Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 16, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00191
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. I25.




N.\SSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the PIrinting-Office on the BAY.
- --- ----... . ..----.

S. i n -, ar.t. t u Lir icn liro
Ii; i'iu I us 'l N t .pssri NI'fis*
S 1' ,., ,i. i. ()NI) O N, SEPrrTrI' 3.

S, Lm, i n it ot W hIil t lii s took pl..r oi .T large
...ll. yI itar m y; iu l t ., vhI f1 1 It ,;ut
AN U 11" Lib i, l. l LY i, dl i' llt. l ll, Iby o II of hlich a "g.itl,, ia
L ) \S I 1i ) G SU 0 N, junior. T' I t t ihe landl o iDO bult ,.l
L (it. a thi i'Ili ig i t t
Is i{ M' 1 ) B ()N A M N. AfL n,,... ; .i, , ," l
'.A i I. s, O I ll, ;,I, ...t i ,- : ... 1 in,, lsw i t ilt, ,i
1 > I *.. :, l k-1^,.. 1 1., M 1: \', 1... 1..I ln nt, ;!!Iill. pct. tha ,lo] l a ul'wteill
to .. . ili ,N',N d fislip|) o']c but sot t t i ct C i:i C
*' i '!i I i i 1' 1'" l I, th .ir oI lls ul Tlc killI1, a.dii1 l ny rol ii
i i . ... L ,'.; I' i r : i ', 11. .. 'lIst 1 5 sf('.ilh l i,,:N .il 111 .ln Tl-

1 Of 12 ii t Lr l t', wn O la)ys Ite
S \ . l 1: in to plAtioi,
S'. , ,', ,. t .li. n of parihamn nt, to Atli t !- furrini-
S'. 1 i l L s .CiLu lII I\. 1l ', o dJ to l 0u;i l Isl

.' ,." . ..i i, I s t. n'o l , i;t 't]l ti, ll 1

S, j U i I 1) il .0 ( 1. a d ., l w se I ts fi dit l t!:is
.r i ', til 24th 'f JUl! t i l sw c'ti ll l

., 'l r , .. a l i l. t'T l Ii f I t i om pI ai': it k lI lac i tI -
i; 5 I T1 M l I) t1 1 1) i C.,ii! i.! uts tl -. i( adi h, l .r l i nii l 5 i5 ir

.t . .. '* Ji -.S r a I ,u c::. I ll o n! utIl. oo
1 ,t c t, he u I .IfI r iil'.liit fl toi ln. I 'l l rd aby ,
'.1 i s S 'isI ill F Iu:,rt it -St rI i r r, Iu ] II!';t I I l 1ii. o1 f1 t.ii i ,urltr'. Ill
,,'is' s,; ,., v .a' *I. L l.' oll th l dlkct'fi's ,i Itdini m: -

SOCIe a.. I ct thc L.1n1onn J : -
i. .. , I, t' 8... sl a ut, ine arl o lTM ii like i n r %th ; a.n ,

1, Is I i ", t .1' lite t ie 1 n I bears of L i t, llOlIIO Is u', o 1 1 .slli.. li
*. iiSst ] ., ,, tlnu Iss i1 i thll c lE is'dlb i,.'I I,'i'Ii I t"*r toI
' I l t l t t a mut l cI .tual .'..itl t
tt I. .'...1 I 'iI'l`1 l' I I '......C5.. ..i.... t tiTi i iS : ip '> ] .t l i sl i s' l l
-' l I- O boti Il llnl t s tl the nt pia i t; c lllit I ; t],u I
s, i 1 ' -" l fu".t tI n took i un.t t c onflI d,.tatio t'' rCS ) -
I Itil if'- lli'.I'..' ,..'i' ; ..:i it a .,,Il IlLt i uiii'i:;lT: L gill si lii
'a .. I I 'i '. & 11151" .of al tonu1 tittc a'tI l 'ic i' i ghly o ;tS S cl

.. i t- |, 1' f Ti' 'i'.1, r h 'l' '.a f R' t i tl
in x ;itionscf h tvn fol c tnti:-gn
'I .55 kl '.i I* ui~'s c L I Tie I 5 silT f t" 1 1 .. 31t h' S1 tl f' i;r f 't'liil ;
t ih. n Ia Ii'c ..1.. h t lt i r lro nTl mpIo, in5 opiT coa ourt vr
r ls' I': ki. "i:' tcly clt bltdot' by acLt J" pa d : t,
'is 1:0 i i lif.
,u, .,,,I,,. ltlk dingt ',d',I d Jlhf-
S .,' 'ii- T is' f 'ii' "s e .. ," 'I atparioti c l: t. l it i i a tF l
1 C "i.. fN ., r -i C a L ' ti fef.., a Ilrly iiptioin 'ias bLguil, al5d
M r It.- IT.. I t ia lf 'terbi : cyb r nt ir:i;mcdiat Iv tull-

T s;ih., :1. It lir tford aTli Ce, ill. opiln ilcour, I l ry'
is 1. 'in 1.v u(ii! S/, brot ug h Ie ln iltod on lhain l obrii' i'd, I, i a i \ c'-
T i cr, I Li nKt, d HIP DR.. E. -Itland r, to prils hard aganllinit a tll in,. pantry. ,
NI'.il ,rs r Sr. n c.uri 't 'i r.l ), He wan s psrc ntly toi pck h s ir ckI t of n is pg ui al d
It w J~st I c. then to make qif. 'hc ihye-iftIer (an ollisctr
SDENNISTON and TAYLOR. blonging to tile court) wh;fp, r.d1 the farntr,
tD R -- follo ed tilhe tief, fit. l hIn i tile ilrc t,
Wh /,,o .-w )'fi, Sal, brought himi into court, hasd him rommi0tted,
s!Lperfine FLOUR asid SHIP BREAD. and a bill found agaitlt hin by the grandjury.
Liln..'iffr Sals, 1hoAd the Ship Aes:y. He was put oIl h a trial, found guilty, and len-
A few Hampers of ENGLISH P I fATOES. tence of death paffed upoa him. "Tlhus in lf
Sr,7:, D8nr 0 3, 176 thma three hborhc was at prf 1ibty, i

cullody of the jailer, on his trial in court, an.l
iundr f(ntence of death in the condemned hulJ.
Tlih JudI-e, in paying fentence, enlargCd on the f osi lib in c iiiom itted i fI the fi ct tf the
cul0tl, IwhIlre t! lives of othri s iwr., ,t tihe
cry i.oii cunl, di Trndiig for lthe like otfknce.
St, mur 6. His Majelly inl t ,.,
plial; d to liT r, thit tile p1 .arhassii. \ hio l
Ill:id11 prourol icd to Thln [ IIfdi Ii' 4tlh isIlIlnt,
ihoulld Il- flurthlr ruojlgued to Tlhu fllay the
26tI of OctLbtr Tnxt.
AIud to appoint a iew (C',imnitt,'c of Pi, .)'
L._tScI, for the c i'rlidh LI tluo fll T Ihtts "'3 -
latil T ILL tad tll 1 pllA t.iu Sl i ; to ) ,1 I iLi I the
Arilbil!op l I (' Ca Itcrbury', llt litl Loitd, Coin-
Mifliosim.ns of Trcafurn' and a.\iialsti and ,t
all futh mim1 r, a 1 Iih 'l. ii i.; c ,.tl lllk 1litt, thlft oUf I l.tIn l lti I~i of Ilit e 1 i\ % LJuTIn-
Lil ;i thii k 'Jiu in,, nO t u 1t. (M r.
C( i L'11 1r l l 1ainc. I s(I n' ap|p i .'J d l cL.t 'Il )
'T.I day t lc l T'noi.nlat thl i Old li '., ll \hL IL
bI' I'i n tile t l thi pall, cni ld ; ,A I .' 1 tilu:-
'vic I' nd iltilc, tC f diafltl 34 Itn liL lTl'-
ip.'l, i ; I 1 SInpriuiifI 1d and kq t to u Ir.l A iL u
1o1 t'. ': l cI of ti rei tion ; 3 t' bic im i : ;lr-
.,d :1 N Ig'mc; 9 hlippid h(' li: ;
':), 32 uaIo itti'l. l. A m ,ni t 1 :i;, cl.i bNle
t' 'I \5 'c1 th ,':, f 7%,',,. N IS'..,.1.. .
l ;i. l t"' r ; t ti r' torm r i lt \ fssi ini ,; i', l r
,: ';u.n M ,Sr \\ clkhi, [it A:3 ;Lll ,< I-
ir,.i,, 'v ji, ilg lhim up il thl it t a',i de-
c yiC hhIt : i h e'ouc I e ,lo!..i ;,,I, w iti
antl r acT -pIl cc, t eltl ng l ,.n at c.',, :utl
a;i .i\]'t d i u' b lii hluan i o hi ci purle; f .I l M iei'zi
.Mr. 11. v.' l'.inou'nlily ac sittoil.
S..' i'It,. 'r.-, I l)i'd ait hii hir ilc Rlcd
Lion-llirct, J -ss IIt\S ..i Lfil.- l l' i t:I le
Gi( at, jul fnic dI"I th, ,.K";iivd a:I dIlign
'o l .1llV 'it. :i trade florn l(uCfi. It) lii (i lISt l he
C.IlaJn' ;S;aI, A:nl ih d alu.llly IcL i i fuO t ;0 lrl;a-
It \ llih the in :, lia ts in I. 1.11 fI jr th:it 1 p -
pot-. H!i, I ,'., put an tidl to ti, tw;n i y,
ailld it wn.071 it i L!:;n,'d till M r. John Eltol (i hli
hald '". Liii9j. ld Ily the nRulli.m cu"t, 735-
in I!.' Id li ;I 1 t r.I captain, on all "'xpj(!sitS'l
from O ct(J simti,-l o cl i iAilal .1 4 cII Ier .i;r, ,il the
l', but ,giillg in i ll t dhligilln o t i.i',ii
the I.T.L' A .al, ErLl of thl. C', hIld rll T
a g. , r:nh;i.l-1 :n1ap of the Ssoth-tl,,l l ii s)
formnid a lcheiui for gUttinli o10 1i kl dI.I 'nl
tlle' \"o!gl, ;11d u fs l I tL l'.liplii;l t A 1t \ ,l d ,
or fum~i other port on tI iit ik. I-, lt o'It
foin MI'lOi.' \- Maichl 14, 1i73',, I ithll Munlg (Gr:rnet, a yuiing Si-Tl, null inr
Aut\ilT ut l fame yatcar o'tatii-t from th- rI.'-
/,.'it ocf l si.ia t ice in fa iouir of thel r lpiojct-
!' t::ndei, 1on hich hI funny raiulil d thie mul
li t rkt.. prI optcts. Nutwtithilandingi tbh op-
p tl tn ;i: ic to this ti ad, Lv tilie Eall india
and Tl'uli y cmpanits, the Rufia company ob-
t liled, in 1741, an ..xclul'ic pi i lee of trI.
dinl to, l kl., andl fonr factr. tO,(hilaln. The
firlt of lhei two B iti ll h I pi '.il atil Cafan l as
put lillder the direc'lin ,f Mr l'.' n, wl. im-
incdittely entl rid intolth, I(i i '.s t N.if Si h ith,
as filup riitenlant of the I'P liin t .,,il;t of lhe
C:lpian, with drfigit to hI.ild 1l.ips in the Eu-
roplean ma:nncr, if pralticalli', and thl ilby gave
great olltnceW to the cwitt of Rufllia. Mr.
JoAs.s IL.SWAY, wlho lthd btfion. lhn onicvavcrd
in ti Lifhon trade, Iii/ ;I qi.nintrr 1 the heus'e
of Mr. Robert Ding!cy a St. I'< tertiirg, 1743,
fct out with a car- n .. :_

"' s


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