Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 16, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Voe. III.




No. il 2




NASSAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

American Intelligence.

II A LI i r a (Nova-Scotia) so.
SINCE our lat failed fur England hit Majefty' Ship
Allir tince.
A tranllort wirh part of the it battalion of thl 6oth
rrfimt nt h is arrived eic olur lft.
y.l, 1. Sirce our laft arrived a large transport
flp vi h the remainder of the 6oth regiment on board,
Irom Jamaica.
Yrltrday arrived the brig Manilla, Capr. Swan,
from the LoCll of Bracil -She has madc Ia excelle-t
vowyre, having brought in Joo barrel of S]ernmacti
Oil, and ISu of Whale Oil.
Aoo.fl 3-. MAnday arrived here the Ceneral Elliott,
ranl rt, frrni Gibraltar, with two companies of tlhe
IRoyl Arti.lIry. under the conlmand of hM.ajr Adlr.
to relieve tL' Artillery llarloned ill thi province, Ac
AugJl I,. Lf l Monday arrived the blig Ari Capt. I'. Ifi., from a W\hling Voyage.-Thc Ary i ha.
br-nuht in Bo harrcls of Spcrilacti Oil, i o of Whale
Oil. and a cwt. of Whaltbonc.
Tuifda.y f iled for England the Lord Malgrave and
unoiher ira1tfport, wi h ihe 3td reimenlt.
Did. lill Saturday. Egnlt.i WaDALnIo of the tfth
re: ri nt,-alnd on NMi lay his rcualins wcrc itLirred
Wit illilirtry honours.
A.-if.f ri. By accounts from New-England we
least, at f't lil a :iaguarion of tridc prevail-, as to
o ,- foil very it ret banrrlTment, in evry branmh if
bfi ir.. II trcilei in ile Lanid by the Alyrginc.c--
ex ti!,,.i fi, m itll Brnlth port inl te c(cil-ledies,-and
h I .' I ritl allyy wlh niew ov urinanrcv ren in the
rfw I. I. II crt.r wit. o they are artdmict their viffcl
Iar ,T...' .-S'ip l uililing, that branch of bul
nil, i i.c fn v lh,.le nld profitable to then, is altoge-
tler at a I nl.-pTh'e Cntin'lntl Congreft, we -ried
or' with I I'ci a lnoiit tio he diffcri. t StateI of the in-
ififc,-r i of I' te power ipit into its h.inds.-ithcr to
. tic r' k, ip it*. f. rnign eitngamenints. in a regcliar
pail i I,,f h-e inerrnl on Itie loanc nw IetOlcle ldue.
er tii y i i allttietoin tn Ihi h n, blillcment of a regular
f\lt rntl fie trie, oin which their future elticneC al a3
C. eln,- e '. lI l, JII p.Id-t:J-tfml Ilto tate, *he-
the r ir Io, i fh t I abdicate a Ilol on, to which ,.iohingi
bir 'le fh ,. aw .f power it lllirexed.-l lhe little Stateof
1 e ilr lnl i to remedy the IDnL'nlne cncecs and enbar-
r. ni n le Iln'r whlih il'ry laboured, liavt hcthlien
ehl.of, lies to the vrttl;cl rcpedient o3 conitting
V .n.,l .l in I'petr !Money --'Ii.ha. crliwn that Sit.:c
into fth a f rnicllr, at eas onc.liat'ed the mrnrhactcs
arnl h.opke-k-r- alnmll ullivric ly to that up thiclr
fnor. -lb Ihr p--dletrtllliillg not to part wtil rih l
Ler 9i.; prl' er'-v.
S r I an ona n 7.yc 20.
The IInure of Alt lily I'v' becn plealce tn gramu
fve I unldrrd p- unds In the building a LIOiil-HUUS .I
tli,t inrarcc of r liathiur
1 bry 1ave a'fr Eiai'te1 fve hundred pounds to the
nm!c ','iing the r, ad leadlinr from Shelhurne to Anlna-
pFli. ari, t t tiudred Ilindst for rte lBaUricaltn oald.
Mio, .ii ar rivnl ihc ,Dii 'l'aterlane, Capt. BaltLtt,
fitr a whali voyage, i.ill 260s hiarrrli of oil.
.I fhdv arrived fintm Ilalifan. tiic Mary-Aan tranf-
for,, itrh part If the (Ah regirnent.
m. Jone'i,. (New-Brunfick) April 13.
Ir it '.na.led by the (invrnour. Couctil,and Aclem-
I'v, t-at an Erghlh CGuinla fhn l pals current and
h rcce "'I Ifr twrnlty.hree hlillingp and four pence,
r. I a filvrr Figlilh tir French Crown I.iece, fur five
Ih. ilhp. iad fc.pence, a.d all other EIlgllh gold amn
f lv r CO:n in the like prop rrion; and that Sianith
r i1. I I dollars hall p i. current and be received for
live (n, lrpi rich: and a HaIf.JIhannel, for forty thil-
SIr- in all piym(n u to be made within this province.
73', 4. 1 wo valuihle vtch were brought into this
r'" i week*, from the Bay ol Pffiamaquaddy, for n
levle of trade ly entroachnient on the territorial
ri:- b. of Glent-trltain; the one under the fandion of
a -v l officer eOaslihchd bv the government of Matia-
t' oftc-, nn Frederich Ill..nd within this province, had
tI f ared her caeIln and the other had reported her-
rIf at the faidi office for that purpose. The have how-
evrr ,rn dKmiffeil in enftquenee if their igoraeen of
ti ci- flii.linh, mcd we trnft that the (pirite e onodt
c" eur viliant nficers of the euRftm, will ferve a* a
wminig n others, and a bi s to the faid oavalofier,
or cny 'see, who may prefume to etercife faih an
ofic' w;-h;n th; province, hy virtue of an appointment
from the govertrU ct of bMaITAn-tfcts.

Augt It. We congratulate our readerao the arrival
of Sir ilny Car':lon, K. B. Governour-Gcneral, &r. at
QuZbec, about the beginning of lal month. We have
rrceivcd this agreeable information from Mr Heggon-
bottom, a peiron liatioued by Goeri menat l.ake
'inTilqu.-ta, for the piurp'fe of forwarding dilpatchcc,
Ac. NMr. lHclgg(nbuttom received it erlom a mcrchanit
innicediately from Qiebrc. and alf, fpohc with Major
Mattrhe., Aid-de-cinp to hi, Eacellnccy, who I.ndcd
at ithe ill.nd of erk, and proceeded to Qethbcc by land,
on billint.f. for the Got, :icuir GenerIl. Mr. IlhggeLn-
bontlhm alfo informed us, that upwards of une Ihundrced
lilople nwero employee in openiing llt rad., and making
the comanuilation betw een Canada lad this province
F A L M 0 T i, (C arco-lay), J t l.
Ir is proof ot uifilun in governments, as well as
individuals, to fulihri to tenio|rary Ivil., when losing
bn fits may be thereby Iccured.-- l'he three rlla.rn
.utllrie have fubmitted to a scmporary evil in the
Ilgu:ltion of their lumber hufinef.-have turned their
attention to agriculture, whereby they will fecure to
thcmf lvs I llhirng benefits: rj*-The three callerni
counties are three wife couniies !-Fairly proved, had
the fubniilliuo mentioned been voluntary iDflcd of
forced. II.,\vcver never mind wifdom; they will icnlain
contented without iht, fu long as they are in poffeIcon
of the benefit. What one never has, one ilidem
war.' o r .
it 0 T 0 i| JftM IS.
I he fum now to be allTffcd upon the people for the
pay of the member of the Houfe of Rcprcfcntatilcs
for the five laft felion* of that honourable body, that
i. for about one )ecr. is no lcfs than ll,ooil. is-.
J.fc t9. It is really aitolilbing that there (huuld he
one rfin, ol c omaion fcnfe, and common honcly in
America, to oppufl a plan for the permancil fyllem of
national revenue afrer the experience ol fo many years,
while Congrc t every year have demonfnlatod the una-
voidab'r iltceflty of tlis meafure, and have alfo Ihewn
by the moll conlafuive and lorciblearguments, that tl.e
federal government cannot txift without it.
It is observed that the old p triou:nwho conducted the
revclurion, arc fur the plan, of ('ongrefl, and ihe oppo-
fr. are iciplc who auver twere dilliilguillcd for politi-
coal ifdon.
7./) .1. In fpite of their mornlurs and alnoll in fpitc
f thlemnfelvnc, there .1,Ancican S uares arc dflined to
lnaitnial importance and tarional Iclic.ty. he great
I'ather oif Nature has etle qered thlir condition with
hie pinling cloijds of tcinpor.ary drjccrion; hut lheir
S.:ural for:c wil l (in burll Ihcm inlo being-tthy hall
il( c look back with aLthotiilhmnt at hi tc rivial caufes
whicl have in 'eded thcil Iprogr( f, and blufi for the
ptiillai.imily with wil;th thliy alccnd the flop of ccm-
A letter lhas been recelvcd Ly his Excecl'ency the
Govern ar, Irein our I)clcr&,rte in Cougrtft, contain-
eig an intination of the pcponing the aicertaiin in he
boundai y line between this Commonwealth and N,w-
York, until (3ober ntit.
7u/y 7. A repr.fentation *of the condud of the the Icizurcs, &c. in tlhe ealleri parts of this
Comnmonwealth, we hear, has hieln made, by our
Supreme Executive to Congrfs-t-who no doubt, wii:
dircdl tIlir Aniballador at the Court of London, to
demand intmcdliaer and ample rtpraration lur the in-
dignity olfed theccby to the authority of the United
uly o. A correspondent obfervec that as the wdl-
fare, and even eciflence of the American States depend
on the fedoralr governncent, and as this cannot etdi
until Conigref have complete and ample power to raile
a revenue to support public credit, and tn regulate the
whole fyftem of commer.s-therefore. if the States any
longer lcgled to give thboe powers to Congrefs. nohing
remains frLCongrefs to do, but to inform the States
when they lill retire front the helmt-and abdicate'
their oficc.-For the States to triple any longer, is to
port with their eiflenee. and It offer themselves a
prey to any invader, or to a tyrant, or to anarchy-
SOMaiTHlNO nituf immediately bc done.
It is faid, that the very person, who were the moft
ftrenuous for the million of paper money in J1ene
floand, are the firfct o refufc taking it in payment for
their produce. "
Agteir p The tamolt, coifuGeo, iad difurts, which
have fe fome time paft pesadedathe ft of idc-
intand, hbavenli et fuhlided..lrrlOlthi* 4wIIli t lb
has received, the ether lat es will wan wilom.
A Ihort time fince Capt. Hourc, in a fcboacr from
Ponobfcot, owed by Col. M'Cobb, ws pirlticall

boarded, off Halifax harbour, by an Englifh custom.
houfc boat, under the order, of Mcfrs. Henry and
John Newton, and conduded into laid port; this vefel
was bound to a French port in Neowfoundland: after
the underwent a trial in tirir Court of Admiralty. fhe
was ,iqu:tred, but not until the matter had paid she
court fL.c, amounting to 661. in urcd fur Laving
prtfumaeiM to fail in the Britillh fea "
( HAir tOowl, (Maflachoufctt) uy y,.
'Thr fu city of a circulating mtdlum ihltrvne a cor.
rrfFondent, I revails not in the United States alone; the
t'bari.rrllieCI t conliquent on the want of a due repre-
f(ntani.,n If property are equally, if not more fenfibly
cflt in the provinces of Grear-Britain : great and many
bankruptcies have already happLned, and others arc
daily taking place.
The v ithholding from ui the point cededby the treaty,
though presentive of nor fur-trcde, has fur the loft year.
opcelced much paginfl the itcrerfl if one of hole pro-
vircL 1I heir lall renittances in fur, the principal aid
almolt fole export of Canada, have oat only difar
pointed their real,'nable capedlation., bu have rtatl
added to the diilrcilfs before toe ferioufy /Iit by the
commercial intrerfl of that province.
Our corrcfpondcntt further obflerea, that the prcae*
ding renarik, or relation if fais, are not intended at
ronfolatory lot our loft of the pola commanding the
fur-.rader-le would rather load with invrdlive thoef
near fithtt d politicians among it, who have octafioned
the infradion of a treaty fo afloniifirgly favourabhk to
*he United States, and refllelive of lo much honour on
Ihe negotiair;ni of our minillers-a treaty, which, put-
ting rational faith and honour out of the queflion, we
were bound by every consideration of the innmerdiit
and inrer remtn e intrtll, mol religioufly to refpedt.
lice al of the hate of New-York. granting the cone
tinental imp.fl, having beca referred to a committee
nf Colgicl the committee, after making a numbLr of
remarks on the adl, fubhmi a refd tion, porpting,
that the al fo clintially var:rs fronl the fyllen of ill-
pol recommended by Congrcfs in Apiil, y783. that it
cannot be considered a a compliance with the fame.
New avr-PorT, 37ly 19.
Etlri rft a Itter fiom a ga.liramon I 'N lwA to ul
friend in thick lawt.
ry the la an anol lo authentic advice. from Ean-
land, it is certain that the govelniriint ol that country
will not, on any teins, form a commercial treaty with
ti -the uniform language of all partnics birg, that no
motive ciila in favour ofa treaty, Gnce they cao pocket
all the advantages of our commerce without fuch a
A treaty of conrterce between the United States
andl Portugal w a ag ced to at London, on the ajih
,f April lad ; it waa then fined by the American
m in lers, and b fore thbi, ha. i*en fined by the ?Pe.>ptecitiary of Portugal.-No relaxarion of the reru.
l,:ons, proltilirin- the importation of lour into Ports.
gal, couli be obtamned-the condition of that branch
of our commerce remains under the treaty as it formerly
wat-the trade withl Iorntugl haialwaya been a farsar
able one to this country; with Portugal and Spain the
balance hli been, as I wilh it was with all foreign a-.
tions, in our fatour.
Th'lre is n.ot, i iny opinion, any probability of a
peace with the Uarbary powerrt-Congr fe are dflintce
of that which alobe i an obtain it. It is unccruin whe-
ther even Spain has included a peace with Algien.-
TPhe truce crafed on the lift of April lft; a peace was
not then concluded.
The Envoys of Portual and Naples were the
waiting at Carthgena for the event of the Spanihi **-
gotiatinn with Algiers. If I tire is eftablifed between
spain and thia power, probably a peace will be cono
eluded between Algiers, Purtugal and Naples; If it i,
we Hall be almost their only obj h ."
I'lorIDeC.c, (Rhode-fland) JYly .
On Saturday lafi ended the fcloia of the honoucahle
General Alfrs.nb ol his late, at Newport. During thii
felon a tax of Lso,con. paper currency, was ordered
to be afcffed on tile polls and efl.tetof the inhabitants
of this Aate, and to be collided and paid into the
genersfl sfury on or before the Grft day of Janary
net. The Continental tai the oliledlion whhicL
wta h pnded 1L May. wa, at th-l ftleio, olderedta
be colleed and paid on or efr the thlaA ila of Odf-
bor net. A girat number of potticia from infolent
dabtan, nla ail, Mor irfim gtiodf whom xecutil
mo oat and retnnalia f were prfented, and thb
prayersof moa of them grnted a-B the al e ima
portant btfinefs which came before the hoofe was, an
at in addition to the s4 for emitting popte moncR.-

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