Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 15, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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No. go.




NASSAU. Printed by JohN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

From the London Magazine.

Jnf Are unt lf a memorable Trlial for Mianln.
IN til rt ign of Qutien Elizabeth, a peiron was
a, aisrtiil before eSir James Dyer, Lord Chief
Lulllt. rL tre Cr'rt of Cnomon Plcas, upon a.n
i;s~,intcri I'oi Ihre mirdtr of a man, who dwelt
III th f'e Itr pa. lh iwi h the prf mer, The firit
wle. (fl ae.e.. h'im drpiAeil, hat on a ccrt on
day. recrntieonrcd by thie itne(f., in the mornit"g,
as lie w'e g.-is ,'i tioleigh a clirc, which he parti-
cular'y lltlri, ed, at fenme diftaIce frum the path,
he I.r a 1e i.rin lying it a c,,pdilioa that denoted
hint. 1 to Ilt tlhr iiirdel or lrunk ; that he went to
trle p 'ly t, ..I fI,.ind him adually dead, two
oue *'P a "no in hi really, aift his Ithirt and t I .airerl .c ith blood; that the wounlld
a plet I tl .r ie ,. tie f. t,, have tiiw given by the
pe, e foi' k ,, ne i6rm. 'nu'ch Inflri meant, andl
L. kA'.g aieout Ihe i! -e l a ork, l)iig near the
cir ,I tlrie hK Ltor. Ii|), anki olhfired it ti bhe
nllkat; e! 1!iI th iiiie iIl li ttcri of the prifnncr's
anAi.L r: it. itin if, t i r f amel l time irrduccd the
frk 1r truer a ii i tire pifot irr iwn Ted to lie
i .n l i t. vot IL rg the witncl.' anl) qn.llionit.
.A i r rtr d 1 1re i icpi olt d, Tliat, on tl e ilntr,-
ri ;, J I a 'aI r In wh.Lh Itnc dl ecetAdil wa kille,t
t ev ieln< .lnl i Ife.. ca ry illt arn intenti u toI
.r r r iT ighlibot i. eg W i, which he na
II ,-l-:i he v, ta I1.1. i g in i the ently f hi,
o.l, r ] i 111 I.h I I., tIhe ltret door biting opt en,
le :, .vt e c i ',.t c. ine by, !ri d in a fent 4f'
dlel he i luir ,I.l ftllhr n oif s which thie wit-
sac. ld l.]e J-tlhlit ire(the witnefs) wae prevent-
elil ir111.I i- Iug lt t'i.rkt, atr tlhat afterwardes tl i
(irt Ie it]t f. '!tnri lit i.o'i. to the town r o f the
ilelith ,ien w i .n ,I" tl.e deccaled, arl d of the
preloia I '. I' ok being found tire c pfi -that
upirn iher trip, it the piifi.,tr v ia apprthenietil,
uI.l It., e ol e a.1 Juhc Ii; Pe I e,"' t.' wholll Il
nrura n 1i ; t intlc at, he hei: g ihen prifclit in
Codu i-;' it le (h wt i.l') )ii 'te I tet. prlifrt cr
Wi i i lt. re.rf,., a ,' .ti'tced hi X 'lex tin1a
te .. i. ,' iic' n. 0 : ILvrld the change of rai-
irn r.. li i f i ')ie, h l d m.ia litrc the time
' ii li r i, 11, h.-d I ril Jt r in e the nt r-
Ii -:e,, ti i lme of it fliah tI n ni n ttiir t ,rhe
rt'- c -. re I. l .e tire fi.ct .n leCo t wt-hich he
rlir .1: I t it ne, l f the tI al: lin! thal t i ln hil
sirnec Ir-ign.ri Jiro wrth having chmllged his
Cls' ro .v fcteral Ilin ilg arldw a CI, and
to' tlI i*I c .eni c.l it-h t itpon titc vi-itlcd's
i c,,lle ,.n i. ,:i're telIanri of ithe change of
drTi. li h Jn e raih a h.vara.t to fir ch theb
prifee rh h e l 1 ir1 the c -tilr- dleferibeld by the
wivr b. l ,-ig 'riie p-t of fince the morning
-II I th all inteliol atdouccd, and thlilled at the
fearch; pn tlir .alfl e a ki ng Ihinylty for twit
i\nrs irnl I pl drpl-, re tor clothes, whih the
itnefs ihnr dil. tribec 1, wI. re dilcoveicd, conceal.-
l, inr a tira n ail-I tih n pluacered the bloody
clothe; in Cnr, h luch the prlcifroner owned to be

ked with an intpntio:r tocouiceal tlclnnaccuntr t
I their beiniig bloody.
The prilerir arlfto avni.d alkingr this fccnd lwit-
nte afral qualteiosri r
Sthirt withe df depofied to his hating heard ie
pifrr deliver crwtein minicec ag..inf the dr-
he ri r Ira in h cnce the proficin tor inmtle l to
ier a1 piro,-f if ,aice pr perfei, In anfever to
nhich, thde prfeoner pe rpols cei ain qarration' to
te Cour t, eal ninig t a deco very of hnc occasion
"mnthe muncirg xpmrlli as depolecd to, and from
the wied, f,' a- latr he ehofr Cueftions, it appear-
Pri, that tahe decafed aced e pri-

The prir-mer being called upon to make liis de-
"nce, iddr-elled the following narration to the
C"nrt, as coniaining all lie ksew concerning the
Manner andti circemilances of the death of the de-
'tsied, viz. That he rented a cloft in tIe fsAmc
peril with the decefaled, and that the deceased
e"lted another cole adjoining it-that the pnly
a5Y to b. own clofe was through that of the dc-

ccaed ; and that on the day the murder in the
indictment was ftid to be committed, he rofc
early in the morning, in order to go to work In
his clol', with his fork in hit hand, and paring
through the deccafed's groin he ohferved a man
at dillance Irom the path, lyine down, as if
dead, or drunk ; that he thought hinmfef hound
to fee what condition the "perfrn was in, and
upon getting ip to him, he fourind him at the laft
cxtremity, with two wounds in his breaf, from
Shich a preat deal of blood had ilffrd--that in
or'er to iclitev him, he railed him up, and with
great dmffircuty fr-t him in his lap-that he told the
deccal.l he was greatly concerned at his tunlhappy
fate, and the more fo, as there feamed to be ti,,
much rrafoni to apprehend he ihd been mirdecrcl,
-that he intreattd the drccafed to difcover if
poffi'e tile occeiron of his ml f rtrune, alluring
him he woulllll uife Iit utmoft endeavrours to do
irfli.e to ha, fIuljfliiii -that the deccaled feem-
ed to he fcnfible of %hait he faid, and in tihe
midil nf his agonies. .iltmpted, at he thllught, to
11icik to him, but bring leized with a Iitthlig in
his throat, after a hired struggle, he gave a dread
iL1 g 'roiL, and vomitlig a cieat thal of blood,
fomrn -i w" ch fell on his (thi prilflner's) clothes,
Ire e iied in lhis arm--that the ftlck he felt on
a.ccuit of thii archileit nwai not to be exprelTd,.
ati, tihe il-'-er, as it wa, welt k.!owmn that there
had blrnll a 1diff ie ce hrer\etn the lcrcafed anti
himkl*, (iil which account hie might polTibly he
fperlfetl oftthIe mrdie-tlhat he !herctore thought
it adrfileh'o to have the drceacld in the condi-
tiot he ewar, and to take i-i farther nilice of the
mattet-tlh.t, in the confrol)llTll hle Wa* ii when he
left the place, lite took away the drce.'fed's fork,
*nd left his own in the room ofit, by the fide of
Ih. cor'fit -that heing obliged to go to his worK,
he thought it hcft to (hilt his clothes, that thle
m ght not he frn ; he conf.Tied he had hid them
:n the place whtei they were found-that it was
Iue lie hIld deedleie hlore the JiRfice that he had
changed hiscliIhli(s, bcilg confcirerl that this was
arl ugly circumflance, that might be trged against
him, and becig unwi'liing to be brought into
trorlblT, if he conll hlclp it-.and concluded his
ftiy with a filtl ni decliralion, that he had re-
'atedl nothing hilt Ihe truth, without adding or
dilniillinh oner litt'r, as he fliould answer it to
God Altnighty Being then called upon to
ip ioiei his li weitnefl the prifiner anfwered with
a fItiay compared countenance, and rcfoluttion
of vo cc. he hid no witucft but God and his
own cln,.r icnce." i.
The JIudIec then proceeded todeliver his charge,
in which be p.lheclic.lly entlrged on the hcinotif-
ncfs of the crime, and laid great flrrfs on the
force of the evidence, which although circunflan-
tial only, he dcclarcd he tlhnulght to he irr fifti-
ble, and little itnfrior to tie moft plfitive proof
-that the prifoner hadl indeed cooked up a very
plausible ftury, but if fich, or the like alley.
nations, were ti- be admitted in a care of thi-
kind? on murderer would ever be bmroght to jut-
lice, fuch bloody diede being getnrally p-rpetra-
icd in the dark, and with the greatat ferrely--
that the present care was tempted, in his opi-
nion, from all pnoflbility of doubt, and that they
ought not to hclitate one moment about finding
the plifinee guilty.
The Foreman begged of his Lordlhip, as this
was a cafe of life and death, that the Jury might
be at liberty to withdraw; and upon this motion,
an officer was fwvorn to keep the Jury.
The tlial came on the first iu the morning, and
the Judge having fat till nilr at night, etpeding
the return of the Jury, at laft fent as officer to
enquirer if they were agreed In their'verdilt, and
to lignify to them that his Lordfhip would wait
no longer ifr them. Some of them returned for
atrfwer, that eleven oftheir body had been of the
fame mind from the first, but that it was their
misfortune to have a Foreman that proved to be a
singular instance of the mol inveterate obfninacy,
whohaving taken p a different opinion from them,
was unalterably fitxd in it. The mcffenger was

no fooner returned, but the complaining men.
hers, alarmed at the thoughts ofbelng kept under
confinement all the might, and, defpairing of
bringing their diffenting brother over to their
own way of thinking, agreed to accede to his
opinion, and having acquainted him with their
resolution, they fent an officer to detain his Lord-
flip a few minutes, and then went into the Court,
and by their Poreman brought in the prisoner n"l
guilty. His Lordfhip could not help exprefing
the g-rearc frirprize and indignation at this unex-
pedted verdiCt; and after giving the Jury a severe
admonition, he refnfl'd to record their verdict
and fent them back again, with dirediona that
they Ihnuld he locked up all night, without fire
,i candle. The who!e blame was publicly laid on
the Foreman by the relf of the members, and
they fpent the night in loading him with reflec-
tie;na, and bewailing their unhappy fate, in being
affaciated with fr hardened a wretch-but he
remained quite inflexible, connfantly declaring he
would finffer death rather than chang- his opinion.
As foon as hii Lordlhlp came into Court the
next morning, he feat again to the Jury, oa
which all the eleven member joined in rcqueqft
ing their Foreman to go again into Court, aflur-
ing him they would adhere to their former verdit,
whatever was the confrquence; and, on being
reproached with tliiir former inconiftency, they
promised tefrr to defert, o9 recriminate upoa
their Forteman any more.-Upon there aflurance,
they proceedrr into Court, and again brought in
tle priliner net grifty. The Judge, unable to
conceal Iis rage at a verdid which appeared to
h:m in the mRft iiiiqitrirus light, reproached theu
with the frLvercft crtfires, and dilmilfed them
witll this rutting rcfll'ion, That the blood of
the decealed lay at thIi door."
The plimerr, on his part, fell on his knees,
and with uplifted eyes and hands, thanked God
for his deliverance, and addreffing himself to the
ludge, cried out. You fee my Lord, that God
and a cired confcince are the heft of witnelfes."
There circumllances made a deep impreffion oa
the mind of the Judge, and ai foon as he was re*
tired from Court, he entered into difcourfe with
the High Sheriff upon what had palTed, and Far-
ticilarly examined him as to him knowledge of
this leader of the Jury. The anfwer this gentt'e
man gave his Lordfhip was, that he had been
acquainted with him many years-that he had
an estate of above ol. per annum, and that he
rented a very befides--that he
ever knew him charged wish an ill acion, and
that he was universally efteemed in his ceighbour"
For further informatidlh his Lordfhip likewise
fent for the Minifler of the ParflO, who gave the
f-me fiovorable account of his parilhioncr, witb
this addition, that he was a cunflant churchman,
and a devnot communicant.
There accounts rather increased his Lardfhip's
perpleity ; from which he could think of no ex-
pedient to deliver himfelf, but by having a confe.
rence in private with the only pe-fon who could
give him fatisfadion. This he dcfired the Sheriff
to procure, who readily offered his ferice, and
without delay brought about the defred iatcr.
Upon the Jlryman's being introduced to the
Judge, his Lordlhip and he retired Into a clofet,
where his Lordlhip opened his reafonu for de.
firing that vilt, making no fcruple f acknow.
edging the uneafinefs he was under, and conju.
ring his vifitor frankly to difcover his reasons for
acquitting the prifoncr. The Juryman returned
for anfwcr, that he had fulflcient reafoni tojutf
his coadult, and that he wu neither afraid
nor alhamed to reveal them, but as he had
hitherto locked them up in his own breat, and
was under no compuliho to difcolae them, be
expected his Lordfhip would engage upon his
honour to keep what he wa about to unfold a
fecret as he himself had done, which hbl Lord.
(hip having promised to do, the Juryma the
proceeded to giTt h Ld illb p ovmdi

~.~Ai:r. Thi the deceared herin fore. Tie emahiidcd for Naples, where .. vas little. and finding tiht it dll IaI
of the parilt where he (the Jnrymal lived, he foon admii.ted i:.t, a C.puchil Convent. my, he by degrees worked himfelfot
had, the morning of hie deceafe, bcn in hi (the A. Pairtal k .w from eap.iene Ihat the dull immdiel lai hol
Juryman'.) ground. among(t his corn, and had uniformity of tie nonr ic life required fIme lit- -t.e'ln h ~i m ei.a fIrl hold ofthegita
clonc him great injullice, by taking more than his tie amulrfeniit to rtrd(lr it fhpport.iblk, the full tboll sla lio fear frrt him. ad u lhe
dnu., alnd ing otherwise in a inolt arhitiary thing h e fet about iar. to lld ami;Rdl.. IHe fchrcm of efeajr nown itiqulq he^ihe,'dda
manner. That ,hrn lie complained of this treat- madnI love to a la .af can7 unin, who floon could belt retaliate onY. .hily thaS t I
mcnt, he had not l1y benahut fc i i fi urii'us adm tied his a.idredl. but a Ole fre lune i"nd mae him fuller.
lai.gnage, Lu'l that tl.e drceafed had likewtfe Clit ik informed him that Ir lid a formi.! 11 r .i. "a' Aa Paflaal was flark naard, it 14~ .
at hml feverca times with his fork, and had ac lousaa tgir, 2rid .lo nbu'l it i't:' th- terrible to im to pt on the fildiier'scliotte
tally wounded him in two places, the fcirs ot hath to death, fhuil.! I.r ,.'r !t' i; l.'u li. i own ; I1it as both hin clao kad Wtn e*
which wour.ds he then fhewed his Lordlhip--that This was n I oiltr th in a 'ii l i I!"" | 'FIt hrr %'ere not worth fi ene, her
tre dieea r cl feemd bent on mifchi-f, and hie (the oia fix Fet wi i, c .' rl ,. lie mIft diible to cquipl hlimkj kIt li t,
Juryman) having no weapon to defend himfell, that of GC.. hi, a"' i mto io.'' i. ii. ', I tle Iwe his ficcrdotll robes to the foldir.,
had nI. other way to pref.rve hii own life, but vhilfk&er, that would h avte cia d1 t.ip the fhert time he was drcrld cap-.a.e. p
by cliring in with the deceased, and wrenching heart if ay man but Fla P.ifli iI; bit ii in.,. rowl, his cnak, his fandals, hii roary, j
the frk ot otf him hands ; which having efftilid, II life haid not tt l Lerlvaterd imn ; Ihe .'. ac. rope ofditripline. he rathertd together, wmd
the decrafed attempted to recover the fork, an.I cilonled tI 2t,-:.rr, and ovd a i 'ew i! il til. ; I red (in achair btfmre the bd and rdinit ni.
in thr fLCufle received the twio il und vIl.cT' hid li.iwcver, .i :. liI i int c'iar.irr lie c n.1 iit fellwith a areat Iufl hrit, infead l tfthe cona
occaflined his death-that he wa. incprcitliby he on a n(, w:ih hisi ii, hI Ilie thoi;igt i Itcl 'i St. Francis, anti grafping hi treny Toledol.
con.ernied at the accident, and clpici.llly whn irlly to mike ule of ipr nice c 1 ,i n" ll t Ii to fluad of the crucifix, he rallied forth h tlio t
the prisoner was taken up on fifiPicion of Ithe 'upp'ant .111 l theft re th ccci r llii'ail aii.a nirle. I1e pIndrerc for fr mn time whale ftihe t
mrirder-that the former affi s herinr jut oven. an! they li.v gcv rally been found it(o lrd lui toI fail pon: and at firRl thought ofrchaniteni
he wis unwilling to fIrrrender himflI. and to the mnOil. ry. tie chalna err of allolilIr lifeguard man, pMrtd.
cullfif., the matter, bhcatlfe his firm and alffir Thlle la ty promn.f di I im all ilnteri ;,' a. fioon :u ii t o lhae h oe ty the officer with It
wollutl have been ruined by hi l)ing in agaol to the cunt iilihould pg. to Pi rtici, ,in tlie hfic- li tirecfl uf hii compaimnin, who not being
long--tha' he was fire to have i cen acqiuti el i n guardi-Tm n' duty obbcl'ed lim to attenI tlhe kinli. ;n ,is rluarteis, was fuppofkd to have dkertI
hi trial, for that he had colfultled tile alel P'fiiUal watedi i inl.itic i f tunic tunr at .inl lhu;, after having made him pay kertIltr
lav years on the c:ife, who had ail agreed, that a' ail the witherd-for lilit airivd ; the kin,: f. off, all tliat lie lhal lunfocd under the bed, to nM
the ilrecaled hail ibeen the aggrefr, he wou'd only altcrl II e pt.ra, lll al hiii. gar~nl. I'.l, i t fl hi to li ilth enjyme nt of his panic, andthsle.
be foiun giiilty ii nian fluightcr at hie rmot-tl 1 ike hFliFhtillir to e .[ I Is oif hI, n tlln.i ,l the I ritll fiit ofclo the he had provided him. Ho
it w;i trite he had filffered Igreatly In hli owi p Irclim: n ie. wi ric f1on flt:(cd, ai1! thl. I..Lppy ever hic awas inot fillfied wnh this recent de
mind In the prifoecr's account, but litig well lover Ii jull: I.'!lt allcep, when tl ry v.ret Ildl- dtt erminled on one Iill more folid. He wira
affu er that imprifiinment vwoulil Ie of Ikf ill dtnly a'arnied by a rap anld a vlll 1til. 1u vrc1 at the guard. and told the officer he had met will
cJnlitqreiinc to the prifonrr than to Ilmflcf, he the duoo. 'It Ia,',y liailcd up in an i ,iy of Cai;'ich;n Fiiar, with al the enfgil ofhisgilIf
hail liiff rcd the law to take it, ccourfe--thal in dclp ir. afTuring l,.(,itl rIt t they i\crr both un- ahblit him, feu king through the Arects, in k
order t:) lender the prifonei'r cu:ofiarnint an eaf. doner; ' thi. ,wa r lC Ira .r 1 I f(:., rxpi- Ldeadl of night, whan they pretendto be emChiui
to him as prlitble, he had given evcn y kind oif >li,.t \'i mo t fallen ,j ,. i ill t il iriooflr nr, in prayierr f irthe fi of mankind. That roeell
afllanrrr, and had vsholly flippri.t r is f.m I y ol l.i firs. lite wi .lil cei'ta.Iv pu Iltem hl,,h tI) by cuialily to followv him, tl'h holy frlar, h
evrr liner--that in older rton t hln it cirea of lte ik.lth. 'l lic w i. r, I ,. tr ~ 1 i ; the Ip e, ll i ted, i t li ,aight I to he hourifof ac rd .
charge iaid againll him, he cl, 'ld thllnk if no lifecnl -inm.l : iiii ,:I cn, :. lie nlol, I'I c Iulte itl thitt he I.lw him admittnl, s
o.her exprdieint than that of procuiring hinflftof percmpio y manner, and i. all a, ;',;ged to lirlncd at thie wa t doiv till he heard the mi
be futnmn cl n tihe Jury, arnd li .it the he.d ofl ii.ll t cJmp;ilal- e. ['.i l1Ial hadl i tuine to ea.- bed toi' ,t r 1 i htl ifhre did not find thilk l
them. i bhih with great lah<,ur and expenc he there hir rag, t l;cthr, ani i ii h bi. flt i, bl Iv malioni to be title, li Ihould rcnlgn himnflf le
had arconmplilhr(, having all alo ,g oetermintil iI tle bedl ; at tha nt *!sie tilr it l 1, ami t lie priloner, anti fribllit to whatever piOihatmstk
his own hrtalt, rather to tie himirin lf, than tI fi t- giant camni in, r.ill; g his ii in jil it I 'ii ; Ih i'ld think proper.
fer arv harm to he done to tie p ilbncr."-ll:i hlt mifirrfs, hfi b!.\iilni la Il liii iii it I ,1 The iorfr r and i utrd delighted toi km
Lotrdll p i.xpefTCtd great fatl.i c liin .'.t this ac- however Ihc fi' r pi. iliid him. II, lt;. iui rdcol flocl a holl of a l.api,'lhin. (whe pretend lOh
count, and altlr thanking huni fnt it, an, naak g her tI r kc a light, i': t lie iinqlt 1. to .inmdc : the very mi..elo nif faindily, and whore r ili
thi further fltp 'Attio that in ca.f his Lorr',l.i,, --thi Ilrlck L't oir .l to the f nll, ,.id hII. Y VL paltic ilar inmrnner It.e !tcertioui life of theali
fhoLtid happen toi'ltivive him, he m'ght then be hi lrif up for 1. I ; i ilcvir, the lady', ailiifi tary) lurnil r, li tith the irimotl alacitya I
at ihcerty ti relate thi flory, th t it mi ht be far'd him, wlich n he li i- taxpctd it. J l bI i i ;r'iig niinder tel ( ri.' 'uit f of P.Iqual, furrontded It
delivered down to pout rily, the coi.fetncee broke the t r('c r, thle tI llk Liarle to t l. i1 l hinr w i ,:" l.ily'a hour,. I '.Ifr lld began thun.lrei It at
tip. illo the box, and ,ii .<"e anlt it: Picain Ii t 'r.-r dlonr i ir; alid IImandd entrance for IheoflaicrM
The Juryman lived fifier'n yvars afterwards ; could bca', the' ,i ill or Int rlu i C ouri Ip ik. hi guard. 1Thlc inl:appy f.)Il:icr walingwithli
the JI i'e ii lriiie I after hliin every year, and Evcer flnrtke oftic I it I iiiulcd in Pa 'lj .'I rA s l, ire, and not dt.'ublit g that it wal a detlchmIn
hrnpulling to lfa rvive nim, d.I.rrcJ the above like ht ilrath knell ; nlut iwtvn hie !. Jd ti.c li feat to frizre Iim, g.zve himfl!f ip todrdfir,
rellli,) liard-mar. fveaiii; at thI tinker lor n at 'il.l inllantly riok (hilitr in the very placethIalh
'ina,. Ire elg to Lo'tu .ve fl. h ait I equal hid fi l4:ely ocCupied ; at the famelib
tblefled the fclic inlretiin ol .ini i.- I ,1. I.tly la.i)ig holl ,f allthe things he found ontltChed
Ilurrt oa lik/pljajerdbh a ILIAi' tCPLC'HIN. told him he hr'ght ,r!y ;:t I g;h: at tln tirrl, never ldo!btihg that they were his onladothI
[b'roal BvYonk0's Toite wh iih w. ,11 ;-o ;ari. ..iria .-I'l l d' !;. ret As the ladUiy w fmewhat dilatory iopyoaltk
N O woimatn i. adiltcdi ito the Captichin leaped with juy)- ; -'hr 11% thiI tI. I'lier :irf.cred donr, l'a qll p;ctLndled to put his rfoot
Conrent,cithcrr !adl or al,.tc anid'r- thliaI I; wa, aIili l Ai.rli,, t li-. .1.iiu l I ti 131 when up it flew, adri entering with theo&der
diction is wrinrte in larcecluirait r,, ovr the l ee- 'lt e ( nf r it .l t iiil o I l ; I O d t o: ;.it oiidtr- hit guarJ, derman:dcd the body ofa Cf
The poor indlolent Cap'luchiis, the friilell ot all int: her to l ,--lt icil \vitilhu hlln, and lie Inow Fliar, who thiy v'ere informed lodged wi
fllth, have gnc. t ittd of fich prcailti i- : they found himli!' in :'re Ttcr d Iui,- lia r.n hor. The that night. T'I.e lady had heard PaiqRtl't
have no occnparia n Irint winth 'ut, anl they hive L.idy icrflf .1 ia i i. L tI it ; ull ii>li, kly itc'- anti having no fiifrlicion that he would du
no relont cs wvihin th. mfc,-ve f, t hat they muft vcring. fhe i tl i hiim, t Iv wn, d he *' Irn i' bi'lolr aiainll hini'clf, he proteftted her in.oe a
be an prev to every temnptation: Boc.,ccio, lih coiild git dr lid ; but a' Ir.Id h'm t.o a to the mInR filc nn matrner, taking a.llI tfac
and all the i hroh or th.t kind, are filled with th- conllr ou'. ntghl a bo'lil. i1irt, \rite i :irt e wi tntcf that ihe knew no fich perfonl It l
floriee of their frailty--YRetrday, dining at tile was a lamp hrnit I tfre the V ri .'i ry, q itl.fufpreling thie retreat of the Ion b0"
Prince of Spfrlinga's, and talk ng on thi, fibjedi, who could hic nn oj.llin to hi li, h'iii; a groping below the bed, and foon pull at'
the Ab 6 T -- gave us at anecdote of a candiT at it.-Pafor'al rtv:v-C ; h :t t!, fIiiir ongreary cowl and cloakl;--" 'flti"(W"i'
friend of hir, vwh, was formerly a brother of thi. declared lie wa. IoO mniih f.ti0 e'lid wt,;. ,lk, the officer)-lcrr are proofs ei isht s'B
convent. He ii known by the name of Fra and onvld rather indriril i:l tl' l..rk ; hie at tIhe fewer for it, dor Pad s himselfieAlt
P.nicial, and his pal'id through many singular fame timre bcgui to rope btlow l tI, h ftir 'Lxt- t" li:lance."-- Anl ltting hil no rlt f i
fcnce of life. whicifit woiul he too lo' g to re- tIe of liqiuur.i, which he knitv Itoi.I there -Paf- bed ;-" Fogh (fly e) I hi' hid
count. Ili laknigraion, or, if you w'T, trant- quil fh litk I ki a q iikcr,-howervir, h:ii h. tlwe- like a fo,. The fur'rt method of 1
mIgratril, Was from onr of the lIandilli ofthis pci- -fTh lady obhfirvt lg what ihe wal .ir,, Capuchin, is bythe nof; a n'you M
kiladraltn, in which capacity he ;nlad en cnr'e~ ci In.lea a f il, Ard (int glthn ti hitle, at I'ce V*- a mile off."- I cn liowerng their
for iinme time; but, tired of the danger and fa- ry iiltant he was within .ai inch of f.i;:'ig they beheld the unfortunate lover ufoi
tigue to which he was perpetuil;y expofed, he at Plirual' head. Tlie ladly than wInt tvo b, antI bhetwixt the bed and the greaund, dt,
laft determined to exchange tthe chaAdler of the told iher lover, a it was a ci .rghil t, 1h1 V.rild .iifd.--" re to, (faid Paln ualibare i0
hero for that o' the flint, anl Itr if it was not wrrmn his plact for him. Pailpiti admired her all the enfiRns of his hot ll".
both fafer and fura: to rely in the weaknefn of addrcf, and begin to coneciie linme hope of them out one by one,-the cruci it.
others, than on oir own Ittrenth. clceaiing. and the cord of difciplinc,-*" You a,,l
Fra Pafqaial prteunded a Itrong compuntlion Hlia filtation wal the moll irkfrmr in the world; i he) that the reverend father caeu al
for the traiafgrtioona of his parl hif, and made a the bend twa flow, that he hal no room to m!ve penance :"-and takin u the inidT
promise to the Virgin, thit the requlrinder of it and ihen the great heavy li fei.aid-mi in entered pofe,now we should a ll"a in IA
Ilonld be fpent in mortilication and 'penance, to It, lie foItul himf.lffti, rced duwn to the ground. rious work. Andiam4, iafe 'rP j it
atoe for them. To this end, Paflquil took the II: lay tremlding and l(fmin; his breath l or ome We will fare you the ttohble
i*es of poverty and of ch tity and entered into timr, but found it ablbolcly impollible to fitpport yocnrflf;-and whether 7you c a
al the rigours of the montatic lhfe.-For fome his fitiation till morning ; and indeed, if it had, orto repent, by your own ms. fs
sieeks he bchtved in a muol enem)lary manner; hii clothes, which were featterd arout, mft a Ilitle found difciple Ise
he went barefooted, wore large rotary, and a infallibly difeover him ; he therefore hegan to foul."-Thc gard we tl7in w
Ihicker cord of discipline than any monk in the thinkof making hile fcac; but he could not n.ove In convnlllons of langhter g
convent and his whole' dep-'rtment gave telti- withont alarming his rivl, who was now lying the molt Sailing and arite rd
mno of the moft unfeigned repentance. However above him. At irt he thought of ruffling fud. fIppofed Padrc.-The liie ges -
the devil eas ill at work in the heart of Pafqual, denilv out, and throwing himself nto the lrett ; flf nchanted.-He at lalft bwe
and all thefe eternal mortification only made but ihis he difdained, and, on second thnnghts, declared they were all in a l
lirn wilk the harrier; in fhort. he flnn I it im- determined to ftile the lifeguard-man' word, no Capuchin:-upon Bwich U I i
pomile to drtve him out. PFalqal was fenrllle of and either put him to death, or make an honour- anjt h coarfeftjokest' whelhS
this, and afraid left the enemy Ihouldl at lt get able capitulation both for himfelfaud the lady. In in mean time, withhe d"
the better of him, he thought it advifeable to the midll of thefe rcllcrions, his rival began to of fear and altonllhmcot, r~an mtN
leak at Palermo the character of (anlity he had fnore, and Pafqual declares that no antsc was claiminl-" Oinms Slua P
..,-.' lad begln fosoawbc e elfc upon a new ever to grateful to hil foul He tried to Air a ordp,- Slamn irea tb '-. I

; i takbe, it f ,eft. 'i thought
. .. '' ircet b 'efore the uontr-
., i n rp'". itiin:ty if atx i i-

i .i in .p r' trl t'. ni.
ji et'l l. anl i
to, .- '
t, a onI c .
a si A.

rh .' "
,11 .
th '



fuipcr i. ioie-the lady It o, acled her part fo well
*hat he had no longer any doubt of it.-" Thue
it is (ltid he in a pcnitrii.l viuicr) to
* heaven !-I I.rn my fin.-l knew it was Friday,
o and ylt-t fielh, flcili!-Had it been a..y
I" other dlay, 1 ill thou'd have remained what 1
a WAP.- O, St. Gcnnar.! I pafl'd thee too
it' without t pa ing tIhee itre ri l, dt:- thy all-
facing eye thai found me out. Gentlemen, do
do witl me what you plec ;-I am not what I
f" eerm to ti."-- No, no. (faid the officer)
"i we are f.-libllr of thl t -But, come, Signor
i Padre, on with your garmrnlr, and marchi-
we iave n., time to trillr.-i-Hre, Corporal-
o" (ictilviI him the cordun) tie lt s Itands, amn let
m In ficl the weight ot St. 'raincs.--thc laint
o" eC i him that, olr having (f impiudcutly tlc
nicl hm tor his mn.Ater."-The poor Itldier
wav pe rth (lly pafive --lthey arrayed him in the
fuiel,. i I. cowl, and the cl ik of Fea Pafqiial,
an- ltit lhthi rtil,'y .ahout hib ie ck and a
molr I woiJul Inure h miadc.--Theic Icfcr im"All
hini look in tl, g Jf to try if he euilil tcollcftl
himl!if, and .lked it hI wavi a Capuichin now or
not.-lie wa. Ilhockcl at hiA own appearance ;
but bur every thilig will nm.k:.[L,. 1ii1l lnfigna-
tion. I icy tlire csndu ct hlm toi tlht r"p d,
hrl.'d hiring liiin a:l the way Niilt tih c.,ld of St.
Ir.n cis. ;rd ;.fl'k lii.nm atc e y' rJte,il he knew
his imadt i now ?
lii t 1 np.nail time, P.iel a n'. frntig ia his con-
cvnt, ci.j; y 'Kg he Iwic el; of h!' a..venturt. I!e
hi a I'lre c'olk andl cwl, lnod was tl IIn tq :p-
,! *i i c hke oie of the hi'lyv fathc.s; he It ll
t -,,k Ie Crlitell and ac'col't: r emnt of the I'te
iiirI m ni, .nid laid th m I. a ht.ip, ear the
g i e ,ir other ct-ontnt oit CaLitpchs, but at a
.it it i,-a.,. Item his own, refining only t\
Iln.lli' a It fnr ofnonry which he titu.d iii tIh
brectlr it otikt, juoL t ) i ,lminify him far the
In' h s hak ,lre )i, crel; anti vei this, he
I.y i e flul:d i hav: lhcll .cred, hut he kit ll
to:l Ievr nfl ulld hud thle clotieca, would r ake
'I li p 1 ei, ier remained next day a fi-p:.acle
cl id rl 1: te a:' the wet.d ; .it la hi tcompainro's
hl.uit of i. fnraige inmetlnol ptlouli', and c Ime in
tin p|. tu Ie him. thi jkeis we're perhiapaft I
in ,t ga te 1 than tl-fce ioftllc guard, but as he
Ill|hip!l ht'r.iln'it iinIer ithe finigr enf God, or at
leaft or St. Ja.isarir,. he hore all with mcntknef
ant! ) *tiercc ; at laj hir clothes v cre founl, anld
Iec sa. let at liberty; but he bclieveit tohiu tay
that il.e wlihle wer. the work itf the devil, fenl
to ch till' Ibi n for his fin ; andl hal tiev:r fin:
fie his miillrl's on a Friday. nor paffed the fla
tui. St Jaatiriis witlhiut motlering a praycr
Fra l'Pallii.l has told the fi ny tofcveial oil hi
mnlt intimate friends, wl:oIn he can dept:l' onil
amol t! lihon ii the Abbe T t-i, who has often
hail it Iist o'vn m iith.

* to l iLt cd flat. of St., Pur-
t ks at, N kl

S ;. that TImlegallydifnraeed: Ifyoum nothat lam i
l, ' p' the legally difgraced by the iniqli;toi land
I' 1 ,,1 *e l '. year ftortenee paled upon me by that relclied Jery )
", iaer i ; 'en- of Matrons, (for they cannot be called a Cotn t
'.!r VJft.- . fth Marticl) Ihv which I was tied, all I hall fay in
St iti. iko- reply is, that I can with c(nfilence pronoitce
Sime that every mai of every rank in the whole amy,
S cv.' s. im t :mp, who wass either psfeat In the aflion, or at the
) : . h the trial; every man out of thearmy. every manna
t ~ant , t. the who!e c mrincnt, who has read the proceed-
i 'r It-., ti e l.' ings, is of opinion, that the ltinra is uot on him
n 1'- the on whom the fentencwas palld, but on thofe
n I i he I who paffed it. PeihatOlndced I might make two
S'' I em; I tMrceptions, your principal coadjutoer in the ho-
11 ,'r Ju, oe r1 a nourable buflles, Mr. Penn of North-Carolina,
ald Dodlnr Scrud'er orf the Jeif ys; for to do ..... r YeijfiCC, I do not think you quite blockrhita
I t eel .-i nputwh Chardrnit, terlier the finue ltrrttiie n' enoiugi yaurrfelf, to think the charges had a Tha
St prevr.nin piopery (orrd far debt bire g folu d eon-e dow of furpot. With rtfrpls to the cunfirmati n
liderably unJtr its real va'ie, and thereby prefarinrr of toil cuirius sentence, I dIo not conceive myfelf'
I m..ny a vireioun citizen frem Irtel ruin, an set to regu- 'at liberty to make any c- moments on it, as it is an
late Shclift S.lcr. was paltrcd in Oftbelr lift year. It aftair of Conyretf, for which body I ever had and
s lul'irikes lhe ichor In tender in payment to hlt crc- I O.llult to have the moft prpfiund rnfprC 4 fliall
'ditor afuh part of his prop:rry, real or perfonal, s, only lament tltltthtj should ever have bee'tlif-
he thall think plper, at a valuation to be lined upon it g aced by fofoul a Member as V. H. D. If you
by appialfer t1o e choirn by the prrrica rtipedlipely; think the terms I have made tire of fevere and
in that by Ilis iiiquitous la a nicrhiant, who h ils unmerited, my friend Major Edwards is com-
frrign as well as dumeflic credit to fuppirt, mast ; milTioned to point out the remedy.
obliged io accept, in payment r fhiii jun dcbts, ihtrr.r I C. T..
Tialls of P'tr. Bitar at fume hundred of miles
dilnnce, whlch he nay prob.l never lee, and with
whic;,h li. ,ill ,[1 I,| n uch, ulhy to fl f[y hi, cr... PU B I. IC AUCTION T1
dlauit, riwil h Amrricr' paper currency n the On MONDAY thc--4th infant,
low.-i n.c .lf it. dc irrigation. "Iliri he, kncn Tn by T
Ihe II:nI (i f tile Pint Barren idl, has been cnniinuied That valuable USE & LOT
in fice ,frr anitther yar, ant rwhln thot eIpires. in all in Fredce:ck Strret, whe Mr. JoHN TUCKFe
*prcar.icc it will be continued nilll ne. r. While the now livs; poffificn will given two month
nirrrohar I. thus denied pa) menit cl list. bt doe to after the Sale.
him, h is c(,pirrlled tu pay all the hciav duties im- Ciondlition of Sale. one af Calh, the other
poled by he I.cihlature.
SIevral Il'tersfrom i 'hrlclon mention the fame. Si" Monthf Credit, giving ond with approved
ful haeltfaeld violation of the treaty of peace by tbe Securily.
L.eiOila:reCof Georgia, in ordering Bri':ih d, bhisco IOHN DENNISTON, & Cu.
t alted p:.,a. tl the wir, to he intn he tl1 afury N^'A ,. prl .4, 17S6.
,e thLs ..ite. The 4-h .arr le ,f that r.ry edecl T O B E S O L D
:ls.t crLdnirrs on either fil (: all .mert wih o la T E S L
fu! .lp,:i. nrt to l h,- rc,ovrv of the fu I valle, in A T P U B L IC V B N D i E,
iull .. ri. v., rf all rr debt., hrer.ofoe ...h- lBy JO HN PE TY, & CEo
ir t, I" I I F, n. '.rZi t' inr cvtnr dcfervn credit flr n
h .r pi n 'Ca' : 'I Jgy at once remoe all doubt lud On TUESDAY the jhI nfl. on the Premife.
an. e,y :t i o in tier 'TI-AT large DWE LING HOUSE and
m I l,, our Corrul Ceneral in North-Anirrira, I fOT-THOUSES. longing to amrn Bfgb
Sll h 're dlu: A tr .r:.n; ri.wl m thrr twil douh!l t be vety llrog fret Irl.' and a Blackftth's 5HOP, with am
r rri. ,rar nis .ilut made by the NMcrehanls interliti A!urtintnt of Blackfmith Tools.
S in tl; crnllmS rce with Arncr;.. A L ,
A c:rrellon,lte: obllervcr it mnit give atisfalilan Twel.e Vallale NFGO MEN rettllarly
to tihe real fri.ds .of Grea-U.itain 4and ticland, l, bhred In he S;phbuilding bu eo, Two NEGRO
Sulbfrve rlhe fp:rit ,f nmoder..:ion and improrrmint. IVOMFIINand one BOY, ar and Mahogany
vh;ch fecmin tn be fcceeding fil to thfr jerlnufis Ship Timber, and a variety Articlea proper for
Sand i, ,re iuJicle, by which the later country the Shipwright Blfineel, Pu. Makers Tools, a
l.i be..e fi, lenled clray. As .prnroof el hid plea-
finrg i r.,tin ri holil, he inlianci tl: cftlblithnienia etr fileicnt qrantiy oi new R ott to rcomplete a
h Se.ry L In ltlion tadr the ieneC, nlia'-n f the Royal 'Vtrl oVfr li to, n with a ncw l'cel fit fr a Vcfc
Aca.leany ,f Arl. and Scerrrt, Polhte L and ofthe if.ic rizc.
AT:iqli ir-'v,whih i. oniplirrcl ofrome of ihe fill cha- A N D .
r'li. ,n il a k inglov, .ner the inmerfiatce ltrn- A nrw BATTEAU completely fitted for the
n1s it f '!vereirn a ullr, rthr incorporation of the plirpofe of carrying heavy Timber, with fundry
SSur,-.en cif Dublin, by Royal Chartr ; an eflahlifh- o'her Artlcles, [nch as Oakum, Cordage, Nails,
ninth rht mut very muh increraft ihe recans of chi- old Iron. &Se &c.
Srurgical k-owljede,and in in confiqct-nces tend to the Tie Cnndhtirns of Sale, One Half Cafh, and
Several advantage of the whole cornmeuity. the other Ila'f to be paid in Twelve Mon'hs,
S Aimav, an 5r, Fr '- giving IPond with interest and approved Security. 4
t Ar: 17. School. Gn. Shirley. Angus, Charlefnon The Preprrty not to be altered until the Terms
e AI.'rn, F.i are complied v;Ih
,d tor. .Sloop Fanny, Tucker, Oeorgia opu. ipilo. -786.
13. H1 Majrly's Sloo f War lifaL
W tzk, C ar. H* 1, Hlifa T O E 8 O L D,
S Ship lightsig, trra, London VENDUE,
Ship Nany, 0rf1, dito A A P U B L 'C V E D U
19. S.bp Hl,pe Frrgrnfn. tC. Chriflepher Oil ONDA MAY I, 1786,
Schoo. Bernmula Packer Pri.en, Charlcton ,r .., ..,,..;.,. iar. e D- se. .

_... W, a
The inclofed is a Copy of a Letter from the
A h I. Subcribceri intends t il for Ergland American General Lee, to Mr. 117llim H. Dray-
in ...o 't 6 or S days, he res all Perfons lnn, of South-Ca-llna. It carries internal
lwhi avr a. y demands against i, to render in proofs of suthentMy, and was evidently writ.
Ilriir a crnllts immediately, th -they may be ten foon after thVConprefs had confirmed tlhe
fettc'd ; and tltol indebted to hi*are rcqucjcd fenelnce of the Court-Martial held on Lee, in
to maLc immedinte payment. M conofiquience of his behaviour in the atlion at
JAM BEOBIE. I Monmiutrh, in June 7y;8 It has never yet
April o, S786. appeared in print ; and is certainly too good a
I Sltibr intendinb t o to Nova.Sot I thing to be loft to the world. Your puhlilhing
r attSnbdrib.r intending te goto Nova.Sco.ia it, will therefore oblige A. Z.
A te allnd the Comrniibners a Ad ertcan Karu, prill 7866.
Claims, lefirea all perfi, anywif ndb ted to
him, to fete to his fatiafaion; a thofe who A I have now settled all my affairs, and aI I am
hate any demnandt against him, to Il for pay X given to underfland that you may probably
count, on or blore the zth of next n th. et out toon for South-Carolina, I take the liberty
AVID sw JON. of addrefing to you this letter. which isa to cluet
N. I. The 1BLACKSMIrm's SINESS our coteefpondence for ever. Until very lately,
will he carried on a.i fuall at his Ior. I as taught to consider you only as a pompous
Nla ai. fantaftic Comedian, a mere Malvolio, never to be
Njafl reil. s|6. thought or (poken of but for the fake of laIughter,
"'HLi Copatnerfltip of BE IB and AN- and when the humour for laughter fbfided, ne-
DERSON being dllrolv by mutnal con- ver to be thought or spoken of more. But I find I
tent, they requer that all perfo dnebted to that was mistaken ; I Ind that you are as malignant a
Concern, will come to an immtiatc fLttlcmcat. fcoundrel, as you are unlverfally allowed to be a
'affao, April Is, 7Sfi. ridiculous and naureous Coacomb. You fay,

F!tOM Fr!y to Fin y valuable SLAVES, in
FAMILIES, motlj born in Carolina and
Florida, and "nenceptdiable property.
A reafinablc Crrdit Il be allowed, the pur-
chafler giving bond witl approved security. Cf,
Fur further particular apple to
Nafau, Aflrth b rl86.
A L. Pe ftons having demand aainE the Elatd
of the late Lieitenant-Ool rour, are rc*
quelled to brine in their aceo.ntln
HENRY YONOE, 4miailtrator.
,Va/,au, April i716.
T HE Si.lifcibter again rqueftajat no Perfo
Swhitever will bo a.nhofin|g his bounoa
rie on Hoi Ifland, wittlont living ptiy l bta ined
hin permiflion. Perfron otondiog,- this notice,
my be affured nf hiTing the ril the law pt
in force against them.
,f,,/r., Mr,T so. isS6.
A HOUSE In an airy of the Town, sad
calcalatred for a faill Apply to


*i t,

, p




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