Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 8, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Humrorus Ceirfa tl.ete ANCIInT oJ rcdgneri with contempt. 1lhlat, itii crr roild pence tothe nation, rl relievethemathe r
MDRpI MA rls I. r be pfe ed o rilmn who were fi ha .,'.ar te of all their anxiouta fears about the esteak,
HERE i a fet f cynical old men who are themrives, a to nigmatize all otlhc natioli. by of hit prcrogative.
perpetually din n our earn with the piaifcs o that oppnlmr epihret. I c, ihl really, Sir, draw out this elllmteto
of times paft, who efend of drawing compari- Thee is nii, :a for which the ancirnls Ih Ie much greater I ngth; lbut Iwlieving I have alrt
ons between the a nts anti moderns, much to got greater c .:!it Ilanr fr their, yet aid etniugh to produce a thernuh cn.vibi f
the difparagementf the latter, and who take a n exnimination it ,iil appear, that their merits the i itlt. or my proposition, I fubfcribe 01W,
mifanthropical dcli t in representing mankind as i in this article hate heen very much erggeirrted. with great rctefiw, your's.
degenerationg from age to age, both in mental an.d It is tilr, that we Aind amom:g them foi-ne fier .' PAUL PASQnIY.
corporeal endowments. Wnth thefe people, all inmfiancrs rl tki virtue in individuals, hbit it river
science s held to be on the decline, arts are retro. iwas diff.ilat, as with u, among there "erat biody t 1 1.1 ITH 1.1 T ERA TU iB .
galde; the greater virtues ableutcly anni .ilatcd; of the people. The porters anil h c:t, v co. h- I Dr)EI)FATA.
and morality itfelftending fall to titer extinelion. fren at Rome and Athen cnre i'cpl clahl i W"o- \' TE regret the want of a complete hilloan
Even the human figure is dwindling away it; (ft- i rant of the affurl (r Iltre. There erre .o nius tV )t own country, though we feelorwfcn
tUre, and diminillting in frenrtlo ; the cli natei ii thole capi!t.i for i ,-' '.. a" a lo" to Iklow to whom we Illould apply for r
are altered, the feafonsbecome yearly more incle. Carpenters .iln brk ki lyr ift l it '-cr Ie blTo Ich el.iliabrate a performance. Were we tob glided
ment the earth is Inling its fertility, and the finr only I iy the axe a': I h. arim : ih.t n kr ta i Iv tr veneration of genius, we Ihoild nisnily
its heat. Now, Sir. although I am difpirfe d to til.irs were il,-r enn. h ait the a I all t thie .l!refr ourfelvs to ,I r. Gibbon; but when re
admit that there isn Ione foundation fri- thit I; needle, t col .'it irnoiri l'- i"" itE- I po in thie aImazir comprehenfireac, Of
complaints in a very few particulate, and will, fir r! P'rh r ;r :. i r i I it-li rcd hifti'ry of llh Roman Empire, e third
instance, readily allow, that the mufic of thle mra n.y tih- ancicn l h.l r -,,t r, ,re II" i' itd.c t l'! c.f s-1ch I:. 31 at yet atl| redrt, we
derns is not quite fo pwaerlul in its etff asathat 'ie eof' prairie; s. I i -. a 'n 1, 1. e ini. i ri'tantl conflt, tt tht e n employmtntfii
of Orpheus: That Auguglrr, KiKg cf Poland,, be found, thm- Inc rl.. J I pri e i iir .! t i-i t for a life itn tI:( remi.amling portionsofhiL
though he could bend a horfe Ihir, could not if not fiperiuor ex Imn :.-; tl' I. nrt h'r- ilvtie ii rk. We feel .-oil :.-.a undcr laflig nbllgarions
have pitched a bar with Herculeo ; that Swans i What is there Inr sI'arlet i i, n.iIk nlI ie int t, e fr Ithe iInv iualble Sltnume we have rnccived, and
have loft the art of fingiri; and thlt evn in the hoafted examples of 1Thr/n rl' a rn. A, ,id attend tihe I crI)iple:;;il ol'le hillory, with carel
period of my own remembrance, there is a great They were hitter en inien ;ilt I,; tht rthlir 1(l I!- xpe/tationf of a dellilit fiunlar to that which we
decay in the art of making plumb cles and pien- rels when their country was in i gnr,. a .i l i.- ep,- rTicne iupion any reiterated pertufd lepL.
My-pes ; yet I tl k it oight be ealily proved, nil their interefll to prevent if I.illiog preIyc to tind aircady elncidatl d.
that in other r, 'etts the piaiure isa -ery falfe the Ierfians: So uriI in lderr ni lCreriu, w!.o ill Et ,,llint fcra p~dfitirrte fruit.
one ; and I am I 3 ughly convinced, that upon one day drelaei tli, r ,(il rir~lt l iablirrt ntir a i Tlhe r tly orif Iomarl.n litclerll(we lA(mentvhit
an inpartia l efta te of ir emerit a.f ,li ancient idelelati;n f ea.-i ( irn i i i ; r t pib:,- e'r Io Ik t it l isl'conic neglretcd and onfathlon t.
and modern wo l, the fcale of Ith latter would ant printed chai .cl t n. tli nt'-" 1 it r-"I r 'at thy c'l lrl a Kpit't a ratio ailty is ge
very greatly preponderate. a'ndeoln ci thirri-,try aar, i- cvn ri 1nt iti,', 1't be5, .hi.- the l.I of the faririft is wearyf
1 do not intend .it pr to enter into a corn- anl p onfft fr cnilr other th:' n 1 i I- -r. rllii(tn 11 iii!n' r.ue i lviohIry (,f our manner,' and the
plete fcultion of tit i orn irr. v fIulvit-i ; hut a-it, venc-tion. ),-r it i *ti, der. 'i I i:. t 'npt:,l: eff< nt:iaiy of our youth? To the
hall content nmy'.c'f ill ad va.Ci I a 1ery few frIl t c' i .,i l b1 lat c Is i It -i l n rx t %i-i, .:r h:appiiy I xeritiona ro a rule fo nealy
argumerts in rcf tat n f tlih pm niii i oi ltloe lire, w i :rrirer n'-l -Iv er ie tiii iitai ,f y'r ra '.i r ac nipl'cte rr fitin of L.ivy, fromthe
old.pgumhlrrs I have n teliored : A il I thrin it I( R er : Iit .ir --i io rI. io imniu I' i? cr ; it' Oi r t. iadn:r.lilc Dr. Aikin, would be hlheb
willbe no difficult matter to (tow, t'at tihe fault i r they id- i"te whr'u aiTn *. Ai*,' it ctr, fitm a -e a- ceL,'Ic Wc hlve perufe d with nurchpieluli
lies entirely in their own pro vlh and iplgentic piIe frpri: if patri.t'il- :;i shirt, it ia' bCeCilllli- lia is I t fi if Ap! from Tacitus, and admire
humours; and that the wor I 1 tar from getting d'Intly alTi-rt'd, til It a h! I ,--i ; en .in'- tli coirr tel l rlt Iri.ti 'il drfc- in which it apprea .
ivoife, i', in reality 0 iich Iitt r now th11a in arn- read of :n ancielrt I' ,: I. i. lc', i els !i'els W r will mIr c tiht we ha.I nra been depried d
tient times. You v Ixcifer my neglet of me- in a mIodlr iit fp i:. r.- tc or;gi l ihi the lift cil ilit. And we would
thodical arrangement; for a this is piuire onn- Anil n io 'ir, tl,.r I iha n'm:i-e a niewf Ibe ;u lt r!!,'- to t(r nmcind, particularlyy laae
lifling of many deta 'il g-o' p:, it does not f'g- apr r, all.i n;c ti, ai tiie, I at !it l i ;i .'i :r- Iia::Ilat;ioi- ;'om- the Latin, that the tet appear
nify at which ued ne bhgirI. nicietd of tie timrnc Aiord r iy dy iri. -:.: is or I ie O', )I r o ; a moewict we oentrce
I h ve been of,'n nirch ara-:1t hear ne it proofs of the f-t.r. ily 0ii tor mo trs 1,) tL \w;" very nlo c'l facilitate the perfe acquilltioa
ferioully main'ained, thit m i' kird are morr vi- arc tili, it mn.-i.y f i.: rn- t i I I ,1 r i of that lani,nagc-.
cious and abandoned in mrxt rlin tinc, than they fie c;rtes. In th it r- ,:I i '- ,,f I arti, tire l,t ;Our O lent rn< r aift Dr. Percival wo'd gratify
were in the days of ant:qli;y. The no of Icealine, To yegrr.: p i' >'Ion ro 'liCh tilh ii 1 much I.y fitlilre olif.rvationll u;ron the appi.
doubt, have made maryi notailer di ioverien it the mt'icrns Iate at tlh i o' f sr mt' arts and fciences; bilt I do not fiudl that m idei, crel rea hisn ver e .'v .< rt'1 *: At1 at n i i -~ t ir l hope, v.- l .-ii irioe hik reft-arches into the
robbery, p-rjury, adteclry, &c are ant)ov t1e at rr iirr in the I. 4 rt- l ny thir p, at -ii'- ari:mal iorrll, ani I i:ioige us ah addniomntslhi
aumler. It is true, a- thl.:r i; a fril.ii in all Ier of i .,pl v 1' c t I 'e it f l -,:n' i, v tdiahr' a-ll w li known Fui'yc.tiors upon the
human affairs, wl ici a'ter, wio the timr -, i', di1,i i r fir rec: t r- v' 1. ,berr e A f. iet. alI inll-! -'c ui freqiltni tly, wilh rk p* en,
inflo rnce may be o'lf, rv .l itn ci -, a- *'ll." lir i. t.'h and ",! '' "- 'I,) T r fe r '".- : aI cplir'l e 'p La.t a wola ti of beautiful andion.
every th-ng Wife; but -:r tlt t 'r ite, I w Il: ,o Ihi lp'ig the folly i I p- p ,'- '.v i it flin 1 ol r, .
br hold to fay. lies entt:clty iO the fl C t il e ,(rlrl in rcit-hi'r- ; r j ie ti ery Ie I a m nier i r t i rt dive*nlurz rlnre.
m oderni. I.oig ago, in tiMin-niit;ng, they hl.t a i a rt~rt., 'r n-.'ti tnt he lc t .1 ; y ijt I i ,i -.. .
b thibrous merthid of orf l,,r dtie ,i y to the p,):n. be loip I we i.i fhir i t: mr o: icT !i r- I/ trai, p,-iiap a / ,.-// Ia/l aid unitentter' is
If a nman had an ill will at li ; nci hilbour he knok- niln. c l hil, wiic n hoii - 01 a iti i /-i Irt; .nevv-.u'.nt ed "tsIay O' O) MaIDI.
ed him o( the head ibe fnrit ti tr he met him, o- modern IEl-ii i,'i.. ct'': 0o.'v -'t ii t t ;t () l all the tcrdci martyr of love, Lruntiiushll
perhaps I-t fire to hiii hol(e, and mail a halia',- ic preci f- itn 111t i :,t Jt i c. ih It ,'t I'perh tps, the I(t'iwgeft title to our comnpal*
of him, his we'e and chil:Jen. UBat now thr mrnje t, fiit i of thlt r pr (, oi t. I et cal- Ii -n tie adnii t.ii a,; ani I recomn.end his hilIrh
is altered much for the better. We fec none of lI it ph iia ans pol'iftl, in Ihi a.Ilvci it -illnti. to 1tour porn finm .a perftuaion, that in Ithe hal
thofe wild beta s in fociety. An cnirny nowr that lie wilthen ntitir (hi .,r, a.c i.n !y e ;i- of fncme irrn-'aTit rid grnius, his I' flnlliamillht
wears the countenance if a fii t l d; he (Ilewt yo: five) It I l t a- to p h::, it- lt Ii th 1, I at .- ii -rl' !ic.- l.riu a pli-afi;i cotmpanion anI a poent rialto '
all the politeness in the world to Trur face, and med inc urailbrc' or mil. flich Ily th, /;.., :-. the pt ilihcer a-, ec:ic!iantinv; Elo fe of Pope.
only ruins your rtputlt on behind your back: thereby ncur':ra'tr: tih .1 fa- I tof .ll k, -, fi. L ic lore I c:ofir tis It ort account of the pr*.
IHe lends you money if yoi are much in necd iI to take tvert p 0ilii ii' na. .- I i t.tiir ii'r 'te dm-fli.- conneuion brtwc.l pricftsand
si.' and only throws you into r il, when yoni arc itcrrrable, til t they' inmy th ll-.: q i, tilii-d for pifu-itcd v:rgiins, it may lihe proper -o nbfere,
ruing out ofit; he would he the lat mian in the beiein perfely ce itb h, -m. that Dodricll fup;polis thlii culont to Iedlrncdift
world to revenge hhinmlfon you by (flooitni or 8oir.wh.t nal ltius to:he f r-re o medicine tcd to the priiniive clergy from the *mo I.
Aahhin ; but IPthrough his means you gro-w fo is the A-t of rcp.einf lh' hiI ll t |i.-r:e. And luifrious of the pagan ages.
tired of li'e astotut your own troa, to be f re here Sir, te ple innce of I'e ii rrin I, Tlii lered critic i.nagines, that ma a
it is no fault of o r. Iquai y d: t;uiil l d. In hi intlt u li ei .t, rthe honetl he.k*htn oli mail attached herfefli to I
In cafe, how1 er, it fiould be neceffary fo.r iill of the ancie i nt li farther than to gireT a eminent pIIIlIfi'pher 1f the time, and wascouteat
him to be yo-lr exectioner, which olren happens litle rior emlil hm I ounten with his d(t iie, wihoaut afpiing to his carticfts
where the injury is oT a very at'ocious na'ur': f kw nolthl,'f t iv polr w, lit mention tile intimacy of Cicero aond Cerllia
foch as if you thonid by chalice joft!e a gutlc- km the mk .f fl.l d org a s as a cafe in point.
mran in the firedt, fprt tly acci-lr-nt on his tin e, as fcatu Th .Ie ,ch tor l Tlht fuch an innocent but dangerous n tt(
or diturb him in a private-converftion rih your rump, and built-red Iprin;g I'1 ice, th ment has axiftned even an mloern days, wer 11t
wie, he giv o arn h politeft mannr oif p:fs eyes, and the Ianit'lnrltation of trrIh, a memorable and mournful inllanceinthe hilb
of ,lii intnttioRn: f hL believes you IIn eviy a lt inira-tions a!bfu:,rly modern. And i rce of Swift and Stella.
rrlf,-&l to be a man orhoour, anIl only req enl. we kriint fotr certain, tan, in ;nirn. iir n .o, per- That finrgtlar genius had the talent t tie
ynu by a civil card, to C e aind b Ihot throuii f7'tcd, 1h t a wooden ca:l hie nm.ol! to cr inclination to fort very cruelly with tile pall
thi. head. form a flio an the viohi. play a sgamc .1i itfRef, of women; but, as his ingenious and man a ?s
The patients it muft he owned, were remr waIar- watrtilat. e 1 dA ; I Iee n dordfon and biographer (old Sheridan) ner="t '
kably inferior to the nmodcern, both in good tate, reafoin to 'Dlm, _a in .helll me n1e y Ily conftife, withoIt the power to
and good manner". That refinement of tafle have atificial men curr:n Iy I l Ithc ITIll r This ingrnuous confdlon is, perlphs thi.
which manitetis itfelf by a polite contempt of all performing all the fanAiione of lift, and I Thy belt of all prioTiIle apologies for the mifnlhtll
home prorIttionn, and a generous admiration of going their duty in t -clc(ry uin as well, and mMrc cal spirit imputed to So ift fr they tot be
crevy thing that is foreign, feems to be a qualifi peaceably, han the real one. Whe I the art of perfect and uncanlid jiuges of human nature A
cation indeed peculiar to the moderns. well making automatons hi;. attained to thi; (Jierflion its infirmities, who do not expcd to find, sl
educated Britilh gentleman, it may be truly faid, which we may reafnabhly hope will happen in a who cannot readily pardon, a large peopt i"
sl of no country whatever. He unites in himself very few years, we may congr ,tulate unl fin esl on of mifanthropy in a great but unhappy chl.r.
the charadterifict of all different nations: he the very great political benefits which mufR arife Immaturely deprived, or oneer cp rhapl p e
talks and dreffes French, and inge Italian; he ri- from this admirable invention. As there is no ot ro common yet to invaluab e a faetl-t
vals the Spaniard in indolence, and the Cermin doubt that the nairit of this claf of men will en- IHut peace to the alhes of this ,ll.-
in drink ; his houfe is Grecian, his office title them to thr highest promotions, it is then writer ani peace to thore of that fi O .
Gorbie, and his furniture Cbinwf He preferves we may exped every department of the ftate to of our compaij:a, hli unfortunate Sten ,
the fame Impartiality in hisreligion,and fndng no be fippiled by a fet of upright and infle ible had the flange misfortune of unit(llgthdll |
folid reafoos for preferring Cofauciua to Brams, magifhrates, the great machine of government will cordant titles, Wife and Old Maid.
or Mahormtanifm toChrifianiiy, he has for all their he moft ably cond ted; judges will administer May her fever and unmerited fat e be e"
do rines an equal indulgence. justice with the olt rigid impartiality ; and nal leflon to every fenfible and warm h
Hut how different from this the charafler of (what is the great delideratum of the present age) Ipmnller, ni.t to contemplate with too tendr "
the Greeks and Romans! Servilely attached to a wooden king may fit at the neln ofaffaiRt, whoi admiration, either the wisdom or the wit
their own and cultomi, they treated fo- will fupport the dignity of the crown with no e.- old philosopher.

VOL. IlL. THE. No. 89.




NASSAU: Printed by Jonf WELLs, at the Printing Office on the B ry.

URLoPEAN NT ECI I EICE i thad thwhie front hewn frnm the quarryofArd.- itlk, conifn:inig of fin anchor bu' for rch
EUROPEAN INTELLIGEN ackn. I. is a fuie hrd t fltoc. ct-v co;onerr, l ( tl, ucl a. Tokay. nine ruonhirs p.r
----- sd of ltrh a nature as f.,ems to inlprIlic iy time. fi 'l he .lnIt ins a, to rtj,,l th fam. prmi.
L O N D O N, L i cmntal r9. I'hr grand lrnal is now cntliguoui Io ti e pTa e .r'. as Ithe R i ans, in the pi rls f Cl (tfoln l d
Y thr lift dcfpatchc from Innia we arc affhirr-e rc Ibi:. t i r n brought, and time, a illte Kifrf. In the IT.'IiI. '1 he liathar-i is ithe nllt
Iktht the Dutch, at Batavia, make no firrnt t'me, 0i:1 III w Ire'and i's abundant natural ad- cmii kable ; it is founded on the prln. ip cs. I an
or their hipts if fooi i ling in pulfflr. (i (it tle v.~ tl r,. atm, dt neutrality fuch aS took duiriing thl
wii't illtl of'umatra, where the B1iillhtadtini, .. C(riolb;i', not meeting with that fircrc, in ait war. The r4th Irlir-ir ti, the Aiflians
.It cuiary Itcncoolti nor Fort MNIlboiouig!l, arc he h fhtcr pl ion fet on foot for hi itren it'cl ti'i the liherty to buy sand build tinfits at Pit ler
deplOiably in wanlit of f a.ts ti cAirry on lt oy4pa, whlcl. he ctpiedtd, fct out two dlay a .iijtirgh. Miifcow, Ach angrOl. Clihrl n, and K'afla
Cniopany's Ellinftf.o that not : aiove twenty gren- I, r I imrrtik, from which cly he intend to mLAk he Empernr biidint himiulf i veir to ilfe thoft
I'iii notctt; icl tle iffi rcnt tl lb llhm int, ti, ll t,, ft rl. hIi f-. as lodlginga fur troops, nor ever quarter
oi r."f throuiil fic.nrf, .nd tilitcr Icciidlnl Deren.ber 1J. In coinfiqience of the mencntu hern tht re.
Wire Ii rcd int I:b'c .fl lar;.irn til" i'u It i (t eh- nit Iby Ptli. mont. an I verball P'ri,, Dr) br r L. The riirry .f th, pbh.
'T: r Co) fiqilt' c, 'f which il i-, th..t to rseg.!r p-,1, ic fi'irntd ii ilivi lIIa', A cC % r h.ippv tt niefi- 'ii ii irg r,4 to tnt tam u, .tao" It the Catiilin
rttuiTn hace be,. ifetlt i-(sr from:i thtvc. tlefe ti f Toi,, trirm lit cvidern, of ef. iral a iiht'itil rt rle ltohan mili ICi fi- end ftr fme tinie, oCl
yoir ; f6i tl ja, thri,ugh 'he 1,. It unpiir.Ioinabe' *rr that rear pi.p'rani.s Aire miin'ii In ihI c ir"ot of t.he in, ifpi.fusc n of Mr 'iiion, r tii.
r:min:vft f mncwllre, nil to call it wo(rfe, thi ,i ihlfth c t. tf tih ikhiiro. ir an aei fe lir i 'he i'arliacti. ho ii inofa5ed in thil
country tlnr, tich ilk of lofinI i)t onilyavtry imy nd C 'rrnlivr t urfii oit Ihe Irilh f:i.heiet. Th lie relIi ated (t.ull. It it '', n fii rhi.i procred.
P ''aut Patirn .n care of another wai, f!oum I!. ,!jeit in nil Id, impor..n' t'in lucrative, a ., i ca will he Ihad in thi. bufliltf tilh alter the firi
v'ciill, tit C'ini, iPad itan a.nd ItIta i.a, but a I' c'l;ilir t lilmlmadtly f'il of giv i i a real nICi, tl !Ixy of the new
t1 I .r fi ce if.nd tll Cuompaiy p fl1. i in lh .tiir i-.lh alll tlpi'ce' e iil the kingdom I iidi,n Dege ber no. There is nit in this ai
I ,ia A i'' a!l the aflfiltiiii arni arri!l frti of in intll ;, prl-.,l if illy piry who poll irirt r nicilair
I e r I '; lt MI. IH Iar t -ir ,W i, ;oin, fo ilit the Pluiie lilfp.tall' aT .rne. the ti l f nilc i' tile n.atrin reril in pre'!u 'ir'y i c mmerd ihi wild m of Mi illrl in (oi w.
II f.' e t* Crfi unnic t fuiime dii'covre! ca, an.' ninant. Ilhb isa ll ii'u:try p rTlade lIilair ; th. : ovrT to Le i ,rvici e t f the naliiol tl'c prer' nt
IIi) li tI iI m ln,, to fave the lives tf thlLfc i c l"iin t i ditp l th-:r f. !, il d r 'i i .n'r .rl: fo- co, co ip iton th- Commnerut. r-
uah i ,y [iia t. r n ie..,iil the Vuol.n-crsari -i.rlyu linip; ,: I i a r,'m .t with Frante M iniftrv hai rn all
P -e,. ),t-.b.-r 6. On Morday the 18 h ul. irrtlo.i., to en i .i the tietl i.'rt,. t c mn --. er fi ns rconinlliie the diti' of their fevrral
allh ln i'.iit 1 atq Stin at bhhainctll ll., I i-r.r e. Peace. hap| antI ' ii. Plt I;).- ItM -e wilh it g iy aid .; l duiy; it r are,
(hie-' ll ih O'Ntill, t- a t.imtc'rL! .- % i ll ec refull t o fl i \ile 1d0 c 1 -:-' s thl reFore, at th1 nlom n i I Il! ll II.Ifr i i of
anl I t i ; .n It r i tl na pla I h-ri in to p lI i in the .:i oi;. i-d r thie e.l i rn f fi I the iiol a,; I ~nlically ifti ii
bI'l,. a f.i n, 'II it' t' h wcre t- n'ilitl .i1 tk iml. lve" more in )l-antiic id.i v It r, fr' 1 in hi- i.,i fly'tio m n-i, tf a"d i.n rdtrrif cne
S-i1 1 roni '.- 'i 'i:w anid ,I 'f. of v hlich it i ii'- i oi tom 'r thI e i the Iril,, I'I the li Iro,,b ie thelni vti ,th tla rn~ Ie ty coI' d hot h vet lakisn
I f[ I to I t ivt a tin d 'Crr, t I I f who wer, 'emf yvc wilh illy r.atetial xpernun ii tr o mri-tr ( n, tnil ftp than to p'ialt out employ.
,I[ i.r*. 'I li le y dI i'- CImitnliene, the fairc ; r t cc. They ramble ifrcm tl, CCar e'f id- mint for ithli tiet ents if MA -1 n.
t! e tll litieri,- ; )t i tfl hilth ifei r iertioime.I :l-Ir in ti Strati e ia of h i-' ilan, Iut firtgei t to 'Ihe ;l l l tv wi'h t. h cle Min.llry carl their
i; Ii l,. o0ftthcarical pT'dlion, wh'ch cven ,all at Mladci.a or tlie IanAit ntld. A corie- lai'rlip 11 fr'nltii gComintrca-al rari g meois wit
vith fl., fup-rior Cexcll-iiLc iln ficncrv aind dro-i frni dnt, who fperit f, me tine amorr thlufe the dli'.o cnt 'coiiiintcitI. p iwr., ii a coni.I ci ig
rai' n. c u d not Iave btcii liii p(old .ttat.'a 1 i;;id- f.ys, that Lfi it1c hdirt prodtio.i, .:r I.nug roof, that they are not, a 'arwe lbi low po I i-
ilna ;,iira' llt h tic I,1i and liulith iinirot Irom the Cait iet atmie c i la t in w 'i! il infinualtc, untio c rnilt .h li u' tI
'I'lt fvci ,al pirl; of 'le iray wr-te ( in;I-tli I Iabolc 30,n.-o toill of tile-r finl wvinc. in ittilni rtereftl f he rati in. The alppoiii n hit .i Ia
jil 'dininy amr nF teC foliowinir p: rfwli age- : M' for therlr mantfadlic u which rcnfift, in lingland. to Ie Ncpoeiator at the if V< fal e. t
()O'N l' ti Q en, M'n. St. le.vcr In'e.oen, .'i'*.l ,fclthe, ort! inry camb!let, bha), m.liitir black, itii criltal jilt du.e, i* an n k of rg, e po it ii
Alicii l'iyul I tlen; Mr. Cory Jichlimi. Ml. .id go elis; rnaccter-, black and whitr and it is not to be dloiiltid but that a gintien.-iil
O'N Mr. I.arng. Pc!llains Mr. I tfl ef ( ;'.-floui:h .I'cckil g, wove an.I khi/t, :hats, poi gpintlas, n a manner highly honourAdle to hb aelff, and
C cmb 'ir i. Mr. Cromwell Pricc, G lideriui' t itrd coarle a, itl ln.- lincrr, al' frts of tlucads, a-id gprre y btneficial to hi- country. litfidev. the
llniy Fi-zgrral!; arnt liCe charadterls 01 the Fa ce .!! kinds i;f lih fiold furnil,...- hifc -har'- f, tit iy in qtift on will etonl to pr-imo'e ',a msltlu
werefilled Irominamongthle faime tfpdabhle cilc'. pile r, mc-c.yar nil'i.itdarces, I ii l-i'e.. her- n! Itn i n heri*e n two Li gdoml to.imtly in.
Tlhir flperb fete wa;i coli.'ed by a fimpiiltn.'is ifn.s, ar.i' il fotr- if I' Il proviflionli.--\Vll any fp re.I t iill mutual inimuui.y andjcalouf) tcwaild
eatkfalt in the co frvatrury; hitch nit li h- p; .-;n p p tti d to f \, Ihit if we had a mi (I t, cli other,
laimling the variety of fatig irp alrtti.'ance Ih ull v e ilI h' frlvints had fuftained, wais fvi .d it! tile higleft i.l k f it) hlt i i, nrt, hii.:t r, pnik and' f ira tl. Since her feparatlion frim lillairn (h
treiuiarity and clegarnce. .icanl;. te we c .11 Ii nlderfo'it y any. r.;ht' I.- herrn 'oeve da) hero(ming poorer and Idrl* i.
Dutlinv. DLcenitmcr Is. Itllind is cretainly lit i ,l ii? 'I e t r c ripsl tlie Eln. i ,h i tn te *~ e:il.ilrh. "Ihc ecnfiultltncc il, fli now d fire a
only tatl n tun er hea tei t lltt can nhaft of ire- tic Malvi ,r a,-I y wit'c, of wiic'hi i a dIry m n ial Tlesty with ii ; that is, ite i tlli
dom of tiale tlroughpiiout the uil.lrtrle, altd yet y. A' ltn, ii a, p ,r .rdolts .1 .o pipes. 'I I ) i -'njoI)ment of o:ily jio of iht brt Ii n l O
beco;ti.inllv romp'vunitiiiofhIrp< ciltv. If we a f t cke i 'I-ar, lih.tAy,t Iki ., hli k giItI, wi Ifoinmci'y hnifd wlth; I uit hethir Minin.liy
sre te hc'i. v Ilr I t f mf.i -, that :t ha r i rawling Irl:'t .*n f, n v cime.ln, IIUl try, rttil, and a .vil be v.ry fo'lc'tou to Illitm to her imporluni.
patriots. al4. hlr f ifftai'riu., tlie Kng in to ",a' u .m'-r of Cai try lt di Itre is a mat licf, tcm.iinyet apic-bliam.
ilamne, t ltri ( l; "ini lt ii to lilalir, hil Vic'- fior Irilh prdi. O an:i m.tinf.iidlittre, much nearer Mr ii et'i ha ig ac tp ed the fe of Conm-
r,)y of Irclan. i, t, blanir, the V'ic' y's hoIm ih in c(a in tn i Chna. lli ncr for a, i Ift ngp he ci)mmcrtiAl treaty witl
tarv is ti h!,iimi-for wi at ? Btcaufc. filfoolth, HlanOa,,, if'lme r P. According toI an exail Fra cc. Pist- grrat tuIkulage to ,pp fitioa. Tl icl
hir nlctLhint. a iI t ilers tito Ilnt embrace a tholu andl IIa t h, e It Celilatiinll made by i.idir i I Io- cul4ano driny the wildoni of Ihe nomlnatin, and
tiiid ,plir!l iii ia gr.rcfnted them if estendilg v eriment, the military force of this lciotratc llhili; pgr at talent, ind.lllr anld Ihlliol)ltl e
Ihe c.mnii rct of their country to nil parts of the lan. liSt pirlent a. fl'ows : qnainrtai.ce with commerre. peculiarly qualily inr
their, wheti thry hive fill hberty to extend it. L even regiments of cavalry, ,i0 f 'h an appointmeil hut Ihry rp ohate h mI
Indiilrce in oMurflve- is m.ntc a crime iii govern. eil.liRtlng of 4201 men. 4a a dr fe-rr from his paity: aS ir m afur- not
Ire,-t, aid we are coniuinu, cefilfning aidini- riteltn itr mintsl of illanly, men, Ihonill be the ih;cett of a S'tfalllan'- ltp.
itlrl, nII for not grantingR what we daily balft we twir of wh,'ich scic fiat to pVrt or opposition. In feafona of fuch d.iiculty
poltfin, and whii h no p .wrr catn dtepri.e ill of-- tIhe I all-Indies 76 as the prilf- l, every good min will contribute as
Lih.-ty ol'Trade. and I ihbrly of COifnitutiion I Th. -rePitr militia .,(0oo mucih as pi fible to the public fervice, and pro.
Stlanpe ca r:ce this, that we arr d:fcopctntcd un- The troops of the garrison a tiB4 mte Ihe plan. that arcalutary, hb whatever party
dcr the very banner ol Ficr.'m --i p ojrtd i.r attempted. But the patnniifm of
That the howels of Irili carth habtond with Is l a6.o48 men. many confifts in an invetatr and uniform ioppo.
treaSlres eqal, il tnot flip.ri-ir t:i any oth r part firemen, Der-mlr On the 2d of Odb'lic was fiction it Governmen: the r fordid aim being
of Euipe, appear telry dav h. mote couvircing fired at PC etlburg'l a treaty of commLrce he merely the remot)dl of r val from ofice, and thll
and cionfpicu.irn. We impii at a monltronu tween the St tteb of Rulml, alt tllinf c t .Aultria. rcultationi of their own junlo to p.w.r. it mult
cpeote., the freelione of the illaad of Portland to coniinuc for twc;ve years,I nd can a fsn foity lve every ftrind Ito he State great rpea'fur to
for eur public build go. f this are built the articles find that Air. Edrn ts not I strnted by fr.
principal fronts of the Palliament Houfe, the The AulOrians, in all the ports of Ruffii, are to row molive-, and that hr ir at faf hnn ured with
College, ant, the Royal Fxhri;nge i in a few let- pay the fame du;ie' the Engili pay, hut the port an apphitirment that will give full fcop to his
fans the beat r ec of architedltre become gloomy of Ri;a is excepted, which is to be tree in the emient tl rlnls and ceotnfive knowledge of ith
and dark in thIfc buildints. But we hase an is- Aurian ; the duties to be paid in tix dollars of commercial iniiteeis of ihe e ki.ipdcom
Bance in Charlemont-hoife, that the Irilh ftone ijo coupee each. Flr the comm in wines of The wrtitcher the pitrin-ie wri.
tccivrl an improocment trom time. Hit Lordlhip Hungary, four roublcs only arc to b: paid for each terms ace euiuced to, dclene ouu utmoe cloateailp

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