Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 2, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00189
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. ia3.




NAsau: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAI.

s186. _
n.. ,f gf
7 Winds and Weather.
- ,. I, /p. .|l
1 70 ho 76 AV. N. iV. ,ai.
2 7j So 76 B. N. A. t. E. LiJbt ;wid. Clear.
J 74 79 75 9. .- 8. Idea.
4 75 So 75 I aL.*, /.
5 7. 81l 76 Ik,. 5 1 ri.. Tii. Jr.
6 76 vs 77 R. . Ct.,r.
74 79 76 F. A. Rain in the il.
t 6 7 7t 6 A B. m. N. .inv a .a a..;i-dy.
9 75 7' 74 E. S. a.ty.
3o 74 I 76 . S. i Rai, the miar. Sultry.
11 77 8.1 7H 5P 3. A. rE S. Sn/e.. SR." is' ii
1a 77 8. 76 S.S. E. C/IJm. frh,,ttle,.[,ihl,.
11 75 8.' :5 ".S.L. lid. 'iJe..
14 75 79 74 '.3. to E. Ciu. Li:'rt ind.
i ;71 hi" 7I F. .V. S Rain sirbr iris ;..
a6 74 78 -i f.. N..E t. A E. HAigb -t l Vir.
s7 7J 77 a, E. N. Z. C,.dy. Hki/fh bin,.
18 13 78 74 Li't 's'..,.
I) 74 78 "1 hy S. lidn
So 71 71 74 S.S.E. o. S. W. FrJi,/,, r
at 7j1 ia 7 S.-S.. Ei- N IV R 'i '"t'
al 74 83 ;6 S..S.W. Clfiad .utry.
23 7jJ ,. i S. 1. I. Id,
24 74 ; ;71 i V. I tI I- A1 and Jrarn.
sj 71 7; 74 5. N. F. '5,,tele. C .:,.
a6 73J 4 K. ly S. LZgbt idnJ. a/ar
17 7 / 7 E.81 S I ,'. J.i Et.r ,
a2 ?3 81 -h jS. S. It' I 1a -a.,w.nisg.
29 7, 78 74 WI S W i V. I'.s. Ran .di/ dy.
30o, 75 -a 1 ,\. 'IV, 1 A. R., tib i.i* .
w HEIUR lAS the Subfcriber is well iifounm-
S ', th|.," ]I S.hno, cr NAys, I O-w L, m ni-
nani'c1 IIIv So L.ON W\V rntrL, w.As, in the latter
ntI of Ii y lal, whilk on a tantn vyage in the
nIi..i, r-hit d. of Cjap'e Ctart. fctird by a Sipanih
1t .l L'la, froit L'J np ,iy ; d a liti the illlcer
anrd i r'e in d itir e .i i 1nl have gone for the
li 1ni Se ll'C. t..'* in the y f Honiduras: He car-
tied. r: qcilsm ll Dritilk f &., tr owhll perl/im.
so h. i U., laid il/lcr OI c. nor any ol thil/,
Di, c y p. ilicatiuai far a.isree to get hriilte-r.
thi tliy wi'l grant it to tIhti antl the auhicrib-r
v.1.t rlherful y rc.-lmbof every spcice they may be
Mit fi1 doiIgK. I
H ,id thr n er, i er there w e on board the laid
S h,.i. r. IJ':.'/uan Kp, a white Ima, and the fnl.
Ii.i'. N' gric, via ,ar, belonging to R/l ,t
li.i tli; 1/0., l'ii(iiigtc to ir. 7./n lerengr,'
Si,, /Iln. IJi.r, imin. ." nd 7a,1, the Proirery of
.Wh reqideftl the faur ni all the Prtinerr il the
Wi r-Iril e, to puhlinh the above ladvrtifenicnt in
tl ,r iln T vc<., nDremlr 2, 1716.
A IiOUSE t! b Rented-- a HORSE
Ap'in the P'rinrr.
r HOSE Perfons who have ou Runaway
Nr r,.., I, th.l- land, may I lar term
ri'ufd for catching taOrT AppI' oi

N OTICE is here given to a crfonsha-
ngn denmdr.. agitilt the ll.-. I JIII.IA.
NLv:\. itetraf hiy rnd, tote, 'or ok account,
th-.t h- render in actcouinr of the la properly at-
tenid; and all tl.fe inde tled to the fa Etate, are
requclled to make fp'd i, ayne t, *o
M I1Y NI.WTfON, E currei, or
TU INEZP.W IOVE. cciuor.
Aafr ,o. Nre-,vi r 9. '784
T HE Stulfcriber'a Bay S U wa, on the
rL t;., 7th llinflanlt, flab D in sth thigh by
fIme ill ilifpefed person. and ha of the wound
The above reward will be pa;d to1 t on who will
give fch information of the peraI of rai crime,
s will bring the offcode to convi' n paunifmeat.
Na., Mwcs 4, 18 IJAME.& HOWi.


Extras of a ter from a entleman in Bofon,
<edSeplemk r 17.
T' HIS fa&ious commonwealth is in a
general ferment, md forebodes a civil
war.-Tle difpofition that has ever characeri-
zed the people, viz. mobs and injustice, is again
broke forth in an eminent degree; fo much that
they will again have occafon for the counsel and
fc vice of a focicty called the Cincinnati, com-
pofed of the disbanded officers; any pf whom,
lince my arrival here, I have Men in company
with, and though they are allowed-by there
riotous people to be the faviour of their country,
yet they ere the pooreft clafs of men among
them, and are viewed with as invidious an eye,
.s the people they call stories ever were; they
begin now to find that their fo much boanled
republicanifin i a mere bugbear, an ideal charm;
and I believe verily that nine tenths of the peo-
ple wi(h to return to the government of Great-
Britain again, and which I predi; will be the
cafe, if their late army continues backward, and
which is highly probable, for they are not yet
paid for tfL.; laft l I;tary frvtices, unless you
call their paper fecurities pay, which fell for fix
h(illings in the pound ; an abfolute monarchy
will only be able to keep thofe pacific, and
check their propensity to difordcr, riots and in-
julfice; and I am fcconded in this opinion by
many judicious, moderate men here, who ac-
knowledge the incompetency of their laws to
the prefervation of good order and virtue; every
man here conceiving himfelf a king, and his
liberty is to do what he pleafes."
SHILBURNE, (Porl-ROfeu.ay) Stfeemttr 28.
In the loop John and Jane, came palfenger,
the Chevalier de Longchamps, who fome time
ago, for the ill treatment he received from Mon-
licur de Marbois (Conful-general, and Secretary
in particular, from the great and good Ally of
the United States, his Moll Chrillian Majelly)
gave that minifler afew-e caning in olie of the
public irccets in Philadelphia; in confequonce
of which, he was arraigned before, and received
a fevere sentence from the Supreme Court of the
Gate of Pcnnfylvania, a part of whirh only, was
two years imprisonment; this he underwent in
the jail of Philadelphia; about the expiration of
that time, an officer of rank was difpatclted a
second time from the Court of Verfaillcs to
Congress, requiring that body to deliver up the
Chevalier, who su claimed as an offer f the
'Iraops, as well as the fubje&t of the Grand Mo-
narque ; this requifition was not immediately
complied with, but the Chevalier, apprehensive
the States might, through pufillanimity (under
the cloak of affe&ion) finally give their affent,
has fought an asylum under the Britilh govern-
ment. The Chevalier means to make a confide-
rable flay here, if he does not altogether take up
his residence in the settlement.
OBoa r g9. We are informed from Halifax,
that the Hon. Colonel Fanning, Lieutenant-
Govcrnour of this province, is appointed Ge-
vernour of the island of St. John, vice Gover.
lour Paiterfon, and that he was preparing to
embark for his government in a few dayd.

08oaer 26. We learn that the Cwmmiflioneru
appointed by A& of Parliament for examining
the claims of the Loyalils, have opened their
office at Annapolis, and that in a (hort time
they are to proceed to Digby, to receive the
claims ol the Loyalifs there, and from thence
to the city of St. John, New-Brunfwick, where,
it is raid, they will remain during the enfuing

By the UNITED STATES in CONIatRE auffm'
bled, O&ober to, R786.
The committee, conifling of Mr. Pettit, Mr.
Lee, Mr. Pinckney, Mr. Henry, and Mr.
Smith, to whom was referred the letter from the
War-Office with the papers enclosed, contain-
ing intelligence of the hoflile intentions of the
Indians in the Weftern country, having reported,
That the uniform tenor of the intelligence
from th Wellern Country, plainly indicates
the hostile difpofition of a number of Indian
nations, particularly the Shawanefe, Pattawat-
tamies, Chippewas, Tawas and Twightwies.
That thefe nations are now affembling in the
Shawancfe towns, and are joined by a banditti
of defperadoes, under the name of Mingoes and
Cherokees, who are outcafns from other nations,
and who have allocated and feitled in h* ....
try for the purpose of war and plunder. That
they are labouring to draw in other nations to
unite with them in a war with the Americans.
Thst it is expected, one thousand warriors will
foon be collected in the Shawanefe towns, from
whence they have already difpatcled parties to
commence hostilities. That from the motions
of the Indians to the fouthward as well as the
northward, and the exertions made in different
quarters to (Rimulate the various nations against
the Americans, there is the ftrongeft reason to
believe that unlcfs the fpeedict merafures are ta-
ken effe&ually to countered and defeat their
plans, the war will become general, and may be
attended with the moil dangerous and laRing
Tuat the committee therefore deem it highly
neceffary that the troops in the fervice of the
United States be immediately augmented, not
only for the protedion and support of the fron-
tiers of the States bordering on the western ter-
ritories and the valuable fettlementson and near
the margin of the MifHiflippi, but to eftahli(h the
poffeflion and facilitate the furveying and felling
of thofe intermediate lands, which have been fo
much relied on for the reduction of the debts of
the United States; whereupon,
Refolved, that the number of one thousand
three hundred and forty non-commifioned offi-
cers and privates, be raised for the term of three
years, unkfs fooner discharged, and that they,
together with the troops now in service, be for-
med into a legionary corps, to confift of 2040
non-coinmillioned officers and privates. That
the additional troops be raised by the following
States, in -the following proportion, to wit:
New-HamplHirx s6o
Maffachafetts 660o Infantry and ar-
Rhode-flhnd 1to0 tillery lsid
Conneficut 18o
Virginia ad Maryland, adoh 60 cavarT,
making a1


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