Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 23, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00179
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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,.iraq i.f Leter fres a Cis'ewMsson 1i Te/radr.
SDuring nmy rcfidence at bruflols two years filo, I
SlIught the honour of being acluintcd with an in-
Sforttinate Spai.ilh Nobleman ol very high rank, bring
t re ouf tI tirif fanlilice itn Spein (Count t(iulian '.
I I ft Mialid with a view of recovering an iimmneile
iortunc, to which h he ill an unquellionabl. right in
the PAi, lii.i but thcfe largee tracts of land bring sn
'i l[rellioni of the illt families of Jirabant (nut the
.iiy countryy ahlile power oltet psevails over juttie)
I inalidered iis fuit and fltuation adtllprratc. How.
ever, tlhele were inut wanting avaricious taltvet ,
Swhoi, in ho-:s ol gain, fopplicd the Count with very
larcgte Ihrm If money ito ury on his luit ; and the
Incrillsl li claim were tried, ntil tried, again and
again ; iand though they as often appearLd to be ju.i,
)t the i Couts of Juflicc could not perceive that he
ol s lIltiruate claitnanit, but, on the contrary, ihat
liI wa aIn illcgitinidtr inmpollur, atil papers were evtn
rit,,lulrrt a crpics of a proccr carried oni in Madrid
rrtini te ICount tuiluiilianl as ail inipoftor. The
stry extraordinary particular attendilng this f uit
..ld lbe tIu long to relate ; therefore I Ihall only
dlhl, Ihia aIi drioctrineild liuit thec Count was a bhloard, and IJlat
i* t ilaoii w ifuitile. In (hort, the Count, iroeniving
li:iblc to I .i, Jgli birth and rank, tell into the umnoull
SiidigeLice, ith inany ol his labtturI, Thl halD ad-
v.,'ii-ed Iins large I'enls of niiie y.
Ia slii d, ll r te unc nation, hi ais urgccd to gi iso
\ iLn!a, aiill lay himnllif aud hia cafe lclhre the Ini-
Lr, ilbt being wh without frimo, without aind
-.Lirllt 1ink in wr tC It.dnch f, lie fLisLtLd tillcwilli.Ig to
ir.itd I irtihr. At length, howtcL r, l e I ll W tip-
lih ,, with cafh lufiitient to carry himo tIhre, and
thirlier lie lwentll, obtained an atillle Of th at geat
'.ind til d .11 a, who, like a KX, Jaid all l'.il,.r
Jtt.errindI to read all the dlffcrent procinles tarried
ion, .m to make hlimcilf a perfect matter i(t this
,* pprtil:l frangcr't caic. A* every procieding in
that Lountry is carried au in writing, ng t by plcatllifg,
Sthe J nipror '. reading on the .ailion inlul hllv
l-i n illhr it. Thl vuiil-quencc, holwtyc v ie, will give
i* litilt"r pletcilr toi ;J g.oliK1o mten: The I liperor tl.-
tl:nil tih It niteice il thle two lall (C'i, rrl i i s ish.n
svii,, tild thatr ti'Count tG ialn wa- tihe iL.' inutc
SLeir to a mnelui y l the very Ia.rgc it icrs I l ill. I'rn-
*eiti Rstoll rg', the Duke D'l'AIrin olit, and it.c I'r in
d*e (IGac .e. ke. tho dii iImt II nI-II r inti ..I i
t* l Iltterii. Thius lthi gtili'iin ii li w tu t h-y Iire
L* cnidti but a lew dys berort'i to. gall, ', as an
inipiftlor, will, upon liii arrival Iroin \'i in rtake
I* l Icat in the Stat:er f Bl rabant a I ll it, rL.l ,ll
Tilly, aid Ciout dlc ICulinia, on;l ul t le brll (Cron-
des of Spin. t
Iu/) il. l ire the late (%I vernorir-i-i It let I [ Ben
gal ou he trIed, as Britorit i'nii ,nrn art, 'y t li i ,
tliht i- hy th'h Pri:'ca 't -.- ..
not only be Ilpt.edy, but lioi uui.h-o Iic .
ai nci tr t 'ar, ; ,.. by fulme o. the n tvivcs tl I'd",
it list nialicr wh.t we ccill ltvecr. Jlut ihat al 'par
f vett 'o 1c. ti a' appear glentilc taleniiet tu an tlll h
t i. P 1 c I'rii, c l of tht l-ll .sIccutl d tiLur i b nI I I l
,ardi lnt ul.< Corlpanly on caflerlesprincipli'; aind had nlot
tLi nictiis ulcd to rcocl t heir ati;Ack blorni a r.tlin-
idantenc to rihole nied, in oder tl givthe ihtfll Ulc l, the
Copiipit'a e.atiitt could sit i oivo ht.lii blhtv t.i
ho. e b oin il c Icrutill. l1uc .' / r. th , 'ii."ln l t I the
c'o pai i)' l.rvi anti hy the thitil thii live i. 1 tihe v.i-
llty al uthi ir ITcrretioie, is nicrcy itl'cl, llt" pioccdurt which they thenlo:lvos gite.r.ily htli'rvc.
'I'lie tur genilemcn wton, liii Royal lI lilhnef
sIhe 'lice.C ol Watai has chofin to rctair. in his
houliuld, uand to whom the Irianage ven ol the funds:
to be liteaprt for the paymentof chi delit is eitriulled,
are, Colonel I othani, Colunl Hulic, C'ul-iie L.kc,
anud Henry Lyte, 1.11.
'I itiroall has received ortcrs to go down to New.
iarketil aud take inventories of herhnorle cwhiih nakt
up his I ighnie's fud, together with his cart iget .
&c. and to bring the whole to the hammer r with all
convribicnt fp cd-annd when this is done, the creditors
arc to le ausinbled by adcertifeeacnt, aid the whole
arrangement to be fubmitted to their confidcration.
The grand rooms, thu furniture, &c. of Carl.ton-houle
are to lit cited and the whole locked up, accept two or
three Iniall apartments for his Highacftl's uic when he
alay egcafionally come to rown.
His cebtsi amount a about a to,ooL The expense
of hit Royal ltighnefli, l been chiefly contined to his
hulhlings and hii ftud. The latter couR him 30o,oaol. a
year; but it was an capence highly benclicial to the
country, as indeed have been all the extences of the
prince.-Hl was the "i glare of falhiun"-hc not only
attracted foreigners of the highcft difindlion to Eng-
land, hut he fpread our fashions and our manufacturers
Over iuirope. To him we arc indebted, that from being
I he implicit imitator of France, we have, for three or
four years gircn the so. to that cultivated nation.
lie tPrulian Monarch has lately inflit ucd two hof-
irtsl fr the aped of both fees, and of all rc itrie .
y Iruday's mole it alfto appears ha hhas anted poo,soo
siv.dolhrs for the new cflahtilhriment forming in Wtf-
cei Puarlia; bo.lides ioo,eo rie-do'lArs for cutting a
nlewrcaal from the Faller arts of Brandenburgh to
Berlin. [IThe rix-dolllr is Xsal to about jI. fid. Eng-
lilh money.]
Saturday evening abont half paol eight o lock, a very
catranrdinarT Iicuamiliane took place in Bihlepfgate-
flreet: An itancrant preacher wal holding forth to a nu-
mecrous audience, on the virtues of the dodirinc of pre-
delhination, and asturing his hearers, that he was fu
well pcrfuaded of the truth of it, thia he wu poftive
ioP*w couldhwut his Pigtt hit iaid Y atlletlllifUlPe

in over-trd vc t carme It the f ret where this nrt. American Intelligence.
eos gentleman was Sanding, whe to the furprifc and
aitonilhlment of every prlun ptcent, and by way of
proving his argument, h. told them ltht he would flop
that oas, which he was flre, through his faith, would POeasAND, (CAsco-BAv) .fuy 17.
not hurt a hair el lil head, but that, oi the contrary, 'NE of the favourite tenet of the new Turkif pro.
he would turn away from him immediately. He dild 0 phct is, that the people's fill tare Ishuld be to
a lie faid, whel rthe ihat, t without rcgardiug the wurds prouotle agriculture, as the noble of all art the rile
of the poor preacher, inlianly threw him a confider- and support of all fAes.".-Would to God that a
able eight. a d klft him, to all appearante, without prophet, teaching the fame dotrine, might alife in the
the Irat fi gnI of lie,. Province of Maine; and the people believe in him, or
7i.. 14. lMrs. Robinfon, the one faImoui Perdita, at Icalf in what he lOould tlac I-Thisthe Politician
died a IcIt da) s ago at Pari.. I his womi;.n, who was with propriety might term a / faith.
p.lleLfcd of oll ut ithc'mial le 'lu.iitire ilhr nake till me A gentleman from New-:.;louceher, informs, that
glidl cafly sii. wat ulhar(dl ..ily ilto lif. .ilse was has tried the experiment lately recommended in this
the daughter ul a gentleman who held a colonlmnlion il (;t.ctte by C. ord, Ef;ll of flowing flt with dlas
the army, an1 cas M arnied, when at a boarding-fchool, and that the fucclcs is likely far to ratecd his cupctia.
to a Mr. Robiittinn, ) ,' .,a n attorney. before fth lionn : Flu that was very fma I ad weak, and that
att.inel li- hvi itecithi year. lh inai t tics for ft lie feared oud be good for nothing, at sli liie if
time were low,and ti che ng pol, filed if ftage abiliti, fircwinig the fault, is now in alloiriltinig flatc-that on
was recomlllmended to the lut> Mr. iGarrlk. Her ielft which he threw no lalt, renmainl i its lfurter uupro.
aI', on the boards nt Drury-.lane Theatre, wars miling condition.
in the ehiarader of Julet ; hbu that whlch brought her Del ron, A.zul 3.
into notice, and gave her the name iif P'erdit, was Sptcslative men, fays a cuirlfpondent, with
.luhakelpar's Wintlt'I 'l'a!ce. In thit dramatic roniance, aflo.ilhmtnt the prclent prolped four niatona: cen..
fie attr.,'lrl lthe lutice of his Royal IHighnmlI trh; ccrll. lie obcrves, that there ue Icareely asy who
Prinmc If Walis, who limon I.,, asn. ni.toured of her. do n(t juin in reprobating the mealires of o-r Iadcrs,
and took her ruont a public station. I le various lis t and tli .Ltrnvagane and dilipation of individual.; but
ations fic lis ince brn i;i lir unamur with Lord it is so bhe Laented that there are none who IJ no nitiir
1Mildn, Culouel 'I'lrletn, &c. &c. &c. are ell mell- than talk ofthe f things; we want ucaniph~i. Sonie iI
knoi itn. lHer adinirr, havillg worn her 't ol fIllhion, the rip-toe ought to give mote frugal I..lll tou thE
fhe retired to lrasli. where ihaviing livd tar lnme lower order of the people.
)car., andd finding ikcral of tbhe Ingagenttclt i li huaoor *I lie lewU -papers are aIlnol every week lfcling forth
that h d IHel clltred into lby ier ruysl l .,0. hie the low gate if utr trade. 'Thiatt i i at ptiLt veny
ailndirrts, broken, he circauiolti: t-s Itr.ii ml J, .uiil h r l.iw, is rni nirlaiciholy a turlt to be dciii.'; )ce thLI
rceplittion got.ll. he funk intr- a itaic i d fpoiilen. the wvlt'ic icaule llhuld be attributed to thL I)lth, ap.
tI'r evtral inouths htlore Ihe lied; rel,xi tugl' a w v ful pratstonlu very wrong. Itirtruc i hatll.ry a.e i c :..bii
ilnitance of the n.ifcty that ncver lals 1a 'vcrtake the tedallintrturIuL hetwecnthclclt teslaild thol uilau. jis
wanderrs frlom virile, however eialtai l their Irtion. the Wirfi-lIndie.. Unit if we ioly caltour o yts tu tle
etrtcltri:iou and heavy ldutie laiJ on ouriprtaluc lty tI:a
I- litch il their purt,, there we (hall liil the) aniount
P U BL I C AU 9 T I O'N. aloii,,i ,, the l.e.: buit, u itgiugae tle i l. r the pre.
Slt, alli l t turning ;iu attetiolt l to ti- late siv rte.
Ont MONDA Y th ad OloLc t of the FrIn onit (whrchh ,e r vcild, io
Pe /" ly at RI.EI" N '(,.'7*, future are nset to ,e admiiuii ii, to 'bh port, in lle
W' I L 11 1. '. 0 t. lI, Wiill-l-Indi w without I, ] tiller") it o nin tr iliha
t ......muIl all .ii al iiul, jI.... it .r f h e 'l, c l
By the SU I S I I sia..t t .ar..... ,,. i,is i'., I..i; it i, e ,i t-
The oU tllng.: lde, a, it, or o.llie hlli l. --a. .- v- I
N P y a ,y EniciEll I, sh I arc gi.c I,. I -if
N N 11 Ia ilithele liatr, tretainrg icii, and dimt, vh,) a) penI,',l
D ill of M hoga n y aril Cidr' at eliril, twi!t the i.niI It .oIntiiilt, hilh.t ela.liitlt .x, about Six Muonlths ag, and (tr.ettie not oil" Iinro, l,,,t opii, a dolr r r e.nt that
i 6 i, as i, will loullt., lIlay tcrln ltat, iII thigr ilat'.h rln oIf c .-r UacL ?
Inrentory t to Ibe felt l rby p, TPl to I or i a ir o', ni rgit i eir llF ils.
'I Ir M LAl antd itmler th. eu y ol c'ir own itirs,tl to Alin.t tl.i
WllliM SLAT ER. I,,wr ,l gr.a.ulng nuea ,,lo ,ci.l .. I., nll'
at I. 0 O, fi thli. p.rii, I:l Ar il;al.l anll d pltt ouiir cli lh ,illl go I o.
A likely -l- ... .. .o . .. ,rikil 1t,- ,l, e l ag we ,ll r. ti. e
it A 1tai, aind I , i ea hit
TUo be old bvy tilcllC Aufionl, A, ', ,e Io s I,, iv, ar intrulled .i.t 1.
S' rinai .o. n ito oui 1ir 'lii. afr ir, I fllr.Ceve ry at-
ion 1T 111 S IAY., ie (th of () rol ii in e l 'i.n ,;.i our i d i ria. I r. a i rtn, .
At t. Ih.ft 1;c f II'f 1) S T UI J d S, ,,ar b, y I toh oflic will ior, in thi t, a'iin be waliant.g
Governllhit. lofh/, I,) r.' prt it r method, .linltdl tl.y trirenldnlrai.l
-. pr, I- -ln ly t-o ,rtt
Ily GEORGE I-IOLL IDAY, Il.. rIh..ail rlcld .. hikic I alluig I.l cny, arh
kA ; anlilty of HOUSH01.D IUUNnITUl l .lit l a d ., aott g th.e talo t ,it ttli e, ,th.
A li, iiltiyn o T U SblcO.lChi rD l, H lll, Lt.. u, -. A I t ,I t I ii tilh pa lc i i oa t a
ttiltig f Tables, Chtairs, Hittrait too k- ric r tl c Netpurt Mrt ury 'L La ltl-ot thal ltioult
ing lall I, In iglit-day Cluck, wariantlcd golod, iakLe opa]cr nloc) iUl.o it, llmclaie ],ri, iplc-lhat it lih.
c*c. & a tel de il, thii Coullry, llantl hn nth i.e I penal ti
A variety of DRY GOODS and IRONMON- contillaii ri it, would i.un.lltatelr light lut i.e trni
GIIRY. ,1 rh'lI : n. II laws are Ioile to look ha, k oud dcllroy
Solme SAILS, RIGGING, BLOCKS, and their uhitl.tity .. note., hond., and tlner legal .bli.
JUNK. gratli-ln the alii ii all that i. i-red ir. gov.n-
A few Hlourf anld Fild SLAVES, airong whom "il nt, ;lti have w I es int.lcndutl g fur Ibo llly years
are ome Inmnall oncle, handy ifor waiters. with MBritrin ?-W'a it only to ftew our cc rage, 1'li
A Large FLAT, well calculated for cclaning 'i"r hblid, ilmpoertilh our ttilreCq, and thln hilti a
or unloatling of t' vellel, entirely new. orie fee"ne in cur ib,tfn !-'l o fel I. r a n]t.ple ct'
A iantiity iof Madleira and Mahogany SHIP lile, and to .ol plain of injury is the hIrthrilhtif,,I n-
TIMBLAS flhnien. 'o be ildprived of what alone Is valuable In
S wil olo d lvcrient, and then ordered to flilt oar noilith, is
A llti +fr/te t iet. e;l1 b to J or ReIale, Iadditig nlfult to injunlice. Penal latr to prevent 'ti
That improved LOT on which lie now liven. dilitliton of public -rievancei. il ihiill[ png At igiu-
CoNDITtIONs.-All Sums uniIler Fifty PircC of lauce and barbarity,-a dilgrace to the pliiiolnhic era,
Eight, Call when called for; and 411 Sumli above, and a fcurgo to th true principlesuf irillaily. 'Ihe
Six Monlhs Credit without Intlerft. freedom f.. the preca wairtis now only to lea Iipcd, to
tiit il6r 30, 7. lt ol U footi .g odth the Solth Anilricall.-
SHappy for the catill of humanity, that laws do not
T HE Suhfcriber having taken i t Letters o alIer the nature of things, or the works of mull
Adminitration en the Eftat f the deccr- have been extremely mutilated.
led Jott HiwaTT, of EPatflorids, Juon Au.l i-. At a late meeting of the new own oh
HALr, 't and SAanl HaLtr, i t is land, Iertland late Falmouth) Calce Bay, the queftn was
dlcl'es all petrons indebted to of the Ihill lIt,, to know if the town were in farour of ha inL the
at to .a im date y Ia i three eallern countiel firticed into an indipcident
Efatve, to a immcdi atc pa t ; o ntd thotfe governmentt, ad it atlled in the negative, nosi votin
having ay demand i agaitlhe ,d wto thave in the aliriative. hey however iudlod it pnirr to
not already delivered in atteted unt dele the:oto f c atI o attrd ti ve co ntiun, wheh it
to Medflr. Fork &E Stewstj, a requCeld to he holder on the lirft Wedncfday of Septemhr nest;
deliver them is without further de y, to and have iulnruled them to oppose every imeafurc that
JAMES HOWE. may he therein agitated for that purple. Pelc Wadf-
Nafau, Serthmber 30, 1716. worti andSamuel Freerman.Efqr. and Captain Thoma
CTOI.EN or DRIFTIPED f-em Mr. Garner'Is andlfrd, ate the gentlemen who compoul the delega-
SWharf on Sunday night, a MOSES BUIL'T h oty co tio met C crd the
BOAT, fat bottomed, amtted red with a black .A ulit. After voting their pro.ncdilg. eonllitutional,
upper fireik, a back ftem with a white edge, they ildted ten grieace, whicl they fay, the people ',ht
rowl with fIr oars, has a hole cut In the fore- of that county lnblur under, nearly similar to tlhofo
molt taught for a mad, and is branded with the enumerated by the Worcelffr cnvemtion; though, as is
name of Ditinfoa In two places on the fiern. ifuil lor fuch sseatings, they have not proposed moe
Whoever delivers her to te Pinter will receive remedy. They have lfo voted an addref to the pes
VL 9L1SLBA LR rdW f. tl. lo, 1p70. pic, ld4 adjaruusd tethe lirA TacdTay I i Oober.

L/VW, s f ldtr f,* a iolwesn In CaIlrA il, Itoh r ad alietters of ay fimila .
/p~,dter. daled lath A.4.f, r 86. foever or wherefoever it er r ,t I s.
SGeneral Parfois, who fome time ince went to this Commonwealth.
treat with the Indiana, hasluatcleturned,andinformed Given at the Council C
jni that fihm what difcoveries f has made near the cond day of Septenmbi y-nr r
O)uh., hIr i- clnlit!nt America, fume aple pal, muft one thousand even hut ei- .
hvc Ie 'e inhtlbitrd by lame civilized nation, who were the eleventh year of th
acquaint d with the arts, fuo in diggino the reaches of ted States of America.
a n.\ flort, *inriActed on tile Ohio, 600 miles welt of
l,rt 'ttr, which is on the back part of Peanfylvania, By bit Fcetllemry', emmj,
ithy canei on brith-wotk regularly lad, and found J,,hn Avery, iun. Sect
t.n r foultd Lbrinh: found silo, the ruins of a
ul.,,.... Itir, and traced the ditch, gate-way, and BIIAMA-I.lAuNDS ,I
.i ;u lluly. I lty alfe found the ruins of a town, aid Nlw-Pnorintt '
a ,,,',.u pFraiid formed by art, dofigned, as he B Ilit ho.'c Joll I
fIt I I'Ll, 'l.e l ,r. place o worFhip, or for the burial B /y Hi n JOH .1
1l ilr J,. 'lt *1d whid h hal lain in ruins to lang, that P/'* w (;o*, "
he toul'i r;ce thii had i.en threcgrowthl o wood Balitama.-lanils, Ch
ie. it I"~.cel ; aid he iidges by evely appearance aid OrdI .rJ /" t'he
'1t 1 e il rt. w.ork. that appear, were dt.i. atl kal A PROCLA '
z h.lilt.,d )' .ri eo. IIe there dug up part of the T REA the (e -
jiw l.o I nI annual with thr tree cili in it, whih HRE the Ge
tilrtc treh .r ncy lay in tie jaw rlok the pace of two Iland fattads prot A MI
feet tt; lle lhbroutht home with him, the draft of ad Day of OCtober next r o
ml.e i, thcne y- It avc inclofcd, it weighed five poinnds. thought elpcllent, that th, '
H' ictalotiil .I u;gl bone, va.hih he fo .undi. iwhih Ilutuld be further prortogua
t.. r fcit tuen ilrhe., long. 'T'h oldrnl Indian, has THOUGHT I T, by and wit
t iokwdie i .a' y ifuchilniiml, but thly havr a tra- lent of hit Maiefly's Hlono
etliii that ni;c. ]reaLt beat was thire, w nit devoured this my Procllarnation, I
all !, i(i cr aiinthbar, tand that thic ,.t at t,,, khild herchbt prorogue tlle faid '
] ,1i obtih II L.t.d in LitliIalhuti to t]!Ci, as tiothiug Mondaly Ihe 4ll D.iy of I)
all. ..'l, ,,l-,,o. W IT' V tint/er ce I ,
c t fil ut reeth l, le, given ti, Val-College. f t/ & ,'. j t a
.n,, r ti h delia tor tIe 'hloit: hi, .: ticty here." S ptit b. r, itn/ 1 .
.,A.. 4 lBy, it 'cnuai, oit ,fl L,.ui y %1e',.' can ta'. / .4 nto, His
del id., -wIl -td in tto nt laft Flriday, Iroin North-
.,i, tnl in. tIL i ry oi IIm ph.irh r ar, intirlinel d i'i r te '.en r
th. t In Tucl l.i) I, lie day appr in;. I ') 1 i for the Ri "
Ilitling '..i te C t"Il Comnnn 1' in tha tol n, a 11 lolr'lir Cvommnltd,
a lh t.till. 1 -io men, j3 ct h :n' w'irc uindr IINILY YOueat See
a-illt ..nil hlada. y a arptain U LtIuitI all, ihkl, (; 1) S A V E T
Ch-.,, tilth t111 alonilk ;eticn.nil 1 rcably p|.B- ,IC otnta.lcloIti, 1
ccliig ihe liltintif t|hit ieart, clii I they clldrcj, NIlw`-A'nv i iln ce. "
tii inI. t it f iin r i trcrteand roi .;.nl.;l,, thiekiug IS, H l I., o.r JO H N
ii iicurt t, 'o ti ill, hc bU lils l their olite. IcrJient, anid Commn
Sit, g ai tl add that a co'c ltttuon li"I llah..Ina Inflat, 3, (.ChaI
II l t' whit .l, ir atnd Ordnar -f ti/e Jamt,
SIII I 11 t, coIrt, at, ol(-iiii. til l lee.1 s, arid ")
i.. 1 m ..rIal, w'i :rii Ie..i. A PROCI A 1J
i..... l ublis, as wll as urnie.lary IIEREAS it has been .
c1ii tha Ev tL. th th e CLi tItlit Ja .
ciciirt ci o" ilil aidlI of New. P'ctc idetti iN.
: I. t, i' u l.. I.' ih i I lq; ;i v er- ur t of t he i6th inil. lrol.k n, at ..
S te t. il i t ti i -t Mit la t 'rt. Prtll-tturi uttil( t'r cr tlli.ual I iA
A it, ( A M A T I N. ,,,,, ,'i cletlc ,, ;t. A
V rh I,., l ,ii t, I ,i be'l gi, n to 'th Sit c.1"rer MORRIS, tIe plopert

S..i., i',,i i. l ig .c i .ay c hiih ii ot Ii.iit(I, 3 C C le nt, of his Jell a
,i ;' t i. i c th I w it h lin I i a I c ii t, ilot thic toy Proc maclot'
'i hL : '1 -, i t w, d |i I with itt cra tin l ' rll, itc y lle' r a Ret t F
'. .. I l l. ltn e n. aof lk h ari- Ilo pi t lc I lldC tohe b '
I. I,, ,',i. l 1it Ii,] t, dl. t. r,,li, -l Tc it't'.I rarml Tc O' rth T. liver
'i( ir' :,,11h (lI[ tii t hI t lr 11t ;-i hli ni', ;oii ti( 'DepI nty or tile Keehi r cty A
W ,iLr and ,,l i cat i ;,t,I avih arit.ih alcini, l] I l hereby oferr he like wof it a' '

I it lii~. 'l 1t- idt I olfeni is fciigl't with or Penfuns, whloi were saidi i id '
f I'* :-irl tI 1 I I 'ni ic' n il ciCn I 'l'.Iet. o It; all- oltm y i fg to i proilrring the Wid I I'
.' .. i] i inr ta titl It l l c t, an t rffrarchy and th cl .the
i, : i. probably c, r t r u -in l L ti lllr wile r imy H n l
I, I, ,.], ..i u iiiily delnroy the lair. pr fpc .-i li E aut i r the Handr of l .
ti c cc qiei. Iea any I tctple Stpt her, etr .n I '
)., will realiehcyd Tb n n
il:'i i llt i i, ,: ant Ic irttludccly .n n I the niachina- hba'ad Slele' wa.t'l ''I "
S1" r. I ci, hee.tte"- Iya onu that Iha[ t/ ive Inferim 'di n k e

t, cl r rthl, lltl aid null zealous friends Ic ns, i were idi ..UK
i"e. l, Ie ret. li t fuu Iby anlc ithti, c ,advit i y a in or p, r'ocu ng the r id,
ift I. to i. hi rocllicti ri, anllity apon Hl y Yc Secret
... .. .i ll ycTr. i IT l i jrors, cntflauie. II D S A r m Hand '
hrr IIc ,,.v I a od i military, within thii Com-
"i *,, I. ,l, II1 ,.l r, iille Jho t ci heroui y .lly HunCKd t] *T. IlJlgt lt 1 r ./ '

O 'tl .I .' t 1,tiln t ald nl otp. aloul itch violent F it L O JC ) 'Ni
jinr" p'ro coi c., if they floulo lt attenlmtcd The Bt 1 I i:
I '" .' "h-',rfuant to the indiFlpe ble E L I Z i H
"-i.1,tl,,e 1gI plleof thisConmiionwealth, mriol DAvi A M
ea Iil :ll l o nI ,,rcl as they value the bleflings of il politively a ie it f we
r..uo an. d ie.leitpd ce, whih at the expene of to F0 r. w t
iUch h1l1, and trfurrch they have purtchrd--. r Fo
"ilall tlir (aifl, hih in the fihe f GOD ndcthe i r on board, or to ,,
Sorld, h ledt i and to tne pnocr, nid tothe po- a ay
cihila Soes when they -doptcd t ..i~ A LL thi Eftate nl ofthe late '.
i -nIht hu, ,*0 tiTrl)Y hero e tontcnlttiblc
14. ,I cIli atco ii; the view o whom, they late Mr. Dua tL EAvT l .
t-rile0 to glory ou. tpieas they would not delired to fend thrm inpro
5lln to p t glory. I t T
;' e trmclv.w, of the Incrity derived fr wll- ubfcibr, or either of the4 e r. '
'~,"'.lt"I focicry. ta their lirveliberties and propertil, adjlted and paid. And ith.e rc '
'l"thc cy would not d.eo.veiupon their children, n deted to cither of the itld E
tu" peace, rredom ani) lafcy, a date of anarchy of hand, or book debt are W
"tuicc aui nwery--I de molt ecaiu fl d molt el tie fame io the court o
'"""'tly call ipon them tl aid and allft with their t5 ;i7, there t l an ablolute C nf c"l 5 !
""'tlTt" the aforefaid officers, and to unite in pre- atborer bufinefl immediately, all'
an""" .'i~aipprelinf all fuch treolonable proceeding ever remaining unfettlcd at that
Ilrry .r eure that has a tendency m eccoutp lgto the hand of -m Attoracy at
t"lt And the Atto.-ney-Uten al i herebyired Into the dl ofin tt ati
tlprofute and bring ti, condign punitlhment, the f LIZABut T EAV NI,
tle'der and abettor of the afrrefaid strociowe vola-. A ITH B r,
i o law and over mcnt i and & g th iglcadsTHO S

t -11

*' s

.. P i ,-


- -

-T <




Voi. I.L




No. r t.




NAssAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at th P riinting-Oftice on the BAY.
a ..^ .

European Intelligence.

L O N D O N, J L 7.
W 111ATI a difireme a few mtrt months have
wr ougti in the intention l l i, o:ufortaniatr M.a-
d..1, ,i a MAiltei A tet older, d, licate, fair, aiid, ill
rCv a' eil!c noaft dclir.tile woman dragged alone-
b a ti. o u -ciatnicrs, treated with all the brutality
rn1 r1, i holil r ,i,.is the refuse of mankind, s lll
c. i li inilaiy !-accallomed to .11
tli< ..' I l' [ l'i, r ,r Ia aolf romnfrtablr
to' i n ia-I-- I nuIitcros trAin bf rfttrvants!
tBu 'L a I \r,,rt, t i-' !-uw I rtv-rfc !
'-, I -I- i -. i lm lr nii i S ,'lplr re, or the
l n, h lir ll I r-l ) aI iaom, 1a r;ith-r a dol.
StI u y i h l t.- tll / I- if, c .
t ra l ii i. ,1 ',. l t .i L' , L i .....' I, l

tran- Ir i a:t l . r, y r, I .

r.1r r hi r, ,: ll. a ill c i .. i,, b" 1 al i l i

'I I .* I'PC T li r r he h .rlur n!
tr i, \ .t i r i i i Ir

It - - - - EL-.Ia

Il lltl 1: :1 I~ I I h :"I. .0.ti I- ad l1
-i h I r.' I II ,. h -l It 1. tt .Ii -

11,ci 'I : i, I ', i -;i :b .. I r ;a- oil .. a I ii

fl.- -i 1 il ,.ia, l.i ( t u -I
-t :., I I h 1< I- I fl' l .. V*

t .I. I i'v z 1 1 it 11f-. a iI l o r,. it ia-

Ir atil t aI ilN 'c (r I hi iI i, d i.ll rh d a yLri e

it I1I LA ln hl t ,,f.I I' i:J l n.iinI Ii n
ililt *I4.l.l .'c it Irf l Ii t i atlrtdern ) ,iot olr t r.h" "', t
fort I to l' 'ib 1 fiiullcOVE, Cl- rn--t--.-e'lr thil
I- j. j It-lt nd l.;ol? which it E 1><- built
a li i- .11 it IA tltlff< ii tc,,Jcd al ,ceL 1 t a-i.A
p. 1 1i.:i-mo:c for ., arc, in .rol IttiD iut tiel

'- i am, -'r the .:.11-1, C m ., i,.t' I ., I iO.
I-- unc a liof.,i, whole I ame i n lo laniiliar to the
all,,( u '), f rII the ulirllm( iL-t of mifurtune in
f--a h i r at-l lit- h w llldIt, r W I l

il.i l Id Iccly lu'- d, r ole of lia mllrft c rah ordia ry

a!,,Lrt- .r in lna r pe. i He i fal to be tihe fun otr

aiyc i (;,Joi !a i Jbilit y 1-1 hit-n i .ht- liitin. or niai-
II Ia i. i t, at he C:aleidi, b l i to it e 1 nilll w -hich
-t--.-.e .n il !i-f-ro, iwh o r t la a I -rI Pi a Iiiirk, .I c
i,1,r >, uat-irf l a Al ld i birth ind flil m tao trh a

w ltilijd o Iilrt-( h!ii ten month* opea ai bare a m' d
itie I 1. in ol tu r I, to I ia y this rll uiry -Jnt o a
Itoe r in ni i re ioi trauie h haae claim cd tl Alas,
m Iy Lordi, wy will y. ths prwfia upon m ,e eionl
(o h nl i'Jhtl' rri ,tnil ?-Fo ihr ti purpol ol jll ice,
-. it vaih t wla th ir Ia ar idfiactadd a orn i airua cr al
ba i e Ailter a loi aid painful in ilanmei t, whih
Ia o Ja .n, aa ih-J t i inn it Catnito a re n

nsadc hto fhiuar; t'ei.r toI ures more .I u .tifite have been
to'lai oat (ih all C sh e tar i aer fdaia f i ,ai n lai
a Lhda w ltly wtl ) ad llis a ofo c la n ef e ueatcariar

endurd, rtthit intil the power or your cale uioner to
tijaid f oa tl o0t Caaimitc guilt ;i th fb ubadlla

enquir) you havl ro make of foci a wretch it, Who
arIt e yli-Wh- ,n-c do yu role I"
S'le Colmtil, v. L IC well infoanntd, is rn xcellcnt
fhd.lar, and ,a i t .-complilhed orarcr.-H- has
pra prlclairn, a id with :i view ri g.ti,, but merely upon a
Ilintl le .f ]hil. nt hlpy and .' ,d-will *o hle i crcaturst, leaving vclry often -i..lipaanlrt h;i. t:rn.
with celi ol the i-,lo lll n1 1or-o onlunry. Ic llva. In
a *ood Rl-! in il' r:ouniry, atr lUj.niltoli, near Lhel-
fet. ; :as large tin., of nmi, y r wtd I1 eral of our bank.
er*: andi i .l id to e' ull.fled of tonlrder hle wealth.
The C'oire, and li. wile, who isl I .ln;.n ladv or
noble birth, vwer t;an onaltha inmllpnr.edl in tlhe Bl.:lk,
in fparae aara rtit nTIM, ever onver oe !rilg or taCluag
to each other, ind dlened the uk of pen art ink.-
I hey Latre Ich mau tied fitIeCi ypars.-Their iildrd ie,
c.'., %rtc faet to their ielatiuol, a-id \rwre ziefulrd the
Lnina.n rifhIl qtl ccr to their father and nothcr.--
.\1 il,." ,traterrFl the Cmt, which (ouvcrnmnant
.hi Iy ti er iaridsut wz ..' eirid, ro the amount of
it ili"hrn r ; ,i aott afeu. o: which he wiil .va:r
.-.-1. TI'., I 1 .. l l nment for i fnpacio' of gulilt !
Notwi!f 0, c,,rtt r t th ank Mid.ano
d;c l Ml t as% thet thtb- L 'thlcl'ee L-il., he yet fays,
he i- heartily fIy for he loor wnoar ; fte lia.
n-rr wi'l a punilh ent equal to rir;e Ie I ha
na-lc a very handsome percent to Niadra.le Olii.
A t rtailla lilaiaallc, nlore than pulite lasly, we
I t, Clitce Cgho flro ain v.ary full afftnilly .-- 'r y,
t"a..i, ru C.'lehurw c nCa yiu Iay your morr:y I:-
Il .. ... H i .ll'I Ir. a do11u.|. llar. .'I WI f I
S.CaMa tmr thr. W il alht, sid. il-- lul .C
7'-Sy I'; I hiary naf the St l-'ufaitftou hlo-
ti.l i,. rill A the t1 n< e faul,-agCutl, &c. hnrCe ail
IIIIii l i t lia t r Sott anot, asd hat irrcrIai ar-
I--tl ii hli ih ic N',.lIritla l ti- '.t f I"ta -c toi
'il ailirc, i i e 1 Li ll ad p lti .:I t.r iun airri-r-
oui..rly paid wonild Inir hiy, b.n allowed, and the
liLaao I have rala/ ti-eJ..t.
Ia i' t le I the t i.hlatiu' prize bill, the captors
I' it ii,.v .-vry h ,o aipiehend. They eaniplain
Ii '. ly I c. in,,:' ill Iord Rodney. It i laid that
al wl, w %itr v 'itt .al fiynifitd his dill.aa.lliaon in
ItI 'l; l ti.. V" P:lt faid he wa. firtay that le hail
T o.r t'i i', m- Ih.oe enabled him to aiepolc the pallnte
fl" tlt ;i::I hr. I;g the H-oufCe f Conimons 1.erd
ItIl.ity ::Liirtnr- iia- he now infornldl hlanl in time to
SpC ,l il t!.1 i:o lit u Lords, alul Ie ciped1ed that
lic il.,rl 1.. -s to all the pewc-- af tliverrniirnt,
Mr. ''':, .lliherd lthat it was impolthll lin told
in(. riere illiillcrial'v. tie would requell his brother
aI:l "tlc.r Petr%, whomf. he might he able ijprfonally r,
itIhl-ircE to go down, ,iut it mull be left to hi co-I.
It agatIf to act n:m"-ioria!lly they rhoughe ft. Lord
I eAlray fid lhe alid nor p. rfedaly utnderlt and thcfe nice
.ilnlintirlct, Iut if hle 6ll1 -a nra ercreually oppalfd.
lay G(- h;e wv.uld pEachl.-'-1h- bill wai d'etdually op.
by a letter from Vianna we un-lcrfland, that tle
Eniperor e;tecnd- hi4i ,prorcmrnts and refarma to tlhe
ilnurctlloftbjels wl.ich lie conceiveti may aflc thlic wel-
fare of his people. He has lately o: frv-d, th-a the
clergy had left of their proper -trecf, a.d jitt on lthe
habiamesnt of the lairy. Out conict :in '-laiC of it ins
and pencatic., lW t the revertld gcntlcni.n are obliged
todrclf in chatra -r.-Somewlhat to nauch o this abuf
pre aile among flei-viz. hoots, lbl.kalina l.rceches,
bnfomn of araik and ru;oi 4. Ir'ind h:r.*, i.Lt iL cka
.nd oitEhr a)pau f a cacii'OlJ.
SS I N 1 I IN 0.
Wedlcfday rcaing Majior J.:nea-Oe;-e clrmple,
alias Winter, anl Wilfaon all. .Sa-wyer, :. 'I- wn.
alias Johnflon, alias Aleatandcr, &.. &c. &r. was
brought before the Lord Mayor an 1 a .ernmc at r ild-
hall, charged with havi:ig f-anduleatly -'ntained foom
Mr. FclthAm, Matter, io Fleet-Ireet, three gnineoa
and a half in the month cf F&hruary laft.-Aioat the
middle of Fcbru-ry laft, the priionr cAled a Mr. F's.
houfe in Flcet-firct, in eh. rior rtteaded by trwo ftoo-
mei, ,ad after informing Mr. Fdlthaesof his having
beae recommended to him by lJ'r. RichardiJbo, rn? Sn
understood was hia particular friend; he then produced
a lady'l riding hat .s* pattern for Mr. at rhe faime
time ordering him tq mike two of the fame lind with
all caiibis psediaidt t hle intded to taks them to

M) ..

Rua.s, and at that time told Mr, I'. i mt Le war .
Majur ill the Ri'-int army.
'1 hen Mr F. ptrtclvtd, that the tr,ttina AhliI the
Major hid, wma imade by iim'. dircelton
fronl Mr. Richardllha, for B.rain 1. ., Ihort time
Wifore : .1.. wr.s itiatinci that cit tlirm rt'i fuppofted
Marjr hJd tter, a ....IA fon'-d in 'uch i he Mijor,
alieI ,;. hs ir irect.o to rMr. I w.nt .away, ihe
noe' a y e r'llkdagaleir, urd the finii:i.a ofi the two
Idibe I'at-, paid iMr. I fome cJntp!iihl.I' it.n hi fupe-
rinr ylye ofl kc^tin" hat., .A.1 bIfpoke one itr hi, own
wear. He thciI told Mr. F frh ; hl- .-1 in ll on a
nrm-rhat :n t'ic :y foar a uol. aud thar I- would go
.J:ai lce- iva it. i r.. ".. fied t., [e tl.ct bll, as in all
probaibility, he oJli d:ir- bh.n ta 1i hr. l which
!oi.ul' i v_ a' ' .1 a j it ig i re ; this
.ic, h- ail -lAci. t lult .'rat day he
c ll :-.* :, c- .:I l ] I ,ai i i '!ai hrother'*
-r ; fro i .' g Irie at as
mo-r't r qe a b ai tlyel to
;eairi' it c i l.-, a I -. .., .i l l)-i h Il' Ili'rl 10
r tr, o.I ,-0 A r d t ir ie-lfi!) of hiring
a han : .ul f -' f l l .i- bI rather'
h ra ', a r, Ih f ,. ,1: % I. t I l. i rnt tPh rLu gl hn. nc
ia t .' I Ind .c. , l or i I ill 'i vc pirncal
fL)mil tur nLr e ir. I ala ae liMalit goil rd
r.hi* -ick > .1n i- p c',l- ,,u I ll. d4 ,par o int-
a.r ilt Ic tlI !ltiOr' L t'a.,\n I '' i, ie \ i-iicta, from
his ar t doe r i aehbour, -.r:'l rh. r.vt hjlb -.-'iira in
iilter, he gv-e to 'h rn or cr. On tIe n fa Ie r.. it-
I ll: Ih1 .e fhl., .1 all t i.r .r a i dr .Xd c. I. if he
L .ii ll .t ol And on iii'lleag in ith thllrationiv, was
told by the llria tcr lh.t lr. wae i.lipl cn, thit lie wa
Scnilr ,cl thle i iin t r i irccr, ht r.nfe.I Mr. hF. the
xa'l.o, fneihakd Ill >ltnr cnie, hliich rnti of td Mr.
tiot elu.. i however

l, lrul iU aprerllrim .InA, oia u,.. hciit hlweim a( rnlr, lie lt..., lt ;.ha; Mr. Iichard-
th i. Aiho ti aiul-riet kl r-cr .- ,dl.i, him' that
Mr. ioiaadlf., dri tcd r havf in rd at. oad deo-
il rid a' ae wr hio t truc l hliii J- ai till:t a he iat-
t pi t r I' i :" v ;rj i il .r Iol. : Ic ti,cn r-firrnd M r.
I-. i,, r. or, f t-ic 'l rml tir, vho co Irn d l r. R'i
i.un tt i the irf 'or, ir.n Ii nr- il auo y other Jraui-
dul'a-t -.61b wh:. li '. -d ;.en ;'uilty th..t Irnna that
lime lcb l. a tr I coa n -. 'd '"iilftll nodial to take
ef ery p.ilihle ne 'nlt | i ln n i lei p, tEtiflncrl
which, by lir, t h ly rfn overantc, at In lrh ar roved
Major, h liadt cn i Hie to h race 'iut itr nc arl the a.t
tfin a ,l ala thait ict Fafgi e .id idual ; havn Il
pra.rte d a war nn nu a itr a tl; re,,'canilly difap.
pIlinrtld iin a ppreherli.h I lain, onl 'I fda) lift pfllfnfg
through L'htiaplide, ain, pirccivinr, a oatali anfiscring
the ILt.r'reron of that aled by :ieal he lrill anit
alli d to the driver tia top, lhat without lrce. He
than, purlecd the tlrre.'.l., and aftcr a lthj (ahale', at.
tepited tao leap in at tl:c widow, upon which the
cuatih Inoe ed, and the a:Io; at c.. of t E' td th ppio-
firt ide. Mr. F. prfuacd. fle Major then took i tel-
tcr in a banker's OAip, where he rtcaained till th. arri.
val of the officer from tow-irecct, who con'aLdu5le himt
in h aety to the Cmp ter.
Al-eut twenty prfon appeared to ai di6l the Major
;eFor different act offradnlenl rlo-gnuity. Mr. I. and
Mr. R. 'crc then tound over to praf.fate; and his
Lordthip fiuly committed the al fit nr to Newiate.
7,ty o. 'J'he pplefition f : of St it phe's has pri-
fcneid niathing but empty bauichet for almost i molthi
pl, thu'there ha beta t moarc real bu.t oiao o, and
ilthed, within, that time, than during tlh whale pre-
'e, ng part of tle lellion. It we.'d f-em as il the
-enh. r, whb -ifrtally nllt-flcr in Oi'.* 'uarrctr, gavep
hcrnifci/c i-a coan-ern altuat we-bat is .-..-ied alteric a
certain period f the- --ulicital rrp- .n. At tferfi tlie
mn-ake a rold nrld, .iot it Is o.-by for iactfelvti with-
cot harint either the / -n or the foor 4f the public be-
foc- tb.eireyet; anldwlhen they S.dr :h. flv filedia
th attacks ahe I *, .r! f' t:.ey defert the
Tairutd altoether, le-orTA tIh-,., -'. .tu to do with
n-ilooal a/fiit w-lbever t'; avra ..'. a" p"eu Is
this, er ls ft net. the t-ua fiarit of p-.rr-j:,tfmn I 0
II rcFer: *r1 i tir, I .: a4*. ct the 1:7 .'-s clat've te
she eaertl .! 3. St. in '. etr., ": 1..tcli Li "rn nt ao fari-
cat oac ; 'a rrtain noblt Lit., -o.<-iJli intecefled
Iear betxcf,. ha ,, -i ,a; z t r. to- ,al.tal hmriafelf
to male it a rora.ld of iwpea:f.iat,.'. ..otild h.nh bo
fe: it 'mut c-t deep omanwhere ; ;.:: '.!ht the Broke
where ;t may, flet the sum g to the reo of the ue.
Pono but the guilty ca-i iaa anl dtiloa to fear ; and
the matter wear fuch a fmrugel bi ofl af& at prefent.
thati jufkc cal aloid (er itatial kt t the bearom.







Si I


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