Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 6, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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A eircumfianial Account of the CIawN ATTA Act. the d: frcnit bltterine, to diref th. fl:. r' in l.e modei the Governour waN prefrht on the King's Bniia.
by SeA and LAND, oa the fao- .K.a at UGIaRALIA, firing the hot (ho,. hilft Iieutenanr (;neral Boyd took hi. fslaioi up*
on the Ijh of September, lyF, by ths cLualtLu Abont an hour alter n-idnight, the battoriig fhip en the South Tflioin; animatintg the Garrifin by their
FusrsT and Amians of PFRAca and Sr.,a-. which hait ful'cred the greatell injury, anid which had preten.e, and tnt oulngi. tihen to) enmlation. The
[(,rFe Cap. Ds.RINWATn R'R /Hif/ory f/ Ata Si.e fiequefitly iern on fire th: prece.i-ni day, w.tilit* utertionn n. alivityv ot the brave Artilery in this
Gihraltar, jn. pb/,jld.] pletoly in flame.n anl by two o'clock ihe ealpe-red il woll-fought conreft. deferve the higlKsel conalcndtioun.
T lIT ten battering fhip., after leaving the men of *"ne unttiucd blazen fr,.m fiem t ier,'. The Ihip to To their Ikill, prfevcrance an r courage, with the
Swar. wore to the north andl little pall nine the fiour ward was alf'i on fire, hut did not hurn ,ith nllifance of the lin.,, particularlyy the worpe in the
o'clock, bore down in admirable order for their eCveral fo m"uch rapility. liThe light thrown nn on .tl Fides tovn, th. 39'ih an 713 R.'egimert) wan Gibraltar
iations; the Admtrnl in a two-cclker, moving about Vt th1 aer enabled the artillery t) oi t t tcir glin ind. ltced far it fale y a-inft the combined powers
9CO yards oft the King'* Baflion. the other fu;-effitvely ith the utmoll prcfiGon, w!il|l thle Rorl and neigh- lv fee andI lihd, of l'rinee and Slp ln and though the
taking their (ttions to the right and left if the flag during object' were higily hllun;itrd; tormlinr, Marine lriadl ha! net fo cnnfilrhl e a lhre in the
Aip. in a mainerly manner, the moll diftant beiua with t"e o flant Ilaris of our cannon, a mingled dl?:es of the hAttorier. yet they merle the warnme
about eleven or twelve hundred yatdls fom tlicgarrilin. fcfle offtlbllnity anld terror. ll-otwivi tIree anid olr preiteei fr their rencroen intrepidity in refcuing their
Our artillery allowed the enemy every reafonaile ad- o'cncl:, fit other of the battering lhip, i ll ated the devon l enemies from ntidil the flianc..
vantage, in permitting them, witlout molcllation, to elicacy of red-hot finl ; and the apr roachlintlle y o; Whillf'l th enemy were tool, and their rIips had
thure their dillance; but as foon as thie frl f hit drop. promilcd u one of tile comirp'tctl dcienl~li vitor ics rerecived little dam. e, their principal olbjec were he
pei her anchor, which was about a quarter he I-c ten on record. Kitg's Baftin, an, north of Orange's
o'clock, that inllant our firing commiencrd. h'te ere- Brigadier Cutrlis wd o wx encamedi w hi li hIt- Balfion. larg.ft fhiI n (which were about 14S
my were completely ny tee in little more than tenl rade at E irpl. hleiing inforrned th l il iI'c ('cj: t(nll hlirtlictr ) were ftationed off thl fI.rner. in order
minutes. The cannonade then became in a high id. fhips were in i lin., antd i t the c .':.a ot d La to l .ii e that inpotl int alltter y; whiift a hie ih wu
agree tremendous. The Ihowerf of h.t aid Ihclls which woull permit h,. to a. it atrteii c I, I ti, rcilt, i. the curtain eattilii; from
were direrdcll from their land-bat.cici, the batting thtre o'clock, with a detaerlrect it the Nav 1. It, the Lii-r :, Mnr.' a re' B ifion. If a hrech hid
nhipc. and oi the other hand from the various works sl and drawing up hil. hot. iiin fh 1a 11 an r as i n k n een ,TCfee Ie the eprifnnern iani.reed u., that t" Il t;r
the girrilon, exhibited a Gene, of w'ich pcrhats nci- the batterinor lii-, compll, d therr d 1-r to a.- !,n I :renrirrs wirc in have frormeu the Garrifia n ier
thcr the pen nor the ptnluil caln furrili a coinp(tetr thel n. As the day ap;r,)achJ.d an! tl.c .rr:l;rl-lire r ovr nr Ilhe cimiline fleenr." The erivale nmei (eI.
idea. It is fulffient to lay, that four hundre.l paces abated. the Brigadier advance I annl c-i rrcle two lin. i plainc, h' rrly tf rh i t er* fir dfrcrib iine the he t
of the hcavief artillery were plhyiug at the fame meI chei. There boat attempts.. I ft ef,'ir; hi ah a n nt ter;n:f tips to b e nniiv e lrhle, orul lor nromifing t it
nmcui; an inflanic which lhas ,a.rtily occurred in any killirr and nwounllir'g veral men n.n 1lard ne ,lrc .ftIn they wire to he lecrotlld by trn rfil of the liae, ant a11
fiee f rne the invention of tole, wonderful cenginle of they f'rirendired, nd we: c .indiild to I.tagted.S! iff. the rm' an 1 mirar-hboat. 'Ill y further tol I t., chit
enclie i,,n. The Drig;.;er b- ne inltrn-re bI the if' eir-, that thel- hail l.-n tTzht to believe the grrri" n would
After forne hnurn cannonide, the hattering-fliipa m.nLy wre rhreluut n'-rfrirv 1, l y h-ic frici .l n r non h* ht' 'oo liflharge ininy ronuii or l t ith hal't: lheir
were fund to be nole, formidable than they had been hoird the fii,.. he et, rcuily d-'-rninr.-,1 to refcie Afinnnl;h-cn,, therefore, wai ilnc:civarh'e, when they
reprcfetted. Our bhlt hells onten rcbtunlded from the't fermn the iiicvltahl. dlcah wIl.i- ii f e-nid ti itt. dircuverrd Ih it we fired them with the fime p-rceifn.
their top', whilP) the 12 lhot Ieemed to he incapable spend. Sonte of rthe iirf.:llalr. v.rrerhe<, hotwevr,. andl v:v.ic.y as c old Ih t." A Imiril M r-no." they
of making any im-relIonoon their hulls Frequently (it is lCO) refi:f d a'. fir: tht !:'ilrar;-c wh'il wrl- Iai '. qi;:tcl the P.- nra. which was the fl I-.ii:p,
we battered ourfelves th. wer-- n lire, hut no fooner ten 'etedl their, fi i i.i' thl- chance of thi' di h a little It f,,re midnight; but other olficcr retired much
did tile (foke appear, h, with t e on prfcveting '`llih appeared i .evi. fi> t ib F pit tr. ih- e I carter
rltrrpiddtry, men were rl vd app) n water, from '!.:'h. ,hi iha It I e r' i Iw 11 e 'i- r- I i icrl ff i.r.i;:i by the enemy could never le aferer
tIier en. n n within, to nfc pliaccs roin whence the q"e.e, i they i f th i.'i'ii. ,1i :h itr: if n I el.' left aintil, Iut fI -n 'lie i.n rmainn of the ptirnneri, and
fimn' e iflfle,. I holere cir llaltanci. vjil thc prodgiu, how lor forne nire- e rn the h rnrt o, of th ;i fre, tle inum't'es Gci n 'a It on bard tile Ihip'. we efimated
c.nnt nale w'icih ihey nai -.., J Ah, us re fn. to they hcc .'cned the or n ri r-.r: T, e r.! fit h. t ic ; T- i cr rnl t he, l-r< than nc fr nn. int Ialine the pri.
Itaire rha*' le attcmav ou. : r J fan diled, f Ives r l ti:e kmn- of lIrh, Iir n crr. fnr r T''c .uala ,r the C urrin were t'o trilling,
a*, f( it i) r re,, lin cfl a ail lc their ilind-bttcrier W hilt, the navy wv,, re : It liimr el-et Iele.'r;r t' :,er rh r i v:l ..ppear .lmadrn inrtre 'h'r thlir ftch I oano-
Ie eh f' n i') .ix-dled. h- en-mv's cannon at the diflrcrli-l enemy, te n 11 -ci r'a-1 I rie .ntrinr- ; i ri.y rf Ir e, iii. in !o a'l itr deflrueiv, mnnder of aSien,
corl rnccenic-' were to,) ,,ich elevated ; but ablulit onte o rile hatt-rin: (FI; i to '1i n iril ar-. w.ic!h '"i tl Inrt l. ve p-oduced more rfr ,. with recrrdto
tifon t e r Ii ii, wI powe-rful, anl well direled. blew up abu"ll five on'cl.'., nilh i Ir-,rItl eit pl'll;. t. Ih- Ifto nrmen:; th' re ien p only I nferr. a ferieant,
Ouir alufal. then liern'n:. n'il-eron,i. p particularly on In a qu rlter of in hiiir if Il.i I, -ni-her. ill tIen .nl t1 rian .nmn file killed; iad ffiree. r6t ank and
th, fc hbattrirs nnrlih if lie Ki, B Dillion. which wle reire- of the li i, n-r with a T;il f to The wrc le % ir l.' '. The dialinr of the lhatteri;n-harl, fr,,n
Sarimly ann.,ye, I; the c:c.-iy', flii n anl rrveoef, fim Ih latter fprea I to a i :nt, ,nl involved the (; rr wT-i n rutcly rch as na r Arfil'ery could
foe Irom t c ilt. Thn gh f>, vna't-unfly nan iycd "' y.'n-hias in t:Ir ntniloft dl.rcer, tnri fi:n'r, Ihave w re i I! r'quirted In mill an lervition. that
Iomh Ih. ithmu. tiur a 'illry rnta '.l difrcelrdcd their bllt th- eccw we'- lvand .1. h' ,' fi it i r.i' ah'nnq irvr R raon placr-, and the cannon tlIut eva.
eppinentc in that q-I rter. dl.- c'ing their fole utteit n the br.romn ofhe I' t,:ai 't i. hi. ai iin Idllel, tl did not r,'-q re the (hit te he wadldi : a cr.uan.
to the battrruing-lhi-.. the luriu and spirited oppufi. and the tfir t-fli n i inti.J id: a. I for t1il- -n- tley Panee n t l c;rirert nr* as the time !;irh at rpint.
t, it or lr ic! i frve.I r, excite our people to inore nm. were chmfreire in *'hi- loi:l ,f rIimke. Af:,r thiu very 11 nit won I hve lihen expended in dnitbly walddinF,
ni its I errniins. .A fi, more trm Iind is' if poible fIoriunate escape, i, iwa, I:, n I yru,:ent :' wIi'h.!:-va'.v cit. e.n..l'.i :n I '::eping up ihe c.tnnon.i.e with "reat-
t I n e ,-, w va therefore directl- Iromin ih- .gril.on. tiwarda the gKr r.l. t avoid the pTu :- ri- from er hbifti 'f. The damage 'done ti rc-r w tks helld nI
in ef'.t Ih. ies of hot ha;l, carcal. and Ihclli of the livlni r p i :te rcn o'r' ipt l'! riPa lie, proprnrn wiit t]e violence of rn artuk, an I the
ev. y f rcin, fle from all q and in the m1Iali however, vifir,.l o!hr Ihip i i hi rr:ir:, an I enxeTive ennonrrar whiih they hl:d fl tai.ed. The
of fevcral lo the nl rt wer. Ihot away., and the ricging landed nine officer-, to product. a.ld thitt h,.i1 .red .n, merrln of I- d fi-rent hat*crie were dirf.rdrerc., an
of all In great crnfiufn, our hipc of a lavourable atd t'enty-frir priva. folli, u- an! fcurne a'l Sp ri iri, the 0fn ih f 0-,;n:-'s a1iion was itl -le injured but
fp rely ilcc lion hegrn to revive, which with one ofTf r amn elI- r:e 1 rlnch'n.', who liai tile Iner vaI c h' iy i .lone ',y the lail fire, andl wa
Abour n min, the mortar-hoats and h'Illmh-letcbh flAlated in the prccLlitg eCvinei;., Ircl :!ie I .ail r rnl. no of fuich rnrfqcence as to aeornd ar monm lfr Ino
a tempted to fC.(0d the attaIch from the flips; but ilc her fIverd 3., M Iny ir the pri;rner. vie-e feverely, p-elh-n'trn. T'. ordnanc- anl carr;i: A were a'el
S wiadji aia ii.' ttR ied to thl- Inh-wcfl, and blowi i anId o me of thL ni'ula .Ii' ly. w'euied TI-y were lamani-gl; but by the nnlivity of ite artil'ery. riue
A EB Sm1hr i qth a heavy ft c', h y p'ere prcv. t e inflanily, on being brTt hy ,n fli i.e, crovccil reo owr whole fea lhie, Irlrre night, was in f, rviciahle nd', r.
4e se 1.41 the a) on 'lie .fame reafon all; hfpi'al. and every re 1- ly a.n; red I; cailry for The erney, i" this adlion, had m.,re thai tree
hinndr our gun boat from flanking the battcing.; their l .Trernt can',. hundred I i1 <- ii iavy ordinal L i;n pliy ; w'Will "e
hips from the southward. During the time that thc n; ic 'i-i tl wrr er. G irnran I d i iny igh' cannon, fevcin nairtre. ain
For fome hours the attack and delfece vrerc i equil- coun:terinc Trel y danger in their L lcavoelr to five ar. !ine ha,: 7e- in ,tppariion. T'lwans of ;e',t rh i.
ly well supported, an fearcely tin aduin any aipear.alr,: enemr frarn iocrihliin:, t'i-- ba6"ri- onI tlh- ilih'iu- land thuee 1 ,il.i-t1 round*, fniore than half olf whc
s(f superiority in the cannon4le on either 1itJ. ['h ( whkh- ceald the prcdl;.! eve i i,. r-o likely fir were :-./'*i tn! fever hundred anl fisrtcn hirl-1s
wonderful conflrudinon of o he :p lee n" d t hibil dclf- want f ,t''inmtniirn, and whiclih hI1 oenlrled 'l in up'n of piw.,o r .--re cren .!d ha nar rt61lry. Wh .
acce to the power of the hfil' ordinai.n IIr the the girlifn on the nirn-lip .,f rli- T4lath, mn nta; i-l qiant;r nof ani-r.i:ition w\ai urfd bly the enemy coad
afternoo.e however, the aeff thiiiigs hen i hs:igc a warm frit uon thc town. v lie*, i' lr I 1.. I u tln 'el ncver he if'rrrala d.
tniderably. The fmok lilch liad een obSlervcI to fcral nrei; and three er fiur frc:.ha l in the ir, It it i:ninul.r that tle firfr ptrtr n weundtd in this
ilie frem the upper par lthe Ill,-ihip hbeg.n t pre- riverr the p!cie where their cunrt-r, n r.:re lan lr..'e fi-e w oa: a oman : t r it i almofti in-
VAil, notwithstanding th conflant application of wa- I cit n'ii-ere'i prnre g no tllilnor teTpr t' -,ilhIer- rnnceiva*le the dur'!r a perti oif Tri t f cut
ter; and the Admiral's fccond was percei -d to be v"t-on of the fptcatonre from thl: camnl ; oIl Inrlcri rne nlli r:.Is ar' r A trvr n \7. in which rimr
in the fame ro'dition. C nfufion w:s now upparcnt Pro;b-lly ere fii to tie line ficr th biattc.i:s to ccafl, 't a74t (hot, and t 11t ihd:. were i r I by the
on board several of the veffccl, and by the evening their an they wcre file it alb .: t'n ,'clock. enemy on fithre, and 14 1R1 liy th e Ign.-A1ias. the
cannonads was conGl Irably ab ted. About fevcn or INor -'iltltI itlin :he li cf r of tie mrar;inieh i in number of kile. d n l wjunilt I Irhu'd he [a very in.
richt it almnft rotal!y clfed, excepting fr-.iii on- or rliev:ng tie terrified vi'llmi fr.,m the hbrnit~1 Ihin., conll 'erall!r a tn m ;u:it in ni more than,
S'to the northward, which from their dlanc fTeral unFtrtatie men i; not', e rem ve I. The Killrel a hlc l -I of inid rlt
U l { It reed lIttlc injryat th; time hen .rit' rl I a air -rin> R. thart IllIfa11I v ioun It andl i-rchargel tI
ftIe f- fiinlg h'nn tti il cn trinoui ignal which hat been p:ef.n'ed in th- alt of hfallity ha I 1'rli !el h;it r-ve-rcll -t
1lt dite frnm the outhernmou Ihips; anld as the leen terrhie and trcmenJouu: h \.Tenl ryi,:! from a:nidfl Ir w.l inor he iniptopr in this ptce to rerear,
cen. l'.nced, nm-ny rockets were thrown up, to tec flainai for pity and aTi ance ; onh-rs, on biurd thit Genocrl nvr I was the founder of the King's
innrr. their friendly (aIa woe acruwar, learned) of firir thol irini where the fire had made little p-,ngrt-f in,- Ealiaon. ; it will he :ri apnlory lfr introducing are-
,crer ld ler -gd A frclf. IThere fgna wee in- pri-ring relief hy the mai expreffive gcn.ree .an fiGa markable f),' -h of the (eierril n thit o-calion. It
te if nrofcer:;lnd few-ral boatu were fcen to row of l .fralr whiill fvceral, elaslly exepif. to the dan- trt C.ciercl Upy attenldc, hy Co1-nel Cresn, the
: ...I di:e.led ips. 0 it artillery, at this period, gt nof the oppfit, elenm-nt, rt ued thenmirIve-, onl ',iefl Et:n- r. and many Ficld-.i:ers of the Crari.
i.. .a *I il- I adlu havack amongft them. An " p'rts of th wreck, to the chr-:, if paddling r1o, the fundtntn-flone of that work, with the
i., .inad c s-nuo with larnentabl criee and groans, to the fhore. A felu;cc belonging ito tthe nemy ap. c. remny uifIt on f ch occriona. Upon playing the
,t, ld l uri he (hlt itervals of cerlrtion) from proacl"d frn-n the Oran,,-ve. probably with art fPr, T'his." fail the Generil i. the firft rtne
a I q.--'er ; ai a title before midnight, a wreck icaention of relierint there unlfri't- perfons; bih, nof a ar which I nm- rth Kinr's Rfri:n Ma it
I, I o,, u.., hich were twelve mn, who only, Jealous of her mrstivel, the garrrioin farpee I that (he hen h I nanl r, athI know it will be abl y nue
,,r rie. were on Iourd their launch, cume to f flre to one of the battering .hips which -,,. std may I li,. to fee it r l the united effortl of
h), t rcdd. Tl,,fe circumainces conrineei us, that appeared little injure I. and oblige her to retire. Of ranec and Spain i"
m I n I iirse 1 a l lmntge nver the n-nmf; yet we the fi Ihips which were yet ill flamn', three blew up
d, I i., r; h t the vidary wasl fo coaplCre a b fore eleven o'clne ; the other thrrr burnt to the A Perfin hin de ndo a tbltl
the glt, orn;g evinced. Our firng was water's edge, the nltzi;ineshaving been welted by the A T ofPthens hl enant in, I
theree[, e iii 1, ''ou h wtr lef vivacity ; b it a enemy before the principal officers qouittl th. Ihip,. "f the lIte TLi; enane rr rc-
s,,e .ilec,,. frot ruch a hrdl-foug'it day, exposed to The admiral's dig wan on board the latter, and wiAt "iefted to ring in their n t
o,c in .i.fe he warm in, in li to e confided with the eel. The rmlning two bitter. IPNIRY YONOE, di
HarITI di.~ i f h he prec- ing night, were much ing-lhipt, we battered ourfelves might he raved at Alntrrti. o-i (r, ryi6.
f -izn an. nl auit was i nWriSle to fIrrfee what n- I glorinu trophies of olr hficeref but one of them unte. A LL Ptrfonn indented to Mr JOH Ba'rnf1,
.hi-j mirh- Ic-n 1i. their Cfervie the following day, petedly bur out into flames, anl in a Ihorr time blew A now abfent from this Ilan are reqaeted
tile (0 wernur, wh the enemy'u fire abated, permir, up, waith terrible report; and Captain Gibon report. to make Immediate parment tqhe Su"'ribte'
te r a. snr l i. A e.yning, the majrite of the renting it as impradica''e to preserve the olher, it who alfo req.leI thofe who ha i anT demand
siof- ar d rn lbSereiie.el by piequet of an hjn. w"s burnt in the afternoon, under hi dire1ions, agtinft Mr. Brctt, to makethem k w
tr 4 irn ,rom tha marinr brigiae, un-,cr the com. Thus the Awy put a filhing hand to theis gnalde. JO JONESM
ra.nt of l.ieurre' it rr -nthim. and noiter and non- enie iner. i
eoialuoaed er Itbo artillery were flautioned Dariug the hottec period of the enemir' caneonade, is .




No. 93.



D ,
From SATURDAY, MAY 6, to SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1786.

NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.


To be 'old at T itL Ven!ue,
On MONDAY, the l td of M/v inft.
If rot previously difp- fd rf br Peivole Sale,
From Forty to Fifty NEGROES,
onflv born in Caiolina and Fl ida and indlif-
pitali' Properly. Pcrhnm defiri a of purchasing
the h(le or partly Ptliate Cou tai, may Icarn
Ihe Codtilition and further part ulars, on ap-
plying to f
N, P. The Nc'roe, air nov at Charloit ville,
white Mr.V EL. BSN K WIP II Iwthe Im In Pciflinh
dfi lin oni becoming peurcha fere, any timn bt fue
ti daly orf lae.
AND TO ,E 1p I. D,
.y the SU C I B E R S,
,4t lr. STIit t1<1t/h pln/7 I n. of the BAy.
AN .h i. r l. of I~L, nt cut Dlica're
L nct's aI...Id i r- 1 1,'i cro. \Vt r ;..ltrs,

L h 1' I an KitclItr. U-
I' nna' Perrr s rti -
C ;. i i :il I in r v o' j'ipnI .e! W are,
lit 4 C t'.iis, I cc.
,; 1 \ i -:i s i i c '. nietil ;nnl I!" o
('.lton & r I lur t d CL and cick, ill I'tti
Ii-'. ntI
List,'. l.ert'e-, Ti rcad 'C ,in' Iith San-e.,Kti l ;p,
tr i Jt in G u oes I, Mlit'tar. & 1ti, e
C.,ir n :nt I I:ren tripr e A l iall af- it rc:.t il I a-
(.liris anlOzn ari I ar y t : e v -..
An fflr-m ttti of .ti; .t..i ylhnr,'. tter-,,
.ills i. ud 'C tr 1 1. .4 .
.- .'" ,tij and Nu is A re I- All tmcrit i
i],tta ,I Ilke, th,',-,t IZ 6 n-,
Ci it, r:a;n 'nad tet- 11l4 lin Na I.
SJea rrr I c !ic s Dll of ('o' .l. f oro Pi
;rin -:4 l rdt iMullins In-the d, n w.tI Miar-
a: 1 ID citiess I ni f lh-f I'ice
lqun Ntlingn llI tk river Ilat;i
I. i ti Icar f.awre I)' ll' altl figlc r*cfnrJ
Lt' Ia, HI:tkalbuckh /.f S.tar
DiiL;l. g v : d Diaper l il ty Tt aniI 'off.o '
hI~ n Dinity Cfatere, Sc-rch P'ita1l, Oioniil:e &
tal, 'ioa & Drcechcr, I eaf Tlbacre
in fC is Maiir,i Wine fI ir hihli-
tr'l'o Crrl:v fs i r ocr ft flavour .n I q-'ai\'
'Ir-i ers and Chcl- I y the pipe uil If;r
bl rn qi, anitty
A 7rra: vrriry or Cutliry I.o. 'lin r.icled Port Wine
I, t, "1 -I,, PillC. I1y fC J 'lt-,
CGrnan clc, l& Swecllfh' Drandli in lnthreons or
laer Iiin IrlTer quantity
Hair n II-ni & Scrubbing A ftw Ilrreli of Rqprrfine
'liume Finler, tnd Irtl Mcl'
WIn Incn 'tIrf 1, by It, Deef.
9 hy II, aud by to.
A L 8 0,
The f'co,, i-p, Article, upon Cntfitmrnenr, and to be
Snil for (Ca', at a very moderate arlv e.
Pillh by tihe B rre An ilgintt Affiitm ,nfl:fl I n* er iT ftlrki. | '-f'tirIv the Artlidle
A m.ll .frtiiment of fine ton numerou, to be in-
P.t d UGods and bilk I fertd.

Pantn, Leflie, & Co.
"'-. .' ,q it -R .14.
B i.ti 1 iitn-, ttill t o,1 ., 1 .1I, t f I.adling
Bills of Fach.nge, Powers of Attmney, Sea-
nt,"i' Ar-'cles, Apprentice's Indclnturen, and
other Ill ,k rorms ; Writing, Dra wing, Wrapping
and Blollini; Paper; Qulie, Penknives. Inkpow
r., InkfianIdithe, Sealing WVx, Wafrre, Red
ApC, Black Lead and Camel Hair Pencils, India
Rhhber, Blank Hooks of a'l forts, Packet and
rmorandnum Books, Mufic and Minfical Inftru-
etnts, Violin andt GOuta Strings, Mulic Paper,
Piunres flaned and glazed, &c. ec. &c. to be
fold at tlle Paintilg Office.

Extraorlinaryr Crfa af Mr. Fasltn. a eoranmuni-
sated by D,. MN'ln ,ro to Mr. Gooca.
From '" Medical and Chbirtrgical Obferration,."
A lErNTI..MANof the Law in Ferijan-'a-
SInn, aped a'iut to. and of a fantiine cnm.
plexinn, wj friXzed ahoit ten year apg with a
parlvtic afft ioon n his left arm. after which he
hid revere pi;n on the f'ond joint of hli thumb,
front the, cre it runl in to the riddle of there ch;t,
andi fnon to the mi Idle ofthe luniernit, pr-dtial-
Iv to an excruciating degree, and there
it fopi.
No mear thas -ern ahle nto r move lt effl'l illt
imt ,1 e ,yndeil our pives te-'rrcr V r'i(-f, nw r'ch
ii ta.yinr him very terit'v ift it their :i ion of
the laf erter i onrthe er.'k with the fi ft of the
ihck T'h: i ,t,-ne m ,ll i ncefi'an'v r.izht anM
day, h vitl a frc,'-ci ri, of C vanla fir tlis pur-
oife, irtl by thi mearns i f le- ev'r nlton*.
I 'aiv him f'Af n,-i T'tii,'y ifl ; he lifmirr'eI
the Ipr'e -a'hen T w-nt ii. -tI Ailed I ti wife to
to the, fficr. whi ft -hetinpg 'l; in Phi manner
ill the tfin I was with himn,which was more than
,n h u ir.
At interrv.i' he we f ir 7-1 ';il the mnt % i-l.,nl
'- fi is the il~q and hor'n o grri, and n:ic
Slii 1 I rwa with him with ih m In unite in-
all'r dfiterdTr tipin the trufclet of the hlty r. I
7 'tinfe, f-r he mtIe fitch a hnrril, fonlrtoie.
inartirtltec ihtintititc, in I TiO er l earcA ; -iit
r- 'in,- on a fud.ltn and uncxpe'd:d, it affrightrn-
-,I me.
I T'i I l ii* iI troerh hii thiimbi. and it i ave him
reiiil't e amin; faoi lie, 1' a raw diran[i over i'
-" a t,'rerr :" and yet once, iuptn me tnrir lng
I t rlitv hinr, it took off tlle puai; aq did more
thail oncer fcratchine hi eve-ihrow lrint.
\'h, the fpiafm affe,Ia ir throat. and he he-.
chr e r ,'I wine, he f-- with fich vehrmence
in I f1natnerff, and rwith fnch an arlle noife, as
I k'Ion not kinw no' honv to defcrihe it to vou ;
hrt it "enms to me formethiaglike the cxplofion of
I lov's pop-prtn.
WVerc I torntmera'e all the odditie IT onhferred
it this vTfit, I thni;d tire vtul anld im el too.
I'e oine in his ag,)ny, itnt for a fmugeon to cut
-ffh i- itnm*.
II' hi, conmfilttet a orrat nmenthr of phyTfirians
-I firiirent of tle vilratell emintnce, witha-u
fi .ding the reaft relief f om any of them; DUodor
Fr w'ii. f'nt him to it'lh.
ITe h is tlcel' he-* !,iuler th- rc-c of Domini-
cetll, the Venetian -o-ir. wn! iq cr me ovrr to
cilre tivrry hbdy of all (t;itrm ocr Iv fweaitin'" ;
liu', aiter th-ee ton thi difc'-I;ne. and rLene im-
inm lera'e'r fwcater., w' dry aln wet fumiga-
tion'. 'f,i ifins, &o. nI I,' --io.
Curtiitv Icd *nm' to i;tquire into ihef e range
an.A flrpr;fing ,a m romie n.
Ilr Ii hged of me to try f>metliig: ; but I had
no conrae,. fpirit. nr hope..
lie li-a laken all the n-rvrn tribe f mredcints
never and over aeain: however, not to rapcar in*
human to To wreiche I a hb-ing, after tclli-e Fi-i
I knciw not whit won'id or wn!l'd not do, him
eond ; ai foon as I returret home I rent him a
hnt'e of rattle.fnake wine, to take a glalf of frc-
Upnn my takl;n my learr of him, he toll me
he hid not clofed hil eyes for Light nights fuc-
t.aft n;iht, the third fine I v:r-ied him. a- I
wa fitting bv my firefile, in walked my paii' nt
to my great finrpr;ir ; wh':c hr ohfre vi-g,
Sir!" fiys he, vou cannot he fo much .m -
zed an T am, nor ha'f much p'eafiel; I am come
to thank you, and, if not criminal, to worflsip
Well, Sir," fa.l T, but T thoniht you
roenid no' bear a coach nor a chair;" I can-
no'." aeni.ered he, 1 I came wa'kline, and have
In a letter which OIr G. late rete red romn Dr
M. he fayT. that lat f-mmer a fargeon divided the
trn branches ol nil neu bloeging to the haumb, but
without bacnft."

left my friends and nriglihours in the preatlt
antonijnment." a i Fir! thin change fnrely can-
not pinrrred from my rinicire, it frrem to me
almnnf impofible. Sir! it is true for all that."
rrplied he, and I have not had one lap al thir
whnoe d.iv, and rm in a manner fire from pain."
" Sir!" faid 1, don't halloo, we are n-t ret
iut of thr wrod. "' In.'red, Sir," fev, he. I
am at prefnt. bhut God knows how foon I imy
Ie in aPain." When your firprive i-" oer.
and your mind fe'led, after your walk, I'll fee
y ~lr pu're." I did fou and from a quick sar
treC-ptlar one, which I obfrrved when I v 1'ert
him at hik own hour, T found it rren'-r. el-n,
( d Alrofng cnnolgh- Th:Fa gan to dernotif my
inidrlty, and to give me time opinion of my
rattle fin' e wine.
After ftine an hour with me free from patn,
int without his man natting him once, I afl-t
him to pn home ina chair. "s cir," fay, he, i* a
cheir mi, der, me, tnl fs the f, ln- a would enr, I
'hrli pt'ec Ifh,irt, and give me in Ivo;nr or dan-
e"np, and :hat they will not do;" fo away he
went on ioot in preat fpirits.
I crirld uip n hm tt-e day atter thi d;nialne,
'nIl hi tinll ire he welkd frem my apaitmnat at
nrl Godo'nh;n' hnme with greatt raf, where
he met an lTrnmhlv r f r'r:end, exor6Ctine b: rr.
tnrn, wondering at hat they had heard and thers

lIe told me be bl'eved his ri'tt wa* nor qunre
f, p nd a, it might h ne been, hid not hi, friredi
I -;e, him up too ta'e to reWter w-ith him on this
harn event : ye* thi'. day he ir;d he had fortnd
li:ruielf nrorprr than ufital. and hid hern at .in-
coln' -Trn Hall, to pr rent ret ion i nmy T ord
Chn(el'or : ho'rever, nntwiihiani4 nr thefe hal.
renn day-. thii fair fin.-flireofromfirtthte hon-,
I am afraid re'udt inrl fnrmi will ar;if', and make
i,.it npor gentleman again the moft mriftrable of
What happen, farther nr fthall know; and if
ynou will now tell ere where the cafe of thin
diftorder te:, -ri; mihi mannmrs Aoll. M. M.

An insfliial!e Dijol)mlnt for bth HUMAN CatL
M Ri. ]enlamin Colhurne of athi i a pentlemsn
I fo univ-erfall knnwn and efleemed, that
were it not for the information or manrind
throniuhont Europe, It would be ridIrtfs to far,
that he it a ma urf amp'e fortune, of the tilrft
rsndmlr, and pinreff'e unbh'undrid rhi'tnthrnnv
Tha' heine hired A phyfli (but from the n'ao cc
of whicl he ha nanv years i ne retired) he hal
employed his ljftre-houl- in chemical epelrt.
meet', and wit ifch fuccef<, that he hal proved,
hIc-nd a doub on himfclf. a"d an ferera' ofhi
f ends, that the flution or fired alka'ine flt,
faturated with i frhle air. wi't prrvent the fnr.
matrnn fr nireli in the human b'ld 'er; nar, that
ra't.di bting iftep d in that folition, wil' laily
lote of heir origi-ial weight, and be dfnofed to
e-tuml!e ani d f fhve. The Tate inern;nioi Dr.
D),l)fn,( in his Commentary on Pixed Air."
had conceived, that mcnh benefit in mary dif.
order, and partlfularly In the gravel, might be
received from tht fre f medicated waters litt
It appears that Colburne it the hrn man who
I s eapernienc.d n his own perrln, the fineerf of
is n n dicv I and having fo dnne, he rgee.
rmnitti common ca'ed it to hi friend* and enith.
houit, whlo h ee n equally retired, and who
were eqally inl to have their name and cafes
pitbllhed ; w ch not only prove the rfficrr ot
the medicine on a single patient, or connlrion.
bh;t that it is fich an adt on the urine of ao hu.
man heinrg. Mr rolbirne's own cafe. the Rev.
Dr Cooper. the Hin. and Rev. C. Hamilton of
Taplow, of Mr. Ainlie, and of a Imp'e man of
6<. who wonilt not permit his name to the ptb-
lifird (yet equally heneA'ed) has been pnhlilhed
hy Dr. ".'lrner; but published n an an Aptfdig
to Dr. Dobfon's a Commentary on Fred Ahir-
I have, therefore, thought it an a oafhumanity
to givc the peor. a well u the richi the wn

o relief, by fendlng you a Iketch of this val.ab'r EurO pem :i tcligence. A./;i 'wY7v.ry I'( 'Tlilakye the Paraihment
difcaery; and it will then be in every man's metI w;en Ii Giil lae iti iDuke of Rlltsnd, the
power either to prepare the solution himLflf, or STAN I E, i E M d I it, a"lt f lrel. Ietted the ac
to purchase it at a very moderate price; and l11y C O N TA N II N ') I.'L, DcUEC F 3 i" h w hver, 'OnCil61i.vf Ioleh "r It wa bhis Ma.
may be fure that it is rent to you with t! e R Mi[ iR Mifrv 'ha% illt received adlirc, tI.It iefy's dliire," lie laid, that his Parliaient of
fame good ddign, that it was comniimuiciitel y k the Soph; of Ih i ,s mi ki;n .rret Pre,'pre1a- Ireland flould give their utmwll attention to thofe
the difcOvercr, whole memory, I have reason to tions, which we fe.i-i ,.re ,irfilid acain'l III C i hiCrOa which wrre moll conducive tn the real
bdiee, will be revered by many natiion.. Mr. aie induced trl think .i, is a Crret qejintity of inter-lItq f their country ; that his Malflty, re.
Colburne informs us. that from federal very ac.- liuv;lionf and s-;r, in.i ir lenirin irti thie ilyi,. ni thie Comrnonv of Ireland for fuch fipplies
curate experiments on the human alculi flerpd P'. cre bor.lerinre on, r nftre. A peolOn of dlt- as are nrecff'ry for the publlie fervice and the lip.
in alkaline falta, they were reduced in weiglit, tinftion, hahlitrel i i: hr I'erlian in iiner, i lent ti I pint i of government, thgnnht it necrlTary to re-
and lrdpoled; this led himtotry what rrconnnitre our frontiers, lilt lie is :l1cvcnd to c rmlnenld toi their onfi.deralion a fyvrmatical
effer it would produce, by the internal uif, on be an Europei.n. impiovernent of the P'liic ; As the freqi-nt out.
the urine of thole who fulfer from the gravel or Piru, 7..lnar, r4. (fn tre r-r 'i O iL" montli, rages, committed in fhme part of the kiecdon '
ftone, and was agreeably furprifed to fid that the Sier Mtch'in. Mcielr tf ii1 H'. iR ptliculdly called upon then to enforce a vieo.
his own urine (for he w.a a filRferer himf If) front my of Sciences., lifcrov- d a ira -c ':, inh the erecutiin of the awi; recommended I totheir
being turbid, and difpofed to preci pitation, he. lit t nui!der if M \qu'riii, At 1, h. i n.i. tr:c proletltion, the ProltcLant fchools, the linen ant
tame ciar and of a natural colour. It tile alkl. time, its tirht al;.v.ifn .wa :- .'" i (.. i i;.. .1. ,r m nuiftnure, aerirnlture, and the f'hc.
line fairs proving difagreeable and na-firaln he its declinatihn derg. r m ;. I: "r I in the and licoh other meaillre s a may an;mate
conceived that inme more agreeable nimlc in 'et 17It to the gth, or in ;. the : c' a". f i'n :c' i i;f y. rexte id le cluantioa, and improve
be contrived to answer tlr fame gouudl prpolis, dim 'nilied a odc miri. nIl t. li: i,1 i in- h- mo-al if the p-r Ili Orace coielu lted
Pixed Air seemed to Mr.Colburnr Ithe rfi mean created r dig. 4 in;n. It I. n let ie'c to ii r'le lniirefr anrh e of contrihutini all in
of fucces, and experience fooni cm.n:i snd lis the naked eye, anil it is enti chores. The alkaline solution is thlus prepared. twilhht. ito .1,ili% it futrl ,rilf 'i:r *r t' "r lriS aI I is
Put two ounces. Troy-weight, of dry falt of ."',,ar, 1,. M. re Kr'rlii ii arr:veid frnm .f nt fu, 'vdll..- \'i Idlref. to hi. MI rty, into an open arthen Tai 1, and p,ilur upon tile Falf-Indirs. ;ith the IlrAil' eral i-t: li -1 an il another to the I,'rd Lieutenant, were after.
It two quarts of the fiftclR water to hle Jh,, and thai the Legion of I.iiembliurg, n tn i tv of warv nimnove-I or, a-ini carried.
Air them well together. Let the folution Ilollan.l, ansd ratiinr:li i.i thie pgarr'illi of t'lorm- t I i.*d. f.'i, V,1-r 14. Thii d.a In the Ilone of
for 24 hour, when theclear part mnfl bIe pinrd Iii, in the lle ofl t'rylo. hJ. ri ':ted a'nl corn- Comnri.ii, as fei, the Slpak-. had taken the
off, w th care toavoidl any of the relidirrin, aind mitned great ei,.erl' M. IS F. we. col. n. in- clair,t the liperc- real. i nd the ifi *1 f'rms paired,
put into the middle part of uoi of the g!al i er ofiur Ineia-, 1 'l'h'lnei' *, in.-rioinf i' n.t Mer Jvon Silith rir'e tn move the adllref.
chines for imprcgatlni watir with' air, pr. ltnt to punito ler Irieitreut.s, jliflitr;r.l MI. '"1r l beds on %which he rhiBflv rnlargeil. war
anw cepofed to a Itreai of that Fluid: .utCr tile dr Kcrfaint to rcriv- A r'.'iqi froin his C.ti! a. The tra'iqniiity) of Eur,.pe-the friendlly afiran.
water has been 24 holius in thi luriation, it wi'l to what meafures e In I:d r.O'ln-. rc iff (reigir nn wers-the b'elling, of peace-the
be it for ufe, and Ihould ibe btl!: I off; well- ./l., Jrluar, tI:o. Ier m.,n i Fuihfil Mrll y, e '.rnfi-.n of iire-the increase ofreveniue-the
cork the bottles, andl frt them upon their cork I, after tih ex m're f thle other frreritare. 'f FI- rif- or ne fiind--the aivanrement of pinl'icere-
bottOm upwards; and avith fich cire i i kp re tin. t ll P t t i In p ii!;i rv i're t'i- dii-t' i a re if tfie nvr--and the great ohjet
several weeks. EiAit ounces may ib t ik- in(1 tie f ie of lh c i nti:C-, if thL k .nic .!n, partl ii- me- rncn'e.l from the throne, the redunldinn of
times in 14 hno rs withOtut .1:ny i n iii [tIih i c ; 1 Iv tlile ar.i 't a hlih t rc the yr.'i lr, umrn i h- ]. initil debt : if in that difficult talk he lait
but it may be belt to begin) writhl I qn.l.r qu. an pr!u ,' P ral r i l or "l ,. i' any ni tmil ruiOn thoui: 1 he thrwirn In the way, he
t 'i1. The eialt 'r;i.-i;n ter cl i rr-I.y of )4r- Irit rel ev er V member in the Ifoufe wnuld unite
t is r.eedIlrfs t ttroulie 7ou vii!h the cal'e f t;:g i il i goldl fi:vre, is r.1"i. Ie ,ived I'i to C r -nore th- i ,Tfiillty. lie troa hed lighlly no
the olier rc(fpilea.lil gentlemen, w'a I v names .re t.ilkd that an atreriemir i, in agi' I.min li :',l w the a.!i ulmer.t iof lfhr mmercial intercIlrfe with
imentii ntd above ; it is 'lifticicint to Ia thit MI. (f the imp irttirIn of c,(i' fryrr A'tierra I'Jt treIl.cand; ma I cnnc'uheIrd wi lepreffin i the ilate-
Colbuih e, by al almon( c.oiltanlt u1le fC lhii rrrdi- rice, iii io'ifrqnci. e of Imtlne re. l:i*I',. : h i ful ackn i-ledirments the ltion in Ieneral owed
cine, enjoya breter health anil li:!r. i Ipnts, are shalt to pafi between the tIwo ilat in to In M;"I V. v.l wilh oving tie following
though confidlerbly tried of 6o,. 1II h,1 h-ad il ,"t., Tnin. i7. Ir hear tat the i( g of w. ihumbie a I i :
experienced for &> yer.' hbrfnr, anil nIvrr -ai den hi.wiittintotheir li1h M'.lt r'e a is Cai..', "e e.r ,
any fyniptomn of glavel or nlone bit when lie ir wh'h he decare, h ith f i-,' .- .itin. f We, pour MN:rfl v's of dntiiliul .n Ilov l
happOen to neglcl i forlmeinr e 'ir the cife iwel n th" friendilhp and If. I '.diiltanr ii, wl .i h i[ f,.'ije.ts, the h".'i i- no ., a-HBritain, in Par.
from home) his accuol med lo!utimi It appears ever rirned hetreern I:.- l alfo, that the other gratlrmen while, namen are Pir' ine. and Swe ion. .' .1 ,f ilth a ,.I f1n. Mii-tl or b linule I nkq, for yur mout gra.
mentioned, and a. lady of H.ath alil, whin fl n ed hr'win their Iti'h loinrcl-* a:, l, nri ci ii tle f'rech n f i e rerne.
delicacy, not/fo/l., has with held lir imce a:l, ), dece(i lr, he is willih:; t ive a fre'i r' i of i i W e lein.with i at fatisfa 'in, that the dif.
have all cxperielccd tire wonderful cffetrt f I;"is go'd w ill, hv re'lw.n i a' :.' e- .' 'i- it - pite hilc alAr'Ie.i t 'hraeaten an inierrnptino
very important dilcovery. Had lthlill me. ine hi ; l ,and Iliat h li, ci ila t1 r !,- A i:-'. i> tthe trairinilitry o Frope, hirv been lrariht
been difcovcred by a praCtiling ani prd if'll ,anal t t inirm tion, that lie n ty I u<'ccd Lt c 11u Cie to in anicable curliiflon, and that your Maihy
man,there is not a doubt but it wuoId h il niade the itltCr'. C ,Intr,it, t rte've terom foreign power. the
his fortune I or, indeed, hid Mr. Collhine The C lait klii t fi r m Ccrec infor I i., thit Prin.-t ~ ranere of their friendly dfipolltion
secretly communicated it to flinc min I r' f. icld, th- ewll r" ev f tht Citi v ( iv in. I .i l.r tO ,iil tii arls thi country .
and no doubt he has many, it mill, in that cafe, the cities and rni he:-tO.l 1 i the It, l. hv o ,.-. "* W ee -te derel, (nlfilie of the blefinrts we e
have enriched an indiivitl ial. lHIt li Iia gene- par, quarters t-i Iritip. EIven tiiire ilrucen h | pr prince from t the erjoyment o peace, In the e.
roufl1 given it for tie good of all inai..iad. hew- heror were .nt i.!.i,.,l io kreep ,1 ifi ii, are Ini ten itn of traolde.t improvement ofthe revenar.
ing them how to life it; and, thertl..Oe, I dclire now eleInpt, ifnn ai Ifornr;r, Rerr, nn.-- i and the increarfe .f the public credit of the nation;
It to be universally extended in your ulcf[l and i"'., &c One th-n:i1n nrmen re t;xpctcl i:1 ':-- and Tol Majiety miv rely on the silmonl c'erlimn
entertaining Palpe.. vCt, and fr in t.her f. oumtr paces wl.i ,,re I f or t.l annd- altertion to theft important ob
I am, Sir, dependent ot P, llia. ,e.,.
Your coniRant reaLr and fi-ndi, aintilrt it. The delilientliiio n' the c" S', "In order to prnmone. as far as In ni la. the
POL.YXENA. hN1iecnomencrr dayin nihi.: ,I a i th P-1, omnriinn interrft n' all your Maiefty'lfnhieSl .
P. S.. Mr. Colburneis father-in-law ti tic very of ('rinrce which we is likely to I,, .i':i. we humbl'y laid before your Ma;fty, in nthe Int
refpedhable member for Newcitle, Sir Ma thew eil through the meliation of fiielni, and I '. eIin ol Parliament, federal refilutiont, as rie
White Ridley. I'ighnelf's return to this pace ui;l ip.olbaly ibas of an adiall nent nr the commercial inler-
p ace in cnnlqu(rncc thereof. rou.. le between G.rit-Rritain and Ireland; brt.
SiT-ril'f'l, 7lauar. 3t1. Cap'an aiph-i If li, ai no drelul Itep his been hitherto taken there-
PUBLIC NOTICli IS 1t 'Y i N Brig tllfi. who arrived here tn lHi, ., '1 ,: I p-on by the parliament if that kin dolm, we da
r to all PerIfms indchttd t the Snbltribtre her paiT.l from Dominic.i, on t.:c th If -- not find olnrrfeive at nrefen en-i'ied to make any
for Vendue Accnicmtl, die prior the difl tuition I nbler, lat. i?. 4. o. 15. 4 t. p a, ti e farther nrogrefs in that falitary work.
of their Coparnernlip in Augi laft, that unlf ciew- or Ihe Charming MOlly, v )inld i:..t 1 r- 'I We cannot refrain from olering the warmel
they pay immediately, fits wt be conmmnc'd mudas for Tl'rks inMan, whii' veil.I ha I fi r p- eO. preiffon of our grotilnde, for your Majeil's
aganl them as lion as poflib ; as it is well dereJ three dayl hbfore, when the ,'rew. ten ,i gracinois aflneance of yol- carneft wil to enforce
known that a Commiflion of ir cent. wil not mnnmhr, to k t t!the hoat, to ;ie fnrln of whilli c :oninyirr every department: we lhzl brequal-
admit ofo long indulgence ar, has already been they had lirl a lag log of wo i, hic' h ried yI ready, at all time, to make fuch provifion a
given. to keep her head it the fea; ini his fii:i;mi thv mny be necllary for every branch of the public
I-UGOH DEAN, waited in hopes of heing rdlir hy fTi:ne veriTl service, particularly for maintaining the nsav
JOHN DENNISTON. who might meet them. Wh-i Capt ii; RaphLl strength of there kingdims on the mflt feecre ail
Nafiu, Mear o, 1786. took them rp they had alout one p.n:-i ofbriad reil'pelable footing. Pu'ly imp'relfe with the
and t o garnnsof water, the later oif which they necemity of etabli thing a tded plan for the rcdoc.
r-O b; Sold at the Sublcribers Shop, at the gave to reach other ina wine pg-.f lullt oa n.lnilh tin of the national debt, we hall lofe no time
Swe1lwand, on Tuefday the r6th of May. at fi of braea, once in t(wl ve hobu n the bhOt il entering on that important confederation I and
0o o'clock, an affortment of E hten Ware, eon- (twlve feet in length) belinc, fi vry finally one it will afford its the mel filid fatisfacion to find
biting of large and fall oval rnnd Dilhe., Tn- half of the crew were obl;irt.l to li- dolwn in her thit this milt deftrable object may be attained
reens, fallow and foup PlateL large and fall bottom. as inl any other fitua'iOn Ihe wouldl have with little addition to the public burthens.
round and oval baking Dilhe, ne large marine been top-heavy ; this were they fo tunately elli. The vioior and refoo.c i happily manifelted
pencilled Punch Howis, large aI fmal enamel vered frrm a month drcdful lituntion, as in all in our present ntuation, muilitve encouragement
led ditto, blue ditto, ditto of I forts, fall probability a few more days would have Icrmi- and confidence to all your Malelty's frabjee.,
Batonu. Cups and Saucers, a fewfine pencilled nated the eaiftence of miti of them, whlirh the cannot fail to animate our eertins in endeasc r-
Tea ind Coffee Sets, China ditt Cofee Pots, j very uncomfortable fie of the boat would in a ing, by a continual attention to the fcurltydr
Tea 4d Milk Pots of all fze. and lours, quart, great meaflre have expedited. the revenue e, and the extenlon of trade, to con-
pint d half pint Mugs, &c. A few pieces of iEdinburh, February 5. This afternoon arrir- firm mad improve the increaing profperity of the
Checl and Stripes, ready made Trowfers and ed at Leitl, the Unity, Capt. Scott, from Phila. empire "
Jackets, two hour, hour and half hour, minute delphis, having no lefs than sir pa(nfngers on Mr. Aldinrrsa rore to second the motion for an
oad half minute GlailTe, Table Knives and Forks, board, all relt rned emigrants, who fial it better address. He allowed lthe former fpeaker, In con-
Shoe Buckles Shaving Cafe., Razor Straps and to return to their native country than nay in A- rraltlating the H ife on the happy profpedt hell
Razors, Scifiars of all kinds, Ink Powder, fuper. i merica. This makes the tenth veirel that has firth in his Majety's molt gracious fpeech ; he
Ife Muftard, a few groce of Cork., &c. &e. I arrived in Scotland within there to m, inthb from froke more fully on the hate of the propoltdol
4 FREDERICK STAOE, s Co. America with pafengers; fit have arrived at fent to Ireland; and lamented thatthe Infidion
.Y a, My as, l786. Greenock, three at Leith. and one st Abrcdeen. idea of bartering cemmaerem for alisle O wh

ad awakened the fear of that high-fpirlted pro
e rcr jealoil of their liberty, had been circu-
lj with fuch fucctf as to defeat, /fr the prefint.
tbe moIOl falitary measure that ever could be de.
,ifed fur uniting the filler kintgdomn in the pure
fcndl of fricudlhip and mutual interest ; yet he
LopLt, ere long, to fee that discerning nation
u carrnie to embrace the p-opulitions as they had
lately liLWi fininefa to rrjt t them. leaving faid
Ilis, he amplified on the bllI plan, alluded to in
the fpeeclh, for the eflablilhient of a fund for
the redudion of the national dcbt. 1 lhi was a
meafice of Ilch magnitude, hc faid, as were it
got loIr th cnioimoiu incumbrance of tile late
war that had already been provided for, he should
hure entertained no well.groundcd hope of ever
flcng it Ibrun ; but judging from what ihad been
done, iu what might further be clceded by talents
firo per -rmincnt, he could not help having confi-
dencr in a nreafure, which however dilficut, was
'ot luookd upon as inlfrmounlable. le trusted
Iberrcf- that in the execution, i. f nie I nuall fup-
plirl Iouuld he necelrary, that Ihe houlc would
Ith tnie voice concur in grantiinl thtm. lie
concluJcd, alter paying finie tihadlnice c 'nph-
tcis toi Mr. Pitt, with ftcotieitng the acidrelf.
Lrd Surrje rufe, and was lfrly, lie fail, that
he could jot join in the pr.ufes of the Right Hoii
Gentliman, and that, for one plain real in, he-
cauft he did not idelrve them. Hi Lordlllpt then
aidlrted to the Right lion. gentleman's mrfurefiO
b-ha India bill, which would it was ctared, prove
of latal cotiequtn'-c in India-to his plain ot par-
aniclntary ilortil-and, wiat was of greater
cutilcquencc, to his cocmmecilal treaty with Ire
land all which had failed; nor was it likely
that li commercial treaty with Prance, vhiih
ba uocen fo long depending, would mcet with
I uL t better fuccrfs ; though, if it did, -t mull
bi ocswg to the late acquilition ofa gentleman
he dAl noit fee in his place-[Mi. LidellJ.
Ii cat alked which was his place:' which pro-
d':ci grAcral laugh. He therefore allowed no
I(ci:tt t he righ.. hen. gentllerti for his niet-
clai, but rather thllouht tile rife of the funlla
,iid the incieafe of the rev iIuc owie to t'tli'
nil taltrageC, had thev fucctdcle, tlie itiu11iI
incll hiav been undone --le concllitidl with nio-
silln Iby way of amendmeinclt, tilict ahr whulec
paet;aiIh in the auuoefa i-cfpc ir.ig IrCland thA lild
e onlttlcl."
I is with the true regret we irform Ithe public,
thit by altvic.I flom IPiarn i w hi we fIr are too
luthcntic, it it latcd, It., Royal Highnfti the
Den cit tiL G Ut-I tt, died thei beginning ofthis
ni.i bare been lu adJc, altlhuIgh for funie time palt
bhl dec :lt wao evident.
Ity iilthienit l advice from lMo!allt it appears,
that tche l1uciperor of MoaocLto ias iIet o-ti fovtral
lacl. ti uizci to thi Wrfnward, oiuh positive
oii :sr to touch at NlMtaldela, aid to bring floai
tlcnce celtiicates fionm the (atoierlnur of the i
hating been lt fatl tile Wceltard. Five noile
are goini)g out inimmdiatltly.
lcrot.arey 14. A letter lately received from
Ti. cort:. si the following particiuli ;
'i e1 li V riettiai f1il.ia .i oi llha c at laft left iour
coi P.1io.* ito ti lr de illp.ulcre, the Admiiral
ictwe l the it e without doitiig 11 tihe inallcft \ Ilavc liine learned thlat pui it ot the
(quv. ,.,i failed for Malta, the other for Tr.apaity.
li or Irt l cticce ul the p,,tci grantitd by the Ve-
Dcnina en.cnte to their Admiral, Clhev llcr Eino,,
we l~ v- i calal to laittrr otrlIelves that an eiil
wll hiiin ie pitl to all hlotthtilen; the Iltin e it, as
h. h.i Il.ccty is very dclirous of bri.nging about
a fprcu'l alnd lalling accommodations of liffrencls
betwet i the Republic and this Regency."
(n t ie 9th iof JaniAryghe Empertor pnbhlined a
tlit c. jit, pithlibiitig all games of chance, by
hlit he not eonly confirms his former decree on
that lubject, biut adds a penally of j ,) ducats
fIr escry ine who is conviAed of ga-ning, either
ia pult ie 1o private; and the like Ilm tor every
pr f I;.r if the hole where it is pradtiled ; one
ril n ti tihe i'reafory, another to the officer who
app'rlichend the culprit, and the remainder to the
nln"ti lte whole iame hall be kept lcret ; and if
a y if the gmnclt-rs fall inform, beildec the rc-
wart,, they fall be neempt from all punifliment.
The late arret of the Emperoi, imnpofing an
addilllonal duty of 31. per cwt. ad valorem on our
fSilr Ilect work., and j percent, on all our coar-
fnrhilwarce, li cplefcntcd as a trifling reftric-
t'hol. hilt a (fatkr will turn the balance when
two f(ales are i perfect counterpoife ; much
n"ure will ats weiht be deprtffed when thrown
inut that which il already too much prepondera-
titig A ta of 3 per cent. in itfelfmay te coaIi-
dtvd a light im ol; hut it mull be recolleted,
that this in i ajition to heavy buithens, which
bor ore ppreflour trade more than it was well
able to bear.
A neighboiurt Court is faid to have been for
flt weeks pat mt a terrible butUc. The many

tales, fo repeatedly told, of the diamond neck-
lace, ale now allerred to Ihe all .1 hum Acn affair
of a much deeper nature, if fame may he credited.
has been the ta.lfc of the arrelt anld detention of a
certain Cardinal. A plot was discovered to have
been formed fOr deliverling up Stralbourg and
Alface to a neighboring Potentate. The Milniner
thought it bin duty to enluire into it ; but on
further inveiligation, found fome perfone con.
cerncl whom he did not choofe to irritate. The
Cardinal, theietore, it io rnmocured, in dead in
the Baltile ; ani tihe further prosecution of the
affe.r is given tip, as a matter better buried in
Bdxral erf a priratt let te from as Enoli, Cfntle-
man, an oflrr ii the Rivufa detarftment that is
gone fr,,n Pitertiurls. oe e filwmne f peietratlin
to KAmn/rfit by, land, dated at tMlfc/e, IkD
cemAer IP, i7le.
Our detachment, which rcnfin l of 6jo per-
fonis, .rrived hiele the rath inlint, in fire wveeka
from St Plterlcoiigh, without the loll' or alfcnce
of. i agile individual, and hitherto our cattlc that
draw the, as well as our men, are all
hialthlv and well. Ilow long we hall co itinue is
at iprelIent uncertain, as we waet the feci.t)l (Ir-.
ta hinrnt, which is rrpedled erry dry, as it left
Pccileburgh wte fitpplfe in a few days after nnr-
ilvres, aill without fume uncommnon accident
mult ftin arri e. W e flAll then fcr olff irclctly
for Cafait. 'o whicli place we hill he conveyced
down the W'olga in rraft, of which thele are a
vlnmler colledefd here hIy orlr of the 'mnica,
foir our accomm,)dation. The dillince isk .':it
3." tI) 4oo nritilnt miles. At *ii. place we a,-- in
rrft agaill and if the weta'l.r ii aoe.inil owr trA-
vrlliiir, to conlinlie till the ?tiral o f .
Froit thenc c- leaving tlheCaflri i Ifr tin nour ht,
we lih Ill ourn y nearly ldue Ealt till we cnC to
S allin'igiOLtili, a lhee we are ton mol.i anther lili',
.nh ftom ithenller c e co fiometh;inl more to ithe
Ni,' lh. Ihi i a tra.1 o'f t4e sl ilre err it p rt
)of whiich ise as vet nicxlleo'red, rxcrrt hv Ilie Il-
rvaIc. What firci-Cf will at len;ct attenId thl;
xale. i:in, or vi ait ac lrine ape mar i 'lcaly refilt
ti I il, is yct in the iwv ml, oftimer; hr )r ii-I r
t.i.c nor exvence are 'p-ired to inl!: it ficcels
I'l]. (hrat pa t (of tir travelling wIh lhe I c,in-
p.ilra. for which plarpfctl e lhvc faonce ni 1 t xnr-
rienced altronllmicr &tc. The great plrI f my
lahiours are in keeping a intrnal of every (Occ-tr-
rrnce. Now farewell Nor muft you'll c dl to
hear again for federal month, nea aliel hti.ce we
have no tlher pace for conveyatiic."
A morning paper of Saturday flys, 1iv the
Slwalloiw packet fiom Calchilia, we e iha e Fa ol
lowing anithentic invelligeice: That Malajeer
Scindia, the farnous M.,hiatla Chief. hail arlan-
ced with a large army vei y near the cotines of
the domini. ns rf or ally the Vi/ier. That the
Finperoitr, Shah Alia|rn, was in lthe Mahratta
C imp, and that Sinlia ifltued out all hli order,
ii.der the Imperial name and fanrion. Among
llh reft, that he hrlt made a diemindi on the
f;overnitir General annd Connril of Calcutta,
for all areas of t ibite due to the Emprrour,
by the ticray maci hIy Lord Clive, awhti the
Dlewanily of w.n granted to the I'al India
Comnpa;ty, amounting to near three millions aftr-
lills. That Ihis pa ity ,et had been poitively re-
tufed by the Goveriitir an, Council, aid orders
were ilTu II by them to repel any horility that
might be attempted.
It is laid that the treaty with lthe Spaniirde
about the difpofial of GOd. altar is not entirely at
aic end : They Itill pr; jofe an eq-6ivalent, ardi
it Is aflerted with conlidecnce that Parliament
%will be Ifintled on the frublje. in the course
of the prtfent Seffioen.
PFlbruarr 16. It wn vefterdcity reported that a
proposition rcfpeting a union with Ireland, would
lie brought forward in the course of the prefentit
If we ma Tjudge of the opinion of the hill on
this quciltion, from their p`ilicationa, no mealiure
more noxious could be adopted.-Tlihe lan debate
which took place in the Irifh Commm- alfo indi-
cates in a great meaftire what opposition might
be expedted from that legislature.
The price of lands has fallen confnderahly in
Ireland, within there few months, even fo low ai
eighteen years purchafer owing to a spirit of
trade and commerce, which at present nearly
monopolizes the ready money of the contntrv.
Ye erday at noon arrived his Royal Highpnefs
Prince Frederick, the heir apparent of Denmark,
on a vifit to the BritiFi Court, and with a view,
it is faid, to celebrate his nuptials with the Prin.
cefs Royal.
A motion is foon to he made to declare a free
port in one ofthe Wet-India Ifands, and alfo at
the Bahama's-the Minifter, it is f(id, is of opi-
nion that Dominica is better fituated than Ore-
nada for a great emporium of trade-but the mat-
ter will be warmly combated by the friends of
cach inand.

N the veffele which lately failed for Englhnd,
went paffengere, John Dougafl. Pfq; Thomas
Walters, Ffq; Mr. Robert Reid, Mr John PFa,
Mr. John Denniffon, Dr. Hunh Rofe, the Rev.
Mr. Trieheer, Mr. William Bepbie, Mr. James
Rcghie, Mrs. Woodriff, with her family, and
fume others.
T.etters from I.ondon, hy the way of Charlefton,
mention the Polly, King. from this port for
Lonidon, being onft about the asth of January
lan', in Portland Road. The palTfngers, crew,
and the greatest part of the cargo, were faved.
The William and Mary, Swinburne, and the
Pegry, Mattlicws, from this port, are arrived at
A veffrl for thin port was tip at It Cofee-
hoiifc the i tth of February, and waa eapefted to
fail in live weeks from Iht time.
AiaRrvn wrir. From
fa/y Ir. Sloop Alram, lBurk. Tortols
Ir. Brig R. & Mary, Hutchifon, Charlefton
SAILen Fer
May K. Ship Columbus, M'Naughton, London
ii. Ship Hrro, Bryan, ditto
F'. Ship S' l., Orievie, ditto
W It EAS I have from many cirrcuminancet
reafon to fuppofe, an from the informal
tinn I hare received, to be e, that the Negroes
alertife I for Sale in Mr. 'tLas' laft Oazette,
hr Mr. W'I..n Mond M esi Mrn. SrTEvLI
& Maryricr_, belong the lite Col. JoNl
STUaRT'S Pflate: I th for think It neetfary
to prevent the Ironble, nd perhaps erpence,
ihlich faid Fflate and p hafer ignorant of the
predicament it is in, may led Into, thll pubh
lic!v to warn and caution 11 Perfons whatever
a.ilclti ptlrcehafinn any of t Negroel the pr-
perrl oIl aid Enlate; a WuItraIs Moal,
1retis. STFuIInC a MaCKENZIF, or eten
M(rIT. Tnrras iAFoRal and i olara TATTaNALL
,ttorniei for MNi. STUnT. Execillri, and Mr,
lrio STUORT, Heir and refiduary I. eatee. have
at rrefent no power or right to difpofe of, or,
rin Ilt erent of a Sale) to give legal and vl!id
tiles for any of the Negroes brlnnelon to fail
EPate. A right and power to fell Negroes the
p-operlv of it, only can, (lituatrd as the late Col.
losa STrAIT's Efiate at present Is) proceed
from Mr \Wt I TaM M'KIr"nn, Aling Execu-
ton for filch Elate : and that right and onwer the
fa1 WIL I.IMa M'KrIson I ha conveyed to the
u alfcr;ber alone, and not to any one of the Gen.
tlemen ahb-e mentioned, or to any other Perfon
or Perfons in the Bahama.Iflands.
Attotet farWr:taIM M' I o*. AH0inr
Prcultor Ial Cel.a C T
La.,e. r
AWs#,n. MAarl, i7if. i/t"
T IF 1 ihA9 wre have by virtue of f(ll powers
V (iuly recorded in the Secretary's and Re-
gifter's (Itire of there I ands, o the ap'h day of
Apcil lift pati. from Irl. ISt H tTU.rT and
Capt. JosN STrusaTof His Maiety's 3d Reei-
Inmnt of Fo,.t iuard fold and conerved to Mr.
Wr.ItArc Mhen,, fur NPORO SLAVES,
the proper of the late lc rusr. Pf'quire,
superintendentt of Indian fair.: There are to
Certify to all thofe it av concern. dhat we
will warrant and defend the faid WIL.t~tr
Mr,,, in the full and quiet polffeion of the
afornfaid property, or any Perfon or Perf nm
inclined to pu-chafe the whole or ain part of the
feid Negro Slarve, either at Public Sale octy
Pr:Ivate Contrat. JOI TAT W I I
Naaun, Mae1r, rI 76.
For AB AC 0, nep week,
The Schooner S LL L Y,
Captain CLrFTo
W iTll take in freight delivers e at Spencer's
Bite, on the moft reafon e term., and
from thence to Eight Mile Bay, aiher return to
NalTau. Apply to the faid Matte r to
ALL.C rfonshalntg acny deands aralnft th
f Elate of Jo*s CasM'no, Ilr of Carletoe
in he Ifland of Abaco, Planter deceafed, are
defired to fend them In attefed and all thofe
indehted to the Etlate, are reque fI to make im-
mediate payment, to
HUGH DEAN, ani d s.
A L. Perfons having demands iganfnthe cttat
Sa of SaMvu. FAP lT, f19 deceased, are
requefted to deliver them proper ateteted to the
Subfcriher without delay I and tfe indebted to
the faid fate, are defied to kc payment u
fool as poelibe, to
GRACE FARLEY, Admai ntres.

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