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Happy Birthday, 4th Fleet, Page 4


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CHINFO Award Winner

;.e _~

i-L 11

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S1 X U0S a lll06 S S IA S.,I~=

EOQ Lunch

On July 28
Naval Station Mayport
Employee of the Quarter
Presentation/Luncheon will
be held at 11:30 a.m. on
July 28 at Ocean Breeze.
Cost is $7 per person. Must
RSVP by July 24 with the
luncheon choice to Sandra
Barrett, 270-5228 or sandra.
barrettl@navy.mil. All are
welcome to come out and
support the nominees.
Nominated Employees are
as follows:
John Venosh of Security
Dept; Thomas Wheeler of
Air Ops; Patricia Beasley of
Housing; Sarah Thompson of
MWR; David Burnett of PWD

Help Clean Up

Mayport Shore
Naval Station Mayport is
cleaning u p its shoreline
with your help. Mayport's
Environmental Department
is looking for volunteers to
participate in the 2009 Mid-
Summer Shoreline Clean-up
on July 16.
The goals of the 2009 Mid-
Summer Shoreline Clean-up
are to have a focused event
in which military and civilian
volunteers demonstrate their
commitment as good stew-
ards of our environment and
to remove a significant quan-
tity of debris that has washed
up ashore here at NAVSTA
Mayport. Floatable trash con-
tinues to be a major pollutant
in our rivers and oceans and
poses a significant hazard to
the health of aquatic wildlife.
Volunteers may partici-
pate at one of three locations
on Station: Reynolds Park
(on river front across from
the Recycling Center); west
end of Jetties (north end of
Bon Homme Richard Street,
adjacent to Bldg. 1538); or
the beach area (Beachside
Community Center dune
crosswalk). This is a one-
hour event that will run from
9-10 a.m.
Gloves and plastic trash
bags will be provided on site.
For additional informa-
tion please contact Scott
Dombrosky, NS Mayport
Water Program Manager at
904-270-6730 ext. 211. Pre-
registration is not required.


Fair At NEX
Mayport Navy Exchange
will host the 5th annual
Wedding Fair on Aug. 1 at
the Main Exchange Services
Mall from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Come see how your
NEX can assist you with
all of your wedding plans.
Representatives from MWR,
the Navy Lodge, DECA, and
the Navy Exchange Flower
Shop, Beauty Shop, fine jew-
elry, cosmetics, and bever-
age departments will be on
hand to answer your ques-
In addition, several private
companies in wedding-relat-
ed industries will be in atten-
dance for consultations.
For more informa-
tion, please call the Navy
Exchange Flower Shop at


From Naval Facilities Engineering
Command, Southeast Publhc. i
Naval Facilities Engineering
Command (NAVFAC) Southeast
awarded a design-build indefi-
nite delivery/indefinite quantity
multiple award construction
contract (IDIQ MACC) June
29 to five contractors in the
Southeastern United States.
The contractors awarded

include Sauer Incorporated of
Jacksonville, Fla.; The Haskell
Company of Jacksonville, Fla.;
Caddell Construction Company
Inc. of Montgomery, Ala.; Roy
Anderson Corp. of Gulfport,
Miss.; and PCL Construction
Services Inc. of Orlando, Fla.
for general construction type
projects at Department of

Build Ok'd

Defense activities within the
NAVFAC Southeast area of
responsibility of Northern
Florida and Southern Georgia.
The work to be performed
includes general building type
projects such as new construc-
tion, renovations, alterations
and repair of facilities and infra-
structure, roofing, demolition

and routine renovation.
"This contract and the fol-
low-on projects directly enable
NAVFAC Southeast to continue
our mission of supporting the
Fleet, Fighter and Family," said
Lt. Cmdr. Dan Stoddard, assis-
tant operations officer. "Also,
having IDIQ MACCs in place
reduces execution lead time

by initiating task orders when
work needs to be performed
on Commander Navy Region
Southeast (CNRSE) installa-
Facilities receiving the work
include, but are not limited to,
aviation and aircraft facilities,
marine facilities, barracks and
See CDC, Page 11

Enjoy Summer Months Safely

-Photo by Paige Gnann
Jennifer McCusker applies suntan lotion to her daughter, Kailana, 2, while enjoying a day on Naval Station Mayport's beach

Heat Stress: Be Aware, Take Precautions

By Lt. Hristos G. Tsingelis
Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport
Heat stress can be a seri-
ous problem in hot operating
environments, either work or
recreation. High temperatures,
high humidity, sunlight, and
heavy workloads increase the
likelihood of heat stress.
The core body temperature
for a human being must be
maintained within a very nar-
row range, regardless of work
load or adverse environmental
conditions. The body initially
responds to heat by evapora-
tion through sweating and by
circulating blood closer to the
skin's surface to dissipate heat
and lower the main body tem-

Increased heat can also
make exposed individuals lose
their concentration or become
fatigued or irritable, and thus
the chance of accidents and
injuries increases.
Individuals with heart, lung
or kidney disease, diabetes and
those on medications are more
likely to experience heat stress
Diet pills, sedatives, tran-
quilizers, caffeinated drinks
and excessive alcohol con-
sumption can all intensify heat
stress effects.
Understanding how to deal
with heat stress can help to
prevent or reduce accidents

and is important to exposed
individuals' health and well-
being. A victim of heat
exhaustion may have some or
all of these signs or symptoms:
*Heavy sweating, clammy,
flushed, or pale skin, weak-

ness, dizziness, nausea, rapid
and shallow breathing, head-
ache, vomiting, fainting.
If heat stress has occurred,
proper first aid must be admin-
istered immediately. First-aid
See Heat, Page 3


Your Skin
By Laura Goldstein
Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport
Skin cancer is the most com-
mon form of cancer in the
United States, according to the
Centers for Disease Control.
The two most common types,
basal cell carcinoma and squa-
mous cell carcinoma, are highly
Melanoma, the third most
common skin cancer, is more
dangerous, especially among
young people. In its advanced
state, it can cause serious illness
and even death. Fortunately,
melanoma rarely strikes with-
out warning.
However, if it is recognized
and treated early, it is nearly
100 percent curable. But if it
is not, the cancer can advance
and spread to other parts of the
body, where it becomes hard to
treat and can be fatal. While it
is not the most common of the
skin cancers, it causes the most
deaths. Most melanomas are
caused by exposure to ultra-
violet (UV) light in sunlight or
tanning beds.
Anyone can get skin can-
cer, but some things put you at
higher risk, like:
*A lighter skin color.
*A personal or family history
of skin cancer.
*Exposure to the sun through
work and play.
*A history of sunburns early
in life.
*Skin that burns, freckles,
reddens easily, or becomes
painful in the sun.
*Blue or green eyes.
*Blond or red hair.
Remember, try to seek shade,
especially during midday
hours. A good rule of thumb
for decreasing ultraviolet light
exposure is to avoid the sun
between the hours of 9 a.m. and
3 p.m. or avoid the sun when
See Skin, Page 3

Bush Heads Wing

In a ceremony scheduled
to take place Thursday, 9
July 2009, Capt. Carl F. Bush
relieved Capt. Glenn C. Doyle
as Commander, Helicopter
Maritime Strike Wing, U.S.
Atlantic Fleet on July 9 at HSL-
42 Hangar.
Bush, a native of Virginia
Beach, VA, graduated from
Florida State University in 1986
and was commissioned through
the Aviation Officer Candidate
School, Pensacola, FL.
Bush transitioned to the SH-
60B Seahawk helicopter with
in Mayport, FL. His first fleet
assignment was with HSL-44
Swampfoxes, Detachment Four,
aboard USS Carr (FFG 52)
in the Arabian Gulf conduct-
ing oil tanker escort duties in
support of Operation Earnest

Will. He participated in three
Counter-Narcotics cruises and
served as Squadron Assistant
Operations Officer during
His first shore assignment was
Instructor Pilot duty at HSL-40
as the Schedules Officer, SAR
and NATOPS officer.
In 1996, Bush graduated from
the Naval Postgraduate School,
Monterey, Calif., with an MA
in National Security Affairs
and JPME Phase I. He then
served as the pre-commission-
ing Assistant Air Officer (Mini-
Boss) in USS Bataan (LHD 5).
In 1998, Bush returned to
flying duty with the Vipers of
HSL-48 as Detachment FIVE
Officer-in-Charge aboard USS
TAYLOR (FFG 50) patrol-
ling the Arabian Gulf in sup-
See CHMSWL, Page 5


-Photo by Paige Gnann
Capt. Glenn Doyle salutes Capt. Carl Bush after the reading of the orders during the CHMSWL
change of command ceremony last week. Rear Adm. R. J. O'Hanlon, Commander, Naval Air Force,
U.S. Atlantic Fleet, watches the exchange.

Flag Color WGBT Index (F) Intensity of Physical Exercise
Extremely intense physical exertion may
Less than 80 precipitate heat exhaustion or heat stroke,
therefore, caution should be taken
Discretion required in planning heavy
j80- 84.9 exercise for unseasoned personnel This is a
marginal heat stress limit for all personnel
Strenuous exercise and activity (e g close
order drill) should be curtailed for new and
85- 87.9 unaclhmated personnel dunng the first 3
weeks ofheat exposure
Strenuous exercise curtailed for all
88 89.9 personnel with less then 12 weeks trading
in hot weather
Physical training and strenuous exercise
90 and Above suspended for allpersonnel (excluding
90 and Above operational commitment not for training


2 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009

S street Talk

What is your favorite vacation?


YN3 Maria Wilson
NS Mayport Admin
Where ever I am is good as
long as I am with my family.

DCFR Daniel Sakow
USS Robert G. Bradley
I'd go to Jamaica, and hang
out on the beach with my close

SN Shane Hart
USS John L. Hall
I enjoyed snowboarding on
MT. Whistler in Canada my 8th
grade year.

SHSN Kevin Williams
USS John L. Hall
My favorite vacation was in
May when I went on the Sun
Cruise with my wife and won

OS2 Christifer Johnson
USS Robert G. Bradley
Two years ago when I went to
Cancun Mexico with my wife.

HM3 (FMF) Mark Strutton
NBMC Mayport
My favorite vacation would
be to take a week in Barbados
with my fiance.

Chaplain's Corner

The following well-known
anecdote makes the point:
A hen and a pig decided to
take a long journey together.
After walking for some distance
they became pretty hungry and
so they began to look for a
restaurant. They finally came
across a restaurant that had a
large sign outside which read,
"Ham and Eggs our Specialty."
Well, the hen was all eager to
go in and go at it. She became
impatient with her friend's
hesitation and asked him why
he was being so "pig headed"
about going in the restaurant.
The pig looked up at the sign,

Chaplain Joe Molina
CDS40 Staff Chaplain

looked at the hen and said, "My
dear, it's easy enough for you
to go in. All they expect from
you is a contribution. But....
from me...they will expect a
total commitment."
"Total commitment," are
two words that scare the wits
out of the general public; two
words that have become a rare
commodity in modern times.
Many people suffer from a
lack of long-term commit-
ments to friendship. Many
have forgotten the fine art and
great pleasure that comes from
building long-term meaningful
relationships. Many of us have

become afraid of the commit-
ment and afraid of the demands
that meaningful friendships
make on our lives. But, let's
face it; we can agree that with-
out meaningful friendships we
are somehow incomplete as per-
So, let us "embrace the
moment" and recapture some
principles on the art of building
1. Take the initiative In
building friendships one of the
two parties must be prepared to
take the initiative. Be the cata-
lyst when the opportunity avails

*Become genuinely interested
in other people.
*Smile with sincerity. It takes
less facial muscles to produce a
smile than to create a grin.
*Remember peoples' names.
*Be a good listener.
2. Make a Commitment
- Through the identification of
mutual goals create accountabil-
ity and...
*Be an encourager.
*Be prepared to give and
receive wise counsel.
*Challenge your friend's
3. Love Selflessly Indeed,
this is the glue that cements true

meaningful friendships. Once
you start to put a dollar value
or interjecting selfish motives
into friendships, they become
superficial and fragile. This
principle is very likely impos-
sible to achieve. It is a godly
trait and the best living model
that we have which exemplified
this kind of love is quoted as
having said the following:
"Greater love has no one than
this that he lay down his life for
his friends."

Homefront in Focus

By Beth Wilson
Military Spouse Contributor
June is historically the month for
weddings. Dating back to ancient
Rome and Juno, the goddess of mar-
riage, getting married in June was
believed to be 'lucky' or 'blessed' for
a happy, prosperous marriage. Today,
June continues to be the popular and
romantic month for weddings and that
includes military weddings. Peruse the
local paper and you will see wedding
announcements that include military
couples. This week's column is dedi-
cated to welcoming our new fellow
spouses to the 'MilSpouse Club.'
Congratulations on your recent
marriage and welcome to military
Spousedom! As a new spouse I am
sure you are excited about this new
lifestyle and building a life together
with that man or woman in uniform.
This column is offers a few basics to
get you on the road to successful navi-
gation of Navy spousedom.

The Basics: If you and your ser-
vice member have not already done
so, schedule a trip to the ID Office
to obtain your military dependent ID.
You will need a copy of your mar-
riage license and birth certificate. Your
dependent ID is the key to access-
ing services and benefits as a spouse.
You will present it each time you go
on [any military] base, at the medi-
cal clinic, commissary (grocery store),
Navy Exchange or NEX (depart-
ment store), base theatre, gym, bowl-
ing alley and other services on base.
Guard it like your Driver's license and
Social Security card. One note on your
Dependent ID, many still list your ser-
vice member's social security number.
As you know identity theft is huge so
please protect this information.
The next stop is Pass & ID for decals
for your car. You will need your driv-
er's license, vehicle registration and
proof of insurance. The decals go on
your vehicle and permit you to drive

your vehicle on base.
Your service member will add you
to DEERS (Defense Eligibility and
Enrollment Reporting System). Once
you are in the system you can enroll in
TriCare (medical coverage) and United
Concordia (Tricare Dental Program).
You can enroll at the local military
treatment facility (MTF) near you.
There are several plan options avail-
able and you can read about them at
the local TriCare office or online at
www.tricare.mil. You can enroll for
dental online at www.tricaredentalpro-
Know your resources: Many military
marriages begin right before an upcom-
ing move or deployment. Either event
presents challenges. Knowing your
resources will help you sail through
them. The first resource is the Fleet
and Family Resource Center (FFSC).
Each base has an FFSC where you
will find a helpful, highly trained and
experienced staff offering classes and

individual support for you. Your base
website will contain the contact infor-
mation for your local FFSC. Make the
FFSC one of your first stops. Pick up
a 'welcome packet,' check out their
classes and services which include,
"Navy Spouse 101." The FFSC will
introduce you to additional resourc-
es such as Military One Source,
COMPASS, Navy-Marine Corps Relief
Society, local resources and much
more. Get to know your FFSC!
Get Connected: There are many
organizations and fellow spouses who
can assist you in building your new
life as a Navy wife. The first person to
contact is your Navy Family Command
Ombudsman. This fellow Navy spouse
is a volunteer that is interviewed and
appointed by the commanding offi-
cer of your Sailor's command. They
are trained as a resource for you with
information, referrals, communication
and support. Your Sailor can get their
name and contact information from the

Plan of the Day/Week or many com-
mands have this info on their website.
Each command has a Family
Readiness Group or FRG. This is a
group of spouses just like you who
get together for friendship, projects,
information and support. Again, your
service member can obtain the contact
information of your command FRG.
Entering the world of military
spousedom is both exciting and a bit
overwhelming but armed with resourc-
es and information we can 'navigate'
even the roughest of seas. Welcome to
the world of military spousedom...you
are truly among friends.
Questions or comments for Beth?
Email her at beth@homefrontinfocus.
com. Don't miss Beth's internet talk
show, Navy Homefront Talk! at www.
blogtalkradio. com/nht.

Spouses Help Spouses In COMPASS Course

A program aims to help
spouses navigate the Navy will
hold a mentor training session,
followed by a basic course.
If you were about to go on
an extended journey to a for-
eign country, you would want to
do research and learn as much
as you could to make your trip
enjoyable and successful.
COMPASS is a standard-
ized Team-Mentoring pro-
gram developed by spouses for
spouses. COMPASS focuses on
spouses new to the Navy, how-
ever; all spouses are welcome.
COMPASS improves quality of
life through education, enabling
spouses to understand, experi-
ence and meet the challenges of
the Navy lifestyle.
With this knowledge and real-
istic expectations, their journeys
can be successful and reward-
ing. Sessions are held at Naval
Station Mayport.
Mentors must have been
married to their Sailors for at
least three years, have taken the
COMPASS course, and willing
to be mentor trained.
Mentor Training will be held
July 28-30 from 5:30-9 p.m. in
Building 1, FFSC Conference
Room.Other volunteer positions
are available. Basic COMPASS
course will be held Aug. 11-13
from 5:30-9 p.m. Building 1,
FFSC Conference Room and
Oct. 14-16, 9 a.m.-l p.m. at
Base Chapel.
If you would like to get

course will be
held Aug. 11-13
from 5:30-9 p.m.
Building 1

involved with Please contact
Team Leader Melanie Cullum,
904-200-7751 or email com-
For more information or to
register, go to www.gocompass.
org. Babysitting reimburse-
ment available for spouses of
deployed Sailors.
Volunteers Needed at NAS
We are trying to bring togeth-
er a COMPASS spouse mentor-
ing team at NAS Jax!
COMPASS is a 12-hour team
mentoring program developed
by spouses for spouses. It is
open to all Navy spouses and is
presented over three days.
COMPASS covers material
including: the mission, history,
customs, and traditions of the
Navy, rights and benefits, pay,
deployments, moving, inter-
personal communication and
investing in self and the com-
COMPASS is free and baby-
sitting is provided for partici-
pants and mentors.
We need a team of at least
15 spouses who are passion-
ate about helping other spouses
learn how to navigate the Navy

If you are positive, passion-
ate, and empowered about your
Navy life, share it with others.

Roman Catholic Mass
Sunday 9 a.m.
Monday-Friday 11:30 a.m.
Confessions: before & after
mass or upon request
CCD: Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Baptisms: class 3rd Sunday of
Protestant Worship
Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Sunday school 9:15 a.m.
Baptism: For information
contact your chaplain

Women's Bible Study
Wednesday 9:30 a.m.
Protestant choir
Wednesday 7 p.m.

MOPS (Mothers of
1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month
9:15 a.m.
For more information contact
MOPS coordinator at maypo-

Contact Chaplain 6 months
prior. PREP is required

For more information, calll

Please become a mentor! To
qualify to become a mentor, a
spouse should be married for

at least three years, completed
1 deployment, and attended the
Basic COMPASS course.

Please contact Molly at
(11" 4 40-1160 or email at hall-


Naval Station Mayport
Capt. Aaron Bow m an ................. ...................... ........................................... Com m ending O officer
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Paige G nann...............................................................................................................................Editor
The Mirror is distributed without charge throughout Mayport's Navy community, including the Naval Station,
on and off base Navy housing areas, and ships, squadrons and staffs homeported at NS Mayport. Copies
are also available at the Naval Station's Public Affairs Office, Building 1, and The Florida Times-Union, 1
Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202.
The deadline for all submissions is Thursday at 4 p.m., one week prior to publication. News and articles
should be submitted to the Public Affairs Office, or mailed to:
The Mirror
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Advertisements are solicited by the publisher. Inquiries regarding advertising should be directed to:
Ellen S.Rykert Military Publications Manager
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(904) 359-4168
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(904) 359-4336 FAX: (904) 366-6230


THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009 3

New Hire At Branch Health Clinic

Sheds Light On Pharmacy Benefits

By Kelly Branham
Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport
Naval Branch Health Clinic
(BHC) Mayport is always look-
ing for ways to improve the
services it provides to the mili-
tary community. Karen Kayser,
the Pharmacy's new Benefits
Counselor, is a prime example.
She provides guidance and
assistance to patients who are
filling prescriptions.
Her primary role is to make
the prescription process sim-
pler, faster and more convenient
for patients. Patients entering
the Pharmacy are greeted by
Kayser's friendly smile backed
by her wealth of knowledge,
which she gladly shares.
"I have been serving the
military community for over
25 years and one thing I have
learned is that I truly enjoy
helping people. With this
new process I will be able to
break down the insurance pro-
cess for our clients. It simply
doesn't have to be so hard. I
look forward to seeing you at

treatment for heat exhaustion
consists of:
*Move the patients to a cool
area, place the patients supine
(on their backs) with their feet
elevated, loosen clothing and
apply cool, moist cloths to the
body, or fan the patient, slowly
administer sips of salt water
(plain water for those with heart
or blood pressure problems),
seek medical attention prompt-
ly, especially if patient faints or

your shadow is shorter than
your height. And, cover up with
clothing to protect exposed skin.
You should wear a hat with a
wide brim to shade the face,
head, ears and neck. Sunglasses
should also be worn. Look for
sunglasses that wrap around and
block as close to 100 percent
of both UVA and UVB rays as
possible. Sunscreen should be
applied that has an SPF factor of

-Photo by HM2(SW) Alfonso Respess
Karen Kayser, the NBHC Mayport pharmacy's new Benefits Counselor, serves Hospital Corpsman 2nd
Class JeffRehn at the pharmacy help desk.

The best prevention mecha-
nism for heat stress is to avoid
hot and humid environments.
If operation under these condi-
tions is necessary, then individ-
uals should take proper steps to
ensure acclimatization.
Acclimatization to heat is
a process of adaptation that
involves a stepwise adjustment
to heat over a period of at least
one week long. To achieve
acclimatization, an individual
must work in the heat at the

15 or higher, and it should have
both UVA and UVB protection.
Avoid tanning salons and use of
tanning beds or lamps.
Take precautions against sun
exposure every day of the year,
especially during midday hours
(10 a.m.-4 p.m.), when UV rays
are strongest and do the most
damage. UV rays can reach you
on cloudy days as well as sunny
days. UV rays also reflect off

activity level required by his/her
Individuals should always
drink plenty of water when
operating in the heat. Simply
relying on feeling thirsty will
not ensure adequate hydration.
To replace the four to eight
quarts of sweat that may be
produced in hot environments,
individuals require to consume
one-half to one cup of water
every 20 minutes of the work-
day. Water at about 55 F (cool)

From Page 1
of surfaces like water, cement,
sand and snow.
And most importantly, self
exams for moles are very cru-
cial in detecting the disease dur-
ing the early stages. Moles that
are irregular in color or shape
are suspicious of a malignant or
a premalignant melanoma. If
such moles are detected, seek
medical diagnosis immediately.

is preferable to ice water or
warm water.
Individuals should limit expo-
sure time in hot and humid envi-
ronments. They should schedule
as many hot activities as practi-
cal for the coolest part of the
day (early morning or late after-
Additional help should be
employed or mechanical assis-
tance increased if possible.
Individuals should minimize
heat exposure by taking advan-


Naval Branch Health Clinic
Pharmacy," said Kayser.
Kayser knows that each
patient has different needs and
she provides information geared
to each patient's situation that
can reduce the high out-of-
pocket cost of medicines not
available at the clinic.
If you would like to have
your medications delivered to
your front door, Kayser can
explain the TRICARE Mail
Order Pharmacy program and
assist with the paperwork.
Not only will you receive
your prescriptions at home but
you will also receive a 90-day
supply for most medications.
This is very convenient, espe-
cially with rising fuel costs, and
at a considerable saving when
compared to retail pharmacy
For patients with other health
insurance, there is often confu-
sion about how the private plan
works with their military health
plan. Kayser can shed light on
how TRICARE and other health

tage of natural or mechanical
ventilation (increased air veloc-
ities up to 5 mph increase the
rate of evaporation by means
of convection and thus increase
the rate of heat loss from the
body) and heat shields when
applicable. They need to take
rest breaks at frequent, regular
intervals, preferably in a cool
environment, sheltered from
direct sunlight.
Anyone experiencing extreme
heat discomfort should rest

Ammunition Accessories Non Lethal Protection
701 Mayport Crossing Blvd, Atlantic Beach
1 Mile South of NS Mayport in the Food Lion Shopping Center
Hours: Tues Sat 11 am 7 pm
904-372-0770 www.mcgowanfirearms.com
CneldWao IC a

insurance work in tandem.
She can also assist you with
filling out the Third Party Payer
form, which allows the Military
Treatment Facility (MTF)
to collect fees from your other
insurer for services provided at
the facility.
Some patients are hesitant
to admit they have other insur-
ance for fear it will make their
premiums go up, but billing
your insurer in no way affects
your premiums. In fact, it
helps you to meet your private
plan's deductible. Further, the
money collected will be used
to improve the medical services
provided to all of our patients.
A visit with Kayser may
reduce your pharmacy expens-
es, decrease your visits to the
clinic and provided you with
valuable information about your
Pharmacy benefit. She is avail-
able Monday through Friday
from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. to
assist you.

From Page 1
immediately. Wearing cloth-
ing that is permeable to air
and loose fitting helps with the
cooling process, and generally
less clothing is desirable in hot

Dog Houses,
Shadow Boxes
Made to order

Manuel Bello
Woodworking |






rL1~ ~L



4 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th Fleet Celebrates First Year

By MC1(SW)
Holly Boynton
U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/
U.S. Fourth Fleet Publhc. --
U.S. Fourth Fleet celebrated
its first anniversary with staff,
family, and friends during a pic-
nic July 10.
The officers, enlisted Sailors,
civilian, and contractor staff and
their family and friends enjoyed
food, games and each other's
company during the first anni-
versary of the re-establishment
of 4th Fleet. Fourth Fleet was re-
established July 12, 2008 after a
52-year deactivation at the end
of World War II.
"It's an honor and a pleasure
to share our triumphs over the
past year with the 4th Fleet team
- friends, family members, and
representatives of our partner
navies," said Guillory. "Our list
of accomplishments as the new-
est fleet staff has been impres-
sive and deserves to be recog-
nized and celebrated. I particu-
larly want to recognize the sac-
rifice and support by our family
members who play a key role in
4th Fleet."
Guillory also announced the
appointment of 4th Fleet's first
family Ombudsmen, Ms. Arlene
"Family readiness is directly
linked to mission readiness and
the Ombudsman is a critical link
in getting important information
to the families," said Guillory.

-Photos by MC1(SW) Holly Boynton
Left, Rear Adm. Victor Guillory, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command and U.S.
Fourth Fleet, 4th Fleet's Command Ombudsmen Ms. Arlene Mershell, and NAVSO/4th Fleet
Command Master Chief CMDCM(Surface Warfare/Aviation Warfare) Mauricio Rueda cut the cake
for the command staff and their family and friends during Fourth Fleet's first-anniversary celebra-
tion. Fourth Fleet was re-established July 12, 2008. Above, Guillory speaks to his staff and their fam-
ily and friends during Fourth Fleet's first anniversary celebration.

"We are proud and pleased to
have Ms. Mershell as our fam-
ily liaison. I know she is eager
to meet everyone and is look-
ing forward to working together
with our staff and their fami-
lies," said Guillory.
Fourth Fleet was re-estab-

lished July 12, 2008 in recog-
nition of the importance of the
U.S. Southern Command area
of focus, which included the
Caribbean, Central and South
America and the surrounding
Fourth Fleet is the numbered

fleet assigned to NAVSO, exer-
cising operational control of
assigned forces. Fourth Fleet
conducts the full spectrum of
Maritime Security Operations
(MSO) in support of U.S. objec-
tives and security cooperation
activities that promote coalition

building and deter aggression.
As the Navy component
command of SOUTHCOM,
NAVSO's mission is to direct
U.S. Naval forces operating
in the Caribbean, Central and
South American regions and
interact with partner nation

navies within the maritime envi-
Various operations include
counter-illicit trafficking,
Theater Security Cooperation,
military-to-military interaction
and bilateral and multinational

New 4th
By MC1(SW)
Holly Boynton
U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S.
Fourth Fleet Public. -
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces
Southern Command (NAVSO) and
Commander, U.S. Fourth Fleet Rear
Adm. Vic Guillory spoke to his staff
during his first all hands call with
them July 2.
Guillory gathered the officers,
enlisted Sailors, and civilian staff
together to discuss his vision for the
command and provide a question
and answer session with his new
team just one week before the first
anniversary of the re-establishment
of 4th Fleet.
"What I have seen here at 4th Fleet
in my first three weeks has truly
impressed me," said Guillory. "The
professionalism and dedication the
mission by this staff noticed at the
highest levels in our Navy and in the
area of focus. In one week we will
celebrate our first anniversary of the
re-establishment of 4th Fleet and in
that first year we have set the bar
high with our accomplishments. As
we go forward, I expect us to reach
beyond those goals and achieve new

Fleet Commander
levels of cooperation and interoper- Joseph Kernan during a change
ability with our partners." of command ceremony June 12.
Guillory went on to recognize Fourth Fleet was re-established
some Sailors for their contributions July 12, 2008 in recognition of the
during UNITAS Gold, the 50th itera- importance of the U.S. Southern
tion of the longest running maritime Command area of focus, which
exercise, hosted in Mayport April included the Caribbean, Central and
20 May 5. He also presented a few South America and the surrounding
various awards, promoted Capt. Jim waters.
Roick, and announced the imple- Fourth Fleet is the numbered
mentation of his new Executive fleet assigned to NAVSO, exercis-
Assistant, Lt. Cmdr. Kim Bynum. ing operational control of assigned
After the awards and promotions, forces. Fourth Fleet conducts the
Guillory went on to announce to the full spectrum of Maritime Security
staff his priorities for 4t Fleet. Operations (MSO) in support of
"First, I want ensure an envi- U.S. objectives and security coop-
ronment of equality and promote eration activities that promote coali-
diversity for every Sailor, civilian, tion building and deter aggression.
and contractor on my staff," said As the Navy component com-
Guillory. "I want to encourage per- mand of SOUTHCOM, NAVSO's
sonal growth for the staff, and stress mission is to direct U.S. Naval
the importance of change and mov- forces operating in the Caribbean,
ing 4th Fleet forward to include the Central and South American regions
continued implementation of our and interact with partner nation
Maritime Operations Center con- navies within the maritime environ-
struct. The 4th Fleet you see in a ment. Various operations include
year will not be what we see now counter-illicit trafficking, Theater
and I look forward to leading that Security Cooperation, military-to-
growth." military interaction and bilateral and
Guillory relieved Rear Adm. multinational training.

Midshipmen Tour 4th Fleet During

Addresses Sailors

Victor Guillory,
U.S. Naval
Forces Southern
Command and
U.S. Fourth Fleet,
speaks with his
staff during his
first all hands call.
ered the officers,
Enlisted Sailors
and civilian staff
Together to discuss
his vision for the
command and to
recognize some of
his Sailors for their
outstanding work
and achievements.
Fourth Fleet iwsill
celebrate its first
12 following its
re-establishment in
-Photo by MC1(SW) Holly Boynton 2008.

Fleet Orientation

By MC1(SW) Holly Boynton
U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/ U.S. Fourth Fleet
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Southern
Command and U.S. 4th Fleet (NAVSO/4th Fleet)
Rear Adm. Victor Guillory met with Midshipmen
July 2 and July 7 during Summer Training 2009.
The Midshipmen, from the U.S. Naval
Academy and various Reserve Officers Training
Corps units, toured the 4th Fleet headquarters dur-
ing their fleet orientation training. During their
visit to the NAVSO/4th Fleet headquarters, the
Midshipmen had a question and answer session
with Guillory.
"What I see here today is my eventual relief,
which is you," said Guillory. "As you go forward,
what I hope you take from this visit to 4th Fleet
headquarters is the strong partnerships we have
with the region, the many different types of chal-
lenges we face as the Americas and the missions
we plan and execute in conjunction with our part-
ners to combat those challenges. I hope you get
excited for the challenges that await you after you
earn your commission and for what the U.S. Navy
is doing, not just in this region, but worldwide.
The Midshipmen also met with 4th Fleet's
Senior Enlisted Advisor, toured 4th Fleet's Fleet
Command Center and Maritime Intelligence

Center, and interacted with NAVSO's Foreign
Liaison Officers (FLO) from Brazil, Chile,
Colombia, and Peru. Capitan de Fragata Augusto
Ganoza, Peru FLO, spoke with the group about
his time at the Naval Academy. Ganoza graduated
from the Academy in 1993. He compared his time
then with his tour at NAVSO now.
"Being a Midshipmen here was very easy,
but now with a family it's a lot different," said
Ganoza. "Lots of things to take care of but it's a
great cultural experience for my family."
As the Navy component command of
SOUTHCOM, NAVSO's mission is to direct
U.S. Naval forces operating in the Caribbean,
Central and South American regions and interact
with partner nation navies within the maritime
environment. Operations include counter-illicit
trafficking, Theater Security Cooperation, mili-
tary-to-military interaction and bilateral and mul-
tinational training.
Fourth Fleet is the numbered fleet assigned
to NAVSO, exercising operational control of
assigned forces. Fourth Fleet conducts the full
spectrum of Maritime Security Operations (MSO)
in support of U.S. objectives and security coop-
eration activities that promote coalition building
and deter aggression.

-Photos by MC1(SW) Holly Boynton
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command and U.S. Fourth Fleet Rear Adm. Victor Guillory
spoke with a group of Midshipmen from the Naval Academy and various Reserve Officers' Training
Corps units. Guillory discussed the missions of 4th Fleet and his vision for the future in the region for
Naval assets. The Midshipmen stopped at 4th Fleet during their tour of Naval Station Mayportfor
Summer Training 2009, annualfleet orientation.

Midshipmen from the Naval Academy and various Reserve Officers' Training Corps units met with
Foreign Liaison Officers from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru assigned to U.S. Naval Forces
Southern Command (NAVSO) and U.S. Fourth Fleet. The Midshipmen stopped at 4" Fleet during
their tour of Naval Station Mayportfor Summer Training2009, annualfleet orientation.

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009 5

HSL-40 Leads 'Helos In High Schools' Initiative

From HSL-40
The "Helo's in High Schools"
Initiative was developed by the
Navy to increase awareness of
the Navy Aviation Air Rescue
(AIRR Rating) in support of
Navy Recruiting Command's
recruiting efforts to find more
AIRR candidates.
In conjunction with HSC-2,
HSC-3, HS-10 and HSM-41,
HSL-40 participated in local
high school fly-ins to assist the
Recruiting Commands with
their efforts. HSL-40 lead the
effort, with contact to more than
60 percent of all the schools
visited, mostly in the Orlando,
Florida area.
During the initiative, HSL-
40 flew SH-60B helicopters to
Oviedo High School, Lake Mary
High School, Lake Howell High
School and Allen D. Nease
Senior High School, where they
landed on each school's foot-
ball field as the students looked
on from the stands. Local law
enforcement and fire depart-
ments played a large part in the
safety of the mission, stationed
at each field where a helicop-
ter landed. At each school, the
crew shut down and stood by
for a static helicopter display
where students could look in

and around the helicopter, and
talk to the pilots, Naval aircrew-
men and local recruiters.
Navy Recruiting Command
deemed the program hugely
successful, with approximately
6,000 civilian attendees con-
tacted directly and much more
awareness with the follow-up
media coverage. The events
generated immeasurable leads
and community awareness of
the US Naval Aviation com-
munity and particularly the
Aviation Rescue Swimmer
community, and also had a large
impact on the development of
future successful relations with
local communities.
Several areas are currently
requesting more events of this
type, and the plans are in motion
to continue the "Helo's in High
Schools" Initiative as a yearly
program. HSL-40 was dubbed
the "model squadron" in this
effort, as they were integral in
the planning and development
of a new initiative that proved
to be extremely successful.

-Photos courtesy of HSL-40

Naval Aircrewmen ofHSL 40 show Search and Rescue gear to students

Airwolfhelicopter lands on the footballfield at Lake Mary High School.

Airwolfhelicopter departingfootballfield.

port of Operations Northern and
Southern Watch. He served as
Squadron Operations Officer
and was selected as the HSL-48
Officer-of-the-Year for 2000.
Bush earned JPME Phase II at
the Joint Forces Staff College,
Norfolk, VA, and report-
ed to United States Southern
Command, Miami, FL, as the
Current Naval Operations
He conducted operational
planning for increased U.S.
counter-terrorist support to
Colombia; detention facil-

ity operations at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba; defense of the
Panama Canal during Operation
Enduring Freedom and, after
Sept. 11, 2001, he served as
the Navy component to the
Commander's Crisis Action
Planning Cell.
Bush assumed duties as
executive officer of HSL-46 in
September 2003 and as com-
manding officer in December
2004. Under his command,
HSL-46 was awarded the CNAL
Battle Efficiency "E" for 2005.
His next assignment was

as the Helicopter Community
Commander Detailer and the
Aviation Head Placement
Officer at the Navy Personnel
Command in Millington, Tenn.
Doyle is a native of Rockville,
Connecticut. He graduated
from The Penssylvania State
University in 1984, earning
a Bachelor of Science degree
in Science (Mathematics and
Physics) and was commissioned
as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy.
Following designation as a
naval aviator in 1986, he report-
ed to HSL-41 in San Diego

for training in the SH-60B
Doyle's first operational
squadron was HSL42. He
deployed to the Mediterranean
Sea aboard USS Doyle and to
the Arabian Gulf aboard USS
Robert G. Bradley.
Doyle has served as Flag
Lieutenant at Commander,
Naval Base Philadelphia, Mini-
Boss aboard USS Peleliu before
returning to Mayport as an
instructor pilot at HSL-40 in
November 1994.
He transferred to HSL-42

for his Department Head tour
and deployed as OIC in USS
Leyte Gulf, as well as serving
as squadron Training Officer
and Maintenance Officer before
reporting to Naval Personnel
Command in 1998 as HSL
Placement Officer and Assistant
Aviation Captain Detailer. In
January 2002, he returned to
HSL-42 as executive and com-
manding officer.
Next, he served aboard
USS Nassau as the Aviation
Officer and was subsequently
assigned to the Pentagon ass

From Page 1

assistant director in the Navy's
Office of Budget (N82/FMB).
In July 2006, Doyle was
assigned to HMSWL as Deputy
Doyle assumed command
of Helicopter Maritime Strike
Wing, U.S. Atlantic Fleet on
Sept. 18, 2007.
He will assume the position
of Deputy Director of Officer
Programs at Naval Service
Training Command Great
Lakes, Pensacola, Florida.

Mayport Rules Triathalon

-Photo submitted
Several Mayport personnel participated in the Final Beaches Triathlon of the Season on July 11.
Pictured are Lt. Dustin Crawfordf USS Farragut, 1st place in military division; Capt. Aaron
Bowman, 2nd place military division; and Dustin's wife, Angle, who placed third in her divi-
sion. Also participating were Andy Stone from Public Works; Lt. Cmdr. Michael Smith from
Fourth Fleet; and Lt. Chester Wyckofffrom public works. Crawford won the military division in
all three races of the series.

Jax Sheriff Visits Mayport

-Photo by Bill Austin
Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician Steven Fellman shows off robotics used by the
explosive specialists unit atMayport to Jacksonville Sheriff ohn Rutherford and other members
of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office during a tour of Naval Station Mayport last week. Rutherford
also toured USS Carney during his visit.

Ae ---

6 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009

FFSC Workshops, Classes Available In July

The following classes and
activities are offered by the
Fleet and Family Support
Center (FFSC) and are free
of charge. Pre-registration is
required and childcare is not
available. For more information
about the classes or to register
call 270-6600, ext. 110. FFSC
is located in Building One on
Massey Avenue.
July 16, 8-11 a.m., Anger
Management, FFSC
What does anger do for you?
Communicate for you? Keep
people at a safe distance from
you? Keep you in charge? For
many people, anger serves them
many uses, but all too often,
it is at a high cost...usually of
relationships, unhappiness in
the workplace, and a general
feeling of disdain. If you want
to be able to break out of the
"get angry/get even" syndrome,
come to this class. Participants
learn how anger and judgment
are related, about irrational
beliefs and faulty self-talk, what
"E + R = 0" means, and the
roles of stress and forgiveness
in anger.
July 16, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-In Review Assistance,
July 17, 9-11 a.m., Credit
Report, FFSC
July 20, 9-11 a.m., What
About the Kids, FFSC
July 20-23, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.,
SAVI Training, Base Chapel
July 21, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-In Review Assistance,
July 22, 9 a.m.-noon,
Tottletyme Playgroup, USO
Parents and children together
meet to share parenting con-
cerns, ideas, and fun! The group
invites professionals to address
specific areas of concern such
as nutrition, toilet training, etc.
We even take field trips sev-
eral times a year to local parks,
museums and playgrounds.
This group is designed for
moms new to the area or moms
who want their child to interact
with other children their child's
age. All children age four and
below are invited to attend.
July 22, 1-4 p.m., Leadership
& Life Skills E7 & Above,
Building 460 Room A & C
July 23, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-In Review Assistance,
July 24, 9-11 a.m.,




From FFSC Mayport
The Fleet and Family Support
Center, Naval Station Mayport
will be hosting an Executive
TAP Class for senior enlisted
personnel E9 and above and
Officers 05 and above.
The Executive TAP class is
designed to promote network
expansion, sharing business
expertise, and special presen-
tations featuring senior level
The class will also pro-
vide information on executive
resumes, interviewing skills,
financial management, veter-
an's benefits, TRICARE infor-
mation and other relevant topics
germane to transitioning senior
level personnel.
The Fleet and Family Support
Center believes that the separa-
tion and career transition of a
top executive presents a com-
plex set of considerations both
for the organization and for the
Whether the departure of a
key player is voluntary, invol-
untary, or negotiated, the event
needs to be managed, along
with its impact and the resulting
Transition assistance consid-
erations need to be addressed
positively to create the best sit-
uation for our senior level per-
sonnel. The Executive TAP
class is developed around this

belief and will host business
professionals who have an in-
depth understanding of and per-
sonal experience in the senior
executive community.
The workshop will be con-
ducted July 27-30 at Naval
Station Mayport, Building 1,
Massey Ave., Jacksonville, Fla.
For more information or
to register, please contact the
FFSC at 270-6600 ext. 1701.
Seating is limited to 40 partici-

Establishing A Sound Family
Budget, FFSC
July 27, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., TAP
Retiree Workshop, Building 1,
Room 104
Designed for Military per-
sonnel within 180 -90 days of
leaving the military. The semi-
nar focuses on benefits for ser-
vice members and their family
members. Participants receive
help in translating their mili-
tary acquired skills into civil-
ian language and are exposed
to the civilian job market and
how to successfully compete in
the civilian employment arena;


$ 100

Offer vBam^Mlid /1/0 -7/0/9
Not v~fa~id on [Bin~siItalled
purB~T~~iicfihase.imiBti 1 per

learning about resumes, employ-
ment interviews and marketing
themselves. If you are within a
minimum of 180 days of leav-
ing the military see your career
counselor for a quota for this
highly successful program.
July 27, 6-7 p.m.,
Ombudsman Assembly, USO
July 27, 8 a.m.-noon, FERP-
Career & Job Readiness
Class, FFSC
July 27-30, 7:30-4 p.m.,
Executive TAP Workshop,
Building 1 Room 104
Designed for Military per-


leaving the military. The semi-
nar focuses on benefits for ser-
vice members and their family
members. Participants receive
help in translating their mili-
tary acquired skills into civil-
ian language and are exposed
to the civilian job market and
how to successfully compete in
the civilian employment arena;
learning about resumes, employ-
ment interviews and marketing
themselves. If you are within a
minimum of 180 days of leav-
ing the military see your career
counselor for a quota for this

sonnel within 180 -90 days of hiehlv successful program.

:1 II

July 27, 1-2:30 p.m., FERP-
Federal Employment Class,
July 28, 9 a.m.-noon,
Tottletyme Playgroup, USO
Parents and children together
meet to share parenting con-
cerns, ideas, and fun! The group
invites professionals to address
specific areas of concern such
as nutrition, toilet training, etc.
We even take field trips sev-
eral times a year to local parks,
museums and playgrounds.
This group is designed for
moms new to the area or moms
who want their child to interact

last. DEWALT

$168 was
4-1/2" Thin Cutting Wheel
*For long life and fast cutting
of ferrous metals and stainless
steel #178780

with other children their child's
age. All children age four and
below are invited to attend.
July 28, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-In Review Assistance,
July 29, 6-7 p.m., IA Family
Discussion Group, USO
July 30, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-In Review Assistance,
July 30, 8 a.m.-noon, FAP
Key Personnel Training,
Building One Executive
Conference Room
July 31, 9-11 a.m., Home
Buving. FFSC

12-Volt NiCd XRP~ While
Cordless Drill/Driver supplies
with Case
*1/2" keyless chuck #240280



32" or 36" Prosteel 6-Panel
Steel Entry Door Unit
*Compression weatherstripping
for a tight seal *Ready for
lockset *Primed and ready to
paint *Ready to install door with
frame eFits rough opening: 34"
or 38" x 82-1/2"H

32" or 36" Reliabilt 6-Panel
Steel Entry Door
*Adjustable sill with full caulking
surface for a weather-resistant fit
now $109 was $139

now now
$224 was $37 was
2 $2" each $37 each
2" x 4" x 92-5/8" Kiln-Dried 5/4" x 6" x 8' Standard
Whitewood Select Stud #6003 Treated Decking #21210
Pricing for commodity items may vary due to market conditions we reserve the right to limit quantities.

n O F
SJames Hardie"

7-1/4" x 12' Primed
HardiePlank Fiber
Cement Siding #7103
Item also available via Special Order.



Offer valid 7/16/09 7/20/09.
Discount taken at register.


1/2" x 4' x 8' AND
1/2"x x12' DRYWALL
Valid on #11730 or #11732 only.
Discount taken at register.
Offer valid 7/16/09 7/20/09.

was $59
All In-Stock 6-Panel
Molded Prehung
Interior Doors
*80"H *Hollow core, molded
textured surface .Primed
and ready to paint
Lockset sold separately.

All In-Stock 6-Panel Molded
Interior Door Slabs $19


Details on our policies and services: Prices may vary after 7/20/09 if there are market variations. "Was" prices in this advertisement were in effect on 7/9/09 and may vary
based on Lowe's Everyday Low Price policy. See store for details regarding product warranties. We reserve the right to limit quantities. "Ask for 10% Off your first single-receipi
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VISA" Accounts. While Lowe's strives to be accurate, unintentional errors may occur. We reserve the right to correct any error. Prices and promotions apply to US locations
only. @2009 by Lowe's". All rights reserved. Lowe's" and the gable design are registered trademarks of LF, LLC. (090791)
001/090791/021 657221


Lets Bt


$524 was
50 $85 each
7/16" x 4' x 8'
OSB Sheathing

2000 PAINT I,

Offer valid 7/16/09 7/20/09.
Excludes Mistints. Discount taken at
register. Includes 5-gallon size only.

4997 5-gallon
was *7997
5.5-HP (Peak)
Wet/Dry Vac


. .. -- .. I

I: 1

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009 7

C alendar

Out in Town
Friday, July 17
Medical Partners of America
presents...The 2009 Beaches
Party and Seaside Shindig to
benefit the Beaches Women's
Partnership starting at 6:30 p.m.
at Casa Marina at Jacksonville
Beach. The casual beach-
side event will feature music
and dancing to the sounds of
the Johnston Duo. Plus, there
will be a live and silent auc-
tion featuring a wide array of
fabulous beaches experiences
- dining, entertainment, art,

clothing, spa services and more.
Event Chair Kathie McGuinness
of MPA will be joined by
Honorary Co-Chairs Atlantic
Beach Mayor John Meserve,
Neptune Beach Mayor Harriet
Pruitt and Jacksonville Beach
Mayor Fland Sharp. This year,
BWP will recognize beaches
resident and world renowned
motivational speaker Pegine
Echevarria as its first annual "
Pearl of the Beaches" honor-
ee for her outstanding work on
behalf of women's issues and
Saturday, July 18
The Fleet Reserve


Sgift card on purchases
$25 of *99-*198
50 ca on purchases
S 5 of*199or more.
with purchase of any in-stock Wemer ladder
products via mail-in rebate. Offer valid
7/16/09 7/20/09. Offer applies to Werner
ladder products only. Cannot be combined
with any other offers or prior purchases.
Rebate form will printon
receipt once purchased
with detailed redemption
instructions included.
See store for details.
Oim~g> -\^VT

Association, Branch 290, is
hosting a dinner from 5-8
p.m. at the Branch Home, 390
Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach.
The menu will include Liver &
Onions or Hamburger Steaks.
A donation of $8 is requested
for each dinner. Carry-out
orders are accepted. Happy
hour precedes the dinner from
4-6 p.m.; all drinks are 500 off.
After dinner, enjoy the music of
SOUTHBOUND until 1 a.m.
As always, the public is invited
to attend.
Sunday, July 19
The Fleet Reserve
Association, Branch 290, invites

I2_ .. z.
A -- -

Le t

you to participate in its Trivia
Game starting at 6 p.m. at the
Branch Home, 390 Mayport
Road, Atlantic Beach. Snacks
will be available for a donation
of $1.50 to $5. The bar will be
Join a park ranger at 2 p.m.
for a walk on the beach as they
explain the importance of unde-
veloped beach habitat, including
many interesting facts about sea
creatures and common shells
found in the area. The program
will take place at pavilion one
on Little Talbot Island. No res-
ervations are necessary and the
program is free with regular

Discount taken at register.
Offer valid 7/16/09 7/20/09.
See store for details.

J PlNKIMMG isc -

Discount taken at register. Offer valid 7/16/09 7/20/09.
See store for details.

park admission.
Tuesday, July 21
Greater Jacksonville Chapter
#372 National Association of
Women in Construction will
hold its Summer Social from
5:30-7:30 p.m. at Divine
Diva's Apparel & More, 5230
Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville,
Fla. Call 732-7053 or go to
www.twodivinedivas.com for
map and directions. Cost is $5
for members and $10 for guests.
There will be food! There
will be drinks! There will be
wine tasting! There will be
door prizes! There will be free
color consultations! There will


I l l:


1 9


$898 waS
Carry-On 5' x 10'
Trailer with Gate
*1,350 Ib. maximum load
capacity #185886

Carry-On 4' x 6'
Trailer with Gate

now was
$398 $498

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$89 was
Dremel Multi-Max
Oscillating Kit
*Powerful 1.5 amp motor #35904
While supplies last.

Bosch 12-Volt Multi-XTM
Cutting Kit with Case #307770
now $159 was $179
While supplies last.


s19 was
3-Pack 15-Amp Ground
Fault Circuit Interrupter
#37625 (Ivory) #158860
(Almond) #158883 (White)

344 was
Electrical Tester Kit

Details on our policies and services: Prices may vary after 7/20/09 if there are market variations. "Was" prices in this advertisement were in effect on 7/9/09 and may vary
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Offer valid 7/16/09 7/20/09.
See store for details.

Discount taken at register. Offer
valid 7/16/09 7/20/09.
See store for details. Items and brands vary by market.

at the front parking lot of
Hanna Park. Participants
must also bring a signed
City of Jacksonville
Volunteer Agreement
form to enter and work.
Minors must have their
forms signed by a parent
and notarized. Forms are
available on Station by con-
tacting Scott Dombrosky,
Environmental Department
at 270-6730 ext. 211.



be economic stimulus coupons
from Divine Divas for all par-
ticipants! There will be triv-
ia! And of course socializing
with the amazing women of
NAWIC! Please RSVP to Ellen
Manus at 941-915-6234 or just
reply to this email.
Wednesday, July 22
The Fleet Reserve
Association, Branch 290, invites
you to participate in its "Wings-
N-Things" from 5-8 p.m., at the
Branch Home, 390 Mayport
Rd. Snacks will be available
for a donation of $1.50 to $5.
Then stay and enjoy the music
of Doug Bracey from 9 p.m. to
1 a.m.
Saturday, July 25
Join a park ranger at 2 p.m. to
learn about the many common
species that inhabit the natural
communities of the undevel-
oped barrier islands of northeast
Florida. The program will take
place at pavilion five on Little
Talbot Island. No reservations
are necessary and the program
is free with regular park admis-
The Ladies' Auxiliary of
the Fleet Reserve Association,
Branch 290, presents
Branch Home, 390 Mayport Rd.
Christmas Dinner of Turkey
and Ham with the traditional
Christmas side dishes will be
served from 4-7 p.m. A dona-
tion of $10 is requested for each
dinner. The Branch Hall will be
decorated with a Christmas Tree
and other seasonal ornamen-
tation. Santa Claus will visit,
and there will be a Gag Gift
exchange bring a Gag Gift
and receive one in exchange.
Other games and activities are
also planned. For more infor-
mation please call the Branch at
Sunday, July 26
The Fleet Reserve
Association, Branch 290, invites
you to participate in its Trivia
Game starting at 6 p.m. on, at
the Branch Home, 390 Mayport
Rd. Snacks will be available
for a donation of $1.50 to $5.
The bar will be open.
Monday, July 27
The Fleet Reserve
Association, Branch 290,
invites you to play Bingo at the
Branch Home, 390 Mayport Rd.
Games start at 6 p.m. and are
usually finished by 8 p.m. S
Saturday, Aug. 1
Join a park ranger at 2 p.m.
and learn about the lifecycle of
the sea turtle and the importance
of these creatures. The program
will take place at pavilion one
on Little Talbot Island. No res-
ervations are necessary and the
program is free with regular
park admission. For additional
information on any of these pro-
grams, call the Talbot Islands
Ranger Station at (904) 251-
2320. For more information
about Florida State Parks, visit
Saturday, Aug. 1
Attend a Butterfly Gardening
Workshop from 9:30 a.m.-
12:30p.m. at the Duval
Extension Office on 1010
N McDuff Avenue. Learn
from Dr. Jaret Daniels, U of
FL Lepidoptera expert, about
Florida butterflies and conser-
vation efforts.. Purchase plants
to attract butterflies at the work-
shop. The cost is $10 to attend
and you must call 387-8850 to

Hanna Park

Clean Up
Hanna Park Bike Trails
Maintenance Day will be
held July 19 starting at
8:30 a.m. Volunteers are
needed to clear brush along
the trails. Wear c losed toe
shoes, protective cloth-
ing, gloves, sun protection,
and bring drinking water.
Please bring manual hand
tools, clippers, limb lop-
pers, rakes, (no power tools
or chainsaws). Authorized
trimming on designated
trails only as directed by
Hanna Park Maintenance
Volunteers should meet

8 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009


July 16: CPO Spouse/Better Half
Night. 3-7 p.m. at Foc'sle CPO Club
with free hors d'oeuvres 4-6 p.m., all-
you-can-drink soft drinks for only $1
and drink specials. Thursday night is
reserved for active and retired Chief
Petty Officers and their guests. For
CPO Club activity information, call
AWRC Jon Abell at 850-748-5941.
July 17: Summer Outdoor Movie
(Pride, PG). Start time is at sunset,
or approximately 9 p.m. every Friday
at Sea Otter Pavilion. Light refresh-

ments available for purchase. Bring
your lawn chairs or blankets and bug
spray, just in case. 270-5228
July 19: Bowling Family Fun
Night. 5-8 p.m. every Sunday at
Mayport Bowling Center. Cost is $9
per person and includes bowling, shoe
rental, spaghetti dinner and prizes.
July 20-23: FASE Challenge. 7-
9:30 a.m. daily behind Foc'sle CPO
Club. Military personnel are chal-
lenged to test their fitness, athletics,

strength and endurance in this annual
competition. Individual and Command
awards. 270-5451
July 21: All Khaki Steak Night
Sponsored by USS Dewert. 4-8 p.m.
at Foc'sle CPO Club with $10 steak
dinners and kids' specials available. All
Khakis welcome (Chief Petty Officers,
Officers and their guests). Purchase
tickets from STGC Ben Pierson at 270-
July 23: CPO Retiree Night. 3-7
p.m. at Foc'sle CPO Club with free

hors d'oeuvres 4-6 p.m., all-you-
can-drink soft drinks for only $1 and
drink specials. CPO Retirees bring in
a cruise book to show off and receive
one free domestic draft. Thursday night
is reserved for active and retired Chief
Petty Officers and their guests. For
CPO Club activity information, call
AWRC Jon Abell at 850-748-5941.
July 24 & 25: Register for Session
4 Swim Lessons. Register 8-10 a.m.
Friday and Saturday at the Base Pool.
Session 4 begins July 27 and meets

Monday through Thursday for two
weeks. Children's and adult lessons
are available. For complete details
visit: www.cnic.navy.mil/Mayport/
Recreation 270-5425
July 24 & 25: Live Band: The Ron
Perry Connection. 9 p.m.-1 a.m. both
Friday and Saturday at Castaway's
Lounge. No cover charge; everyone
welcome. For band information: www.
ronperryconnection.com. 270-7205

The following activities tar-
get single or unaccompanied
Sailors. For more information,
call 270-7788/89 or stop by
Planet Mayport Single Sailor
Center and pick up the monthly
activity calendar with a com-
plete listing of all upcoming
Liberty events.
July 16: Jacksonville Suns
Trip. Trip departs Planet
Mayport at 6:15 p.m. Space is
July 17: NCAATournament.
Earn bragging rights and prizes.

Pizza served at 6 p.m. at Planet
July 18 & 19: Shopping
Trip. Transportation provided
to and from the St. Augustine
Outlet Mall. Trip departs from
Planet Mayport at 10 a.m. both
July 20: Barracks Break In.
Free pizza and a movie in the
first floor lounge of Barracks
Bldg. 2105 starting at 6 p.m.
July 21: Dinner and a Movie
Trip. Pizza served at Planet
Mayport prior to departing to

ST SU\ .110Khaki
and their

must be
in advance
Deadline to purchase tickets:

Monday, July 20 @ 4pm
Steak Dinner: $10 per person
Steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, side salad and a dinner roll
Kid's Hot Dog Meal: $4 per child

for the theatre around 6:30 p.m.
Cost is only $2 for pizza, trans-
portation and admission to a
movie of your choice.
July 23: Ultimate Karaoke.
Time TBD at Castaway's
July 24: Breakfast-To-Go.
Planet Mayport staff will be
passing out free breakfast out-
side the Barracks starting at
6:30 a.m.
July 25: Paintball Trip.
Trip departs Planet Mayport
at 1 p.m. Cost is $15 for field

and air pass, 500 paintballs and
transportation. Sign up early.
Space is limited.
July 31: Miami Weekend
Trip. Trip departs Planet
Mayport at 10 a.m. on Friday
and returns Sunday evening.
Cost is $40 and includes round-
trip transportation and lodging
at the Hotel Claremont. Come
and go as you like all weekend
or take advantage of our trip
itinerary. Sign up early. Space
is limited.

Youth Dance Classes
Register NOW at the Youth Activities Center, located in on-base housing.

'^ Clesses ape
formng JN OW!

^ ---- l ^ Ingstructors:
Polly Boeneke and
Dayna Williams
J r Polly B Dance Academy

3:454:45 p.m. Ballet and Tap (Ages 5-7)
4:45-5:45 p.m. Ballet and Tap (Ages 3-5)
9:30-10:30 a.m. Ballet and Tap (Ages 2 '-3)
10:30-11:30 a.m. Ballet and Tap (Ages 4-5)
3:45-4:45 p.m. Ballet and Tap (Ages 7+)
5:00-5:45 p.m. Jazz and Hip Hop (Ages 7+)
Class Fees: $38 per month
No discounts for holidays or missed classes.
$5 discount for additional child andlor class.

For more lfo, call the
'WWR Youth Activties Center
at (904) 270-5680 or 5421.
Instructors can he reached
via e-msil st PBBB.@aol.com.

Class Attire: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes. Items can
be purchased from Instructor.
Additional Details: Minimum of 5 children per class to start; Maximum of 12 children
per class. Class schedule is subject to change depending on enrollment and demand.

.i .

iW niDixieI
T f i aiy

K id Zone

July 17: Freedom Friday. 7-11 p.m. at the Youth Activities
Center for ages 6-12 (age 5 if completed Kindergarten). Cost is $7
in advance; $9 the day of, if space. 270-5680
July 17: Teen Center Extended Hours (Neighborhood
Scavenger Hunt). 7-10 p.m. at Club Teen for middle and high
school ages. 270-5680 or 246-0347
July 17: Summer Outdoor Movie (Pride, PG). Start time is at
sunset, or approximately 9 p.m. every Friday at Sea Otter Pavilion.
Light refreshments available for purchase. Bring your lawn chairs
or blankets and bug spray, just in case. 270-5228
July 21: Adventure Landing Water Park Trip. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
for ages 12 and older. Cost is $12 per person plus money for lunch.
Sign up at the Youth Activities Center. 270-5680
July 24 & 25: Register for Session 4 Swim Lessons. 8-10 a.m.
Friday and Saturday at the Base Pool. Morning and evening lessons
available. Session 4 begins July 27 and meets Monday through
Thursday for two weeks. Cost is $40 per child. For complete details
visit: www.cnic.navy.mil/Mayport/Recreation 270-5425
July 25: Teen Dance Party. 8-11 p.m. at Club Teen for middle
and high school ages. 270-5680 or 246-0347
Aug. 4: Junior Golf Clinic Begins. This golf clinic for ages 8
and older meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11 a.m. for two
weeks. Cost is $100 per child. Sign up at Windy Harbor Golf Club.

MWR Hosts Drama,

Dance Camps

Players by the Sea School of
the Arts will offer a unique two
week Drama Camp at the MWR
Youth Activities Center, located
in on-base housing. Camp will
run Monday through Friday,
Aug. 3-14 from 1-4 p.m. daily.
This free workshop is open to
rising third graders through
eighth graders. Space is limited
to provide individual attention.
Youth Dance Classes at the
Youth Activities Center have
resumed after a brief summer


break. Instruction is provided
by the Polly B Dance Academy.
Classes offered include bal-
let and tap for ages 2 1/2 and
older and jazz and hip hop for
ages 7 and older. Cost is $38 per
month with a $5 discount for
additional children of the same
family or additional classes.
Registration for both pro-
grams is currently in progress at
the MWR Youth Activities
Center between 10 a.m. and 6
p.m. Monday-Friday.

The Air Force Reserve is Continue to build close
offering part-time, and full- friendships, serve your country
time opportunities for Aircraft and participate in experiences
Mechanics with excellent unique to the military.
benefits, including choice
of home base, education Accomplish extraordinary things
assistance, secure employment while you achieve your
and competitive pay. personal goals.
Choose your home base and
you will not be transferred.
Receive low cost TRICARE health
insurance. Maintain retirement
benefits. In most cases you can
retain your rank. Specific jobs
come with signing bonuses.


The Beaches Frhehest!

66Sti ulus I i^as"

I drink $5.99
for $1.99


Try our special.

Dine-In livery!
All of our food is made fresh to order on premises-Sauces,
soups, dressings, desserts, breads, Pizza dough and more!!
Military. Request 10% discount-Dine in Only!

Italian & More

Catering Also Available!
Now Delivering to Mayport NS.
(904) 246-9926 www.lapizzaria.net
2158 Mayport Rd #5, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

1. CRESTWICK SOUTH 904-696-3483 where family comes first
lot 50 4 bed/2 ba save $57,010 NOW $199,990
lot 76 3 bed/2 ba save $28,000 NOW $199,990
2. GEORGETOWN 904-998-3628 *at the St. Johns Town Center

unit30ER 3 bed/3.5 ba
unit 30 D 4 bed/3.5 ba

save $21,000
save $19,000

NOW $228,990
NOW $230,990

3. SANDY CREEK 904-829-5041 A+ St. Johns County schools no CDD fees

lot 18
lot 10
lot 26
lot 28

4 bed/3 ba
3 bed/3 ba/bonus
4 bed/2 ba
4 bed/3 ba

save $74,000
save $73,000
save $62,000
save $85,000

NOW $249,850
NOW $248,350
NOW $239,990
NOW $249,250

iS y r,' ConstghLrnrucinCmay-G008 ric aalablity ubjct t chn gel wifthoutnotice. SEDA*
ayupto$,00-owrSttaSloin.css .t ED.aprvd ene *$ M=1nnV las

Liberty Call

Chicken Par
2 Pizz!




THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009 9

M WR Sports/Fitness

A Flag Football meeting will
be held Aug. 4 at 11 a.m. at the
Gym Lobby. This is a Captain's
Cup event.
A Men's Softball
Organizational meeting will be
held Aug. 11 at 11 a.m. at the
The Summerfest 5k/10k Run
will be held Aug. 11 with an 8
a.m. start in front of the Gym.
A 3v3 Indoor Soccer
Organizational meeting will be
held Aug. 18 at 11 a.m.
A Dusk to Dawn one day
softball tournament will be held
Sept. 4 starting at 6 p.m. until
dawn. Cost is $225 per team
Sign up by Aug. 25.
The Intramural Volleyball
Lunchtime League game time is
11:30 a.m., Monday-Thursday,

behind Beachside Community
Center. This is a Captain's Cup
A new fitness schedule for
Sufside and the Gym is in
effect. Water Aerobics sched-
ule has also been added for
the summer season. The new
Surfside Fitness schedule is as

7 a.m., TRX with Ruthie and
10:30 a.m., Broken Hearts
11:30 a.m., Step nKick
1 p.m., Moms in Motion
4:30 p.m., Zumba
7 a.m., IA Training
9:30 a.m. Lo Impact
11:30 a.m., Lunch Crunch
1 p.m., Strength Solutions &
Flexibility Fix-uups
3 p.m., TRX

The Fitness P.O.W. is Cardio:
Nu Step;
Strength: Rectus Abdominis;
Stretch: Low Back

6:30 a.m., Functional
Flexibility and Stress
10:30 a.m., Broken Hearts
11:30 a.m., Zumba
1 p.m., Moms in Motion
5:30 p.m., Kids Clinic
5:30 p.m., Kickboxing
11:30 a.m., Mind, Body
(Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi)
1 p.m., Strength Solutions &
Flexibility Fix-ups
2:30 p.m., Command Yoga
7 a.m., Beach Bootcamp
11:30 a.m., IA Training
The new Gym schedule is as
6:30 a.m., Weight Training
for Warfighters
11:30 a.m., Circuit Senations

2:30 p.m., Command Row-
bics Tuesday
6:30 a.m., Command Cardio
11:30 a.m., Resistance
3 p.m., Conditioning for
Running with LaPlace
4:30 p.m., Spinning
7 a.m., Cardio, Combat and
11:30 a.m., Row-bics
2:30 p.m., Victory PRT
7 a.m., Command Jump and
11:30 a.m., Spinning

MWR Holds Soccer Championships

-Photos courtesy of MWR
Above, USS De Wert pulls in just in time to win the end of the season Soccer Playoffs. Below,
HSL-48 wins the 2009 Intramural Soccer league and places 2nd in the end of the season Soccer

From Boys Town,
Nebraska to the World
Changing the Way the World
Cares for its Children and Families





2760 Mayport Road in Atlantic Beach,
approximately one-half mile north of
Mayport Naval Air Station
Office Open Daily 10:00am to 6:00pm


M .onday Student
: Sp09 Summer Special
$99 for 99 days
With Student ID
Aerobics B-ball Pilates Yoga Zuma
SNo Cancellation Fee for Deployment
Month to Month Agreements Available
S Military Discounted Rates Available
(9,04) 821-5101
14255 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32250
1s 880-4858 (904) 285-8223
.95..San Jose Blvd. 830-10 A1A N. Ponte
'*... Jacksonville, FL 32257 ..:::::... Vedra, FL 32082

t 10% Discount
with Military ID

Sport Bike, Harley, Custom Lhopper Service & Parts
Mobile Dynojet 2501 Tuning Custom EFI Maping

MON-SAT 10:30am-9pm SUN I lam-8pm
7 Gyros, Souvlaki, Hummus, & more.
Tryourhomemade authentic desserts!
10 Donner Rd Atlantic Beach, F
904-24 1 -0070

NPruie is Shei i EWuw...
Y'li]1 I 10% MILITARYn1

4.. .B c h Mdo B mwld N Bk I
BUYv SEU A lh R A-81

Call Julie Dinneweth SIX INCH FULL COLOR ADS
904-359-4680 To run weekly in The Mirror
Total Distribution: 10,000 Copies
S- $360 Special Order Now!
Reservation Deadline: Thursday before start date

Up to $7.00 OFF V --- n -B FI, iltS
'any entree or sandwich of greater or equal vl ue':' '.I Z LU :
*Offers only id with Military ID ..1 .
2 oh O, J B ( r -------------------- l 2-
222 North Oceanfront, Jax Beach (right (_! tj(-_)rc-ltt.t-cd) 246-7701

6:30 a.m., Command
Spinning with Ruthie
11:30 a.m., Strength Training
Basics for Women with Traci
Water Aerobics schedule for
the Base Pool is as follows:
9 a.m., Aqua Aerobics
9 a.m., Aqua Aerobics
(Regular & Deep Water)
9 a.m., Aqua Aerobics
9 a.m., Aqua Therapy


. . . . . .




k l--




10 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009





THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009 11

Gettysburg Holds Suez Canal Transit Run

From USS Gettysburg
USS Gettysburg transitioned
from 5th Fleet to 6th Fleet via the
Suez Canal on July 6. The Suez
Canal is an international canal
in Egypt between the main-
land and the Sinai Peninsula
which links the Red Sea and
Mediterranean Sea. The canal
transit is approximately 120
miles in length and at 200
meters wide it was challeng-
ing, full-day navigation evolu-
tion. In addition to the naviga-
tion challenge the ship was also
required to man additional force
protection watches due to the
restricted nature and location of
the channel.
In spite of the additional
watches and heightened alert
Gettysburg participated in the
unique tradition of "Running
the Ditch." While transiting the
Suez Canal, Gettysburg Sailors
were allowed to run topside laps
in an effort to run a cumulative
total of 120 miles. The turn-
out was very impressive with
63 runners participating during
their off times from standing

personnel housing, administra-
tive facilities, warehouses and
supply facilities, training facili-
ties, personnel support and ser-
vice facilities and security level
facilities. Abatement and han-
dling of hazardous or regulated
materials will also be included.
Each contract will be for one
base year with four one-year
option periods at a maximum
amount of $250 million for all
five contracts. The work will
be concentrated at, but not lim-
ited to Naval Air Station (NAS)
Jacksonville, Fla.; Naval Station
Mayport, Fla.; Naval Support
Activity Orlando, Fla.; Naval
Submarine Base Kings Bay,
Ga.; and surrounding supported
commands in Northern Florida
and Southern Georgia.
As part of the contract, Sauer
Incorporated was awarded a
$6.9 million task order for the
design and construction of the
Child Development Center
at NAS Jacksonville (CDC
Jacksonville). The nearly
31,000 square foot, one-story
facility will include storage,
shade structures, playground
and equipment, fencing, paving
and site improvements. Work
on this project also includes
demolition of the existing CDC
Jacksonville buildings and foun-
"We are very excited that this
new Child Development Center

Ensign Mark Dress running
through the port break during
the afternoon heat.
watches throughout the 10 hour
Running topside on a ship
presents unique challenges with
the many obstructions and nar-
row decks, but every runner
was excited by the opportuni-
ty and took to the Gettysburg
track with great vigor. On the

From Page 1
(CDC) is being built as NAS
Jacksonville and finally moving
forward. This new center will
increase our capacity and allow
us to better serve our sailors and
their families in a state of the
art facility with the latest ame-
nities," said NAS Jacksonville
Morale Welfare and Recreation
Director John Bushick.
"This CDC will be the largest
center that will be construct-
ed in Navy with a capacity of
302. The infant (6 weeks -12
months) capacity will increase
from 40 to 56, the pre-toddler
(12-24 months) capacity will
increase from 30 to 60, toddler
(24-36 months) capacity will
increase from 56 to 70, pre-
school (3 to 5 years) capacity
will decrease from 120 to 116,"
he continued. "This will make
the total increase from 246 to
302 children. We currently do
not have any excess capacity in
other rooms to accommodate
infant and pre-toddler children.
Once the new CDC is open I
believe the wait list will be very
short and we should be able to
accommodate most children in
the CDC."
The CDC Jacksonville is
scheduled to be completed by
November 2010.
The expected completion date
for all work on this contract is
June 2014.

Gettysburg track it takes seven
laps around the main deck to
equal a single mile and in spite
of its relatively short length, the
average distance ran by each
runner was 5.5 miles! With run-
ners on deck all day Gettysburg
was able to far surpass its goal
of running the ditch by complet-
ing 2,446 laps for a total dis-
tance of 350 memorable miles.
The effort by all Sailors was
commendable but a few stood
out for accumulating impres-
sive numbers. The leading
runner for the day Lt.j.g. Chad
Lapp who ran a full marathon
in under four hours, even after
standing the 0300-0700 watch.
Other top distance participants
were Master Chief (CMC)
David Rudd with 13.1 miles, Lt.
Dennis Panos with 13.5 miles
and the top female Lt. Lentesia
Hill with 11.5 miles.
Gettysburg ran the ditch and
then some in her transition from
5h Fleet to 6th Fleet. It was an
unforgettable event that will no
doubt be a great story for years
to come.

-Photos courtesy of USS Gettysburg

Top, Lt.j.g. Dave
Cook running very
seriously before
being overtaken
by the marathoner
Lt.j.g. Chad Lapp.
Bottom, Chief
Gunner's Mate
Frank Magnotta
having a better
time the most dur-
ing the morning

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12 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exercise Focused On Mission Capabilities
By Ensign multi-threat environment. TWS 2009 enhanced friendly ..g... e - .

-Photo by MC3 Patrick Grieco
Another round bursts from the guided missile frigate USS Doyle's (FFG 39) saluting battery as
Gunner's Mates render a time-honored 21-gun-salute to the entombed Chilean sailors in the sunken
19th warship, turned memorial, Esmeralada. The captain and crew of the Esmeralda are national -Photo by MC3 Patrick Grieco
maritime heroes for their courage and determination to never surrender their ship during the Battle The sun rises on a new day for the crew of the guided missile frigate USS Doyle (FFG 39) as she sails
of Iquique in the late-1800s War of the Pacific between Chile and the combined forces of Peru and through the Pacific Ocean. Doyle is on a six-month deployment to Latin America and the Carribean
Bolivia. Doyle is on a six-month deployment to the 4th Fleet Area of Operations in support of US as part of Southern Seas 2009 in support of U.S. Southern Command's Partnership of the Americas
Southern Command's Southern Seas 2009 Partnerships of the Americas .ii ilchv. : 1alv.l

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THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 200913

VBSS Teams Train To Board Vessels Of Interest

By MC2
Coleman Thompson
USSHarry S. Truman Public. i .
In addition to protecting and
accompanying USS Harry S.
Truman (CVN 75), the other
ships in Truman Strike Group
have the duty of inspecting
suspicious vessels with highly
trained Visit, Board, Search and
Seizure (VBSS) teams.
The purpose of a VBSS team
is to conduct inspections on ves-
sels of interest and to combat
terrorism and piracy.
During the Composite
Training Unit Exercise
(COMPTUEX), the teams
worked with several Navy ships
in the area conducting board-
ing operations, detaining and
processing prisoners, and tak-
ing control of ships that posed
a threat.
"These training operations are
key," said Ensign Shawn Toth,
the boarding officer for the
VBSS team on board guided-
missile destroyer USS Carney
(DDG 64). "The more training
we can get the better. We've
already had a few dry runs. We

ran across some problems along
the way, but we addressed them
and are better prepared for the
real thing."
The VBSS exercises offered
the Sailors involved a chance
to practice something that is
not usually prevalent on larger
"I think it's unique," said
Engineman 2nd Class (SW)
Chad Zandi, a member of
Carney's VBSS team. "You
don't really get to do things like
this in most parts of the fleet."
Repeated training is essential
to maintaining mission readi-
ness for the group, and the team
must be ready for any situation
since the need and opportunity
to board another vessel may
present itself at any time.
Once a vessel of interest
comes into range of the strike
group, queries are made to vari-
ous agencies about the vessel's
purpose and cargo.
If anything is suspicious, the
team will launch a small craft
and move to board the ship.
From there, the team will
gather more information on

the crew and inspect the ship's
cargo. If any crew member's
information comes in as a threat
or the cargo is found to be con-
traband, the team will assess
the situation and move forward
With the recent rash of pirate
attacks, it's more important than
ever that these teams remain
ready in the event that they
encounter a pirate threat.
They train to be ready for any
possible situation by mastering
weapons and non-lethal tactics
in order to easily subdue hostile
"We've done a lot of good
training out here," said Toth.
"We did a few dry runs, all
involving different players and
scenarios. It's always differ-
ent when you're against some-
body that's unpredictable, and
the guys out here posing as the
opposition have been doing just
The team trained with former
Navy SEALs who worked as
evaluators and simulated crew
members on the ships partici-
pating in the exercise.

-" -
- --
i, --
ns -- -c~
-r. ,- ~=~--L~C:
-r- -LC-I~CI_
i_ __

-. .,--~--T=

~ -

Epa --

~ `---9
~-f"C L-rC--


-U.S. Navy Photo
USS Carney VBSS team was able to inspect suspicious vessels during training with the Harry S.
Truman Strike Group.
"I've been getting a lot of each day from the people above train after COMPTUEX in prep-
great mentorship out here," said and below me." aration for the strike group's
Zandi. "I'm learning new things The teams will continue to upcoming deployment.

Task Group Renders Salute To Chilean Memorial

national hero Captain Arturo
Prat Chacon ordered the imme-
diate boarding of Huascar and
died trying after three rounds hit
him. His courage inspired the
crew and, despite the damage to
the Esmeralda, First Lieutenant
Luis Uribe Orrego ordered a
man to climb the mast and nail
the remains of a Chilean flag
so the enemy would know he
refused to surrender. As the ship
sank into the ocean, Esmeralda
fought bitterly for survival, but
eventually sank taking 140 peo-
ple to their graves.
"Every navy has a hero that
represents its values, commit-
ment and honor," said Chilean

By MC3 Patrick Grieco
While pulling into Iquique,
Chile, June 28, Sailors from
Task Group 40.0 on board the
frigates USS Doyle (FFG 39)
with Destroyer Squadron Four
Zero embarked, USS Ford
(FFG 54) with HSL-46 detach-
ment Four, and USS Kauffman
(FFG 59) rendered honors to
the sailors who died on board
the Chilean wooden corvette
CNS Esmeralda which sank
during the 19th century Battle
of Iquique after a heroic fight
with the Peruvian ironclad BAP
Hudscar .
During the battle, the Chilean


In Team Work South

By Cmdr. Rob Rafford
DESRON40( .( StaffOfficer
Twelve Navy Reserve Sailors
integrated into Destroyer
Squadron FOUR ZERO
(DESRON 40) staff opera-
tions June 21- July 4 as they
participated in the Chilean led,
Multinational Team Work South
exercise in Northern Chile.
The exercise, conducted every
two years by the Chilean Navy,
included 22 ships, 15 aircraft,
and more than 3,000 Sailors.
Participating countries includ-
ed Brazil, Chile, France, Great
Britain, and the United States.
Reservists from DESRON 40
units in Houston and Pensacola
served aboard the three U.S.
ships participating: USS Doyle
(FFG 39) with embarked
DESRON 40 staff, USS
Kauffman (FFG 59) and USS
Ford (FFG 54) with embarked
Helicopter Anti Submarine
Squadron (Light) (HSL) 43
detachment 4. The Sailors
were responsible for integrat-
ing with their active duty coun-
terparts in Radio and in the
Combat Information Center to
form a cohesive multinational
staff. Duties included imple-
menting numerous communi-
cations plans required for the
exercise and working as watch-
standers. Onboard Doyle, the

reserve Sailors implemented
the DESRON watch team and
served in the planning cell
as the Air Operations Officer
responsible for coordinating the
movement of the three helicop-
ters and one P-1ll assigned to
"Working as Air Operations
and coordinating air tasking
made this exercise a satisfy-
ing and worthwhile AT (active
duty time) as I was able to use
my flight experience to relieve
some of the workload from the
DESRON staff and make a pos-
itive contribution," commented
Lt. Cmdr. William Sipperly.
Chief Operational Specialist
Richard McCullough com-
mented "The hands-on train-
ing is invaluable because I
only get to do this two weeks
a year. Working as part of a
multinational staff as a reserv-
ist gave me great pride in
myself, DESRON 40, and the
U.S. Navy, knowing that we are
working to improve interoper-
ability with all these countries."
As part of their annual
Southern Seas deployment,
the DESRON 40 staff relies
on reserve integration to com-
plete their mission. This year,
Reserve Chaplain Lt. Cmdr.
Jose Molina is embarked as the
Command Chaplain responsible

for coordinating all Community
Relations (COMREL) projects
and Project Handclasp deliv-
eries during the 13 visits to 9
In addition, Reserve Lt.
Reginald Desaga is embarked
onboard Kauffman serving as
the staff liaison officer. "The
work that these two Officers do
is vital to the Total Force con-
cept for the Navy. They have
fully integrated into the active
duty staff and play a critical role
in allowing us to complete our
mission" commented DESRON
40 Commodore Rudy Laco.
DESRON 40 is assigned as
the task group commander for
Task Group 40.0, executing the
Southern Seas Deployment.
Southern Seas is part of U.S.
Southern Command Partnership
of the Americas strategy and
focuses on building interop-
erability with partner nations
in Central America, South
America, and the Caribbean
through Naval exercises, mili-
tary to military training engage-
ments, and COMREL projects.

Lt. Alberto Guerro of the
Chilean Naval Training Center
and embarked Chilean staff
on board Doyle. "For the U.S.
Navy it would be John Paul
Jones, for the Chilean navy you
have a war hero from a century
ago, a captain who never sur-
rendered and never gave in. He
never gave up his flag. The U.S.
Navy is probably the most pow-
erful navy today, their acknowl-
edgement of our heroes is a
sign of our friendship and last-
ing relationship. By seeing the
ship's company salute our hero,
the man I hope to be someday, I
am deeply grateful."
"It's is the Chilean version of

our USS Arizona memorial,"
said Gunner's Mate 1st Class
Donald Cisco. "I felt a sense
of reverence and honor for the
men who fought here. This was
the site of a very significant and
historical battle."
After the honor ceremony, the
ship rendered a 21 gun salute to
the country of Chile to signify
the respect and mutual coopera-
tion that Chile and the United
States have for each other.
Guerro and multi-nation-
al staff members from Chile
and France augmented the
Destroyer Squadron Four
Zero staff embarked on board
Doyle to support the 2009

Teamwork South exercise oper-
ations. Teamwork South is a
multinational exercise hosted
by Chile, and included par-
ticipating navies from Brazil,
France, United Kingdom, and
the United States. The purpose
of the exercise was to build
interoperability among the
participating navies in a multi
threat environment
"Teamwork South has been a
long lasting exercise and every
year we learn something new,"
said Guerro. "The interoperabil-
ity between our two navies con-
tinues to increase and interna-
tionally, the safety of the oceans
continues to be improved. I am

looking forward to seeing the
U.S. Navy here again in 2011."
Doyle is on a six-month
deployment to the 4th Fleet
Area of Operations as part of
Southern Seas 2009 as part
of U.S. Southern Command's
Partnership of the America's
strategy to improve interoper-
ability and strengthen relations
between partner nations. Doyle
is joined by the frigates USS
Kauffman (FFG 59) and USS
Ford (FFG 54) with Destroyer
Squadron Four Zero (DESRON
40) as the command element.

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14 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009

Navy Unveils Self-Apply Option For PCS Orders

From Navy Personnel Command Public

The latest upgrade to the
Navy's detailing system
empowers Sailors by allowing
them to submit their own job
applications when negotiating
for permanent change of sta-
tion (PCS) orders, according to
NAVADMIN 200/09, released
July 7.
Career Management System
Interactive Detailing (CMS/
ID), is a Web-based system that
allows Sailors to view available
job assignments and make appli-
cations through their command

career counselors when looking
for PCS orders. Beginning with
the July 9 CMS/ID application
cycle, many Sailors will have
the ability to submit applica-
tions on their own.
"More senior Sailors already
understand the detailing sys-
tem and know what they should
be looking for. The self-apply
option is good for them. This
frees up the career counselor
to work with junior Sailors
who may have never negotiat-
ed orders before and need help
navigating the system," said
Chief Warrant Officer Samuel

Kirkland, assigned to OPNAV
N16 Fleet Introduction team.
The OPNAV N16 Fleet
Introduction Team tests and
validates manpower, personnel,
training and education applica-
tions currently being used by
Sailors. CMS/ID Self-Apply
option was tested at 15 differ-
ent commands including ships,
shore units and squadrons dur-
ing a five-month period.
"The feedback has been very
positive. We found that Sailors
liked the empowerment," said
"Sailors have been ask-

ing for it, and the Navy really
delivered," said Senior Chief
Navy Counselor (SW) Veronica
Holliday, assigned to Navy
Region Southwest in San Diego.
Holliday's command participat-
ed in the CMS/ID Self-Apply
operational test earlier this year.
"We love it. It is like what a
lot of major businesses already
do, where you apply online or
at an application kiosk," said
While this new option allows
Sailors to apply forjobs on their
own, the career counselor will
still retain the option to review

and modify requests.
"It does not take the com-
mand out of the process because
we have to review the applica-
tions to make sure Sailors apply
to the right jobs for their career
path," said Holliday, who veri-
fies applicants at her command
meet physical readiness stan-
dards, sea-shore flow require-
ments and other factors.
Before getting started, Sailors
must meet Perform to Serve
requirements as outlined in
NAVADMIN 017/09 and 161/09
and be within their orders
negotiation window in order

to submit applications. Sailors
can access CMS/ID online at
https://www.cmsid.navy.mil. A
common access card (CAC) and
a card reader are required to log
Sailors without Internet
access should continue to com-
municate with their detailers
through the career counselor
and the chain of command.
For more details read
NAVADMIN 200/09.

Mayport Crew Member

Conducts First Rescue As

Coxswain On First Coast

By P03 Cindy Beckert
Public, i Detachment Jacksonville,
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Robert M. Kroll, a boatswain's
mate from Coast Guard Station
Mayport, Fla., and a Keystone
Heights, Fla., native, was still
awake when the call came in
after midnight.
Early Sunday morning Station
Mayport crewmembers had just
responded to one false-alarm
distress call and were getting
ready for bed when the second
call came in.
Approximately 20-miles off-
shore of St. Marys, Ga., a small
coastal town about 30-miles
north of Station Mayport, a boat
had capsized with three people
Kroll who earned his cox-
swain qualification just five
days earlier, led the search
crew to the scene of distress.
Coxswains serve as the boat
driver and is charged with man-

aging the crew aboard the small
boat including the search and
rescue operation.
The coxswain qualification
process can take up to a year
to complete, and includes mas-
tering practical qualification
standards such as boat handling,
navigation, team coordination
and engineering.
This was going to be Kroll's
first mission as coxswain at
Station Mayport and he said he
was nervous, but really more
excited than anything.
Kroll joined the Coast Guard
in August 2001 and knew he
wanted to become a boatswain's
"I've been around boats my
whole life, my father is a charter
captain, it was a natural choice,"
Kroll said.
As Kroll, and the four other
47-foot motor lifeboat crew-
members, approached the cap-
sized boat, he said the sinking
boat was almost completely

submerged. A helicopter crew
from Coast Guard Air Station
Savannah, Ga., had already res-
cued one man from the water,
while the other two men were
struggling to stay aboard the
sinking boat's hull.
There was yelling, he said. As
the helicopter crew threw down
a heaving line and a life raft, I
pulled the boat up towards the
men and my crew rescued them
from the water, he added.
This was not Kroll's first res-
cue ever. He said he couldn't
even begin to guess how many
rescues he has been involved
with while stationed at other
Coast Guard units throughout
the nation.
However, this was his first
rescue as coxswain along the
First Coast.
No matter how good or bad
a rescue mission turns out, the
crew sits down afterwards and
does an evaluation. We talk
about how everything went,

A special online community for families
of babies in neonatal intensive care

march of dimes
Find help and hope at shareyourstory.org
a CFC participant Provided as a public service

-Photo by P03 Cindy Beckert
Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert Kroll, a boatswain's mate assigned to Coast Guard Station Mayport,
Fla., poses on the floating pier here on July 1. Kroll is a coxswain of the 47-foot motor lifeboat.

what was good and was wrong,
Kroll said.
In this case, the distressed
boaters had survived.
It is how we stay in-check
and continue to be successful,
he said.
Kroll said he is proud to serve

gu ideDog
For The Blind, Inc.
a CFC participant
Provided as a public service.

in the Coast Guard, whether he
is wearing his uniform or not, he
honors the core values of honor
respect and devotion to duty. He
holds the Coast Guard close to

his heart. He looks down to his
chest, while referring to his hid-
den tattoo and quietly chuckles.
"Actually," he said, "I liter-
ally have USCG on my chest."

If you've suffered a traumatic injury, whether or not the injury was
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The Legend has

returned to

Mayport Road

*I M L* **EI*B

DRAF BEI $ .00 I-"PER MU&' [~o

SBR Enjoys Windjammer Days

From USS Samuel B. Roberts PAO
USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58)
recently anchored in Boothbay Harbor,
Maine to help the city celebrate the
annual Windjammer Days Festival.
The festival is held the week of June
22 and is a celebration of tall early
1900 replica sailing ships and Sailors
in general. Sammy B. was wel-
comed by the Knickerbocker Group,
host of Windjammer Days, and city
official representatives. Sammy B.'s
Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Chuck L.
Sellers, presented a plaque of apprecia-
tion to the city of Boothbay.
The next several days were full of
liberty, events, and great food. Sammy
B. Sailors enjoyed the great seafood
that Maine had to offer during their
well earned liberty, met many 'town-
ies,' and summer residents, and inter-
acted with the windjammer crews.
On the morning of June 23, a small
group of Sailors took a tour of Bath
Iron Works, in Bath, Maine, a pre-
mier ship yard for the Navy. Bath
Iron Works graciously showed the
crew around her expansive facilities,
including the Panel Line, the Unit
Assembly and Outfit I, the Blast and
Paint Building, the Ultra/Pre-Outfit
II Building, and Building Ways, the
buildings which house the five major
stages of building a warship.
"It was really awesome to see the
huge scale of the project of build-
ing a ship, and all the different stages
required. The tour was both informa-
tive and fun," said Ensign Beth-Ann
The tour was especially meaning-
ful for the group who was able to see
where their ship was built and again
repaired after the 1988 mine blast in
the Persian Gulf.

-Photo courtesy of USS
Sammy B. received the honor of being able to march in the Windjammer Days Festival, expertly led by
consisting of Quartermaster 2nd Class Small, Damage Controlman 2nd Class Houghton, Operations
Sanchez, and Operations Specialist Seaman Apprentice Englert."
That same day, a separate group of retirement home was happy to have the summer. This
volunteers traveled to St. Andrews the company of such a fine group was an exclusive e
Retirement Village to participate in of Sailors. Later in the day, another of the Windjamme
a Community Relations (COMREL) COMREL took place during which sev- helped set up, sen
effort to visit and converse with the eral Sailors volunteered at the Cabbage and clean up after
residents and exchange stories. The Island Clambake, a daily affair during engaged many of t

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009 15

In Booth bay
versation and the exchange of sea sto-
ries. Even though it was a volunteer
effort, the volunteers were provided
,g,---" .... excellent food for their time.
"It was a really good time; and the
food was excellent," said Chief Fire
Controlman Ryan Lee.
.- Simultaneously, as the COMREL
group was leaving the ship, a group of
VIPs, sponsors, Knickerbocker Group
committee members, and Boothbay
SChamber board members arrived on
Li the ship for a special tour to learn a
.- little bit about the ship's mission, his-
tory, and what life is like as a Sammy
B. Sailor. On June 24, another tour
group arrived which included a State
Office Representative for Senator
Susan Collins, POA for the Navy from
SUPSHIP Bath, and Sammy B. veter-
ans from DD 823, Harold Goodwin,
John T. Grzybowski, and John
LaFlamme, also a plank owner, and a
local Boothbay editor and photogra-
These tours began another full day
for the crew, after which a reception
for the Sammy B. wardroom and all
Windjammer Festival VIPs was held
at one of the premier inns in Boothbay.
S. Following the reception was the
-. Windjammer Days Street Parade,
-" -,. "Salute to the Working Waterfront," in
which 30 Sailors, including the Color
Samuel B. Roberts Guard had the honor of representing
their Color Guard, Sammy B. and the Navy in the gra-
Specialist 2"d Class cious town of Boothbay. It was an
impressive spectacle, and an auspi-
clambake however, cious occasion for the crew.
event for the crews The city of Boothbay proved a hos-
:rs. The volunteers pitable host and every Sailor enjoyed
ve food and drinks, the liberty opportunities. USS Samuel
rwards. They also B. Roberts is currently in homeport
he mariners in con- Mayport.

Len Hackett

V JlXVl. IN1 LE U1 J V V iJ-I JN


We are here for Article 15s and Courts-Martial.
We also advise on LORs, demotions, discharges,
and other UCMJ or adverse administrative actions.

4309 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone (904) 296-6751 Fax (904) 296-2712


Wolfgang Mertz
Former JAG
Chief of Justice
Area Defense Counsel

I -I

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16 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009

DeCA Publishes

By Benjamin Rouse
DeCA pubhc intern
The Defense Commissary
Agency has published "The
Illustrated History of American
Military Commissaries," a
two-volume set that is the first
comprehensive history ever
compiled about the commissar-
ies that serve the U.S. armed
"It's exciting," says Philip
E. Sakowitz Jr., DeCA director
and CEO. "The book provides
a wonderful history of this great
benefit, which goes back 234
years and is interwoven with
the histories of agriculture,
business, economics, marketing,
technology, the United States
itself and the nation's armed
forces. It will bring about an
awareness of what the commis-
saries do today, as well as what
they have gone through since
their creation. It helps us realize
that today, more than ever, the
commissary is worth the trip."
The history of the commis-
sary benefit stretches back to
the establishment of the Army's
Subsistence Department in
1775. The department began
selling items "at cost" from its
warehouses to officers in 1825,
to officers' families in 1841,

and to enlisted men in 1867. the birthday of the modern com-

The last date is considered to be

missary system.

Commissary H
Research for "The Illustrated chose nearly 800 to place in the
History" began 22 years ago book. "The photos really tell
when DeCA's historian, Dr. a great story," Robinson says.
Peter Skirbunt who at the "Many of them have never been
time was the historian of the published, and others were last
Air Force Commissary Service published 50, 60 or 70 years
began assembling data and ago. Even longtime commissary
information for what he thought employees will be pleasantly
would eventually become a his- surprised by the visual archives
tory of Air Force commissaries, presented in this book."
The creation of DeCA in 1991 "The book is large but very
merged the stores of all the ser- reader-friendly," says Skirbunt.
vices, and Skirbunt adjusted the "The photos are terrific all by

scope of the book to include
the Army, Navy and Marines.
He also included Coast Guard
stores in his research, even
though most of them are under
the direction of the Department
of Homeland Security, not
In 2002 Skirbunt began put-
ting all that information togeth-
er and writing the text. His
research continued even as he
wrote, so portions of the book
were revised to include newly
discovered information. Editor
Kevin Robinson like Skirbunt,
a member of DeCA's office
of corporate communications
- joined the project and pro-
vided the book's editing, design
and layout. Together, Skirbunt
and Robinson sorted through
thousands of photographs and

themselves, but they are accom-
panied by a tremendous amount
of written information. There
are chronologies to help place
events in a logical sequence,
17 appendices full of detailed
information, a big bibliography
and a large, detailed index that
makes things easy to find all
to make life easier for the reader
and researcher."
Skirbunt and Robinson expect
to receive additional informa-
tion and photos once people
have had a chance to read the
book. Skirbunt says, "I'm sure
some readers will be surprised
at how long ago, and where,
commissaries originated. But
others who are more familiar
with the system may wonder
why we didn't mention one
store or another, or they may

r -"*.^ ** B

Common Ingredients Produce

Hours Of Summer Fun

realize that we could have used
some of the old photos they
have stashed away in their attic.
We'll wait a while and accu-
mulate new information and
photographs, the best of which
we'll include in an updated edi-
tion. We anticipate publishing
that second edition some time
before the 150th anniversary of
the modern commissary system
-July 1, 2017."
Anyone wishing to obtain
a personal copy can order
online from the Government
Printing Office Web site, book-
store.gpo.gov. By typing the
word "commissaries" into the
search prompt, they will be
taken directly to the page from
which the book can be ordered.
If asked, they should refer to
ISBN 978-0-16-081785-4.
Proceeds from the book's sale
go to the Government Printing
.-1 -J U.A

By Kay Blakley
DeCA home economist
School's out and children are free for endless
hours of summer fun! Yeah, right. Maybe for a
week or so, then come those pitiful whines of,
"Mom, I'm bored. There's nothing to do." This
year, be prepared to turn a boring afternoon into
a total summer blast with a few common kitchen
ingredients purchased at the commissary at sav-
ings of 30 percent or more.
Want to make some huge, sturdy bubbles that
float for an amazingly long time before they pop?
Dish washing liquid, corn syrup and water are all
it takes to make a whole tub full. Cornstarch, food
coloring and a pinch of soap flakes make a great
batch of finger paints. Cornstarch and white glue
become Silly Putty in a snap, and a roll of toilet
paper and a bar of soap easily transform into

Proud to Serv

- I-re.here or thoe whoneed u most

Clean Mud as long as you've got the recipe.
While the children are mesmerized with the
batch of Big Bubbles, mom can stir together a
recipe of Melon Bubbles for dessert, or let the
older children try their hand with Kool Colored
Angel Cake, Ice Cream Muffins, or even Coffee
Can Ice Cream. Of course, they all will want to
be involved in that one. Better start saving coffee
cans now, so you'll have enough to go around.
Let the older children have some quality kitch-
en time as they produce fun dishes like Incredible
Edible Veggie Bowls, mix, knead and bake their
own pretzels, whip up some Awesome Applesauce
in the blender or food processor, or even make
their own Homemade Peanut Butter.
To find all of the recipes associated with this
article, go to Kay's Kitchen at https://www.com-
Volunteers of America works to support
and empower at-risk youth, the frail
elderly, homeless individuals and people
with disabilities.
VoluteerSa 1.800.899.0089 VolunteersofAmerica.org
a CFC participant Provided as a public service.

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By Risie Howard
JAGC Summer Intern
Since Sept. 10, 2001, there
have been increasing mon-
etary benefits for you and your
immediate family members.
On June 30, 2008, President
Bush signed into law a new
Veterans Education Assistance
Act called the Post 9/11 GI
Bill. The new bill is transfer-
rable. Transferability is a reten-
tion tool and is based on time
in the armed forces whether
active duty or selected reserves.
Members on active duty who
separate or are discharged prior
to September 10, 2001 and
subsequently affiliate with the
selected reserves may qualify
for transferability if all other
criteria are met. Read on for
more details.
What are the minimum
requirements for eligibility?
Servicemembers must have
served 90 aggregate days or
more of active duty, beginning
on or after Sept. 10, 2001.
Are there exceptions to the
minimum requirements for eli-
Yes. Individuals honorably

discharged for a service-con-
nected disability who served 30
continuous days after Sept. 10,
2001, may also establish eligi-
So what exactly do I qualify
for under the Post 9/11 GI Bill?
(1) Tuition and fees paid
directly to the institution, not
to exceed the most expensive
in-state undergraduate tuition
in your chosen state of study
(active duty individuals may
receive the total amount of
tuition and fees); (2) A month-
ly stipend paid based on the
BAH of an E-5 with depen-
dants, in same zip code as the
school (education online or
by correspondence may not
qualify); (3) Up to $1,000/yr.
for books and supplies; (4) Up
to $2,000 toward licensure or
certification tests; and (5) Up
to $1,200/yr. for tutorial assis-
tance. Individuals will gener-
ally receive 36 months of full-
time educational benefits. The
benefits are only payable for
approved training and education
programs offered at colleges
and universities.
Okay, so I qualify for all of

ing Th

these benefits if I served at least
90 days of active duty after
Sept. 10, 2001?
Not exactly, the maximum
basic benefit is earned after
serving 36 months of active
duty or after 30 days with a ser-
vice-connected disability dis-
charge. Benefits are pro-rated
to a minimum of 40 percent
of the basic benefits based on
time served, from 90 days to 36
Service Academy commit-
ments, ROTC scholarship grad-
uate commitments, and active
duty served as a requirement
for student loan repayment does
not count toward the minimum
eligibility requirements.
I heard something about being
able to transfer benefits to my
dependants.. .is that true?
Yes. However, there are addi-
tional requirements that must
be satisfied before benefits can
be transferred. Transferring
benefits to a spouse requires
six year of active service with
a commitment to serve an addi-
tional four years of active ser-
vice. Transferring benefits to a
child requires 10 years of active

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, July 16, 2009 17

e Post 9/11 GI Bill

service with a commitment to
serve an additional four years of
active service. Members with at
least 10 years of active service
yet either standard policy or
statute prevent them from com-
mitting another four years may
transfer benefits if they commit
for the maximum time allowed
by policy or statute.
Members with 20 years or
more of active service before
Aug. 1, 2010 require no addi-
tional service to transfer ben-
efits. Members eligible for
retirement after Aug. 1, 2009
and before Aug. 1, 2012 have
reduced additional service
Individuals who transfer ben-
efits and thereafter fail to meet
the additional service obliga-
tion may be liable to the VA for
the amount of used benefits.
Benefits may also be divided
between the servicemember and
a dependant, or between two or
more dependants. Keep in mind
that the individual transferring
the benefit retains the right to
revoke or modify the transfer at
any time.
May my dependant(s) or I use

the Post 9/11 GI Bill while I'm
on active duty?
Yes, however you or your
spouse will only be entitled to
tuition and fees; not the month-
ly stipend, books and supplies.
If the benefit is transferred to
an eligible child the monthly
stipend, books and supplies are
How long do I have to use
Post 9/11 GI Bill?
Generally, benefits are pay-
able for 15 years following the
individual's release from active
duty. If the benefits are trans-
ferred to a dependant child,
there is no time limit, but the
child may not use them after
reaching age 26.
May I use the Post 9/11 GI
Bill for education already com-
No. The Post 9/11 GI Bill is
only applicable for active duty
members of the armed forces
for education pursued on or
after Aug. 1, 2009.
What if I already qual-
ify for benefits under the old
Montgomery GI Bill or another
GI Bill?
Look before you leap. While

you may be entitled to more
than one educational bene-
fit, you may also be required
to make an irrevocable choice
of which benefit you wish to
receive. The Post 9/11 GI Bill
is not always the most finan-
cially beneficial selection, so
compare GI Bill benefits before
So, how much does it cost to
enroll in the Post 9/11 GI Bill?
Enrollment is free. In fact, if
you have already paid $1,200
under the Montgomery GI Bill
and elect the Post 9/11 GI Bill, a
portion of your contribution will
be refunded in your last month-
ly housing allowance payment.
Any individual considering
the Post 9/11 GI Bill should first
contact their Education Service
Officer. Additional information
may be found at http://gibill.
va.gov/ or by calling 1-888-
442-4551. This article is not
intended to substitute for the
personal advice of a licensed

Getting An Annullment Is Not As Easy As You Think

By Lt. Joanna Mastny
The famous last words of
many servicemembers spoken
just before rushing into mar-
riage. Some individuals, ser-
vicemembers and civilians alike,
seem to think that an annulment
is a simple way to get out of a
marriage that hasn't lasted very
long. After all, Britney Spears
and that first guy she married in
Vegas did it!
In most states it is actually
much easier to get a divorce than
to have a marriage annulled. In
Texas, for example, a simple
divorce can be accomplished in
as little as 61 days, without hav-
ing to do much more than ask
for the divorce and tell the court
how you've agreed to divide
your assets. To have a marriage
annulled you have the burden
of proving to the court that
your situation fits into one of
the limited grounds for annul-
ment. The court will usually
need to divide your assets and
debts even when an annulment
is granted.
Although grounds for annul-
ments vary by state, this article
will examine the seven general
grounds for annulment recog-
nized in Texas in order to dem-
onstrate the limited situations in
which annulments apply (if you
are outside of Texas, consult
with a licensed attorney in your
state to determine grounds for
annulment). If the facts sur-
rounding your marriage fit one
of the categories listed below,
you can petition (ask) a court
to annul your marriage. If you
don't meet any of these guide-
lines, then you must petition the
court for a divorce instead.
Underage Marriage
If a person between the ages
of 16 and 18 gets married with-
out the consent of their parent,
the parent may ask the court
to annul the child's marriage.
Annulment in this situation is
not automatic the court will
look at all of the circumstances

to decide whether an annulment
is best for the child.
Marriage while under
the Influence of Alcohol or
A person who gets married
while under the influence of
alcohol or narcotics may ask the
court for an annulment. This
type of annulment can only hap-
pen if the person asking for the
annulment did not voluntarily
live with (and/or have sexual
relations with) their spouse after
the effects of the alcohol or
drugs wore off. The party seek-
ing the annulment must prove
to the court that he or she was
so intoxicated that they did not
understand their actions at the
time of the marriage.
A marriage can be annulled if
either spouse was permanently
impotent at the time the mar-
riage occurred, and the other
spouse didn't know about it.
Only the non-impotent spouse
can request an annulment and
only if they did not voluntari-
ly live with their spouse after
learning of the impotency.
Marriage due to Fraud,
Duress or Force
A person who enters into
marriage due to fraud, duress
or force of the other spouse
may seek to have the marriage
annulled. Again, the annulment
may only be granted if the per-
son asking for the annulment
did not voluntarily live with
their spouse after learning of
the fraud or being released from
the duress or force. Do not look
at this as a "catch all" category
for annulment. A court will not
grant an annulment because one
person lied about something
along the lines of how much
money they make. However, if
a person lies about their iden-
tity or forces the other person
into marriage at gunpoint an
annulment could be granted.
Marriage while Mentally
If a person enters into a mar-

riage while they are mentally
incompetent, either they, or the
mentally competent spouse,
may ask for an annulment. If
the mentally incompetent per-
son (or their legal representa-
tive) asks for the annulment, it
can only be granted if the per-
son didn't voluntarily live with
their spouse after regaining
mental competency. If the men-
tally competent person requests
the annulment, it can only be
granted if that person didn't
know their spouse was mentally
incompetent at the time of the
marriage and did not voluntari-
ly live with their spouse after
learning of the mental incom-
Concealed Divorce
In the state of Texas, a per-
son who gets divorced may not
remarry within 30 days of their
divorce date. If they do remarry
within those 30 days, the new
spouse may seek an annulment.
The annulment may only be
granted if the new spouse did
not know of the recent divorce
at the time of the marriage, and
did not voluntarily live with
their spouse after learning of
the recent divorce.
Marriage within 72 Hours
of Receiving the Marriage
Texas law requires that a
couple apply for and receive
a marriage license at least 72
hours before the marriage cer-
emony takes place. If a couple
gets married during the 72 hour
waiting period, either member
of the couple may ask to have
the marriage annulled. Please
note that this 72 hour waiting
period does not apply to active
duty servicemembers. Texas
law permits a person on active
duty to get married as soon as
the marriage license is received.
Therefore, a servicemember or
their spouse cannot have a mar-
riage annulled on the grounds
that the ceremony took place
within 72 hours of receiving the

Are You Eligible For The

'Boomer' Deduction?

By Lt.j.g. Lea Tietje
Servicemembers who are
assigned to a two-crew subma-
rine are eligible to claim cer-
tain deductions on their income
taxes due to their unique situ-
For those not in the subma-
rine community, the Ohio class
of submarines (aka "boomers")
are manned by two separate
crews, the blue crew and the
gold crew. When one crew is
out to sea, the other is on shore
duty. Under section 162 of the
Internal Revenue Code taxpay-
ers are allowed to deduct "ordi-
nary and necessary expenses"
including "traveling expenses
while away from home in the
pursuit of a trade or business."
Boomers are eligible for this
deduction because of the two-
crew rotation. In 1967, the
IRS ruled that a naval officer
assigned to a ship or submarine
that has eating and living facili-
ties is entitled to claim the ves-
sel as "home" for the purposes
of deductions under section 162.
The IRS recently clarified that

this ruling applies to both offi-
cers and enlisted servicemem-
bers. For the boomers, when
the gold crew goes out to sea,
the blue crew remains on shore
away from their "home." This
means the shore crew is entitled
to deduct traveling expenses
for work since they are away
from home, hence the "boom-
er deduction." These travel
expenses can include travel to
and from the shore duty location
to the home of the servicemem-
ber. Other deductible expenses
can be utilities in the home.
Now, no one wants to be
audited by the IRS. A service-
member claiming the boomer
deduction must be certain that
they are only claiming the
amount of deductions they are
entitled to. It is important to
remember that the deduction
is only available to the servic-
member, not their family. For
example, if claiming a deduc-
tion for the amount of the elec-
tric bill, a servicemember who
resides with their family can
only deduct their share of the
bill and not the entire utility

bill. Additionally, the deduction
can only be claimed for unre-
imbursed expenses, thus rent or
mortgage payments cannot be
deducted if a servicemember is
reimbursed for those expenses
through their BAH. Also, if the
sub is in dry dock crewmembers
assigned to the sub cannot claim
the boomer deduction during
that time.
If you believe you qualify
for this tax deduction, but want
some help wading through the
tax forms, utilize the Volunteer
Income Tax Assistance Program
(VITA) which is offered on
many bases. VITA volunteers
may be able to help you deter-
mine if you qualify for this
deduction. If VITA is unable
to assist you, you can also go to
irs.gov and contact an IRS rep-
resentative who is knowledge-
able about this deduction.
The author of this article
wishes to acknowledge the
informational paper written
by George F. Reilly, Navy Tax
Counsel, as a valuable starting
point to understanding this com-
plex topic.

Remember that the catego-
ries for annulment listed above
are for the State of Texas only,
and your state may have more,
less or different qualifications
for annulment. If you feel your
situation may qualify you for
an annulment, or you have any
other questions about terminat-

ing your marriage, contact your
local Legal Assistance Office
at: Jacksonville, Florida at ('" '4)
542-2565 ext. 3006; Mayport,
Florida at (''"4) 270-5445 ext.
3017; Kings Bay, Georgia at
(912) 573-3959; Charleston,
South Carolina at (843) 764-
7642/44; Gulfport, Mississippi

at (228) 871-2620; Pensacola,
Florida at (850) 452-3734; New
Orleans, Louisiana at (504) 678-
4692; Corpus Christi, Texas at
(361) 961-3765; andFort Worth,
Texas at (817) 782-6009. This
article is not intended to substi-
tute for the personal advice of a
licensed attorney.



Military Publications reach

LI 81 1 of the military community

is Military Community

Includes 92,103 Acdive-

Duty, Reserves, Retirees and

Working On Base -

Active-Duty, Reserves, Civilias, Contrctors

SIrrQJl: xr ews t...........i

Published by
he iFlorida times-inion 3128

18 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, 1.... i i 11I ,July 16, 2009




BY PHONE 366-6300
Mon.-Thurs. 7:30a.m.-6:00p.m.
Fri. 7:30a.m.-5:30p.m.
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Ru date Callby Fx b

Thursday Tue, Noon

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plied upon request. Cancellation and correction
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AnoneS ments Instructi5on^^^


Real Estate for Rent


WM 904-366-6300

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no additional charge.


I ea Etae orSae erice




Happy Ads
Lost and Found
Clubs and Organizations
Dating and

424 6066 Eric
.~ year L~- KilN

All appliances-Attached Garage
Sales Office Open 1PM to 5PM
For Directs & Appt 241-2270

M Middleburg-
House for sale,
3 brm, 2 bath, 2
acres 15x15
shed, brand
new, built 2005.
Country, quiet setting
Call 904-254-1503. Asking

Open Houses
Fernandina/Amelia Island
Intracoastal West
Keystone Heights/Melrose
North Jacksonville
Orange Park/Clay County
San Marco
Manufactured Homes
Farm Acreage
Investment Property
Retirement Community
Baker County
Georgia Real Estate
Nassua County
Putnam County
St. Johns Open Houses
St. Johns Homes
St. Johns Waterfront
St. Johns Oceanfront
St. Johns Intracoastal
St. Johns Marshfront
St. Johns Condos
St. Johns Duplex/
St. Johns Manufactured
St. Johns Lots/Acreage
St. Johns Active Adult
St. Johns Investment
Income Property
Out of Area/Town/State
Real Estate Wanted

US Treasury Dept.
Fri. July 24 at 11 AM
6314 N. Terry Parker Dr.
3 BR, 1.5 BA, 28 X 15 ft.
interior storage room.
Near the University &
the Bay.
OPEN: Sun 7/19, 1-4pm.
Deposit: $5K cashiers
check req. to bid.
Pay to EG&G Tech Srvcs
Auction to be held at :
3721 Via de la Reina
sale# 09-66-183
CWS Auction Lic #2056

4BR/2BA, 1773SF,
Private wooded lot.
$259K MLS 482168
Call Frank Scannello
FL Coastal Jax Realty
www.FrankSellsJax.com a

Fully renovated 3/1.5, in
Ortega, 5 min from NAS
Jax, new kit cabs and
applinaces, new CH&A,
W/D & Freezer in
attached garage, fenced
yard, well and irrig sys.
FSBO, $215K 904-868-1451

course view, 4/3.5, 3000sf,
master suite on ground
level, 2nd & 3rd BRs each
w/bath. Gas fpl. 2cgar,
18min's to Atl. Bch. By
owner $359,900. 904-564-2383

$0 DOWN!
If you have land or
own family land, your
landis your CREDIT!!!

CALL NOW about our
New RTO program on
All of our home. Call
Sandy @ 695-2255

High & dry! Fish pond,
homes or MH's Owner
finance call 904-259-8256

Taylor Co. Ga. Exc. hunt-
ing 40ac, cabin, sm pond,
13mi to 1600ac natural

Value Place. Ask about
paying weekly. Newly
built, furnished studios,
full kitchens, free utili-
ties w/cable. 8341 Dames
Point Crossing Blvd.
904-743-7100 Stay less than
a month & weekly rate
applies. Must present ad.
Based on availabiIity

Apts. Studio $400. 1/1
$450 2/1 $625. 904-745-0450
111rCaliente Dr.

1,2&3BR Apts. & Home
rentals, $550 & Up. 249-54611.

check req. to bid.
Pay to EG&G Tech Srvcs
sa le# 09-66-184
CWS Auction Lic #2056

S Reduced
the Rest!!!
3/2 cute brick/
block home. Mins from
NAS. Ceramic/ hard-
wood floors, new roof,
split floor plan, 16x18
inclosed sunroom, big
deck, 1100sf. Priced to
sell $120K 904-735-1330
5145 Saginaw Ave.

S San Jose to San
C lerc- Golf-
view Condos,
1st. fl. 1 br.,
approx 900 sq.
S ft. move in
ready, small complex,
pool, clubhouse, tennis
$50,000. 502-425-0075 or

A ................4Nights .............$799
..................3 Nights.............$799
Bemruda, .............. 4Nights ............. $959
Bahamas, (Adantis) ..3 Nights.............$979
Belize, ......................3 Nights ......$1199
Cancun,..............3 Nihts ...... .$699
Cayman............ 3 Nights ..$799
CosaRica, .. .............$899
Jamaica, (Sandals) ..-..5Nights .............$989
St Thomas .............5Nig .............$679
SanJuan,PR ........... 4Nights .............$699
P. Valla .............4Night ..........$699

S*P.P.D.O-Some Restrictions apply-Airfare from JAX, Lodging & Transfers, *Taxes not included
904-733-7071 Call for details 1-877-677-7749 *Toll Free

Getting Transferred

& Want to Sell Your Home?
If you owe more on your home
than you can sell it for WE CAN HELP!
Introducing the...

* Save your credit
* NO closing costs required from the seller*
* NO realty commission paid by the seller*
* Faster, easier bank approvals
" No need to rent out your property
" No need to risk foreclosure
* Preserve your ability to purchase another
home at your new duty station

(904) 997-1810
for more information or go to
(*For more details & conditions. Integrity is a licensed
Florida real estate & mortgage broker)

Work Phone #







Please fill out
this form in
black or blue ink.






Across from ocean 2/1
apt. 103 16th Ave S. Jax
Bch. $995mo.
Jax Beach 1/1 apt,
211 N. 8th St. No dogs.
All properties incld lawn
srvc + 1/2 mo dep.
Broker/ Owner
call anytime 612-4296
Northside $599 Spacious 2/1
CH&A, water incld. HUD Ok
Ask about our Senior
Discounts. Call 764-7801
RIVERSIDE Lrg 1/1, all
uti Is incld, beautiful
gated yard, walk to
SVMC $700m + $650dep.
904-389-5617/ 706-308-7800
Clean, quiet in country
setting, water included.
$545MO. 904 783 0288
ARLINGTON-2, 3, & 4br
$25.00 Move's You In
1 Month Free Rent.
Azalea Ridge 904-725-8155

S3/3, TH, Beachside,
I cg, $1200m. Mid
July 992-1797
Orange Park,
natures Hide-
away, 2 br/2ba
| $850/ mo, +$450
I security dep.
Gated, quiet,
near ma Il.
NAS 770-979-1305, avail-
able now, nice condo.
Oakleaf Plantation
spacious 2/2 w/gar,
screened lanai
w/lake view, stor-
age and many upgrades
available immediately.
$1000m + $ 1 0 0 0 dp.
St. Augustine Beach
Oceanfront 1BR condo,
furnished, $1000mo+dep
SDuplex near Kent
Campus, 1/1, W/D
hkup, clean, quiet,
fpl, new apple's,
porches, fenced yd, $495.
406-9544 Deposit.

Arlington East,
Townhouses, yards, comuse
pool available nowi now 410-526-6111

$795/amo P H
904-608-5129 or

Arlington. 3/1, $800/mo +
$800 dep. fenced back
yd, convenient location.
No pets. 904-724-1041
3/1.5 $750/mo incl Wtr/sewer
$750/dep. Call 636-0269
Atlantic Beach/ Mayport
3/2, fncd bkyrd, patio,
gar, tile/ hrdwd firs, avi
immed $1200mo 463-5052
Atlantic Beach/Mayport
1232 Galapagos Ave S.
3/2, FR, walk in closet,
carport. $1250m 612-8868
SCustom home
2,150 sq. ft.,
sprinkler sys-
tem, alarm
system, beau-
tiful hardwood
floors. 3/2 office
cathedral ceilings
$1 ,500.00 deposit,
$1 ,300. 00/mo rent
1 837sf, 3/2.5,
family/iiving rma &
loft, gar, ceiling fans,
gated, A-rated schools,
pools, club house, soc-
cer, volley, tennis,
YMCA, 11mi's from NAS
JAX. $1150m. 803-4287
Fleming Isl Eagle Har-
bor furn'd 2/1, Ashton
Sub $450 per rm 904-
278-2179 or 542-2646 x 139
0 House for rent,
2 bed/2 bath, 2
carports, addi-
upgrades! 10
miles from
NAS/JAX $700/mo.
Home 904-908-8844 Cell
3/2 in beautiful Kensing-
ton, wooded yard, comm
pool, tennis & b-ball
$1200mo. + sec. dep.
Call Robert 904-403-1039
CR220 3/2/2, fpl, scr
patio, Ig fncd bck,
great neighborhood,
Avail. 7/9/09. $1050m.
20min's to NAS.
Mall, fncd yrd, carport,
great n'bhood. 904-287-9760
Orange Park- Large 3/1.5!
LR, DR, Sunroom, carport,
fncd yrd, sep. Indry rm
Come see $785m 860-8478
Country Club Brick 4/3
2200sf, Irg yard, comm
pool $1500m 904-307-5834
Beautiful 1/1 Pacific
Beach condo, conv.
to Miramar & San
Diego bases. $1850mo.
Beautiful 1/1
LaJolla TH, cony.
to Miramar & San
Diego bases. $1750mo.



Madison @ Bay Pointe
4500 Baymeadows Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Located in Baymeadows Area Off 295

SI EJ www.magl.p.comn



1. Free advertising in the Fleet Market is restricted to active duty and retired military
personnel (or their dependents) and civilian employees assigned to Mayport Naval
2. Advertising in the Fleet Market is a free service provided by the publisher to help
qualified personnel dispose of unwanted personal articles. Service ads such
as sharing rides to work or on leave, announcing lost and found items, and
garage sales will be accepted. ADS PERTAINING TO GUN SALES WILL NOT BE
3. All information requested must be included and readable. All ads should be writ-
ten independent of other information contained on this form.
4. Ads received after the above time will run in the following week's issue.
5. Completed forms should be delivered or mailed to the Fleet Market, Building 1.
Box 280032, Mayport Naval Station, Mayport, FL 32228-0032,or to The Mirror,
One Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202

6. Ads appearing to be in the promotion of a business or which do not meet the
above requirements will be billed. The publisher reserves the right to omit any or
all ads.
7. Additional readership in other publications can be arranged for a nominal fee by
calling 366-6300 or 1-800-258-4637 (toll free), or enclosing your phone number.
8. Faxed ads will be accepted at 904-359-4180, however, they must be completed
on an original form.
Select the number of weeks ad is to run: 1 wk J 2 wks J 3 wks J 4 wks
To renew your ad after the allotted time, you must re-submit your ad to Jax Air News.
NOTE: (1) This form must be clipped (not torn) along the outside border. (2) No more
than one word (or abbreviation for one word) per block. (3) Only two free ads per fam-
ily, per week. (4) Select the category for the ad by referring to the Classified Index.


One Riverside Avenue, JacksonvillRTe FL 32202

One Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville FL 32202

Southside-Nice 3/2, Ig den,
gar, hrdwd firs, $1195mo
Furn 2/1 & 2/2, clean &
shaded $695mo. 737-0537
SOUTHSIDE 3/1/1 remod-
eled, new ch/a & kitch,
w/d hkup, nice street.
$800m/$600d 904-393-9031
2364 Peach Dr., 1700SF
$995 rent No HUD,
No dogs. Call 636-0269
ST. Augustine- Deerwood
Acres 3br/2ba, 2.5 acres
on lake, frplc, W/D, DW,
micro., 1700sf., $1150mo.
Pets OK 904-808-1992
WESTSIDE 3/1, Newly
Renov., carport, fenced,
$800m+lst/last/sec. dep.
For Appt. 540-226-9490
WESTSIDE 2006, 3 BR, 2
BA, 2 car gar, fenced
yd, $895/mo. 8440Metto
Rd. 386-649-8544
WESTSIDE White House
2/1 duplex, CH/A, W/D
hookup, Irg yd. $550mo
+$300dep. 904-289-7603

1 & 2 BR weekly/monthly
Westside Mobile Home
for lease, 2/2, Central
Air, LG yard w/ porch,
city water, W/D; $600.00
per month; $400.00
deposit, and no pets.
Call 904-803-3781

LARGE 3/2 M.H. for rent
only $650. a month. Call
now about our $1.00 A
Day Special 781-0441

Two & Three bedroom
mobile hm for rent. Call
now about our BIG July
Move-in special 695-2255

Southside -roommate
wanted 1br furn or
unfurnished, $500mo.
includes; utils, cbl, TV,

Business Opportunities
Ficticious Names
Financial Services
Money to Lend/Borrow
Mortgages Bought/Sold

From Home w/ Free
Training & Support
Visist www.ok4plan.comin
Established Full Service
Digital Print Business
For Sale. No exp. necc.
Fin. avail. 1-800-338-6608

Private Instruction
Specialty Training/

You will be trained in a
practicing dental ofc, to
become an assistant in
11 weeks. Using the lat-
est equipment & tech-
niques, this Saturday
course enables you to
continue working while
training for your new
career. Tuition $2995.00.
Call Jacksonville
Dental Asst School
904-398-3401 for info.

Local area, no overnight
travel. Salary Plus Com-
mission. Full benefit
package, Health & Den-
tal Insurance, 401K.
Resu mes Only, Fax
904-268-3097, Attn: J. M.
Toblin, or e-mail to

Outstanding opportunity
to work with an autho-
rized service provider
for a Fortune 500 home
improvement company.
We are looking for ener-
getic, motivated
appointment setters to
work in retail locations
in NE Florida. Appli-
cant must be drug free
& pass a criminal back-
ground screening.
*20-35 hours weekly
*$10.00 hourly
*Outstanding Bonus
*Work Thur-Sun
Positions start immedi-
ately. Call 904-224-1085

Learn a New Career
& get paid while attending*
('must be eligible for VA school benefits)
CALL 904-389-9117 or visit
for more information





i i




Outstanding opportunity
to work with an autho-
rized service provider
for a Fortune 500 home
improvement company.
We are looking for ener-
getic, motivated
appointment setters to
work in retail locations
in NE Florida. Appli-
cant must be drug free
& pass a criminal back-
ground screening.
*20-35 hours weekly
*$10.00 hourly
*Outstanding Bonus
*Work Thur-Sun
Positions start immedi-
ately. Call 904-224-1085

A/C Repair Service
CAC 1815374.
28+yrs exp. If I can't fix
it their is no service
call charge 755-7760

All Florida Contractors, inc.
Roofing Specialist
Call for Free Est.
904-759-9454 Lic.#CCC056907

AC, Heating, Fuel
Arts & Crafts
Building Supplies
Business/Office Equipment
Craft/Thrift Stores
Estate Sales
Garage Sales
Hot Tubs/Spas
Kid's Stuff
Machinery & Tools
Miscellaneous Merchandise
Musical Merchandise
Portable Buildings
Public Sales
Sporting Goods
Wanted to Buy or Trade

T-SHIRTS Michael
Jackson 5 colors avail,
Lrg to 3x. Call 355-8917


I Mattress |

Must Sell $100 I
L 904-644-0498

BED A Banner Bargain
King Size Mattress $185
Call Carter 644-0498

L KINGS $180 365-0957

Moving Sale
highboy dresser
$100.00 end
S| tables $15.00,
I garden tools,
coffee table
$20., 3 drawer cabinet
$50. Call 904-254-1503.
Brand New $145 644-0498

SOFA- reclin-
ing motion w/
pull down cen-
ter console,
very good cond
*,Lpaid $900 ask-
ing $375 pics avail.
Call 904-629-6891
Bed w/Simmons
baby beauty rest
mattress $60; Buy
set. Exc. cond. 781-2760

Arlington Moving Sale
Everything from A-Z
Thur, Fri, Sat 8-2;
7890 Bellemeade Blvd S.
Arlington Multi Family
Sale! Fri & Sat 7-12N
Ponte Vedra Beach Huge
Furn. Sale New & Used
from N.C. Furn Market
7/18 8am, 7/19 10am, 5150
Palm Valley Rd, office
complex in back. We
support the wounded
warrior project. Cash or
merchandise held until
check cleared.

Saturday 9a-6p
great iems: Laptops,
flat screens, exerc.
equip, tools, stereos,
etc. Come early &
save BIGarage 5706 Univ.
Blvd W., Corner of
Barnes & Univ.

This Sat & Sun Have
Your Garage Sale at
The Market Place!
7059 Ramona, 786-FLEA

t 4000 Watt AC
Craftsman por-
t able genera-
tor w th wheel
k $200.00

BOOTS 10-W, blk
SBelleville steel toe
never worn, all
leather. Ron
912-467-2202. $50.
2pc, American of
lighted, gorgeous,
Fillagree over
glass doors-genuine
wood-exc cond., $295.
p pearl, Zilsah
Cyrabals. Asking
$300. Andy 576-5146
truck $50; Cosme-
tology stand/chr
$125obo; supplies,
etc. 904-491-7996
t to 55 gal. stands,
pumps, filters and
access. Sell sep. or
as group Woodbine,
GA. 912-882-5375
4, Lawn mwr $150;
Edger $50; misc.
tools, all less than
2yrs old, Andy
4 Mystery Din-
ner Show in
Orlando for 2
adults $60.00
ticket good till
4/30/10 ITT
rate $100+ Call 778-9167.
Alum., heavy duty,
"Wernerner" brand. 1/2
price of new one.
Great cond. $96. 268-2482

4 (3) boxes for tar-
et practice. $15.

Firearms for sale:
Colt, H&K, Smith and
Wesson, others.
Rifles, handguns,
para-military, many
collectible 904-738-0337

Olympic style,
4001b wghts, like
brand new, asking
$425. Jeff 674-1151

$.8 Billion

The economic impact of the

military in Northeast Florida

and Southeast Georgia is

*7.8 billon.

Local businesses benefit from the military and civilian personnel who
buy and rent homes and who purchase goods and services. Let them
know what your business has to offer by advertising in one or all of
the military publications distributed at the local bases in the area.

j ,ir P

aiNM iriews Mirror Periscope

18 years EX PERIENCE S outhI sid

IS BTreasuryDeNMp
Fri.FJu Iy 24 alt11-AM
3721 Via de la Reina
3 BRBR2BA, Fl Room
f d OPEN: Sun 7/9,14pm
Depos $Kcash e rs

Laurie Potter (USN Retired)
S Mortgage Loan Officer

904.256.2051 Direct
904.463.2065 Cell
Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC
1 Equal Housing Lender 2009
. ln d o A n c o it an d
Bank of Aca Corporan. Credit and
collateral am subjetIto approval. Tenms
and cwdions apple Tlhis Isnota corn- Bankof AmericaqWB
and conditflons am subject to change Home Losanmsi
without notice.


CRUISES fomJax ......5Days ...............$369
Alaska ...........................7 Days ...........699
CanadaNewEngland....4Days ...........$379
Hawaii ........................7 Days...........$849
E Caribbean............5 Days......... ........$329
W Caribbean ..............4 Days 4D .............$279
M..............Days ............$699
TOURS Italy,Escted..10 Days .........$1199
England+Frnce ............10 Days .........$1399
Greece+Trkey............. 9 Days ...........$1950
Scodand+Waks ...........10Days ........$1299


Name (please print):

___ ___ I ___ ___ ___ I ___

Date Submitted:

- 1.




I. I -- -


. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...mi wiLmx" m ix w vmi " w mvmx" m m~ w m m~ w m m~




THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, I ..1. I,,, July 16, 2009 19


To list your dealership,

please call


Before you buy, shop these local dealerships first!

9850 Atlantic Bld.

6914 Blanding Blvd

Green Cove Springs

4660 Southside Blvd. 642-6060

2250 US1 South

4700 Southside Blvd. 642-5111

1550 CassatAve.
Green Cove Springs 264-4502
1166 Blanding Blvd. 272-2200

2255 US1 South 797-4567

3494 Philips Hwy. 398-3036

2330 US1 South 354-4421

Green Cove Springs 264-2416

9A & BAYMEADOWS. 493-0000

1-95 Exit373, Fern Bch.

2330 US1 South 354-4421

9A & BAYMEADOWS. 493-0000

Green Cove Springs 264-2416

7233 Blanding Blvd. 777-5500

1-95 Exit 373, Fern Bch.

1672 Cassat Ave. 384-6561

1-95 N. Exit 129 (Yulee)

Green Cove Springs 264-4502

At The Avenues
10720 Philips Hwy.

9650 Atlantic Bld. 725-3060

7700 Blanding Blvd. 777-3673

11503 Phillips Hwy 854-4826

Green Cove Springs

1325 Cassat Ave. 899-1900

11333 Phillips Hwy. 370-1300

4660 Southside Blvd. 642-6060

10980 Atlantic Blvd. 642-0200

2330 US1 South 354-4421

Green Cove Springs
9A & BAYMEADOWS. 493-0000

1-95 Et 373, Fern Bch.

I 1 I -

10259 Atlantic Blvd. 721-5000

7040 Blanding Blvd. 777-5100

4620 Southside Blvd. 642-4100

7700 Blanding Blvd. 777-3673

9850 Atlantic Bld. 725-0911

6916 Blanding Blvd. 779-0600

10231 Atlantic Blvd. 724-1080

7018 Blanding Blvd.

9875 Atlantic Blvd. 725-0911

1810 CassatAve.

7447 Blanding Blvd. 269-9400

Green Cove Springs

2250 US1 South

11503 Phillips Hwy.

10100 Atlantic Blvd. 725-9155

6501 Youngerman Circle.

1310 CassatAve. 389-4561

9850 Atlanic Blvd. 725-0911
11401 Philips Hwy. 322-5100

2525 Philips Hwy. 396-5486

Comme al Llasng Sin 1955
2810 St. Augustine Rd. 398-5000

10231 AtlanticBlvd. 722-1694


11401 Philips Hwy.

6833 Beach Bld.

10211 Atlantic Bld.

10384 Atlantic Blvd.

9910 Atlantic Bld.

9875 Atlantic Blvd.






20 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, 1 i..1 ,I ,, July 16, 2009

Souvenirs, cash
ppaid! Priv. collec-
tor is seeking
WWI/I I US German
Japanese Daggers,
Swords, Helmets, Med-
als. 904-316-8513

Adopt a Pet
Pets & Supplies
Livestock & Supplies
Animals Wanted

Akitas to Yorkies
$200 OFF
904-298-1105 O.P.
904-727-7721 JAX
AUSSIES- Blue eyed bred
for work/athletics/pet,
home raised & training
started. 478-335-7776
Australian Shepherd Pup
Black Tri male. Barbara
505-1710/Robbie 838-9922
Males, Tricolor, S & W,
$275 Pics avl 904-629-6891
M/F, CKC Regist., $300
female, 2 male, $150
each. CaI: 904-635-4272
$200-$300 pair 912-996-3577

F/$400. M/$300 Mini Chihua-
hua Pups F/$800 M/$700
S&W, POP, cash 904-
996-8172 AM, 722-1056 PM
$200-$375, Daschunds
$200, Labs $250, Shihtzu
$300. Rotties $75. Adult
small breeds $50-$175.
CKC regist. 904-410-4111
CORGI PUPS- Pembroke,
AKC, Reds & Tri's $500-$600
AKC- 2-M, $500 inclds ear
crop, BIk/Tan 904-226-4084
English Bulldog Pups AKC
Champion. lines, all colors
avl now. $1200 904-607-4488
Sfor a good home.
Kingsland, GA
1 912-576-7611
I male, 10mo's,
100% socialized,
exc temperament !
Loves children,
has all shots. Needs lov-
ing home. 904-525-2868
German Shepard Pups
Pure bred, 6wks, POP
7 sable & 3 blk. 234-5295
all shots, wormed, par-
ents on site $250 334-6408
Chocolate females, vet
certified, $400.
850-673-9876 / 973-4815
Mom/Dad on site
Rat Terrier Pups UKCI,
many colors $250-$450.
Apricot, ACA Regist.
HC, $350. 904-771-3885

I 22' WA, Trophy
YORKIE PUPS AKC, 12005 125 mepr
Tiny, M & F, 9wks, shots, VHF, marine, ste-
HC, $650. 904-229-1605 reo, head camper,
GPS, fish/ find 80 hrs,
garage kept, cruise fish

Boat Dockage & Rentals
Marine Equipment
& Supplies
RV Rentals
RV's & Suppliers
Motorcycles & Mini Bikes
Auto Brokers
Auto Parts
$2000 or Less
Commercial Vehicles
Misc. Auto
Autos/Trucks Wanted
Auto Rent/Lease

bass boat with trailer.
50hp Johnson out-
board motor, new
electrical wiring, Minn
Kota trolling motor,
live well, fish and
depth finder, new inte-
rior paint. Housed in
dry dock storage.
Runs great. $2500 obo.
Call 904-536-7167


H Ford Five
Hundred SEL
2005. Lots of
options. Ask-
ing $12,000
38,850 miles
LEXUS ES 330 04 Grey
sunrf, beautiful like new
57K mi. $17.5K 563-4397

Alive or Dead 237-1657
Call 813-1325


20 out of a 100

The military community makes up 20 percent of the total

population for Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

That means that 20 out of every 100 people you meet are

somehow connected with the military.

Get your message to them by advertising in one or all of

the publications distributed at the local bases in the area.

For advertising information,

call 904-3594336,

Fax 904-366-6230.

-Mi NMAYPORT. FLO Periscope
1 1'Ilrro r ................

SHarley David-
son Roadking
2002, 28,000
miles lots of
extra's. Ask-
ing $12,300 OBO

SZZR600 '07- black,
400mi's, never
dropped, 2 jackets,
helmets, sets of
gloves $7000. Nate

f GAR 1973 351
GClevelan73d T-6
et s transmission.
$20000bo. William

SBuick Reatta '88
Classic! low mi,
power everything,
great shape. Must
sacrifice $2500 obo.
Bob 247-9532 or 612-0566

f SEBRING 2004
S 04Exc. cond., low
mlmi's, 41k, new bat-
tery, tires, cold ac,
$6000 nego. 781-1532





- mOuss
AT ^*^q~






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