Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 13, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00161
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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(though ifuppof:l to he a mir.e ,;i :t :L, ;: -i a:e t t: :.x i' .i'''". u.c 1 Slait il, I.. '.' ,.'' cCy expect tI ..
imp'egiftaed with fulplnir, ur l,.ie luc i thu;: id iii irru.lit.. it e cr' in ,. .,r fIl VI 'i iI, Ii1'-'. line imorc Apcl'i (i'"m,.
however, by finapping a pin ofa ~pitil, or tin,! appeAr. re q., irti, : 7!'' t> ,.* '* tIhe' fr ip li e lc tl- i .nt on this nil the
box, with a little gun-powder, tiII wv.ltr nill fr ie dlrl ;'.fit', i ic Idill'i-.t I.* ii O; ,ii" of 'iti flr-ill I ir'dily a hiiptt'."
inflaltly catch lice, and burn in the f:roi mai.rr Marvlar, 'p i.'i .i ri d the or i '" ; 1 An alIinI V.I hr.:ight fome time
as fpit ts would, until the water ii entirely con- nitlis, tow. ri; ;:. ic.rin rLi t, r ;. :l, et' c in Irelatt ;,a:nr a fontman fr crtn.c,,.
fumed, nrdried up, when tile chanuil. ;. which rafflre th:l p.a: lie, I'lll Cn'ii llon. I ": -' l wir l with the wife of h! mi lltr. The faf t were rully
is carm.non earth, is left as allies. There hceir g Ie applnir-cr I iy thin Sl.rc;. r, r nicenh i crrni proved, andi the Cra. llfti for trI fervent could
no more water left to fred the flare. the fprin. I;lln:clioiin hbewrn thieC hcf.ipcl.,ke ... : I '' a.e theretnre dl notintig mniore tha i urge rome pic.,
bubble out from the crevices of earth aa nfitil, Ilay;a .111 ecit hig witll tile ger'-l t n Ii;i:v I in alleviation r the dlamngel. This was ver.'
aniTn the fpaee of halran hitor, the current c es every claim lof c:tiz, rni) of thi nitile :; : --in- :ar]ndly a-mcil ilciro 'nrtly (Ine biy the gi't anld lt-
on as formerly. Tile water couti.mIcs, then fiich qtlehainI.a, lthat great firc if he tI. 'a'c, eronld, blt n l.!i more r(ti llrly by the this l,
experiments are tried by people, for t',o ur th:cc will, no dn:;it, ii i Iiort ti ms a b r in 'r ul w i a b cr eqi li igihed for hit
days before tile whole is rcornmed. afcomnllnee Ci Il:in.rIciru f treCfire .; "ith iv lich : I.imnir anr Ilii; :ring : Mir Lord," Cry Ire,
.xtrai. of a tltler fiom n a geileii n rm i B-.lfrid, liti v.trito r ,id trtile r r,: i'ht to, iv' : i1i:1 i n1`I I filall not I re qitc to dfillcfe as my Icar"c.l
is hia arquainlante in Carlfl', dated ,'ifrc, e. the nL uirmer,..: : l; ~ It,:nlt: l) k ai -!. + o'r r heertCerC, for I fIill only far, that tui is one of cveninlm I had the lon our to be ilrrotlii- frierrl I;ir .lt I 1i L. il ', .C Ii' ;r I;; r il i l the tioll 'iiftlrlnilrCe anJ il'anturcd aelinsi that
cedn to CCpt. O'Ail, or Cornplaniter, tlhe ChlcI thi e hippy lt cl it, ri i ch ii i: !icular iir 1ncr e vier were brought ; it is ai rfton hrontht sgina
of the Senecas, one of the fix Natih: ;, .a ;ini.. nri Iled 1 nlt l thr i. 1 i'a r ir.ein fir rdong hi" mii er'a ',i;sj by
Chiel or Captain of their warrios', april "rur yo''r, i .irfr i- r. A v, r'r r in :' t1 r hi- .eitl-i '- r,:.' 'r." Thii fipeech p t ithe Court
men, i comnainy with Major Mlontrlgromric. -.1 7tte, fayi, It i al ii I ., ;. I i i '". ai' i tjry ito'i forlc I pood hanir alr that the darn.
his return from the treaty, anm Mr. l'. or 'lc hoin ::l iii'n th v cr h i' : i :' < i'y wer e ilc to a mc.c trif:e.
Nich, lii, their interpreter. I \as (ililighteil bt',irc their iv i, iA- A liirl l \ ri'\ ,r t uf' .1 erntlenian :i C i i.lec has received a itlicr
with their cAly arddrcfs and iiaturill pontIcncr, A the tic nnraiif.ll ir l tr .' r i l"et ,1 *' c 1 .,-' i- : : f ircpor. It r fi veracity, dated. P rat Pitt,
great nium er of the inhabitant ofthis rplao wait- andl a ,nl f.i rra '; w.ri p r;],M ..' i '., i *,.'..-.r, T, o tt 'i ,,, 'T, A 'lhii i'h r)rtins the rifuhlirfci;int
etl upon them ; foime out o cul ioity, ndl the r lipalin are,ie:.. The f.ifLtrin : tiii a ', l'ei.. p 1ct.1 s: 4 I. ve bcni very fucctfful, muct
to pay tllir' refpres to them. I ulakerfltnd they lai., aid a dreld o .1 ,l:-'r onr, .' t:.- niult ia al.V .*h,',' ti 1.era 1 iut. Mr. ,
are no'slw n their way to Congrcf At Ni.Tr' Yoi Ic, pr I .'e ntc the 'e i r i 'f o r limit or ri." i l" .' of hai s ot.s '- ;r c,)ni.lerrbir lofr; 1ia horfes will
to maniitCt their r.iL'ic dili('liioin Ltovaid: h n the inoniy noon Inn1' on ni t. i tI; their It it:t orf pIetr ctk'n nd his drivers killA4
Americani." on:rT,i i .n r t Sh r Ic ir, t e p.i k r o I ,' 'I. r':"e- h III,: D 'aw t iac 1ind.ian Thenatiors ofl ndians
It rmuft 'ive great fati'.Fa "ion to :very over of ric.a wi; inliiilct i I r'i Il -i' i. I I re i.0h i ii: at fertnt pacei hly difrofdl;
peace tio und the difiiortiU. of tlic later houlilc ai a fillih itatc fC-r piivte !nii 1'i c'r< i t- .,' 1 lIrciri :-iiio inc I *, i hIi,' fnlme doll t."
art of tie o Si Notlitetn Nations i'o mu ch chn- were Imilt, and iii:i in'rit,. in r' ,.-. .'t" rer o'. lock' th' e; Ftenoon, tie report nfr
ged it favor r of the Uni'it-d St lte, finc- th.e fall kid rr were iceirnl )I, IbI n y i v ;.in,,'I thecO'i nisIItte oi the m enririals prrefecte tolth
tre ey of Fort Stanr'vin in O(rtlhcr, 174. and occar! a 'ly .It thr I'mn-. Ci.n:.i.' i. I hi .,e f Aircrn'r, v pra'fng a repeal of the late
flew to the front;ir inii.ab;itanta t f Per'c i) Iv.ania. Ro rii,'-l i, n i hili ,l:Iph, i .i i 'i : .. r i t n: ;';. the chapter of the B.irk, w svl
and Ne-Y.'t'ork, the propriety anil .')e I policy rve.y nt;:, r c-! r ij Am-ri. F, : ,' ,i it (it f, at''. 'iiving been dchated for
of calt r ting tne frienillnip of, anid liinig on a tha t reilit:. ,i i, 0'i H!'. ': p'r,) lii. ..I ':, ri- i. h 'i- .- 'y, T" ec ": re for the adoption ofit 2S,
good footig witti th rek li, ince the aI t I act ,f ScIt r"' I '. 'I it Til ( ]r its 'iL ' a r. If'ann'or t, before tler
Apri rij. W edlncday a.Irrive h l eic tIhe r :;in t: l' gt 1,is t:l'.c i pi ,r i .in 'hI. bI I :. c m rii .., i. ,-'i. Irrn'. el, that a crla fe thoild be
nter H.irriet, C.apt)lin P'lmerr, f.'' I F val, 1i. of iar city ? O r 'r l Ic o', r i \ z': !r .! i.:l. i l iln t;:r Ill pr';ip frel to be brought in, to
whom we are iinfornril of thle la of t e folllowi14i they uifed lrt l(:o: Snii 5ia i. (.1r' 'L I'I 'Iuti (l)ic/dt li- rl't, '.r ti I I ank to proper regular.
Tefl s it that place, in the gale thit hii,;p rne d '11i ale I huilin;-, anlli ill Iti' Lr Co t inti c 1 i i ; i :l lir:ii;, reC ii.i;)li i, anri i n r1ititionu This wasre-
the ,oth orf J'rnrary laft, vi,. Sc!, el'ii T'ricit,,, nita filip nil the ln.a : ;, the pltrol.;r; i i r' I- w', r il, .Ai ; n. Noer j).
of Trinily, llcniy Stone, crie f ve'I ; lrii ch tr.,' The r mI iftli'i dIltne h.v r1'- i" '. u;r.ic .!'-rilt. A ltter frinm .iiLondon, to a merchant
Richmondl, of IPh 'll id phi J illhn Plcln 'ii, cre'v the llank centers anlii;stcly In li. I '. Ir i Il i i Kew 'f.i Il te 4th J.lint ry, 1786, fiV1,
la'ed; Schiooner lierndhi;ii), oi iliTir., mechanic, piiticu'-a'I TI thIe 1 ii i '' r:'. i: o'nt it v.oinr : her,' ftar .'il may be intereflei,
mater, crew fved ; Shlip :Am-nicl or I'dl.'l' 1- Ilonciccarlcaet r. Ilai.ik'ii l Arn i 1 :,', N ,, v.e think it ie -vir' y :o inifrm y,', it ii tlongly
phia IK iczr, rmin er, tie,) LiI.l n only fivil ; a lor, Painter, S.iiln.iL I Iii:.'.. \.ilri' t. i r rIni red, Oll t' n o'ri tlre r )r tlirrIitn rrq'l ired Ity
Porlugi.cfe Smack, of Fayal, but one f.aver. BriclImaten r rad M in,. '. 'iur.' tr.. ,i: .'Pitl, the d(le i-rin- urp the forts on the
@ercefepr. (MqJTla chrl/.f h) Alrch 16. W eV c leA n a!l kinl, w l o hate I l I r ii ;, .'-' l v t l "- li.,ltr- ofl' l I Ibe (T;Unite'i states, agrcahlic
that the fum agreiel on for thi nct tar, inclhl, tr.d frir .. leflore t1- it 't r .ii theI l!i k, i:i.l to the trac ; it pr.' ., an abfi ite iral of r i
Ing the Ilate and continental lax, i 3j. ,o,; ii lfry nd tricade r1. I r iT iv .ia 1..'ii Ii .n fi'A lr p.ii r li ..i i ?. a>:t! i A I ;i by tie flaeI
of which is to be pi.l in prubl;e icuiriti. vi:l be ilvenii to Iht'irllln ." ol New-VYo.; n in h'i h i c-ardi a a violation of
Carlifle, (Penfyl'v,rnia l arch l ). ()it Tueflay f tran' eof' I, -/ f- n ,.-' ",'.'r ,' i I/.' -: c r. : o:: ef fili :ariticlc of thit trcatl."
evening .and WVcdl'cnfday laft, OGc arls itIticr ind- c, rtrre, ta b, fr ,::,t ,1 '. tt. ti. ',' ,/ '; L ', ; a e a /lttr /'iont ,' O ee17 'r at Fif Ilarmnr,
ParlftiVwo v oftheciommilinr'r fi)r ll!:!!,tnl al'.irs Feiri, nmrre.ri/' -I 1.;:., I). i- ''r 1 ', r.t tl'." r ./; of rI lie Mfl Ithll g on the Obh,
in the northern antl middle ideparn nt ,f the The pnpui r iit ,, tiL c ir- ,f ':. til ..'. I F1 :,Kr. x, r7..
United rate, arrive ciin this town after a tcili Uis winlamaze yon ; i i J inre r'' ', : \ : I i1 in'. T re etr : v. hIirh is Rilt holding with the
anil dilieult pa largee of thirty-fiur .,.' between ofinhilitant:'ll i. t11 t. o i I ,6 ,, i''.'' i i i;.ni .t al.e M!;-ri, is the chict topic amoi lg uIn
the Bil Mimni and Fort P tt, ac: ri i r o ni c-".l .3, c. I i h i. b. ililcrt. r'i;] :tnt is o-cr we fill rethe iable
thence to thi pli.ce. W e arca.a'lsoi.i' i '. t i uni.m IpilP, .il tllhc i h i "i I I : , t, ,ittcTr:riii.' .'- ; th general difl fitrion of the
the public, tilt they hal'e conclu i t! .! t ety of .. not I ;rc ti is I n II 1 -;, .: i .,: i Ini an ,vill l. toI vir ls ii. It is certain that war
peace with the Shavw ntfe ;- li::is, lioni (1 I ti thit cii y 4ti.; :t , r I,; b orn i-i .'.' ; pl.itim alnming them, anri that
whom they have received liotl.-es fir I:c llive'/ x l'i 1i pla.c i' i. a in r, I. ,' I ., ; ;! ly Iht': I ..' e':c;r:.'in;ly backward in coming
of all the prisoners, white a:i bl ic iiL': I: ilirl'l"r I t ;~ : t 'i 1 :.ii lii ii' .. n r t> ti .i 'i. I':ci A .a two Indiani now aitil
been taken by thit nation throni h' t'i.: I. 'c iv11 ; at !t1lt n ir 'l! .1.I i ir ng the lii" w.'i vr, i re exprT(l fr' n1 the
alfo, that they havn relne'ted tl,7 tlu i ,* l .l- ed ntor thiL 'l c allr h l cu tcli Ittl r ; I t e*.Iy ; by t:n \v lV .-e Ictcrs trom' roicrel
(led in 17i with the ~'Wia.iio" iil d i U twar.;, thr vI illil., i',. ,1 r ; ir ; "I ''" ic I i I,.,t P.nwb s aiIl tli, e r Co.nmnilriners. Thiev inci.-
and fettleld nrric matters of pl.'t I ,lllic it:ilit Il'i ;- ui.' ii i r, uA i n '' i l i ; l >in tl.'t iip;Tc i ee. : ." rc rather more favotir
between the United States anil all tIh, ln.tioli ., 1p1 i t' iin ti 1' !. i." '"'. ; fi r tti fii li Ia ha1d alrean.y come in,
refrpeding the boundaries anid fic.' ing the lanid ; It uillt I 'p ita. 'l tc i. i'r *l' 1" rl t icey Ire Ir. ince tm i ire i'ere on their waty;
of which events one of the c mnini'in:rs 'u;r watI i.rrkl; va;'d a, t.i *. i:n r: i i r':k'' e ." I d they knew of I 1l .i:g whirh wou'd prevent .
proceeded to inform Conrgreli ; ia l thit min t'trs prati,:i to. ths v. ry .: il, ' ::1::! tr. rab!e ilo'e, n'a ei it (Ir'rrld he tie fa ut cf
wear a p'eafing afpe on the fronticr, n itovi- cnlld i'in. at !'the hit i it:. y .' n ;; It:. I e whitee up'Ie, v'hnfe ilntreIt it twmild ihe t
ftanding the machinatrion of a A' wiri:'if tonirglci a.,d l iii.'i.I rL fronm 'l.:iin, 1'It)I .11 II I'c anin i;a ii .... .d were .lting their influence
Power, who till endeavour to keep up rtL jialoi- p irti ui' I lir iirn our e -:i tr .u.l I t I'rin- one.
fy of the Indians againfl the people of the Iited v r ,, t a.I .' '... ,a tc i a.r,. T. 'i (Io 'ni .- i ..c ivcn UTra ciuti :r
States, by personal Infinriatious, and the .t l'tance 1 ';* i w' lc (i th .t t'.intr i !.. J : t ',c on t hi i': ( t for a pirty ot lrdin;s,
of bate cmil'aries, who relule in thcil towniv andl w it' < .rr 1 laoc.tiln upiin .at i)t '] I ,' t', ii cill t&'- fec'l l k Cs, had partdiieiy ra-
on our fron ier. A Iln vr r purc,-! ii -.flhcre, is l'm 'c:.r.: ik r A. I 'ii;! ,' to I;',K:C ic.I anJ ad a't allay gione out
Neci-Londan, April iI. The fhooner Mary, filt ai:d *,ri uwt:crltin title. to 'r.
Capt. Jofpiph W. Coddirngton, from Jamaica, on. a The pn ic ipil I lttlcrcent ., :. :tii., Tlic ITn,;.au,- lie not bh(n in to trade with
a Whaling voyage, arrived here on the gth illitat, S I fri tii i .oI. Lot i, I.' thi *ill; in as yet; t ve i .puite it to their being fi blr.-
in diftreli ; haring a bad leak. ." the ():i e ", i C t ri ai0n4. t in A I cII i rh! ;,; i, ; cin;loy. e ,A '.1 :iltirt,- "W e foon exped piCtI)
We are infrmedl that the proc'f; .fed biy Mr i rlr e i tl I'.:t:, ini :in oblion I"r lii ',) : I.r .n inr to i r.:le; there is a trader at thillpofl
AHen of Dartmouth, in his curious epecrimncrt j th- ricr; i; ii i il Ibcutlir'l lit'l t ., ;, ,.i-;;; t: pitiy i ;oods, &c.
for extracting frelli from falt water, is as follows, f. rll in It'c fornut, .nd a vienw ni tie r n Onr e rt .'very connmodiroui anti completely
-A common barrel or hoghiead is rrovitled with I cTrnlrf- iint tlhe nirircr coInitry. (nn t' \. \ I fiii ;e:l-t;- it,.c:' arc all Ihnt at night, and we
a falue bottom j or 4 inches above Ile lowr head, j ll; f tIhe I'tll, thI. earh, or iiats i 'lln' ri.;t Iecare. It nI hoffilities should comnmence, we
thh fatre biittom is perforated wi'h a member ot thiroui l it, pii lal ,a Aptrifyin, 'IlTa!rit' bir II li ll ai Airceable tair in this part of the
hole, and over them a filter or fihnncl, or any IA hat I lice i ana at anir ither inane; It'l lar l, w. I d. Our living ii exiceedin gly gir)d, and I
thing that will top the rand ,aid receive the wa.- r-t s, vc- alt i, Ctc. '. .re pctrilti., i ..d. rnv:r cni yd h 'ter nte of hIealth ."
ftr; the barrel is then nearly fil;a lv.'i:h the fincL I here tir the II e roe!: at tile buttuonl, r,. Hmt of A dlain ibt fenlfHtlle writer in the Norwnich Pack-
fand, beat down very hard. A tube etomrinnica- whlichl we Ih nc .thered.. t fayty, 1" I remember an long fo as when the
ting with the pace between the twvo bottoms is The lhi; boneoft', no'v niitnii,'i g iod Giv'r:lnrr Talcott at the head of this
attended to a convenient height above tile ltop of i ale alfa anmongi thie curllllities of th. .ni,.,lntry; ilalt, a poorr r:p'le mall crnie to himonedayeom-
the brrel; the fea-water in poured into the true, thlry are dulgrut of 'tl c.Ath at a I ic!., bout plaining very bitterly of the hardnefs of the time
and rrefling every way according to its altitude. Io i0 iles from this pl'e ; we tou'i uip inlre 7 feet and the fcarcity of toney, and that he was unable
it endeavours to force its way through the fin I under ground; a thiih bone of four feet one inch to get any, anl wonsrrred they did not make ri1o-
to the top of the barrel, from hence by this I long, and a double both weighing i1biM. and a ney. anid would have him ifae his Infuence to have
rnmd ofiltration, it is drawn offfrefh and fit for ; quarter, are anwng them. Some mush larger a han' nimade. After hearing the good man thro'
life ; for the faline particles bein; heavier and per- i bave Iwc find. lie turns to him, and walked hinm ifhe hal any pork
haps differently formed, meet with oltfruitions "' Frot every obfetn.tion I can in-aLe, I have r heef to fell ? No.-Any wheat or grain of any
from the rand and are left behind.--The procefs not a daloudt bult that tlii. country will be Ipcediy I .ind! ? N,.--Any butter, chef, wool. or;
is fimpleI,-lthe periment curious, and the utility settled; and very great atdv.ntagres. ima hie made by I tr, fay' the Goverinour, if your have, I will give
nar be great. thofe who are early in their advc t. rre: anid feecIu- )yo'. n money for them. Wiy tnn, he hid not any
ilaM l4 i, Iarcbh I. It is with pleasure we I nation; anld I have non mre drubt that the United thinS to elt!. Then, flye the Govacrnour, fur-

,t ie flt oul make a bank oi paper money, how ced. The Ati.qant J.dgei of Chatlha, dljregard.
,,Ii )Oit clpe.i to get it? Winy, trall, lie did not ing the unontritutiollnl fCiiirpt oll niv tile iacrllt
rWri. ti e, ron Tucfly refuin I tllheir Ici-. iiI tile tnclh, T
let ius run in debt I. le, fpirnidlefs, and pay and ptocrl ed to rtifpucir the, l, l. the Judi 1 .
lid picctlrd to (firplthfl the (llIl:;, s f iht Judi
,., e, the moti frugal and inoultiio,,i, and wie I ary (:ice. 'I he Atrorlney OG ir'nl htidig em Ii.
if II i lin our affairs nendiinl ; our dehts, I I loyCtl, ot carf attendlcll and pAld clr r.c them. E
,,1,i p'lic ast private, leffening, anI money br- I Nhr, if the Ixcl;tite alc ,rinilt... tv, and are
,,,ne p it,. tor the flerci.y f r.ioney it adif delcrmin to purue tlie rare they btr.n with, tlaw
, teh ,t will iwor.ik its uo ii rcicedy, and make a he will c. rini y he fif|itlidel Ifr not ilt .ilin, to n
p. ,! as in other mercl.andl l t.. But it m llt he thijijuli llio ; anid fIonl, nltil therr it Il other p t"
Si%. v of induilhiy anrt firui, I!ly-Aniitl wiheineer I i ts Ielliic in the f..tI. Ilut ihofe of C(,a criou r the
,n- f: -lemnirs r anty in at'/ other tway, it ,i ( :id Cor:lfellir. Ht
niile h;:m itl n good, a. it c, ale:r idlenef .an .-- i
w ti-'lantlli amo;,; a people, of which we liav.
lr Api, 14. A lhecr from Richmond, daird Tilve lietltil Y ,'o h
Ap ll fu s,-" The \IV rlp'ool ofSalem, .nltl T Yo 1 ,I
smthrer Amcricin thip, to a market, with car- N R R e til
ioe ufo various ar'ichl', havne bi taken by te oIlft nf ilI,,c"llfI hl
Ai. -,TI: Corel ir:.; as a-.f tie Mari.A Frarctli '.A I i 0
p l',i t,.i' II.ten ,'it:i boil li nd liioce for lithe A IaLt It r' "
II' gr -t, t irn-zrr) Fel r-i aS. The ol I ( P,
follivl i'cm r fiI nm a g l 'li an of c r.tcity, INhol Alinit 6 ti ll urtiitrn, t I on fdi
, ;l:t' I ctc a fewv i') ; f. --, tin hi wI-a- down tLi. Ihe Stocr ., .a will lie ,in.'lcihe0 I
lb c i.trllty. 1?'.l- ih ciii :f f if In ma'i s. Ili r fr.Ii art
.f II If .ayi ai-a a counitrry -.nman oppe I -it i oif ce l r auiil mo it i tlly, .and h1 .r ia k; c-lir
ilc, i ll IIt Fild r f tilh ri' r F:-l u)lkill. Afl t r : ; l I'l lI a 'l ail I f;I ta l(l i4t .. N.
rtlt hI,;ng 1 rrfelf, fic hid l -. I to get a buk a k Fol i', i n 1 furt itri ulaj r.,; Th
Cil, l .Ithe latI'ne I o'i ri. c itrtI.l, withicli a -.,it i l IS
I l -
ilic:r, l ll i, '.y i lr N o foi tii 'r i.. 1' ,, l i,' i_..
i,, h I l if ll t !l r Ilr pm tu o i : ll iIe a l o) v e PF IL I-, Il I ) ,
ie 'O k.wrl f .,-i'k hi', b tll proritur l c uil- i ciin t:iryI l
rite. Ac l~it-n at! li-tito~it; l.w hai: .1t if -\:1 IT 13 1. 1 C A IT '1' 1 0 N,
rtl,,C. As oahn As he lho:i,:htr th hi ,:ot t ut of L 0 IT I I U TION,
heltii e, hc tired ahilatnit i ud l i dl hecr. Wlin On T -; iTr sD.IY nr it, I';t l f"iW,
Ic .i.l c Ai.' near lie fcw ta pil oiii l,ai d Il ic t. N
C..'d lher with iiilint.dlcttlih, i litie dli not dlcli- 01X 0 II N PET 1' & C(., AI
vcr ti ier ilt lti er. i IC tIt v licV he: IIpurI f.:-om lir I Sicci ilr', I n "

a-Act Ii .l' affir it. i f ,J, tihe f'>iIir.a'!e itmo- t t . ,,
gen finc ise y o ff ut 1 .: i I'll 1ir ),-r
ti l. i" |--.IC ill vi tiF f-e.l, ou--ri li i. * .
in'" 'y lilo a .l ; 1ItI '1iii.pof' it ii I I r in i :R; e t l the :l R rc 1 ,: '
I I '< I cri i piti it of her, gridu illy liitieled SA n I. M 'a I ta.late of I.ii' ..t. ft i
h ci u nil ile afri.iel ai h n l iil. ti.:'; ii. te : it t ma : |- n:rt, or I
iI' i, Ii lirr gicat it l f ie f 1 ii.- l .n -. ; I. I 0- c i;l i of J. ly ot .1 ; I' 1 Iti; hci, -'-
ft i t A a Ie ho: ltci t it 1, h / 2100 ' 'i .e I. ti h: ie, to dei;h r in .i ",,iit, ftl
'. ,, , i( ii d in the fi .! I i ; T h.. a : i ", l CI t I hv tilh N -1 il -. to IhI
-', II c -cu'ii aIIutT l I, ;-i it n o i Ii ED 111'. 1 i lMoI l4
ti . T ed. Ad:miniitr.,t (r
Sl,,.':.,'rt .'p il 7. 1 thr fraroI ling]- !, h ,, i, toi. E
L ric cti ro Ih t Ili, Plitifhl th m mi ca.lii
1 0.... l ,,i' tl I' t i' Al,:slueAa ...c.; : j O 1-I N V 1 I. L S,

' ., .lill ,c ci r, ticm n-ik fill A: ho q7100 tin ftill IlY.
N il, to keiili'. i tlothll v.ale f r'lc i S I () R \ F ,
,,. c, iva-l L-i I.l'. < I ," ;, :',..,', I I t' ll n i i' ;.; ".'h r n i "a i -: tr'i tds Sp, r I ,. -ci ite i, l. !i.r i li Ut .< I t ;t i d .! i :'rr ( 'iie I. t. I Prila'

1 < 11i< .11 11W re!i"I III ind (';tn kai F

cI e r ej tie. Ic c Im m ;it to -I coocl 1 1. !l, 7.:
I- "'j ra I ,tter ir I ; r l :.l :;t..ti, c'.c' :;.., rii .int '; :::.- i ri,,inI l'ri f
--' ?'ik, c -~' 6, i;:f I.,- -! .- r-. (lic,ni;c, A . ty if,,p Pi.i.o
i I ,li v i tc- ]-.ii l',e r in iii o i, that r I '' .. int iik,is F Ir --
r i,1 !.,,l tf't lh," ,ii'i oliHiln .'.'twt';I l.:. )- I'ortr Er,h,
m(.,i r P'i' ,in ar'! tle I I i I1 i it -', i. ;ir \ a l:. 1 r;i Ivtu aa l I'.rn C(oinl.
I < )'! ve n t ln l r lit 1 co c il ; lIltt 'i I c a'la : r1 i li:'. r i i .t
f- o. ri.itI r e lllia i,.l i Tihilc : of ll i it e I l 'i ti a T 'tIc,- i r ct I lain Itir
ru t q unce |.rilrtn--tle t;r .lcrnl khiann te T H t~T |''; I r ul
[rdh I.; : :;f ^ *" ,'; **n "l *
i',l. t iiri! "its il f C ti-i i tai,. convtl' ; ,',;i ,rcit .i" i
t- t. r;ai.d a li pilt d lii,-c the p a iI.,-r an fI,, tt ietf l r ino, I -
1 t i- trate if NlAew )l' k.i, tL /- /, I -, ,!t Ii v.ndi .'!.] l.iioi n
i; i. h I latt .I nunilh rai (I Britii iSubit 'l. ; i . l ,,t n ci l I . Ik i I t'-
It I,,, rflt Mlinvilry reyallicii tlhTm as viol a tiluii, :1 iiI
f 'tI c li llt ni t'k thnir r an cipirtef- i l,,,ii- i' l. i li il llh i c.ticii hr i i l ti' l t at o:lll l .I I C C'l.1'- ",. i : ,ir Pn
I it e-a tilt d i thel poinl i ill e ievtn p iibi y I r. I 'i D).-I. ilk &' ,'iii W'itl ,r .;
AdaIl ,. rl.v .i- t ') eiiil lf pti eel' y retl nithll." I niirti \\' ti lll. l
f' :, c ll n, ( T-oii l m ) -A!, j. Acorref- I (1r 1 ("ld-:., :iul I shlviyil A\l-
r. 'i tilci tirale 11 01i iric a Iittltll ot it-mit B CI3- i c-i [uIl e l'-l S:.'R -Iic tr1
I l ,t a, I llr l thai 'ls n lllhi. cl m e t mll iAl i . I 1:. li dPers ."
k,. d .igtilltr f m lv !. ".. .ch as nimin l i. mit. 0' ;le,.c:', PI.:0, ',,, l i...'.. "' 1
IhC, it wouitil he It ropir, in c ie Great-lintr in I l.,! f the i.tvtl !tritiiip ,. Lt l t
"I !, c z', r into a co .nn r acil tiraty wi I, Ithe T i rt IPI. ill ci l kc ik
Ic 'd -ic t i .- f Amrlri to letc. h viT I ltht 'a c .i r r> atit e t
': li: e ncl i',y vtli in tr ldpcrting tin rclit d i 7 i & ce l in i Kle. ktlner', Pr c tal l
Iti icini ca c.ntlry to tlre tlier, be one half owtct d it ,r!.r An rf an Kn'. P ili
by it: it tiil antil te other half bly the Am-til- ; ,ilver -\'aThe Po dler il B.irk
ci lii t'h ltd t end te o u itr t t the wo coinil. w- rith L hr)yr-.l trt.r l-iueti
IT ;i l|,tr;cliArin a firmer Lc.ill of f liicnd iil thn tr i ional le Watch Stric- Godelfy (torl;i. Tlh
t'iy (tcl w I'c ; for then, tIle power thit injurcil I. adies cnloured ilibit and lT.ntl's l wders I
Scunntiny i would injire the other, which woutd K Kit Gl[oie Ptalainnefia A.hli
i "h" it thIe mutiull init rcll lf loth counties toi I Gentleicen', Silk, T'liredI. ItaIlo' S Ithxir
fic1 h ia -i r:ntico or people that to matlrll I brown L.eathir & Kid Eipfitm Salt,
Ilrn in thcih trad ; and would, in a'l liitnati I (t;I cs Mldicinv Chel.,
P'ic'ilc iy, ~l-p thiin united i, the bond of I.ndoin auale Silll2. &. &i .
f ei(ii/tto the ndcftinic.-A cotitrac of Silver capt 'T>i-,i (
l'lr kh~id I ht alou induce GreAt-Britait to p-r- lfIF. Suibfcriber begs leave acquaint lijT
i t 'hle Ult, States to trade to ler Welt India Lfriends andthe piubli, th has taken Mr.
"ldsit, in sfT-els in which her own flubjecs were Tbomas nS-tt'o Store on the la, opposite Mr. B
c-'lnc rnitel.-iTl inictref of thie ihiit il l- S ,nofoh'i Black Sm with's Shop ere he int nda B3
cm I-i ceu.r w>ihl Ih.itn be exerted 'in both c"rryinf on the TAYVLOR's AI1 NESS in iti A
I'c li'i, Atliniit, -. t ct lcli v:flcl l iilly i different triincels ati bIe litito hopes 1i at, I
till, hiv uitltathct siiv Ate the greateftll tcntion to liialiilef,, to merit tI'me tloilarkient Col
rill"MhI.i ,y ,lifthcr making mioicy. of fuch enctlernci a mnay be plc to favor Orc
c r 11.<,r6, A4 1,7. It is eq I.lly a flbieit nf him with their conintand. bel,
'"etr c1,! dhfilhf, to fee the cuirioit ant ilif. | BENJAMIN DUPRE.
ftitlul c ntlditioll to whiich this country is rcdu- NaIfu, Mq lo, 1716. "

ORDn COINWALT IS is rnominatcd Govr-
inoir COricral of Bengal, by the Court of
Acirts i.fil Enfl-India Company.
v'id of a Ifter from Philadelphia, April ,s.
II livoe uib tcme to acquaint you, that he
I' wl iih Lregillnatre pafrd la year,laying
ilditiu:al .onnag:e on ritifli veffela. and im-
int r.%ra dllties on mi rchandize imported in
II, I lie row repealed ; and that a,1 VceIl
- now I' fll lihbety to trade here on equal t:rmi
hthol' ofl he United lares."
?.trntr P/ a .flier freon Savannah, Matr I.
This i 'ril;ng arrived here an cxprcts from
Altani ha., 'ith the difacreeable news of the
rii- conilir- ilown to attack our Southern Set-
ctill. (neii-al FI-ert and William Clark
ri ~i Srcr i: that ristr, which they are fortify-
it -i all it.,i/cnce. The Militia in that quarter
I .i',;il i uti, .as t!i Savages are faid to bc irn
at lo.-."
:1i Sriiilal laSt IN'IiOLAS OGAINla, Efq;
i'I If II lnce foi C(li 'cfton,
)in \'it!i.l,rliy 1h1i, Ll IGt. ManTERI, Efq;
icncl herc fri in Matyland.
'ali,. Sui iiw, of the Schooner Faiiplay, from
w-l oniiin, infmi im usl that the ieir -
11ilol', 'liich aas driven ashore in 'ovcTmbLr
Si] I -,:i.t anti after wing repaired there,
erurle! Icer Ncw-lonilon, war carl away onr
* p -ii.: ilt:-hr, in a f'ow form, on Fifer's
I,'I. T'i n;illr and the crew were fared.
I'< ini,'iioed thliat the m.oior part if the
mlil"T ptonl,'t of Nanillcliet 1:;,e removed to
Si i'rii, ;i order to enager in the Whale
i :: 1u ler the auifpices of Britlitl Covern-
:I II,v. M. Foc O, appointed bv the Society
I pli"' -'iicg the Clofipl in foitr;gi part-, to
Sn, iI .Ir I lhefre lands, vacant by the rdalth
ih- I'. \Ir. Moti, may be foon expelled hlcie
m I.: ,l citt.
'I hF .\Aiil''s Piodullinn, Dale, from this port
"I :I V.'r a, xtrenmely concerned to inform lite
c ~l f I.icInt. Fea1 )eo W. W'OOanLntRIno
It i.i ied ,in the paffage from this to England.
I .ln I Hrt. From
. iT. S ir i'o. Minerva, Kelly, Baltimore
Si loo. F.irplay, Swainr, b New -London
S,. .Scloo. Charlotte, Jackfon, Cliailcton
S!oi.p Live-Oak, MaicKamin, GeorFia
J'-",p NonpareIl, Phillipl, Jmia:ca
.I. k:fi ry & F.inny, Adderly, Ballimore
Schou. -ally, Berry, Antig'ia
S t11.1 I). Far
"I 14 Sloop Pro.idence. Arltur, rChrltelon
Sloop T-cr Weeler, New-Yorl
t! SI. Sally & ilIfcy.Biumliall, (hat Lhlfto
i.,. Biij FSretdwill, Wallace, Gcolgia

n MlONDAY, MAY 22, 1786b
te..n':i, tir mirn of flev and One o'ClockL
I 1. 1. BE SOL D,
Act i'e VNnii Hy s, for Ready Monty)
-_l The SCHooNra
i '. Wilt, er .oat, Tackle, Furnitarc
.' a' I A arel.
A S Op-
Her C R G 0,
CONsIS a or
:ciicean Salt Pork. Ma Ira and Claret Wine,
litn, rratidy, Gin, covado Sugar, Me-
:ilsI, BHcon, Markarel, aifina, Indian Corn,
(cc, So)a, Candles. &c c. &c. condemned,
n li i Maiely's Court Vice-Admiralty o..
ihe Bahanma-.Iland for reach of the Laws f
I iK r I S I,
.t1 ONB A 'Clork the fame Day,
At the VENDIta HlIoUll
e Itenainder of the CARGO of theSchooner
a 15 LLA, confifting of ROUGH RICE, con-
dlelied in the faid Court, -
Martlrl C. V..A. )
\'n _",, iy o, ayl6.
o be Sold at Public Vendue,
On MONDAY next,
At TWrELrB o'Clot,
SMenfrs. Sterling & M'Kenzie;
I.OT' of LAND, fronting ai fert on the
New Rood, and Il fhet deep, adjoinJLr
i. Dauq'of. On the Lot are a numbefol /
anpe and Lime Trtc. The Colditionl wlMsI
declared at the plate f file.
3.. .1.. u QN o

vaguel Pho~ -


I '

; '.I

1 '

S c'
ll- '-

- !llmL-- -

VOL. 1LI. TH E No. 94.



From SATURDAY, MAY 13, to SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1786.

NAssau: Printed by John WEVLLs, at the Printing OTc on the BAY.

Alleric;an Intelligence. Prilz- ttirca iy the Kin;'r thi,i A're allowed, Tiliet y for a nntanift of hij Moll Chrinfian Majef-
no nthi ;. Aincrlran vclTlii which may be hcre, ty to ptrchfe a piece of tltirty acres ofland, for
B O s T N, M r3. 'ier taken, andt condlemnrd for fnlt':ling, tile puripolr of facilitating the mutual exchange of
B 0 S 0) N, M RH not to 1i-.11 a fortune:' hltt hlrnt. I l o- tree'land plintt, &c. of hpit i countriec.-Co-.
IT iv s the mol fenfiThle pleallire :i the trile Iequencc of ti l.e oicr.lcr, uwrds of .t liil o if mattcd to sr. Schenk and Mr. Hall, to bring in a
1 fre,,is of the United Statet, that tile riiifi- brig 1 ihmo,.it an.I it] on twi( h were i'. ll Iillt for Iah t pierpfe.
ol aal r .mnleu/ati"I, of Cosl, if meet willh eliplolyd a.,i,)'o'; the i1 ti,.s, ,r:- treidiI I Ef !efs Fetra ? *, th- Proreedinls rCfbe GCeral A4 m.
mei utO dial lpprsbatio asi well fiom the L. to tChe o.:I.r ; ,li, n.i y c.Ppital th:,p, mnm Ilt '~r o/fPen P lvania. Marrb 9.
[intlr :, a, front i;div I .uals of :ill ranks, fet :\ lic ii the pie ice took phi c. Thi ;Cnle in ui ** The committee to whom was referred that
eaily tie od .nd 1 cc1it:c I i ,1,' [ ir ,i',l,,..i'' ,n f'w ffl r it vto! li in St. 1titi iil' pLrt of thl m..n'ige from the Vice-Prefident and
Shii anin tcd lu. dui in .> i g i ani d Iblood) ih 'I I:. nlo:ig va,. is Il I'Ig: OU I.:,/Trbfich Ilkl li ak h if il, tio. r, ithe owner; I .e-e to'ri.,. t'im reptil -Th-lat in the opinion olthiscommittee, the
rt,. tlllt Ili. !; Ilia thIi iiiH:11 rile to e inorce t;i1 fOl r .. ir ,. l tith ll ili 11 ini.i, lit, l lit i ci iti i ili.e:.c c commiuicaed by Couincil, affords
cjlst i piolt y ;>.nd jullRc 'rii cpe plc ol thi o rl i r i C thiir 1 ll .,Id tot ;li t!he I".vc li e it o n I to doul bt but that the people at W yo-
Coinmn.,e.i t ll : wr.o long lin:.c c ..,ince. o .1i n If platelcrs wer.- ve. .. h l i;- 'i :, ni g'n an meditating a serious opposition to the
", "I i It Aai

propltrly ofl da Illl, Co n-r l : It [ip')
tI.,I v.1 geralnted V ry .ai-l ; rli raint ii not)
in I ic ; anl Ithe /Ih .pl/ *n. lt a i Ji.1, .Ts recoim-
IitIn 'i iln g.ptls l7 ij n.)'w l ndlier the co'f A
Ihitlio.i of thr L gigilll uc. Thi0i willi undh l):
t,.!! lic ral ti d in fcaIlcn, niJ a t g c ill"y to It I
i C'v. s. i lr i to tIh l l 1 it a full iC on pi
iii tIth req sil.ioti of Se t; c.idbl I;Pt, h Ir lit'i
ar tilr t tI. IC rilll ua I o lly, iil thl e I ,Io fC olI
K>'prc!es"i'.''iM c, ani w ill not tir ct w ith -I I '-
1 1; o h >i i .: l i o ;n ; tt t h e o l h .z i b r c I !. ,L,: in, Itu c. to fik .a p tt ' 't C n a ri .; .'f...- ,
Io.l I, titter. So that twe lI !, n' C.1 m r .'. rc -
tilu I e '. iiC l ree ill tllt' o I'Juli., the J u'lit I
iS,.i :I;N tllltc! OfO C tOrlou'. .
I lI t I' JL l in, 111I.) Ilr e the $1j 1
., lay lift l I. a i': b ,re th e S .I -
lI'LI,. J c'.I Courtb l f1`r t ,.L C(unty I f .t' 1..,
F ii I11.1i C te ..' I I ef 'Iti iI of \ I1 i
f llk~lr;, At la ting .ttconco 6, blf\1 1 t
hc'. i, i t n c ii lia w fec, I n tile .iin .i c Ii!
.i.6 tilau.Iln O r ot tll fi *d W ill in, Sr i, k
ro ,i .ll, ,- o r 'r ,l in l J |e I' f ll l l r o f O () r h c
1 T h T l' cnir t inc ; ",-, T h,. '* ih! 1V1 I!in i
So1tl to 1i fit to, th-: g.i't'o v w r-'h i r'lic lOiund
hi n .c Ik fi th f i ce c 1 hll; Si a. 01nd tihe I .i!0
Ill; .ii c t1 i.- : l rnlnd. cl, .Ia nl o bi -". on the g .1
lo is in the I lfain,. ].iannti I a ll for t:i fait e Il i c Oi
itil ."
it\ .1 CeTI 'Cl inc ,lItl(! anrn ',l o Trni tflt \W rfN -
Intl e we ani f.l,/ ure.I Wih ti t l',lowinil! r.. i
cllvur :-N lhling (he luyl) cran I r, ci, the l
i];i Im rcifd .TmiciciC, io s llching, or coiiigh i pe t t a y ll rilitll
p '. O kl .i antivc, by ev l)y p ilcket, to lith
cil.inl t rst tia It ltipll i o tf, i t) ('1if n :lie f l i
Iti: Ai: .,. ie.msi CGoi yr.ol ent bitii g and Ilole,)
nrisale F.:tnig, frnmie cvity iflnd, fin tih frnc
a, r Pr i. I u or lcrnoli o e St. i'i'
rtl Ih iIflU't llin i \l erc, totakc a lny AnIriclt
wi:hi ti l s of it he ll nd. The hn I cl in tc
hliclrf a' as cliIai.d within that dilani, and li

mrnlkier, iy the gort'arnient fihooner r f.o I ei;::
fUifniei, ft to b, an Ant rican llip. A llr' bflohng-
in t*o ItMr Hube rt Mortis, lput into BR.uadles inl
di6r0l, 4, ,I,,n.l toliflhn ; they gave tlhc C.Itaiin
ilh( it ton ll; hilcak; bit before he had.,aco)m-
p'iilltr hte tiorief'd, they camei on board, threw
in his l t11t f4 it barrel.) anil u, netl him out. lie
alf .d .h, Ai irlt, whire h Ihoile d go, or wlhat
he Ihlioul lo, in th.t condition ? AdImiral I rngher
rt li p t in 1( 11-to law.arel, among yoh r i -t.
licr." I'lhncc v fl'el; wet fitcl and conddmnned
it Domnica, for trifling catfle< ; oei for puttling
into all out .bay to water, anti one of the people
Ilun4iown to the Captain,n ech-.1111.d a fewv p ""uls
offilih foi a fvypoundi ofc ffie, by way of ftort a
,ily : Anoltcr belonging to the rlliald, tratlin:;.
to Vi tinia, fir Inilting American co!ola in e that
late, 'and eenglilh ones under them, with the
nnion downward. The American whalers are
firc-i at whenever they approach near their ifnands.
The minifry ppof they have now put a finillih-
m e strokee toi buiiing and icreafe of iifn. rl-
Vai .t1hefli. on order haIl lately been pa.fbed in
rE..iland, anld inirudtion.s arrived in FcbiuAry,
JIhat no American built v-fITfel fIthould be employ)-
atI or owvr.ed by Britifh fubje't, on any retenre
ahatfdercr, except fuchl aq were built fore the
SYear 17'16 ; and in cafe of dlifpute, the carpenter
of the lhipe of war are to dcterininc tha built.

I Ie t I I I it. illt thi s liflt f.t1 io c or tll.t
I'l I. r t I 'c e 1c n liil rIniAd lll u I;)') c rinl:ll y
4f. ert.cril ,,, '.i:v i lh antei ;i inl ;i lt,< in the
.11 1: I .t 111 l they .Ili, if Ai nlr.:ca ildh ni ot
cl i, Ib. adl miltrinl Br;ili li thipi t tir.l ,le wihl
:h-n, lt Hrit- ll i ti;;r rill Irlm A I trt I- rli;n tIK
1' l ily the ll, p i. k,'t, thel Cutlo.n I ic li lon rrit l n of 1) 1 n;Wn.i-" \e x\
..'1l to I c i fil l tlhi.r i-'A run i. nsi, not It iI Iit
hVy o Ir I ll r p. Iil of t t United lit w T ly
,I I''l or Nel w .l l Iflainl, wily di\ l.- 1 ..
h:i. St li il ab Iillg.lcy olritlih biu l ]lips, lt
*', r: '111. 1 C t Lr llrllg 1) 1I il i."
*t th :tent i .\- 1 .it I rtiii. n JO ,I
i' :i \" Ti f i l 1'tI z: l l I It `:. V ,i-
c1 en51L lt i t t it p ra, I l,;Ifi :O rlnb r, hI : ,
w c. It C' p;ly th fe Ill rndti; A.e I ru isi t to Iled I
: t iT! v 'l .. in I v.' lcli f I .i -r; o>ic'.i f't l ;,i :
: fii l rre tif l e. I t.nni Serin t l'r:i :':e, Ii C l. .--i,
'ier I' ri'i;h In,.ld Io) 1 f 1ir io tN I'.-l ', ly O ho e
.1'r lih, : i y, r ur ti ,, jav.i-S',- it vill Cupply
hrm fu': 7.
r ['r i tl ,. orc oin f n e I, llntlk of' i l' ltion TI
Ctllc of til' rhe re'litmrnt wd h PHfl noar on IliL

Ine,4, hi 1' VI la on11 y t ) pl f il lll l .1 J i pci fa t

."fgin to ,ilerl:c, ;y ti .it,;r e, a'll hale'' eo.'tJtunre
.the tcoind, yip, the pfabhill~ll 1, l of e1itr 1t 1
anottally,. exie of te nimpeitl; h itiet.
tllih l, r i,, thlyv p rfucd .i l n o nr piot. togI ethel
\itl rloir ,n .ill-ju Ifgel !not:', "n Il Ien l cc thA
\\'eti Idic,. to ruch altrce.; a- fin.'ly t, rfo:c the
b tli 'I ofn El iti ti i tn o fi cin I n 'il tre ty.,
mct'ge I ai vant, nThiscii toc th e Goei co nt y.
M irril 4o On F:,'.de i I lt r!.-: iF Z -;phir,
c Nei;.YLe, an r.u fDecember, icrt, irn 47 llyt
.'. :.'. B) OiS ,Ali-eil a vli e ,receivolf intelli-
;' .z I I c i t; .C I i Ih "I I 1 1 r y c'lin p cled-.
I, .1 1 A\ n i, n nurI i li I f'r t:' c -dim 'Iini it.
\ '1., Ik ;: i, i ; l ie Crul III, In .;rit ld SN Ita S.
at tII. hlipuibtc'dl Pric;c of lt.y !'.vicl per C. (itv
of dltIv.
S.ail llly ni,:ht 1.', ;zlht colnvits l.ilde thril-
'fcip f:oni Cnic-lIi,:n,, am.on: \hmon i thit
l.l]li. P lfilll Illlr- el?, -rd tile t','o 'iliatl'
C Y ,, ,i ,, ( M ,i ,.' l. ., ;;, ti .1 1 i- A- I ,. T h t 1 o Rhh)lc Illined I ils it !e t n it o:dy ac
ccdIcl th Ilt e hivc Iper cent. inmp't)t, Int Ito the
who'c ,'iinr'al I'yfly I iif revc"lue n, e mnr niled iy"
Coo,!rt, on the It h of April, ;;8 ; fo lihat thfi
exifellce of tile United Slaires n')w ,lepnds, un-
ider lIlraven, p)on the flatly of N.-w York; whole
i:.oin'llit n-n c in thie (ily ine.if rt w hi-ihi the ,wifilome
iof Corn;rrle IihaI becui attc to ( vilf foI)r our pnolit.
t-al ilv;alionll, (to which thit vinrahble body Iar
trrucilly prtfliig th min) it IF lioteIl, will fo(4,1
ref.l-c the naliol from ile blink of dtlifrolution, .1'
which thle is eilenlly ariiv'e, l. A lbon as fu -Ih
concurrence (fliall he obtained, the Krft part o: t'llir
leven,,e fylItem (tlhe impoft) will inimcdiattld r-.
gin to operate ; anil Congrefs till have confidkntce
that the Rates will Alfi ultinatcly comply with
the fLecond, viz. the c(lablillimniit of CfleaIn
revenues fIr rIpplvilg their refpc*tive proportion -
ol one million five h.milred thousand dollar?,
annually, exclusive of the impe llil dties.
1.r-:u rork,. IS. In the General Allnem
bly of Nqew-Jecrcy, now fitting at Trenton, a
mcifige from hid lixcellency the Governo'or of
the State was readl. together with a letter from
Mr. Otto, Chargl des Affaircs of France, !'ated
New-York, tilth Deccmbcr, z785, reqlleing

aulhn rily ol government I and it appear to them
hlighlv txpedlent farther to firengthen the hands
of Ci'tncil, to enable them eff'cdnal'y to carry
into exrcntion the ad patfid at tihe laf fcllnu:
Thely thlerfore filhmit the following resolution:
Tih:t a rinm niter be appointed to bring in a bill
oin lii.-'r ze the Supreme Ecclltive Cloulncil to
i if.i a ..I 'I ''p v iitnltecrr, in addition to the
p',hori ii il mcifilrc diiledcd by an ad, entitled,
" .An\ 't f A r Iquieting the diftlirbances at Wyo-
min-,, for ptldning certain offenders," &c.
.'1r. i. It appears that the dispute between
the ri nl o'" Pltlnf;lvAnia anid the Conrcificut fet-
tlcis ; i i i hlilahltrt of Wyoming. has again re.
iiv,,l "'hei pithv dchaten of the PInnfylvania
A iffrl I o.nlratle I with the determined rcfo-
'',;oi, I f thelt Wyoming settlers, betoken a
!lii 'ht i,.- lioonly ilfTe.-Many of our Amcri-
I. lih'r i.. !,ive, in faf, exclaimed, with the
i .i ;-i'Tin ) It nCat "I Wlat pity 'twere, we can
lie hlot olie to ferre ollr country!" But here,
'iv. a(, .rcf,iondcrt, with no lefs propriety muft
very f iLnI tt' peace and union cxcalin,what pity
it w'ce. thih every provoker, aider, or ahetter
or ilntc,,lIr, Iholtilitici were not alreadyy dead!-
h'!le pFr.iI 11 vo;ce re-echis, would that fome
nl I, r., fr.lerally iijurioun !hin hIod'/d W .,
rlould !bt '>,hiterd. Siippofe, ifthelin ofjuflice
c.aliot h: al':rtailled, the dispute be equally dr-
vided ; or, !Il t the tra/c he made anl independent
n.Lte, &c -If it ik known which party has juice
on hi fi de.,-- be t bhim who relraintlh his
I.:nl from aloilri rikbtI
.laich a1. Should the rulers of the United
S. ile of A:nerica tl il with the fair inheritance
Ihat 1:'. licent acitiqrcd by the toil and blood of
ilt ouftie tiori virtuitus bands of Patriot, that
ever were cemented by a popular cafe, a ranger
mnlt make the fame rfln-iun on fencing the ha-
rv.k iwh:ch will lie made in the lawa and right of
ihe ipeplec, that C.lar did on feting the field of
I'Ph. Iilia covered with the dead bodica of Gain
Ril, ci izen,, v;z. It soes their own toitr.
/,!r/l 7. A cori cmenilent observes, that the
J.ln.l'ca f7zete makce a great boating of the
lirviy of a iMr. Fltverdew and a Bull Dog Bri.
it li vel;I of war. f;izfg federal American wc0ll
ta'ely in that inand, and thit Very few of the
St ates lhare empowered Congrefs to regulate trade.
Onr correfpondLnt willies to inform there Jamai.
C1 Ioallers that they will shortly find to their for-
row, that Congref have ample pnwers, and that
we' tinll have as tllrp Bull Dorlland Flowerdews
as tlhe) h ivt, to catch Britifh fminrglerst
.fp itl t1 We hear from Pjria, that Melir'.
ITTorcan andi Delepine, two emlanet Ihlreonp of
:h it c;y, have extralfed a (lone from the kidony
if' p.itieni at tleI HoteldeDieu, which belnl br
like, \Tas foiind to contain an animalirefembling a
tlatl, which dicd on getting freh air. Whether
the re- or p.aiwn oIf any creature was taken jit
hlis min'i holy by fundlon or respiration or
wictlher Iich a rtptile could be engendered by
corruption of the juice, al ring-worma, Is now
a llinjoit of clehate in the phyfcal and furlicat
acadetnier it Paris, and well deferves the dflcur-
lion of the learned, in ever country.
'T'hrre is a curifrity in Virginia which fermi
tonpara!leld any where.-In the county of Fin.
castle. there is a fmall running water, or spring.
profiled of a quality which cannot tdcflai

S. -_Z- ; RF M ASONR Y. To be %old at Publi Vendue,
SP O E T R Y. H' "re" i T tTed. f"c,,- a h r' At a "i Oi M.NDAY, tih- ai of MAY ilet.
I L~ S S J n tl.he .vnt, l r, I'fl 'i,"CL i I 1 ;, ] ,,f /,y,-,ra'v 'i, Ir.! f bf br rival Sale.
e, FOr the BAHAMA GAZ F.T .. ', t .. .... 1i t "' Froin Forty to Fifty N .GROES
SThe following Triblte to depuItl.' l W \\,,rth and to oureadly mal lv born il ( ioalit al Flori and indifr
Genius. was w ittieil by a Gent'larn of a. | m cive l SafArf, rr be thit O.iy 0, i. m 1d p,'tajli) Proncity. Perlons defirouis ffpurchaliii
9South Carolina in s;6, arid h.i ne CeTr befuit Monacchty. .'l reg triunplnt in ll I the 'whle or part 'v y P'irate Coater. may Iarni
i appeared ih print, o th wo ly. ie Co iiitis a'.1 u lier part l e, on .p.
IQ OrdabfonteJ lJt, Death of RtntLlo)u tIuclEat, 4. Mfa thIlr nnttte ri'v M"'lho I ii to
Il/; of C tkisrn4 i*alt, of a lnnm o&f of hishear. i Nit v r ha1 1 i' i 't| '* C i. .\. MO ,r
SMidellwrO. P/'erms, anlJ q T:i Story o; at d never he tI, l.e to, il,r < a t r,.. S' 1' .ING & MACKENZIF.
S;IA laind D n liiirltfiicl. n. Mayivry fin' hi crt i te '.c'l N. i. The N ttnes are no, at Charlottevi!le,
SI'R() t 1fce ue te, i r ,lef rli e tl. i-i' .r-elng n:i d orchalcoil, al,! [,,c :, d I. I Of ,i tl It 1 lt r M r. \V i NK Vl I Vlb i W i n to P t'rfr
i 4 1 . all fef, or lir. I gai;t ,' tlic cr .!i.f- c ir arah' of ri.rhk, 'fh: I lf- il ir !q of h lcoiin g purcha licrs a: y time bL fore
SFront 'oi.. ni.' rctrc. and lih ni f inr:,i tirrl l 1 of a i, 1 'p r .1i .l. it1. the 0di if (Ilh'.
Whiubfc b prl jni fit |pritig fr.nm (,ihe'. prin, I 6. The Cyi''i r il icoii.i h, ti-. I : I i, c i '
S1ie .n i.ti ,riiiiki'-ci, ck wih id. -... c re t li tn, i. Ipli, .'.- i 'r i iYit i i ..ii t i 'i' I. A T F. i Y I IP O R E D ,
'lh' ui antfwcred giican, ar.l Ihiacs i' t1i.ftie, a tlr i. 'i t prli t ,, to i / t 0 IS 0 1. D,
Eut, ,l .(nl h.,l.le h,,gi. |', ,,I .r tt 1 l l:' f e r, e S U B S C R IB E R S,
A lld trek, fr on fynpI lhcl ;. e, rh ll l the l '' v ',' I'e f, 'X o B
q r ~'f ( M rT, 1.' retire wh-re n 11 r,, (I ", e i,, I CL 1t 4 t T' I.' I t rv Tt ti h'-- rd of on I .e BaY.
Suit, gurln, for-,, f.oi, l..h -ro ,,!., hill. .a th .* e N n'i t i . .. . t .an, cut 4 .. ter.
On.e cl ic l t III -i' w ie- yoI r ni 'li cst l i t ', it. II t l hC l ,f .l 1 ; Qi *,' a ', 'r- I' um.I lcr.,W anc lalTi
,,W r .,it en ye .r ba.'.s, a d b ba hi. fu,, 'r y t t s Ii I i ,, .. I l. 0L ",, ,A i tobleds. tc.
SFi oiu n' a.,t fit l.L h o. I rn [ l ad, ii tt Iii n : ll A, general arffrtinre of
Celttliu et rt, f. t.i! rI r s di,.s' r 0 ': f illtr .--T.av r h l' ;r m '' 1inimoi Till 'A Act, and
Cr.Ii[ or 'e h nimmr up, .1 \. r i in -al. t fnirc otilr a l t r:, , l I 1 C;., fl! k in Ki.hen U.
I be grove i.tri (nilt.l i Ail en 3 f pLur '.i'M i r .T:. I -,. '-n i.i.'lr :1 pas unll e
D c 1 W.iil i rr/i y. : ,tin let lt r .1; 1 .r oo :n l p ;'arc,
S, w;fe, Iff M IIityR r,,. fR.-' 'n ft Ill .v C a lI: Iii l l "'i rn' ll .'...lig. Tea & Coffeer Il r&e.
:,,r fIr :r.* i ,r pt..'rtr O ,.l c,, 1 e p ITi i. : ir '.,i:, ', "; T rinc 's nietAl an.. plate
'-i1l Kn:llau n.nii, r ; : in tI U i;- % -e, 1i May wisdom n n 1 l 1 i rr<, .C t1u.l & hrc,7 i, & I o Cand'cdtiks in |Iri or
I han when. l tllhe r h 1 't h' th llip(rt ( .r ;,.ln Tc h utiun a, i ', f'l
To m'.Jk n tear.i hi a, i,-n p i .i ne s. beauty a(iorn ir brI d I. t 2. l.e -t: -, rhrc .1 in',Filh ture,Ketchup.
Or itfrhro' Natr'. n,,' Ie !.!e n .ir v, ii .-.V t 1' ) f .' ,' li -': p, er r,' i t Tr i' i Q: Oil, Mt iiirari & PicJte
t Ii u; -thl u ar I par:I t r I f l: tr v.*l ." ;.' ', I t he ... a t', f ainall afirtment of ra-
In ultc iie, ht r- \ '. :,-! I. (I c'. 1 Oz l' m ily t.dicitiec, viz.
it h C h r odfre', Cnordi, Ac
ihlft Inm V rn.1 L I m .- r. .. I .r l w h t ip to the In' *.l (n. : li e ,n o im'dw th ], Ii t nI the (; ". I "- f, I i 1. ',he f,| n ig r ad
A. ln Frilee Ih p .,,. th .i inb.. Y I' I ,,, 1 ,,f I l.,v 'i'I C I ,.-, 1.,I., -. ; ,ip t- I i.dl.tig N.i.:Ih
St W fl,n'. .." u !t'en-l fur 1' n fr ', ,' r. ... D; i i ,s of ('or .o f m l
H cr e righ r'; n I; hl thee r 'i i li, A tr ti r i nrl' : t 1p ', I r ,,,I .i1in aiche .I'n' l. with M. r-
B neatl ru low i rn u -l ,'.I i. : CA POORit iho rina iii'. -ii ..: r,,. r- an HIuieir line
l''"l ..' h n I v w, w- w y ic r .lt .i r- l ; ,, ) tn ii' ir )V ''. i 'n i t, i ,, L.,-. i, and ?.,l- C tlemen' wnte and
1 l1it rhe wilId I d a w' i l n' r.r'i re t l, ut '"., 'hrl' ii :l M . ] '. .' ii 'i N :i ." .uk lr, ver little
An I had 'he M ul 1 \ i, ,.- ; A";i'u tc'i i "f ;, .'.\ i a i ,;r I '" 11 I t Dolr,!t ,,l fint l : reti ed
liy ..uigeetyt q','' E -1no -is .m ral..i' !' Le in It i fll r lh -, ' '.1 : ti Dr i'. 1 I' l 1 '' t ar
RetlraiTu i r g-, aIl ht iei A l ahct n .et ; r'l he' :i ,':n '- i i 1.; rt Hy-rri TF ea l .fr a Cn rr
SpA re, the gay tree, wih ga, y bi'.l iio t, ,c',' the 1'u i t", ', I I l-' '* '. him -' i Sc lc 'li, Ot ,il. o t',.u .t &
Or T'irver lp dici.t h. e t da.l Pa ; 1 ,t d, "t I i 1 Ii''ri.Lt u e; .c, Ietf Il'-,ac'o
Or v N,, 1-116c, "" l, _',, ;h -
In N ,'ur '- c!'.nl. 0r A, I -.1 ..i '..v ., h .. i ' ,' tie .. i r' *' e i ' r "' il ci-. .p lefi't c. 'ithtiin -
Iler Pru' i Stud in rd -. nl y : p n l i ilit i," our r. *- :i,
T n .u ai 'l frrii br ', i, ric 'cr ;., rc /" .' .- I L k by te ie or Ic ff.i r' o' tl iir n ,.d,, w.i h f' ir har e s : ; i i i '.I r. v iri i ' h .. OI iiyt
A' uni c n l :th o v. r Lar lJe, H I r .iidi' in ,: i d, '.'n ..r, v Caht' r 1. lo.i r.c P Wine
N oi: r -a f,,rc'l r ,n'\ l lrs J ic'd.. .cce' I" *e ',.,!' kI' "i '= '. ;e .t ,' r l nn., '. 1 .1 ., -. by t(!:e dill)
'her" fi r L str d t pronf. ,.u ray, ' cr f e ti. an i I ;' *;; n son & l'rly inl p'in; or
I he pir: i, p f.- th- he pae y, i !r. pl'y. t k i f.' l I I : I.: Trtn Ifer yl u'ni ity
M r i- I : h,: 11.'1 brona, i:.: a':r : tr-e, gent'' m r i th' ft h r u ,, h l f l ,nr i lrr n & L: n h. ing i l t bt.rci c f 4 prtine
R, pul hl f, .l if Re i urthcr re i c 'i 1 .)i f l i.r' l P r r:, ,it r nIh e. Flur, and Ir ft .1 f
An l 'hro' o 'c:.r;$, rug uii c 'if- (l f.i, p'p"r n 'fi im -; ',' -h r l 0'i i'i''w Like G(n thi rl i:.. wtth I nou :: .g'.,. n'd. It i f fl"Irl a ',i 1 9 by l i ii l' ty rto
o; r hro' ale. l,,le :r, ,. l' i l; t'en fi Ind 1. r ri.,'t II.; 1' I '.; t : 1 S 0,
In y r e ',l, ') pntetit .. ,' c ::' I'i v i '. ; i it r I Ih flin 1 i,! uipol Contfinment. an. to Ib
t'lh' ii rin 'r yii'.. Ito i. a L. r ,, i e i i , r' 1 t, I" r i., 1 t vi ry Aino rater advn rce,
I'rha,) e P h:e by :he 1, 1 |An ele,-ant Aflortmi oed
'U''.; hel-ut" r h, *. irw f', i u h' ,;l *t u ...i ; i 'ouei.-- .ictr c,dar 1 'B,. '.'. ( r r ', l",li lic n "' .y iintc tt e At ict l t ,
I B e r l, o n f,,r ,, e h ,, y pipit wilh ap, y a ',ci l W i l Ii c t ir.i ,I 11 ' t '- y 7 1.1',y, the .4,Klc
An, l ,: o, b )ant el l, ii.i l ii; n A R -It tr u i ll; ,u oo be is
Cr ro' :h;l 1ci rc-, iv h re i ,. a o i, t hli cel, hl" iA tr' e lt >.. I. l' n ,, ii1 A ; !,r I..- ,r ii K -. Ik I, be is,
,.i lr. h hl:e.h s r.,t t n t ,],ir ,:c '.ca : hI 't r nf ,,i '' t Tlr I i .. I I ,e
A .r! he h 'dl,. -l lc .h Il.,.. th; l frictarc ," l ,he r.,h i .;l ,* i. !;-Cl I I.l j ,I P mN & o
H r.,i-il,, t tili- th -. u-nr f r,vl. fatry fr c ,,gi c-vi "' I' i ', : !,'!, V, t111p 011o ICeflic, & 03.
s-, -h 'reIul wurk -l.h R g D ytp' y EmN ,! ry; net r tlhe p rt hty her I.r hli'i hi ,.r, l . '- -f.
T.,' l- en h yit lcl dto rc t i ; ; cl'll.'d. Tlt brinc are pum' !i i N r '' I l I' Y ;V
T,, r.l .ro atc.i, ie-troui fei5 mt nii.., i' th n ', ir 'qular m. in' r, 'i P to all PC I ,s in t led t Ihe fl .i ; I crV
WAher think nan fwltl .:alni n fino ; of h ,i: ..! ., I, ., n V,"n .\' .c', duc inl t thae d, f uti(,n
W h4 n I e,,d t frind, i well wagh' though in- h. h r lin ,. .' iti elL i, r n . ,n ; i I r r 'to i ,'l;, i 1 An; l tha t A s1iai

fth- '(~citul with ll l fanatiry."e bait cll7 tune. iii ii ii .p ti tlici., u ti' c ii' I a o i t I 'it at i fit' at I,
Zarcy, pyio !I yI t% b c w'ilo
Cnii ic il'where J.:ft, l re fall e h o'lbj e n lr"; tw" it icn. 'I '-1' ,1 I' ''' '*'' h 'he pay I"n n .! ininGe'y' I ;t, wi be co ; .lecnc l
P-.if sf.on t rrcry. t, ls,. fron fi -y. .rc. tn,, nI-' -i- :c t 'r "C th ,. ,0 l c L. i" i i1i,11 th't a r l .I roi ai l "s t is eNVC.
iht.n ti w h ere w ronaJg ( d aE: ilhcr' r .r'i ag; te S l.. ; i, 'y i-v- ,n ,1,r I i, t h i e c ,' i '' n t o g"1 aw a it" m" "n
1 ,ti h i- p Ib c h,.o l a claim, i'd hi, lc f It i, i r i i n.i p !l i dnt f t o l o l tlg lc cc as I all cali cy) b ccn
R plcte *rth fa mh,.mr e s.fKI7 ire. Fi 1 l I t i I,, l 1l 1i a 1 gAl r 11 .
A. CIer .mo Rill .hc' 'niehh hc I fo', ,h lrl;d', 11,1,1 al0, li l < 1 .a I ,N', r c11;1 IF-g,
Ai Cie ti ter, flill he 'ighl ed r tfriter ( ud i tn- r k t n r ii D;,n
A hearrtf wth ,nlc, and thle tlt cr,,,t n'. t i r i ., n in. -er loo< m li-.: f l. JOHiN DEI NNISTON.
But ,e, he prone the inl i f ,rn t r ciy liay'. r i ;,l ii r hti, k il hlut I a r ncil iyt .J.Hfaa, V.: e s86
Srr.- hat.. It j.- his eit er ve iilay .t ftit IIure ,f hicittlh. T hi ere !,-',, ,i-t a;,pcir ii-- ,'- - -96.
i.i o uiceld i ln, the f hrklnt g bowl woi 'd flow, anY v; .-r fle of this rr;gfi ,lar pi .r ''cnii ,n- A I.8. Pei for, having demands ai iti tl. Estate
It,.yt.i the hat Cynic laws allow; R(' ire tle l break, lit always .ioi liTinl f 1. of thle lste LictllTtiant-Govrour,' are rc
'I hen -dec oti frolic thoob in- merry hall, pa In l t"i e v'cry flip t fic'ral wtekl;, ithrc'i ketpi qrucitd to hrint, in their ac ee .nte s
TJ'h- tieI rfl 11icl fr (fClive fanes wrnld eC'l; incrreiafi till they In.lp, ail thin ,-ec orff in .a cHENRY YONGE, Ad iifltrator.
And Ant kIn r hoft, to nleafe ht riendl fuihiit, fetv d. tly,. lre the botl im itc iit five. tix, oT Nalt At ril t ?6.
SIt, h olic, all tmufi. nid his hanour win. tle l fvhe has inow a h frclhi in it\i7 l onne LL Pert' it II hatng any tlintit ds a,"it the
,t c fn- mirl'd hienarcu., under IHylen'i', wing, i'm, tlth. Itle experts will il 1 broken A Ellate of Jof ns CA. N AON, I te of Carleton
An prtnei.'d all rhe iov. rheir uanon briijgs i M, lt-. Tlhis tioor wii n itn hat chlht : ra2iur(s in thick Ifland of Abaco, Planter leafed. are
P nmift accur'tl that fleet to en.pty air. within a year aI half, f(,cn of while, hcfel her deired to renTd them in atte ed, and all thoik
And pield. thn change tr Ice: t>o fcl dlelair in the lft tw l month, t; awl .l tvilho,t ,a indebted to the Flate, are requctit make in-"
I u ne's cohlt .plsi e h'rcrncitilg Falr helaoad, eitrraI eaiil' te ltrititte thern to. ediate m ent to
Blu Death fion wrape ith m in one conaimmn bhroud' mediate payment, to ,
Mi 4 R-ieznation Mlurinur'. voice reflrain-, .-.-- l Hl'tGH DEAN, and I A Admrl
Whilft Anguith leader hm to their dear reminsi; A I.. Pirfone ta-ving demands '1t'theEftcat of JOHN DENNISTON,
And ote revolving M on hkcoldi the tiravea L Mr. ALExANDER RonDsRoti deceafcd, late A LL Peruone indtotcd t WMr. JuN BareTT
The BDLhc, thcM -ther, and the Sire receive of this town, art defired to rcnlr in flatel of A now abflen from thief and, are reicrtedI
SAh! may fpmnm ri il. on'enial with 'hy own, their claim, pr'opetry attcftc, to he fiihfcriber I to make immediate paTmn~ ito the St'- crib.,
SAl.nbhf preaf. nd mnke thy airtuceknown, and thore who are Indebted to th flate, are re who alfo requeftE thofe who \ve any dttandi
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__ _,,,.__M. _. _ANTII. ROXBURGi!, Admr. NeSau, Ma; 5p j786.

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