]. decide what to buy for a standard for keeping up and include it in a grad- or an apartment can be time for college and Or you can schedule a son or daughter, a neph- with life. The multitude uation card. It may not costly. Small applianc- again when renting my meeting With her in her ew or niece, or a family of apps now available seem very heartfelt to es like a mini refrig, first apartment. I hated office in Building One.

the hallway to sigh at the P
S baby photo of her siffing
The M ea t&Pota toes in the kitchen sink.
OF LIFE No little book of mush all
will make them underto place, I had the mov- [pray for me] outward stand what I know. I er ak up the books displays of such corny have learned over the along with other bath- sentimentality are not years that appreciation 0 room accessories -a well received, unless for motherhood is best wicker tissue box cover, a that is, I want to see my felt, not described in Lis Sit Moinri decorative soap dispens- kids' eyes rolling, which words on a Mother's Day
Military Spouse er, fingertip towels, a lit- I most certainly do not. card or in a book Onl a4

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014 3


Navy And Marine Volunteer Service
Corps Achievement Medal Medal GSM3 M i c a h
QM1 D a n i e l Lewis, NSMayport Daughtery, NS Mayport L e t t e r O f
BM2 David Foley, NS Appreciation Mayport BMSN D u s t y
AC2 Terrance Baugman, NS Mayport
Williams, NS Mayport BMSN Michael
MA3 G e r a r d o GarciaNS Mayport Gonzalez, NS Mayport SOQ Plaques Good Conduct MA1 Luis Pacheco,
Award NS Mayport
MA3 G e r a r d o C82 Mandrieka
Gonzalez, NS Mayport Wilson, NS Mayport M i 1 i t a r y MA3 Aaron Alford, NS
Outstanding Mayport

ayport ears -Photo by GSM3 Hillary Hicks
NS Mayport Commanding Officer, Capt. Wes McCall, and CMDCM Ross Cramer present plaques to the Sailors of the Quarterfor NS Mayport. Picturedfrom left, Cramer, Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Aaron Alford, Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Mandrieka Wilson and Master-at-Arms 1st Class Luis Pacheco and McCall.

Memorial Service

From Staff Order of the United
NS Mayport will host States, North Florida a USS Stark memorial Commandery, assumed ceremony on May 16 sponsorship for the
at Mayport's Memorial memorial service. Park. The ceremony will Several members of be at lo a.m. and guest the 1987 crew of Stark speaker for this year's will attend the service. event is NS Mayport The service will feature Commanding Officer, accounts of some of the Capt. Wes McCall. events that occurred folOn May 17, 1987, while lowing the attack, both on patrol in the Arabian
Gulf, 37 Sailors died aboard ship and here in when two Iraqi mis- Mayport, from crew and siles struck USS Stark. volunteers who worked Despite the severe dam- to provide information age inflicted, the heroic and support services efforts of Stark's crew to the families of crew saved the ship. Stark members. was decommissioned Mayport's Memorial
at Mayport in 1999. In Park was established order to preserve the Aug. 1, 1987, with the tradition once the ship dedication of the Stark was retired, the Naval monument.

Memorial Day

At The Beaches

Veterans Park

From Beaches Veterans Associa- AFROTC Team will tion
explain and demonstrate
This Memorial Day, the proper folding of our May 26, the Beaches National Standard. Veterans will salute their At 2:30 p.m. the profallen Comrades with gram will begin with wreaths presented by a submarine klaxon various veterans organi- sounding the emerzations in their memory. gency "DIVE DIVE They will also recog- DIVE," followed by nize the Terry Parker; Honors to our Flag and Forrest; Ed White; and Honrsco ou Flag and
Firs Cost ighscholsa welcome by this year's First Coast high schools host, American Legion Junior ROTC Cadets, ost, A m man er future leaders and vet- Post 129 Commander erans of our Armed Danny Rodriguez. He CHECK OUT OUR EXCLUSIVE
Forces, who will per- will introduce speaker form their Drill Team Congressman Ander MILITARY APPRECIATION
exhibitions beginning at Crenshaw. The program
2 p.m. Additionally, the will conclude with a Rifle IN CL-UDI NG OU R
Fletcher High School Salute and Taps by our Band Ensemble will Beaches Honor Guard $50* RE E R LBONUS.
entertain with patriotic and the klaxon sounding R F R A
music. During the pro- of "SURFACE SURFACE gram, the Sandalwood SURFACE."
Ask a rep about this and our other exclusive offers Mom Fom Pge 2on auto loans, credit cards, checking, and certificates.
cut flowers even though
for oneself. Thankfully, it is common knowlmy three teenagers are edge that I prefer pottedHUR ONTEELM ED IEOF RS
too wrapped up in their plants. And I will biteHU YONT EELM ED IEOF RS
headphones and toenail my lip when my teenage navyfederal.org 1.888.842.6328
color to consider procre- son blurts out his brunch action anytime in the next order before mine. decade. We mothers must wait
So I will have to wait for the day when our for true appreciation. children experience parFor the time being, I enthood for themselves, will be patient. I will try and continue to hope ARMY
to let it go when they thtte'lfnalNe t A V ', MAIE OP
act like Mother's Day is thtthyllfnll eti.wAIE OP
a hassle. I will pretend No, they probably won't FE ER AI. NAVY
didn't hear them say, coeunninbacktousAIR FORCE incredulously, "What do to show their undying %JCOSGUR
yumean we're going love and appeciation, C.redit Union DOASGUR
to early church because but maybe, just maybe, we have to take Mom to they'll stop being the brunch?!" I will smile first ones to let go when and thank them when wehugthem. Federally insured by NCUA. This offc m..y not bo ....bincd ith ay other
they give me a card they Get more whit and rew-mrember offers at the time of the account opera ng. Must be ei gible to orn E gible referee inc udeBe
hastily picked up from wisdom at www.theme- civihians, contractors, Active Duty,, ret id, rserve, and Guard of the Arrmy, Navy, Marine Corps, ArFre n
Coast Guard, and their dependents Any current NFCU member 18 or older rnay be a referring member, Accounts 7-11, and grocery store atandpotatoesoflife.com must be in good staring or rdits to be proved. Recruiters are not egble to refer recruts $5 miiu balnce to open nd mantin svings acount nd to obtan bonus Annual Percentae Yed 0.25% effetive / ~~3/19/2014 Bou depos ted w thin.vr busin@ daysof acut open ncj Progrr mui b~ mtiored at Ii .......... ...........
per member Navy Federal employees and their immediate fami y ar not eligible to participate in ths projrarn. Mercy~: 2014 Navy FederaI NFCU 12926 (4-14) I

CFC Parti pant Provided as apu.blicservice.

4 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014







-Photo by MC2 Cyrus Roson
Members of Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders enjoy a ship tour aboard amphibious transport dock ship USS New York (LPD 21) as part of Fleet Week Port Everglades.

This is the 24th annual Fleet Week in Port Everglades, South Florida's annual celebration of the maritime services.

Community Welcomes USS New York

To Fleet Week PortEverglades

By MC3 history this town has ball game.
Stephane Belcher opened up to the mili- I'mli just happy to
Flet Wek~rt verlads Pbli -tary and said 'thank you.' be here," said Ensign
FfairskPotEvrlaePbi You guys protect us. You Brandi Sanders from

Local community lead- preserve our quality of the USS New York (LPD
ers officially welcomed AW1,life. We can live this way 21). "The baseball game
participants of Fleet because of what you do." seems cool, like it would
Week Port Everglades 3,_Following the ship be fun to do. I know
2014 during the ship greeting, service mem- there are some comgreeting and all hands on bers gathered moved to munity relation events,
deck party at Seminole the courtyard, stood in maybe I can get in on
Hard Rock Hotel and formation and "sounded those."
Casino in Hollywood, off' during a "Roll Call" The festivities were the
Fla., April 28. During as part of the All Hands first community events
the event, hosted by On Deck party. for the members of the
Broward Navy Days, "It's a great honor to Sea Services in the Fort
community members be down here for Fleet Lauderdale for Fleet
welcomed members Week," Rear Adm. Kevin Week Port Everglades,
of the Navy, Marine Kovacich, commander, which runs through May
Corps and Coast Guard Carrier Strike Group 12, 5. During Fleet Week,
to South Florida and told the crowd prior to Sailors, Marines and
thanked them for their the Roll Call. "Broward Coast Guardsmen will
service. County has really been participate in friendly
"I think this town gracious. (Citizens) have interservice competition,
has always been a Navy -Photo by MC3 Stephane Belcher opened their homes, including Galley Wars
town. It is a military Albert Hickey (left), retired New York City Police Department (NYPD), Captain community and hearts to and Damage Control town. We support the Christopher Brunett, Commanding Officer of USS New York (LPD 21), Brian all of us." Olympics, volunteer with
Navy, the Coast Guard Kenny, retired NYPD and Frank Sisto (right), retired NYPD pose for a photo Both events were a local community outand the Marines," Fort onboard USS New York (LPD 21). Hickey, Kenny and Sisto were all NYPD first prelude to additional reach organizations and Lauderdale Mayor Jack responders during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack. This is the 24th annual activities during Fleet experience the sights, Seiler told the invited Fleet Week in Port Everglades, South Florida's annual celebration of the mani- Week, such as a Marlins sounds and hospitality of guests. "Throughout time services. Appreciation Night base- South Florida.

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014 5

USS New York Sailors

Win DC Olympics

-Photo by MC3 Angus Beckles
Machinery repairman fireman Benito Gueche assists engineman fireman A>Cathleen Lissfarrow from amphibious transport dock ship USS New York
-Photo by MC3 Angus Beckles (LPD 21) during the dress out relay in the Resovie Maritime Academy Damage Sailors from amphibious transport dock ship USS New York (LPD 21) receive Control Olympics as part of Fleet Week Port Everglades. This is the 24th annual the first place award and champions pennant in the Resovle Maritime Academy Fleet Week in Port Everglades, South Florida's annual celebration of the maniDamage Control Olympics as part of Fleet Week Port Everglades. time services.

By MC3 Stephane Belcher 17 points. the Navy and machinery tech- DC Olympics. "This is great Guard, so we get to go back
Fleet Week Port Everglades Pu blic Affairs The event was hosted by the nicians from the Coast Guard training. We all enjoy it and to our roots. it's fun to have Sailors from USS New Resolve Marine Group is in spent the day competing in always learn something new." all these guys around and do
York (LPD 21) and Coast Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as part dressing out in firefighting The Resolve Marine Group what we use to do."
Guardsmen from USCGC of Fleet Week Port Everglades. equipment, fighting simulated provided breakfast, lunch, During Fleet Week, Sailors,
Margaret Norvell (WPC-11o5) This is the 13th year the fires, patching pipes, search energy drinks, smooth- Marines and Coast Guardsmen participated in the Resolve Resolve Marine Group has and rescue and P-too fire- ies and live entertainment will participate in friendly Marine Damage Control sponsored this event. fighting. for the attendees. The train- inter-service competition,
Olympics as part of Fleet Week "Our company does this as Damage Controlman 3rd ers with the Resolve MarineinldgGaeyWrad Port Everglades April 29. their gratitude to the armed Class Zackery Crider looked Group were hands-on with the inDinag GatrlOlymWarsn The Sailors from USS New forces and the sacrifices the forward to the pipe patching service members during the Dmg oto lmis
York's second team won first service members give," said event, and he felt confident event, volunteer with local communiplace after a tie-breaker with Thomas Jones, training man- because, he said, he has done "This is one of the best ty outreach organizations and the Coastguardsmen. The win- ager for the fire school. "It's it a lot and its fun. things we do every year," said experience the sights, sounds ning team had 22 points, fol- our way of saying thank you." "This builds companionship Jones. "The majority of us and hospitality of South lowed by the Guardsman with Damage controlmen from and moral," said Crider of the use to be in the Navy or Coast Florida.

Sailors, Marines

Visit Children's

Hospital During

Rk Fleet WeeK

By MC3 Stephane Belcher
Fleet Week Port Everglades Publi A//air
Sailors from Carrier Strike Group 12 and the
amphibious transport dock ship USS New York
(LPD 21), as well as, Marines from the 2nd Battalion,
6th Marine Regiment visited the Joe DiMaggio
Children's Hospital on April 30 as part of the 24th
Anniversary Fleet Week Port Everglades.
The Sailors and Marines spent the day visiting sev-Photo by MC3 Stephane Belcher eral of pediatric wards to wish the children well and Sailors and distiguished visitors fill their plates during the Celebrity Chef Luncheon onboard USS New York pass out gifts. (LPD 21) as part of Fleet Week Port Everglades. "This is something I can give back to the community while I'm at Fleet Week. I wanted to come,

Cele rity Chefs Se ve L nch 1st Class Chiquita Oscar, from Carrier Strike Group
J 12. "We come in and see the smiles on their faces.I
would do it again, if I could. I had a great time."
The servicemembers walked throughout the pediFTra in i ng To S e rvii ce M\1emrib er s atric ward and visited children in there room. They
B MC3answered questions from the youngsters about the By M3station's Mess Hall are military, and Lt. Justin Bernard, the command chapStephane Belcher used to serve lunch. lain aboard USS New York said prayers with the
Fleet Week Port Everglades Public
Affairs Culinary special- families.

6 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014

Sea Hawk Takes Flight


-Photo by MCSN Edward Guttierrez III
The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) -Photo by MCSN Edward Guttierrez II!
transits the Black Sea ahead of the guided-missile frigate USS Taylor (FFG 50), Sailors assigned to the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer US center, and the Romanian navy ships ROS Regina Maria (F 222), left, and ROS Donald Cook (DDG 75) remove chocks and chains from an SH-60B Sea Marasesti (F 111). Donald Cook, the first of four Arleigh Burke-class destroyers Hawk helicopter assigned to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 48 to be forward-deployed to Rota, Spain, is serving on a scheduled patrol in the (HSL-48). Donald Cook, the first of four Arleigh Burke-class destroyers to U.S. 6th Fleet area of responsibility as part of the president's European phased be forward-deployed to Rota, Spain, is serving on a scheduled patrol in the adaptive approach to ballistic missile defense in Europe. U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations as part of the president's European phased
adaptive approach to ballistic missile defense in Europe.

USS Taylor

Departs Romania DC Training On Roosevelt

From U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet
PublicAffairs Regina Maria (F 222), and sailors from
The Oliver Hazard Perry-class frig- both countries participated in antiate USS Taylor (FFG 50), homeported submarine warfare workshops aboard in Mayport, Fla., departed Constanta, Taylor and at Tuzla Air Base. Romania, following a scheduled port The U.S. Navy, on a normal and rouvisit, May 1. fine basis, operates ships in the Black
Taylor's presence in Romania reaf- Sea consistent with the Montreux firms to NATO allies that the U.S. Navy Convention and International Law. shares a commitment to strengthen Taylor is deployed in a multi-mission
ties while working toward mutual goals role in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operaof promoting peace and stability in the tions to contribute to regional mariBlack Sea region. time security, conduct bilateral and
Taylor's port visit in Romania gave multilateral training missions, and to her crew the opportunity to engage support NATO operations and deploywith their Romanian counterparts ments throughout the region. and explore Constanta, including the U.S. 6th Fleet, headquartered in -Photo by MC2 Justin Wolpert
Romanian Maritime Museum and Naples, Italy, conducts a full range Damage Controlman 1st Class Lenard Legare, from Charleston, S.C.,
Bran Castle. of maritime security operations and instructs sailors during a damage control training exercise aboard the
The visit also served to build theater security cooperation missions Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Roosevelt (DDG 80). understanding and strengthen the in concert with coalition, joint, inter- Roosevelt is on a scheduled deployment in support of maritime secubonds between U.S. and Romanian agency, and other partners in order rity operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th fleet
Servicemembers. The Romanian navy to advance security and stability in area of responsibility. hosted a luncheon aboard the ROS Europe and Africa.


Enrolling d w!

Generous compensation

DC Bologicals is seeking civilian, active,
or ex-miltory personnel who have received ,
0 63 or more doses of the anthrax vaccine. if
you qualify, your blood plasma could beI used to make a medication for the treatment
~iflhiII *of anthrax disease. Anthrax immunized
S*plasma donors canearn up to$900 for

1 :..*. -To qualify:
... Must meet standard eligibility Generous referral fees
,* *requirements to donate plasma, paid to donors who refer

**. * Must provide immunization other qualified individuals.
*records showing ahistory of 3 Ask for details.
*.- .or more anthrax injections




THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014 7

Phil1 Sea Cruises Through 3M MCA

From USE Philippine Sea(G58
Puli~faisChief Engineman Paul In total the Philippine "Between a strait transit,
Publc~ffirsNichols, an assessor for Sea completed more replenishment- at-sea,
The guided-misl ATG Mayport. than loo spot checks in
cruiser USS Philippine "We were very two days with more than vertical replenishment
Sea (CG 58) success- impressed with how 90 percent accuracy. and a multitude of other
fully completed its the Phil Sea's crew was It's very unusual to do daily shipboard and air
Maintenance and able to engage with the an assessment like this operations it took flexMaterial Management assessment while still while a ship is deployed,
(3M) mid-cycle assess- handling all the extra said Nichols. Both the ibility from everyone to
ment, May 1. \responsibilities of being crew and the training complete an inspection
A team of six asses- on deployment," Nichols team had to overcome of that magnitude."
sors from Afloat Training added. unfamiliar challenges for PhlpieSa s
Group (ATG) Mayport __A During the assessment what turned out to be a dPhlydpp ortSeaig
embarked with the ship crew members from all very successful event. delydspotn
for five days to conduct -Photo by MC3 Abe McNatt of the ship's departments "I was very pleased maritime security operathe assessment. CTT2 Stephen Collier performs a main- performed maintenance with the ability of the tions and theater secu"The mid-cycle assess- tenance check on a water tight hatch for spot checks, which are ship, and the ATG rity cooperation efforts
ment is a way for us to ENC Paul Nichols, an evaluator for Afloat supervised maintenance team," said Master in the U.S. 5th and 6th check the pulse to see Training Group Mayport, during a mid checks used to evaluate Chief Machinist's Mate
how healthy the ship's cycle maintenance inspection aboard USS the effectiveness of the Timothy Dozier, the Fleet area of responsi3M program is," said Philippine Sea (CG 58). maintenance person. ship's 3M coordinator. bilifies.

2 Phil Sea Sailors Become Master Chiefs

Ffa SPirs pn eaPbi some of the Navy's most and give personal con- it has been and privilege
professional and dedicat- gratulations to the new to serve with the past Two Sailors were pro- ed Sailors." master chiefs. four years. I'd also like to
moted to master chief All available crew "I was very honored thank my wife Fran for
petty officer during a attended the ceremony to see my name on the supporting me these past
frocking ceremony, May on the ship and lingered list," said Dozier. "I'd 11 years that we have
2, on the flight deck of > afterward in the Arabian like to thank the crew of been married, which
the guided-missile cruis- Sea heat to shake hands the Philippine Sea, who have mainly been at sea."
er USS Philippine Sea
(CG 58).
The frocking of Master
Chief Sonar Technician
(Surface) Raul De
La Cuz ad Mater-Photo by MC3 Abe McNatt
ChefMchnits ae ase Cif Machinist's Mate Timothy Dozier, left, ;~
Timothy Dozier double and Master Chief Sonar Technician (Surface) Raul Fain lii
the ship's roster of mas- De La Cruz are promoted during a ceremony for the
ter chiefs. newly announced master chief petty officers aboard Fe eitaina d$0 au
"I a ver prud tdaythe guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG C uo
to welcome Master Chief 5)
De La Cruz and Master F5rd8Gl)ea.creie Chief Dozier into the for a ship the size of the De La Cruz. "I am very q,SACfe Voted "Favorite Child Care Center"
rank," said Command Philippine Sea to have thankful for the sup- 1
Master Chief Lewis two master chief selec- port from my family of Jax Beach
Jackson. "They are both tions at one time. over the past 20 years; State 1.10 Celebrating over 30 years
proven leaders and truly "I feel humbled and without them I could not C04DUC084 at the same location
valuable assets to the honored that I was have reached this mile- ACADEMY Openings for12 months to12 years old
Soad .op-Ir '-~r Center 3 Large Playgrounds
Phil Sea and the Navy." selected, but it is bitter stone. As I approach the r -- -APP.LE. .-- ,6. Fun Summer Enrichment Programs for all ages.
It takes years of dedi- sweet in a way because end of my tour on board Beaches Academy 246-3885
cated service to make it there were so many oth- Philippine Sea, I am also $100 Value Coupon 1 1725 PENMAN RD.
to the highest level of the ers that I was hoping thankful to have had the (VALID TOWARD I CHILD'S TUITION IBEACH ESACADEMY.COM enlisted ranks. It is rare to see on the list," said opportunity to serve with IL AF- 2 W- E -N-L-M-N-.-.-.-!-"-.- B EACH ESACADI NC @BELLSOUTH. NETI

muchh precision. So much
1' 0'n drcice required.rSo athletic.
And I don't know how they
dit. They're so graceful, so
O strong."1

-John G. Coburn, General, Nrhietmd




2014 WORLD TOUR iscover the grandeur of a fantastically rich culture,
That of classical China, brought to life through

8 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8, 2014


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2011 Kia Soul (M5) 4dr Hatchback................. $14,745 2013 Kia Forte EX............................................ $17,675
2011 Kia Soul (A6) 4dr Hatchback.................. $14,995 2013 Kia Soul (A6) Hatchback ........................ $17,887
2010 Ford Fusion S 4dr Sedan ..................... $15,495 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited....................... $17,977
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2012 Kia Soul (M6) Hatchback..................... $16,995 2011 Volkswagen CC R-Line w/PZEV 4dr Sedan... $19,250
2012 Kia Soul (M6) Hatchback..........$......... 16,995 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 s ....................... $19,472
2013 Chrysler 200 LX 4dr Sedan ...............$ 17,995 2013 Kia Optima LX (A6) 4dr Sedan .......... $19,674
2012 Kia Soul Hatchback........................... $17,995 2014 Jeep Compass Sport ........................... $19,674

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877-821-2298 & 855-289-6779

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014 9

NH Jax CO proclaims Publilc Service

Recognition Week At BHC Mayport



N Melanie Hayes, a nurse practitioner and civil service employee at NBHC Mayport's Occupational Health, conducts a medical surveillance physical exam on Aviation Structural Mechanic
7 2nd Class Joshua Herring of FRCSE Detachment Mayport.
-Photos by Paige Gnann
Antonio Washington, a dental X-ray technician at Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport's Dental department, takes an intraoral radiograph of a patient to identify any deficiencies or tooth decay. Washington is one of about 650 men and women who serve as civilian staff throughout Naval Hospital Jacksonville's hospital and five branch health clinics located across Florida andGeorgia.

By Keats Reynolds
Naval Hospital Jacksonville Public Affai rs Jacksonville civil service team recalled of her time as NH Assistant demonstrates this daily by Jacksonville commandO n M ay 1, N aval1 the attentiveness they show ing officer and expressed her Hospital (NH) Jacksonville to the approximately 67,000 gratitude for the public service Commanding Officer Capt. enrolled patients across the workers who continue to put Gayle Shaffer proclaimed command. Even through the service above self. May 4-10 as Public Service furlough period Of 2013, the "It has been an honor and a 7
Recognition Week (PSRW) federal workforce put service privilege to be your command-A,
throughout its six facilities above self to ensure that med- ing officer these past two years in Florida and Georgia. It is ical care at the hospital and and as I will soon pass on an opportunity to thank the branch health clinics did not the command to another, I'll Registered nurse and civil service employee Cecilia Cardona, almost 650 civilian men and waiver, take comfort in knowing that from Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport's Family Medicine,
women who serve as physi- When someone becomes you-our civil service employ- discusses the many advantages of Medical Home Port's
cians, nurses and support part of the U.S. Civil Service, ees-play critical roles in the RelayHealth service with a patient. staff. they not only accept a job but continuity of great care across
"Now more than ever, our an oath to support and defend Naval Hospital Jacksonville side warfighters and caring Jacksonville's six health care federal employees are being the Constitution of the United and our nation," said Shaffer. for the nation's heroes. Each facilities located across Florida asked to do more with less," States. Federal workers, like "Your hard work does not go and every day, public service and Georgia. About 163,000 Shaffer stated. "Yet, they con- our military members, come unnoticed, and I want you to workers protect and defend active and retired Sailors, tinue to press forward and from many different walks of know that I am proud to serve the Constitution of the United soldiers, Marines, airmen, support readiness and quality, life and fulfill many different with you." States, ensuring that the U.S. guardsmen and their famipatient-centered care-from missions. Together, they unite Today, almost 3 mil- government is the best in the lies-more than 67,000 are
healing patients to ensuring to uphold the pledge to serve lion strong, federal employ- world. enrolled with a primary care
we have the supplies needed to and protect the U.S. govern- ees are researching cures for For more information on manager (PCM) at one of its do so." ment. cancer, developing solutions ways to celebrate PSRW, visit facilities. Visit the command
The theme for PSRW 2014 In her proclamation to to address energy and cli- www.psrw.org. website at www.med.navy.mil/

is "Proud to Serve." The NH the command, Capt. Shaffer mate crises, serving along- NBHC Mayport is one of NH sites/NavalHospitalJax.



10 THE MIRROR, NS \LAYPORT, Thursday, May 8, 2014

-Photos by Sarah Barthelemey
A fan gets jeans signed by members of Blue October during an autograph session held at Beachside Community Center prior to the May 2 Mayport 71
Music Fest.

Crowds Rock

At Mayport

Music Fest
Above, The Cab hits the stage as the opening act of this year's Mayport Music Fest on May 2.

Blue October, The Cab In Concert
Each year, MWR their bands play some of
Mayport Music Fest brings nationally known their biggest tunes.
returned to Naval acts to the base for this Past shows have Station Mayport on May free concert event, featured bands like 2 with Blue October and Hundreds of fans Switchfoot, Anberlin, The Cab in concert at Sea braved the threat of and Red Jumpsuit Otter Pavilion. rainy weather to hear Apparatus.

Lucky fans talk with members of the band, Blue October, and get their autographs during the pre-concert autograph session.

L v4

Concert-goers rock out to the songs of Blue October and The Cab during the
-5 \annual Mayport Music Fest on May 2.

Fans get their picture taken with the band members from The Cab during an autograph session prior to the concert.



F ..A...7 ......W

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walking distance to shopping & dining PRICED FRM H
gated community ru H
community pool 'MUD *2OO"S1------- i *fitness center 00.

Fans get their picture taken with the band members from The Cab during an SELECTION
autograph session prior to the concert. www.SiEDANewHomes-com

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The Cab lead singer Alexander DeLeon kneels in front of the crowd during one of songs.- *S6*6

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8, 2014 11

Crowds sing a long to the songs of Blue October during the free Mayport Music Fest held May 2 at Sea Otter Pavilion.
The Cab lead singer Alexander DeLeon leans in to take a picture with a group offans during one of the band's songs.



Blue October lead singer Justin Furstenfeld sere- Furstenfeld breaks out his guitar and the smoke nades the crowd during the Mayport Music Fest effects during one of the several songs the band perconcert. formed at the Mayport Music Fest.

Fans can't keep still during the songs of Blue October and The Cab at the annual Mayport Music Fest.





*v-u mob em
iter onuns f tob nille Ssanb er

Blue October performsfor hundreds at the Mayport Music Fest. i :

........... ...... ..


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12 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014


Auto Skills Center Night, Around-the- Foc'sle Lounge CPO Club Presents FREE. 270-7205 Foc'sle; Reservations
May Special: Free World Wednesday, May 30: Outdoor required. Bring your
tire rotation with paid BOGO Thursday and Movies- Frozen (PG). favorite lady out for
alignment. Transmission Five Dollar Friday! Plus, A r+ m S Film begins at Sunset
flush, coolant flush and Last Buck Bottles on the MV0t h SL .L 1. behind Beachside a lovely all you can eat
fuel injection cleaning, 14t" and last day of every Community Center. brunch featuring omelet
$180 (most vehicles), month! 270-7205 Sunda, ay 11 FREE. 270-7205 bar, champagne foun270-5392 Every Wednesday: Foc' ste Lounge CPO C&b Foc'sle Lounge CPO tain, carving station
Beachside Bingo W h i ff1 e B a 1 1 seatings at 1o am and 1? M Club and more. The first loo
W e d n e s d a y s: Wednesdays. 5 pm at RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED Every Tuesday: All moms will receive a free
Lunchtime Bingo. Castaway's. Bring your Khaki Wings and
Every Wednesday at friends and play some EnjoyawonderfulAll-You-Can-Eat Trivia Night. 3-7 p.m. rose. To reserve your
11:3c a.m. at Beawhside Whiffle Ball! 270-7205 1 ith roses forehe first every Tuesday at Foc'sle spot, please call (904)
Bingo. Two $500 pay- May 9: Castaway's 1OO mothers and free CPO Club with 50-cent 270-5431 or (904) 270outs every week. Buy Putt n' Crawl glass of champagne with each meal wings, drink specials 5313
two, get one free. Still Challenge. 7p.m. at f l ut95 an and all-you-can-drink ITT
only $13.00 per pack. Castaway's Lounge. .9 soft drinks for $1. Trivia Coke Zero 400
270-7204 Think you can putt like Rice begins at 5:30 p.m. All
May 12: Mother's Tiger Woods? Show us Pet CotLLeZ ""'' Khakis welcome (Chief Tickets on sale. Race
Day Bingo- 12:30 P.m. your stuff. Free for all Childxen 3-10 $8.95 each C F Petty Officers, Officers is July 4-5 at Daytona
at Beachside Bingo. 5x adults. Win a free round -Atui-- and their guests). 270- International Speedway.
$1ooo Jackpots, ix $500 of golf at Windy Harbor L 5431 Tickets start at $24.00
QUinella' free food, extra Golf Club. 270-7205 To make a reservation, please C h i c k e n for Subway Firecracker
724 and me N L M4 S 3 c ( 25o General Admission
drawings Castaway's Lounge Tournament. 7 p.m. I 0 o p.m., at Foc'sle Lounge. Seating (July 4 only).
Every Weekday: at Castaway's Lounge. Enjoy a two-piece fried Children under 12 are
Castaway's After FREE! Great prize for night long at Castaway's. winner. 270-7205 chicken plate with two free in Sprint Fanzone or
Work, At Ease: Stop winner. 270-7205 DJ Adam will be playing C o m m u n i t y sides for only $8.00. General Admission. 270into Castaway's every May 24: UFC 173- your song requests all Activities 270-5431 5145
Monday-Friday from Barao vs. Dillashaw. night! 270-7205 May 23: Outdoor May ii: Foc'sle 5145
4-6 p.m. for our great 10 p.m. at Castaway's. June 6: NBA 2K14 Movies- Madagascar Lounge All-Hands asovlle Sus
nightly specials! Enjoy 270-7205 Tournament. 7 p.m. 2 (PG). Film begins at M o t h e r s D a y Baseball. Ticket of sale
Margarita Monday, May 31: All Request at Castaway's Lounge. Sunset behind Beachside Brunch. Seatings now. Tickets run $5.50Tuesday's Pint Glass Saturday Night. All FREE! Great prize for Community Center. at 10 am and 12 pm at $11.50. 270-5145

endar with a complete P r o g r a m m e r Town Center. Van Tournament. 6 p.m. at
listing of all upcoming Meeting. 4 p.m. at the departs Liberty Center Liberty Center. Liberty events. Liberty Center. This at 5 p.m. Transportation May 23: Movie Trip.
May 8: Billiards is a chance to tell the only. Van departs 5:3o P.m.
Tournament. 6 p.m. at programmer what you May 17: Dancing in Transportation only.
Liberty Center. want on YOUR Liberty the Street Festival. M a y 2 5
May 9: Movie Trip. Calendar. Free Food! Van departs Liberty Ichetucknee Springs
Van departs 5:30 p.m. Stop by and bring your Center at 11 a.m. Tubing Trip. Van Transportation only. ideas! Transportation only. departs 7 a.m. Cost $8.
Naval Station Mayport, Florida May 1o: Food May 15: Trampoline May 18: Paintball. Sign up by May 22.
Drive Volunteers. Arena Trip. Van Van departs 9 a.m. May 26: Ping Pong
The following activi- 270-7788/89 or stop Van departs 12:30 p.m. departs Liberty Center Transportation only, you Tournament. 5 p.m. at ties target single or unac- by the Mayport Liberty Trucks Needed. Sign up at 5 p.m. Transportation pay for your paint. Sign Liberty Center. companied Sailors. For Center and pick up the deadline May 8. only. up by May 15. May 30: Latitude
more information, call monthly activity cal- May 14: Liberty May 16: Mall Trip: May i9: Billiards 3o Trip.


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THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8, 2014 13

Center. 270-5451. and ages 16 or older Xtreme Bowling. 8-11 soda, All-You-Can Bowl
May 27: Co-Ed $2.00. Season passes p.m. every Saturday at with shoes, music vidSoftball Begins. available for sale at ITf. Mayport Bowling Center. eos, light show and colSeason Ends July 10. 270-5101/5425 $1o include 2 hours of ored headpin bowling for
270-5451 Mayport Bowling black light bowling, shoe prizes. 270-5377
Aquatics Center rental, prizes and daz- Windy Harbor Golf
Pool Open for Friday Nights: zling laser light show. Club
Recreation Swim Xtreme Bowling. 270-5377 Wednesdays:
Intramural Sports Fitness Center. Open on Weekends. 8-11 p.m. every Friday Sunday Nights: Military Appreciation
May 8: Men's May 13: Co-Ed Saturdays 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at Mayport Bowling Bowling Family Fun Day every Wednesday
Doubles Tennis Softball Meeting. Sundays and holidays Center. $1o include Night. 4-7 p.m. at at Windy Harbor Golf
Tournament. Sign up 11 a.m. at the Fitness 1-6 p.m. Full hours begin 2 hours of black light Mayport Bowling Center. Club.18 Holes and a Cart by May 2. 270-5451 Center. 270-5451. Friday, Jun. 8. Active bowling, shoe rental, Cost is $1o per person Only $18. Offer open
May 13: Armed May 20: Men's Duty and children ages prizes and dazzling laser and includes your choice to DOD, active duty,
Forces 5K/ioK Run. Tennis Meeting. 2 or under free. Entrance light show. 270-5377 of a 1/4 lb hamburger or retired, and military
8:1o a.m. in front of the 11 a.m. at the Fitness fees are ages 13-15 $1.50, Saturday Nights: a hotdog with fries and a dependents

May 16: Elementary Kids Run. 3 pm at the Prom "Under the Youth Center. Ages 5-13. Z _4fS AS,&4 o .t NAVYA
Sea". 7-9 p.m. at the May 3o: Freedom Fitness Schedule Fileis
NAVY CYP Youth Center. Cost is $5 Friday. 7-11 p.m. at the Monday through Thursday 50-2o00 Friday o00-190o > aturday 8o-180o Sunday/Holidays 0800-1400
advanced sign-up and $7 Youth Center. Cost is $1o ONDAY U-DWESAY RuFR-:
day of, space permitting. advanced sign-up and 0700 0930 0700 0600-0830 0730 0930
Sunrise Yoga Voga NOFFS a Command PT Command Zurrba
270-5680 $12 day of, space permit- 0930 1130 1130 By Appointment 0 Bootoamp 1100
Child and Youth Programs May 21: America's ting. 270-5680 Zumba Zumba Strength Training 0930 0930 Vin Voga
For Women Fitness CORE & Flexibility
1130 1630 Fundamentals
Circuit Step 1600 1130
Conditioning Zumba 1130 Yoga
1800 Step
1500 BOSU Bootcamp
Strength & 1600
Conditioning CORE & Flexibility
1800 1800
Kids Clinic Yoga

0700 1130 1130 1130
Command TRX a TRX Yoga TRX
r_1630 I1300-1500 1830Ha
By Appointment 0
Zumba 1830
Functional Flexibility

0915 0800 0915 0800 0730
Aqua Fitness Deep Aqua Aqua Fitness Deep Aqua Command Aqua 0 1130 09t5 1630 1130
Aqua Rehab Aqua FItness Deep Aqua Aqua Fitness 1330
Aqua Rehab

070 0630 0R00 090 0
Rowing Commarnd RoIng Rowing Rwn

1130 0130 1130 1130 130
Cycling Command Cycling a Cycling Cycling 1800
SBookyou privat' e poo party today! 1y11ing

erat~n I e;Ma" 1130 0630 0930 0930 0700
Reserain ar vlbe, Ma 0.-Solp 0o 12014- HIT Intro to HIT Intro to HIT HIT for Women HIT
TUesday- Sunday evning 1630 1130 1130 1130 IR30
Heve IT HIT HIT HIT HIT Gymnastics
Parties nrna start anytime between 6:30-10 p.m. 16oo
y Intro to HIT
and may unm as late as J30 am. TELEPHONE: 904-270-5451 BUILDING 1391 SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE- 3 FEBRUARY 2014

R White From Page 1

Texas. He reported to reported to the Senior 2007, he was selected Additi $ 35 per-hour charge NAS Sigonella, Sicily Enlisted Academy, to serve simultaneously
frice etoer2 people Security Department. He Newport, R.I., and as Carrier Air Wing 14
was selected and initiat- reported to SERMC Command Master Chief. For more information please call 4 ed as a chief petty officer Mayport. In March In February 2009,
(904) 270-3275 or (904) 270-5425 in September 1996. In 2007, he graduated from he reported as CNO
August 1999, he reported CMC/COB course and directed Command to Afloat Training Group reported to the "Fighting Master Chief Navy SAT Mayport and in October Redcocks" of Strike Region Europe, Africa,
2001, USS La Salle (AGF Fighter Squadron 22 as Southwest Asia. He 3). the Command Master served there until reportIn January 2005, he Chief. In September ingtoNSMayport. HSM-48 From Page 1

won awards for aviation ed with the Helicopter and the President of the safety and the retention Maritime Strike Wing United States. of our Sailors, and most Atlantic Battle "E" and O'Grady is a native importantly, we've put the Arleigh Burke Fleet of Highland Mills, NY combat ready detach- Trophy. and commissioned
ments to sea .... And as Bower's next assign- from the United States the sun sets on our time ment will be to OPNAV Naval Academy in 1997. as HSL and we prepare command. Previous His career has included
to move into the future, assignments include the two deployments with we embrace the dual- Joint Staff, as Director HSL-44, assignment ity of our mission and for Operations (J-3). to the staff of Director we reaffirm to the world He served as Assistant Navy International that in Viper Nation you Deputy Director for Pams Offic nP)
will find no better friend, Operations and Strike inoWashice DN a and no worse;enemy." Advisor on Nationali Bower assumed com- Joint Operations and deployment with HSL-42
mand of the Vipers in Intelligence Center Team as Detachment Officer in February 2013. Under Four in the National Charge, and assignment his tenure as command- Military Command to United States Special
ing officer, the squad- Center. He provided Operations Command ron deployed seven worldwide politico-mil- as a planner on the
fully mission capable itary monitoring, stra- Commander's Global LAMPS detachments tegic and emergency Special Operations
in support of Operation action functions and Forces Operational SEnduring Freedom crisis response in sup- Planning Team.
*and the Global War on port of the Chairman of Cmdr. Jeffrey Hill
4Terror. The squadron's the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will take over as Viper hard work was reward- Secretary of Defense, Executive Officer.

Stop in for tastnsand demonstrations throughout file store ........... I :1is:i)r dr 'i tl[igen ia l m M N jt D

/oW I N PRIZES ....NAIL......T,

Cone by and speak with representatives fron.t .............. ;; ;,2I 2, ;g.2:
USO Navy Marine Corps Relief Society DeCA i h~~~~V n~ coag~ idtrc sds~t.s cn,,Btdgv2 rnte~Cd:

R ed.. ...C... ..s. . .. ... .. .. .... .. ...................... .. W A LK IN 0o C A

14 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8,2014

FFSC Workshops Available For Sailors, Families

C ? detect and defend RD
The following class- D o ~ u Y ~ A ~ D Q~ ( 7 against consumer fraud Open discussions
es and activities are D o Y o u K no w O-V -'I~PS E d in the marketplace. where spouses and fainoffered by the Fleet and May 15, 2014 9 a.m.- ily members can ask
Family Support Center NS Mayport and Navy Information common misconceptions and mis- noon, SAPR Victim questions and connect
(FFSC) and are free of Operations Command, Norfolk will steps that should be avoided in the Advocate Refresher with other family memcharge. Pre-registration present, "Emerging Social Media interest of Operations Security. Training, Bldg. 1, RMV bers of deployed IA is required and child- Trends and Operations Security: The May 12 briefs will be held from 104 service members. This
care is not available. For #DON'TDOTHAT" on May 12-13 in 9-10 a.m. and 1-2 p.m. The May 13 Credentialed Victim group meets once a more information about Bldg. 1, Room 104. brief will be held from 6-7 P.m. Advocates must com- month and child care is
the classes or to regis- There will be three one-hour pre- Registration is required for May plete 32 hours of provided for free! ter call 270-6600, ext. sentations available to ombudsmen, 13 evening session. Contact Kris refresher training every May 21, 2014 9 a.m.1701. FFSC is located in Family Readiness Group members Edmondson at 270-6600 ext. 1700 two years to main- 1 p.m., Organizing
Building One on Massey and family members. The presenta- or email krischele.edmondson.ctr@ tain credentials and Your Job Search and Avenue. tion is a brief overview of the more navy.mil. receive the latest SAPR Networking, Bldg. 1,
May 8, 2014 10-11 Program updates. RM 702
a.m., Healthy YOU, May 15, 2014 10-11 Participants will gain
Health Family!, Bldg. the prevention and business ownership May 14, 2014 9 a.m.- a.m., Healthy YOU, the tools and strategies
1, RiV 702 response to SA and might align with per- 1 p.m., Organizing Health Family!, Bldg. necessary to map their
This program focus- increasing awareness of sonal strengths & life Your Job Search 1, RV 702 career paths, organize
es on the woman her- available SAPR resourc- goals, and introduces and Networking, This program focuses and perform an effective
self and her power to es. fundamental tools & Bldg. 1, RV 702 on the woman herself independent job search,
change the course of May 12, 2014 1:30-3 strategies associated Participants will gain and her power to change and how to build their her life. Participants p.m., Targeting Your with executing plans for the tools and strategies the course of her life, own network of peers for are encouraged to set Resume, Bldg. 1, RM launching & growing a necessary to map their Participants are encour- continued support. individual goals, com- 702 small business, career paths, organize aged to set individual May 21, 2014 9 a.m.plete a Myers Briggs Participants will learn May 13, 2014 9-11 and perform an effec- goals, complete a Myers noon, Capstone Event Inventory, and to iden- how to highlight their a.m., Relationship tive independent job Briggs Inventory, and to (All Pay Grades), tify family roles. skills and experiences Communication, search, and how to identify family roles. Bldg. 1, RM 1616
May 8, 2014 10 as they directly relate Bldg. 1, RV 702 build their own network May 19, 2014 1:30-3 The final component of
a.m.-2 p.m., SAPR to the each job they are Participants learn of peers for continued p.m., Targeting Your Transition Goals, Plans,
Resident Advisor applying for. how to master the support. Resume, Bldg. 1, RM Success (TGPS). During
Training, Bldg. 1, RV May 12-13, 2014 8 skills of understanding M ay 14, 2 014 702 Capstone, Individual
719 a.m.-4 p.m., Boots to non-verbal cues, con- 1 1: 3 0 a m. 12 :3 0 Participants will learn Transition Plans (ITP)
A CNIC mandated Business, Bldg. 1, RV structive criticism, and p. m., Consumer how to highlight their are reviewed and the
brief that is required 702 active listening. They Awareness, Bldg. 1, skills and experiences as completion of CRS is
for all resident advi- We will assist partici- also learn to explore the RMV 719 they directly relate to the verified and recorded on
sors. The brief pants in understand- differences that affect Fraud is on the rise each job they are apply- the ITP checklist focuses on explain- ing the steps related to communication as a and you could become ing for. May 22, 2014 10-11
ing the role of the business ownership as couple, as well as how the next victim of con- May 19, 2014 6-7 p.m., a.m., Healthy YOU, RA/Unaccompanied a post-military career, they can deepen their sumer fraud or identity IA Family Connection Health Family!, Bldg.
Housing Staff in understanding how relationship. theft. Learn to deter, Group, USO, Mayport 1, RM 702

Resident of the Week

1' V4__4W Helping Out

-Photos by Paige Gnann
SMayport Area Chief Petty Officer
Phot cortes ofBBCAssociation members join Hands Balfour Beatty Communities would like to congrat- -O a o ec la pi
ulate Terni Fuller who is the Resident of the Week!JakovleBchCPsfm We appreciate the Fuller Family and all of our resi- SERMC MyotHS-60 and NS
dents who live with Balfour Beatty Communities! MyotgtoteryArl2 opc
Will you be the next Resident of the Week? For more up trash along the beach and sidewalk.
details about the program, please call 904-270-8870.1

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 8, 2014 15

THE /irror Cassified

Mon. Thurs. 7:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m. Ad Errors Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept responsibility for only the first incorrect
Fri. 7:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. insertion and only the charge for the ad space in error. Please call 366-6300 immediately for prompt correction Auctions Employment
TOLL FREE 800-258-4637 and billing adjustments. R E f S S, c
BY FAX 904-359-4180 Ad Cancellation Normal advertising deadlines apply for cancellation. When cancelling your ad, a cancellation
number will be issued. Retain this number for verification. Call 366-6300. Real Estate for Rent Merchandise
IN PERSON Billing Inquiries Call the Billing Customer Service Department at 359-4324. To answer questions about
Many people prefer to place classifieds in person payments or credit limits, call the Credit Department at 359-4214. C R E
and some classified categories require prepayment.
Foryour convenience, we welcomeyou to placeyour GENERAL INFORMATION Financial Transportation
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Holiday and Legal deadlines vary and will be supplied upon request. Cancellation and ion The anchor indicates the ad is a FREE Fleet Market Ad placed by military personnelClassified in-column ad automatically appears
deadlines are the same as placement deadlines t online at no additional charge.

i Farms/Acreage Rooms to Rent Schools Thu bust h rgan1 W Landscaping/
Id Farms g RGrounds Maintenance Happy Ads ARLINGTON/W'side/N'side Furn., Si hm e Sun State Nursery & Landscaping
Lost and Found WEST JACKSONVILLE Ph,TV, w ld,$11004130 wk 838-4587 BUILDING SHIPS! .' i nri IRRIGATION FOREMAN / INSTALLERS
10 CRE OF 13rdSt How cool is that? WE E E WFullI Time
Clubs and Organizations ZONED RR "Horses ok" Northside nr bus route turn. rm, ch&a w/d TWS can help you build a long commercioi Landscape Company Looking
i$125wk emp verif/bkgrd 672-5337, 219-3902 and rewarding career with their to Hire Irrigation Foreman & Installers
Rides/Travel Call Ronnie 904-568-74264 Shipfitting & Steel Fabrication Must have a clean driving/criminal
Notices program and will prepare you history & Client/Service focused
in only 9 months. with no excuses attitude
Personals Call Today to get Started! Landscaping I Foreman needs 3 years exp w/ blueprints &
888-465-1542 equipment, ability to work independently
Dating and 3500 Southside Boulevard, Grounds Maintenance & excellent communications.
Entertainment Apartments Furnished Jacksonville, FL 32216 Skilled Labors need 1 year exp.
Apartments Unfurnished Accredited School, ACCSC. SEND RESUME to:
Condominiums Licensed by Florida Commission sunstatenursery@aol.com
Retirement Communities for Independent Education, Or apply in person M-F 9am-3pm
Westside Homes Furnished Commercial/Industrial License No. 2331 @9362 Phillips Hwy
Homes Unfurnished For Sale Weldingschool.com NURSERY WORKER Jacksonville, FIL 32256
Manufactured Homes FULL-TIME Text JAX15514477 Fl
Warrington St. Jacksonville 32254 Mobile Home Lots Commercial /Industrial Commercial Landscape Company
3BR/IBA Single Family Roommates For Rent looking to Hire Nursery/Yard worker.
1016 sqft, Fixer Upper Rooms to Rent Experience: 1 year helpful
Lease or Cash Knowledge of Trees, Plants
$350 DN, $251/mo Beach Home Rentals Busnese For SaleeNr
a N-59-0180 I Beach/Vacation/Resorts Office Space For Saleik ~ lel qimn u tt usr adcpn
77-5 Storage/Mini-Lockers pace Must have a valid & clean LANDSCAPE FOREMAN / INSTALLERS
Management/Rental Services Office Space For Rent Drivers License Full Time
Wanted to Rent your 1 tty SEND RESUME to: Commercial Landscape Company Looking
North Jacksonville St Johns Apartments Furnished Retail For Sale sunstatenursery@ool.com to Hire Irrigation Foreman & Installers
St Johns Apartments Unfur- Retail For Rent n awpna Lr or apply in person M-F 9am-3pm Must have a clean driving/criminal
nished at 9362 Phillips Hwy, history & Client/Service focused
St Johns Condominiums St. Johns Commercial/ Jacksonville, FL 32256 with no excuses attitude
F Weare St. Jacksonville 32206 St Johns Dupiex InutilFrSl akovle L326Foreman needs 3 years exp w/ blueprints &
3BR/1BA Single Family Townhomes Tens Fo ral M ir t j Text JAX15514340 equipment, ability to work independently
Fixer Upper St Johns Retirement Cam- St Johns Commercial/ & excellent communications.
Lease or Cash Industrial For Rent Skilled Labors need 1 year exp.
$150 DN, $267/mo munities f1__0 SEND RESUME to:
877-553-5348 St Johns Houses Furnished St. Johns Businesses sunstatenursery@aol.com
St Johns Houses For Sale Tf orida
Unfurnished Or appiy in person M-F 9am-Jpm
W. 23rd St. Jacksonville 32206 St Johns Mobile Home/Lot St. Johns Office Space caJksonv9362 Phillips Hwy
2BRJ1BA Single Family Rental mediae-m I Jacksonvilie, FL 32256
Detached Garage St Johns Lots For Sale Text JAX15514289 rLease or Cash St Johns Roommates St. Johns Office Space
$250 DN, $340mo St Johns Rooms to Rent For Rent
877-53 -5348 St Johns Vceanfront/Waterfront Military Publications Sales Representative
St. Johns Vacation Rental St. Johns Retail For Sale
on trg/St. Johns Retail For Rent
W. 9th St. Jacksonville 32209 Mini-Lockers Do you thrive working in the exhilarating Mechanics
2BRI/BA Single Family St Johns Sae! Seeth xc
I Hardwood Floors lStJohns Wanted to Rent_ __$0Dw, $5or CaCmmerciall world of advertising sales?
Lease or' Cash I o mril
8535-DN 2 $254(mo Sun Sate Nursery & Landscaping
877-535-6274 r apartmentss Unfurnished Industrial For Rent If so, then consider Times-Union Media's COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE
1 NORTHSIDE-WAREHOUSE Military Publications. We are looking for a Must be Diesel Mechanic with
Irnge Park/ 10ra il-FoiaCrsinAt. ],000 Sql.ff. '3 phase, yard. heavy equipment knowledge, small
Clay County Affordable senior living must be 62+ $1500MO. 2504 North Silver, Jax ified Soles Representative who is engine and 3-cycle experience; 5
Studios & 1 bedrooms incis, utils. FL 32206. Call Ronnie 904-568-7264 aggressive, enthusiastic and has a proven years exp. required. Clean driving/
Handicap accessle units ava or Jack 904-568-7237 criminal history a MUST. CDL,
Income based rent. track record of success. Be a part of the welding, and electrical knowledge
Equal housing opportunitY. helpful but, not necessary.
I pln Call 904-381-4800; TTY 800-955-8771 team responsible for selling and servicing Must be client/service focused, be
advertising accounts for three military base able to work independently and be
a team player with a 'no excuses'
WESTSIDE/MURRAY HILL publications servicing the NaE Floridt/SE atitude. MUST have own tools.
1 BR $399. $425. Georgia military communities. sunstatenursery@aol.com
"0" Down VA! "0" Closing VA! Security Deposit $149. or apply in person, between 9am-3pm
4BR 2 8oth 2 car garage $177,150 No pets. Call 904-329-1985 @ 9362 Phillips Hwy
4BR 2 Bah- lots of tile! $186,515 Business Opportunities Qualifications: Jacksonville, FL 32256
4BR2.5 Bath- 2 stry, $194,735 "High school graduate/GED required. Text JAX15517950
corner homesite Distributionships/
4BR 2.5 Bth- 2 story, living/ $219,590Condominiums Franchises College degree preferred. U
dining/family rooms with loft Cnoiim
4BR3.SBoth-2story, $229,568 Ficticious Names "Two years of B2B/outside sales experience
2 master bedrooms I S ed Transportation
Call Sonny Jewell with BEACHES Marsh LandingServices
Ta in at 904-463-6489 2br/2ba in gate community. Patio, Money to Lend/Borrow "Media and/or print advertising experience
ground floor, close to pool
$1,100mo + security and references. Mortgages Bought/Sold preferred.
1701 The Greenway, apt 114, unit 1
Baker County Jax Beach 32250. call 732-713-7006 "Excellent communication, math and Local Drivers
Business Opportunities customer service skills.
F iman Rd. Baldwin 32234 _"Must be detailed and deadline oriented. Needed!!
2BRI1BA, Screen Porch Houses nfurnishedProficient in computer software programsKelley, Inc.
Large Fenced Lot Daycare for sale. Profitable business and become part of the
Lease or Cash I Serious buyers only. 904-510-8220 such MS is required. ELITE driving force in the
77$500 DN, $612/mo O as O 11 Transportation Industry.
877-50-9517 -ORTEGA FARMS i "Excel lent communication, conflict JBK is seeking SAFE driv2BR $600. Extro nice, quite, resolution and organizational skills required. ers for dedicated runs from
ch&a wash/dryer hookup Jacksonviiie, FL to Macon,
"' Nassau County I No pets/smokers. "Must have reliable transportation; possess GA and back. Drivers will
NassauCountyCall 904-612-4732 a valid driver's license and auto insurance, be home daily! JBK offers
Training excellent compensation,
paid training/orientation,
NASSAU COUNTY WESTSIDE 3br/Iba Private Instruction We Offer: holidays, uniforms, PTO,
FOR SALE BY OWNER ch&a, WD hookup Schools "Base pay plus commission Blue Cross/Blue Shield INS,
10 ACRE LOTS $7,000 PER $700mo. + dep. 904-343-3246 Specialty Training/ bonus programs and matchACRE.904-707-1120 356 Dillion St. "Ongoing paid training opportunities ing 401 K! Required CDL (A)
CALLAHAN ON Events "Growth opportunities for advancement with HM/tanker, 2 yrs. OTR
LN. OWNER FINANCING HIOM "Comprehensive benefits package including exp., 25 Yrs. a id minimum,
AVAIABLE904626-393clean driving record.
AVA ILA B LE 904-626-6393. 2415501 medical, dental, life, disability, personal Ability to pass a DOT physiR H A N time off and holiday pay, 401 (k), and cal and drug test. Tanker
experience in preferred
Waterfront JACKSONVILLE expense reimbursement but is not required.
IDEERFIELD LAKES 2/1.5 $650 AVAIL NOW Contact Mike 8 806-468-1729
PONTE VEDRA GREENFIELD LAKES 3/2 No pets new crpt $1295 AVAIL NOW Qualified applicants may apply at: Today! JNBF/DN. EOE.
Fabulous site on PINE BLUFF 2/2 $950 AVAIL 6/20 https://coreers-morrispublishinggroup.
Intracoastal Water wayiim co
cute 3/2, dock, HAYDEN LAKES 3/2 $1250 AVAIL 5/20icm co
REDUCED to $824K obo KENSINGTON 3/2 No pets new crpt $1150 AVAIL NOW W Hm mrvmn
___________ EAGLES HAMMOCK 4/2 $1425 AVAIL 6/20 Thank you for understanding that due to the Remodeling
WINDSOR CHASE 4/2 $1575 AVAIL 4/15 large volume of resumes received it is not
.hubet b u .n ASHLEY WOODS .r/4 $1995 AVAIL 4/20 possible to acknowledge receipt of each Quality Home Repair & Remodeling
Free est., Ilc, bonded & Insured.
|Rn t0Wjyf WOODMERE 3/2 $1195 AVAIL NOW resume. Freedom Renova.tions LLC. 984-945-4546

EOE V Lawn Service I
A SOD Replacement Removal & Instal
Homes for Sale P LAC E $308. per pallet, sod & labor ic. No
______________________________________________________ fees up-front. 7 days wk 904-868-7602
Experience '''

Life at Navy

MuraBella Classified

~ a- Ads_ __ ___

THE FLEET __ __ __
MVARKET Rank/Grade:____ Work Phione# .Organization: _____________Date Submitted:______* '[ilName(please pnnt): .Signature:_________________________I- J ADVERTISING I1. Free advertising in the Fleet Market is restricted to active duty and retired military 7. Additional readership in other publications can be arranged for a nominal fee by
IIL g U L E S personnel for their dependents) and civilian employees assigned to the Mayport calling 1-800-258-4637 (toll free), or enclosing your phone number.
-C*otti 2.Naval Station. B. Faxed ads will be accepted at 904-366-6230, however, they must be completed
g't~r ;t' Fl i[;1 iPlease fill othi 2.Advertising in the Fleet Market is a free service provided by the publisher to on an original form.
[ a a form in black or help qualified personnel dispose of unwanted personal articles. Servce ads Select the number of weeks ad is to run: 0 1 wk 0 2 wks 0 3 wks 014 wks
* blue ink, such as shading rides to work or on leave, announcing lost and found Items, and garage
sales will he accepted. ADS PERTAINING TO0 GUN SALES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. ANIMAL To renew your ad after the allotted time, you must re-submit your ad to The Mirror. [*I ['[l [~ I OR PEr ADS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPT1ED IF ThE AiII.S ARE OFFRED FREE. CHIlLD CA.E NOTE: (1) This form must be clipped f(not torn)aslang the outside border. (2) No
DEADLI NES PROVIDERS CANNOT DISCRIMINATE. REAL ESTATE ADS MLL BE LIMITED TOANNOUNCEMENT more than one word (or abbreviation for one word) per block. (3) Only two free
___________________ OF HOMES FOR SALE OR RBIT" BQUALIFIED INDMDUJALS wnmi PERMANENT CHIGE OF ads per family, per week. (4) Select the category for the ad by referring to the I1 3 J []i STA110N (PCS) OR =OFFICIALLY REASSIGNED" ORDERS. REAL ESTATE ADS MUST CONTAIN Classified Index.
-Ii 3. All information requested must be included and readable. All ads should be
I ];:[,;t dIRa] ffJ ;1 M R O R written independent of other information contained on this form.
4. Ads received after the above time will run in the following week's issue. Category:__________________________________________________ 5. Completed forms should be delivered or mailed to the Fleet Market, Bldg. 3.
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16 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPTORT, Thursday, May 8, 2014

aMisc. Merchandise RVs and Supplies
AC. Heating, Fuel Bilt Full Face Helment sz VRI TT tow eg. 2 TV's bath,nir.d
Antiques small, like new cond., wore 1new tires, queen bed, sleeps
Antiquesonce $50. 904-982-3569 (.,?6), Irg slide out. $10,000.
Appliances .once$50.904-882-3569 642-0881/716-1968
Arts & Crafts 52" Sharp Aquas 1080P TV &
Auctions Blu-Ray Player, exc. cond.
$450. 904-616-6008
Building Supplies M$450. 904-616-6008 Motorcycles/Mini Bikes
Business/Office Equipment Ceiling Fan 52" quality brass
central globe 4 lights 5 wooden dr iv e
Clothes blades $75. White wicker borCollectib ~~ ~ ~ coes So 205 ONAMetrpalJtan DA E I ETR
Collectibles der mirror 30"Lx19"w $50. 2005 HONDA Metropolitan
mp t 904-384-7809 tScooter 50cc, DBOOmilesE exc. Computer S Rcond., garage kept, $1500 .
Craft/Thrift Stores CT200 Craft & Sewing tbl 904-573-8866. Original owner
CFtrn iftur/ow/metric tbl top 72"x40" folds
Electronics 4L1to 17". $70. Call 772-0298 (2) 1986 HONDA REBELS
Estate Sales 250cc, garag kept, mint cond.,
FamPanigSCOTT'S 20" REEL MOWER 13,Otomile., & 291 mi. Original
Farm/Planting =,J$30. 2004 F150 front bumper owner. Classic Vintage
Fruits/Vegetables 41$200. 23"x63" Shower Doors 904-573-8866
Furniture/Household $20. Drawtite Hitch $35.
Garage Sales 2007 HONDA SHADOW 750cc
Sago potted $8 plus larger oth- exc. cond 3000 miles, many A A B
Garden/Lawn i ers. Fig trees $5-$8 sizes. extra's, gar. kept, $5500.
Hot Tubs/Spas 4,LMaple trees 5' tall $6. Girl's 904-573-8866. Original owner.
Jewelry/Watches bike $45. 384-7809
Kid's Stuff i 2007 HONDA SHADOW
Like new 2400 miles.
Machinery & Tools V Sporting Goods Call for best price recondition
Medical been in storage. 904-215-9309
Miscellaneous Merchandise
Micl Merchandise HUNT CLUB HAMPTON S.C. Farm. 2007 SUZUKI DR-Z400 Enduro
Musical Merchandise fields & woods approx 2000ac camp gar. kept, low miles, good
Photography sites avail. 803-942-3719/904-874-6760 cond, $3500. 904-573-8866. LOU SOSBH HONDA
Portable Buildings Original owner. OF THE AVENUES
Public Sales 2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 with B__UCK 11333 Phillips Hwy. 370-1300
Sporting Goods 9trIke kit, white AM/FM, 8
Tickets Aemarine radio, xtras,
Trailers Adopt a Pet 1200 miles. Harold 904-708-9772. KEY BUICKGC ATLANTIC DODGE KETH PIERSON TOYOTA
Wanted to Buy or Trade Pets & Supplies 4660 Southside Blvd. www.alkrtieep.com 6501 Youngernan Circle.
Livestock& Supplies HARLEYS t(2) in excel. cond, 642-6060 2330US1Sout 354-4421 771-9100
garage kept, lots of extras, 2008 233OUS1South 34-421 771-9100
Animals Wanted Ultra Classic and 2004 Sportster
Appliances Call (386-283-2084) or email NIMNICHT
Appliances, buy, sell, trade & repair Pets and Supplies 11503 Phillips Hwy 1IlDODG 1310CassatAve. 3894561 CERTIFIED
WIDs, Refrigs., stove, $85-up wrnty. Y m h VSa6582A&yedV-trKEY HYUNDAI PRE-OWNED
Man- Sun. 9-7. Delivery 904-695-1412 Yamaha V-Star 685-8820 9A&Bayadows 493-0000 4
FREE MALE LAB/MIX black, 4660SouthsideBIvd. CENTER
eleven months old, good look- 1300 Tourer 2007,
ing dog. Call 904-891-1221 28,168 miles, Raven Black, ORANGEPARKCHRSIR 642-6060VISOSTEENVWCOM
Estate Sales Batwing fairing with 12 inch O TODAWJ,
Estate Sales German Shepherd Pups 407-209-5585 ingiri wh in JEEP DODGE
See; Facebook.com/k9candidates windshield, tri pouch wind- 904-322-5100
Wetie__37_onerD.N.321shield bag, 100 watt amp and 7233BlandingBlvd. 777-5500
Westside 8387 Pointer Dr- N. 32221 speakers for mP3, Yamaha [ __,'/Lots of artwork decorative & signed, speakersfar mp3,Yamaha
Lenox oriental, liv/din rm, kitch, engine guards, luggage rack, CLAUDE NOLAI CADILLAC www.gepkddge.cmOSTEENVKSWAGEN
garage, office, vintage Singer highway pegs. Yamaha light 4700 Southside Bld. VOLKSWAGEN
sewing mach. Fri Sat 9-5 Sun 11-2. bar with 3-1/2 lights, custom 904-642-5111 C VISIT OSTEENVWCOM
www.yesterdayschldncco Aviation grips, Mustang rider and RICKKEFFER TODAY
Boats passenger seats, matching FIELDSCADILIAC 1-95Exit373,Fem Bch.
Furniture I Household Sailboats tank bib, bike cover. Excel- JACKSONVILLE 904022-5100
Boat Dockage & Rentals lent condition. 7999 Blending Blvd. 1-0-228-7454 ATLANTIC JEEP
Boat Dockage & Rentals Newly Reduced 904-562-4761 www.rickkeffer.com www.atlanticjeep.com TOM BUSH VOLKSWAGEN
MENT CENTER-Light oak, 2 & Supplies Price $6,000. fieldscadillac.com 2330 US 1 South VISITTOMBUSHVW.COM
aduIustable shelves $150abo. RV Rentals Call or text 904-233-5393 354-4421 904-725-0911
Must sell 904-206-0941 RV Rentals
with headboard $200obo. Motorcycles & Mini Bikes -JACKSONVILLE CHRISLER
904-542-0932 Auto Brokers Automobiles NIMNICHT CHEVY PALC.MKFORDMJ YOUR LOCAL
SSAFE HONEYWELL DIGI- Auto Parts 1550 Cassat Ave 9A&BAYMEADOWS .g7
TAL ANTI $35.THEF 6AFE. Antiques/Classics 2004 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 904-647-4220 -95N. Ext129(Yulee)D
Atqe/ utd AcSpyd c t., V 3nLt 4 DEALERSHIPS
Automobiles ISdAuto, A/C, Mint cond, www.nimnichtchevycom 225-3673 O'STEEN VOLVO
ilersSUI~sGrandma's car 22,981miles,
Trucks/Trailers/SUVs $11 K. 904-962-2826 JEY NAM H0 AUTONATIONFORD RICK KEFFER www.osteenvolvo.com BY SHOPPING
Garage Sale Vans/Buses 3494 Philips Hwy. BY SHOPPING
$2000 or Less 3 Csler011 398-3036 AT THE AVENUES 1-95 Exit 373, Fem Bch.
CYPRESS COVE NEIGH- Commercial Vehicles VS Hemi www.jenyhammcom 1-800-228-7454 LOCALLY.
BORHOOD YARD SALE Loaded. 10720 Philips Hwy.
May 17th, Sam-until? Fishing Misc. Auto Steel grey www.rickkeffer.com
gear. furniture, tools, clothes, Autos/Trucks Wanted with t o n RON ANDERSON 904-292R325
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Together, our communities of service members and their families, and your business, can spell SUCCESS.

Not only will your business benefit while the families are stationed here, many military families retire to

the area, with the tri-base area being one of the most sought-after assignments in the U.S. Navy.

To advertise, or to find out more information, please call 904.359.4168.


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