Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 22, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00158
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 9;.



From SATURDAY, APRaL 22, to SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1786.

NASSAU: Printed by Jonn WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.


American Intelligence.

B O S T O N, MIt H 6.
THE Iloufe nf Reprx tntartire on Fiiday TlaN
pafifcd a rclflve to approp irae the rcvcnue,
arifirl fiom the imnnot and atxif:, to latify the
rcqF, litioi of Congierv.
Tlie Star. f.ppifcd of Sitrm. New.V-ngl.ind,
hbiod t I Marfrilelr. has been taken by the % lge-
rule.. Tlecrew r f tile Star, oin prrceiving the
priite making for her, took to rthir loIg biot and
Aenw I'ro, Marrch i. A Br'lt;lh fip of var
latl lately lLizT cl and carried into St. Kitt's. the
flAnp Indllrtr, Capt. ienfon, and the fmop Eli-
teltlh, Capt. Roulfon, both Irum New London.
in C-tnnrcitiut.
A icorrcfpoodent parents the local prrjtulice,
the < ir rlnt later in the un'on retain. At no
r ." f)yr lie. ** did they ever want a junilion
I, I,> r an. handsir mFre than at present. Amc-
li-a 1-h.- a i ut jult come to adult age. il pof-
flri ,n l"f aIlnniai er. wanton in tie g;fts that
N..rit'. wilth a lalvlh hand, has hbellwed on her,
a '.l aII t t rdto her trie inltr0t, until dire
plr,'ln irF- the matter."
r,,.t -, MAirdh ri. On Trfmnday lil Ihr erm.
oir c" L'( I ri* I, i 't lilli' V 1I tlr lIon. Lh iTles
ir (iohm of Mall',uhufort and Ilon. li i;lam
O-.r n i f V iginia, lhad il ir anurdi nce if the
plferihly ir New Jicfey, agpr erlbi to the r fClu
l ni oft C i'g .tr 't 1ih y7l i (t. and tlie a,
m'nt i the hoi f I1tnginpn lha. I'ry.
'rhe re Tlution of Cineri r. .nrpllnlli-r the eorm
n-ri'r-. and l .-nng is i1 r f, vas r l: the
rtirlii ra of l onitglel. If the It:h of Frhrllarv
I.t, i f tig l r eCvn0 filr in orf *hi 8'h f
Apr I .t3. ; e'e at o radl, and a fih,'ukc of the
folClren Ihar laidl I trer th- lhulf .
ltr. pllt' kim t cnl addilitif. thtl hloul ii ntally
thire following ttrin.:
t hiM. Ses' nna,
*t 'ic It ten tcl alte In C'- or, f fT mLI tt lie-
ing ;ifo, m '1 that thin hot.f1 It d, n, 'Ihi nil'h 'lt.
0a',, r 1. that thy could not. ro. fO'len'ly mi h
II. tut hi i! ui'ro iltui I I ,f'n ni l thert f i-
lih.n f t ptrcnbcr Ill ator fe leta fiuplieC. they
hI ic c rlnervtl II illncrrmh r.t on term, as pinr
,.io., nl tie c tenral light, anil Irtcrift < tihe
Ci f, rri y hby a deptation f tire ritwon 1n(y, a
ine fire Ih iep *ninl ori-canfi to pef nlit to thr vir's of :he
II, e ,: New -J rfev, the absolute neeriity tl ere
is i1 the fGvcral fates to a firit at,. pi ll dliil
tLmpllarce with the refrililitioiis f C'rongiri andl
the ftal cnr.fkrqnrteces llich inmuI i evitlibly at
tcid an Ralh rence .o Ic0 prcfcnt dW ri mination
ofthe 'nf;lmby.
When tllhe tic tes ite.l, convinoci of the
inability f each to f.ipr- t a lepar;:ll f\f lnm. and
that on their union di-p<'n,le' thtnic pr piltotion an.t
exirler-e, policy as we-ll ab p *r eline didated tile
rccrility of forming Ioe offiincit Fo'Itnrlltlcnt,
wlich, while it prortelcd ani f rilrri tihe wrole,
Irr in the fcveral flates ihife ri1hts of internal
f',errlgnly it was no nt nctirfry to lrg ter, and
"hcli crniiil b n exercise witholit injiiy io tlhe
la Irval author y. In them were placed a I thofe
tll'cntiil poweCn which clinfliirre a natio:-Stich
are the reclutlve lights of :.e ao;d war-of
fending and rerrivin emnbaLli -.-oi forming Irera-
ties anil aliancres-and .qui .ping and railing flects
and arrries.-To them alfo were delegated the
power of .bta-nini lons a the firh of tie United
State, and of apaortuiorng to lm federal members
Of the uion, t bir ',.t.-s iof the pibltc capent s.
The mode eltablifhied y the con:cdcration for
a'ettaiini the quo-a of each, was at that time
foppofcl equal and pr idicahlc. Experience, how-
IS', has proved the contrary and the Rates.
thnnch fretqrntly urged, having ne(teAred to
flrmilh return, of the a;lue of their plan's, and the
bliilir'g and improv,t merit thereon, agreeably
to the arti;:c, Congr fe were induced to recom-

mend an altertion of it. This has been unitidr
reference for forre tmec-ten of the fates
complied, and fame of them furnilhrd the returns
of their numbers in conformity to the rrcommn a
dailion. Newv-Jerfy has done both :-It is the
h-ef informationuCongrlfi h ive ecn able to obti.n
of the comparative Rrenglh arnd resources of the
diffi ent nates, and tile only one on which they
could properly fotnd thofe requifitions the fcr
vices and fripplics of the federal government ten-
der nrctiffry.
Thle rtatcs haing rthu, hv their voluntary aIt,
fr rmed one government a3 elTential to the protec-
'ion r f the whole. and placed in one controlling
:orw,-r the administration of it:l concerns, ant! to
uhom they were to look up for fippiort, each
late is hound according to itL ability, to furnihli
a proportion of the eRpenccs j and the \ t.ile are
jotinly and r verllypltdgedl for thepub:ic engage-
ments, for&e;n and domellic.-The mode ipre-
frrihed by the confdlcralion lhring imprao;cable,
it folk wi that the pr'-portions are to he quota'dl
agreenaly o I he bel li. hts in the poffflioni of the
lion; for, while the govi rnrrneit elits, its mem-
trers are 'ioind to conttibite to its mal.rttraricr;
lad New.-J'i'y haring not inly afftntid to the
mIndtc by w nich tie ia r te., but furl :;lh( the
ielurnson ulo ch the :;Ifflment could be mnnae
ith exaidnrtif, flie crtainlIy rannot wnih pro
plirty complain of bc*rine an undue 'ioporl'io ;
nor will ire, I truft, upon fti-usB rln clon, IT:'p
ple ihre can, conittlnt'ly wth her duty to Ith
iulrin, rcfuf. the tru llrition. It" he has lI'tn
ove .rated, let her fubtaiitiate 't in evidence to.
Congref'. And fice wi!l a!wa.)a find that in-
clredtodo her tie corrp!'rfl jI'!lie Nay more,
,f Ile corccive hnrfeif oprrte f I nridcer the piftilu
co fedr, rAt;in, let her, through her d(el atcs in
Congref t.1te to them tle- oppitffinn' the com-
plainis i f, and urge the calling a Fgenral c, nv, n
lion of t flames for the pnrpfe rf incr afiuII the
pore res of the rf Icral gorocrmmrent, ard rernleoing
it mote adequate to the inda for which it was
irlliitrfd. In Ihii conflict ional molc of appli
cation, there cn be no doubt of ihr mer ting with
all the frpport And attention fie can wi li.
'" Iid I er rtfnrtmenrt In concert will Con.
nliknt, Iten pointer apainft New-Yrik, andl
ih mean In thuir power by duties, and by oprei g
afre port iimJrdiaLtrp V ite th, ir ci;t, len ien
riild rtohb'ige that te to do them jnlli,e-, To far
fi, m iijui;ng,. le woulil have received thr coiunl
tenarnce rf every Tf-derl late In the nnirn. But
h rprefent cmnlihl, to re:'.fing the conflltutingal
reqtfrriiln f Congrerf. pd inrnoving the aftes
whlo were friendly to her interits in the general
rionfurlin that milt now ertfte, to far frrm oh-
'ai, in' thle ends fhe p:opofes, will d:vrrt the
.rtention o.fthe tlnion fronn New Yo;k, anid from
*h.ii fynf m whrhch could stane rclicve the non in-
poronig natte, and apply it a holly to her; for, ith
wtrt propricly could compulfiry means he urged
arainif a flare, for not ; fKntinr to a menrlre on
v which we rotifTs tile had a tight to dtliberatc,
when we flffer anrrtbr rit/i ,ftlntr a ndiat ims
purtr to refnfe a requ;iftioni ihe is confalilutonally
bound to c imply wAli
It l,' he proper here to remark,that the pre-
fctrt rtq(illition is faondld upon more advantage-
ous princip'es than any hith rto adopted, fo fai
as it rcfpe a the right northern flares, whofl
citi'me prohbbly hold more than three fIurths of
the whole certificate debt of the United States-
for of the 11.400 483 dollars. Irine the total f lr-
cle value of the loan-office dbt. 9 998 IS, dollar
being more than fCven.cillitlhi ol tile hole were
loaned in the feven n atern fRate. The ftate of
New Jerfey is in proportion a conriderable credi-
tor of tle union. IH !w far therefore it becomes
her to fltpport the mesfur-s of C'ngrefs in pro-
viding for the interest ofthis debt, a. II in aPrlting
i credit, is left to the good fenfi oif the houlrc
t', determine. The retral requifitiona of Srie
temper r7ta, April 1-84, and Is prember t17J.
which have beenjilt tated to the hoinfe, and their
priadiples fully explained, obviate every objcdion

with rte.r l to a larger natmher of certificates
bring iffutd than arp provided for, and that
ctr ficatcs will not iOne from the loan-' fcces toe
greater amount than the i terrift of the domefic
debt to December 1714.-If the fates comply
with the I-nveral requilitinls, 'he funds on which
the interrnl certificates depend will be co- exit five
with them, and the certificates all be funk and
called in by the taxvc levied by the Rates. As to
the commntation to the army, it ia only nccclfraf
to remark. that the late Congref* found an aft of
a former CongrTfa finally adopted upon the fib-
iedt, and the national faith pledged to carry it
into tff, t. The certificate are fo i changed
,hat it oeuld be imprlible now even if it was
proper-, to make any discrimination between them
and the other public ficuritier. To the armv.
however, I am of opnilon, their country are
hound by the firongrlt ties of gratitude and aflcc-
tion, and if it gould be evrt admiffible to make
any dill:n o-nn hctween the public creditors, they
ccilrnlly pofrlct the purl. claim to prefcrtilc
and intentionn.
That t hecommercrial Raes arte Indebted to the
ioint t(Pirt of the whocl for the advantage they
cinjoy, will be readily admitted. Upon there
prin ipllrs Corgreft have again, by tle addref. of
the jthl of February laR, which you have jut
heard read, prefented the rever us fyftrm to he
\iew of thofe Rates that have not complied.
Georgir. it is faid, has accedred-New Yo k ia
norw delibcra'irg upon iiwand it is hoped that a
m-arirc fo Jull in rfc'f, and fo nec lIarT at
';me to fircrpgthn (te f'detal credit, "ii:l nmet
wihl their concrirrirce-if not, we rtfl.Al with
plrafire, that a great majority of tbhe n.ot inpor.
taRt fnelr i:l Ihe union have, upon every oec ni
by their afls and ready eompli..ces with the
rccomnn'endationnof Congrts, manifilted fowarm
and 7e.Ael:s an affrbion to the IfJralcomp;,t.I
ai Ilaves no doubt f a fyflcm ioon Icing formed
which will in its operation relieve evury embrr.
ra'rmoent ard inequa:ily c( mplained of. But t1 i
wi!) a'lL ethrr depend upon the cnerrtn d mea.
riuie of (lich date' as are friendly to the f fterm.-
B diviuionr upon the fubJeA rf the rtqu ifiion,
you rot only defeat and prevent the reefhrre, of
Coi reef., for obtaining thi. dflirable en!, but
f tnifl tihe i on cE mpl)ing Rtatr with new and
r' c'll.c arguments aigainft it.-Perhap' I di nct
en loto far in afferting, that a pcfevrerar.ct in your
rtfrfal mlit inevitab'y tend to diffo:ve thfo ties
w +-:h bind ut as a natirr-For, tIhuld the other
'ties fuflpend their furpplier to the common treat.
fury, intil New Jer y complied with the rquitin.
'ien. the eriatence ofthe f detal gccineenit mult
be rendta..;red-probably ceafe.
tohie houfe, therefore, an application is now
m.dr, to rfcrnd tlclr adt, aI one pregnant with
the mrnt alarming evils -The firuation of our
commerce languifhing under the moll riuinous and
opprolriout rcftraints, and which nothing but a
wife and well-concerted fyerm of federal policy
can support, has for fome time demanded our
inot serious atteratir-to relieve it from its pre.
flnt embarrlffnment--to place it upon terms ad.
vantaecous to our own citizens-and refrue it
from the predatory invafione of the Bai bary nates.
The l.oile conduct of the favages on our fron-
tiers-the ur'exampled behaviour of our late
enemy, in holding our poRl contraryto e terrealy
bridling the country, and depriing us of the ad-
vantage which would otherwif arifr from it-and
ai'ove all, that da andfared regard, whitb a o.
tfr ougkr t wr top 1a hrr to sg'rmna, a Itbeonly
filid bajf of her benersr and rofJrn, at this
time particularly call for our trenuousand united
exertionf.-To thefe important confidtrati nn all
motives of Rate-policy hold yield-We Mhould
rcol cnl that the grieances and Inequalities par.
ticular flat may complain of can only be relieved
lhv the timely and Judicioul Interpoltion of the
fr leril authority, and that this once diffolved,
the interest of the leier Bates mney not only he
opptffed, but become a prry to the more imnpnr
rant, and fuch a f(ca of ltcalo dilcoru aru

4:Ptt hb-1r hat fret;r-iry frtih aid rwn, tere" i ft Iry -'.cuir t. T ir. al WI it ;g ), ai Iop.ha
---- n at Iruo.. t ,,. I Lrc tIhe c" k was ( (qiuttard no tir g c. to ff r. aiid theie redifpue Rlbole.k
t4- I*- s Lowwo l, pe iodi.jal Paop:r, o.u tr.nipt iltre, anild rnipipld. as fcloniciily to el rI* t .i Any re r prn lac i6n iTh A shle] tlrhe h OillD.l ke p.h ~/ted isl Etl..bur h. .l ar.iar acq- ainlarIce ith the hand ii0 r vier. I r s n..i: c.ell an tii, ;t tls ii h I, i 'n r l remarked, that trn rsc a t d I hid t:oi aL rtr yl ai aiP ropri-i.i i'. I., m: P, r -s 'H :1,. C,n n. u- n ILL y are lt ,lf d; ,l...
T h~is h ..rn b~ *en r ~marked, l~haIt men Ire v" o dr ^n r ; m o w kVdr. I r., 'i n, are nn. argE n.enas.nor ai ),rti(ll,,
I p'- nin.e 1,1 the r real chaactl r in larculllll t ir.s lnil y o I h lA, i. .arr h f pfhiIr rVfe l IOrde I 'c h l e aore lac'I ai Thll I da ) -lll .-t
ap rl~in ty .l g nds uno u -i rtii. tia n in t in C gar.i r i. lit, n r. t Ih, r.i ~nciln vry .rr m i to d-- ;iLin ir i, lihltc-w at y f I hl
a l .i 1 i lmmi Lus rtioa s d,n *..,f ihl. Uor uiv..ur ce Ic mhe t. Near this aifT p a loat, while ch t f irit i fe-tiemt, fhi.h e nly irritate' iind I
,I i iti k i mi y dr.l p up 1 I t n n a mi t y onl. tin e pil aled ne >hat to lo.nk of it. It as. cliri'oalt. .
tr.l, ocurrence, will olren lro gly dutc in ~i .1 i s ie r nto old; it r.a nalehrr nuch i hn nr muah I *I, a ventanl.r r.! rank nrfrilotn re rsn atviitrgel
ct.,on.liii. of uur mald; anil Is u, ill 11. ci o ci n Or Oc the Fali n, a;nd lecctr ro I t a ri I rl mainr c i in pon.ntrt l ationt; P. hi r ; ,-n inferin r to frlr ,' o, I
in i V adni. fo ucl lio pI y talniti l li F l.t I lt the ,c t I f I,| (i nn lnd tne. B v, ir i a k.d of I lur ce r fto et o lort, the. Ih 'l.flilon of thte iadeltl.,nding
ur wlo, br. wll l;, f nti ve AT I t i licdi c id lr o I o he nit ( .I t it 7 i After er It ch lo rfins; for every mIn' tre an hia th e fame
In c to ll anI nl'r e a. i] n 'ied h r. tl li Ihm e Fli n I F l ri I h ii ipt 11, i n e I r. iHe i a ped-.lclr t ,t er h li l ad nd, ilh hile f .
tic .l ,I pIcrl lt w 1. b y lh ,L..itrb. prnknun tli- tifl.c. te he oi the I tflin '.a lr a hl- ii a mI an dl;an l re re a pronvincial sdiaic e or Irips i
IlFc grearr i I I'i. will It lauala iiiu i li 'n p Our ttii ll ,lf i ti L.i- riln. ainh i ih i i ; nter rrinciipl c hr p-trmm r., r fhcin betclh or Ir;lh.) life. lllii nA
rof i: e t little i ic ., ei n u.1 I u a- il rd u i" urL d n v ,h hl r, % l rrlr ; M i i a;i.d Ih t ewh ic i i, i llafaci eaprc'ion.. prr j1' di'creul.aia;un ofch ac;r. l lld", ii. d in: ilg ber r ,n i.'0 v ll aI.ll hi anri.c-. unird cllandi.g of Ihi. inen, it is a fno.ilk jet t
the purluilr to which thicl, p ll.i. iu i 'ei,, -i On ith rL p. g t a III. a I i ti 1 r.dir 1'. ., sith It:rn them i rili llrt, r ac an, t .n epitlc hi,
.r.lghlr to be upen ih Ir bfi d. i.c, are Id In e, d d th I b..-bard, i ica in hliFh 'Inr,:iie aI hF i. aaflir.g.
the cu trom s and al.rin ons of Ihe wm rl I, pnd, dnddr h h. w, "il, il rI :., .f: o 0 tir prt I irel ,I lj'.rI ,ri t a r e a tlie ',rlte r i fro
Li i ol dlrguire. arL caiil.antly ell rag an aralita'l .1 t. r pl. I. h ,ll ar,. d, i. he ht a. of at ,t Id i.t, ,,mm I,f,,,iii- io i as t I licriar s hi knoh now el Z
hi u i n in clit 1n g cirtattilan y .on ei.arl. i i t ,; tr c ,a, eti. c p rn r. ;;,, en i [ h.n i,- mu red b vn cn i .lie .r n,, l.i rp:n rle lcr t thipan he rch
bI hiniur, an in t ro oir l ta s c Odice 'i. ai i dir, lI F. ti ernre P rol I 1i. F pn ii. and the triumph m e
Id,. .hil .h mend tno iio rrt ulat Ii cl.):'tt. .ll I wh:lh ] la erli el.s: .i. ti I t L v II n Ic 1nf1 idfn'- bncc mre the i t ln Id: n Ihe ereqU crIc r.
I ,I ar i a u'ol i tlic r 'uard, l:l isa r. I tn oI n.o though hi I. ',. t ,y t, l y I c i I et 4 .,' arII v i n' t -.' tlu l .i ide nT!y ril eif
F I.. It.. Jau ..d. and > ga y a th; if..t i j Fin J ,n,,n; y, ,i, iar, v. .,ir r. a lithe hb.t- ,hi. cn irlv.rvi ai. \. + tliher it he f is own firdina
<.I ,,i m..,.i .n d fp ll i.I li t1i ael t lrf r tab i, a jrt thn, Il ers ':a n ly o.l or c ,fary iticr m n'.he'r -:nr. Ic hilm tlnk il o
l. l a.... h I c ic uLti t. t ure. r .na .rICtiL, a hI : t ,ckh f lh e own chair ail li i, I. .', h.clh rva a nh 'l: i -r r- or n 'lrtl l acc. i+ -rly.
I .. f d iritio., f 1 c.t a ,n r y rrp:dbot, re i.g an i, .I f-b It a t --"--I
I c ut f If ir tc r-r 'i 1 C1 I iti Ii tlr-l t an s 2in* n ht ill 4
i- m ri i ..y .c (II l : 1 F l .1u cl ; a r y11l A ti if I ir a.i Lriitcnant-Oov rour. re.
S--i r d iftd to l ri t i; thr;- iacr ~nt t
r l,.'p r :. il, l I a m r ,a I c 1 J t -4 ; g i : b rhlr c o-.v rl .,c i rn ; I t v .l T .,n e r ,r < d I rI C I I LI urtt l l nlI I' t c e1 .s|tn t
tr,. .,.;t g ri 1 i : ... -l t.. A he very fp. arir-, ber. h r 1 i, s IIF NI1'Y YONGE, A inirtr.
i r ,re p..ri :.. or d. r) -.I.ii.o.r -t I Ihae been taubhtl to din,, lnb Inf it thI e L r 6.
a I ei c i I n I c concl t. i ,.,.i ..-r e a ,uiu I" li 1,,A el 1o 1 p D ,
w i .i i to ulp.. : A ... y | ,r t s there .... a b' ,k, Ir p-- n. ,,,. r H ( 1) A S in i I R D,
i ,i ii ,, ti .h a i. F ii ni la .t r t r 1C 4 y.jrlil .. j ,.,j n beirtg oacup,.n,| r ,1 o v ,,h tnv 'r. On < i'fif TR 3 i p ri T.ST ER R ,fe/ I.o Lo.WDt ,
a J]iruy t... c .... ,r tu u. I e inu ;. crt, -. lok bi I dtfen,r., Ih., lrrilrn t.'hi ?at i13 't vne -t i qf. rmi his Frrent, and the
*' rI n. I, i ;. ; k r iO' u HtO i ti ai iru' d ., it i : In-, i r a ii a lthu 1.1... l i P,,S ',.. thi h,1 .e l ri ret nd repairpid s I!]l fortlo
1 r r. In ,,-l, , l.J. In .. itl. i m c At "L wL en, m .r a r,, W- th .,c !te Ihe 1 ,oil. e 'crl 1:. -!'. fri r If oidi ron Chair @, atl
il [+. O 1 ' i J O 11 s 1E r.'lliI Io t 'll I) I'. Lh rfLLt r.1 9,... I I, d I I I I.' ,[ h I ,O i+in ,
a, 1 t a 1 Ii "l, een, r ,ni tor i rtt wt.; ,th f ir i I ",i l I -icci I, I F h) c, ne rt A yralrrlrm. ro "a tth ofif t.rrarst in1the
a.,', - a-i;. iun ; -F-c ,r..c c c nt llr d-- Will ,dI- mi iii t1"i -' dealI 'bI. .h v.1 iici, A r. A F-na. a t f Efit Corner of the t may ad
o., n ,i f I,, -an N.y ,I,r. ir th ,.nnr i[ prcl.a c a bnti r p Ji e, .i. n ny I ,he his he Corner of the B hed
L ,, J ,:' ,f. I ;]r f I I bt, 1t-i.. fr., bht lall a- t,,e l rp l n ,, ua gla ,a,, fphbr. 47 i.'eii'i StrtI.- ____ _______
I a. ; ri. l I lay. h ... aL r a1h ,i-t %a. os ly a bi: of h ac. i A ' l I d. fo. T'[IB uit-'-tritorr intendingin go t lo Nov -Sc ttia
tie c. 't r .r 1.i t t, ir, i.Ic n F 4 r- rL i ncanri v r-d the orler i ckrlilini our i -l i.r, I:'.' I,. f,,rc up to at tll the Com inti tigers rur il alican
f,.f A ., n t ,v b o u. ... l '.c iL, IL r b t np t,.on .lydil t admit i i.fanr- crng. tuIt Caim tltece all perr on' any if e inibted to
b i ( .etart(d '1 I. Ce I bF1hCve I faicr, i I t ieit l- r re "-tt I ny !:m, to fett!e ti 1i:'t ftilri onl ; Aod l who
It a n, e arir n l I eI q rIIality hlr..i L ,it,,U A ',r d ual. : .ea, ,hi t-g nitrl; fk n I ch r,& -le r r:tiot l .. III. te ve an t d em 4ln E ainft him ton cal pay-

l... I ter t 'th" 't Ioc I hnt ho i;; .kt. ",In.n.Tt.iFeL N n. The n.ACKSMI ruY BUSINESS
,. cIi. l Il n .l n a vi -y llow and lo iin p e, .~1 tlLi i furvea .. ti h, V I a r r he 'ar:i( d n AS iIlrtal at hisi SHnr.
v.. it .r. ni l. t I r.e e 1i, o r fr- t1 . r, v 1 t ri. 1it r ,i n I1 1 it r n i, v.: r I .:; c 'fu. F 'ei' I lIr l d .
d.1i. v..v,.h I F i I 'c i;. iat), i ifa i taII r at ]i,. i;i t:I i.,ght plrtic '." 1. I; y 1 i. tt'> T l riberIi r fitr int n g o l lve l t Id dAII
A i 1.i n i e iI Ill It .ltb-- w ih 11, lii rd- I1 icraer tr,i litr. cr, aJ i,1 1. I r, l bi.r i.i ie v r I a l-ort time. d(fires all prIt ot wite iin
l', f: i '. I u-, i t hb t;.4 L lli..cil ly ui,- ,. v.t ,h we co, c ,, I , c r '. ni l ,i litr i tf him to dii chhige their r ive at.
II :." n 111- i, d n' .k lA 1' i t I, .hIt t.. f f l Ic ,.a., f ur .v ind, I I. l', -,. ..r t,.,, c-it to. Inrt thllrc to whole m h ih j cidate t
-ti, Wa' n J a i l.r in in I-,l a h" W" cJ it ,., l it hIw, r m n i y .. :r I fli-.. :1 call for parnient.
S y it, tai., 17y wl i h. f. ,J ry d.gni- a I-:t. ,l41 ,;f. c .. a r .. f ; y I C. F. TR1 NER.
t,. i' it a n ni -t r .t wmaaing. i* v-n am d! l th r r'n i, .r ,.
I I p c I. loi: ;i c. I l'e it tn c on rcs t c '.id wh ,.:r. .i , r l '
,.,,,. r -- + h W P 'ie I'le l I y '' It I q ;- a ;' 'yE L a!Lr L-). I P"1 1+i( (' 11, rlit Ot Il, llo f RL' LI
.n o, r .u" a a nIU l... .- '... aiy ut.. i r ly c l ii an tair Ci .1: r'r- r. ,I c: r vll ^ ho tn
1 r1 I.ILn o.,1: V `. ..,.1 in 1-f 1- lt rin. af b!c ti real Ih -, l cli '.-'r cl i;. :rI r [. l >I"W IR lie e -,i. ,ilTolved r om ittlt cucn
i- ar I :i., I c L : I I.. ry 1" 1 I have f-n tih ..l .f 1... -... rr f'ent, tl ef' rrqicl th 1 : Il perfnas I~ htcd to that
i. I fro lm ,rn-r u .t I 1i i lli'i lit :I ':i lo mc cTcu '' .'Is v ,Li 4 I, 1' ;i t ] -1; t i e i Cu on'-ri, W;l comer tFo a'I imme I tc fettlemc nt.
t. .i; l'na -n li *m c i. I .1 l dt i r JlL , i c.. r rA ti l i i'c A 'i Aurl ty. it86.
I. r iii-Ihe rt..i. ,, I .. t l o a.1 e it ,r ,r: i r i .t i fe of :ui :l . r I I i llt iF.l rhlri'.: r ;agI in rcenlitel t ot Oa T rfnl
ty l Ciy no in t. i .i. a. ri, .i i thcn l1 m 1i c f[.,c -.g nit *i. ri, f, it, th .1 1 .,' r r .,| 1 t a Itmine ,t in.hin hns boonda-
;,, .i. i i, h c f .r rin jd nc. Ia i ,t ,a-'.It ui m f.ini tirc re n 1. i n...,-:e t! .l...- I Fl. t it t tennf H Inin ,, wilhrur laing p n v.ufl obained
o ..i p.... l a "' t o .l.. a impr fill: lo tr c i ne 1 l.u' : I i..i. i i ..'o I his pernorlinn Prrf.ins offendling, a cr his noKse,
.. , I p.i. rd .1I1 cvey one fl a-.l n t.11t au.. ml. Al ,ry 11l,, en), J.. lae : ..i -n may i ailtrc. r1 f having the rigour the law pal
I r. Il r, n .k a 11np. llible, i .11a a ily v l.. I. ,. l. JOHIN USSELL
ir. ", I nh g 1.1 1 .k. 1,, . ... 1 ... 0 el .. .....
1 .1, hi i" p 'r ti 1 r. I. ': r" '' .t u lrove aw il., rn ll ..nm l a|rnc t 1 ];r ly lr ,"vr ) j .,;. ..... ", f l I
.ii r tlr,, n iTt.~C r, I hg u ItLXt o i ri I, r ff reln:c, thai e can f r ( ri- ['i i. h c 1
i.t. .i. cl. i. t. g ,I . .'l. held u unik;al c in,, cul r ,h,, p, ", 'I f-.. c W A' N F ED TO H N I.
i.. ,aL or ..i. f I hc i I. ildi gi f6iu c nI p rpl ., nn i t).a the wi l' ,: ir aI -i a fi f ,( | I IT in airy part o he Town, and
b ; .i 4-I v,-il i o.IId itunc; 1 iIg o nt o fl lh line herIM e C ntf h ... i L tL coifir. A calculatcJ for a mall Apply to tIc .'I .1 i l.- r ii, I trlon to wht hc, t Ill r- Li cai ry .iI rhe e-t. f'e In he I 'rc no fi -ur P i t-r.
'Ij" c-i-h Ilarf, tchy Matl I crWnrrt I tnan ilt n -yP
t n r'm t.e !i ry r it and tith navy lto. I cou'd i. de. T, iheci I II ll!ItYh RY IV. O iV. AollPer
I ,: i.Lg -hcI iL '. r he ,r ow h. hitng In N on aatyw;, io e.hti. totT lhi I thle drees
I : n I W. 00f g l hioIh cii .I . orh hit I lct, ,r n di u n n e by 'he toft of lm 1 .a hv er ir a tan oe n l t C o

S' y .i tii mw a va ry wney i gl fly noI hc'r iytli 'ticnece chat hi 1 tI :InII ini iC ar -uml nt .Fhomtihae .at e is Ilnehted, ni eed a t time.
up and .ot -d ha ry ci, re-i nF ho to onf; rr ill fi or t olthtr opIlnin nI 'h ( .ac;un s, r y em n on or befor
h d ....I...... .... vr wh ...... ....... .. tht d.n ri .... n h from re i met
yin... au. I-c t ,- x... ; [:,tue t na, ho'. i le .cd In Fay, ,i ...ur neth at much co nailencf. c... Ir, i.d that day., n. l he n.lnl ed sIm r il | a t.

-Cnuoi 01 it niti en. ar1 f II: ulilaoral i halt i ho van DANIEL Slema eit
i I I tit st buto a n u ug bi rri n c iE c h i ctii art tinrairi node on te : h herilde u lr .eaied Nsqi. Ato -... "1'i vi etS

I, ii ,iu. of h lbrine thbni .fle i tlaaoght a nita cur torurecd in'o any outter llcpc Iy lni]llylr aUd A1.1F. Kthtt'tn hav'p dmnands ontI e harat
, 1 ,, bove c pcdrl.try nlr h. pltl ol. and A Mr. AIr. tNnta RottaIa OD detalkd, lf
!.-.' ,. vcry lincly to tl 111 h al. "l 1 I .i It iat No jF' pun. or wiicirm., ene in to1 ,I rn an rnopr of this town. are defired to render l .te-
.'. ji tihe revcre of the former. It w of a firm ,enit ,r I re.ire ning ii : rir i l it rr if, a laiueh at their claims, properly attefced, to tIhe fb lcribr
. lF < that hat bren out of date hlrC ten yeir'. anI bit riee .,eight hr ae Inerain o Ie atlenriprtcd t for and thote who are indebted to the ft*tare s
I it feaed nea. Clinc inc ruw it I d terneI this in ,n aick up n ti c teinml cr, ot an a giamcnt to qiefltcd to make payment i qly1that th
.r .. a ... l owner, wh ., for fc.r f acci.l'in, had tb meafn of I ilputnii affairs may be fTitll ae t oon s h
u.itriunl paiel him'e f near. 11 is ril and pnt- Nn to dillpilLnts Ihulil fp-alk at tihe fame time. ANTH. RoxI iOH, Adr.
r uas; and by the im'il wtlched faing. h. aalld. any ,a, ove ip wet another by fInneriority nI .-T--..r.,.; in tlftthe thute
. oranc. C Intitueut tn tihebf hue a hat h,.ch ap- longs., r the Iosune ofa laugh, or tith f.rddcn bareft A It "taL. PasLr' Ieer di. I
,- icc I ta have fulfercl murc by nciligence than by of an xlcdal tion. o FAL tttd t
n lIt feemd o have i be ide o moderate. It is an ndipn rciminarto al dispute, that "e'eaed to deliver them ifofr it ,ett d*
i.:d in air and frm a rnd del imdr l. It w r the I ianny difputant flap his hand up0 o, the table, ler the fold itate, are delrcd t make pay t
Iroi.erty oI a larned philf,>p!icr whilat oa tar dillan, him be informed, thit fuch an aiain dnc 1 not flinch I oion a1 poffibe, to AJ. PARLtY,
a: l wlho i. Ioa mu:il rbf r;:4 ,n .b Ira fp.culali,",. l hi, a.. umenl, and i 1nly pardonable in a black mith I O ACE ..ri, *
o uies eauLnio to ciramllPes ol ditfs. olt fur or a butche Admlnittr
oil e'xr y'J ; a

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