Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 29, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 92.



From SATURDAY, APRIL 29, to SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1786.

NASSAU1 Printed by JOhN WrLLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.


To be Fold at Pu ic Vendue,
On MONDAY, ihe sid MaY inft.
Ifnet p isi 'ly djfl /d a t Privalt Sall,
From Forty to Fift EC ROES,
onoly hor n in Carolii and h ida. an ind eif-
pitable Property. Pirfons dell of purhlring
the htr or part by Private Co rad may Icar
tIIhe rn diti s and further particulars, on ap-
plyiS to M
Wtl.Tr.tM MOSS, or
nI. The Ncerrme are ni at CharIlotevillte
where Mr. WeiLaTu wil them to Perfinm
di, 1iii' lit I'rcoming pure any tio befile
the I or r o,. /
aI'.r I. .t n ,1.. i tli I. o llA IE
Sin i. fw v< uk, d fe.r all Prrfotn a nywilf
in' lrl 1 '' I m. to ifch.rge tlh ir rt-f;'C tive
aicnunt*; 'l th c towhom he is indbrted, to
lte h.- t 'it fpore of I reafnnall terms for
fall, a RlIIN CHIAT HOUlsil.n FUR-
lIIlUR '. -i, fmail t eir.ity If PLA IF.
He 'il likwlr I t rent hii. agreal' 'n otedJ
IIO 'E, at r tc Iaf En I of titc Ha. Pu nlfr iT
tua be iv.n tihe ift of J une.
A''t ''t'ri. a '1 i a:r I-
I. a r A. 1, r-" A
.r.' i l' ,i V. ng ny de.i '. i a;il l t ,
A l n l ,J '. r; u i'> .N f o, C lra i -
i ,t *-'e ii l . i in, Pl n c C ii '
'dire >l I l o ,i n' i' Illlr i dn a'I th"i I
in e' t-.l t" h I a T he siqueF I I to mlkc on
- risa pa n ' To'
f l ,ll.; '1 D AN, it l 1 ,
,. *,. 4 r ,

d +il :A, I II.
A I.I. 'lfon ii tamdil to1 Mr. loin i ,
Ar v- l- , fmr this in ei fla dd i
Sm-l i i ndi't u t)inb ct ;l) the Sa' i ht r
whlo at t .i tho,'.: who l e any e m. v ri ia
(.in,, I M I. I.c to a m i 1 i r htd, to

i. .J sI h C I i e ..IcUbNER.

A nll SiC L t u i*t-: of Madicira Tiim-

1 .

p s P it1 N G,
PA f.i:;I f'l I ilt vciilr a".11 falil fall,
S fU e i b n ill f iio wi h Anich.iint
C brilic, b ill 's. s? &e. rr 'e nis apyin y
;y :9, I;lS.
T ill lz.tli icr int lilint, rto ira Wrap inI
A tlhr t t, d l rn ,les oa ll fprrt. Paiiywt ind
diltrl I Ii prn, l]|'.h;r ige ir cricfre4 ire ac

S'llfur p.l M ll t.l
cd. r 7REILNER.

A L. c 1 ,1. I rgp c'rn.i:l.. l IL i v
'li- litc.' iL tri .i (int- tu r, are ry
tea lled I nTui n ini Stri s, Mc Pintap
IIKrRY Y ONGE, Ainiiiiltiator.
At"idu, A # 5, i; ,s. 1
I.'"NK Hmn>1, fillpn4 Sale, Bila iof Lading if Fichange,- iwtn If Attorney, Sea
Ciali' Arvries, Appf tice'a Indentunes. and
other tiskForam; Writing, Drawing, Wrapping
I1d 4horinit apip; Qnwi., Penknives, Inkpow
Tr. l.kftandifhc ll Stating Wax, WafITS, Red
e., Hla I.ead and tCa crlHair Pencils, In lia
Blhe, Blank Bok, okfall forts, Poickct and
'ilutaa Honk., Mu lic aind Mufical Infitri.
'lin and Gstar Strings, Mulie Paper,
Ithe I itand tlarid, &c. &c. Ac. to be
-1 ltbt Printing OHifc.'

Defultery Obfervmatione on her duarens asd Man-
meri or the Fas Srx.
IN the education of mnot women, more atlen
tion hat been piid to adorn them at women
tian as acouiuntale aind intelligent heisns, anti pains taken tn Inad that with finerfluonus
ornaments which nature has left finilhed. than
that nobler part. itle cultliation of which has been
'ert tro the attention of parents, or doomed to
e'tlattli i negl;ge cc.r oncilurity, and ignorance.
But let women rcmemiiier, that drerf and lery,
wheit Iyond the htsilndl of direction, exci c
emltinns wh clh It were hoinonrable to cnnrceals
w Tiler exalted virtue joined with frnfe and know
1ilat. calls forth, from every beholter, aIte and
Itfirl, the rmeet of noble mind,. The love that
thefl hbeget is of that nature which alone points to
a flae of happincfa, more permanent than that
halifhl rapit lc which makes the present hour a
ly or a huify nic, and which i; the crtalin prr-
litlde tn (litl lvminitlment and chnririn! diflppoint-
m na t fom the haeca:il ilty of the loverr, and
chagrin to 1 i0 th.' t mankind cannot be true' to one
f'lly 1;t a ime. h'l company of the fliviloiurt
uitr gil(h 'v, will revr thul i ring i 'in along with it,
and, iin fitc of any gl' ac which may darnric the
vyni lifI cyer, v:rnie wi l encr he tie ornament,
arn t :- the herbn ill onff. nmn life.
IrF ;lr I e : i. a .lolvi I hr virrie. drain
o .h rr, coi, f ". th n 'ice f\ v nr'i
-1 he i hri ho ;i 1 1' i f iz'g t ; r '.atnit f ra;c i
hia. 1trii w h. i. int the wirnl ilh riefllt ,n
InIl f. i ..di t l;. II i h rt llve i til e i t flie'c- r f
nlerr I. an 1 Ii t l i ie and faiidticlr. it alti nft
ohrrrvnt a n f., .l rliil ent, hilt th.t foiil rel,'
iwh t ie 't irin fril 1 lanimate, no fenf- o m T kf,
h i- h llr r p Ii i tn Atrtleir and ImoiI'h caII F .
anI rni ric.ti e i crmiii.iid the rtcfilc the awe of
r,i 'o:nal f )in'llr p
It h t; b i 'i i ort'it that a wrman's rt a'inl
1' iril'l ir- cn.r cid to fiich boie as are dirrelit
'o thei iratin Tion ar i fncy : hiut the fa' acv of
.c a rn e in imnournifl y regretrtel ty that irihap-
I mfymi!e, whlo thlii intent on fuch work ah
inri I th( flicv, Ithi retinl d her iundccrndin lj
Ind her fl I, rn the Iltandard of rules inronfil
enit yill retdilile, and the iidulcence of lwich
to lt tnh I are to ruini, by unhin ini Te e fil, andl
tl 'i ii..,r t of that fr-innref wvliich it fit nerrerry
ioI I wi il that trems w th the l (licitations of
p'lli on, I lr th e unhipt trionv f .otifce
Fm'l wormi n ac-. he m l annn fi rpr ihlly i ihofut
tn'invA tI iT-r *ci no ovry dinla r citflqutlst
ton lvitv. Th h.a (nd:l ho p-wt lr e two are ft
noii.row that he meant th ines re t han or'nin' iry
ret if ion, whe thiul dravouritg to hen the
medium !.-ttwiit ailictity a I t nto,:..les, doe.
wn t ftra fieim t pr i heof reilth dr. nd lofe
ie wani t r fill than lte men whuld h g tned had
ireous mind fi' r. rit ath I lieb l ienil to their
!'.e clit ir.'crniftcs ; re oti an intrincinced or a
h ii y uni ti, a -l in inomdur ta efitr e trhery
Ilo ih welfare of itnmnkini, anare the niltI a oiiare
tiIn, if d whic h the criiclt and af tahilitv they are
for tlle nil part the qualinths of an opea and
lnfud mlif heart : lot let it be rememofred forh
have been too cqirntoy the una ipy v ilimn of
male ariific, Te h moat intine nt fpriht'liners of
c..dit hat a tendency to put her who' prnflfeI it
"if her guard. and prerroni ofthi t snimp aie often
o'!iiced to hear many things with no fretniuig dif-
'.iisfadion, which In the moments f deliberation
wvoild h ive c::cted a b'Minl.
It is not the gradual depravity of the mistd
whch ofteneft prove the ruiin of the fi., hlut
the want ofdifiretion. Few men would take th.
trouble to effect fuch a gradu al chance of the
virtuous mind as renure them fibfc vient to their
deficn', buit many will endeavour to betray them
into fioch fituiationv as arc the effect. of indifere-
tion, and which 'he helpleffenet of the fex ren.-
dert truly diftrelfing. And how many amiable
and accomplifhed women, hy one lapfr ofthm fort,
ha.ive been brought to embrace x life of infamy,
and to ctierate that beauty and thofc charms,

which in hanpier das hannrmramented a happier
mind. I knev T.cillt, prt- ent. mo'e, and
rrrferd (for fuch the precep' and examp'e of nit
affedtiunate mother firmedl her)s hbt when fhe
came to Londonn. and was told that enqtctrv rn-
tered the lift f female accomplishments, the affrm
ed a very different appra ance. Th'-f, however.
who were her advifers, fion had caife to rerpnt
the docility of their pupil,for th; innocent ai ty
expnfed he- to drivn and eisninr. and cre Ihe
wan aware of hr fit nlion, fmnk her into difelrften
with the world, h'rfelf and virtue. So quick is
'he trinftinn from one etreme to another, and
fich is the fale of her who would celah'ith a mr-
dium hetwern fecretion and fo'lv, and to. in-
raatintflv wiiier to thun the failirg -' that learl
to virtue's ft lr." I hrereprrobatethe abulle, not
the exertion ofthit firiehtlinef in the fair f-a, as
I am convinced that the mo rate tinf of thofe
accielrntal onaments wi'l as much improve, as
there x-cfT will i h.afe their charenlr.
Eagtr a. moft women arc to drrft themselves in
finrry, are twe t ittrihnte thiq entirely to a love
,if fuch fupi rifuity ? I think the aflertion wotilil
he me;n and iIoriif. Rut neereity often taker
the ol choice. If we confiler how few mer
'herre are who place their affPelio'l on any thing
hbt lie featlircs or the fortune nfa u ife, we are
"n' to wmon err itht they. in their ttrn fhou'd
Iri-t to or'il.n .nt that which is mnft eflermed.
'i'i 'he-c i n r her powerful' mt'v, I hid almol
fai;: I v. wiiiih l-as htre no little influence. I
eanrt filhiinn. PRt fall, on i an enemy I with not
to triicotitrr. The inlmncront- and p werful a~.
vocates it has ere- haI.l make me Ihrink under
the idea. anid feel ni- inferiority i1 fiuch a man.
ner as refT 'i illy to filence me. Put fatniina has
fn lonp relihra.l!dt the good f nf- of the couple of
th a (miiutrv, that in the common course ofhu-
man rev ittit ,i', t It think it mullt on, end itself,
and then we (hall ht convinced, that in many
cirafs vhr-e cie hi'tl tlur obediencc PecePary.
'I cit'llIn i the lawi of fole;"' wh:le it rregulatrt
our ditf, (ecalttrmy orn d inauremuft he out of the
qarlt';oi; while it pegu'ates the choice of our
worls. truth will have little (hare in the utte-
ant .c; and, while it enflavne the heart and direrA
tie a'lions, we may expref every runflqitenee
that will lead to ruin and fref-reprcach. Mode.
ra ion in drcf i becoming. The heft perfn is
the anrreitb' fir it. Fven truth and fenfe
prevail moft when clothed in elegant lanonagte i
though by the Iye, the moft e'rgant language is
very where the noft fmp'e. Simplicity and Tul-
garily are wrll ly diffrcnt.
Whether thercis more happiness tohe e(lpe6e
from a m of fcnfe and unlerltanding. or from
one or an enpty and frivilomu mind. but accom-
plilh%- onul le, fle can heft tell who has learned
to iflir.illnth betwixt that tranitory merit which
plearfC the rye, and that more valuable worth
enfireca permanency and delight.
With moft couple., before marriage, all i, rap-
ture anld delight, every mile Is heaven, and every
frown hell; racks, goeldfee', tortures, and an-
gels, are familiar phrafes to express the pleafure
of hope, or the trllcinnefs of flight but all thua
language foon en'o in the fltnce of faticty. or
perhaps the rouah utterance of contempt. The
angel becomvec a woman; the mellifnuent language
of her lips becomes Billingf.ate, and all her fond.
ntfs, if the ret.ins any longer than her husband,
is fooe'ry and childllhntfs.
If we consider how much the company of the
ladies fcrvea to promote good manners, we can.
not lnrln wondering that men thnuld to foon tire
of it. If the refpef they command does not en-
tirely eradicate indelicate thoughts, it will at Iealt
prferve public decency, and the fear of offending
them will ha a curb to public licentloufnef,.
As nature has appointed a remarkable difference
of constitution of body between the fIcxe, It Is
rcafonable to fuppofe, that there are crrtalm occu-
pations more peculiarly appropriated to the one
than the other. In fadl, each (C has fome virtue.
and qualities peculiar to its i Cam of thc 1 atS



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