Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 9, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00190
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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is not likely to make any experiment in doing
fo in future. At all events, the exportation of
touls is not at all affeded by the pre nt treaty.
'Their High Mightinteffe would do well to
bI v.are of their good allies the French. The
Sltenlh 'aant to difpolce the Stadtholder ; and
I id Cromwell and his affociates, King Charles;
.al all the world know how Cromwell demeaned
I n;. If after ie had put the King to death. If
thi )l Datal havc any common fenfe left, it will
rc. !ily occur twithrm, that, as the French Ca-
I,i.ct is made up of tyranny, its counlcle to
th in, howcverCrhey may be worded,cannot have
thu: ical indlirpenace of the people in view.-
'I'llr frlt anld moll effnential flep towards fubjuga-
tion, is lie dcprcflitn of thl Prince of Orange.
'!'l.t i. tice jl go to extranitics is Hill very
:u[; i touls.
Thie fotany BIay fin me is not only politia
but .'.:.manc.-After thI e iril year its expence
vi.i 1., rut; and the jperfons that
.Ic t'), m'.:!,Jrf the cu!oai) miay, in time, prove
1 i .y Ir.i. ficial. It ought alfr) to e rentar-
L..l, thIat tiric tIarifp.rrt itiit of UoIIviSt to Afri-
c.rt:rin Itath to naie nien inl te ; a:id aI
i,: I.t t i' known to lle lcgillatmrt, tlIy twoalil
*i,;;iv li, i fllil.i lle, ws re tlliy ti li. the m eairs
If ;:.riiirg to a prernart;itc ond, incri, vohuil
l.t. :: is itijily l]' rtal tion.
..'* i 7. Tlhe cor ticila if Slie Com-
i.ii. Il'nlaty Lhas g.atlly t ilc;Itnlrtt- d thll
f' art.:, tai', lith, far/ius pai y if. Ilull.nil. Tlihe
I' 1 1. :1.,- t v ,. d rI ld to lr oblHl lI ia its I .I~',.
t' ,. I, tllr in i 1' rl II ui f. hi '; ,.Ilia'l-i li -
tI. a t Grtit-liltan i : n.] I lr',i;, in the clunlit o
th r U prefer. '!ill trirnas c .n ir to .in x-
t:,'. i y; as they thought, ::id o.t 1 a tii rally ,
L I 1 t asif u gLI a' tirh r aII i vu','t I .,1.
S +...u t ,.: L., I ht te, x; L iny tIh,',
an ii. te.a, w te.! a lt: ti:it .: I ., it t!0
N b., ., l4:tc,, ,, whom .,, l l

S. '" t,: .' prlnt little' ir tter fur f'li
r.L w 'l a:l h/.ler itn c lpa ctrtiol1 of tluit
*., ilt r ).'[a:r e bur] inhiiir 1i, l a litll
r:( ;i p). nig to l nrlr ln, I t I luie o n the f.:!, jct
a I r, r Cnmntitcial 'i',.atN witit Fl"raie, rantl tal
ar i sea. a'rth r fu tit'ad sir',', I'ta tiit

Srat ll ar i Iic t irtsa ilpon 'alaoiaa', artriC Ls.
ai'iS r ttS it fl e Cf;ant L: oi f r little ha Ce writ-
ItA ., Ltr: tu tie l'iat.ll St ktes, importing,
IL t thev hlat'v lairnied \,'it'l s'.tl .t lc Cluo ,. n11
t! ihlt r 1l il M1 htltiiif. al.t; raring, ir
is fc niiiAutia aavlitd tha. ai:'ci, t rc' tN rat.tte.lrr ftni arlar r.a .l, 'cte ironu-
'i, li ith inlteline divifiin s, a m;islur'tunr whiichi
l., ..inSys bcecn attended ,'ith :Ii' irmall, danage-
ro'. I iiCiquei' aVS to free Re1public';."
i** Th'I v lry, "' tiat ill fi.i a critical fittla-
t', a, t I allair',, J.f rhlich th had been inforimled
I,) thle ntoin:nu;l.Ma t hS r two regiments iln
ti.e pay oftthe RI'iublic, thiy o:piect aind firmi-
1 Ir, p thaLn their tioups fl all not be ctiployac
itl I I iutrner contrary to the tenoi and intention
o" tIh. li aty with the Statsc (General of tic
lUnitld I viincts, and tlh calpiulary made iith
tli. ; and-that thiir Mightinelltes would
Lr pk d.d it t au l. filth rta.i'lrii, that their faid
t '., ,s i tly ult (,. thie I r,.cr illt d by the pro-
traIar >I lillarii naikc it appir'eind) be obliged
to tli"a the tlilJ .ag ril(t c: lh llth r.
a" I thli, xlapctation," rcontirnutehcy, 'we
I, h.l ,it tlit ififl'.uy orders tu the CoL'onls of
t'a, r, r tgi' cS'tl ir ti'he ,' rf the ir Ilirglh
a ;';ht llis, n4 to take auy p.lit in thel pr'-
Ir.nt <(jl l..,]es, atadl to )iay no iclg rd to any or-
it., l'ua h1i.l, ititinl by the States Gencral, as
t5'' .\ lav' Littit ,ind' greatt Council of Berne,
64 i't ,ii li, alln LngagCerrset with any particu-
fir i' aa,'Srl, ill tihe Statcs General."

ULIN assay f ..... the Stubferber, a likely
A. Nei t Il',,.. ranie.I as', a ,aut 19 years 61
Ift, 5 li, r insit trbig!. ,ycllsowith omllteion, thin
54c., ali I d,!.t very g'iod lriwhlh, a ad on when
bIn ,rt .-..ay a fCraw iha wilih a lack Iben round it.
W'ho.a er will ati rthesl the faid fello siad deliver
ma It Mr. "layior or tlhe Keeper of the ali in Naffau
lll, tiee the botIic lcward.
&-,,b", 15. iILLIAM WILLS.

NASSAU, December 16. Floao for erportatlon, eclulve of calk and
bounty; flr, aso. the cwt.-fiea, IS. 6d.-
I S Royal Higlnefs Prince WILLIAM third, 6 t. 6d.
J1. H arrived, in the Pegafii frigate, Fufic, Jamaica, 71. a 71. ijs.
at St. Vincent's, on the 9th of lat month. Ginfang, 4s. 3d. a js. 4d. the lb.
The St. Chriftopher's Gzette of the 2d ult. Hides, Jamaica. ,8 to aslb. 3d. a 3 d. the Ib.
mentions the following anecdote of the Prince : Balt-Indioa, S. a d. e l 3d.
On his going on flore afterdinner, Lieute- Spanith Flora, bif, g9. a sot. 6d.
nant Underwood of the army, met him on the Lignumvist, ia. ias a lol. the too.
beach, and alked him if the Prince was on Logwood, Honduras, chipt, l7. rs..a SI.
board; he anfwered no, but he was on Ihore; I Mahogany, loaduoras, jd. a gd. the foot.
and rqu d Mr. U.t to menton it T I Nicaragua Wood, i71. to 401o. the ton.
and rquedMr. U. ut to mention it :- ey Rie, Carolina, t. 6s. a . the ct.
then went through the town together, and Rum, Jamaica, 2n. 3d. a as. 7d. the gal. bskfide
visited federal gentlemcn-in the evening, on -- Leeward Iflands, s. a i.rl d.- dut
going off to his (hip, he gave Mr. U. lave to Sugar, lamaica, at. Ms. a al. 19s. the cwat.
announce Ilh arrival. The next morning he -- Grenada, i2. 81. a sl. is. --
landed in form, and dined with the Governour, Daminica, 21. Ill. a 31.
Tobacco, Jamtes liner, 1s. 7d. a to. Sd. tie itb.
Council, Alfemnlly, and feverd other gentle- T artuo, Jielln, i..r, .t the te I..
nten at a public entertainment. At night there Whale Fins, a611. a io51. the Ion.
was a splendid ball, when he danced minuets Whale Oil, 191. a all. the Iton.
with fveral ladies, SpIrmncci Oil, .191. a 491. thIe ton.
His Royal Highnefs, we are informed, Pork, Irilh Mtfa, 41. Ss. a 41. is,. the barrel.
mearc.,. to vilft :l the We-lIndia-Illanl It is to, Cargo, sl. l91, a 31. --
faid that Count Damns fent a sery polite imita- Iitm, CMgo, 31. as. ---.
tian to him ta a tlit MIi:1 .tai o .F. a't i, t. i f O o r, et tre
Cumnir l)i!llo allrivca l f;tnc time ago at ams potd iato /dFor rf LoDooN&, tl filor i egr
Marltrmica.-lle is to :have te GumterunmI t of iquattiria of Cotton.
'To)ago. From Barbalos -- Baga
lli., l'.Axe.llen -, Lord D.), Coverinour- Dunkilk -- nto R a
',: ail t of iGe b, Nova.-.cotlia, &c,."c airr- Orenada 4- 1,3 lb
%-d at OQ ,it- 1n th1 2 ltl .f 0'tobcr.,:_ w 140 Bags
I n l c S l i, N a t y C a p t.-,; M 'rl -b r "t S t V i n ,lt's 3 0 a g
it tire Na, CaL I MN irN e -- 8oo --
;rima rAa Tlrfli) frornm l.i 5 v I.llirin 8j,co-
,:linc pallel'> ,'l'lloliaj lil ) t .coo -t
,an.a'e-Onilc':, ild r si. IIall, Mrh. Galaltl, IIIt -a
aind iMr. lDcntilton. Ja]matica -- ),4oo IlI
t''h 1.Ir-Oah, M'Nalghton, from Cork, 2 R Iags
An.,l itlc (t ', -- -, fion L rrondon, ma'otda 6,ooe
I,. rec~ d lr re ine the .llorlf of a fainrghti. (n a', a f I'A ofOHcber, I ton crc, NiMora-
.1 a tr n Lon, a i 3 '' / a jold at public /file ia London, at
'lhie eavil diiclions now pievalkn t inl Ho!- a 9 aI te t.
l.Ial, ihounil n dear the < onflitut ln of Elngland -
t,,evcr)ynale. Thellboallcdlibertyoflthel)utchl (NGI. SH GARDEN SEEDS, of this
toilli!I,, at this nmoinnt, in not darini to print 1 Y(ar'q a' rop. in finall ifuricd parcels, mat up at
,t. ritti a; fvllable on public .alairs. li the weorll I' iotla n'.sarje Shop, agrreahbe'to ante tr lent fio
of tir t' prel, aith us, has lcirc lated thle h ra, jill received il the Nascr. Cai'ptain m sBIDI,
.api., ( ofI thie people i h. Th ,ac. 'hlat rjoi- r, 'i ovI, sna forf lcat the rrinting-Office.
inig iIn f Ito.iny things the pre-eminienc. over TAIY OR and 1) NISTON
iorti ;n coul:rics, we may apply the exclamation ^'E received y t. ip NAncy,
of ilgil to tlhe lllitilh nation aL (al,.i M' ircn ONou, a large nAd
Ojolrtunati inimiuma, fuaifi ona norinl!" rell affirmed cargo of European d Ei-India Go.',
The attention of all Eirope is likely to be ofwvhilh part:culhrs will be given ncxt week', paper.
engaged ill the commotions among the Dutch. A I. S 0
ThIe Republican party are certainly an arbi Porter, ChItre, Hams. McfTs P and Beef, Iutter,
tary and tyrannical arillouracy." Candleo, Soup, Tallow, Paint, 1, Ac.
AKIna.n I r .r, Feor JUST' IMP RTEDD,
/ .- '2. :t ,,e N.n,- MW l,..gall, P h ladcFhiat
4.. 2. 8i Jjata 1 iray. Iltit, BahimtorL Int the Ship Nariy, Captain AI'Bride, lrom LornDOo,
Sloolp lve-o.aL, M, Pl:i.adelphia a 0 p o a rt 0 na a
6. .ah...ncr w tlli,, g Mai J ,lmrfi.on, Georgic 0 HO N C H1 R 1 S T I E.
iSMana, ICp'. f.r Jam0ia .SNABURGS, Iths and yard wide Irl:h
sw- sl r i'nntlh,, p.oladelphia i.incn., Sreltings, Brown Holland, Ur;ranniar,
S.j' ulS H io lol, ., St. Chrilltphcr Pifol I.awn, Silafist, Duwlns, ChLhaks and Strai,.
Slnop lertht. (;,)lfiatrh, 1 Ncw-York Ba d Trtks, Bld Bilits, Plrinted cl.incns. Callirces
I('u ''J' ', M ai rt".' vauaaa i)a I g Crliini, D turants, ''ammys, Calimancot., Plnlted L.inr
9. t.J.lo.r 1 u), Havana san Bordered Handkerchiefs, Matftillle Qiiltnan
to. tli I ricrJIlp, Roxlhurghl, N.rthl-Carulina Iigured & Corded Dimitie., Long Lawns, Cambr.c!.,
II. S huolrnr Nova-Scotn a G(uire, cleir lawn, Holland Ta pe, Womrens St, y
is 1E, jacket LythbiL, Q echr B k Mu llni, llminihui, Nuns Tle ca, M.ides, Pe'r-
; .Sl'I Nancty, hM'BrJc, Lomdon d ann, s.tirait. Ilrnle ri.e, Sewigl Silk S tl Stok-

SA., FD fo
I),,. 6. S., p lrann. Du'rtrfidd, Jah ica"
i .S.op tan., torrh, Charltflon
Sl lenjer itlte, Hi,.t';, ditto
f.piludith, Macrie, Gergetowr
i. IiH Caerlton, Craythorue, Ceor a
34. '*p Antclpe D alint, Aigila
lMi.jefly's ilooplul W Jaric
S Crapt. Hunte r, n
Sial l.ivOc-ak, M-K.nn. Charlnlin
ri. rhoJig aef- M'Kouill. Jo""aio

,r be Sb/, Liganitn, Captain Burton, will
a/er out at tlb Cuft]onm-'offi, f. oiR Wednicf-
day next, and wqillpoJtifely fail a "Thurfday.--
A. Bac is left at the Printing-Office for Letters.

Extra,7j from the LomDoN PaIes CURENTr ,
of October 17.
Braziletto, 71I. 11. a 81. Sa. the too.
Cotton, Bcrbic, Srminam, and Brazil, l. sid.
a as. od. the lb.
Tobago, Jarmica, &c. is. sid. a a. 3d.
the lb.
Ebooy, it'cni 31. 3 41. Sa 4 the tel.


j,,, ',0. n., miii, oy4, an m r
(Cr ttn 1 Hof, Thread, Kid, and Silk Clove, and Mitl,.
hMlenr Bootand shon, W\Vomen Cilnco Shoc,, BHys
aild Gr s Shoe, Mes fine and coarle Hattr, Boys and
GArt wklte and Prown Bearer Hait. Ladice black Bea-
ver with rTrilmmi7rfN, Hyfon, Singlo, and Bohca T rDe'-
Sr S SIugar, CheelC Black Pepler, Soap, tadll
I' wi r and Shot, Hair Powder and Potp, Lanvn-
a,,e, lrac..rra.., l.inldacd Oil in Jgs, v Londui
Pyrter, ,hitr, black, and red Icad, jfow A4t
oaker Stiap olrc, PIunknivctes. Stc Sa
Sltats li d Pencils, Plated Bu kles, ci '
fif-, z6c,." I6, z786. ? ,. / .
In the Sloop IHO P E,
And for Sale at Captain ADDIaL.'s Houfe, on
the Bay /
IRISH Mef and Cargo Beef and Pork ; Ro /
Bulttr infikiln; and Baltimoref flre and
Flour. A L ,.
A few prime young NEGRO EN.
Apply to A a an EvrIt.
Mjaa, De.Itmhbrl, ;8.6. .








No. 124.




NASSAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.


N a co nferet i hlild betwlcn tile Ecrlcliallic
Prilccs of the Inili;Li the three following
p ilts tit e dcLate'd upon : il, To withdraw
thl Imf l'.'s ntinely from tie jurifdiction of the
liita's NIuncl 2(I i l', l revive ihe ancrint
,rivant of tl' (I .i ii-nv nation aga.i t the
S loly h t, InI n 1 hi mll to a Lnued.l;,, I f a
fiinrii c, i fii thi lmnpire, and to cla ii: his
jpotc.'l.tit, i r Itlt niiLtlratlio of former
ri lht-, to tilt (G' rmin Lilhiop ; aid ylj 'l to
e,.dl!h lith.w rf l.tLoions olbne to the Lc",-

1, i. i S./ei.lrr 5..
~I V ari :; II I i: c lI t' tll 1di r, i'.l Ikr t l '1., ll[.1,
rCld of t'i u::L uf IL t;rea. l !. c Ill!. all

i* Aftcrlving iclol ,1 peac.ic to in% kih,I, n ;
ft(vr hiiv 'i c imifricl nui,; .'t rnafc. a cilo-
jiImr111 y, dill, Id tld inx rll t ny l afti.. t i uI i
elliahljll d a good :11in'irrl :ltiL t,.hrug .ghoti my
eita ; tt111 r I ,.t1in mI>,niy. n- ll nr-. ra t i'tL 'ollJo ',

hMat; 1 1 L at. to ni ',.a y d r ncpl.t'., I rde-
Ii. W\ illi.un, miy e- d :I, :d t : .i o tn r ii-
tii', In'. call( c, ntvy iLt il i int i otnd isf
r.v ;i ; ,, : iy \ i n lt ., ;i.d Ini y fiu t itiur i ,
on t, rl.< :ion t lt Ih t1 ndl' ti ti rifll 's \\tticlh
] dtl 'Liic titl lnt iv a. n a inI.irk otf ii remem-
b:aoic IiI t!, in ; fj r mint1 u ;tac;, in.' l .Li _iirr,
and my1 p a'.o ae his ini!l'Litni>ce by hirthri;lght.
I dt' i t Oil' n i t io kT. e' to the lQ ,i'n, mni
oitn .11t, tiolt 11 rhas at i,rfnlI. ate .] to adid
itii' .1 li' r : he lil il a nt!l fer e tit
I ,iltiO ill A ft 1'4, ytl i'.. iiri if thle c II'ltCF liv, t' i1a
t'!l Ii al ui,. iin. fs durtl ; n uthola r tign, and
rf m oh t 'it rv ttrtbl-i a:ind rrtl),.t fowr ho
mn m a'vl u!!,\ :tk1 v,:,cWs. I kI-c to viy
te lrl : I lii 200,0t 00 ClO 's, tIL thlrvf e -
i:in i., i.t 4i li al m le.vb., hih I whaV r,
,- ,f n, mo ll h tild chr) l l ulriti .s n lot ,
n. -, ihdiUl. of liungari:in'wine. TO1' myn
l' .,t '. r.',in{and ;o,00ooo crouwn, ;a concl,
;'l'* !ir Ih ,l't,. T o l i,;ncerf A nill;;: i,;,cco
t r. . ;, l a fi' cti of li'Cr. 'lT o Il'lin 't fs
I :n I u s I'li cl 3ln:11in, mvl a rI)a fCt
, ,'- ,i'i s. 'o thi, Ih,~! ,' s D owl r of
I'., ,.fl", '.. < r o,cv': iro'\ ns, n li a ih 'r f, r ice.
To the, l)Do. ,f o'l'infv ick itwo Englilli horL.,
;:, I tli fr- nin'm. To' Duke lFtliiomd a
h I-i r n., ot lIc)i i -,a h.- e I has ;iva,. h-11n m,
f.i', ,I. T1 P,, lin If.d ;.-ck of Binficick'
I,,, o V .c: .w1s. T'o tli DPilt l1 of \\'irt i-
WI' I., t..,nitr i, the Gra id ] icL ,:, 20,.000
C. t n,. 'To th,' I 1i Lc, lut r confl'ort, a l:In;im ld
ai ". To thie l)ov.' LInlndgraviii of Cafl.l
lo,")o c'own'. I tIeconminiild to you, imy
' hlt nc1h' v. wf ..ue y lIrae anId noble nrnCy; all
m' Ol ollivcvrI.;, particularly thofe 1o wereI-C
aliutt ni ; all miy holuifehohl and my fervants ;
let tin l .rL vo, I ; and if they rm'e ol, cindea-
v:ir to pro\id, foir themin. My fllrit battalion of
l.if: Giuards 1] .Jl hac two crowns each man ;
thi: ilal' oficcrw each ;i medal, reprefnting one
of the molt in, morablic actions of thle war of
f'v.n yea:s, that thcyinnay remember me and
t.cir glory. The little legacies that I have left
-arv aikt ,ut of the trcafury; that is not mine;

it belongs to the fate : upon it always as May 28, 1765. On April 1771, he r.
fuch, my dear nephew: Thof legacies proceed married tu his present l;ly Frances, onlychild
from my faviugs, and I hope you will fulfil my of Charles Iitzroy ;Scudaniore, of Home, in
lall requells. To be a King is a chance, but the county of Hereford, Efq.
iI-vcr forget that you area man. I fatter my- Slepmlter 2. His Majdily has appointed
f.lf there will be no difagreccneat in my family: Field Marefelial Baron de Rueden to the military
Private views shouldd be forgotten for the well. cimniand of Hanover, in the room of Prince
being of the late. Let harmony reign amolun Charlt's of Meccklenburgh, who obtaincdleave
you for the hIonour and glory f your anccllurs, to reign.
,,ad for your common good." Robhtrt Lifter, F'fq. who is now the Britifh
We are allured that the reigning King, after chlaIge des alalir e at Madrid, is to be continued
relading the above will, pronifed before all the as S'crttary to the Spanilh Embafly. The Rev.
Rovyal Family ti:tt he would fulfil every part of Mr. Dutcns is to be Lord Walfingham'a private
It nmlt I'crupuloully. fecrctary.
SEv/Ia of a tlerr from Legorn 4augu 3.
i DR I D, pe It e ju 'now 'Ic arn lrby a tartan from the
''The following are tlr pincipU ;.t. clc tllh. Coatll f Xfrica, that their B'r of Tunis had, on
i caty of peace, conclldid between thi2n2rl tile 22i of laft nonth, laid an inbargo on all
andl the Regtncv of Algilrs:-Tlhc ayh ll veilTel in his ports indiscriminately. We do not
be at libert,', vhenevcr lie may think lit, to e-ct kii.wv ilie number of vcfrels that were there
appoint an agrit t to t iide Ifl' Iim in one of th hein this evntt hapi-tintd ; but the matter is
ISi:;ilhI port .:--the pkIae and f,,,lificat;ons of h,' I nd 11ll d:lubt)."
(ha:i, as well as thole f Almaniiaquivir, (hll TIle I.lenox, iof 74 guns, and the Revenge,
ici.ain i!'fjairu qu, wiithuut ally L.o:iiiuniication "f 7 guns, arc by order of the Lords of the
withl the Nloorith camp ; tlihf p)laci l fall iier Aildnii.iltv to he immediately rebuilt in the
iec attatkcl,.bv the tlovrert 'if Al'iiTrs ; and Kini' yard, at Harwhich, on the vacant flips.
the Dey of Vllcara iihll I1t ittnplt any thing Thel Elcphant, of 74 guns, lately launched
:n alit eillth'r of thii, w '!lhot ftcial order by Meff. Adams, at Burfledon, for government
'.,n thi- forimner: et a;i t,,' alorcaiidi IBey lias it l'rvice, is the I th lliip of the line launcihid
l'v, I.'tn l i iutlli ily uov.l t ji Oi iil riviu'e, tlIc linte the p:ace was signed.
l)Iy ol ;. AlV i Ithall ilij;:r.'c ofal conivetlioll., Thurfi.t. Caiain Braithwaite, enquerry to
nmalde t to be made, bttwt',r] thi: Spa.iia.han!d his Roy.'l H ighnets the Duik of Curmberland,
tll faid Bey; to whoin tlhe faid I)y willr re- anrivrd frimn the Spa with 1an accIount of his
commend to fcL that the Splani(h fortrclte:. be Royal Highnef. being fein7d w;lth a fever of an
inot intlultcd. In care the ritblliouls Moir, alanning nIature. It is expcled that Dr. Pen-
who live indencudnitt iandl uInconquerred, Ihould ton, to holim Captain Brailtwlaite brought let-
lie guilty of holliili's, lfei.! c-.i,; nftall not in ters, will iinmediately let out for the Spa.
Ite k;dl aliect the good : lnnoniy between tihe Si.' Ricihard- Jcbb is alfo about to depart for
1t'o high c .ntratL.n g powv'r;; nor are thI tLi' S1p:1 o] aC.-oilnt ofthe alarming inidifpofitioni
Ch.illi.ns to It protected, licn onlle out ofllt of the Duke of Cumbrland, Capt. Hraithwaite, of the Algtriinr hatterici. Three months having rLceivcd orders to inform Dr. Tiulon or
are granted, in cafe ofa for th fichard Jbb, that one ofa li fr e Si them mult im- on both lides to fecuri their effects and il di-itely go to the Spa to attend the Duke;
piopertv aind Sir i'lihar.l is iixtd on for Ihat purpose.
1 the 2 'th aitiIc, Lh,: Dey declae., that Exti,,!tf l.'terfronm I'ortffinu, ,/fur. 30.
in coinlid :atitit: of his Catilliol Majeliv's intr. t" Lord Dorchellr, witih his lady, family,
frtmiiL, tle \Algeri'lt.l i;il Iit onl) refil)Cti tihe and fervral attendants, had embarked on board
coL:I. of S", but ali' thofe of the Pope's do- the TI'lc, e f. "ate from Qiehce, but by a Ihift
miinions; aindl further, thit lie will at all tile: of the w ''i, aIl lthie wtTicr becoming boillr-
:t.i-orn li at A\l;iers any ll ip un.itr the Spatilih roii, t ll'iy h.,,ir biee forced back to Spiiread.
col.irs or protc, tiol) ; his CAthoilic MNidly f n- Hi- L.orl.lip, it is faid, it determined not to
'<'ing rviinirocallv to rit inll ili f.itii, friiend- !ill .!iark, bu: to remain at anchor till the iiitd
ly niiinlr the or fiiecndl of Algiers, c. i' ft-Iav'i" ahc.
Loso Sr:ir .i Among tilt Ships returning from tleir
Lo Do s, Sr.!.Ier 1. latilo it the Adamanr, on board of which is
Y:'ilrdtay n.Inin: died, at Norfolk lhoiuf, Admir il S;r Ri,'irrd Hughes, who is to be rc-
l t St. J.imcs's-fqiii.i, his (';ace the molt lno- liclrd'i uii comlm;lndat tilet th Leeward Inliads
it' Charile I n',.'ardI, Duke of irflolk, E:,,i by Cotiimiodoe I ickertco.
S.urry, Herrdiitary IEai; Marltal, Pu Ii;cr 4 'l'I:r 'l ,ra ;i arrivel f'-om the Wetl-Indies.
ike :tid Fail of E ,iil.Ind; his titles aldl ihr 11.was tn'.tnllid by C(apt. Stoney, hut lir
rllites devote to his fon tithe arl of Sul- dild of a pi i 'l f.'vt O his 1paff'ge: He wai
rcy Inow Duke of Norfolk, whofe feat in the ian (llicCr of tixl difriplineC and order, and is a
IIolfe. of Comnons for the city ofCarlifl ill great lofi to the fer vice."
of couirf become vacAnt. In 1739, Ilis Grace E.t\-,r.: a Irtr lr from Paris.
mranied Catharine, daughter of John Brock- It is faid, znd not without apparent foun-
lholis, of Claughton, in the County ofLancaf- dation, that the fix Itilh battalions in the fer-
ter, by whom he had iliue a daughter, Mary, vice of France are to be incorporated with tihe
born in June, 7742, and died in November, national regiments, change their red uniforms
t 756, unmarried : Alfo one fon, Charles (now for white, and receive four iTiflcad of !tven fout
Duke of Norfolk) born March i 1745, who eight dcniers a day; that the officers are to be
in 1767, was married to his lirlt wife Mary allowed their piefent appointments, and have
Anne, fole daughter of John Coppinger of their refpettive I.nks in French regiment; 'ut
Ireland, Efq. which lady died without illfe on that, for the future, no Irilh gentleman in the



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