Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 11, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00186
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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guns, Capt. P. Melvill; Zeepaand 24, Capt. fuffcient to immortalize the Miniller, had plc ? And can they pofibly conceive tht Bi.
Van Wedindl Dolphin 24, Capt. J. Oltrhyen- he nothing cife to boat of. When posterity tain, the only power to whom the pitical
roode; Maafnymph 24, Capt. J. Rynbende | fall experience the glorious advantage of his States (how a never-ccaing refpct, will join to
Lceinin i, Licut. J. Hofd; Poftillon 4, Lieut. fcliene,, they will contemplate with admiration dillrefa them in favour of Ameria -America,
R. Ilhpken. the judgment and ingenuity of the man who which, wretched and difunited as the is, freem
The above hi;ps, they report, failed frim planned, and the Minifter who carried the plan only Ready in refuting to pay her jllt dcbts, mnd
Holand on a cruise about two months fiance. into execution. insulting her mother country in every Newfpa.
1Thie left Elfineur about fourteen days ago, at From the public prints in Ireland it appears, per which her various fates p lh perpetual.
which time their fquadron confilled of one Ihip there is much converfacion about a Legifative ly.
of the line, four frigates, two hockers, and Union with Great-Britain in that country-A
diree brigautines. Two of the frigates, a hoe- very able pamphlet made itsappearance in Dub- BAHAMA-I.SL VNDS,
ker, and a brig parted company, fume of them lii about two months ago on that fubjett, which Nsw-PioviDsMc .
Hlering north, and the relt fouthward. The has given rife to much fpeculation.-Whether C 0 U N C I L C H A M B ER,
ih'ips that are arrived here are in want of water, Adminiilration have it in their contemplation-
and fime other nccelfaries, and only mean to Whether they have leifure to plan, or firmnefs NO EMBER 7, 1786.
ic:nain' a fEw days. feriicient to carry through fuch a mcafire, cer- VNTHEREAS by an aft paffed in the laft fe.
//jla/ l 5. Yelerday failed frmin Leith Roads tain it is, that upon fair and equitable terms it io bn of I'.rl.iiaen, minttcd, in atn a r ap
Commjdore MJcill, in the Dilrdicht Ihip of would be mutually benefij.l; and it is the more |Ineing Ci nunilli.ner. re inquire into tie lorff of
war of 6fi guns, with the fquadrou under his desirable, as wife mnen f, o pretend to fee at i fuche trflun. 'wia h ave f"ferd eirt I'rc ie
.i in cofesiurnce ocl the ceorin if the prirce cul ias r-
rc'm:!man.l, having taken on board water and pro- lealt, that matters will end onway or the other, j Io, o,, to he KA.en of i:raen,' it is enalced, that
vi'li ins w-ll.ic0-ry for proceeding on his cruise. and that either a union or a separation are events t hcr a' revral rroprie rs of AeJ1-.r.i., Jd ti
Tit;q :.eit'.:an, whole predecef'or left Scotland in the womb of time. sageR .oI ltveraloeherirprietoio!l the li1 province,
in. !. reign of !-h tries I. and was defcended of ExfrtYr of al ttrrfrom Peter/rurgh, 7ly. r1le rtl i'tLsled thCde bei.f ol ehri. I, aic ,
the of M vv.!l, in Fif lh:re, greatly dilln- It gives me no little p!eafure to fee the icolo... in t, a,. ad wicrasi may v e wA.rds
guiflhed hlindlfl in the war, and swas honour. numbers of Britilh hips in this I.hrbouir fuprior with griar iiasivefln n to lunch trIuD to unie to
d w;tllh p-r'icilar marks of approbat;ou on his *- thlfe of any other country, and that cnife- I '-1' i' lu n siice ilor ICepYcct.a clain.,
r. eur to ollnd. uin1ntly the qt:!dity of Engeld lh commodiltieis i I on '' ~ ke r eCide'ne iU foulsl' o the clai
tAI .lhir prulrr eturs fo wh sc thay have aditcdl.n
X'e Iu:derl.ind the Dutclh fc::t are failed pieferred to any imported from otltir payts of agc;s, It l-.afarecn,,dpt that tl.a cL vecr. r,
for il:cf, wh l:re they propocf. to flay foime tirec, the worlth This isa truth ; and a molt pIlafing '* L useant GUnvrrmn.ur, or c inAnader in t hlcl d
dr. re! urn to II a!nand in winter. The officers trult it is to an Enlgliltinan. L' sucil ilr the vee bcina, ef .ny nluh sl.Id anid
expe::',d the warmelf acknowledgments for the Al.eIl S. A GeCn:an Magazine gives the ,l "y, ail, "ad I. y s' h'l daCo ond n.c
att-:nrion paid them at Edinburigh during tlhir Folluwing account of the Popc's rveue : peCrf r i cClon. an tu rexilne 'I jud Le.rI) iI
fRay here.. Roman Crowns. agentor agents uam .epairnu Ieii fo ham perl(!e,
L,. i o r n Aq:i/, St. Peter's Pence, valued at 10ooo,000 o n oth, l Q thie laidJ U, r:nour, I... uO
'We e extran Ce happy to find that the Duty in Salt 2 ,oo r ih 0, h iiu r the ii- I, I cr by sa-
nrin.,:i of the inatioi ait large on the late affair Fromr the ''axes 3Co0,00 tluAii.led aI. i.cp wa eto iii ; i slfo.d h Go.
rt' i th cond p-.ff)nacge in the I.inigdomn, is Ironi various impolfs, under the- erriour, .i at.iair ';, r ICLuninadtr in
dci,,.lly in of both parties concerned, Name of Qadrins de Carne I0o,Coo L a l e.l ed l in :c bhe cig, icrb) ii.n-
veCile u fthi C lit -1e i )w rst nd bluorautr ci fur tilqio.
and that thicr is only de!ingcr that the Prince Ship-money, at Civita eccchia 36,000o g ito ,h cl.n ,,. A s Comnilv,.oa e pi.,,iteid
may ffie r by the injerdie ious pubtlilrcioesi of Extra duty on Salt, at Rome, 3o,o0oo by t7his act ate invcn wiirh, a.d they sae hertlye
thfce whlo tprctund to be his fiannds, and who Corn bought up, and fold after- e dlretl tu prv LeCil i ril diaS ) Ie 1.l a, d ci vIy i.-h
r. t oe ly fcrale toglthcrce vrvy trailing circum- wards by the Apoflolic Chamber 64,000 c;a' or c' l""'l ,c al i or canlrci.orln, wh l
*, ie re. .. c ttH ed if, i cin, .tieI t report frinI iiinc t. tin 4f
R tnle whiIh can hive a ridiculoins tendency, but IPol l vcnut s 6000 by the ll Ipp",r cr .i'r y i tAh, r pier, LLar ci, (tinci
arc difl re inig ill tlI c vnoLn of malignity T'olta's .i ghts, communibus annis 190,000 o o inion .n .l n11,l velr vut c.laln ur i, cl
as'i.ll Ihole vshrni the Prinrce holds in high Tax on Cdndls 9,000 thlcr lncc on %l i, fitl epl;nie or ~finiuoaavr o
ecf n and a!'cct;o,. A con.del:i like thin, his Pail by the Clergy in general tlol,989 e vt"id ne of, al o e1 I t Io h erunt to oIn t tme
Althe eeidcnivc of Aln aye v e Itnth -gne a riti-ti. Io
H-f;lhutfs uinquieLlionhbly hliltow; and detls. Subllidies firm different parts heo,coo thc coi.nacffi.iui ppintei, hlliI cl..d Indr :, a
Ilis parting with whlit may tie fuiplpoed to have 'l'Tx on Horfes 31,200 all and every lur claims n y bhe olll.nai y )giycd
nmi his imoi favorite anaiefim. lnts, a an t a Exlhclcr 321,ioc oI and dcL:dednlcieun Iy fi tmanann.liiicr, ai u be
til:.- like t!.e prcl.t, ha gi.titn l hiin the hearty Dulchy of Spolto I ,cco e. t se-igm e celtc. a, he .aid I le
,the ) l.ortl) I l. ( .niliiil itte I I e cl r rre vor i.v I.eied
a!i'ectin of all nmc : iandi thie l' .lvcreance in his .' kil.oin-houle at Ai.conia 15,000 Ih i rerurer, r he lon irg, andhlc. lajlly's
plan of economyy mult c;ifire himn a degree of Ditto Civita Nueia 400,000 'Srcriaricao State.
copul iity which many Prilnct have yified fur, l.eida 3,0 And be it frtnher rnaecd y the authr tiy afore-
beit fre have obtain'.I. From Bologna 7:9,639 "niii" cI nl
S.:oiy of D.vTin eUMrE, the Philofopher.- The Lombard, or public Pledge- In or ConaLedrii( .., di C. oi In
David going home late one evening, and it being Oice ooo for the tn'r tl i a litere-n ti ti l .. t(lall dilly
very dark, nmilled his w y, and fell into a hog, a Tax on Corn 90,000oo and rri i ) r be t e a;fe, ever) lu.h I .i, a
little oil one ,dc of the road, where he would Chancecy, and other offices 600,000o orp;l 1ii; I-o lr ele, stad nhelg ihc, f duly (,,n-
vi cdl, hall I snd iA and are her chy declared ta b
have been inevitably fmothered, if the noife Various namrlefs olijedc 500,000 *ubijc and liAbil to futh pains and i-ci.alite a, hy
which lee made had not alarmed the neighbour- Contributions from Roman Catholic any law new in being, persons couvitrid If 4cilal
inm people, who ran to his alliRlance. Finding, Countries, known under the and coirru t pejury, are lubjcd and I aile to
hoswver, who it was, they determined to leave name of Annats 4o, 'And be t c ineiled, that re.u tlsin r r fi I any
400,000 r ~nn or pcclvu for aid or rclirf, on art .tri cf bh
him there; and when they were reproached for h' J t ri ny property, inf c noFrqu ir, o I,.ch i, l.n,
th-ir inhumanity by fome who came after, and Total in Roman Scudi, or Crowns 4,729,618 nlill he rcived in Gr,a.J.rtai.. hrff J. of/
met them returning, answered, it was only 7n...a.y, s y7, or in cthe cl.Ic.ol. di C.ran) oh, r
DaRid Huae, .lte Athq,, and it was nae matter That i, 24 millions French currency, fome-. f h l I7y., o loic Aie ler lcr day
iaetlher bt lived or di.d. Diavid Rill continued thing above one million sterling. It mull be And iwberau hic Rigiht Hocourable .or!d Sydn, rne
his cries fir God's fakee to help him.-For God's observed, however, that the revenue here tRated, *t has M.jclly's Psnurimpl srr.arec of iSIte, by his
fake repeated the affe:blv, trolth it is a guid is greatly incumbered by the numerous and hea- I"re to the Htnourable ydn. s .in., Efquire, Prtf.
thing to hear an Atheilt call upon God.-Arnt vy debts incurred by the Apollolic Chamber. ,deof has h".a .l'i C., an el t m nia.l, ir n teh .
yo: an Atheif, David? Augu.f 7. By his late decision on the Be- s 86, hath btrn plcar tdo fiply, that it I. hir M.
David.-Do good people help me out, and nares affair, the Minifter gave offence to two e jefly's plasfurc the laid Cormnnmilcr in C'hicf and
I'll be any thing. parties, without gaining either one friend, or Council do filhwch take fAli i H ps. rA are required
People.-Dinna ye ken the Lord's Prayer, one atom of praife.-Thofe who with well to the veral proprietors rher..fl- r,J, and htc ivenra h
David ? eaufe of Mr. Haflings accufc him ofgrofs incon- other proprietor* of the f-id Ir riic itef flMIvly
David.-Our Father which art in Heaven, ffluency; thofe on the opposite fide charge him I initled to the benefit of the hLf. re rccilrd .tt. r. fidct
lays David. with affection and hypocrify. The truth is, "n the Ao.a*.--nJtdsi that they do as fpecdily as may
We he, deliver into the hand% of Henry Ttone Eff uircs
Well, David,and donna ye ken the Ten Conm that in this, as well as in more than one other in- delier f the hncil, a f hcduls and 'u.n, Ifa EcTd
mandmants ? ftance, he has (hewn to the world thatfomsan uat up, o the prterry, by them relpdlivnly Int. winh
Thou Ihalt haveno other Goda but me, quoth more than mere integrity of heart and good in- j the names, dlcripiinrm, and place of sheds io fiuds
David. tention is nedeffary to form a compleat Miniaer. wit"eIfs s may he inended to be msde ufc r
S. *t,.* .z i r i- 'c i -he l. r ult flelvelyy, in order to fuillantiatc the feversl clhirn,.
Weil David, vary well, fay year Creed, man. In thort, tat fteadinefs which is the result of And voice in ald o gien, that the P ssiiosi l n
I believe in God, &c. fays David. experience, mufi be added to the virtues of the cunC c will meet on ir.ef dayhe a8b insii, in order
And ye fra yeer foul belief aw this? fun of Chatham, before he can exped to rival his to take intn confideration (uch elaimn as may at that
I do, from my foul, fays David. great father in the opinion of the political tias. be delivered to the Clerk of the Cou.cil.
Troth, fays the Catechift, it is no well to fay world. By Ordet Af the COUNCIL,
David Hiume is an Atheilt;-he is a Chriftian What can be more laughable than the fcheme HENRY YONGE, Clerk.
worth faving gang thy gait hame, David, /fi proposed by the Americans for a combined Eu.
nac mair, liif war ecom. ropean fleet to ad again Algiers ?-Do they B, 0iu arry if ,,e Ci...;e t he o ah wIf
ata- ti i o ei e C i or l ony icori nilnn fl a de s *
A'.4,,R 2. YeRterdav 'the important work find that even the Spaniards, though bitterly ,i n to fte fwmj nay had, If *fttlO t1
of redemption of the funds bega-a work alone iofulted, pique thcmfclvci on fubduing that pco. l;s Cl rA c' .t ,.

NASSAU, NOVaMBUn i8. chief ofthe ppeW, middle, sad lower tows to meet tiont of twoyea .-tWhe, that i ot rid of, nd rami
In itroal conetillon, at the Tuckcbatche town, for more caution obiferved re/pci.g the exent of elpoert-
rHE following letter and entraas, relative to the ihe purpif of heauitg your talk. Men time yoar tion from hence, theletttr.cfy. t avi g price may be "
T betwccii the Creek Indiana and the medlengtr went off for Aoguila, wherely we did anot obtaind.--On the fcore af roft-h, however, we sill
Gaor,ti-., are taken from American newfppera. hear your talk ; however, we expe ed to hear it from venture to fay, little apprehenfion ired be cntertined0
CY pJ ats /tfc Ili.r/ Kiog. Ct or 4Chie aCreek evrne either the Tensme or Fat King, who arc ihefcn. as Ycl. as nearly rPl the raeiliettonaeLieflibfiltuatona, iaow
to eAor GaCee..e.rr of jlads.a Aair. low Hair, but they did not appear in Cosncil ; we be- cur out.
Lital Tata. ., 3cab J7. 1786. live they are alyoned efthuir bad conded refpLaing Le't-.r from the different lands In this government, l
S I R, the lands, and ofwhih they havc been often told. reprfelnt the protpcia of the Planters n the mot V
I I Hlad received the tw'llettera that yeu wrote to Drothers, favuurable pillt ol view.-We lave not heard of any
mc frot Srcueia early 1ol.l firing, and Iaould have lBe not deceived by thofe men any longer; they injury being done by the high winds tall month, ny
kn drd l.c t longy re hi but fuoppo have on authority to gilvc y lnd-I b-a hY wheh i wre but t Abaco; end there it wu nut very coni- I
,U nlci lfJcd nO 0soliy tr, tnd your Dot >dipol'n low Hair .would hve en had ad he rcmaind until now, derable. ,1 i
ea where to dirc o you. dcterrd ne frua writing, g and had been prefnt at thi. Meeting. Yefclrday morning the fihooncr Sr. Mark, Redmond,
ad obIt f I buoinef, f t onrfequner e called m away We havcel nt you fevaralitalksuibutynorpeople fit. from ChariCllon,wasdriven a oreoonSa.dyKeyRocksL
Iroml til nat oe, end l now only juRl returned ho nae ling on our hunting grounds, difiring you would remove about two league to iwadwrd of this place.-Part o
try) unwell, oad I write you thu crawl chicly to them; to which you never gav us any kind of alfwrr, the cergo i lavcd, but i is cared the veTel will be lol.
a.know de yours: My illaclv prevevtiin me from W co not fcrve you ft when you fend ralls to au. We A Fr
Sl(.ctlo you a. fully as you dlire or coue wilh, nmy a'r'" ,er, to Lighted either by the Englill, Spaniards, A%. ltoop R d Forune, Rofe, Phildelphl p
ir.lYOd m Atc.Janles M. 0. being here aJ his way home, tr rench. We low, in shiv nletiig, defir, an ai 6. Sloop aCarlt-on. r. ytcr ditto
l irdttt a leW tl o tie d e l i v e r y o f sh i a c o l C r y
,kt.kfs fot tie delivery of this. fltr to be fro-n fent us, concrtling your iuitcn tioes of ay. soie Sly, Co.'. Chrlefllon
- I rciivcd the letter of invitation you mention, for tatiifying us about our lands, or whether you intend it Sloop e8f01 y Matfiy oraCarolin
the Lchtl tu this otion to meet you the LComenihoe, or .o t. We ware you agail to keep yourpoplic within
,f CLnridf to treat of pcate, Ac. Ac. You c.d your proper boutidary of Ogechcc, as we are dcter- Su.tAI Fa
to Leirl Pickenti, Itreat omfitCi .d th the place was mined again'll alowing you to tnjoy the encroach- Na',.. Is. S:oop Adive, Dayn-. CharIcion
tt r, )ct lucd on where we were to meet, but as merre your pc.ple have made on ,ir adl.' CtlAoED fur DeparTiru end REMAIN.
fon J tbie n ttler was i. cided upon. we should receive T he above wao reqiteld by the hiefsof Alrenndern hiooh. Return, P-rrine, Ntew-York
a nii ti-laon etpasling It. I was giad tit M' illivrey, to forward as direAuld. School. Sheerwater, MacKay, Halifas
C c.,,r, iLtllAo' retain it. I wdi gad time ie- Iye ULbatchc.' town, AunII 3 1786 NOw iIn
C,)tria wc liiould t tll i llour orcieandtha n n Cuci- An ainfwcr in cu|paed by tl.u lai oflSeptemblnr Now I.ealuid.n
ubtc thtd, el.t plll our rcce I an i ; thn of hh wr tiut, thtn we mouf intgint Ship l.igl n, Lr st, bt, .ondon
me u o act you with a full rcprdec.tat.ion of thefe Iu "eo, not to f .tfy us, oad we Ihall uduci oug c t. Charl
or.ll t ll't'li lt delieiitlca porpitfe. htroatiive, L teee .,ctrdiugly." Ship Maccell, Groht, Charlellom
-t, y j atir 1 tcng i fcic a dice, rieil e xal a/i riter, 1Vnt iRiver, A.4 3. Schoo Pairplay, Pier. e, Georgia.
il ,,u a l illltti; I hl fll lti,ne c;I,,n rfc ltved 'ihe Itpi" are ar l l1doled I1off I Ot.,. e lands, .4 M MEETING of the S 0 N S of St.
ljoell ll h itnn llvait it 'he G i-tecoo it the rtf icd d if they ge, the In l is \till I quiet, it not, whien
il:l h 1ci t:iA Dto h lt ly irr i rhertrt hlianii the t ic it eired, whiVrl i the aIul t icpltnlcr, ithrn A N D R E V, ir re nelcd at SMITH's TA-
l.i md the- by s you h ft, h wilre they re to lad to th cl i, pcop;c. It fictas the VER1, On MONDAY next, at t''eiurC O'Cl CI.
Ile it lothie.. I, Yoo cetrirLcre, In wretw Cl aldaw have all protmllcd to )ji the Creeks, 7oo03
,, ,, p d i f xpsl!r .wllegcy ,,lldllne tioriwars1l Iii diian. atr"*et d, lid ti, lvdd along fide the
t.t *I t, capablee if I f Vlllltllnltg every gIoh .dclpr- Chl,c.leawe, wno lfy they will bc our enltcce, when
SII, lii if ia c i.. t l. io... e I alld e un she ll eeks b ticc Mr. Ml 'Gitllivrcy i, determaintd PU B 1 IC AUCTI N.
i It gc h t I t i i t U-L c tiv is l thail not be 1 rrieL tid." '
S" ac' "* eI c : .- d .'"l bth ad La1 a/ i ",,, vId A r A.,, a. On MONDAY th' zoth in"fnt,
Sr,,. .l a both ie d lI ie eslllurfed ,a hctrcl I wrote a (,o day. ago, W I L L B E 0 L D,
S" n, trol u it a ln dsia and f.t tapr, 1 ,; bill tilc wa.,tteeri were hi I, the nmal By S the S U B SCR I B E R
I i cnt tr i.t,, r g de'lii .i vi f 0',r wm- obliged to rolutar-l have thirvlore ftut them byC
il. it, a, ,tth it. r i.o l.,naa ,'ti. un t. atue hti I leo ot atcdays ahd simn n hoa to Puncheois H;gh Proe JAMA.ICA SPIRITS,
I t .rtc ih ,. on ,. ,eat ttil hait be out ol tile iat it, b lorc aly atl hief is done. Io Barrel. MUSLOVAD SUGAR,
; i.,ur p..l .r u to henC u0n ti., l.l, c Lhr.k c ha 1 b cc.l, a elw lday ago ii lornted ni.. SOAP a I CANDLES,
si ., wr, r i ...... ,c o ll ,h h wcC oc-m- h ollll o f of thie Lrek Ild t:cs hIton tIe ullpyr part of LOAF SUGAR.
c -, te..: th rlii .'yor Ga.atit,,! v. h.ati v Itd hired oI t-o wthee v icr t t were IFRSH FIOUR. INDI CORN,
." .c. I ie had n Ua, st g .o. i..l ,1to ,, th, *,..g to, le Lecdirke- It oy tlhre ali id, th whitc A Variety of DRY GOO 5, at. ac.
t.. p lc, it i hune i n )- aic d e l., t, b Ik of tl.e tc kts, killed vne tnd A L S 0.
Ic .' r. L.,ii v i e 1, u c '. t le to c.ln -; el n ~.. .cdl the otht, theAy alted thItn byth, but lit A likely Negro waiting BOY, about ten ym r t" til 'clat i ,ne t re- wouundc. r.ovrcId anld got Ilchie t he Indiaan of of ageof a Lady.gotng to England
i .i i :,) r.r. nil t;,,t h, I' le ,d of he in solvb'd by a parta e. myy e c a ,- s iltr )re p e ; ihtiNI can ea
Sh,,,,,, wi, i bb ch., ll y nmp.lhled, we l'"d |n ,. c Old SAILS, IGGING. Ae. &c. f /., *c
h -, i... i ... .....ei LIt bco. h., fly i r p"..lhedn we wtoe. naplof rIl I. and killr d s) Inc ilw ci ouond-hu HUGH DEAr
a. c I a vi nLt 'tr -15t. It le n Iocly. th e Idr ,c lce, wIo Ives an aaoii c latte whir pec- HU H D
cicnr o ii we do out wall it tie, eylt1 btl plc bcntig atly ld by the. A roker,. everalgaga N mrrr l, 86.
orl lllor o ale gone down to 'cllltesla to bring ur
ti Uo,. aI, it r.1. an no.u .ttiu.oII ; none are rto get m ly but rhoef whoU rc ae ORKSi;IRP Hnam-Leadcnhall pickled Beet -
S, to thaI c do 1not wsih for war; no r rec ll cun. ded by M MTAl]ivcy. I bLlieve If po- and Piok- While fcented, yellow, and
SI ItI, ,l.k t urtgient. ,i undettake olne lingly nr oc.alucs wcretaken, ,n might beobitaimd Caftile Sop--Ldic* Stuff Sh'oes-Gtitllemens
sprl t u., a, n nc nt i te lin that Congrets or h f aor what nmifcliKl h-. been done But Mr. M'Gillivrty, Drcft Shoes-Petftumer of all forte-an elegant
late I I i c('ntiae, thav tse iil any fnese", It I. at is determined the Oconce laindt Iall not be affortment of Jewcllery-Ladica Stays and Hoops,
lyaey .d I in l'ti ar fau i te ItllJ, if he can hlIp it." -Ocn'lemen's Hale, &c. &c. Jult imported, and
,ty ., i, ct t ted ivy mes tl hite Adfhip; 'tistheir I fo- .lthP itig__
I t ia y r the i cace, dI. us to feck w Letters from Charflfun of the oth infant fy, that for Sale at the Printing Ofice.
I cici gon we have th.d ti d ie difference, b, te"e the Cracks and Gtcuriaon, are A LL Perfon" having any dcna b againstl the
siliLd I, !'? S a1lus 1 fUY d ic weo. n o d,uht, .w o ad. Esate of Mr. JoHN t Acrt WIucon
.i prI ,a.i ', Lhat wc ,iqtilai, f,,r iu our trertie t W her Ithat a Englith Houfe which remained in fate of ong-and, ceta a arcuelted tode
l" a [ Ic rlcrverd to ourlivevs the Iitcrty tn Eat-Fatda, ader cte bian-i i;otrcallo .' tCngiray late 0 Long.l adfll cccaEd, are e
l[ttil 1,r l IK.>, nill every other adk that free it,- F ns d it tilt b"rpanl fovhrlohsft: te poar
L ihr Ji. i 1 tots, gallery other y ad the frhe .errnlllitlin, in the Inldia trade, has their elaliient liver ates of the fame properly at fled, to cither
..iC 11. y..l 1. todo 1'rel nt yet too I rc fa r the a .1 r,,d ,d co. irm dby hi.Cttholic Majefly,anterrne of the Subf cibrer, on or before thtlof January
a-". u a a friendly fouling, and on which ir gni) Iuonlurablb to the lleral mind and patriotic 787 i and all perfona Indebted to id Eftateare
c ie rt i, i treat, in our own country. T'hre Ipitst i the Laptain-Gutiaral Count de Galv c, and required to fettle immcdiatclys wil
it', o inu .cl .i'. .,lle M'Murphy, fent up by ,h' it. unc!e the Marqui. of Selora, Mlniaers of more SARAH If.SON,
ATni!,t ,., r oc, who, af.r behaving lik an enlarged fr ,timenit, and fuprrior abilitils, than moll Adminlftratri, at Lon -lRand,
ui.limt th, ). I as I arrived a... cthed for ag n ral of ter predecflor PARR R i9,
ll il e .1 hle nlatlo,. went off Irom the Iower .'lc ta.l advice from England cotnain inf.,rmtion Her Atlorney, at New-Providene.;
Crck, Sbl cit ih nai rt it ofiLially apparae te ic that mull be highly a-c'plble to the Cotton Pluncrs,
1itr..., ci ryt li M..ay thii Icrioul I with to ,ec but the rers fe tn the Brazlltkto Cu eal. In Auulft FOt L O N J N, 'I
uto.l, l ,a %. r1. tLvs I.o b; <.ct lldr. o, IanI t hv ln, Bahma Cotton, of an inferior quality, ful in
air .tlri. 1,( nillriiK.s, lid, c. nduotig ur t ffirT. 1, lt for [ jd. apound-To the failure of the crops The BtS AnTtnl
ilu Iby -i p i..r o..r I f us.h topl. tid whi Ihe mn frn f ur Well indi Iflandr hin.rraordinary rdi e 1 Z B E T H,
Ia wasas .lbutcd. The immediate confcqucece was, an
acL .i wll write fi.lher at preLrcnt. xcufk in.itinfe imporlation fronns various quaters Fr,,m the JOHs I g Is Matar' i, mi;i,,tr if c nc a'ig. I, ie ot i U.w o 1itl o to it to the 8th of Bacitember ltl, 47,stj81b. of cott. n Has now moret t two third o
Sie ytua, i:t t yu wi.l pay us a vlir, you liAil t wma entered at the port of London, near double that her lading on bl d. For Freight
inrt,ly oI ..te, and l .alciy fafe. T,-morrow I utUlcy in the week following, and fevcral thuufand oft e nrrmaindr, or for Parage. appy to the
Plei tile r.m.un.try Chiefs will be al. here, agreeable b.le were daily cpected from France. The Ipecula- Maler, or to
tt tad I .,v he tI ito e' I ru bhlncltl. or m, it was th..ught, would luffer, but the increasing JOHN WELLS.
I n. with Ech refcad, deman Ifor what forms our Ieaple commodity, ws evi-
Sr, dcon.-Whencrer the quantity of cotton produced by Tr N DOLLARS R A R D.
Y .tr mon obedient fervent. r riilh C(oloie will be in any degree adequate to UN AWAY from the Sncritr on Tueda
I ALE X. Ml GILLIVRAY. the demands I the manufadlarers, there is every tea- night laft, a Negro Man nated JACKSON,
I t" BRen.min iawkin Ifir, fon rt ri; cai that a uivertcmcnt, the moll attentive to about j feet 8 inches high. fque made, and has
S. ,f 1., .j,,r. the increlts of ite lubjeds, will, by an itfpoit on the looks of compleat villaito ad on when be
11 H, H-- h5, r ", a.J 6r1hr srlselof ,i fit foreign colon, grve that front iteOWncolonies a decided co,,,
H t.,. ad, dnt.e in tle Broirtl Mr.ket-lhndeed were we t went off, a large chain and ir collar fatfened
S ..t1 Bt o Gog.. dnform any coneluo lln lem what ha. been the oprr' i i th double boid padlok md hIeu anclei.
iy ,,oi il a -Br m, namd Y w Hir ti rone ncTry remote, when bouttimc were granted to Whoever delivers the aid flo to the Subferi-
eirlnty lm trili r ehan a r mn na sed he uow tr e .h dAy ve Plater, an dvntag e t r, or ecuR him in Naf(ruI .il, iLhall receive
ayi' y ii bn linrtp fncf avni vlgnth e and de(cdd n a t market in favoe r of ot r cotton eight be ep'derd from rea Dlaran and the like orum I he paid to thofe
ts o l ci t, vt o .t f the munihcence of Parlment. who will difovernthe perfonorprfonaithatnlflte
ban oo tt,1 icl ty 'lcm IInunicaL the iamten we h A liri. a.e tion to the cleaning of the oftton id id knocking off his irfni s ; he wan fern going witl
l to h m ,,d the Tme King nd Ft King that recommended y ou friends at home; e iron on toward that a r for lln
t'Cekl pe r. w bflm c har pthe tion, wthe hcold of our feL from hene ws very faivl1y inLbAt refp a.ded the Negro Town behind the Hofpitl.
1it br nvt i public f.n there nation, we could no eight have tendency to ivjurs the gee ateharar- I Mfalbre of Vtfcl vc cautioned aganft crry-
t to dd,Icrr,, oun public m..... but if h. would sn, ,i",n t ( thlfe ifllds. I ing him oif the InJflad JOIN rO '
till mc.. v hi .conv..e, he would obtain an anfwer. 'l net d M l rkt wasntirely of lutted with Bra- JOUN MORRI d
t ohe pr, f-d to do. And on thearrval of the pr- uiet, for which there weefercely ny demand. The NV Now J, IMOU.N
wtaifacd, 'Ucs wa gircn b him to althe qu omit on laid wuaidto be VTual to ahe coflnNp-

'_ i





No. 12a.




NAssau: Printed by JOHN WELLS at the Printing-Office on the BAY.


Fur Casm a/y,
By PETER D A N, & Co.
L IN. of Viitage, luft reeta.d in the
Ship LioureaNo, directly fro rn rlM a

In the Ship LIGlIIT ING,/Captaii BURT'ON,
from l.ON ON,
A Ko r as sL. D S
Al t'leir STOREo ly Ihe BAY.
SCO'f H and German uahsa & Mnnls ll andl
a)lnhii. Witini Hats
blr,,n R*lfi Sheeting n f Git blaack an
Ravens luck cine round and colour
Ct ctl Bagging diit,
3-4 78 1 yard wade Lhif SaI Il0d
l.,it s 'a. saice
5-4 c:io Scy ld K.t tup
ghec ails A li. Va
Ca(.llltn Olivl
Prown Ihiolanij Cape *, Walnuts & Ger-
Whrte, I.)lo.k (Iraw, k i
black uanl Iic Litr- C ii, No I. to 3.
flr ig. anti Perfians 6 ..5nd 8. Icuh Ca-
I.ay lck, hblu, a id pink Li -
ilk quilrtd l'c4tcoats 2. s and 4 inch Cor-
Ditr. .ttsaic. dhtto d.g
Back Mcil.c Hlad en
Boiii lae I .J L L
IHlianh Har Cripe SailTT & iree fSrand
Piiinc 'Stufll rPlorcntine Mar
'IThr-..I Cdgin Anchor rapnalls from
Ditch re F inits cw o l1 cw.
Ula~k .nd white FP-tail Paint. Oil
F, ,thtrs G.cnpi r
GrC.- and yellow Calnvan Irp S1 No 3 to 5
I *r e ilnlw hcill!. Butk d
SLt ari* Cardinals with Er- Sheet d
ni- Poland rh
Snirine.r h!ue, black and Fig and ueen's Blue
I i e Broad Cloths go
D.I K rfryeera H ir Pr der
bElk .in.d .hballoom H rd d Sfti Pomatium
I hio L.cJllimilcl Lao< rtn tr r Water L'Iraints Flf nce of Bergamot
W. it aid flr;ped Flan- Poater n hoglhecid
it'el Dirlt bottled
Dat IlWanketl I oaf Sugar
I:ue anltd ip< ted Sailor Pepper
J.ackis Sopoa
B Jc & Du.k ditto Trow- Rne Butter
f r- Barlry
C ( n-a Frock. Split Peafe in kegt
D ich Ut'.Ip Pipe
hIren, linr 4 coare Shoar Inn nnprry
TY)iiti.., niI Cildi, i.ditto Hardwarc and Cutlery
tr ton .1, B aits Iurnerr
l.air-. h'a rd and cno- Ai alourtmrnt of blue
Inir Mi riit in h r- Bd neiamclll China
I ai., bl.ik an I co'oure d Ware
C .lliIanice iirtli nitto Quern', Wre
JMein. & Wainlcuin I read Di t,, (lar Ware
andl Cotton Solrk i-., Nails and Spkss
Ytuath and Clllidrrcn I'omp 'lrac
I hread Stokkir. HEatchrt
Men. white andblack Silk lc. &c. Ac.
Which with their former Affirtmeit. lthy will difpofe
or on the mnll rralonal, e Tems.
London particular M DEIRA WINE, by the
qlu iter calk or dozon.
Sn-:rfinet c 1HII. tDFT PIj Fi.0It R. qr er.

NOOTIQE is hereby given to al rfonsha-
S ng di-miIr ag.inll the EFha el .1 JaMiut
Nla rn, le(, by bond, note, Orl o acc.ut,
thli; t -y wlldrr in acrouunt of the fat prcpirlyat-
tillrd; and all ithIf indebted to the faTpl ate, are
rcqucllcd to makne freeds nraynmer,. 'of
MAPY NEWTON, Execurrin, or
nriue', l'oimbtr 19, 7186.

In the Ship LIGHTNING, Captain BURTON,
SOAF Sugar Cotton Counterpane@
L Hyfon, Sinrlo, S,,. India & Englilh Nankcen
chung, and Bohca Teas Dy'd and India Jre
Radio.," Saga. Jiaast and Royal Rib
Cinnamon. Mace Check Hankerchicfs
Clnves and Nurneg. Red ard blue Pocket ditto
Mallard and Black Pepper & fpotted Mullin do.
S:arch and Dlue Mens and W'omena black
Yellow Soap GloInL
Wxi and Tallow Cand:es Men. bhlck filk Hofc
tofe Butter and Checle Love Ribbnndl
Yeralhire Hamna ove Hanldkcrclhif
L'lk and LunJun bottled llac Cr: i and Mlde
Purter Scarlet Cadinals, ermin'd
S lit PcAfe anti Barley 3-4. 7-8, and yard wide
Flir Pow.l I & Pmnatum his Linen
linticcd Oil and Paints White and brown Ruifia
tI.nap Oil Sheeting
Sheathlig Paper 1-4 Garlia and Ofnaburge
Plump l.. ither and Oakum Huckabucl and Shirtiogs
htp c',nmpaff A variety ofprintel I.ineti.
Roli Br;mrne Ditm of Chint Patterns
Oun Puwld:r and Shot Yard wide Munilt-n.'tst
Cor-lag, f, m I 1-44 o 2a -4andlc-4 Tabc Clrhs
illtch-i Cear La'wna CamClricka
SputiVarn & Ratrlrrg*ruff Hanbro' Holland Long
Cableafrom I t 8 inches Lawn
Small Anchor. front oolib India L flin
to 4o03b. Men. Byil, & Childcnes,
Far and Painl UrUle. Hal
lair Hroonim & Srubbing Hrdare and Cutlery
blufbc Jr ngernflU f
Halbr' I.ines 6d. In o a4d. and jod.
Logt Line. an Sail Twine Nai
Duffl Bltankcte and inch Spikes
-4.9-4, & to-4 Rolfedittn ILock. d Hingec
Sttrped Linfeyl Hclv'd atchcas
Illue and whiae Plains Iea Ketl
FlannelSwanlkin Saw Files
Sailors ready-made jacket Caulking ir & Scrapers
Ditto Fearnought and Rug An alort cnt of Chiflcl.
Troaifers Wood and ed Screws
Duck Frocks and Trowlers Turkey an Oil Stone,
I inen and Check Shirts Bureau an Drawr Furni-
I)urantsand Calinanco tlure
Shall-.ton and Saltinetts An affortment ol PlaneI
l.alingsand Bombartens Copper Scales & Weight'
Linen and Cotton Chucks 1 in Scale, and Weights
and Stripei Cl.r- and China Ware
Cotton Holl..nd. Tin Ware
Figured Dimitles gone- of Short Pipes
Mock Quilting. Medicines #
A few Puncheon* of hugh proof JaMAICA Srintrs,
London Market MADoIRA WINE,
Fret Frieoa, Suip and PILOT BArao, jualimported
front Baltimore.

For Sale by Private Contradt,
1 HE HOUSE and LOT at thbe Ietward,
Sformely occupied by the late Jf N Hat kY
Efq;-For Terms and further Fartic ae apply to
NaJ w, NoW. 4, 786b. JAMES HOWE.
For L 0 N D
To Sail tk firf of DtCcit B next;
For Freght or Paflire, having clegastccommenm a-
tions, apply to Cap'. BUnarT tn heard, or to
D UN AWAY from the Subfcriher, oV oday the
S3t of July, a Negro Fcllw oamds b. Who-
ever will ajprekend the raid rnnaw, d dolicer him.
to the keeper of the public Jail in N Iaan hall receive
Oan Gwiata Reward.
Nfau, Sfeartk ol4, NTO
Mi/w, Sqttimkr t, l786. /

European Intelligence.

U T C I T, Augul 2.
T HE citizens having been called together
yeltcrday in different places, as well in
churches as clfewhcre, and being partly affem-
bled, the following intimation, but without
any signature, was fent to the refpeFtive houfee
of the different members of the council the fame
On the part of the citizens of the right
companies of this city, and in the prtofnt cafe
the principals. The Burgomafters, and Coun-
fellors of (Vreedfchap) the Council of the city
jointly, with their fccretaries, are informed to
appear to-morrow, Auguft 2, 1786, at ten in
the morning, on the fquare called Neude, there
in presence of the citizens, and at their request,
to receive the oath of the college of the tribunes
of the committee of the citizens, conformable to
the contents of the regulation fworn to, as far as
it regards the nomination of the regency of the
city, according to the tenor of the laid regula-
tion; and if the fame refufals are perfiitd in.
and non-appearance of the aid Burgomatecrs and
Counfellnrs, and' Citizens, in virtue of their
rights, will proceed to receive the faid oaths of the
faid committee, and to their inflallation in form."
The eight ircmpanies were at the fane time
called together, and went there under armn, front
thence they marched to the Neude, where a
table and chairs were prepare for the Counfellon,
in hopes they would attend. Two fate chairs
were designed for the two Burgomaters, but
there only came five members of the Council.
Mr. Cordon, General in Chief of the Society
Pro Patria el Li;brtate, Ihewed thefe five mem-
bers to their places, putting Meffrs. Eyck and
Van Senden, in the two late chain, and inftal-
ling them Burgomafters.-The above gentlemen
being feated, declared themselves incompetent to
receive the oaths of tie college of Tribunes, and
confequently of inflalling them; at the fame
time tecy declared that they left it to the citi-
7ens to follow their own will on that head.
They then retired. Then Mr. Gordon, who
was lately made a citizen, defired the committee
to lift up their hands and take their oaths. After
this a resolution was formed and Ligned, decla.
ring the abfcnt Counfcllors degraded them from
places. The drums beat in confequence; and
the Committee, ths (worn, were condufed
folemnly, by the eight companies, to the cham-
her called Mrtier, after they had poffelted them.
felves of the keys by threats.
Inforniation was fent in the afternoon to each
of the Counfellors, of the resolution palled i4
the morning by a commilon, with a rSgorout
prohliition to them not to interfere for dt
Future with the alairs of the Council, but
allowing fuch as are employed in comminioans t
exercise them until the trth of O&ober not,
hut adding, that they muf imtRantly refign if
they oppo c the present resolution.
At length Mr. Gordon was infalled by the
citizens, and his oath received as Governour of
the city, and the keys art actually in his paoe.-
fion, and not in that of the refident Bargos
Et l D I H H, 7u4. 21S.
The following Dutch men of war arrived in
Leith Roads lft night :-Doerdrech, of 66

A r ....




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