Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 3, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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u r:ilanice rTer on the occupation in which MonaDV, Ifbraarj 6. EasT-ItDIA PAPlts.
tley were engaged, and all their piotpeetd in life Sor Tar. Mr. Frarcis role, to move for three accounts
wetconrlnedtolt. Was it an option to firch i T l x were r elaive' to the rate of the Eaft-lnda Cio
perfos to tell them that if they did ot accept ti dy pedtlons a 1gainl t he lop tax were lairs i ret to retnue, I.ifburfement an
of the Mtnma newly imrpofed upon them, they E eedto1 tIl I.ll of ,'Cl l a inoa nlomutil debt in Ildia. Mr. Francise a, faid, lr ent aen
wear at liberty to come home? That i, if they L., f tP n and uth n o Iul moe for were hliilar to thofehat had
did not fuhnit to give up their birth-right by I n i- warkth citye ofr id Cin' tdctthr been granted him latl year, and as gentlemen
*ngin-;Iali, they might prefer thel r biath- rig t Birhen L;r Hed had b b. g i p the Wenmin- would fee that it was abfllutely impolible to
by-& furriecderof al their claim. and merits I i mhenLrdHadhd ba,,ogt u ..p mi. enter ,pon any dilCeuion, fthe Company's al r,
thendia Company's service, and return to ailve het cplpepet petition, anid it nwthout having he apaperh he rhal nmove for
In Englad. the tablCe without having the palinrs he lhoull move for,
in E ang cirid that he ohjer Ft role and faid, he i in nf quence btte otem ; he t Lutid there would not be the
Mr. Francis faid, that he oh'jeeed to the laws I "e t ., ft obiation to his n'eti.
as fnberfre of the principles of the constitution, of the v.rious petitions from fa an"n" oii thir le moved atcordli nliy:a
and not tobe jntlifled by any precedents oppoted antuet ain a rel t hat there he a.d before this oueli aly:

there w n nerer would aesonmit that Ron a trnte am a pl ,t ua pe y ; lat lere he laidof Fort Williame, Fosan
thea King, Lrd, and Commons, had as right to bne te i in t at loule. 11 l ai e ni ate, nile paobamn. refoupec in el a r.
take the trial by iney cat of le linl eunii worthy Alderman ia the Haaah-, whua h.i.l plildged agents ant tile Bllngal toneOraiment, from the jath
ation. That Mjr. Pitt's telling tlr people ;I, himfelF to make a moliii itai at I- n f Apial. -04, ,, the nil of May, 1786.
India o wha they we re to epeo if tc, y iln,-ntinied i T threr bth e id befe thi Hourf a Iate

ctird would have n right hi ogd to it o ledge ieal (lliopkreupert h" t.a;ci tlacriclre it Ij '"i "I rears date in lir lcteral departments of
Ca, wut .r...e n rrllv e, wth iol thm onral t .bj e w lN on *.to the Ih: f.r we e'it,,'tr di;.l- I, mcioment, .. I ofc t he orerst on the feral
that, i they were unwilling to fubsit to the racki elutonsir the I leC, t1 t titan ver dil a I ,n l ent, anaild rc tmall on the everat til
and the torturer it depended on thcmnclvce to .en.e ot opilion th. re nilyl.. f lur te o in the coaityc ff l an enmaianin gUntid at tile
Irave the country before the law began to pe- ofa WeftmilR rn with rera i tin ptalitns, th~-ie I lrliidecri sa of or W amrort i-ntI. Geonge,
rate. Wut-nu as a erfei and coinltlo e an aa aimity ln t ie .ti Blonhbay, reflcaflie
Mr. Francis clutior.eJ te perions who h.d the fubjdea r complamt'a aal It i. 1it. The na .ions were all carried.
managemenrnt of lhdia afnirs, to adt with pruderncre Mr. '" plron, p trvi. n to il dvteri ng of TaaNhsroTlan to of CONICThl.
and rircumrnf~dict ill the present crfi ; but that tlne Soiahavrtk : prlitio,, flai, lii coa.nlittliht Mr. a r/a,,d tail, as he was far from defirou
this was. a faujed on which he thought it right t were n tlie na ia er iaii f nr tiruimoii in their ,f ain tin liotfe unneceffary trouble, by nm
Ipeak with treat referee, wilhint them only to objecion. to tile hoi, as w.i' evident lo, i in;, motions for which there might pofbly beno
tothe ltloUn hiA]ltl hard t i I L mi r c e gpnoay b 13to a
rcrrcmner, that Bcngal wal utterly tiaallilable Cpetiiion in lin haal. ci'* i, g't' by i'ao ?c.linm ;he Ie)Pcd t., know of lame gentlecn
by t e power ol Great-tBeirai. Hei ctncllnded h" I ietper, ando the %h%+a nia,.bc of t i, coai- in trle conit fitelle o tgoamnment, whether t was
with facing, that he lamented the precedent un- ftnili -ntn a nonnti( ouly t. iOnoa. intended ton enfi ce tlhelentcnee for thetranfpor.
neecflfaily efabliiled by this law. of depriving i ta .A (lia Sp.eaker W- p.iatting the a dlio. tatlo orcotaf tsn,r and carry it Into efledual eu.
dBrtilh fu ietta of the Trial by Jury, for many i a 'at tirs petition (i) lie (,ili table, action, by ally m rcafinr to he proposed to that
wfna: Pirn, for the inju-y which it did to I ird rr ernfe, lall.. h t y af ords He e,ol tihe part ofadminiiratiJn,i tiecourfe
the community at large, as a elam- hbl-ar the qihe ton wan plut. liie I rpc.the wor. iof t ie f pfian.
lie fecomnly, for thv fiake of the pefrfon inine- I thy incinborr who liad g vrn I.,a,:c ofn is inte- .le t, ane',I' i of te nchaier role, and i
lately atCedaed by it; and finally for a ralo lin to rec for leave t bhi in a r ll for the reply fald, tile m-.te toi which the IHon (Orntle-
which, though of much Irfs impo, lance, he cioaa- i rpeialof the f iaopta x, tw ln fl e on n s early day lmarn' qien fli: went, hadl ong been, and was at
Cfedt, was particu:aily painful to Iiunfelf, frum wo' hat prpofe, or that, if n. dhil 'io, g. ernrnel that time under the confilration ofgovernmeint;
thererfpe he born at the mrntoy of a noble re- wn d take u memory of auAt anl do, inething that, great cami iy if proposals had been prec
nation to Mr. Pitt ; that he waj fiorry to fee that wIth it that houlnd i be effIetial. le fatIdl, that fetetd to lthem Ip o the fubjcr, tanl there wl
two ideal, .which he nerer thought ciuldl, under atax on nliops hi been impafd oi t f uljea everv realon to Itnli'er, that when they had been
any peiible fippefitiian, be united--that of tihe by authaority of pa rliamrnt, whii tan, it was yrerlenltod to lem unpo there fuhjetr,and there wa
name of the Right Hlon. Gentlemani, and of the notorion had nut Icern o r!tct! l, hil fhtool at every reason to hclire, that when they had bree
decruedion of tihe Tri..l by Jury, lholal belong to tini day a difgracefu rl iaraalft he illtcincoe of able, maltnrely to neigh the tendency uli each, and
on another, and lie delivered down to poderity alnaininfratioon; g'lei lnitl.t tl:llat theiefore to to compare their pranflicta ty, propriety, and
centher. ao prniiofe fuch rchulali ;.a -,t l!ih.,!d enloatce the policy, the refilt woulit be a anpplnciiaon to pr-
Mr. Dm.nsi role to contradict Mr. hI'anci on col aion ofrthe x, air thn( a "i ft .trir. pa it. l ianjrnt, ih alementof theplan Ih, u;:hn moit
hirftatem.r-t of the Bingal rcvenuel, anl pledged His Lorrdlli ailleil li.c .bfi. v ii binmfll at a proper time, to enter into that dif- manni r in vwhih tht )u[n)'i ,ilit i l i i ;rane on tla conalieration ani !dgment ofthie lerg laturr.
cuffion, and to prore that all hr had trdl on1 that i ce the fctlion hal coninrnIccd; thh ll..f;c l.a-l Mhr MAinve ailiv fadi, he holed a ire rie an-
part of the Ifu tcd was falfe. met generally about three, and Ilie miiflcr came fwer waoalil be IV'eCH, nand that it wal in tlie ann.
Mr Fr a l, he was gai Mr. Dnndal had down to move lth quefti n otf Uijoui mnent at lempatli. ofl gIlvcrantlent aiually to cal irltn
promised to enter inLo a dilctnflon of the revenue abtult tawty r- ininet befoaie or o',, ki ; tht literal refe, lthealn orthe transportation ofcaon.
aeounte, because he concluded from that pro- e thouglil ina improper uni ulde ,I cn:';.lL:,'lT tile id, fiatnitnced to tianfpiirtation, and not to com.
.nife. that the papers iecilTary fo going into that national c rinccral of a pili.,ni,.i.y rateui, aind mn;te the auntiltinait, by fimbfthluiicng imprifora
difaldiafo, would not be retiufed whela they Ihould that more ought to har e Irln I) I h:In' fvi wa in mCnt or haid labour, either on fhore or on ilip-
be called for; and he thanked Mr. Dundaas for for the confide rrtion llt.,hl il in hadl ,.cEn board. EiaLpriencc, Mr. MaiinwaFiilg dleiared.
itnr him that fatiaf nion-- Hera he was inter- opened tohm, i i'lhi dcla in- had convinced him, that it wa entirely tn the
erupted by Mr. Duanaia, who refused Ids thanks, h a iing abandouned. for fume time, tile ebecutiol
auftaid, he never meant to enter into any fucl Right lion. Gent'renan al tie ti- of his imlt of finlence c t ranfel ortalion, that filch numeroin
engagement, or t bhid hiafelf to grant any pa- jelny' Councul., Iin h cd Itor pardcnt, anl lie filch daring, and lunch dangerous gangs of illains
pes eotil he knew what they wcre..]-Mr. ;ran. hoped fo-e oe of tiol: whi wee irTiualiat cisa id. there could be but oe paper immediately netcd with hliram, would iiHormn him of wnl hat hal lie; it was the litainitution of a different modea
in question, viz. the etimalte of resources anil leen thrown oi t, a in all irobalility te qetrli n punifn cllntwhicl did noteffetratIly removefron
dilburfements for the year, ending the l otf May, of"aI .mrnment a1iioil that I1.i !,i nulcd .a nl the kirgduoln, gangs of the defeription to which
pse. earned bafiare tine Right Ilon. Gcanllemn came he lin.I allsled, that had peopled the metropolis
Swdown to tile Hoeire. with hlierve. As he knew thi to be te fa, he
TWuIanAY, Fn rwrrlj a. Rfla, R l aid, that whatirv e; iiirnment mi ao was ant:onlsl thit the attention of government
SHno TaX. Ihaink it rlvicilole to di., egard t ;.i: li dnud rather lie dttctcd to the enforcing raiti-
I .Mr Ge Conre refented a petition from tx, ira ay other n-.,l.r rpillicconleIe n,i d rtatio Ihan to ihc piovdinol any Iecani
L r. eep ofr Bprefenlraey a rtiiepe fro the afl p t wuld Ic a tfiter fnlliri f,'I tlilc.afon whean ii paunillimcnt in its place and he Ihonld be glad
kh pern of Briftol, praying a rccl al of the adq t
imposing a a land retail hoRpkpert. Right lion. frTiend was prih nt, aol lie on'lt i to, know, whetlicr the Lime theconvils were tuor
ihe petition wasl rnd at the table. a' ure the noble I.ord that he wnl-il fee him cry f ined at hrd labour, either on fhtare or ci Ilip.
Mr. r- pet then Rated, that thofc of his con- flirtlv. With regard to the public iafrinefs he;n, board, was to bc confirlered as pa t of the time
tuen. rnwho had fned the petition o plaiaef l 'l elaCild, tlre was not thie 1naillr touaniatioui( for which they \vcre iK'.renced to tranfportatioi.
of the ta. asa partial, and thtre ire an oapree for the Cor laint. 'The fipplii- eif tihe year laod The : tnretl.r of t1e rvre.g qr faid. the qnuef-
andsamjult h pod. He faid, iI the tax coasd Ie h"en brought firSward, iln tepgtlar radiation, as tion that had been put to hini by the HIn. Ofei
ofar le to e it al encrayta on all as in preceding fenlion of parliament, nor tleinnn ver the way, (Mr. Ballard) I.d been faf
oa rlee'prs, and thns do away its partiality, coul one be iiltanced, cinnfli!eri., the period of ficlently point in his mind, and his atfwer h1a
his cnflien't would submit to t wriloa con- time the Houlfe had fat, in 'Awiiih Ihe public bhll- applied fo, Immediately to that question, that he
is ceituent would fubnit to p it without cor- iel was more adrancrd in it pacrt is. A lo what Ihould have inino d the igagitation of the rat-
1 mn rint d ie the noble Loid had been pleafed tI,) ay In refpeft ter unneceliAry, at Iaft for the present. The
The petition was, upon motion, orertoe to the llop-ta not being colleed, as far as had Hon. Gentleman h;d a ed, whether any mumtu
co the table. come to his knowledge, the contrary was the was meant to lie prop d to that Houfe is the
WASTI LaIol. tad. Regular aienffents, as in the cafe of every coife of the ftefions, h a view to enforce f
Jut Au the question for adjournment war put. other tax, hall been made, and h' lid not heart tences on coainiT, ano carry them into eled i
t* a Mr. Roule roaf, and begged to know wbe- of any obfrueaion to the collection. Mr. Roe In reply, he had a that the matter wai ua-
the theRlgt Ho. Genlleman at the head ofhis preflid what he hbad faid, as an irrcfragable argu der the Iconlderatr of his Majefy'la minlft.
lMajefty' Coandla meant to bring forward any meant that the nible Lord hail been ill-founded in and that a varetd propofall orn the purpde.
qnwreiure in the courfe of the fleon relative to the greater part of his obfervationa. were now be O in. That Houfe was 1-
ton ale of wadte lands. If the Right Hon. Oe.- The Southwark petition wan ordered to lie on doobtedly no ft r to the difficulties that aby
tdean would lay, that he had no fuch intention, the table. in the way of car g into elie the ad foe trungt
Mr .Rtdle declared, he would himself take am Mr. Alderman ,SawrinJe laid, he flioulI defer porting convids rntenced to tranfportation and
qnolltnitr of making a motion on the fubjed. making any motion au to that pirt of the petition they pe tly well knew, that the diltlulr hat.
.lTh ,Cbamubr of rte rZciqgter faid, It was of the retail fhopkeepers of the city of London, grown out of the change of fluatlon which the
his lr prohablWhaI fametbing might be brought which prayed to be heard by themselves or coun-. country had, within a few years, undergone.. l, )
frllirs a ta I i je the fae lInda, in the fel Igaslft the tax, till the motion which an ho- eonfequently muft be obvious to ever raos, tihe
oriffe of th:etrn. o nourable member had pledged himself to makL, it was much calcr for genlenaen toeate aid t
- Mr. *M& wifled for a prcie answer, but no should be under confideration, well as all the complain of the grievance, than for goSpaTUOm
tlller reply being made, the Spea put the petition that had been d ialuld be prcfented to find out and to apply an adequate remwy.
jij*!m,. -aadthcigo' d juned. I upmthe famn fubjeia r ro .r cioarmu I .J .


d, I
a! - I


:r .-. -

ef r c o :ir

N t ,* ,

1' -- '
,,. ,l "

reIly from thence Councils, by proclamation, declare' the impntta.
gdem, in manner tion of any of the aid articles to be nccelfry fur
ie importer paying the supply of the inhabitants of the laid province.
commonly called And his Majefty Is hereby further pleartd toor-
einafler excepted) der, that no goods or commodities of the growth
ly's lock, in fuac or manufadure of the faid United Sttes, hall be
:d ,f for that par- imported into any of the ports of the province of
Majefny' Cuftom Quebec.
pontheimporter's Anl the Right Honourable the Lords Corn-
urther duties due miioners of his Majefty's Treafury, and the
sonoth, according Lords Commifisoners of the Admiralty, are to
of fuchrice at the give the nccelfary diredions herein, s toLctta
it is his Majefty's may lefpeCdively appertain.
it the Importation Steph. Cattr/l.
4f London, Briftol, --
i1, Lancaler, Fal-
Hull, Oreenock, N A S5 A U, JUNt 10.
of them, in the r ETTERS from Eanland afford very good
ed, the importer ground for expecting, that the Commif-
er order) t' lntor liners of American Claims, now at Halifax, will
all ot the idduty, mi the coo:(e of neat Winter, repair to il1
r, rs fall the tui- lace, to ivelligate the Claims of the Ameri-
witho tany allow- an Loyalifs who have fought an asylum in this
e (aid ditty oil. C'"ny.
Cr any other of ol ny.
r any other of the We are happy in announcing to our readers
bh le in read o m the intention of our Moft Gracious Sovcreign, to
'h Ihall im grant another Tear's Provifions to his fathful
laidUn itd ates' American Suhjeds reflding in thefe Iflands. I
lerein befall men Common Fame has in few Inltances proved
wherein the lame a greater Lyar, than in her reports and furmilndf
lajefty's locks, i" refpceing the Crew of the Priends Adventure,
at any of the prts lately wrecked on Sandy Key at the N. W. end
Sthe ports above- of the Grand Dahama. This afternoon we were
Scale may be, t, furni0lied with the authentic particulars refpedt.
,t the bonds which ing their lhip .wrc and fuhlequent adventures ;
nt on the ai bdod ut too late for this Evening's paper. In our
: manner as onds next, the who'L will appear ; and in justice to the
on tobacco are di- unfortunate fiffercrs, we muft now mention, that
adt of Pariainet examples of greater perfeverance, induftry, nrmu4
.ing thetrade and cft and integrity, under the molt diftreting
aing territories circuinftances, have rarely come to our know-
rat-Uritain, io the eAta.VED HilR, Frm
rion the Bahaman une 4. Brig Elizabeth, Peacock, London
omers Iliands are Satitn,
SnA li.b, For
itortiehs belonging 7 'nre Sloop Abraham, Burk, Liverpool
erica, his Majty to. School. Sally, Berry, Jamaica
en, that so goods
except pitch, tar, -"
malt, yard aid BaiuAMAILa.I DM, f.
ards, timber, fiin NLw-PanVDBoaCS.
f lumber, hfilt, Fy the Hroniralre JOHN B WN, fquire,
tiy, and all other Prefdrat and Commnarder in bief ef the Ba.
provilions, peas, bhme-Mlands, Chancellor, e-Ads iral, an
r, bread, biscuit, O, diaraf the fatm, We c". tfr.
-r species ot grain, A P ROCLA1 ATI O .
id lho tobacco in T TIIHERPAS the Gene Aflembly of theft
ler and traffic, he- VV flandi hands prorued to Tuefday the
Jnited States and 6th day of June instant A.o WHInIII it il
It.Inlia Iflands, a thought expedient, that e faid General Affem-
d aft paficl in thl bly should be further proe guedr-I HATS THeil
if his prfent Ma- rots THouGT I, bt and with the advice
f of the faid United and confcnt of his Majrefil1onoirable Council,
his Majely's fais to iTue this my Proclhmami", proroguing, and I
above goods may, do hereby prorogue, the iileneralAfIembly to
I by Britilh fubictl Tuefday the sit day of Anui netat then to meet
Iritilt built thips, for the dispatch of public bmfilf.
and navigated ac- CIVEN mndr mS H and M Gr a Sal
n, fugar, melaffes, of f 1ands, at N a, tbs d da
d Sento, may, ;f 'a 7ne, in the rear ef Or Lord, One
led by Brtih fuM Thoufand Sren Hwandd and Riqbty-Jfr.
xned by bia Majef- o,, i the Tvtxj-lfhb Irr of/bi Mg-
aicording to law, agy Reign. JOHN BROWN..
Sany port or place
n upon payment of B, Hij Honour's Command,
'ad fubjet to the Hliss YomGs, D. Secretary.
es, and etridion., GOD SAVE THE KINO.
Sor may be fubjc&
ray Britih colony JO H N W E L L S,
d to be taken for dIas received by the Briganti e ELZza1sarg, CVp
s, hall and may be PsacocK. Loaooa,
in the like certii ONDON pickled Pork, Beef, Tripe and
d recited ad made L Toungues, Yorkliire Hama, Split Peaf,
is prefnct Maefty's Barley, Porter In hogfheads and barrel, bottle:
s given in reat- Porter in hampers, Batavia Arrack. Ralberry"
alny othergoodsin and Cherry Brandy, Brandy Sweetmeats, Boiled
Sica. Linfeed Oil in Jugs, White Lead, Yellow Ohre
f-rther pleaded to and Spanih Brown, ground in Oil, Sope, Loaf
nodities, being the Sugar, Teas, Spices, Linen Draery, Haber-
faid United States, dalhery, Jewellery, Hardware, Mediacne, ac.
rovinces of Nova &C. &c. which be will dlipofe of, at hia Shop
r their refpedive on the Bay, on very reasonable terms, fr Cqti
seat cattle, fbcep, god Bills of Br bang, BromUimS or Cote. -
pecis of live Rock He particularly rqueft all Perfon indehtedi-
beans, potatoes, to him, to difchai their rebftive account, i
rice, oa, barley, order th t he may be enabled to comply with
alo lumber of ene- hi n. emcnts.
trticlcs Sall be im- hi e
and in nomu other A .L Perfons indebted to Mr. Jln Basvr,
d by hsMajefty's A. now abfcnt from this IlWar requated
-ding to law, er.d to make immediate payment to (lubfcriber,
the GOoveroun etherwife they will be immediately ( witli
the time being, of diftinalon i and tIole who a ste demands
refttive depen,- againA Mr. Brtt, wM ibc gpifed to Mket
: *rf tirr ttl known te. l< g m \

*^^ ln







qol. IlI.



No. 97.



-mrrw-a '-fio,

From SATURDAY, JUNs. 3, to SATURDAY, JuNe 10, 1786.

NAssAu: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAT.

7olf arrived f/r* LONDON, in AL Brig
Eliz beth, Capt Peacock,
At l.ce PR I NT G -OFFICE.
/ I IMBEKI ts'Uidi on-I Entertaining Story "'rllcr
C. ary d' Art ,ii ld ci-1 i'linry Bihddslph, eve,
,nct ccw Jition, i Sir C. Graindifon, vol..
vols. ti., A large colicAiun of Iulgle
Si aluc. ., o ni rn c P17y
uulel.'s". ll;lory, New Playn, viz. TheHeir-
9 il.. gol el Stre ngers at Homne,
Ncw Annual IeitRie, j v. Capires., &c. &;.
SGbbthn Rumn ELnipc. Dc!epio' 51.anolh Oratnm
rtos. 6 oil msart
"1, luny Chenillry, a v. Pin' d.'t andi Baictri's
Moorc'. "i'rIrvo a1, 4 vals. pacnlh Di.ionarie*.
Uth;iri 's t-,'graphy Rutsrrfon's ChhleaV.4 4.
Baurln Jullice, 4 oVis Raynall's Indies, 8 volc
1lrckllioe's Ltunimenta- omatla'. l'heory of i.ral
itet, 4 volt. Sentimernt
Hayley'l jifay on old Knox'. Vie of the lcriLilh
MaN!.., vol,. Empire, a vhI.
Pell', mctgy, 5 V.o. Iath Guide
Iu.hurgh lDifptlaisory court Kadllidar for I;26.
Bhit' o D.r-nclli Mdi- .Vl Ilndia tPi iot
c e, 9th E.linoa. i;malleft lConinmn Prayer
F'.. (',ClTce Books with Pfalnto, ci -
RIullca'.' Cnlnfeflion, y guantly bound
poutrakn WiWrk ovoul Writing Pal cr of all ort.,
.,gl.lh i he tri. 44 vol.. gilt, plaia acd
S6e ., .r'. Rhetorical DLi- edged
lolt ry ilc.k London BlI.k lnk,
Alhr I otionary, a ols. ill Phisls
I.e or, z wol,. Acd Ink, in ditto
hi I,, ( iru't Works :lutcrh Q iills
(tI 1. iih ,' Letrrte 4 v Ink Pow 'cr
P'.ir' I cl,',rts, 3 volt.. i and W aferl
,I n.. ,, rio..., vol. J a'.e!-hair Pencils
i'.,I n-'. 1 talon, 4 vul BSeo- o: W\tcr Culoorl
h;'. <' Sirci n, '.;lack Lead Pe cill
Poitrou Scrmcns I'locket Inkhlolderl
i;nr Legacrs t'cy R..d .ill Tacl,
Pte'rTrls f Romance, A great variety of Scrip-
I vdol. lure Pieces, p;antcd un
F'.nit-f inoccnit, cu vuls. g'afl
1].," -.o I-cti. le, 6 vol H I zontal un Dials
lice Ret f, by the cl,'- iP.cket CompdiTer
hranl It L., i, 3vol. r1ahrelheIt'. Tlhermome-
Di.n Qc.iir, 4 voal. tiri. in Malhoigny and
(;'l1l B 4V o.1. I ;ih-fkin C.f A
Pin'" i, 4 v1 I. tit larm, in Cafes
Finny, a v ,li. L..I n Harps
Elcanor, 2 v hl'. Violins, in Cafe, l.cltti r , v.. (;lrnan Flute
Tonm] jn, 6 volt. Ifts,. ce. &c. .
NtOIlIC All Prifin q haingl Ir demands
'F.tintl the tl:i lI t c I11r i eCAlonel JOMe
IT ro r. Sutpcrinltcnlant of I ian Affirs, are
Inqcudtil it give them in to the ibfcrihers, that
they m py be iLttled and paid wit as little delay
Iati illikc. JOSIAH T TTNALL,
Attloric r SAr AHI STUan Fr(cuttii.
;ltl JOHn SrUART, Reladlary Legatet.
A'trf;t, rll a9, I;86
S(oS r, or ta uL away front the ia i g opo-
file the *bfcribei'o Huf.c o-ithe Whilte
Ground, about a fortnight ago, a Ia Bottnmed
Boat, lrftcen feet long and aboit if feet wide.
A reiardi uf Pati Dl/lars will be g ien to any
perfun who will deliver 'ald Bloat to t felbfcri-
her, ior;r fgive lti information as Ihe may he rcco-
'cred within this Illanl
7n 3, 1786.
lTHE Sutfcriber propoftng to fail foonor Bri-
aIin, reqluclf toloe having ccout with
him, tw feltle them without delay. He l dif-
oof the o0D0 rumaining o nd, verr
Sterrui, fol Cabh, Cotton, Wood, or Wxurtle
rjufu, MaP Is, 1;86.

Fur the B A H A I GA Z ETT TE. fettler, except fuch as have lately emigrated hither
Ms. W rould have fuccecdcd in their views. Their bieg fea*
.'. W g' fetoned to a hot climate, their former habits ; d mno.le
HE fuc.fJul Rcvoit of Trhirteen of the Britih of aricui ute. and the .nergy of mii.d they hadl
a Proviuces in Norith-Amcrica, will always be aquir.-d lruom the war. have enabled thim to ofeld ot
considered as a very rtemarkale event in the hillory of littlement, where a thrufad c.lonic. fr m Europe oi|
the world.-Many of the con0e.CncicLI refulting fornt e northern pirtc of Anmerica, m.l have pcrdhed or|
thence, nLiy not probably lie unfolded in tthe irclcnt Jil prfed. But, wish all their uldvantage' to rheirfavour
age. Sunr which are already known, are very remark- they lound thcrmflve-fulb,eed ti great dflrcu liean
able; ai:rng whilli, the cipullion or cnutirteauni If icoicveenmcc-, from their baing unarquacaedl with
'he Luyrliais fmrn that country, is n nCe ul tl e Irlfl rnaiy articles of tropical agriculture for It i. murh to
miportai.t. Hl.I tlie Uiited States urd.erltood be l.nentred. that the moles and .bjeds of cultivntion
true ititrclls at tie ternrun.atte n if the late war they in the Wi.-tlndics arc fo little uio.crllood, id
would have Itr.iucd every I rvu ti haLve revtinedl to places wh:ch are well inhabited, that a flrange ain a
untowardan event. The grcta clli,'ati.oon of L tllrs, n-, feLtlccnit cmuft elped vtty lrlt'c inliridlCon on
which they knew was about to tAit pLce froim Ahi- thefc point from books, if he cannot brain i, front
frncot couuntriks in EuroI c to their tceri.,rie,, atth-,igh pnrfinal inform rlion. In Uritain. the cafe i. the revere.
they might supplyy the place of the Loyalills who ift 'The publicatun. on every branch of their arieu rure.
ieknc, could nit ward oil the mifthice which would are numerous and intelligent, and their elAs hkyv
ulavoidably culet to their .nmmerLe and agriculture. been highly important. fo them are to be attributed
frnm the lots ol 1u rn.iy thoufanmd of useful citiee s, the altoinehing improvements which have take, place
pe~rfly fkilldl isn lite rtu and industry of that con- an that arr, and which are going n daily with fr
tnent,; who, by renminvig to the remaining province raledity, that evcry rLecetL difcovery i. quickly found
of the Briuits empire., would nut fail to follow their ,o be only a lcp to one mrmed arly above it. Booko
former pir.lclious, .;,lthrcby raifo a furmid-ble coni- and cuprec tra ifc, on rhcfc fubjeds, are pethap
petition in morll iI tlh Aietlicstn fLIple, brfni rivals enly Ircouli ry causes of fo general a difauon of th o
pf.iflling the vaft ..lvanagestof the fltiegth, wealth, ki,d of knowledge; rc.vf1sapers and other periodical
liability, ald protection f the ichell uad mll pi *, publcrAt.ns, a. e pro ably the firfl. 'I heir g. neral cir
Cfl inariinimc nation on earth. Thtae circumitanrce. cul.ti a and Inw price, uccantn 'heir liilpurfin everC
addled to the benignity if a trir govenment, bi, fai where ; they ferlr the material and ecntrtainirK parc t
at a future period, F r bib y it.: very dillant, to railc ,f ne. books fo, their readers, and furcnil acc'ts
'he rtmainst Bririfh lPrIvi roe to a pitch of I opu- r, rir pr' to every man who can oiucoi cni natenuf
I iton and *rAlth, fuiaiIrwr to what is gcnemily iin-. ful hint, without puttIg lhii to1 the eIpene efu publ h-
4ined to be poliliic I this po nt, the julice and good in, a frriratc treartif n the fubjea. By rth ir mean
pi'l y ol Dr tacin will In their own rrw.rd. Had fhi re iy uf, fl difcovcric, have btrn prrcfrvcd, which
loll tlre glu,.cr opportunity %icich ffered,of rcaiinig o nul, othcrwife have bcen Int ; and fierce their cla-
o m ,ay ui ril. entLrrizrilpg, and nmeriorcLst fuhjed l lifhmei t on the p'efcnt libtera and etrenlive plan,
their cqiu.l ionu woull havc been eagerly 'corted by know!edge has a viI; d in alsmon eumetr;cal pro-
France, Spain, and almost every maritime nation in !retllion. he celebrated UDodr Frankio jufily ob-
tur.l,' ; a meafure which the nunber-, hce arte, and rcrves, that Britain i, laid to have produced nothing
d h habish of the I.ol'ya':i would have well merited. origiitiily but; yet, by introducing the root.
Their cmtgration took place iu two grea f Rteams; the planI., .-;d vegetaSle produdions of other countries
largdLi, turning to the .)rilh a d, filled the cuols and The has made herfelf a great and mighty nation,
baysc f NuevaScotia and N w Brunfwieck, wi'.e a fmnallok a1 ourndii:g with all the neccffric and luxurice of life ;
branch continued it* course into Canada. Thlca lher. her r;ade pere.dce the world, and her fleets cover
takiiln a i,.cirary direclinn, petirerarel amnong the the 'ccn. Ihe forced m of her conftiution, it i true
Balihamn Ii and ; t confirable outlet ra.thcd Jeaaica; was a pr nrip-il nd efficient caufe f her being able to
and fuome tinllir ones, UDoninica and the Iflandlo to trcr .la circuniflncc- lo much to her adva tag; bhat
Wiidwl.rd. T'h- frtlicn.cnt of Nova Sctllia and New as we are under the lame au picioas i lrt'c ce, by oil.
RB'Iinwick ha* hlntlero airadld,. or rather engrroed, lowing hbr Cxample, we mil ht Ib.y a Itundation fno
rhe iuhlic attention. '!hEre Iroeincer and C nada tonfiiqucnce propertinnably great and benefcial. Simi-
iave, at prefknt, the p:retrcoe, in supplying the lar caufcc nmuf, undoubtedly, produce liifar effeds;
Brmitih Weh-Ilndoes wI.h luc articles as they pro ice and whrn it is confidcred what improimente amad
In crocni(cn with North Anclica; whenever they are uvric-y they have inrroduced ic*a their agriculture,
equal ti furniflhing a I 11 I, ply, they wi.l have the notwithflanding their languid fuimener and Inog win. <.ly. In ilIr me t iiae, i duty laid upon oil tere, who woeld be fo ralh as to point out houndaiies
from the United 'it r.e, ip *rI.dl i.'c briiion, arubthe tf, our diitnoverie and iniprovcmenms, under tnc powtr.
retfiL lt Iail uoln c II l.,ii :d'e eh 'uir recnai~tig fill iflience of:: pial funis For therrerraflon, Iwil
col nies, are l rcible fC-(>;nin, thijughi only a con- t, fee a fpirit of enquiry ected among the readers of
mencnmicut l r!.e oman y I maonus cocai; clltnnc*e refulting the Bahama G izite, and I call upon them to comma.
ti them from tl.e repullion cf the Li y ll1.. 'I tic fct- nicate thicr obfcrmtioq.aDd dilcoveriee on agriculture,
rlemern ol the Uthana'. and the late acquilitiu. ,if or any other ufeful fubjet, through this paper. A
tcrlcr r rn Jamaica, alicough hitherto unnoticed by the well flored fcld ol immense extent, but little aplored.
puhlit. may be Ihortly I:rududive of eftds equally lies often to their invefligation; and their resucbla
impur'ant In 'his prat of the cmpire. According rn will affPredly be attended with profit, as wcU as plea-
the laret: and mroft acurate sccounur from Jamai. a,thrh firc, Ihe improvements which daiy occur in our
r vlval of the culture of Ipji r there, by the liwyal- own apriculture, are proof of thi.. To accelerate our
ils, .a- certain and, notwitfiltanding a very un- progpin let si endeavor to procure and publilh in.
praniifing bheglinnig, no doubt is now cutertalned of fc.rnation of the modes of agriculture andrural sono..
it. hecoming an important Iaple ol that ifand in a niy, adopted not only in the-Ai&erent ifliod in the
few years. W, l-lnlie, but in every country wherthe tart have
The Bahama's will probably fon furnifh a quantity ni.ide any progref-. The grains, roots and grand of
flthisdrug, andalfoo to~i co. Afbpplyof thef..cqual thetcmprate climates would not alwaysanofcr in th
to the demand of the VB fimarket, railed by thfec We0l-Indice; but the management of the dairy, the
two governments. would immediately occasion a duty liable and the (flep(old ol thofecomntria might fig.
to be laid in Briain upon the fame articles when ler- geft ni.nry tfce ul ideas to us. Accurate icnt secea Ad.
niced by forcigers, which would he feverely tcli by the cllrnv. ion and present Mate of the Frenc prt o
the Southern State : In tk me.w time, during every HilppanlIa, which la beyond difpue. the moft flAard,.
Itage of the progrft of thefr branches of agriculture ing colony in the world, would yield a large foud ao
in theft government. a proportio.ial c.ipcetiti.on it curnoas and ofeful information. I hiir methods .i
railfd in the European market, in the falc of the lame p' .ing the fugarcasn, eofeo, cotton, ancinin ig,
articles which ate fumrse d by the Unired State.- all of which tlty eminently eccl. the s t "
The lahama Cot bid fair to bI. an important and elegance with which they live, wyd hold out (air
ernmanen t B s thi government, ans, in a few ebjei foI rimul. ion l the platlr; while sa inar0
rp d ona be added to the number of her go- ligat of the carsT of the, profprity, which hbae
Ip r. HerT oJ frtane a frmrilking an afylnm for enabled their indultry and amIlivty t uiaLipa, Ib g
the American alno the Southers States, has over the baneful delpotilm of a soilha eyoramoentm
bee very nreusabl Thi hf tiont, the gpnl would ecitc the rupriu, aud gtify hfrluo r 4.
Ihratcer, the plmmflin paMuce, and In many the fp-nculativ render. nho atsi of iathe fe isaiml
Ilanto trh eto f il h thef i waends, wer circum- to winaward, i alls well worthy of atteia. u
I1an ce In di(orging and (f difficult to be fur- do, in paricularmll. aic. In thatu
Mounted, "bM it al lwely he slttd5 no wthet waa the 64t (iS r

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