Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 5, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00173
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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if iD



T H' E-
' r"


i' I.'
V d

W-1 vrl.

S'A "Ai.tR. IE.

p !. u I

From SATURDAY, .AuoPsT 5, to SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1786.

NAssAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

MNTLoOOLnoolAL DIARY, Nn'ajrm, Yulai I7RA.
HkS.IC.T Of I.1
.7 i I 9 it Winds & Weather.
:|,, ..p m i| -.m
S81 84 Br S S1 Hreav rain at ngbl.
l 81 1 p S. toN. t. rling clouds.
3 79 14 83 B. Fair herar.
4 -, 8sl 8 i. io B. S.' Fair clear.
S gi At if. by S. RaintStkwaider atiis 'h
i6 8 84 bo &. to E. 5. -. air & ekar.
3, f4 4 8o to -. lyag,,faw J.
I o 79 79 E. byS. to S. IV. Rain.
S7 s. lo F b 7N. Far & / ear.
To Si, I., Xo Variable.uindl,.Rai.nintetewn.
i 81 84 lo E A'y IRail'at nigtt.
zi 7') 14 8o ljirs wilds. ROaN at night.
,; 71 79 ;t Idrem. RNelsy ran.'
14 78 A 79 3 S. Iderm.
I 7-, i4 No '. S H. Raun' thunder.
t 8. 4 Bo B. N. R. Rain at highly
a- 8A fj3 3, ES. A. A. Fai & clear.
It ;9 8j to P'If. Am.
io a 8, 8o I- N.E. rL.-'-.
It h X4 80 h.jl. Clvay. Rai.'at'nigit.
ii 7, 4 g8o Is. N. .. IJ i.n.
s. I. So 8u E. 3. E. an l ,'ear.
sy, nI 8q S. t.IoS. Sultry., ,l,,smt:t! .
24 i d'; l8j . Jden,,. Ha a nt ,igt.
, 83j S.S.S. E. I.Lm. Clm an nelagt.
,1 A ij p) Ent.S,'uilfw iS. E.atEllst.
s < ,. : ./1,,H. h l l ze, andtl ..
s' i 21I hB,/l. I'im, Si.ln I. .
* s ^ d.i : .// Ian. rd-nl.
3 8, I9: i/. fl.n. Kaui'at niitt.
S 1 <; Pr /, S .'trf.

i () K S A L.,
At the P I NTINO OFFP r E.
F.IS of Marchlnts Acruont Bauck, othl
blink B.look of all Serts, DriAtng, Wi'iig,
Bii: .ii', ai'i W,1apping Paper. QO.'ll. and (Nt,,
PIs, Inkitithd lhei, Pocket klil, l lt,,el Scfigtny's
sal oIIther P'etknntl, Lonilo made red 4hd lack
Ik i, red and hintk lhk Powdeir, PatentI
h.,k k Ink Ca.kl, Counitin Ilonfe Fl clS Blal
RIut Illidin: and common Black-Lead Pencil*,
C'py c, fto Scholars, Drawmg BR ok,, Water
C.iuuit in Shells and Boxes, Camcl-H tir Pencilb,
Cali if .sive i svon in llimntnl .,Circu.ii'eCtnior;,
i ',i Needlcs ifr ditto, Monii Scaei. Si0i [Dial.,
for 14. it, Ild lS, Ioliot rof Marking Types,
Cat iing eiid',, Biook and Mhlogany Bactgamn-
mnioii ablh;, 1.aie Dice, Mogul, Henry VIII, anl
hMiry Andirw Playing Cards, Ciibbage Hoia, d
Po tkt Books, ItwcCafeS. Memorandum Bootks
Bonds, iills of Sale, Bonde with Warrants
tI, cr.-lcs Juiidfment, PoUtwes f Attorney,
il!:. of I. ,iing, Scame'in Articles, Bille of Ex-
.h.inge, li.ilt Pay ()fficcr Cettfirtcaea, Recogmni
7iirecs, t1'1i L Curicnt, Mortgages, Indentures,
aidi other blank For r. &c. &c.
l I IC i. hehby given to relrfioa whofr
N l.icercs to vend Spirit us Liquorl hase
txpiiilt, that tilielrconlinuiag vaend them with.
oill having their Lince s ren ed, will fubhjd
them to the fines and penalttce pofcd by law.
HENRY YONI _, _tcretry.
NTafa, Jlly I, r;786.
'rIHE huhtciibr gites this public hbice of his
Sintecnit.g to fail for Grtit lafin in the
t urfe of next month, in oMRdr hat all perfons an) demands against himnt ay call mi time
f"r plymiett I and he rxpceds ofe indebted to
1im, will immediately tile to fatiTaif-ion.:
Afan failing (RCHOONER, nam tbb fQt.l',
carriea oo barrels of Flour, and wlf fiiun-
,A L.' f '
A Parcel of Ctto Bagging, aqd the rtemaial of hitdStore loudi. ,
Yj Is, 1i(6. WILLIAM CltSHOLM.

European 'JItelligence.

D U B L I N, FlenauAnv r.
.lfurder of PArnlc: RiNDAL M'DOsNELL. P/q
BY fYvcral If-ttcre wvhiclicaime by eftlrday'a polt
furom Callclar, we ali able to give lte fol-
lowing authlntllic particulars of tjnq of the. molt
ihockinig nurtrrs ever commitltd: A dilcrence
hadl ful a ui.,fidcr.,dlc time pail fuhliiled between
Georg- Iotl.cet FIi:gelald ai.l Patrick RtaIdal
M'*Doilll, Efirs. The public iny rceolket ani
advertilmneit wuich appeared laily, iclati;e to
the latter grcihtrian bhlig ihot at by a party ,if
allalli A. ; fIr the di.A)ovfi.y ol lhich Mr. .1 Don.
nell and Iumlitrt,.it getilltmricu of.the town ani
iei,.hbou Id liouleo C.tlcbla lubftiibcd their n.uncs,
lndl itffled .1 confidtcblic revard. Siinc .thlis
cirLUnlLt.hcc, Mr. M-Douiiii kcpI mntch on lii
guard, a. he rcccivel miniin iormations, that
liveral parties ot l iitgciaid' u mcn wrrc looking
out for him in i'lh t avIowed dclrmnination to
;,nloy ih in. T .lR .lindilay evening lMr. M'Donnell
vr I fr I!ti. Yiia:cr lcurity to tihe hook of a
,Mr. Maltiii, in ihi n,.ithllu l hoed of Callebar,
iii conaya .y witl a Mr. Gallagher of that town,
ind another G1t, Ltkm Li li, .idl his two attend
'ng iticeld;. hld beIti ,i Mr Maniui's but a fILe
mitattes, whic;i the Ii tlr was fultouidtd by a
larger party olfma inCo nn, whoi i .i antly briki in,
found d Mr. M'DoUn 1I. Mr. (Ga;l;.iscl, a.d I,.
other gcintcuniiii, andi imnn.diattly ca licf i lthe
l !, tihe i ui ol RiL clilO'd, "hiLIe li'uiald,
.Is it is fltd, tillan w' A ittr .i short flay therr,
IelnIg mhni ti, IA i IirL.itil tIIi d, t:'IIy WtI t tirated
wim h the uitm1tl l1 gtre oi iieii!t. Icoff'l and rIiiilitg,
I a.i nitm d 'I y it lo, it the n ft'ortiinatt gentl nit ii
mo tihe ir.. 1 In a few fi-,mda a il;ltuooll \wa
fiied, nand IIHd ot io the votedd ndiat dead nl
the fp,,t. Mr. 1MDoincl'ae d iMr. Galtalghrr were
o'ltduetd to go on about o yards 'uitthlr, w lhen a
Iccond platlon .wa, iiecd. Mr. M'lloiic ll inllantly
itlldread, upwardls of So flugip t ill into his body.
Mr. ( ccirvit nifokve 'a nlug, but, as
Providcniic a i.,ud h.vt it, aii ill oidecr to bring
';fvet'.l of the perpetitori. to jiilicc. wa, nuot
-IortallV won ndlhd. Ilow r lie tl 'oi,,ht it p, u-
dniii', aihir flagecring a few )ard.,, to fill aind
apple ar motion lf, in order It diec ive tit niur-
dr-cre. ''hey hroun;t bac: MAr, in a
veryy wo(IuInJlt It.t, to Fil;zgnL:ld Ih iiifc. They
htai r, turned hier bltl a lf:w iniiilten, when the
litiufe wa liurriu;ndied hy the army frotn C.all cbl.r,
sinlny ef the voluntts, gcntkle.rin, andi imntsiLfe
clOls. of ptoi e frro tlha tat tow n and ticlh;u)it-
hood. They fpendilv got into ti. houfi, delivcr-
c.I Mr. Gallagher in a mftr critical moment, 'eiced
l.veral of the minderers, and after a very ftrid
and long fca~ih found FitgeraIld locked up in a
large clilt, and hid under two blankets.. lie and
fi %rlAl of hli people were immediately condliuted
to Cafllcbar, an. Ilfdely lodged in the jatl, which
ij continually guarded both (hrt the ain;y aid vo-
:nitetrsa to prevent any Ipollliilit ot an ft.peC.
It is illlonilhing with what perfcier;.nce the life
of Mr. M'Doinell was purfued : he was firlt fired
at as he waa riding by the hoiife of Turlough,
which lies within three yards of the nrcat ro;d
Irading from CafllKbar to Sligo, and which is alfo
the road to Liberly-lhall, out of one of the win.
dows, and the ball hit him in the back of the
neck. The next attack wa r-thc difcharge of two
blundeiboTffe into the windowof h h bed-cham-
ber at the time hle mas fluppolkd tI'he imilrfling, I
wliii h wounded hsl fIlvant I andi tihe third was a
thot fired out of a bliandeblAf# a hL .,hbout two t
months ago, out of an old'4ib'ule' near hi own,
at a time when lhe was walkilt in hid aivenCe. I
which tliattercd the call of lhil leg in :I dreadful 1
tarner. t
SPcrlhaps no man ha csver rif4lid hislirfe o often
in private broils, as Captain FTItgetald-t 1r7 1 ,
1 Lleutenart Thompfoi took away a cofiliderable I
piece of his oull. in a del. whtb wai flight i t
Galway. The various fcrapc in which he has

been involved fine that time hre fo notorious.
.that they nerd no repetition : but it in now well
known, that for many yemrs he owed his safety to
being eafld In a fort of armour, mnde ,f many
pieces of Indlia rubber, which are elatlic, but im-
penetrable to tie word or pistol fliot. This, how-
ever, prelerved his unhappy exiftince a few days
line, when fix men forced ihito Cafllebar gaol,
and fired a cafe of pifols across a table at him ;
the bullet of that levelled at his body rebounded
hack, but that from the other, took place in one
of hi llhighs. A blow was then made at his head
with a Ilrge candlellick. but this he warded off
with a plait, which he held up as a fort of fliidd.
He perrecty knows his aflailants, but is filent in
refpct to their names. It is aid, that above forty
of his party are taken.
Ca sa1 E April It.
The K I c again/iFitengt aid.
Yeflerday Lord Chile Baron Yelverton, and Mr.
Baron I|Pvwer arrived here, and, after reading
their commilfion, adjourned to this day, when
the following grand jury were fworn:
'ir Neae O'Donnell, Bart. Foreman.
Rl. Ilns. :juaei Cuft WIrliam Ruttlef, FJq;
lion. JHnry Browne fuglb O'Cinnre Efg;
Tho. S Lindfby, Jiq; Jamefi Broune, jtq;
(;:.;r.ii.Coltei, Iifq; TbotmaOrmf/, tf/ '
o/,hn B, sba,., I/q; Joohn Ormfl), Jq;
I. l iidjr, fin B'l: ichara Bldske, tfq;
r. L.i/i;y., Jun. k.jq; dedrd Browne, fq;
i''a ca Annr, -1p Hif. Brabaxon, ffg;
Artlhur le'i,/.b, lq; Gorge O'Male, a/lq
G(,ove .1llerr, Efq; W'illiamOi am, ;
f.//,. Bowern, A l yase O'Donnll, fq:
'I ih Chic, DBlon gave a molt learned and able
charge to the july, which was a comment prlnci-
p.lly upon the oath of a Grand Juror, and which
li L siied, by obferving, that the duty of a Grand
Juror was to imitate that antient court which fat
in the dark that they m:ght not pay any rcfred to
perflns, and, therteore, for that, Jufice waU
painted blind, not that fie might not fee offIences
hut that lthe might be pcrftaly impartial t were it
otlhrwilf, the mean aild the low may be excited
to oppole thofe laws, which feem only to bind
tlhem, wht le thegreat ludethem I and by your
impartiality teach thert, that the fedal tenures
have been abol hed, and that the tides of Lord
aid VFfal have ceafed to tXilt.
Mr. Stanlry then mvced the Court, for liberty
to admit counsel and his agents to Mr, Fitzgerald.
He flated, that fine the revolution, there had
net been an examinpl of fuch severity; that in the
cale i,f the allAnins, i the ieign of King William,
it I.e I lot been fo ; that in the calc of Lord Win.
ton alfo, his fii many other cafes;but the Chief Baron interrupted
him, F.i) ig, he need not make a parade of cafes ;
if there had been a private application to the At.
torn y-Gtneral, who was then in his eye, he did
not doubt but every reasonable indulgence would
be Ilhwn tO him.
The Attorncy-Gct cral then faid, that he under.
(food cvci y thing which was cotififcnt with his
falc.keqcping had been, and would continue tobe
The Hon. Denis Browne, High Sheriff beg.
gptl kave'to fay a few words. He had been obi.
gld to order Mr. Fitzgerald under clofeconfine.
melt, from attempts made by himfuelf he had
ehd.avourcdlo bribe the fub lieriflto permit hin
to fcape. He was going to itate other matters,
but was ilterntpted by the Chief Baron, who
faid, that living fuch fads, might tend to preje.
lice the minds of men who might perhaps be oa
he petit jury that were totry Mr. Fittgrald..
Mr. O'Farrel then moved, that Mr. Thoma
Burgers might be admitted to Mr. Fitzgerald, he
lated, that he was a person absolutely necefary
o hlif, for pecuniary purpofeis.
The High Sheriff faid, he did uotink it pr-
lent to admit hiu' to Mr. Fitzgera l owl ver,
ftcr fime argutmst, the Chief Baro wasplata&Id
o arder, that Mr. Burgef Ibould be admitted,
all ncctfary precaulins being takc i alUo iG


Vol. III. I



T HE . tE-' '

- .: r ,

`No. IoG.'

No.. '. o G.'
A I '. tr




From SATURDAY, *Auo7s- 5S, to SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1786.

NAssAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

MerTLoOLOOI eL DIAit, Kll, n'lin, rl17Rb6.

3H Ia 9 Winds & Weather.
aC1e. ,'n.i mi .
s 84 8r B S' Hieavy rain alt n t.
S1r 85 B '9 a .to N. B. Frling cloud.
3 79 94 83 B. laieV de/r.
4 a J, S e.' t B. S.8. Fair& clear.
J 8 :S *- r H. byS.IFainftkaarderat'isb'."
5 84 t o to S. Fair &f clear.
7 11 84 8o e. to S. FIMa/Sho o.a
I 8o 79 79 .b' t W. S. IV. Rrin.
9 ; 8a4 Su E b N. Far & lear.
o 8,, bo Variableavindi.'.Rainiithetrln.
Si 81 4 So E by d ta'Al'l t igSh't.
1 7') 14 8o .i hs lwins. Rain*at nitbh.
1, 7' 79 78 ldr. I ra:.
II 78 79 S S. S Idem.
i ; 04 nSo [. S I. Ra~l thunder.
el 8, 4 ao E. N. F. Rain athihti.
8[ l .; i8 8 E.,. F ir Sd clear.
79 83 8Io, .0. 1,lrm.
1i, o ., 8,o E'. E .--r .-
I i 8 .4 so ,)//. C(Ivsy. 'al 'n/I.i
I 71, 4 8o E.. N. l. ,ld.-. -
s. Yi 90 So 1E. 3. E. nlt' c,'rar.
a, i, an 83 S. fR.loS. Sultrr. v-3i iatr:ni -.
a i ;7 8 1. a'. Aden. Maiin u nigit.
, > 8 S. S. E'.IdJ. Cahl at n',',l.
t rt i .1 ; EIil. S',ialdy fro, S. E. atn rght.
S : -: 1t ,,jfl. frtu/Q ,. aand /lei.
s' I n hiAli. len., i/ ,u.
I, '1 ais :Vi/. ld-n, d-ej..
., Si a, 2 ,1/l-. l/ .m. Kat-Iat nighil.
ji i a : i r ;i *9 S .'tr.
1' t) K b A i, h,
At the P KI N TI NO OF P C E.
F IS of Mtrchants Atco' nt Boofa otlli
hl .nk nhok. of all Serts, Dra.,qng, Wti*itg,-
B;ilii, anrl Wiapping Paper, (q2ll. and (Kl"e
Pvs, Inkltlhin Ihe,, Pocket Inklihilets, Srvigry's
nld other P( eknn' t I.ondlnoi red add tbl ick
I' k n phitls, rest and blick lIk Powdier, Patent
bhiak I nk Cakes, Counting Ilonfe Fleo, &Bia't
Ru cs,. dll-iLn and common llack-Ltatd Pciiils,
C .y le, t'folf Scholars, Drawing Book., W.ater
Couut, il Shells and Boxes, Camel-Hair P'cncilB,
(lc s i:sf s a veors inflllnlntl .,Circulllel(llntor;,
i tc Necdiler lr dittol Monll Scaler, bon Di)ala,
for 14, it, aid 26, Rloen of Marking 'rypes,
Cat ging Ii'.,I Book and Mlihogany Bckganm-
nmoi 'ah;ebr, c Dice, Mogul, Henry VIII, and
Ph ny Andt r Playing Cards, Cribbage Boalls
PF~kct Books, Etwee Cafes. Memorandum Books
Biuds, hills (of Sale, Bondis with Warrants
to) cEiI nIf Jiudtmnt, Powe of Attorney,
1ilt: if I., dlig, Se:aritcal Articles, Bills of Ex-
u:hange, Il.ilt PIy Officeri Ceitificatel. Recogni-
7jaicce, 1'11t a CI urlnt, Mortgages, Indenores,c,
nil other blank Forms. &c. &c. &c.
N )1 ICi tI hltihy given to erfone wihofe
N Liceiccss to vend Spirit us Liquors have
expitiit, that lthercontinumig veid them with
oit having their Liccnces ren ecd, will fubhjdc
them to the fines and penalties. po:d by law.
HENRY YON E, tcretwry.
Niafau, fuly IT, 786-.
rI'HIE thublciber giels this public hblie e of his
Sintenli.g to lail for Great itain A the
c u fe of next month, in alterr hat all perfons
Swln an) demands agnaillt hint/may call in time
for payment I and he esprels tofe indebted ro
lhi, will immnliately lfilCe to ~s fatititition.
r E H AS FOR S j. .
A fa failing RCHOONER, nam. th pOtY,
cArric zoo barrels of Flour, and rw;ll fyu1l.
A L S 'o$ t ,;
A Parcel of Cotton Bagking, aqd the remainder
of his Store CoudI. ,

European 'Intelligence.

) U B I. I N, FItrtuaAR 25.
Y ftvral lttlers whieh came by yeAfcrda 'a pou
from Callll6adr, we arL able tu give lce ful-
lowing autlllhntic particulanrs f un;f 4ai the nmon
llhockilng inlrdrrs ever commitltd: A difcrenc-
had foi a cot.dcr abilc time paN l fililled between
Georg I(oluct Flizgecald ai.d Patrick RaIdal
M'PDoLill., Elirs. The public in y recolket ail
advertilni-nt Uhtich appeared laILly, itt to
the lattt gr pe.lthIriin being lhot at by a party if
allaflT 1. i for the ath Ivi.iy ot which Mr. 1 DLon.-
nell and siulIruitis gtultlmicu of.the town andi
iclihbo ou liodul C:alltcba lubfuliibed their n.iIs,
and oilrcitil at confideabl ic i ard. Silcc this
crctinllI,,lt.i Mr. M-SDo.ntI kept mtlLh on hia
guard, a. tie r(cciv\-l i1n1)ty IIatorUiatioins, Ltat
fivcral parties ol IFtagrlald' menti wivere looking
olt for him i'l ;llh an vowed determination to
,I ftiot h mt. I : All .,ndlay cvrning Mr. M'Dounncll
werin f,,r tei, ; ait e:r Itcurity t tie h hooik .l'
Mr. Maltii, in ilI, noighbi)u hood of Catllebar,
in conit-a y a i'h a Mr. Galltaghcr of that town,
and another Gtriil Li iI. lie, .ntal his two attend
ing f riendi, llad bitcr at Mr Maltin's hull a k i
InultuteC, '1hlen ihe li ufct was fIui wounded l )y i
large party of a,11 c m' n, who i .i .ntlyI broke in,
-ound Mr. M'Doun l. Mr. Galt;.tghin., aid tih
other g(llt llnii anil iinn.(,:iaitly ca licd 1thoul
I, i t i t lhe I, it u : ii Roi.i. d, whMte l'i ttli;lald,
.is it is I'lvd, lln w.ii Afltr a Ihliort flay llh rr,
inig hiLlih i t i r t.'ti'iildi, l!L'y waLt tirated
wit h thle tirmoil d ..n a. mcd p i-'y I o'It-I the unftorttnii tt gentlcinuii
u thlit .;- In a fCw fi n1ds a Jplatoou WJa,
filed, and .lid ron iof the td ,oted 'Imtslln dead on
the lMr. M'Dontilland Mr. Gal:agher wreic
,-t.ltid to go on about 5o yarJd fullthtr, shlien a
licond platoon wa i red. Mr. Ml' hilitcll iiltantly
tIldrad, up iards of 50 fluis pIlitig into hi, body.
Mr. Gal!..:et.r tectivtcl ai, o vcal Iliug, but, as
Providelince would I iavt it, an.I in olcder to Ining
fcve'.il of the prprtialtor.i to jiflic, ioas, not
mortally weo ndcd. Ilowrcic ,lie tl oloht it p. u-
diln, aitir flaigrini! a few iardt to fill aid
appear motionhlfs, in order toi dccive tile niur-
dtcers. 'Ihey hrouiilht bact: hMr CGilagher, in a
,very ivwoii.ld llli.t, to Fitrciald h Iultfc. Thecy
tlal retllned lilrc ltllt a tiLw inil!tel, when the
liiufe wa' lurruuntdedl h\ tle arn:y froin C..lllch.r,
nllny of the volunteers, gcntl.mrcn, and irrml-infe
clouds oft >iolile froui that town and nelclthl; iis-
lonod. They fpecdilv got into ti;e hoiuf, deliver-
.I Mr. Gallagher in a m ft critical momrnct, I'cild
l'.fcal of the murdrerrs, and afecr a very irid
and long fcaich found Fitlgcrald lockedi up in a
larlt' chtc, and hill under two blankets. lie and
fL ral of lii people were immediately conduitced
to Cafllebar, and la fely lodged in the jail, which
i. conthinally guarded both ti' the at my and vo-
lta etrs, to prevent any polb lilty of an tf ape.
I is it!onilhing with what pcrfe'r;.nce tie life
of Mr. M'Dounrll was purfued : he was firlt fired
at as he waa riding by the honfe of Turlough,
which lies within three yard of tl.e Lrcat road
leading from Cafllclar to Sligo, and which is alfo
the road to Liberty-hall, out of one or' the wins
dows, and the ball hit him in the back of the
neck. The neat attack waI-the difcharge if two
blunde ibeofir into the winiolof his hed.cham-
bcrat the tlime lie v.M fiippold to bh tImtlrcling,
which wounded his livanti anti tile third wan aI
Ollit fired out )f a hblndectwrbdat h5i .iaout twoI
months ago, out of an old'iMd l'c near Iis own,
at a time when he was wlkii t in Iis arnlic.
which thattircd the call of lhi lt in :( ditadful
traner. '
I .Perhaps no man has ever rif4td hisife to oftin
ir private broil, as Captain TltFgesrldi-ln-r7 7
SLleautenat Thompfoi loo away a-cn fie M lea
piece of his foul. in duel. btfcs wt fosaht a
Galway, The various fcrapes in which be has

been involved fine that time Are fo notorious,
.that tey need no repetition : but it is now well
known, that for many years he owed his safety to
hiring cafid in a fort of armour, made c.f many
pieces of India rubber, which are elalic, but im-
penetrable to the Iword or pifol fliot. This, how-
ever, prelerved his unhappy exiflrnse a few day
linrc, when fix men forced into Cafllebar gaol,
and fired a cale of pllols across a table at him *
the bullet of that levelled at his body rebounded
back, but that from the other, took place in one
of his thighs. A blow was then made at his head
with a la rge candleilick. but this he warded off
with a Ilat which he held up as a fort of field.
He per dt. knows his afailants, but is filent in
refpect to their names. It is faid, that above forty
of his party are taken.
C At T I A April Ir.
The Kr C agnin/I Fitzg ald.
Yesterday Lord Baron Yelverton, and Mr.
Baron IPouw'r arrived here, and, after reading
their commillion, adjourned to this day, when
the following grand iury were fworn:
.'ir Nreal O'Donnell, Barl. Foreman.
R1. llou. Jamrne Cufe llilliam Ruttleg r, fg;
lion. Henry Bi ownre Hub O'Come, Ffq;
Tho. S Lindfaj, Efg; James Bruowne, jqi;
('A..r/i.Co/dido, /fq; Thborra Onrm/Jb, Fl;
no/ht Bi sgb,t, P/q; John Orme j, Jfq;
I. I ildjia, fitn jit' ichars IlWke, Afj;
r. Lnoijiay, jun. Ai.g; Adard Bro-wnr, fq;
F'ra"cnl Ahno, ,)1 HIf'm. Brbauon, Pfq;
drtliur Flert.,, P/; Giorge O'Maley, l A
G, ogeA a Miler, Efq; f'IlliamOram. Af;
(.,i/t. Bowen, A l n|Jas O'Donnll, fq:
'I tie Chie Balon gave a moft learned and able
charge to thejuiy. which ras a comment prnci-
pally i.pon the oath of a Crand Juror, and which -
le aided, by observing, that the duty of a Grand
Juror was to imitate that antient court which lat
in the dark that they m:ght nut pay any rcfcted to
perfms,n and, therefore, for that, Julice was
painted bliJd, not that ite might not fee offlnces,
hut that (the might be perfteily impartial I were it
othutrwilr, the mean and the low may be excited
to oppole thoue laws, which feem only to bind
them, wh'le the great elude them ( and by your
imparlialty teach them, that the fesdal tmures
have been abolflhed, and that the title of Lrd
and Vaal have ceased to aiit
Mr, Stanley then mivtd the Court, for liberty
to admit counsel and his agents to Mr, Fitzgerald.
He fated, that fiance the revolution, there had
net been an example of fuch severity; that in the
c.ale of the affllinl, in the seigi of King William,
t1 not been fo ; that in the ca.e of Lord Win-
ton allo, his flicndq were admitted He cited
many other cafes;but the Chief Baron interrupted
bin, fL) ing, he need not make a parade of cafes;
if thcre had been a private application to the At.
torn, y-Gtneral, who was then in his eye, he did
not doubt but every reasonable indulgence would
be tlhewn to him.
The Attorncy-Get cral then faid, that he under.
flood every thing which was cornfilent with his
fafl-kc-piing had been, and would continue tobe
lThe Hon. Denis Browne, lligb Sheriff, beg-
god lkave'to fay a few words. He had been obli.
grd to order Mr. Fitzgerald under clofeconfir-
menr, front attempts made by himfelfl he had
endreavourcduo bribe the rub acri lto permithisn
to escape. He was going to late other matters,
but was interrupted by the Chief Baron, who
faid, that Rating fuch fads, might tend to prjo-
Alice the minds of men who might perhaps be on
the petit jury that were to try Mr. Fitzgerald.
Mr. O'Farrel then moved, that Mr.Thomnu
Rurgefs might be admitted to Mr. Fitzgerald, he
Itated, that he was a person absolutely ntcemflr
to lii, for pecuniary purposes.
he High Sheriff faid, he did notink it pru-
dent to admit him to Mr. fit aralj4owser,
after fgme arsguiglUt. the Chief Baroa, wsppleaWd
to order that Mr. Burger fhouldbe admitte,
all nccciary precautions beiln trakca ialo Ig

- -.- --a--~-.-

ageit, Mr. John Lynoot and out r two of his
Counfel, who ae Mr. O'arrel, Mr. Stanley, and
Mr. Owen.
Cieridlar. Afril ix.
After the proccdings of Monday laR, the Chief
baion ordered the federal perbns charged with
muder to be brought up the neat day, to be ar-
raigne,. and this morning fevcral of them were
accordlngly brought up, amoeg whom was Mr.
Timothy Brecknock, fcrarly an Englilh Solicitor
and a man who has been for man years the friend
and companion of Mr. Fitagerald;-he was fhab-
bily ldrefed In a d:rty whitlh coatr his hair is
grizzled, and his beard, which is ofconllderable
engthb li perfdtly grcy.
As loon as the judge had taken his feat, Mr.
Brecknock iated to the Court, that he was weak
and Infirm through age, and applied to he let with-
in the bar, thit he might it. The Chief Baron
told him that he could not comply with hiarequeft,
but that a chair 1huld be provided for him, that
he might fit in the dock.
Mr. Stanley flated, that the Counfel on behalf
of Mr. Filzgerald had a motion to submit to the
Coort, and Mr. O'Farrel went on to lay the ill
late of Mr. Fitzgerald's health before the Court,
and his having been plundered by a mob, after the
The Attorney-General faid, that. he fuppofed
this was to be a feLond edition of the fpecch ot
Mr. Stanley replied, it was not; and fald,
though him cilent was not able toprocure an affidla.
vit from a phyfcian, that his health was fo preca-
rious, or from a surgeon, that his Itate wa fTo
Uncertain that he could not attend, and though he
could not himself make fuch an affidrrit, yet he
rullted to be biblee to lay before the art fiich an
alfidavit as to the Rate of his mind, as to induce
hib Lordfhip to poflpone the trial. He alfo (aid
be hail an application to make to his Lrdlhiprt
humanity, which was, to request his Lordfnlp to
to down to the gaol to take hi affidait, as frim
the treatment Mr. Fitzgerald received, he had
been confncd to his bed, and could not come to
the court in any other manner, and he belie ed it
was a frequent prakice fur Judges to go to the jail
of Newgate, in Dublin, for nfilar purporet, and
hoped his Lordhiip would fo far favour his client.
The Attorney Genera ar(ed Mr. Stanley, if he
meant h. put ofthe trial before Mr. Fitzgeral
had pleaded ?
T'he Chief Baron a&ed, wai there any affidavit
that Mr. Fitzgerald's (fate ofhealth was fiLh that
he could not with fafety come into court to be
arraigned I
Mr. OFarrel begged ive minutes time to con.
full with Mr. Fitzgerald, whether he could make
fuch an afidaslt, which being granted, hi. Cnio-
$1 went to him, aid after Aaying about a quarter
dlan hur, returned.
Mr. Ulick Burke then fated, that with safety to
bis life, Mr. Fitegerald could not come into court.
The Chief Baron afked, if Mr. Fitzgerald had
ki n viited by any p-ifon of medical Mill ?
Mr. Owen declared, that Mr. Fitzgerald fill
langulhed under iljunrie reclved, while in the
custody of the law, from the mot ravage and bru-
tal barbrity, and hoped his Lurdfhip woold take
the aflarit.
Mr. Ulick Burke alleged, that Mr. Fitzgerald
laboured under extreme illnefa, and that a violent
raih on his tin made it unfafe for him to leave his
Mr. Stanley then Rated an affidavit, which Mr.
Fitzgerald proposed to make to put of his trial,
In which It was alleged that his late of health
was fuch as not to be able to take his trial at the
present aflizes.
The Attorney-Orneral observed, that it had
been Rated by Counfel, that Mr. Fitzgerald could
not make Inch an affidavit a1 was now proposed,
bu li foon as his Counfel were admitted, the
affidavit was prepared.
The Chief Baron agreed with the Attorney.
General, that the lads were certainly fo.
Mr. StXr ley, to exculpate himfclf, faid, that he
bad no previous consultation with Mr. Fitzgerald,
and had mifconcei'ed his fate of health.
1 he Chier Baron informed him, that no person
aecufte him of improper conduct; and it being
fuggeAed by a gentleman in court, that Dr. Boyd,
the physician, who had attended Mr. Fitzgerald,
was then in court, the Chief Baron directed him
tn vilit Mr. Fitzgerald, and report his late of
health-and the court adjourned for half an hour.
The Court being again opened, Dr. Boyd, on
the lggeftlon of Mr. M'Carty,.one of Mr. Fit&-
gerald's counsel, o ftworn. He declared that
Mr. Fitzgerald might be brought up warmly
Sorered, or In his bed, as he alleged that he bail
Sno ctmhes i that his long lying in a horizontal
posture iad made it, perhaps, lefs fae for him to
come In nay other manner; and that, contrary to
all patients hqlad known, who generally deflred
to leave their dlM, he could not prevall upon Mr.
ritllerald to iiit bl, nar could he !ndhm him to

take animal food, which would have f;ewdily
amended the injuries he hab fulian.ed by lisf of
The Chief Baron ordered him to be brought
up.,wirhproper preranion in.hi bed.
Mr. M'Carty then alked Dr. Boyd. if them was
not a rath on Mr. Fitzcrald ? to which the CDoor
answered in the affrmative, but that it was not
The court then adjourned Tor halfan hour, filter
which adJonrnrmnt Mr. Fitzgerald was brought
into court in his bed, and laid on the witnrls's
table, where he was arraigned, as being percent,
aiding, abetting, and affifing, In the murder of
Patrick -Randal M'Donnell, Efq; at thelbridge of
Cilaccarva, in the county of Mayo, on the aflt of
February laR ; as were Timothy Breckneck, An-
drew Craig, othelwife Creagh, commonly called
ScotchAndrew anim< Foy, William FPlton, Jhhn
Chapman, and Wallisi Kel;, charged with traiter-
cany murderinrf id Pltrik Ranlal Mi'Doniull."
When Mr. Brecknock was called to plead, he
faid there did not appear to be any .oflat of a
true bill against him; that in that cife the pre-
lumplidn of law was, that the bill was ignored,
and claimed his right to fee th, tlue bill.
I he Chief Baron dirtlted the Clerk of the
Crown to go on with Ina dut) ; and the bill end-
ing, agaiuft the foinr of the fatule," Mr.
Brecknock walked what ftattc to which the court
answered, that it was iinw premature.
When the q.ellion, h,,w will you b tried ?"
was put to him, the Cleik of tl Cro'vn dcfired
him, as ul'lal, to arifwrc, by (,od and my
country," Mr. Brecknock faid. I should choofe
to be tried by God, and not hyri.rcountry.-
After berig rept.cdly urged tj ajfwocr in the
ufial annrer,
The Chief Barnn informed him, that if he did
nqt anfwer in the ulual manner, lie muf proceed
according to law, consider him am mute, and pafs
hatence on him acenrdingly.
Mre Brechnocit farl, it was impofl'le to he
tried both by Cod and the country. '1 bcy were
two diftind propofitions. But being again u'ged
by the Chief Baron, he ande the ufual anfvvr.
George-Robert Fizgerald and Timothy Breck-
mnck then federally held up their hands, and were
rcfpertlvely arraign(il, for i cooking, flirring up,
and procurlog the several ptefll;i named in llth
indictment, traiterodnly ald felonioufly to kill
and murder Patrick-Rar.dal M'Donnell, Efq.
Mr. Stanley claimed the former indidmrent be
read, as the charge now made ft-med to him to
be for the fame crime laid i.1 the former indi -
The Chief Baran then desired Mr. Stanley to
plead or demur ; add
The Attorney General aflkel him if hechoec to
'dem,;r to the indiAment ? if he did, he would
join him in the 'eminrrcr in/ jsanr.
Mr. Stanley declared he thought himfclf able
to fslpport the demurrer, but, after a confualation
with the ba:, it was given up as a dangcroul ce
periment ; for if the demurrer was overruled,
featence of death would be prffcd. Mi. Fit7ge
raid then pkaded to the indicmcmet, as did Mr.
The fevera pcrfr.r hb frer mentioned were then
ariainied for the murder of Ch.irles IIiplon; aLnd
Mr. Fiizgeta:d and Mr. Brecknock wcre after
wards arraigned for procuring the murder of the
faid Charles IlipLfn, and pleaded in the lfual
An affidavit of Mr.Pitzgera:A's was then read
for the purporf of poflponing his trial, which.
from inability, was signed with his mark. It
ftak'd Mr. Fitzgerald' having been arrened on the
sift of February, his tenantry barn:"ld, and him-
feif attacked in prifun ; it alfo flited the abfence
of four material witnefTe., and the temper of the
county. which rendered it impolfible, with fafcty
to his life, to abide his trial the nsxt altize.
The Attorney General then moved, that two
affidavits which he held in his hand, mightbe read,
which waa ordered.--One was th aflidavit of
Andlew Erdmondfon, which proved notice of trial
being feared on Mr. Fitzgerald ; the other was the
affidavit of Patrick Clarke, fub fhei iff of the coun
ty, the purport of which was, that Mr. Fitzgerald,
on the night of the day on wh'ch he war commit-
ted. had told him that he (houi.l be properly re-
warded. e.
The Attorney-General faid, it was not his wifh
to prefer on the trial, but he willed to inform him,
Mr. Fitzgerald, that his trial would certainly come
on long before the nest afizes.
The Chief Baron faid, from the fRate in which,
he law him, he had judicial knowlcdy of his fti
atlon, snd In fuch a fIatee.ithought a man ought
to be perfectly at cafe ; tlf d ate to be ftriken
of from a prisoner who be tried-Why ?
that he may be in fuq 4ll[ m f himself. An-
other part of his elf t ie feared was but too
true, that the country wu not in a fltte of temper
fit for his trial. Human nature will be human
mature tIti, atu where crimes like thLi: are pee.

retrated, it is impoihile not tp feel refentmunt '
And rie was forstifiei in h i opinion, when he co.n
fidered, that even he, the plifsiser, when in a
gar)l, in the cuftudy of the law. was not ftcure
tram violcecc : but he thought It very right in the
Attorney-General t acquaint Mr. Filtrgeald, that
he mnut be fpeedily tried I the public tranquility
could not remain difitrbed, and it was probable
he and Baron Power would return In the next
vacation to try Mr. Fitzgerald. He thought it
alfo neCLIfry to fly, that the trial was ponfponed
but on the late of the prilbner and his affidavit of
it, which-kind of affidavits he knew ought always
to Ie fparingly received ; the trial he was there-
fore of opinion, ought now to be out ofl.
The declared, tha govern..
ment had ordered him to piorecule the gentlemen
who had woulnied Mr. Pitzgcralil in prifoe, with
the fame rigour as Mr. FitzgeRiali himfclf.
The court then adjourined for halt an hour, to
let Mr. Fitzgerild be carried out.
As loon as the court was opened again, Mr.
Brecknock claimed it as hii right, a, an knglills-
man, to have a Jury of Medisl r Lingur.
The Chief Baron info:medl him, that whenever
he was tried. he would be tried according to law.
John Cog, James MaRerrfon, Davidi Saltry, Philip
Cox. Arch. Nowing, John Barrey, Hen y George,
Mich. Bruen, John tiheny, anit William Robin-
tI", were arraigned for the murder, of Mr.
M'Dolnell and Mr. llipfim.
The prifoners were then removed.
Indictment against Martin and others, for woand-
ing George R. Fitzgerald, in the gaol of Canlc.
The gaoler brought up the following perfona to
be arraigned.
Mr. And. Gallagher, Mr. James Oallagher,
James Martin, Lfq; Charles Higgins, Luk- H.-
gius, and Daniel C`lake, for having fe!oniouny
wounded, cut, and abused Mr. Fltgerald, in gaul.
They were then indidled for an affault, to which
tliy feverally pleaded, not guilty.
The cost was afterwards applied to, that the
above prisoners mght be permitted to give bail,
which was oppolci by the Artorney-Gencial, aiid
refused, con.iqucntly they will remain in gail
until their trial anl this put an end, until the
a9th inin. to abufinf h of t much national impor.
In his mtferable circumstances, Fitarerald re-
ceived every infance of humanity, both frcm the
Lord Chief Uaroi aind the Attorrey-Geri ral, that
could poffibly be extended tu him with confilency
L O N D O N.
'nifcnted to the lousri of Comr,) l, April al.
To rte lieonurablie tre tKight, Citizens, and Bur-
ffiee, in Parliam,_nt aofinbl&d.
TIl ParTtrio of the wider.ftied Agents f/r the
American Loyalifts, i breba/lff twmflw aod
t bir ConjfIrrlt .
NHumbll Sbtweth.
THAT your peititinerr as fubjtAs of the Ri-
tilh Empire, are. in common with their fellow
citizens, entitled to its protedlion and jftic :
That by the immutable principles of natural
equity, and the fundamental laws of all civil focie-
tic;, the ecpencee, burthens, and faerifices ne-
cefary to the common benefit and fafety, ought
to be equa:ly borne by all the citizens in ajuft
Thnt the duties of protecion and allegiance,
which form and support the union of society, are
reciprocal between the Sovereign and Subjcd,
and snutual confiderations for .ach other and
therefore the fubjt-d who fulfils his duty of alle-
giance, In times of public danger, is certainly
entitled to the protection and indemnity of the
Sovereign authority. .
That in the years ty6anld y76S, when a violent
and riotous opposition arofe In America to the
frlereign authority of Parliament, both Houoes.
by their refoluti declared that fuch perfone
who had manifeftca dcfire to comply with, or
to afift in carrying to execution any aats of the
.egillature relati to the colonies in Nnrth-
America, ought have full and ample compen-
fation for any injy or damage fuftained on that
account I and th flch perfons were entitled to,
and hnuild afSr'y have, the protedion of Par-
That in 177T, when a dangerous rebellion a-
gainlf the fovereign rights of the Britith Legila-
tuire, had broke out in America, his Majefly, con-
ceiving that the aid of his fuhjedle would be ne.
ceffary to reduce it, by his Proclamation, called
ou allfor their alliance; and that none might
" neglect or vialte their duty through ignorance
" thereof, hl ajefly further declared, that all
'" his faithful *fhjcdo were bound by la/u to be
" aiding and afiRing In fiippreffEng the rebellion ;
" and that there could be no doubt of the pro-
" teaion which the law would afford to their
"t loyalty an1d zeal;"

That your Petitecflra, in dutiful obedience to fet, oer ride for theiirrfuture fublltenee I nd that w with the combWied arms of Frece nd
the call of their Sovreign, and the two aHou e of further, that nothing tal of p Main j to the, who Spain.
parliament. and relying on the jul ice and pro hae hi pro ty, there uproicend due to them, Your ea co ide was promoted to the comn
teIion areld up before them, have alone feppr d under the judiciall enquuiry ftbliie d by then man. T of the Merlin, a loopnof to guns and e
forth from the great body of Brit&b fubents, who thnrty of ur. ament, or lawful inlere r the men, in the W aftndies r ar d reoderd thelfbtw
were equally called on, and equally interefted in famen and lift annuities to ther ase ther cafes lowing f(evics to hit country I for whidh be re.
the puh'le fifety. And, In confequence of their may require, can ever anwer tht aajf and humane ccived a letter thanks firomthe then Lords
loyal and zealous eewrtions, have boea deprived prpaBu, or be confilentr wi tho e olemd n auran- the Aou own y.
f their fortunes by the nfurig nts, o, and have, ceaof Parliament, and the Fth of Majefty, pled- i. He u ed an attack fom a jo guon ip
prfielsne, encountered a variety ot the mnlt immi- ed to ohe ia for theer proletein nd itdemniftT for a eondHe ok te ime, In which he plo many
sent dangers, and fut ered extreme ditrefe from or with the principles ofyubliJultice and national men. Two other tip coming in fight the encmy
which their fellow -lubjet b have been entirely oniour. left him. They afterwards proved to be two of
eanempt, and for that no adernm ate comp he action hut, on they will, be would your Honourable our own.
Stat be made. tHouuca be praiouyri pleaeli to graat the juflicC ai. He took the Union, a preah privateer of

whole empire. for the juice ntur, tecoed, t11all bind thHir turr.
That moreover, the rights, properties, and here humbly fuggefied, those unfo nnate menry iferior force.
trofhe ioni, which o the riili government, by the will mom diately emerge frim their ldirefs-- rom hd. He took the Vainauer, a French privateer
ffrnia laws of itsamnion, was bound to potege id hle they will become indulitiou--hion miserable of superior force.
regto and reflore to them, have been devoted they will become hap y, and from ifelefs and bur. 4th. lie took the Badchun, a French privateer
and ceded by that government to the American thenfome, they will be riade ui-eul members of offiiperier force.
states, as the purchai and price of peace for the fo city; and where e their gratitude in partiy that Ih. He toot the St. Antonio, a Spabilh ptiva-
whoil empire. for the jullice thus IceiLed, firal bind their eer.
lyhs cireumfianced, your petitioners conceive fidelity, if pcnfaile, more than ever to tio e Brtian 6th. lie took the Petit Cuave, a French pria-
that tom ey have under the fundamental laws of government, this great e ampleofiparliamentary tier of equrl force.
the lritii con tiution to the refolutiona of both juice cannot fail to dilaufe it i afl uence over t ehe 7th. He took the Ferdiand, a French priain
IHute of Parliament, tha e Royal Faith pledged whole ftiety, and enfure its aid en all m l ilar tUe ol superior force, whichheboardead .-he had
to them in his Majei proclamaton ond under oc atiorn. 4 men killed and wounded.
all the precedents of parliamentary justice on And, therefore, they rnoft humhly pray that gth. He attacked two Spanih of meckhtat hai
nd uria, and mu rch ae meritorious orcapions, cnot yntr lion. lioufe wliq devit a proper mode of a ra- taken ite Hiat and Achilles, (two o or ooun of
olly an equitable. but a lawful right to a Jft i comp natn to your t tioner and their war and fter a operate engagemnt they were
compenfat in for their rights, properties, and coh aittrgem, o that the laid compenftion may obligedto tire, andt never more appeared in thof
prufet ourt fo devoted to the national peace ad attach n tl:h clam, already liquidated and pro- fees. The mcmorialift derived pculiat ur tiatio the
that nothing leC i than an equal diltibution of gre likely on others, as they eall be liquidated from this fu cer as he afterwards found the.
their Ioles thus inicured among their felloki fub and repurted, and that in the :ean ttmr pra vil oh halt beey Cu. d out cnprdedly to take him.

ucimpe;ation: That Ihe Corniiffoner i be rd b* Cuncil at mh rofyour tonourailc gagbeent ofl the aTanna, ire n the year i 41, i
jetll, who are In the enjoyment of the benefits may be made for a)inh the clAimamts lawful th. le took tewo CFrench adio of 44much ul
and fecurity ie purchased at their Lepence, can be Intert on their liquidated ca ins, aild life a thi- onor force, in which aion. e was wounded i
soreftyen with law andu t ice. ties to others, as their cafes mu d r(qire ; by the fide, and loft his right arm.
'iL:at in the ycar s78J, tesuble ofthejultice due which arrangement, the nation wi I he only ra.- Your Memorialift was made a Pofl Captain in
to your petitioners, the Parliament paffed Ian Et dually burtheined, in proportion as the rpnLalive r747, fnd commanded the Canterbury, at the
pthiiing Coimamilion ters to enquire into their claims hall from time to time be liquidated. Sing of ort Louim and the attck o t. lao de
bloee Ic uained, for the purpofe of making them And C .ur ptitlioner fur other pray hat theyl my Cuba. lt e commanded the Stafford, In the en-
ue cmponfa tuition: That the Conlmifionetra bavi be heard b: C/uncil atf the LUar ofyour Plonourall gagement off the Havanna, In thae year s74, i
invelligated a large number of their claims, have IlhIfIr. which he took the Conquetladore, of 64 guns,
mdie Ienralt reports thereofto the lords of hia And your petitioners s in daty bofd will the anly iptaken in the raion. After the Coe-
Haje fy's Treafury : And the Comur lif'e of this vee pray, &e. q ucador e ioruck, the S r panilh Admiral's hip, the
it.e. Houe o the national finance, haye e portedl T a, Boar one, for the South Carolina Loyalift. Afre cl of d guns, continued the mlon with thai
tbhlfe claims among other jaue demands on the k.' (;r,-bauv, for the Georgia Lyalifts. Stafford, from three till nine, when fb led him
public for the onfiderationourab rliam to. CGo. Ch iv/nero for the Maryland Loyaliftl. ifore to tAe ihor. The Stafo rd then being
dI htht your petitioners, fnfihly offered hy the Yoejpbre Gell ay, for the LVyairiia I oli f Pnny- much ilayb!ed, the Cop reflled charge of her ia
pu rinclt diftre it of their conlit enter, who hae vania ard the Delafare Counties. longer, and after being with great diliculty wore.
lU0gl filersde and mult continue to fuler, should neamr DIaorcr', for the New York Loyalitr. your Miemorialit repaired his damage as well
tl.r jil ice due to them be longer delayed, moft Dav.d Ogdon, for the New-jesey Loyal lIt. he could duringthenlht. In the morning har
humrrbly intreat your honourala'e HIoUe to conS. CGe. Rove, for the Rhode-lllland L.oyalifu. informed Admiral Knowles where the Spaih
der, that ten years have elapfed fLnce they have DaMnore. for the Vrginlia l.oyilifti. Admiral lay, the Cornwall and Staford went ins
L.crificcdl tber eaates to their conidence in the IfVn. Pepperell. for the Malfrliaeufetts L.oyaliftl. with an intention olburningher, butwere prevat-:
faill of Maeily, and the folemin affurances of Paul W/rmorth. for the New-liamprhire Loya- ed by the Spaniars getting Bre to her themselves.
Parliament, ana three years have paled away liAs. That ycur Memorialift hu regularly fnce that
S :ce their whole fortu:a itare been devoted by Fien, April 29. The report ginm ground time applied to Oovernment for employ whenever
thI fate to the pu li peace and fatetyt Thatthus that the different Sovereigns of Italy arc abtnt to he thought his services might be wanted but
unfortunatelyreduced from indepeodeut afflence enter into a treaty, which has been figgefted b) not having ferred in the lat war" was alled-
to poverty and want : many of them who have fat the King of Sardinia. The courts of Vienna, ed as the reafon ofhis having been fuperfededi
down in the of Canada and Nova Scotia, Napier, and the Republic of Venice, have agreed the late promotion to the lag.
iad ric:.pable, through the want f means of im- to it already ; and it is reported, that the Empref
proving their uncultivated farms, fublfiling their of Ruffl Is inclined tojoin. This association is
la-nili.s, or of bet oir ng uefu' members to fucte- for the purpose of repclline the Tuks in Afia, and N A S S A U, AUOusT I2.
t) others, who iema:ned in Great-Britain, are driving ihem out of thofe fine c.unti ic in Europe TN the Prig Eliza, Capt. Thomas, which failed
vafting the prime of their lives, and dragging out that formerly were the feats of Icience, arts, and I for .ondon on Monday laft, went paffenger.s
a miferaable exllencre, without being enabled to liberty, though now the mart of ignorance, bru- Lieutenant Beckwith, of the 37th regiment, Mr.
fettle in any kind of bufincfs whatever ; others, tality, and flvery. John Jolinfn, of Tortola, Mr. William Jeffrey,
thiou;gh despair, have been driven into a fate of Legbor, April to. The lal letters from Malta anil fome others.
iiifanity a othbrr have been arrested, Irmprifoned, affert. that the Venetian squadron failed the s6th Lately went from hence, for Philadelphia ad
and prilhcd in jail; others, not the left worthy, of February, for the Barbary coat, afir having New.York, Mr. John Ward, Mr.JohnFergulroes
have died of broken hearts ; and others, tired of taken in a conflderable quantity of anmmunition and Mr. James Anderfon of Sth.Carolina.
their miferable eifnence, havt put a violent end and warlike forces. The Chevalier ETro provided DEATH. At Etuma, in the bloom of life,
to their own liver. 6uu facks of fand, to ferve as parapets ftr the de and much regretted by his acquaintance, Mr.
That while your Petitioner thus faithfully re- fence of the floating batteries. The great pirpa- THOMAS Pass.
present the diftreffid circumtarices of their coa rations mad, prove that holtllties \ili be renewed AItavIn mas, Fir
ftituints to your honourable Hoife, they recolletT "th addilidiial tigodr. Ade, 6. Schooner Tiger, Wheeler, New-York
with he utinoft gratitude the grant made in the Laorn Maly s. Mr. Iaftings posrtirely de- Si:op Lobler, Swain, ditts
lrt fiuion of Parliament in their behalf; but at latest, at the cloe of his defence, thit ifhe thouldl soop Polly. Bethel, ditts
the fame time, your Petitioners are called upon, he found guilty of the crimes laid to his charge, S. Sloop Tamer, Grant, Halif
by their duty to their unfortunate conftituents, he would richly dcferte, and ehearfully agree to Sour M, hi
t.oft humbly to afture nur Hon Houfe, that the fuffer death-And, itideed, if the charge were f 6. i* oolnr Hancy, MT Deogall Phi alpsi
provlfion mate, in purfitance of the vote of laft true, how much worfe than death would be the '. Slrig liea, ThoSasi Piad
year, hat by no means anfaered the juft and he- lifeof fuch a man' Is Sloop Eanea. Bwoir, PchilAmblh
tev ,ent in'Intions of Parliament becatife ajreat A letter from Peteriburgh fays, that a fleet of *. .t L e, A U. r, e ay r a,,s C
au ,abr of them have been obliged to pay the men of war is getting ready for fea, which is to caLe. for Liver sl, is r S thr Pr5is1si .a.
whole or greater part of the fun received to their cruise for a few month in the Mediterranean. c*L' t, bsa. ae l a f ,p a s ewiu PtniQ ifdf.
jut creditors in this country, while fome of them It is to confft of eight line of battle (hips, four '
are prosecuted for debtsduetoAmerlcancitlzens. frigates, and two oop. The letter lays, that n lea the Baaa
although thlir confiscated property has been ap- this eet is intended to join the Iortugudel, and to I bfcrir ntend leading the Bday-
propriatrd to the payment thereof by the Legili- a& in comfort with them, and the men of war of Iflands, for a Mort timMe, l.a tOe days.
tures of the American gates l and by the deduc- othcr Powers, in clearing the Mediterranean of AMB MOSS.
tloni lately made from their allowances, they are pirates, that trading t(ips may fail without inter- JOHN SULLIVAN.
left to fuhfift upon a lcts annual income than they ruion. ur C M ride Sp i N, s rr86.
edl before. o th*e courfe of Captain M"reid s Speech in .ae df&f Is, 1r,.
Thal your petitioners humbly truft, when your the Houkf of Commons on Naral Promotions, he UN AWAY from de I -m M Lnds
ion. llh,,fc (hall attend to the unfortunate cir- read the following Memorial: S elof uly, Neao FD namd as h-
curnftanc, ,f their conltituents, you will readily TmE Jmrial of D AVID BRODIE, Eft; CMaptain eve t ppnl the id y d ei
perceive, that by dealing out justice to them by inikb' Navy (s ). a she ots pulic ail iala, all eceiva
pice.mcal, it is inpoffible for Parliament ever to Molt humbly i.ewethl, H7lE T GLITON.
Kant them efir ctal relief I bccaut many ofthem THAT your Memori; th, been upwardFYof N.., 6.
beingdeprivd of thtir whole cAteo andotherin- fTHAT f oai hur Mejor tlr4 hNay, Was ne of T", q r, y A LU
comes, and at the fame time in debt, they muat tl Admral' Lieuteaannts at theRtav in, of Prto
neceiariil expend the fume to granted In thedif- btAdmlrarL otea t an a -Tta of Cr_. y r iL
ehrge of the debtf, anditeimmediatefup- bellnovoheadlng Carthalena-Tatkitngt of Ch a- y Aetinv en
artge o Thofe dhebs, and in te itimediAte fu e-T akiof Bocchica-ald in moft of the gc- A HO the south Side. the Pl ad
port oeftheir hcplef famle without in on that lappeced in the We.-Indie durt Ag % s. WITHflit.
:ltlli left, whicla can caab ite toc- ___ __ .Ito

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