Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: March 25, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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VOL. In.




No. 87



From SATURDAY, MAeHn 25, to SATURDAY, APRIL u, 1786.

NASSAU: Printed by JonN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.



LONDO N, DiCEr oIR 26.
ON Friday a deputation if merchants in the Amnri-
can trade waited on the Marquis of Carrmarthen,
1i his office in Cleveland Row, to propofc fome new
regulations in commercial bufincf, previous to Mr.
iJen' going to France.
Dr:mser 27. Yeflerday died, in Suffolk Street, Ca-
ndih.-fquarr, aged 7,1, Sir T'homas Pye, Admiral of
te White, and I.ieurenant-General of Marines.
7.nMar J,. This bilng the day appointed for the
nalebrtion of the New Year, the Iuial ceremonies
.rn oliferved at St. Jatnes's. The King. Queen,
Friaecf Royal and P1incef Augulta, came to the
Qucen huulc to breakfaft, and afterwards went to the
riaweg-room at St. Janme's, where a Court was held.
At noon tihe following Ode written by Mr. Warton,
aperfnrnird, as fct ti muoic by Mr. Stanley, Malter
oldhe King' Dand. *
D" l.AR to Jove, a genial Inle.
(Crowns the broad Atlianli wavie,
Tin fi,I 'I< th' r in mild affenI large finilre
A.,I v-rnil blffoms cloth the fruitful priic ;
Iher it many a fr tirant cave,
1n l tlihe fpiritl of the brave,
An i hr.av with Ama.alth their briows fuhlime."
i d he Hards, of yore;
A. a 1 in Flb!a'e faniy-wovcn yeft
.\ v.i lna-y iorce,
1 hr If ntle .rni d lon their prophetic eye
'I lrooi 'i tii d rkl volume of futurity :
N r kn:v. ,lat in the bright attire they drefi
A!liurl, 1thi ,re'' l Heroine ol the Wet ;
Te 3rt fhle l .mi'd ul.lOcean's high eanimand,
And In t-i'd tle it;dent from tlr Tyrant'i hbad.
V.-' iy fIv'd the nyflic rlinme
hM ii hre dr: froun age to age,
11 a fill her r'plhy-lpi,'r'd page;
A'. I f e witl a'l is strength, untam'd by time,
S'll 'lows her va'nvr'i 'rran rage.
O'1 i..'e r a ci.ff., ind feepy towers,
Whei*. di.-an'd tli red fullhurcous Ihow'r,
A... IDcath'i urn hairl the dread artillery threw ;
While far along the nmidiight main
Il' gbarirg arrh the flaming trolley drew;
Hl-.w neiunmph'd EllUot' patient train,
Ia ailing their vain confederate flei 1
Aild mii ti' inwonled fight' terrific form;
And l.lirl bacn the burning war, arole
Superior to, the fiery firm !
Ii their an Oceji that forgcta to rull
Benc.tllthe torpid Polc,
Nor to the aooding tr'mpel heaves ?
Hier hardy 'ail the (iuhbohrbillow cleavrl.
Ih* rugedl Ncplunrc of ti wintry brine
In -11hie adanrmanrinc breast plate wears :
iTo rerachi r vy Natur*ls guarded mine,
Sicirhu,< i re hamir:-r of th' indignant ice;
D'er .i, ty r ie beam of .tiencr bear s
Ar riii.;i. fr oiind he polar fleep,
Wh'eri l)iake id erUfcligns fear'd to wveep,
Sth fees new naion flick to fone fell faLrifice.
Sl. feii-h, George'I faig command,
Suorty front p toi dcer,
Ard znle tone h.e n i;
Trom fltore to eure, o'tr every land, -
'I he golden chain of commerce winds.
Mean time, Hl .a care lrce l e
Ilr iown crith tohu hab p ll orcla %.g
Ictr .ntive lhece new fervonltcliA J ,
'Anld aken, all its whirling qeel '
And nmrks the rainbows' rant die.
hire wdle rte labour of the loom the fpreads,
In frmer balhi dlomellic Cit mercer wed.,
And call her Siler.ifle tro'lare the tic;
Nar herds the violence that broke
From filial realm, her own parental yoke
S V.
Ar cit;ie, tlhrong'd with many an Attic dome,
Akm noa the barnIcr d llaftion mi;t rooa;
Io:m a the callIc's feudal roof,
SStand. the nriton'i filial hoiem-
ea r, lu, of Bngland' liberty the lot -
q .t, order, law, pote& her Cmpell plain :

Nor fcurn to guard the shepherd's nightly fold,
And watch around the forcll cot.
With conlcions certainty the fwain
Gives so the ground hit truiled grain.
With eager hope the rcddcnning harveft eyes;
And caims the ripe autumnal Gold,
The nedl of toil, ofindullry the prize.
For our'. the King, who boats a parent's praife,
Whofe hand the people's frrptre fway:
Our's is the fcnaer, not a Ipeciou name,
WIofe alive plans pervadle ilhe ivil frame;
Where hold debate its nohlrcl war difplayl.
AiId, in the kindling fIrife, unlocks the tide
Of manlieft eloquence, and roll the torrent wide.
Henre then, each vain camllaint, away
Fach captious doubt, and cautious fear
Nor blaft the new-born year,
That axiouls waits the Spring', flow-lheoting ray
Nor deem that Albion's honours crafe to bloom.
With candid glance th' impartial Mule,
Invnk'd til this imlpicioum morn,
The prtesnt flans, the dillant fcenes putfues,
And bicaka opinion't speculative gloom:
Interpreter of agie yet unborn,
I all right fle fle-lls tile characers of fate,
'I l.rt A.hion frill flitll I cp her wanted late :
Siill, in eternal iory, Ihine,
Of ViAory the fea-hcat shrine t
The foIrne of very filrli'id .rt
Of old, of future wc.rldl, tie tivervcral Mart.
"'/faii.i) 6. It Ir that iMr. l itt has new mo-
drell d the Irihl Propi fitionn, and ill undoubtedly
hiring them forward agan early in tihe enfuing fflionl.
It is reported that Spain lha politively drinurred in
the matter refpeding rhe cefllio of ,he two Iloridas to
France : and that the has ollercd to cede both there
provinces to Great-Britain, on her providing an rqoi.i
valent, wiiih the French are faid not at thi tline to
pnflrfc. (;.ir.altar is the place that the Court of Ma-
drid te-eainly point at.
Unrlcf the Grand Signor (haul. hazard a revolution
itat may lend himr from hii throuie to hil grave, by
lacrlticing too n'uh to the Court of N'Vinna and to
I'cac, a war is likely to break oal between the two
(froniable Empirors ol oGcrmiay and Turkey, the
lutinlr of whtim will be fuppjrled ay the whole power
of RIflli, tli: Emprefs ol which wiftle to fecure to
lerf ll and lucceffror the poll- flon ol the Crimes, by
Iu'rtng ii out of the power of the I'urk, to affcrt their
ancient title to the finpremacy over that vaifl Province.
()ur rcaIl:r will rinenlbecr, that for fone time back
rlKrce hcen incgotationt hbctreen the Court of
Vicnna and Conflat:linople, in order to alecrtain alid
hir for cv'r-the linito and holiri'atli re of the two Em-.
pires; in rl.c courTe of the l1ll nlonlr the Divan defi-
red to o!now the ultimatlum o tile Lincror rfl Germany
on t]is head ; the following is prLcilcly the anfwer
which the Imiperi.l liiclh h so t-anfmitted to tihe Porte.
and whlih contains the final! lllemanld of thL Court of
Vienna, from which the F:|pecror has dcchred he will
tiot depart in a single article.
I. C7hat the Fortrel. of \\'ilrmz b'.ing ablolrtcly
neceffary, na well to flop the inroads of the wandering
hords, at to prevent the defertiori of his Imperial
hlajefty'; ronps, the cellion of the dlilrictI in Croatia,
situated bc)yud the River Unna., (olTered ly the Porte)
cannot by any means be accepted, unlef* the ibhv,.
Fortiefr be included in the difnrii offered to be .lcted.
a. It the IPorte confentr to cede to the I:mprerr
what belongs to it, in the Provine of Wallachia, a'
far as the River Unna, the Cou:t of Vienna will cotn-
rent to wave its claim to ant eteilf in of its territories
an far as the River Save, and full, tlhe houndarie of
DBofia and Hcrzogewine, to remain in iar.ju uo.
3. If the Porte confnts to the fcunnd proplafition.
it will be then neceffary that as often as there hall Ie
a queftion of depofing the Hofpodar or Prince of hi al-
lachia, in order to fubftitute another in his place, ne-
tice muft be previoufy given to his Imperial Maj-lly,
who Ihall be made acquainted with the motives of the
revolution; and the aforcfaid Prince of Wallachia, for
the time being, hall bebound to deliver up all defer-
ters from the Auflrian army, that niy take refuge in
hit dominions.
4. The troops of his Imperial Majcily hall be put
in pofefllon of the Fortrefi nf Orfowa.
5. On thefe ternls his Imperial Maojely will olbferve
the firidclf peace, and cultivate a finceie amity with
the Sublime Porte.
Thele termr however are to very urnavourAble to

the Turks, that it is not much ezpeded at Vienna, the
Sultan will dare to eacede to them; the moIt objcaio-
nable is the third article, by which the Porte would
lofe the fovercignty of Wallachia, the Prince of which
the could no longer depole without the approbation of
the Emperor of Germany. This is not a mere matter
of etiquette or pride; for by the frequent change of the
Wallachian Princes, a very great revenue rilft to the
Porte on their invefliture.
Matters in Holland begin to be very serious, and
public tranquility to be threatened with difurbancee.
The Stadtholder having left the Hague upwards of
three months, on account of the command of the gar-
lifon there being given to a French officer, is determi-
ned not to return until that officer isjperfcded. The
States of Holland, on the other hand, are as determi-
ned not to recede from their former resolution. The
King of Priflia threatens-the people are divided-and
as the time draws near, when bulincle of the firf
confeqi'cne is to he agitated in their affemblie,
(which cannot be done without the Stadtholder) con-
fufion mufl inevitably follow.
7anuarv 7. The fevcrity of ihe weather for fome
day. palk, has exceeded the ufual measure of cold inr
tlhi country-rhe thermometer has been tI and t6
degrees below freezing, and this with every wind front
the I:afl North-Eall. ronnd th: North to South-WellA
and South.
The aEmprefT of Ruffia is firengthening herfelfon
c ry fide, fI that Ihe may have little to fear on her
own fronticrs from her surrounding neiphbous,
should the be obliged, as there is reafoa at preenti to
think Iht may, to carry her arms either into 'uarkey or
SIThe Swallow EafR India packet from the Eaft-Indies
is arrived in the Downs, on board of which Lord
Mhacautni) s ;,tane houI. paflnger, and who arrived
)frserday .bout two o'clock at the EaAl-India Houfe.
The Swallow Packet lkft Bengal the 16th of Augifrt,
called at the Cape the o8th of Odhber, left it the
loth of Odloler, arrived at Sr. Helena the l4th of
Noovemnbr, kft it the 17th of November. The only
paflrc.gers were Lord Macartncy, Mr. Moore, and
Capt. ('hurch, of the ro.d regiment.
7.nurary to. The following are the authentic pard-
culars of the melancho y lofs of the Hallcwell Eaft-In-
diaman, as conveyed to us by a correspondent, on
whom we eau rely. She left the Downs on Monday
the al infant, with a fair wind, and proceeded
down the Channel, and on 'edncfday laft had got fo
far welftoward, as to be nearly off the coaft of Cornwall.
when by contrary winds an aa rio'ent form coming on,
the was driven back, and the violence of the form en-
creaiong and continuing with very thick fnow until
Friday morning, the then (having been in the utmoft
difireli all the preceding night) frruck an the rocket
fou:h of the Race of Pertland, near Weymouth in
Dofet1rhire, when the horror of the cries muft have
been dreadful ard shocking beyond description. Cap-
rain Pierce, aloft the ldeft Captain in the Company'*
,irvice. wirh his two eldeft daughters, one about
fevrltern and the other fifteen; two Mifi Templarn
of Bedford square; three other young ladies; several
other palTengers, and all the officers, except one mate,
and moR of the crew, have perifled; and in a few
hours, the breakers running lo high, the tip went all
to piece,, and with the cargo is entirely loft. The
only soccer and a few of the men who have efeaped are
rift terribly hruifed, and fame of them have broken
limb. from their being dafled ashore on the rocks. The
furviving mate arrived in town on Sunday from the
wrerchld icene, and brought the ahoft melancholy
account ; nd yesterday morning youngMr. Templar.
with another gentleman, fet off for Weymouth, to
take care of the bodies of fuch of the unhappy creature
as may be caft on threl. Captain Pierce, has left am
amiable 'riay, with even more children, todeplore the
inerprtllble lof ofn an ffedionate halband, two lovely
daughters and a tender parent.
There were too recruits defied for the EaLt-India
service on hoard of the Halfewell, every one of whom
perilhed. The ficood mate and Mr. M'Manus, a
midshipman, got ajhre onahencoop. Thefurgeon,
after t)ing round his shoulders a bag, into which he
had i'u fame valuable effeds, committed himself to
the lea, when a wave immediately overwhelmed him
and he rofe no more.
The Minifters of the Courns of Rufa and Prueli
have not yet terminated the affair relative to the con-
vention ol Dantsick.
LIn, De l er il. OrnuprepaU ioonarenaki

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