Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 30, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00180
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vos. III.




Ro. x.4:




NassAu.: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.
''4 t

.,aOLOGciaL DiasTa, Nafau, Sepaumtar,
!thia T or g .
: 1~ I 9 Winds & Weather.
Ip Ip.m I
Sdi o R. N. R. Frijh Breeu.
84 80o f.N.E. Cloud and fually.
: J 80 E. A N. Idem.
d 1 8o B.biN.Higbhwind beawyrarui.
x; 78 S.yN to E. S.E. Idem.
"4 74 K. S. '. to S by Idem.
7 7 S SS.t '.to :S. IV IJ.'I
S; 79 S. LW Light wvnd. Cloudy
79 '. S I'. Fair and ldear.
S8. E. l. Id Frer hbretre.
v. flai r. Light win'd. Sultrr.
i 9 S. to If'. S. I. t.:.. Su/rrl.
S-8 5 by f. to S IV. Cloud. (JB.i.
I VN .nl:a.,n withrairn.E.S S.all
I' .1 l'.ar. rXa-vf:a ,rlllo,"i,
E, Ai. A' I/.'n. [.V. '.
9 E. X. E Iea..
S. '.N. to '.V.' Faii, f rcne.
7; V Y Fi,' 'i. i fi, 'J
I/ I V F /: ,lr' t d .w.
S \..V. '. .b, s 'a tidy
) I) .ti" i r a',i b' l ,t'.l, Cloaia'y
i i ( l i^. I .I rui from
I -', '.V -'. 2 '.E // ia,: Cloudr.
a. I. ,E 11 a'as fg n

'F li ;' .. L hte rain.
S, V ( I A'. A. L. .,,
Si" E" '. Ilnt. (a tio int/re en.
S ~ i \'. 'E Clon,, it t d itt, iiai ini
tl, aj 1 ,.oon. Calm at, wien

i L N D N,
D -viau P1Acoci, hafilr;
Will p Ilitiv-ly fail in t filft week
o.a'. if Novenmber, wind lnd weather
g For Freight or PaNfage, apply to the
,a, I d, or to JOHN WELLS
Pe loni:. having any atmaids again the
L a Inc of MI. Janu AntaTaONO WILsON,
i 'If I ong-inlad, dccrafcd re rqueted todc-
cR flare ol he lame properlattefled, to either
i thr .'if'ribcribr, on or beforele nit of January,
S;and ail perfatin indebted faid Eftate,are
'*tiiaCrd to fettle immediately, nAh
AdminIftarix, at ong-lfland, or
Her Attorney, a: New-Providence.
1 ..L Perfnn% havingany demand against thil
'\ IPatr ofthe late a flter 'llenj, deceafetl,
Ia Iqited to render in theirHifferet accounts
: i r terfted; and all thof who are any wanv
i to the faid Eftate, eiter by Bond, Note,
r 'k account, are dlclired make payment,
S,, ore the toth of Odolr next, that the
b il'r er may be enabled to ike payment to
i'l fNid I Itate'a Creditor.I ant in cafe of any
rg '.t the different account wul be giren into
the hands of an Attorney at Law immediately.
Noflgu, Sept.- n, t176. Acting Executor.

rTIl.I. be paid to whoever qll deliver to the
* V :ub&friher, or to the Keetr of the Jail, a
1 egra, Man named JACK, a flous well Ltt feUiw
* et 7 inches high, has an ins diment in' his
f 'ch, and in marked with the pox: he
ately belonged to Mr. JouNr Po
,'Jfr, eesstlh As 17sl.

Naw-PaovurDanc. .
By Hi our JOHN BROWN, Equire,
Predent, and Cfemmder in Chief of the
Bahama-llands, Chan r, Fire.ddmiral,
and Ordinary of tir fa, We. We.
W HEREAS the G a Affembly of there
V Ilnds lands pr bed to Monday the
ad Day of October neat AND Winslas it is
thought expedient, that the l d General Aneembly
ihuuld be further prorogue I HAVE THtERIfOR
T-ouGHr irT, by and with he Advce and Con-
fent of his Majefly's Honon le Counil, to iflue
this my Proclamation, oguin, and I do
hereby prorogue the Laid neral Afltmbly to
Monday the 4th Day of December next.
GlIRN under my Hand and the Great Seal
of thel IJiands, at Na'fau, this i28tbay of
September, in tLr Year of Our Lord, One
Thoufand Seven Hundred anJ Eig hy-jx,
and mn the Tw2centyvt/h ar of his Mairflj'
By Hlit Honour'a Ccn!mond,l
ltlrany VYoa, Secretary.
BAHAMA-s1liniD f r.
Nrw-.PoviDn NCa..
By lil Honour JO HN D RO W N, /Efqirr,
Prefildnt, and Commander in Chief of the
Batlqla Iflinds, Chancellor rice-Admiral,
and Ordinary of thle /,fa, t3I. 'r.
vIIEREAS it has been represented to me,
that tie Common Jail of Nalrau, in the
fadl Illand of New Providence, was, in the Night
of the a6th inft. broken, and that the following
Prifoners under criminal Profecutlon, dcaped
from thence I to wit0 a Negro Man nanmedl
MORRIS, the property of Captain rdward Lane,
flout and well fet, and about five feet fix inches
high, nearly 30 yearn old; JIOe OL IN, a
free Curaflow MIulatt, about t h fame eight
and Age, and pitted with the fm Pox: I HAV8
i utatroar THOUGHT FIT,by a with theAdvice
and ConTent of his Majefly's Ho durable Council,
to ilife thii my Proclamation, o ing, and I do
hrrcby offer a Reward of Fifi Pounds, lawful
Money of thefe Illan la, to be paby the Public
Treafurer, upon the Delircry o h Bodies of
either of the faid Perfonm to the P "oft Martlail,
his Deputy or the Keeper of the ld Jail: And
I do hereby offer the like Reward to ny Perfontbr
Perfons who Ihall give Infermation f any Peifon
or Perfns, who were aiding and afliing in
making or procuring the faid Efcape ; fo as the
Offnder or Offenders lat mentioned be convinced
CGIENunsder nay Hand d the Great Sewl of
the faid (/ands, at Nafau, the 2atb day of
September, in the rear of Our Lord, One
Thouand Sewn Hnldred and Bighty-fqx.
and i the TinltyJ-.tb rear of his Majefr'a
By i Honor's Commaud,
HaoasY Yruos Becretary.

DEGS leave to make tender of his services, as
Vendue Mater, tIhil friends and the public
in general rand he tr his experience in thi
line both at New-York l here, will enable l.i.t
to give ample I ttisfadi to ifLe who may hr
pleafd to entrua hint wl their bufin'fs.-.~
Perfon hawlng Geodsto l fe i may,by ar,
Inat Hubg Dra's Off ha-ta, offer for th
wleh, fnr any fanm fom Ct'Thoufand tO 1-a
Thousand Dollara.-Cafh will e advanced r"
Goods to be potlively fold, and none will .
received tht rre limited.-Five pr,*et'. wll
charged for Commidion.'oount, yT',* c. .a
Nafemo Septemer of 4'6. :i- 1 -

American Intelligence.

BoaroN, ArP s9.
W E bear that the affembly of Rhode-Ifland, whict
met the left week, paefd another very rigorous
law, to pwnote a ite circulation of their paper money;
which, It feemr, their former adi, however violent,
have not yet been able to effe. 'his law, It is laid,
cnait that payment of ll bond. notes, and other
fcauritic for money, Ihall be demanded within a certain
time, which is vcry hoert, or, othcrwifc, they are to
become null and void.-Whit a glorious government i
this of Rhode.Ifland --liow tarcfl to inflil in the
brcafe of her citizens, the principlesof jufic and mo-
deration !-Hqw attentive to the tret intereRl of tho
honef, the frugal, and Indnuarioua! -And how fevere
upon the numerous cheati, deeourers of the elate of
widow anl otphans, and other villain, who fwarm
there u well as in other republic.! -
WonacesTr, (MaffEchurtt's Bay) A f3 jo.
People who were led to believe that great good
would Ie derived lby Cooauntioni, now begin to be
convinced of the contrary ; end find that infead of rc-
drefiang grievances, they inrcraed then, tawo*fold. The
want oflhort eJi t a ri m ongorelven bing mofl oetrely
felt by the poor and iadunrious part ofihecomoaunity.
CioARLnr Tow., (Maffiathiseit's Dy) Agfl 4.
All the Rates are now repreferted in Congrcft, recept
Delaware. Probably, fays a corrcfpondent, that fate
in convirned that the faipport of a reprcffctat(ion in that
aflenhbly Ian nunncceflary espner, while t hey remain
a w-re name-a blank-a pc.hical cT1phr ;-w ilft theft
fee thcm vwaatorg the tncaos of fatcdying the demanded
of our domtilc rreditors, and our territory liable to ait
ttachmentc by our foreign once-an artcchrtant, against
which, the iavurd of juflice can never be drawn; -
whilft they fie our flig infultd (when admitted) in thu
ports of our enemie-alh and in thnfe of oor friends!
and no body of men vefled with power to nurntera&
fuch degrading mrfare* ;-whilft they behold from the
fame imbecility, onr nmbafladori abroad defpifed as
the Ihadow of a fIade-".the dignity of the United
State trampled under loot-and the charter of an
Amnerican, in all partof the world, atpidly declining
tron the highest pitch of dignity and tefpre, into the
lowest flate of contempt '-And, whila theef things are
really to, fay. he, of what coniquence is it to fnppore
an acfembly, who cannot make and enforce one national
law, andwhoe recornmendatioa are o longer regarded
oa the reful of the c!llcedive wifdom of the Dates?
ENtrt le a lttl f/rcm I (Gentilwn in :Verctfnr Connty,
.g 9/Ip. 786.
Convntioneeting in thefe parts, moulders away
like rope of fand.-The geniuilffi who love to filh
in troubled water" have, in fonme places, nme, but front
fuoe judicious hints thrown out by the friends of govern-
nient, and finding themfclvcn on a wrong Icent, they
have fncaled into their original obscurity, contenting
thcnLflves with having gained their labor for their
LP.asrsra, (MaffachuLrtt's Day) AR.If ry.
AI a meeting of delegates from thirty and cTeve
towns in the county of Worcefter, met by adjournment
in this towns on tae Ilth day of this infant, and con-
tinned to thin preofet time, Deacon Willis Hall in the
chair, voted unnimoufly, that this Contention is law-
ful and conflitational. After paffing this tte, the Con.
tention went nto a ferioul condtreatico of our prefeat
,crcinleantet and endeavored to explore the catJs of
the prc.ot ai asking umeafincf diiYOveaabe nalm o the
good people in rh county ; and alte ma snt oDlde-.
atlia, wre untanimonfly of opinion, that the iiawing
grivaces sre thu four, from whence the pnmfet d
contents arile.
eif. The fitting of the general court in Boeiln.
ad. The wnt of circulating mediom.a-3d. Then abfe
in the r"iate of the law, and the exorhbtacy d the
fae table.-a4. The ciflenc e ofihe cont ofcomana
plea and gcntril khloa in their proeatfc mode oft ad
mipiat1nia'-t-jcbt The IeoptlMt e ethi mecow
aril efrour the t:n'i4 siLe t tea payimne
the lntereft -! fate fecuritie.
N. B. One difeatient to the laft ardcle.
6. The inreaL able fd tnciiary gni lade
by our ftnerl couar to :he artotrnegeseral ud
thers.-7y. The fLianru of gove4mDo t being to
nur'*rou, and having Pa -st falaerinc lh TitF

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