Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 26, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00175
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. rn:.




NAssau: Printed by JOHN WVELLS, at the Printing.-Oflce on the Air.

European Intelligence.

I 0 N 0t fo f.y 26.
T HIS day hliii ajefly vent in flate ttihe Houk of
1 Pcrt, arid gave the royal &Sent to the bill for
raiig djoo ool., b Loan and Eachequer bilU, to Ie
(barged io the frll aid granted in the nest fefnon; the
bill lo fmiig tooool. i the like manner" the
national debt bill; the Gibrallar head-money bill; he
ilack-friars btdge bill; the bill for extending courtss of
conCficcc., &ad other private bills.
A motion was then mal:, that the thanks of the
loule br given to the Speaker, for his fpelh on dc-
livring the national debt bill, and that he be delired It
print tie fame. Oilsred, and i a follows :
Mj srfiwi SovtfdfH,
YourtullChfuCnaeoni hawe paffrd bill iatituled,
SAn alit for selling terrain fums Iln I mmiffintnrs, it
the end of every quarter of a year. to he Iy them ap-
plied to the redudion of te national debt ;" by whlih
they have manifell(tc thrit t, ntion to yuur Majclly's
rrcomnmeodatiin, at the opening of this felion, for
cilahlilaing lt fied plan for tLe rudJ lion of the national
,. Dy the unaaimity which attended the laol and moll
important ftage of this bill, they have giucn the molq
&ecifive proof, that they have but uone hairr an one
voice, in the nainteifance of the public cred;, and
profi rity t f their country.
SThe pul li; credit of the nation, which is the re-
f(lt of jolU aUtt houneorald illiiig, ia now guardeil h)
sn aldlitiunl Cfcurnly-and tie ftiure prolperity of tlhi
country w II rlTlenally be provilded fur, when it is can.
Idcrcd, triat f.r the pur;tofe of pleading the cauli- of
the .t ntuat cc of this ncafure mot puwerfllly with
poteiity, your failtful Con.n-ons have, to the jnllice
and ,ood policy of it, added the authority of thcir own
'I hey haver ru hen difiuraged by the burtlicni
iupoail du;ti: the ihcA r' n )'cats, from Ibihnilting ill
he y:r ;:.t t:~alt, upd in the hour of peacc, to cw, Anl
the '" lib:lity of othlr burtlenls; their ohjeA being, :o
It,L, a Itt..atiLu lor their country, more favourable to
her dec!'c .;inJ glory, in tih event of future emergen-
c A p.a'n It hooaturtlls hi its principle, and fio Cm.
duciV to the fLturu lajpi(oefs and falrty of the king.
dom, Inu be, in, hig.iaA dpgrF accept;bld to the
father of his people.
Uudlr that confidence, in the psnat nf all the Com-
moiot of Gctet-Britan, I render this bill to your oMa
icty ; to which, iith all humility our faithful Lom-
mous desire youth Majcly's royal alcnt."
7n. a. Yeflcrday tLhe gand flufical rc livl conn
nmirccd at Weltlmirl'i .\Abhcy with a mifcrllianeoll
fcLedion of fo of the Icef nwtrs of Handtl. By ten
o'lck the aile and galleries itere filled with a company
the noAlkaumcous ad .cleg int that ever were affcnbled
on a G(isthr occasion, which, with the prefcnec of the
Royal Family and their attendants, and an archeflra
confilling of (64 muficias., fornred a rep d'ril, the
efflk of which it is intljible to-defribe. The dilpo-
ltion of the church wptia fl beautifully received in
the manner &tl a rand lalppn, with two rtfing allerics.
The nae of the church contained the platform, and the
two aile formed one gather, which was contthiud lts
oae range under the Kjg a bho to either fide. 'The
fronts were hung in feloons with rich crinmfolb-ftr-
aiture. That part which forms the front was le*
ated with while fattin. The difpoiltion of the King's
Io was the frMe aslaRf year.
Their Majelties with their fuitc, which was frleadld
sad numinros, the Plio'elffc, with the young Princen,
rd their attendanto, clUtred ithe lll prepared for
tair rccepown, about quarter pd tweh. On their
racee thc wrc taluted with ti grand sd maljefti
overturre in .d wbh viw followed br that fablimu
eoar-noifton, the 17ittiifgI, Drm. To thetf who
hLvc ncvui heard this gard conm motion, It is vain to
attemptt a defiripo a ui is-4fa O the paflone. It
rat cotpofed for the celebration ofa military triumph.
nId in It aindcl Jas difplayrl *U h ib r sad fre of
gnius., rteis]pu with tvU '' trait..

,,n b Iudram. *n ^ .re nclrAtn5

alniac oithr idi:ry;. lt*^ tt u e
U n ) t(i o b r d n f stfi ) oe *

anti nt.trly tfrojitdiutins fur inflerumeit*; ani hL
l atke 4illtitnoQidtd hlnlfeft is the fi,lo parts. whirlh
cn. uted wiia lbrilliacy and eipreflion, *'Ihe aitlhn
anI chorules wr r pcilfrlil] dwith anmzing orreeticf
and wilti inLt dtlniirahce proplri ty. Ihlie tllo ring,
vicd with erac o iher, aml fcnLed, by their t .lll.
to contend for the paln of t reellkn. MadIa nt Mlai
Mre. Billitigton, Rubindlli. -.ul Ilarrifoti. lillhyce
their wondctil power.. RuIicl ini pWtirulr, flin
that blautiful ianI alIectil-g n r, "l1 kn.on thlt n.,, .
deenier liiVLth,'" itIh illfite bfiill tlid tallc. IThe oth.
iangell acquitted thelnifclvo~s Lremcly well; li n%
ioutld ie e aal;tig in our ackniowltedgmnts ol rifle,
ni..t. : f Wt- patlit in fileit h ti, evpreflic moantirt
with lhi, h Mib Miahuli funtig tie r.'tiiute air \! cl
wai allottec to lihe. fler cadenit v..., -ovnelaill)' ad
nltird for its lclgant filnplicily and i], -'aletifl irltfl
riom, 'Ihe perlurm.nice ccnluded v,i:i the alrthemf
My heart i, inditing," a het was otnp,.fed htr ill
coronation of th lace Ki ng, and it is pttha'. oer I
the looft n ctrgctic and nervous of la I adl's ot pnfiti
YwI 2. Neither landel' Tlubilee, the Vanlshi: I 1t
Champetre, nor any other etitcrtainncent in tLi ctllnlry
affilrded lo hcalifull a fight as this day's nmfeing IltI hi
eathedlral hurt.ih of St. l'stul's It prrencld a vie o
6,398 boys and girl, afnnleblcd under the doitin', l
cducatcd, clutthed, and flupportcd by the v-hl:.ta
cuntrlbutitinl f t ci pro[,lic. So glorious a r i.t, ,
lei yong ilpting ul dillr, rcuitd. i fret v,-nt
and bccoindrg ulelul mnimbllir of lircire, l," Ihe IoI:,
tionti f the:. ,.: ow-fuh:l'ILt. no coLt-ry out !t to1 an(
ucr Ltati. rile wa Il tiR ting ito .:il tt ill i
that cKi feel; It r wah fcrnicthiti, for fCorcignr tt Ht.
at with adBitiraon. Anp intl ;I to ti.e crict ltiton h
tn. ai Iait lo irlor ald, ,\i t l nlittr, Ith cg, nu I
eiprntll l t' tih tin bti flnhmngig l. al llt tInd rttet ci in
U, ,ny vi 8eliticl paroms ,\1,o 1lllc0 d h,"I C Trh rl li
h1 prm to In OI~llnt. There w ire. Lt hie l thai ,-
i, ,I;,n at perflators.
'l'iL d.a ihinr Ro'l b Hi1, 'n'll'r nrre .Ii',rd
Erncil, ant o Aiiguflu 'lie DuL col lit.tiihl, Ni- l.n.
vt t',d m ifth the Order of the Garter in thie (;rtet ('tt-.
ell Chramhr at st.r Janprn '. Prit e a- aolphutm d, it ivd
the honoutr of Knighthood, and lot1id priry fur Iit
brother l'incr Edward, aq didl Ira-' I ard, lfqi; (;at-
ter King at Arm(ts who perlorim.ed I-Il Clrnwa It.,
r7.'t y. Berg appnroiated to th un rlchration (ii
hi dr.inm ly' hilrth .lay, io, the iliy fo re, chiircd
the 49th jear ol liti aI eahe oi afitaiil telivoti.k of
regard and publ;.L rslpely wtre atcidcIl tit. Il'he ,,t r:-
ino wa h uhcred in by tsl. rin gi I I f hcll. and at tooa
the iark and tower g rim were fiied. Ic rilli -..
aT ulicl. performedi heaiteeil tl.c houre of thr-c aitd
fa,,r hefoire thiLr Mlajefliei i tt-v Priiihe lrlh were prt nt, with tiie ITtc, attendjr. r
the Court, and a inuiotrols train ,if the N i jliwt. lit
fon par'. of there Ote veri: pcrlormid Iy1 Ir I Ia-.,'
Mr. Ayn d S. t youn. (;t r. s cni;,nr ii
dra~ingFroon waa eiial in ll.i n.)ir to ir) e irt Ier
c leatio.n 'fihnt Ore ,a n ad ul p'drhe. entirely
covered with ine Ilrolm thel I'.rittlitllty (ro riti
The tI'oie fts were mniol lt,'crlly itl lTed, oa %arc
the l.adic, it ghenraa a ith a ior'iid m il jewin -.

;"ro..m Iy pr Ir. WAR IIdh ;
And S.& to 1up. I;l Mr. STA.'Lrr.

'W HEN Freedom mira'd her le fire
In ancient Greece, and rul'id sihc h'rr ;
Her hard difdainfil, from the tyrant't brow
Thb tinfcl gifts fl Battery trte ;
But paid to gAuilctI power their willing vow
And to t r on the h or lr lor bns,
TAd perin' there tonE of thir tidlle flying)
From truth'is nproflltrted low'r,
*lt fragrant wreath of gratlationI br.

1rwas thus Alceue (mote the manly chord
And Piodnr oa the Perlln lord
Hlil antes of UldIlatltom hurl'd,
And fpwrn'd the" nflrtlv- or ea`fiom fwAy,
PRim titeoblslln r etes en ld mliout EhA.m- ;
But o'a the diadnm, b Freie 'i B. aro
lUwm'd,the Lh aptn rf ren wn n nerls:
thus tio his 2l" d-d6e .
"MKogf the b4l UetBo,. e at Pythiasf p -:,
T biiS bthM611 011 w t^d @u1 ltz -r

rc Ai.l I oVe an anipler meerl|
L oif ';,i .L .Illt than in ti fili, of Fai me
1s et lt "lit n t', n the tar' v'-loriow fjien :
1II 'a h .ll I, ] i pter'd chanlpiti i patrit Z al ,
it Wht niix',l tihe mouat i'i i3h tIle reti. e ir 'a.
I, IItI ti vl lan1 who claim',l appLplaof
I, And tr.iL'd obedient realm, to Spartan law..
d Ill.
g A\rdI Ir, f,'-et iafler of tit: Duric oar,
I hie., ritu., f.irf,, '.k ihilr
r '1 1 ,.er Jci his paltorsl inl,
". h 1 ,- h 1g va ic, th l.Ilcalill tote
SI hr fulfre oi the funny fte,
.1.l I alw' n umbraKg, dart and Jep,
t I I r ecaverntl Ilung with ivy.twi'e.
11.,e 61it. hat wa'd wi:h oak and pine,
rind itna't hoar ron'atltic pil :
A:nl ..,ighr the bold IIumeric note,
S In ln.ltly lont, e.ilting high
f The rrigll ,f bounteus I'totem, :
I iLi tihe plent-tcemeing lide

- M
TO, hl. owt N ,llc' rtdundant fnood.
e )', r tl diceer' nations iar and wide
Ilinl if.J opulence, and pflic good :
1 li.l ii t rit iihl) warbled lays
I W'. hleic4ded lcrcniee's ;mtne,
I i'arrerl of fentale fale,
r Fi'tning with domaneic life
I lnll'rial fplendour'i darfling rli ,
S 'IIn jcen, the mortler, and the wife
rto lreit iIt honour due this feclo day,
1 ) Iir a lirrte from thefe fublinm bardi'
lo \i I' to eract., yet frarieft to refuse
I "ieil atwul luridroe, wili im Wh.ttll aim
ShllruiL' tl r Ia ol. palpargvriC Maie
SNilr, i,'l I tehouinre w, rtl't feot:e r c. !;r-
'1 Ih itr r.l... d;llnrlun de;gn'd to ,y.
;t- i tr : nr'.,r;it l glor-y'.s right nard '
I F i'ere--h wbards like titfe alone.
'I h, bar. if recrcc, might bell aJurt,
Wi'ltlh flt Ioly lng. tInsMonarerh'; natlal moont
W. \hn teri.i'il in the magni0cne of I aC,
\VhI. ril. a p.uplc like Iheir own,
Int arni., in p'lil i'J arts fc:prey i
Wlio, I liii f Britam vie with (;rcec.
t7 ". .\ alue l u ewa fought neir Kenfinegtnn,l, etwfr
I <-r,! Mcj--t-y and \Major-ncnceral 'tuart, ua' which
hli fih.r;le inas ian authertie account.
hll tac aid time ul nlceting hrvin- been po-
vi.n;i l. .iel, :he prtie, arr;id boul hfOf pal Four
,,' ,.I in the innmrnin, and took their ground at the
I fiance. f tweri fIhort paces, meafured off Iy the fei
rrl, wh.o dlldivcrd t each one pifino keeping pof-
I, It in of the remaining aurm. Gcatll ftuart tonl
I.rlr Ma artney, he doubted, a hit I.ordlhip wau afrt
lhtcI., hc ld ot he hble to fee bhm hi ISn rdf ild
rei.d., "' he IEid rperfdaly well When tht femon
ha.d rctir-lt a little on onr fde, and ei the prrtnfet vreg
al.iilt r l rel, General Sturt obfer'rd t la ld Minnt
llyc. that hisi piflol was not cukoed; hi; Lbrdfti
tilrhatrJ him, snl cocked. When they bad lnlenl
T;.ticra tllrt hlid, he vwi retay; his Lerdhtip I
fr red, he wu likewife reqy ln I ths 4e fedj
;itliin a fcw inftlnts of each1 pther. Tf tdI
litre;itg aitil Mascoanne'y nt d j4 M t
and declared the matter foo rrlTjft; Grant, 'toc
jid.1 Ithis 'inn (fatisfaodtloe"k ea. iYLoredi
na, nuot ahle t fire another 31110l1'Lth ii' eds'
h" Ie wuuld try wirhsplesnre,"anfdaji d Cok'Plilrtna
to permit him to proceed. The leoatds,, 4e.
flared it was inpolfihle, ani tdce would on no troe;t
all.w it. general Stuart fi. then I mul defr it
till an.hrler oetafion," on ehl lisu ItorIhl' a fircr!.
I" t ;.. it the cafe, we had bettrdpranf 'now.. I
am Iih re in confcquene of a melf h'Ofeel Stla
art Il. called ?uoq me to l AI* kAh ittIsion in Tm
prinvet capacity lr otfenc toi4 a my polb einduct;
ald. to cvinde that pertoial falety If no cOMfilotfomn
wth lte, I lave nothing fotrenJl; the General mty
proeeerd u he thilk fit." 4Le l st11tt1't uAlid Iti
was lhi I.ordliip's pcrfrom fadda to bim lt t a r re-
fcated," (lhr feconda tlsh ptHn'flt to anl flnher eon-
verfalian e'twee'pb the *Irtie. neither f"wtinr i had
qairied their poaiio & ;i, e t.aa Sun, ii d'rsjutonoe
of lin irtuntlnn,l.tiv b t fl lde ri cutc'Bity, femt
the tirt, of putlia htlii to ntrve.
Tie fuotteonr Mr. ae,'h Wren
tteit.llg at a bttle dianr, wh rBi~rO i& niY'i Co.
thelaron-t. Ccl, Goddninhtei e'd erRed hAl

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