Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 18, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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te/ly or indirectly, or in any manner whatever, fcud the defig n n manufcript, with all the ap- afftr, they have thought pmrper to charge the
any other than their Noble and great Mightinef- purtenances, for the examination of the person Deputy-Counfellors to coitormt itllily for the
Irs, and Ihall owe obedience to the aboveyaid whole department in adminillration the faid future, reiptctillg the command of the garrilfo
Comellor-Deputies; that likewife the right of charts would moll particularly intvreft. The of the Hague, to the contents of the efolu.
giving ithe watch-word, and all the other marks motives for this arret are to prevent the abufes tlon of their Noble and Great Migltineffes Of
oflauthority over the faid forces, shall remain ex- resulting from the unconlined liberty which geo- the 4th and 5th of March, 1672, in all the
clufively to thefe Counfcllor-Deputice, nor shall graphers enjoyed. lBy copying foreign maps they points regulated therein. Thefe points ate,
there marks of refpcCt begiven to any other Itr- rendered the crrol committed by foreign na- that the company ofbody guards of their Noble
tii,, whoever lie may le, whatever may he his tions in adjullinh tile limits of rcfpcctive polfef- and (iialt Miglitintdes, and the four alual com.
1I. iraltcro, his dignities or funtlions, whether in lionr, or at leall confirined them ; mariners were panics of cavalry,k keeping galrifon at the
i!,. political or military line; nor shall it lie expuled to the greatcll dangers by implicitly Hague, ai alfo all tile other troops that might
li i, fil for any pefon other than tlhe Counflilor- adopting the eirioe and millakes contained il be called on extraordinary cafes into the plaeeot'
Depulties to petfolrm any alt of command. An imperfect inaps, &. ieilcdnce of-their noble and great Mightinetfet,
ati. kc shall be made of thii, which shall he ini Y:Itcrday mournilng died, at his lhoulf in hall not be fiubjeet to the orders of any perfol
Iclted ii the;huion given to the laid Conn- Lower CGrolvenor-nlreat, Sir Robel t llamiilton, bi ll Ile off their pobl and great Mightineffe,
fLo t-l) ptis." Colonel of tile 4th Regimntii. and Iall owe obe o ecc l t heir Deputy-Coun.
l'Sle late of lthe United Provinces may be .y/ ,I l 1lis Royal I lighnltfs Piinicc Ei- fellorU ; and that me right of giving the watch.
inly faid to be very alarming. A civil war ward, his Majefy's fourth ifo, it shortly to be ap- word, and all other marks of auliority orr the
tlhii is looked upon to be ilnvitable. The poi. t done of th Lords of the trie.iw fr ma.- flid mlilitia, Illall ftmain chCllllitily and without
Ariltocratic party late been fiupported by the aging the affair of the Eicct.iate of Hanover. aly rcfcrve wha lcvr, to thle,Dputy-Cou.u
Court of Flrance againlil lth Princc of Oaiige. Extra/t 'f /cItr frors ,'trrr.. llo. I r
On tire contitary, the Pince has r cLivl 11:1ks It is publicly known, that for the three h1e eight owns anud the Eiqucil,.in Or.
of f iclndship from his rcliatlion, the Kings of lait years the Eall-lndia Company lhas nlt been dci, tl..t form the minoity, have referidl their
England and PrulTia. But thlrc ha; satv lats- able to pay the proprietors the dividends of prottu agalinll this conlliuioll ; anld ti ten
ly a t/Air/paity it.rtcd up in I olland. This is toelve and a half per wcnt. This dlay has in- towni of the majority hac :dfo rd:rvod a coun-
the VDeocrni,. This 1p3art ftrmu to declare violvrd a multitude of peopCl in diltrefs, partir.- tir protcIt."
triingly against tile Aliltocratic ; but however, larly the Jews, whoih entire fortunes c c p|la- A work, receStly punlli ili :lt BlII;I I)) Pro-
it is noit in favour (if the ]L incc'. The caLonio- c.d in their funds. lThe' Stu:ltholdcr, :iatlHcted feI cr IIcrraniiia which contain: mI.iIny tiiiul
lions ind fears occatiotid I.y thefc diiliiii., are lby tile dilirels of fi) many iintlortulati pii)pit, particulars riLitc to tihe empire ,ill 5.hin,,, its
the trr'lits ofthi later riiof of our Ins; tfI has shewn the (goodiul Il aj g:ncrolity of is lir odi itiIn, IlanllfartiriT, &t. &c. fetti .tlhe
lthe, Icniedpcolpolin tile Proviiccs, driadlin' the heart on the uciaion. ie !-, .l, written tolie i tent ofI tht ;Ifll county ;it rlo,co G(;tru
contuleiiiquncl of thflid divilions, hIavc fnt thirir Dircciatrs at Amiltdan, tht h rIllouncll tihe il:eac nlts, and iUL population at to.(14,9,254
puopirty hilie to be vrlcel in our Iocks. flnl of 17,993 flioinsi, with serec l.,. ldiidcnds fouls, allowilIg 946 inihabitlanlats iI try filr:uc
The Dutch are aiout to ifhine the long agi.- fur that year; to lie dilidl tIl unfio,.- nil. 01 thi, amazing iiiiiumber, one fourth
tatcd quilliion coctirning the liberty fthe piilti, tiiate people wihom tihe dei.:\ s of lt, C)iinpany pait conteibilutI to t public t.tx, and lii ar-
paticuiit lady lo far as iipucti r nl Ippia(. In,, haVr.. Iuined. He adJd, that lie it.a rti c e, ily is at y-7th.
4,I their periodical writvcrs if tile L)til,'r.aic on tli, ine xt diviliii, the faue bcntlit, in fatour "Tit n lI ritc riter afiifeit, lth t in l,7 vtrar --9,
p:;ny iasdrawn upon hiliifelith dl I UIIIIItA of I c )f of t wlo I bill th f.ii llunaiioil." tlt lusi s of Ruffia liii!dLctl a rr-v :trii t he
the .Maigillrt. tcsof Is cii ty. l! iha bt ti wiic wite i frn it llaguc, liat Mr. Iar- L5"n f 3,40oo0,5 iuL.Llus, andl i,; 6,;35 to
fumnimo ud to appear and aiufsr I" fI liinr ht ILId Ii:, I nivoy-Lxtlrard i a1rv1 from Lithe Iift fl pr.Citc individuals.
f, but has kpt cl c : 't ,t knio n i Eli;aind, Ias hail a coniere;ice wil the Preli- it,//, T'rhi ino l ,dil,; t of tlic Duike
shat ilps hl will take on us tlc rld .ii m !.. dInt of the State, Glri'al, in w liih iilo lingly of Yoik's having lpicI!',.f Callway'a
T'o tlhe lbrall ofi tin and aui ti ullsi.l l ], aty, inli .;lr oin an a vil .Ilr to tl!. t- o .l' rl l 'in ll. Ji .- tillate in V IrkliHir ; for Tuiit!;:.i, and yiclll r-
ther gentrdil ai )cara;iin ifjoy Ou thIe Ilij t of fcIted by hin, on ot f ilik i rtcLt to the do- ld.y, 15C c',ccI hLU prtr cents. were fold at
his MdIjcly' latc happy providittiil llie lii :;nut libut coavey thi minull comfufiitahiC le c- ''i i Auigufla y ilht is irt if d; the Lords of t nsfernid fromit his Rioy.i atgl hlini f i.n.-', iby
tion. As an additional piiiof of this prc :;jig ihei .\ili '.Ilty liha ig un t irktn to fettle mat- power of atteor ey, which oli :,lCto l Ia fill in tilhe
fpiriit, the clergy and gentlemen uf the Chap Royal mret yclterday at thei StaranI Garttr., 'Thie following amazu li ipn iluci may be de- coinilg uncxpl a tdly.
Pall Mall, in older to coillnll moratl' the aili I nld upiii : tliti the-r is n gpwilng in ti he Te Sates of Zreaiand oljc rl.l to tile late event; an lcgant dinner r was prieardil at gardii ofi Mr. Wilitam RiMdall, iofI Li't.n, in refolutioa ofti4ir High MliglIincitrC rclatilvetl
their own exp-ne, ;nd cunductid with g.r:l l'It-hii n' hun :oid i a -d ii. y iine the mode of trying the fril the failureof
fctivity ; aftllwards, fotiral loyal tialfs wie hl cat tarn, all productrd ftit nt linil gi'-ain lt, cpceditiont to llrtll ; whichli ftilinui, it
diraink rilativc to tle ful.iect If lne Iliecting, and fo('v, at Mi'hliatduas lal f'imsL, was lirlt proposed by tthe l)pllties frant
the following glet', wiV ilttle on 1the I ialioil, wias l-l i,1'ru/i (f. TIllh lifici SIh i IrilUiyc, hy lth' Eait- thie Province of Hulland. 'lii cointradi ltion,
yprfo(ricd by the G tciilitmuI of thle Ciui : India Comuip,.ny in their til c l Ilice, ari n,1 longer .ililidiLring the compl .ic.n of tile two P'lrovin-
G 1. E. 'lpn the tinc cItablishmnlt ,s forminly. in in-d c. clearlly evinces, that the principal aim is to
A. 'Neprtie tou put an rcflitual itop to the frainltti ConIlittCid itotlilnd thU Stadlthldcr throui;I tilt lidcs of the
LA Albi. o the nlFariH ilcir lCare; o, theCoim,,ny, a3 a ocila thi ggocrnmntt, it oii cers, who, there frems to be a little doubt,
Sltv'd Albintslusr) u 1ill rheir care;
Xtill do their lafhli'dil Il lings iliwv'r, Ie itame necelof y to put t heir .owi Irvaints under will be made a facrificcby the Arillocratic palty,
VW!tn virtue llanips the NIilnrc!t', pvw'r; Itiui newi regulations ; all plerquiit3es arc therre- il order to find a pretence from thence to de-
',1- there they liintellIne ire, Il,,. aboliied, of evt fpccies whatever; and :a pCvi him of hii ollici of I lih Admiral. The
Iult foreign arinls ihi vain W.lpi, tl)> irc no to be pmit tltd to traflfc il nx t itcp, and it is but a ihort one, will be
Hli ev'ry rali Iatiln pt lie vain,
"1' i:ull the glory of (lire'igii- aly" degree, ti,. following alteratitiin as taken ithe dIprisNig hini of the command ofl the aind
I ii.urt by dangers, UiuI.viik lr .nd, rcvel r il:. e : l. cis, anld llte omini tiul of l tfi crs, to twhkh
I ti .ih / adlt ,t a .t Tr I'.ib of Pay in the EnaR-Inldia Company's Sr-. way has ahi.ady been paved II, appointing a
,hii inl your Miunrth in f irty er4t a Il .r, 'vice, to tak, place froni the ti!ic of appoint- Ielnchlman, Lth' Comtc de Ma'ilikbis, to be
And while with fi.,ivr einth ithc l nict ginw', nfnt, alnd tl-e dlip hi a-fliat, and u under the Ciflctive Geinirral, and l Iy ILhe Povine of
nalt thc/.iur. from Nwhtllce th.t b:clling low1t. flate of q ipmenict, to time t of lir oi.- Holland depriving Ihe Pri.': ,C' i.flie inflnis
The mutii was compofed by Thomans Saun- clearance in thile ritvr, after arrival from lt r of the command of the gii,,ifo ,.fil ll, I ;ag n,.
ders )Dululs, Efq ; and pffeffed a spirit and voylage. Attempts have cvii ieli nu mad: on his I ighrfs's
y wll adapted to t and l Mouh, a.c prro.atv i cil matt .rs, pnrtticlrly his
vatrce well adapted to the fia guc and the veni Captains, .% 30 o and /. 20 o power of cooling out of a lilt prcfrcntild to hhn
vatd hearts of the convivial guels : the evening ChliefMate, 20 0 anti o fich purlons as he moll approves of to fill the
csi fpeut and concluded with uniivcrfalhlannony Second Mate, 16 o and to place of Burgol.alte'i. Yet thiu party has tlie
alid guoed h tmour; eIor waon its fcetivity a little Third and fourth Mates, 12 o and 6 6 lrontcry to lay, that it is not in the l'all their
h c;iht tird by the recollcciun of its bhelg aidu- Fifth and Sixth Mates, to o and ji o intention to rmnifJh the prerogatives and privi-
ty to the bell of Sovrcre'lns, and the commono- i o
ration of an event which c ry friend th cm hiso- Purfer, 12 o and 8 o k-es of the Stadtholder. lowevcr, inl tiis pr-
riion of an cnt l bcrwith vry friend to this all-Surgeon, o o and 6 o hlps tlhey may be right ; it feems to be their
wi ontry iul nt r ithgratitude to an a Bat win and Carpenter, 8 o and 4 o attention not to dimiri/b but to amnihilaii them.
i letters fromin Paris we learn, tlat an ane t Midshipmen, 4 o and 4 o Copy Jit a paragraptih of a lkerr from a gentleman is
a n ulished rohiitis all ra- Subordinate Officers in proportion. 1);cove. N v-?'orl tor i friend in l.odon, (LIted Fum
as n published prohibiting all goga rkis of attempts to traffic to forfeit a certain 5, 178^h.
phers,tengravers, or othertperfons whatecr, from penalty, and be difchlarged. The only political intelligence that has for
engraving, publishing, vending, or diiribulting Extras of a loter from t6e Harut, AsP z. a long time attracted any intention iere, is the
any map, chart, Qr geographical plan, without ". The Refolution of their Noble antd Great positive refufal of the Court of Britain todeliver
pernlnlfton of the Chancellor, or keeper of the tinfes, by which tle affair of the com- the Wellern forts to the officers of Congref.
ea, undr penalty of a n of oo lre and mand of the Garrifon of the Hague has been What are the resolutions of the United States
the confifcation of the charts, plans, proofs and decided by a majority of ten votes agaiill, nine, remain fill unknown ; but e are certain they
plates. In order to obtain the requifite permf- contains in futbltance, That after having maturely have no power to take them, and fee that' nego.
.ion, ihe geqaphcri, Ac. lall be obliged to j djibnratcd gn all the piece. relative to that ciatiqa has already proc4dincgetual.-Nothing

"-ar "-- ri -r -. Sas

appears eqIal to fatlsfy the rppat of te e o
le in tlis country hut the onqIieft of New-
Spin; and to men who have before their eyes
priciely fortuilce, which may be inlantaneoufly
and (as they fippufe) eafily acquired, no patri-
olic inducements can he presented fu1ficienily
Rtiolg to makc them undertake campaigns in the
w.,dl of Canada, for the commercial benefits of
a nation that has fo ll repaid the for the elca-
blilh.iiei t of tlwir idul, .Indepes e."

Ntw-Paos D1r CI..
NOVEMBER 7, i786.
HTIKEREAS by an atf paffed in the lai fEl-
S lion Ul e rlir..taIc, iititicd, an at fur ap.
SFrisist, CiunisiiihLncra* to cnjaire into the lollr of
jll futh it rl-:o who llave fuilcred in Ihlitir proplrtice,
in coldiocle'ncc of the ccflion fa the province of E. ir-
F Jf A lo to (th Ki-G u: lr.u.,' it is inaded, that,
Whl.rcasfcvral iro prietrn of baj.lrlridj, and the
nrgcicil .vtral oher lopricr otIhe laid pprtrinrc,
i KpertatclMy inti.lid tih th' ctcfit ot thit.a., Ire ie-
tl oiCi the 8. .li1, I/,/L and other ofhi Maj l)'
I .:uc n A,- n i. And tcrtait mly Ibe aicill!, d
ih t jrine roi'iiio- tci[o f buch lcrrr ]; i to icne tlo
i., t- t, i liiub nlai e i cir r' nlc ve r iLinms
or 1 ; chli .ir i:., it! in fUpi c f t i t ,sirt
s ir r proi :t.' ri Ir Ivwhuo thti hav*r ale-l as
*.c t t I, : l .it,i.f l rd, tihe tic ( ic. i ur,t
t oi .iJ .r tilt Ait: it, o f ir i Incr Ih in.i, and
S iulny, u11 ald. n tl re lr lir by i. .'l -d ii I
qj.t t to i. h.r, i i c lull r. Il all :,ndl .vi ry lu i
pllI i pcr1 31, aid eta.i .11 aid vi fij.h

t ci/i c .iii. init wt rcu l to dnrioirr'; i d i'li hi (;l,-

SIy thir ^ n: i snvi-; l o\t, I . by
,rc. l t. pi..n l i i to dTin i ll ;.m 'v .ry Ich
Srlin or inall ci t.iil- tiu i ur. i, ine ati ii w

y :he tirll p,.ur:uti.r In thtir i, '. tl: ir <,p 11i011
thi crt nci sn li l Ich i oiinio ir olg;llion w n-or '.'irncrl, acrl eft;to .ityupt l't, u r I'Ich r O lint
'II c i v:,.'licL o rr i a Id vrly Iu h Rentr o- .. nl, T(d
il this'o snllt ir's vppinvcd hl, l a, In order :ihv a
.* i. and vtl y ln.I c i il:l Ini:i. y 1l. tiInld etiry jud1.i

,,f Jljn thiccdnl spoin by lurh L'onrnillimer. and be
iii nl:l lc tlcem anm. otllt or .cli into ie aid blior

t l' II .'I)i i;,: l rn::l crs of tihe 'l'I l'nr).or tile L."Id
i* lheil tr, fi.r th i thm ir n tIor upjc oty'-
oit iiton, o0ut AnIlr v ory luch c ricir lvaiii, with
a 1 cc ic n c alh i 1c I n ch o p i nci ra 0 1 e oi o n so a o r
1i cI Villc.i of .il aId every linh en agnt', t1

Ai.I nt iit urth r cnantcd hy e au, hnordry afrc-
Sli alid vl a y l ul iclaluy im -lrll oa l trf iticrt y judg l-

'II1T'"I ] 'Il''III 0,,h 1'tl,'rr tile I'ai Gu(OY llour, t-
i -a i.odriird upon by t' .ah Co ilti C ner,- and ou:

a1 jI t rr L. i tl' c pve I rll thide c ; Cvry lto h laid lor
Ac it lcrther ended iy t au hontsy afore-

tr il, tlc ir (rfl'aliad nt ilan -bal aiVr c it duly u o-

ni .1 I, I.all h ,. tied i acid arc hcloily d ilarced t. Its
lu .[ Iaid iha'le t, limch pains and pcicaliics ai, hy
I 'i! Law ntw in bLinti, pcrfon .niiiividiiel ol wilful
-a I t ;t ,Ierje ry, anre lbjiea and liahlc to
'1 lid !1 r it 1.ti ,.il ', ha t in tl ioi o r rcq ull 1 a n, "
cI" -i, or iticlooss I, oil or c.,liclm acitcuic i uh
i', ,I an) prorritrty i) conei 'uaiicc of fuchi cilioii,
a i' I Vt in (c.-at- ritam aler ihi. Irfi .a' qf
,, ,. --:", or in the I*la nma-.- ..:', ; Or any other
S NI I I ic- 1 t iin. 11t A.i.mern.- aftrr thtli, tday
,, /. 17H 7. .
.'i.,I il.~ca .he Right Ilonoural.l I.rd .d'ire, one
I** I .. X .I PI'ru-,p ccr, tailk iaf Mctaicr by his
It c ii, I c r.,i.rdlc c c, Po-n a ,,r iqucirc,
di i ,.1 ]hr I., M.l)'r~y uuncld, and tcnsimand. r in Chief
f. /,h l., .,m..-//.c, atd a reI iti i.'/, ril if .IeC afl
I i. i;) Ic- ti ilei i i cL l igiufy, that it is hi, M a-
J' c" 'L '' it Ie laid C(oi'mandi.r in ChIicf and
t', ci1 ..i |i, will fth itp., as are required
Ii) !e J.l i'1 : Nutl.e ie thtrtfor hlicr by given to tie
' 1' ( i. (o re .I f.-.t-n t/da, and tl E agents of
i,:ir iriprnltora if thi I id, refptdively
iir;i :d it tlie bhitic of the before roteird act. rcfident
in I.r -.,in/-aid that they do as fpecdily ai may
'I,. 'li. r icti the iC haid of I ,ory T ,ge. Efulre.,
(lIck I. rile ('onciil, a Ichedulc and valouatn, ealed
up', clI 1ith protrty, by thcit relpedively lot, with
thr pui,, diclirptions, and places of aboda ot fuch
nirTi olfs (s liay be intended to be made ufc of rc-
fl'elivrl y in order to fuhflantiatc the frevral claim,.
And iiluLic is alfou given, that the PRKSlDINT and
Cou.CILt. will meet on 'f.oIeIy t/e' 285/h infa,,t, in order
to take into conflddration fuch claims as may at that
link be delivered to the Clerk of the Council.
By Order of rl, Co unC,.,
N. B. Sbe ud an */ i#b Cleissit k t of Ie*, It
trai(g p toLr /'/r, y i.firmest k r Ily wst.
iag /a t*o mattp of/."r) -j k bad, F a eti>ng a. 0
'/ed4 o) tic Ceowil

NASSAU, NovYaM'is 25.
THE Pcafui frigte, commanded b Hi
Royal Hie iTnefs1pauT c WILLIAM HEN
Ra. accompanied by the RoTa Captain Herney
arrived at Paceutia, in Newfuo)dland, the 16tl
of July lall. His Royal Highicfa was expctlde
at Halifax in the course of lat month. From
Halifax, it was faid, he woqld go to Jainaiea
early in December, and woid proceed froui
thence in the Spring to New-Bruntwick and
Several letters from American officers on thi
weflern frontiers of Pelnfylvania and Virginia,
are published in the New-York papers by oailer
of Congrifs. The general tenor of them is,
that the Wj'balh, Shawanef, Cherokee, and
fome other Indians have manifested lihllile in.-
tentions agairtl the Americas.i and that they
appear to be encouraged in them by the Britifh.
Extras of a letter from a entkmman in Neaport,
(RhodWe fland) to his f irnd in Bo/on, dated
OaloQ r 7, 1786, and pulljred in dre A'.w-
Tori Mlounim Puft of Ottober 26.
At this criticaljunClure, when the people
of two flats are in open rebellion against law,
and the legilatutre of another is purfuing a fylf
tern of villainy, I know you mult feel anxioua
to hear of every public trar.falion in detail.-
For tlcis reafon I big hiave to Ilate to you the pro-
ceedinge oftliheGt t irlAfleinllyof Rhode liland.
Yellfrday a bill was hbrotght into the hoiife,
ulhich hadl bectn concerted in convention tile
eclning before, a.] nR::p.y le jillly termed the
bloody anrl, if it shouldd ever pafs illco a law. It
contain s ; tell or oath, Ity which evCiy person
niullt In ear to ulfe his inHflucene to filupprt tihe
paper on a par with calli, and to take it at par
in ill commercial itra.ficiionis. All offers who
do not take it in a2 days from its pairing, are
fizfpcnded-malters of vcfflI cannot enter or
unload till they lirive taken it--eery imale of
21 yea s mull take it, or be disfranchifcd-ilaw-
y31es are prolibittd from acting .s attornics, uol.
lefs they take it, end to crown the wiholk, the
members of the next l.' i;anure mull talke it be-
fore they can lit il citlhcr lhaiC.
Such an open ;ai of tyranny-fach a Lare-
faced at of villainv--fuch a flagrant attack upon
the conllitltion-vou mull thiiik alarmed ecven
the paprr memersbrs theirfilves. After tonic de-
bate upon the matter, in which Mr. Mnuchand
riplobated the meafurr, in language that did
honour to a freeman, as did XIr. Brown and
lIf;eal other gentlemen, the qucllion was put,
s" ulether the houife would ad upon the bill, or
a ef. it to the next fefion (which will be in about
tlitree weeks) and in the mean time order it to bI
pibililled for the consideration of the people;"
it paffed for refer ring by a great majority. You
will probably fee the art in the papers, and judge
how little the members undcrltand finance, or
how daringly they fpoit with the rights of men..
In Ithefe tranfadions all muJf be fools or Inavrs
lwho attempt to force paper currency upon 1jeo-
pie. They either do not know that penal :laws
nevcr yet gave credit or circulation to any me-
dlilnm, not even to filver and gold; or they bold-
ly ;iiIIlt the common fenfe of their conltituents.
I ha e attended the lioufe of affembly con-
flantly. I endeavoured to difcover the fprings
of their conduct. I never faw fo great a pro-
portion of ignorant men in a public hbdy.-
There are but four or five that appear to under-
fland the nature of money and the operation of
law ; and but a part of thlrfe who can cxprefs
their sentiments with propriety. You never
heard language and common fenfe to tortured
and murthered c.s in this houfe. You would
have been fometinmes diverted to a high pitch,
even amidtl the ravages that were made upon
jullice and freedom, to hear an ignorant petti-
fogger harranguing upon the evil of 'aittlind
awvja an aR of afomrbly, as a ~by whit(.lt aflicl.
But the majority cannot have been knaves.
Had four or five of the houfe been honoured
with a Ga/llws, instead of an eleion to a feat
in the legislature, the fate would probably have
been, at this time, in harmony. Theie have
milled the other members, and opposition has
mad them oblUfat.

I forgot to mention, that a motion for
amending the revenue laws, and enabling tile
loan officer to ifflte certiicates, Was rjietid. It
er" ms Congrefa mult take paper of this flatr, aor
Nothing. The spirited anl frnlible rceionfliiance
of the drlegatcs of Rlode-lfland to llir (GLneal
Affembly, rad at the opening of the fellion,
Shlas wrought no cffed. The imcmbirsbG fi ran l-
lous to every idea of public utility, thly hear
Inotliing but what tends to level all ordr, 'flice
later ill promifcuoui poverty. Nor istlicre any
hope ol better times ; as there membacr s ciioli n lor
Lth next lix mollths are the fame men, or woa fc.
'. S. The p;apcr of this flat is rrfiaftd in
ahlnoll ll tranfactionis-when it is taken, it i
fruon 4 to 7 for une. A member (ifthel Affcm-
bly yellrday told the Iloufe, that tile paper
is yet too fcarce-hisi cuilitutints, one halfof
thlm, have: uone of it yet." Poor (hurt fight-.l
mortal! He ought to rcllet, that his conltitu.
ents, who have property to flpaie, can proiiue
carli-thofe slio have no propli-t, cannot get
even paptr, that is hawked about tile lfrccs."
VWe are ifourmed from Tuks Illanil, that a
vefl i which arrived there a fr.v days lince fnron
Jnamica, brought aicoutlls of a driadfull hurri-.
citanti i: c!g happened it t:iat ill:ind on the 23d
o.f lat uionth.
T'lc Porcupine floop of war was daily cx-
pe\ed at Turks Jllandi ficim Jama:ica.
Anirve n Lic, F.,m
Nov. 24. Sloop Endeavour, BilToni, New-York.
Sloop Antelope, Defilnont, Anguilld.
SThre Brigantine EI.IZABETII, JOHO
Is Maller, w,.!/fil/for ILondon on Saturday
ro.t, tb/j d of December, awnd and weather
/,erai'i,;ng.- err LET TER G is up at the

TNI IAN Cnrl Shipl Bra., Pfe, Pota'oes, Oliinn,
Atlbany Boardi, 'l.uo-iihl Plahl T iupcntitc, lar
lion, Ic.
A few Field N E G R 0 E S,
Property warranted.
NajTan, ANcrecmbhr 24. 1716.
A IHOUSE to be Rented-and IORSt
(C'IHAIR with HARNIES cunillete for Salc.
Apply to the Plrinter.
THE Subfcriber's By Stl/ was, on the
JLroliht f the 17i inflart, llabid in the thigh by
liom ill difpufcd pcrfon, and ha 1 of the wonnd.
Tr'hc ablov reward will be paid to anll ron who will
give fuch information of the perpetr -of this crima
as will bring the offender lotcnvoi.ln puniflhment.
AMau, Nov. 24. JAM I OWE.

Poe CAso on,

A WINE, of Vintage 17R4, juit'reecived in the
Ship rNiN, directly from ManDiOA.

For Sale by Private 6ntrait,
T HE HOUSE and LOT athe Weftward,
Formerly occupied by the la Jotn HAiLy.
Efil;-Foe Terms aid iurthcr Par4ilars apply to
Najfau, Nos. 4, J736. JAR ES HOWE.

OTICE is hcrrby g' to all perfons ha-
ving dmar.d again the E ate of JtArMIAII
Nw roN, deccafed, by bhod, note, or boo accounts
that t hey render in accoua of she fame properly at-
retlled; and all those indektl to the faid Eatc, Iro
rciquncid to make frpedy pay eut, ro
MARY NL 'o N, Eecultril, or
alfau, NA'vecmbtr 9, 7186.

RUN AWAY from the Subfcribor, on Mnday the
3i1 ill July, a Nrrro FclI wnamoed Jo. 'Whe-
over will apprehend the laid roaasj y, ad deliver him
to the keeper of the public Jail in .-fau, Ihall receive
Ona Guinca Reward. H
NiTfisii &luthir t4, l;i6.


i" %i






No. i t.




NassAU: Printed by JonI WELLs, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

O N '7/urfy next, the 3 a iflant, bring the
Fl'livl of the t'iiir Saint of Caledoiat, a
I),n -1 -*rill fevotid, dat SMi rr' TAV IsRN, to
c' i" lo itf ji, b oer Grent/ri as may ihkf. to join
t/mnr, is .y/], '
fi.r A;imr of tItf GOritlemelrmrlol wvi/ to rrle-
eIrat tie D,,r, ,,'e A- I'0 at tl/1Bar of S.nith's
T-in., ,r au: i' ,y if I/ie Siiu rh, un ow Irf'er
IY -f-It, T;. .,
LINVw.S J)I:';iSTON, Sh w'A ,Es.

European Intclligcnce.

W.T r F AL L, AI,,ISq V.
T IE Kil.g lha he n pleafed ton rant t!i'
.1. ,;lti of ai ar'.ir anid .Earl o' tithe Li.i;-
dun of (;i eat- Britain to his Grace iohn Miin, iv,
Du'. of Atholl, and thl heirs :i, if hls boidl'
l.'wfuilv )-:gotten, liy the name, flike, :rad ti:l of'
[ t:,r,'i jMurrav, oflitr'ilesy, in the county oflo'!u-
r-l'I:r, ;nil Earl Strange.-Thie dignity of
Vitlr.n't if the kingdom of Great-Britain to
tl' I:Iht lHonourablel James Dhrl of Abercorn, tiht ir,; male of his hody lawfully becotten,
Iy) tih namin, ftilc, and title of Vifcount Tlamil-
toi, of lHamilton in til county of Lciceler ;
wvith re.iainder to John James Hamilton, Efil;
fon iofll th I-loorable John Hamilton, deceafeld,
l.ti, brli:h to ltle faid James Earl of Abercoin,
arol ILthe heirs male of his body lawfully begotten.
-'' d;'!nliiitv of a Baron of the kingdom of
(;,'at Bl.iain to his Grace Gcorge Montagiu,
Duke of Montaguii, Knight of tihe miol nrlre
,vs .!o I. the Caritr, for and during his natural
ihfi, 1v' the name, Itile, and tide of Haron
Ml.,,li,:, of Donfig on in lthe rounly of
N,,rll.,pton t wit icmaiindet to the Right
I lhn:miir.lli rHenry James Molntagu commonlyy
o dIid l.ord Hnrry JamesMontago,) fccond fio
of Ii, (, HI ie i Duke of Bucclellgh,
ka;' 1:t iCfl lic niift ailClent order of the Lriillcr,
aril" I / El/,ili Uilychcfs tof Bireclcrigh his
ilfi, l.,it, of thelaidGeorge DIukeofMon-
t,a'ii, ii, tlhe licirs mal of his body lawfully
hriroltti ; ar(l Irith reianinder t te thirdllnl and
olti!hr afticirlorn frina fti- flild DlIchllcfs fircccf-
foui- in tail mnal.-The dligniit of a Baron of
the kl[hlidm ff Greatl-Britain to hirs Grace
1\ ll;.iin Douglas, Duke of Quenrillter ry, knight
of thi n11ll am-ient order oftlir 'Ihillle, alnd the
hlirs male of his body lawfully brgotlen, by the
n; me, Ilile, and title of Lord D)ugIlas, laron
DougLa., If Ameldbury in the county of WVills.
-'Tlie dignity of a laron of there khilgdom (of
Grrat-Brit;ainto the Right I onouralle Georege
de l]a Pocr, Earl of 'i'yrone, in thle kingdom of
Island, Knight of tile illuflrinos order of St.
Patr ick, and the heirs male of his body lawfullv
libgotten, by the name, Ilile, and title of
Baron Tyrone, of Havcrfnrdwel, in tle county
of Pembroke.-The dignity of a Baron of the
kingda of Great-Britain to the Right Honou-
rable ichard Boyle, Earl of Shannon, of the
kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the illufirious
Order of St. Patrick, and the hcir a ale of bi

body lawfully begotten, by the name, tile, and five years purehafe, with fome exceptions as to
tit- of Baron Carleton, of Carleton in the coun- fome particular places or conditions of foil.
tv of York.-The dignity of a Baron of the The fale of the crown lands ia proposed, in their
kingdom of Great-Britain to the Right Honou- rude uncultivated late, at fifteen lhillings per
rable John Huevy, Baron Dclaval, of the king- acre, and a fall fettled fine to the crown ; to
dom of Ireland, and the heirs male of .his body be accounted, though copy lld in 1l6i, in fonme
lawfully begotten, by the name, Itile, and title itnai.ure as defrendille fi. hlildi. If cultiv:it-d
of Lord ielaval, Baron of Delaval, in the la'ld kts at twenty Illlihg ags a acre, upon aIa
county of Ntorthumblnb rland.-The like dignity 'av-age comlp- rifon of one county with another,
of a lIaron of the kirgdomr of Great-Britain to and it is cnidered that thlife lands arc yet to
the fIveral GeC'ntlln. f....iing, and the heirs be el.ardICi, and that at Icalf tlhre or four yearn
male of their rtfpctive bodies lawfully begottrln null ceaple lwefore the Ibet of it can be plaffed
by the names, lilk-, and lri l uinder-mrntioned, though tle federal flages, prior to being ready
viz. The'l Ril,ht I lonoura:lri Chalis Jtnkin- to reitLive grain, and this at a very coiliderable
ftn, I.oi Il iwk if ure, Baron of Hawkecf- expnelre, it TeL'em that tihe price is upon the
blir, ivn coii,,tv of (;1'ucefler: Sir Harbord whIol, too high ; nor can it lie worth Wlile tO.
Ilarlboid, I;:lt. I.m!r SiilFi'll, Baron of Suf- any" to bIe.ome purchalcrs butthofc who wilh to
liIid, i1 tahll I ,,llunv of Norfulk : anid Sir itr aft-' parks by taking in the neigh.bou-
Guy Carito., Kni hI oIf tl.c mnioll ItHo.nalik (ilg wvall-, or very cpunlct farmers andti hnd-
ordmr of tlle 1.alth, IL .d Dl) chelter, uBaron ,f Ihl.'lh1 ., lido delire to monopolize both land
Dorclirtlclr, in tLLk coirl: ut Oxford. and iinlert.
liThoughl every tlhng fcems peaceable and quiet
I.snoa., A/gj 1o. in lialv, fi 'ii ,lunl ileps are taking there, that
The foilhwing is f.,! t, b.e a copy ofa k1tlr I eight ildicatca all pllplachtnflion, tlloughil perhaps
from the celb)raltd 3-. Roblinfon: ta m*lot," onc, of a wa:r. The fortilcations, of
A i .ins de la Rf, Cliotna, Valencia, anld thle ciead I of Alexan-
A- .a-i f r 'pll, Garan /ly ao, -78 b iKlta., in the Italian do liniions of thie Kii:g of
R p-l.l,, Goww,,, J,,ly 20, ,ebu. ^I c
,a I S:ii,(,ilr ra, ar ;ill carrying on; and from the
SWith ainllnidli.nt I read in, a Morning no"umlat-r of hands mnplu)oyd, and tfle activity
Paper oftlle 14thi, a ,long aceoulnt of my ,.ulA "'I .ll inchr the planners of the works prefs the
and a %:ai,tvy ofcircumllan.ces refpccl.ig my i,, ihin:igr of thi1m, one nmight be i;:.-llcd to fitl-
Cqually id of the firalltP, foull nation. I pci tllat tiha e wife and pri lIdt lit Court of Tu-
SI lave thie f.tisf;,tioin of inforing you, rin fortf'eCs a llorm, and is preparing like a
that fl fi from bcig i da, I am/ in the moll prull'en pilot at fra, fur weatciennrig it out.
pt fl,'t i'iat of hliea :.xcpt a tifinig lamcnefs Amonig the inmporant articles ofliurinefr con-
of i ich, by tIe o of tie bathi s at this i, eluded at the Board of Trlafury held lail Sat ur-
I hv w ccrby refon tI hope I Ihall ra t i plac1 tl, a warrant was signed by the Lords Coln-
,mnth or lix weeks I propose Iallingmy win- ii iiiners, autliorifing and empowering thei
no l inealfmallir Geiceral to appoint MIr. Palm r, of
tIr iir n Liinder linar rihg inoti rtePar i ]tAo yr 1u ll Eth, Surveyor anti Comptroller General of tihe
tIre Contlirie.t, Ioigl, rot at 1aris hIalfthe tPoll-Oice, witli a falary if' fifteen humdrcd
,Lell it llhour be recei ed and iundcrilood. pounds a ycar, and a pet cnl;,'ge on the fut urf
i the worll t ol iCCk reic Oiandly undIrlod, :,nre af oIf the Pop -Office rCvst ue.
in the world that the account of my life is ge- iThe Duchefs of Kin ,on is at this tine at
nuiine, I bcg leave to, I on radil ; tl vc.- at- C i, waiting tor t ary equipment of
rial r.,rctinllanccs rcfpctlg in" family enc lI Grctn tor t Ce ietmn ro
tions. In tle fil plate, my father, Captain P'tellburgllh, on a vifit to the Emprefs of Rulia.
Darbyi, l lhole legiimate daughter I had the 'ihap That our read rea may form a cekar idea ofthe
pinefs of being, died fit months line on boad late difpout in the Province of IHolland, Ie thall
hirs ,n lhip, in 74 1i the u.n f e, fire them a translation .I- the farrisi re-
bdeloId and regretLtcd bI :all his olrncr"tionq and frrrirlir of Marci t67 i:, w.elich wu.s c .l 11rc.
aeIIquainrance. My mother is ,f Welch exlatr- at the la ieetig o St tel
Ioin, an. ildcf-ndecl from the SeyC)s of Bovei.tln atr tIh fr ti ljik R /e ,Y/y h Be bt 'e.s-
tallle, iai (;lamiorganlhire, a family Itruly re- I e *I ,
fpe1r:ahle, and well known in that tart of the JIriflnd, i the fm o/,v /f ti/,,ir Nod l and
wohld. I was horn at BriRfol, anld received my Gi i lr ,tinS, i Frr ,..I Saturay
educlatilon under the care of Mifs /unrwa More: sh l a j s/ M,, 16;.
lllminlltr is'a place to hhich I am a total llran- On the pror'l i Mm ers of this
ger. Afl'enlly, after miatun delil.:i'tion, by the
I* As a man of feeling, I requefl you to con- unaninrous reolution of the 1 irli!ri;:n order of
tradil tlhe report witl candor, and all polible 'Nbles, thl Deputies of tlh. towns, it hs. been
expedition. I have brothers in Italy, wh s) aill ordained and dclerined, llnra tlrc.lany of
experience the greater annuity, Ihoild fil ti bod sars of their Nle anld (Gat
detail reach their cars; and I am filly convinced, M ,ightin-,fre, arnd the io va tinpi of
that )your knoll gfige of the world, and ilIberl Icrh, all in garrifn here, in t! -' ie manner
fent ilret, will induce you to rendtrjdllic to ais all tie ot i r tio wh i nix. i brought to
perlon, whofe abrlieie requires an advocate, the pla ,, f refidceii ofll, ir Nile "ri I tGri,
and uh Io hai tihe honour to flhlcribe hlrflf, Mightin sin t' rry cans, lal] noit
Sir, w;itli cteein, be fulirrjt t11 the orders of anll pirfon iiut to
Your obliged and obercnt fervanr, i thoe (if their Noble and Grrat Mighltinief
MARY RODINSON.', an, d (hall owe obedience, to norr but Ilhir
Landed cnlate now fell upon n avcrate Counfellor-Deputics; that duriri their lay i4
throughout England at fro twenty to t vty thi abvuvefuid relidenlc: they flull nut vl4e di



* r




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