Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 2, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00176
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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A New F I a L,
Performed at raU.ahl with Univerfal Applufe.
Compoled by Mr. HooK.
AIR. Mr. INcLsnoN.
y OUNG Bacchus with green ivy crown'd.
Hither brings h9is eand train I
TthIn gayly pul the goblet round,
Wine can baimh ev'ry pain,
In rofy wine all joyi are found,
Then gayly pulh the goblet round
If rare diflurb, or lov molret,
Diruin them In a fiuwing b,)il.
They ne'er with pain can touch th: brcal.
While gay Bachue chccrs the foul.
4 tl rory wine all joyi are found,
Then gayly pula the goblet round.
AIR. Mrs. MAiTTr.
The trumpet Ioundi to arme, to arms,
And calls thee hence to war', alarm,
See gloy point the way :
She eNlt thee hense to war's alarm,,
The trumpet frolldr to arms, to arms.
D U E T. MrJ WaoTIrN and Milf Lant.
Turn thea Shepherd, look on me,
This way turn and look on e ;
Diana leads to love and joy,
Beauty leads to love and joy.
S O NG. Mrs. WtrIG TrN.
Hark, hark to the found of the sweet sninding hero,
It invites to the chafe, and awakens the morn,
iana leads forward o'cr mountain and plain,
While Echo, earaptui'd, repeci the blythe finn.
While leachut deprives thee of reason and wealth,
The fpirt of the field give pleasure and health
Sluh innocent palinmes infure u all joys,
Whiee no buLcaef difiubh, no malice denrop,
A I R. MAie l.IoeA.
Ventm. Queen or,l.ove delfccnding,
Wone thee to her foft delights;
Take the bills ol.ove attending,
Beauty call( 'tie Love invite,
Doves arc colng, Beauty fuinf.
'Tis Beauty calls, 'tis l.ove invite
o hopes fgh, and tender fear,
With all te rin of foft delights,
Attending aU nLove appear;
l'il Beauty eaJl, 'ti Love invites.
aBa D>npo.
IR CITATIVE. Mr.ltsctbcnnc.
I vield, I bNw at Deauty'. 'hriar,
Bl iMht gldrefa, all my foul is thine
The reign of Bcchus now is o'er,
Love and Beauty we adore.
All refilRace vain we find;
Beauty conquers all munind.
Beauty, queen ef fofi defree,
Hither lead thy laughing boy:
Love that ev'ry blJfa inspire,.
Love that briroens cv'ry joy.
All refilsu'ain we find,
Beauty coiruer all nuankind.
uppofed to be fuo in the Perfon of the Poet, by Mr.
a LrAMaal, at the Anocreontic Society.
Itt by Mr. D arY.-The Words by Mr. SIMlATT.
SAY no more, nareean'i old,
That his oo itUutMin' cold;
Warn'd by Beauty's genial say,
Or with focial convrte gay.
Thn, if copious goblets fow,
I with lufIy vigour glow.
Talk no more of aches or pain,
Faded firength, or chilly veins;
Place me near Apollo's trine,
Give me mufie, give me wine,
When I hear the nutlcing ftrainD
Florid youth I feel gain.
Tho' with faowy hoelo spread,
Wifdom bloffom tfiend my head ;
Tho' I'm fomertise grave and fagi
I And rclapfc agil to age,
Do but touch th enchaning lyre.
Strait Anacreoa's fToul' on ire.
Dull and laguid are my pow'r%,
Irkfoma pals my vacant hour
Till the luscious bowl I quaff,
Gaily then I flg and laugh;
CircI'd with my fons-on high,
More thansmortal then an I.

SUN AWAY from the Subferiber, on onday the
3 ji of JnIy, a Nero Fellow name do. WVho-
over will apprelknd the (aid rBnaway, a liver him
St the keep of the public Jail in Naa, raciv
COn G.inw Reward. o
fVf.e, Asf-t i 178.

Parliamentary Debates. '"7 "'l ,"ol "r'p"o*oe e ra Hin i. hi -
Thacia would encourage tih lie. Membr tro poct
againl another crinoJd el high rank and gret autrhs.
ty in that Hooue. L'Tbb .ef/efec tA .ail.f a. L.e-
H 0 C o on a ,, Wdrd, Ate rit6 e a rr ad -all o kA,, I r he,
... P r,, .ala.xotr a ilr 1,, Ve.] Thes noble culprit tul
(,Mr. P 1 TT S.d ta pretty uumeroutou tihe other ide of the lofe, to bri
T E then adverted, in lrong term., to the ilpr- forward their charges, and they had frequently pledge
H stance of the charges on the table. From the hemielves fe to do, but lucc the late Coaliio tsH
lituarlun of the perfou accused, and the nature of the tone wa. altered.
charges brought &uinf them, the honour of tht Huofe .od ..e to. .to urge what he had fo freIqnel
was materially co CIcrnicl, >aId would be injured by an dome in that Ho.iue with rcpit to, the allaitoiici
haly or erroneou. dcifi6 c; a eondign pu.ilshonl, or had been o firuongy luade o him Iy the In

u.t il. .y It. ti eu en t e o ate el)(1o w
(gnal and ulcoiiivocil deliecrranc, was indilCUafblay ;ecitlccoan. lIe had frequently couted at. enl iryl
*iela'dcfery or wat .ulrin r. r nils t I he vilced it to be fair and full and he ni ra IlF
What defence or what ecla, Mr. dolcg Ita, ct it whenever it might tak plac.. lie had notksi
might be able to adduce, lie hnce not; Lilt a he ho- so ar fr.n c he qancry all li iLu id wa, hing
f ,ear from tle enqulry; all lite dprttated waS, Ch,
pc an ID tr ottld that he ou!d be bl"c ans rcumanually us ^ked. n atilt to, u b crcid.
pod anl utroted that he would hIo alre so lcsas kncelf ho might not be continually hbarrased with a retI i'con
Somn the guilt iniputed to hin, he ws cniucntl the Jame charge upun every ahueli n, merely totl.ct
dcfirous ot giving hint the ctalicl opportunity. On te eagorer up O ehe lcwa 'trl le
lit tog &"l0 l, t.toporary purpulo. Of thi. lit was conlitlrcu tbrig
the fubjed of tile charges on the tableie thought it I inquiryy co.s not hi1 il by any favour, by pwe'. r
aecellary to remark, that they were in mnly pati or by the Autiurity f that Hulaf.. In Ite' a t
ovneloaded with CetraleelUm aetler; in others blled Clth he relied upon tie candor l the Ihoule, that hr lasto
ciretimllce totally irrelevant ; that they were fee- not c d i the like
quetly] obscure, anid fomenimes unintelligible. Hlw- manl er ually t a ic the rie
ever thercforc lie wilted fur a and Icriousin- h. i,tin e,...a : er which M,,. r Sco
venigation, he thought it rrctiou, y necellfry that therf m ti o a o w r ar i .d ce h i. si'ion h ea
charges lhould be dllncunibrctd and chila.n d. Mr. 1i, then prlefritsed .ilc r two hares, eti
hlr. io declared hintellreadyto atldc ly the prer t- o A b ib ir c I *. talig, h agof th e Cot
cedentl which there right Hun. (oentlman had quoted, Di rcalor,--.ud the Sinal aband.ranl to of bbae Allan,
if on being read they alilarcd to be really in point. oc i oelliog a trecty with the ,la .-'l l t f
He animadcerted on the alertion that the char gc c.i- i ItI other two, chini ware Kreat foia, be
tainted much of irrelevant aind extraneous cattr. tl hisl ndd lculd critpler e th ale
he totally denied. 'I hat thy were Culluui and difl;le, MIr. A,J next i(ri. dC the i of, athir h, prf
he would readily allow ; bit could iti a,:niit uat t thv y wa. thi. dly appi' otid f"r goii 1eo a Coullrn tee, and
were buirtlened by any eteulfion which was tot julificd hrcar g cvoctlct on this bulids., He had to lalclrt ,
by the ircumlllac ofthcole, the d the neceffity of e thai r thefrom i ae d cyed oanuit ion, which ga-
supplying the fullell information oun the fobject. He ie ne neral bra igl.t ros the LEat-lidKs, hc was,
concluded with dIcring that the precedeuts night be lr the prtfest, doptrvol ot the aflillatice of me eart
read. material evlrclnce. Ho read a letter frmnt Cal. Garduere
A long envterfaion then took place on the relation t pli r non-att rlda" onl c( hc t Cf mrdes.
which Isok precedent bore to the cafe now pend-. aipog an cncluting a o ri-ao teia a rcion phti io o tf4
"eg. that purpose. tie laid, that oa tihn aceolnt ho ouald
nrt. Bai ed in the course of hij remarks took octarou be eoulpllcd to change the order of the witncerff, wr
to vindicate the charges he had made, and the mntaaeo were to be elelreied, ihat thole who were utat ilirl
in which they were giotn to the bouae. T should he Belt atrecaeoel to atnoogil them, he oA.4
hir. Put (aid. that if the Right Hon. Centleman aus o beRht Barker who now aontrtid at ae i
would reduce hi particular charges to cerain wa sr Robert ce ad cr, whe now a treneda c acct "r
poit, and bring them I to narw c he ap deane. 1i therolore wi*icd th th th Ilo, ule wosl
pot, and bring them into a narrow compaf l t he u- ruolvc ctieo f into a committee, and for that puspofa
prelitoded it might he attended with great convenience, aaoed that the Sptcair do now Ilace Il1 iacr.
itr. For contended, that the Right lHo.. oGentlnIall he l.r i I ,M l (Sir Lo)-d Kcuya) .
upon the Treaeury mench attempted to imlloul a tk thd a tak on thie Atuuf. hadir le tcd to hear c ..
his Rig;.t Hn. friend, which yno means he thought Adling on te iub ca of the ellae now to here ea .
it incumbtat upon him to undertake. tie argued with i would he ulfair ol make hy aldicii to thbef chare hr.
great force and ability, that there was abundant matter wo ost ufr y ae an aditolh to ei n rM
contained in the charges lor that lloine to form an fIas or tfo rl in ay Iou plert y cord. e, uotilMr.
opinion, oj, or no, whether there was lufncicnt rcin "in. ll- hold i hve a bee mite ad be
to ground an impeachment againll Mr. Halliags. M affigc rin PhLd. IJe t Fe l O limited time had bLeo

idn oh hi oufe to le the nuiry, worked litr f ils anTd, tfwer whichlo to hes ahri adir.ioas ma1 brne lred
Manr. wr-, hi pointing out the fcveral mincuvres repoy, it would be tam the power at Mr. tuatings to give
which app, ared to him to have fbeeniade ou :hc othcl in huldnfuser all. aIl h.,,w r ad tie Hour y b, M mdaye
fide o the Houfe to aa pe the enqutry, worked hunltlf by t he parole evidence to the charger aIready barofs
up to a pitch of-etraordinary warmth. then,. ItIw' in hi on, be ccdu a"y" Advice
Mr. Pat rclorteld, that the Right Hon. Oentlenan 1theoln. It wo. l in his opinion, he cviur ropl.c ad,
had given a truly fBriking fp1ecimn of the modera.ion tageu to the Alaty a1 ulcd, a she reire coipese Ah.
and temper, with which the charges againln Mr. HI- *l la al d cnce.
tingM would be conducted. If his argumncnts had not 'ls dffacrcuc of opinion prndud I mlng and drf ll
been made the o hicle of hi malice ; i the Right Han. lor dIffy6erec h (toPin produdo oa lhn and drfti.
lentlemati's infiauations hadndbe rt hol e erous an o Ircakdrs on the .alt of A.-
indecestm, they e prap would have bees atlndtd to by mrniflration, against the celltig in ofevidece, wore
the Hof o he t eqna lefpeA.l W athoutendeavouring Mr. Pitt, Mir. Uunda, the Attormey-.Gncrl, Ml..
theo isut ,he ch etad refi budh Withemattr endeavoerieg Witherfarce, and Mr. Boitnroft ;ou ie piact of Oppod
to eopy the utmple, he aould fill continue f opinion, Wthelrton e, an M r. Ba rofe, Mr. o tlbe rtuta, Mr
that there were many parts of the charges that would tii Mr o r Mr iI. Mr
not require evidence, because they were not fulficiently Anruther, and Mr. Hardinge.
grounded agailnl Mhr. Halings, although they foemed A divaiofn enfued on the quellion for the Speaker's
grounded anginltl frl Ha n H lnti, al etho gh they d leaving the chair, in which the number, were.
to be urged in aggravation of his ontencc. Othr he le i the
war again tfre to acknowledge, tended frongly to Ac g e
criminate that gentleman. For his own part, he had M loc i;as
no wilh to flife the enquiry. If he had any particular Majoriry agianft the moion .9
wimh, it wa that Mr. Hallings might be able to alr fcy Airt the aD
his innocence, Lecaufe he had much rather a man fbould On the return rf the Mcnhbers from the division, the
be innocent than guilty ; but he defied the dark inonua- SpeakLr Ilarted a doubt whether in point of order Mr.
tions of the Hoal. Gentleman, that there was any in- Haflinga fluuld be heard before the Conmnittee of the
tention on his part to flile the bufincf, or to preclude whole Houfe, to which the pZar.s had been referred.
it fiom a cir ad candid hearing, or before the Hoaul, who had given him the pcrmifaioo
Mr. Sale ieumnmended to the Right lion. etlnde- to peak.
man, when hq fpoke next time upon moderation, to It wasafter (ome time determineI that Mr. H.-.ltinf
recollect the following couplet of Arbuthnot : flould be heard at the bar of the H,,ufc on M*ltday
'T'. ,.ei/J the prep/et cf a Nerate,, AatiaM, next, and that the caidaccl Cfluui t be eaamnin I ia
Scer:h'd wit6 alamin/ on MJeeatiu. l'uefday.
After Mr. Burke had fuccefsfully turned the laugh F A I D A r, .J/r,;t .
of the Ilaufe upon Mr. Pitt, for hie attack on Mr. Otan PrTITIN.
FoulI moderation, he resumed hinifclf and afrertod, c P T l o .
that any idea of his having aggravated the erimetl o lMr. Pnwys entered into the liifory of the different
Mr. Hatlingo, was a moft unjuft inflnuation. It was laws that enifled in the province of (uchec fnme the'
necenffary, for his own honour, and tile hociour of that year 176.1, when it tirf rain into our hands.
Houfe, that the charges lhould be brought home. He made fone very good remark on the bill nf rTe, he
wan determined to proceed Rep by Rep ; ii he was llrip- preceded to the head, of the petition, which amoontet
pcd of one argument, he would closely follow up ano- in number to thirteen; to very article of which he
thr, until he had fairly brought the matter to an iflue, faid a few word., Mt point nur the necceitly nf induilgying
unless the Houfe, in its great judgment, Iould cut them; as the whole ominntetl only to the rrqult of t
him Ihnrt; there indeed he mut bow obedience. Ifan Iurticipatiitts of the Hrilifli law,, foch a 11 p iptrlOil
arm was lopped, fill he would ahlail the enemy ; if a; jury, the in!pendrnry of tle, judge", the trial ly i'lrf.
leg was taken off; nay, if both were amputated, Ilill, the prtanrl.Cy nf thle Hahrj. C'nrpu, .49., toe.'rl
like Widdrington. he would fight upon hi Rftlinps. II uith an eatinell reqre thliat the retentinii adl ilirinfll, n
Ihtrt, nothing let. than political death, by the direct of ti- officers in civil dpartmnlrit., &c. s--i w mai, o
orCers of the Ioufe, mooldn prevent him fiom getig ticy do at preflnt, depend mti he will of thi- a (liver-
reolarly on in thepurfniit qf his nbjhil, to repair tl.e nnor-.;enr.eil, bit on hit fjia].lly alnIr : it w v i l:
injury unaained ithe honour and humtanity of his tlhi wihi of tlIe inhabitantr to have an AffTmbly, wDtb
country. inany other points on wlirh he ilwelt with in cJ' lclar.
Mr. Jdf.L titihed that Mr. llfinge mAil.t Ice nfa asnd perlpicuity. After thi he monvel fer fIra" s
brought to cemlign punilbmcnt if guilty, and if inno- ring in a bill to explain ar.d ainrd thile IJCut dias
cent ac4lod Tihe Hon. Member earneilly hop A o
that IM HIs. Movea in Wbi> bflcb would receive 'o o> "Lr:Dtt.]

Vot. III.



No. 10o.




NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.


.7 .oWinds &( Weather.

J Uo 85 fil i. hy N Heary rain at nilbt.
a o 83 t8 B. Squally theater.
7 78 76 76 lFlyin /Aowvers.
4 79 S3 79 F. Fair & clear.
5 79 84 79 r. holverr at night.
6 78 81 8o S. to N.. B. In.C [tbe rven.
So 16 81 f.N. E. to .S.E. Sbo'rtian
80 So j So N. Ligbt wini ,ra t
S o S8 8 S t . to S. Idem. [atd ight.
I' S81 6 8 S. E.. Cleft and fultr.
a1 8S 85 sl rVaritale wind. Clofhi u f(lry
Is 79 84 80 E.S.A. Rs aiinthemop. Cloudf.
1. 8 7 l7 Ro h' H. Fair & clear. [nibht.
14 81 89 g K. S Sidlry. H.-ay rain at
5 8So 87 8t E S.. C/oft andfultr. Fair.
1t So B4 8s EF. Fair f ecltar.
1 8ls 8 81 S. E. I1Jrm.
ib XI Ys S. E. Idea.
19 e '4 tR S. Heaty rain at night.
1. SP 8 do .80 F. F air & clear.
%: S; I8 80 L. . I. 1 N. S. Squllr-
2* 84 So R. N. fIdn.
24 X, 8 S1 Bf. .N. F. Clouy/. Rainat nigl.
n~ Xj ~s NA. E. Cloudy.
a' 81 84 So E. N. I. Fair !f clear.
s; 3 4 8o R. N. F. Rain at night.
1b 1o 84 Ro N'. R. lleav Squalhl
2 'I, 84 go N. E. l./em.
3, 8j 83 8o S. N. A. i. ,n.
-' 79 84 So E. by '. Idem.

In the Ship MAR Y Captain FORRE ST,
from fLO NDO N,
FASHIONABLE Broad Cloth I& Kcrfeymero,
with Trimmin rf
Irifli and Scotch Lin and Sheelingi
Bett and common Of Irg, Ravens Duck, and
Sail Cloth
Cabmricks, long and cle Lawns
BaIcelina, Romall, B red, and Pafe-work
Variety tof Callicoe, Chin and Printed Linens
Colourcd Tammie, and Du nts
Men's Jackets, Shiits, and rowfers, or all fines
and q(ualhies
A great variety of Nailt,Jronomongery and Cut-
Mcnu, Youths, and Boys neat and Afrng Shoes
Cunpowder, Tea, Black Pepper, and Spices
Large & mall Negro Blakcts, Plains & Flanncls
Mens Felt, Cafltr, and Beaver Hate
Pigtail and fmoaki.ig Tobacco
Japan'd and common Tin Ware in great variety
Pickle, Ketchup, Filh Sauce, Multard & Vinegar
Turlineton's Balfim, Stoughton's Pills, and God-
frey a Cordial
Windw Glafs, Cordage, and a variety of other
They )oae alf for Sal, on Congnrment.
Jamaica Rum, in hogfleads or calks
Mef Pork in barrels. Cargo and Mes DBeef in ditto
Englini Sope in mall boxes
Frelf American Flour, juft imported
Madeira and Port Wines, in pipes, quarter calks,
or bottles
I Some articles of elegant London made Plated
A few dozens of Mother Allan's Claet, and
A few boxes of Window Glaf.
Iafau, September s, 1786.

European Intelligence.

B R 5 S E F S, Jtns 6.
T HE Fmperor hat pubhlified an ordinance rfr fup-
IPreflingall the 1'rrc MIlfoos Lodges in the Auf-
trian rNerhrlndi except two, or at molf three, whidl
are permitted to be held in this city, fubjcd to the
regulations prefcribcd in the fillt ordinance publiled
at Vienna refpeding the fraternity of Free-Maflun.
U i n i c, -7n. y.
The States of the Province of Irht have he ad an
extraordinary meeting, to tahe into rnnfdclatioa tlhe
the affair ol Wyk. At this the re ort of that
held April olth, was read, at lie end c which the
commissioner, who were appointed to enquire into the
.iaair, and give their advice, add the [Lllowiing as their
opinion 'That flnce hitherto all prorped of recon-
ciliation ha vaniflbd, and all mean of teftoring peace
and tranquility to that place have been fruidefi, it is
necclfary to employ fore*, and confcquientlydifpatch an
varied commiflion to oblige then to return to their
bounden duty to the State; that in the oecan time,
before they proceeded to this extremity, the states
m.iy give notice to the confederate provinces, that they
may fre the necellity which impels to thefe rigorous
mealures."- The States having deliberated on this,
rroflved to call another extraordinary meeting on the
t1th of tlhis month, in order that every member may
have time to rxo-mine the pronpoflion, and give hi,
advice. The city of Utrecht has already declared, that
they will not accede to he propoftion.
7-ne 1C. On the 5th ofth.i month the Regency of
Wyh published a memorial addreffcd to the Citizens of
that place, in which they declare, that, as they have
he ird that it is the intention of the States of Utrecht to
fcnd troops among them, they will endeavour to prevent
their entrance, and will repel force to for.e, and they
give this notice to the burgcf.s and inhabittnts of that
city and jurifdidlion, that they may take every proper
flp to fcuirc their persons and effclds as they may
think proper.
On the Sth of this month an ieprefi arrived with
difpatches for the principal BurgonIafter, from the
Grand Bailiff, the Comte de Welderen. The Grand
Bailiffinfornm him, that he doesn't intend to obey the
invitation of the Burgctles. A letter came at the fame
time from the Court of Judicature, addreflcd to the
tMagiflrates, in which the Court declare, that being
authorized by the States to publish 3 proclamation for
reprisals on the inhabitants of Wyk, on account of their
detaining the Bailiff, they have lent funic copies of it,
that they may be pulled up, and in the mean time they
in ifon the Bailiff's being given up, together with all
paper found upon him, an of which he was deprived.
IThe principal Burgomafler immediately communicated
this letter to the judges, and he was advised not to pub-
lift the proclamation, and a confultation is to be held
to-morrow to confidcr of entering a protell againfl t is
proceeding of the Court of Uttrchr, which is confider-
ed man infringement on theconflitutin.
The Amhbalador fram this Rctublic, at Conftanti-
nople, ha* received orders from tho States General to
demand in favour of Dutch hips, the paffage of the
Dardanelles, and the privilege of navigating the Black
Sea, conformably with the ancient treaties fulillingl
between the Porte and the Seven United Provinice.
A L a s f n R, April 24.
Two American Negociators castle here a (trt time
fince, with a commifion to propofe term for fecuring
the Ikips of their nation from capture by our corfairs,
but their overtures were rejeded, and the strangers are
returned. The roth of this month an Algerine frigate
brought into this port the Phillipine, an American
verfel, bound from Philadelphia to Oftend.
April ij. 'Thire is every reason to hope that the
peace lately concluded with Spain will be both folid
and durable. M. d'Efpilly, hb his ability and good
cnfr, has won over the people of this regency, and
found means to have fuch a treaty concluded as muni
be an advantage to both national.
V t N I c s, Ad" I T.
Two principal matters at prefcit throw oun republic
into the greatest confulou and alarm. Our dilputes
with the 'unifiansare the force of endleft cprnoce in
provisions, ammunition, in fitting out thip, in order
to support the frffngth of the Chevalier Eno's Meet.
All taefe precautions have not tended to Shorten the
war; and the trifling advantages we have gained, are
far from cnmpenfating for the expence of me and
money, whbic tbch apeditie require.

Ths second objelq of our alarms is fill mere preling ;
the Pacha of Scutari hab nsade 'war more upon our str-
Iitories than hole of hit ow n nation. He is continually
making excurlions which are artenlndd with shocking
fcener-, f loodlhed. We have f'nond no good effeti
from the orders which the Porte gave to all the Iachas
ti, protred arainlt the rebel., and we begin to fufi-cl
foul pl.iy in this (nnilut' of the Divan. On tJlls amount
tlI Senate arc doubly viglI.,it iin making head ag.igilt
this coDly, and Siolatro is ordered to lie fortiled.
Wa s faly 1;.
Tlhe late news from Conflantiuople is by no mean of
a pacill, tilsIktny. rTha capital is faid to be difiracted
with all rhe horrors of an open i cbcllion in favour of
Pril.ce Selini, who is inpatient to liucecd to the
rP L v M o r iu, .7,-t 5.
Yeflerday inornmag his Royal Highuefs Prince Wil.
liam, in the I'legaf., and the Role, Capt. Herney,
failed for Cuerrfcy, and froin thence lor Halifax and
Newoiidlland .
Lo 0 N oN. 7er J.
Among the figns ol Ile times which are of grnd
alp ed, is the adloption of Shakefpear's didinn and in-
corporation into the body of the belt lyle.-Thua with
Mr. Iurke, we have the venerable (entoo Code
leso.,rd in the o jrlven."c-Ou the other fide, Mr.
Haflings appeal a,, in the line compofition precccding his
defence, ith a view of ouur national political and his
finding in them much oure than was dreams of in sj,
)'.t,-a f a Itltr firom Dulin, May 19.
SI.alt I:iday, the Right lion. Lord JDunbaoyn.
who is alfo titular BlIhop of Cork, took the oaths if
allegiance, in his Majefly's Court of King'. Bench, as
preferibcd by a late Act of Parliament to be tken by
the Roman Catholics of this kingdom."
Etira /f da ItJ jrus. an .gly Gentlonas at Pari.
Olty 19.
The manufadlures of Oreat-Britain are equally the
envy and admiration of this great mc'ropolis. SLvcral
houfir have lately been crecdd for employing workmen
in different branches of hard are, by tiuoe of the firft
people in this kingdom. They are much inferior to
ours, but highly extolled by the vender..
A new regulation of the I'ol-Office is t take
place here, somewhat upon the plan which has latcl
been adopted in Londott.
I w highly pleafcd to fee, in confequence of the
new order from the King for regulating the miwine
uniform, that it is entirely formed upon that worn by
the Britifh naval Commnaders. Even the anchor upon
the button bas been introduced in preference to the
fleur de lit. In Ihort, Englifh falhioni new prevail
here, as much as theFrench did with us formerly."
E tra .af a terter fro. Paris, Jsne I.
The Cardinal's examination and enlargement
being a matter that not only interefl Paris but all
Europe, I Ihould be to blame were I to negled giving
a circumflantial detail of what took place on the occa-
On the %gth of May, at I o'clock at night. Madame
de Il Motre and lMademoiifrll Oliva were trandflred
ronm the Baftille to the public prison; Vdlleat was alfa
brought thither loaded with irons. The day following
at 4 in the morning, Sergent and Regnaut, Tip iflo,
went to the Baflillc for the inun rnal Comte de Cagli*
firo, they put him into a hackney coarh, and brought
him to the Court hour, le Palais. Caglinflro was is
grc soloij, hung down on his shoulders, and was tied at the
end with an enornions bunch of party-coloured ribbon;
he wore very little powder. The Comte feemed per-
fca0ly compueid ; he was even fean laughing with the
myrmidons of the law. lie is a lort well fet man,
about e feet 3 inches high. The Cardinal eaoe in the
Governor' carriage at Sic o'clock, the blinds were np
the King's Licatenant got out firft, Mr. de Lunai
followed him: they both handed his Eminere out of
the coach. 'I het IPlate was drrfled n a purple cafolk,
and rloak lined with red, cap z.iil fnkiit oigf he fine
tolour, he wore the tliigi:l Nr the order or the ltaly
Ghoft, he lookb Ireele, alt.Il Iasic. vrty murh on his
cane; he laluted thl; I.w rpefp':, about 40, that were
in the Court. H1iotor wasdl-r'. d in hi, >uont and his eyec full iof ears, were ready to let them drip
at every flcp Lec made. Itegnant she Tipltaff, met the
Goveronuir and his L.irer-'a.nt at the top of the flair
cafe, and told lihc Cardinal that he might peak to his
Counsel M. aonl.crer, sij about 4 minutes before I
appear in presence t.f ii, idres. Vil': t-as eanu.s-






Ii ,





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