Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 23, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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OPEAN INTELLIGENCE. The States of Holland take their resolutions Moreover the Dey enggea to be ready to
with fucl fccrecy that the public is yet entirely enter into a negociatiun for peace with the pow.
i ignorant what anfwver will be given to the letter ere which his Catholic Majefly has recommended
IL O N DO N, OCTOBER 16. of the States of Guelderland, who insinuate that I to him for the purpofe, and which are in eacee
\ they will quit the confed-racy if Holland per- with the Sublime Porte, whole orders the Dey
0 'h other important benefits which the fits in its meafuresagainft the rights of the other falll always refpe6l.
Settlement of New South-Walee affords, provinces. The determined liyle in which that According to letters from Gibraltar, an
.uis, that ver.: r.aiuAi aiviCle of New Zealand letter is written mul greatly embarrass the An- Algerine corfair which left the Bay on the 3d
t- jmp, or Flax-Plant, an object equally of tilladtholdtians,.tthough it be certain that the of September, was chafed by a Portugucfe fi-
utility and curiosity ; any quantity of whlliL majority who caufLd-itna 4+-written arc far gate, which obliged hrr to run upon the rocks,
Snighlt be raifrd in the iettlrment, in as much as from meeting with the approbation of the pIro- and burnt her within gun-lhot of tie fortr-s.-
-it grown fpontRneons in New Zealand. This ple whon they reprifnn, iandl that lth riefe 'The crew escaped in their boat."
I'laiit is fo admirably difpofed by nature that it thlcy are ahnling the polwr originally \ticd in Is Excellency the Impelial AmbalTador haI
\ill fcrte the various purpofr's of Hemp, llax, them by the people., (;o nlinige, :nid lately had federal ontferenices with the Cabinet
w nd Siil, and theater manufactured than any one k tp a kind 1of inIoiCnin Inctet i tihe Minilter., uo the iieritiofli tof tile comner'ial
ivt their. InI naval affairs, it could not fail of t oo parties, ad aln um lling t.y in hrt t bring arrangements in tile l:lipm r's hereditary do-
Ib I of t li n u tmoll coul'fquence ; a cable of ten al)out a itinaciliatiioi. O .i.-~ ill :, Lt. inl y in mitinjni i.
iinches, being fu(ppiofed to be of equal ilriength the intererll if Holl.ind, amI th nlthlorily itf thl Ili Elxccrli ncy the IDutch Amhbaadorh has,
S9i and duiabillty to one of of European hemp of Stateis of Amersfout may Ibc likil upI I:n 0n, it'l, it is f!id, lilly lpreJy nte. l 1 this co-it, by or.
t c at_ .ea ini hes.-Some if this flax is now in confidtring the diltird prcvailintigamounigl them, dir nl'ol: Stats,a Meni L ial in whili tI; eon
l.England, ani the inanufatturcrs are of opinion, and their precarious situation. 'T'hs it isv ci- I du of the S,;idthilier, and the several Pn ir- ic as InlMiie of it wouldbe infinitely fuprriiir dently falke that Holland land aloni. aainl the iC ulative tIn tIle pI int diihlIuhancrs, is amtnilv
in ilrenglth and heauity to any at pieflnt in ufe. fi. otihr provinces, and that the latter han re- ft f] ili, hi orir to dilli:tr any fiifpicionsth- t
'iThe tlhreads or !ilanmcnts of tlii. plant arc fior- Ilisid to mnake it a common cafe to opni.l' tle may lit iltectalinec of th i views of tlit latter.
wned by nature with the moll exqiliriCle il:eacy, .ilcdgIIg de1fpotifai ift tli i pO m niful iIm. ir i f Mr. Pitt wv::s fnt for to town lail week fir
l* nd1 tht y lmay be fo minutely diidiid as tol the confceracv, huiol onlv crime ci.i.,n il tI p inp ,fbeing'prent at the xchanglf
hnall enough to make canhrbik. In colour and t.tlinI tin i olr upon tin Bttnu'ini aI li 1in, atu paUpL' ',inl pninl the treaty "iil, h hIi., be. a
glofl it ILrftmblta vCryt palgrec nfilk. I'l c:ld- p.liiL.d -iiilcIncr in the Rlepublln. tminluild I .,tintin the coirti of I.,,ndon 'itr
.. .ntages that might accin e fmni this article As to tl,, 'rine dthdtiiiilnlr, l!'> ii Ihi L ull.. FIRThe Cint de lKage ic l ni Munfo. idc
nuuld be iilmportaint )bey~ ndl dlclriptioni. 'The his 11N itt llL i li i ur In~~,!iil ni .In|. tn.. i Ia t. iii -S.i 1 i :11 i 1s o; I b I a:I'll of thie ILomp -
,n infits of tibs place bIilngi fo well known, it is to alienantc iiin's in.ids mnio- amnd mrnn. T'i roli, a.i Dnkn if Authili.
;: pity, I,o h fur their own amil couMtrc 's fakc, public think it difcm-ncs, a. itdl thc ]prtenli,.s Iti ii in, crold.lin v ii a n timn er ol f ieonilc. of
tir t manv thli :nfindl idilt :ind di i,.JIl!) 1Ifn i ., o ,f hi.; H-ll~u'iutf t a toneof .ut111(iacdl w lic te prIp ity are coiling intto thisconi T yl firo:ll In'-
vli live in n':'.ry iu, p n thnF.plinnid and cl i 1 / I: aiii- riIIe ntiInt i l Ln t If tt dui I.i, lI, IlhiIIt.ih fiar ofl' ling in-Ilv.-d in the mad
S' e f l ir" I t1, .iiult be iim n: i!iatlcy IhPy i. p t 'rt y by nit ann I inLr to '4ifijut. oif t -ir county : fi indull iuaiou a people
Si,,r Nc\w-W al.s., .i re. paltitl:nlyboysa I tS.' is. ;y tin ar ii in .tion ) any State.
v t mike viliiie ni cl in .i' lrt; has bn iiti for A .tr frmi Flufiting fav, thit the States
Sn.cit .inul bc .n ha..y i the ti days, wa or co rin r I ilin, f Z al ld ha ,c gi ortie s f,'f trc r-,'ng, about
S',tic i. tn thi r t unit , it is faid, i to ibrit the linal iIIt nto four milh", up liO SchclIdt, a L nTI battery, oi
to i,, *ir ccuriti 11 it is id s t. I
SeI 'in eI..11 d innl Inly-l. sn ids i l ni" 'f the King of I ruofli, wl hlir he will 1 ik au wl. i t, 1, l moutCid t I ingsL |ices of can-
to Atfiic;, frari the year 177i to 1776; the c'ti e part or not in the difpttcs of the lRcpuii- ,,,n1 ; .th1 lthii., ltt i.s to common din ti Sh eldt,
t .. ;I c'.:t of ti tl i given in to the Con- l;r.--Ir is ih.lg.lit, lupon g-id grouunds, th;it .nnd that no \ cifllsar to pias ii a.1.' dnown it
lim n ie app. not. I,, i tn .n; it er tei t n itu lan rclativc hins I'ruifian Majcil rrftlutiin will, in a \vi lout haii. g a 'lIcp r paifs fiom the chief
1, t 01, L t t .liLbtis 111h folIlo\in;;; alarming c\ptin- mn ,:fAu dip. nd on thi ixpl, natinri s thii t (li.tll mnigiiniite of i 'L ufhin' T' hi. sill cn- irely flop
cLir of tihu,-i life. T'lhl cc huindred and thirt t ike police ietwvccn thll Courts of V'eria;ilI and ill trade that way to Antwerp, whiic'i, it is
/" isi~i 'l-ur t :. OI: i ''ii u ;-'l'no I ndred mnil nliiIn. 'lhls gites tih ,S.l es f lloll nd Irtlih f :rd, ill g; ,' oft' to the EmpcrI r.
f., t i n r < V. U't millfng fion aftlr thcy w ric fp;iii-, and nakeslhtmn lilttl apprchenlive of l;, VlJ r 2>. Sir licl.-ad IliLck.rton was at
SL.i !;--.d f t!, CImaiiin, ione lhuiitld an. d M.I, i'. ;inulificcti i khaf f his brh-- Curt rn V.e iIdn!dI:Iy to t:IC klcave (f his Majifly
il i.; -.. :.; ;: ;.tlis ;ftr thiii arriial, no ac- l.i l ianae i i..n-i;only pIrlen 'res in lith f ( i pI, -ir. I i113 f.liti i g t fr0 P( u n. I uil to
,.:-," c'ti >n ,c ins ,i't-. iof nit linte!'c ring in t:ie d nltli;c ti bll)i, i f' thI e i :l.I i ii ti e .inupitcl, of 5o gjun1 on iiaid t
1".\,'.;'. /', ,: l,. L i. r fir ilm / rn,'i.a, fC'. 12. pi' init ii,iltd, l iat l! I IIt I -C tlin s, i ilf,'l ud to W\Iiihl he hois(l his brIad penlanlt asco',nmiind r
The Ea : of l',rrington, Minillir frmnnl lic Linn nl ni.y it' unin ,ri Iriim ihntn fin.;. I'-:n- in chblf of tlhe fLila; rlrn1t, iwhilch
court Il GU ta-U liltalin, has at length bri;ug t n l Inio I:lnl i nuI ly In h h1ns I lli SIt:in .!lu ld. r' Ir ar- i, ailn tol fil, and not as (;overriur If li t o in'.--
Sa co,-clunf n t i: te ,n, reaty, which ha t n s,J iicl' int inn ..e i ithi the Statels 0i I1-liulld Bay, a., huls, en erroncounfl mclntl o d.
Sh-h -in under nt' wciatnin for flire nimuntis between i, i.;tliI, i ry unnall. A.\ to th l C'oint of Tihe Commiliioncrs for reduci:ng tihe Ntionil
the two niuits, the articles of vlwiclh u're e- e Vi4i ln, thlIr is tlic greatclt ncafLn to lblieCv lbt havin. ,.ight .nc,,)001C. of th:. thrce
Schianged on Monday lait hb-e, anrl i immediately thla it %ill obliTt-r a f rit neutrality ; tihojgh, per cent. alt:.i' they only began thi.s !au on
4dipttchced to London to be further Iatifid by doubtitf, it will watch tvery pp[lutunity ot the 2dl of Allult ; and lvy tlle end of thnis ri irit
the linific.s of Great-Britain. The Count de recovering its ancient lot Ifs. thry will lhave reduced the public debt abhwr
Kagcnec has the whole charge of this affair." As the lwhi, le, however, dep(nid, upon thle re- 330,000!. and a few d:ay 2 ;o,corn1. the fL-
IO.'shirr iS. The following are faid to h- thte tulr of tlth courier from Ikrlint, nothing can hIc t)o d iIquter of tie annual furplus of a million,
outlines of the fpecifick terms on which the p1filiv.ely detiermined till that tinw. -ill lie ilTucd froiu. tlih Eechequer tn the IL.,-k.
kL Hipanialds will ced- t France the two colonies if EExrrii of a /lerl fro unm 'ir/,;l, Spt. 14. to he laid.p"t I. he fame manner a I it fit I
i" t alnd Wim ll Flori, on the cotinenitof Nrth- T1e li definitive tiealy of pea pn i r l IIIn o r qrit: r; t to w l w-ill he added tlie il;e ialInI
) .Ai rica. Court an tsd t li Al ge ints t oint.iii, prins ipally : no fnch (lioci-A wat bouigt pre\iions to rie fhi;!-
"! ,l :7o. Txhe King of' ain ced s to his Mo bt I That tlhi Dy of Almiar,', whln he t'in)ks ig theui ok' u r tli Michhinhnia divien. \
Cr iriftia Majefly the fovercigrny of EaIil and proper, (fiall name aLL: angentl of Iln. u niati itin to in tie 'reduced three per centl. a! Ithc old
j VIt ie trida, 'h!o is to pay in fpeci. flor aill tile reclde in one ofthei parts of Spain. South Sea antritic-s; it this wil! he oll n idei
31tiller, 'l mniniion, S&c. that remaiin inI tie o 'iat Olanl, wiith its litlaationli, ind Al- fuch 4if the L::-.iequr life annuitic, a. liha.1 lier
fitui lll., berli s tih- equivalent to be fixed up- manzii7:ticr, remain as ltiretmiroine s\itlinout fall in.
oanl :lx trvmvn thie twin. owtrm. anly id t niioo tiiiatio with tie innup of ti e Irtte, J .r frtenl Edcidfi'I, Lionn!,' 14.
7. Spanllh ftrj ifts, alooling to remain, fall Moon-. I" In .e ii.:ll tlieii i 'vilegest coinintl to them. Thal the Dry fliall not attack tlle flaid i, an i iinet hn in France bas written to a
P t. Thie Mul, hiril li King thall be under a towns it, nl t hat the Bey of Mak;re tha ot hlie I e inr hi city defining tieir affilance in Let-
el an o; iI ni to keep up ciglht. battalions perminit to do it withi nt ouldersifri ti py ; ),< a cl reii p, l nce with fome of tile princi-
S5 n ii t a i, as a proper barrier for prevent- butas at l y is i a anmr ITpoli, t I p al man l i Lcturersi of gau e i iMn PI'illly. We
u. i.any in.liol to tihe Spaniie Southern hall approve o dall te cons iientin. ulirt Iha 'i hope to licar of many limilar applications front
lrinv:ncc frur. the Amnerican States. concluded betwnc tie fLid Bey of Makar.nd that l arr l for the nianufaSatres of this coun-
.. Ihe KingI of F-rasnce undertakes for him- Spain. try, ani that trade will IlnurA beyond what it
fell, his hnuirs, a:il fLcenfors, to guaranty to the L" in cafLe te wandering Moor cem anay li:i dine ii any former orid. Te lofs of
King of Spain, 1lii heirs, ficceffors, &c. the hmftiliticn, the 'good underflandin ,.baieln the Amerscav will then he little. felt."
Spaniih ilominina in South America and the two powers'hNll not be broken oa lc A letter, lately received from Lilbon, give
Southern Seas, as well as the islands of Cuba, In confiadicwio of his Cat -lie Miajelly's the folluivig dfcriptioni a a curious u '-ar p, i. -
Poltm-Rico, HiLpaniola, &c. in the Atlantic dignity, the Algertrms (hall refpt not only the non, or rather a Lfius Nnaure, C'itn'cxallt-
Ocean, &c. for ever. coat of Spain, but likerfe thj of the I'apal enc" of which, however, we do not pretend to j
|'. The King of France engages for himself, territories, and the Dey iiall e a friendly rc- vouiehl for, as the writer is not personally tnowal.
h is heirs, fucceffors, &c. never to alienate the ception to all perfons under protedion of to us:
above pradvinces from the French Crown, by his Catholic Majefly, or under e ipatiilh flag, a Don Roderigo de Mencllee, fon to thie Go* -
bargain, fal, dower, c. except by receflion who Ihall enter his dominions. vernour of the Bay of All-Saints, has fent as At'
to the Spanifh Crown. There are three other The Catholic King enigaes to a like rcci- preLent to her Faithful Majfty, a young negro. -.di(
inferior articles. procity on his part. ) whole pern ribiute I. kind of humli wtan Zhr,

t .w kn rdir*t td wr *f to r!id i*a
.ii l d .t iLi.t tie ulit one *in m dyi i t tle 1 trritnr ta s the u
St :.), 'is .. ,~ -unk to othor ,ithli !ta h' *ttiw dcuuvnient pla io'f injtst ,' our'rhlblit q 't
Ar4 .t th 1fin. a cig' vfAi. W: n *. ii ne ulrr "':'. 't'r &d- ptl. 4and i '
..t. r ab M.4i .c1naI, t ..I :u iAc."-- fkr., L nn :r ;. a i- t gre- bIi . .
,a : 'T rt ov i len r 1ungr 1- n I ,'a i Ir.a y 4tl -.,' i .... I 4 ,
.* TC fw 'Il lpo'i t .l .I ..d Mrr itr w ,
cr rif,' th( In (i a e We 41iys o, aog 'd
'., ., '. )iw. 'n o v nla dc .:i osir %
r recfgioi l rus ii-l I urty and j'if dBar ir
;' Addetr mUo k kinx-lbn. lb ,."t hat we= foa etw,'%ast An&
I P br il ciLra cli t rins, B1 1 lb l i -: e 11 L
oiter fingullar, tirht t' f lit wasad i ''n .
S i. rcep ft bl sk." at .r i .),- I L '' : ,
marc '3r th Ih A -:ke of nv will .. r.
.. PU Pru lfb. is Ld r;oP Iiif -r t
'I, anfrcr wi 'm 's'I p t r .. s r i
i I O, ... .. :-e i .rmiage B eat i, n i-;. S.' Turn ,i.e wo h. M rid .i k'e
.ei' ,, chthi a 1t a te funll of 2ol. lto ib : xg L (t t ,
d*ard I !^' P, "' : 'e-,s ltha-r-eock a ftl t-
d. I " . ,t J. Church t 0 S . .
SC, .a . -.. G, i. e S r.' th e du -.t .rpti he. d Iandd i I.. .

L, n .r wI.h, l r t h, o .ld t crr own concourfe of peIp e. This a 'n
.r, a. dih a at le'ngk th; e' t -i t .Itle id f .a iu, by trad: .. t lka i t .r ake.
Ir. I 1. .: .'l itA !. .:,r- I i, ea Al. a ti a,, '4r Fr-oi rh'e groaii f l .p arcet

t " 80i, it ai ei '.1 I" ffe', *. 4 , ". ,
..i .p' t iati; :|.. .ir- oi -rp>of f hit4 B I'(fit t I '.. r aLer7II r .. : C
S th. c .f t t c i S. the I. .l Ite.war*ds o p lig, wit a' or aht'
irut. 5 is o !,cu A '. 'ied iinu p.

ff Mk. ', i- lel ay, l, to f. T"N1 Mr. i r
': hi'. ( . t,1" C tl a t ctl lonyi de

, .I l ,': r t r n. e .il th ab Ialn t r'"c ''''' 1b llr lr" .',';riiir" ' '
t "Ie moll w7hic

A. A i making SI t*, r -n t,,.
h* ... ... Ni, i k w i *r.l bitter to e g. itejp ided e. .
.' h .. ... .d -a 'h b' d .. cxrf th ip lt Ir

IV '. .... I,'. :, e My t th. arbr n. i, .lr cul n I ni .'a .1, i I
"1',1-1,.. :i 4a L' ,. a .i ,a r r. mtkoo., o !'q' Turnbull, Sti, r.Br. .r.-r
:40 61- if. ITkell in now to ng;Ociate I The Chat 1ftolo Njur:' ,
eaty Ailh th-Pr teAer i cntno. Ofaccount inannt, IIa, rblio .a ,
e S, at ,, IIth I IAl the b hire a. W e learn '. i \- 1,-' nOt -

-i ;' "r. l i, O .I i' k J" ,~*
S . i. .' '. u" '' e i 1 .tr.a k .. I hick By' it, .(cural.,t n, fe eral ILI,,%
I Ity ~ :ruaral cd n~ I L eral took fi e b -nud, derre" :n u I I,,, :
61 0, v : .,;niItcy j.Jo of the'c.tcl dcprnt oi'a ti in abitmnt ofthint iand thren-
.* .- ,e, 'If .'- '.11L :,s u r..h ,. t r : 't,.- I"' ril, e ', Tuef i. y
S ,l.. id te i- c in ,. :;le dirffrent. p t.. i tro.,al tojEn I- i e i lti, j iten l .itt i ': Clar, i on
s h : ,r .the w.eklv onfur : n .. .. .. r r
t gou t t. i i .. 'lr, and ct!l cmult p, ' 'b ,)
S-r p ay it Li. l,' T,, n" i'a'e, Scrpl, U ; Ir CI
fI .311 & y 15c. C l. .r ..-,I "i c, n i .. . at , ile .Pi
,, .. it l "'*. r .r. ifon M ln n . ) .. SIe. R n ,yqf Betai r e10 .r.t -
i' (.t '. .cupel .i ( l l vii anlo, p Ai~ Bv tI Chrl e -
S ..' ; twelv a M.Sijt Lg "U *I S lpan,, t.-
'C) a,' .~ rr--' Co nurts ' '' 'a "Wian oe f"e a N'nibR Aou' r a o ,tb
S.. .. ... lya Md y, a rt ,,
I". . *,. i. t', to g'ra ficatiou and dut- 1 i lr -, I S.', -
. '" ," .. r. .. : ,i ,' ,'.. 1 ,: c, ". "' *cil n w ill^_. _' i l _._nlA. ]1. . .
S. 'ab wrfCever in JIn un
S, I) "l t .( ,.
S ; . .nionf.. 'm --. n t' c iut.apily pi tu- 'tai .'L Ii-; R V i yOn.n.ur. t.a.. L. c,-.
1 v, '. I ul i cil firccat y or th pr' i'. .. . i .1 4 l i L d1
r_ h.e ya Q" o .... .-' .r the log 'rlsuar i Wa r *1
d lL. = .:,', I ,, ' t t I'.t..tlS,;ig^1 l0n its. =i i.,j l,,:':',i.>tyl' .IW @iLJ l >1
] i' lik, 1.u coh fe'q ifgat ,j .:' i lia c t < eatLo.i'o i' 1 r .J s rt' f ,r IIl. a
r ',,'.or .re,, rs, r a. i lhr : aild .ep. .i h .
,.... i n.ili i, is ade, f l, i.' ilt 2 l y il e:hc r
"I b,' . .t e King was K Is. rlha l, i l i i ii W n.
a' '. i", ^ i .' ,, r i ,,pgy of t B. aji, r l.l '. vl le l.. as a- l h.B N ls ell a.
.4 '' 1. P< '. i'.- t ail J 1 ibh he l- l ipar t

.Pi, IF S1. -*lp I .... -. -, A ... J f d lp,
1 .. ii n M d r )f. A r. , t b- t herey
it .n2 II, .i'',' -.>t.*y upon 1,6Ce dc 'S're ae LtrP .ltei 'c i-ads
ft I. iaIf, ir 'y ., -'Tek, l.r I i Pllane -,d has hrik moi La as
't ia I "'fetis& penamiud I s '. l aM Asa
'.', S>C .' !) S ,, Ioay iS we 'l! ur- e m a i i *4,'stassa .,ct ar n fee *

1are r r* "- iti i r e t t1111 an as et I Sail
; . 4I.' t' t I he m cmS aimar .4' tL .< aV i'NGP-, Tt t
May 7our ?4sdL 1 307 g y amiand ar

'***p- .. I s:' a F ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ***'
-- -cw *'liail^ll &aJ

I' r. ..-.,



V-., -I.


-- I -I




No. ia6.





NASSAU: Printed by JoHN WELLs, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

In tlic Ship CERES4 from LONDON,
A'1,I -ore inigfr1 S"aWiey
At his Store, the Eafl End of Church-Stral.
C ANVASNo.l,&20.,t4 J'aTlr, 7.6, and inches
lOh.bturgi /, : C rdag< Irlim 3 to 1 dittl
Circl., ana St iipes White Lead, Putly, and
LDowlS, Be Ticking and Whiteinig
l'lia'llo R"yal Vrm .illiof panifllCrown,
IlIrka', Bd Bunts Yelo )ker, an l.almp
( ttorn Counterpane. IBla
Sup t li n whillc li.tIaDrab Lint ed Oil and Spirits of
LU ar .,oy T1ble Clothe T/ pentiuc
Yrd rild, hihs, and i'hi Hoh Lanthorna
Irift Iincen Sp a'-ing 'Irumppt, nerw, slheetin, and 'at, rn,
M irflleis Qilting H If HIur, in minute, and
line lloerel ac 'Tambour m niiniut G.affcs,
vwirked Fpreoi d tt' n:iimonii
Finc innn bordnredlHand. rod Ciupnp.n C-4ilking Mal'etl
Blue di to Ber anil orid Puonp and
Prinred Liacn- & C llienc, ump I,, their
Chinre? and fine Drucape He ved Ilrliet
Wo Irtclrn furerfiue Custon T trFith Ktr!r an'l Gar-
H, ft d cirs Waerring I't
inl fine Thread diilo Japo n'd S1 i Boxe, IalL
CLincfc Rlboll uf thet Wter P'irllrs
newlt P.ttrrn. fin r Pfe Pot., Can.,
Iea~ rfin, ald trfe Shoe Cu indcr, Lanp,. Brail
Ladli's -. ,o-e and Calli- Wi 'T'ea Krll.,-. Pud-
at,n i'ito di Pans,,& tDriin Covran
Boy, aod (;.rl, ditri Haii lonMoorc'sNsviga-
Flt,. an ] lvs dine dan rl n
i,,,I1, 'I I Seamin's Alfl'rSO I, Gun-'
al.arel i, u,.hr JaIkete ret's t.Ile
I'o i.i .' Bv r.t:es tied Marin r Ciomprifc reai i
] i inancie tied
b.h Lu0,, n: Rullosl Ma uldai.hIct
I,.il Tr,,.; i'urpe on & c\h-' S oap
h5kirk cer.ic I.ld. rtr ia Hog-
loo.'a Cap, POr, and Gilt 1h d
rrs, aii Quilr I.oaf Sugar, lania, arnd
I 'nIa C ps ani, saucer,, 'r pr
Milk Pot... sgatDill, B k Pepper, fine Hyfon
*'"l a lot. MugBafina .d Sirlllo S Ria' les
&e. 1c. itl Sttatch and higBl]ue
Sunellli fruni j Ctvt. to Is Cwt &c. &c. &c.
it a.ra, !rf" Sol,
J magic. \ SPIR iS Putnl andQartcrCarCs.
All of which will be f 0 on r a Term., for
C.", o.,od Bill,/.f / A /
D . o, ,,6. o, Y t / q
ilavc juft imported in the Brig LtIV OA ,
j Ions M'N.iUvGHTO Mailer,
iri. j"' L 0 ND N e t C 0 R K,
TIl FOtLO. It0 NG GOODSt, V'i.
o at Lo ion N.
SINEN pery and Manchethy .y
I' Woollen a D ery
illk Macrery n n ilinry
llalerdanllittr, fir aid Shle
Grocery, Cord and Ship Chandlery
H.ardv.ire and Ci ry ao,, Braf e
<>l 'a Ware
Clin, -,atls, and men's Wre
Ilinr '..gnery a al t
.I,,re o.iic d iouct Cheefe in Hunper
F oa Co Le.
nr &n d Fej3, vi z.
Prime treref and Pork, in Barrelt and Half Blar l
Tongues and Tripe, in Kqi
Bift Rofe Butter, is HAlf Firkins
Snap and Candles, in Bozes
P pounds of Beef, In Tubs
Potatoes, i llampern
All which will be fold on reasonable Terms, but nothing
willbe delivered 'tillte Moey is paid.
sfjn, Danrer 2J, 1786i


Year's Crop. in fall afforded parcels, made up at LI
TItn rcIan'8teed Shop, agreeable to auntcrfcfont In the Shipl LIGHTNING, NANCT, and CIERE,
hence, jul received in the NNcY, Captain M'Balio, Fr- L 0 D 0 NA
from, and forfaeat the Printing-Office.
J b AND rOt mALE Dy
In the Ship Nmncy, Capt. M'Bride, from London, At it ir T OR E on the BAY;
AMD T r' aoBL n v A general Alfo-tment of DRT GOODS.
THOMAS ODOSON, junior, I LsoN or
SON Gre. Teas Checfe
A l H s '3Ll Sugar K of Pi,--
BROMFI LD BONAM Y. I "n. spitsp
Hung P-f Barley
AIL Cloth, O aburgs, Irilh and Britith 'onganic Bottled and Calk Porter
ik Liienr, Brtiannia, PtillitesRo al, Prinrgd I inrir, Tripe Canvas
Cottrn and Linen Chick nd Stir, MA '"in. .i-Pdekrrig, Cable from f to 8 inches
a:id .ildrens Morocco, leath.d l\ tr Bcuter Paint and Oils
Jlclr arld Boy, Hats, Colo red4 rhi, P f- Nails and Soakes
ter anc, Dr.wbLoy., Figud e I Candles &c. Sc. &r.
ld Cotton .,oalkce ,hi, hli .Aore .or I, ...oi. f. o,.I
laudkrcbhief, Me iWomt ilk, Coot l p, ,.. t. Kros of B crl /ud .
Thread Stockings, Sewi Silk, Ribband. Silk *, Farri ar KMor.i '1.N by 1,00rt)'
rcidy made Diniry a Soein Men. Breeche.., -ar. o,' r MnDn..n. iNA by e
ast,, &c. Szriped S Waiitcort Pattcrns, Sattin ln. or l)"n.
rentnr, WVttng r, QuillI, Wafers, Ink Cake, I
Stick and Put P tumr, Italr Powder, HRulia Hucka. J T I M PO R T D,
buck, Gre(n 4 anvas, Pometani, Mens Plated Sh e In the Shil .Na-Yv, Captain M'Brile, front LoriON.
'ard Knee Buckles. Filh Hooks, Bnllt Rcrds. Nail, an D TO Io LD a
Sad Irons, Filh Gifg, Knives and Fork%, Pen Knivit,
Sciflars, HIad Scles with Braf Weight, from 4lb. to J O H N C H R I S T I E.
onz. Metal Tl'hle Spoons, TortoiL.rell, Ivury, aUndS Aths and yar wide Irit
Horn Cornhs, Porter in Barrels and Iloglheadi, DoubleURGS, and yard wide
Gloi ccfler Cheers. Queen'. Ware, &c. ac. .oll lte, Sheetings, Broma Holland, lrirannias,
AfaJi,,I om7) 23, 1786 [. P(1ll Lawn, SIleIa1, Dowlas, Cbeck, and Stripeq
A. .D, ____ __, _____6. led T'lick, Bed BluUn, Printed Linenos, Callicoeq
J I' 1 M P 0 R 'I' T 1 I hit.ll. Drir.i. T.mys,..C.limnanoo. lrinted Lint .r. )
and Bordered Han0kerchi(fs, Marfeille, Qilritl
From L 0 \ND 0 NI. igurcd & Corded Diotice, Long Lawns, Cambric!,.
Galue,, clear I.awi, Holland Tape, Women, Stays,
In the Ship Nan'ry, Capt. Alr.ander An'Bridr, Birk Mullin, Hunhrn Nun, Thread, Modes, Per,
fiani, Sarrincts, lore tinet, Sewing Silk, Silk Stock.
AND Now OPFSIto FOR SALtF ,ng, Mens, Womens, Boys, and Girl IThread and
C t otton ir. Thread, ; id, and Silk Glovte and Mite
By the S U B S C R I B E R S, MenBoot. and Shoes, 'omensCailmaneo Shoes, n BoM
At their Store in F1EDFRIcK.STRtsT, and Girl, Shoes. Menr e a nd corea Hats, Boys sad
Girls white and brown Baver Hlat, Ladice black B.....
Fr CASII, GOOD BILLS,,r COUNTRY PRODUCE. ver with Trimming-, H fon, Singlo, and Bolhe Tt'
P-rF.sS Beef ,Id Pork Crlicr and Stripes .oaf Sugar, Cheete, Blnck Pepper, Soap, Candlep ^
VI Rotf Bu tter Bed l'ick and Bed Bonts lowder and Shot, Hair Powder and Pomarum Lvco.
Hanis and ripe Liaper nd "'owellg derergamot, Lintfeed Oll in Jugs, Viaegar, Londnea
Chefe Clmano anad Dlrrnts Porter, white, black, and red iad, Uelow and d /
f i kn a or and ihrn as e Oakcr, Soap Boxes, Peaknives, Rezor., Crorcut S"W c
Soap and Candlti Mens & Women, Thread, hSoa p inden, Plated kie, Re, etir Sn.
Loaf Sugar Motton, and Silk Hlot 8l"'ates nd encil,, Plated Byi, Suiarso c. &ce.
t, fo Green, and Bohra Boys and Girl dirro A'a, cmehr l6, itr -
Tea Mci., and Boys fine and
London Bottled &Driught n.arle Shon, JUST I M3O RTED,
Porter Woomens black & coloured I the Sloo HOPE
Black Pepper and Mulardi Morocco Shoen the Sloop E,
Painta and Oil Black and coloured Cali- And for Sale at Captain DDIRLV'S Houlf, on
(Grindlllrc. manco ditto the By ;
Pioad Atis and Hatchets Menu falhionable black & h
Corn Mill coloured Hat, IRISH Mcf's and Cato Be,. and Pork ; Roe
Hind and Croffut Saws BOy and Girl, ditto Butter in filkns; and ore ine and (uperfiae
Crockery and Gltal Ware l aionablc & Black Lute Flour.
Copper, TiD, & Iron Tea rings A L 0,
Kettl variety of Ribbons A few prime young EGRO MEN.
Irilj r n, and Sheetint BE kandwhite Modes & pr oAE
C from No. to 6. ras apply to Aa a uK] Evn.
C. ndbleahced Ofa- Dittq dittoplain Gaurs Vaoao Dr Nrw I 17 6. I /
t~irir Hoop., Girdles, Vans and
p V R'and Britannmia Feathers, For Sale by Prilte Contrat,
Sil i jad ha n Rih Edgings & Hanover Iace
Be and white Rulia Perfumery nd Hair P Te LooP
Sd r B. E A E Y,
Cotton "i Gun Powder a ht B E
Rofe an Blanket Spices and pa.e Britilk built, lf it new, hurthen 4
Blue & wfict iBgC Cloth Cutlery s.d Hardware tons or thereabo t, fails remarkably
Check and whitf Shirts ttatio.ary. Turnery, fll, well found in fail., anchor cables, Sc. For
Trowferr, Jacket, Frocks c &c &c. further particulars acquire of th after on board, or
owe 'e, S/el, T HE highefl Price will e en by the Sub. F I R and SHIP BREAD. f. fcriber, for good BA M COTitON.-Pro-
Lil, "l rl SU. hip Ntry, per eaonfideration will be haO t quality and clea-
ZLif~w, Sp f hk l Sh~f fry, Apply to ROBE OHN3H-ON,
A .le Hamperns o\ ENGLISH POTATOES Orin his abfen to JOHN Ot.
n, De 'a 6. Nfr4 Deeainhr 30, y86.
;! 1

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