Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 9, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vot. III.


No. I i.




NAssAu: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAT.

European Incelligence.

CoN sTA NTI urnPn, M. 5.
EVPERY day conflrms the reports relatli. to the ur
rency of the dilpuae between the Imperial Court
and ale Sublime Porte. 'he Emperor's Amballadou
has received orders to inform the Reis Efcendi, that
his mailer has commanded an army of Jo,ooo ame to
be ucllcted in Ellavooia, for the epefa purpofe ol
tIklr polflflion of ihe placs In dfpaute without my
formality, in rafe the Porte will not previoudy agree to
the plan pro ofed by his Irerial Majelty for the de-
malrcatio of the limitL" KM. do Bulg.kow, the Rul-
6(in Minifler, has formally frecoded this declaratioh,
adding, that the rEmpreis will be under the earellity of
fulfilling her engagement to the Emperor, and ffillting
his arm-, it the Divan do not gave a categorical aud
(atisfaury arifwcr.
PRA eeC FORT, T..o 1.
They wrie from Sleidcn, ia t re dillrit of Arem-
bt ri, that the Dulte has granted the l'roteltants the
free rrcirle of their religion, and alligued to their uae
piouss hall in his calll, till a Lhurch hall be built
for them.
V Nr A'o 7in. 1t.
Orders are dipatrlied to the Commander il Chief at
Carlltadt, to lhe l the troops in rcadinefs to search to
the frolltrs on the flirteft noiice.
Tlic EInperIr has fuppreflld the chapters nf Wig.
thrreng.e a.d T'riferen, in Carinthia, ail thruc 0t Lamn.
brecht, Nlubcrg, Stanz,, and IPcllau, inl Sty-
ria I'he convent of Capiuchiln, Rthcollict, and Llo-
tniinican, are alfo abolifhed.
... i. T.. ... ,.,1. w.A. a'ir.aouinirnevfrom
th." c1 it ris peied to vifitthcAuflrian lows.ountrirt
before hi returil. Thib is, however, conjeilural ; lot
If the l.,ying up the vitl nagarziiu of grain, which are
collilm in all the principal places of the empire and
I lrtyi.y. wliiih portends famething inimical en the
C( .tiir though the exchantig of Bavatra is (aid to
Lc oxhully giveni up.
Ura a I Tre H 5.I 21.
On the r9th the following was publlieod at Wyk :
'I he durgoinaller and Regents of the town of Wyk
haiiug heard, with fatisfadion, that many inhabitants
cl the different provinces are inclined to defend the laid
Ilace againf the encroachments of delpotifm ; and for
that larpUof have caprellcd with that the Mvagiflratea
of \\ )k would grant them their protclion--have come
to he f, !iowing rtfolutim to grant to every person who
f all cne to the place-the prolceion of the Ma-
giltraca-t-he right of a burgcf-together with lodging
an1 I mait:ainance. And fuch as require, are to receive
thi Itt ia er day, and the wounded, the widows and
rr;iain. if the killed, are to be maintained during their
lives Ihe Magiftrates are to tet to work irnmediattly
lt |rev"IC ammunition and necel ies for the city, and
th, pri v.n r al corps of Cha'rrs arlappeltned to receive
fLh colintrihutlins a may be tmad in avuor of W'ykh,
fur the paynicut of the reqculite clpeucci.
It 0 on J. e 3J0.
Ihr hAflemnily of the Sta esGencral dill continue to
Ct, tllionll the feafon i f(o far advanced that they have
tow cOutinued their deliberations upward of even
month,, with only fhort intervals, which is longer than
they fat even during the war. The affairs n the Re-
fublick are in bad plight, more indeed from internal
tnfmottons than roain any external caufe, though the
elonuI arc far from being lu'ly difpcrfi:d even there.
LoenoDo", 7aY y.
7Miniry having been the means of penGonti boe
Wvrcd to Sir Guy Carlton and Mr. Watfon, s no proon
of any deviation from their laualc and falutry f(lcm
of economy. It is the doty of every Minider of the
Public to call into the service of the Sate, tholfe Ca
who are the mol likely to ferve It faithfully. It is
alfi Iheir dity to fee that the exertions of fush men be
hot fulTered to go unrewarded; to do fo, would be to
aft unjutly by the hell friends of the nation ; and, like-
wife, to lelffn the utility o other engaged is public
affairs. Trhe difrimination of Minifry, in the pref nt
iAllance, muot have been very juft-lince all part
approve of their condada.
lhat the India Company will aln Cxpor t mnr bil
lion than iffed to he exported, not only by their bot
by illit truadern, appear to be by no means tree I but
they certainly will carry to India more then they ri-
menlydid. This, however, doet aot noeefflarly Imply
fl u4rimti. of tUM sOne4 iDnltIb of the Midot:

for in conGdcrnag the qantiy dr lner to be esporud.
it tliould, at the fainm time, be tip into the accoun,
that before we can export it we lit purehafe t at a
foreign market. The purcbaf cannot be made with
other precious metals; it mut be made with our maIu-
f(aturne;-i consequence of which, the eporeation
of Bilec cannot cncreale, oihout a proportionable
Sencrcafe if the exportation and fale of our nian'ifac-
tures; and by this encreale the nation will be a ccry
great gainer.
Lord Sutahope'ividory, on Thurfday, in the IIufe
of Lords, bodes well to the future tale of his Bill,
which, to fay the leatl of itl is a Bill butndrd on anl
undeniable Food principle, and frauhli with nany ca-
cellcit clauaCs.
Private letters frot Bombay, received ib the loll
paket mention, that Hylet Saib, whom ippoo attacked
i bit trenches, was ectrely supported by tie Governour
of Batavia, who had fret him a number of Dutch E.n-
gieer anad other officer ; and that be had alfo received
great afuiflance from the Laiidvai,gt or Chief of Colom-
bo, who, in point of power and reveo l, is almost equal
to the Governour above-entnioned. The fame adeices
adrd, that the Dutch interll in tha part of the diobe
has rapidly increatd fince the late treaty of peace; and
that they have made federal adastagous alliances with
the Rajahs en the Malabar oaft.
A.latrati d iiter /erm Hanowvr, use to,
The noble palace at Herenhafcln, a long under a
repair, is at length completed; and the Billop takes
up his coanflnt rtidence there ; new offices having been
cretced, and the bcautifulgirden lid in the bltl matn-
nor. All thce things are faid to be preparatory to a
oIalrimonial alliance now on the uapia with a 'rieuctf
of Prulia "
been Sioue a.. e ,i e ;1 t 'etat land
became an appendage tu the Crown ot Great-Britain.
On the derter lide of the penny is the head of hi rc-
fint NMaj'ly ; in the circle, Gorgiut IIl. Dei G(r.tij,
t;Y6." On the fniler fide, the three sp of Man,
and the motto, Quounque jecris liabit. Ihe ini-
preflion on the halpcence a the fame, and both picces
are milled.
autra f a firarte Lettr freon n ngfl Cn Grtirmes at
Ma.J dd, 7"n: 1.
I wasa led to go to a Sulmter Theatre the other
evening, but declined it.-' You mufl go, you hall go,'
were the words; You don't know how ,cll you'll be
entertained !'
I accordingly went, and indeed was not a little
lurpriled to flied .x nitdl liberty of fate here as in
Fngland, in a peilte after piecr, entitled, Prin.i-r dI
Ia: t.artl.a ;' in which fnie of the orders of FIrian
were marily lashed. An evil spirit in the character it
a i-raitdcan Monk, carries on a variety of intrigue.
with the fair Ies, and, in private, highly ridicuilt the
order. Afterwards refusing hiA own for, he has the
power of exploring the ferrers of every tan I hear);
and dctcqing a Friar, on a falk day, regaling in private
upon al:na which he had cmbrzled, he fcizcs the holy
father by the arm juoll at the nomont lie is unnorking a
botclr. This drew a laud burf of plilaufe from the
audience, and reminded me of the fcene in the Duunna.
I We jul hear from Algiers, that a fleet of Maltefe
armed vtffels lately calf anchor in the bay of that port,
and huilled the dag of their nation. The De fent to
know their intention. Their anfower Wl that they
came to demand relUitutinn of three flavcs. Upon this,
the Dey ntdtred his artillery to be intnediately tranf-
ported to the Lantern, aid to the evening feme bombs
were thrown among the Maltet; but the bad quality
of the powder prevented Its having eay eiret. The
Maleefe leet then drew ap on th fde ot Pemnt, and
giving general challenge to the hlipsin the harbour of
glli n retraed with triumph .
r Ih in4oirr into the admnniiration of Mr.
lalinmg doc not poma to ua erfi in the fortune
either of Minitr or oOf Osors. Int fl;ittcu p
important' question between im and the public ;,and
the objed of this 0tton isjv Should ie be cat.
ioinilo cannot ir b the meot; for the amifondcea
of whcbi he is esetald, hd taken place before the pre-

th mnd, hbe auitted, Misisay will toim
no encrit, and no wnil th Opsteti dln he
will be to be (aidn "e B sh te [e de
tiessm of Mr. HsUtls te now l(naisd and he '
enMrated of a lo il Ktstttomi iik h
did met dflmre.':

TI fe nrcigth sand opulence of Creat-iritain depend
ultimately "in the lurcef of her commerce. It i, how-
ever, ccri. in, that thil fuacce isin a great nacaturr
owing tu ihe iditliry arid wisdom of tholfe whole pro-
vince it is to reualate the laws aecordin lto which trale
is carried un : rw do not, in ane fort, nti on the be-
niefit who, h refult from the advancement of natinnal
credit. Ouir trade to our prefcitt Atmerian IalTelliolls
ahd to oar 'ell-l di.a isandl., is ery great: but would
it be i, utre the navigation law to be difregarded. and
the Ihirrecn united States allowed to bc on the car-
ticrq of Anlrrican and Well-India produce We have a
moll tlourilling rentmerce in the Pacific Ocean but
could we long enjoy it were the operation ol the Con-
mutation ll to ceafef lin a vr-y (hort lpce we may
hope f,r infinitely large returns [iom the lalaki of
Newfoundland, Greenland, aid the Scotch c allt : but
we thouild have very linall reason to do fo, unlli
Government and the .egillature had taken prudent
and illrclual Pepi fr rendering our filheriec prodacin.
In f.,ct, le lianid of the nrrchant can rolled much
wealth : but it amll fitl be flrrggthened with a prtion
of that energy whih our lawgiver alone can gve.
intratiaf *j IIt;-c/is U lru ne, Jane Oa.
Ol thc loth, the day appointed fr the Ordinary
Affemlily of the States of Utrcclt, to deliberate upon
the of Wyk, nont of the cjrpa of volunteers
who promiftd thcur alliance to the inhabitants of that
little owni fent couriers to encourage rhem; rlie valon-
tecrs allo kept a detachment of cath of their coa
under arms, to march to Wyk upon the hbrl ntoell-
groce of the States having dcternuacd to employ force
agatill them, but happily the Brates p t oe the dl -
bercrytt'llnhet! a.'.air to net month. ThIs unae
unO.n ielary. preparationa
Authentic and interentag particulars reffpiirg the
lofa of paper Trrel the Secrctary of State' Oftcc.
.tavlt */ Go nra Vrfeorh., oed MStred, 1786,
f -., Aj lr Dr. WlVj-.
O which daJy appeared personally, the Hon. Lieu.
teiant-tGenral John Vaughan, aon of the capture of
thc iOand of bt. Eunlaius and its depcndentcs. and
made oath, in addition to an affidavit heretofore made
on the ad day of April, s78y, refpe8ingthe invento-
ricsand booksof account, which are aid to have been
delivered to the deponent and the Right Hon. Geoge-
Brydges Lord Rodney, or tkeir agents; he, thil depo-
nent, further faith, T'lat a few days ago, he applied by
letter tu William Knon, Efq; who, at die litle of the
capture of the ltfand of St. Euolatius, was Under ccre-
tary to lord George Oermain, them Secretary of Statq
lur the American dpartment,and requced to knowof
hini the laid Williamn Knox, what wai become of the
bouks uad papcr which were tranfmitcd tby L.ud
.odney and thr deponet, to Lord George Ger-
maini' laid office from the W t-loudies, reflpeing the
capture of the laid illand of St. Eufatiue; and wlhc-
th r the ftid books and paper were in the [aid
oflic at the time he, ite faid Mr. Knox, quitted ibh
fame ; to which letter, the depoact received for azT'wer
tie letter hereunto auueacd, marked A. which he overly
believes tou e of Mr. Knox's own hnaid-writing. That
this deponent alfo, a few days fnce, applied to Mr.
Pollock at Lord Sydney'* olicc,who, at It tuie of the
capture of St. Ej slatius, was fr clerk in Lord George
ioGelin'l office; that Mr. Pollwck declared to thia
deponent, that he well ren bered (hat the hooks and
papers were uanfmilted into the laid becreary of Statce'
ollthe from the ioand of St. IEuiaom, an hlt they
were afterwards infpeded by a Mr. Savage tad other
perfon, whorl name he did not retoilede; but what
afltewards became of fuch booka and papepa bh (Mr.
olullock) could nt tell. Tha the Leid Mr. Pollock alfo
told lthi deponent, tat Mr.. lnlga wo gn e abroad,
and that none of tin lid bosl or paupe was now
remaining in the Ild Bo& 1o0 eol he Itll" wjat w
become thereof ( or the (aid Mr. Pullock eaprlod him-
felt in word to that efld.-Ad Ihis deponent alUir
faith, Tfat he is lately unaub to gin iny further or
other account of the fad measires or boeks of accounts
inquired other n t treauea) and lhat he had bs tow,
nor ever had any fuch inveuteries or boks of account in
hi cuaedy, power, or piflc bn. lave aa afose'faid.
(A.) Laler coterie to I-s alem fdlvil.
Dear General,
Lord Rodney h lnady made the enquiry sboot the
pl s you mentllon. They, With ll tha od*rls in L

.ier e.t uInder Wetaire of Mr. Pollock, he the r crtery cf ehtichi rte'ra of J kitellr fi.. Jm tf, i oa 7"#
i i.., i il in the ollice; and it was to him l.ord tearely beatsin its all life Mond. Ih. lia dicaledpry i en vour by a cir it il t
S.' 0 :. the order for delivering them up. u of I rce anl Spailn tlhe alud i pillr g C erlair ftifyour Englill curiolily with rel'l-s to haot I
Your molt u lcrely, the atfyum ti Eutspcail robber! II t is a1 .tuh*" witnolcd of French lyally, during the jourey oftheir
.t eghe/ir W K NO X. litualibn ? Yet this is the land to which 4fil cal- Sinreigri to tshrboulrg. H INtfly fned el
olfr o d R Aey, a 111. Pil, 7B6. rants arIe daily crowding; one to drag about the ,Ifl.c, ;ad etery wher d ee r c aCIc to
.- .hit fh l.r appeared praiAlril, 17the ik and chain, and fouc to carry to their rave the 1 haw ilh. tou retornet any thig. to |a I t-J-
hi h lay appeared crfinally the Righto brad of ifamy ever town h pafed, he gave ofitive ordet to keep
r, ,.le orge l;rydge.l I.rd Rodney. Knight a We learn fro Ca lrbar, that Charle-ringer.ld, tIhe horl. of his carriage tat his fubje&sa. nitl Iave
i..* ho,,nur.bll Order of thi. Bath, oe o the E pofca11on ll week efith cdft issf ls late time to fe, him at theircafe. At Cacn, a nng gir,
;to-,f the f.du illsof ,ti. l.uflti, and itide- .uarttiddart bmthect which ceremony. he is id dto nAirrclant's daughter, made life of the fulltwing
.,rr, I dt., and no.tue arlli (ai addition to the arlid.ivit rc perf ranedwith kdcayandhituri.ai1 which did apetditor to obtain the diLUhLrre ohf stidhvrfoldier
S. o ht Irt tolf re ,iade on lise i d day o Api. 17t5, ilin.mucb hloour. i in the Artlis reginicit. A ilier in France is looed
r ; ..C t:e iavtLitories and books ol auotulsr ; wsth i .L 7.iy o.'Thre Dutch are oue rivals in trade i entle when colud pk him h.
.: .:, I. h.c delivered to this dcponertt and the hco r h oly tion i the world lln Hc of carry-; sck nmid drew us ctitin Irf, id with.
t i ii 0 they ;.c the tiatiei t he" W t li I ri. Irk a oid drey tp a petition rlcnIl' ,old w Lh
;. I Iu. CGtreal Jiohn Vaughan, or tllheir .agnt) ing on f.ICtilUl ectr1.riion w il us iI iny of lt iS .r t h nds con'raacd a b allhoi, itnipirubly deco-
t, it 1., lls a nd patn eri thy him int atllted to have t r ii ,tant Iii f c.i lr rce. r'T tk Ati, to which ile fuipended a luperb gnedol. W1i.c
a I tI( *;c, eluJ ingCliid,wtre lurwarded ondcr the r Iat la t to cuak th.r I iirit of rivalry. e ut..Il .c ti e Kin was near the place of her aboac. the liberar d
oit~ll ti c. CGllini (TVrot.o, Lilco Che in K.idiiy of lir: iT 0,41: avry wvigliry sir metl rttroi!g I ir- "tt .: te aecilat, t;1 contlietcri it to lite fitrdiat oinal[>e-
rl ,: .,li Llritilhr, d t boar hi M a )up e.,' li i;l try, it I h vil e l. a h hbre p$ brirg Atic lou t do Gi, I I lc, .,f a AIWt little boy. uout icn )Can old, lisom
1. rl,: I...., ...un..udt by Capt.1 DOu!.>-, ii l it Atr'at), thruh ru ninc into a conimrr.i. treaty w)' ihe I ,ii ito.le a i.e noft captivatiug lupplktca ; bit Ma-
I;.ip lail- fq r ngland as pait of a corivoy undv r the ittil Prorincts. ec luccef of the trreay wirh cite t iy read the nmiive, aiid then pult host th:e djhll I I Co(.oinnlJidc ,trlhain, in virtue orl ,i.Iold he a ftr toward, llI.l il."li r %ArI; d i:hL tforod e brought with him, s the erblcer
irt)m h; depinsivt, bearin, da.rc oin rl Mily h* udh %Iciiy't, itoo be wihei tia Mr. 1 J t I dIe fi.oiur he wacbsalutsiring. The Kingpror.iilid
lfap .*lsn:., St. Knad, i8th of March, iai', a1ont cmy lae a eailile ilfuc. i n iiit, ry reward n the 'inrant, hon lire coapld Lb
i rr ,p) of whidt ordrs, tnrl.ed with tiec itci At eer. of W new AeistsI.ri ,i h1 %I v y e1 a girding on the (word, the c .w
i.t.- .,.to anined. And ldipuicu t .ri h, l. cr y oftutour lhih prreasllrd it thc.riii. rdert, |, dtlrhi r snd the tInar day was talac deIp.
th t l ulhe a6th idy of the laid mouth ll Mar.!.r; 3 oftl w ,t reledlineg ite Vreit arnd r trtl- I puill liolt ohis ingenious misreis Ar CIt-.
.ror c an oll;iial Itcrt to Plhihp Slteler, I 1; I .y conduit of ih e urnt i.wardshis L glitli' rirg L i the XoI, tcitared minuiely into the dernt
::..rei.y of the Adlirairty, in h e tiolk ,in.i t, Iriti.,r of Wal-indtic us to lay bluore tlie I1- attll Iti nIutti. oprtne.t A BeCt of .a hiprs, ci.-
l iil f as, o l liiii tt t rh .llovin i .. rti. lii. |i ; cI tie : aalra MI 7, t, o (rigaet, .,, lo uwher
Il, ;: L l .I t oe of eh nh i talln- ll I.t i t ,l .L d l i i li ntgi hf t rite tl iit . it ,H I' Wee Is it hde t fla la fi ll.'iet,
; ..I-tIt, t.,i it lad r .tl l )io .ts l'. M1iilr. : ,iatl.,i o ; liy i:tiattr, trot iratl ,ilc tlt tarltitreilo 3y a nt 1 ri i It tIUi Iov anl cMaalstcinvo .eII iqi
..ti ,,i: IrI cltter wat rceivo.d by tl.e 1....1 .ll. cnt ) I f1 I)oO. l. r :I l1,m, l p r.viliccu aollild I, ktilt Kll i g' pr;-cncc; tL lauunching A tol a s t
.,..,., a- l i ltr :" d. nld Joel. ; a tu oe 'riop) n ,,; t la in, ti i l L l I Z hI Io, i,!' l CC w n a l., o, ,,|, r c,|led Ior tl'e fo.,i..r t. after volhich his. Nfa?.tl
S ... It. lI ,t i rkill U, +lllt a!, r ( I ( 11" h ; q11111 P ,. 1 i ll, |i u ri, u l,,|,, :-h .i tiiitl ll to i rc .' wic l |,l, lclgi t J A i~ t1 a aluu 'cthy, or fbt Ild t,
I .. ,, ItrI i, r,;l l> o-1I I l., A be. I M.]"- .;, ihl, lot ,i hit lluiri,,t hi I.I. CI 'Il y to ,r .tl e ) asron. He then went n bo.i rd i
i, of i tl h,, at : i ter t 1.i, .:,, hb n eli. > vo.iar -!A in I t.iilt e t. ri'..triot, ;nld dintci thlre ; during thi rclaft hhe .ip<4r
ri..t itc i. it In, I i,-l) I.) inm Ilt to l.1;lnd The houkhold rli. tihncnt, amon.tiin tlo .. teorl. w ,y cd troesi- nut tft ; a tl.utartag
.,, l i.,rl l.. ?.I;tA y lih \ ...s.:ii-atlrlaJ,ieatrrc pei r m,- fiie ari.g r l r s.r tti ic fih utredl. at which hias kA.i t t si
,,, th:i ti ih.' atrva.l .r: ita. itd, p thi: dim onl hkr .atnd ,itho r ilppe ir'hor) mde l|,ri ;.l he Jclard h.owecr, that the Iptloiie
I ath h.:l inloned h ..ud vclil hcllf.vor, ,etr..rli or the fil, set arts, Ti d by pTr hL 1 -oth.dg difpgrecable in tle found. In the cveuini
., ir ulirc of hl.I >cltly '. Ilin (c'c'iey ol e l ,r forlnll.c i litrrat.rc,-tertrher with the capeol. f lh, lame I|Jladrhn repealed the mock-fighl wih rc.
sic d-.larrtmrnt: aId ri.s ,* .c t1.1. the urnfo.rtunate and miritorious,-Irou,luced a heavy hut balls (,a it was coiatuted i y tie laurnir
ll ct lie conCle.ld t. ony of thi f.,,J book. .- .1 p ap'l drlma:nd on the T'rea.ll) of the I' ice ; and hi liberal In old nlip I tllined for that Let Ihr i Ki-g pa*ll
ic .ined mi tetr iti.hly inceJliry t r li i M..rt,. piritwa, instho| I d ry h, isirc e,,. ciat il Cal A it the t h, fl.i|.d lat Kiena, lserc li
a1 ,r.,rmotwnt to bte acr -nttIc wrtilt; an.[ his tirt .nri Il i, Higho i tho ul, h i11 contini.llt cxpio.n rtin ol an belr .t.f:;d with M de Ia Ferionisy, the Bihorp of
viciv in trac..ittirg the l ami to hi. Majeily' d nier, encre1edgi glat,, ita,, irtl, atiltr il'mi.t le, without that O ee, and it was noocin chen he arrived at Houtlltir
ws, tol ron cy u l iteiligcn:c, ::nlt I h. h .- th: lid h atten-, tion on uol i'rlimcy.t being called to ii t iompur.- o rntlerk. The 27tr, at 1f en itl the imoirinig, tl:e
tooks ;nnd pare.l' dged .I. a place ot l.e:y. rely t,,he ,an ,,biI... At 1 o;.h, .'1, ing the pri h c. lii;illn,, it lu n .om Chl lo.:t. aI r,:r i il the ro.d It
.roduced whenever or It t (')ir: ol JuiAce ,s ., i the te f C,, ,l,n they ,,,,,. |.r I .roi dro ,ac, ao rtn f,ina rthi re un.d tie. ee lajcd l
litoutli hIto or calion fr ti ti l en: d .t r, tr.,i lot .l l. s t i at,,nm it i fithh tlhe Inlt!I a s'ltlio. n of the pr t,.i ofi the I:ft the to n \M hpr tic vellj, ilr ivliich hhe t i r, a -
that oil or loi thie dth Jdy 1t d ala r 0 l t t p. I h, ,re l h. A Cornvl, a- by no nmeaa t.l. t ro- ren crolit d the Sei. ,, was atI lilel dificnch ftro
ithe ncnt, is cmtall y vo.h .Ful .l..,l tr, l nold viiot for tihe furport lof tie ll r Appatt .t oi U t- li,, leur, the C isa,ti r .-tvd l e.r tlo filul. thle
the Rev. \\titati> raget C ri, to l ". t ,i i' : M: [lit.t tit..e.i 1ti ,- hi. i;po t r w th a a t rab etr o, li it h oth r vai chl's
I,,oint,. for the gondi, n.l Itr l it i 1: I n t' r i e i.' ,lit.t. h: n t iilrmtnei I ti I lI at thi Im-ir e s lllI i th l N. U IIaci 'I coal e rh. Ir c t nr r w.i ti ld of :.t F.m!Ita iu., n nd-d a-* ll '. t: b.. l trl i lt,' .. d .. [ n iorn h< I. l I ,rl o I -oger y hI to r, ronil %.i :re i lionl, t ci ,
:,'i1. 11tatiin, tar. 111ii !.t1.rl1t. to.Iitr?6ll. d. c. reittn:r .t.i ii to time.
It.titjIt altl h. I-test tha t oii tat twit tria Lk .? iay ntornio liit anti e Itted 0ii
,iff.i ; thlla. he v.. il,,Trr.ltld iy !.vai :.-; I r ,c i ,t.ltl ,i a.b ]ablitr l l -V, r,.th lint. I, t ,,i. ." he wa a --n, l No wa r Ilh, a y wI .h. Il lle
cr1' i ttr t I ia( i I I- r t -t itt I it \ ri.i-ta niereit. ;otht,, ootttii Itile- reel .i 1 fl !.-, ap t IotI hl but to CI I Dlti, .in Itti tle to" "I.n toI
Lt.! r C. rotary, TA I bly on- or n, c II t Il. il It ..! ~;engr |, in i ,nh i. l l he, tt..ion, the apprtsetan, cof hi noilit. ar, the fe -
h i il a olic il,.: no .baok .1 .i tl t, r Il lori it :r ul i thc r tllt iltiinc nor at al ) frtt, c r *" i)i .ini I Ita t ulo th l o veil', the. i pelted
triIe I ii ,tiiioe, iii;olii /l i ..ce itt 5 tie oty ittlirt ,lL I eroelihit,,~ i tre tocititi \ 'itt~ ~inee, trite 0101) 'It it rrl CI~C1t, I a R att ilt attn ti-rC tieele
SIr rs or dont ellnc t rdei in tu the g,,.,oli ,i L.tured at ri ,.ivf fa.ii ,lan for l ny intrral l i: ., ors o" I re i. R e t. ld hL Ia,,in : llll In ollct !nor.
.i:. I rilari;., rueii ord in the Idrlt e, l, the hi.n li) hI -. rt m.i l. ei nil at .ltct i'i. c ul 'Ieri ai ""o f the trin g, opriate l f.t itIniig ly I n titr, i nPt or
ofl Ithuir nowl-dpry tl hi In ; I, r that tlie I 'Alpe i'h. wien i.c rc'.d ; I al g himrell, i t aonly t emoui n I e t !) I cilit il to I e a Ircoi.
I fitted frnin tl. ulat;usi lY c. tiidt pan llt, .a i. hi I L rd ",,t. nl u st[ | nmn w ,ulhi a r. l:r o i a. When iris IMia y lauded lrce hte te I k a ia ll
t.; b l intrir l l d'r prl l iin c lir i .t i l 6lhi i t i, iL l l1 ;,. nt;i." tlit or:Il tat l ol hsi Iorc.l ,i't t.i i o tihe square, Acd ia h.ltrtoied at tLhe. ight oil tionyif
Sdir thc .t trot so if- the S-crtaroy Itv, l,,r thile he h ade Iin mtceind o't tihe l'htie| ; '.I at h00, tIe, molt hictaiful women in France; 1,e then cocnt to
Anicr. an d .rt.ninl. had aft(rward., and a, mf il- ha.d o'pernr! ar ,n d: r-r,,n'rc, in shi ih h a, met d;l,. Iee :le dorkc, md thi other works ttrnig on in the
rible fiwce, beeti deliveted Iou u: th e: r i it l, i.)> ic t p it.l t it, it reineta c it ith to t tihe only pl r. I he furoua breath of ireas doerliveci thI town
parl n ; anid one ol the clerks in the I fe icL ,, it hI~ pov'., r ..r. e the ( .r tnds I, his v:,rit,, i a -grant illumiumasti prepared at the town lho.,,l and
rojured ce receipt fign A hby a perl .nt l ;hc Irn. itnle t |tr n,, in ne tther:; that is en.atl iIm in ie.l tho i ii i e iqlluare, v'hre a l ar-h srle
;oavarce, hearing t.te ithe il of J.r.uiery, 1-9 f.r Ie :.ltrry in of',l ...-. t mf, ivrd tI driand ]i. houb c- all. ory, reprelai ting I.e th. XVI. l',,i t ie
two truitcs ain oi.t or peckaget, r batt.g ol ; .prper; lut hld.-- ,,.fur eet,;' l elld i..r.iromenta lI (' irk- l, ao Ia de Grace, and Irotei; rt int ifro llI
lh,.l articolar p.ackag. h: does to r eccn lko which re rull ,,t ,- to ', l alt hr tift i.; I, .t r.d ever h, ;i atla t )i thi tc. At ten o't ock hr i.Ii Ia r.. .,, t .e I
il fch trccipt deferilKdilbe ithe ocksan a epcrstraif. i f w;h l:h wr.t .lli I ; nI .llitr th.1 pridr- e f tie miot a ,nt aren't ark. of fatil....n 4 tr si ic loy lyty
clti etj from St. lt,.illiatis, nld at the fit- or hr o of the r Ile, and the i r i court : i: t laoing., t Ith In of the o tie ihhab it at.'
l.ach receipt, it is f id thel fuch papr's re to hte tliv:- ptorh ,ld ico irle. *I ha ftt 'h lfrture in- Mr. Jtkinfutci 'ln verypeteral kitnleoder l. trlie awi
r to Rati Dtr,- si i I. .si th deIp ti c cc-aS iti d fd anolrttly too n tie colonies, would mall, hina, of .lll other loe of
irm to R I1 1 1q,,, . 7 < ... J A n. d V iiii d rp o ', lie % ,!. -n mn i, d th t an n iu a'ly l0 1 ] r l| h " o r p o r i n n ii h) r o f e.(I ,o t ir , oi c .
rctnt faih, that the books and p.aptr' tore :'delivre- 4 o,eO l. f,),.lt bt c hi al, to coitre,-nct : from thie tnu ,- r th-- i- proper in Itinitly to f, e l ton iI a olony
red oit of the fail aei t e f lthe Secrcr) of si.t knowledgee or ronfent ; an-1, es hbe hlitve, upo: ':t, ill ciety demn war anlwcercd, ud thit tryflip, ht will ie api., l; as I ,,on
v.itl.-,'t dte k:, ledge or con ent o.f .n other of the I .;r a h i ighnil. friend should tIe hicd oin l,' tite i'-rlt mclit o if.., A .v chnie d t t. ke l, lnt
raptur.; and that he was very muhi aftnonilh J on his due ,,popriatin rf the nont) cp ofcd of the friend, to the ir lent Mnaftr; rs.t
keouing the fai hookok and i,-tprs had been Io Acco ri; p the alor.ientioned deternii.ntin ill I li, le.ur- of hope i, a:.! that ,a be repc-ad by tie
dJelivcr.l iu: of lhe faid oice to nay pcrfon wlnatevr, li Highn lIttir wtre on Frida) written to li e Uppi'tit'l lt.. ..
vrithout hit kl,-ledgt or approbation, s rh-y not on- genlltcni of tel Houofhold, flatin, that their frr- 7edy i. I.' edifpof.u l f .lCrown l]neand forto h.
ly m:.tained natter which clearly iheweov a correfpon- vices wouldd tor the ,rlfcnt le dirfcnfid witlh.-l.Vnrl lkniyto oi a ecry pouptaric.tairr. Jit r ficlm e tcr-
d:.i:c, anil iitercourf between many niritih fihiljed~ and Southalpton's tondu on *hiioccaiAn deferesp arr n- insastson oI h Aimeri, n war, ai hia blcn looked t to
rite inemies sf Great-fritain, hut allb the nature of lar tsenti,in; hi. I ordlhii, when he furendTre his bythcgreatodyofltheounionuiahenfoll prohbl hoall
the trale carried on at St. Eunfatius, for th,e pUTIpolLf key n oafice, caprciTfd hin fef in terms of the wtrmcft en "ans liightco the ininietle lrad which that imniapf
"I.Ipllin c his fajery'l euenlleo with provfione, an.l atachnmnt, and ctreatlc, that whenever hin service I "t'1 broughKlt Iln tlhe public. -. .11 IrT iilmet
very othnr species of nai>l 1nd military Aturcr; And couldl in the Itr t degree be acceptable op the l'rincr, ad out ola I'.rlamncnt,t I:tt been exttn ld,4s a rcelurte
this ad.po nt doth verily bteli ,,f fcictial are to the captors fr St. E.uftties nd its molnmaentse hli his Muion were of no eftimation i ver nqw. ace', hovweginiptinlile, have been pri e
Iecndmer.cles, in the decfion of many of the claims now his mind, c should decline receivin~d tch part thereof (ed, the Miinufer has buc revtlcd, lfr laying miipyoa
e4p-edlo i is thi Courc, and in the High Court of '. n ihc he in arrear. His Lordlilp's' cxmple has tle peppylr-u dr. r vewry a/ul o: enTon sighJ a khty, had they been fprthoming at this time : A allowed by veralother gentlemenn n the Prince's /'" to the cl.Gll'dr, rmGcie l. we en
and this deponent latly faiith he is utterly Ihable to who. are eqoalln tmulous in their proofs of diin. If to the rlenserit l aldytancge c Itreidy enfl
give a further r otherccount ofthe inventories or t ;Aled siedtion.-Ni, Highncfs declared, that the ad which we are likely foon tao derive froonm FF
boks ofaceount required after in this cauf, and that friendly conduit of lord Southampton, had made an atd Itutia, we can make afartIer a.ltdtion, by c'flas-
i.c hath not now, or end h'vJ,'hui'r invcntorie. or iiDre on on him that noting should ever erae. ing fome beneficial treaticwii H.oladand thle Porte.
hookb 6f accoont in his cufted, power or polffefon, Hi, H ihft intends retiring imnidiatcly front the the proflpery of Gre theDr.nicattin.fl T. cr
fac; i af-reTi. -ii" e .oli.he ued no t'ridy on the Lue th"t we hell It he liapinfne of feeisig uci linJ'
Sfi. ._"r. f m i "',S We "ted on f Uida on the 9.. .. at edition made is not Imptolaloc,ndo, at Allcoount. '
rr"t .I- 1, Str ODNEY. -WMilf Aited her *trh his porpoc, and. touo tion mn is a b.ptb t al i N
.l/.,j, 'l 6. W e lnd that America, with the .dqtaU of? ar the Hi',a witl he rt th' i i d i-ru aot lra ,s ta i"
f:cft on vtri unity oil etah fide and i her rear, has Irct viti ill be to rBIignhl in, where he will ..dl . in rt" n .u ,
i.. yet been hble to build a tingle fried to oppofe the continue ffume wl.1 Hwill e attended b A tw yeloerd Oey a eopldny r uneal. i
.e pdnatiumis of the Mod6mar is ffetue war to few ihflul doml ic, wile o e forms of ftae; aut i th ean.t w*et e ld an lad rm F .nAe,
I.dd er ae own deleaciehf fte. C.t of as t of wherever he goe, eveiyc e Wi ard him with eal, [r the dtat e
;.h arm of Great4-itaia's nirenglh, Sc remains a the and every tongue give hiu the wlemIoB oti knl love. aEl without iue., the atilj is cauiud

y the ile.ah of the Trl or Nonrltington, I.ord
Tblurlu i i."W a 'Tfeller of his t ijefly's Ellchequer.
The above nobleman was likewife Clerk of the
limtaper, which by the ill of his father will be fold,
and the itilsrr arilinx therelromn divided between Lady
BI:dg:t 'rl:iaftilh and her filler.-His Lordlhip had
ihenr fmnill appointnecnt..
fly te r.hovc noblem-:i's death a Green Ribb.and
tcltsr. ar allt.
By an autlient;: letter frnnm fcrlit we learn, that his
Mlj-!y, tie Kini of Prbllia, was not expclded to live
"y Idys when the letter was written ; his M.lajelly's
fdr is a dropfy in the Ronti:rli.
I hr Duc-l I'ale t f (clucklilourg, ,he ufual residence
Srlr Dtuh ol Itrniilwich-lDvern, was lately &ilsy-Ldt
ay lh', wvth all the ourbailillngs.
lil SLiubfctibcli havitj juforii ton that fie-
S 'Ir.t Irtirpaltte h.ive cn rotmmittPl iupon
li.r I.Id!, lituatdl ,1s *j;ar llatbour, on tle
iUnd oi .Litlc Ab.uo, t t hri. b i.cthod to w..nt
the iunhbita..ts u l the aldjiat illands.Igain.t lircL
irdlic.*1 fiLure, as dju crmninecd to-pui.
li th: ggrclis with the Anuft erit.
i. Wi \V G.
;., ls, 'ft-,.-'r 51, s ?t.
P I I A C Y.
UNA\VAY v ill, on the Isth inft in t,
fr-,in Ih Ill.1nd of Its. Iiultaln;ui the SitlOp
IUJMtlIt., owivrl Ihy the Sulislribcr, v hetlcil
GLo'uf;E Su irIPS wal MYil7 r. and uthin llyillg
i t.inld uii ii) the ro l 01 St. l:lfl.:til s, by tlIe
Mire, n.iaied JA.::s BIulNEl, 11ative ii I':"':
lI.d, Aibout twen'ty-twa year of age, abmit r iv
feet ive inchess high, fair Iliort hair, nid nal kLd
w.ll the finill pox ; and a niegio llan bo)y IaI.cI.
JtMEs. (the Malter aiA1d twd nitEroie lI.ig 11
Illisrc.) 'Tre l.aid Slo.)p i urilinh built oin a nit
plaiH, has Llack bendt atld yllow lilc;., a itCLckle t
a-haft, there lengths of b da i litr cabin, ls Iicl.
;. \cvy high, ia Itad pinip that carried the water
overboard w:;hlout coming on deck, mar t Ii
very little r.ilit lie is vciy ntatly finelhl ad .in
fi 's rcmarkal,:y filt, ii ie is aliout Il'rte-two fats
k,:. was ft'or)t rly cal!cd tile A' 'ATHA, cosln-
n:.l''crd by Mr. T'idr 'lt:i r, bi;lt' anld oI'.:e
l Ilis ge! GoToCdrich, f1]; ha I l ill le I' l i li.
] loul ht:l m olith : A lI iil.en l!i ll, 'l le h..t
Ens il i t;v n c.1 hel tjl the owner at A ii tii I ,
li Mi. IRobll, St. lill; Ml.atll ; cc
.ilk AinAliail, St. E:flati;ll; Mr. cliai!c i.,g lit
I:. i laot.S; IIr. Jul is in l,:I St. ira ,
ltlr,?. ', DBalts, anad Co. .,linct ; IMr
\si:'lti ti i.iscr, St. Vi'lst I.t ; ll a. U icn. It
A li KcI r, ( ;rcinaa; Mr. Juloi hliantain,Tai t'l.
Ir Mir JAlhn Niliell, ''rnidad l will cl th. k-
u",7 received byI
/hbr'u: ,, .t I, 1,,. ItS6.
N. I'. 'I'lt I fll f the aove-incntioist Sliop
are vry remnirkibic, a le.n bItng run through
t.( middle of cachl cloth tu riedelr the in liontger
.ind Iti hi better, his twso tquairtcr lights in each
I.dc an;d two inA the breifi of ihe quarter dItk, sialt and top sill Iall ill one [liiet:, ii filliste in
Ilite iirtnicr,,.ind alfo itilaie .ilabout c foUt .ibuiti
I he duik, he his quiaitcr dlct:k r.ils about oItt

W IL. Ie p aid to whoe er will deliver to tlhe
Sublhriber, or to the ceperof the Jail, a
Ne aro Ml4nasmtw JACK, about lwell lit i llow
s fert 7 nitelis hih hia'' an eidimencet i. hi;:
Slpirr, asnd iis .ith te finall pox: hie
laItly bclo.n;;d to Mr. joie sx1
-.' /. t.- I i

In the Ship M A R Y,/C ,plain FO I R E ST,
Aw D TO S Ll" It
B- ET-i' Hvfoti 'Pca ISail Cloth, from No. I to s
S I' H fo, Trer ^naal are S
I fotf Sugar Wfnalitrgst
Vl.k >tipper \ccks .nd Stniitp
ol .arh e sad coaie h Irik Lin-
ii: ie ,. is
iYet.w Sopt D o Shet;ings
Wax a., I allow Canllc.s lIs4 Nankcens
Roh' Buttle M1 icnd Womens Silk,
Yortlhire Hlnmie ''Tread, & Cotton Holf
Sireud almion Youths and Bola ditto
Pi. kit a lrnis'c Mlcns coarfc atid fine Shoes
(ouln', Fi'i Sauce Wnmicun ditto
F'iai Oil VYiuths, Boys, & Childrens
f'urlu y i gio ditto
I odon-ltticd Porter Chins, Glaf., and Yellow
liulied Oil and Paints I Ware
WYhids; with thcir firmer AliTrtmieAt,. will,be fold on
rceaflble Terma.
N. They have alib for fale, a few Purihconl of
highli proof JAMVlAICA SpILITt.,

To be fold' by Public Auction,
On MO ADA r next, at o'Clock,
The 6 0 OP'
M A R Y,
A lrong, flaun Vellfl. built of
Mahogany and Cedar, bisrthen t zoo barrels,
not above 18 smoltha old.
Iuicritory to he fcen at the me of fale.
Conditions, C A S
Na/faui, S,pte.,,hr 1., I6.

70o L' Sold at P/ublic iAu'ioin,
w I r II o U T It F' S E R V E,
On ?MONDAY ti: aIjll It LPrTvI I:, I-:m,,
S'lIE following LJOTS .d LAND, late Ihi
L p.o.laty Aii Mr. HRon r nsicwc, uiz.
A \\.WA Ilt LOT, 7" ftc front, aldioiisioI
to the W, \ ealrd to Mr. Hlss and l'iarl rd
to llS. C t.Isa T I, havirl: a II 'E, .16 by 20.
a lIOUlF', 21 by i, with a llric hiinacy and
Cellar, a I;itll lrci, Ilcet nary, &:c.
A W\'AI'iR I.OT, .as feet in fr t, adjoi.isa.j
on1 I ( it W llasrd ;I, Capt. i.> 1 s,: iI,
to C it.l. .L aNE, with tilee II in. ol'Ia Illouf .;,
by 2,.
A IIOIYSE rnid: KiTC:l'l., io:i Mi3.1"'si'.
I.e .
:iih:y AC i E nf T.A NIJ, i,I:.. i, s is: 11i.
li .C L ,.J illl; w ill 1l (i :, Cl Itl,. S ill.
ItB1l.l r I' Jol:. ION,
Tru flin l f, the Crediturs of Mr. R,,'rt Spe, e.
For S A L F,
O F E Ilus.'Lcd and FiA) Uuicsl of NEW
Apply, at CDhrlatt l ll: to G aola WliA;,
or, in Town, to I
THOMAS c Or o .S.
N11J11los Sp'rpriier rr, Is iR.
FINE IIYSON TEA,at thrcc DIollir: a PIi .l,
Sanil london douibl!e REINli N SUGAR, jl:&
optitu S;i'c at thlie Priintin,;
.Anl I ".- S 1I at !L Ilsrils,-O' rtcIk,

-'II: IIIS'rt)o!Y o thilu Ite H. VLUTION
i 1,i llth-C.;rolti lIm .1 Ii itil Province
tI :In Ira [Alitn i t I Sltal t. I 1' '. Ily DAVID RAMSAY, M.
) H0 R f -N T 1L D,
A/, I'J''ffoi' ir';rn i t 't i ',
A HOUSE E to the EA^ .WRD,
Formerly occupied by Si r ii IId A N , Efil.
For Terms apply to JOH N CI ISTI E.
;'u i, A:g.7 19, I;7 6.
A l Ptr lonll. -avin a-i \ dcillandl ag.tinit tht
.alu e sof t ilse alr ll teIr Il./',c ~ lce.led,
are -tcqudild to ii sn cr in tI ir di l a it icc "inti S
properly atill tid ; aiud .all tlhoi f i ./re any \at i.
ililhtt l t oi it) te I'id [ta ir., titlilby iBons, N tils,
or BFy(k AIcoruutI a, i' tlirtil t akc p.)'mclit,
on or hcle.ic tile n;ili L,f Ofld cicat, that tht
Subltlhr;its. nis be c.abled to nfkt pmynict to
lit. liiI Eilal'; Citlitor i; and inii .ife of .Il
nicglIl,. the diln.rtit a.ic ot' vill be giVcnt into
thc halids so'an Attorney at Law inmtedijatcly.
Nafitw Sept. ir, sa-i. AtDsii' EFxculor.
S11' Prlon indebted to tlitt.i c of tlie lae
jMrI.ALl IANoI Rot S os ifCat-lfland,
Jcccalcd, are hereby re diate payment, anid all having IA con a againlf the
fail Efale, to render thllin in or hbfos'e the ill
day of May ieat, as all accots not rendered itt
by that time cannot be attend to.
THOMAS SMITH, Admlltifrator.
Nat;i. Stplember 9, I116.
FoR 1-I U L L,
WI ill fal1 in a fw days; has Kcl-
lent accommodations for
For paflage, apply In the Mailetr on ard.
L UN AWAY frum the Sibfcibcr, o 'oady the
I 3fnl of July, a Ngro Fellow nan Joe. Wht-
cvcr will apprehend the d runaray, aid nver hi,
to tile keepr o(tbe,pblic Jail in Nai tfltall reccire
OnC Guie.. R'eward. WErY G NT .
'i, 0,i',0 j11, P67.8

HE paling an Ad1 for the emnilfion sf Paerr
SMonlt), by the Legifatarc of Rhodtl-l.rmli h i
otcafirncd violent commoloils in tslt ftare.--l'ilc
advocates Ior and agill i the mcafure, asie .idl to ie
nearly equal in lrengthl as wil as in acriamoiy aidJ
Ia Mi.rfachufrtt's Biay, the peopk are alfo divired in
opinion, rcl ingisi the propriety of Ilh ting a I'aper
('urlency. Tlie inliabitant of the iiateior c 1untl y
are rreprfcnield o be uianiimully for it, v.hile thel'e
,, tre townoedclr cate tlie mcall-re, as f.Ln,: LC
iath InsT,i.rLnf i'lI.
1v, itr in theri I Albany Czrette, under the llfnatilu
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lv '.;ln loi. ..- i The lcgina'.re of a, is
ice ll, hlriLy of that who.i flatt tollieSic!-.. hn.
Iltr i'llt a ii i ji fay', I will not ibhrnit to a law, Ih
i:c'.- a.tiiiil tlhce autlhosiy of the whok flait. Ihi tlhe
I.sll' m.ilan r, ('I..i gr'l is, io far :sa their pov.s eisicll 1d.
thL :.lhul il 1f the 'Illi rtcell tilatr collcjei ; i..d no
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'y lacr ra .htl ,ii*.i." I'lii fallc Irin iplc, th.t Ci a-
pill .i, Ii'.. I l.iL alicre at'c boa ts il l ait R ism'c-
plit "' iit l ilnt leC, unkft coutr ISlnd Ioth in th.arj
"" vi cflst i l thet rios eavertiat.
\t'L a' l.l'antly jlas itt uith thc' di iI if g;il et.
poscer ) t'llnt;i\,g:I. 'I lIth vh, I hcl l up.t thlis
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I. I a rr, at. i, lc ilcin t l ia l raiolt they are
i-.a.atc i;nt, tt Iantb ; ila) ai. t if l faiiin body a. tih
i 41[ l '!,it', tieslelore, ssc talk .shaut (1icv~ils i. sst.r
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ill i, ; .i I. .la nrrei. %1 l : \c tw ulk oi giving Ic
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ilo're a .i llcenlg tI c t1al i the Ceaa ll lsC lL ill 'iO
a pa lt, .tn. jil c all .iJe 'i t w i done to all nrr of Il.'
ullilnlr till t.he hol uot these colitlen in its
%,r.lsat" \c ra r on the fa.. li iLlcile, in a Na.-viY',rt
iratIr, I.l, hIt we ol: -; a to the sitluthal it
itli. 'it, s l s c Nl :.1 llind it tro ly dtjila .;-.ia!ie
t ait'; t "L v.'or! gill that calln e dcviCf. t' injure uts, and irt e'il our
u ad ; she niglh o th L.s.ig.atian of the rMifilip I
.tultit y dLs ind uti, \thih 1prcvZtl our back ciitry
tIiin F-g fttlkd; tih wclilcrn r olls wiitheld f(run
lit. 'hin.h ii a 5;reiter stilanctire than the fo r,.er i ausI
ourlri c lei aslll ll tan very lile ith riitiis to 1 r
] ; l'lel ity. A iileitioit naturally aiftins,
it ,: Icl ritleoditsnl I rois i l.hl lic ior .ithat is
; i.l (1 atiio al cvii ? Is it 1,t fiesli ( Ian
Ih .I n red l :ul l :' l :.i! 1 i sally the >ale,\v .isn>
cc.lltl iI.i a ly, ai dlit .c r i.. itllt h icc n ilt l, ot

i' I;r i;:i tic Kr'lt h!se R syi tio lir, alaci vis
,ui .:lal il .h.rtuns ?-Il all pi)n.vir in inh<:rilut i
aain Iicivti fI-rin the people, the pvplec ought tb
ci-,'. ,t a ifltnt i-uli or tthe piurp ofcsofgovernin
wili i.. .i,. A' .s this onre LITicd, our ears wovld
li ni .mort dtined with the lo's of Irade, and hi (on
lantiitnc iru ntlllances.'
On id,. th if July hitfl, Giovcrnotir Bowdoin fcit td
Ithe Il'gil illarIc It aflichulatts Py, Ia Iilage, n'l.
it :ig Ihs having irlligl sire of two Almericain vcfrll
he.tii Ii-'cd by lli Civil and (iliom-houfe Oflicres of
Netcs-rllras i c they layat anchor ocar the wctelrn
lhII- oi tkhe pallage of lPainimaqualdy. '" This
o" uiiu,," b s.i cnr' t lponds wnh the al, Ltcly
r'.l1 I y l i.cgiilature of New-B runtfwk, t-
'" titi.caag t W ivot boundary of ('hlarlotti tioiisty.
Sto ithc slie I fior of I'aLn.irtL.ddy aI)y; ani
h ath ge(l, r, (hew a dlllaflitin to exclude u from
t thc 1-vsg4itl o.' ;that Day ; ard at fir f.iC i itllc
n I:t c ronfiJerd as a viulatiin nf the toilti\c
tr. ') of lacic betwnccen the United Stares and
i t.a-lhitahl.
'1 Iht oierrion of the New -Hanil)hirc ahd Matla.
in.ltt'* liay Navigation Ad., is* ilpendLd.
'Th fi.,iooncr'Jruc uia miIttinisseil in oar lal to he
r.; a.aJy aon 'alt K.y, has brhu lina CLot urt, and tocd
into tlii larbiour.
I her khluonr Eribecit, Rhode Raicki nitafcr.of New
Drunfskai, s. iih her cargo, lihllird in the Court of
Vic-Admiral' fer a breach of the lawsof trade, was
)yeirll y act i tted.
Ol tle hil infant failed from Eiimam for Liverpool,
.he flup '.cn. W'ililan Scal. nafller. In her vsn
p, ail nccrs, Wiallian Most, .iq; James Mofs, Efq; .itut.
Joln Muwbray, Mr. Ufrjanin lotr, Mr. Winfree,
Mr. John Sullivan, and Mr. Henry Wood.
The Illen carried hiame upwards of jo tons of cotton,
the p:rduac of tiae Ua;IaI.'. a
SAILEn, or it
,St',t. Is. Slotp Phelburn:, Attwater, Philadelphia
I I. Urig Advctajnrs, lioyd, London
i1. aithoo. St. Mlltk, Rcdmofod. St. Augustine
C A LZT'F.R BAC fir LONDON, to go
6b the WiaAh as, Cart. IlRON, ij ip ht the

T HE Sssf riber gea paffi'.er to Enpland in
Tli Snow Willam, Capt. Byron; theref,-
defire a -,t ifi:6 haiitg any dtme nds againftAlinl
to call in Ms:isy next for paymert. Vie
Kaar,,, -' at b;e sl ii6'.










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