Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 7, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00181
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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than frapl or rTpern in whirh the nlmec of Lord
'll lificld, till olher perfoia oi coniiqurterr. ppered ,
European Intelligence. with 'fob diii.jted writing, .nienoitinag effd .. and
what Als denominated, callic, na term the did not
fcecm to underland; all which denoutd a difordered
I. i s o N, '7l,,r I llawl f mind.
I AST we a JIMerchart f it is place communicated A phficlan, experienced in ctifof infinity, belong-
Sto our inil. tr-I a. latter iriin A\lieric i: *liJwh lie inp ret B nth m Ihopital, attended to1 give hIl opinion.
.,as iiintr itd t hilt no c1 i l Iet out froun thit The woman pflweredfoincof n sc o qulrie ctllttehvel y,
-.! Ii-- before th. eid ui April. but thia there wias but tile miajf part fo conluledly, ai to iccation him to
a it.cit mnany ready to fail .inarft thle difi.t tlna- proniunce her ltranged in her IJculcelle.
t-.ine tpow rs in the iMre.rrsc., i; lthiat L.taortIt, Alter he had bern illlo lned by the physician, Ihe
( ii,-llieII r Ir t ou r c,, r, i.- a rrw d it re fior appeared to .,e convullcd, .ilI Icuned as i if th wa
ii e I i i. ff ti ci'Cfling a i t:at ,f ip acr with ith lt nmat ing an tff,rt to weerp f.ay it at the fame time,
4 -" t t"'cy, hut that the p;.>,'le i..' nu. ag:ill. 'l';Iata wnul give hir reli f '
ti, H v Ihr t'ra-etita i i- ,i hIt, i, a, wlanto fi The inflruncnt %whlch Ihe ufed, was an old ivory-
ii.- i.Crl.,1 I, ithi ., it l nl pirop l b1y I he hinltICd delert bnife, I orn vc:yI Iin towards the aloirn,
-) ;t l l ( 1 rni .i lli : ,,. ,, f l .1 r IJIurr as no t ald cratl. ed IN several l.ILc, 11i Ite itha dle.
t, hr i I. 1 u I .irlv h w.a i I n t co.e A similar 1ni. iiL rhint ai '1 m- n-iii .olr tranf.r'lialont
A i. ., ,,;,i. iiI f. li. ,. -ih \ hi t the tookii pl i;t .l iglt, ii y .ar. lini,c, a. tihe Ki.;, wv,
r i i .1 i A ', r i' V ',l n r ,, I ) h v t Tt e l g i ec n t f O in li ; i l g hi 1r l lci:j i iLI b l l u n i o v l- l i t I !4 ,
ct" it I iil, V .11, t I tti Iritte our itr de. J.tinei. : a witicnan wvaa 1l1-,1 as ill ihe 'ir ft'ti inllance,
i. o tue tollcr, "ho naia a Iuw at iti. ,Mj l with a
1. o a a ;, )7.' afl. knif, 1in ,1 I.rolhr ihe lr.ti,t ga; I... ii l'ejn. Up(i):
Thre .t a ii ire t,i .-s it nr i i of the flte of letaininre Ii, I -ile apl. I arl I f.lre.
i r -i I l. k' [l Ihi n thla il l iev ry flp i i Ycllerday .%r. Aidlln., the A ln ican Plcnipoitn-
It, r;vcr It iii. 1 t 1- i i 1. 11 p, 'li iit *w t iip lt l iwre I irvy, to. k lIcve the King. oi liu d ipartiir e fur
it ,i. to bi ,ilt I r :h Ic lu la itrll i by Mt irth Spl n.
i x'. 1- rf iF' ti fir i ,l ro n ., .a. I ti it' Iittric- A..f 1. II .e ftlllo ;r 'Ictter, c nlitaining a rrla-
r t ,,- ga o : lt I i, wlter they wertal rai' I 'i e;!r poiittoI, i. t \ nii.l I -l'. ii attackI uip
Si ;: I ,ri. .n I to J,. f ought fre. S: ,ij is r.-'rI i,, ai oli'ter -:. i oioi t l:i. Vcnt:ian
1i!' ii \ ,i, 1.:i I 1 1 ;'l r hb i lt "..r ri, I o III hat ;a I 1 i -, t a ti [Iuil 'lh ih .~ 1 ,i:., by "il ilrity. ,'
Iol .. I il ,I.t) xp:n,!ld that w.i y ili. unow cln tcr ( e ': %li r ot with wlhic l his attack (MaC i(6t li

stlao 1. of ,',i tai IIIII Ilo 'tCI11 n

,i. ,I11 Il> re i,' piel l,.e 1' , !i. Ilr.; a it a r r y l a ki I t r.- fil t d up t he nicafure rl-;r .ti. t iloni, w" itll
S '. ii . i liv ,.-'. h i ry) I ,c ... i 'd ,tf np at l ', i.'l 1 i ,1,1 II l c of II.
hi.1: wa im- i, .dit ely t i n ilato :t, ly, :.d ,I d l hr ; a ,; the ,r till 'ry i I' IIn :1.. is vt in.ia, :1)
c oln."i nle.,ip t ,r.yll. t a F p l I m lld i : tit Ii .dt, t,.'d or e o i 1. h' el i va na t'i-
ite/.,.tP. p tea ti. .J ,'f, t .' It t / '- i ,l the 1 is inog relt bite rc: it y cout!l Ij lt bl)
Stu I F.. ll. rt oP tr bo tt.
l it. M ie y vi-ti ]

I all ,- 't n-:ien i ailc t ;. J t r ,nte i i' t .,c- iall Ie etl- d all li. r It,'L d it lili tIl y a'I l.
:." v ~h an~ rh a t a rf k wg- , h Ii h-J l r t i , r, i. l. r -i .I t i 4 -l ln i l,
hin.t t, l .i al thI l 1a.tut.h r t th e .' ri1" : l 1 ]i I ', I v I .g r i lrht L . o o i. i ii Li tJ i i l

tI' Ji i vn, rltih 'I tt i :li r .i l it iill, , IIni > rt.r i t. i ll, i

lrl ,r l'ulo t A t. l i4 lr t cr l r F ti 1 1 1 ii:. Ili. .,.. I i I l" I ,F

'(Ito Stor I t" iF I.' n h ia ItI.IIt t' t t' i tl ri I, -t I t Ir. lrit I!. ,. ,, i it C iit .! F lJ r ,r Ir. F'.I ,
illi ln'. t te I o tiI t lit r c i o Jlr ti i .. l n ci it ii t d t .l, i'-;l itl,, l .C
f.o r' .iLttl e r rr > '. .rri u r i I .. l i tha t :l i l" .
,I I1,r N ji ', liea r le r.i. l tie i\ h 1 opa- trt tt, d a a i.- h1 .iiiy h

tii-:t ilir i I e i h h ,t i le hu r ha i .. on hiu nil tI- F .l',ii y .l .cy :iit.t
vette into al lma c icd u, h Ln l arir, ha l t t l t li. t ll I r i (Irnl I' bi ll iirr ; itr lltr l.e i;,
tc i na l ti. e l he ii; thoioi' c a- i tt it'. i.i1 i. il i t- t:1irt to 1.,i Jd F t t- t rI II> I

hI I a.y lie 1 .aa t oot-.,, ii t ee' l yl. !' l i ', III i, h 1 ,,., Ir .II I ti Itt itj' r It)h t il l, ll
V.'f irll tll \n i t tii at eon fam tlec t i l r,-i ll ii .' t i tt i rei u .t n it rm ti h I ,l-l n a l ..m tlhe r. t i

dra i,ti to lle ot : rit audri ot t 1,t I t ex L ld a lnaJ t it i ir 'e, illi nt i nll-h hr, i llii, 'th i 'hn Iltl t by .i lre ral
t inel, i ~1he i, I K ail ig' tii llia r r Oii' fIll'r it' i.! iFlt i II,, ltlI .: i I bteI, tilt l. rilo -
*ith a S Ito .i ti, it h fli lziN ld tl r ip lr itt -,, c, i i a ,rd 3' to y ler if h'il li i nr

D uitln h Ir tihe ha b tli thel porr it atul e a'l i tan : r.f et i 1. n ur ., i Ir,' till-d t (. y v tI h l
tit-r d, i te in. rli i,.'it, .oire A it i i lt I tpuc l ruletcn li a at tel it rotb

la 11.lj- i ll, wh e n lr e tored tehe royalapartnu n trila l h t-i: ah h O lel.l t
oelnIr fIn h er, l a ,f atlo pc d wiaj llr ile,--T r oiiia. dn t anly ,in har t 1-1 frr ir, iltI ,t L, y :I.
r.i Th ill, d i. l l c t ol all ip i e ri i t. ; h ttalc d the gi t i o r 1 ugo t he I'r< th itile : 1 a i t ,l\. : lle
tli, Lit ell hut tyalt- oe f l ie T he l d1. !l rteli rile rnh t Ia i; o ti e tf ti lr ilr. '1 la it r ar p i l ,

Lairoar lint-a-lon Mare-Sh i rot terithe t'-4c i7y anil -t6. w'ih t'i At ireodinet-f 111gliryrf-
ilalt e iri e alf li onct the l not at iirI, l I c ofr tr et ridIn.l o l em, alI i ne t l iil oed llty ti ;].
Ca.iit riihlnl, lorl Sb d hl, thei rl, i:.hlurl y, tih ,: i

q laclr i of otl, ifan ~rd e A lt i rn Fy tnr li t oht rc r i l- l, th in ifu.irl t c vftit c the tl hirc tiee ,
Diluted tolh the cf1oil, i t blai twe prayer of te.,r ld ill ti ine tirat r the Stte, i.le PlulaI c a tri 'I ta
ho ixa inlle her, 1I r 1 li i i r .Nul d nt o iLtlhllro (174, r4Tlizd ra i4 ll 4 lliu nbhiii i
try's family i an 1 at hLidlnl N1 Vorm ofhi t o.r ,i lip d"lh l ,I i: l nlmberil 6 their o lhi and Ihe h'n li d,

ptiaunl lcrshnl ein a f thie ithe aiie nd the i ahref El the reg1 atin, I i roa ode 6a new t r, he g r.I
i'lre, in thie linry ad it1nT a braue d. Upon it -eig p ili thimfca l i. f i i lla i;t, ecnt t tha tn Int

rbfrne cd that thee r loe lb5 pr c1fr otyd .contained Itoo Starr,,"t -, I
wriut fie l carag tlip r h I.ved wia h haha Three, L-t f ai Eny iean of ia rltrvar r n r i, il.'l ihe- wI

it they abounrked in thhe ot glaring inenliflo, ie, 1cr, a t-li-, looa ao the, iaunol, in Jatinal, liat,-
Bnd- werectArde whml at the time ed t pr ver they b de rla lved on taginfr that po.i. wan it A rr ireals Ther talfked to Maj claim on fverontul- done ly on thr voy. That they findotint f Southr -
l thi htd a large Iaid upon tnie gkcvermcicnt. For Pgil of 674, rn pugnant to the rhPacific riilOceange

aof Mr. ince, ok tle in the cornerofd, M faryle-1d he :1.At t was though proper to blami the Reg s oo
Lane, near Portman Iare..She did nor .appear inthe 16-4, J74t, and '766, with.,ut producing aRy weighry
all mavowrraffed, otc re there tounil, anefred fo r cvThe Kncing rcaonvinced that theilor ndul ; but noare
quwho hadns wight tcont ence, and or Artl coheredly, iilla ndilg, if, within wih caftnt of the stad laoftri
Her ooic , the faid, wa ime or aiind the prayer of her a ll tbhe incherived the tatppye, here was a in them

wotln y terrifying he Kn wh he fancied the ror the reg ationor inr lifodue a new o, they k
yight of th: knife would hLve Lffdced. Upon it behig prnlcf- themfcivels diflpcdd to a& in conceit with thie
writ rg; file r"plid, the King knew what the wanted, E .#r if lefttr-rf f Br-F, 7.!. 13.
aIn orer ha I haen rentvery petitions ; which aper, it e iuf now learn, hat he Anaturally be, nd her
ficrmn, upon enqui ry, acar to have been celivced ; renmpanion, the two rhps whidh failed lanft year on di
but they abounded in the moef glaring inconifiecincie, m ifvriet arrived lfae at vhe ,razdis, in January ial,
and were difrgded at the time. where they made a flay of three wo leks, and heeli pro-
At intervals the talked of a claim on goveroment- crded oll thir voyage round the Continent of South
|iw-filiic--ai cadie--and Inch like kntences, and in America, into the Pacific Ocean "
anfwcr to rone of the interrojiaterice proposed, faid the Zed of I'll" fr.. Path, .7.1, 1..
should avow the motives of her connlue. before tholfe The King, convinced that batchellnils society are I
who had a right to quellion her. After thde dcclara. no lefspernicious than waipi amnongft the induftrious l
tion,, the fnamctimea remained filcnt for a time, and bees, hat conceived the happy idea of taxing them f
would not re l. according to their ration in life. His Majefty know t
In order at every pollible fearch Mhould be made, that they keep women who shouldd naturally be their
fo_ to fevcral of the ~eflminficr magif- wives, and is therefore felved. if he cannot firm the t
w** torrcntofvic, tonmght fi whobicd a life of celibacy
Le the Public go" "

Amercan Intelligence.

E are requctlid to inform the public that tbe
SMoravia Indians, who formerly rilfded on
Mulkighliam, have returned from their captivity as far
Ilac al G(iahawga, where they are now encamped, and
pt'polf to return n thrir former abude in ihe fall.-
I'lhc great difltrffli Ihife people have underwent, was
occafianed by ilir altachitllDt to the cauD;
it i tihcr b ore hoped they will receive every affnilace
from the inhabi'anat of this r~cllnnry.
Altujt 11. 'lhe foliewintg f tcch wa: received II
thit town front the Ildian ChId, L'.raplinttr, addreled
to General llit 'r, datid at Vnelai go, Augull j, 178(
whilli. it elu- ieid in, tite f-tlltoi n iii.nt r:
I Ith.vr Ict at New-Vork at Ille tlneit, and have
returned i n, i atn pa oit toll, I1li that I hl,,ulil nake
pcace wilh ll l hIllk liiioI-, i-tr which I lhi!l do all a
tcy tl- er i; iIt l ;pi b rn II ltil nr a I'ly hinll I held
i.1 O ilifi at IIIIdoc ,,Ci ,, w, h t Ih, Ohawatefc
WXiaoidit, ' p'lanl ibuit ia II 1y rlI l iiu oll anioIl t "e Ii t miilht
I hi while tihe Itat- got red I0n tl, itrcc .it the Shlaw.
a ln' ilairto ii, oi hen they t '-I.lli lit n i- i, e firle t nuinde
il ihey ar. nOt 3aceahlh, we, it1 .Oil Nirt,,il, will
,id, <-, Ir to make thlerti i, 'I lie trea-y at the i haw.
,n(lr l i tia \l l 01 he ild in two o rk-i fI ,n rhfo date.
I livL. rovw hi, n all rellnd, and anI qullre rired. I woas
uL.I vrly well, and have done ll in lly lpowr to nmaLe
lWile the tr aty wana hnlling a Capt. John ranir,
an li.iii, otle- fioIm Englau d, and loiL u.i ih t Ihe
Filg li haid Inldel a pete ilFi Anltrlca, alli if lire
lii ..11- wir nIlu pi'aceCble, they niu. .,ut Up wirli tls.
r)l lilt IeCL e.
Nrw-tVoa, At,,f 04.
A tr:ivelhr it. 1l t ti cal'i-vail Ii rn that the
Iao i t> 'Ili e -r iullN' it. 1 t, RHI l-t it r,. in ke
I:i, 'loliful l a t ti l (hlIpI I cI n Ithut,
F11111iith or Iti L.i tIn(s ti l lii) -. -i h Ir ,ul'f tt i i ,alt .

,1 ar l a 0 -y 'l 1 11 IW', I ii ,r ,' I y 1 nit'i Ly

,t d I ;.i l i i e n i r:.. i l i h ,y t i .'

It;r :u' i- 1 ': t'ri i ..lII r lly (i,,'r l. ir 1 I.*] (h1t
m i :l i r [ r t Ial 'i ,,--. I i t I s < r II 1t
rl fu I l tiiInl i t I r eiF| Ih.l. 'rt F il Ill'avi
.I I11 ti a l ,11 L t, Ir h hto nuJ

It ti i. t i l, I -- i .t rF I i ri t an u l

l cli l,,l in a i i f rc alI ., ilL- ii l I,-t ld iF ~ ,' i) li eqia

itll 'J''lcta )ii-ilr i. ,r-r on cci lt 'i lh or tui. r

mrci. hrhi -,l .. pr, h 'rir Bii, iii.'hiiou pi rf Bli i clltl
ir ,tr t ;h, r l t tI t t- U I i n t ,,lit

;'lnLaJl ell h nii^ o coul re; nu r ) r)ii l u' F it ditrad
ru i t ',. 0iro['rcr, .1I ''te e nira.t l c 1 tll it

-ooL .e '.lI" t in ra rill, r and aI r t ,yy i t r,' ti

iltl', (ait rr rctuir ytd by Cnlln(riI I Itlvy ltr, imphn
...l t .l rr ,l i Ihc, tr.i c ll.the nar ( lnd or, r hl io

',i llcd r :.:Ih l li Ie rvila t nel in c l t, ofby eit ll
.I, h,,iriieF aily r t .i llt itrli it , I i h o

l lli ilernt Iltnrla yu. ai ll hirat ly 'r rhy thue en
tpi p r et in .Ilr tr, P. olLrli hey or il h not, iph
i). )Lbclly I tenr, han lole clh ie b rarn with y,11.1on-
l .il, hlh rLd yi r*-i u- naviry-d injili aIrl
Clhtiiy in tht r ii ate oliaer t aotl Iil l t lw wi i th iihe

.lihcd y. in a i;-dy i placplt-- would hllloi of
\ hl pe ltr'ry )n th l.ry on acolm t il litlher hin a
lItetK. lo -l.n Attit i inrill .,--iou, plrf tirall
heir broil t otit t you nr dl[t 'grt- t pl rin d nleyth i ihl

re qlliti to Ih- ldt t hate C.,il ? ilt they i oi lis I
re i iic te I l l d ia lt i for it is no t th e l pile It
d ralon oi u ro riey t ar riulr ntatute c

Thure darryi a rivtd ilo pcunion, that wil brirign abe
It good d f eitrIctl. Do you not remnairk thatit ie are
hIurly failing dilgracl-, and this fWily for tant of
thnic poter, required by Congrils te levy the impall-

Pad t -preg. rlite the tr.o c ro the fla vtr-and for Iwanlo
a genrl riforn ir n liiOl of Ilner ?-Are y~lu ll" )rt

Convinced, that allt ruhe evl comillaind of by e1rlT
fat dle i u theion, rfcll t immcdatel-y from the wahn if
pi per proters inh th geat Clonral hetd of the natic
ihe unbele a rtih. h nlong muri own her with you
That arfd aitlich refuted you from flavery-nd crt itea-
Plifhd you an independent pieople-waould flill arCail

o the pollerity of thlu wellcrn cl:re she FincF liabl
,cailinK of firi--aJ j, r i ill Wh eat--Ad W. may
Ye cap t to behold a huge Camel a hn ill! throw gh 1rhe
eia of a needle, as America happy or iafnt viit ur s
federal Government.
P I R A C Y.
Thurfday atrivwd the Spanile ,nnw St. rrancf;fir de
Paula, Capt. PaIl Vidal, from the Itavana, for Cadiz:
he has put in here in difirer. The f1,ltoi:,' partou-
are of an audacio .s robb .ry corn,m fitted oin 1f6i erf l a
ew day, after the ite tche Havarua, are ,sradte

he Bahama S:riighti, i floop boro (town to her, flki
Fai nend hoifled dark blue or black colours. The n' I
in isa rt:r, boiAc 4 his. When mime eloop ii

wtr from~nd wh~ her bood the somrenewer "A',&o
l;oaiin for LCdia. f'he loep then fr' d a lienad O trade t ilLft, we 1h41 rheo live pawro Vurre.,
S ,,l,.l ue Il ap l ut ib st n lbl me ad on th, n, when too i;e, or the hL ts I.
a'. tall f k rime, ,eu Ibis w LhoaT time (lao dt i c thThe isr wasr r
erJ a hl. I h er lt nlm sadI tur of hois e irn n it on W b a s, i a c

g1 r +n"n ah i herw ,an ,plcdacn r i g ho hhjias h th at to trcn ura mllike. the
d.rr hun,.- y hul l u cb n they wtd pllnh'ufcd, i.tdliar od Gairei g ld..m thath w
of orate Ocnrla aoO11 to J*du-
n ui l', ; lliy .it kre ".|: r e Il l ha c i d riullin g the m ili ti, a i wh tid into three di out es
irn,, ,* n ritd with pf iosle and actlall t i tnmediatrlp vi. the lyno er, thi ~nil. d t h p uappen difl t the
oait 'nl nl iisw, ollrt, lit y f eiad the r, e rollerr of lo oo duhin ; and the pen 'irdl u f prvat. fr nont-
i I11 *]r .r ill aiinlr tll l htn uw d, int o el ir aptar c, lwhon rllLd the ll ra. Clarke,, t
ti nr te .- Ihr tr h ey nl ftn.r bd of plnderin to lin a le ddlenl fub i ; nl while it tl l rt I w
,, it. ith, oi lin euJ l uro tveir Ihip, thnd reaplrund Thle Legllatu re has at i pated a ai.o the bettr
a u, Illy I. t, ll l c lit' a g il ulitht cuIitin d regnulatilng the arilitin, at wheir thley am c.y a .t o
r, I, 1 t i hy lu t ii t i_ r t a flaT.f, to the duty, no Brigadier i entitled t o i le i 'ndat na. hen

I 1.1 ul all wri valild ftlp l anll- CJ;I J Ci on(llr c viofth ar i'll, ..ilJ km il Ithlllem the
S . tI, I1, 14 djlilne, ,i It a. lttr, r-th igil of an ll Meir ; and th l he prosilt p f a it IriJ t for no,,

S. ii .i r -..rI l. ..l ithl pulr t t ir h g appearIp u (hen ralnllld l r the L l i k d, is tI IC hll Ing, t,

- -. 11 ; ;* (ir 1111 i Il;.' v e t L n111t:11.1 tIh vl I- or will be at, id Lj ( la ini tl irii! !venagrunint thie irnup
14. jr, 1 i: n o .. J 'l.l-,, .in! u ls l o t r /in 'i *I d pullil nitbuig tl e I'T -rdi ly el the Illfialll. Sh .rU. l
h I : t ..i i iu. il.. i .l a.l f-,tr hlolr-lb at Ifo li i ell tIh lan illl on-r i n Lt Iu al wr h ile in the lif 1n rn
,'. Ih. 1ii; h i o T.ll 'i r Iti i rop, nd retu tlk It wh 1 art fuhjcl y ta to te !ie a up their po erf to u i.
ai, 1 .1 1 tu tiiinf, a lllll JI r d r r Is r w it Ir. Irsy illln illlltarry chofn, with pi jouo ,
S i.i i ht :, t he rI. in t., l h Cai prain toid W ae ti' c fur te hy pe s of thi i, lid toary appor t
r."I .i idi I a ,, talnlrity Irilr ite a i'rh, tt rl.tetuit y t1) Ihe border of tire l Crek h ati' 1, 1ieliru to

S J, . i all tr a t s vai t ili t )nl] I 1 cAi a Clilgref io the nat .ii thd l. Ii o,* li tl iii the
1 ,. I lu.. u i, ,h n 6e. Il c .- t, y Ii, a, (fu in p Iper it't. I h ie ilrd< r If i i f n It i ; pi all; w live

.: rk > ; ,. S o i n P. s ru b'c a* lafl trri'ir in alkp. ymcnien of adlrn do.,
fur 1, i1 T 1. >lh ii i is, ati'. in lu ,s irf lo;t cs four tr i future g o r l h.i d hAil i .1 \ l :d fr liy s IT
u .I.. te .l'ry, Pi pfl. i l- d lc i iilar ht l chl I e, the rllar l -hIn,

, i i ., ,- 1 .. ., i --I ei'' r 1 Jr l.. at t iia t i i- i ii .l I.Iunu l i't, r Iint l 'i ,lllcl riln l Io ih II ith i
*. Ih I w....; di i th ri bl w1 ,e 1nd A l |th| ld, ;he ]
S,. 1 ,i, :.. ,I t i iiii i 'r I r ) k t Le 0) I' t r 1 io par l i re g ll r t t i iup their powrn to thI

i,. 1 i r 'i' l i I .i d. i I r : I r r i)' r 1iii y Ir it l lta, 1.1ry, ii l i e rele Jire.
t -'c -- i I h .. i .ht r. iteil the 1 .raini' i I, 1irovi' I f ir i lte ot ff this military ia ,pot,-
,I er t.,C k h.. t, hat.h o,r> .,c ]. .d,

  • I T: i, u ii'. 1 J l ile Sr I u Ti a rii a Jat ff it' r j e l,i aynl ent tl l i, n (I,

    Si. ii l s, .it R l. tul .ir- or tolc Jt ; ,all .l j ,ll.ll l. r i i 1fe I r vni ti

    lII. *' *i ar i i r up lTre ihi; R pi rtion 1 by Ira i y
    & I '' 1 l' i.i'iau ; \. lir iiii uila i rh vi appeul ip ic i]

    i "i i I 1 I, ... .l'i.t 1 .. I.'.r t .i t lla r tt I. a ts e

    of Iw 1 I "r f i I "ll a l l il
    I, I. .l dI .r i' ;. ll ', I "... '.ll- ,. hlj i uy l i, r.i r,,, |n ; u ie ee d o.illd e h.h i ll

    t I i. l. < I.) .i a .u. .. .d..i | |, ir e |h. i y

    T I c I' I [I Il t''l p .l..t S i i I, i l i aii' i ,c t .tii ii .' i h, iSlh Iril tt toi l eric li n al u t c e 10 cri era, llyUr
    ' I , r, i ", fI I I '..1 ti l ,, i rai .rl ,, I thate l ,-p I .

    ,1,, I .: } ,,, l I, l l! ,,l .r J.. ,l .n. 1... ,.1oP l luf 'lr r I n l11 U ln' h iut io llit-ii
    rI i I . f r ii ,,r ,rj i ,, oe i 1 ,
    dI ,h, ii . t 'o-i 1. i .L' It ti it w a ( t- t 1,p:r

    1 I, T I ,, I'',, 1 t i I ih a ir iiii, al- ] ,,1tj, iY, l i l l h o' i Itia y iltT rdtv. i L ,'ll

    Ilt" t, ii l nt 'i, l ,,ir L, i ti l O r|, l, n, o t l't1 a it It wrll wilr.)n i i er paid to lir.,
    i.i iitt..'u tli ,Ime I'luilifintt tI
    I f a h al.. c o hi, t,' i ie af l l irlv rcln ti I eici10 tlm lt >l

    i t'i ng Li r t t ad .,Ge o i e' tht h car t ti ,l

    I ?' i it I nit..' a '.+ hr I .h i l l.' f ,t t e ett l lr D S. vin g f anvr IIy t.NE St' U ina I f 'a h

    1, ,t 'it I I t iito he i,'. ,il ;. li i li S iip , l r q te a i'.'. ol.

    nZit i ; ,,i, i i' ~ rtI A t t.t[ i:tl. t ,'I nein t n ,, '4 ,a hop I.c, ,m. t pC '"'.hrr l y e ] YYItoLthY ,
    etl i ', c c I d It .ti r ht i 1 il .oi i n at

    sr). *'M- ihue L.r r.'1 .'ctas of ,aluso tr ivs ar'n duI fus i all cily tcion. in e il te i Eat .
    ] 1t''i L \ir' rl III Ih l (h. 1 n.1, it os the .E.ia l i Lthe d t ., ,it
    n ate.''e l i~ l t fi" f er Ita e' tottfyorr I p ult-upt fil it I i a TT, h f i ll,. t I b idl h r I, r

    teto ltaddi hge thir q i ll
    .li, .Ec, bo,"" re inmolite pay recta1 An li olin
    rI rT aJi o lo n \ ,, I.. ... v I 1.10t7, ]-- !,:h 1. n ( 1 i

    is ri dai s ron" otur coi aie, mi ie | te (mvi ha t l itnd to
    lately teen f ed tn Mrlttr r, n u'I rr I l01 T Ire equtle. Lu

    ,' ,ew t e i ll lalw lir, elliseetm tn wrthri l b f l itvr olelt.y to h
    S l .I u 1 AMES- HOWE.i ll

    -f I I J i rl l aml fri tT ,d S lr. l T j t . r ,L

    Sl r ... CBiifnn "t hav... aI l i tng any dema ndt Lrintn the
    I ,e at l Irance f ae of Longl m d, .ee a led a et e i Id to
    .l eme,, h h in pa y. a, hi andall p erfon s indebted .to i.n Eftte a

    iE. sesquired i fettle immediately, t ti
    Ihi h n t e, a t a e y I Ln l ualt Irai to i 1
    ,*, , ,l" h" f'' no Ie Jt'Frbea r S lever t areeeua ted ti

    S ritrl hn I ,he ft a Adh i Go itraiti atherat a ly 'ld ,

    -,.ne hear ccaftn lHqfl se Ntony. Rewmoie
    .. ... ,r i' 1PO .. Lt iliroarn cg an d m In d lifo i n a llt
    -1 f e 1. is p r b U I dtJ t ely di
    | r a .ie ... ... . It. tsht o t lt i 0 lea, d mra n i t tr n o r

    p-eh ro a -Iy and tha tR, th s ca

    .4ll; h c. fN II III, Mehe* trlt $ D t ,rnsy .UINE iew arlled it-

    "IY Icars ftm London, rrccive, by way'of Cl arlcf-
    U ton," rcled rt the begimiolr ti Al.uffO, l tlvir ir
    reeled trlat the Lightning, Burton, acpidiled tr
    fail,'un the lorh of that moptrh, for MIia.u ir alld thil
    prfin- and that Lord Du.l4osm would nebark for hli
    Govtrnmetr iarly in Olatar..
    The Hunttr. jayt Julln. Purcht.; Roman Emiperr.
    Ker ; Sally Crichttl ; frrm Loltnlo-Fri TlecllJ'.,
    Rnfburghl. Ifrm IJ.ivtpout-tli, cld, M'Kcllar, Irom
    Clyde- re arrived at a hlaicllou.
    'I he Brlg lTre l;oi, C week orrivrI :ir I ltna, a=, lia cleared out at tlIe
    C; r 'IT Sally, Ol ,lviv, liom this pur, is arrilod nt
    I. .n.
    I I '. rly m o'rn. N'n j l here, aft er a (hort illneft,
    ]oi,'. ri .i,'N, l'(q. 'I Tir A fiill.It" Jud;;ec tie
    ( I.i t r ,it.l .nt i e', totti lt 1 Al h laji"y Lu ll.t-t
    t:.r tJ *. rL].:iia*.
    A It1 r rt r, ITI1
    C'01.6r 9. hSho. Lhatlitte, Jackfi s, C hare'lon
    I.t. .op lIndli -y, Kruhotiy, ditto
    SA II ILr
    Llter 6. :.>.pt, M.arK.iin, PJai adi]lhia
    8. Snlioli S.l ey, (' ( 1hari1 n
    Ship M' .v, F rolt, A I.l.ilncilila
    N I 'I d.Ki ',i IRitklen, Ncv- 1riuiiif'i
    Irr ;hoo. Ma I,.)ourall, 'hdlrdeilphia
    REMAIu 'V.IOrU oND.
    Brig P L;y, Lt. Iwln I on'snt
    Brig R. tr, t lPater. :, Jmamia
    Shelo. Br, iy & I.l;v, Sin, Antigu;
    OGIi IF i s t? L|' v ti. nu l L:.
    g "'lel)elKth.Peach L btn
    Ir -g -l!iadweth. l'h.I.ii li.] 'nrr
    si .p Iirndfl.i ,Vullaae, Lhl ia: ltl
    S;it,;1 anny, i ckir, C ['I- lra cii
    The I'riq Pirc.Y, Capt. CLUTSto-i. i*.'1
    ,i1 r':i I D'it'. 'tithb tk, fei f ir vin:.r.--/, r
    i I RIl i i ll 0 i : at f1.'1ii; Tt' i- Fact.

    IJl 11 1) Fj A N,
    1'i lG t l. o tko letO'' oi hi' fi, ice', m
    V ilhit .Milklr, 1t, h' friendly aid the pih ic
    11 p t .ril .'lnd he 'i hiii epoinci e in ihat
    i. li It': n' N'w-Yik a i hiei, W ill eilable hima
    t i p1,e art pi't filt tioit o ith fc oho tmay be
    : ltalf< to c,:rrullt im witi thtr lfiu cfs.- '.ny
    I'tl' i' i bt1 or God l to d lift c of, apply-
    1. at A i', Fh Dean'., Offce, ;Itv an oiffl for tlhe
    tvi r c, fii .Tiv tilm frtm 01 1 '1 liriIl'ind ito Terl
    T'lic. ail Dloli rp.-Caifh will he 'iovaniCtd on
    C(oodiln to Ie pj'itivcly fll., and none tvill be
    iL' cived lint Ire lImited.-Fite per cci.t. will Ihe
    clh'irrdI IoI C('minliffinln, Crcu try Duty, &c. &c.
    Nafi.. Septefii"r 30, 79(6.
    SPU BL1 C A C: 1' IO N.
    On ONDA Y the 16;h inflnl,
    At XI o'C/och
    At the I'l. VN E 110U O E.
    SOAP and CANDLF.S.
    A few Bal ls of TAR,
    SALMON f
    A Variety of DRY'OODl &c. &c.
    A I S CO,
    A lik-:y NFGRO BOY, who is a rnmpleat
    Waiter, Barber, &c. with inti'puthble Titlcs.
    f/rju., Ollrer ta, i. _______
    The ScH NFIt
    C I AR OTT E,
    Sl T tOMAS .-C N, Maltft;
    I"?"f furill Wrcdlfday Afterfloon,
    windl and wcathefr ptrmrittilIg For Frelght or
    Itge, apply to JOSEPIIp H RGREAVES.
    RICE. in Tierces, PITCtH,TAR, and INCH
    ROARDS, imported i" the above verTrl.
    FOR L O N O N,
    The B ANTINa
    / DoTD PEICOCK, Maftir;
    SWill pofitivelyTail in trh firf week
    of November, wind and weather
    errmilling. For Freight or Praflae, apply to the
    Maicer on blbard. or to JOllN WFI.LS
    W [I. be Apid to whorev ill deliver to the
    Subfcribr, or to the Kt cr of the Jail, a
    Negro Man named JACK, a fl0t well fct fellow
    I feet i inches high, has an i pediment in his
    speech, and is marked with t fnmall pox ; he
    lately belonged to M.:. os nFo. TON
    a'.j', lerS JyHNT ON.
    H'f-i *'/""

    r /


    li i

    ) ,

    L, i 11



    i -






    VoL. III.




    No. 1 5.




    NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

    A A, f. r .isffroif or Cw( cu:r to uirt into the Lofla
    S:. 1 l''j.p., -a La, ffrd s their Proterte,
    i. i. ,j.o.. ,j tri C.'onr o'f it l'rovace *] EasT
    F.,,"ii,\o lie Ki J S11,ts..-Pallcd in the lait
    -l iiiI jtl PIarlianrl t,
    W II.KRIS 1. y dli fifth article of the Deicitive
    I I o'iy of PI ace, concluded at i'rrfwaillr, oni the
    thilI ly Il ..i ,,t-., ta, 1783, bctwer your Majcnlyand
    hi' o.i t cathoh,: Majecly the King of SpunH, it was
    a:rii .1 that the provnce of r.S', 'if.,i, which was, at
    i' ini ot c c. Itohing fuch treaty, in yior Majl ly't
    al,' na, ft, ulld 1b ceded and guaranteed in lull right
    t. !,1 ii CaI rbolii M ajtfly : And whereas diver.. sf
    y ,: 1 '.1y' f l.r hful lubjci have flftered ui ih, l
    ri,!. -a.l pr,qertir, In coAllCucnce ol 1fuo ch lion, and
    ta ll >i Iii lull. tlu rby, )oir nithflul Cunl -
    n ', i.n-g IiU s thilat a ddlioent and impartial In-

    be ni,-n. ro t o, r rcli. love claim, do ithcref ,rc r y
    o, N 1.;, y tl. tha I i ta be cii a led, and l e it enilt'ed
    b1y h:c K ig'. Iol Ftnclcnt Majetly, by and wits the
    J .;:\ Ic 1 tonIftll t i t Lord, SjiirituIl atd l'eip,,ral,
    0r 1 o "'"oicin iii thIl prtiolt. Parl.oinmnt allnmltod,
    a i 11'.c 11 I, it I I l.t, Th l.t Coluocitl .Ny I
    B. ,. nd 7/ I,, S,, Ir t it; hall he, anlld Iy atr
    h' I,> i i'i t. c'lloc L iothli rs fo.u ht.llloilt0 r ill.i the

    S,, 1-4- h fd prAv nIce, and pIn ic 1~J lill 1t.IflCan-
    int ir ,,, h in in r l clto ,her lvo l.i(nt:.
    A /-- r, r .a..!, 'i ht che C on,nuill oner
    ito ,, n:ui.cL Ini i)rc they entll r upon the e. r-iioct
    ll i I !, Iht il 1 kc au n.ath ,uf re the M atlltr ,of
    l '. i thec time i tc ng, or otIe of hu, Majlty's
    l] lliI ,: .. ...~ 1,, kco 4ll? K nilj', 1I. ,h Crl oio'" j I P!CtL1
    I. i r to.oe i ( I cj iir h '( ; l'h y. i- ,t
    t1- i, I rlv .rot or-ze t and re-io rid'l to admli-
    0I \, r 'i I I ,1f1 t 7 o. i-, 1 tho.. t o to It o -
    If II or /. o cr lhI t 1. I it,
    i ] 0,, ,, .. ., ... I, [ t ,r .- .... 't,
    ' ;'f'" o Xi /, ,l ./to, I Jd , an .t 1 . i i eL ,
    A 'I ir I ,r i yp trll LCorl t oiin iiTt n IArs to l ri in ,re lt
    c ii ,, II hmh Prti l s whmo thave lofferd in theer
    P':'m. rn-.. C cotlcq ci,.c .1 l the Lotioot of tle IPro-
    11 ii ,I / nJ i rrt th. King of c /.+, . '.. ,t ,.y t;* f t,. 1 A.i.
    Ill t.fJr t fu,'tit n... Trhar it ol.all and naty
    bCr ll I to aon. flr the flcd Coniiinulanrr., and t.ey
    000 I rtly authorictc.l, inyoowercrl alnd rTquirte, to
    Tao '. i. 'o, ictn Iaril, (we].ih oath tci y arc e er ,iy 0q -
    th. ', t. Ihi r. al pll rl ,n whoni the fuid cnic-

    cl tL. pr rs v, led in the faid Co.nimithileri by this
    t.., J .ill fu ol rtons are hereny dirced d and re-
    n i '.poilr tl'al:y t atind the fail Comnihinoicrs att
    i, '1 t n r place a they fit.ll appoint.
    '/ ;, it I, t ,t ;e iv it: Authit aifr.fid, That
    I' t I mml rinlio iroic are hh+eby ,udliorized to meet
    in i r, li onI rtini to time, at the ollice of the late So-
    o- ; Ih1 St te, or any other place, with or without
    a., ntinent, aud to fend their precept or precept,
    'I lt ior lhanrd aid fell, for ainy person or pc funas
    S'.,l'hcvir, and Ior le lh book, papers, writings, or
    t'0c.o,-, a' it.,y lhLdll judgc nccrtfary for their ciloormsa-
    "rl 1I tht Ui uti nli ou the powers vefled in the faid
    C4i:c nlhi.nier ly thii ad; laid the faid Commif ianere
    st, Ir rly aiuhorized to appoint and cmpity futh clerks,
    ict(l igr., and ollicers, as they fhall think mceat, which
    tlert.,. a-id noftiei are hereby requireol faithfully to c0-
    ,u., ndl pctfaino the truf in them feverally and rc-
    It el.orly repoild, without taking any thiig for fuch
    iho r Iuvsrt, otlhor than fuelh falary or rewards as the
    l.'c <-t 'ctcifclironvrs fLoall think fit to dired and appoint
    Stcli.t behalf.
    V AdJ A it aasl.i Iy t1I Autlteitv forefl, That if
    it ohall api, ar to the laid Comrniitoancrs that any per-
    lon fliall have delivered to them sn account or claim
    bcynd hlie real loft, with a fraudulent intent to obtain
    iohrc thih: a jtil cotnpenfation, the faid-Commillionere
    hll, with all convenient dilpatch, report Fiath account
    Ir ltaim, with the evidence taken thereupon, to the
    ICimilioncrs (ifhi Msjefty'rTreafury, who are hereby
    I'ao'mrized to make fuch furber enquniry upon the cafe
    Is cthoy hll think proper ; dd if they, or any three of
    them hall be of opinion ta fuch account or claim is
    ftedulent, then fuci perfon Shall be abfolutcly excluded
    Tom Loy Compcdfaion or proviioa whiatfoeverA'

    VI. Aid k itijrtir enaSBe by the A.lsty of fjld,
    That in cafe any person or perluns, upon cianiination
    upon oath before the faid Commiffiontir refpcdivcly as
    before mentioned, hall wilfully and Corruptly give falfe
    evidence, every luch peifon or pirfons to oflending, and
    being thereof duly convicdd, Ihall be, and la and Are
    hereby declared to be fuhjed and liable to fuch pains slnd
    penaltic as by any law now in being perfons convihled
    of wilful and corrupt purjury are fubjet and liable in.
    VII. And .A hr.a fectrasl proprictor of Eo/I icolJa,
    and the agente of fcvcral other proprietor. ot tle flid
    province, rltperlivly intitltd to the benrcit cf ih:s ad,
    are rdlidcit in the lhB,..I., /l.ajds, and other of his Mo-
    jelly', colonies in Am;., a; And hcica it ma iy Ib
    attended llith grcat inconvensence to luh l rlions to
    Icome to (..-ji ri'i:. in. to fuhillantiate their rct ircdive
    tajinit, or to give iinr evidence in lfpport uo rle claanls
    ulfotlorpropro citour itur hv i th> y ave acelrd as agent.,
    Ba ,/ith.ff.. aea'/WJ, '1That tie (;ovcrnour, l.icotenailt-
    Govcrnour, or Commnialder in Chlil, and Council, for
    thit tine being, of any fuch ifland or colony, hill, and
    they are hercby dlicv'lcd and rcquirrd to enqulire into
    tie loffis of dli and every fulh pcifon or person, and
    to examine all andl every lucls agent or agents aCn mdy
    repair to rnitm or that purpole upon oath, wliiih oath
    the Governtuir,, or Coin-
    inandrr in Chief, or any Nlmber iof the Council for ilhe
    time being, is hereby authoriized and inipowcred tu ad-
    n.iotillr ; a.ld fua.i Govtrnouor, Lienteatfit-UovcriLouor,
    tor Conimnotaer in Clinif, cnd Coult I, for the tile
    being, are hertby iinvelld with ihe fame poaieri and
    autloriticS lor c qouirinig iit fiuch eltinrl as the Conm-
    nmilliuticr, appointed b) (1, adt are rivelled with, aIntl
    they are Iielrly dlrtll.d to pro;ced iinmediately on all
    alld every (uIh claim or claims, examinarion or exalili-
    nlti.rina, uhcn ten ecrcd to them, and to icpori from
    tiule to time, by the firln oportuniny in their porwr,
    th lei opinion or opinions on .all and every fuch dlaji or
    c aim.. \ith the cvidciice oa which fuch opinion or
    oplllmi;, i iu or 0 Cre foriclll and alfo to report, Iromn
    time to :imc, the evidence of all andt every fluh agcii
    ..r a'o ,ti to th Ctoniim:olcnreT .p pointed lby this at,
    in ocrtlir thlt all and every luIh c.imn or cl:.nis may hb
    ulltinattly judget of and I!celed upon Iby fuch Com--
    niillth'ers, and be inmertrd by aningll tihe c aim.
    to be laid before thle Lord Lonmmilliuncr of the 'Lrea-
    lury, or the lord High Trleatrclr, for the time being,
    ani.i his Majclny' Secretaries of State.
    VIll. Alb t ftjrther ns..ledly the .aboaritv afoeefaid,
    That it. cafe any patron or perfnis, upon elanoiination
    upon oath before the laiJ (orerniour, Liuntcnant-Govcr-
    nour, or Cuolnlinder in C'licl, and Couoel, for the
    time being, a. bt firt iccntiined, hall wilfully anod cor-
    ruptl. give fallc evidence, every iucl perfun or pclt.n-
    tu o tlcsndiog and being thtrcof duly cocivioleed, Shall he,
    And is and are here y declared to be liebjcnd and liable
    to fuch pains and penalties as by any law now in being
    persons convi.qcd of wilful and corrupt perjury are lab-
    ed& and liable to.
    IX. Andbh itfurthrr renflte, That no claim or rquefit
    of any perfoll or person, lor iid or relicr, oil account of
    the lifs of any property in confequence of luch cdlioa,
    (hall he r ccived, in Geatr Ati,,lii alter tlh; lirl day of
    anuaey, 1787, or in the Balb., Ilfnal,,, or any other
    of his Majelty's colonies illn Ai aftrc the trei day
    of MisAb, 1787.
    X. And LI itfurlber mcna/7 That the laid Commif-
    fioncirs lalll front time to time, at their difiretion, or as
    often as they hall be thereunto required, and a' foon a.
    poffilil after the determination of their camninaltitm
    and proccedicing, by virtue of this ad, without any lur-
    ther, give an account of their procenting',
    in writing, to the Lords Commiflioners of Ila Mla;eL y'-
    'I'reafury, atd to his Majelty's principal Sccretanics of
    State for the time being.
    X. A bt i t fribcr Iatled, That the Lords Com-
    mifllincr of tiel Trcafury, or Lord High ''reafurcr, for
    the time being, are hereby authorized and required to
    iluc, and caulc to be paid, all fuch l'nus of money, not
    exceeding loool. to luch petjft or perfons as the faid
    ConmnifiRoners Ihall, by writing under their hands, de-
    Ilre or dirue., out of any part of the public monies re-
    maining in his MajecRy's Eschequer, which Cum fo ilfucd
    and paid ihall be employed for the paymc .t of clerks,
    mcffengera, and otheroliers, and in defraysil all other
    neccflary charges in or about the cecution o the pow-
    ers of this a,. and in fuch manner and in fuch pro-
    poriona as hall be appointed by the faid Commiflonen,
    br writing under their hands and foals in that behalf,
    the fame to be accounted for by the portion or persons
    to whom the fame tljl bh sued and paid. au oditg to

    the course of his Majefly's Exchclucr, without any fee
    or other charges to be taken n the palling of the tLul
    accounts, other than fuhl fum als tle faid Cmmnilfionert
    hall appoint.
    XII. A.d, t it furfo rr tafled AJ' iti Att'cr;tv afarrf d,.
    Tht in of a vacancy or va.ancics, hI dc,ih or re-
    figntlon, of any one or moTe of the failed Commimion-
    rrs, it hall and may be lawful for hls Maje y to nomi-
    nate and point fuch perft' or pcrloiu a. Jl may think
    proper, to supply fich vacancy or vatanci,. lad Ihat
    cvty perfoU fo nominated and appointed, thalt he held
    ind considered 'o be invested w lh all and tht fame
    powers as are delegated to the Comanifloucre appointed
    by 'hi- ..I .
    XIII. A.l St it fi tirr .lnrd. That thit ad hall
    continue in force f r two years from the pafling of tibl
    ad,. anl no long r.
    Bi a.i*lISt anDS, di
    Nrei-PiovIto DFNC 5
    IB Hli Honour JOII BROWN, Pffquir,
    Prfi:lente, faN Commnnder in Chiej of ihe
    la iama- lilaid, Chane llor, Vice admiral ,
    and Ordinaray rf tLe/ fami c. .fc.
    W HEIRFAS 1t"C GcG ral A/ffmbly of tllhere
    mIQnP d (laidli pr ccgued to Monday the
    ad Dly -of Ohlbcr nof ; AnD WiMll RFma it is
    thought expedi nl, tlaut faid General Alf nobly
    should be further proron cl, I HAvEt THEKLFtro
    THOt'GHT FrT, by and lh the Advice and Con-
    lent If his Majray's Hon able Council, to ilfue
    Ihil my Proclamation, oroguing, and I do
    heictly prorogcI the fail enreal Allfmbly to
    Monday the 4th Day of D mbtr next.
    GIVEN under mi Ha[ and the Great Seal
    of chef. lands, at r a,, thi, ith day '/
    September, in Ibe Ye r of Our Lord, On
    TLoufand Seven llu, red ard Lighblty-fis
    and io the T-T'entyfsaxth rear cfbia II ajVl l
    Reign. JOHN BROWN.
    By lil Ilonrar'o Command,
    Hioari Yona, Secretary.
    1lAHAM1l ILANDOI, f I
    Nkw-PRotoVIDoc a.
    By H mi Haur JOHN BROWN, rfqire,
    Prnfdent, and Commnrder in Chi f ,th
    DBahnia Iflands, Chancellor, Vice Admiralsa
    and Ordiniry of the fane, t&r. ,e.
    HIIEREAS it has been represented to me,
    that the Common Jail of Naffau, in the
    faidl Iland of New Providence, was, in the Night
    of the 26th inlt. broken, and that the following
    Prifoners under criminal Profecution, fepcaed
    front thence ; to wit, a Negro Man named
    MORRIS, the property of Ca tain Edwasrd Lo an
    floul and well fet, and ahd t fie feet fix inches
    high, nearly 30 ycars I JOE COLLIN, a
    free Curaffow Mulatto, bbout the fame Ileight
    and Age, and pitted wit the mall Pox: I HAVI
    I HAREFORE THOUOHT ,rbya ,ndwith IheAldvice
    and Content of hia Majc l' Honourable Council.
    to iffue this my Proclama ln offcciing, ind I do
    hereby offet a Reward o fe/n Pounds, lawful
    Motiy of there Ilandl, tIfl paid by the Public
    Treafircrr, upon the Dclise of the Bodies of
    either of the faid Perfon. to ie Pronoft Macthal,
    Ilis Deputy or the Keeper o he (aid Jail: And
    I di hereby offer the like Reward to any Pcifon or
    Perfons who Ihall give Jnformation of any Petfon
    or Perfons, who were aiding andl afRiltin in'
    making or procuring (he faid Efcape ; fo as the
    Ofrncler or Offenders lift mentioned be convicted
    GIVEN unJcrr my Hand and the Great Seal f
    the faid Iflands, at eA'Ju, ithe izh day of
    September, In the Year of Our Lord, One
    Thousand Seven Hundred and Eightl6 Jrl.
    and I the Taenty-fxth rear of hit MlJfl '
    Reiin. JOHN BROWN.
    Bi His Hnoor'a Commanlds
    Hlsi Yose.I, Secretaty.

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