Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 28, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00184
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 1i8.




NAssAu: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.


A G UST 5, 1726.
W THEREAS by in ad paffed in the twenty-lnth
ycar of the reign of his prlrent Mjjclly, ..iti-
uled, '* an a.' fur thr further incriare .odi ciur.irg-c
inent of flipp ng and naviration," it amot ngltl other
shllng) rcusd.d, that a and every i ip or v enIl, ha- a deck, i Icin ,g of the burtheii of l ftl n trcns or
a|'ward.. belonging to any of his Majcl' y'. fulj-tl in
Greats.Diuail, or GutermLy, JCrlty, and I l. Ille i Man,
cr of any if tHe ctonicli, pulnr:cLl 'I, inflAld, r trrri-
tonl iin Alla, Alf is, or A ,eiica., which now iuclo rg,
or, ort he tine a I i.uildin7 f.tlh (hips or n ft ffli, did bc-
lonr, or whirh nmay hre fieor Ibloug Ii, or le Lc the
,,>fltlrll .f I Mlajclly, -l I ir. or fin, I t n t, r rf(rpt
glhrtrr, arg *, b, s or cff. uled il ely n : .cr. ,r
In Lnd iivn, g.tion) hall I 1 refilirled itn ti .iuner
theirin r mitirntr d ; and the r, Ilon or 1 rift. cl.iiiiii
pi'perty thereln, llall caufer Ih fr.iiiic t lib rre :m!'crci.
ariu fliall *l :ail a ctrrifirtca oif foch Icgi:iry r. o tiOII
Collcclur ai.i t ,n I "rillr if hi, Mlj,.liy uli'rln. in
C tar.Bitia,, i r t!:L Illc (f ilac, or Irin tho tlo ril-
or, I. iii'rii I,.i t lvrir i or t ('iin r ilin 0 i lrii f-
r.uncil ai offil, r ,ii oli(cc' i 1 hii, lie yr' R vcnlt :
ioflrnri, Ict dl r ii. u il lanid o. Giicrift) or J ricy,
or in airy of :th furfind lclorer. panl'aitin, illatn1 l-
or itrrltiterap rite e ely. according to tie ii and In1
the nmaiorr d. Lrii'i e i. ihe fJair .ct.
Airul wl'"- I the J. onirll:[nnei, of ll T!.,.fl y'.
Cullo-, irrt, I" trie Laid i4, auaih r ztl a- I r ;i ,irI.
% ihir a c r.. r<.lin,:a [c nt,. IS n i y e'i hCit ad!.iplrli
tu ilh lia, I ;he i or: ti, i-lu li i 0i p as, .l v I-
('Cl, 0u rcJ l IV ?;. N .]. J,'- tfi.1j.-l.. i .' rt 'cle ri ly
hl ;ln:l", in l-' i iii. r t I, r I t th iic .le fuel

tcoly to 1 i. t ', a- .rl [n to i. ftino .11 ut i:i.<,
i.d ITr rr. iI y i. n lk 1 .'ti t r nl p i f tl-eh In 0l
.I I, I: LU I. I I is NI i-

teflTr a: i 1 I11 it tire let-I -I'd ir t .-' e t ,itins h.rt-
after iltcutnuld
Tl t i'" f, v,
1 rron, ai.d arter the ic-th
In the 1ort ,f Londo:n. nrant.
Ja thre l'e il out p-rtr in Franm ard afcer the j3th
S l'y,' anilt nl: ; t.
In rlhe p. I, in rthe inanJ Pro r the 6th
t rny, j riky. anl b cbtr axt.

In ihe ports in the ifland-'

Stit h rid, i riH
,. (tii, tipht er'l 'rrm an14 after tie aft of
leeit, Deceumber ii it.
lo it errar,
t. i i l,

n th p rt, r. he island of Frnmm and erfter the oth of
j ii I ) December Fb t.
Iou i te l oit in rlit provon-
cer f
QNa letFec,
New lrimfAick ;
and in til ifliulis of From and after the ift of
N-wf, ...l n.d. Febsuary, 1787.
Ait.J .i. s, and iflands
lgad in orl. pntri in the
itali .n i Il.a l,
snd Iflatid rf D nmada, a
Ait at the end of nne month from the date ef the
aid f. Ie .. anl refprraive period. before.e intioned, It
i. herchy ltc rcic tul:. the fi I notice will crpire.
An '* I r the iintolnation of all pattic. concerned, the
Jlol.iig Iparticular ;aufc of the fd ad are publitiad,
In refped to
A (hip or velffl fir(t arriving, after the expiration
" of Aie raid notice, at a port to which ihc belong.
No lip or wefl, which by this at is direAed to
o hr t.i.aler regiliered, or which is directed, in.
S tead of the rcgihte now rceuircd by law, to take

South a new regifcr according to the form and in the
F manner defcnbed in the flid adt, fall be permitted,
* after her firll arrival at the port to which lie belongs
' at the expiration of the notice bhdor-mciniioned, to
* clear outwaidl to foreign parts or coalwilc, or to
Proceed to fea in order to fih on the coatll, or for any
Other purpose whatever as a Britilh Ihip or vtfftl, or
f tall be in any wife tntiltd to the privilege.of a
SBrilh fhip or vcffel, unlef trie owner or owner
* thercot thll have obtained a certificate according to
Sthe form and in the aiannter direded by the faid mt ;
Sand in cate any lfch (hip or veffcl hall depart from
SfIch p" r without bEing regillcred, and without ha-
Sving obtained a ccrrilicate a. aforefrid,evcry futh Ibip
Sor ,fldl iiall be fulje- to forfeiture, and the
* gui, lurnature, anmunirtion, tackle and apparel to
Such ftip or vefil belonging.
A fqiare-tigged thip or vcflil fo arriving at a port
witiin twenty leagntca of the purt to which lie
bcloiga ; or not being rfqlute-rigged, lo arriving
at atny pott to which lie does not belong.
It, after the expiration of the notice aforefaid, any
Ship ur vflTf (bcuiag lju4rc rigged) li.ll be fou,.l I
any port mitlln the :oliitc. uof mer-ty* by
Sweater, fri the p'rt to w loch Ihc belougs; tr ft i.y
vA.ll not bring iquarr-rigged, be luud within au)
Spost other than itat to ilnh ic he belong, wrwalout
Saving ,briaincd tho erti ,tae ol registry,' (dirrtui,
ly the hIii oil) it Lhrill aniirnay lie larvlul to and lor
*the I runcipal ouitr or olicrtrof inch port, xod he or
They i* am ..ot 1. rehy rcLuii cd to ilstiri lu.h Iht p or
SveLl until ihe inaicr or uther pcrainir hlaii g or
Sioii, tilc cl..ig oir iomniatini ihcrcl ihall, if lunch
lhit r v.lici in uiidtr [le iourtihi a l i iry Ioni Ig e
I y li uoIId, in ihliL pri,'iy of ilty pnuiadi, ',I
1 I, e]. (Lii ii by l tis ii 1 r ; unt if lIu i fhip us
Sv itI .itid tst[ rI ne itanlrid. tooa, then uiiii the
SA :'- or oirieJLr cI r1oD hAv o t taklig thre chArgr,- or
julioa' d liiloil 1h1., iii like inanner, give f.curfy
1 1') iolii tio L- ita t ly Iit uuc n utliiicd pyuadi; aIt:
if lucl Ihip or vcll 1 I l. L ctrred the burthen ol ine
Shuinlrci tuill tluIun UL iiUl il mall(.r or other crl'n
tih icili o rr a i in l ie .i.g Lgin Foi n natnd theiC L th.II , %I Ii t hl.c ,ll I .t iclicunity (ro he approve.:
f chi priu.LIal or allitcr,) give bond to hli
M ajrltc). hi leil. and fuccell,,re, to be taken b, fu II
onIlcr tr olhccra, in the pcoIlt of two hIuudred
I' u,'.' with cunaiiiln, that hIch nialir r or o:lltr
uI Ion i having or slkiug the c. ,rgc or comnind .1
tLLry L..ih Ih op ir vclici, Ihal repair with her as f-. ti
i t, cvelinotlty macry be (or, be.njg epl)-iPd 10 the
r Filt, y nn the I tltruif Ncrtoaiuri.nd oid I.aI, adj-.
cent, ac the end of the tfihi.ig leaion) to the port to
w* lin- Ile rclingi, and there calif her to be riegi, red,
Sandl irei e a ccrtilicate of fuch rCgilry, in ith forn,
a* 1o manlier lic tlcd by the laid adi, oant produce and
SdlivLr to luch o-flir or officers fuch of
* rrgtllry, witlin the time limited in the contltiuti of
* fmuic boud; whkh liniiLation of time luch lffllcr or
* oicer, is and are hereby aurhoriezd to fit, arcrding
Sto tlie diltnce which fuch hip or vecfel nry ba form
the port to which Ihe belongs, anl the nature of ihe
Svoyge in which the ntay then he engagm.d; and on
failure of producing and delivering fruh cc til'iatie a
* alI.rtf i, lunch bon d f all be forlcited: but if rfuh
certficate Ihall be preduted and delivered to fuch
o fliter or officer thin ike time to limited in the
Shntd, fuch bond hall be void and ol none cffct, and
he or they i and are hereby authorized and required
to cancel the fame.'
A fiqurt--rigged ih;p or veflti fo arriving at a port
diflant more than twenty league from the port
to which the belongs.
In cafe any fqIare-riggd Ohip or veflel, after the
expiration of the notice af-refaid, ball be found in
any port, diltant more than twenty ieaf e by water
from the porn to which Ac Lelongo, or that the water
at the entrance if the port to which fuch thip or vef-
fel- belong. Hall hbe fo allow at not to admit her
entrance ro the fame without endangering the fafery
of fuch Ihip or treel, the maoter or other perfon havin
the clargcorotnmand of furh tbip or veffl, tfall,,
within forty-eighr hor after his arrival at fch port'
as aiforefaid, manL known hh arrival to the Coll cAor
I d Comptrollcr, or other principal officer of fach,
port, and fall require foch Collc&or and Comprol-,
kr, or ether pticipal ottr1r to aeftWe Islip or

veffll to be surveyed by the proper cficrr at furh porr, )
who hiall be appointed purfuant to the dareCfiic of
Sthe iaid ad, to lurvcy Dhip and rerfcll there, and who
flhall aecordngly ntrke a prfcd and atcura e futvcy
thereof, and i rtify the fvecral particulars thereof in
in tie iannoerdircdled by the fUld a ; ald Col-
Slei: r and Consptroler, or other principal oulfcer, hall
SimnLcdlatclr y trardmit the aid certificate of f(lrvey to
the perluns authorized to) rgillcr ifip, and vctflhe. and
rant certfticaiesof iegitry at thie port to which furh
t p or vcflT belong, vho thereupon, and upon a!l
t ie otlier tequifitle of the faid at heing complied
Swith. fall regiller fuch (hip or v lTcl, and a
Sctr, l.lete of the regillry there ef, I urfu.nt to the flid
Sad. And it Ihall and may he lawful to and for the
Culcetlor and Comptroller, or other prinipal officer
or (iiimcrc of the cu!lcnt in the port where fi:ch fhip
or vcflel thall be fo fotund.i and he or they are hereby
aau:hotilz-d and required to detain fuch flip or ve ffei
until a p.rfedl and accurate furvey thereof hall be
made in manner direded by the faid aod.
The times allowed to tfips and vefels to return
to the porls to lnhich they belong, to obtain
ctrtificrtes of regifliy.
1, i.t from and after the enpirarion of the notice
* beftic-inentioned, twelve months Ihal he allowed to
all Ihips and vocll.s hol< agigl to a.iy of the ports of
(;, or the ill-d.i of cGucrulcy, Jcfey, or
h n, to lie r.gulcred, arod r tain L.ilfi.itel acCor-
( (ing tIhe (lvm atid in the oianincr dirlubcd in iho
faid act : ld, in liar manliac, from and altee
the rt tiun uf the faid Ionice, eighteen Months
Shall 1ve allowed to all fhips and vilfTi, belonging to
.t y f the port it hi' M I fly' colonic,, planta-
I ,ls, illando or territorir. in Alrira or Ancrca, to
be Iregnicred, and to obtain relifitcater eCCo ding to
the f rm and in :he manner defcribcd in the faid ad,
Sand that, in like aI'a ner, tront and ;flcr Ilie elpira-
tion of l.e fidl nrtice, thii ty mniolhr fhall be allowed
to all htips and ecllidl rralng nr lifh;i:g beyond the
Cape or Good -yipe, or C ipe Horn, to he r, glli red,
Sand alitain certifcatii according to the forni and in
* the manner djlcibed in the laid a : and tha' AE tho
eind of the term of twelve months, with rlpcdr
to fuch lhipy aod Vrllfts a* belong to the port. uf
G Grrat-.lltin, anil the iflailie uf utiernfiy, Jcrfey,
or Man; and in like manner at the end of the laid
Storm f lcilhteen Mnths, with relpel to all fhipsand
Svesff: thkt belong to any oflthe lprts of his M-jelly'a
oloniesl platiatlinls iflands or territories in Africa
or Arieria ; and in like mann, r at the end of the laid
term of thirty Month., w:th rtfpcd to all (h:p and trading or Wising beyond the Care f Good
SHole, cr Cape Horn, no other rrgifer or certificate
G.ill be of luire ur effed, clarpl fuch as hall be
a* raotdi in purluance of the faid ad; nid that all
her regill ra and certificates tall from tlhcnctcfrtr h
* he u!rtrly iill and void to all Intene anod purpolce
In cafe if fhlips and vcffeli not arriving in due
time at the sports to which they relpedtvely be-
SI'Ltat in cafe it (hall happen that any fuch tip or
vcffll, from any unavoidable r.ectflity or reaforrabla
caiulc, hall not return to the "rt s vwlichjfle Ma4l
within the time limited ia the f(id ad, it hall and
m-.y Ie lawful for the Commilfioncra of his Majtfaly'
culiums in England and Scotlaod rflc&divcly, fao thl
time being, and thy are hereby required, upon prai
Being made, to their fatiadltion, of fuch uoavoidabla
nececity or reasonable caufe, to caufc futh thip or
vellelto be regillered upon the terms and condit;one
and wander the regu atiins and reflridion, diredcd and
required by the aid adl, any thing therein containcd
I t the contrary thereof notwtthflanding."
What fall be deemed a port to which a fnip
That the port to which any hip or veBffeliallhere.
after he deemed and taken to belong, within the in.
tent and meaning of this (the laid) ad, Niall be, and
is hercby declared to he, the port from and to which
Such ibp or vtffel hall ufuaUy trade, r (being anew
JLip) hall intend fo to trade, and at or near which
Sthe hi Ibnod or aiag and managing owner or oawne
of fae fiip or velel usually relide or reidc.'
By order of the Cosmitifioners
W, 6TI sTA s att a y.

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