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CHINFO Award Winner


Friday, May1
7:30 pm at Sea Otter
Naval Station Myof
Admission Begins at 6 P

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Returns T
From MWR

May 2 marks the return of Mayport Music
Fest to Naval Station Mayport. Each year, MWR brings nationally known acts
to the base for this free concert event. This year
will feature Blue October and The Cab.
Past shows have featured bands like
Switchfoot, Anberlin, and Red JumpsuitP I
The event will be held at Sea Otter Pavilion
(next to the Outdoor Pool). Bands start at 7.30D.4 p.m. and gates will open at 6 p.m.
This event is free, open to all ages and does -i 0 '.
not require a ticket for General Admission e
entry; however tickets are required for the
Preferred Viewing area. ________________________________________________Please remember to bring your own chairs
since there will be none provided in General
Food and beverages and souvenir t-shirts will B t a la D s u s s G ot
be available for purchase.
For more information, please call (904) 270pWith NSMayport Sailors
By Amaani Lyle two-day command tour ization of real estate,"
American Forces Press Service DOD offers a free at the third-largest fleet Battaglia said. "It's nice The senior enlisted downloadable book concentration in the to see growth on a miliadvisor to the Chairman called "The Non- United States, with its tary installation when N ew 2 4/7 of the Joint Chiefs of Commissioned Officer 3,400 acres along the most of ourcovra
Staff met with Sailors at and Petty Officer -- Atlantic Ocean and St. tions are about [base Naval Station Mayport Backbone of the Armed Johns River and 6,400 realignment and dloN urse to learn about the base's Forces" designed to help active duty sailors, sure]."
strategc.homeportin..unio enlisted sevc.Wev .enabet.hearvloftelt

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For ugetre pinmnt, omaeaseerral t7o- (C W ash awade Aloat SaAarGorys emnn W

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"TNuewAvceLn works tghewihor BTtle efiien(Bled Ronodbl oketnentrion elnhe ing peroton ey proiMeiclHoe ot ems eitig eoucs-ur "")ardvi Mrhe 20,aoman epor from Nofol Awared teesw th ion, yo nsamit."we locl apoitmnt ine an scur emil-o on- by oitieso Commanesalt iMyort, ffiner CN0 afslot Sftyhe sofor Healthrand nec yu o hecae ounee, he yu ee i," Surace Fret Aitaic.r ctobd et 2013. r- Awlarronties nit.os e e Unit Award, sadNavarHsa (HJakovleCmndN vathBattleayor "E"i k"Quie siml this withd o utsandingo ralognon asd theOffier Cpt. aylehafer."Ourcareteamar aware anual to ases thres mosidto pess aive safty clorsan safty"reen."inana
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Brach ealh Cini (BHC Mapor, cll904270 whchlmns tratie the Ocr Litiian aroes apbneitte af otnd imree ealthS
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WyJannS e Moe OfYu avoite ommandG Soht:/ww alor, hve Fun- acopning triing
Nava Hopi ChJcksnie Oeuty Theli Mfir or' Pt Glerynine ApsSt. Atcmldctieno MWRaral cksis Bilash spor ailte
Begin wwwMa 9 aypo,2/7rsdircome Log InmplAnd She I P o oat te 10aia- s ayot ae
is valabe.Calr8o-TICREo8o-87-273

2 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014

I also want to wish Rear Admiral and Chapel hosted Easter egg hunters at A ~~AMrs. Harris all the best as they take on their annual Easter egg hunt on April
C A PT A I N 'S their new responsibilities as DJ3 on 19. Hundreds of Sailors and their fainthe Joint Staff. Your leadership on the ilies came out on Saturday to the event admssonCORNER seawall and within the community willtoejyfefodadgmsana
star and Florida native, Jake Owen, I want to welcome home the SailorsAdionlymreta40rues to voters. ounry msicbe msse. cAnceitiovisitmoth then Easterunny.s
will perform on May 7 as part of the of USS Gettysburg (CG 64). The guid- dne ht -hrsadrntr A _tournament's Military Appreciation ed-missile cruiser returned to Mayport
Day. Birdies for the Brave Patriots' on April 18 after a long nine-month teclrhz tCADsClrRn Capt. Wesley McCall Outpost opens on May 7th at 9 a.m. deployment to the U.S. 5th and 6th part of their campaign against sexual
NS Mayport and is available to all active duty, Fleet areas of responsibility (AOR). assault. The team put on a great event
Commanding Officer reserve and retired military person- Gettysburg was deployed as part of the and I can't wait to see what they do for
nel and their dependents. Patriots' Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group the Zombie Run in October Outpost is a hospitality tent exclusively (HST CSG), supporting Operation Last but not least, I want to conShipmates for the military, which offers compli- Enduring Freedom, maritime security gratulate the team from U.S. Coast
I'm excited to welcome the bands, mentary food, beverages and activi- operations and theater security coop- Guard Mayport for their win at this Blue October and The Cab to Naval ties. There will also be a Military Job eration efforts. And welcome home year's MWR Spring Sports Challenge. Station Mayport Friday night for the Fair at THE PLAYERS on May 3 at the to HSM-46 Detachment Two as well. it was a close competition this year. 2014 MWR Mayport Music Fest. Our Patriots' Outpost from 12 to 3 p.m. All The detachment was embarked on USS ynfcw a opriiaei i
MWR Department has put a lot of active duty, reserve, retired, veterans, Bulkeley duigteHTCGdpo-breaker between NS Mayport and work towards planning this year's con- and military spouses can attend this ment. cert and it's certain to be an entertain- annual job fair free of charge. The fair I want to thank everyone who came the Coast Guard for first and second. ing event. Admission is free and the offers information on local educational out last Monday to support our dunk Congratulations also to SERMC for its doors open at 6 p.m. with the concert institutions with veterans' programs, tank event in support of the Navy- third place win. This is a great event starting at 6:30 P.m. Outside coolers career counseling and resume-writ- Marine Corps Relief Society. NMCRS sponsored by MWR Sports and I highly and food will not be permitted with- ing. For more about THE PLAYERS is currently holding its annual active encourage every command at Mayport in the venue area and all are encour- Championship, please visit PGATOUR. duty fund drive and several of us from to participate. Not only does it proaged to bring your own lawn chairs. COM/THE PLAYERS. NS Mayport volunteered for this great mote camaraderie between Sailors, but
For more information, call (904) 270- I want to extend a big welcome cause. It was a very chilly day so I real- between all the commands at Mayport 5228. to Rear Adm. George Ballance, who ly appreciate all our Chiefs, CMDCM adorCatGadnihos h
Another great event on the hori- took command of U.S. Naval Forces Ross Cramer and Executive Officer, Pat ndx Sort CastGurnewighbors hei zon is the annual THE PLAYERS Southern Command and U.S. 4th Pickard, for braving the cold with me. netorts haleng se will bemhelds
Championship slated for May 6-11 at Fleet on April 17. Adm. Balance Believe me; it was much warmer in theOcoe.Ihptosealom nd
TPC Sawgrass. THE PLAYERS is once is coming to NS Mayport from U.S. water than out! participate.
again offering free admission to mili- Southern Command and I look for- I want to thank all the great folks at Please continue sending your sugtary personnel and their dependents. ward to continuing the fantastic rela- the Mayport Chapel and our outstand- gestions to the CO's suggestion box or

THE PLAYERS also offers discounted tionship Mayport has with 4th Fleet. ing CSADD organization. Mayport email them to wesley.mccall@navy.mil.

Do You Really Know What Love Is?

tence I can tell you that ancient languages of was? Do any of us really LJ D ~I "love" Krispy Kreme the Christian scripture, know? Words matter as
E AIdoughnuts. I just used Koinonia Greek that

CO0R N ER the same English word takes the concept of love d eiiin.I o r
to describe a relation- and helpfully defines it engaging in a new relathat are pumped out to finalize. Ironic, isn't ship of 20 years as well further. We have Eros tionship, wisdom would
-annually; pass through it? as my passion for a bak- love, which can be suggest you broach the
/ ~~an airport bookstore We are a nation of ery item. Hardly pre- described for intimatequsinowhtlv
and look on the shelves romantics who, evidence cise. And this is part of and romantic love, some- is. If you find that you and count the number would suggest, are terri- our problem as a society times described as "life Chplinof Nicholas Spark books ble at love. And what we as we passionately pur- energy". What a great are creating and definhain na waiting for purchase; lis- find in society-at-large is sue love. We don't fully definition. But love ing the definition of love
DainDumW ten to the latest pop hits also reflected within the know what it is and we also needs attributes of for yourself and it has a
CHM Land you quickly realize Navy. Early in my career are convinced that we Storge or familial love, lot to do with how you
that love and romance I became discouraged to are the final arbitrator Philia points us to true feel", then that might be The human heart has are something we all hear about Sailors I mar- of it. Love is whatever friendship in our love, long been described as pursue, all desire. ried failing in their mar- I want it to be or say it which is essential in suc- a red flag. the seat of love with-in So, if love and falling riages. I heard so many is, we think. And we all cessful relationships a "Love is patient, love the human being. Not in love are so desirable times how they "were in think different. The feel- non-negotiable, you have is kind. It does not envy, the muscle that pumps for us, why do we fail so love", "had fallen in love" ing I had yesterday that to have it. Perhaps the it does not boast, it is blood throughout the epically at it? Do some and later after marriage I thought was love may greatest attribute of love body, but rather the fig- research and you will no longer "felt" love for have come from a bad comes in the form of not proud. It does not urative and psychologi- find that most sources their partner and sub- burrito... so today I am Agape love, selfless love, dishonor others, it is not cal center of romance. list the United States as sequently wanted a not in love and the mar- Regard for self coming self-seeking, it is not easRomeo pledged his heart the leading country in divorce. It makes you riage is over, secondary to regard for ily angered, it keeps no
to Juliet; on Valentine's the world for divorce, wonder if we truly know What is love? Feelings another, the love that record of wrongs. Love Day, heart shaped candy followed by the UK and what love is? I am con- are there to be sure, but prompts one to be willand chocolates abound. one source listing Aruba vinced many don't. it's so much more and ing to sacrifice even life does not delight in evil The heart has long been third. In this country As great as the English the marriages and rela- itself for another. but rejoices with the associated with love, you have probably heard language is, it has some tionships that make it I can't help but think truth. It always protects,
Our culture is one it said that one out of serious holes in defini- understand that along of all my shipmates in always trusts, always that is passionate about every two marriages end tion and usage. Consider with passion also comes years past that suffered hps laspre romance as well. Look to in divorce. It's big busi- for example that I can other attributes such as the pain and heartbreak hps laspre Hollywood and the num- ness. An average divorce say I "love" my wife, but faith and commitment. of broken relationships. veres."

ber of romantic films costs around 10-30,000 in the very next sen- Consider one of the Did they know what love I COR 13:4-8

Summer Camp Available At NS Mayport

will be rotating amongst Department facilities Children's Commission the facility to partici- such as the Bowling from June 9-August 8. K N O W IN G pate in various activi- Alley for bowling, Base The Youth Center will

TH MROR S APOT TurdyMy ,01

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Unvrsto Phenx

Miitr traned

Wokoc ready.

Imgn you potential.prora tha fis 330 js on of th0 aereore

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4 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014


........ ......

-Photos by MC2 Marcus Stanley Some runners, CSADD Mayport members and MWR staff gather for a photo after the CSADD's first Color Run held April 23 in support of Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness. More than 400 runners came out for the inaugural event.

CSADD Mayport Hosts First Color Run To

Heighten Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness

By OSSN Matthew Thomas CSADD Public Affairs
As you walk towards Naval Station Mayport Base Fitness Center on
April 23, a slew of others dressed in all white flooded the streets. As you drew closer and closer, you could feel the ground shaking from the high volume and even higher energy music. The Pravnn was reness4 cog
was blue. The asphalt, C R un T
Hlc.Aeeghen SeulAsularvnioswrns

in bright whites. Then someone yells, "GO!"
The Pu blasted off a s of true blue and yellow quickly turned into a sea of color on those runners and their white shirts.strets.A

"The cheers and giggles and sheer joy ofthe being painted during a run for a cause was the best way to rid the Sailors of the hump day

slump," said Master-at- inns bihwh Cles. ano y Off on thegfirst CSADD Color Run, hosted by CSADD Mayport on April 23
Berg CSAD scretry.at Naval Station Mayport. "Making people happy
and raising the aware- Mayport Chapter's first many people came out yellow covered the run- would see at a major "It was a fun atmoness of sexual assault in color run, they warmed to support sexual assault ners before they crossed event out in the corn- sphere, you don't have the Navy is the main goal up to the song "Wobble" awareness and help vali- the finish line. munity. I foresee this to worry about elite runof our color run and we by V.I.C. and with help date why we do these "This was the most as a tradition here at hers running over you," hope we made a lasting from NS Mayport's events f or the Sailors and entertaining and exciting NAVSTA Mayport for said Laura Strader, a Aterers astedg off W a ra un A unr ase h teddo aei yhp henme fpr agigadhvn
as0 colors tu eandthioutoasadMse-dfeetlgofter,16yaNaaCaer"tiptsoniuto odim.
inaiea tof coalorionatAmSemnJsi thcoothoesple sadhifate-t grwadtenme Tevntrwatithoetrunnier ad eisracscodntr o ni lu fclr"h ie nry ae iiih""eulasutaae
"Thete cheerseua andndprtcpat wrent ooru gig-i tdy' av, si
glestawreesanand lk smesheer ftrfiisig joyisinMrreofexa
beingtheepainted Asauduringnio
aitrune ufors wa &causese wasi
Sailorso eahofhertheeCohumpu, day

aenrin thie Daae- MaportohatedrfirsaneolcmWutyllwcoedterun-wouDM seme armajr "It aSS u at mo-a
thena s the smi golu to he sorng "obe" awahRennes and elp vai-hylo odra hyrnpse the finish line iy oee tin ds of orry w abo elu400s Sailorsrnd hi utdy"si Master difert leg of the crrun 6yerNvlCer, tiant cotinue toAD goo Rume.

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014 5

CSADD Mayport shows off their Mayport pride after a successful Color Run hosted by the group on April 23.



ChiefMaster-at-Arms Jason Pavlica runs through a cloud of blue powder at this year's CSADD Color Run in recognition of April as Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness Month.

Team USS New York shows off their '"guns" after participating in the Color Run, sponsored by CSADD Mayport.

t 1t

Above, runners show off their new hues after running in the CSADD Color Runn. Right, Navy Diver 2nd Class (DSW) Dillan Miller ran the Color Run with wife, Amanda, and 2-year-old son Hayden.

-Photo by MC1 Michael Wiss -Photo by Paige Gnann -Photo by Paige Gnann
Participants start warming up for the run with a Members of CSADD help runners register for the Runners get bags of blue and yellow chalk to throw little "Wobble" by V.LC. race. at the beginning of the race.

Color Run From Page 4

Advocacy Support "I just wanted to creSpecialist. "Sailors ate an event that would
deserve to feel safe in raise the awareness of 7/i
their environment, sexual assault, but also t !
whether at work or at help people come out
home. It's important and run just for the fun
that they understand of it," said MC2 Damian
that sexual assault is Berg, CSADD president.
not just committed by a "Doing these events will
stranger who jumps out hopefully bring more
of a dark alley, it can also participation for future
be committed by some- events, but also help the
one who they know and families, whether vol- Sailor enjoy training trust. If a Sailor choos- unteering or running, on Navy topics in a way es to report an assault, was amazing! We hope other then the normal we want them to know to see this become a tra- death by PowerPoint or that there are exten- dition on Naval Station in class conference." sive resources available Mayport!" As People celebrate in
to them, from medical Throw in the festival clouds of colored dust
assistance, to legal assis- atmosphere the bands, after The Color Run 5K tance, to counseling as DJs, beer and assort- on Mayport the final much or as little help as ed contests that come message was passed on they want or need." with these events and helping CSADD and the
"Sexual assault aware- they become even more Navy fight the fight on ness, while important, is social. sexual assault.
not a fun or light situa- "Running a 5K in the "I feel the message tion to discuss," Merrick warm Mayport sun takes we were focused on ,
added. "CSADD did an determination and will promoting will stick outstanding job coor- power," said CMDCM with the participants
dinating the color run! Ross Cramer. "We had for years to come, MC2 They brought extensive over 400 runners show- Berg added. "They will awareness to a very dif- ing they are determined always remember the ficult, not so fun topic in and have the will to do time CSADD held a color a fun way. Participation what it takes to end sex- run in support of sexual A dad and his daughter show off their new colors after participating in the from Sailors and their ual assaults in our Navy." assault awareness." CSADD Color Run.

6 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014

Squadron 14 Awards Sail1ors Of Year

-Photos courtesy of Squadron 14
Capt. Ryan C. Tillotson, Commodore of Squadron 14, and members of the St. Members of the St. Augustine/Palm Coast Navy League present 2013 Sea Sailor Augustine/Palm Coast Navy League present 2013 Shore Sailor of the Year to of the Year to MAI (S WINS W) David W Heatherlyof USS De Wert (FFG 45) as DC1 (SW) Mark B. Parker of Squadron 14. members of the crew attend the presentation.
By Ensign Atlantic until the win- crew members of FFG Parker's ceremony ers," CMDCM(SW) sea and shore for Naval
Kristen D. Tella ners were selected. In 45 stood in ranks to was held at Squadron 14 Raymond F. Charest Station Mayport and Squadron 14 the end, MAi(SW/NSW) support their fellow where he is currently sta- Jr. of Squadron 14 said. lo owr osen
Two Sailors from David W. Heatherly shipmate and honor tioned. He was joined by "Their proven dedica- lo owr osen
Mayport commands ofUSS De Wert (FFG 45) this great accomplish- his wife and infant son tion to mission success more of their dedicawere recently recognized was awarded the title of ment. It was a superb who looked on proudly and personnel develop- tion and commitment to for demonstrating why 2013 Sea Sailor of the ceremony with the Navy as he was presented his ment on all levels of the excellence. I am confithis base remains the year from all the sea duty League including Mr. award by Tillotson and deck plate inspires junior dent that they will confinest in the fleet with commands in Mayport Joseph MacDonald, the St. Augustine Navy Sailors and seniors alike.
the finest Sailors as they and DCi(SW) Mark B. a man who served in League. Having his fain- Like in any large group, finue to mentor and train were presented with Parker of Squadron 14 World War 11 aboard the ily in attendance proved there are always excep- our junior Sailors to the
their Sailor of the Year was named as the 2013 Battleship USS Nevada. just how much our tional performers who standard that they have awards. Shore Sailor of the year. The common traits of Sailors rely on support go above and beyond; sttruhu hi
Making it through the Heatherly was pre- Honor, Courage, and from their loved ones these two exceptional sttruhu hi
screening and selection sented his award on Commitment were on ashore and at sea. Sailors have set the bar Naval Service."
process was a long and board USS De Wert by display for all to see and "The military commit- and maintained the Naval Station Mayport daunting one beginning Capt. Ryan C. Tillotson, know that what makes a ment shown by these foundation on which we is extremely proud of at the command level Commodore of Squadron great Sailor today is the two Sailors empha- stand: Honor, Courage, these two Sailors' confinand traveled all the way 14, and members of the same set of qualities that sizes the overall dedi- and Commitment! I am up through Commander, St. Augustine/Palm made a great Sailor with cation that is displayed very proud of both of ued hard work and dediNaval Surface Forces Coast Navy League. All our Finest Generation. daily in our young lead- these representatives of cation.

Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville Names

Enlisted Person of the Year

From Coast Guard Seventh tary bearing, standards ner was speaker Rear about several Coast
District Public Affairs Detachment of conduct and a strong Adm. Joseph A. Servidio, Guard missions and
Jacksonville community service com- assistant commandant answered guest quesA Coast Guard Station mimn.for prevention policy, fions.
Mayport member has Also attending the din- who spoke to guests
been awarded the title of
Sector Jacksonville, Fla.,
Enlisted Person of the
Petty Officer 2nd
Class Bobby Hitchcock,
a maritime enforcement
specialist, was awarded
the EPOY title Thursday -Photo by P03 Anthony L. Soto
during a dinner present- Petty Officer 2nd Class Bobby Hitchcock, center, was ed by the Navy League named as the Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville, Fla., of Mayport and the Port Enlisted Person of the Year during a dinner present- ~
of Jacksonville Propellor ed by the Mayport Council of the Navy League of the Club at the Jacksonville United States and the Propellor Club of the United Golf and Country Club. States Port of Jacksonville at the Jacksonville Golf4 Hitchcock, a native Of and Country Club. Hitchcock stands with his wife

Tulsa, Okla., joined the Amanda, right, and with Betty Howard, left, the Coast Guard in 2006 at national director of the Navy League of the United ATOA 61
the age of 18. He began states.
his career aboard anEn o l g
IslndClsspatolbotat Coast Guard Aids workforce who are top
the Coast Guard Cutter to Navigation Team performers.Ge roscm nat n
Monhegan and the Galveston, Texas, Considered as the
Cutter Pea Island, both Hitchcock changed his "best and brightest" from paietothse wo qun rin

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014 7

Mayport Trains Active Shooter Scenario

From Staff
Naval Station
Mayport Security and police officers participated in an ... r I Active Shooter/
Hostage scenario April 24 with FBI and NCIS as part of an informal evaluation and joint training with outside agencies.
fThe day long event included a "party gone wrong" scenario where a house party was overrun by gang members. The responding agents used simunitions, flash bangs, and role players to make the training event as realistic as POLICEpossible.
According to Officer Jody Fiala, the training was a great opportunity for his team to work on their technique and
-Photos by Paige Gnann share best practices Volunteersfrom NS Mayport Security recreate a house party gone wrong as part of the scenario set up for last week's Active Shooter training with other agencies. exercise in Ribault Bay off-base housing.

4 jk

4.. 4f.,2 2 ? :;e ; p '':i

Mayport Security apprehends a suspect during an Active Shooter scenario and Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Genesis Garibay waits with her Military Working Dog training exercise held in Ribault Bay off-base housing on April 24. Axel as an Active Shooter scenario plays out in off-base housing.





0 . 12 =iiiiii i i

-. S*0 S0

-e .0S 0

0 0- S ii S *lii

8 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014

USS PhilippineNal
Vets Seek
Sea CompletesMebr

Successful Week Of Fo~~rs~g
or have ever served,
Intergrated Exercises A ia CryWrfare
Ni ava Cryptology,
By MC3 Abe McNatt the U.S. Naval
USS Philippine Sea Publi A//air and Jean Bart effective- Phil Sea hosted mem- ry tloi
After two months ly executed various Air bers from the Jean Bart V e t e r a n s
on deployment, USS Defense exercises while Rescue and Assistance -Association (NCVA)
Philippine Sea had quite working in theater with team and Visit, Board, would like you as a
an eventful week. As part the George H. W. Bush Search and Seizure member.
of an integration exer- Carrier Air Wing. (BS em uigNV sa ra
cise, Phil Sea and the Throughout the next Rescue and Assistance Vnization of current
French Ship Jean Bart few exerise thel Warog and
joined forces to conduct Jean Bart conducted showcie the F rh ow and fen fist evarious joint exercises small boat operations asshwdteFnchoadeliedm
demonstrating the tre- well as helicopter opera-toscefulpahhrsndurrimendous capabilities of tions. Simultaneously, pipes and combat casu- ry focus is preservboth countries. both ships were involved alties. In the afternoon, ~igorrc rp
Phil Sea opened the in Anti-Submarine exer- the Jean Bart VBSS team tologic history and
week of events with cises where the capabili- conducted a simulated mitiigcn
hosting members of ties of both vessels were boarding of Phil Sea tc ihtoewt
the Jean Bart Air Crew incorporated in order to texhnedfrntwhom we served.
to echage dffeentMore information for a tour of the flight successfully fight simu- boarding tactics betweenisailbeoou deck. Later on that day, lated submarines. Next the two ships.isailbeoou Phil Sea assisted Jean up were gun exercises Overall, it was a suc- -Photo by MC3 Abe McNatt website at http://
Bart in becoming famil- using targets deployed csflweofit-Members of French Ship Jean Bart VBSS team board www.usncva.org/ or
iar with the daily Air from Phil Sea and Jean csflwe fit-fcnatorPbi
Defnseduiestht PilBar. PilSeadiplaedgration with Jean Bart the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG conacts oufr Pubic
Deene ute tatPhlBat.Phl e dspaydbuilding a better rela- 58) in an exercise to exchange boarding tactics. AfarOfieva
Sea normally performs. her weapons prowess Philippine Sea is deployed as part of the George email at pao@usncThe transition was very through her 5-inch and tionship between the H.W Bush Carrier Strike Group in support of mari- va.org or via USPS smooth and both Phil 251mm1 guns, hitting U.S. and the French and time security operations, theater security coopera- at NCVA PAO, Box
Sea and Jean Bart ben- the targets within a few setting the precedent for tion efforts and missions in support of Operation 66, Gouldsboro, ME efited from this success- rounds. future joint exercises and Enduring Freedom in the U.S. 5th and 6th Fleet 04607.
ful integration. Phil Sea Ending the week, missions. areas of responsibility.

Free Admission, More For Military At THE PLAYERS

From THE PLAYERS Championship
One of the premier golf- tary military tickets. THE access to the Patriots' Outpost, Coalition. The fair will offer bers of the U.S. Navy. The ing events in the world, THE PLAYERS also offers discount- a hospitality tent exclusively information on local educa- event will feature Operation PLAYERS Championship, is ed admission to veterans, for the military which offers tional institutions with veter- Shower's signature Showersreturning to Ponte Vedra Country music star and complimentary food, bever- ans' programs, career counsel- In-A-Box gifts of high-quality
Beach, Florida from May 6-11, Florida native, Jake Owen, will ages and activities. ing and resume-writing assis- products for the moms and 2014 and will be honoring the perform on Wednesday, May Military Job Fair at THE tance. babies that will be provided by
military's men and women. 7, 2014 as part of the tourna- PLAYERS: Taking place Operation Shower: Taking sponsors and donors. Among other military-spe- ment's Military Appreciation on Saturday, May 3 at the place on Monday, May 5 For more about complicific activities, all military per- Day. Patriots' Outpost from 12 to 3 from 10 a.m. to noon, THE metradisopae
sonal and their dependents Birdies for the Brave p.m., all active duty, reserve, PLAYERS and Birdies for metar Padmissiople
will receive complimentary Patriots' Outpost: Opening on retired, veterans, and mili- the Brave will partner withgotPAT RCMTH
admission to the tournament Wednesday, May 7 at 9 a.m., tary spouses can attend the Operation Shower to host PLAYERS and click on ticket all week. all active duty, Reserve and third annual job fair free of a group baby shower for 30 link for instructions to gain
In 2013, THE PLAYERS retired military personnel and charge, in partnership with the military moms-to-be whose complimentary access to the
issued 21,000 complimen- their dependents will have Jacksonville Military Veterans husbands are deployed mem- tournament.

S ....7..

"Truly amazing...

I think it's so important for people in the business community
to understand the cultural values and traditional heritage of
the Chinese cutue.
-Stephen L. Norris, co-founder of the Carlyle Group

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014 9

Taylor, Romanian Ships Conduct NATO

Underway Engagements In Black Sea

By U.S. Naval Forces Europe- Romanian Navy in the and ROS Marasesti (F a normal and routine security, perform search range of maritime secuAfricalU.S. 6th-Fl eet Public priiat aioeae hp iyoeain
Affairs Black Sea, April 23. 111) were participants basis, operates ships in and rescue activities, rity operations and theThe exercise was in the exercise with the Black Sea consis- support humanitarian
The forward deployed aimed at improving mar- Romanian sailors con- tent with the Montreux missions, conduct bilat- ater security cooperation guided-missile destroy- itime capabilities and dusting visit, board, Convention and eral and multilateral missions in concert with
er USS Donald Cook reassuring our NATO search and seizure evo- International Law. training missions, and coalition, joint, inter(DDG 75) and the Oliver allies and partners of our lutions aboard Donald Donald Cook and to support NATO operaHazard Perry-class frig- commitment to the alli- Cook. Donald Cook's Taylor are deployed in tions and deployments agency, and other partate USS Taylor (FFG 50) ance and to their secu- crew acted as suspects a multi-mission role in throughout the region. ners in order to advance participated in a bilat- rity. during the training evo- the U.S. 6th Fleet area U.S. 6th Fleet, headeral underway engage- Romanian ships ROS lution. of operations to contrib- quartered in Naples, security and stability in
ment with ships from the Regina Maria (F 222) The U.S. Navy, on ute to regional maritime Italy, conducts a full Europe and Africa.

GITMO Residents Tour USS Halyburton

-Photo by MCSN Kameren Guy Hodnett
Command Master Chief Lee Friedlander gives Guantanamo Bay residents a Lt j.g Jeffrey Bland sells coins to Guantanamo Bay residents while they tour tour around the guided-missile frigate USS Halyburton (FFG40). Halyburton around the guided-missile frigate USS Halyburton (FFG40). Halyburton is
is deployed to the 4th fleet area of responsibility. deployed to the 4th fleet area of responsibility.



Must reserve tickets at
420416 HERSCHEL ST. M-F 10-5 9 SAT 10-2* StMarysRailroadcom or 912-200-5235

Beautiful new homes ready for quick move-in. Loaded with amazing options.
TFour them at these featured communities today. What are you waiting for?

Anniston Pines in South Jacksonville Residences at Wynnfield Lakes
(904) 596-6771 in Jacksonville
Homesite 5 2124 Chandlers Ln. $243,990 Homesite 6 2130 Chandlers Walk $224,990 (904) 596-6768
2,410 sq. ft., 3 bdrms., 2.5 baths MLS# 698229 2,014 sq. ft., 4 bdrms., 2 baths MLS# 686021 Homesite 34 12267 Woodview Dr. $251,990
This 2-story home sits on a quiet preserve. Enjoy the Located on a preserve, this 1-story home features a 1,865 sq. ft., 3 bdrms., 2 baths view from the extended covered patio. Features include covered patio and upgraded kitchen with espresso This bright and open 1-story floor plan features a large a spacious great room, 42-in, upper kitchen cabinets, cabinets, recessed can lighting, black appliances and master bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet. The ceramic tile, upgraded master bath, 9-ft. first floor premium laminate countertops. The master bedroom master bath includes a separate glass surround shower ceilings and a full appliance package. This home also offers a step ceiling and the master bath includes a and garden tub. The kitchen has 42-in, espresso cabinets, includes a den and loft. Community is minutes to separate garden tub/shower with tile surround and stainless steel appliances and Corian countertops. shopping, beaches and downtown Jacksonville. extended vanity with double sinks.
To discover more homes ready for move-in, visit kbhome.com/quick-move-in.

1 888-KB-HOMES I kbhOme'cOm I
~~Brmkor Cooperation Welcome. 02014 KB Home (KBH). No affiliation or sponsorship is intended or implied with corian, and all trademarks are owned by the trademark owner Many features/upgrades are preselected and included in cost of
j ~E ou rce ] .. and may vary by neighborhood, lot location and home series. Sq. footage is approximate. Quick move-in homes may require up to approximately 90 days before available for closing. Photos may depict upgraded lanldscaping/options and display
N.WH,f.So,oom~ decorator items/furnishings not available for purchase, and may not represent lowest-priced or quick move-in homes as listed. See sales representative for details. CGC1509034 JAX-117507 .J EHM

10 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORi, Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 5: Pool Open Center black light bowling, shoe headpin bowling.
for Recreation Swim Friday Nights: rental, prizes and daz- Windy Harbor Golf
A Open on Weekends. Xtreme Bowling. 8-11 zling laser light show. Club
Saturdays 11 a.m.- 6 p.m. p.m. every Friday at 270-5377 Sundays and holidays Mayport Bowling Center. Sunday Nights: Wednesdays:
1-6 p.m. Full hours begin $1o include 2 hours of Bowling Family Fun Military Appreciation Friday, Jun. 8. Active black light bowling, shoe Night. 4-7 p.m. at Day every Wednesday Duty and children ages rental, prizes and daz- Mayport Bowling Center. Intramural Sports 8:1o a.m. in front of the 2 or under free. Entrance zling laser light show. Cost is $1o per person
M a y 8: M en's Fitness Center. fees are ages 13-15 $1.50, 270-5377 and includes your choice Club.18 Holes and a Cart
Doubles Tennis May 13: Co-Ed and ages 16 or older Saturday Nights: of a 1/4 lb hamburger or Only $18. Offer open
Tournament. Sign up Softball Meeting. $2.00. Season passes Xtreme Bowling. 8-11 a hotdog with fries and a
by May 2. 270-5451 11 a.m. at the Fitness available for sale at ITr. p.m. every Saturday at soda, All-You-Can Bowl
May 13: Armed Center. 270-5451. 270-5101/5425 Mayport Bowling Center. with shoes, music videos, retired, and military
Forces 5K/ioK Run. Aquatics Mayport Bowling $1o include 2 hours of light show and colored dependents.

T~wt S~azc~e~1a',k'~rNAVY~f
Fitness Schedule Fdi? Barracks Bash Is Back!
Monday through Thursday 0500-2000 0 Friday 0500-1900 0 Saturday 0800-1800 0 Sunday/Holidays 0800-1400
0700 0930 0700 0600-0830 0730 0930
Sunrise Yoga Yoga NOFFS Command PT Command Zumba
0930 1130 1130 By Appointment Bootcamp
Zumba Zumba Strength Training 0930 0930 Yin Yoga V
For Women Fitness CORE & Flexibility .. .
1130 1630 Fundamentals
Circuit Step 1600 1130
Conditioning Zumba 1130 Yoga
1800 Step
1500 BOSU Bootcamp16
Strength& 1600
Conditioning CORE & Flexibility
1800 1800
Rids Clinic Yoga

0700 1130 1130 1130
Command TRX TRX Yoga TRX
1630 1300-1500 1830 A Command classes,
TRX CFL NOFFS/TRX TRX denoted by a,
By Appointm~ent V
1800 are for active duty only
Zumba 1830
Functional Flexibility

0915 0800 0915 0800 0730
Aqua Fitness Deep Aqua Aqua Fitness Deep Aqua Command Aqua
1130 0915 1630 1130
Aqua Rehab Aqua Fitness Deep Aqua Aqua Fitness 1330
Aqua Rehab -Photos by Melissa Cavuto
Above, Sailors line up for free food at the Barracks Bash April 23. Below, a 1600 0630 0700 1130 Sailor lines up his target before firing an arrow at his opponent during the
Rowing Command Rowing Rowing Rowing Barracks Bash.
1130 0630 1130 1130
Cycling Command Cycling Cycling Cycling 1800

1130 0630 0930 0930 0700
HIT Intro to HIT Intro to HIT HIT for Women HIT
1630 1130 1130 1130 1130
Intro to HIT
May 2: Freedom dayof, space permitting.
Friday. 7-11 p.m. at the May 21: America's Youth Center. Cost is $1o
advancedd sign-up and Kids Run. 3 pm at the
.....~out CeYer Agese ig-p n
$12 day of, space permit- Youth Center. Ages 5-13. ing. 270-568o May 3o: Freedom
May 16: Elementary Friday. 7-11 p.m. at the x Prom "Under the
Sea". 7-9 p.m. at the Youth Center. Cost is $10
Child and Youth Programs Youth Center. Cost is $5 advanced sign-up and advanced sign-up and $7 $12 day of.



Prsne yPublix. AT CEDAR BAY!

MAY 2, 3& 4, 2014 Along the Broward River in North Jacksonville.



,' Select from beautiful home designs from 2,138 sq. ft.
l i (3 & 4 bedrooms) to 3,022 sq ft. (4 & 5 bedrooms)

A Many design options and upgrades available
Rivrfron Community Park

@ VE\.ySta c .,,,,o,,o, (90).61-192 cedarbayjax.com

..... Credt Union


eventcraft 1 vi1 j1

I www, shrimpfestival~com N D'sgI d' ....... derm gnd pgnm may qu,, ou, noie CCD0332

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014 11


Foc'sle Lounge CPO Club Presents Mayport Supports Chiefs At Seafood Boil
AU Harndts

Motheit'5 Dayct

Sunday, May 11 1Brunch
Foc'se Lounge CPO Club
Seain. at9 10 am and 12 pm
Enjoy a wonderful All-You-Can-Eat ....
Brunch with roses for the first Bacon
100 mothers and a free
glass of champagne with each meal =Pn'ke

coutetnStt e ky
P#95 -Top Ron o ee6Cavn

Chi% dren 3-10 $8.95 each -Capan ... ...

/l To make a reservation, please
N call (904) 270-5431 or (904) 270-531:
4Please specify if you would like indoor
or outdoor seating (weather permittin

Auto Skills Center Monday-Friday from 4-6
April Special: 10% p.m. for our great nightly
off open stall fee. 270- specials!
5392 \Enjoy Margarita -Photo by Paige Gnann
Beachside Bingo Monday, Tuesday's Pint Boatswain's Mate Chief Jessica Curry and Culinary Specialist Chief Reshonda Cole heap on the shrimp
W e d n e s d a y s: Glass Night, Around- sausage and goodies at the seafood boil monthly fundraiser hosted by Naval Station Mayport CPOs at Lunchtime Bingo. the-World Wednesday, the CPO Club last week.
Every Wednesday at BOGO Thursday and
11:3o a.m. at Beachside Five Dollar Friday! Plus,
Bingo. Two $5oo pay- Last Buck Bottles on the
outs every week. Buy 14t and last day of every Tournament. 7 p.m. your stuff. Free for all Khaki Wings and chicken plate with two
two, get one free. Still month! 270-7205 at Castaway's Lounge. adults. Win a free round Trivia Night. 3-7 p.m. sides for only $7.00.
only $13.00 per pack. Every Wednesday: FREE! Give our new of golf at Windy Harbor every Tuesday at Foc'sle 270-5431
270-7204 W h i ff1 e B a 11 foosball table a try for a Golf Club. 270-7205 CPO Club with 40-cent ITT
May 12: Mother's Wednesdays. 5 pm at chance at great prizes. C o m m u n i t y wings, drink specials Coke Zero 400
Day Bingo- 12:30 p.m. Castaway's. Bring your 270-7205 Activities and all-you-can-drink Tickets on sale. Race
at Beachside Bingo. 5x friends and play some April 26: UFC 172- May 2: 2 0 14 soft drinks for $1. Trivia is July 4-5 at Daytona
$1oo Jackpots, 1x $500 Whiffle Ball! 270-7205 Jones vs. Texiera. lo Mayport Music Fest. begins at 5:30 p.m. All International Speedway. Quinella, free food, extra Every Thursday: p.m. at Castaway's. 270- 7:30 p.m. at Sea Otter Khakis welcome (Chief Tickets start at $24.00 drawings and more. 270- Trivia on Tap. 6 p.m. 7205 Pavilion featuring Blue Petty Officers, Officers for Subway Firecracker
7204 at Castaway's. Test your May 9: Castaway's October & The Cab. and their guests). 250 General Admission
Castaway's Lounge general trivia knowledge! P u t t n' C r a w 1 Admission opens at 6 C h i c k e n Seating (July 4 only). Every Weekday: The winning team of four Challenge. 7 p.m. at p.m. FREE. 270-5228 Wednesdays. Every Jacksonville Suns
Castaway's After takes home awesome Castaway's Lounge. Foc'sle Lounge CPO Wednesday, 11 a.m.-2 Baseball. Ticket of sale
Work, At Ease: Stop prizes! 270-7205 Think you can putt like Club p.m., at Foc'sle Lounge. now. Tickets run $5.50into Castaway's every April 25: Foosball Tiger Woods? Show us Every Tuesday: All Enjoy a two-piece fried $11.50. 270-5145

M a y 3 : S t. May 9: Movie Trip. ideas! pay for your paint. Sign
Augustine Day Trip. Van departs 5:3o p.m. May 15: Trampoline up byMay 15.
Van departs lo a.m. Transportation only. Arena Trip. Van May i9: Billiards
FE.Sign up dedie May io: Foddeparts Liberty Center at Tournament. 6 p.m. at
May 1. Drive Volunteers. 5p.m. Liberty Center.

May 4: Paintball. Van departs 12:30 p.m. May 16: Mall Trip: May 23: Movie Trip.
Van departs 9 a.m. Trucks Needed. Sign up Town Center. Van Van departs 5:3o p.m.
Transportation only, you deadline May 8. departs Liberty Center at Transportation only.
Ir pay for your paint. Sign May 4: Liberty 5p.m. M a y 2 5
Naval Station Mayport, Florida up by May 1. P r o g r a m m e r May 17: Dancing in Ichetucknee Springs
May 6: Help Feed Meeting. 4 p.m. at the the Street Festival. Tuin Trings
The following activi- Center and pick up the the Homeless. Van Liberty Center. This Van departs Liberty Tubing Trip. Van
tiestarget singleor unac- monthly activity cal- departs 3:15 p.m. Signup is a chance to tell the Center at 11 a.m. departs 7 a.m. Cost $8. companied Sailors. For endar with a complete deadline May 5. programmer what you Transportation only. Sign up by May 22.
more information, call listing of all upcoming May 8: Billiards want on YOUR Liberty May 18: Paintball. May 26: Ping Pong
270-7788/89 or stop Liberty events. Tournament. 6 p.m. at Calendar. Free Food! Van departs 9 a.m. Tournament. 5 p.m. at
by the Mayport Liberty Liberty Center. Stop by and bring your Transportation only, you Liberty Center.

Camp From Page 2
open recreation from Friday and Saturday 1 5 ing open recreation, and children under the age of Activities Center at issue impacting your 1-6:30 p.m. Monday- p.m. Students who have weekend activities will 10. (904) 270-5680 or (904) child, she can be reached
Friday and Saturday completed Kindergarten be scheduled throughout Summer lunch and 270-5421 or email Pam _in email at judith. 5-9 p.m. Ages 13-17 can through age 12 can the summer. Check out snack are provided Larsen, Youth Activities vaeala uih
attend the Teen Center attend the Youth Center; their Monthly Calendars. by the Jacksonville Center Director, at pame. cromartie@navy.mil or (18 year olds may also however, children under *Free summer lunch Children's Commission. larsen@navy.mil, by phone at (904) 270attend if still in high the age of to must be will be served from For more information Judy Cromartie is the 6289 Xl3o5 [office] or school.) signed in and signed out 11:3o a.m.-1 p.m. and about the Sand Dollar School Liaison Officer (904) 219-3894 [cell].
The Youth Center will of open recreation by a snack from 3:30-4:30 Summer Day Camp 2014 for NS Mayport. If you be open this summer for parent or guardian. p.m. from June 9 Aug. or the Open Recreation have questions about Or you can schedule a open recreation from 3 *Special Activities 8 at the Youth Center. Program and activities, this article or concerns meeting with her in her
-5:3o p.m., Monday- will be scheduled dur- Parents must accompany you can call the Youth about an educational office in Building One.


1/2O F$26pe pada pe paydy

RING: *RLHR4FW0179 '
.... FOR ALL THE MOMS in your life
ifto grandma aunt sister & your own mom!~

*k Special Financing Available *k

*Online Shoppers Enter Cods: B06050. LIMITED TIME ONLY. Cannot be combined with other offers-including Gift Set Pricing or Military Appreciation Discounts. Discount not valid on Jewelry & Watch Protection Plans, Ring Sizing and other services. Discount is also not valid on the following items: Military Teddy Bears, Cross of Devotion, Token of Pride, Heart of Love and Medal of Honor. Other merchandise exclusions may apply. Warranties, Teddy Bears, sizing and other services may not be used as a '1/2 OFF Item.' 1/2 OFF Item must be of equal or lesser value to the first item. Payments shown based on 18 month terms. $50 minimum monthly terms required to open an account. NOT VALID ON RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. ALL CREDIT SALES SUBJECT TO APPROVAL. www, harrisjewelrycom

12 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014

Saving Lives Through Vaccination

By Mary as safe as possible. And
Immunizations Supervisory as new information and
Nurse Specialist, Naval Hospital science become availJacksonville able, the system wvill conN a tional Infant tinue to be updated and
Immunization Week is improved
April 26 May 3. ThisImuiaonsa annual observance pro-shrd epo ibmotes the importance of iy aiis elhcr
protecting infants and professionals and public
toddlers from vaccine-44
prevntale dseaes.health officials must conMyths and misinforma- iutowrtgehro
tion about vaccine safety help protect the entire
ofte conuseparets.community. Parents are The bottom line: vac- At encouraged to talk to
cines save lives, their child's primary care
"Each year, thousands manager to ensure that
of children become ill ~,their infant is up-to-date from diseases that could on immunizations.
have been prevent- Remember to vaccied by basic childhood nate. It's the single best
immunizations," said way to be protected.
Mary Buskohl-Coulton, For more informaNaval Hospital (NH) tion on vaccinations call
Jacksonville's immuniza- -Naval Branch Health
tions supervisory nurse -Photo by Jacob Sippel, Naval Hospital Jacksonville Public Affairs Clinic (NBHC) Mayport's
specialist. "Vaccines are Hospitalman Christian Snyder, assigned to Naval Hospital (NH) Jacksonville's Maternal Infant Unit, steril- immunization clinic at among the most suc- izes the skin of 11I-month old Cameron Kee prior to administering an annual influenza (flu) vaccination. it9027435ogot cessful and cost-effective is recommended that everyone age six months and older get an annual flu vaccination. NH Jacksonville's 904-270-4305cor go/toc public health tools avail- priority since its founding in 1941 is to heal the nation's heroes and their families. The command is com- htt://x.ccgvaabe orprvetig ndprised of the Navy's third largest hosp ital and five branch health clinics across Florida and Georgia. cns. Myor' reducing the spread of
infectious diseases." Immunization can tion that has been built to protect them by pro- increases in 2012 COM- immunization clinic is
By law, the U.S. Food save families time and through years of vacci- viding immunity early in pared to 2011, with open Monday through and Drug Administration money. Children with nations would cease to life, before exposure to 48,277 cases-includ- Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 conducts years of test- vaccine-preventable dis- exist. Gradually, more potentially life-threaten- ing 20 deaths. The P.m. ing before a vaccine eases may not be allowed and more people would ing diseases. incidence rate among NBHC Mayport is
is licensed, and once to attend school or day- become infected with Vaccine -preventable infants exceeded that of one of Naval Hospital licensed the vaccine is care. Some vaccine-pre- disease, spread diseases diseases still circu- all other age groups, with (NH) Jacksonville's continually monitored ventable diseases require to others and many may late around the world, the majority of deaths six health care facilifor safety and effective- hospitalization that die. This would essen- including in the U.S. occurring among infants ties located across ness. Like any medica- could result in perma- tially undo the progress Continued vaccination younger than three- Florida and Georgia. tion, vaccines can cause nent disabilities, causing made over the years with is necessary to protect months of age. In 2013, Of NH Jacksonville's side effects, but the a financial burden. the elimination of dis- everyone from potential data showed a higher patient populationbenefits of vaccines far Immunizing infants eases. outbreaks. Even when than normal number of about 163,000 active
outweigh possible side can also protect future Because of the suc- rare in the U.S., diseases measles cases nationally and retired sailors, soleffects for almost all chil- generations. Birth cess of vaccines in pre- can be brought into the and in individual states,' diers, Marines, airmen, dren. defects associated with venting disease, parents country, putting unvac- including an outbreak gardsmen and their
Vaccines can protect rubella (German mea- may not have heard of cinated children at risk, Of 58 cases in New York faiismoeta infants and children sles) are no longer seen some of today's vaccines Just recently within City-the largest report- fmle-oeta from 14 diseases. And in the U.S. By continu- or the serious diseases the U.S. there have been ed outbreak of measles 67,000 are enrolled with thanks to vaccines, some ing to vaccinate now, they prevent. These dis- two disease increases in the U.S. since 1996. a primary care managdiseases are almost gone some of today's diseases eases can be especially reported to the Centers Currently, the U.S. has er at one of its facilities. in the U.S. The elimina- will no longer be around serious for infants and for Disease Control the safest, most effective To find out more about tion of polio and small- to harm future genera- young children. That is and Prevention (CDC). vaccine supply in its his- NBHC Mayport, visit pox in the U.S. are pow- tions. why it is important to Forty-nine states and tory. its long-standing the command website
erful examples of why we If vaccinations were follow recommended District of Columbia vaccine safety system at www.med.navy.mil/

vaccinate, to stop, the protec- immunization schedules reported pertussis ensures that vaccines are sites/NavalHospitalJax.

Raise Alcohol Awareness With TRICARE
From TRICARE sumption as having up Excessive drinking is a source of comfort when "That Guy" campaign is com.
A glass of wine after to one drink a day for form of alcohol abuse dealing with stress, bore- a multi-media initiative, By taking early prevenwork or a cold beer dur- women and up to two and can create a num- dom or loneliness, then created specifically for tion steps, and drinking the game can be drinks a day for men. ber of short- and long- there may be cause for the military community. ing responsibly, alcohol nice in moderation, but Binge drinking is gener- term health and safety concern. To help benefi- That Guy encourages doesn't have to become excessive drinking can ally considered having an risks, such as increased ciaries deal with alcohol young enlisted person- a destructive force. For lead to more destructive excess of drinks at one risk of injuries, violence, abuse, TRICARE has an nel not to binge drink, more information on behaviors, occasion or event; that is drowning, liver disease, alcohol awareness pro- by highlighting what's TRICARE's alcohol
The Dietary Guidelines five or more drinks at a and some types of can- gram that aims to pre- at stake when they do. awareness initiatives for Americans define time for men and four or cer. vent alcohol misuse and/ Learn more about That visit: www.tricare.mil/
moderate alcohol con- more drinks for women. If alcohol is a "go-to" or abuse. TRICARE's Guy, visit: www.thatguy. alcoholawareness.

Nurse From Pagel akovlesbstkp ert.

3248, weekdays from 7 U.S. this spring. Most and Georgia. Of NH D uva' i: ~o
a.m. to 4:30 P.m. TRICARE beneficiaries Jacksonville's patient Du a VirItuUaI
NBHC Mayport is are eligible to use the popuilation-about 0nOtj-h raim

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014 13

FFSC Mayport Pampers Expectant Moms At English Tea

7 ./


Expectant mom Contessa Holmes wears a head -Photo by Paige Gnann
piece and waits for her turn at the luncheon table FFSC Mayport Child Therapist Dawn Stewart offers a selection of tea to an expectant mom. The expectduring FFSC's annual English Tea for Expectant ant and new moms in attendance spent a few hours pampered by the FFSC staff during the event. The
Mom's held at Mayport Chapel on April 23. English Tea was held in conjunction with April as Child Abuse Prevention Month at NS Mayport.

Mayport's Homeport Change Team Visits

NS Norfolk For Ft. McHenry, Iwo Jima

By Judy Cromartie of the installation. The 0 m b u d s m a n Building C-9 on Naval help him field special Judy Cromartie is the NSMayportSchoolLiaison Of- team also answered Coordinator Kris Station Norfolk. These needs questions. School Liaison Officer
fiber many questions about Edmonson introduced two evenings allowed FFSC Relocation forNSMayport.
Mayport personnel the beaches and fish- the Homeport Change families to informally Specialist Rachel Cooke If you have questions
visited NS Norfolk for a ing opportunities in team and then opened question team members helped out with the more about this article or Homeport Change visit the river and the ocean. up the floor for questions at the tables they had pesky moving questions. concerns about an eduthe week of April 13. Joining the Mayport of a general nature. again set up about spe- Rhita Walker-Smith national issue impactIndividuals from Fleet team were Jacqueline Following the Q & A cifics on their moves, and Edward Caryell of ing your child, she can
and Family Support Glass, Command Rep; Session, families were Joining the Mayport Health Net provided be reached via email at
Service Center, the hous- Betty Kluball of JEB encouraged to visit team in support of the answers to health insur- judith.cromartie@navy. ing office, MWR, and the Little Creek Relocation tables, which had been Iwo Jima's Homeport ance questions, not mil or by phone at (904) Chapel met with Sailors Specialist to assist with set up in the theater's Shift Change were only that evening,d but 270-6289 X13o5 [office] and their families from moving questions, and lobby by the team mem- Norfolk personnel. also the next day on the or (904) 993-5860 [cell]. USS Ft. McHenry and Marielle Dilks, JEB Little bers. Loris Velezacevedo, NS Iwo Jima and the two Or you can schedule a
USS Iwo Jima. Creek's EFMP Liaison to At that time fami- Norfolk's EFMP liaison, days spent of the Ft. meeting with her in her
The team members assist Jose Sanchez, with lies could ask specific joined Jose Sanchez to McHenry. office in Building One.
spent two days aboard transition questions. questions about how USS Fort McHenry The Homeport Change the move was going to
and USS Iwo Jima to Coordinator for the Ft. impact their families. brief the Sailors and McHenry, Lt. Elizabeth Homeport Change their families on their Klanderman, organized team members had the impending moves to two evening meetings for opportunity the mornJacksonville and NS the families at JBE Little ing of Wednesday, April Mayport. Ft McHenry Creek's Gator Theater. 16 to visit their counterwelcomed the team Ft. McHenry Executive parts in Norfolk to share M
to their mess deck on Officer, Cmdr. Thomas transition information Monday, April 14 and Ulmer, and Klanderman with them to assist the S
again on Tuesday, April opened the evening with families during this time. 15 to allow one-on- a detailed overview of The evenings of aInT RTIFICT W W
one time with Sailors. the move, paying partic- Wednesday, April 16 ..DI ER B A SHO
Questions ranged from ular attention to transi- and Thursday, April 17 housing options to tion questions. were spent visiting with
school options and avail- F F S C C o i m a n d Iwo Jima families in the able services on and off Representative/ lobby of the theater in

Purchase a gift certificate to choose any show for two people to attend during the regular Ma,----ExhangeE-- 2014 Alhambra season for just $69!*
~TODAY ONLY, call, click or come by the Aihambra. With ~five great shows to choose from and a fabulous new menu every /p time, there's something for every mom. Don't miss this great
(( opportunity quantities are limited so order now! *plus applicableta..es


bMAY 9, 2014

Th tm'tlJ that stays together,pasIg 5
Stop in for tastings and demonstrations throughout the store MUSICAL FUN FOR"


ombyad speak with representatives from: 1
USO Navy Marine Corps Relief Society DeCA
Deli Bakery Mayport Branch Medical Clinic MWR l'


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While he works to defend our country, St. Jude
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SI. Jade patient, Aaron, with his fater Lieutenant Commander, Scott ..- ~ ..
St. Jude Children's//
S800-822-6344 stjude~org Resarh Hspta
A CFC Partictpant provtded us a public service,

14 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014

CNP Discusses Homeport Employee of the Quarter

Shift, Manning and Sea

Duty With Fort McHenry

By Ensign Jonathan Smith
Expeditionary Strike Group 2 Public Affairs been deployed for longer periods of T.
time. Under this new plan, Sailors
Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) who deploy more than igo days will Vice Adm. Bill Moran and Fleet be paid an additional monthly allowMaster Chief April Beldo spoke with ance for subsequent time. Sailors onboard USS Fort McHenry "It was a great opportunity to
(LSD 43) during an All Hands Call, address some issues that I had about April 23. my rate, said Information Systems
During his visit, Vice Adm. Moran Technician ist Class Tamekia discussed USS Fort McHenry's Brookins. "It seems like he is really
upcoming homeport shift to Mayport, concerned about our issues and that Fla., efforts to stabilize manning he cares about the personnel of the Photo courtesy of MVM
across the force and the importance of fleet and willing to tackle any quesrewarding sea duty. tions that we have." NS Mayport Executive Officer, Cmdr. Pat Pickard, presents a plaque to Sandra
His emphasis centered on giv- Barrett of MWR with Employee of the Quarter, Second Quarter 2014. Also
ing Sailors more predictability with Admiral Moran also addressed the nominated were Andrew Cannon of NS Mayport Fire Department, Luis Soto regard to advancements since the crew's concerns during a call for ques- of Security, Kenneth Austin of Public Works, Tegwen McNeal of Air Ops, Susan Navy has spent the past 10 years opti- tions. Rucker of FFSC and Brian Skeete of Housing
mizing fleet manning. Now, leaders Regarding the future of reenlistare shifting focus to provide the right ment bonuses, Moran said, "It is incentives to sustain a properly bal- purely based on the needs of the Navy Resident of the W eek
anced force. and the retention behavior in each
For example, he explained the
number of over-manned and under- He added that retention rates are
currently reviewed annually but a
manned ratings today, compared to
plan is in works to increase the fre i -1C
three to five years ago, have been cut
quency of retention rate reviews to A
in half.
"It's a big challenge at sea where two or three times per year. 1W
have lots of people rotating in and out "I really appreciated that they [Vice Adm. Moran and Master Chief
of crews," said Moran. "We have to
Beldo] came out to Fort McHenry to
put the right people in the right job at
address our concerns about the home- V
the right time."
To aid in the effort, beginning in port shift to Mayport in the midst of May, Sailors assigned to sea duty bil- our hectic schedule," said Religious lets will receive a 25 percent increase Program Specialist ist Class Michael in sea duty pay. In addition, Sailors Brewer. "It shows leadership is trying who have served more than 36 con- to make the impact on Sailors as easy J
secutive months at sea will receive an as possible." additional premium. Fort McHenry is a Harper's Ferry 77 "T
"We're trying to demonstrate to class landing dock ship (LSD) homeyou that sea duty is important and ported in Norfolk, Va., and is sched- 'A
we ought to pay you appropriately for Wed to shift its homeport to Mayport -Photo courtesy of BBC
it," said Moran. "We haven't had an this summer. The platform supports Balfour Beatty Communities would like to congratulate Mark and Jennifer increase in sea duty pay in 12 years a range of military operations from Leinaar who are the Residents of the Week! We appreciate the Leinaar Family and that's why it's a big bump." major combat to theater security to and all of our residents who live with Balfour Beatty Communities! Will you be Another plan still being finalized humanitarian assistance and disaster the next Resident of the Week? For more details about the program, please call is an allowance for those who have relief. 904-270-8870.

Mayport From Pagel

cumulative $70 million budget the Armed Forces" designed al domains to return the mind, later than go days before their service." through fiscal year 2017. to help junior enlisted service body and spirit to an optimal dates of separation," he said. The program, he explained, Mayport's Amphibious members define their roles level of performance after fac- On average, more than involves enhanced networkReadiness Group welcomed within the profession of arms. ing adversity. 250,000 services members ing resources and exit surveys
the arrival of USS New York "Every so often, we come "Fitness is much more than transition annually through
in December, and officials together as a joint force," just push-ups and running," medical discharge, retire- to better gauge the value of expect the USS Fort McHenry Battaglia said. "There are Battaglia said to the Sailors. ment and normal attrition of the class to departing service and USS Iwo Jima in August, times when you belong to a "It's a total sense of well-being the force, the sergeant major members. Battaglia said. larger task force [or] a combat and the ability to take care of noted. "[Transition GPS] will prove
The sergeant major also command in an operational ourselves and each other." "It's a pretty significant its worth if that service memconducted an interactive all- theater, so the more you know The Fleet and Family footprint, ... and I'm very ber who is separating walks off
hands call to field questions about what your peer group, Support Center here contin- impressed with what Mayport and address concerns about subordinates and superiors do, ues to provide life-enhancing is doing to support Transition base enrolled in college, hired quality-of-life improvements, the more helpful it is to your programs such as "Transition GPS," Battaglia said. "With so for a job or even starting his benefits, entitlements and charter." Goals, Plans, Success" for many total force service mem- or her own business," the serdeployments. He also emphasized the more than 17,000 total force bers looking at separation or geant major said.
He told the Sailors that the importance of resilience, personnel and their families, retirement within five years, According to the Veterans DOD offers a free download- which he described as the Battaglia said. "I'd like to see the information the FFSC pro- Affairs Department, Florida is able book called "The Non- ability to build fitness and people planning early -- get- vides is invaluable, ... so we Commissioned Officer and strength in psychological, ting into Transition GPS at have redesigned the entire home to more than 1.5 million
Petty Officer -- Backbone of behavioral, physical, nutrition- least 12 months out and no program for all branches of total force veterans.

Shamal From Page I

fitness and mental well- icies that enable Sailors and everyday." R L
being of their Sailors. to succeed in their Navy Understandably, 2014 RFAST SPRINT TRIATHLON SERIES & OLYMPIC TRIATHLON
"This [award] is a career, and directly sup- Shamal Sailors take an

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014 15

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IdProfessional bus
Lost and Found Resume Services AND RECENT ITEMS-PATCHES, MEDALS &WAR aIM lE be sTh t o .
Resume Services AN EETSOUVENIRS 904-477-6412 M~dust s eIell 9042060941
Clubs and Organizations Accounting/Bookkeeping COLLEGE GRADS Must sell 904-206-0941
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facility services, is now accepting
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Notices Design/Graphics Design position. Requires a self-starter,
Personals Automotive Sales/Service capable of managing multiple sites
Aviation in fast-paced environment. Must
Dating and Civil Service/Government/ be hands on and willing to learn.
Entertainment Public Administration Position requires a flexible work
Computer Hardware/ schedule and a passion for success.
Co t e/r a Ideal for newly retired military/
Software/Programming service industry professional/recent
North Jacksonville Construction college grad. Custodial experience
Customer Service a plus, but willing to train. FU U E FO WR
Dental Competitive salary, company
1597W. 21st St Jacksonville Domestic Services/ vehicle, 401k, health/vision/dental, F F O R W A R D
3BR1 BA Single Family Caregiving autonomous work environment,
Great Starter Home De Driver pooinopruiis
Lease or Cash DeliveE-mail resume to:
$500 DN, $38Wlmo Education/Teaching/ custodialmanager@yaho.com Southeastern College offers:
855-664-8357 Training ECB Text JAX15507801 0i_ss-__ 4-___ 7_TainingEngineering E x 5 9 Scholarships to active duty
I Orange Park/ Executive/Management BILLING SUPPORT MANAGER military, veteran's, and their
Clay County Finance/Investment
General Employment JEA is seeking a dynamic Mgr, family members who qualify
Hotel/Hospitality/Tourism Billing Support Services to oversee
Industrial Trades the residential & customer billing 9 Short term programs
Insurance process. Ideal candidates will
have a BS Degree in Accounting, Programs in health care
Landscaping/Grounds Business Admin or related field
Maintenance required. Adv. Degree pref. Min fields with majors including
Law Enforcement/ 5 years exp in operations, large
Security/Safety volume billing and collections req.
Legal Please visit www.jea.com for more Practical Nurse, Medical Assisting
0" Down VA! "0" Closing VA! Maintenance/Janitorial details or send correspondence to:
4BR 2 Bath 2 car garage $177,150 Services recselxteacom and Professional Clinical
4BR 2 Bath lots of tile1 $186,515 Management/Professional 4BR 2.5 Bath 2 stry, $194,735 MarketingMassage Therapy corner homesite
4BR 2.5 Bath 2 story, Iiving/ $219,590 Mechanics
dining/family rooms with loft Medical/Health Care Home
4BR 3.5 Bath 2 story, $229,568 Marine/Trade ImprovementI
2 master bedrooms Nurses/Nurses Aides Remodeling
Call Sonny Jewell with Office/Clerical/ Reai61Rmoeln
Talo Mr fic/Cerca/Quality Home Repair & Remodeling
Administration Free est., lic, bonded & insured. 8 67
Part-Time Freedom Renovations LLC. 904-945-4546
Personal Services/Beauty ChooseSEC.com
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FORSAEBYONY FodBveae ASOD Replacement RemoveA Instal 0C L L E G E
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ACRE. JUST WEST OF Science/Research Main Campus, 6700 Southpoint Parkway
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S Waterfront Positions Wanted Arts & Crafts
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Business/Office Equipment Southern Illinois
Fabulous site on Medical/ Health Care Clothes Ui 11it
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cute 3/2, dock, Computer CAR BO i DA n eA
REDUCED to $824K obo Craft/Thrift Stores
Spohrer Realty Group 904-535-9915 Electronics The SIU Extended Campus at Southern Illinois University Carbondale invites applications for an
Estate Sales extra-help program/student advisor position for the SIU Carbondale Office at Naval Air Station Jacksonville,
,l Farm/Planting Florida. This position will serve as the site liaison, provides academic advisement and administrative services
ie Fruits/Vegetables for SIU Carbondale's distance education and off campus Bachelor of Science Degree, Electronic Systems
Apartments Furnishe~d .xe Furniture/Household
Apartments Ufurnished ae u Garage Sales Technology and Health Care Management programs that are offered at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida.
Condominiums of Orange Park Garden/Lawn
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Beach/Vacation/Resorts Dietary TeclICDM w/exp Musical Merchandise
Storage/Mini-Lockers Photography
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Wanted to Rent 2145 Kingsley Ave. Pral ulig
St. Johns Apartments Furnished Orange Park, FL 32073 Public Sales
St. Johns Apartments Unfur- Ph # 904-272-2424 Sporting Goods Salarye $13.71 per hour.
wished Fax # 904-272-0013 Tickets
St. Johns Condominiums Trailers
St. Johns Duplex Talr
Townomes Wanted to Buy or Trade A applicationn Deadline 5 May 2014 or until a suitable applicant is found.
St. Johns Retirement Communities F i Apply: Send a letter of interest, a resume, copy of transcripts, and the names, addresses, telephone
St. Johns Houses Furnished Appliances
St. Johns Houses Accounting / numbers and e-mail addresses of three professional references who can attest to the applicant's character
UnfuronshMied Hm/ookepn and qualifications for this position to:
St Jhns obie Hoe/Lo BokkeeingAppliances, buy. sell. trade & repair
Rental w/as, Refrigs., stove, $55-up wrnty.
St. Johns Lots Man- Sun. 9-7. Delivery 904-695-1412
St. Johns Roommates ____________ _____ _________ Program/Student Advisor Search- Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL
St. Johns Rooms to Rent SmL Extended Campus
St. Johns Oceanfront/Waterfront B IL L ING S U PPORT MAN AGE R p Auctions Mi oe61
St. Johns Vator nai JECA is seeking a dynamic Mgr, _______________StJni- to e/s Billing Support Services to oversee ________________ SI Carbondale
St. Johns Wanted to Rent the residential & customer billing 85 icl rie-Nrhes ne 3
________________________ process, Ideal candidates will I HUGE AUCTION 85LicnDrv-NotwsAneA13
have a BS Degree in Accounting, StMy3,9AM CrodlIlni 20
AprmnsUnfumished Business Admin or related field 4345 E, US Hwy 90, Wellborn, FL Crodlilni 20
Aprmnsrequired. Adv. Degree prof. Min [rucs rctors; Trailers; Boas;j extendedcampus@siu.edu
*5 years exp in operations, large Form Equip; Old Signs; Syrup ICAk
I New Paint, Quiet, No pets. details or send correspondence to: ELROD AUCTIONS AB1698 welcomedandleaceergeda~ndwillreceiveceoide~ratio.
ISENIORS & SINGLES OVER 40 Irecsel@jea.com 904-699-7567 Consignments
$475mo/$300dep. U NEED GOOD Taxt JAX15505112 "1Welcome! Photos and more 0
RETRCR.947733 www.elrodauctions.com

Condominiums ,

SBEACHES -Marsh Landing Naviy
I2br/2ba in gate community. Patio,
1701 The Greenswoy, apt 114, unit o ec "..c 3- 13-0 iA si

prHouses Unfurnished-Ad
~~THE FLEET __ __ __
CH/A, Vaulted Ceilings, W/DAD~~ Rank/Grade:____ Work Phione# .ranlzatlon: _______________Date Submitted:______Hookups, Fenced, Quiet, Nice area M ARET
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16 THE MIRROR, NS LMAYPORT, Thursday, May 1, 2014

rFurniture I Household 11 Musical 'W RVs and Supplies

BED FRAME Piano: Full Size Yamaha Clavinova 2008 ROCK WOOD POP-UP 1 il-Mi0
with headboard $200obo. CLP430, $1700, Bob at 912-674-2282 CAMPER, standard hitch,
t 904-542-0932 C_ ,_ ,oa1--2 water tanks, propane, sleeps
5-6, stove, fridge, sink, 2-slided
SSAFE HONEYWELL DIGI- outs $3900. 904-310-6321
Never used $35. 904-384-1645 G
34' Motorhome 454 Chevy AT CC New
Garage Sale Adopt a Pet roof, 108K mi $3500 OBO. 904-786-9566
Garage SaleAdpaPe
Pets & Supplies
CYPRESS COVE NE IGH- Livestock & Supplies Cruiser 2008, 4KW generator,
BORHOOD YARD SALE "nimaleWaect condition, kept inside
jrMay 17th, 8am-until? Fishing Animals Wanted leveling Mocks, low mileage.
gear, furniture, tools, clothes, 26ft. 912-729-2939. $55,000
electronics, toys & more
E. Arlington Kernon/McCormick Mt Pets and Supplies
Pleasant Creek Community Sale
a2___ ne__a____ouni a leMOtorcycles/Mini Bikes
Sat 8a-2p, Rain Date following Sat FREE MALE LAB/MIX black, MotorcyclesMn Bikes
SAN MARCO- Huge Garage Sale at ~ eleven months old, good lookElizabeth Swain Memorial United ing dog. Call 904-891-1221 Methodist Church located at 1620 O (2) 1986 HONDA REBELS
______________ 1250, garage kept, mint cond.,
Naldo Ave. Sat., May 3, 8a-2p Furn, 13,00mils, & 291mi. Original
small appls, pics, clothes & more owner. Classic Vintage
7W Garden / Lawn 904573-8866
2005 HONDA Metropolitan
Aviation Scooter 50cc, 1800oomiles, exc.
cond., garage kept, $1500. HONDA LAWN MOWER like Boats 904-573-8866. Original owner LOU HONDA
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HRR16VKF $460. Asking $250. Sailboats OF THE AVENUES
Call904-786-5129 Boat Dockage & Rentals 2007 HONDA SHADOW 750cc B111CK11333 Phillips Hwy. 370-1300
ec. canal 3000 milesmn
LAWN EQUIPMENT FOR Marine Equipment rasex nd 3000 miles.mawn0
SALE- Lawntrailer, mower pment extra's, oar. kept, $5500.
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/ Like new 2400 miles. 642-6060
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Antiques/Classics 20oar. kept, low miles, good 11503 Phillips Hwy .JPDO E 1310CassatAve 3894561 CERTIFIED
condo, $3500. 904-573-8866. KEY YUNDUE PRE-OWNED
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Trucks/Trailers/SUVs 4660 Southside Blvd. CENTER
Misc. Merchandise Vans/Buses 2009 Suzuki Burgmon 650 with ORANGEPARKCHRYSLER 642-60 VISTOSTEENWCOM
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SCT200 Craft & Sewing tbl Asking $7,000904-707-0608 904-642-5111 RICKKEFFER
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SSCOTT's 20" REEL MOWER Batwing fairing with 12 inch 354-4421 904-725-0911
$30. 2004 F150 front bumper windshield, tri pouch wind$200. 23" x63" Showe r 0 Seaport c/c 20-Bimini top, shield bag, 100 watt amp and SUPPORT
$20. Drawtite H itch $35. 140hp Suzuki, fully eqpt, must R 2S PO
9044767544/476-7544o $ obo 904 505-7455 speakers for mp3, Yamaha r i JACKSONVILLECHRYSLER
engine guards, luggage rack, JEEPDOE
bar with 3-1/2 lights, custom 1550 Cassat Ave 9A&BAYMEADOWS. !7!K7
grips, Mustang rider and 904-647-4220 195N Et129(Yuee) 493-0000
passenger seats, matching www.nimnichtchevy.com 225-3673 OSTEENVOLVO DEALERSHIPS
tank bib, bike cover. Excellent condition. JERRY IM CHEV AUTONATION FORD RICK KEFFER www.osteenvolvo.com BYSH NG
Newly Reduced 3494 Philips Hwy. 350 BY SH NG
P rice $6,000. 398-3036 AT THE AVENUES 1-95 Exi 373, Fem Bch.
Besides protecting our country, caoritext 90 3 www.jerryhammh.m 12Phiips Hwy. 1-800-228-745 LOCALLY.
I alor text 904-233-5393 1072___________~co
military personnel stationed in our RON ANDERSON 904-www.rickkeffer.com
communities donated 650,620 hours CHEVROLET BUICK GMC AUTO LINE
464054 State Rd 200 MIKE DAVIDSON FORD ORANGE PARK A Family owned of volunteer service in Northeast Automobile YuleeF132097 CHRLER JEEP DODGE EVERY
904-261-6821 AT REGENCY CRSEJEPDGE Business
Florida and Southeast Georgia last 2004 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 9650 Atlantic Blvd. 725-3080 7233 Blanding Blvd. autolinepreowned.com
Spyder convert., V6, 3.0L, 777-5500 M SATURDAY IN
year. Their time was given to community ndm /car M22n981 es AUTOATION OnD w dorngekddgeco MaypRd.,
Gn.dma's car 22,901miles, CHRYSLERn
ognzto sch rhgopyouth $11 K. 904-962-2936 __W40 AUTONATION FORD www.orangeparkdodge.com M~a*BeachTH
organizations, church groups, youth ~ OF ORANGE PARK 904-242-8000 THE
activities, scouting and more. Chorsler 1 TIE-NO
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$17,000 or best offer 504-452-7006



Together, our communities of service members and their families, and your business, can spell SUCCESS.

Not only will your business benefit while the families are stationed here, many military families retire to

the area, with the tri-base area being one of the most sought-after assignments in the U.S. Navy.

To advertise, or to find out more information, please call 904.359.4168.


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