Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 21, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. It7.




NAssAu: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

U I -

Eurod cruel torture in prison, found means by the later- ter Cromwell was inauganted Protedlort (the a6th of
ur ean intelligence lion of fumle Europease, who are very numerous at June, t5 7) which wai to well founded in policy, and
Cour", to obtain a rdpitc from their fus rings. o judiciously framed, not to mureh tojpoi4 criminals,
Cob I T *TI ,oP on*r L W I u TI A L L, YIyt 4. as to pnrrves he cor.ue i of crimes, that it ought now
T EI th!be bombardmet of Stia the Bey of Tunis A convention for -arryingainte nflei the removal of to be reviCed : The title of e a& wes, An ad for
Sh il his dennd on the State Venice from the nglli fttlr on the Spaoic s Continent of Ame- punifhing utalc persons as live at high rates, and have
SIs. ad his de and an the Stle of Venicefm to the ditrid dcftribitd in the filth article of the no visible euate, profeflon, or calling, aovwerable there-
snke the.lioe agoloni f and J ecqe that hery wil late Defnitive Treaty between his Majelly and the ." The P, oterial affent to uch an ad might well
se She hlv eI a h nhdaf aoyo fplaequin s iery tm King of Spain, for a further utenfion of the limit of b followed by theReya aifent: a Ki.g could not be dif.
mtrht the Ch-tllr E n b mbard any o lace ir kni do- that dflrid, and for additional pivileges to be allowed honoured by reviving foch a law. Should it take place.
1s1s"a ThelaI yst vcomlengan of e bfeu cone f fli to the Britlph fubjetd there, was fined this day by the how many fine gentkmcn we would fee handed out of
ltlsn rld faingli, complex ion, of eonfrquelc fhiff p- Ma Iqis of Carmarthen. his Majelly'sprincipal Sccrc- their phatone, which run on the four ace., into houofe
ut rlolns. I order to quit the minds ofla n his ub tpry of State for foreign alair., on the one part, and by of corrc ion, where they might become ufeful to foci-
randon be ordrn to e qul tuus,he han.s ispred the Chev. Don Bernardi del Cosnpo, Mminifr Plcnipo- ty, by praring the material with which the ofcer.
that then to eneta mrun ousn he har rtead spo he tetiary fIont his Catholic Majelly, an the oth that athae Vn leti n (mdrun was nor bc ki he L on t uly 7 The profpeA of affirms n ollSod hadfome
l and that an epidemic dilltentlr had carried off a L o n o N., J I.. oe~~unce on our funds oil Tuedday la: A civil war
t 11t niany men.- He has augmented the pay ot the Thutfday r-r e on, before lord LoughLbrough, in in Holland, cotined ntrely to Dutchmen, would pto-
erir,n Igunnerst. an is lrcogil cig the mfurtilcation. Wdefltinller-Htal, an interifting caof eto ptrfons who e bly have little effcd upoln our flocked; but jealous
of (;.oletta and Sofa. may have the mi-fortune to have their goods diftained neighbour. feldom fail to fan the fire of civil difeord
M n a t a 7. for ren 'S'he a7oi.2 was brought by a bal.'et-niakr till the flaunsrtach fome otlh people, and at ladt fpread
f a agin li, f Al n his landlord, for making an unreafonable ond the conflagration far and widc. It is nore than proba-
A Meffenger a ried here ycerlnay from AIlcant, exccfive diflrcfs for rent, contrary to very ancient ad ble, therefore, that a civil war ilt Hollard, Ihould it
wilh n aso int of the final coaclufion of the treaty of parliament, nade at Marlborough, in Wiltdhire, it once break out, will produce a war between other coun-
blytwecn atp.i and Algiers, took pace on the the rcg of King Heory III. fo long ago as the year tris; and thus the interefts of this kingdom might, i.
sti 67: rhe words of which are, Dflinionti i.fir, the event, be very feriiully affced : 'this will account
The Regenic u Alr a rep.1 have Jn.ified r n;a ni grsmt, r ud dafnliena for the impref ion that the quaulela of foreign nation
The Re.encilo Alerre and 'irip,,ll have nnlified ftnt iriai t nilta, ai iog.ariw, r, i r asmtinetuir will generally have upon our funds.
to out RHpuilie. that Lly find it nrccliary to join that frofir, escer' ldfr;itrios Ifr. Moreover, dif- As military and naval Governors are apt to enter into
of I urn., on acco t of the cru;fintF rf tile V nera. n t ctin rhe Mcditurranman. that taketh great and unreafuable dillreffe all be arc mn of property and family, it is areted that ihp
It cofltq Liet nc tf is. the SI nuot hai tent ourter to gt evoudy amercci for exads of fuch d flrcfft. I profent Miniller has eprcnial his with to have fututi
the Chev.l, r Ettn to ful'ecid hiilittts, that he may appeared upon the trial, that he plaintiff being indebt- Governors chosen out of the civil, inflead of the mili-
n.t be ~s f, d to thi combined force of lo many coe- ed to the defendant In z4I 19s. 61d. for quarter's rent, ar line. Asthe Governorsad( as Chancellors, itfLte
mr. ; the Otroman licet alone being much ftouger which it did not Ilit him pay, the landlord thought &it but juf and reasonable that fuch oSices Ihould be filled
thabtn li.-.Ly te inlt l ,au t., our Admiral wa at to ddirain the pl4iarffa gruods of the value of 01. to by civilian, and not by gentlmen ofthe navy and arm
,.l-- ri,. wald. Kg ri tugothe Sletet .t put three men in, prfDrlefon, and as the od of right wh cannot btbe ignoiant of the lawand confequently
Wa' lave. atccun t from C oallanutinpl, that the days to rexiove and advertife iltan to be fold to the niay fall ito the leading lrting of fume cunning law-
I, cri N uricia had or:r- from hi. ~oveielgn to give trade; that at this inil itous trade tale the plainti"'s )r.
n i co. IthIr CuUit, ithat c the mpsror had ordrt.lan wife wIa not permitted to bidl or buy any part of her The commitmentof the aron de Totl to the Baflile
in ) ti be got together I to.o, mein, whole bufiticlG goods, and together with her husband and ive children oceaftins much fpcculatiion in the political world at Pa-
it w ul.l be,.in cals the Porte did not nimtediticly were th thu turned ont of doors, bereaved of their pro- where it to in general believed he will be wade a
agie It. ti. markmg the limits of the two Empi:rs. to lcrty, without a fngle bed, blanket, or covering to lactific, notwithllanding his great interest at Court, to
ar t.roitrlidn of Ih prontinces in diflU en afon a the le on. The ae bca g fully proved, the Jury gave Fth refentment of the Porte. The Baaron ha lived
itc preir arrived is thl4i parIs. The I nuIo Minliter the plaintiff a verdi for the whole aluac of his nany yeas in Turkey, and, during the course of Lilt
fupp. rt, t the Imnperal Nuncto; adding that in default good,. war was Infpcaor Ocneral of the french trade in the
.I a c a gi ca etn fatiwt ifory anfwer en the par. of Y, Y.rday the Lord Chancellor took the oaths, on Levant, and made fcvcral etn ordinary alterations; in
shr DUian, he hd ld, 5.vircign'! orders io lay, that intterhg into the office of Tlcler of the Echequer, to_ puticular, he difmilled fcvral Vice-Confuls i the Ar-
gflt oul I be oblit, d to fulfil har engagements with which he fitcceeded by the death of Lord Nrthingtou. chipclago, and in their place conflituted four C'Dnful.
cr iv. n I liupport him with all her firccr. It it Yeflerday Charles Jeikinfon, Efquir, killed the General. The Baron dc Ttte wan u much in the in-
f..,d sIlte dtlian Miniffer further declared, that if the kin g' hand at St. Jamsci', on being citeatd a I'cr, there of the 'rluiks as of his own country, and confe-
r e di tit ot b ige tie turbulent Tartarto defift front by the title of lord Hawklborougli. quently was well paid by both panics. Lntflad of pay
noa. in, ile Georgi;-n,. ndl other Kuli.n polfflions Mrs. Kater, lately arrived in London from Indil, ig attention alfo to the French commerce, it s faid Il
adrltn:i.>g to MWtl r aucalueahcr Impetal MapUly Ih the reputed daughter of a Well-India merchant, was deeply engagediin making lcoure toaGreeklady,
would drive them front the LCubn, acccafed, by a mulatto woman in Jaaica. Having married to a vety unifortunate but very honed Freanch
1. a s so , 77.. It. met with onme dilappoinrmtnts in her pecuniary ci- man. This lady made the Baron comnnt a number of
Veftrlay the Ql i n appeared for the firft time at pedtations by the fatur of her father, Se eterint- fullic and irregulariticase worthy of an Intpedor-O es.e
the (ouncl, a anl'ottfewmtd that the Prince of Btahl cd to quit England, and try licr fortune in thi'Eal. cal.
tfh ,'ld rom that time havn a feat theere The Cnoneil Accordingly, about fni years atg this lady, and one ofj 3j3. 'he nall that arritvd on Saturday fro.,
is, c. Io .c ol the Queen, three settarie..s of State. of her filtcrs (who is a;to at]'arrived from India, Gesmany, brings advice of Sir Ifaac Hurd' having in-
aL1 t.ic Misilter r the Pinance.. T'he Qgeen has under the nose of Mrs. D- n) fet fallen a ma- veiled the Prince of HHcIf-Calcl with tie Ribbon and
ailfn' a dcree aulhoriring the infant Don Jos to take crimonial adventure to Calttta ; nnd fortunately arri- Order of the Garter.
| fione a eflrc ive a lhir, of the rich houfe ande to tke in there at a time when the market w oa net over.- r0R a e /ter f Pari,, ./ly 14.
fhe I f.; her Majee y his determined, by the floe d, as it isnow faid to be, fucreeded beyond their -- Agreeable to M. Ncckar's prpjed, all the inland
dvice of her phyfllno to take the waters of Ale- molt fngoine euei ljations, and arc now returned, to culiom-hotufe in Fratnce arc to be fupprcfed, at the
aice of hr l enjoy the fruits of a fucchful cnmlgration. expiration of the lae of the Farnmer*.Gacrl ; fu that
cord'I. cB 7.1y 6. 0al j Though the Prince is known to powers a Rn") epoirtd merchandifts, and fuch as are imported
t chavec r Fri .a o. he genero 4irit, and to be a generous cntourager of ill from foreign countries, will hredatcr be liable to duty.
We have accurt from Frifland, that co Brgr the fne arts, yet to be indebted the enormous hntm of 'lhii, flutary ad-was relerved for the Minifiry of M.
ha.c rcfuted to pay ta xe,'antlef the reforms they ,So,col.cin aew year., cauuamuch con)cdurein what de Cal,nne, who takes plcafure deserving well of
fulijit are agreed upon. his chief expencte have coalifaed and it is not inpro- matikild.
R o M a, 7-, I. bablc but there are fteral items ofno fall magnitude, A new code of martial laws has jult appeared,
The agent of the millionaries to China, who refdes which may be attributed to his political con iesolas. Defercrrr fr the future are in.t to be fion to the galleyt
in silie Ie of Macoa, bsa written to he CUgrega9i4 The idea thrown out in folme of the newfpapera, of when they are taken, they arc henceforward to tun the
dA Prop.gtoa fle a particular account of the illlor- a foreign Prince having offered to repair the finances o gauntlets then to go into the fante company from which
reCin, in China, ftme rumoure concerlang which had a certain young Perfonug, is entirely without foun- they delertrd. and ferve a number of years for the of-
Ibelure reached Europe. He Lay. diat the n rfntinment dation for, though the former have ever fo ntch the fin.c.-French foidlies are cnlifled for eight years: the
of the i.furgetse was dledted equally against th inclination, ye it is well known he has not the mean Irith, Swfs, and German troop are enrolled for only
Muffulmn and Euroipealwho refidedinthe ncighbonr- of doing i, a his own affair are in the greatch difer- foo."
hood of Pekin. 'Ihat the Emperor having cnlt a body der, a; d, fince the late addition to hikortune, a large The public will Shontly fee what hias hot been feen for
at troops againR the muineers, a Skirmiai enfund on rum ha been appropriated every year towards the dif many year-the Royal Treafury open to illue money
which alomut so people were killed on both fide-; after charge of his own nuinerous debt. for the payment of part of the national debt. Hither-
which they united in order toad in concert against all S ertd. II a kteer frl A 7/, r. to we lave feen the Exchequer opin to receive new
tl.e Eurar ean without diflindlion. 'Tht every Chinele The Pope cotineo to give frlh proos of a truth loans but not to repay old ones; I he feee, however,
thought he diI a meritorious ad on in informing sgaint Catho ic fpirt, and convince the world of what hath is now about to be changed. It is to be lamented, ind
Eumptra That tuotr Francifcn milsonaries and been befo.i artcd, that he would prove another Gan- deed, that the payments i each year cannot equal it
eiuber of other, s had been loaded with Ifons and corn- ganelli. The eilil travellers are muchcareflnd, and vlu the loan of ny on year : we pay off oe million
witted to prison, where they died of grlefad ill ufage. visit him eallntdy ; indeed the Pope's levees are made in twelve months; but we borrow twelve. Nicerthe-
Two apoRolic episcopal Vicar, another Mok, and* up of en ga al perfefllona, ro that the fpirit of tole- lets i is f.nmewhat to fee a beginning and thie fl ,
f:cular Prieft haundergone the fame fate; fome other ration wi. In time, became unsiverfal, much to the f d,, which produces no more at prcErnt than uinc il
lortugueee 'prkls, and two Bertifa hid the fime becfit of religion and the happInefs of mankind." lion annually, will. in time, produce three or our.-
fate. Thirteen other nifioaruiia, tter ering i long An ad wuastd in gland, the day on which 0G- Great prail is certainly due to the Minir, for having



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