Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 27, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00163
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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afantewp, PFetero y o. The exchange of the the enn nte o lNzrethL, haa discovered the ferret I The film ared upon y tht States of 'alhnd
forte Lillo ah4 l.ietken:hack tork placthe ad ha of rendetine r a w ier frelli and potable, wit',o t a a further loan to the Ituneh Fait i. o (rm.
of llt montb. The A'it-ian flag is now flvini at cilher tile ufe tt fire, tr any chemical ptrnc I :- pany, is ten million "il i in., Thifr. wlt ,ha,.
thoft plaie and a iarrifn is p.t In cacll. The A Cm ll qua.ltity of l-quid poured nto a dcl f I e above province ha oie.iv :rva.' Ce: fl It,
Dutch carried away all ib. It mcve iles the day lia water, imaied;iatly ralirf a fermentari:n Iandt f me purpof( wile make 1 ,.la' Ilm fi fir'I nil.
before War people m arched ill. precipitaltethefadi ,cqualit's toithe bottom. The Iolns 1 but there arecrun *1-8ns rail er htmiliome
S.4 February -i. Accollnti to letters fiom exa cnce of takiiig the i. It from i tno, :f l'e wat' ir a comipanvaor frSlarch ti o whh thiy nm
LIlbon fl the il inft nt, her miot faithful Majelly ii lIidt to be 14 loli.-Shoulh ihi fuppoerldi dco. fu' M1a. hifore tley omtain.Ihat lad-tcenr. The
la now at the head ota leaIgue who arc nego cititig very he realifid it will. snubt efL be *nc of ;he gFcneralily oaf Inotle iatiri- le tlh alarn'n difcre.
a treaty for the guarantee and mutual protection modl ufrful t the pr-fent. 4 dit into which that r m*'nv h id .radn ay f.l,
of the rade and rorr ncrceefthe frycral contrat- I londed. rF#ruar a3 AT a late rgol'loain of! I the in ihlity ,f ithe, rlir~ft ir. hit moe fa to
Int powivr, iromn the inful'i aiil dipredations of the Coimmatmi intr of the Cufltr ni, all veTfel co the rapacity of th rt I1 ics in i'hr a ern fettle.'
the ph alical Staes iof Birbary I to which mouR of I tn ngintd the Hiver are bilige I tt cme up ti their sn-nti. Ou thi .iccu' t, anl left their nmoiC
the Italian Statre have fuhlcrnhcd, l rly nor wln's one ii e arter t-ecr c m;i g iro the Itho,':l be thrown -r-.y. tnti lent, thcr N b!t
the I publlic of V-n c -. who h ire frnt a Plen : Pol, or twto i.els .tiler paltItng Ora clenil. u dler aiti Great Mi htitinle* fi'. f. previ-,ly t hneir
potentiary id ihe capital of Porlugdl, f r the ile pain tf hring 'e t i:-w-hicts it an.,Ahcr grcat alean -ing the .ib .- tel rnl ti;I, 'tt l tre h,r.
pllp')c ofin hringine thi. i latt tr t, a Fr, ly clt- fnroke at the rivr fm.igilin. rowersb lh 1t ilfrit t a in r r se ,f !. Million,
cilso', one oftheaeniica flipintlal, li ti t" h Pebru.avy s. Ordcr are gi;cn ffrim thr W.V- "which cre na t iet nmal p-,b ic, for the better go.
the lutfl fti.' regard to the peuiral intiilt A:l all ffRcir ihr the mi'i ry Ith coiraitingpir:;e-, n iefllhl', un 'cr aiy tre. &rc. of Gr. at to take pla'e I i I ,y i,.t, A( 'rcbh 1.-rd C rnrwvalii, the new ( nerr.
tertc what er, give as pI rfcnit, r ibart tin rie iitanle of the :id of the year, at rcpc.ltc:ly il ac.- nolil Geicral, i to i, t it wiih tile nm I ift f.ute
fel' to any of the Ha.:hry lPw'rr their agents, tirll herctif,)l power, tnt ai y nr itcrdent .f thle iC in 'i a id
&a. any nlips, ft-les, am'nu hrion. Armsi, rc. The interview ibet vern the amprror of Ger n "i to form a part it i ; hit mer'vt to ut a ne.
of any kind, without ltiiig clnfiderledi a brheaketr many and the Emonrc- of Ittli i, will rert. itly ig atve r .;ffi B aie Aon their m afui re. I i wag
ofthe league anl enr.mni, therluo. Anoihcr atti- take place the bh -iniiini of elt Anril. fTwo the lyftim ltrild iciltinev pr, intend nt 1 al-ft.
cle Ilipulates that each Ih .-l, every )sr., or as releant h otrls are fi;e I up at the app. tied rcI,- litrt nr'ceflty to h e i ie e, a, t oni wvtich tlle
often a- called upon, fiend fuch a ftrc," into the iltzvoul near the bhuintlarics of tllhse re'p.-Aive fl:vVlioni if If di .lrep, n etd. 1Th. IlIan, aw'vlt
.- d,'crrnnean, of the nlmollh t'ircof, as miy C-ntire., which travellers Iile the Nefs of the th' G irr.iolr-tn;-,rral, il -ir i'ee h'm
ianier the c imnion purpofie of preit l,'n tIh. ir Bla IgeiSrt atI* 'he r'. t.rtlt, t'uinia'y create a vAancn n
crnm nrce. Mainy p)tivei are i1e 'cti to ji.n, Febrtarn a8. Yrftertav in t4e ItoiCe oi Crm. the frierceie B ,r wh'l i- t.l he fi' te' ly ( r.
as it fee n, t he ag niril in i til t ti CltriTf mn -, lJt. r silcs rn t noiice that It w.a hw in- V itflt rt., wr ir to he at,'o itr1 P rlili t.
tuna .-aatet agitHI t ihle 1 il! rt il i 1.i tenio i ron to f t Itlave it bring ini a Ill Ml, 'rid, F bhrv ry T iq ic P l 'e let
A letter fri)n Nip'en. iy.a. it A c., vt lifl hai tot rep airi a-.l aImen 1 Ih; ai f-r lh hitter mn- whoi is (.il to h .t,>p in tel *o the i, . ',ofre ir.
taken p cc b iwren thi- Citirt a :,I the Spa,,ilh nag ;,.i the ff',ra J, the :a I Idia Ctmp.tnv ft ntIn ;he Ca'hll i: Kin: at thr C ,rt irt f.l tol,
Sov.rtigon. Ti c change .f M niry I I ich ws. l'h 'tith l :al i IIn l Cthiltlny have Ipreft tied i's ilft .t rivel Him r,. an I h in Ih ,1 f v.'l .iidll;ei(c
exprletd, has IapiiperldI; th, M .llitli: rlaI Saint A m;ifl to tie S:ate ot Hloll.ild, conceived I of hi, M,jrciy. he !iinrce of uor uriap. a, tiie
b'jceC h i.Iretc d hin ill ih;i in, triou -i fir t th e f .llrs i.g !cr ni : Minfiuer Th;i y uIIt NIOl m in. *h n uInit
fk. I f riqllt tie, he requ ned it, a.1 I hi. pl ,ce Noble, ie ', an Piwerfirl Ltrili. f llr yrars fin-e fricrrc.leaI l the tt'ei anlt elrtes
Is illtri by noant >rr \'f i(.r in tie ii'rri Vh, u ll 1 Itci -nelr tc c,'T y o' ainr before ol his a ico-ftit. ii 1.i I to Ir a inino f fvry -ar
the M.liqui de Ca racci I, VY clVy it t'ly. 7y r Great a Mi. h cIT. a i *ff, nt of m :icy we virficsw, and 1iI1n'. lie Iso. l' wh.c h.vre a-' e
com h oomn Il fi; u > he I in )o)rtl nt ftatia of think it ouir in fiit flih e tity to iriiFirm vincc recj-ninmdled him It (lte Prmnc., wl,' ; Prima
Jrmitr. t1 his he I rc calcIl friom hi- Govern- l'ghtititlls that this wi it has gore to fi-hrez. Miniler, td tra i1.1 alt pillti'- aTril, hrtil
mn- it an I i i exlp r il. f.- n davs. The Chlve- trllti:y, th it it we dlo .it ith f.omn .fl t.nere nric 4nl dim lninn ;A an i fiic is he atlrn'i ,n of
li.r 'I1L ri, ilnift ltr if the Mrine d anti i; f.-'t Minllter of every ldpar m i1, h.a ac. time. I that he Is liherlly at the heat and trantaiting of
qtui e.- the co fl !c'ic of our r'; lttinti In ilb h ha Heinsl di ir-tits t o teverythinggin onut power all public m itters vlhalteer. The Cirtiot h .rj-it
agree ilt th; r Sl.kll, i Maj e', in fi.,p:rt to pr velrt thildant. rio miimnt, we think ir- rem v.d here from St. T.tef n where th y lh
of their fi .):Iite, I(ve made Fuch a rac lice as bhaund Id aJerefs the r Iith Mihtinflte h'ti rel rti re ra e i ae aclii .h flti&'ri of fhe Natl*
man itcoft h- Kiing o Napilcs dcar a thi., deter- (ihe 8 ate. Cenera!,) praerni them that they 'l.v. A MIi'elr, a. Enn te froti 'ngan is
in el t :aviurt'ifin I'thle Chervi!icr A~t in hll oc- w illld be plrafte. to con-ith bit to the utmoft oIf daily rap ile I ; th- hotel f, lon P.-epncd ft
e:fi ire i a ca ,lefr- tin thie rirt of the Kiuag f their po.ver to -revrnt the fa i tof the Coiin,I~ny, I he iarl of Cheitcflfi- d heine now .utti,,g inia
Spain. It is f-ired that the king wil 1 bi irinlve I and crnr < ilrnlly the rui i of tor country. ite Ir tch condition, aq If hil ariait ,al retail.
In an ir ith the W*ltle Itlo.: tf Hoi r so- n of intil us alfl to renew this reqielt to fwil. ant to "hece al lateifl bered pWnklilAe.l a tir io ofhe f-srr
which h- is deferri !t,. T. 11v lis ier t .afts, implore f hi. at f, i wt 'l ha e. l 'i., t rt Iavour ca of this kine lorm, a'il the dla ni i. there 41
Spanifl P t li rrentiary at th- Coutt lI.Vsig irft it IU lhc'lly, h.a g-iie to) Cr. i. itom Ia h ,f J ti nirv, by whit we rcromnmendl to In-, an one I.i.tlreed an I .keen oth.ra, and
cence he mesn t to repair to Mala Id. The y nt le inllicans ofa nillhon of peop e We pray fir military at ayty-fTrenthloitfin! nnn, ofwhirt
Pori.r C& naram micnJ. a.opointe I to I.1 N Ipfoi (Gr,. &C." lli-t thotifnld are the hou'h -li ltta.rds of ith
tin mlrii ~milr ,at VIer.fli!<, it s ,'e iii d the : This petition i. ligne I hy the direqtori anr.l Irowan, five thoirinl I twon Ihindrel drI niagoon. I
offce, l fat ing th- lilA:r'-' I ro I qitcnc.s principal nro, ric'ors of ti'e r ti Ind a C tmpaty toufand cavalry lAn'd the rere infantry,
that aill fire. IDon To'd, m.if di So nmt nolw at Im er lani. It is rcf:rr d hy the States ol the he ga rirlins in %nrae. Dnm IJorh Tircina
Imha la:or -t M dr; !. is hee', > e rp;tined to Pr.v:nce io Hol'lalt to a Co nnitice Jb. is going tA he M.inilan with two me"i o '; re-e.,il P, nItlil havtn, h~,n, r.tlto Whe' Mr. Jensiirfl',a moveI the 1 it-C of air, which are J elw q pin at The
Spin by th,- K' .f Naple in rdr to "nm n ,t rr Irave t brint it a ; it tr it ins tait f hI v i l Io he. to take a fur-
the (gftd-will If the h M anarch The the init-rcuir ci between the itales < f America aln I Ty if the Phili inr il in I, w kh ha. not h
Clite r er R lin wi" ne to onfe- on '15m th- rv the in uils. a far tilsa OtGetlktinin olf(erved, one in the prl t centilry. al. a' ftpraii f-d.
tit i -u t lh hna )irof ..4aut' a-It-Colmcel rf h,- I fh .mIlid hive h ohjel:or,, Sir, according to ci making difcoveriea, as it is affurre he goes
I .v-l I alia i Gi at-I, I u' being aware o' th. the cittim of M rcta .ts, to give tin.e ito the dif- rofa the Atlllnlic into the South Sena, and hi
S.d er n h a in whc' the Chevalicr ,(t )n andan. tretff' : Hilt I am fret to d claie evccy Inter. Ial route to Inila.
w th t;,e ,'ort of Spain. hl, Ih r.ti,cd to 'alnhiia. conrfe w th America is big with dirlcise to this Loandn, Marrh 4. Lor' Ift we ha confllrued
tf which he i governn or, prclcirinti t ia fi na- n',llnlrv :--Thy will not ctmnly trilh ihe arti- adraighl ofa thirI rate lh'o of war, to carry Ie
lion toe one likely to be attended with to much cka of pe.ce- hey are rontinittll linking laws pa-nae which he has commnni;cared to the Navy
trouT lc'' *, li Trif our f'ibicls-lthuiy will not pay their third, to he fent by them to rlhr rliflrent K ni'
The Chevalier A ,n, who wi believed to be Iriiflh dbhts, a -i, in forte states, m, ke law.I yde, to haiv a ne fert oftlchly gin shim built.
In lneli h na w, was It HiR< fnjn, ,av d enjoys i-ninft it-they fniiggle frrigt prol hce into nnr "hey are to carry their gins upon twi dihckS
Ih innur wlhii 'h w Minilt is br fire him have oh. Illands anid dilfref. dulr manufaIintcr and fair thich will mike the iift ti uful, a well at mot
ti;nc.t. Ili fa h.r was of .'ne ilh extra'li. n, and "a.Ier To milch. Ihat-thcy cannot make their re rnmidahlt Ihips inaor iurvy, and ia floir "tid w:R
rit Ied At Relantin a Phyfician. I'hi Minile. mitsances-r-ltfe which, ou-r navigatiin-acL is e the greater improvermcnt that paffihiv call
is the delleft F ru laeil 'rn. na'crially Injurred I Remove thele ohjeclions are been made.--rhrirlnetal is to be equal to
This dan wal Iichcd at DlpuFird yarl a line --then I anr with you, Slr ; uthcrwifc, I Ihall Ie trit-rates, and their guns all upon a cw
ew thii of 9& gnllus, which is ti he c-llcil the oppofe the Hill." onArutiion.
WindldrinCeatl'l. She Is tit largest vefel ever Letiers from Parl fay, that M. Du Hanltoir, A Itandlin order of the Admiralty BRard was
bui t ati, hl docli-yrdl. See etary to the late M. Ilertin,has been appoint- irde on Friday laft, that there fhout I be no freth
B"e/li. F-a.'se'r o, A formnid.ale and extraor- ed hy the Snoereign to receive th, deputations of afles added to either of th qNAy half pay lift
d;na y triple all- aice is tai1ed of; bun we can,-ot all the merchirnts in France, in ordc tit be the ir n i months, as well to re we the repence, as
fay Iuicih c e i i< --ic n 1 itat RrTfrnt: It is fCid better ahle to form a Carps A Defeafi, against Mr. gie a more certain cht of employment to
to be between Pruifla, nIrc t-Bi ain. aind Spiain. Pdn o his arrival In Parl,. M du Hatttoir is iir ailrca, on the lifts, ich are very full.
Th th'inr-e in the S anifh polilica is attributed to fa'd to be one of the m R Intelligent mrn In the Ofvernour Penn is foa to go out to America.
Ith Prn t of A ai i, who it aid to be a great I Prnch King's dominions, and the tmoln Coner. a the chararer of AmbaTlrdor and Plenipotentla-
favnrer of the Englilh. I fant in r.mmerclal arrangements. y from the Britilh Court. It is fuppofed that his
L. nd, t-lb-Mra, as. The Uncltairned divir March t. The number of great things that appointment to this great on e, is tobe attribu-
de d-i a th- lank ire to makeL part of the Mi i-. htve been done by one fngle vote It worthy of ed to the intu-ne of Lord Lonflale, between
Jter's Iht get; the amountt of them lai o.e afer- rerma k: Th'ee millions now faved at oneftroke wheio and the GOew eur there has long fublited,
a in,5i ar the Exchequer, which is faid to be I t this king,,m, at the moft moderate computa- :be tridlft and mot ma frien lhip.
an clon.rorltn I.n. tinh, which mut hae been levied upon a ditref- Wednefday maoniv early, an oicer arrived at
YVeftl i Lalrrence Sullivan RnI many years red proole hy another heavy tax. The present he Adiniralty-offi with an express from Com-
Chairmar oa fin e .aft-tnlia Company died at Royal Family came to the Crown of Great. n8dore Sawyer, th aaIl commander at HalifaL.
hi- 'i. .i in lit'hy.' reet, Cavenditllfqitare. I BIi;lin by one Anntle ate. e came ova In th Brifk, loop ofwar. Lieut.
PFeb-uarp A 4 i vld review will take place Notwithiftandhig the pretended unanimous Bul'er. of llgun, which was dispatched home
tIl. i patit All the hips in ordinary at the dif. npinioi of th BIa'd of Land and Sea Oficcta, great hate, with adr;ces falI to be of the la1
ferent po-s will he f(nt to Portfmouth, w'irre refpreulthit traXi6f Richmond's planof fortl- importance. The Brdk arrived at Falmouth.
b; Majeftv will mwefent a (trdicle tr, the Pri.ce Acations, yet we iAd in the papers laid upon the being ordered by the Commodore e laod the
of Denmark, that no other nation In the world table of the lufl e of Commics that the following oMfcer at thefirt pert pomllble.
cani rhilit-uBMardiof oo failofte li(le in one perftn were profteRers agaTlth the meaflre ; 7 A report is prevalent that the King ofrullia
Ict rgiyne, S. Barrington, PercT. M. Milbank, means, the earuing rummer, to restore the Stadc-
Pari., Fmrrc A A grocer of this city, arMt- William Orave. W. Green, W. Hotbam, J. holder to all his rights of folerelgnty over the
ed 4 a ptil(oob rcligiou order, belon3gig to J"uria, O. Bowrcr, Od J. 'Btidc. Statc of Holluad, in which, however, he will be
-u 1. .. r

*ertal nl o red l. atnml o, f Irate, wr f f Polfeh,. lare, 4. Orden are arrived for N A 1 A t, T, nt "
wlh to ren or the U atitrd a mlc a puIe d.uOcra- comp'etiii the seulpment of the SaNAlS, y,J
r. as in that cafe Frace.can always command Winchclfea, and Les ocdia, frigate, for Ncw- E are au hm;zerl to inibrm our k ert,
the Blgilc power, with equal cfett as if the foundland. Commodore Elliot is daily expdlel that lettersof unquehiionab'r au'le'trlciry,
State were hr own colonial. I down to haif his broad flag in the Saillblry of ,.( of a recent date, are received Irou
The FloirifofComm)n' havehit on the trued jo gun. An overhaul isjuaf commenced of a Lord -.nwh:ch tfeak, in the neio p fivie termt,
pr.tlicab!c n:ethod of protrrtine the doekyardls the men of war t thii port, in orli llry, in conr of 0'vernmen having dcter imond on making
magaintls, and itals of the empire: Not by million, under repairs ad building, by order of thi a FRr E PORT, fir the ;mmortati.n of Fe*
fortilications, which would in truth weaken the the Admiralty ilaid. rrign Ran, Materiall, Pres.jnn and Lahr, ditf
general length in proportion as it alded to the loando, Marh rb Private advice from Lee- fret, including PredtBi ia o revry tie
frce of any parlicilIar fpo' of the country,-but horn import that news hid been brought tI ere c;t ; and hti t fitch ,,ircos n- can he admitted to
by encouraging the Hritilh fiSery Let them ec- of the fuccefa of the Cohalier Emo the Venetian entry in Creat Britain may bh re-ccxor'ed from
prt1l Iut irne twentieth part of the film required Admiral, ag inlt the Tunifiins.-H.avlng ordered hencr thither, in Brilih hrottims, wnhnu' being
by the Duke of Richmond, to thcbenevo'nt pur- a feint attack itupn a particular part of the plhce, fuhi'ted to any pnoe if fwerping from our own feal the riches he dean thither al the gIarrflon, whilft improving thanlfatiuicd god is, or Efl India produdioln,
which Providence has d4fpenfed, and we hall a favoitrahle wind, which fprunig up at the ti ;:e, will he admitted from atny ol'er qna'ter thin
ce,,te a nurCfry of fcamen capable. ofmann'ng the Admiral entered the Gouleette, w ere vying Great Britain ; 'ht rtwry nrcfrl'iy meafre for
lHti lni of the li.,, in addition to thofe we lan ed rJoo men, he levelled with the groiind all making this a plateof fecurily will be imraediairly
Ihou.!,l ohrerwife equip. Thefe are the quall the new fortifications er dle by the beli ged, adopted ; it beina the intention of G(overamnt
which Britiln ought to raile-uali/ capable of during the truce formerly granted in the Dev: "to ft'ion a conr ter.ble Naval and Military
piotine to where the attack is made A firong caBle was atli taken by the Venetian, Force in theft Ifln Is for that purp. fe, and for
If the ila.k dteeil of the white boys of Ireland who fpikcd all the ordnance they found tiere, the effectual arrangemenit of t.e Salt Tilde here
are not fpcedilt fupprrelcd by the civil, at the which confifte. of federal large pieces of artillery. and at Turks 10 ind.
ti tl of the nuintary power, fiinething like the It is added, that a great num ber of Tuifiia's On the c th cf MirCh, SiockS were as fol.
mil;ltay wilhoitt that head muot be called into were killed. lows: 3 per cent. confole. 7ye -j-4 percent.
atiiit. Kilg O'Conner Ihould he eaaltrd from IThe report in the city yeferday was, that the 89 I 3 -- per cint. lo4.
hks mock throne in a bug to a gibbet on the high- Minifter means to pay off Ioe,oot,l. confollby Two Traafnort with part of the loth regl.
way. way of lotter- ; taking the confols at 75 per cent. meant, arrived at Jamaica the 9th of laIf month
The Etxpelit'nn, a new ,lip o044 gutll, Cap- and givingthe lottery,of je ooticketsat iIr. t-. from Cork. A third tranrplrt,with the remainder
lain Stonr, filing ut at Dep;:foid, is ordered of that if s%, furpl I be bu t Son,ooil. he will be f the regiment, was miffing.
flr lamaica, Cmmndore Gardiitr, fli's in her. able, by means of the lottery, to take I ,oo,nool. .Letter from Jamaica complain much of a
It is 'crtalil!y dlerrmi el in the cahinet to fend out o1f the m *, et, for the ip ef nt. until a proper long continued tdrauhlt. Plantain tree-, and every
a M. 1111ir t. the ] lite States of Ametica. It is mi. ce eft il)'ilhe.! for at ann a' and reuilar dir- other fptciey of vegetation had (offered greatly u
tI ti 11 iprl a man of .limgi aivct qniv u will be charge orpart of the i!eht hy a in'-.g Fuid. A' the yonng plant canes heinl bur t up, had
h,,frn this inp'l.rtalit million I one who is to'al7' dilcroyed the Planter's hopes of a igod
til aciqui.lted wi he 1 cr mnercial intireIte f -- cror n*t year.
th scucitry, nithl who willing' 'i'y flipporl tlm. T O E I T. We hear fr,'m St. Domingo, that Brigadier-
Tlh genii iitai) mcrntioned ;(,iv. I'c. i)is the molt And mer be Entered or nmfanrl', General Oonzales it appointed overnour.
anti mn inl the klrigdiom; for i depcndni., fw int "'fI' E STIORH a 'd CELI-I( on the Hay, ad- General of the Spanifh territory on that Ifand.
sr talents and araivity o mii>t, he has perlonnal joining th- Printing Olice and lately occi- A large three decker Jrmaica Ship, wa' lately
c!himi f r r llitut.on of r,-pe:ry taken fiom nil pled by Mr. Jab Chr iflie. Enquire of Intl on the Colleradoes it is faid the Crew and
fanilt, aill much foured (ilap:ointmentK. THOMAS TOWSON. conflder.lble part of the Cargo were faved, and
lIe coill therefore neve- m ke himcif agreeable NKfau, _une 3, tR6 I carriet to the Havana.
tithc America or ufeful to thii country. Evcn 7TO -B E I z /, Jult as this paper was rinihted. a hoat from the
the thAuhr of 1.l o I.o.fl'llc'tt prcictimn can 'I WO Fron ROOMS, Ith a Piaz, on the brig Elzaboth, Peacock, In the Offing, from
Itci f or I aunt Ih f. h a fcri. is natur.-lct Mtlnitcre Iauk to the Piiiter. paffengers, John Mullryne Tattnall, Efq; rein-
S; f.queincte, Ka/ua. fVane l7. Rated in the (ffire of Searcher of his MajeftRy
Lord I,, fuc s Ad ,tale 1 C ,1- t, .,,bc, :,(r ,,n to r> i ,, for Bn. Cunom. Capt. Nowland, Mr. Hall. of 'he Ord-
tnder at Pcrlfmontth, ant, Admiral C.inip'_lI, tain riqtiefts hle havi g ouountt wilh anee Ice. M. Marueto.e and Mr. *edo rd.
lo Si /, ij huth becen I nOtiunac) him o fectle tiro without lty. Ie wr.1 The intelligence refponinl the e atr liAfiment of t
cceed, I.[o .I -llnrlhtl,' ,t Pr ,i.,, d on vrc F PIRT il eCnfllmed. Bermuda Is to have
Thurfl.y night died, at BI ~hou n in Pirliament. low terms, for Cant, Cuttn, Woo or Turtle i h fame privi dge.
tre.t, in ll Ir eit year of b.. a;ce. Dr I. Shtll. Aarirn uln, r
rihe ranfom incey demanjcl by the Dev of D VID M ICPH SON. My -. Sloop Caroline. L.nalit, St. utatiu
Algiers fn him m rican ltvc I. 6,l. for a inift- ,,,,. r. t. w, R ,1 S'nop Betfry, Nicka, Jamaica
lier@i fiI hs Am a' INl. for a ins. NY, Iliod1 "I I Iune 3. Sloop hlope, Eve, St. Chrifitipher'a
ter of I I. fl, 4.o'. f-r a ma c, and aool. for I;.". & Co Sloop ope, Evc, t brihlphor'
tac'ta lib m n an. Orderof the Thilc e req elled PT h rtfpetie ba- I f, 8. Sloop Lire-Oak, M'Kann, llradellphil
'.L ~y lh, rmiie. lcca d, wOre c nherre Thin lnces in the courfe of the enfti week, or their j, Siop Lobier, Swain, New Londoa
ti Dke of H '. an It, t, by his Mcjety at St. accoull*r wi;I be placed in the halr of an Attor- yun, a. School. Charlotte, Jacklon, Charefloal
tah Di.kc of I.iniiiull, by his Majciy at S1. ncy, to he fedl for without diftll ion. Strop En 'eivour. Bilrn, dit
U.,-rr A contmatlln hs been recelve.l i Na'mi, sae 176.
to 6 cc S urday, if the .gagilrn : t. inmn. OS', of lat;ca ay troop the landi; nopo- BAARIMa-ILAM S, .
I iv:,I n thie pn.c l a between a den cfc ald an L. nte the Suilrcriber'e H ufe on the White Nrw-'Plotorn t.
lgi-,-. v'itll, rl.vh t i- additional circum Gitnnd, about a fortnight a, a Flat Boletmed By th Honarwalk JOHN BROWVN, flurin
SI. c, th.i t' to Ili w \ L abr aft of each Beat, fifteen feet long and a it fle feet wide. Prf/ident and Conamsnder in Chitbf of t Bn.
Sher .ithn riil~l hi1i, bltg.I a mot dreatdful A iwnard oif Five Dollir wi! be given to any banms-flanda, Chaerellr, fore-Adral, an
toniF,!, when the Ge i .. b et up, an every perfon who will deliver faid B0t to the fubfcrl- Odioarj of the famn, (r. .f tir.
fult ill "lt. l l'gt .c (ac ordlng to the her, or give fuch informntioa as ihe may be reco- A PR OCLAM ATI ON;
ke unt re, eive 1 til ,uted, o the caplo.fina, vercd within thi Illand. THPREAS the General Affembly of thet'-
":iti ..,,,acf!"-" here go the Gt'nefi!" SETH DOUD. V- inands Iand prorogu* to Tuefday the
Maer. I, i J he heir apparr.t of a great nor- June 3, m16. 4th day of June infant : A WunatsI it i-
Itirn tIr Iat icen late y detcaeed, yL) hai A I.1, Perfons having any Articles of Goods or thought expedient, that the 3id General AfITem
L.erecn, in ca ryinm on a private corrfpondcnce W/ i.earing Apparel, or Money, faced in their bly lio uld be further prosoguL: I AT Tusisr i
ilththei Itn.m 'rio. 'lThe nma- n nar Lh h.shI a by my late Wife MaT 'Rla) t l*, are FoRl THOUGHT FIT. by an iith the advice-
heral priv t(i on of til frucLffr; the herby7 d:lired to return the fame t me.iately to and content of his Majclty's Honlrable Council
t"lofwhih lawei! ot lceft i< h a.ur. What mne otherwise they may hbe alencdf legal rcme- to iffue this my Proclamation, ogn, and -
t result may e of this interlling Llfcoverty, lica be;ng had recoufe to. Tho indlebted to do herehy prorogue, the aid Ge al Affembl to-
Atl hou th e i Vgr nt eIliro n ay itrat hit 'liri I me in any manner, are requested o discharge Tuf.lay the aft dav of Aneult nex then to meet
tpart..t, i I.i t % t Kiown. It however makes a their refpetive accnuAts a' early a hey can, in for the dispatch of public hufinefs.
Itat ro feat nt f-. an n ig (iel m ic courtqI order that I may be enabled to fatify my Cie- GIVEN mtder amn Hand and tIo Gret Sat-
tI';, by t'i tl.-erc, c .-.-ic vft ofjdd ditor. tof thef flandi, at Nara. abi* ad dai
tle late t road u/,'i-e n all, i f,.ralted. HENRY O'BRIEN. of Yawe, in the 1 a-r f Ou Lard Ore
houilt a ct. a I n..rt!hcin r:o ach foon de- JN aii, mune 3, r736. Thoufand Seven Hundred and iBe itfg*h
'I,. and hi, 1 :, efftr a,-q i;e'vr i.i the ltcli ns of and in the T nta-fJlab tar -i
he Jp.rr, ri. i im tlhow the Con.- UN AWAY from the Subfcriber. a Negro enty-ath ree yh
41r, to %t imineateyhWow the Con. RI .^i^t be i likely ed 'R mign. JOHN BROW
t' intl all t horrors of war. aV Man named LONDON, remarkable likely iujt', Reign. JOHN BROW J
arcbh 17. "e Si,-,w packet is re-fitting, and well made; he is abr sarsof ae feet ,l n H.Ino. r YCon m D. crtn
rr to tak .or, C.)rnv.ll.a ad h s fa ite to is inches high, i. very tfu and fenlible, and HO AV Yo HE. .etr I
oal-thI iae fame laiet that carriedout fpeaklgodend nlilhwilth o b ecent of the back eD A A Oa T E K A fl /
roughint e Lord a i.ka. wi aler blu e acet wth metal butto d pair of ln .gint the Elate of t t Colonel Jo
Citron. , Lod au ciate-he fift about n ublue paceotl ofth meulk STUhhTa Superinend hat vdingleg Aftis, ae
SLorDil, w rl quit Englandlabout the l ntter towers. Hehas heren rdof A rn Mr. T Suprintendant S fr SaAh ar
fApelilnth. h toOnrot PlantatIon to th e e wa on reqefted to gie them nto crier t
nt have h two meetings on he before taken p. reward of Foo r Gnea will they m be fettled Iad pai 1 th as littledelay
'rl)hl rCeihved fro h Commodore law yer: be paid for apprehending himn, on his being dcli- as plloible. JOSIA TATrT ALL,
wi tllh the pA ir. Ars o t he e nch an ved in Naf. to me, or in mr abenee to b TH S P OR
"Q"linterl with the Wee lsoftheFrenchand Wood, Efq; and a further reward of nm Guinearr Attornics for SaraN STUAT, Ixentrlx.
eca t tot the boundaries of will be paid foe information of hisd being harbour- and Join STUART, Reidnary Legatee.
La enicroachmf.t on the boundaries of Il" pa 0 o..t e employed by any N 'am Mar 29, 1116
Sblherr,.a at N uL.ndiand, &c. and a ver ed, entertained, oro anmC e emp oyed r ay aa. .M ar. .y.
". -.n imz been f. t tethe Freu ." Perro whatever, o tnl lon le of n r, LL Perfoas indebted to Mre aSTrr.
i.itmftitan Ba. b ft eROBERT JOHNSTON. A now abfent from this lm0nd, reqiee
,ilt5 etne .his Roy ilef in Who w ants a Oftfel for hi Plantation on to make Immediate payment to t aitobre.
t Kx e that h ie Royal H ngh ef rrm e fa I fr ;.te
ll b prom d the n I A Perfon well reeotded, will ot rifetbheyw!ll belimedatel wth
C,',ain ,d that he is to have the cum ee- wih o. eald n dll diinn, -
tithe J. -cr. of II guna, now ittlng at Ied apply.
kt' ftb Newfotunola ad.




'tr E I

No. 96.



From SATURDAY, MAY 27, to SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1786.

NAssaU; Printed by, Joan WELLS, at the Printing Ofice on the BAr.


)ITIrotoILouacaL Diaty, NKoa, .'ia, 17t6 European Intelligence.
i r atl I Winds & Weather. COP N H AGE N, JAru.Tar 4.
7 llE numbering of the i habitats of his city,
S :;,nd a;tN N. f fir U clear. T which took place on the firi of September.
S:q -; 6 ;,V . Fl.i lA/ho.,rs .d da i moake the population of this place to enlilft of
; : 7 V Tbsder/l rs. I7,oa3 fiul, vr7. 44,5 e menr, a:d 41,0845 wo-
4 3 I'11b qruisd.lro te' S. lo tu nl, tcih.fi3e to the Inilit l y.
71 St w /it raitfr a .ir,. .)airk, 7.:-iad 1.4. A flefoe well verfel
S:" ; re/ l r-,,,e. from I' bh S.fair- in the corn trade is gone from hence to the new
7 IV. ligbt bre, f ltr. It(fian city ofCherfon. fr the purpifre of Lti-
I a 1 L, ;, irl own F. ,adS. E. cultlg a new fpeculati., which, if it f ci.eul,
S W s4nd from .ir dear. nmav hurt the Battic trade: this is however err
7t xs ;6 f l' falr and r/ar. tai, t. it by as much as Cha.rloi becomes more
S;t ; ,y. W. cru aJand I/rtry, hc.t.I ,nt, 1by fermich the revenues of
S 8 it v. ariabe O i Adl.- willdin iinih ; the Sp.Riarlds. the people of lar.
I -6 ;l I; indj S. I' .5i ,ear.- rlllrs, anrd the mT inie of Toulon, will leave the
Is I < .irpaf'i e of the So-naj for that of the Dardanelles.
S14 36 7' J,*. ---for:. 3. By accour s fro-n
IP 7 7 Mulich we learn, that every rlcdeavour Is ilft-l
i il 8 fin at IV. . /u,'t. herfl to bring about a good, understanding he-
1O t4 81 hi ytwoent eviry biaich of the Palatine Ilonlc. Ti e
I ; 1 4 8 I. fair ar. leuor is in' p:rfe health, and the inhabitant.
, i ,4 V.80 AI i. far of b varia re under no apprehe.frun of any et-
s3 Sc I I V. 1a Idea. change. Th- Eletor of Mcrit makes no fcarct
I s2 !. o R. S. Id. l ol Lis acccllioM ti the Germanic league, andl has
is 3: as 8a id.i. [",a. rivei orders to hit aml.Allador at the DU to ful-
1, o 8 79 e!Jr'. fi his charge il thle mlRt impartial mariner. Thlr
S;8 11 ", 18 7r, br-.bfrS E~ n irght- ciptrnci of the marching of the German troopir
S79 so 78 ;'d J by S.u R to aid Irom the N.therlands, together with :i'
l 7,1 to 7i '!,m. llHeaiirqpu. nr1g/ne the warlick- repara onm, is beckoned at 13 Inil-
17 74 0o 74 Lqbt T rIabll .ir"i lions dfrix-drll.ars.
'i r 84 I 8O I', i.dltrl' Hrt, F r'rvu, 8. Their IIiih UMi:hticnffes.
s. i i4 -. i'anyeasn w&ringfre'. ,) irCr Ie dcterrminsle 1.", I ho!d of the prc-
3jc! ,i I. t E.. S. E. F,'rttg /lho' r. .t op, .t;unity if a comale cificattn, 1o1
jl' 7 x I a 7 U -1.,;a Rai' at m" *.t. I it ir, pi.0ftic f le.cnes for he:t nefll ofthe cor: -
ni-c :o the rcptl):ic, in conf]i ence l.' w:Hcl
I R (0 N )N, ,'ri, have bher f i to t irtc Ial and WVdl-lndia
7j Sil :I/, I 7. 1'.3, -e.1, C'.]').ik' o0 giV. ill n A cl C uiiiit (If 11itir aiffiril,
'T Le Br "t rin r tie o!ffes tirey fiRlirinac (liir:g
A*1 T* rT Ithr lite 1nt W.
SI V E 0 A K S-,r!i, ?,,r,,, `We menctioned Iome timr
t o a MI ris, LUIaer a, the >lnir ofCo, Vartroirche. fr ,liclimnail
For riiilt of Colton, or l'affp of the KirCg'secAclt f.irtlhat v.dluabic officer, his
pp1!v to the Mi, icr on bliir, or to tH'ie.lly feut tine following Itt;c.s to lthe Coljonql',
3.1 i., I. 'IF'F TER DP.AN, & Co. wiiow.
--.-7 -A-- r Y r1 Ciii ^I
A A The death of Col.\' VInri.l, ,o'ir hunflln,
7 Sail in Ten !))VI, comm'ndtling the rrvrliit of C1 Wallder hli
,s The lanit; is i' it.d me IaI .ri v iairi:clar rTa.,'ner. nI, h i
R A N (, E R, catli I amil der:.l if., ..e ani goodil offer
p actih %was th rr .titi ii be ro'noyetio 'vrf i 10.
i-.rt I f F Paifage, ly to a l l I know full li, to varlie the irrpo tAnt
S I.'" e' rs. "or P t i N. f -rvices hie rcniidLr l ine. The infiga of thei
a.. ec of tluer t, h!i '. lih received from inc, ainl
I' F R D1 A N, & CO. whi~i y G IV N (t I.' .T that ther( is a uecteliy ff mrs I li'! cz.nterrcd on himn, will remaiin f,,
'" o mel, fttlig and c!r it1 .. 11 tl; i 1 % ,i anl ,>. h;lMrn trvcrlifting toke,' of th:.
Ac mi n t .I t t ilt hi.i. i l rt l .t-t iriw c' tdi, .ria ioa'tlict h e received at ony
ci trlciup tlo. ii aall PerSfoit l' i .ic hl 4 ln Bnt I fh:ill inMt flp here; )ou may.,
,L,,r ytle l hIr Pe'e I .and u in the conlrafy, rcft aifrurl, that I certainly will
o` i. rat al thei'o cerbit the fIrt neither forget the Wiidow of fo deferving an c Af
h i,: dnlar.s a c hu to cblll c nor the childicn he has left bchiand. Let me
I. iTr i ill i aica Eiate f knorv, without any rcferve, the real fate of your
N. H. d iro e nall ufnir who paid no Stte 1nefic concern, at lite moment of Ilis dlcah,
I I flllrner adcertl, fc.meaw rIa expe to b the number and age of your children. Commu.
lrd, lrut f frr atlte creclmony nt delay. p l tictst.llis marttyr to me, as to one ever dilpofed
fA.t, itlrut l. tl r crmony i2 to ive yet a proof of his bleacolcnce."
rA, s.';. f 17;.6. ~ "o m 7 1 'A n.ll.r. r .
T -I ". B I, i c.' I lite nun's ow haId.
A Prfun wvc acqiaisud with bu(inefsl' 1 P. S. I have honoured your hailbn.'!, a.
In with on hg i f Hbo6tk, ce the model of an excellent officer; but line, alai!
this oplorttunity of o r his service In th he is no more, I flh!l be to his children a rtlher:
mainiing, flating, Or feutl i utandiig debts I mean to do fr them, and his widow, all that
a'r, for drawing out Ind tire, Contral on a parent could haec,donc; let me have.olily tile
Atrt For further' prticulars enquire of Mr. Huci aIdeIful for the ,at KUiol of the famil."
DFAv. ', ta ust. 41 ,
t ns indcbted to the Eat of the '" I thall bFwe1. I,aneitrinity lay ou
A dutlraedr SAMUr. Moat.iY,,late ofEt rIa, 0,0ooo rix-a>rlrif the pui r o an efrite fr
l'ter, arc re r(iiftcd to make paymrnt, oi or your three child et, the whole die diion and ma.
Iflrc l3th of July iiCt ; and thore having nagement of wv Ah hasl trnlin in lgour hands,, a,-ainll the fine, to deliver in accounts Yod ihil;t a;ppy to ip PclcTrefical 4cpartment,
t hrrof, du y atlljed, by the It;id day, to to fee whether there be two vacancces in a nun-
EDrLW I MOItLEY, AdainiRttator. nery with a the Euny of f-- o the



irnce of Wefphal;a, for your two youmg ladlies I
when marriageable, I hall take them away, and
fettle thzm in the world.
(Signed) FREDFPRIC."
St. l mne'i, rFeinari it. Th a d a the Baron
dt Kutzlchen, Envoy Extraorldi .iry .and Minifter
Plenipoiertiary from his Serlene ighnefa the
.landgr.ave (f Hcil'e Callfl, had a p iv.Iei audience
of his Maiefly. to deliver the enrfigs;o of the Molt
Nib'c Ortk r of the Garter, vH:it which his Serene
tighncfr tle. late Landgrave of llcffe-Call'l, was
I. ndr,l Freruary 18. By Ihe molt authentic
*c'coints received fiom Peterfburgh we learn,
Ihe great obier of the Emprefs at present feems
to be the frcngthening her frontier against the
'Turkq, and to prepare for future encroachments
ou their related empire. Thefe vicwu form a bond
of union between her Imperial M.jetty and the
i'inptror of Germany, the enemy, because the
ine;~hbotir, of the O'tumanat: hit as that political
an:d pi dent Princefs eagerly cultivates the arts of
iecrc, as well as thore of war, (he will tot in all
probability incite, however the might support,
the Emperor in a war with any of the Power of
The French have reduced their squadron in the
Eaft-Indiet nearly to the fire frength as that of
Great- Britan ; but the Dutch have by no means
Iren fo complying; oa the contrary, thev till
re',.ii ai\ l ;pts of yo guIIf and upward in the
A!;.: c f a', viz at Eaitavi.a, Ce lun, and the Cape
I.f i... I Il'ri-, where they nmy lh brought to-
lth .r in tfw dayi. This certainly denotes ap-
hi'!'irl(iis, and indeed not without erceat reason,
:he l'l U.itn of that Republic at prefint
S-cr,- al.
Pi, ati Ilcters from the Cape or Good Hope
.if':e, tl;a: the plan of lev.lI mt'ditated by the
Ic. :i .., I.rxenmburgh aginlt the island of Ccy-
It-i', r.-as dil'. )tred! in tim- to prevent any f4td
c!l -,., and :hat fome of tile fomenters of the in-
ter.'cd itlurrcition are fent in romn to Batavia. '
'Itl v: houle nm.mber of lnips of every rate and
.cf!r:;ption, if which our navy is now compiled>rto and florclhips in the fcrt-e of the
N mi', Viraillling, or Olduance olices, only
exc.-p:ed) i four hundred and fifty- two, of which
ine l.t::drecl Ai d hfty-fix are of the line, nineteen
firtics, one hundred and forty-four frigates, and
oniehundred and thirtr-four loops; of all there
there are twentyfleve of the line, one ot to euns,
inin:i loiates, and two floepi yet on the flocks.
(On Thurfilay the Count d'Adhemar, the French
Amhblhdfdr, arrived at his houife in Piccadilly
from France, where lie had kg fome time for the
recovery of Iis health. F
Freruart ;3. By a letter from Bar-Ic-Duc, in
rLorl rie,' wie have the following intelligence,
wh;ch is announced to be a fat : The public
Executioner of Landau, who is looked on as am
adept in the art of decollating, received an ano-
nynous letter lat week from Nancy, the capital
of Lorrainc, by which he was ordered, on a day
appointed, to be at the gate of that town, and to
take v.iij him the bell axe. Heobeyed the order.
andl lien lie came to the fpot was feized by three
iarird iran, and entreated not to .refli they
then blindfolded him, and put him into a poft.
chaife. And having travelled about twelve hours,
he \wa concluded ito an apartment hung round
with Iblik, and having many lampe to light it.
The napkin with which his eyes were covered
wai intllantly taken off. A tall man in a mafque,
ioinced to a perfon on the floor, whole head was
in a fack. These eecutioner wai ordered to fArike
ro ritI head ; he refuted. There man threatened
hiin with a brace of piftole; he was at length for-
ced tri obey. Whta the execution was over he
rtceived a purfe of 2oa Louis, was then blind-
fo:ded wtcer m ;e, put into the fame chaife, and
carricl to the place where he was taken up. He
affirms. that ke does not kj of what fez
Ite unhappy vidim was, nor he tell wheb
he had bhcc crricd, but hi he cS& if t

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