Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 4, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Ir;- an CGrat-Britain, and to adopt fuch fit. But finee two rcfpeablc Powers, friends IHe then wrote to the Earl of Shaftel~ury, ac-
ture regulations Ji may be necelfary. The nego- and neighbours of the Republic, have declared quainting imn of the prior prtenfione he hadto
c;atiiont for this purpose will commence immrne- to your High Mightinels theirfentinients on the Mis Webb, and hoped, as a gentleman, on
diately. adu4 late of affairs, the King, my masler, hearing the true situation of affairs, he woull
lvy .accrnts from Peteriburgli, the Emprefs would look upon hlnKelf as wanting in thosf with delilt from a purfuit which would not poulibly he
lih. publifltd an ordonnance for improving the whiicli he has been always animated, if he de- attended with any very happy confequencee.
old and making new tuals through the whole ex- played to expreft the lincere withes he feels for the This alfo having no Ifect, Mr. Spearman wrote
t it of her empiir, which immense undertaking internal and external tranquillity of the Repub- a letter to the Lady, in which hle took his fare-
is to be carried on entirely at the expense of the lie, as well as for the maintenance of its coniti. well of her, but declared that &e, making ufcof
Ciownr u;ithout laying any additional burthen tution. no nanie', or himself, or both, muajifonfir Ierir
oii th fLibjelis. Commillaries are appointed to The King thinks it his duty at the fame Mlaer.
ermine the different countries through which time to declare, that nothing can be nore oppo- On this letter the Earl of Shaftelburye.rhilit.
it' ro ldi are to pals, and estimate the expense. lite to Ilis fentiments, than to give an example to td arntidls o/f te peract againfl Mr. Spearman, in
S 'Tine lidl. undertaking will be tle road between i dangerous to the tranquility and independence which he declared that it was not done out of
'*Mko'ow and Peterlburgh, the expense of which of the United Provinces as the interference of any malice or ill-wil/, but for the proteflion of/'is
reckoned at 4 millions of roubles, which is to any foreign power in the internal affairs of the prf'in. Mr. Speasinan alfu ftint a htter to his
be paid by inflalments in five years, by which Republic, the management and direction of Lordihip, requdlling a private inltetview, which
timc it is thought the work will be finished. The which his Majelty wiles to preferve uncontrouled requelt was conllrued iuto a challenge, and the
Iiril payment has been already made in fpcie. in the hands of thofe to whom it has been comr- anlver given was a warrant to appithend Mr.
The length of this road will be 7oo werltes, and mnittd by the conltitution, and found by thofe Spearman, to make him give flcurity to irepte
considering the expence, its folidity and gran- principles ellablithed by the unanimous content pware. This warrant wascexccittd at ten o'clock
dcur, the Rullians expect will equal thole oftle of the nation. at night oni Mr. Spearmn.i, who, by a coinfable
to rilch admired highways of the Romann. His Majefty will never have any other ob- Iwas trlrs to t/hc -ri.ach-t&fr an:dI I till rviv
E.x'rad7 ofa letter from Guern/Ir, u7.r l. IjeL than to olferve the moll impartial conduct, o'c!uI t,. rnto m orrnig, din" nW'i interval Ai
We have two cutters constantly on this its- fuch as may be naturally expected from a good Lord/,ip and the LIadv wc d nir.rried. I.ord
:onr, one of which cruises toward the ilail; neighbour and friend, to whom the interrlt of iW\entworth became bail fdr"lr. Spsartan le.
bI!ide, telfre 'e have freT'Ient vilis from other the Protellant religion, of the commerce and fore Mr. Adldington at Upwvllreet ; a. i ti.,a,
if his MajIcly's hlips, fo that fmuggling from local lituation of the two countries, as well as we hope, hasn ended an a lair, wlchih c pjo u-
France is wiholly impracticable. ''he trade of the ties of kindred with tle Prince to whom red many oliervationi;.
this i land was never briltker titan at print. y out Highi Mightinildfles lha eentrtlled the im- 'Ju' 24. lly intelligence friom PtL:iur.'i ,
Tlhe exports of the late spring were mnue that portant charge of the State fo irfentially, engage rc are informn.d, tliat an expICre, lul ::-itd
.itual." to prevent any injury being offered to the indc- with an account of a Rullian Ihip hadi.n,; been
JIlrt 17. Tie building of twor nival hofpi- pendence of the Republic. t.iien by the Alrcrines. A cabinett Co'u:ici
t:l for the f: of the fleets in tine of waui, is (Signed) JAMES IIAIRRIS." \was immediately held, at which were prl-elnt,
ri -ole.d on ; the one is to be at Dlal, and the .a-'i.r T8. The KingofSpainh aslately mae (Count Olierman, Vice-Chlariccloir, Count
otlh.r at Sheernef-, at both which places great fome local regulations n which tend to unburthen I an ChernicehIff, Firl I .ord of lli .\Adnirnlty.
Inconveniences have been coniplined Iof, for i the people, ant coiicrt)oitly to render hiit po- 'inc Potemrkin, Vice-Prelident if thle Culige
want offuch acconumodation, particularly during t pular. 'The attention of milnarchs to the private of 'W ir, Count Bleborodkoif, anid ft vcral other
tlie ltte war with the Dutch, antd especially want of their people ronllitute the trueldpolicy. Miniitt: of State. We harn that tnh result
after the engagement hrbtweni Admnir.:l Parker's I An article in the Anltcrdnn Gazrc tt:e Ifs, as., that an order wa.i inmmndiately fclt to
anrd Zoutman's flect, off the Dogger Bank, w hen tlhatt they have jull heard by < lrrels, that the Crniilladt for equjppiig thirty fail of the line,
the lick -nad v. oundc! v cre poI el in ;n fuch num- tie aty bitwecn r:irce a.nd England was c. ,iclud- and a number of frigates and hbombh veffels, with
i:c'-. ith.a private lo.dgings wvete obliLgcd to be ed on the ictl' ol Juine at Pul and tl.:a it is to all po!ililc dilpaltch. Olrders sr'wre alft fent to
hiltd fur lth r:'.n, which we-r c i'iplained of as remain in fullfinme ,i, -ing the Ipace of 14 ytats. the dilhricf of Narva, Rcvel, Willhaa-Voto-
b thll inconrvenicnt atnd xpcnli,'- A I tter fiom .Algi i ;l, 1aly I-. fay., AI- ihok. I. ,d-0(igo, &c. fir lrftv thoif- 1 ....,'1
We\r are glad to fee the larmn kept up ahoutl though it is .11ll Lk....... nat tle ilhtabitlnnt of to I.liA i. ,t,4 l.... n eadinc'.:s to enmark in trn
ite lufltatia tjaur-. an n r ,tl ecr ; rilaenitcnc.s Algiers, ''unis, and Tripoli are in1 tIn i:ca- i-ay, tith a ti.iti of ihavy ar il K in ord.
eccomlpa:ny'in; that -rhol burif l s. We intend fure under the dominion of :l Pote, yet it is t, pni :Lofc infu i'tlg pitati-, %n tho hi. Ico:g
occ.ilionally t io :in the chanlgc on tli fame fub- ais wll known how uncaalil.y itl. I ear the yoke. diRhllme the f irankind.
i ci duriilg the relefs, to it from dying lThe Algeines in pIaticul.r, proud of th extent V7-l y iThe wealth of this country ex-
.au ay i:l popllt'.e mind::, and until national jullice and Ircrngthi of thiir Republic, have alwi. s ca- cceds evce y caki.ultioni which lhaI yet hbe.n mrdt;
take pIace, or is defeated in the purfuit of the gerly feized tvery opportunity of ellablilhiing and nin,-y is conitllantly Ilhrinng in friomn i,:t
uitlt, great and finally, concerned ii it; molt" their indepentcdece.C The preicntt Dcy, a haliugh- cunitrics in Irniope, as s il .is from thie i ait
cordiallyjoining tlie nble, venerable, and learned ty Prince, li.ers determined not to fi lnit Ito .id Well-Indies.
Peer in his truly Roman dcht'-ation, My a degrading homage, and has, in C nfiequince, rt- Etsl.r ,l 'a /Itr from I'ri, ft' 20o.
Lord, I fay, and I defire it to be known to cciied the Seraikicr, fent by the: Grandt Signi;Jr You harl no d.ioilt Iren anl read alaron de
the world, that the flrffering thofe papers to be to claim the antlual tribute from this tlate, vtry Tott's Mlmoir of the T'urkilli n.ition, and al-
put into the hand of our enemies is a Inifpriliou tlolly. I am ifurprictd," faid tle African Iotird tilis au nr mvih credit foi hi literary
if treafon, and it is my with that the matter Prince with the hanglt cih air pollible, tlht vigils; well!his fune iran wihoi i. ,vn o
should be searched to the bottom, Iet Vwho 'will they can impot (ui nic aI.iiut that hagatl-ll. 1) fi mulch fatisfacioi v .a the day 'I. f vcter-
le coneerned in it." We fay, and may all thle not they knoi at CoIillan-I'nirtp that I am a Si.- day, tak 1 p and inimur~d in the liairc: I ihe
people fay Amen !-Thofe wsho w ill not join this vcreign, and dependent on nom t dy ? It is there- Otitoman Porte follted iii. imprifonmiiint, an1t
general call of iuflice, are thenfelves giiiltv as fore beneath my dignity to pay tribute to the this finguila'r demand of the enemy to thel Chn1f-
principals, aiders, and abettors, or approvers of Qrand Signior. Let that Prince take this litpi a, tian name was acceded to by his Molll Chriflian
the atrocious deed Shame to our country that lie plcals, I care but little for his frieindliip, and Majelly and the elljlJfsa of the Church !
fuch men Ihould have plrtetiion in it !! ai very i ell able to defend myfelf againlL hit the members of the Parliament of
Tle following it a tranflatlion of thIn NMmo- aincr." Bourd ux are at Vcrfaille ; th. ey are fien walk-
rial prefented to the States-Geneiral on the 5th We are very curious to know what anrfwer ing ab4t the Palrk, indulging tile melancholy
infant by Sir Jars HaRis : the Gi.d Signior will fend to this haughty that ornrinated in the (anltfL which hurried them
HIigb and ntikly .Ler'd, fpeeich, and what condolt thI Divan will purfue from their peaceful manfilons. In the venerable
All the fleps which his Britannic Majelly to bring that African drfpot to reafn." I group are dillinguilhed two veterans above
has taken refpeAling your High Mightinef'rs, Julv 2a. Mr. Spearman, a gentleman of fourifcore. M. Ie Beerthon lodges at Marflal de
filce the happy opoch ofthe peace, have had no family and fortune in the county o(f Duriham, Monchers. M. Dudon, Attorney-General, the
other objc& than to give the molt undoubted had, with the approbation of his friends, the firfl Juris coiful in France, has with fiaccers
proofs of the sincere friendship which lie enter- contint of the young Lady's parents, and with employed many days in the composition of a rc-
tains towards you. her own approbation, paid his addrceies to rmonfirance to be prefentcd a' the Sovereign;
He has fulfered no occasion to efc-'pe that Sir John Webb's daughter for near trao Yners but after all the trouble taken by the Parliament
could renew the harmony which, for the face and an /alf.-The marriage was agreed on, of DoIrdeaux, it is feared, nav, it is morally cer-
of a century, contributed fo much to the prof. and nothing remained to complete a prfllpet- t i;n, that their Ilrugghls for liberty will be over-
p rity of each; and it has been his particular to apparently happy on all fides, but the lix- ruled by' I. per;or force."
udy to efface all traces of tihe unhappy diffen- ing on the adual day.-l out fix w-rets At-, f 7ey 29. The patriotic party in Holland
tions which for a little time interrupted that the Earl of Shaftclbury having feen Mifs Webb, highly difapprove of the conduct of the conllitu-
good underfanding. thought proper to pay his addreffes to her, and ents of the Btrghcrs of Utrecht, in tranfmitting
His Majely has carefully refrained from was fo fortunate as to fiacceed, not only with the their manifero to the Court of Verfailles, as
doing anything tiat could, in the fmalleft degree, Lady, but to gain over the parents confeit to they think ilmay perhaps induce his molt Chrif-
inflnence the interior aeliberati n of the States; his marrying her. Mr. Spearman having obtain- tian Majclhfto break his promise of not interfe-
and although not infenihle of te troubles which ed intelligence of this determination, as fudden ring in the domelic affairs of the Provinces,
have agitated the country, the sing has thought as it was furpriiing, took the neceflary lteps to thus unneferfarily to call his attention to the
it right to confine himself to expreffing his be informed of the falff, and found in what measures taken by a body of Burghers against
wilhes for its prosperity, and for the re-citablillh- situation he then flood with the Lady. He ex- their Regency. They add, that though the
'mcnt of cpacord. poDulatcd with her and her paste, but vain oabjeEt arc important oi themfvoes, as nothing,
a - 6

let, is at Aike than liberty, the persons con.
rmcned are of fmall consideration in the eyes of a
blMnanc', who, though zealous for the interest of
the Republic, can only be unprofitably embarraf.
fed Ib the diffentions prevailing in a single town.
TI-2 question concerning the command of the
garrilon of the Hague, is at prefcnt the fubjet
of th,- deliberations of the States of Holland;
and letters from the Hague of July 2t advice,
that the Wcdnefday following as tile day fixed
for coming to a determination on that important
luctllion. Hitherto tenr towns against eight
hIJe voted f,'r Ithe StateS retaining the coin manlld.
At prefint it is faid, that the towns of Hoorn
a,.I .:;dcidam shive cfparated from the majority,
and joined the Prince. Should this turn out to
bi th It~ fi, his Hilghiefs may loon be rxpealcd
%itlh his f.npily at the I aguie.
The Art of Parliament for the relui;on of
the national debt ditires, that the firllt quarter
of ir miTnlitn (which is now ready) Ihall be ap-
plic.l Iby the Conunillioncirs to the purclafe of
tn h i aniimitirs s are under par, in equal propor-
tilln is :ur ilt :l ,'i n be, on every day (Saturdayv
a 1 MoniIday. cLx,'pted) oil which the fame Ih.ill
b triansfclrralhl, betwieu the firf of Auigull and
the' i : of 'Nuvember; and conflantly and treu-
I,:'\ in tie rnmce manner thereafter ; confc(juent-
I. t':ie rit dly of will be on WVcdinefday
n ,I, lth.: 2, of Auguit. WIlcni there I iall be
n t a'I-tiitie, under par, Parliament is tlen to
il rec, by future ads, what flock lhaltbe pail oIfl.
The lit r quarter of the f:rplus million is or-
d ,a'd f:om tl Ih Excliquer to tle Baa,k, to be
p. '.to le "1. Account of the Conmmillionczr,
oil'd ly '1Adl of Parliament fur applying cer-
t .i, i.(la or inoin'y .v nitally, for the reduction
o ti i r'i,. ,l b;t ;" and all flock bought by
tit in, '\itch vi'l b :bo .it 7ol01. every ivy, is
S. pit .0 ito their aiimtln

N1 t t F 1'r 1),
I. *'.L :Ihi L I(IT'ITING, Captlm BU R I 'N,
.aI Tr t c, to avS
1 \ T,(() ER, St IIRRKF F,,& Co.
1 \F S r t''uonCnourirplle-i
S'i ft .l ."... o, l3 h tn ,tiS Inri p'.lt N ,,i,.
1:. l a, bca cs l D1y': riJ liidia Jr.,.
It R :i-. iu o JrI cls, Raoy.l Ktb
t.., . .1 ce th l u t Prnkerc t rl.i-
lt I .,k 1', pper Pll a lpo1 rcr d ithlt I] i.
.s i : lt, aid W oontcllt blauk,
1 : l* GlovTH
V. i. Ilrlv Caltics It -htush iIfilk Holet
- I is I L li te L e R riLonl>s
'1 ii I: 't / Iil I I v Haidkcrhlef*
't 'itI L.'n l hottlcd t r-.e hn Mnde
t',r Sljct Ca, dnals, crmin'd
; I .i. and iarly 3- ~ 7-, and yard wide
II it I.'.r ,& ,latum Ilh i.inn
S, a t>ia I Pain. WhibL andi brown RuIt.,
I I I SI mIit,
g PI'.qi'r -.1 s hs and Olnaburgs
i I.I l.., l er lrn Oakum Il ckh k and ShirintgS
,: pi I.'dII| I A va ( I'ofp til ed |l>l ans
t ll, l .ilclll litA ,C ;hint e Patterns
iiiiru C lii atli teiss
: 1' a. shot Yard wrc Mi liil-L It1
-t !-e Irom I 1-4 t 1 a -4 and c-4 1 bll Cli thi
.I Clear L osil & C0iriiik, l
St,1 & Rahitl;.ngfIuff Ilambs & HollaIndLJ.u,
( l I' s j t ince .Lawntn
S: A-, hil- ilofrim soilb. India Mullins
I, Men, lloy,) & Childrcs,,
'I t i It j t'.It t BUlt l 't Hts[$
1.r :rl :tlli & Strubbing H.rdware sand Cutlery
:; nihl. Ir mai sryn, iv lii' o/f
T. .Ine, a .. d. oid.4l d.ine Niod
I)i. l I' i- i and 6 inch Spikes
8-4 1 I, 1 io-4 Rote ditto Lock' and Hinges
,ri -I Il lWiy' lIttv'd Hitchcs
h. iiil wshitl Plains Tea K -itlel
I .llin l S-v.tnlkl Sawl I let
S il.r- relvy-ntde jacket CaulkigT Irons & Scrap tr
Lit Itl aFinoutght anld RIg An aITrrttlent ol Chiltcl.
I'. itler Wo'slo aird fled Screwr
Duck. Irocks and Trwfers 'ilurat y and Oil Stoill'
l. in.1 i.l ChEi ckhltiii .s ld Drjaw Furni-
I)Dlrainto .iand lC'aliiiia s lure
S:halloors Lid Samtint is An affilitment of Planes
I.,llin gs and lmninbaci s Copper Scales & Weights
Liten and Cotton CheckL Tin Scale' and weight.
acd Stripe. Glar and China Ware
Cotrton lIollnds Tin Ware
Figured Dinitiae Bole- of Short Pipes
Muh k Qjitiinti Medicines
A few Piunchens of high roof Jaustlc SrllITS,
London Marker NIsADI.A VI'l,
Frclh FLe9a, S3lr and PILOT Basan, juagiportcd
from BaluimoieC

T HE Sloops Sandy Point and Indullry, o DE
libelled in the Court of Vice-Admiralty CO U NCILL C H A M B 3EJI
for breach of the laws of trade, as mentioned NO EM BER 7, 1786.
in our Gazette of the 2 it ult. ar both con- by d in te lt
demned.-No claim was interpofcd in ithercafe. W ,HEREAS by an act pint ed i the la fr
Exrtira of a l/cerfrom Lxuma, dated 3d fly. I pinng C .mf rs to nquir into the Ioffc.
Our early Guinea Corn is now gathering in, al luch irfons wIho have Ulafired in thlir propertie,
and turns out well. We have felt none of the in co lequeuce it tie ctTion of the provii.ce ufAsal A
gales la month, which, we are told, have done L. Dt"1An the KicN a, fop ai,' it (r Clred. anh i r
% hc t I.l v eopl rropneion f E 1-Floriu anti IriT I
considerable injurytothe plantationsinthe islands agentsol fvrl uaher proprietors the aid province, I
to leeward. Our Cotton Fields have a moll lux- resiefl to tlte bcnfci ofl hisa. are r e-
uiriant appearance; and there is every rcafon to i'cat in thic labaesa l.alrtand other of his MajClly) a
Soonsi, in .,senca. And whctias it may be Alilerded
expect abundant crops of tile late Guinea Corn, wih gre. in Am.s Oinne rt fuch ereit tor codnic
as well as of Ground Provilions. i;,oa-Britain to ubil.ntiam their rcepedive claim
Tle Ilig Adventurer, Boyd, for London, or to rive lthr evidenLe in fuppost if the clatisl
and tie B-'i True Briton, Collins, for Newr- of otELr propr"ieors for whomn the have called ae
Sagnt blL i thelr lfrse enaned, thilt the ,overnosSr P
Brunfwvick, failed from hence on the z9th nit. a. na, .o itrniaur, or Cth'n.mndtr in ch, cf aar
'hle Adventurer drew rather more than 15 feet Council for ihe itnse being of any fut l illad cad S
water, and turned out at the aftrm entrance of colony. hall, and they are ic.c'hy dircelted :n I r
this Ilarbour, with the wind blowing frelh "clroe rod" cire"rc tilo il it, .s .nd every ictu
ro F b pcrlon r pcrloai, anid to eurimne all and evusy luel
som E agcint or agLnrs a may re Ear o them for that pulrlpll,
On the 2alth ult. dird here, much regretted apon o rt.. which ath th e faid GCvernour. L- uari-
by her relations and :cqiuaiinctaice, MifsA t LI n ns-(Covtrnour, Commanler in CI it. Ir any MNin-
KnLS LL, filtlr to Roger Kelfall, Efq; of this her if rhe Cuosci for il" t" a bei.,g, is lirrbyr ru
.iland." ,r o *tn ,riozA and intpowered to adinlitnalll ; anl fruit (.;n-
ifland." verrnur, Icutlii-nr-Govcrntour, r C'olIiatndir i ra
On the 5tlh of September, at 3 A. M. the Chiel nd Coun1il for tile 1it, leteinrg, are hereby in.
Ship Swiallow, Blight, nine davs out fi onI Phi'- v' lled with the famc low r ansl iiboriric, for ielqut-
ladclphia, for Jamaica, ran on 1 reed 3 ]tagus into fich cilh ar tied omltifair te reppaiste
Iles y ibis s. se tosoilcd irfi, arid they cre teseth
N. of St. George's, Bermuda. By the timely dircaced to proceed immediarily on all and evciy fieh
alliltance of boats from Ihore, and the tide rising, claim or tlarms, c.animnation a r esairinationi, whin
Ihe was got off the fame day, after receiving da- tenderd to them, and to rccr t frlon tne to time,
i by the firhnt oportu iory in t cir power, their opinn--^^"
Inage that would occalton her being unloaded in .by hp ihrn ori all and try i uchr lam ero their apn ,
IrdIer to be refitted. the cvinllt on whi h fIc op niual or piniots wat o
Itl the morning of the 2zd of September, formed, Ito to eocrt, from time to lmit.
came on at Bermuda, a violent hurricane. The t 'hciidci of allan irvIIr fin.h gi n ragentr, a
the LC'irill, er lappoin d by this ad, ill order -halt
wind blew all that day and night from E. S. E. ad every uich claim.n ay bh ultimately judged
Next morning it shifted to S. W. when the gale of anti dec.led up ln y lh Commillsnicrs, and be
abated.--The Cotton Plantations suffered great- infreted by them amngll e claims to be laid before
Iv, trees were torn tup by the roots, and great t* h o r.d, t urmiionrt f e 'rre in y, or rhe Load
jury was frutained In the wharfs and buildings. S cictarici of Satr. is
NJne of the vefils ;n harbour were hurt.- And be it further ended b the authority afore-
'lie B ig Bermuda, Tatcm, from New-York, f' d, that in tare any ptrfoi. or swrfon, upon exami-
;at:ive at Bermuda the 26th, having lof ier nation upon oath before the fal Governour. Iieute-
narnt-Oovrnour, or Conmade in Chief and Council
furc-minl, and all her lumber on deck.-The for rthe r nie being, as befoticic toned, Ihallwilfully
Schooner Felicia, Spencer, in company with and corruptly giv le fall cvidrc ; every fuch perfon
thc Bcrmo.ol. wlo s. wal asa on, had not finr or prfono f fidln, and be ig thereof duly con-
b6ain hord of.-The Brig Betfey and Nancy, e, lhaill e, an d is and aredheieby declared t be
bt, "n ht.*.rd o--The BrK Bctfeya" 1Nancy, lubj ct and liable tn fEch pabli and penalties as, la
Poulton, from Virginia for the Wo.-Indies, any and ialw in btin prfhl co nd pi ed ofrs
put into Bermud. the 29th of the fame month, and corrupt perjury, are fubjed and liable to
with the lofs of her fore-inS. And be it enaCeld, that no claim or requef of ant
person or petfons for aid or relief, on account of iho
ARKIVai IIre Fre. Inl of any property, in confcquence of fueh cefflon.
.Yo-.. 6. Sloop Judith, fLcFie, Jamaica Iall be recorded in Cie-ABri. i afr r thefol'a A
.i tr--y. 1787, or in the Bahaj-IoandA or any nrhfi
SaI LU, Fr of hi, Mlajclly's coloiien in 4mrrica, after their, day
.v. 7. Sloop Shclliurne Pachet, Artwater, Ne e-Y"rk 'of Alf-o b 17t .
littop PonouidenPet, Arbeo. HaIfte. And whereas hie Right Honaourable I.rd Sdsugot..#..-.-
Sloop Providence, Arthur. Hlfa s MljlljPnyc' Pri,,cpal Sccrtlaries of State, by ISt
8. Schoo. Ge.tral Shirlyv. Mayne. Charleflon later ta the H inoeurable JSe. ,aio Efquire, PrStfi
9 e Fill n Scorypon, itr;tll, ,ito eltette r w tho Hsnournhle Yohin fisaom, Erquire, PFios
p. Fihoo Scorpion, Daril, Ditto d f ,ii Majll 'I Council, and Commander in Chel.
of hhe boad al,.fo das, dated WhisehaI, Sh (/ Aslafl.
1786, hath erbt picaicd to fignify, that it is i it a
Y OIRKSI!IRE Hams-Ieadenhall pickled eref jcfly'~ plleal:rc the faid Commander in Chief and
and Pokk- White fcenited, yellow, and Council do lurthith take fach fcps., as are required
'allile Soap-iLalier Stuff Shoes-Gentilmens by the hIad at : Notice i. therefore hereby given to the
DrefS Shloea-Petfnmery of all rotitl-an eleaIt feveril propri tor. of ba/.Fltrids, and the agents of
ffnortmont of Jewclleryv--.adcin Stays and Hoop., other proprictors of the faid praovine, efpefdivl.....
(ienillmen's llala, &r. . juft imported, and entitled tn ihe benolt of the before recited aI, refd t'
for Sale at the Printing Office. in the BaE.n that tey do as I edil a urema
be. deliver into the hand' of Hnery 7'a. Efquire,
Clerlr of the Councl,. a fthedule aaid valuation, ealed
For Sale by Private Contrat, up, of the property, by them restirceiily lolt, with
S OT at tl W> eflward, the namc, dofcriprion', and places ef abode of fuch
T"e HOUS a L T li n rd, neTs as may be intended to be made aue of rT-
iformerly ocicpied hy the late Hn Ha11 tY pedively, in order to fubfanris the Ifeeral clame. ,
Efq;-For Terms and further Parti lars apply to And notice Is alfo given, that the PaEIDIINT sa d
Naf u, Nov 4, r786. JAMS HOWE. CooNCIL will meet on Tahfrytl ihll h8i. in o ri t
S' ' to take into confcdtration fuch claims as may at tilt
Tor L 0 N D O N time be delivered to the Clerk of th Council.
By 0,~, 1f d COUNCIL,
To fail positively the ift of D CEMBEt next, HENRY Yi C, rk.
or perhaps foon I
The S P So.ed ny # I ah, is lfsi it '
-S- "- T I N. G. ^draw'ig up t heir C /laim ,, J. east s in m a aw--
L IG H T IN G, f, a to matter f a*r i
e the CihJA of the Cerena.
In Ballet, if no ight offers in
the mean time, for which and affage apply to F L 0 N D
Capt. Burton on board, or to
PETER DEAN & Co. Thb tsOtT

UN AWAY from the Sabflriber, Monday the Da Pa Maier;
I 3 t (l of July, a Negro dlew ed Jo. Who- Da Pacoc, Mater;
vr wlapprehnd the id ra eaway. d dic hi Has nnmore than two thitds of
to he keeper of the public Jail in Nalr ill receive her ladi o on board. For Freight
n. Gina Reward of t t remainder, or or Pafage, apply to Ihe
HENIY TON. Maler, or to
V Suy, Seqmbrre, 141 76 I'OHN WELLI.








Mo. kr.'





NAssAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.
*** ^

SIt rroioLOGtati DPITn, N.afau. 0oe4er, I86.

4 a |p t | Winds and Weather.

i 78 Jo 74 L. to 2. E. A' iA' Ilt e'..
7 79 75 -E S.f. .V.S. HwvJ n..
S-6 8 7 w rtvinds'e Sn. L'.. IW Rain.
4 t 78 L ,,j .,,.J, Ri..
.1, 7I S. IV'. u IV. A'. IV. R;in.
6 6 7. '. IV. i. ',er, 1b 6 -te '.
S" 7e, .i V. i A. E. ..i",ji '- breta.
,4 8Iu 76 IV E. fd.-. ,..
'j o 76 F. XV. F. R-.n i;'. .., .
7 8" (7 .y N. F.,s, Jef Ir,,u. .
i ;4 7) 76 .V tr N. k. Ra,.
1 6 7' e V. CL'/r, ent.
i 7' 7j 3 E '*. E. Ri-. tse f-n:'"s.
54 F a )n/A.
S7 F. F /., .
1_ 7 7 r. i- 6. I1'. Iliuii t.I s .n l. e' I n.
IS -7 t 77 S.. n Il', HL..d ..J r.

-. 7 7S) I I.4 -. ad ri 's I ,,d
1 7; 7| S 74 It" l"'X "'11 /v= .'-, ' V S .'
S7 4 7 ; '4 ; 4 It I H.o ,; 1i'. 1'. -/.,.
,4 j, 8 : :' 1 e. t" a : I' ,
F Fi S. A. E. r ,, H,,, .
a .V.V. IVt I V.. h-i.
V ." .
S S,,i I .. .< S A I ,'..
j. [ L ..lcir r/r i Il. S. I'. Su,. y,

01 MONDA Y the I3tr intlant,
.It 1 V I.I IE F' o, at 5Va..
lv hie oiiufit t," Pri'm c S L A before the
Cu-.i n~iiH'r-r h
.' Ani hcr.CAiCO., conrits Ceinc a
I'NESO B0 41), ct;.itcnhllrd in Ir

RO0F IT' HlUNr, Cullcdor.
CO," ,-..,*" u-'!-f"'i i /,
.4 '.'-.,r 0o,J .5 .
"'rOl'ICI:. is henby gircn to all pXnS ha-
t ,1,. ,In fI, by hn4d, note, or lx account ,
tl t [h, y ri.'lir in .nrensoulit 1i the rame 4t perly .51-
t ell s, ; lI a/li tli;l. t m leri ted to the laid I a tc, are
tr il.p. l 1II. L e liic'ly pa eyn: to
Ri.sKY' I'ti I ON, f ic n or
UIl .rzT-. LOVE, ir.
N',T ,, 'o''rtn: br 9, 1786.
I" F It S A L 1,
A S'lroIT' Negro Fellow about 2a year. of
:, : a1 "ni CarcAtrer, Sawyer and Squarer,
vti lt, ,i p'lfl'. 'or particulars apply, athMr.
BDi.i ,N's, t%'/e
1fIN AWA.Y frm the Subfcribtr, on Tuefday
n It l.ei, a NgNis MasIn namest l CSON,
al.,, Ict 8 inch es hlgh, fquart lde, and has
the lok, of a compicat villain; h on when he
ur t if/., a large chain ani iron dollar fafenedl
shr a diiible bh,,lic padlock ro nd his ancle:,.
Whioevr deliver r l ;aid fellow o the Subfcri-
her, i.r fecures hin in NalTau 1 fall receive
T7ei Dllarn, and lihe like film will Ii plid to thlino
'ho, wl' tifcover the person or,perf that afflited
in knocking off his irons ; he was fe going with
his irons (n tliards that harbou for villains,
the Negro Town behind the Hofli 1.
Mairrs of Veffels arc cautioned again carry-
Ig him off the Ilaud.

N Aisa0 i r. s, 1786.


European Intelligence.

SEVERAL changes have take place in our
Miniflry; the Stamboul-Effmndi, or prin-
cipal officer of the police uf thi capital, was
dcpofed the 1 th of this month, and ordered
into exile the following day Sulciman-Kiaii-
Bey, or lieutenant to the Grand Vilir, was alfo
depofed, and he is fucceeded by Alta-Beg Reis
Effendi, or Miniftii for foreign affairs, which
office was heretofore held by his uncle Abdu-
The fleet under the command of the Captain
Pacla continues cruising in the ncighbourhood of
Ifles of Scio and Mytilcne, where they continue
to take in supplies of provisions and warlike
.ores. The Captain Pacha has dispatched fome
veffls to Alexandria, under the command of his
MALTA, July I.
The Grand Mailer lately fent a pair of rich
bitn.leti, fet with rubies, to Madane Dufreloi,
in cutuiiderstion of the brave, hero;,., ->*d ,l ,lr
Lxtraordinary cnnsllt ot that lady against an
.lgcrine corf.ii which attacked the hip on
board of which lie was a paffenger.-This hip
was failing to Genoa, and having been overtaken
by the Barbarians, was fo roughly handled by
the firit bioadfide, that (le was in danger of
finking. The crew of the corfair taking advan-
tage of the confullon, attempted to board the
Illp, word in hand, which was on the point of
fuirrcndering, when Madame Dofrenoi fuizing
the fabre of one of their wonndcd sailors, fought
with ifudl courage as allonilhcd even the enemies
tllemfclves. All thole withlin her rtach were
overthrown. The crew of the Genoefe (hip,
re-animated by tlhi example, performed prodi-
gics of valour, and after an obhliniate engage-
menst, board and board, obliged the corfair to
Iheer off. Madame Dufrenoi, on ier arrival at
this port, was received by tile Marquisa de tl.
Crilleaux, who complinicntrd her, crowned her
with laurels, and fent hei portrait to the Qucen
of France.
H ac r, aiit 3j.
The States of Holland and Well-Friefland
have in a late debate upon the affair of the com,
mand of the Hague, taken a rcfolutJon confor-
mable to the report of the teli of November,
1785, by a majority of to cities agaitll 9, and
consequently againll the advice of the majority
of the Regency of Aniterdam: The following
is an account of the cities that voted fer and
against on the above occasion, viz.
Cities of the majority : Dordrecht, Haerlem,
Leyden, Gouda, Gorcum, Schiedam, Scloon-
hoven, Alkmaer, Monnickendam, and Purme-
Cities of the minority: Delft, Amnfterdam,
Rottenlam, Brielle, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Edam,
Medemblick, and the Equetrian Order.
ag4yl 9. On the ad ofthismonth the States
General debated upon two propofals which came
before them relative to tle anfwers to be given
to the memorials prcented by the Pruffan and
Briilh Ambaffadore, but previous to a final
concdufon on that fubje&, the resolution was
uakn ad refr~ndum by all the provinces.

LoNDoNo July 12.
The Eccleliaflics in the Emperor's dominions
fecm willing to come to a composition, and to
give up one half to fave the reft, or at leaf to
put off the evil day, and prevent for a time the
total ruin of that flupendous falric which the
Court of Rome had creed. The Archbi(hop
of Milan has, in the name of the Church, pub-
lifhed his Imperial Majcly's Ordonnance for the
reduction of the number of holidays from hence.
forth to be obfened in Auftrian Lombardy.
The only ones now to be kept are Ealer and the
Monday following, Pentecoft and the day fol-
lowing, every Sunday throughout the year.
Chrillmas-day, Circumcifion, Epiphany, Afcen-
fion, Corpus Chrifti, the Purifcation, Annun.
citation, Affumption, Nativity and Conception
of the Virgin, St. Peter's, St. Paul's, All Saints,
St. Stephen the Martyr, and St. Ambrofe, who
is by the Imperial Mandate constituted patron of
the whole diocese. The vigils preceding the
above days are to be observed, as alto Lent,
Ember week, the fourth and faixh days of Ad-
vent, and the three Rogation days. The Com.
memoration of all the ApoRles is to be celebrated
on the day after St. Peter and St. Paul, anl that
ol all the Martyrs on St. Stephen's day.
Whoever is deteced in celebrating ay of thd
fupprelred fellavals, 1 Lu pay a hne of ten crown
fur each offence.
The Italian method of reckoning time is abo-
lilhed in Auftrian Lombardy, and by the Impe-
rial orders all clocks are to be conftru&ed and
regulated as thofe of the Northern nations of
From a conversation that paffed ip the Houle
of Peers on Saturday, between Earl Bathuril and
Lord Sydney, refpetling the Euftatius papers, it
is not unlikely that this affair will be firidlly fcru-
tinized in the course of next felions. Earl Ba-
thurl faid,it was a mol shameful piece ofbufinefs;
that the nation and the captor would be many
hundred thousand pounds the worfe of it. Lord
Sydney endeavoured to often the matter ; when
the venerable nobleman replied, My Lord, I
fay, and I defire it to be known to the world,
that the suffering thofe papers to be put into the
hands of our enemies, is a Mifprifion of TreaCon,
and it is my with, that the matter should be
fearclhd to the bottom, let who will be concern-
ed in it."
The St. Euflatius bufinefi is likely to prove
before it is finished, a bunnefs of the fi im-
The 50,oool. a year enjoyed by the Prince of
Wales, does not arife from a Parliamentary
grant, but is an allowance out of the Civil Lift.
paid by his Majety.
Exntra if a Lear frOnm O/fed, July a.
We now reckon no fewer than five Protel-
tant churches or chapels in the Aufkrian Low-
countries, and they are likely to increase, on ac-
count of the Emperour having tolerated the fulef
enjoyment of religious fentitmnts, provided they
are not mixed with political questions. The
church at Bruges was lately the chapel of the
Convent of St. Antoine, bellowed by the Empe-
ror as a free-gift,"
According t a letter from BrLTfels of the ift
infant, Lord Torrington has fucceded in his en-
deavour with the Aufirian Government; and it
has been agreed on to review the prefcot lyflcn
of commucrt twpm btk AW a- cl_.

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