Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 20, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00162
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 95.



From SATURDAY, MAY 20, to SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1786.

NASSAU: Printed by JonN WELLS, at the Printing

Oflice on the BAy.

European Intelligence.

LONDO N, JaNsuar 7.
T ll, claim mnlec by Maior Sheridan to th
title o'f lItd Whavton, will he frtbmitteil
the Coimmittee of Privileges in the course of th
nrxt fcllion of Parliament.
It cainnt have clcapcd the rccolledion of tit
IlhliIr, that the Sieur B.itline;u made mention
chliis dilrovtry for the alcertainment of the lil
lanre3 iif Il; 1s and land, even when to far off a
nearly two hundred Ieagclta. The leanedl me
third preten(*n to knowltige with cintemiptuou
derrtimn ; andl ftme of the pilblic paper. .ndes
voitrcd to hold up the discoverer as a mark fo
li liiille. Yet, fich arc the prefint circuimnance
of thi alt~ir, that ithe Sliuir Battiiieau is nov
as It: point o' obtaining his hull revenge, ant
of fir ng all the fieer, rs lefcrl from lhe oppro
file lide, to enlilt under Ill blannera. Having fo
unim tim e li' red the Joiurnilils tin banter on
he at It iptlh feizes upon one of their fraternity
(Alh de I'ontenai) the author of the Ornirir
Jo i rritl of France t and, turninte him over toi thi
Cnaltlet, reqt ires that this A' h e eo iitmn ,'
t.i .liiro the punilhnient of rcta iii, p.i A
..i i': i.listed in ine of bhi i ila as I "liif l "
i u 1o thie dliflc very nil 1, its altht. ; ati
: i*, htn I.,rivw r Ile I'.!01 rr I. ;, II lhiddilei ti
uIi'- concernir g mAttert ih. ; he ties not tun
ent indl.
S fir tie hliinefi car rii ; 11i it only an air o'
p2, i ',.rin ; 1iir, foon, .c Iihall p-rceive it ailtHum
ia w. u Iri. i w a ill iiticic;tiI complexion. 1i
co ,'i.; i ct i f l hi clilrpn'e, Ihe Sicur ilattintat
pir ,' i "l niii i. wherin, to ihe utter confu
fi t li.'. li' d r Finleril, l et ilivTilgCe the mean
o i. I. t c .aiva I:, l I. h I in orlci to d. f. ry Ilhip
amr .int a the (liftlLe of lietwifn an hundlici
a.lI filly tuni two hiunIllil ICTaginI. HI proves
a'.it, oi thlfre meani are fittilly coni.nial witil
tilr if th rtea lawB of n.atre, bult lave, as yet,
.n lft itlr:ironiitablvy cfL.ittd the ohfervoatioi o0
tht .A11:f navigator,i b thlcfle means can he
dil'iigiilied f ips in vicw, their diflances tIeit
taur t etvti!ititin the rapidity of thi ir failing,
nl othllr particulars. From th lie federal inlights,
Ihe Sicir liattineau has colleiled together into
one Iuti'*, a; novel and extraordinary kitt uce, in-
1'tl, .' tii2rotia; the tholt of which a Memno
li I;, iult Ier.dy for difribution at Pa.rir, will clear-
ly t!i6 I \e to the pttl;lc. Thlie author, ni advo-
''e if t lie Parliamtent ol Piri, has airt-dl) nitth
dilin i 1 i hnililif b, t i lt, iing l itveral fI' vicer ,ilt
a,. i. r, lih:ig incmoriah. Not merely
Wf li clhmitituon in the republic of litrattire,
bu I ii c flthe lrfit nautical char .latri in France,
to Iwhnm Ihe memolti haj been commitniciated,
l'r, .iter a carreul per iti1, declared tlemrfelvet
P trI'l y i .'in'd If fthe reality of the difenvery;
mnd IhTi. lit thInleltve hboalnd to remark, that
tho're wiio It hr'caf'cr read of it, muit citter-
tain the fne fiti onpiniotn nf its validhy. Snme
oh itl'cs may, pcl haps, p fcent thrmifelves agfinft
the *l:tciit ftor a genuerI circitIatiobn of this sife-
iolrial, h' ch Iht public of all Statls will, doubt-
hli, 1ok w ith ability; hit which France.
will, in a. iielihtod, firive to monopolize rt
Fri.,rirt, Dere,,,rt 17. Great expertations
e foimnrIl fiom the refiltes of the Diet ol the
Pmpire, sir th has I*elntv rrtfiretld delibhelx-
tilno. The Pli.ce of Taxit, thie fiM* l mperal
Cn"mmifT i a.lntially arrived at Ralbon, a are
irF, the MiiRftrs from the cOurt of IBtrlin, from
the Elct Palatine, and the Duke de Detls-
Pnts ; hit the pfbhlc alremblin orthe Germanei,
St well at their private airsk proceed very flow-
ly. A humorous Wtiter lhts tlid, that the time
f the fitllig of the German Diet might be dtvid-
ed into tlhrA pCrs; the fitit woold be taken up
di fpiites aliut ptecedency, the second in balls,
s'd the third iftranfatding burinufs. At prefeat
,hr lfR tart the huflners is dispatched, and
t"n all the lMembir of tbh Diet are actually cm-

played in gning to halls, concrtri, and meiif|lur
rades. H1itheito th Imperial ComiiulTlaiv ha
not oprncd tothe Diet the hbitiidtf relative t(
Iav.ria; he has been taken p ) in concliing
c priat areeir ent with lthe Comncs de Truchec
o tor tli purchase of the lands and lordfllipi oi
e that faitcin, which has at 1 ngth here kil led ai
'he fnt oif twi millions of Imperi.l for ns. Bu
e as fun as tl'e bufinerf of bhllt rd concerts II
"oi tlurlIud, then the Prince deTaxit is to proip.!i
i ti. !e l)it for their conflderation, two 'cry irm
*s irt.litt points, recomminrided by ti r Pniperoi
t iii miller: One, the EInr'l;i.n of a Ki,; if flth
SItRnionsl ulpol which the qc.'i 'lin nt I-oircei
- iilthot ithe previous approla i :n of the lUet
Sthe other thtI txchalnge of ]av.!i i, ried the crec
* tion of Ite circle of Burgondy inlt, a kingdom, in
Sfsvoui of the I'alatine family. '1 Ioth r.f thefi
I two pi-oioliionsi, hut particularly to the later, a
- flormilale opIiiliion will he made by thof
r Prices who have alrridy acceld:d, or wilh i
r ila l ti acceile t title Ct itl II r.lx Iuc, ovel
IwhliIch, htwr ver, the opponfe inttrelt appears f
I fore if pirri'linB. thlit the Electir of Paliain
c cin- i I., ; ire ii takiig m raforcs with rel'ited
I ti the irittrrn..l cr, tnronny of thle govern enit and'
aiy ip Iiasotii. 'lhich weali never hie h(ice
thon:iht of, if the idea of eixchanpl I, 'J not 1.r r
1 flart, iiis F:le rt-ir HilhinGl ha- aIt. ly i : it
tId Mi.nch, the Capital o-f rMv'-, I oI il- I
S relfiln :Ii lDiiilildrp, whrtic ni;i all to w.L I lht
ille it in .a'tir, wlhch is liip-'c'il him a Crc'.
t In all hi- uii'init of late, lhe e- i i tt i hev., a uliti;
e praler intC linati. n l to ficilit ,- tlc eict ic i1om ill-
nmeTt fl the iEnrpeiir'i pIlan., 6h t hih Ihe will
Slater a t udal for regal crnvi, ili. n h lic il finime
tlint- a, "wl 'ihnt tlle fltr y for tlnt lipllnp r wa
i Ill iipltcd to his late predccilor, and to hini-
s Jelf. f tllie Fimperial Cou't.
1 ,i lli' Caile. t (ritm'r In. Letters Patent
Shavi belen palerd undcr the GreAt Seal of Irelanid,
g ri.uingi the icignity of Vifcuiint ofthis kingdom
lito the Right lion. Edmund Sixton Pery, by the
f name, ile. i, title of Vifriu t Pery, of
SNerwlown-Pery, near his Majclty's city of Lime-
FAltter Palent have alfo been p.i.d tinder thec
Great Sral of this kingdom, alip intii g the Riglht
lion. Johin Btlceford, the Right imon. Jlin
Mnnclh '.,ifon, Sir leiicui's I.angiil i, Bkrt.
Rl-to t Reof. ift; Octiais Paker Itlithe, r.fl;
Tle inn. Richard ITly hliutc hivron, andl the H i.
lIkitird A elncillt to the Cormn'ieionrs of 1,Is
M.Ijltlly's Rti nue il thil' kitgiltim.
I ,,Jan, .M r niiirt. Stl.ates that ihve c at
power feIlodnn want aith!iinn; ion the Filptrior
of Germany is f.;d now ri haT Ilie IT net and b1ti
diftiplintd a, my that it, Honfre of Atlria ceer
puffitffd. AWih this firce, ani the afl'elions of
is tfiwibjes, whih hc ft eminently pollfiees. he
may well tc fuppnfed lit form great delignst; and
t is ptrohable that he i ill direct thelr fury of hil
arms against fuch of the neighlTlnlring plates as
nitty be prrmpltd, by their relpetive intereftl,
to oppose hil favouritc proj(i ir the exchange If
The weather lft week ws perhaps the moll
Stetraordinary for the feafon that this part of EP.
rope h. ier been witefs to. Thunder and light-
ning at the timeof frog and heavy Fnow, are phe-
nomtna in our island ; yet there absolutely nap-
pened at one snd the fame time. The Thilbe
fligate, which carried Lord Keppel to Italr, ont
her return liet with the tfme form at the hi Ips
of thte Ch'annel, which proved to fatal to the
Halftwell Ealtl-Tndltman. The lightning came
sn with fuch violence Is to firike the men down
upon the deck, tho' luckily they foon reeoveredl.
The -i.lls were fplit, and the rigging torn from
them, to as to make it nee"ffary to cut them qi ite
away to clear the wrack.. At St. Itct, in Corn-
wall, the lightning and thunder were terrible;
but they preceded the fnow, which was after-
ward. remaripbly heavy for feveral hours. In
Mount Bay fetnral veffels were drove on more.
The damages at Falmouth sad Plygutl havet

Sahlady been mentioned. On the EAR coalt it we
Felt, hut without thunder, and much lef violent.
o Thefollowingcirciumfance ha. caufed an alarm
a to the motchanta, &c.-A gentleman of fome
Seminence in the h trade, received a let-
f ter flotn a correrrpondent abroad, with the Ham-
, burth ioft mark, and defcrihing a person whom
t le ine: inedI the gentleman had defrauded him of
I up.waidAl f 3.J-al. and that he had reccited cer.
Stain intellieniecc of the defrauder being frequently
- o il the Iuch walk in the Royal Exchange, sad
r rei'tii ing that ni noife might be made I but if
e he could invite IeL party, who had every appear-
I ance ra lentlleman, to dine with him, and bring
; hin tt rletnn the amount, lie might furnilh hima
- with the limr of Jcol. and fend him about his bu-
Slnnef, for he was a near relation. The gentlemanr
e accnrdinl y kept a firog lok out for fomedays,
a and at la met the person deferihed, invited him
Snme to dine with him, and previonuil gave no-
- ice ito iis f.inily to quit the table as laeo as the
rclloh sit withhawn. After dinner, the gentle- npceid the reason of the invitation, and ac-
Squainteid him with the knowledge he had of the
dfrinld; tin which the culprit expreffed great
Ilu iple, ietrged for Ood's fake that it might not
Ie nmadt pblllic, and he would crmiyl with his
Sdeie-, and accordingly delivered Bank Nttcs
ne r!y ti, th- amiint of 3ool0 The merchant
ia:c-r dinily gave Ilm a draft for ool. on his ban-
ki, wilii h was recrivedI. The next morning the
Sgt',,r "-:'ni wtnt to his banker to place the bank
l tlees to lra accolint, when, to hii great fur-
pli/c. he loind Ihey wcrrc'counterfeited. lie im-
tried:,titiv fetit to his correfpondrntt the letter
Ipilo. a fi. t'ery, and the whole turn, out to be
I i'.'. I ruined by a gang of vil'ains, divided, fome
il d:irt.rnt parts of the Continent, and others
A new Pronphet hilh lately rifen op in the Eaft
(f M -ui tii,', who hids fair to iival even the
'rrcat lM.l'lmcet himself. His name is 1e7f, and
he wist rriutyrtly in Shoreditch workhoufe, where
iie was ilini giifnied tor his cltious works in
firaw. and for having fuch a remarkable memory
a toI be ale toi repeat the whole of the bible. An
rlgtfnia:, fiiu-id, knowing the importance of fucb
mninent talent, partrulatrly in that region of the
twvn, adivifed him o* quit the workhbole, and
rely rentioufly invited Mr. Belt to live with him.
Ini a flew daya the Alan ofStraw became a Con-
ilrnre, and he is niow the fubjeAt of as much won.
.'ir a ever iwas the Cock-lane Ghofl-He is
petIr 'Tree if Krnowledge-le has texts of fctip.
I'ile lihlirl apply to all men, and all women, and
.ill th;ng, ; and all depart fully fatitfeld of the di.
tine operations (if grace, and the unerring in-
Iltunce of fpiritial communication. He takes no
i-nevir ; but thofe whom God hath lleffed with
alFlintcc m.y leavetheir donations with his land-
Inr 1, juft to pay the expence of his infpirations I
for it cannot be fuppofed that heavenly mefen-
:;rc, and celrftial exprefeti, are to come all the
way to Moorfialds, at this feafon of the year,
without Come compensation for their travelling
Yinuarr 18I. Captain Corner of the Fox
Packet, vwh- had the htinour to carry out Oc
nelal 8loper to Bengal, is expelled home it
a!,ofi fix weeks It Is faid Sir John Burgoyne,
sll. Mr. George Dallas are palTengers-the latter,
as the avowed agent ofthe Britil inhabitants at
Calcutta, ain.,'d with full powers-hls object, to
bhtain a rtpeal of Pitt'I odious India Inquailtiei
Ilill.-Is there a friend to liberty, who does
not ardently with his honei exertions may be
crowned with flaccefs?
The ac(qittal of Sir John Burgoyne was forefeec
as certain from the frft offer of the charge against
him. There being afippafed tasfi, as (he techDl-
cal language Alyle it, the Court Martial became
The edia of the Emperor is now at reft; and.
the paro)t fm of apprehension which it produced
have happily fuhlided. The Manchelcr folks
have expcricaced au diminution of trade, and thr


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