Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 10, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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the important rl eit'ln l:t I.: hli toilith l ':, I.,
Sthe Chaorellor O1 the EIc'.c.qual liil, Ir h adl
Parliamentary Debates. thought it incui'int on him to "ake the decLa-
ration that he had that d.y delivered.
HousE C0oMMiO S, y"n1 r7 t4. The qIucition otI adjoTnrment wta then put, andI
:M.r. CltANI. tI.IA PI Ir SpICtes, CosCLnID the he ilt:l rofe iin nedl;.tcly.
r'tM OuV LAT.]) ODNANCaI EsIIrlMATi. atld FOinTI, ICArJiN O
_YEwinlad, therefore,whe gentlemen were de the DocK YaLDs.
I iroui if pointiing outtheone, they would be T'e Slrrrq*r r.-Wmral of the Ordnoatl (Mr.
ft go9'-d aI to come prepared to figgelt the other; Luttrcll) brought up the Ordnnmce Eftllutlel,
thli, lie crtuld aflTre the Ho'lle, that every opffible which were ordered tp be printed.
attietion lhoulil be Ihcwn oil the par' of Govern- The Lhancelrl' oft/t next hroullh up
orrut, to every fuggcltion that carried wilh it the the Elltmlte of the exptnce Itf eicitiing fit iilCi
fn.:ileft appearance of pramticability, and that no tinis for the proteiti.on aild fecrit-ty of the di.t k
p iii Ithould he pared to carry fuch a fitaglction yTar.l, which was lil.ewiel' ordered to lie pi tcd.
rilto fc t. At prefcnt, as he had 'aid before, a T-,e Ch.Uncll.r &f ie l vI.,ier laid, t. it ht
variety o[ pripolall were under the cor.lidcration lhttIholt it i.ect c'iry It g rit I-t'ice I" the Ih 1 l:'r of
of rivermrnlnt, and the great difficulty lay in fiz- I liltIt, re .tti: to the paper it.
ing upon a fit place to transport convitil to; 'till i laid ipan thie tabl-, Ats would en dil, tlhetis i r
the matter wa3 dlecidcel Ipon, it necrllarily he- I clv ily t- coinpii le. JI anid he prep -red ',r tIl,
cane ilincumbent on gavrnmeint to ditpoef of the qiie:lion that a ie IpoI il on Mo:ila .c ii-
conlvils in litch a manner, as should at once fervc I tight ; lie Ilhould fi :tie pirc!crt derlitice t lcitll)
to free the jails of their company, and to kcep into ally argilnmett lwhi':ijter cti:c :-llig it. Thll
the feloni employeil in a way Ino> likely to lie i ie ,ir ci'.ore laIt il! lun ul i0,i 0.i. ld bleein vout-'
f-Ilt by them as a pIlmniiin l nt, andl to coindit', to the trdnance I'-vice !,or the [perp;l"e of friiifi-
in fome degree, to the puii:ic service. Inco:ive- c tioli ;-Lhat fin ha.l lecit 'ullcrIe to lie 0it
nalcie, utlavoidably, wiit(dl result 1-r-n the co:i I mant without applyi ii it to ihe purpol to' hiclh
vi'tt being f) cmprioyed rather th.i.n l. out t o it it w.a intended, :aild confequently in the la't f1 -
the country; but tltli& irconvneienicic, great ai fionl, when the Ordna,.c Etlimates weec il;oucl,
they- might be, mu1 c lnbr.initted to, 'till eine.sii i.-tii tion was giveai tu the hole, that tli If.iin
cullld be found of dity enforcing tIcltcn:cIs of continuing to lie in the hand I of tile Board (1
Iranfportation ; and all lie coitild fay wa, that a4 Ornloance, rendercti it ianceellir t or any ,tpli-
t wii as fuitc means were fugglefted or dt. criminile cai in to be then nt.- it, I', li.niinent lot Inolne
nI, nt time fhoutitlt b loft in c.iirying. then hIto tio c .iit n the fort il, 'i l i f: it had b.r.i bie r
e\I2ulioni. j s! thbey intended t .Apply ilt ftr" that 11 itd Ir.. l.
Rtv i AnL FIANCE.. heen [-, .a ilted t lhen.--llc{riitt fIITH iili '-
lite Chancellr te Etrl.. -eutr rofe, aT fOon ai t.~Sition .i'ring In i't; ii ndl of .L i ut .itf I hi tlli ,
the buli irft of th daiy was over, to give fome lrro: an idea that til plan oif tortficitit.i w ,
t:Olice Iel.tive to the order in which lie meant lto ilclfis and ibjcelioi',hl, he hal, to prte h i.
tl ii on flthjeli that d 'ie r t del o heiee was oti -.i ct :.ii-ti to do his lit y i.t,
iteli'tlo on the parlofllghe pub lc, anlt hia very ilo Ii lian of ite in itiIonl plrie, tindlertikcn Lo wa.t
natih llly been o1 3.l fi.r with imp ii.icet bl y I r ti t time a'y firtier proceeding in the tburi-
iilnny gcntlelnn.otft at h.itlo. The ft njetli hie ilne1 i. itil a ttiard if l:iquiry (tould have hbecr
alliedd ton were, he AiidJX' Pe of tiec rcltnic, apr In.i ', c1mi tinl itgii' i'veral oflictre of diflii ;
and of the finAnces ol' the t.o::!lt whit-it ri ltt of .fal l'.it C]li-.teel'r in hilh the naval andttl militali
crelfity bh divided uiide two diiflini lh.tlii, a iII fcrvrite, t aii the whole plal should have been rt-
firm two feparate oljtd of ril ,it- i ill ICe- fe irtl to theInl for thiil --ii i and adi c. That,
ration. The fit of the twv wilrl be a i at' r- acr-or-int ly, fctih a o tid td hlcei aploniitied,
tainnlent of tl ~il f tlte i' lh'e io e' n, whlii, l .1Iol h'l Maictl' li' had om ifionitl to
coutll only be I ir( from a compr tive ft ite- procctl ii rite mll t cl;l:rta Alannier, .1; 'wll by
Inent or our aI l r..ition I icom. with oit r a111 tla il tI urver tipon the lpot, by tilter an,) 't.
nii national it I frnicnt ; nd ith o'i'tt r woildl ii, n vciti; action, to infori til if lrci 0.I t he f l;-
bh, an afeeltainnicnt ol the bet and wilcit einc.ils i, and toi make a report ti lli opiiniol con.
oi'i pproptiating the furiplus of oiu revenue, cmt- cerniiig it. 'Thii loirdi, liii, oiited if
pared wit our cKpndtudiu: e, fo ai to foIln a per- rfllcsii wholto rpli' oil, I their li.Emi Wlc c
rnmanent fld to hC coniantly ani invariably .ip. heard, would pro.i the Ir crity ol the ii ienion
plied to it dimtiniuti.on of the pltblic dcht. lCen- if Governenti will. i, 1i to t I lilicr. There
tleinen uld fie h. th t i e lirl of thte two oliit' w- Lrc fvteral fpci.r i '1t ia'l. pro(iiole.! tii hiis
wonhtl r l i ir to I),- frlt gone into, and that it la.ird for their I .'t l n, runli' wh;ic it was
li'illt be itirely difirofed of, lihefre it w tiutld I)e [-rtic I. la !) refer iril' liI I t i (iletain, heC-
proper to proceed lo any difciuliin of it i')nd. tilieT ir ir dock-Iy. 'r PI ii<-in th .iud tlni tIfoutth
Uitiler this impreriln it tvwa, that lie ha.l nI ')r d c,)uld he thoiirlht I at I ilefeii!ilt, it the CeveC
fone days fince fr a variety of pa:;r- conotlin'n< ol a ar, by a In 1 f orte .ili.r, *v a ililt. ry
p lblic accounts litier a variety ti h.La h, '.:1 otl orn .o i ., 01r i a i. l l v. illitay f(,- .
which accounts were neccffary to he Ibefre tlhe cotilnred -To is th:ir nlwxr, that tci-
Hotifr, in ordl to enable cgntlemen to in d their a na vil or 1a ii tal force, nor even an uniioni
trace the ordler~nd progrefl of the of iths f both, wete by inVy ant a fit -cirlet lecuciti
revenue, and to fee what was on the olne han:l to for the dlock-yanl indepienlrent of fortiication.
be added to the annual dilb'urfrnentsl I po Tlhey were finrht.r tlirt,'/el to ci-'liiiie iwhctlur
irounda of fair and accurate calclilalti-n, and the plan, *i fl rtiiliLn propoifed Iy the Maf
what, on the other hand, was tohrcdetdid.'d from tir Cerneiil of tlie Ordlnance, i.tic I:l':icien.-
the income, as matters for whic'i credit lhitit Iv calculated f.or tihe lorplf, iand liich .as wire
not to be taken, in refped to tie incrilat of the eligible to be ahloptcd. To llis they had rr-
annual revenue. Tlhef: paper Mr. Pitt faid, ported, that on tihe tOlUt mature dcilbe atiuno
would neceltarily take tip fome time to make and iiift diligent eniilliv, the plan allndnl
out ; several ofthem wgre before the lioue alrca- to wia tiothotht perfectly aietlcate 'o the defeon
dy, others were atcoullts that were to he tmade illt-Oileil, aid that it was the molP. iligibc: of at!
up to particular pltldxlo, and though not all made otltet that could Ie fn4g,; r.ed I not only in hbtei'
o:it, were daily talking out and completing : as IeaCt etcptllf e in regard to crettltn, blit .lfio r
foqu, however, as they should be upon the table, requiring a fimallr iice than any other th.,l
after allowing a reasonable time for gentlemen to could be propolfed. They had bcen Alito ilirrdltl
infpeft them, he fiould take the liberty to move toreport to his Majclly, fuelh flnthei niatltr I
for a committee to examine them, and report might occur indllcrni their amount. The appointment of fnii a cOln- rit trred to them, and they might think c:loneivc
mittee appeared to him to be the prnptr flcp to t to le public advantage within the whole drepart-
he taken, and as he committee would fcartely mrenit,-andl Ihcy had conieqr>ently given many
have any thi to O, but to fi:m up the amo ints itlaful hints of a mi(cellaneou and general naturr,
f the different dountn and to report the total which, he hoped, vwottd turn out to confiderahlt
to the hloufe, c partl with the total of the advantage. After their report had been cnmplet
other fide, which would necelfarily give an ac- cd, the iplti they had recommended ha.l lter.
curate Itatem cn the furplui, whatever it might laid -btoie the loard of Engineers, with dircc-
be, he should hope e occupation of the commit- tions to climate thieexpence of carrying Ill m into
tee would be but art, and that, in cotiequience, execution ; and thiscl imate he had nto Inouglht
no great delay weld be occafiooed. As lion as tip for the information of the Mcmbers; but they
the whole was,l means of the report of the mnult fee how impnrdent it would te for him to
coinulitice, fully d fairly before the houfe, he lay before the litblic a matter of to furious and
wilti give notice of an early day on which he delicate a nature, as the report of the naval and
would late what tiel meaitutes wete that he had military officer%, concerning fo important and fo
in contemplation, as moll likely to conduce to anl ferions a fidbije as the defence four dock-Jards.
.adva.tag(ous appropriation of the furplts of a To proceed in carrying into execution the flbjc
ermaneti fund, to be invariably applied in dini- matter of the report of thofe officers, o.,ool.
tUition of the national debt. As it might afford wontll, for the preltnt,be neceffaryt hlit as that
f6rln f .tifaltion to the honfe to know, what firm had alhadv been voted for'ice of the
wer the reafoos that hitherto had retarded, and Ordnance, with a view to apply it in the treatner
would for forme few days joiger delay the bring- I underconfideration, there was no necefity ofre-
ing forward the coniderationr and difcufion of curring to Parliamtst for a fecond vote; and the

node intendel to be addptel wtl to mdre fr
I)o.ocul. the estimate of the fervitee for the car
rtnt year, and if gentlcmen thought proper to op.
pufc the carrying on ofthc forcifcations, the me.
ihod in which Uhey could, with thegreteft pro.
priety, aigte that liteftion, would be by rmoiing
that lo,oool. only, instead of 3oo,oool. fluid
lie voted for the Ordnance, that hI the Board
co,.-id be obliged 'o apply the o,oool. In hand to
the cierrint service, and, by that means the bill.
nrl't o the forlifications, muft of necelity drop.
Ic artnefity entreated ofgentlemento come down
to the Ilouft free from every prejudice on the
lirdfrnt ocaftilnn, not to consider it as a mere
pilition of Ordnancte firwicr, nor asa Rill more
itpipuilar qiuelion of Fortificalion, but to con.r
Irr it, what in trutll it really wis, aS a Naval
iueflioln I the Lprel'nt meafitrr being intended to
p, otet the fetus and vital forces of our Navy at
nonie, Ian1 to nable us il cafes of tecefeity to go
,ipi i Ililltlit fervicts, without an apprehenloa of
liilig crillied at hi'Inle by a fitecesful attack of
.ni eniiemti, on thole deck-yardl, in which were
de'I)lited the Itamina of our future vigour and
evidlre c Aln hI- furl'ier cautioned the Houf
.ialiil 'lie danger ut taking iu the buflocfa u the
'i'fitpllion 4f a.ny one man, however great and
r, f1t'lth', declaring, that they were not to coa.
li.!dr it as :i inere aiFertion of an ildividuil, era
;inilc Mi.ii,'r, hut a i a matter refing on the sn.
l. rllty ;W )l number of the ahlrit and molt epe.
i iicced tin in the two profillions of arms, ren.
delerd till more competetit to the talk b a long
I I itll in;tittc invelltgationit .ind ref.harch.
(: 4 1i-./ Ih, u ro* rofe, partly to avoid a debate
,q t.itge ol the burlintl', which \wa ectremcli
,Ilic.ate lI its nature, ald p.irtly to prevent hi
illlllIg filnt from being conlt ru'd into an admit.
li II of Ial tllat had been lilvigefted by the Right
II ii1. G.,nlefilcn to the extent that it feemedto
:), .'A coircel repre'etnlattaln ofthe report ofthe
Bi itnI .Nt Niv il and Military Ollicers, appointed
t,-ill;.i't the prcpofrd plans of fortifying the
ldo'k)-yaril The (Gt:iieil fid, he hoped t he
;:ll:i,-r would lay before the th Huol to much of
lic: ic;,trt as might be Cfulinitted to pthlic pert.
(fl, i'.;thiout violation of discretion, or danger to
!!i. St.t. i-, ithe reloit, .undoubtedly, there wtvre
p aiti tli t it would be atremely iindifcreet to
:i tI!." n;latti t notoriety ; tliole he neither will
Ld ior expetloil to Ire.
/t-: C'. /.e/ir .f ite E/cha'pr declared, that
lie ilad not limited any thing lightly, but from a
o.!k13r- .:nd attentive confideratilon; that it
wviitihl apl.:ar what he had laid tiupn the fubjedt
iv,'. :crlictly tiae and candid; and that however
c.! .ly anld init.i cly he had already examined the
r-itill, I,.- :vrt:ld i ill farther ft dy it before the
L.dy :;ia;,ip itel 'or the debate.
Mr. S ler ai faid, if they were nit to fee fuch
pitiii ofi the Keljoit of the Boa;,i of Ilnfpctios as
v.-re fit irl lhie lonufe to difculo, they were ex-
.tl in the fane situation in which they flood
i. I Ire th.iA t Bolr, was appointed, and, instead of
Iha. i; the hiclec ol thequeltion fully before them
.is th-; (iglit IIun. Gentleman had faid they would
IIr it, sic. nat on the afrcrtion of anindividual
oit a iglc l Min(lft, nor of any man in office bt
oil the anLhoirity of a Board, conlifting ofiin)l
.iirl M hlitary Officrs of known character, elxpe
ivilce and integrity, they would have nothinghbut
the hiire rflt tlion of the Minilter to guide their
judgmivent by. Mr. Sheridan faid, he had no doubt
thlt tim Itihlit Hon. Gentleman meant to be a-
iurlat i;i the Rlatement lie had juft made as the
oiiili.esi o the report in qtuction, and that he
i 'd (rliscrcd, what he himfclt conceived to bea
cor lct Itatment of thofe outlines; but the tioule
II.: I ihard that contradirced by the Honourable
G(timal behind him, who had himself been a
lMrInlcr of that Board i i.prder therefore to ena-
blr the Hoot'e to judge early between the Right
S1111ouirahle Oentlkman and the HunourablC
(;Goilml, they ought to fee fuch part of the Re.
pi; l t Iat i as might be fiubinitted to their peru.
fil will faitty to the State.
1Mr. Dirrip/r faid, as he understood it was ino
tn':rtd to apply the furplui of theirevenue tol
fif.i,- litnd fur dliminillng the national debt, he -
thli,:ht it highly improper to sacrifice any part Oa
it to a fpeulative object like the prefeat ; for ei
pail, hi. pretended to know little about fortiflcl-
tioili, but inlesf they were found to he indifpin
fably necellry for the defence of our dock ardos
c hoped and trnfted that Parliament womld not,
kuander away any of that Imoney at on them
(It might be ldid out tol Itch advantage as d(iti
lifhing the national dibt, and of courfe revic l
the public credit, which he thought prefer
even for the prefervatio of the navy itself,
the f(rongeft means of defence in cafe of s f
ai it would enable as to make fuch eertionsls
in our prcfent opprered late we mull dcfpairl
[ Toa eotMo-rn to i I]


under the mediation of his Catholic Majefty, Dubin, Alsrfh P. At *nt o'clock thi, rflr- without pride; and wee fo g har.
wherAby all diffrence between the contraeing ning the Houle of Commonin raoe, aft:r delari:g lircntioufnefl. Hi ambitl6h Ibht ,l lth ut
parties, on the coat of Africa, are terminated, nine hours. Mr. Forbres t four o'cl,')k yCeit r.lay danger ; his rcttlution to furmoiunt it d hIt0
and provision is made for obviating all future dir- purfuant to leave given, brought in his bill to limit officers and crew, convinced of his k'--rdis(
agreement.. the amount t pelfionl. The principle of the bill d 'miri hin nro w*ere
Lo rfa, Marchb The Court bf Spain tasnht Appeared, upon its being read a Bfrft time, to fix matter 1 i lt, by I of eqo Tr bl
admiti4 an Envoy from Americp, which ti boundary to the grofi amount ofpenlione, to w ik r f a
regntda with contempt and jealoulfy; Mr. Sayre, limit the amount of each inditidunl perlon, and- mtc rin tcll tuintht fii t frlslr
who ated, during the war, as an agent to the to make it unlawful for the crown to exceed IIfe of his country, in faring two valuable Ce1
French Cour.t has been talked of, but without bounds, except upon the addref of buloh'lluurt from tA enemty,kx- ras twice trirn da-lu
any other foundation than his going to tht con- of Parliament. with th.fe plaudits of ren wn which are th e.
tinent p a travelling merchant, and not quality It was argued in favour of the bil, that the Tlln'iatolU ik 6tslfitt d l nlHe Tht. l#
of an envoy. poVerty of the nation and profusion of mininters tion of his fentiments placed him out for admit
LetterafromtheHague eaffrttat.grcatlarms were fo great, that Parliament was called uplin t lio in every ftultion of life. While he w
continue to prevail in all parts of the United to apply a remedy to the evil, anll tlit ,aiintiig |; eRroip o.,, he, wa hill more to as\
Province, left the fublifting political difrentions penlion during pltafu.i, to dstmbers ,of that- heart, alive to the mio virtue
should terminate in a rebellion. The fame letters Houfe, tended to the fubvertlin of tle 'illinlu. f ililbilitit,. indulged itfalf-in ationa the nIm
:did,thatacorrrfpondenceiscomrnncedbhetween lion. i Iril)nt. Tp his Iriend he was ever ready to
the Ceuite of France and Berlin, relpeaing the On the other fide it was illedr'.l, that noililig l ctill t:ti irtone iad hi. cafe.a It was nt
critical Rate of afairs in Hollalnd, and that a could he more iillife than Ito i a c1 1:; lr. ll i nfclitly that he farmed his opinions; and he did
cqpjte ure pevails, that thofe powers have it in ,which the minift:r might give way'' a) p-r tlirc, t.ut :3zatlyl L.-41 4atulttivatd
contemplation to interpore their friendly offices because that fum once fined, woulJ ri viei be an Ii could not be linlble to gallantry, and it
for reconciling thofe contentions which lave long lowered; and if, as :ome gentlcmen |f:.ppoi'Cr, is fat that the brave uirur'd be rerta-d with the
interrupted the internal tranquility, and are now penfions created an undue inuenince in thltllu'll, fnilra of beauty. He had alntcn f4 poetry, aQd
aggravated to a height, dangerous to the very there never would be wanting a.ldrFCii I ) the wi unot in. t oeloganc ofthec ine aet
enlence of the Republic. Crown tobellow them onthufe who hil I'-lliicient He even ir~tu v rfli wih fime'degre ofrliue',
Mkclrt. Pilirtelin and Scheur, bankers, at itcieft lo either Houle to zrocire them. a'h i ", Iand not imHarequentlf difcolrird thole hittalr
Lyons, whole heavy lof* by a confiderahle robbe- it was argued, would the Cr.vrn be rtobhedi of it. gracis wltchi cl .a al mt.he p'ettation
ry, we have had occasion to mention, have not prerogative to grant, and ef itf dllfcrecian tre- of moic artillciarfwi( l at is fa itn his
St been able to get any othkr tidings of the vil- jfe, penflonst aIi the rcry a t intenl-d asi 1 : i.denhacLwa iartJhlil n aii ,
Mans than the anonymous letters that follow: remedy would agg avatc te evil tNi foil. warm. tlfied his pIt ofe rshwih ni
L E 'I T E R I. March, is. We luft n )>w hear, tnat tl:c 't- put it n c with arlo. rL w.p&.
savith the epigraph, An Ad of Probity and mouse Connaiight Chief iwho has b i. IPrudetce." aid let hinrclf up as IfprcTne lt, iiielr a liii bie mb l olth l I and tci all his
We here inclofe you only fiftren of the lot- pretence II bring dlckndei frorn the ancient kniegc pl the rid Ioud pt tc ain.
tery ticket ; the three others will be frnt by the kinge of that provii-e, which is howvccr far from toh.rruption, A -r age oaet i be'
hext poft, as we'now \ait for a few liragglcrs of the tr.ith) is ,i.r:rl:i by the principal pait Iof Isi t be every thin 4t )I roft holorable, and
our company. The lofs'vy. have luflainml hy our f.llovwrr., on the n- s th. t the tril.-tgi were on left it to hi r ions an ftr dp to wae or
mean i too heavy, for as to keep ticket whliih theii match for that p.irt of lth kingdom; fa that his memory wi a unAvailln fII adl
are entirely ufelefs in our hand, as we cannot we hope this thrcra.ilning iIifirrtCncy will be quPl- Peter/bur h, 4bruiar, hE r
put them off without danger to ourfrlv As to kd whitou holodilled. laft ear 679 ip eCtered p 1 rt oWkb
your caih, you (hall never fee any part of it again, Lendq*, MaOreb I. By letters from Arrlrim. number 3149 ere Ernllh., on| the ref
we have placed it In the new l.oan, ii xclia.need the capital of Dutch-Gielderland, infrrinn tiion were even, 0nder the Rgg of e'United Staterof
it for good bills. The lofs, though calt I' able, has lten received at the Hague, of a dilangrouis America. Our general exportwtio lat year, was
will rot impair your fortune, but ftcure oulr. rnutiny having taken place among the trlr;yint of' not equal In that of 1754.
-Thia robbery, the fieft thit ever was commit. Douglas, there in garrifr>). Many exsclTle, and Mia ,n February~ Wednrefilay evelng arri-
ted, will be our laft exploit. We Ihrll now leave tnic murders, attended with circTumlinces of an ved here in good health the Duke and Buchefs ot
ofl a trade, degrading in irldf,and contrary to the atrocious nature, have been committrel, and the Gluutceter, with a ilnmeroits retinue.
laws of honour and humanity, and which never whole place was in an ti; -oar when tll letters I''rn*,rA, Marh 14. Laft Thurday evening
could become as. You will ak., peihip., why came away, which were datel FtInr .,y 16 h lR,, oyal Highnrfl Prince William Henry ws
mWe have engaged in it ? Our answer is obvioius,- Some difturhances have ali. t.ake!l pirace at trll iniliated into the ancient and honourable Society
It was through necelity. and is it not all-power- lHague, feIeral infulting pr.itt aiil fliibvl having ~Free and Acceptedl Mafon, ire the .odge,
ful nccefiry that has influenced the condult of apiweared against the principal rr.inbelis of A<:;ni WS. 86,teld at the Prince (eorge Inn, Paynes,
the northern Solmon at Leipfi:." niftralion, and farn efigerce haninlg tin gilbbes. in Ihlfl ad thhi m der te patronage of hi Royal
IAE T E Wt i. (Ordei3 have been given to do-il>e the iiuil.brr ol Hiihn~ef Henry Frederick Quke of Cumberland,
We are apprehensive gentleein,left you will the patrol, that tl.e oiffeindr may lie uetitcrd. ir.d Grand Mailer of Englilh Mlaonp. He was
millake theCe letters for cruel and improper jokes On the sstli of lalt died Mla. Wright, Iprojicd alnd introduced by Brother Captain Phi-
palled upon yon. Do not think fo. The baro- one of the inift tXrraoi lnaiy char.latcre of the i-Ip W.i' of theRoyal Navy, There were pre.
meter, which mxrk the degrees of human drpra- age, as an artist aid a plilin'in : ina anl early I'c idil frtl on this memorable blinitf, all the members
vity, has not yet reached in high as t.i make as of life the gave nr ong itlicti nll of .l fr"il,'al1Ir r the oIe and federal brethren officers of
laugh at the expence ofthofe whom we have rob- talent for taking lient. iI in wax, and diil ii.1 the army an ivy, wIlo came as viftorn, and
bed. Entertain not bfpicion ag lnit any perfon fail to take head. Io fome of the leadin ?.Ame- were iutrudic uin his HRoal Highnefs's fuite,
Inyourhoufe. Ourmeafures werepJropetly taken, ricans at tire ciionmencemenit of the coitnci, ;n at hii own part ar requeft. The Lodge wau
fo well indeed, that in the fp:ce of two hours ani which her family became nuch iiijurld. At clifedl at eleven 'clock, whensj Highnel aad
a half the whole was performed. The IRooutct of rather an advanced age Ille found herlcf greatly the brethren ret to partake of ia leg ar
Ulcarrying,at one time,ten or twelve, the weaket ditreTfcd by the ravages of the citil bioill, and, flupper, prni' this occatl.-The t
8f or even money bags. Our leader had all both dillrtfed anl etnaKeJ, quitted her t lire fat as Prefident,
things arranged in fo good order, our fpies in cbmntry with a deteri.lnatiqoi of fervil.g it in l.ndni, Mare no. Hi RoyalfghneftPrince
front went through their duty tf well, lhat we Brilain. She added to the molt famnous Ameri- William Hear tomake a regular naval tlrl.
did not meet with the Icar ohflacle in our way. cans, 'he icadl of the Englilh, molt dliAinruihlied tlecoaft of La adore, in the Pegafus Itgate,du-
Adieu 1 Gentlemen - Ben r ,,!,te!" at th..t time, for opposition to L.oid North a iaca- ring the who ourfe of the rammner, amn sto willt
Marrb j. Political aairs at Ihc present crilli furns; and as her reputation drew a very great Il different ours in anda brderlg on Hud-
put on a new face in Europe. France, by a friendly variety of people of all ranks d fee the marilluus ( i' Strait, long an the temperature o the
treaty and by afinty i, at this day, intimatiTy con- producflons of her ingenuity, Ihe floun lonlrd out fea'on will it.
leAedwith her ancient rival, the lioufe of Aullria, the avenues to get information of almiro. every Marhb ai. Yesterday morning early Mr. Eden,
*ith whom the had been at variance for a period define i which was agitated or intendell tm.le cxe- his Lady a ily, fet off to Paris on the Com-
of near three hundred years. She is a:r at peace, cuted in America, and was the olsirt of the nmof mercial Nt lation between Oreat-Britallaed
and almost in amity, with the Unite I Provinces, entire confulence of Dotlor Yrinklin and otlhls, France.
whom ihe had o often fought to reduce. with whom the correfponded, and gave infurma- lard Co allis feta of for the Bal.Indie the
The pacific afpett that affairs now wear, the ti n during the whole war; as Cfon as a General firt week in ril.
concealed and gradual, though fure Reps, by was appointed to go out to mount the tragi. Madam D on dined and fpent an tealqla I
which the Houfe of Bourbon now aim% at climb- comical lage in America, from the Comnmarler reek with th rince of VWles ; though thl |
Ing to universal monarchy, lull the nations into in Chief to the Brigadicr, ice inltan.ll found has laid afid the brecr'._r and Rm-llnmid the
aIn alarming fccurity. France, that formerly fome accif to a prt of the family, and discovered pticoat, fhe fll retains the mminmnersf aM
fought to lubdue til nations by the ford, now the nutii\er of troops to be employed, anil the cracks her bottle or two of BorDndylke i4 o-
fecksto enthral treaties. She negociaten cads of their destination. The late Load Cilat- rer fellow, and drinks her (cofsuinwlt hot
with the Turks, with the Ruffians, with the ham paid tier several vilits, and was plecced with bluf.
Aultrians, and with the Dutch, with the Portu- the simplicity of her manners, and understanding, The following i given to ia receipt fur
puere, and with the Briti(h.' Her authority and She took his likeneir, which appears in the Abbey making an excellent blacking, and prierver of
influence are greater at the prefect, than ever of Wcltminfler; and though me had been in the leather: Half an ounce of ltap hblIe a
th)y were at any former period : and it behoves France, and much carcfld by the politicians of quarter of an ounce of iver black, and a pt of
her neighbours to eep a opre watchful eye than that kiildom, yet, at the end of the war, ihe milk."
te ever kept on r conlu wasa f ngu'arly attached to England, that (he The folemnity of proclaumina ta!neinrh
France lo enjont exculle. antagel of trade was ronftantly employed to enforce forgiveneri Ritffia loverc'n of the couotrisel do i tll e
in Alp rica; Swen alowes her to etablih arfe- among her country peoplewhoin the advifcd, for Tartar and other nation, who havel.*
apl,, am emporium for 'HitN commerce, and a the future, to ck to England in preference to off their depndtice pon the Porte and ptd -
ma azine oa naval ftor, at Gottenburgi in Fiance, for trade and alliance. I themfelv au t protletioo of Rfnla, w *lb
Rufi, even in a riep favourable to the Englilh, On the anth of January died, on the cCalt of cond wll degree of ial cnme id
fhe obtains rqual omelercial advantages with Africa, in the difcbargeof hi duty tobi kio and I pe Iipev fcn in tbhfe ilgo-s. T'hi
thDe accord? by former treaties, and now juft country, Edward Thbofia, ifqi. Catan n the I dlfy u grander il to sae n at
i g.ip lo:ohi cauntrt aPrftb Thrkey fle opens Grampus,and commandtir icbhetf fi llthl c'na h tw, ty owle hil a' plp i
a trad with eI a csfbie in the port of squadron on the coaf of arica a officer f ve. build theltnbt of thbl der c htW' l
a la n bt the ficheme of ry dilingiilhed eminence, and a gentleman ttre falldl frn itsentrarne B Bl s
the mperor, 1e nCdllorooth him into an lively known in the polite ani n the literary Sea. .JFater the Oreat built Fp eriutgh
i htenttion t her d 'fin hich have for their world. His difpoitions were happy and amiable I open to hit brthern provilgce Ie l m *of
uUmaate obj)4c. w dimeeat and bis hia acquirement very far beyond mediocrity ; his the Baltic, Catherine is Bn Cherfe t
S.l lai irtu*l ttatranfecdant and arm. lie had courage Soathern provish tw trade of the Blmtchkh
V' r" I aitl i
; i~".i i


bthe cdit~r" Sa. To fiare in the bencft
thi cniinircl K'Mh inidled people from etc
country,. romFnnl security and proter'Uo, and
freedom trom taxd fat three years.
The principal object of the American Minil
at this Court, i reported to ie a nelcregulati
htr the admifflon of flipo belonging to the Unit
r1atsc, into the ports of Jtmkiftand our oth
Wef-.ndla- I ande.. l igoirnment, co
fluiobly to the dia4teslvf bund policy, I
tu.!y excluded thehipe of Sloe from carry
on our tradecoaftwifet even tot Oernley and u
taller circumnjaoetl ill.and, it lsfcatcelyprobal
he will fuccecdl n his negodrltion. The co
trade, elat to out internal traffic, merits t
greatest rncolragemintt because the failors e
ployed i It are'noft wiliftid call by ithrtiing fi
qucrtly Into domeltic lialboprj; aQd, d*lng
the sxc!ulon of foitigneri, tlc! lhitps ich we
eti,!lyed, before the American rcvuytjon, in I
tofa trade, were, to the thips engaged in I
fotriit ciomenrce of Englandt, a. ai,eoolona;
to 3 5 ooo0, exclufiv of repeated voyages.
A lati: HlIcrnianBllfop, of Eipiktran memo
was II the daily habit ,f -l allowing a quart
o)lncrs, wliic' be.hurnotulkdy trtted, o sluier
r e di erm Jdn..i.. l efJ _jro l all ding to w which c
timil.oncc, a wie Mi4tr hit decctalo,. tibbled I
following iite-
Here liet Avert, beneath ihcre clliteh,'
Ifhe dhn't rife a the lai trumpl-e y etoyers
A of cuidaUli. tI aclcn being flhewn, i f
weeks finer, at a table where Prince .VWilli
dinred, hlii Higbncft putl them on, and obfryi
how the djilticq ecra trebly ,iimriedi .cclIs
" What wuuld. natlavec given ltr theft pry
cle whien I. mfll, with Admiral Dlgby l"
Mip. Fitaierbert, who haslately been thce
jIl of much couitrfhtion Lh tht obte woi
is the cdaughler of Walter Safith, ktl;uf Ton
Calle In h Shroplhire, and liece of Sir Edw
Sliilh, of Adonoburnell, in the famre county
Her lirlt hulband was jib* Weld, Efill of L
woilth Canle, in Dorfrt1bire, a widower.-
firf wife *as Julia, D)atghler of RobErt-Jam
the late Lord 'Petre.-After tbe .dat of
Weld, fltc married a fecond time, to -
Fi thcrl)ert, Egf; of winnertoI in St.Jiardli
ulp lid in coult qince 9~th aJarming cuia
p.riorn .tnd riots in London, i tite year sy
'Ihc circumflancc which occaa i ed the dealt
th0; pntknun, is not a little li ular :-He
1 of the fI0Cti"tol s why min d in the crv
rt ilth I1urnig of Lrd Mani held's hboue,
lli.albniysy-.Squace; and ret lng home fr
Il.nii -extremely hot, nothi wntt!d fatify I
I; r ig "imtmellately into cold Bath, wh
I. m lI, and ltis produced fever, of which
':el.--Mr. Fitzherbert alfo niece of L
S!Ittir ; oid of Mr. ErF on, of tie Sta
Y.Itr', St. James's. She 1II be thirty-one ye
u~ age next Odobcr. c had no children
(c:lhr of her hqib4nds. tir the dc.ah of
lil,: lzibct, the went a ad, and continue i
on thc edntlaist above brce years. Pill
flllcitativos brought bhr k to England.
.Inrcbh z4. Ycdrday ommodore Ke
Steusat kfl~ed their Majier harls on being
puiiited Colletor of the Lan Tax In Scotland
Marc& j. .In the courfe of M1r. Pitt'a fi'e
an WednefJay, In mentioning the irfobrcca of
country, headverted t the difpofal of the cro
land, which, though not likely to, produce
fudden advantages in point of rcrciuc, would
very much pronoote the intertle of agriculti
and confuenltly commerce, and be in tim
rrmceia of creating a considerable addition to
I.Ind 'Tax bit perhaps fome method might
t'eviltd of making lfc of them in great compel
"1.1 a! the I.nya lts.
M IRif. prcfdeted on Wednefday to the Ho
f ( mninmons, an aeco'pt of the charge ol
-Cii Il lftalillment to the province of Nova-S
tin-Ditto of New.Brlnfwick -Ditto of C
Brcton-Ditto of thea ms.aceelrary (t fupp
thr Civ.l EtablilhAents of the Bahama Ilan
anI'-The Salary of the Chief Juficeof Be, mu
-T he tille were read, and the accounts order
to lie on the table.
In addition to the agreeable information rec
td from India by the Intelligence packet, it
(aid, that a reay ofrommerce and friendfhi
een concndloddvwlth the Niers on the Male
coft I from which t is prefuied. this coun
will e'rlve acolidtr"e davantageq. It is
tfidently reDpoted, hat the Nabob of Ar
Iriles remitting feverallmportaMtdmands u
the Company'0.ferente, ha gFabutd permit
loluch engfhit off.ri e were in hia fervi
return to their own country, having previo
charged d their iara.

T 4 *S. g T.
.And med At otred g auia*l
A IHOP on ti South Si o the Par
1A Apply to Mrs. W ITHRPOON.
WIH 01

r N ASSAU, JUNE 17. M V I .ILL t.:
Sa J'HHE Bigutine Friin d Adveotnre, Capt. Apple- AVING received advice fsom England, Oy the
A ton, ol Llverool, neltllined in a Iomr paper HI ll veffel fromn thence, that leave me no room
er to lave been loft on Sandy Key, failed from NcwerYuk to doubt, that the atteatlio f Government will be
on lor Juiams, on the 8Ith of llu january, with a oargo directed in a particular mamia this untry, and
ed of lumber. In (cvearcen days' ier, mane the island of that meafursc will be dapted feedily that will afold
er Janlca, wu driven to keward by a firog current protedioq. to the oInbat r mall liae llna bot
a. fnptipt three weeks in endlanjinigl to bat up, elpedally on thole of Provideace, ;' tL jhat L
wis hout ef&. On the il of March iade Cuba, a being the cafe, andj having ltkca the Mnclr flepa I
ng little to leeward of the Ille of Plaeo Iking ready Ircure Rawdon IQand previous to the depactre of )i
" dtllirfed lor water, on the thb landed at Cape Coruua c Excellelny Governour lhi fX LL., to wbpm I com -
u I quet.eil fame, but found Ilon. A lew days alter, nicated my intrntions at large, and whopromiied that
bin difiovered the watering wclls at Cap Antonio, where ny memorial Ihould be te laft paper rccrredf bi him
at they filled thcir calks. On the utI took ihoir depar- to his Council.--The Oovernour knew well, tha
he ture from lape Antoio, intreding to go through the Rawdon. formerly Stoc'k* land, wau of no vlus y
m- tulpli 'oil they could ckar the lamas', an d thru in a planting view, ifa ai red hit Excellenic.cry
rc* m.ake Ifr tiie \VWandu d l'tlge. On the ilth, at le fuira fed theidea, thit cern alin igfI n
to hall pall dlree, A, I. fceering north, the wield blow- demanJed by IbMv nment for public o .liat
erc g rl trei trunm the oouth, ran on a funkcn reet about it was ill that r pe md firm bhlif, hat 1 thought the
he two miles frim a Key, which, they have ince learned, lirrcn ituck wurthy of norice; for Iconfidered i froa
the is called Sandy Key, two leagues N. W. lonm the the moment J I.w it, "asn -iportuiat iaions well
arte trand ashaima; cut away the ialls, aind, rith reat military ai naval, and however much rCod~I have
dilliculty got alhorc in the boats, wih a fIw articlt of to complain of lthe unafrarntabli, B pauesp cck
ry, provifun, on sandy Key Day dilcovcred to them, me"in linuming a commercial fcttleent pher, I am dn -
of that they we- calltawy on a defrt family bank, where termincd to lnfevere; for when L m glpad a a
u not a clrul' gre-, nor wsa there the appearance of lundable pot oit, oppoalion. faor entms d cprlotanm
ir. tici water. A large land, Bahama, two leagues to 1 fiit". or rprllng mf ardor, glen ne alwaysI el
the the N. W. appeared well timbered, but altidcd .o firegh. And I do hereby Inform all thof Gentle-
t bg., of iuilabill 'ntI. boIo boi they hadl, bat thty me" who have either drawn for laot in New Cbtalo*,
w. int tuilioicIn to (trry the whole crew oif. lTo ads or have g:vtn in their naies to Dr. Gore R~,r Ai/ ;
to ithir 'iltl i, no petill on board could afcr:aan that if they do not think proper to fgniy to that Ocn-
where tity icre. 'ith fpary and fails they made t'lean, and *:ld tWVimueu, Efq; that they intend to
iw three tc,. ; in digging a well, they fortunately anet take flep for the improvenme of the fame, before
am with lelh water lulniceu tolupply tham all; they net the It of Jaurary neat, they will not be oaimercd
inI d., itti~icidoi ildiagavcirclal. , iriuifpoti.,E iiemil.lvcs n to ine ii,Ihtlted plI. 'lhic concerned may bhi athorouilb knowlede of tlIe
Ia illand in lithi prolptfed then :nib.r, the wreck, irui- lace, I inclolt e tads from CarClar letter to. my
wmko.and kII i,gI,, planks.,heing Fried. in Britain and Amirs%1 foam Raw&d i tand
ub. a lt, entiuraged then, tol tllh.- r,, which ih lbMay 1795, which I beg the taser *of y o, l p.o
id, t ,o m lli.nltll y entered uI o.. NWkli c u acIl lt this lit undcrncath this Letter, m d .
arduou undctt..kilg, two ot tlie Jailors, at the h ul I am, ir, &c.
ge rpr;l, wont oil wth the hert boat; and, as theyhave Nfi. 7, 7186. JOHN CRUDEN.
urd fit1, It tied, tfler being eighteen daya at lea, rcacheld l. FoOLLOWlIO A1 T9 IIuTRIACTI.
' t- lcotlc.. t ton Abu..o, wh.rreniakig arcrort to Capt. ., ITS a.lnirableftluui..being equsllyontiguoulto
l Stepihits,. of the lituotion in whi,.h ihry had lift their he ulph, the Widward and Maum
His comiani.m,, he lent a fmiill clll llt nec Iuar ce I ". thbc fafty, extent and depth.of waterid the
ee, their clint,,whih after three wceks fruitic fIerch hoe r, added to te coentpding poI d w atno it,
Mt. rturnid bbck. On lthe I2lhol Aprl,crly) in rl e alsoin liners it invaluable in War, n4 its ande may foes
ingl,.walarge Ihipagrouidunrdoneelaboutthr." c g.ucs t make it of importance in time of PqaLe.
ire. o the N.W. and a Brg fia .igo od loni. udd blow- The furroupding floaids are equal to the F(ppl
RA- ing ficlh at fouth. tie wind having milode~atcd, d ..t f all Americs bith Sat; the Spaiuecti W
80. the Ia fallen, in the evening, five IIme wotit er,.m abouinl aio the tafs.;, the iomdeira 0np i
Sof Sandy Key, in I Mhlf Bae., Ior the ship, which hcy n.trl o the foil of. fane of the ifiand, an is a
was reached, luund her defLred, aud iher hold lulll to wlrr. .. It to be doubted that Nature hu tended them to
wd Ihey were agrcallJy furpriZed to find on board a le- infwer the purpoft 61 vi A' to the Iret eoal-
in fumble fuply ol Ii flotk, break and otler provilon unent of America t AlF Ithe frclt ofe' LVeL
om tile Ca ptanli's State Room, a bojrd sipped i la k a and iMeditetanian willthrle, while toited of
him bulkhead linur the miienntill, aetraeldlhit atten- artcleof produce, atoerato he Colillent ets
Ich tion. and on further lirch. t.ry luund it Io bea n. a en J. : a :
ich cailment, where 0oo dollars hill rcsaired, Ih h l they he woods bond with timber that will pro-
hord Icurcd, and afterwards divided equally. aioigll thle dne the bel Potait in the world; the caunnt if
Or i wh,,le Crow. Some articles ol wcuittg apparel, v.crr admirably adaptd for Ship-building, and thil plga
ablc tlo fot.nd ; and in ornec to divide te valuc tqaubly, is,, cent, ical to the French and Spablh inSndo.
ars were put up to public fale in thiir camp, and the pro- t.. .o ncuraae the Minoreaslan Florida, we hav
by creds lhard. 'le Ihip was a Spnuiarid homeward laid opt a fqure in the new city, by lt assme
Mr. ound.,nd entropicesonthe zth. I he ad May. Minorca-Square; ad to bring te Oenevah to
lp- the Friends Adveniure w-. beat to pieces by a heay fettle in thefe fands ad cultinte the ipe, w
ing gale from W. N. W. Contuming to work at thei neiw have called one fireet b th ir abi M p tan bring
vclti, an the rthof May, thydcftried a finalllal inthe the Creeks from aoder the TurklT yqt, we hba
ith o.liong;fent .ffthlir bo*,'addfound ht tobe a,wre cer named another Levant-Stract or nlripa fila
ap. from thi port, commanded y Philip Ibhomn n. "e day is named after our favourir chief, ornwalli. au
S ..ftcr another wrecker .ppeatrd. Tht c f he Sulors another we have sumed. America, fir the l &
ech aiCompanied Thoton hither; the te" dLtermied haion of our friends on the continent.
the I. accomplilbing the work they had engaged iin, build- In he, world, perhaps, there isi a a more r
we ing the nelel, which wet now onely isnilhedJ, an ,, madious plecc for trade; fcr hips my.'in dtst e.
ny (arrying their property in her, rather than cp oml e up to he doors of tha des.
ny with the trnms propled by the wreckers. On the th.
yet a.l zith, fifteen Inau craft from thilport. arrived at
ure, Sa,n. Kcy. Their Crws .liltd in laeching teh. eil,. PU BLIC AU CTION.
C a in which Cpt. Appletonand his Crew atrined here, on
the Wednelday the th of thi month. O. l O N D A Y ae, the plth lltanlt
t be On the ad inft. the Ship Helen, Sales, arrived a ItA BLBRFBs edw,
Ifa Emurs, from Liverpool. T IGH Proof Jataica al Windward Iund Rlan
AnRitvrn HIaEB Fro .l MufcovadoSugu in aeres ad baurel
uiti May r. Sloip Polly, Kelly. Jtaica Mfs Belef and Pork in Is and half lrrel
the IS. Sloop Hannah, Dilworth, lifax London Tongues, Ula and Chlhire Chet .
ico. 16. loop Shellbarne, Atwater, Jamaica Fine Broad, i barral4and 's
ape aILsu, 7,, New Rofe Butter, l fra
tort May 16. Sloop Tamar, Grant, Halifax Madeia Wine in qugarm
d ; ---- Swet Oil in cafi -
do. Enalilh bottled Ale, P Cyder
red *-HE Subfcribter inteoding t dcpait thefl Tobacco. Hair Powder
rtr"nc to_.c d f c A few pieces of Ofasbargh
1 Islands in a llrt tiam, et aU Prfooa r
eiv. indebted to him to ake nimmlatc payment; L
t i thole hang deuao again hioi will be plea. A V
has fed to dcliveria tbh without l ot S C H N E
ba time. JOHN O'HALLORAN.i A c l.Ia
tr7 N6140, YaeIs busil d s ho We
a (?l found, l fi 7y 6i a CanoS, aq
cot D UN AWAY fr the abicriber, at pencer's feet long. Conditions, C d
pon lR. Bite, on the Ilad of Abc, a Mulatto Fcl On WEDNESDAT the s3d nant
oon lowiknown by the name of ad fmeIl be.T e H L
* to I o Mjokn. W i pp d The HOUSE 1E lo
ly *nd deliver him t ne, or ilmy a benL to Vi k wheein serjamt AIaL d
Donald Fergufon l receievwelve Dollar lived tao, ai jnt it rHadoM
reward I and I d warm kon from har- I |I Kichen Fnltrs B e.
booing, cmplo Sg or taking h the aforrfid holJaingt U C UdI e
Inand. wie be made know an th dut le.
NVfo1 y I 1s;, s17s. N.aJa 7ae 0, 78f,

-- -- ? F.


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Vol. IIL. T 'H No. 99



From SATU'. RDAY, JUNE o1, to SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1786.

NASsau: inted by joHN'WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.
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European Intelligence.

CoIeTANTiNorLa, ans.ryf a.
T IIE Janslfarlet, bring difcontented at the
I ihdoence of our Miniltry, threaten a revolt I
it is feared every moment that they will hoilf the
standard of rebellion. The Captaii Pachais him-
felfapprehenfire of the mof unhappycorftiqueace
front it I thofe troops make a great clamour for
war, and the fear or their beginning it under the
ailfpicst of fume Chief they may footn finl, has
occalioned an order for difar.ning the fqiiadrou
In the Rlack Sea. Our government feem defirous
to preftrve peace, and neglect north ng to avoid a
rapture with both the Imperial Couria.
7 Y1. 7. According to the barbarous cnftom of
the mob here on the lealt caufe of diffatisfadtion,
the incendiaries have lately been at their infamous
work in the night of the i 7th ult. The fre broke
out in three different walks, viz. in the fubnrh of
*Jophala aund (lalita, and within the town it felf,
In the part inhabited by the (reeks. By) timely
and proper alliftance, however, the farther pio-
reft of the conflagration was luckily Itopt, and
unly Sja Iuurle were burnt down to the ground.
Tinm damage is trifling, when compared to the
loffe fuftained on fimilar oceations.
Pelerlburgh, F'brnary 6. Brigadier Apraiin,
who lately diltinguithed himself in an a&ion Ie-
tween oer troops and the Tartars of Caucafus,
is arrived here will dispatches, the contents of
which are not yet known. It is rninoured that
1oo,oon Tartars have taken p(frfflion of all the
defi:!c of Caucafus t big this report .gailn butt
little credit, being huppofed to be fabricated with
intertled views. Brigadier Apraxin is honoured
with the crofs of the dler of St. Woloclimer of
the fourth clafs.
February 16. The second detachment for Altra-
can, &c. on the N W. extremes of the empire,
designed on difcov es, arrived, as we learn, at
Mofeow, the ad of the prefect month, after expe-
riencing a variety of dilficulties on account of the
feverity of the weather, there having been an beavy
fall of fnow finceetheir departure. Our letters
(tate, that both detachments (which confift of
upwaida of llo perfonI, with a variety ok cattle,
caravans, &c.) had both gone into winter quar-
ters at Mol'cow, Jrom whence they were not
likely to move ti!lowrardi the middle of April,
as the winter was exceedingly rigarcum, and likely
tcontinue as tongat left as the laft. The Rftfian
government have the fuccefs of this enterprise fio
much it 'heart, that among other conveniences
there are travelling kitchens, with every article
of neceflries for cooking provilions in fuch regions
as they may pafs through. The PrincetBiflop bf
Novogorod Is among the travellerP, by leave of
tne Emprefs, from lhom, being a man of pene-
trating and Mhining talents, much is expected, aI
well for a description of the journey, as from his
labours among the people they are to vilit in a
theological relation. The police of this city,
long admired for its falubrity, is on the point of
undergoing a reform, and fame additions, in re-
fpIe to widening, lighting, and clanfing the
Areetl, to take place next summer. The Emperor
of Germany is expected at Mofcow while oar
Soverergn and the Court are there next June.
ralrs, Mbruary a. The afft-India Company
linking under an enormous load of debt, have
again petitioned the States of Holland for a fur-
ther pecuniary fapplys which is not granted; the
Chamber of Amterdam does not efitate to fay
that the trade cannot be ftpportte any longer.
Fdere Y 4. The Company of Merchants tra-
dhb tb. th Welt.ndies, like thofe of' the Eaft,
h '_a pI tn the StaE ofHolland for a supply
ofP amo&I thr fitatlon being little better, in
this reett than that of the Baft-India Company.
The new prophet; who has appeared in tlhe
Turkilh dominion encreafte the number of his
followers every da. One very ftroulinducemeat
is, no doubt, that he has pmnted tkmto drink
wine, which was elprefly forbidden by Mal.o-

met. Sacrificing to the appetites of the mob, is
the fitreft way to gala Iheir favour, and thil maia
will hold truth from the mob at Conlantinople to
the independent eletors of a borough In EDnglad.
Bylettern from LieFe of the l3th ult. we learn
that one Pierlot, a prieft nd church warden, who
rome time ago had committed four murders In the
heart fpacc of fifteen minutes, has at lat beesW
apprehended and brought there to trial. He has
confelred the whole, declaring, that finding hiim
fcif over-loaded with debts, contracted at thMil
gaming table, and unable to dilharge a bond fd
5ol. then due to a lady who had lent him the mo-
ney, he refolved upon the murder of Counfelloc
Delmotte, and to rob the boue afterwards. In
order to put the villainous plan nlto execution, he
found means to entice the two women fervanta,
under pretences which his sacred fundlons ren.
dered but too probable, to leave the houfe. Thete
two he first difpatched, then taking out of the
pocket of one of the deceafed the hey of the Arect
door, he returned to the houfe I and entering the
apartment of the Counfellor, who was heated in
his ied with a book in his hand, he knocked his
on the head with hit club. Having difpatchea
this third viAim, the montler rato the brother's
room, a clergyman like himfeif, but here he was
foiled at his own weapon ; his dihtagonit fought
it out bravely, gavehim blow for blow, and at Ifa
forced him to take to his heelt The wretch,
disappointed in thl. part of hi' purpose, anda
above "all, in that part of the pnder which he
figure to himself was to be hi award, wander.
ed about for fome time, and at laft was taken
and will undergo shortly if he has not already
received, the punishment due to fuch a complica-
tion of hellilh villany.
Ma rb 6. Byletrere frosLlege we are Inform.
ed, that the 34th ult. the pdeft erlot, convrled
of murder accompanied ith the moft barbarous
cireumftancej, received the punifhment due to
the crime. The sentence pronounced and eac
ted upon him, was firit t9 have his Beh torn with
red hot pincers in eight different places of hs
body, then to have hist gs, arms, and thhl
broke on the crofs of St. Andrew, and finally his
mangled body to be put on the wheel to remain a
dreadful fpecdacle till life left him. All this bor.
ipunifliment he underwent'with a spirit of foret-
tude worthy of a better caulk. It Is faid that
(luring the whole time of hli unparalklled futr-.
ings, not a complaint, nor a groan escaped Mhi
that could betray the least fymptom ofpain or
lie had, it is added, been far more alfted at
the awful ceremony which took place the day
before. This was his being degraded from the
fcecrdotal dignity; it was performed a follows,
He was brought in his clerical habit from the pri
fon to the porch of the principal church there
on a temporary altar were placed the chalice, to-
gether with the cope and other garments ufed by
the Romilh priests in the celebration of mea. He
pit them on one after the other, and when co-
plettly equipped, the Dean, aAed by the oldal
or reclefiafical Judge, difrjed him by degree
and when entirely uriled dliRered his over to
the civil Magiftrate, wo having ordered him to
be clothed in a lay-dref, had him coadnld bi
t,' irtrun. As the tah had psnoufl been pro-
red against him,. fttenc wau paed and the
execution performed on tihe ollo liy.
Mar,, To. The Ilo rnpot to e di nced
to the EaftIndia Co pa y at Ar llrd s bdaei
much too Imall for t at of t
them from their dil-m f s ctr-O_'
this day voted that the ib be nLcreafd t
s,ioo,oou ducatsof olt O e half Icd. ale,
the other half i. potels f the unaonal ank i a4
the Comifnionrea at appoated to take tL4
nec-ffti y fecuritiei oftht ElraAr and Masu
of hbat body.
Datriin bn r t L Tar sty lapecan
into, and ji failed t s f teh pat.
MJArid, Feb. The di aUnt tnTy faPoM
better PreacC 4 flgil5 1i wgodkid

NI It it

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