Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: March 18, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00153
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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7afirus y 2i. Mo-.r.uitv in h;i diferrations f-11 dccn tie .;i.:, n'rr;y fae r u:e courfe, rwne; prelfnt, can uiadsy be remtnberdc at anIy
on government, rCenmrk', fht thie nmoit into- I nule, and a' f-cn o'.lol, landed three quarters teferr. 7 r te.
SIcrable of all gorrfament', is that where the t Go- a mnle from tih line iiividing Paenfylvania finer A letter from Newhu.-y.p ts Mal&hIt .
verncure cearp thnlelves from tax.t rr Yr n Tosia. It running. 0,i lia, Ia 1r" wifla of i feet Firuiary t, faya,," Captain William Arma -"
they engrof the public money, under prelrr.ce uf wide was cli too riles, as l r as the emmilloniern [i;i town, now afent o Wvosa A, r tr
rcwavdi for their rcfpeaive employment; in li1e, lice proceed i i arcertaling is' l in. We lodge at ihe sl.i of D)recember lall at te rmo.'zl
'* when they render the fabhjdc tributary, and divide one DawfoiI who ha. [Iwe two years on his plasia- about leagues S. W. of Moon he rfw .c t"
Among ishomtives rti h federal fubldio."-Whther tion. and h.. one in.s ,i'd, hnoti La f year he raile fail which hefuppfed.wa, bohunto the e
there oble#vanion arc applicable to our prefer.t ilua- even acre if cornv. wH!ich was hoed dance only, from but after (hietha paffed him hbu tse m sie. Ill
tion, the judicious public may determine. This how- which he received 63 lhufl hl; and this year he ed, and made towards him, with al. the fil beMld
ever is obvi.ou, that our country is tied beyond whlt i loughed ha ground and hoed it twice, and has tIc fet. until Ihe came within reacl, awht UsL. kial
it can wcll bear, yet there is no account ever rendered bnell to tel acre. over him, an which he hove o. not hen fr i.
how the public. money is or has been expended, whica On she til, w, left Dawlon's very early. end at to, i, a pirsae, but, en a neu, ap. t r
is certainly a fatitfalion that every freeman may of to o'clock P. iM. alrir-l at Wheeling, 9o nile, fr,,m mnnite vi\, a hole hrol n -fdeP at ti. -a, -
risht demand, snd what no giovrnment (unlefs the Pittiburg by water, .I.1 i, It, land. l, lit place .n ordireig himn re frike.rd imn ,eiatd, ind
Alatic defpot.) ever deny their fIlbedts, of which the a fine illandon Iront orf ,; sild Iron, its fituatuon, mul, with round and grape I ot thie oa in alnd
present Kinsg l France t ihiits a noble canm|le; there in a f-w, be A ,:iltiit;, being as near to Red ill .ired from wheec he caem he "bedng along
Wd faithful .ccount to h.s fahjhds, of the e*rendi..uc slid that p!3. i 40 .a], op the river from Pil. Onoe ach, n h A ll the psrim- the rokek nAit an
of the public revenue, and inviting their: to scrutilao, I cir. unl-nct, I o. ght ,h ir, that t'e .nn -i t where they el r en
it.-Wh.illi n tlie osiler hand we vikw the f. roants lf i helo, after i .I .- a'.ut . i. i (r .,ni glil I T he ty bh el d le ve tI-socr d t
a freed.,toe.. .s i, witlhholdiingthepubih. actuntn Pit i't,.s. mre' f r; ,: -ire,", a-ll isInthe o. Il, vh l r l'orth n uea'll in-' him"l J re.dh
from the e)i of their conllituenht, who at the lamei hi-d water, of otoow .a-, '; r e : lc i:lrorg-e!i, the I ion lode fnil t allrn him, "ad I'm
aime labour under the mall excellive wright of taxes, portaor is but five nir ... ', l --f'ap'ai I. rt Fi'r fy l s
that ever country was hardened with. Oh, America ; I have uow trve6;;-. (-, I,.'e. 3 oo of whiuh tle i "t, ,I ie, go asl hi h i Is r7 nti,
is this the liberty which thou haIf purchased at the c- people of my oun. y I,, ilered a;;,il deli- ) y he onfli wrh li .ppaced on iaud,
pence of rivers of blood l ute of inhabitni.s; and I -ever waiteOd.a .od hrdi o werel,? rit, inr -not -r t h the haull
7-s.ary, as. Congress, have been pleaded to an- and very pkmniful fupp:-r, w the necclfres, and mott AM r 6. 1 he 'teigchgy. Call i
points Mauor Shaw. (a getlemann eircied with every ofithe luiuries,,f lfe i: i ,, I mention, sto sorredt yo ', M. w Ferilg Porgy Cip 'Di,.
q Jilly ,f inind uand person for the important rank) to opinion of the p,,i)ut!ar nf th:. country. l he Nw-York facr ams a, as loi l a I,
be Ci.nful froni this nation to the I:1mperor of China, Nov. i, we l.t \il .il:rtg, a-d landed alou i ew were a d ,re anita
an he will embark in a few days, for the port of 13 miles beluo as t a p' t i el Grave Creek, (fr I1 a \ letter, from Mcre.air, HH. Bim.,
Lantun. heap of earti, railed in aui,-- rime, a It. ut 1 .lf a' e i aulsir, to their cr aref Hille Bift .mp
A cortclpindent fays, it is the fixed opinion of one fr im the river, Alicd Ilh fim, n lidal I i "" ,nt. di oirer h arrfp nf n len l Phiflqai
of the irll chlaiers in Aimeri.a, that the lalvarioul of This I viewr.l-r il lt Ion eel've i lain laertsct '1. r-nh er anchored in ti" srloe e and emin
the United states depedid upon an implict ir coilance lent liotoaol land civi r. v., wood ; it is railed in t: A rsitih rfi r anchored in this road, and fl oa
with the definitive treary f irPease, ald lha our Ilahl:re pyraiunidical f.riI, th- 1I I co 3 or eto feet, and i ca ill ies h lt' ten un. f'e Caelitb ul of a
on this head, is tite reafon of Crcat-Blirain's r.ulii.g the height slout 6t or ti sir the rg!e' of afient i ~'s catre nb tcle ogruni. 'luh Cipalnib e itteis
to give up our frontier pollt-or onternig inlto .11 about 45 deig ti.c tp at.1,t ori feet, Ilea"ig a i ert waed on the er r. wk rinetheanmao
mercial treaties wnh us; and that unleli the llates g.L perfcit nsmrinal rii. arilJ It'i- circle ; this pyramni nvhire n. hde they were fitingnt t he Ocaossm
liberty to luch pirfonf ito return, as through fear, e ,r it ct eredwith trees, :~i ~l.l eak, l I d,,e ntJi' ihte, hl e brig Richn-onr d rnce to InchLoritcla
other motive of a limnisr nature, abilonaded at the fEet in .rcuneifrc:c ;r te treel on- the plain do no :D! te Inldowq. and iiiled Ainericancolos
commencement ol the late struggle fur liberty, zd apperas a anient arih f; I1 tlhr 1-'e of sarl. "he P 1. iffe, who wa, preernt, sttvna td
who have not rend-red themfclve. obnlvious, iy ra- traditna is th.t t1si Ii a n a Idin r.lloud. 'ler' eye fixei nn lier eliaH with f licilthk
king up arms againil their coUEtry, or in other way. I ans Ilr, lo ,liv it a o Ili it awcr i u dc[lesc, or cito.n:-. nc,, alndi .a : e mb, tner of epelingitfi
alling our common cnemics, the contequcnces will ,a 14ace devoted to ado of tv.r;Il. t" Ils t*Cerre indlarle ip ftImall difaypointenel.
prove alarming! TIhe above are the fcnriments of a "' Froam tnis place we fel Jown yhe river .1 ous i., I her threw oi:r in c nverfatin n hart rheye a
character, who may well be termed the father of mitlrlroi Wheeling, a!iJ enr-oiptd for the firl tine. "t war wi'I the Atntrl n. hbi were ordered
America-the real pA-riot-tlh honelf cit-aen,-whofl -On the ad, d-.oIi.i, !, and Icl duon a.ut -. the Frip ctr f "M ''r t'" .;r tliirimprovemnesntm-
name fall brighten the page ofluture annals, whilc noll-., where we a,.rs. ri .t c np-l, antd fid plentifully viat"".n, an- paiti(ular!y rn anchor at Midrit S
hiftoria:ts. enrep:, Ih.ll record hit daeo i with pieafu.-c. on ai dt iouui i. Jc. -1.n thif ld, we came ht i" t.' Gouernllr' crlrlifcat, that they i id
Pliladepoi.i, Fers,.try 4. At length the Virginuans I up v.ili '~le tropt w' l, Iid f:irt r ilntoih five auinlr.tly ttiurhed hete,
have witli a good grace palred au Ad for the -adioni day.s litri u, and .,t IY!r eciir.-i ed on the Virginia lh- ri'"rning r t to anchor a Ieot rldt i
of Kentucky into a late independent of then ; thas is bhurt --On thle I!, sr '.d i Mtultuingu m r-Thul r- :,. h'ing r t'1 I'onminrlnre nfthe ISqeil,
a great advance to-vard. that Ipirit, which, acsrilsg d-)y I have enli. .i/d is iet .tcrill- the touiy, u v I i :i of foul (hip, the other two willif
tothe rculbrnd 'rice, theuld ever be the CritteroInU r i a1s l lat1 e tlavelled ai i: tI tnics mun.h to my lasti be -n
the fubordination or conned-ton of any oIdy Cf people I lad.i n -Tsi-n, ri.w I !i-p: ,r .-ed. I Th' 1 they talk of ltin at peace vail dib
to or with another, viz. He.iprocity of advantage S luxild I atvcrtr! A d-Il J t..;i. f he ouarry frn.. w. r., 'ht firtl enqu;iser, wre after AmmejnOM
which did not eii between Virginia and Ku:.nm ky ; i' rt Ptrt to thitas ia, w, ..- t!d 1 to gn: t yor '"d oI them, -wh appear to be areisrpe,
the benefits of the connection (if ny) being alonr a juln ie of its theis a.J nf::l.:able value. I ts I' r- *r't f their r a' nbhed. and that thera w
entirely in favour of he vers and crek-h as-nun i bhi'. 1 I 4. aeiellCet qoaiaty ; e' I rI: me:,'*i I 'ltw en th- CalsriesNMad
The depredations of the Algeriane, and tl;e addition the cat-filh art freq-ently fron, t ,o&A-i.-Pcrch I 1 'hIe cWelern Itflih-. II fo, ey mit lai
ef the Moorsto the ermie of Americtn cs.mascr.e, have iayn werlg from 8 t silb an I pickercrl of ro di refs otr commerce."
mua give the moll poignant uncafin. fl to every man and r zlb -Turkies, beart, aA. er lill th wi. oods-
who has at heart the interflns of th coilfcderasi.n cducks al I pn 'ele are witlihor n Iltier ron the rivers and -
Perhaps Congrefr have not been as alert .i tlb haulilcfi crecks- nd the lanOl pro.i. i i rictaoully many T ( B D E S L D,
as they should ; for certain is is, taat a lont permoi h.- fruits agreeable to ti f a le a' tnic hehbs, roots A L V N D
now clapledi and nothing been dine, al lough girat and (hrul which hae ac r ai I rngc a nflvour a AT P L IC ND
difpofitinis towardia nelgttalin have bcen nian.fIle I, the bilell ulli i .; a',d ! o,r i .npregnared with (On MOND aY, MV I, 17i6
if not by the Algerine., at Iealf by t- l:nimlcrr of rlihe- fo a. in lOmany ,l: tou gt a deri.hiul cllrit.<.on i l d prerio Tr di fed ai, t Prisr-nt Sl
IlMoroe--an lit would not have been very dil!itulr t in palling t1 h word. IlIt wild .:ger, th is OMF r to Fift uie SLA5 is
enter son a trcary with the others; but however til foundiu our cou,,ry, is herc i great plenty, ad al "F FAM1ILIS, m ftnly, 1 ir I
may be, th. e-vtl it nsow arrive- at the nIghtil fl :. I tre hart in, and n,,.- in tas;e, of the gin-
ansd io for the at pi);carat of a fi eyIv a,. I Icr inmptrted from the Well in.dies ]i e nriorgell Florida, and lnrcrrplinnl i prprty.
eflecau.I remedy We have hrsed it fsid, wvit! f) i- licc I ndl, a 1n the bell tn(Iwures, ii called I ircro or A reafonabhr Cr .il; will h allowed, tip
idegrt oft souli ienre, that Co. gr:f- have it in i lea i t it l be-ra le if like piart-, a rot much like that chafi-r giving bhndl s :h ap rrnve fearnrly
prelinr them withl an armed vriTl, compt cl:ly li: 'eI herb; it is in qilantitiie., tli. may be gathered pe- For ftrtlher partiCliare, apply to
our-t ut He ven aver fu.h a dccilion Wlr- will hia 6ulb. per dicm. and i,,.-arsi'n rio likely to be- J NH TAT LTN
there increale the force of a fsithicfs, barl.brian, pirati- c me a great r arlici; of poretat;.on than
cal ene.ty, to be pirhap IIt a few omonthss h-nce Ali- which alo gI ow hc: ill gr-art Ilcny Ancther A',a Marrh st.
played to our dellruAion Prudence, policy, and c .r.- y i th cu uno. l). tree; it grows to about one *
national honour forbid! foot aal a hilf di ncter, a-d bears a leaf refrmbli.ti T O L
february to. 'o-morrow the General Alffemby of that a a poplar, but nmuch larger. 'The iir year' COMpTIEAT Ht T FRAM. l
this late will meet, pirfuasnt to ad)t orament. Among growth, the leaf is iftreen inches, and Ilcl'ens as A New n einre Pt-ic-
the various objedts of dilcue fn bfe re them, none bid the tree g ovw older. 'ie lat ui is about the bignrfs nctir t TIM C
fair to create nf warm debates as the motion relative to of a butternut, and is filed wi sth fced like a s crumn- "e'i e
the Bank, where.,f the honorable Robcrt MNlrri gae her, which it refiilIle in liape aid tal ; when rilL F O R S A L
notice, during the lllt ftlfion-nd the bill f.r regula- it is a bright red. F 0 ,
tnon t Ic th ea!re, which ha. had one reading. r.,-, ., ',y, Al- t. A 1IOu3 and B ln 'Church ti I
B, a gentleman jult arrived from New York we are *" Thi motn:g v.'e arrival Ihre, where we fotiud present occupied by th Subfl riblr,.
Ints edo, that a Treaty *f Comnomrce between the fiI famh.ilic l. ew;, is h;re. and oun Squire, from ationin i frwell known to beicallatedf
United .-ares f America and the King of Pruflia had No which. Oppo:.c thle Kanahway is a fine country, that a further defcriptiun wsold be u'f i
arrived in that citn, which, it was cppcedcd, would le well worth tlhe attention of our countrymen. l'his Pnofelitn will be given on oant '-
immeniately ratied by Congrefs river Irade to the bacs part. of North Carolina. The April next, and the Firnitur clafi .O
F om the journal f Cagrefs it appear', that all the irft falls are about 8o mile. from the mouth, from ble,. Chairs. Redlelea, &c wll
Oates, New-York ad Georgia excepted, have veiled whence to the head waters of Potown.ack, is 40 miles the fame conditions, by _
that body with power tolevy certain dutiesupon goods only. Tne prefect pirtage by land, 16o miles to the J1AN g CTi .e I
imported n1o the fItce from any foreign port. ilrnd, fettlements on the casl lf the Alltegany. The Kanah- Who Intend. fariln for Esl a
or plantation, agreealy to their recommendation of way. I judge to be in about 36 degrees North lati- and defiree all Perfcns hIltg fig
April ;78j tude."
A 1-tier from a gentleman in the wefern country, Frtary st. Prom the report of the committee of aganit him, to call and ree pll
to his friend in Conne&icut, dated River Mulkinghurm, C.ngref., oni Wedlnefisy lad. it is manifell, that uulef thofc who are anywife Indebteb d to sl
No.. 17895, ( ys, On the l th ult. we left Fort t~i mol fpeedly and decilve measure are adopted by ne or bool debt, are
Pitt, and proceeded to Fort M'Ilnof, 30 miles down the federal States, to comply with the obligationC they theiracaounto imm dialleW
the riverthil place is in lat. 40. 49. N. twelve miles lie under, a, well to their own citizens, a.. to their A L. P arfon halrin dl
I. of Fort Pitt, and the course nearly N W. Thii is a foreign allies, the mlt dreadful confeqamnce. (horrible L of S.a,.L iF LS .l .w
regular work, with two billions, two deni baftions, even in idea) muf refult to the union. It is thurefo re ued deliver them f m
aitd the certain niet the river defended by a block. hoped, that the delinq ent State. who have not paid re iaeed to dlt es y 'l e Io
htoutr is the centre of that line. The fort it built on attrition to the requiotio.n of Congref from motive SUbt fcber without ded mas t y
a large high fat, not commanded by any tand within a of jullice, honour, virtue, or patriotifm, will be in- the faid elate, tare dere
mile and an hall, and appear' to me an important por duced to comply with them through regard for their fon as poclle to i
far keeping up the eommunication with the lower own safety, which to all appearance stands at take. si 1
pl on the river. FPruary zj. Such universal complaints of dull times,
.... ---h. 'cck we left that poll, and want of money, and stagnation of trade, asr piva-, .3 jflru, AMarc, t I;$ ,

N A S A U, MAnCH 2 ws tunl fe, and iana iudcni. af.'r oflove ln. how. Nature funk nader the revllaon, and
N. A MA C! 5. Ing been carried on between him and to merchat's Jl a fainted on tb. sk. The uoa4 ImnediaretI
N Friday laI week a party of Woodfmen daughter Jefeph, 1who wai an only chill, the became with a loud voice exclaimed, lnhIumanwretche, dcle-
flnt in queft of a Gang of Runaway N-. ns l ad a medicine being admiitetrcd to her gate of bell, and agent ofhe Adevil, make ready yoe
oen, who have for ofme months pai commit. trhe hanaof Don Juan, the died in f w hour engine for the guilty, and take of your bloody han
ctd many thrft with Impunity, fell in with their tftr, with ll the lynmtom of aprfon rho had taken from the innrnt; for behold! (md fo doint he thLaw
Camp on the Ilue 1lln in the interior part f thls poison. The mother of the young lad fur;ivel br bck his cowl) behold the lathea ad the murderer of
Jland, where they furprifed three of them in a demth bt afew days, and the fthber thrr hinicifl to I Jofepha!
it i ore, a Lafcar, known by the name of Indian a "onvet of Mndicants, making ever, y deed ol gilt, I T'he whole affImbly ftrted with aftomimen;ar the
John. itllki; n reatince, and attemptit'gto efcape, the wIoho of hi property to the u Ipold murderer judges freood aghaft ; and even the demons of torture
was killed ; the two others were fecured and fai t account tnha c eeaegl s onh e bfaje-ity o Il their eef-bals -n the Mach with hoe-er and
brog t n On the of the fame o .emad ,ronglyo e ao offen may
broug a to tr of the aag was apprehended in Jan. and the Jaf mentioned cicufannes was of iu If you are willing fays he to she judge to receive
dayl 'an Itl ej of n the ga was apprehended o contratdia or a rature, as to threw he whole into my cooMfelon, wuhilftyour tormentors oan lpariog
town ecd ahope foon to have it in ofur power dt perpltanty; .an therefore to compel o priufoncer Io a their rack for the tlcft criminal evr ftretehed upon st,
giv a to.l accoul.t of tite rei of thefe anditt. another eluctidaton of the cafe, it waullough.t proper hear me! ifnot, fee your engine to work without fur-
at nimatlres are adopted, which promife an effcc- to llterrogatc h am by torture. thi r in'iir, and glut your appet itenwith hummn fr.
tual ruppreflion ai them. Wh l t tlhi was preparing. Don Jun without bt- a', w hic h c e in your liet you may now inlia
On l edrrfilday evening, tile Sky. from N. by trying the c allf nl at what wa gog forward, told with iuftice
t'. to N. N. E. affumind an aflte very iunifital hi. Jlueiit that it would five them nil itimfo;; fonie i Proce d, fai tile fenior judgt.
ltre At about 30 minutes p;1f 8, there was tIrolble, ifthey would receive hiL codeflon upon tsr- That gui:letf louferer, who now lies infRefhle befern
cl t ifrl a luminous appfai'ince, ill fimertling of tain poiint, to which hi would truly pak, blit boepnd my eyes, id the Monk. is the fon of an excellent If .
Sri m;en'ial frnm, the irnmmit abo't 2 Cd etrect ul'ith all lthe i rtutrc in the world could not force one IhL, who nas ce n my dearen friend he was confdtd
atr o'v the hotirn n; there'ilo became gradually fylable. lie faid he wtsnot the ion, a it .a- ftiplo. to my charge. bcing then an Infant, and my friend
er cpr.r till within a fewrt mintltes tf 9, when it lre, of tlhe ntrchanit with ,hom he lied, nor al ii i fIllowd hisfottunes to our fettlemett, In the Brazilt:
,i. tif a tiry crimfsn. Surciffil v chance* or thedtcefed J,,fphr any othcrwif thin by tlhe trndel- he rcfidd there twenty yearwithour vrilting Portugal
Ilit R were fltcral times fien. A,9. the Tpeln-. eo ties of nmtraalcflAio, and a proaile of inarra g, onnnce in nthe time ; he rcmited to me many mmin of
.r bgn to din lii, and il o minutes after which, however, he ac le he lnn c not been tfom- money on hi, fan's account. At this time a hellifla
.tr iegan to dini lif, lleiled : i hat he rel, the fon of geattman of confider- thought arnfe in nmy mind, which the dillrcf. of mn
it Bdiropfl d. lable fortune l I.II in railts, who lefthni an infalt to affair, and a pfilon for ertravaganee infpired, of con-
The novelty of fuch an appearance excited an- the crre of the crclhnt In queaio t i 1 h.t tile mer. vrtie the popert o m hre to m own acont.
N A'UI R C E T a ver tl. 1 t t of my charge to my own ccannt.
xity in fome, and gave rife to a variety of con-, for reaft, ce bft khlnwn to hisflf. chafe to call I inpared thrfer fuggefll n to my unhappy wife, who
j.tluret. There f, cm hitwevr li!l!e reaf.Oil to Imy his own name ; and this behlg lone in his in- II rov at hie acont ;iiltt e do her the )ufiec to on-
fiL' it any other than the phirnomenotn to fancy, he vas taii,!il to believe, th he was nno orphan fcf he withflcol them firn ly for a time. Stillfottune
Ircqecntly leen in Europe and in Norh Amctica, youth, the f ila int relay tintof the pcifoln ho frowrmid upon nec, and I warg lning in my ncrlit eve
termed the Aurne Berr-,la I: 't we h.-,e not idlpt cd 1, ; he ,egged his judf@ therforc to ibt. ,; hor ie ruin flared imein the face, and nothing l od
he ird of itts beilg before ubfrciedl fo rc:Ir the ife -, hit h i.evr cr ua od Jofqha ta h i:ll-cr: lnci. nc and immediate dileragrc but thi iDamo
elqitnr 'oI. 1.t a, to i.r Icing with child I hini, htc A.o.-,. ,twcd;ent.
A, R .IT~ ln t F, Fror. l]eiled it, atil prayed Gd fori-iverle lor an oillic, At ,f4t perfafrion, menuaee, and the impending
ar. ShiHe le ro, i :ry BarTdad.s r. hith it La.I bran h h at iintiou to :tipt by ioi.ryit d preflurc of ncretiliy conquered her virtue, and he tace-
Satt. t, For hi: hat with rfi]nl to the nldie r he r thinly dl' to the fraud. We agreed to adept the infant s
Mar. aj. BrIg Providene Piractrt, Inlil, London d'id ie it erc r h hit own halil., ior that feen sa the or hian fun of a dilant relation of our own nae.
School. Sn. Mark, RednoioJ, Cllarlcfon rtk o fq loit of hir preta. u bing ifuil a naiiie a i c hd a orefapordenre with hin father by letter
of ertatiig alarni or rulpii ion Inhc plri., badrequi- prctl- edr to he wriltec by the An, and I luppnrtcd
NASSAU l PRICE CURRENT. re"I i'li, tI order crtin dea. fiar an alpotlcary, at ,ny famiy in a fpledid entravfauaee by the llirg-
Arliit itE fi r ol the brr l l, r rh he acorlitr did and i.e verily ti.nt I received from the Braeil At length thu
hip ic"al, *a 7 a 8 o. the bar- Iel.l I, ey wcr fa.ithf lly r' i d, infon e.r h a Ie f.ther of Don Juan died, and by will bequeathed hol
Ship Ilcal, 4, lr. a d'. the bar ooly I by i u.- nuta wili.l lc prrard tbhe udacin. and f,,rtune to me In failure of his fan and Lirt. I had
Ctt ne Corn, otw Ie r)i i.g .in fe y w a c i''g i lit flar.ttely t. Int. a icady advanced fo far in gullt, that the temptation
Indilin Corn, a1 rl. the hfliel. he i, lIrgc thereio..i aIked hin, if he would take of .hi. contingency met with no riftance iu my mind;
Swret Polatos, I2 rla Il tb t en hi concise to lay, tat tihe lady did ot dlic by stil ,]etrnining upon removing this bar to my ambi-
Y.n Irl.. thpn tO, >y ) Juan, urlmin o te for the Jrun i tin, I prepfaed to my wife to fcure the ptixe thtl
Rcr, 4 ps. the toolb. inme, .i fr c ei, I, hli etcrn foiowr he knew rint tIh fltr:t hung within our reach, by the affnalunatioe
iili Mte(s Berl', t4 oliaoris Ilie Larrtl. ".l il by Ituilun-W\Vr that iitfon cotintaind lin tie ao I c Ithir. She revolted from the ide with horror
--.- Pork, I. -l.flars the L biIl. nieliteitne lhe t.ik '--Ir aat-alii.'hc int putc the li.tre a,, fr fame ta e her thought remained in fT dtif
YV-rlilfirc I1ami, :i nl1. ti h. i the inDi.- in the i ncdirc to thec ap.I-.-;ry, itn i, erd faeo, thlt I did not hink it prudent to renew
SFl: tit i Rnlttl, ti nt t.thl. ir lid io d al.- it or, hi li cl --ithitcc r the ap-. hitry ,o ote Atl'r fine time, the agent of tiC decnc
Sugh lih Ch .r, I 1 a t4. tiL Ib. ir hin fI-ii f sa guilt)- -lidi tlelady Irrnl A Ii iihil,. fe ,d ar, iced in Lihoin from the Brauil, and at he ws
I T f S ugar. h4 I rt. .to1 y l.; u cort'h* e le lwa ilet o atoed) ronmit tci l at, l.ile .prvy to my correfpondence, it becane ntceffry foe
Candlet,'llow a a rt1 the 1i. -in, nrilc e the p. t41 without his knowledge '--He m- io dlocnrr to pon Juan who he was, and aiCn
rinde, ie I led hr or ;. the qoculh.on, la. took Ond to m tt ft rtnlle he was ill titled to. In thil crii, threat-
hTaflt, h l. a l thde ht. *iin tha, tl;i me at ihe wtia nrent olthe decl. c cd vtlth dliane e ald detedion on one hand, and
Tt l ica .rl tol0 *.l the I--1 ig t i tl nI "-o conollltuinllded, a.1 ir a t: rter d by avarice, pride, ad the devil on the other.
l tImaa o 1r I. the l t ti I lri fnt any ltrtdl-r inurrolaori d ebatng I wn ov-r my rclukant wife |to a liFiiatia famy
"i .fc-l nd, it t'.9III. -o Al r tanio gll Ihcl.clvel hi whlf perl; whell rnc lite, and e nsined that date with poefan whi
erliihit.lloi, ;, he i e, .t crvd tn Ihe priloinr. tht according to e, believed wav intended was intended for Don Yuan
I.y oe I, hot.t t" '1 h r : i..flt he hal if,.I Ihc lid diae Iy poifn, and biu which in fad was defined for our only child.
ol A II .. l A C U 7. V. 1e o f th- ,Jt. tl. A i cnfwer ht 1ia1I nov pirll. i, liould fela Sh. took it : Heaven dichargedite vengeance on nor
9 1 I I it I. eten to arcq: i every pclin on whou t lufpi- heads ; anid we fate our daughter expire in agonies be.
c Ili t. < lcri;ri-, cn.,. ,,d polii,tty l : there va. however rnc intr- ft reoureyeI, with the bitter aggravation of double
S r)jl, t plc n t ci.t. o.. ir % ,ti, n which unn!tur:l s it wai, he would put murder, for the child was alive within her. Are there
Spijcc cfei. -ht,, rt!. t.liinp. t, l,,, Ilr form, fake only, bhdore 1roceild to word, i language to eprets our lamentation.? Are
*'" om i.hl a rln i, .litI:r e'remitiet. and that querinn incrlved h th Iere tcrtures in the reach of even your invention toa
--c i. ,-i. 'r itfhe Dd hen 'lc" r i ipe compare wilh thofe we felt ? Wonderfil were the nrug-
A AI C- I NO N r i id m ceroi to rpl the pio rnl ir oituidarin i>r th ift nature in the heart of our expirngchild; he
Aw A 1 F F C T I N G N It It 'T I V F: parenrt.,.No, replied th. f roncr ic n1 e m renc of h ewailnd us, the confolated, nay he even forgave ua.
.Frm iTnt 1est ," i Tr:hfP f.SIi ,/, j a or. r., Ion. .cert.n 1te fn.a h intention evcrn tered the To Don Jun we made immediate confeL on of our
ei.,,.: S .-.i. h" heart l e unhrlpy<.<:, and I fhuuld he the guilt, n conjured him tolili that punishment upoe
Hh it'. ,ri I, C .I it iulnt.r F. of linerr. 'fl ftmputed it tothen. The uJuge, ;s which juflce demanded, and our crimes defrved.
'' I f..lla i if, ainary that i I u d-cl.dwih one vie, that he wa trifling I ;,n thi dreadful no nl hat our dauglr with
L h.l. .1 ilf.: Bdl alhorlv in hl' c..nry ,'.'d I;:e court, and gve lr for ihe rack; ihy er Ialtbreeth, by the mtoftfoliun aldjuraion, ceanded
where it iapnne t I Ihoaul. have cal Icr'd it a the ""ld owet r tile I t lie demand ofinl, if Ie and obtained a promise from Dn Juan not to epole
i,,.vnr: ,1f tftme ec Ito the able, of trt-an kht who it va. ch it da i p.i.en Jfpl ha ? to which rent public c ution.b diflofin what had
A P,,-ruefe t-mu:- ,, honm T hail h Icave ta h anfwered without helitati i, thllat he dij know, but paed.t alal, e- i feet dli howr wha ha
hulefo d tAlas! as wlefee to LOTiny how he kept
ddflr,t-r no othelife th-l hy the ntnte of Don Juan, hat uo word behold, he dies a martyr to honour! your
.a.- lately brllre tn trim! painninn, hi. h If f. .-r th-y might dilpofo of hint al ty, fr.v fit ; he could infernal torture have destroyed him.--
by t'ie time father. after Ihe wa, with child Ily hbin. tne die in greater lortur,ti hr he had lived. No foner lad the Monk pronounced thefe words ht
'Ilti -:ntlernen had .r ftime vea:.h before hi. trial ld a 'I'ley no, took this preretnptcry recufant, and a loud and;feriou lone ; than the wretthcd Don loan
vcrr', flltary life at hit cillle ii the neighh.orhond of flipping him of hie nppcr irinent. laid him on the drew ; a fcond would have followed, but H-
hi -ntrcm., a town oil the rolat hCetn L.1i -n and rack ; a furgeo. was called to, w)to kept his fingers en It, longer could tolerate the agonies of inn*cCnte.
aijd,i-, the frontierr gatfon of pain. I was lhen on his pulfet and the eCtcutioiner were directed to anmu fltorped hi heart foe ever.
hit colll as I paflc.t through that difmal country, begin their tortured. I hey h.d given hint one I-fver "'he honk had hifed hbeyeaspe n him, ghaftly with
about a mile di'allt froni tile royal, ia a bottom fur- lrctchl by ligatures fixed to hin extrcities and paled terror; and he rche out hi mangled limbs at
roatncd -i;rlt corl. ttect ad neter law a more melan- "'"r an anle, which was tuned by a windlas,; .e life't ga fp Arurfcd monfter he exclaimed, mat
choly hbirtatln. Tle circimolance which made flrain upon hi mraufcles and jntst by the alion ol Ithll God rerate ht. murder on Tour foult at the great day
ginfl ni. gntlcman w-etc fo fItnng, and the alory infernal engine was dreadful, and Nature fioke hlrr ojurmeq!i His blood be on your head, ye minir
wi,. in Inch neral circtilai;on in the neightaourhnod fufering. by a harrid crafh i every limb; the fwelt ter of darkneft'IFor me, if haenly venageuce is not
where he litd, that lahIl.ngh he laid nt tile greateflartcd in large drope upon hi face ad bfoe ; yet yet appeafd by my eentritin, in the midft of flame
pare of a coitderable income in a&I of charity, nno- the man was firm amidf the agonies of the machine, my aggrieved foul will find fome confolation in t
dy evr entered hi gates to thank hi;n for hit bounty, not a groan efcapeI. and the lined who was fupern- thought, tha you putake ira ttment.
or folici, relief, except one poor fahlit of tI. Jeroy- rendant of the hellib work. declared they might en- Havig uttered th ke in voit t o e a huma, h
mite connent intMontrermo. h w aho hi conflnor, create hit tortuiret upoh the neat tug, for ilat his .p anti aife do hia nea vad, hil; hai, blood
and ad4d al hiInmtoner at discretion. pulfe bhad not varied a Itroke, nor abated of its ftrnngrh fpoured on the pavemnt, dropped dud upon the blod
A charge of black a nature, involving the crimeof in the fitmanllft degree. i of Don Juan, and epired without a groan.
incest an wetlsa murder, at length reached the cars of The tormentors had now began a second operati,
juflice, and commifiton was lent to Mlintremo., to with more violence than the former, which their de- T-HE Sublcriber givy this pblic notice to aU
make enquiry into the cafe. The fappofed criminal lift ingenuity had contrived to vary, fo as to extort J r r n thtpe aOandot iho tar
ma-Ie no attempt to t-ape, hut readily attended the auter pains from the application of the engines to parts Perfons reftdetrnrt thee Iflande, who are
fu .mons ofthe Commlroner. Upon the ttialilt came that had not yethadtheir fell hareofthefirfl agony; indebted to the dfe of CaooaHaNI and
ut, fIronm the conufiemofthe prisoner, a well a from when suddenly a Monk rueed into the chamber, and SPI a, of aa h, that their bonds,, aotla
the depofitin of wMnei'e. tr at Dtn Jun had lined called out to the judge to defil from torturing that i c. will. without i ion immediately be put
fnmhti isnfncy inthefamilv efa rihmechnh at if- itaI.eet men, andtakle rh cnfetonof the murderer e intothe handsofa Attorney atLaw, to be reco
bon, who carried on a confiderhble trade and correfpon. front hisown lips. Upon a fisa.l from the judges, th vered, aa feeral r indulgeno hae bee. gli.
drete in the Brazil. Don Joan being all.iwed to take ,cutioncrt let go the cn(ine at once, and the oigtr without produdng the dented erib.
this mcrdhants' naie, it wa'ggenerally foppolcd that he fp.dr. audibly nto cheir ifaeitu with the elafticity of i ALEXA'NDLR J. PLEL, .



-i i

i ; ,






No. 86.




NASSAU: Printed by Jonn WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

t -N


F A L M 1 U T H, FFsUaUAY a.
''UR brethren in the weft appear to be mightily
I puzzled in finding rwayt and ar.ars, to filence the, f/ll 'olr of the three eafleri counties, for indc-
prndenc:- -'ihey fomctimem fay thnt we are troubled
with a rebllrlou df/order, and kindly prcfcribefie and
fa:r, an the only remedy.-Sometimea, that indepen-
danc woo.'t do yet, rall another tine, very buly now:
-And. by the laft Bollon papers, they are under th.
Ifrful apprihlrnions that Great llrita a i atc the bottom
tI l all-that ihe mean' to divide, and then wo conquer
a; and if we sufferr the old luffey to Ilrike ore Iruoke
with her political lravecr (particularly aimed as this is,
itthirr vry frtti i) (he will go on, hewing and fplit-
tIe, '"' thre United States Ihall he reduced to nicre
svi;iu.o- I l'hbl I irit the firft tile that iinlotntee
ihvh hcte wr -ped in hear Ikin, and the doigs fct upon
it:-. I. hope 1. however, that thie oiJ ii,, of lMala-
thiu tst, by r lir particular fagacily, ill /- t out the
threat d y conenIence the ca : --MirileriIL kunt-
ing on th;- lide lilcataqua tivr.--No gane--they
mag dep'r I -o '--No gane I
Bi,, '. 7 vrV 5. A fage Americnu, on Ieing alled
by he. fr., wl'ii se e tlhog).it Ano would be agytat
pe-Io ? I rCpI ih. lien tIey .are a vittuous ptolpe '
And rwhen, olininue the foil, do you think they will
hec.ntie i ricd pco. ,e -woaen ltey hcAatieAe ai hin 1't
oic, Ai. rlihe IIaI Anmrica be rteirflde by th
za-ton I I urop ?-%\hen, replied iie Iagr, they pr
nurei .rie.cltn ru leir public, anil left attrnitso
to tril. -H-Iowever limplt the a.bov afwaur nmay
p.Iar iIh<) are ti iatlin i which the inicrcit of Ami-t
r.: i.) r atly cnncerntd.
Lae y rto, him departure from this country, Mr.
Pu'J N l irt, attelderd by Real I'.tli- i tlf and l'i'lic
ILth T'I. tiliaal was fu w 11 known at thI rcont-
tlenterntr of. and during the late war, that it would
lrtiiJis tro deliimatr it He wa. much rclpt cli till
(ltt-p itlot' frtted himn at Ihe head of their tale-,
ad uligs complihnm nred iln in the Ilrects ; tio hn tihe
ld bowed th charI, while our youth paid him Ie ir
tlf.nce. Our warriors lori d in his company ; our
phlifr cou.,ilh alked 4i, advice, To him tie aged mna-
-n 1. drop rh ve nrable aurtle while our yotng
rlmfe,. I, mplimtnteo him in the firains of harrlnny.
Ot t.ii runtg with his praife, and our villages rIe pn-
,e, rchord back the train. lH was of elninrnt er-
i in, the extirpaiion of tyranny, and in ecftling the
p'te o lilorry ; it \was he inl 'ir.d the pencil 0hli h
!t I'urtrryed that memoralihk cdific, iii( pendiente.
tatv ctii leaei, nour libereils fir red, aInd Anelico.i
ad iTrfro ni her enenti, vlrot ardently ioulpht her
'udiiOn, fpro lniled,imrj lf muih happinefl DBur.
Saevtrfe-iiinratitudc iilcedI' Hoaving reccivcd fcve-
'ilm rkr, f from fime w l.o were I.i. procf-
'I fineids and feing IMr. Self-lnIrrefl, a man olnoX-
'' to his lerlings, carlTed by all ranks, and in a
utkilar iart r hIy thofec, in .tl>efe tiendlhiyp rhe
"lhtr hI cIl, d firnly rely, he detcIrnrined to .avtr
i*"ountr, f or a clime more gratiful-this lie Ilha
Snt me ll. el--anil is gmp--per fear fI r vrtr.
f,'rryy A i.umnlr nf p rtirion have hern pre-
,dl u ith honoirrabl tile liie of RfRr.fen:rives.
:'hin thrfe few day paft, praying for the million of
A lire once wm,, f.ys n old cnrrefpondcnt, when
itry lat, ih Amreran f ound himself interelled in the
otpnrofa fre prpfs -Many greatlceen fayshe. now
trn t. If~h flood ra !v. tith their Al., to
t0tn itl-lhty did not tlen think it I centions,.
h n t lar/ tre arno evr K'er thlrmflve., uand
'" */ftr jr." -He Hill hpes thry Ihae not lft
Stmer tfletim lor it, and as there is NOW an
t' oW todifpy at, they will nt be backward.
I'r 17. We are iiforr.ied, from good autho-
It" 'hat the rruck talked of procefi, refpeding
S, adon of frh from fault water," hath evaporat-
ali 1f- aind.2 Projedlor decamped, 'o the no
a~cr[ "hfictio of a worthy and reverend charaeicr
i Doing cou y.
o i' 7slr'y a8. We hear from Mid-
S. Conneflliut that one Devid Aird, from
m,' haal te n refidrnce in Middlleown, and
ft.b hunleri al an experienced Watchnaker, had
tIgether a confidsralle number of watches
lepin`yl that quarter, to rpnair-but being htter
Lt- ."' ol Idon than in Connc&icut, it is thoeuht
Stor there to complete the ncccffary repair,

without informing the owners of the washed, or his
creditors, iin what part of that. o any other city, they
may find him.-Probably, after being pft Into the
hauid offo ingenious an artil, the watched will go a
long time, without loping.
(dChadi'vno, { Majlf.ilfjettr l Deemr jd. It mufl
give pleasure to every benevolent mind, tonbfervethe
liberal of our houfe of rcprefeatatives, at
their late fflion; a very refpelable majority of which
(141 to i8) manifelled their reverence hr national
trcatic., by voting for a repeal of thofe lasi concern-
ing the refugees, which circunillances hertufore ren-
deredl cperirent, but whole abolition now, is ahfo-
Intely tectfrary to the support of the faith Ad dignity
of the flare; and it is to be lamented, that any ranch
of the legillatire ifh uld prevent a imeafore, which cer-
tainly ought to, have Ieen taken immediately upon the
ratification of the articles of peace. Ournati"lal honour
Should be a national and individual object the leall
violation of which munf certainly lcfel as in t eflima-
tion of other nations.
It is r: t only our honour, however, bat our interefl,
which is concerned, in regard to nar condrd toward,
'hat unfortunate clail of nen Have we not, by tIht-
ting the door of mercy againll them, exclucid much
wealth front the flare, and given birth to a colony,
which, in cafe of future rupture with Britain, (,h I:h
Heaven avert ') frmn their convenient fitratioi: for
arr. lf ir ur finuhr'," arid front the inveterate enmity
ir are f, rcig then, ro retain aainl\ us, wil make uI
lenlible of the rror of ur conduct.
I et us treid hack the fal fleps we have tiken, anid
r. ejfy ruur condu, where it may appear to hboin
wirlOUg J r rio c.nfider, that we are making' car-
ou ert microfl thrhoe, who wculd probably have hbm :n
le libl critrrill-n-that we are depriving onuielves of
w alrth, ni, creating lival, in our moll lucraive tradle,
riIpplytnr the ClWef Indies) and, above all, that our
'ltionil tlarader fuffir, while we pursue a coIndd
it" repugnant to our intereil, to good faith, nd to the
principle of our religion.
Fer the Mi,4oAt ierstrrni CaeNINet.
Thit ioa crriical period in tl.e politic. of Anerica ; if
yeoor Re; rreentativet now trifle, it may not he in the
youer of wife men hereafter to remedy the evils that
will renfc -Thlefe Strtes cannot remain free, nnd fup-
port a r!ational cliaractir, without union; and union
c.aror he ] rtf-rvcd without a compliance with the
co.n! ittiieIrnl rrequifiotions of Congraf'.
The may, and ought to rcmonnlrate against
every flretch of Cungrel%, beyond the federal ronflitu-
tion; but all requilitionn within thia line are binding,
a4 the ads of the Legillature of a State is upon the
rito ns within the State. If this were not the rafe,
Cornrefsi lihold he an empty name. and our federal
government, a mere hubble. Therefore, the Statet
are Iboot.en by the federal conllitution, to comply
p,,r lIually, anid iim rdiatel)i, wi.h the la'e rcquifitinn.
rcfl reing the national fitiarnce.--'l' al: vi heher thi,
or lthar Stare will comply with their requiliitionls,
is in f.,A querying whither this or that State will
REVOL'T' It is ohviousi to common fenle th're can-
n.ti hb even tile ihadlow of government, where every
one is fuprcmc, anld may comply or not cJmply with
ri qtiit,.ns.
Wie are citiycns of a Nation. as well as of a State;
and as the former is the greatest, it clainmt the high
eft obligation. But in the appellation of fovercign-
ry, belonging to each State, we are apt to lole the
idea of nati.n.l obligation., and e*bditce: to national
authority. From this capital error, hath proc.rded the
nllnieroul evils l e nw fuller-and h(lire it im that
fonce important ad6t of Congrefe are fo little regarded.
not only by our own pcp!'c, but by other nation',
taught by our example. 'Ihi certainly is the way t'r
ruin. Who, that it a real citizen of America, can fit
unconcerned, and fee the piddling Mrmbers of fonie
Legiflatures, debating whether they fall grant, (ais
they abfurdly term it) or comply with the requifition- of
Congress: With equal abfunlity. tright every rtown.
upon thereceipt of a tanb-ill, firft dleate whether it rwas
proper they Ihoull grant faisl tx. certain n it i., we
cannot remain a free people, without derifion in Con-
greft. and obedience from the people to their conflitu-
tional authority. Therefore the Stater are now bruighr
to the tnuclltone, to comply or not to comply -And
the whole people ought to rememnler, and never to
forget, that there is hur one ftep from FREE IOM to
'TYRANNY-that if they have not virtue to pay tire
price of their independence. and to fapport their go-
Tunmiintu, they may be an cay prey t t lt

us lay thi to our henrt; it is a truth flmped by the
experience of ages.
I know it i* faid, ld will be fald agin and ain.
that Congref have not In all cafes done oftice to parti-
cular Sratea-that fame State have reffed to do juftice
to their neighhbour-and therefore we (men of Mala-
chuf, ts in particular, who have been fn fnamefollI
injured, and in confequenre of our eeretions to erve
the nation) muft not give or Irant uy more to Cans
grefs, until jufiice ii doac.-Thi- language will do from
one nation to another, but not from any State to the
head of the Union.
I am forry fime S'ates have fo much reason to com-
plain of indicifion in Congrclf, and of unequal men-
fures; but the injured States muft take fach methods
to obtain redrefs, au re conlfftent with the Confedera-
tion our great national LAW; which muft be friump.
lolnly r Fardled as the faced band of union, the high
pil ar which fupports our ftrengih and glcry.
In regard a claim for justice, it i hardly to be
irappofel that Congref would remain deal to tle call
ol reason and justice, if the injured State perfevered in
prefling home its demand.-f it should be faid, that
the experience of Maffachufetr contraditd this idea,
for that fhe has been preling Congrefs many year for
jufticr in the matter of the old money.-I would reply
that this infance it greatly injurious to the faith of
Coingreft and of the ftras, and the delayof justice in
this particular has hurt our nation more than ten times
the wmrth of the money,-but by way ofi arfe, it has
heen faid, hy Members of Congref from other iates,
that ailthonili Mafflchufetts did at fome periods writ
to Cnro refa on thi fubjcdd, be never pushed her claim
with that teal and fpirt, which is commonly exhibited
hy the other St;tee. when they have important claim.
And as numerous objeds of importance are always be.
fore Congtf,.. no claim from a flare will gain attention
un-is the claimant manifrfl. a perfrvering energy, that
will not give up the cafe of truth and juice. And it
is clear, to me it leaf), that Mafachufetre would long
since have obtained juffice, if her reprefnratives, for
years palt, had done their duty. Her claim is jufico
ntelf, and the faith of the fates is unitedly, and fepa
rarely, pledged for the redemption of the money.
Thcrofore, if the perfTycrec in preffig her claim, at
mull fuecced.
li the mean time, let the people charge the delay
of juilicr in thi matter, in part at leafr, to the want of
energy in their Reprcfertativem. But fo long as the
revcr will be energy in any part of the fyftem. Had
there- been a refponlible commifloner appointed fome
y'ear fine, to fuperintend the fnances of the State, he
iniliht have reduced things to fyftem, and have given
ir rigour. In the present loofe mode of doing thin
h finft by committee., we can epedr nothing but
Id ils and Infer-and were it not for the advantages
derived from the inctffant labours of an accurate Tres.
loter, our finance s would be in a much wore filte than
they now are. at as the office of Treafurer cannot
comrprehend the whole fyftem of finance, wh. held
not the Coiimonwealth avail itfelfof the abilities of
thi- experienced and faithful officer, by appointing him
to luperintend the whole as Financier I There is good
retibn r to live he would fave to the Commonweulth.
icltding every advantage, an immense interest. AO
hli present department is reduced to fuch order, under
his infpy lion, a gentleman might easily be found to
conduel it with the fame accuracy. Were our finsase
reduced to a good fyftem, one half the time of lha
generall Court might be faved, and government would
no loner discover its present weaknefm. The Govesr
mour, whole abilities in this line are well known, would
give Freat afliftance to the Financier. The Peoplet fing
their finance conduded with fruitful energy, and there
public debts faft decreasing, would feel a gusm
confidence in government. uad cheerflly pay what wa
neceffarily demanded of them.
Nets-a .sr "Faanry it. We are told that the infml
lately offcrrdGnverrour Bowdoin, by Caf Stanhopo
will le confidered nationally, and rfected atauch.
1.rft Wednefday being the Birth-Day of her Majei
the Queeq, f Great-Britain, the Conful-Genral frm
the Court of St. James'. gave a *ery elegant a
tainment at his houfe in Queen-Street, it which w
prefrnt the Premier, ard the principal member of to
hos. urable the Coigrefl, the Secretry of State lor
foreign affair*, Minifern from the faredl er oew
Courts, and Many ean as d 96
#;.a Ilffstii- = M=bu

_I Iyll

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