Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 12, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VoL. III. THE No. r




Frorr SATURDAY, AuousT Is, to SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1786.

-NABssA : Printed by Jon0 WaL.L, at the Printing-Ofice on the BAt.
f -. A
Far it, BA AMA 0 A Zt T T The fureefs of planters In theft iUnnd, has European Intelligence.
Mr. WIl l. been a various as their fyftms I and, in federal
HllE plan of communiating to the public, iflance. an abfence of howledge is tropical
Through your gazette, what .bfervatlona agriculture, has rendered almoa entirely abortive P T a TS v t H, MArrcb Ii.
nrpct iif l riciuturs and other useful arts, may every exertion of laduairy.-Some lands, planted 'E learn from Mofcow, thit the fccond de
occur :to in l vidial has thy hearty approbation in cotton, have not yielded soulb clean cotton V tacrePt of the companygoingupondUrcor
As a member of the communiy, 1* am i tad o to to the are, whilt othne have yielded slb. veries to the Nonh-Wne of the empire, arrived
A cnoal'de my o tlaioor, to your correfpon- and l1olb. there the feeond of lef month, and that towards
dent lAaTr. tor fui il it s rwtrll a for the In cleaning cotton by the gin commonly tfed the nd ofApri they wll proceed on theirjournr.
vrry ample riformation he has given on the fub- here, having two wheels of abiut 26 inches The Archbilhop of Novdgorod has obtained per.
Je' a luded to-Without further apology, I diameter, negro boys or gile may give from ilb. million to become one of the company.
ae ftend fme thought on planting in to 3 Ibh. each a day I and brown men or women, P A a Aprit aS.
nm Ilo fend thhy are partly the result of my own from yolb to 4olb. But the ins with wheels of The commercial treaty between France and
oh'e. vatmn, nvl partly what I have gathered in i inches diameter, are mih preferable :with England s feriounfl attended to. One day laft
ti soirfC of converfation with the plante of Oeofthe tian xperieicesinucrwillclesfrom week M. de,Calenne, Comproller.general of
the different inoinds within ihls h tcrnment. 4S1h. to rclb. a day. Finance, went to the boute o the Duk of Dr-
The lad which frciis hbefdt a ted for Cern, What I have now written maylot be confrmm. fit. the Britih Ambaffador, where Mr. Eden alfr
I that where rthe one. are found piled in heaps, abl to the opinion. of fome others. Let inch attended. Their conference lasted more than four
and the foil nt a deep lack colour. point out my errors, and their hints will be at hours, after which his Eacelkiccy dispatched a
G..d wa Can r d Por b ppeara to r uceed tended to with thankfilnefs. courier for London.
rl a r well d foils, provided the e BR A T R. In a few days the return of our courier from
otn aift. l" urab:c.the, .Agi. i., r PterlbPurgh will inform us, whether the Compte
rn' rcl re a dep red foi,wit as few faones ---. de Scgur, our Envoy in Rufia, has been able to
rq crown with fuccel the plefang hope he infpirc4
e po fflll d tin e n P E T E R D E A Co. uswithfimmoth ago, in rcpet to a common.
sor..heisa fcearythanat. ra TLTMllr, lnd n. cial treaty between Rulliand France. We ar
r o itii..p npr.h.. .. than earth ciene that Engiand has anticipted Tse, and
ol a hole being digged with the hoe to plant them At their S T 0 RE on the A A cocluded tat E theCo rt ete us a
nA rew plantation in tIhe Bahartma's should be en. ForC G/b, pod Bi/lof S air, orProdure, only. which cannot but prove injurious to that with ou
tIrit oii in(Ottciberui Novem er, s then a fffi- T ONDON wired Porter, by Caflk, lam- a;ioni"
rctt quantity .fr laId may be cleared for the oL pr. orDozen ; Thmrlc'Baon Porter, in I.t Do a . -..
aoifinng crop, alt..OU loli oftime, or inneceflary Barrtl and Hoglheada Oc arbads Spiritl The Iing of Swede is pped in England
oipi Ice to the planter. The land tendedd for in mall Calks, or by the Th le Oallons; Englik the courf' of the present month.
Cruen. oug"t to be cl. aed and resdy for planting Table Ale, in Barrels; Jml Wetn-ndr, uncommonly plentifulis money at this pt.
by the litter end of March I that for fam, by the Rum, by the Three Gallons, ln Calks of Fort otL time, tha e d ed mt re
Ir"d of May I and tht for CGiwsi COrn and Ptal or Silty Oallon ; Mufcovad ugar. in Barrels or obliged to folicit for bills toAlitAni, or el. to
by Ilre end or June. Ifalltr quantity ; Barley and ll I'erlfe, in large employ it in continuations. Thin Is 0o Navy In
iIn Iearnl it land. gieat attention soolid he paid Keg tack t'cpper VineAr in Jug.; Sweet the market, as the Bank is constantly buying ali
to u tin laown all tie b uln wo-a, and fpreading Oil, Soy, Ketchup, and Olives. lotties Green, that comes. The few Excheqer Bills that are i
it pon the ground as ILn as pofbile I alter tl.l Souchnng, And Bohe Tess I S uar, t ali, the bankeisa hands remain there ; fo that, eloept
i' li.. r, fel the tiees, loppig of tie large ald Currants; Cinnamon, Ac Nutmegs, and India bods, there is no mode of employing
ha h d (preal the latter n the bruthwood; Cloves 9, so, and as inch Ca es; Sail Cloth, money but in the funds befide a great number
the let he trui.k be coit intelogs and laid nbove No. r, %, and i; Gun Powder, i Krga of rlb; O th who fold out at 70, On the idea of A.fa
ani. It miy lay a rbI.lh or fex wes before fire a large Afeir.tment of Ironmnui ry ; ferme that hap nd fte the peSac. 6
i,. urt it -Chola a e.y o i y day w far burning pe iili T A r. cmflhce deceived, and are anow dicicd to
T i" fird ; about nco. fire it all along the wer. if T'l China., Q6 n's an'il (a lif Ware i Vari- come in again ; fo that in evtry view of public
tl r hl -if thefe rules are Urictly attended to, ely of Dry Goous, by Ilie Price or Parcel; c"de without being rtraiagantl fanguine.
tie lithe rreateftR pro a ity ofevery thingleing QOantity of hatd Bricks and& ntnea" meidhee arc good round fo, ra confde'ce that
iI, Andi the irois killed ; An. I core will b Bards and Setocks mayold trtir prett ritres for a afddend
th Ic's i ,.iw from fp, ing weeds. Nafa, Aug. ", r" le time to come, and &?rwerjill ftlfdrbWe-
Ini y"u, Cottan abnut four or five feet spart, O R f A If l / *re je t ,^ e
Stiro int~ Irir lis lel. ,rr each kale -After the 1 0 R S A L E, ot gi-trng tht pu/llicor ahjaferithekWSwtut maq.1
ru ti, or i lted in ch hole-After the L When they rple to 6q, there wa no reason for it
panl- retfie ,ncl rlrth, pull a ,o ou f each hoe, At the rRINTING OFFICE. but whit clfti in lull force at this time, an e.
eil pi iwo o0 he m lit v gorai --For your fccond cOirrore. k /e;anse
aop. hke tip evy other hill, and verny other ETS of Merchant Account Roo.:, other tored el of A l dd
r, ., which w. n akc the dlitance of about nine u blank Rootk of all Sorts. Dneai!n Wr-i'inbl On Friday the atlh of April dd, at d, i
I t hetwctn ihe bullies, wiich is f fflcftnl room Blotting and Wrapping Paper, Quills and OpLce Normandy, John Holker, Eml Knight of the
f. their. f,.adinr-.-By thi s mode your tirt year's Pens, lnkltandifleis, Pocket I.khoaders, Savigno's Order of St. Louis, and Infpeor GOeeral of th,
Srn win hOrlly equal any d fnfi h lueri orle, and other Penknires, lnliin mlade red and black Woollen and Cotton Mandaaordie of PranMc-
(ain. Pie/ld ott hc to be kept clear of weeds. Ink in phials, red and black Illk Powder, Patent The hilory of thisgentleman is Snglar; he wu
,\h, re Ittle regrgd has hertn paid to ihi, I have black Ink Cakes, Counting lloif., 1: clebonny tormerly a calendar at Manehefter, but Jolnfng
r f ,vrI ta, the number as well as Cfie of the Ruolers, hiding and common Black-Lead ncilr, I'he Pretender is the lIet rebelllonea, taken prl
". win far in erior to thole in leaner IAelds. Copy Lines for SchoIars, Drawitg Rooks, Wa:cr loner at Carliflc. He was oa on i Newgars.
Srd Iar Lo hr casf Ihuu!d only he u elared of Colours in S ollb dgnrd k oes, Cam!l-Hlir Pencils, and would certainly have 'ucrd Iar ounfor-
Shr b'i anlid friarcd over, leaving the large wood Cafes of Surveyors lnflrumentsCircumrrirerotrs. ruiate attachment, had nft h e, togetherr with
amr a a tIe witrhfit this protedion. the tender fpare Needles for ditto, Money Scales, 1un Dials, his companion, tefaped ficm prfdn, by makhin
lp'ou s aie liable to be brnt up hy the fcorchiong for Let. 24, 25, and n6, Boxer of Marking Types, a Ireach in the wail ; his companion got out etr.
teat iof the fulS. Plant your rami about two or Gauging Rods, Book and Mahogany Barkgam- bt Mr. bolker being very fnuare bulman
hIr e tio.,pr and lian the h..ho I.rge, fto a to moo Toabhles fare Dice, Mogul, Henry VIII, and the hole was too fml to admlthi e uape. en
I'-6n the jfiutnd and Cev m the roauts rom togro e t Merry Andrew Pleying sIrds Criebbare l ylr.hi companion, who hadgotdown Cfte. foundMr.
i-. IThe aJ.i,ka rnm fcm, to anltwr much Pocket oorki, EtwMcCaf.hAa emorrandc l Ilooks. Hbker would dflot follow him, be bad the geners
lilt r han tole species ufually planltJ in thele Bonds, Bills of Sale, onJs with arr'antp resolution to re-afond by the way whic he had
Slia in. ,. lo cor.oefs. Julisment, powers of Attorney, escaped, determined that if Holeregld notge
C,,wa Coan Ilioul I be plntqd in bills about five Bills of Lading, Scamoens Artici e. gills nt J:x- Out, be irculd flay and Shir his fate. l
Or i6 crt ai,, ;-fi flak he may be fuflfered i -:hanlge, Half Pay Officers Certl.ates, Recigni- 'wenttioworkMg*,aind l ailkg Uedlbh
r n ies death h,l'. f your cnrn hba fprung; from ameCs, Prcer Curret, Mortgager Indentures, they both .i .ped. olerir afterwar ig emaincd
oid t,,t, he catelul, in furckering it, to let uoi and lthcr blankTorms. &c. &c. h a week concealed inLondon, by awoma who
a iilc rh..n ix or fvecn of the Bronget fprouts were ao ct d for hl AppIrchealtou He afterward
,t,: .,in cc c bill. the NTOTICE is hereby gisru to~hbceerfomswihale efrapcd tn Feran d er with he afBtria tr
Whn Gan Corn is cut down, you ftould N Lihencs to vendn s .n i hujuiirs tave Bp d. ,, deri
"A r t ood Ied !wthbulles and palmrettol.t expired, that the frcentinuingto t,. w ith. V riowere thS 4ppliplea re Vd hial- pay.
tPln u bi, h fla, k it oin the elder, and thatch It with out having their Liccpor rnei 'st ti Crown for the pdon, Ibott me by hicg to d tb
plimrto. ty this ,an. you will.prcf'er the thefi to the s and ,maltie e ody law. fre aft by p tt, hente lhlt5 SdCtOIt.*
t'ai fr' m the w.evils almost the whole year; HENRY YONG l, Secastwrr. tempt the inroduulon tf the Mmehtler im .
i": >i hsur,i it, in five or rc roalth tLbe factory at RoseC, in which be but toto stnwtml.
dtlhruV,,Va Vtiau will lrcatly Injure It. Kfeep, YJ'i, rc. frf

iucaeded, to the gSat detriment of this country
NiJrved to fee the manufalory in its full vigour
anito reap the reward of his ingenuity and in
A Dublin paper of May 1 has he fullowini
article:-" A gentleman who had been lonj a
Baldivia, in South America, lately arrived in thi
city (Mr. M'Mahon, a naturallied Spaniard
afferta, that when he left Cadiz on the ?th o
April laft acceo tet werercei eLlthere, from th
aoaft of Chili, that the native inhabitants were ii
commotion at Coiceptiol, Cotqimbo, Villarica
St. Jago, and Imperiall that they continued thl
exeucfles-f zy7r, and murdered without diftinc
tion, Spaniart Negro, and Indian. They ad
further, that the Governor of t ma wan defeated
and lain, in the valley of Aravcl, while a largi
body of Chilefe besieged Baldivin. This is attni
buted to emilfaries from North America."
His Maefty, previous to the departure of I.rr
Cornwallis, coferned on him the honour o
knighthood, as a preliminary to his having tranif
mitted to him, and beingt invefetd in India, witl
the blue ribbon.
The manner in which the King made know
his Intention of giving the vacant blue iibboln to
Lord Cornwallis, reflects the hlighcit lultre on hi:
charader.-It was after his Lordlhip had taken hi!
final lave, and was preparing to withdraw.-
*' I now do it," faid his Majety, to obviate
every unworthy idea that might be entertained,
that your Lordfrip bad made terms with your
The above is faO ; but fAr the return of the
Swallow packet the above circumfiance had not
tr nfpherd, as Lord Cornwallis kept it a fetret
here from his mult Intimate friends.
The Horfe of Commons in a Committee on the
Southern Whale Filhery, on Friday,
That the following bounties he allnwmd to
fifteen tips of Great-Biitain, Irlarld, &c. em-
ployed in the Southern Whale FPctery, and which
hall pafs to the Southward of thie ScventhrDegree
of North Latitude: that is to fay, to the three
vefels that Ihall fail between the rft of May and
the aft of Jnly in each year, and lanll rft rctur'n
before the ift of July in th, following year, with
thegreatet quantity of oil, blubber, or read mat-
ter, aot left than oa tons, a bounty of otol. each.
To the three e relt that (hall rctu i with the
next greater quantity of flch oil, blubber, or
head matter, a bounty of 400oo. each.
T. the three next veffels tliit n(all return
with the next greatest quantity of fitch oil, blub-
ber, or head matter, a bounty of jool. m
To the three next ve'.-l that iall return
with the next greatcft quantity of ruch uil, blub-
ber, or head matter, a bounty of acol.
And to the next three vcrllt that fl.i'l rcturn
with the neat grcatft quantity, a bount) of seal.
That the following bounties be allowed. to five
thips, employed in the Southern Whalhe [ lhriy,
ad which fIall paft to the Southwav d of 36 dJgrecs
of South Latitlude: that is to fay, C
Tothe velfel which hall o fail between the
aft of May and the ill of July in each I.:tr, andi
diall firlf arrive in 18 months, anil not more Lthan
it months, with the greatest quantity ot oil, blub.
her, or head matter, a bounty of ;-ol.
To the veTel tbafhIall arrive with the next
greatest quant ty, 6ool.
To the veled that Iball ar ive with the next
greater quantity. jool.
To the velTel that (hall arrive with the next
greatest quantity, 4ool.
And to the vetfel that fall arrive with the
next greatct quantity, 3ool.
That all oil, blubber, head matter, whale
fons, and feal kings, be allowed to be imported,
duty free, caut and taken by hisMMjelly's fub-
Maj zx. It fettledand derflood byalipar-
t!es, that the judgment of Parliament upon Mr.
Haflings's huflla i, is to be Iput off until uext
Ma, r6. There is a rcfemblance, ant' that not
very iftant, between the table talk of Dr. John-
fon and that of Voltaire, if we may credit tho
biographers of each.-Inconliltency,-maalignant
fatire-poignancy of wit,-and want of urbanity
diftinguilhbotlh.-n moral character there can be
no comparison. Johnfop was a Chriftian, and
revered rellgion.-Voltaire an Atlicit, and hated
every thing that regarded religion.
A letter from the Hague, by the ita Dutch
mail, fays their advices from Berlin, of the i8th
ult. bring a confirmation of the returning health
of the immortal Frederic, who has refused the
boanet f the Cabinet ; and that they have rcel-
ved fame dilpatrnes with the figa manoat of the
King, in a.asat and legible chladers as any
dined by hb i1 thefe s years pat. His Ma-
jtIy's prefet readene Isa Saa-8clt, where he
bta b P ever IJC tke 4th ult,

It is in eitrtemplaton to enlarge the King's yard
Sat Sheernesf, with tihe addition of anotlier dock
Sfor building .tnd reriiiinrg lf nun of war, there
lcing a penfent only ienc; nor is it till late that
g Ihips of the line were attempted to bl bo It i re,
t the Polypheimu of 4 gtnia, launched about lite
s years ago, being the hit I. It was doubted at firft
) and an objection farted, whether an additional
ffortiication might not be required, but the pro.
e portion was deterrhnd in the negative. The
a water is the deepfel oltFShcrnefs .yrd ofar' other
, in the kingdom, and' mot propel for 'builiing
t large fhips, tvtslthreedekclits.
- h Imprrpegnalle man of wvar ot 9 guns, lately
1 launched at DLptftrd, is fittirg at Wonlwviclh,
SIn order to be catic1I roeand i) Plynionith, wlther
e fie is intedkld fur a giiardIl:ip. I he it w P1ort
* Admiral is to ruct her At Spitliheail, vwhic he ill
holt his f'Li, anil n routud i 'er to I. ly imollth,
I The Iliiftory f the lit vltintl in Alctaer, i. w\lill
f cannot polfibly be written with. irqP rli.l;y-nor
* certainly thefc lifty yeCrs, will tend, an.it0.g other
Good purples, tnc.pofl tihe var)ty, f.ll,.al l an ilf-
chiefs wvich aiife tri thlie political fiiea. iulaiiion
Sof men wIo draw all their inftlriiton [fitno bjoke,.
and never coinfult the volume of man. Who
could have flippofed that fuch Plhlulophere as
SFranklin and Price could have been fi egregioiilly
miftakein For if wet do allow fomethin. mofia inc.
tiou' irature to thc I'ermcrr, the character fI thoe
latter Is free frol Ithe! Ic-st fiicfin of niicu:al
Parliament, it i f.ii.. will b-eak rip nn .ht TuAf-
day lf'eiiight after the King's birth-day.
I'lance has Hi.Iterially clanged the principles of
her Adminltrat4 i i. withm theit few i.t
and a thiift ofeonqiKqi haj givrn way to the mild
arts of hutibandi y nod conliirrce.
o)nvernowr Penn. who cmine with the petiionn
from the Congrafe, its 177, precp'nirig t return
to Armerric, not itrany public chara.,-'tr, bit en
tircly on hit private r-iirs.
Lorra Orcg Goldrnlu way excornmuIliirAlCel An
tl.e ;th inR. *mi the p.arill church of S.ini
Maria sl-B1on0 The cxcommnnicati ton ras ver)
long, and tooe tvwearvty minutes to reil it be-
fbre the ferimq. of I.ort Grci.r (;i.r-
don's friends came up from the city, to hear it
read. Lord Geoi e Gordol r 'tnt u nlilftli tlif
afternoon, to tile Clclk or tl ar illh, :tr oi taili .
copy of it for his own detrr ::r, lit w:ai infromed
that one of t hc fficcrs oef thl Spititual Ci urt hadl
witte in the church till it was read, a.ini sthe
carried it kack with h;i ti he Spiritual Court,
and that the Clelrymm n liho read it, lha it nnt
flan mInutes lol)rngi in lue puff t. onn. In firt)
days the King i. he applied to tor v writ ,,
evcnmwritati cra, do, and hi I.nhrrlhip will be
inmpifoncd in iEvTate Jritihnut any tiiil, ti'l he
comply with Arct billtsp's anthotr a, and
makes filbmifao, if, the Chtich, amilii mi tIe
Arclibillop wil pi, tent s;notlRr petitoont t the
King de fecortr n', i.rat / rarsI...
rTlf It'a;fltwig 1 ter ii a tc Lord CltrL-e Gc.r
d,'s f. ur.j. i.
S1 t I'I R 1 I A'T ER.
n Having fecn in your paper if this dtiy, a co.
py of a letter, ec tigncd 0. (nrdon, : i Terting
that I vv porl i of r.iulcni.ble intelligence,
that Ji Apds t, l. has his fa'i y paid him
qut I'i C ie'Adhtniar, thie Ilitnchi am-
bafaido p'ca' f ilrrto your reader of the true
Itate of the cale, wi h;cl is as tollows :
"' I had tIle lho:iur of being introdulrd l y an
ecqiuantance by Inere acrildlrt to Lord Sror;r
pordlin, in liond-ftrect. We firet into thi
Blenherm CoTffre- lhoe, where in tile cotrfe oat
ronocrfation, I happcnedil to mention that I lhe.:Al
from ;a gentleman, \% ofe name I have mrienlionte
to thle parties, that the American .imba.ifldnr, as
he heard, way paid through the French armbfl-t.
dor. E
Without any further authority, the alove
publire.litn appeared. I leave the world to ljldir
how fC.r his Lordfhip's coilnud is cunfiillent with
proprit -y.
I am, Sir,
Your humble ferva;lt,
Man ~, 7206. S. TUFTS."
T The fot/-wing letter s i nfertrd i.t the riqid eof Lord
GeCrorg Gordon
Ta the pRIN'TER.
Mr. ulfts having pubillird a cltte in your
paper ot this morning, relating to the information
I had the honour to communicate to his Majefty's
principal frcreta4, of tate, reflpeing Mr. Adama,
it becorls my duty to lay further particulars of
that infllignee before his Majery's servants and
the public, fmny own Julticallon.
On my rettn from Scotla ounI found a 'ter
frnm'a Protrfta friend l the Rate of Virginia,
concerning th general Aflembly, antl rquerning
my advice an Intlproltion as Prefident of the
Proteltant air, nations. This I communicated as
a pice of news to Mr. Grant of thi foutkern In-

l;an delartm:ct, (who live it Col. Jloflto,,s
in New.Norfolk-llreel) and tIat getma n ime
tiuning tome that Mr. Adams, tlle American A i.
bahfador was paid by France. I dcfired Mr. rant
to fearci out his guthoril fIothat report, fu, I
Should not c'tufe t fptca ofuch a connetle
withoutt Poof ofr leIfal l*rsld a- o
particular of thWutrltnra whoetild hint, ni
afcertain the matter beyond drubt as tile uten,
inau mught he relied on. Mr. Grat did a~n
introduced Mr. Tufts to me, (U ho lodges at Mr
Allen's, a backli-maker in thtStnid) at Its ait,
I requefed thrurto walKntn I cofee-hours
that I might bear Mr. Tufts himfelf on the fub-
iea, who notonly repeated what I had the honour
to communicate to the larquis of Carmarithn,
but permitted Mr. Grant, at my request, to write nrim il nyW Ipeflrc, that no minllke migll
haipce afterwards. Tbis writing was given to
-me, and4 it ver 49w M. dtf, ajndafkd
him, ifit was right, and he faid it wais after which
his address r o wrote l t e back of ihepaper
that I might know where he was to befunill. Oa
Woddefday s orning I fent for Mr. Grant and.
Mr. Tufts, to inform them of my having publif hd
the correfpondence wlth ILord Carmarthen. Mr
Grant was at Mr. 'rilton's in thccqumtry; but
Mr. Tufts came to my bon14 in thbevening, and
told me further that Mr. lray i) alflocquainted
with the circumltancp of Mr. Adams's connedioi
wilh rravce. I hald io acquaintance with Mr.
'FTrts before Mr. Grant introduced him to me.
on purpose, as the Gent leman who could furnil
undeuiahle intelligence that the American Am.
balladur is paid quarterly by the French Ambala.
I am GCrry, however, that Mr. Tuft, A1uld
think my coindli haa not beet confiftcnt with
propitty. 1 I had considered the information as
matter for fecrecy, either in Europe or Americe,
I would iever hIave divlpged it.
I an, Sir,
Your humble fervant.
The Amrt!can Minile ffjtly denies the charge,
of his bhing paid through the medliuim of tlI:
lielcch Armbanador, as tated by Lord George
G don, and chllcieiges Ir .Lordioip, Mr. Giart
.Mr. Gray anti all the ,ctt of mankin! to lay be-
ftre the public whatoer intelligence, tevi(lnce.
or colour of firJpicion whlih they have, or fippiofr,
pIit'id, or imagine they have, to tie contrary.
In Mr. llallings's decline thrre are a great v&-
ret f of Arong and 4luquent paflg)re-For the pre-
lent we have filerCte tnc following, which was
ycry. much r.jroved of, and particularly by thife
wlio had Ct often heard another Ocaniletin'. eio-
il'e;.ce extrteil. in fipport of that rebellion which
has involved us in debt, and ifmrmabered an
,n p iii e
I have palnedby one part cf the charge, he-
caufe it thiftsthe ground of accusation from me
to my enmploers, and in that .nfe invalidlate
Sall the reft; but hiaing don with ilthat relates
t ti( myself, I- nw rectlr to this: it is floated,
that the Eaft-India Company having on their
*' p.rt viulatedtheen.gagement and renouncedthe
conditionson which they received, a4Jd have hi-
tertoh:hi and enjoyed the Dewanmy of Bengal,
Bahar and Orinfa from the King Shaw Allum,
have thereby forfeited all right and title to the
faid Dewanny, acting from the faid grant; and
it is f(ee and open to the aid King to rnfume
fnch grant, and to transfer it to any other Prince
or State."
I hope this charge, as it Iands aganift the Eat
India Company, will appear lobe clearly refuted
Sin the preceding arguments ufrd itn this defence;
Slor I have not rcletd my own jullification imply
on orders receive, but have equally endleavour-
Sed to prove thefc ogiers confinllnt with good
Sfaith, friit justice, and found policy.-WitIh
i tcilm to the inference drawn at the clofr en
SIle preceding quotation, nsmely, that til
Company have forfeited all right and title to
the Dewanny arising from the taid grant, and
to transfer it to any other Prince or Stste,' I
will oonfefs, that when I frtt read it, in lhat
anxious tendersefl which a fenie of wounded
Shonour filt from the laboured and voluminous
mafe of accusationa that lay before me, its
Sinflant impreflion en my mind Was, that I iad
either uttered llefr fentiments, fo reptsgut to
my duty as a ferrant, and my loyalty as a.fub-
SJeA. or that they followed to an Inevitable de-
dution from fame exprfedons that I might hat
unguardedly made ure of: Nor can I yer, rot-
Swilhftanding the change of there applitatinon
Suonierftand them to have been irroduced into
a criminal charge. but For foch 8 perpof, flner
iith all my powers of conjerdae T cannot devi.
San other which could be meant by it.
SI rely on the canfcidufkeft of my own unt-
viatlng Integrly, and on the Inve which 1 bar ,
to thit country. In wbich it has pIleaed God to .
place me, to alr that I l ver did or couta

,-entertain, match lefi eprefs a lfetihllmt fo ab-
horrent to my principles as a man, and to my
Sfeelings su an Englimiiao; and if it can be
proved, that I have ever minlue ufeof fch a
doetriic, to become the adlvocte of aay Prince
Sor State upon earth, In oppoltion to my own,
I will acknowledge that I defervt tobe punioled
with death, name to be bred= with
The impeachment of Mr. HL.ftings may be cora
pared to a clock, in which the following we the
principal morim:nts:
The great wheel which commands the minor
.movoienti, is the Parliameutary interel ailing
from the Borough Members of the India Com-
The minor wheel which direct the hand to an
explanation, i Mr. Pitt.
The pendulum which gives motion to the whale
is the cries of the opprelFed ; and the two weights
ghich ocaifiun that pendulum to vibrate and make
.the clock (frile, are the enormity of the crimes
with which the culprit is charged.
The hour hand is Mr. Dunias, and the minute
hand Major Scott.
The dial plate which explains the -whole, and
which proves whether the work is huncft, and
when it is otherwifc, is Mr. Buikc I and,
The cafe which covers the arcana of the whole
mechanism, and hides it from publh view, is
that which has long been known by the name of
Ite t;ing brliad tlhe T'hru, which is greater than
the Throoc itfllf.
Juar I. The new Lottery will yield to govern-
ment no eIfl than ll8,onel. a yal ; ever ytilling
of which will be distributed among the American
J.uyalift. On remarking the commendablencrs of
the objet of this measure, one cannot help re-
gretting that Miniltry did not contrive to form it
an a fill more extenfive fcale. A I0m1ri fioumul
but badly in fome people's Cears--but that mea-
fure which produces highly beneficial confequuen.
rec, be its name what it may, asone whish would
be very culpable in any fecvant of the public to
Nothing can eftablifl the foperiority of Mr
Pitt's plan over Lord Stanhopc'e, mdre than the
rapid rife of te 3 per cents. after it wa kIn "wln
the Bill for the reduAion of the National Dhbt
adl receive the Royal ;JTrnt : ant it I now tire
iiaoon ofr tihe nolft experienced Uroker. In the
Alley, that long before tIih pa)oent of the Miih.
aelmaq dividend, the 3 per ceIts. will adiince f1,
vely c'mnflerably as to be a price little tlort olio
per esnt.
(O the debts Inclrred by the Americans with
this cimntry finch the Peac, it is computed that
not tn per cent. have been returned, or pyrhrps
ever til e, to this country.-The proportion is
a very heavy one indeed, in which tihe credits,
and of courfe the tllfes of this country, exceed
Ihfc ofe any other country in Europe-our trade
wirh America too probably, being more than as
even are to one.
According to the Manufahdurcri reports, the
frrcign orders for the large forts of hardware
andl ,on caslings, far exceed thole of any former
The fpccilators for July, in our funds, and the
late rile in the pice of flock within thele ftw
days, fiirprife the olden and the moft experien-
redl dealer in the Alley. The apparent circuin -
leances are llattering-but there is too much caufe
to fear the influence rather of opinion, than of a
propnlotionate iacrtafr uf ready money in the
Iatn 6. The negotiators for eacebtween the
Algerines and Americans have returned without
having effelIed their pulpore, and even without
any hopes of fticces. M. Lom remains at Car-
thagen.a, and Mi. Randal is arrived at Madrid.
The plan for criouraging filherits, manufac.
tures, &(.. fees tobe the only constitutional and
etfitilal sretlboa to top emigrationl.-To prevent
people, by force, from going where they pleafe,
particularly if they cannot find employment ahd
fublftnce at home, is uncooatitulional, and con-
trary to the principles of natural liberty. The
li ild and patriotic method now taken by the no.
hlcmen and gentlemen will, it is hoped, foon
have the defired effe, without having rccourfc to
violent meafurce.
We may daily look for intelligence from Hol-
land of the moft alarming nature: rebellion in the
provinces, and diftration In the Coundi of the
rates, are but preludes to revolutions that may
involve every aviation in Europe, however they may
be averfe, from policy or ftuatlon, to a renewal
of the horrors of war.
Extrafl f a letter from Cowet, April 13.
A Gentleman of thil place has lately had a
calf horn with hands and feet, instead of hoofs.
Its other parts were formed 4ter IIIts own kind i
but what is equally, if not more remarkable, the
ea fh a been bought and fold by a butcher of the
place, and the veal ate with the greatest avidity I
-It is faid that the feet have been purebafed, in

Modern .to e depaelite in Sir Ailton Ler's N A S3 A U, AI UT .
Mufen. NA 5A A T m.
By the above extraordinary cirermftance, AN important revolution is fail, from good
Cowes will become a Famous for clves, as 1 authority, lt havelatly taketlplre In tll
Ouildford al fame years face for rabbit.." Sp.Cnilt Cabinet :-Charles Ill. difgualdl with the
D u 3 L I C a ITJ. 5, Mo I. cares and toll, of government, has reflnned the
This day his Grace the Lord Lieuteant went lm hnto his fon the Prince of Afturui, retaining
SState to the Iloufe of Pers, with the ulnsl to hinrelfonly the name and parade of Soverecgl.
folemiity, and the Commons being fent for, gave This evrnt Ia fatal to that Trench Influence,
the royal ajint to frtyfi hills. v.htch, il the percent reign, has occafioncd uch
His Grac was then pleafal to make tic fol- r"peatle lolle and dlfgracca to the Spanifl, nation.
lowing Speech: C"out O'Reilly, though supported by all the powr
My L.ord and Gratvmrn, of th!e Freach Court, is deprived of the govetn-
I have fen, with grreal flatifaian, the ena- mt't of Andalnfia, as well as of all hiolluer polls,
fant attention and unormmon dlfpatch with which a"' has haflity retired into France.
you have gotic through the public hbuineti.. I air The Prince has ordered a trihi fcrutiny to be
tiaercby enahled now to relieve yo from further na,'e into the expnditure of public motey duiiig
attetniliace in Parliament. The l.rmnonv of yr yi the late war. In the early Ilage of tlhi; ltfitefa,
deliberation has given no leIr tlan dig- hi't"' carI of tie motn infamous pecul.tiin havee
sily to yuer proceedings ; and I am ronfiltnt brrIn :adlr .ni fime inlldiidual who c.n:Ieivdc
that yon wll carry with you the fame dlifpofitlon the tnves flcu:e in the enjnynmnt of their ill ac-
for promoting the public welfare to your rtfidence quired riche., hl'le been ftripped of thicn, anid
in the country, where your pre fence will encou- cndemncd to dig ftr moie,--i t/e ali* e.
rage the industry of the people, and where your All the ol Spaniards, jealous of the honour of
example and your influence will he happily exert- their county, and .calous for her welfare, have
ed in eliablilhing general gcoa order, sad olc long heen looking forward to the perild, which
dierc to the laws. fhouli relieve them from the hanefiul inlluiince of
Gentrmem o tl Hofti f mm-, l French counfel.-Thefe Patriots have rmw Iteirt
I am Bu thank you, mn hib Mairhy's name, wilhes accoimplifhed ; and a very material chiage
for the liberal fupplics which youn 've given for in thle Fuopean fyiem will, in all pobability, bc
tir public lirvice, and f(rthe honourable fuiport f the immediate confetluence.
hil Mairtit 's government. They hall be faithful. W,'e arq fill unlpprized of any appointment to
ly applied to tihe purpofcs for which thej were this Government having taken place. Letters
graTiedl. My reliance upon your itccidc le port from T.odon, dated in the end of May. tecivcrd
to the execution of the laws tor thl jll cole :iliun "t Chaleflon, mention Lord Duntnore, Colonel
of the public rvenelie, afford me the lhll founded Scton, and Mr. iimpfoo, formerly Attorncy-Ge-
lrpre, that the pirodU:c of duties ill not fall neral of South-Carolln, as candidates for it.
flourt of their ellirni-el amount. rThe Providence Packet, Inglis, and Lightning,
M. I.-rdi and C(etlemcn, Burton, from this port, are arrived at London.
The determined fltirit with wh;ch.yott have A heavy G(a'c, on the *sth of laft month, we
mark d your abhorrence of alllaleftrdlforider ad are if9rmed, did confiderable damage at St.
tumult,, I donbt not, already male an ufful Eul"la,", antd others of the Weft-Inira Illinds.
imp cni l ; and the falri'ir law enaltd in tliia A flin new Ship, named the Maxwell, huilt hy
fifilln, anti particularly theitrodutoin of a fyf- Mr. 'Foggo, fior Mr. :hriflic of this town, was
tcm of police, are hri.iiorable proofs of ilr wif- launched at baxwell in Abaco, on Thurfday the
dom, viur i,,odiattirn, and yonr pruil ce. 3d iflant.
." l i Majelly btlilds, u!thll :he hi.'it fiti- "ie 4;:hr regiment of foot, commanded by
fatkin, the /ea andloyiltyofhis peopico Ma )ly, arrive l at Grenada in Maylaft, after'
land i and Ihe ia an t M jiy of his pcp;eo lmmans apallEe of lix weeks from Cotkto relieve tie ia
to alrnd I e hyo of Ic yol prlial retlmmno hir l.ofI tile foth Regt. under order for Quebec.
roytl Iaviur and pairrnal aliatlun. An'ordonnanice has lately appeared in thcrrcielt
ryI liavt the o ur petllie qrrevey hligpation to in.mI,:s, ini iOliip a duty of fi0 e livres per ilinim-
I Ili,> co firm n,y attalhmcist to this kindir ht; a:di it ?'I n" I c I.l-hlh imported from the Amcricai
will he the cmnflaut oli"it Of n y .'minin.Ltioin, Sta'tn, a1id granting' a r bounty of tIn livres per
and the w.rlii r impiull of my Ieart, to fIurwaiul Iqu"i;tl on the fame article imported in French
ilhe fced of her inlterfts, and to promote-the bholni" frn 'n their own ftt mental at St Pierre
prolpetily of the Empire. and Miqu;alon.
Aftcr which tIe Lord Chancellor, by his Crace' 'fle"day \ Alexander, Erq; and Mr.
Commrandc r, filb Devercaux, arrived here from St. Ainguflin- ; and
.V, Lcrd and Glrfln.-r, this lday William Telfair, Efq; and Mr. Robertion,
It i' his Grace the L.ord Liiltenant's peiflrer from Jamaica.
that this Palliament he prorogutl to luCefyti ARRI lVP Hwet. Fr: ,
the ilth d.iy of July next, to le thrn here hAlden; 4'aug. thoo. 5 lIhelecca, Hawkins, Philadclph.a
and this Patirment is arcodimngly prorogued to 14 S 1oo. Charlotte, Jackfon, ChaRl iron
TufJday, the &8th day of Jul) nett." Schoo. Formidable, Role, Ncvis
9_. Sltoop Sally, Whitheadl, Charlcfton
School. Expeilment, Watfon, Janaica
Sa I L '. For
F 0 R I U L L, A.q-. it. Sloop Adventure, Shaw, Halifar
S The SNOW '** A )a~ fb Ir t y I E. Ie Car.
Mna Aning v tintl sajq i.j.
V I I L I A yj ,.n r.r /,,,, i, up as aI, Frini.r. lfi, ,ad

Jetts IraoM, Stalrer;
Will fall in the fiIl reek o p. 'O be Sold at Public AucSio,
temtr; his exc lent acrcnlrdatl;onM fj, f On MONDAY the nth of SgpTaMIsI
engers. For pahlke, apply to the Mcte on t l "
board. v'HE folloTin TOWN T, late the pro-
L J perty of Mr. Ro pT Sulr c, viz.
1 L'N AWAY Irnm ih Suhfriher, hiMoniay the A WATER LOT, / feet in front, adjoining
ia nl July, Nl h r elMlow naed ~vo. Who- to the W.ftvard to M l Bason, and Ealnward
ever will pprehend rhe l i l runaway.l d deliver him to Mrs. CUsTIl t, hai g a HOUSE, 36 by so.
to the keeper of the public Jail in Nal Iall receive a IIOUSE, at by it wi Brick Chimney an-
Om G.i.r Reward. I Cellar, a Kitcelln Nece &c.
HENRY .ETON. A WATER LOT, 3o in front, adjolni
N',., Auguf ti, r:86. to the Welivard to Capt. iMl, and Eafward
intendle-av- tn h I Ba. to C.ipt. Lane, with the ame of a Houfe, o4
*HE Subtcrierr intend Ici"lng the Dahama- by o20
1 flaada, for a fliort time, in about ten days. A HOUSE and KITCHEN, upon M~r.Fall's
AMES MOS8 j Eighty ACRES of LAND, 3 milC from Neall.
J OHN SULLIl 'lThe Couditions will be declared at the Sale.
Najau, Augfl Ir, lI)6. 7 ROBERT JOHNSTQ i.
'HE Suhfcriber gives this public police of his 'rrunflec for the Creditorsof Mr. Kkre Spe rr.
Intending to fail for Oreat-Rritain is the
courfe of next month, in order t all prfons T O I E R I EN D,
having any deeuads lal him. ay cll In ime Anffd P oe. i ,n sm iass,
for payment I nd he t pee t lofe indebted o A. IHOUSE to the sTwARDn ,
him, will immediately fettle to h fatisfalion. formerly occupiedby STirans Inv Efti.
SI HAS FOR 8 .. ForTerms npp' to JOHN 3 HRISTIE.
A faft faiUng SCHOONER, namc the POLLY, anf,,, Al,/ s, 1yE6.
carries soo barrels of Flour, and a weli found. T .
a s o. 0 B
SParcel of Cotton Baing, and the remainder And la ha Zar era imnmeardy, .
of bi IStore Goods. A S OP the i ie of die Ptra
N;O I,, 1786, WILLIAM CHl d O; M. A Aply to Mrs. Wpi m POO ,

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