Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 1, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00155
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 88.




NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

OFFICE of AMERICAN CLAIMS, further hot;ce. An If rl fe'- n. h hne t i anr- American Intelligence.
i 19 .t~lth ir k'. :m, ill i,,, per 'I ir t Tr ilh e )r ote 1
i.ireflrx, Ao'e-.hslott, Aaicb I.j, ~8i6. Antriii ( h.imn in En la rd l.x rift fai.fied that ,
WT HkKAS an Art pii:ed during the latd Sthen f l.rirl Iaving fi, lnce Il I lhe attn I with the tfame S. JO H N, (AnM Bru 'ar. Ociolr Ir.
of rian app..inrmy Ci ..iniiloilers Ifrthll CuoifeqIencei. a. if they ha ler leiti I" this Ofie. lTIE lollhwing Ia an authintic ifl f the Ifip. and
el qe i ti. i tih !U s L ins stld s-rvice. of all f1nh B 0,a., ft eCoe mi-;,' a .1 ellels which have bern cared from i te hb.ihou
it' wholave lffti in it igh, Prrrinc PTR I'NTI, errtar. "of St John. with the produce of this povince, lin
an ofl I rolll in, dturo Ihe late nlilppy DUlntffor nsin the 9gth of FPhruary laft
Amer. in I olifqll.ile u Iheir I.,yasiy ru Ito, Ll. S i'i MeC',wla, i2 mail, 16 yards, and 73 pieces e
jely and. Atll; hninlt i ihe Britlth iGovtiinet. I AU l O Is atl U tiiillr ; (;real Britain.
AND WIll.RtA.S ( I lItou I)Ul.Iol, .ad Ntw-Pair in .otc Sl.i)p PI'rvid.tle; 2o,co, ranging timbers, iS,ooo
JiarMar I'lsi. rnN. l tq; two il the tL nimlllniur. n f tR. I'. mior.rile rJO N BROW'N, Ff'nire, boreil, r0,ooo |hintle ; St. Cruix.
apI o.. *1 Iy the lf>d Acl, wctr y dirt i er Pre/ int a~ C.:omannr in C.lif f thb fir- Brlgr Etlan r, 40,c03 ranging timber, and 2.0tos
repir l7 o Nv.a--'t,- ia. or atnyp lthcr f.1 111t M I.ply ~.rn I 'arnd., Cha/,!. Fir. Armiiral, and fIhnelfl: (;rccala.
(.noutr- iI Antirti to eClullie t11, lu h Lilailt Or,' n. p oft/i, f r t c. Sloap Delilit, raging timber, 6o000 boards
du h r ) (..; l: NU'l ILl'.that leyin ean to c.nin.. 1 Ship H-:rIiotie, 4 ,oc rit a iningri mb ,r; I.lh.,n.
it. teat .l'. .n n during the etifnig t hloI tIlf l.), iTTT 'I it EA.S the iCtner, A (rfen:l.Vy of the ft l nop Lllher, 1l,ooo rating timber; ul ell-Idlies,
une j'y. ji I Auguit : All1 thl Ic .y.) itilnlt i Illinds Ilan s pror(i crl to N ifhay thit Schooin Lllituit, oo.Coh boards, 3,000o tlingle,; Ja.
iu ile i,. I na-il.loiis, lis hali. l,.dgtd l-oins il 1 h1 ihlv if April Inix : A tD WH.EREAS it i ns i ca.
1 a ..lal ui i.~ h.- Adtl I aI'n .linlle p illd n ih t 'hli fiht rx Tisr ;173. A, il Iht lh ta hate Ihli. laii hly le further prnr.i : I iloav ThHer- 1A.. .AlhnrIle-; l.ouilb, urh.
rC'i/.ain.. I l (.'niir li.n irt, ,c i. i t' rsi t ir r n T it rIr,- t. alr ly lh th1e 'ti; 3a1-1 lBrig NCeptunc, IO,c3 raigi. g timber, l ooco boaldl
A il .1 ty. Ju., Jiy, and Aigutlt. ;Gr il ,his y Pri ", orlt I rig UJ Duckct, 1oo,ooo boards, Jo,ooo Ihingles; H
; lh: 1. I ,.' aC sl o I ar e aKir d tit i A O ICE' her rl, p, -ogue, Nh IL le *erfl .1 ,n v t I ia .
ii.,,T h in .. ri. te ft. 4. ,. .c 2 nth tI ti -l ic Fanly., soco hoops, lowo boards, loo0o
. t t e i t ... i a ,ar ne a. i l ai y rC.e i-t Ttefa' lt ih a I I f 111f It al?, hu to t l liitgi -; LturcaoI .
eni ii. AiniI rCit tIha .u pr .. for the i f I i P ,ooo hirpls ; laif
T ., i , ,I u 1c Le.- O,. hiiu il. iy ;' p, A rn Gt a e t '" ""' Ship CaLt;.rtc, 750oo0 vci, 7j,o fliingltcs; Ame-
-a r i.r i i , Lc ,,- 1,l I L rii e, /aut Y itr d IF i'i, i-, li ll I .'"t f 'Ie '" rii l. : ..
i ,, i,.. .. .,ii ;,l ,i ( i,, i, ,, ..i stiti, th, e r r 0i'r,, i ri f -f i IJrly M .i ry Ann., 11,o0o boards, go,ioo hinglcs;
t. I L '.i. \ld t;I, y Il tIq-.'i -l Io l- a i r t fl i .l /* cti; tier.t;- U..tlah;r .
II, oI,,i ii oii 1 i t,.. t .u 1: ilh Ofif.c- ~l~sx h fi s l l .ii a /1,'. Ri tr B1i 'l wu Friuaodc 45,oco board%, 2o.oo fliliglel;
liwh i o. n i tid rIt a. r i, r irni e JulN ilBOWN. Ai ;a
SI li 1 a., .. % _i..J '. i. L al wl li lj A li't r,,snmani I. I ,: 'y, 30,joo board, 40,o00 Ihingles; Blr.
i 'L i i .det [I .1 c .i. i o y I'. ui l IlIra Y.i ta Nr t r F. c tdry.-.
I. i r ; ( ir llt i in u i, l .i 0 I ) S A V I' H K I N 0. 1ir ' ar i'. I I t I :1 )i- i .l l. or ai n .a. >i)lil. t I o Antloi
the It i ,r... yc T i, T l [ ITl, t he afll r l l l l It '1 r rt l'e l*,' ll,. ,ncr S cclf4 20,000 board., 4o,o000 hingles
.,l '. ll .,l I y p l.l. I A,'lI iti li.hao 'tn Ri, 'l i r n, I ti lllt. ,,i 'fd a. a.
*In e|h|l to Ithe li if \lay 1::6, hi r eaw Cil.t,, tI, a iE0vil fi @ ler 'rn ih le i'I lilr i ,e ('I ti e Ilt h ti 5;:, p Lialu ry, 6o00 boards, 40,000 shingles; Hia
b i I i> t i i i.y l rl" iJ t o i i.l; ~ i AT.r lt I-'ntrf l lt l iai ii < *" l] t ~r I.l./ .
the b -fac I hI i U. nii. l .r thal :1, 'y i tI i 1 fii aI t. T t -d flll n r .1 'i er i', ,l: .r r pl ltlv linig l)Ii.'lt, coo hoops, Joso flaivr oooo flin
sI).iti fr uin ihe K cgi l ii f t . .-il n t i a : In lut.i, .acce ii.. Ief ie th..- f il aiv i..'il f t 'I lu. t ioe Ai-' gl Jf i i Ii .-r
nt ly Isi to u. Actaiilt tr pt.Kiulalr toill.t..- I~. ir, e- ,ilr tril f.:d I larae illItr y I i, o r Shito cr lT ly, o 0,00 oolths, loootaltver, & 3o,oo
Ai wi I. w0 r T it" ad .le l pitlrr ii h i.r of h .!, r h-okl dc r, tw:]l ble id winit -.t any dil- Ihino t, alifan.
L t:. ..' g i lt i i .i .1 l y i ih, at fi I I nir tnc lionil. 1 siho.ner Induftry,, lo,ouo laths, 4o,00oo tlinglcI
At., NOilh :SI11HREBY1. GIVL;N,ihl itiniielc- WIII I.\b P O lRFR, 7 Frecu- llit i..
I. ,)'.y I, tI ...nil n..c tt .;, h n l il ti Dilt r oif NItICH i. M AI,.M ;R N, tir. Hl I:l f anor, 8.on hoops,, rll,ohinglef; Halifar.
e.y Ictit n .ew L.ia:li, ali Alitodait bi llaac 1allt it,: .1 , A., A P, I- 'S. llr; PItr tice u lf \\'cs, .3,4oo ranging tinlber, ;oa9
Ic01 ou 14. in. fl-or-; L.atlii .
**A. o l orf buicrowof VT | |S fIf fihV r N. Thh th' Sh l.ier S-allo., 30 ions square timber, i4,ooo
S iii.d lh Oath ard S.iih, "lIth he r b 'el at 1 fe 'i ,n ,f P.rilh Oi11 r f.r ''hrH (hlrt Il .av-.. I l lar; Gaifgow.
Ir 1 t.n li i ). y 173; ti '. 'i i It I 11 th Cli irch, on tin a. l it ttli I. T Brig; A IvN :rure. IJ o000 favC, 4000 boards and
-'h or M .-cl )74. And (I. i I. .ii i fi ;:' Artil. h.ii li er ri ]t dy, he cii tli0 hoirs f I i. ank: Hal'ifax.
li i le w rI ..b., .f Ii i r.i g i -l-2 iln .l F. o'X. l. S hop Charlotte, o,ooo boards, io,oO fitinglels
i 1.i( er L. T, ri l ,.: a .inad by Act f R )OB RT ft r tR, Chi l h- I, alltr,x.
l -T i :., he : I fl iv : K ig.r JOhIN C' \ T "I I ].\FI. l\l ir.'en sl. Ant,, Oi l r timber, 14o fee: ofcars ,
ll. :l. t i I ., A;. r r i "'., .. -. It ,:il k rlf. Iia oi lharndfpikes, lj niallt Jo fpars, 14,00
S. I. .S ..T II N v; ;lalgow.
",,' .. : 'l R'- t ,< l111 1 il'i',nr 't i ,,t iy.So,ooo boards, 3o [pars; New.
" ii...! / ita n .o its,* ',, ,< ,/, l r l"v ir ,nel'rt' o ,.tftl ret ,Ic.1e ti-C e.2,.0 we.
(n 1 ,'n 7,;; ,* i ft e.l I t P n,. ,l I" rot t.t hkr p voni t (.;ul ilt l or'and, boards, xo,ooo flaer.,
/ l': : # .Wi ,,i,.i io. ;,!it f(;ne r..o,',,,'" lity tne ll t if Ait a bt-l n an ti., e .. r iyIit' t oic,, in ; Halifaa.
r ;rir i I ; .:i. i.r c.t. hr a oil hit Ih',t ll" I; I l li")l to Slrop Coilbherland. Od oI hoardl. Io0oo0 ftave
n" fi \,' t-,1. I' it ,c I t, C ii.. c 11 C i c, t.itj. iits tl h ei ti the Fiaote it ar i 1 tirnel ltf i 10.Igtn. n.itl ., Sito h50f|i Antigtlia.
f i, iiohloo. are' d. r 'Id 0 0nbt fl sotm hw
l.IT i, I it y I nl if'ot lt Akt,- (ifare of 'h-r a.icr-tln pr, i.rr y a1 lt i, h ly that tinl. .liop Watfun, oon flavsa ; Halifal.
., .:L..,''lc n. I lla. by laid .MIL r T., dt lr T e Il i hoi ,o tl 'oe ihern in on Io belore O.,neer 25. In our firll paper we gave an rcointl o
ie" ir. il .,lh (:iII.. by) K.r,., hat Ih i De1i, that tdl wi.a be lci.e.l ri ro receovi, pIfyment. the ..ports o lumher, &c. from Ihe harbour of St.
.nl 4'. i; a .it oi; v., Ie to in itc ith iol DANIEL, blNCI.A:I., Laccutor. John, and on a future day we mean to present a lilk
] '1t I;, t id 2ih .lI M1arl 1;784, itv.d r Pi,"'T., A,"urd 1, Yt86. of the fhip, and vfecllshichhave been learned out with
i ihd .I Stlrlr firy.n rqu. .' ll no Ptrfi n ;unihcr frmi other place In this province, fir the diLf
Ai.d /. ? tt 'e .ti,!.t Ci-i.ita?.n.a tih t. | w.irrevr will a Piiont w.ini. v ha bound- I rfrcnlt Wnfl-.idia and European martf, and we truit
tt'lnt tl t,,,y ,j (t/i/otis. I" rlelonl Ifi'flransl,. wltllour having nl oully olaind t o *'Ih no hard taik to prove, thal the Wel-India
h II. Th i. .\f t I IIn y I fwnrn r In ore the hi I ermilrni Perront ocffndiln. ,i r t, rhi. nitic, nitchanti and planter knew norhlg of this country.
S -vr,,,r ,.r at, ,y ait i th Platce wh.rein may li afTured of having the ignu of the law put tol."n they affersed, in their several meuncrials ro his
liah Cllain. l rf!L-. n n fort againfl them. Mai4jly l.d Parliament, that they tould nor be fup.
r 1 new iC i i s a-.c-tniprid- iby an Aftidavi mode n JOHIN liASSELL. plied with from this country. Mr. WriFh and
iluru n't, '1.o al- vne to-i h ohih (hall 'f I. '151at Ai,,Tr. d,, .la I JO6. Mr. Leonard, at Beaver Harbolr, have now on h..a
tn e Oil cc or or h, frt hr lt nl h M o nt st, woill he - -. o,noon cet oe fquare timber, at d Ihinllei in pr,-meT
.""..i.. y ,h, faid, I v. er th. Fa.e T H O A S 8 R D r lion ; a.d we are informed, hat ihnofe enlleeme .loem
1nd Ctrtun!,.,nre" flated in I' ,h hl.,vi, prtr*e t" I .DDIT.El %fR f IOLSTEREIR.from Lolio)t, n- "I'. uidertake to lurnil the W:l-l diamernbhana
Sirlf 'et n ol the nlitr Ifi llerl.. the tter Ita 80 en" Ap inform hin ]rnils and thr with the ime qunmtity ery thrte months through
itr llf th .jt t, orave ir n f itoifr, .'o F r- Pub:ic, that.he mnAkesa ul repair'fall forts of the year, if they would but fetd them hlpping o cro
tu"y and C li.lcri. hoane Irt, pirfan Appflo.nce o Saddlerv, trim ll firts of rli ing Chairs, anid ,,ff. Annlh fr eloem n the'-polc, uit. e hf o bo
tejt rIure Chair, mina.cs ll forts of Malrra aintilr ,h, rjanac sod Windward Iland miakell. nod will
Il .a- l.,l,.d will ar ,r a Lf.,t ,e Ado abilityy of sneartit maliner, land i tile ifullmodcrte term, en'-age to cut ao many millions in fi months, if require
ihr 'tal'.. fch NF W LI AIM.ANTS will under- at his Shop. the Jlat Corner the Bay atl. ed, and reffe found to take them awar.
l tha their Pcrfoull Attenda.nce is mneccary til Gcorge's Strett Airuary al. On Saturiday lt friars in hi i

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